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      City: I, detective, killer of crime
      Chapter one college entrance examination, lucky orphans
      Xiaguo, Sichuan Province, Tianfu City, Baijiang County No.1 middle school, it’s very busy here. Some students are worried, some are pleasantly surprised, and some come out of the school calmly and excitedly.
      Today is the last day of the college entrance examination, these senior three students can also completely relax and have a good summer vacation.
      Of course, if you do well in the exam, you can have a good holiday. If you don't do well in the exam, you may suffer a lot.After all, in the face of the expectations of parents and teachers, and the “comparison” among students, all of us know that feeling.
      “How did you do in the exam, waer?”
      “Go, go back, mom will make you something delicious.”
      “It's OK. It's OK. Don't cry. It doesn't matter if you fail the exam this time. We don't care as long as you are happy.”
      At the school gate, when the students meet the parents waiting outside, all kinds of life are shown here.
      Some parents hold back for several days, and finally dare to ask the question they always want to ask, but dare not.
      However, some parents fondle their children's shoulders and decide to go back and make up for their children.
      And some students, all of a sudden in his father, mother's arms, sobbing up, it seems that the test is not very good.
      All this has nothing to do with Wang Juncheng who just walked out of the school.
      First of all, he didn't do well in the exam this time, so he didn't need to be sad.Secondly, he is an orphan. He is single all the year round. Even if he wants to find someone to cry, he doesn't have the chance.
      So, looking at these former classmates, Wang Juncheng's eyes flashed a trace of envy, and then walked silently through the crowd to the bus station.
      “Wang Juncheng!”All of a sudden, a beautiful voice sounded.
      This voice, he knew who it was. After a step, a polite smile appeared on his face. He turned and looked at the girl standing two meters behind him – his deskmate, Yi Xiao!
      He was one of the few people who could say a few words in school.
      “Yi Xiao, what's up?”
      “Hee hee, it's OK. I just want to ask you, how was your exam?”Yi Xiao jumps a few steps, comes to Wang Juncheng, raises his head, looks at him and says with a smile.
      “It seems that our student Yi did well in the exam?”For Yi Xiao's performance, Wang Juncheng can't understand it any more. This deskmate is still innocent at this time. His happiness and anger are all on his face.
      “It was.”Yi Xiao's small head once again a Yang, a face of Ao Jiao, then return to God, way: “I ask you?You haven't answered me yet
      “The test was OK!”Wang Juncheng smiles.
      “Oh, well, I'll see you when we fill in the volunteers?”Yi Xiao's head deviates and feels that Wang Juncheng doesn't want to talk about it.
      “Good.”Wang Juncheng nodded, turned and went on to the bus stop.
      “Xiaoxiao!”Behind him, a thick voice rings out. It's Yi Xiao's father and a middle-aged beautiful woman.
      It can be seen from their clothes that they are well off.
      Hearing his father's voice, Yi Xiao blushed slightly. Then he turned around, took their hands and said with a smile, “Dad, mom, let's go.”
      “OK, let's go home.”Yi's mother smiles and nods, then looks at her husband, and sees some different light from each other's eyes.
      “My daughter has grown up and has someone to like?”
      Think of here, two people's minds are different, but did not say anything.They are very open-minded, and their daughter is an adult. They treat love affairs with an open mind and will not strongly stop them like some parents.
      However, what should be asked is still to ask.
      But it's obviously not now. We have to find a suitable time.
      The bus was rickety. Nearly an hour later, it stopped at a town near the edge of the county. Wang Juncheng got off the bus with a transparent document bag containing stationery.
      This is his home.
      In the town, a self built three story building is his home and the only property left by his parents.
      As for the money, it has been used up for a long time. In high school, he finished his studies while working.
      After greeting the neighbors with a smile, Wang Juncheng opened the door and entered his small yard.In the yard, some flowers and plants are planted. The first floor is the kitchen, living room and a large storage room.
      The second floor is the area where he usually rests and lives. On the third floor, he doesn't make use of it. There are some things he doesn't often use.
      “Cheng'er, cheng'er!”
      Just entering the living room on the first floor, Wang Juncheng heard someone calling outside.
      “Uncle, why are you here?”Open the door, see next door neighbor Uncle Wang, Wang Juncheng said with a smile.
      Uncle Wang, whose full name is Wang Dajun, and Wang Juncheng's father still have a little distant relationship.The two families have always had a good relationship. Wang Dajun's family is also kind-hearted. Even if Wang Juncheng's parents have an accident, their family will help.
      Even after his parents' accident, Wang Dajun directly took Wang Juncheng, who was only about five years old at that time, back to his own home. After graduating from junior high school, Wang Juncheng didn't receive any financial assistance from this family.
      “I hear you're back. You've cooked the meat. It'll be ready soon. Come to dinner later.”Wang Dajun held a cigarette in his mouth and said with a smile.
      “Yes, uncle. I'll come after I clean up.”Wang Juncheng agreed directly without prevarication.His relationship with the Wang Dajun family does not need to be so polite.
      “Well, I'll go back first.”
      Wang Dajun then turned and went home, and Wang Juncheng also closed the door, went back to the house to clean up, washed his face, and then passed.
      “Uncle, here I am.”
      Directly push the door into the yard, Wang Juncheng called.
      “Is Cheng wa'er here?Go and sit in the room. Your younger brother and sister will watch TV in the living room, have dinner and Ha'erMei Zhenju's voice was still so loud in the kitchen.
      “I want it.”Wang Juncheng went to the living room on the first floor.
      “Big brother.”
      “Brother, you're here.”
      One into the living room, two younger brothers and sisters to see Wang Juncheng, happy to say hello.
      “Xiaoqiang, Huihui, have you finished your homework yet?”Wang Juncheng looked at his younger brother and sister, the first sentence is “homework”.
      “Brother, don't always ask me if my homework is good. We've already finished it.”My sister Wang Hui turned away. Obviously, she was disgusted with this kind of “elder” greeting.
      Wang Qiang, the second younger brother beside him, laughed and did not speak.
      “Just finish it. If you don't know anything, you can ask me.”Wang Juncheng smiles and rubs Wang Hui's head. This little sister, who just went to junior high school, is a treasure in the hearts of the two families.
      “Hum, I look down on people. I'm the first in our age. You should ask my second brother.”Hear Wang Juncheng's words, Wang Huili namely a pair of I very fierce appearance excuse way, at the same time also diss own elder brother.
      “Cough, then what, Xiaoqiang want to refuel.”
      “I see, big brother!”Wang Qiang responded with a smile to his sister and brother's diss.
      His temper is like his father. He is gentle and not aggressive. He doesn't care what his sister says.
      Later, the three brothers and sisters chatted and watched TV. Soon, Wang Dajun called for dinner. They consciously turned off the TV and went to the dining room next to the kitchen to help clear the table.
      The whole family, together with Wang Juncheng, who is already a family member, happily had an early dinner to celebrate the end of his college entrance examination.
      Of course, between meals, Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju did not forget to ask Wang Juncheng how he did.
      “Chengwaer, don't worry. Your uncle and you have enough money for you to go to college. It's absolutely enough for your tuition. If you pass the exam, you have to study for me. Don't think about making money. Do you know?”
      “Uncle, I…”
      “Don't say anything else. If you come out to work later, I'll buy you a drink and clothes for your uncle. That's filial piety to us. If you don't obey me, I'll beat you.”
      After a few drinks, Wang Dajun's voice became loud.However, Wang Juncheng was deeply moved by the concern inside and outside the words.
      This family really didn't treat him as an outsider.
      It's also true that Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju have been keeping Wang Juncheng as their own eldest son since they were five years old.
      With Wang Dajun's family, Wang Juncheng should be regarded as a very lucky orphan.
      Although no parents, but the neighbors Wang Dajun family, but gave him a little love and care, let him live a very happy life.*
      Chapter two key universities, shooting and memorial
      The next time, Wang Juncheng did not go to work, but stayed in the town to help Wang Dajun set up their stall.
      Wang Dajun's income mainly comes from a small shop, whose main business is selling breakfast.
      The breakfast shop in this town near the county seat, although the profit is not big, has business every day.In addition, the family is diligent, and the couple are sincere in business. They have a good reputation.
      Therefore, every morning, I have to get up early in the morning to get busy. Around eight o'clock, business comes to me.
      The profit of breakfast is not high, but the amount is large, and the daily income is also very good. In addition, if you plant a la carte, your life is OK.
      But it's impossible to talk about great wealth.
      More than ten days later, the results of college entrance examination came out. After busy work in the morning, at noon, just after lunch, Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju urged Wang Juncheng to call and check the scores.
      “Uncle, don't worry. The line must be busy now. We'll talk about it later in the evening. At that time, there were fewer people checking the score. The line was not busy.”
      The couple were worried, but Wang Juncheng knew that this was not a good time to check the score.Why is he so clear? Because he is not a person in this world.
      But, all along, this secret has been hidden in his heart, so many years later, he also recognized his current identity.
      Although Wang Juncheng is not in a hurry, Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju are in a hurry.In the end, Wang Juncheng had to pick up his mobile phone and dial the score checking hotline.No accident. After a while of music, the line is busy. Please try again later.
      After dialing twice in a row, the third time, the phone was through.
      Input the admission number, follow the prompts to complete the operation, the phone began to ring electronic tone:
      Your college entrance examination scores are: Chinese 116, mathematics 128, English 118, science comprehensive 255, your total score is: 617.
      “How much?”Next to him, after hearing the score prompt in the hands-free, Wang Dajun confirmed that he couldn't believe it.
      “617 points.”Beside, Mei Zhenju repeated the total score. Everyone could see the joy in her face and eyes.
      “617?Oh, my God, chengwa'er, you got 617 points in the exam, the score of key universities! ”
      After determining the score, Wang Dajun was stunned at first, then reacted and cried out excitedly.
      “It's said that the key line of science this year is 565 points. Chengwa'er, you have exceeded the key line by more than 50 points.”
      The couple were very excited, but Wang Juncheng was calm, with a smile on his face, looking at his uncle and he.He can feel that the two elders are really happy for themselves.
      “Come on, big army, get the guns out and set them up.Waer has been admitted to a key university. Let's go and set it up quickly. ”
      “Oh, yes, yes.”
      As soon as Wang Dajun heard his wife's reminder, he immediately thought of the fireworks he had prepared. He patted his forehead and went to find it.
      “By the way, you can see if there are cannons and incense sticks. After firing cannons, we are going to go to the grave for our elder brother and sister-in-law. We must tell them about such a good thing.”
      “Know, know…”
      Sitting quietly on the sofa in the living room, looking at the busy couple Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju, the smile on Wang Juncheng's face has never stopped.
      After a while, Wang Dajun, with a box of fireworks in his arms, came to the yard and put the fireworks down. After thinking about it, he moved the fireworks out of the yard and put them on the cement outside.
      On a hot day, a man squatted on the ground with a smile, ready to light the fire.
      “Oh, big army, how are you so happy?”The neighbors around were attracted by Wang Dajun's action and asked with a smile.
      “Ha ha, our chengwa'er has been admitted to a key university, exceeding the key score line by more than 50.”
      For the neighbor's questions, Wang Dajun's face was proud and his voice was frightening, almost roaring.
      “Oh, Cheng wa'er has been admitted to a key university?”Neighbor's uncle is also a face surprised, and then smilingly congratulated: “Congratulations, this is a good thing, a good thing, we also see, stained with joy.”
      “Hey, Cheng wa'er has been admitted to a key university. Come here, the army's family is going to celebrate!”
      In the town, although it's hard to avoid bumping and arguing between neighbors sometimes, there are few people who really hold grudges.
      Now as soon as I heard that Wang Juncheng had been admitted to a key university, more than ten neighbors gathered around and stood in a cool place, whispering and waiting for Wang's army to fire.
      Whew, bang, whew, Bang.
      Light fireworks, a salute in the roar of the sky, mid air explosion.
      Because it's in broad daylight, I can't see the colorful fireworks in the sky, but shooting, originally intended to be a celebration, and to tell the world.
      As soon as I heard that someone else was shooting here, more people in the town came and asked what happened.
      Then, I learned that chengwaer was admitted to a key university. People who knew the news congratulated, envied and envied him.
      Parents who also want to take the university entrance examination know their children's scores. Seeing the joy of Wang Dajun's family, they secretly want to go back and teach their children a lesson.
      Those who are still young take Wang Juncheng as an example and plan to hold a meeting for their children to discuss learning problems when they go back in the evening.
      In short, all of a sudden, Wang Juncheng became a child of other people's families in the whole town.
      Of course, in the past, Wang Juncheng was also a “child of others”, but at that time, he was really a “child of others”.
      Because Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju adopted Wang Juncheng, many people in the town gossip.Now, when they know that Wang Juncheng has been admitted to a key university, those who used to gossip envy Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju.
      Although an adopted child does not have a registered permanent residence, the relationship between Wang Juncheng and Wang Dajun's family is in the eyes of people in the town.
      Now that the child has been admitted to a key university and graduated, Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju are going to enjoy their happiness!
      However, they are not sure whether the hedonism is real or fake.Most of the people who say this kind of words are in the mood of watching the crowd. Only a few people who are close to each other are sincere.
      Of course, some people say something: Guoqiang and sun Juan are not lucky, they went early, but now their son is promising, but they can't see it.
      After the gun salute, Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju, together with Wang Juncheng, got on Wang Dajun's motorized tricycle and drove to the cemetery not far from the town.
      Wang Juncheng's parents Wang Guoqiang and sun Juan were buried there.
      In front of his parents' grave, Wang Juncheng knelt down, burning paper money, whispering about his entrance to a key university, and about Wang Dajun and his wife's kindness to him.
      Listening to Wang Juncheng's words, Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju wept silently.
      They think of Wang Guoqiang and his wife's sudden disaster, and of Wang Juncheng, who was only five years old at that time, who was helpless.
      With that, after burning the paper, Wang Juncheng knocked his head nine times to his parents, then stood up and said, “uncle, let's go.”
      “OK, let's go back. Your brother and sister are going to school soon.”
      After collecting the sacrifices, the three went out of the cemetery, got on the tricycle and went back to the town.
      The dinner was very rich. Wang Qiang and Wang Hui were very happy to learn that they were not born, but they were better than their own brothers. They were admitted to a key university.
      The whole family happily finished their dinner. Wang Juncheng tutored them about their homework and went back to his home at about nine o'clock.
      After returning home, Wang Juncheng sat in the small living room on the second floor, and he didn't turn on the TV, so he thought about things silently.
      He is thinking about what university he wants to apply for.
      Wang Dajun said that he had to read it. He didn't want to disappoint his uncle and mo.
      “Ding, the host is facing a major choice in life, and the system is fully activated.”*
      The third chapter is the overall activation of the system, graduation gift
      “Ding, the host is facing a major choice in life, and the system is fully activated.”
      Wang Juncheng didn't respond to the voice in his mind.
      As a person who has crossed into a world ninety-nine percent similar to the previous life, Wang Juncheng also has a golden finger after crossing.
      But before, this golden finger didn't help him much.
      In addition to making him smarter, better in academic performance and better in health, it didn't make him rich and prosperous and go to the peak of his life.
      Now, hearing the voice in his mind, he realized that the previous system had not been fully activated.
      No wonder the system hasn't responded for so many years.
      “Please select:
      1、 Apply for an ordinary university, get the title of Xueba, activate the super Xueba system.
      2、 Apply for early approval, Jing Chayuan, physical attributes increased three times, activate super police Cha auxiliary system.
      3、 Apply for the examination in advance, military academy, physical attributes increased three times, activate the super king of arms auxiliary system.
      Please choose
      The three choices are very good for Wang Juncheng. It can be said that no matter which one he chooses, he will surely be able to reach the peak of his life.
      It's just that life will be different in the future with three choices.
      If he chooses the first one, he will be able to become a social elite through his own learning, and even become rich in the end.
      To choose the second one, it is obvious that he wants to develop in the police department. With systematic assistance, he believes that his future will not be bad.
      Then there is the third choice, which is not much different from the second one. It's just that one is a police Cha and the other is a soldier.
      He is more likely to be a police Cha than a soldier.
      Without him, even if he graduated from military academy, he didn't have many holidays every year, and he still wanted to take care of Wang Dajun's family after graduation.
      In the army, it's not so convenient.
      So the rest is the first and second choices.
      The first choice, from the current point of view, I can at least get better financially in the future. At that time, I can be filial to Wang Shuhe, and I can also take care of my younger brother and sister.
      The second option, though not necessarily economically, may be more helpful to Uncle Wang's family in other ways
      After all, although Uncle Wang and his wife worked a little harder, they didn't have so much money at home, and they had little savings.
      Another reason is that the death of Wang Juncheng's parents made him have some obsession.
      Before long, Wang Juncheng made a good choice.
      “System, I choose two!”
      “Ding, congratulations on the host's choice of the second item, reward and new system, which will be issued after the host has registered for the police Cha college. We look forward to the host's future life and shine!”
      With this sentence, the system fell into silence again.
      Wang Juncheng, who has been used to this situation, takes a long breath, then enters the bathroom with a smile on his face, takes a bath and goes to bed.
      A few days later, Wang Juncheng took the bus and returned to his alma mater. Today is the day to fill in the application form.
      Although volunteers can also be filled in at home, the teachers of No. 1 middle school in Baijiang county still called the students together.
      First, teachers can help students to answer and deal with any questions they have when filling in the application form. Second, teachers can finally take a look at the students, so that they can communicate with each other again.
      In the future, going to university and working, maybe everyone will be different.
      After entering the classroom and politely saying hello to the teacher, Wang Juncheng sat down in his seat. Pencils, erasers and volunteer tables were already on the table. Obviously, the teachers had been prepared.
      For the arrival of Wang Juncheng, the top student in the class, the head teacher and some teachers who came over when they were free all came to chat with him and asked him what he thought.
      When he learned that Wang Juncheng wanted to apply for the police Cha college in advance, the head teacher and another teacher were nearby. According to the situation of the police Cha college in previous years, they gave him some suggestions.
      In fact, Wang Juncheng has few choices.
      In addition to the police Cha University in the capital, only the police Cha college in the province can apply.As for some Cha colleges of forest police, Wang Juncheng didn't want to choose them, and the teachers didn't give any suggestions.
      Finally, Wang Juncheng filled in the Criminal Investigation Major of Capital Police University as the first volunteer, and Sichuan Police College as the second volunteer, which is also a criminal investigation major.
      As for ordinary colleges and universities, Wang Juncheng only filled in one, that is Sichuan University.
      His score is sure to be stable. It's meaningless to fill in more schools. Just choose what you like.There is only one reason to fill in Sichuan University, that is, it is close to home.
      “Wang Juncheng, did you report to Capital Police University?”Next to him, Yi Xiao also filled in his wish. When he saw the name written on Wang Juncheng's wish form, there was a flash of surprise in his eyes.
      “Yes,” Wang Juncheng nodded with a smile, looked at Yi Xiao and asked, “you did so well in the exam this timeHuh?Huaqing
      “Yes, hee hee, my score is dozens of points higher than yours.”
      Yi Xiao did well in the exam this time, but Hua Qing was steady.There are no more than ten achievements like her in No.1 middle school, all of which are the seedlings of Huaqing or Yanjing University.
      “Then you have to come on, that school is full of Xueba.”Wang Juncheng grinned and broke a basin of cold water for Yi Xiao, who was a little proud at this time.
      “Well, so what. I'm not a good friend. Besides, I'm so beautiful.”
      “You, Wang Juncheng, do you think I'm not beautiful?”Although Yi Xiao knows that Wang Juncheng is joking, they have done so before.
      But now I'm not happy to hear Wang Juncheng's joke.
      Looking at Yi Xiao's delicate facial features carefully, Wang Juncheng said with a smile: “beautiful, you are the school flower of our school. In the past three years, you have been able to share a table with a beautiful woman like you. I don't know how many people are envious and jealous. They want to replace me.”
      “You're smart.”Yi Xiao laughs and accepts Wang Juncheng's praise.
      Wang Juncheng's mood is much better when he looks at Yi Xiao with his eyes bent like crescent moon and a happy face.
      And in Yi Xiao's feeling, it seems that his three-year deskmate has some different changes at this time.
      How to say, she feels that Wang Juncheng has become more confident and… More attractive.
      Thinking of this, Yi Xiao, with a red face, secretly takes a look at the three-dimensional features. The more he looks, the more handsome Wang Juncheng feels. The blush on his face tends to spread.
      An hour later, the volunteer and the last class meeting were over, and everyone gave the prepared parting gifts to their friends in the class.
      Some of the friends are broad, but also to other classes play well students, each other gave gifts.
      Of course, gifts are not expensive. They are usually small gifts such as cards with blessings or photos.
      And Wang Juncheng, also prepared a few small gifts, got up and gave them to some students who had a good chat.When he returned to his position, Yi Xiao next to him held out his small white hand and did not speak.
      “What for?”Wang Juncheng asked with a puzzled look.
      “Gifts.”Yi Xiao is a natural.
      However, when Wang Juncheng's face slowly becomes embarrassed, the smile on Yi Xiao's face gradually converges.
      “Are you not prepared for me?”
      Looking at the disappointment on Yi Xiao's face, Wang Juncheng stopped teasing her. He quickly took out a beautiful pink leather notebook from the backpack under the desk and handed it to her.
      “How could I forget to prepare a present for you? Here, it's for you, but it took me several days to live on.”
      After taking the notebook, the smile on Yi Xiao's face blooms again, carefully feeling the softness of the cover, there is a feeling of love.
      After half a sound, Yi Xiaocai reacts and takes out a rectangular box wrapped in paper from her pink backpack, saying:
      “This is my gift to you, Wang Juncheng.”*
      Chapter IV four years
      After taking this box, Wang Juncheng didn't feel any bad either. He nodded, said thanks and put it away.
      He believes that the things in this box should not be too expensive. After all, we are all students, and Yi Xiao knows that they are not girls who spend too much money.
      The exchange of gifts is over, and high school life is over.
      Next, is to wait for the admission notice, as well as the upcoming university life.
      Students say goodbye to each other, emotional, and even tears.
      This kind of funny and moving picture, even Wang Juncheng, who has experienced it once, feels a little blocked in his heart, let alone other people.
      After bowing and saying goodbye to the teachers waiting at the door of the classroom again, Wang Juncheng and Yi Xiao walk side by side to the school gate.
      At the school gate, Yi Xiao stopped and said to Wang Juncheng, “Wang Juncheng, let's have a meal together.”
      “Ah?”Wang Juncheng was stunned by the sudden invitation. Then he turned his head and looked at a middle-aged couple waiting outside the school gate. He shook his head and said:
      “Yi Xiao, your parents are still waiting there. Let's forget it today. After going to Yanjing, we have plenty of opportunities to get together.”
      “Well, see you in Yanjing.”Hearing Wang Juncheng's words, Yi Xiao was disappointed, but then he began to laugh. Indeed, he would study in the same city and have many opportunities to meet each other.
      “Good bye, Yanjing.”
      When Wang Juncheng passes by, he smiles at Yi Xiao's parents, nods, greets them, and then goes to the bus stop.
      At this time, Yi Xiao also came to his parents.
      “What's the matter?Don't you mean to invite your table to dinner? “Yi Xiao's mother, Zhong Ting, takes a look at Wang Juncheng, who left after nodding slightly, and asks her daughter.
      I asked Wang Juncheng to have dinner. Yi Xiao mentioned it to his parents.
      Yi Demin (Yi Xiao's father) is noncommittal about her daughter's idea, while Zhong Ting is supportive. That's why she asked at this time.
      Hearing his mother's question, Yi Xiao took a furtive look at his father. With a blush on his face, he said in a soft voice, “he said that he would study in Yanjing in the future, and there would be plenty of opportunities to get together.”
      “Hum!”The daughter's answer made Yi Demin hum.
      In his heart, he decided that this boy had a bad heart for his own cabbage. When he thought that his daughter and this boy would probably get along with each other day and night when they were in Yanjing, Yi Demin was not happy.
      Instead, Zhong Ting, standing next to him, nodded with a smile and asked, “did he go to Yanjing, too?”
      “I don't know yet,” Yi Xiao went to Zhong Ting, put his arms around his mother, and said with a smile, “however, he applied for the examination in advance, Capital Police University. With his grades, there should be no problem in the examination.”
      “Well, that's a good thing.Later, when we arrived in Yanjing, we would not worry too much about the care of our deskmate and classmates. Do you think so, Lao Yi? ”
      “Ah?Ah, yes, yes, very good. ”
      Yi Demin thought at this time: “don't worry, that's the ghost. I'm more worried now.”
      But for his wife's eyes, Yi Demin finally counseled him and didn't say what he thought.At home, these things are always decided by the wife.
      Satisfied with Yi Demin rolled a white eye, Zhong ting and Yi Xiao went to the car parked on the side of the road, and Yi Demin, also quickly sat in the cab.
      In the back seat, the two women are whispering. Yi Demin, who is driving in the cab, turns his eyes from time to time after overhearing a few words. He obviously doesn't agree with some words.
      But at this time, he is a driver and has no right to express his views.
      Time passed quickly. In a twinkling of an eye, four years passed.
      At this time, Wang Juncheng has become more mature. His height of 1.83 meters, strong body and healthy skin color make him more attractive and handsome.
      After studying in Capital Police University for four years, Wang Juncheng finally felt the welfare of the system.
      In four years, he is the most outstanding graduate of criminal investigation major.
      Even from the beginning of his sophomore year, he began to stand out in the field of police affairs. Although he was with his own teacher, he was very famous in Yanjing Municipal Bureau.
      A student helped the Criminal Investigation Department of the Municipal Bureau to crack several major cases. It's impossible for him to have a bad reputation.
      After each case is solved, the reward given by the system also makes him become more and more excellent, and at the same time, he has a lot of assets.
      No, I haven't graduated yet. I came to Yanjing Municipal Bureau to dig people.
      But he wanted to go back to his hometown.
      Even in his hometown, there is no way to compare the treatment he can provide with Yanjing Municipal Bureau.But he still hopes to be able to go back, because there, have their own relatives.
      Being close to home is sometimes regarded as a joke, but in Wang Juncheng's heart, being close to home is a very warm word.
      Moreover, the development of Tianfu city is not backward. It can also give him a show.
      After graduation, Wang Juncheng took the flight to Tianfu city after saying goodbye to his teachers and classmates with a firm attitude after repeated inquiries and confirmation from his tutor.
      At Tianfu International Airport, Wang Juncheng, who came out of the airport, took a taxi to his hometown.
      Host: Wang Juncheng
      Body attributes: 33 (normal body limit 10)
      Skill: unarmed combat advanced (experience 3566 / 10000)
      Pistol shooting advanced (experience 4200 / 10000)
      Advanced reasoning ability (experience 3000 / 10000)
      Field investigation senior (experience value 700 / 10000)
      Dynamic vision analysis intermediate (experience value 2000 / 5000)
      Gross blood reaction analysis (unable to improve)
      Cadaver data analysis intermediate (experience value 1300 / 5000)
      Computer operation elementary (experience 800 / 1000)
      Special equipment: system space warehouse 3 * 3 * 3, three defense mobile phone, master key
      Personal assets: 6.3 million (system operation, absolute security)
      Free attribute point: 0
      Available experience value: 0
      These are the results of Wang Juncheng's four years.
      In terms of its own criminal investigation professional courses, every course is excellent, but some courses are not a kind of skills. For example, some skills in the professional courses are integrated by the skills of scene investigation.
      As for some cases, such as unarmed combat, naked eye blood reaction analysis, etc., he was rewarded when he helped Yanjing Municipal Bureau solve the case.
      Rewards for solving cases usually start from intermediate skills. If you learn by yourself, you should not only start from scratch, but also grow slowly.
      Therefore, when he was in school, he would be so active and participate in solving cases with his tutor.Otherwise, his personal ability panel would not be so luxurious.
      More than an hour later, the car drove into Wangjia town and slowly stopped at the door.
      After online payment, Wang Juncheng, dressed in casual clothes and wearing a pair of black low top outdoor boots, got out of the car and lifted two large suitcases from the trunk.
      Looking at the mottled iron door in front of him, Wang Juncheng put his hand into his trouser pocket, took out the key from the space warehouse and opened the iron door.
      “This is Cheng Wazi coming back?”
      Just about to push the door into the room, a voice came from behind.
      Looking around, it's the opposite neighbor.
      “Yes, third uncle, I'm back. Come on, you always smoke.”Seeing that he was an acquaintance, a smile appeared on Wang Juncheng's face. Instead of going in directly, he took out a bag of hard shell huazi from his pocket and went to get one for the third eldest brother.
      He took the cigarette with a smile and put it in the middle of his fingers. Leaning against the door of the hospital, the third eldest brother chatted with a smile: “chengwazi, is this graduation?”
      “Yes, third uncle, I graduated.”
      “How was it arranged?”
      “When I work in the city, I'll come back first and report in a few days.”With that, Wang Juncheng took out a lighter and lit it for the third uncle. He also took out one and smoked one with him.
      Originally, he didn't smoke, but when he was in college, when he solved a case with the old criminal investigators in Yanjing, the old criminal investigators met with problems and would smoke. Over time, he learned to smoke.
      It's just that I'm not addicted, and I only smoke a few when I'm in trouble or when I'm analyzing a case.
      As for Wang Juncheng's smoking, the third eldest brother didn't say anything. He laughed and praised him. After a few words, Wang Juncheng left and went back.
      At this time, they were not at home. They should have gone shopping in the county.
      When he came back, he told Wang Dajun that he was here today. According to the custom, they must have bought delicious food.
      Thinking of this, Wang Juncheng showed a smile on his face, closed the iron door, dragged him to salute and entered the living room*
      Chapter 5 go home, work arrangement: Minor
      There's no dust in the living room. It's obviously cleaned a lot.
      Every year when he comes home, Wang Juncheng knows that he will clean the house once or twice a month. On the eve of his return, he will clean it up so that he can live once he comes back.
      Two suitcases, one of which he left in the living room, did not take upstairs, the other mentioned upstairs in his bedroom.
      After taking a bath and changing his clothes, Wang Juncheng, who had just come down the stairs, heard the sudden sound of the tricycle outside and the conversation between the third eldest brother and Wang Dajun.
      Hurry out, open the door, just saw the back of Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju.
      “Uncle, ho ho.”
      “Well, are you hungry? Have you had lunch?”
      The familiar accent and concern made Wang Juncheng laugh and quickly nodded: “I'm not hungry. It's past three now. I'll have dinner soon. I'll have it in the evening.”
      On hearing this, it was obvious that I didn't have lunch.
      Mei Zhenju glared at Wang Juncheng and said, “I've told you how many times that you should eat on time. You just don't listen. Wait. I'll cook a bowl of noodles. You can make do with it first.”
      “All right, ho ho.”
      “Uncle, come on, smoke!”Wang Juncheng, who agreed, went to Wang Dajun and gave him a cigarette. Then he helped to unload the things he bought behind the tricycle and send them to the kitchen.
      Looking at the dilapidated tricycle, Wang Juncheng secretly decided to take Wang Dajun to the county in two days to buy a four wheeled car.
      Before giving money to two people, they said they were filial, but they just didn't want it.
      He said that he was still studying. It was when he used money that he kept it for himself. They didn't lack it.
      But for so many years, they have to bear the life and study of three children, and they don't want their children to suffer too much, so they have to suffer themselves.
      The tricycle, which has been driving for so many years, has not been replaced.
      This time, he can't let uncle drive these three rounds any more. He can't keep out the wind and rain, but he is also dangerous.
      After the things were unloaded, the two uncles and nephews moved chairs and sat on the edge of the street outside the living room, one by one, chatting and smoking.
      “After graduation, what's your plan?”Wang Dajun and his wife had never asked about their work before. Now they have graduated and Wang Juncheng has come back. As an elder, naturally they have to ask.
      “Uncle, it has been arranged. In the city, the investigation section of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Municipal Bureau will be given the rank of deputy section as soon as they enter the city, with a team of people and a car.”
      The so-called rich do not return home, just like the Royal evening.Although Wang Juncheng doesn't mean to show off, he hopes to share the good news with his family.
      He knew that when he heard the news, he would be happy.
      Sure enough, on hearing this, Wang Dajun began to laugh and asked, “is that being an official?”
      “Well, I'm an official.”Wang Juncheng didn't refute the simple question of Wang Dajun. He just nodded his head and agreed.
      “What's the level of minor?”Wang Dajun asked after him.
      “Well…” after thinking about it for a while, Wang Juncheng said, “it's equivalent to the level of deputy mayor of our town.”
      Wangjia town is not small. Besides, it is next to Baijiang county. Because Baijiang county is a subordinate County of Tianfu, the provincial capital city, its level is not low. The Secretary and the mayor are the main branch, and the deputy mayor is the Deputy Branch.
      Of course, this level can't be compared with the towns under the municipalities directly under the central government, and other people's level will be higher.
      It is said that Wang Juncheng has directly become an official of such a rank as deputy mayor of a town. Wang Dajun is very happy in his heart and confirms once again: “is it really a deputy chief?As soon as I graduate, I'll be deputy mayor? ”
      Wang Dajun can't believe this news.
      After all, the deputy mayor of the town, who is under 40?In their simple cognition, the deputy mayor is already a big official, and the eldest of his family, just after graduation, becomes the deputy mayor directly.
      It's only 22. It's the deputy mayor. What's the point after that?
      “Yes, uncle. Because of my excellent performance in school and some other reasons, I'm a special recruit. I'm directly approved by the province.”
      “Good, good, good, the province knows you, chengwazi, you must do well, don't fail the national training.”
      “Yes, uncle. Don't worry.”
      “No, I'll tell you something to make her happy.”With that, Wang Dajun got up and ran to the kitchen.
      After a while, Mei Zhenju came out with a bowl of noodles and handed it to Wang Juncheng. After confirming it again, she believed it completely.
      So, after eating noodles, they got on the tricycle and went to the cemetery to go to the grave for Wang Juncheng's parents.
      Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju feel that they must tell their elder brother and sister-in-law about such a “big” thing, so that they can rest assured in the midst of the crisis.
      After a memorial ceremony, the three returned home to prepare dinner.
      Today is Friday. Wang Hui, who is a sophomore in senior high school, will be back at about 6 o'clock, while Wang Qiang, who is already in college, is coming back.Because it is not close outside the province, I can only go home in winter and summer.
      Now they haven't had their summer vacation, so it will be a while before they can come back.
      The whole family is almost busy, the rice is in the pot, the stewed meat is in the pot, just waiting for my little sister to come back and cook for dinner.
      Taking advantage of this time, Wang Juncheng said to Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju, “uncle, I'm going to buy some things in the county tomorrow. Come along and give me advice.”
      “OK, take a day off tomorrow and have a good look around the county.”For Wang Juncheng's proposal, Mei Zhenju didn't think much about it and agreed directly.
      At six thirty, Wang Hui came back.
      On seeing Wang Juncheng, Wang Hui was very happy. She rushed over and hugged him and cried, “brother, you are back at last.”
      “Ha ha, it's a big girl. I don't know how to be ashamed of it.”Wang Juncheng rubbed her head and joked with a smile.
      “Hey, hey, give you a hug, I should have a gift.”
      “Of course.”Wang Juncheng is used to the strange spirit of his little sister and answers with a smile.
      As soon as she heard that there was a gift, Wang Hui jumped up happily.
      “Dead girl, put back the schoolbag, I'll fry vegetables, ready to eat.”Looking at Wang Hui's bouncing appearance, Mei Zhenju laughed and scolded, then turned and walked to the kitchen.
      Wang Hui didn't dare to resist her mother's orders. After she vomited her little tongue, she obediently put her schoolbag back into the living room, and then sat next to Wang Juncheng, chatting with her elder brother and father.
      Soon, the meal was ready, and the family went to the table for dinner. Wang Dajun took out a pot of grain wine and had two cups with Wang Juncheng. They talked and laughed and finished dinner.
      After dinner, Wang Juncheng didn't break his promise and gave the gifts he brought back to three people.
      He bought two bottles of Wuliangye, a huazi and a new suit for Wang Dajun.Mei Zhenju's is a full weight gold bracelet, as well as a set of skin care products.
      It's the latest fruit mobile phone for my little sister Wang Hui.
      After seeing the mobile phone, Wang Hui was very happy.
      Young girls of this age, unconsciously, have some small comparison psychology.Wang Hui won't care as much as some people, but she will be very happy to get such a gift.
      Take this mobile phone, among the students, will certainly attract some attention.
      And this kind of vision, can satisfy her “vanity” greatly.
      Girls need to be rich. This is what Wang Juncheng has done since he got a lot of income.
      Usually give my little sister some pocket money, so that she will not have some problems because of money problems.The gift is no less than hers.
      Of course, the most important thing is that the younger sister is very sensible, otherwise he would not spoil her blindly.
      Although very happy to receive the gift, Mei Zhenju still nagged a few words, asking Wang Juncheng not to spend money in the future.
      Hearing these nagging, Wang Juncheng nodded his head with a smile and agreed, neither refuting nor saying more.
      As long as you know they are happy, Wang Juncheng doesn't care about anything else. In his life, his parents left early, but he always keeps in mind the kindness of uncle and Mo to him*
      Chapter 6 buying a car, we are a family
      After breakfast the next morning, Wang Juncheng and his party took a Chang'an van to the county.
      Originally, Wang's army was going to drive three rounds, but he was stopped by Wang Juncheng.
      He went to buy a car with his uncle. He drove three times and it was not convenient for him to come back.What's more, that tricycle can't hold four people, and it's illegal.
      After getting off near the Auto City in the county seat, Wang Dajun took a look at the 4S shops on both sides of the avenue and asked Wang Juncheng in some doubt:
      “Juncheng, are you here to buy a car?Don't you mean the company has cars? ”
      “Yes, buy one and leave it at home. It's convenient for you to come to the county town to buy vegetables.”They are all here, and Wang Juncheng doesn't hide his thoughts.
      “That's for me?”Wang Dajun's face sank and he said.
      “Cough, uncle, it's my intention and a gift to my family.My younger sister is now in her third year of senior high school. When you have a car, it's also convenient for you to pick her up and go to school. ”
      “Isn't there no car at home?”Facing Wang Juncheng's reason, Wang Dajun obviously does not accept it.
      It's not that I don't accept his kindness, but I don't want him to spend the money.
      “Uncle, it's a tricycle. Although it's motorized, it's dangerous and unsafe to ride a tricycle. Secondly, it's illegal to carry passengers by freight tricycle, isn't it?”
      “I'm going to be a police Cha, and I have to lead the team. If I let my subordinates know that my family took the lead in breaking the law, how can I lead the team?”
      Wang Juncheng knew that the general way was not to make his uncle obey, so he explained it with reason and moved it with emotion.After that, he saw that Wang Dajun's face had changed and he seemed to think again.
      Half a ring later, Wang Dajun sighed: “OK, then buy one. However, our family has money, and we also have a bank card. We can't use your money.”
      “Uncle, it's my filial piety. If you have to say that, you'll be born.And I have money. I've bought houses in the city and decorated them.So it's not that bad. ”
      When it comes to filial piety, Wang Dajun is silent again.
      Seeing Wang Dajun's hesitation, Wang Juncheng quickly said, “uncle, my parents left early. If you hadn't raised me in those years, there would be no present. Therefore, I always treat you as my parents. This is my filial piety. You can't let me not even give you the opportunity to express my filial piety, can you?”
      After all these words, Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju's eyes were red. Mei Zhenju, who had not spoken before, spoke at this time
      “Come on, big army, if the kids say that, take it.He has bought a house and wants to have money.Even if there's no money, it's the same if we support it again. ”
      “OK, I'll take it, uncle!”His wife also said so. Wang Dajun thought that he was right, so he agreed with a smile.
      Just the red eyes, anyone can see.
      “Hey, good.Let's go, little sister. Let's go and see what kind of car you want to buy. Big brother will take you to choose. “After a promise, Wang Juncheng looked at Wang Hui and said with a smile.
      He is using this way to dilute the melancholy between several people.
      Hearing Wang Juncheng's words, Wang Hui, a smart girl, also responded. She cheered quickly, took Wang Juncheng's hand and ran to the nearest 4S store.
      Looking at the back of her daughter and Wang Juncheng, the two people who stay in the same place look at each other and smile. Mei Zhenju wipes the corners of her eyes and follows Wang Dajun quickly.
      The nearest 4S store is Harvard's.
      As the main SUV brand in domestic cars, many classic models and new models of this brand are displayed in the exhibition hall.
      When the four went in, a salesperson rushed to meet them.
      This kind of customer, who is a family, often has a very strong purchase intention.
      As a result, when four people came in, several idle salesmen wanted to rush up, but they were preempted by a faster female colleague.
      Wang Dajun was not satisfied with it.
      Dissatisfied is not because the car is bad, but because he doesn't think it's necessary.
      According to his words, the best thing is to buy a pickup truck.This kind of SUV or car is not convenient for him.
      After all, when you do business at home, you have to buy vegetables and meat. Driving such a car is better than buying a pickup truck.People can sit in the front and goods can be pulled in the back. Kill two birds with one stone.
      Since the old uncle said so, and Wang Hui, a sensible girl, also expressed her support, the four members of the family turned around and left after they asked that there was no pickup truck here.
      Then, the four crossed the road directly and entered the Great Wall commercial vehicle 4S shop opposite. As soon as they went in, they saw many pickup trucks inside.
      When he saw these pickup trucks, Wang Dajun's eyes lit up and began to look for them.And Wang Hui also pulls Wang Juncheng around.
      Soon, Wang Dajun took a fancy to a pickup truck.
      It's the latest “gun” model, bigger and more powerful than other pickup trucks in the exhibition hall.
      It's mainly about the design of the cab, including the seats and so on. The craft is obviously much better than others.However, when Wang Dajun asked about the price and learned that the top configuration of the car was close to 200000 yuan, he quickly turned around and left.
      “Uncle, wait, let's see.”Wang Juncheng caught him.
      “No, we can't use such a good car.”Wang Dajun shook his head and said he didn't agree with anything.
      “Cough, little sister, do you like it?”Seeing that uncle didn't agree, Wang Juncheng quickly took a circuitous route, looked at Wang Hui and blinked.
      For the elder brother's sign, Wang Hui seconds understand, immediately said: “like!”
      “Like what like, you little girl, your big brother's money is windy?”Mei Zhenju obviously doesn't want to buy such an expensive car either. Hearing Wang Hui's words, she stares at her eyes and frightens Wang Hui to hide behind her elder brother.
      “Keke, uncle, it's not long before we buy a top match?Let's buy another configuration, OK?After all, my little sister likes it too. She will take a bus in the future, won't she? ”
      “What's more, if you buy a better car and use it for a long time, you can give some gifts, right, beauty?”
      In the last sentence, Wang Juncheng said it to sales.
      “Yes, uncle and aunt, we also have a discount when we buy a car. I can fight for the biggest discount for you. Why don't you do it next to me now and I'll ask the manager?”
      Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju finally sat down in the rest area.
      Sales also went to the manager, and soon came with several lists and documents.
      After a while of discussion, Wang Juncheng directly decided to buy a new 2.0T displacement, off-road version, advanced version of automatic four-wheel drive, gasoline burning, in line with the latest fuel standards.
      In this way, the car can not only be used to buy and pull goods, go out to play or drive, but also keep the price.
      Under the persuasion of Wang Juncheng and Wang Hui, as well as sales, Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju finally agreed.
      After that, the 4S store should deal with the contract signing, payment, film sticking, foot pad placement and so on.
      Because the payment is full, the manager gives a discount on the purchase tax and gets the license plate free of charge. The total cost is nearly 20000 yuan.
      If not, it is absolutely impossible for Wang Dajun to agree.
      Two hours later, the new car was picked up. Of course, there were only temporary license plates, license plates and driving licenses. The 4S store was responsible for them. A week later, they went to pick them up.
      Wang Dajun has a driver's license and has driven the cars of his neighbors. He is not a novice.But today he didn't bring his driver's license, so it was Wang Juncheng who drove.
      A group of four sitting in the car, blowing air conditioning, happy in a restaurant in the county, after lunch, directly drive home.
      When I drove the car back to Wangjia town and stopped at the gate of the courtyard, the neighbors came around again.
      When Wang Dajun introduced the price of the car with a smile, especially after Wang Juncheng bought it for him, the neighbors around him all sighed with emotion, saying that Wang Juncheng had made great achievements, was also a grateful person, and did not forget his uncle's kindness to him.
      Hearing the neighbors' comments, Wang Dajun was very happy. He took out a package of huazi Wang Juncheng bought for him and continued to smoke for the neighbors.
      It can be seen that although Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju feel distressed, they are still very happy and like the car after they bought it.
      Of course, the couple is not trying to do this. The more important reason is that they heard Wang Juncheng's words: we are a family.*
      Chapter 7 new home, the “stupid brother” who does not fight
      After another day at home, on Sunday afternoon, Wang Juncheng, who had dinner, left Wangjia town and drove to the city.
      Tomorrow is Monday. He has to report to the City Council.
      After the report, it is estimated that we will not be able to return to Wangjia town in a short time.
      After all, as a young man who has just graduated from the Police University, he directly takes the position of deputy section leader. It is not certain that the people below are convinced.
      Therefore, it is estimated that we will have to work hard for a while.
      After taking the bus to the passenger station, Wang Juncheng went out and directly took a taxi and reported an address: juxiuyuan community.
      The taxi driver waited for Wang Juncheng to sit down and started the car.
      Juxiuyuan community, located in the South Third Ring Road, a direct road near the Municipal Bureau, is very convenient for commuting.
      Moreover, Wang Juncheng also likes the house in this community very much, mainly because it has a big balcony, which makes him like it very much.Decoration or something. I asked someone to help me.
      Just check in now.
      Get off at the gate of the community, sweep your face and go in directly. Come to building 6, sweep your face again, open the door downstairs, take the elevator and go up to the 26th floor.
      2601 is Wang Juncheng's new home.
      Verify fingerprints. After the door is locked, push the door in.Looking at the simple and elegant decoration style, after carefully turning the kitchen, bathroom, three bedrooms and a study around, Wang Juncheng nodded and was very satisfied.
      Then, after opening all the windows to ventilate the room and turning on the fresh air system of the central air conditioner, Wang Juncheng went to the balcony outside the living room, sat on the leisure chair, and called Mei Zhenju to report his safety.
      After a few words of chatting, the phone hung up and Wang Juncheng called out again.
      “Hello, Tao Zi.”
      “Brother Cheng, have you returned to heaven?”
      On the phone, a voice of surprise rang out.
      Wu Tao, a classmate of No.1 middle school, and Wang Juncheng are friends who can talk with each other.Later, after graduating from high school, he stayed in Tianfu for University, while Wang Juncheng went to the capital.
      Although far apart, but the relationship between the two people, but more and more close, and later became a good friend to talk about.Wu Tao's home, originally engaged in decoration, has opened a large company. His father's assets can be over 100 million. The company is not big, but it is not small.
      The decoration of this house was done with the help of Wu Tao.
      “Well, I'm back. I'm at home.”
      “What's up, brother? Am I right?”Wu Tao on the phone, some said.
      “Very satisfied indeed, thank you.”Wang Juncheng said with a smile.
      “Come on, don't say thank you or not. Our relationship, who and who.By the way, since I'm at home, I'll come to you later. Shall we go out for a drink? ”
      “YesWang Juncheng agreed directly.
      “Well, you can clean up first. I'll be there in half an hour.”
      After hanging up the phone and taking a look at the time, Wang Juncheng got up and went to the master bedroom. He took out the quilt and four piece suit from the wardrobe and started to make the bed.
      A few minutes later, after making the bed, he took some of his clothes out of the trunk and put them in the wardrobe.
      Before the house came back, Wu Tao asked someone to clean it. Everything was very clean and spotless.He doesn't need any more sanitation.
      It's just that we need to buy more things at home.But there are plenty of opportunities behind. Take your time.
      More than 40 minutes later, the phone rang. When I picked it up, it was Wu Tao.
      “Brother Cheng, I'm at the gate of your community. I'll be quick.”
      “OK, wait for me for a few minutes.”
      As he spoke, Wang Juncheng put on a thin coat, picked up his wallet and went out.
      At the door, I saw a double flashing Porsche Cayenne parked by the side of the road. Before I got close, the co driver opened it and a beautiful girl in a dress came down.
      “Hello, brother Cheng. I'm Wu Tao's girlfriend. My name is Qiao Ying.”
      “Oh, hello.”
      After greeting, Qiao Ying went directly to the back seat, while Wang Juncheng looked at the girl and got on the co pilot.
      “Hey, brother Cheng.”
      “Tao Zi, let's go.”
      “All rightAfter they said hello, Wu Tao started the car and drove to the place where he had set a seat.
      Along the way, they chatted all over the world. Qiao Ying, sitting in the back seat, did not speak in silence. Seeing that Wu Tao didn't mean to mention it, Wang Juncheng didn't take the initiative to chat with her.
      More than 20 minutes later, the car drove outside a barbecue shop. After parking the car, the three got off. Wu Tao introduced Wang Juncheng: “brother Cheng, I know it's not convenient for you to go to bars or other places, otherwise I will take you to Jiuyanqiao.”
      “However, this barbecue shop, you don't think it's a small shop, the decoration is general, but the taste is absolutely good.”
      “I can see that.”Wang Juncheng nodded with a smile and thought it was good here.
      In Tianfu, the gourmet capital, there is no shortage of food.If you open a restaurant here, it won't last long.Because most of the people here are very picky, and the ones that are not delicious will not come next time.
      And there will be bad reviews on some food apps.
      And looking at this shop full of seats, you know, the taste must be very good.Otherwise, there would not be so many people to eat, and the boss would not be so busy.
      At this time point, we must wait for a while.
      Without waiting for Wang Juncheng to speak, Qiao Ying has gone to find the boss who is guarding at the door. Wu Tao takes Wang Juncheng and sits down on the stool next to him.
      At this time, Wang Juncheng has time to ask about Qiao Ying.
      “Girlfriend?It's not the same person I saw last time? ”
      “Cough,” heard a good friend's words, is smoking Wu Tao choked, quickly looked at Qiao Ying's direction, see she has not come back, this just relieved.
      Wang Juncheng squinted at Wu Tao's reaction.He can see that this friend should be serious this time.
      “Brother, I call you brother. Don't let it slip later.”
      “What?Are you serious this time? “Wang Juncheng also lit the cigarette with a smile and asked.
      “Really, absolutely.”After that, Wu Tao gave a smirk.
      “Well, you're not young at your age. I think other girls are good. You can have more snacks. Don't be like before.”
      “I must.”Wu Tao patted his chest, neck a Yang said.
      “What are you talking about?And I patted my chestJust then, Qiao Ying came back, looked at Wu Tao and asked with a smile.
      This girl, when she talks, is soft and crisp, which gives people a feeling like a spring breeze.
      “Hey, Sakura, are you in line?”Hearing Qiao Ying's voice, Wu Tao quickly winked at Wang Juncheng, and then asked with a smile.
      “Well, it's arranged. There are five tables in front. We have to wait.By the way, is brother Cheng hungry?Do you want another one? “Finally, Qiao Ying asks Wang Juncheng.
      “I'm not hungry. After dinner, just wait. It's OK.”Wang Juncheng replied with a smile, then took a look at Wu Tao and joked:
      “Qiao Ying, why do you take a fancy to Wu Tao, a beautiful girl like you?”
      “Cough, what do you mean? Why do you take a fancy to me?Brother Cheng, you are really belittling me. “Wang Juncheng's joking made Wu Tao tremble in his heart. He was afraid that this brother would say something he shouldn't say.
      So I made a very angry look while winking at Wang Juncheng.
      “Hee hee, I can see that you have a good relationship.”Qiao Ying laughed, then looked at Wu Tao and said, “in fact, I think he is very handsome and kind to me. Although sometimes he is silly, he is very cute.”
      “Sakura, this is my brother, and you say I'm handsome, but when did I become stupid?”For his girlfriend also “belittle” himself, Wu Tao asked with a wry smile.
      “Hum, don't be silly. You think if you delete photos and circle of friends, I don't know how many girlfriends you had before?”
      Hearing Qiao Ying's words, Wu Tao opens his mouth and looks surprised. Wang Juncheng is very funny.
      After the surprise, Wu Tao took a careful look at his girlfriend's face. After confirming that she was not angry, he asked softly, “that, Sakura, how do you know?”
      Poof, hahaha, Wang Juncheng can't help laughing.
      This guy is really stupid. Qiao Ying is deceiving him obviously. He asked, didn't he just admit it?*
      Chapter 8 report for duty, director Liu Wenbing's advice
      Seeing Wang Juncheng beside him, she already laughed. Qiao Ying also laughed. She looked over and said, “brother Cheng, do you think he's stupid?”
      “Well, what are you two doing in riddles?”Wu Tao, who doesn't know himself, looks at his brother and his girlfriend in a daze.
      “Ha ha ha, Tao Zi, Qiao Ying was cheating you just now. I didn't expect you to be cheated directly.”After explaining one sentence, Wang Juncheng stopped laughing and looked at Qiao Ying
      “However, my brother is usually very smart. That's why he is so stupid with you.”
      In this sentence, Wang Juncheng is suggesting that Wu Tao really cares about it, which is why this is the case.
      And Qiao Ying seems to understand, nodding with a smile: “I know, that's why I'm with him, otherwise, I won't promise to be his girlfriend.”
      Wu Tao also understood their conversation. After all, they were not stupid, and Wang Juncheng also explained it.
      But understand also understand, originally is really like, he does not care.
      Then, after a few gags, the three chatted and laughed. At this time, Wang Juncheng found another advantage of Qiao Ying.
      The girl knows how to advance and retreat, and also gives Wu Tao face.
      Although I was joking before, it's only because of the good relationship between Wang Juncheng and Wu Tao that we can integrate into the chatting atmosphere between them as soon as possible in this way.
      After more than 20 minutes of chatting, Wang Juncheng nodded to his brother's girlfriend. If there is no accident, his brother is likely to marry young.
      Finally, it's their turn. It's a small table. It's no problem for them to sit down.
      After ordering food and wine, Qiao Ying ordered a bottle of soymilk, and they chatted and waited for the dishes to be served.
      “Brother Cheng, you're back. How do you arrange your work?”Chatting, chatting, talking about the problem of work.
      “Report to the Municipal Bureau tomorrow, assistant.”
      “I'll go, minor?”Wu Tao, who has an understanding of the system, looks at Wang Juncheng in surprise and asks, “don't you have any internships?Not only do you have no internship, but you're going to be a minor
      “Ha ha, excellent people, you are such a mortal, can not understand.”Wang Juncheng had a rare stink and made a joke.
      “Brother, you will be my own brother in the future.”
      From Wang Juncheng's words, Wu Tao knew that it was not a joke, but he didn't think much about it. He put a funny arm around Wang Juncheng and made a flattering look.
      After a couple of laughs and scolds, they picked up their glasses, touched them and drank a glass of frozen beer.
      On such a hot day, it's absolutely comfortable to have a cold drink.
      Two people chatting, joking, and next to Qiao Ying in know Wang Juncheng's identity, is also surprised.
      Her father was originally a member of the system, and she knew a lot about the system.
      And she also knows that Wang Juncheng, a good friend of her boyfriend, studied in the Capital Police University. Now, as soon as he graduated, a new person directly took the position of minor. Many people have worked hard for several years, even more than ten years, and even some people have been able to take it all their lives.
      Moreover, the other party is still studying criminal investigation, and will be given a minor after graduation. Normally, it is impossible to give a casual job.
      Leadership positions are all a turnip and a pit in the system.
      It's impossible to have a relationship alone. It seems that this boyfriend's good friend is really unusual.
      The three happily had a really good barbecue. Wang Juncheng and Wu Tao drank three bottles of beer. Then Wang Juncheng settled the bill.
      Wu Tao is very unhappy about Wang Juncheng's settlement.
      In the end, Wang Juncheng said that he would ask Wu Tao to invite him next time.
      Later, Qiao Ying drove Wang Juncheng home, then drove Wu Tao away.
      The next morning, at eight o'clock in the morning, Wang Juncheng cleaned up, dressed in a white T-shirt, khaki casual pants, a pair of summer low top outdoor boots on his feet, and a thin coat. Then he went downstairs to take a taxi to report to the Municipal Bureau.
      It's still very hot in summer in Tianfu. It's not suitable to wear a thin coat.However, those who are engaged in criminal investigation will be equipped with guns. If they don't wear coats, they will expose police weapons such as holsters, which can't be concealed.
      Therefore, generally speaking, when a criminal policeman in plain clothes performs a task, he or she will either hold a bag with a gun in it or put on a coat to hide the gun.
      Swiftly, when the suspect is going to keep watch, the suspect will see you on the police equipment, and you will run away. How can you track and arrest people?
      Because there was a traffic jam in the morning rush hour, it took 40 minutes for the car to stop at the gate of the Municipal Bureau.
      After getting off the bus, I paid on the app and registered in the guard box at the gate of the Municipal Bureau. After the guard confirmed, it was released.
      After entering the reception desk on the first floor of the Municipal Bureau, Wang Juncheng explained his identity, and the assistant police officer at the reception desk immediately called a second-class superintendent to come.
      After understanding the situation, the second level superintendent said to Wang Juncheng with a smile: “you are team Wang. I've heard a lot about you. This way, please. I'll take you to go through the entry procedures first. At the same time, the director explained that he wants to see you. We'll go through the procedures and I'll take you up.”
      “Yes, please.”
      Later, they went into the elevator together. After arriving at the floor where the cadre said they were, the second level superintendent swiped his card into the office area and directly took Wang Juncheng to find the person in charge of the new person's registration.
      Wang Juncheng's entry into the post was conveyed from the provincial department and explained by Liu Wenbing, director of the Municipal Bureau.The previous procedures and certificates have been urgently made, including police uniforms and some police equipment, which have also been collected by people from the cadre office.
      Therefore, it was not long. After the procedures were completed, the police officer's certificate was obtained. In addition, the police uniform was put here for the time being because there were so many things.
      Finally, the gun license and salary card.
      Salary card processing, administrative office will be responsible, just need Wang Juncheng to provide a copy of the ID card on the line.As for the certificate for holding a gun, you need to go to the director to get it.
      The person in charge said that all the documents have been completed, but the most important document, the gun license, is not with them.
      Then, Wang Juncheng said thanks, took some things, followed the second level police sergeant who led the way, and took the elevator to the office floor of the director of the police building.
      “Come in!”
      “Director, Captain Wang Juncheng has come to report. I'll bring him up.”After entering, the second level police superintendent saluted the director Liu Wenbing and made a report.
      “Oh?So early? ”
      With that, Liu Wenbing stood up from his chair, and the second Sergeant also stepped aside and asked Wang Juncheng behind him to go in, then quit and close the office door.
      “Liu Bureau, Wang Juncheng came to report!”Looking at Liu Wenbing, who was wearing a police uniform and carrying the shoulder badge of a second-class police supervisor, Wang Juncheng, though wearing casual clothes, still stood at attention and respected a standard military salute.
      In the face of Wang Juncheng's salute, Liu Wenbing also seriously saluted back, then stretched out his right hand and came to hold Wang Juncheng together.
      “Ha ha, good. Captain Wang is here. Now we have another elite in the Tianfu police system. Captain Wang, on behalf of the Tianfu Municipal Bureau, I welcome you.”
      “Thank you for choosing our Tianfu Municipal Bureau!”
      This is not polite. People of Liu Wenbing's level naturally checked his resume after learning that there was Wang Juncheng.
      Good guy, I don't know. I'm scared when I see it.
      This man is highly respected by the criminal investigation experts of Yanjing Municipal Bureau. Even when he was in school, he helped Yanjing Municipal Bureau to solve several major cases.
      Liu Wenbing knows that normally, he will be left behind by Yanjing Municipal Bureau.
      But fortunately, this niuren is from Tianfu City, Sichuan Province. Because of this, this niuren gave up the olive branch thrown out from Yanjing and chose Sichuan Province and Tianfu Municipal Bureau.
      It is precisely because of this that Liu Wenbing said what he just said.
      “Liu Ju is too polite. He is still a new man. There are still many things to learn from his predecessors.”
      “Ha ha, don't be so modest. Young people have to be energetic and have the pride of Laozi.Of course, we must be cautious, serious and careful in our work. ”
      “Yes, thank you for your instruction!”Wang Juncheng answered seriously.
      This is Liu Wenbing, an old criminal investigator, who is teaching him whether it is useful or not, whether it is consistent with his temperament or not. If people want to teach him, Wang Juncheng will listen.
      Not only because the other party is a leader, but also because the other party is a senior.
      More because, someone is willing to teach you, that is to watch you.Otherwise, if they are not relatives, why do they bother?
      “Ha ha, good!”Liu Wenbing patted Wang Juncheng on the shoulder and said a good word.
      He could see that the young man in front of him was capable and proud, but not arrogant.Such people have natural leadership skills.
      Liu Wenbing is very much looking forward to what kind of impact this newcomer will bring when he enters the criminal investigation department.
      Later, Liu Wenbing took out the gun license from the drawer and handed it to Wang Juncheng. He also took out a document bag and handed it to Wang Juncheng
      “Here are the car keys and the driver's license.This is an Audi A4L from the Municipal Bureau. It's a high-quality car.It's not a good car, but you can use it at will, but you have to return it after you leave
      “Yes, thank you for your concern. Juncheng will try his best to do his job!”Wang Juncheng is not a fool. He will do it naturally.
      And that's what he thought.
      “Well, it's our requirement to do our job well. Go ahead. I've already said hello to the criminal investigation department. They are very busy recently. You can just go and have a look.”
      “By the way, I went to the armory and got the gun.Of course, you don't have to carry it with you, but there are several people in the squadron you lead, all of whom carry guns at any time. ”
      Finally, Liu Wenbing told Wang Juncheng in disguise that the man in the squadron was not a weak hand.
      After all, in the state of Xia, it was a tangled problem to be a police Cha with guns.
      Not to mention the loss of a gun, it is a major event to lose a bullet. Therefore, carrying a gun is not only the right of the criminal police, but also a great risk.
      Several of the squadrons they are about to join are armed with guns. Obviously, these people are not chicken, and they are confident to take care of their weapons.
      With this in mind, Wang Juncheng saluted Liu Wenbing again, took things and left the director's office.*
      Chapter 9 investigation team 3
      Instead of being in the building of the Municipal Bureau, the criminal investigation department set up a separate office in an eight storey podium connected to the building.
      Of course, these eight floors are not all offices of the criminal investigation department.
      There is also the technical investigation division, that is, the technical investigation division, which includes the electronic technology department, forensic medicine, professional scene investigation (i.e. forensic) technical police officers, etc.
      Among them, the criminal investigation office occupies the second floor to the fifth floor, the technical investigation office is on the sixth floor and the seventh floor, and the inspection room is on the top floor.
      On the first floor, in addition to the reception room and the security room, there are temporary detention room and interrogation room. You can enter from the inside of the building or from a steel door with access control at the back of the building.
      After a brief introduction of the building, the second level superintendent in charge of leading the way took Wang Juncheng downstairs and left.
      In this building, except for a few leaders, other police officers have no access control.
      After all, there are two departments, criminal investigation department and technical investigation department. A lot of information in it is confidential, and ordinary police officers have no authority to see it.
      After entering the gate of the hall on the first floor, I show my police officer card, pass the security gate, ask the floor where the investigation department is, thank you, and then go to the elevator.
      Behind him, the police officers and co policemen who are responsible for guarding the security check are all talking in a low voice.
      “Is he the new captain of the third team of the investigation division?”
      “So young?”
      “They are young. I heard that they have just graduated. They are specially recruited.”
      “I'll go. Is it so good?”
      Wang Juncheng didn't care about the conversation behind him. He hung the police officer's certificate around his neck and put his badge forward. After entering the elevator, he pressed the button on the fifth floor.
      Although he has already reported in the Bureau, he still has to go to the Department to find the director and then go to the investigation section.The detective section is on the second floor.
      On the second floor, there's only one investigation department.
      Fifth floor, outside the director's office.
      Knock knock knock, Wang Juncheng politely knock on the door, wait until inside shout “please come in”, this just push open the door to go in.
      PA, after standing at attention, Wang Juncheng loudly reported: “Yang Chu, Wang Juncheng report!”
      Yang Peiwei, sitting at the back of the office, raised his head after hearing the sound of the door and looked over. When he saw Wang Juncheng's appearance, he immediately laughed. Then he got up from his chair and said:
      “Ha ha, I've been waiting for you for a long time. Come on, Juncheng, come and sit down!”
      “Yes, thank you.”
      The backhand closes the door of the office. Wang Juncheng walks over and sits opposite.
      Just sat down, Yang Peiwei asked: “there is boiling water, you need to pour it yourself.”
      “I'm not thirsty, Yang Chu.”Wang Juncheng replied with a smile.
      “How's it going?Is it arranged at home? ”
      “Yes, Yang Chu, it has been arranged.”
      “Do you need to allocate dormitories?”Yang Peiwei continued to care.
      “There's a house. It's been decorated. I lived in it yesterday afternoon.”
      “Well, that's good.”Yang Peiwei nodded. After all the things in life, the next thing is work: “you should know your own arrangement, right?”
      “Yes, Yang Chu. When I went to report, the personnel department had already told me that he was the leader of the third team of the investigation department.”
      “Well, that's good.However, most of the people in the three teams have gone out to work. I'll take you there later and introduce you to the people left behind in the three teams, and then go to get weapons and equipment. They are now working with the first team to investigate a new case. ”
      “Yes, Yang Chu.”
      “If it's OK, let's go first?”Yang Peiwei asked.
      “OK, Yang Chu, if you have time.”
      Wang Juncheng did not refuse that Yang Peiwei personally took him to the investigation department.Although he has seen the files of the three teams, they don't know him. At least the people in the team will pay more attention to him.
      His information can't be seen without people of a certain level.
      Therefore, these police officers who are about to become subordinates do not know his resume.In this way, it is likely to lead to the following police officers, this rookie on their own do not care.
      If you think about it, none of the police officers in the investigation section is a rookie. At least they are Cha officers who have worked in the police for more than three years and have relatively rich experience in criminal investigation.
      I just graduated and used to be a captain.
      If these police officers have no resentment in their hearts and no intention of watching jokes, they will not believe Wang Juncheng.
      Then, Yang Peiwei in police uniform and Wang Juncheng took the elevator to the second floor. He swiped his card to open the access control. After entering the large office area, he saw the police officers who came by Yang Peiwei and said hello one after another.
      “Yang Chu.”
      “Yang chuhao.”
      As he walked along, Yang Peiwei nodded with a smile in response to the greetings of the police, while Wang Juncheng, who was behind him, followed silently without saying a word.
      After passing the office area of the hall, there are office areas separated by glass. After arriving at the door of the office area with the sign of three teams, Yang Peiwei walked in directly.
      “Yang Chu!”
      In the office area, there were only three people left behind. One of the police officers faced the door. When he saw Yang Peiwei coming in, he yelled and stood up.
      The other two policemen, after hearing the greetings from their companions, also stood up and called “Yang Chu”.
      “Just the three of you?”Yang Peiwei nodded and responded. He asked the policeman who first saw him.
      “Yes, Yang Chu, the bell team took the others out.”Cai Zixing replied.
      While speaking, Cai Zixing, Huo Guangting and Li Li, the other two left behind players, all look at Wang Juncheng who is following Yang Peiwei.
      “This is Wang Juncheng, your new captain.”
      “Hello, Captain!”After Yang Peiwei's introduction, the three people who had already made preparations in their hearts stood at attention and saluted Wang Juncheng.
      “Hello.”No matter what they think in their hearts, they have already said hello and saluted, and Wang Juncheng has returned a salute with a smile.
      “OK, Juncheng, I'll go back first. You go to get the equipment first, and then look at the files of the cases they are investigating. If it's convenient, start working tomorrow.”
      “Yes, Yang Chu. I'll get the equipment later and start working in the afternoon.”Wang Juncheng responded.
      “Well, I'll go first.”With that, Yang Peiwei patted Wang Juncheng on the shoulder and left.
      “Yang Chu, walk slowly!”When Yang Peiwei left, Wang Juncheng turned and looked at Cai Zixing
      “Cai Zixing, Huo Guangting, Li Li, right?”
      “Yes, team Wang!”
      When Wang Juncheng called out his name directly, Cai Zixing didn't say it. Yang Chu just mentioned it, but Yang Chu didn't mention the names of Huo Guangting and Li Li.
      Three people react, it seems that the team leader is not unprepared, at least his people's files, he read.
      “Where is my office?”
      “Team Wang, your office is a small single room. This way, I'll show you.”Hearing Wang Juncheng's question, Cai Zixing quickly stood up and took Wang Juncheng to the office.
      Inside, there is a 10 square meter office separated by a glass wall. This office belongs to his team leader.
      Vice captain Zhong Qi works in the big office area outside.
      Wang Juncheng nodded and then said to Cai Zixing, “please accompany me to get the equipment. Huo Guangting and Li Li are left behind to coordinate.”
      “Yes, Captain!”
      After saluting, Cai Zixing retreated and explained to Huo Guangting and Li Li. When Wang Juncheng came out, he took him to the armory.
      Fill in the form to make sure the weapons are available, count the number of bullets in the magazine, sign one by one, and then get a quick draw holster and two magazine sleeves.
      Install the holster and magazine sleeve on the belt at the waist, insert the two spare magazines into the magazine sleeve at the left waist, and insert the type 92 pistol into the quick draw gun sleeve at the right.
      After receiving the weapons and a bullet proof vest, they left the armory.
      Later, he took Cai Zixing to the cadre's office and took away the police uniform and other police equipment he had left there before. Finally, he came to the parking lot and put the police uniform in the trunk of the car. The armed belt full of retractable batons, flashlights and other police equipment was put in the back seat.
      Later, they got on the bus. Wang Juncheng drove the car to the parking lot behind the criminal investigation office. After parking, they went upstairs again with CAI Zixing and returned to the office.
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      Chapter 10 the first case, field work
      After returning to the office, he locked his armed belt full of police equipment, took off the retractable baton, flashlight and handcuffs, and then took out a huazi from the space warehouse and went out.
      He threw the cigarette directly on Cai Zixing's desk. Huo Guangting and Li Li also saw Hua Zi on the table.
      “This cigarette is left outside, one pack for each person. Take the rest.In addition, I need the file of the case that team Zhong is investigating to be sent to my office. ”
      With that, Wang Juncheng turned around and prepared to return to the office.
      “Yes, captain. Besides, Captain, do you need to call the bell team back?”After Cai Zixing agreed, he asked again.
      “Come back?What are you doing back here? “Wang Juncheng looked back and asked strangely.
      “Well, it's not the captain. You're here, everyone.”
      “NoWang Juncheng understood Cai Zixing's meaning and said, “they are working. Don't make trouble. Just give me the file.”
      After returning to the office and turning around, he found that there was no water cup. Wang Juncheng went out to the big office and took a cup of water with a disposable cup. Then he went back to his seat, turned on the computer, inserted his golden shield data key, opened the police intranet system and looked at it.
      A few minutes later, Cai Zixing knocked on the door and came in with a file in his hand.
      “Captain, this is the case file.”
      “Well, put it on the table.”Head also did not lift, looking at the net of Wang Juncheng said.
      After putting down the file, Cai Zixing went out. After Cai Zixing left, Wang Juncheng took his eyes away from the computer, opened the file on the desk and looked at it.
      In the big office area, Cai Zixing, who returns to his seat, is surrounded by Huo Guangting and Li Li.
      “Zixing, what's our new team leader doing in there?”Li Li asked, next to Huo Guangting also a pair of curious expression.
      “Look at the Internet bar?”Cai Zixing has some uncertain ideas.
      After Huo Guangting and Li Li looked at each other, Huo Guangting asked again, “ah, Zixing, do you want us to say something to team Zhong?”
      The question of the two companions is also something that Cai Zixing is considering.
      The three of them were just transferred to the Municipal Bureau at the beginning of the year, and they are considered to be the most junior.Although it has been several months since I came in, I have never had the opportunity to go out of the field.
      It is also responsible for the internal work of liaison, team coordination and information checking.
      Therefore, the three men are the only three in the three teams who don't have guns at any time.After all, they didn't work in the field. It's no use carrying guns on them. It's troublesome.
      So although the three men had a gun license, they didn't get the gun.
      Now, there is a younger captain than them. It is impossible to say that the three have no idea.But this idea is not jealousy or something, but the feeling that they and others may have a chance to go out of the field.
      But Huo Guangting and Li Li don't have much contact with the new captain. At present, Cai Zixing is the one who has the most contact. Therefore, they both want to get some “information” from him.
      That's why I asked.
      But Cai Zixing is not stupid, also probably understands two people's ideas.
      After a pause, Cai Zixing said: “the team leader said no notice, then no notice. By the way, do you two want to go out?”
      “Of course.”Two people speak the same way.
      “I'll go and get the gun and the bullet proof collar first. I just accompanied the captain to get the gun, and he directly carried the gun with him. I don't think the captain is an embroidered pillow.So we have to make a show for the captain
      “YesAfter looking at each other, Huo Guangting and Li Li both nodded heavily.
      Immediately, the three went to get guns and bulletproof vests in batches.
      After returning to the office, according to Cai Zixing's instructions and Wang Juncheng's configuration, they all equipped themselves.
      After the weapons and police equipment were ready, the three men thought about it and went to find a thin coat to wear outside.Everything is similar to Wang Juncheng's dress.
      In the office, Wang Juncheng looked at the gap between the files and saw the actions of the three people outside. After laughing, he didn't say anything and continued to look at the files.
      The case is a homicide. Zhang Ting, a 20-year-old woman, disappeared from her KTV on June 28 a week ago.
      On June 30, the body was found on the Bank of the high tech Zone.
      After investigation, it was confirmed that the body was thrown into the river after death, and then the body was washed to the bank.
      The cause of death was asphyxia. There was an obvious scar on the neck. It can be confirmed that he was strangled by the murderer.
      There were signs of invasion, but no body fluid residue was found in the body of the deceased.The time of death was between ten and twelve hours before the crime.
      In other words, the time of death should be between 3:00 and 4:00 on the night of the 29th.
      The scene of the first case has not been found. After investigation, the suspect can not be determined for the time being.Net about the car driver, work KTV colleagues, all have been touch row, no suspicion.
      According to the confession of the driver of the online car hailing, the dead Zhang Ting got on the car at about 2 a.m. on June 28.
      Then, the driver took her to the destination. After Zhang Ting got off, the driver left.
      During this period of time, Zhang Ting did not have an accident.
      According to the post hoc investigation, Zhang Ting's destination is the address of her renting house, but through the monitoring at the entrance of the community, Zhang Ting has not gotten into the cell after getting off, but left the door of the community and disappeared in the monitoring.
      Because that area is an old community, there are not many places with monitoring.
      Moreover, the streets are narrow and extend in all directions. It's two or three o'clock in the middle of the night. There is basically no one on the street, and few residents around are still awake.
      As a result, the investigation was deadlocked for a while.
      When the investigation of the case, which was originally in the charge of the first team, reached a deadlock and needed a large number of personnel to arrange, Liang birui, the leader of the first team and also the chief of the investigation section, transferred the three teams who had no task for the time being to help.
      At this time, they are in the area around the old community to carry out a survey.
      After reading the file, Wang Juncheng closed the file and frowned.
      In the whole file, Zhang Ting's social relationship investigation is very rough.To be exact, the first and third teams only investigated the deceased's colleagues, roommates and relatives during the investigation.
      However, in terms of Zhang Ting's working environment, shouldn't her guests be included in the investigation?
      If it is true, as recorded in the file, that Zhang Ting left after she arrived at the gate of the community, and then disappeared, it is very likely that the reason for Zhang Ting to leave on her own initiative is the person she knew.
      Moreover, in the communication records of the deceased, at about 3 a.m. on the 29th, there were no calls in or out, and there were no chat records in the instant messaging app.
      If it's someone you know, the other party probably knows where Zhang Ting lives, then waits for her in the place where the surveillance camera can't find, and then takes her away.
      However, the range of people we know is not small.
      After all, working in KTV, there are many people who come and go to know her or who she knows on her own initiative.
      Knock, knock!
      While Wang Juncheng was meditating, the glass door of the office was knocked. Looking up, Cai Zixing stood at the door.
      After beckoning him in, he asked, “what's the matter?What's up? ”
      “Captain, it's lunch time. Shall we bring you one?”Cai Zixing asked with a smile.
      “Noon?”Wang Juncheng was surprised. After taking a look at the outdoor multi-function electronic watch on his wrist, sure enough, it's past 12 o'clock.
      “Come on, let's go together. I'll get familiar with it.”
      With that, Wang Juncheng cleaned up, locked the file drawer, and went to the canteen with CAI Zixing.
      After the meal and the meal card, the four found a table and sat down to eat together.
      “By the way, how long do they usually come back in the afternoon?”At dinner, Wang Juncheng asked.
      “That's not necessarily,” Huo Guangting said after swallowing the food in his mouth, “team Zhong and team Liang have been outside for three days. When they come back, it's seven or eight o'clock, and then they have to hold a meeting to discuss the case.”
      “The three of us are the only people left behind in the first and third teams. These days, the three of us are on duty all night in turn. It's my turn tonight.”
      “Well.”Nodding, Wang Juncheng took a few mouthfuls in his mouth. After taking a look at the three people, he said, “after dinner, have a rest. Take a laptop and a communication station with you. Let's go out and have a look.”
      “Captain, no one left at home?”Li Li asked.
      “No, it's for the convenience of checking the data. Take the computer and the key, and you can also check it.And we used to join the bell team, and we'll meet them. ”
      “Yes, Captain!”After looking at each other, they answered and stopped talking.
      They are just small soldiers. Although he is young, he is the leader of the three teams. To carry out orders is what a disciplined force like the police department must do.
      Unless, of course, you have proof that the leader's orders are wrong.
      After all, the police department is not the same as the army. In contrast, the police department should be more free.
      After lunch, the four put their plates where they should be and went back to the office together.After returning to the office, Cai Zixing took the radio station, Li Li took a notebook, and then the four set out.
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      Chapter 11 investigation, chatting with the guard uncle
      Instead of driving the police car of the team, Wang Juncheng drove the car of the Bureau. The co driver was Cai Zixing, while Huo Guangting and Li Li were sitting in the back seat.
      “Captain, is this your car?”After the three got on the bus, Cai Zixing, the co pilot, asked.
      “From the Bureau.”After starting the car, Wang Juncheng casually said a word, then hit the steering wheel and drove off.
      When they heard Wang Juncheng's words, they were surprised.
      You know, in the whole city Bureau, except for the director and several deputy bureau directors, no one else is qualified for car allocation.I can only drive a police car at ordinary times.
      This police car is not the same as the car.
      Police car, to put it bluntly, is the official car, criminal investigation department and Nb (in order not to have a problem, Du is forbidden to use the name of Hong Kong Island, I understand everything.)Because of the nature of the work, part of the police car can be opened when they go to and from work.
      However, it's not so convenient. After all, it's an official car in the Bureau and can't be used as a private car.
      It's not the same with cars.
      To put it bluntly, a special car is allocated for your own use. It can be used as a private car. No matter where you drive, there is no problem.
      You won't take it back until you leave the Bureau and go to work in another city.
      Now, their new team leader, who has just arrived, is equipped with a special car. Although there is no driver, it is enough to shock them. After all, there are not many qualified people in the whole city.
      Besides, it's an Audi A4L with high configuration.
      It's not a luxury car, but it's definitely not bad.
      The most important thing is that the registration unit is the Municipal Bureau. If the vehicle is damaged or repaired, it can be reimbursed by the Municipal Bureau.It means that the Bureau will pay you to keep the car, and you can use it at will.
      The treatment is absolutely not low.The key is to have a face.
      After learning the origin of the car, Cai Zixing's three people were excited.
      Obviously, the captain can get the car in the Bureau, certainly not because the relationship is hard enough, absolutely because he has real ability.Within the system, we can't enjoy such privileges if we only have relationships and have no excellent skills.
      Although they have not been in the police force for a long time, they understand these reasons.
      But Cai Zixing three people can choose to enter the front line of criminal investigation, who has no enterprising spirit?Those who are not enterprising and muddle along can not muddle along in such a powerful department as the criminal investigation department.
      Such people, needless to say, will take the initiative to transfer from you.
      Now, they have a team leader who can be valued by the top and has real ability. The future is bright.
      Thinking of this, they all secretly decided that they must follow their own team leader, not to mention eating meat, but to drink the soup assembly.
      Don't know oneself at will a word, accepted three under Wang Juncheng, drive the car conscientiously, rush to the destination.
      More than ten minutes later, the car turned a corner and drove into a path.
      Another 200 meters inside is the residential area rented by the deceased Yang ting.
      After stopping the car, Wang Juncheng took a look at both sides of the street. He didn't find any of his own people. He said to Cai Zixing, “Li Li, you wait in the car. I'll go to see Zixing and Guangting, and call if you have something to do.”
      “Yes, Captain!”
      Although some reluctantly, but Li Li has no way, the captain has given an order, he has to stay in the car.Besides, he still has a laptop in his hand.
      Then, the three get off, close the door, hang the police officer card around their necks and go to the gate of the community.
      “Who are you looking for?”Just walked into the iron gate of the community, there was an old business in the guard room next to it. Looking around, an old man about 50 years old was standing at the gate of the guard room.
      “Uncle, we are police cha.”Wang Juncheng took out a bag of huazi, took out one and handed it to the guard uncle.
      The guard uncle took a look at the police officer's certificate that three people were hanging on their chest. He took the cigarette from Wang Juncheng with a smile and said, “are you for the girl in unit 302 of building three?”
      Obviously, the police have been investigating around these days, and the guard uncle already knows.
      “Yes, uncle. I'd like to ask if you were on duty on the night of the 28th?”Wang Juncheng is not in a hurry to go upstairs. He talks with Uncle directly.
      After seeing the captain's action, Huo Guangting took out his mobile phone and turned on the recording function.
      “Yes, I was on duty that night.”Uncle remembers very well.
      “Did you see the dead Zhang Ting around 3:10 a.m. on the 29th?”
      “Yes, I also told other police officers that when she came back that night, I was still awake. When I saw someone coming and preparing to go out, the girl turned and walked to the left. I also saw her smile.”
      “Did she smile?”Wang Juncheng frowned and asked in confirmation.
      “Right?”After thinking for a while, the uncle said, “yes, I'm sure she laughed at that time.”
      After the uncle affirmed, he continued to explain: “there is a street lamp at our door, which is very bright. At that time, I took a look at her and recognized her. After the girl turned her head, although she only looked at me from the side, I'm sure she did smile.”
      “Ah, no, uncle, when we came to investigate, why didn't you say that?”After hearing this, Huo Guangting asked.
      “Didn't you remember that at that time?”Uncle was embarrassed when asked.
      He turned to look at Huo Guangting and motioned him to shut up with his eyes. Wang Juncheng apologized with a smile and said, “uncle, I'm sorry. I'm not sensible. We have no other meaning.”
      “Ha ha, I understand, I understand. It's OK. This boy is also worried.”For Wang Juncheng's apology, uncle quickly waved his hand and said it was OK.
      He didn't expect that Wang Juncheng, who was as polite as his own child and was like a student, was actually a leader.
      “Thank you for understanding.”After thanking him, Wang Juncheng continued to ask, “uncle, did you see that girl, that is, Zhang Ting, who got in her car or met someone in the past?”
      “This…”Uncle hesitated, and his face was embarrassed again.
      “It's OK, uncle. Just tell the truth.”Wang Juncheng's tone is soft.
      “At that time, I didn't go out when I saw the girl pass, but I thought she might come back later, so I didn't squint, so I just sat on the sofa and waited.”
      “But after waiting for about ten or twenty minutes, she didn't come back, so I didn't care. I squinted and fell asleep.”
      “I didn't hear the movement of the car, but I really don't know if there is anyone.But I think there are people
      “What do you say?”Wang Juncheng asked, squinting.
      “You think, if there's no one, why does she laugh? And maybe she knows each other.This girl is very clever. Sometimes I see that she didn't go to work during the day and brought men in
      “Have you ever brought a man into a neighborhood?Does uncle have any impression of those people? “After hearing his uncle's words, Wang Juncheng asked quickly.
      “I really can't remember that. It was more than a month ago. Later, she didn't bring a man into the community.”Uncle shook his head and said.
      “How can uncle remember that the dead took the man home?”
      After hearing Wang Juncheng's question, uncle looked around, then lowered his voice and said, “this girl is very beautiful, and she often comes back at two or three o'clock at night. I have opened the door for her many times, of course I remember.”
      “Moreover, I don't think this woman should be doing any serious work, but they are all in the same community. I don't tell anyone who looks up but looks down.”
      “After all, their young women are not good for their reputation because of their rambling.”
      “OK, I see. Thank you, uncle.”After hearing what the guard uncle said, Wang Juncheng smiles, nods his head and thanks. Then he takes Cai Zixing and Huo Guangting to unit 1, building 3.
      Behind him, the uncle looked at the three people's back and sighed: “it's a pity that such a young girl.”With that, uncle went back to the guard room, sat next to the fan and went to rest.
      Entering the unit building and going up to the third floor, the three stopped at the gate of 302, knocked on the door, and everyone responded.
      “Captain, because Zhang Ting was killed, several of her roommates have moved. The landlord lives nearby. Do you want me to call the landlord over?”
      Next to Cai Zixing suddenly sounded the situation of the house, said to Wang Juncheng.
      “All right, you ask him to come and open the door.”
      “All rightAfter he agreed, Cai Zixing took out his mobile phone, found out the landlord's phone and dialed it.After a while, Cai Zixing hung up
      “Captain, the landlord said to come right away, ten minutes at most.”
      “Then wait.”*
      Chapter 12 camera hidden on the opposite balcony
      Standing in the corridor, Wang Juncheng did not chat with CAI Zixing and Huo Guangting, but waited silently.
      Cai Zixing and Huo Guangting, though full of problems, did not make a sound when they saw that Wang Juncheng was not chatting.
      A few minutes later, a man who looked about fifty, was strong and had gray hair came up from downstairs.
      “Mr. He, Captain, this is Mr. He, the landlord.”
      Seeing the person coming, Cai Zixing recognized the other party for the first time and said in a voice.
      “Hello, Mr. He.”
      “Hello, officer. Just a moment. I'll open the door right away.”Mr. he politely, then took out the key, opened the security door.
      After taking out a pair of rubber gloves from his pocket and putting them on, Wang Juncheng walked into the house.
      The house is an old type, with two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom, dining room and living room next to each other.
      After asking the landlord Zhang Ting's room, Wang Juncheng opens the door and walks in.
      The room was neat and there was no sign of turning over, because it was not the scene of the crime and the police did not put a seal on it.Cai Zixing and Huo Guangting asked the landlord some questions outside, but Wang Juncheng was the only one in the room.
      Scanning the room, except for a wardrobe, a bed, a small table with a make-up mirror and a chair, there were no extra furnishings in the room.
      It's very simple, and it's in line with the situation of rental housing.
      Open the wardrobe, full of clothes, no one has cleaned, still put in it, after a flip, did not find, Wang Juncheng to the bedside table.
      After opening the drawer of the bedside table, Wang Juncheng saw a box of unopened umbrellas and a box of opened umbrellas.
      Take up the umbrella and the opened one, click it, and take a look at the specification and quantity on the package. You can confirm that there are two missing in the opened box.
      After putting the box back and closing the drawer, Wang Juncheng went to the small balcony outside his bedroom and opened it outside.
      Opposite is another community building, not far from each other, but more than ten meters.And on the third floor of the opposite building, there is a room just opposite the bedroom where Zhang Ting lives.
      Huh?All of a sudden, Wang Juncheng's eyes narrowed and looked at a corner of the window of the opposite room. Although it was more than ten meters away, and the room was a little dark, ordinary people couldn't see clearly under the visual difference.
      However, Wang Juncheng's abnormal eyesight made him see what he was concerned about, which was a miniature camera hidden next to a flowerpot.
      Because the other side did some cover up, so, standing here, ordinary people really can't see.
      Is someone in the opposite room using a camera to observe Zhang Ting's bedroom?
      Is it peeping?
      But this is a clue.
      Wang Juncheng, who came out of the bedroom, met Cai Zixing and Huo Guangting, looked at the landlord and asked, “Mr. He, do you know what the dead Zhang Ting was doing?”
      “Well, I know a little, but I've heard all about it, and those are not enough.”With that, Mr. He's eyes dodged.
      “This house belongs to Mr. He?Does Mr. He have any other properties? ”
      “Yes, there are several. One is in the neighborhood next door, and the other two are nearby.When I used to do business, I made some money and bought several houses. ”
      Seeing that Wang Juncheng no longer asked, Mr. he breathed a sigh of relief and replied honestly.
      “OK, thank you for your cooperation. Let's leave first.”
      “Well, let's go together. Let's go together.”
      The four left the house. After they parted at the gate of the neighborhood, Mr. He left. Wang Juncheng took Cai Zixing and Huo Guangting to the neighborhood next door.
      Next door, Wang Juncheng stops. Cai Zixing and Huo Guangting look at each other and see a possibility in each other's eyes.
      “Captain, do you doubt the landlord?”After approaching, Cai Zixing asked in a low voice.
      Turning to look at them, Wang Juncheng smiles and nods: “yes, I know how to use my brain.”
      Hearing the praise, Cai Zixing and Huo Guangting both laughed, but then Wang Juncheng's words stopped them laughing.
      “But the brain is in the wrong place.The landlord had a relationship with the dead Zhang Ting, but he was not the murderer. ”
      “Ah?”They were stunned and asked, “have you ever had a relationship?Captain, do you mean that Zhang Ting is really in the meat business
      “Sure.”Wang Juncheng nodded.
      “But KTV didn't provide this information. They…”Cai Zixing frowned, puzzled.
      Next to him, Huo Guangting figured it out and said: “maybe KTV is worried about being engaged in informal business and being investigated by the police, so it deliberately conceals this.It's also possible that Zhang Ting only does this on her own, and his colleagues don't know. ”
      “It makes sense.”After hearing Huo Guangting's explanation, Cai Zixing also figured it out.
      “Well, let's go to the guard and ask.”
      Three people came to the guard room, the room is also an elderly uncle.
      There are no special security guards in such old communities. They are all part-time workers in the community. They are responsible for opening the door and collecting the door at night to earn some living expenses.
      After knowing the identity of Wang Juncheng, uncle was very cooperative.
      “Uncle, do you know who is renting the nearest unit of the house next to you, on the right side of the third floor?”Wang Juncheng asked with a smile after giving uncle guard a cigarette.
      “I don't know, but it seems that the house is for one person. When I collected management fees, I saw a young man living in it.”
      “Is he at home?”Wang Juncheng continued.
      “Well, this”Uncle frowned and thought for a while, then said:” it seems at home. I didn't see him go out today. He doesn't seem to have any serious work. He is often at home. ”
      “OK, thank you, uncle. By the way, uncle, did the tenants of that house go out on the night of the 28th of last month?”
      “The 28th?…”Uncle thought for a while, shook his head and said, “I didn't pay attention.”
      “Can the monitoring at the gate of the community be used?”Wang Juncheng took a look at the monitor that slants to the gate and asked again.
      This question embarrassed the uncle and said: “police officer, in our old community, safety supervision and control are all raised by the residents themselves. They pressed it before, but it broke down later. When they raised money again, no one responded and they kept it there.”
      “Well,” Wang Juncheng nodded, and then said, “but uncle, you'd better do a good job of monitoring. It's more convenient.”
      “Ah, Heller, I'll discuss with you later to ensure that the monitoring is repaired.”
      “OK, I won't disturb you, uncle. Let's go in and have a look.”
      “All right, all right, whatever you want.”
      On the right side of the third floor of unit 1, it's also 302. At the door, Wang Juncheng motioned Cai Zixing and Huo Guangting to guard. When they were in place, they knocked on the door.
      “Who is it?”After a while, someone in the room asked.
      “Hello, neighborhood committee, register permanent resident information, please open the door.”
      “Oh, here it is.”
      Later, Wang Juncheng found that the cat's eye on the door was dark, and then it was on again. Then, with a click, the door was opened.
      As soon as he opened the door, Wang Juncheng grabbed the handle and pulled the door open. Huo Guangting and Cai Zixing, who were waiting nearby, saw Wang Juncheng's action and rushed up immediately.
      “Don't move, police Cha!”
      In the living room, the young man who opened the door was pressed on the ground. Cai Zixing took out the handcuffs on his back and handcuffed them directly.
      “What are you doing?Why do you arrest me? “On the ground, the young man struggled and yelled, but they were held down by Cai Zixing and Huo Guangting, unable to move.
      “Be honest!”
      After a roar, seeing that someone is under control, Cai Zixing and his wife lift the young man up and sit down on the sofa in the living room. Wang Juncheng, who enters the room, directly enters the room opposite Zhang Ting's bedroom.
      Seeing Wang Juncheng go straight into his bedroom, the young man looks nervous.
      Noticing the young man's expression, Cai Zixing and Huo Guangting both changed their faces and stared at each other.At the same time, there is some excitement in my heart.
      “Did the captain solve the case directly?”
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      Chapter 13 the first meeting with the immediate superior
      Entering the room, Wang Juncheng goes directly to the balcony and finds the camera.
      If you take it up, it's a micro camera with wireless transmission. The signal transmission distance of this model is only about 100 meters. More likely, the receiver is in this bedroom.
      Sure enough, after a while, Wang Juncheng found the receiver. Looking at the display light of the receiver, the camera was still working.
      After discovering that the camera was still working, Wang Juncheng sighed and knew that the young man outside should not be the murderer.
      This speculation is because the murderer must know that Zhang Ting is dead. If the young man is the murderer, he will not let the camera continue to work after so many days.
      After all, there's no need to shoot an empty room.Moreover, the smarter killer will definitely take down the camera and not put it there.
      Of course, it can not be ruled out that young people are watching the opposite house to see the reaction of the police.
      Take the camera and signal receiver out, throw things on the tea table, young people see things on the tea table, face a change, suddenly wilt.
      “Tell me, what are these things for?”Looking at the young man's performance, Wang Juncheng reconfirmed his conjecture, but did not say it directly, but asked.
      “I, I, I…”The young man stammered, his face turned red, his eyes dodged, and he peeped at the serious Wang Juncheng from time to time.
      “Be honest, or we'll have to take you back to the Bureau.”
      “I, the camera, yes, is for stealing, peeping.”As if exhausted the whole body strength, after finishing this sentence, the young man collapsed directly on the sofa.
      “Lie!YouThe young man is likely to be the murderer of Zhang Ting. After hearing the other party's explanation, Cai Zixing yelled.
      But before he finished, he was stopped by Wang Juncheng.
      “Do you know Zhang Ting?”
      “Who?”The young man asked suspiciously.
      Looking at him, he didn't lie. He really didn't know who Zhang Ting was.But he is peeping at the constant time across the street. He must know Zhang Ting, but maybe he doesn't know her name.
      Having a look at Huo Guangting, Huo Guangting cleverly turns on his mobile phone and calls up a picture of Zhang Ting for young people to see.
      “She, she knows, she knows, she lives across the street.”When the young man saw the picture, he recognized the woman in it.
      “Have you met her?”Wang Juncheng asked suddenly.
      In the face of the sudden question, the young man's panic in his eyes flashed away. Just as he was ready to nod, he shook his head and said, “no, no…”
      “This time, you lied.”Wang Juncheng's determined tone made the young people look a little flustered.
      “What's your name?”
      “……”Young people don't talk.
      “If you don't say it, we can find it, and if you have an ID card, it should be in the bedroom.”
      “……It's a sound
      “Which ring?”
      “Loud ring.”
      “Well, Luo Xiang, now you should be honest. The most you can do is to be detained for a few days, or even be warned and educated, or confiscate cameras and other equipment.”
      “However, if you are not honest, we can detain you in the name of obstructing public affairs and giving false statements.I'm not afraid to tell you that we are from the Criminal Investigation Department of the Municipal Bureau. We are criminal police, and we handle all criminal cases. ”
      “Criminal police?”Luo Xiang didn't seem to think of this, but at this time, he noticed that Wang Juncheng, sitting on the chair opposite, had a pistol in his waist.
      After seeing the pistol, Luo Xiang gave a pep shot and quickly nodded: “I said, I said, police officer, I, I did meet Zhang Ting, who I told you, we, we were still in the hotel…”
      “How many times?When did it happen? “Wang Juncheng continued to ask.
      “Once, just once, just a while ago.”
      “The exact time!”
      “Yes, I don't remember the exact time. No, but I have consumption records on my mobile phone.”Luo Xiang is about to cry when asked.
      He is an otaku, usually opened an online shop, a month income can also, but his courage has never been big.
      Now that Wang Juncheng is so scared, and his peeping and Piao are discovered, he is ashamed and nervous, and his voice is a little weeping.
      “Open the handcuffs.”Looking at Luo Xiang, Wang Juncheng said to Cai Zixing.
      After opening the handcuffs, Luo Xiang quickly takes out the mobile phone from his body, finds the prestige consumption record, and hands the mobile phone to Wang Juncheng.
      Take a look at the mobile phone, Wang Juncheng confirmed that the time is in June 10, and looked at the name of the hotel, this will return the mobile phone to Luo Xiang.
      “What about the video you stole?”
      “All, all in one removable hard disk.”
      “Give me the hard drive.”
      “All right, all right, officer!”
      With that, Luo Xiang stands up and goes to the bedroom, followed by Huo Guangting.
      “Captain, isn't he?”When they entered the bedroom, Cai Zixing asked in a low voice.
      “No, he didn't have the courage to kill people, and he didn't pretend to do what he just did.By the way, you ask Li Li to contact team Liang and team Zhong and tell them that we are here. ”
      “YesCai Zixing nodded and went to the side to make a phone call.
      At this time, Luo Xiang and Huo Guangting also come out. Huo Guangting holds the mobile hard disk in his hand and hands it to Wang Juncheng.
      “All the videos are in it?”Staring at Luo Xiang, Wang Juncheng asked again.
      “All, all in it, I promise!”Luo Xiang answers quickly, the voice is very affirmative.
      “OK, let's forget about it. We've confiscated it, but in the future, it's absolutely not allowed to do similar peeping, you know?”
      “Yes, yes, thank you. Thank you, officer!”As soon as Wang Juncheng said that he would not pursue himself, Luo Xiang, who had been ready to be detained, shed tears. He quickly said thanks and constantly assured him.
      “Just know. If there's another time, it won't be so easy.”
      “Yes, I will, I will.”
      After educating Luo Xiang for a few more words, he packed the hard disk, the camera and the signal receiver in the evidence bag. Huo Guangting took them. In Luo Xiang's constant thanks, the three left.
      Out of the community, Wang Juncheng walked directly to the car not far away.
      Next to the car, there were several people waiting there, and Li Li got out of the car.
      “Team Liang, team Zhong.”Wang Juncheng, who passed by, said hello to Liang birui and his deputy for the first time.
      “Ha ha, you must be Wang Juncheng, Wang team.Hello, Hello, I'm Liang biruiAs the chief of the investigation section, Wang Juncheng is under liang birui.
      For this young man, although Liang birui has many doubts in his heart, he has no other thoughts.
      Therefore, after meeting Wang Juncheng, I was very enthusiastic.
      “Team Liang, I'm your subordinate. You call me team Wang, but it's killing me. You're a senior. Just call me my name.”
      “Be a man.”When Liang birui heard these words, he gave Wang Juncheng an evaluation in his heart.
      The other party was specially named by the provincial department and placed in the Municipal Bureau. Then the director of the Bureau called the general personally and gave him the position of the leader of the third team.
      Such a background, let alone a section chief, is their director, if Wang Juncheng really hard up, absolutely not counsellor.
      But in this way, it is estimated that the criminal investigation department can only plating gold.
      But with background, maybe strength, but not proud, can put their position, such a person, at least will not let people hate.
      Just a few seconds, Liang birui has initially accepted the subordinate.
      “OK, I'll call you Juncheng after that.I'll grow you up. I'll call brother Liang in private. ”
      “OK, brother Liang.”Wang Juncheng called first and let Liang birui laugh.
      He used to be a cheerful man. Now I see that Wang Juncheng is not artificial at all. He is also a straightforward man. I have a better impression of his subordinates.
      “Team Zhong, my name is Wang Juncheng.”After greeting Liang birui, Wang Juncheng looks to Zhong Qidao, who is wearing a short sleeve T-shirt and carrying a messenger bag. He is about 1.78 meters tall, dark and thin.
      “Hello team Wang, I'm Zhong Qi, the vice captain of the third team.”Facing Wang Juncheng's right hand, Zhong Qi didn't hold it, but after standing at attention and saluting, he solemnly introduced himself.
      For a moment, because of Zhong Qi's attitude, all the people present were silent. Except Liang birui, everyone took a careful look at Wang Juncheng's face.*
      Chapter 14 strong reasoning
      “Zhong Qi, what are you doing?”Others dare not speak, but Liang birui, the section chief, is angry.
      Zhong Qi was brought out by him. Like him, they all worked as criminal investigators after changing jobs in the army. Liang birui and Zhong Qi have a good relationship with each other.
      However, he also knew the temper of his friend and brother.
      When he just faced Wang Juncheng, his initial attitude was actually for Zhong Qi to remind him to pay attention to propriety.
      But unexpectedly, this stubborn donkey, at such a time, committed his damned donkey temper again.
      “Team Liang, it's OK.”Liang birui's anger, of course, is not real. Wang Juncheng can feel it.
      And he was not really angry because of Zhong Qi's attitude.
      Back then, when he went to Yanjing Municipal Bureau with his teacher for the first time in school, the criminal investigation elites in the bureau had even worse private discussions.
      At that time, he didn't care, and now Zhong Qi is just introducing himself.
      But Wang Juncheng said it's OK, and his section chief can't think it's really OK.After all, Wang Juncheng is now the commander of Zhong Qi, and Zhong Qi's attitude does have problems.
      Therefore, after Wang Juncheng finished, Liang birui quickly explained: “Juncheng, don't care. Zhong Qi is a straight-minded bull, but he is absolutely not mean.”
      “Team Liang, I can see that.What's more, it's normal for team Zhong to come back from the army.When I was in school, I went to Yanjing Municipal Bureau with my teacher to help me. What the police officers said in private was hard to hear. Didn't I care? ”
      “Don't worry, I'm not so mean!”
      In this sentence, Wang Juncheng shows that he is too big to bear a grudge against Zhong Qi just because of this, and that he is not a real rookie.
      This last point is also deliberately revealed by him, in order not to let Liang birui and Zhong Qi underestimate themselves.
      Yanjing Municipal Bureau, which is a level unit with the provincial department, has helped Yanjing Municipal Bureau, which has enough cards.
      Sure enough, when Wang Juncheng said this, Liang birui and Zhong Qi's eyes changed, but they didn't say much.
      “Ha ha, I said, Juncheng, you must not be mean. OK, let's get down to business. What's the matter with you asking Li Li to inform us to come here?”
      After a ha ha, Liang birui talked about the business.
      When it comes to business, Wang Juncheng's face becomes serious. As soon as he reaches out his hand, Huo Guangting, who is standing next to him, hands over several bags of evidence.
      Seeing that they were talking about business, several other police officers were also relieved. The atmosphere at the scene just now was really depressing.
      “Team Liang, team Zhong, what we just found in the room opposite Zhang Ting's residence is a wireless transmitting camera, which is a receiver, and the mobile hard disk stores the video of Luo Xiang, the owner of the camera.”
      “The room targeted by the camera is the bedroom of the dead Zhang Ting. I think there should be some clues in it.”
      “Oh?”Liang birui and Zhong Qi were surprised.
      They didn't find this camera, but now Wang Juncheng has found it.For a moment, they looked at the bags on the hood with different thoughts.
      Although they had different ideas, they began to attach importance to Wang Juncheng.
      What so many people didn't find was found by Wang Juncheng. The new captain of the third team really has a few brushes.
      Press the thought in his heart, Liang birui picked up the camera and looked at it, then asked: “what about Luo Xiang?”
      Knowing what Liang birui meant, Wang Juncheng shook his head and replied, “I have interrogated him. He is not the murderer.However, he and Zhang Ting know each other and have had a relationship, but it's just a fleshy business. It happened on June 16 in the room of Jiayuan hotel. ”
      “There is a record of consumption.”
      “……”After hearing Wang Juncheng's words, Liang birui and Zhong Qi look at each other. After a moment's silence, Zhong Qi says, “team Wang, do you mean the dead Zhang Ting is still selling yin?”
      “Yes, we got evidence from the doorman of Zhang Ting's residence.According to the guard uncle, more than a month ago, Zhang Ting often took some strange men in and out of the community, but in nearly a month or so, she never saw them again. ”
      “What's more, I found two boxes of umbrellas in Zhang Ting's bedroom, one of which was removed and two were missing.I think we can send someone to the supermarket nearby to inquire. If these two boxes of umbrellas were bought shortly before Zhang Ting disappeared, then we can get some clues. ”
      “In addition, according to my analysis, it is very likely that Zhang Ting did not continue to stop her skin and meat business, but probably no longer in the community, but in the hotel.”
      “Combined with the file records I saw before, I speculate that Zhang Ting, the deceased, probably made a deal with the guest she knew on the night of her disappearance, and the location was probably in a hotel in this area.”
      “This can also explain why there is no trace of the dead Zhang Ting in the surrounding road monitoring.”
      “That's a reasonable guess.”After listening to Wang Juncheng's reasoning, Zhong Qi was the first to support it.
      When he finished, everyone looked at him in surprise, and Wang Juncheng also looked at him with a smile.
      Zhong Qi, who was noticed, was embarrassed. After a smile, he said to Wang Juncheng: “that, Wang team, I'm sorry. I was just reckless. I…”
      “Needless to say I'm sorry, team bell, I understand.”
      “Thank youThe interrupted Zhong Qi was stunned for a moment, and then he said thanks in a deep voice.
      “Good,” Liang birui said after seeing the two men's past quarrel. He restrained his smile and said seriously: “you have just heard it. Now inform others, Zhong Qi, and take someone to check the supermarket nearby to confirm when Zhang Ting bought things.”
      “Others went to the small hotels in this area and asked if anyone had seen Zhang Ting in the early morning of the 29th.”
      “Wait a minute.”After liang birui finished, Wang Juncheng called out, and everyone looked at him one after another.
      “When investigating the hotel, the tone should be more severe, which means it's powerful.The owners of these hotels are likely to lie sometimes in order to protect themselves
      “In every hotel, from the day of the 28th to the 29th, all the front desk monitors are copied and brought back.”
      “Well, team Wang's supplement is very reasonable. Follow team Wang's advice. Do you understand?”Liang birui nodded and affirmed Wang Juncheng's practice.
      “Then take action.”
      Afterwards, Zhong Qi and several other police officers all went to work. Cai Zixing, Huo Guangting and Li Li were also sent out by Wang Juncheng.
      Only Liang birui and Wang Juncheng were left at the scene.
      After giving Liang birui a piece of huazi, they light it up and lean against the car.
      After taking a puff, Liang birui sighed: “Jun Cheng, to tell you the truth, when I heard that a new graduate was sent to serve as the leader of the third team, I was very rejected.It's not just because you're new. ”
      “I know.”Wang Juncheng nodded.
      “Do you know?”Liang birui turns his head in surprise.
      “The leader of the third team should belong to the bell team, but because of my parachute, the bell team lost the chance of promotion.”
      “Yes.”When he heard Wang Juncheng's bluntness, Liang birui did not hide it. He nodded directly, but then he laughed again
      “But now it seems that I'm picking up the treasure. You've really given us a big surprise.Once you arrive, you will find a breakthrough in a case that you can't do anything about. ”
      “Zhong Qi was a little unconvinced before, but now his attitude has changed.To tell you the truth, I'm a good brother. I'm good at everything else, but I'm too stubborn and sometimes I rush. Alas
      Finally, Liang birui sighed heavily.
      Wang Juncheng's eyes are a little strange when he looks at the section chief.This section chief is giving himself a preventive injection, but also has the meaning of warning.
      It shows that he is Zhong Qi's good friend. If he embarrasses Zhong Qi in the future, the chief of the investigation section will be watching.
      Knowing Liang birui's mind, Wang Juncheng didn't avoid it either. He said with a smile: “team Liang, you are my boss and Zhong Qi is my deputy. I won't embarrass him. You can rest assured about that.As I said before, I'm not so stingy. ”
      Liang birui, who was directly pierced by Wang Juncheng, was slightly embarrassed. He nodded, stopped talking and smoked silently.
      With the direction of investigation, this area is not very big. In less than an hour, good news came.
      In terms of supermarket investigation, the cashier recognized Zhang Ting, because Zhang Ting would buy a small umbrella soon after, so the cashier naturally took a few more eyes.
      The last time Zhang Ting bought it was around 11 a.m. on June 28.
      This investigation result, in fact, can not explain anything, but can only laterally prove that she has the possibility of engaging in the skin and meat business. Of course, now, this is an important clue.
      On the other hand, there are key clues, even evidence, in the investigation of hotels.
      In a hotel, the boss refused to admit it. Later, he was warned by the police and explained the seriousness. Then the boss revealed that Zhang Ting did go in with a man in the early morning of the 29th.
      And the man's registration information was also found.
      “The hotel found the room opening record.”After receiving the call, Liang birui told Wang Juncheng.
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      Chapter 15 interrogation and conclusion
      “He Guangfu?”
      “Well, how do you know?”Liang birui asked in surprise.
      “Guess.”Wang Juncheng shook his head and said, “in the afternoon, I went to see he Guangfu, who is the landlord of Zhang Ting.”
      This time, Liang birui was really convinced. He gave a thumbs up and asked, “what do you think?Do you want to catch it? ”
      “Arrest him. He should be at his place.”
      With that, Wang Juncheng opened the door and sat in the cab, while Liang birui also quickly followed.
      After he Guangfu's address information was transferred out, Wang Juncheng took a look and drove directly there, while Liang birui informed other groups through radio.
      A few minutes later, two squadrons and more than 20 police officers gathered outside he Guangfu's residence. Then, Wang Juncheng took people to guard below. Liang birui and Zhong Qi led several police officers upstairs.
      More than ten minutes later, he Guangfu was detained and the house was guarded.
      He Guangfu, who was taken out, was paralyzed and completely dragged by two police officers from the first squadron.Out of the community, he was directly locked into the back of a car, watched by two police officers.
      Shortly after he Guangfu was detained, Liang birui and others also came down. A police officer was carrying a large black suitcase.
      “When he was arrested, he directly admitted that he used the large black suitcase to transport the body.”Liang birui and Zhong Qi go to Wang Juncheng and Zhong Qi explains.
      “Team Liang, shall we go back?”After nodding, Wang Juncheng looks at Liang birui and asks.
      “Close the team, go back, still have a lot of things to do.”
      Then, more than 20 police officers got on the bus and went back to the Municipal Bureau.
      Although the murderer was caught and he Guangfu admitted his crime, they still have a lot to do next.
      It takes a lot of time to interrogate, determine the scene of the first crime, sort out the chain of evidence and so on.
      Then the prosecution of the suspect will not be prosecuted if the prosecution and procedures and evidence do not exist.
      And just as Wang Juncheng got into the cab and started the car, the system prompt sounded in his mind:
      Congratulations to the host for solving he Guangfu's manslaughter case. The reward is 3500 experience points and 100000 cash.
      This is the case with the super police Cha auxiliary system. It never publishes ten tasks, but it will give rewards according to the difficulty and participation of Wang Juncheng in the investigation.
      Among all the rewards, the best one is of course the new skill reward, then the attribute point, then the special equipment, then the experience value, and then the cash reward.
      This is Wang Juncheng's own ranking.
      Now, in this case, only 3500 experience points and 100000 cash have been awarded. Obviously, the system is not easy to judge this case.
      In addition, he joined the investigation later, so there is only such a little reward after the settlement.
      In the interrogation room of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Municipal Bureau, he Guangfu was very honest about his crime.
      It turns out that after Zhang Ting rented his house, the next year, around March this year, he Guangfu found out what she was doing.
      Looking at the beautiful young Zhang Ting, in a rent, with a month's rent plus more than 1000 yuan in cash exchange, and she had a relationship.
      After that, it happened several times.
      Around May, Zhang Ting made a request that he Guangfu divorce and marry her again. Otherwise, Zhang Ting would tell he Guangfu about his relationship with her and tell he Guangfu's wife.
      In addition, photos of two people in the same bed will be published.
      He Guangfu, who is over 50, certainly does not agree.He has a wife and a son. His family life is relatively happy, but he didn't resist the temptation for a while.
      Later, Zhang Ting was not reconciled and felt that she had the handle of the other party and threatened he Guangfu many times.
      However, he Guangfu has not been moved.
      In the end, Zhang Ting saw that she could not achieve her goal, so she asked he Guangfu to give her 200000 yuan, and the two were clear.
      He even found someone to block he Guangfu several times and threatened him to be obedient. Otherwise, he would be beaten every time.
      With the pressure in his heart and the fear that his wife and neighbors would know what happened to him, he Guangfu compromised, took 200000 cash and gave it to Zhang Ting.
      But Zhang Ting soon ran out of money. In June, she found he Guangfu again and asked him to give him a million yuan.
      He Guangfu, who thought the photos and videos had been removed before, certainly didn't agree, but then Zhang Ting asked him to meet and showed him the photos and videos he had kept, so that he could think about them carefully.
      He Guangfu was angry when he knew that this woman was dishonest. At the same time, he also knew that she could not go on like this, otherwise Zhang Ting would blackmail him endlessly.
      It's a million this time. I don't know how much next time.
      And Zhang Ting also knows that this blackmail is a bit fierce, and one million is not a small number.
      She said that she was in urgent need of money at home this time. As long as he Guangfu gave the money this time, she promised that she would never find him again, and would delete the photos and videos in front of he Guangfu.
      But how can he Guangfu, who has had one experience, believe it.
      So he decided to teach the woman a lesson and let her know that she was not easy to get into trouble.
      Then he began to plan.
      He knows that there is little road monitoring in this old community. At the same time, he also knows that there is monitoring in the place where Zhang Ting lives.
      So, he opened the room in advance, carrying his suitcase, looking for the hotel, opened the room, waiting for Zhang Ting outside the community.
      His plan is to teach each other a lesson. The box is used to pretend to hold money.
      Sure enough, Zhang Ting was cheated and went to the hotel with him.
      When they got to the hotel, they had a relationship again. Afterwards, when Zhang Ting proposed to count the coins, she found that she had been cheated.
      Zhang Ting immediately picked up her mobile phone and threatened he Guangfu to call the police, saying that he Guangfu was strong in Bao.
      New hatred and old hatred, together with the idea of teaching Zhang Ting a lesson, he Guangfu rushes up directly, grabs the other party's neck, presses it on the bed, curses the other party while exerting pressure.
      It turns out that he Guangfu strangled Zhang Ting.
      When he found out that Zhang Ting had been strangled by himself, he Guangfu realized that something had happened. He stayed in his room all night. The next morning, he packed Zhang Ting in a box and checked out to take the body.
      Then he drove out with the box and found a remote area to throw the body into the river.
      Later, when the body was found and the police began to investigate, he Guangfu was also very worried. However, several times later, he found that the police did not suspect him, so he calmed down.
      Until today, he was arrested by the police at home.
      After learning the cause of Zhang Ting's death, the police officers of the first squadron and the third squadron all sobbed.
      A girl in general, what is not good, but to do that kind of work, and finally also played the heart of extortion.
      But the most hateful thing is he Guangfu. No matter what, he killed a young man's life.
      It's just, these are just the exclamations of the police in private.Even if we have not seen the cases that cause human life by mistake or on purpose, we have seen enough cases.
      Therefore, after a short sigh, we began to work hard and began to sort out all kinds of evidence to nail the case to death.
      As for whether the prosecution will prosecute others for intentional injury or other charges, it has nothing to do with the police. Just do your investigation well.
      After the evidence was sorted out, the case was handed over to the first squadron on Wednesday, and all the members of the third squadron left the case.
      Now the captain Wang Juncheng is in place. In the future, unless it is a major case, the third squadron will investigate the case separately.It won't be like this.
      On Wednesday night, there was no case for the time being. Wang Juncheng invited everyone in the team to have a meal outside. One was to celebrate the case, the other was to get familiar with the team members.
      Vice captain Zhong Qi, team members Wang Tianyang (Sergeant 282), Qi Hui (Sergeant 291), Yang Tiancheng (Sergeant 313), Zhang Yiwei (Sergeant 272), Cai Zixing (Sergeant 252), Huo Guangting (Sergeant 252), Wen Zhaochun (Sergeant 25, computer industry transfer Sergeant 2), Li Li (Sergeant 26, Sergeant 2).
      In addition, the only female police officer in the team: Qu Xinmiao (female, Sergeant 262), with a total of 11 people, chose a hot pot shop which was not cheap and had a good gathering.
      Because they had to be on call 24 hours a day and everyone was armed with guns, they didn't drink. They ordered drinks and touched them with drinks.
      From 6:30 p.m. to nearly 9:00 p.m., we all broke up.*
      Chapter 16 captain, do you have a girlfriend?
      The next morning, he drove to the Municipal Bureau. After parking the car, Wang Juncheng, who hung up his police officer card, came to the Municipal Bureau canteen. After breakfast, he went to the office.
      When he entered the office, it was only half past eight, but everyone in the team, from the clock down, arrived.
      “Team king.”
      “Good morning, team Wang!”
      “Good morning, team Wang!”
      Seeing Wang Juncheng coming in, everyone got up to say hello. Zhong Qi also stood up and said good morning.
      “Well, what's the matter with you?The last hot pot last night won't buy you off, will itLooking at everyone's attitude, Wang Juncheng made a joke.
      “Hey, team Wang, let me say it!”Cai Zixing stood up and raised his hand actively.
      “Yes, you say.”Wang Juncheng looks at Cai Zixing with a smile.
      “Well, it's really because of the hot pot last night. It's delicious.”
      “Ha ha ha…”Hearing Cai Zixing's funny words, everyone laughed.
      “The second reason is that we have secretly discussed with each other. Today, we welcome our new team leader to perform his duties in this way.By the way, Captain, it was my idea
      “Cut!”Cai Zixing's last sentence attracted the contempt of others.
      “Anything else?”Wang Juncheng asked with a smile.
      “Of course, the last and most important point is that the captain's performance before you surprised all of us and made us see a more brilliant future
      “With a captain like you, how can we not be more active?”
      “Cut, flatterer.”
      “Yes, flatterer!”
      Although other people are making fun of CAI Zixing, they are all joking. What Cai Zixing said is also the idea of all the three teams.
      Or that sentence, the capable team leader will be the team leader, the following people will support.
      After all, no one will be able to compete with merit awards, promotion and salary increase.
      After laughing for a while, Wang Juncheng clapped his hands to attract everyone's attention, and then said: “since everyone is so active, I can't let you down as the team leader. In this way, take a rest, deal with personal problems, and have a meeting in the big office on time at nine o'clock.”
      “Yes, Captain!”
      For Wang Juncheng's order, everyone, including Zhong Qi, responded loudly. Then they ate breakfast and cleaned the table. In a word, they were busy with their own affairs.
      And Wang Juncheng, also smile into his small office.
      As soon as I sat down, the knock on the door rang. Looking up, it was Zhong Qi.
      Nodding, Zhong Qi pushed the door in and closed the glass door of the small office.
      “What's the matter?”Looking at Zhong Qi's action, Wang Juncheng asked with a smile.
      “Captain, I want to formally apologize to you. I was a villain before. I think you robbed the position that should belong to me. I also have some ideas that I shouldn't have.”
      “I promise that from now on, I will never have those messy ideas and try to do my job well.”
      Looking at Zhong Qi standing at his desk with a serious face and head high, Wang Juncheng waved to him to sit down.
      After waiting for him to sit down, Wang Juncheng said, “team Zhong, we've all said that before. Is it over?”
      “Yes, I did, but I think I should make a formal apology.”Zhong Qi nodded, but his face was still so serious.
      After looking at his deputy, Wang Juncheng nodded and said, “well, I accept your apology, vice captain Zhong.”
      “Yes, thank you, captain.”Zhong Qi's face burst into a smile, and then said: “that captain, I went out first, I won't disturb you.”
      “All right, go ahead.”
      Looking at Zhong Qi's back, Wang Juncheng smiles and shakes his head.This is a good comrade who is sincere, can correct his mistakes and likes self reflection.
      Of course, it would be better if he could change his stubborn temper.
      Forget the messy thoughts, turn on the computer, print out the documents you prepared yesterday and put them in a folder.
      Then he poured a glass of water, drank a few mouthfuls, and looked at the Santo outdoor sports electronic watch on his wrist. It was nine o'clock, so he picked up the black folder on the table, opened the door, and went out.
      “Stop talking. It's a meeting.”
      When he saw Wang Juncheng come out, Zhong Qi called out. Then everyone stopped, picked up their pens and notebooks, pushed the swivel chair, and sat down against the table in the corridor in the middle of the big office.
      After Wang Juncheng declined the chair Yang Tiancheng was going to let out, he sat down on the edge of the next desk.
      “Team Zhong, send the information here.”
      After receiving the folder Wang Juncheng handed over, Zhong Qi began to distribute the materials, and soon everyone got a number of bound printed papers.
      The printed paper is printed with the personal data of many people, a total of four pieces of paper, and each piece of paper contains the information of four people, a total of 16 people.
      And these people are all wanted on the Internet.
      After everyone got the information and began to read it, Wang Juncheng said:
      “What you are holding in your hands is the information about the wanted criminals that I spent a whole day yesterday sorting out, which is likely to appear in the urban area of Tianfu.”
      “These people share a common feature: registered residence is in Sichuan Province.”
      “More detailed information, I will send to your work mobile phone, the information sent to you, not to let you go out to find these people when you have nothing to do.”
      “But I want you to write it down. It's better to memorize the characteristics of these people.”
      “In case, I mean in case, when you go shopping, when you go out to play, or when you suddenly walk on the road, you find the target?”
      “If that's true, congratulations. It's certain that these guys are all wanted fugitives in the country.In addition, pay attention, these guys have a reward. ”
      Hearing this, all the people in the three teams cheered up.
      Indeed, this is an opportunity. Not only can we make contributions, but also we need to offer rewards. We have both fame and fortune. We just need to spend some time to get familiar with it when we don't have a task. Anyway, there is no harm.
      Seeing his subordinates' reaction, Wang Juncheng knew that his method had worked, and continued:
      “Of course, these are just the wanted criminals on the police intranet, the fugitives, and many others. Maybe these guys will appear in Tianfu city.”
      “I don't ask you to remember everyone, but when you're free, it's always useful to look at the intranet and browse the information.”
      “Yes, Captain!”X10
      “There's another thing to announce.We are all criminal investigators, police cha.I don't want you to sit in the office in a daze and have nothing to do when there is no case. ”
      “After that, we will make a schedule. When there is no case, we will leave two people in the office every day in case of emergency.”
      “Others, I don't care whether you go out on your own patrol or what you do, but your mobile phone must be on 24 hours. If there is a case, I want to find you immediately.”
      “In addition, I won't say much about some disciplinary matters. We are all older than my police officers, and each of us has a steelyard in mind.”
      “Also, if you have nothing to do, you can go to the shooting range to practice guns and combat. These are the means to protect your life.”
      “Finally, I would like to point out that most of the data sent to you are vicious criminals. After finding the target, it's better not to act rashly and inform other team-mates for support.”
      “I don't want everyone to lose their lives because they want to make contributions and receive awards.I can't guarantee anything else, but I'm professional in solving cases. Do you understand? ”
      “YesAll the ten men responded with a loud smile.
      “OK, that's all I have to say. Team Zhong, and the rest of you, do you have anything to say?”
      Shua, Wang Juncheng's voice just dropped, a person raised his hand, we look at the past, is the team's only female team member Qu Xinmiao.
      “He said
      “Yes, captain.”Qu Xinmiao answered with a smile, and then said with some embarrassment: “the team leader, the sisters in the back office, let me ask them if you have a girlfriend?”
      “Ha ha ha…”
      After Qu Xinmiao asked, others laughed, while Wang Juncheng was speechless. It seemed that he was still too handsome!
      “You can tell your sisters that I already have a girlfriend.”
      “Oh…”Qu Xinmiao seems to be disappointed. Seeing Qu Xinmiao's appearance, Qi Hui, sitting beside her, says with a smile: “Xinmiao, you don't like the team leader, do you?You know, the captain just graduated. How old are you than the team? ”
      “Ha ha ha…”
      “You're in charge, you single dog!”Qu Xinmiao was flushed by Qi Hui's words, and then uttered a reply.
      Qu Xinmiao's reaction made everyone laugh.
      Looking at the smiling crowd, Wang Juncheng also smiles, and Qu Xinmiao is not the kind of person to be pinched. It's not the right thing to say and smile.
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      Chapter 17 the former third Squadron, the old captain “Wuyuan”
      At the end of the morning meeting, everyone broke up and Wang Juncheng returned to the office.
      He wants to see a lot of information, including the information of each department of the Municipal Bureau, the personnel information of each district and county sub Bureau, the internal documents and so on.
      These all need to be understood.
      However, one problem has been solved, that is, the problem within the team.
      Just a few days, because of the ability shown in the last case, the atmosphere of the whole three teams was very good, and everyone was very convinced of Wang Juncheng.
      Let him be able to sort out other work at ease.
      Before long, Zhong Qi came in, took a printed form, put it in front of Wang Juncheng, and said, “Captain, this is the duty schedule we discussed. We all agreed to take turns according to the above discussion.”
      Take a look, Wang Juncheng nodded: “OK, then according to this implementation, it's almost noon, if nothing, don't wait in the office, go to the canteen for lunch.”
      “Are you going with the captain?”Zhong Qi asked with a smile.
      Then all the three teams cleaned up and went to the canteen.
      Along the way, I saw the third squadron of the investigation division, which usually said that they were “average, the third squadron in the world”. At this time, around their new team leader, they went to the canteen talking and laughing, and all the police leaders of the Municipal Bureau showed a trace of sigh.
      “The guys in the third team, they have found treasure again.With such a strong team leader and hard-working police officers, the third squadron will fly again. ”
      The former third Squadron, under the leadership of their old team leader, cracked several major cases in a year. In addition, the members of the third squadron worked hard and were crazy.
      Therefore, they have a motto that is “average, third in the world”.
      However, at the end of last year, in an operation, two veteran team members died and the suspect also ran away. Because of this, the old team leader was transferred to the following district and county.
      After that, the third squadron fell into a short silence.
      After that, under the leadership of Zhong Qi, the third squadron regained some vitality. However, due to the uncertain position of the leader and the influence of the action years ago, the former meritorious squadron did not fully recover.
      Now, the police officers and leaders of the Municipal Bureau have seen the appearance of the former third squadron.But, surrounded in the middle of Wang Juncheng, it is so young.
      After lunch, we took a walk in the city council compound and went back to the office.
      At about half past one in the afternoon, Zhong Qi entered Wang Juncheng's office again.
      “Captain, I'm going to take Qi Hui with them and drive around.”
      “OK, take the radio. The radio is always on here. Please let me know if you have something.”Wang Juncheng nodded and agreed.
      “Yes, let's go first.”Zhong Qi said, and was about to leave.
      “Wait a minute.”Wang Juncheng shouts. Zhong Qi stops and turns around in doubt. As soon as he turns around, he sees a small red box flying over and subconsciously reaches for it.
      It's a package of huazi.
      “Take it with you.”Wang Juncheng said.
      “Captain, it's not necessary. I usually smoke less.”Zhong Qi looked at the cigarette in his hand and said.
      “Take it with you.”Wang Juncheng repeated with a smile.
      “……”Nodding, Zhong Qi put the cigarette into his pocket and left the office.
      “Tianyang, Qihui, Tiancheng, let's go!”
      Wang Tianyang followed Zhong Qi, holding the key of a police car, and set out armed.
      All three are the oldest members of the third squadron.
      After driving away from the Municipal Bureau, a group of four people took a car. More than 40 minutes later, a Chu office in Kongming district was established.After parking the car, the four got down and went straight in.
      “Team Zhong, are you here?”
      The police officer obviously knew Zhong Qi and said hello.
      “Well, where's your director?”
      “Yes, the director is in the office upstairs.”The police agreed, then swiped the card to open the access to the upstairs office area, and the four of them went up directly.
      Knock, knock on the door, director Wu Yuan called out “please come in”.
      Then the door of the office was pushed open. Wu Yuan looked up and laughed.
      “Zhong Qi, it's you.”
      “Old captain!”The four walked in, saluted at the door and called.
      “Ha ha, sit down. Don't be so polite. There's water over there. You can pour it yourself.”
      “Yes, old captain. Don't worry. We won't be polite.”
      Yang Tiancheng replied, then sat down on the sofa with Qi Hui and Wang Tianyang, while Zhong Qi went to the chair opposite Wuyuan's desk and sat down.
      “Don't you mean your new captain has arrived?Why do you come here at this time? “After waiting for Zhong Qi to sit down, Wu Yuan asked with a smile.
      “When the new captain arrives, can't you come to see the old one?”Zhong Qi replied with a smile, then took out a package of Hua Zi from his pocket, opened it and handed it over.
      “Well?Huazi?When did you smoke so well? “After receiving the cigarette from Zhong Qi, Wu Yuan asked strangely.
      As an old criminal investigator over 40 years old, Wu Yuan is definitely a big smoker. Zhong Qi is not a heavy smoker and seldom smokes. He only smokes a lot when he is dealing with cases or when he is in trouble.
      Moreover, Wu Yuan knows about Zhong Qi's family.
      Two children study, the wife also works in government units, the mother's health is not very good, usually rely on medicine.Although the couple's salary is not low, but the family is not very rich.
      “The new captain threw it to me when we started. Let me take it.”Zhong Qi takes out the lighter and points it to Wu Yuan, explaining casually.
      “It seems that your new captain is not simple, at least the family should be quite rich.”Wu Yuan took a sip and seemed to enjoy it.He said with a smile as he puffed out the smoke.
      “NoZhong Qi shook his head and said, “I've read the captain's file. It's from Wangjia Town, Baijiang county. His parents died early and were raised by their neighbors. The family conditions are not so bad, but they are definitely not good.”
      “Well?”Wu Yuan's face began to harden.
      Seeing the old captain's appearance, Zhong Qi knew that his old captain thought too much. He quickly explained with a smile: “old captain, you want to fork.He just graduated from University, how can he have a chance to reach out.I think he should earn his own money, and he helped Yanjing Municipal Bureau when he went to university in the capital before. I think he has a big bonus. ”
      “Is that so?That's good. That's good. “After listening to Zhong Qi's explanation, Wu Yuan also understands and nods with a smile.
      After being a police Cha for half of his life, Wu Yuan looks down on those whose hands and feet are not clean, and he will be very angry.But when the water is clear, there is no fish. As long as it has nothing to do with yourself, Wu Yuan is far away from the other party at most.
      But the third squadron was built up by him bit by bit. If there is something wrong with the new captain, he can't ignore it.
      “What?It seems that you are quite convinced with the new captain? “Wu Yuan, who put down his heart, asked with a smile.
      As for the other party just graduated from University, Wu Yuan directly ignored the information.It's not a fool. Even if it's related, people who don't have real skills will not be put in such a place as the investigation section, let alone the team leader.
      “Yes, the old captain. Two days ago, we and the first team investigated a homicide case. We have been investigating for several days, but we have not found a breakthrough. But the new captain reported on Monday, went out for a few hours in the afternoon, found a breakthrough, and then successfully caught the suspect.”
      “Hiss!”After hearing this, Wu Yuan took a cool breath.
      He was also a little scared by the new captain of the third squadron.
      He knows who the leader of the first squadron is. Although Liang birui is not as old as him, his ability is definitely better than him. Otherwise, people would not be able to catch up and become his superior.
      He also knows the strength of his former subordinates.
      The two squadrons, who had been investigating for several days and had no clue about the case, were actually solved in a few hours by the new team leader who had just graduated from university.
      Let alone him, even those who are known as criminal investigation experts in the provincial department are not necessarily, no, impossible.
      After the surprise, Wu Yuan suddenly remembered something. His face changed and he glanced at Zhong Qi and Yang Tiancheng. His tone was a little harsh
      “Since your new captain is a man of real ability, what are you doing here at this time?Such a good opportunity, with a more powerful team leader, not on the pole to the bar, but also run out of the desertion, no future? “*
      Chapter 18 obsession, girlfriend Yi Xiao
      I don't blame Wu Yuan for being angry.
      With such a strong team leader, there are many chances for his team members to make contributions and receive awards.Not to mention eating meat, it's absolutely OK to drink soup.
      It's just that there's something particular about how to divide the credit.
      Disobedient, let you do some chores, obedient follow the action.Those who take part in the action investigation will certainly get more credit and have better records on their resumes.
      No one can avoid this.After all, no one will be at odds with their own future.
      It's him, the old criminal policeman who is jealous of evil and has driven away criminal investigation for half his life, who also knows.It's up to you to do your best.
      Now, such a good opportunity is in front of us, but the four of Zhong Qi don't cherish it. How can they not let Wu Yuan get angry when they run to him for a little errand.
      Because of what happened before, his future has basically come to an end.However, Zhong Qi and others are about 30 years old, and there is still much to be done in the future.
      He naturally does not want to let Zhong Qi and others miss such a good opportunity for his own reasons.
      This is also his concern for the future of these former employees.
      Seeing Wu Yuan with an angry face, Zhong Qi's four were moved to know that the old captain was thinking about them.
      However, the old captain obviously misunderstood.
      After Wu Yuan finished, Zhong Qi explained with a smile: “old captain, don't be angry, don't be angry.We're not deserting. The captain allowed it
      “Well?What do you meanWu Yuan looks at Zhong Qi's appearance, does not seem to be faking, then asks after him.
      Afterwards, Zhong Qi repeated Wang Juncheng's words and then said, “so, old captain, don't worry, we won't have a hard time with our future.”
      “What's more, before the captain left, he threw me this pack of cigarettes. I guess he also guessed it. We will come to you, otherwise I won't insist on bringing it after I refuse.”
      “He knows me?”Wu Yuan was surprised and asked.
      “Well, I should know.On Monday, he called out all our names. Wang must have done his homework ahead of time.He can't be unaware of the third team
      “Very good, very good.”After listening to Zhong Qi's words, Wu Yuan was very satisfied with the new captain of the third squadron and said two “very good” with a smile.
      “Come here, then. Is there something wrong?”
      “Old captain, I came here to ask you if there's any new information about the people you've been pursuing in the past six months?Do you want to tell team Wang about that case? ”
      When Zhong Qi finished, Wu Yuan was silent.
      After half a sound, Wu Yuan sighed, pressed the cigarette end in his hand into the ashtray, shook his head and said, “that guy, after the last thing, probably HID or left Tianfu city.”
      “In the past six months, I have visited many streets and alleys in Tianfu city and investigated his hometown, but I have not found any new clues.”
      “This matter, first of all, team Wang, don't tell me for the time being. This case has been identified, but to find out this person is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Don't waste your time on this matter.”
      Looking at Wu Yuan's appearance, Zhong Qi doesn't make a sound. He takes out his mobile phone from his pocket. After operating for a while, he calls out a color inch photo. After zooming in, he pushes the mobile phone in front of Wu Yuan.
      Looking at the picture on the mobile phone screen, Wu Yuan's face changed and his pupils contracted sharply. Then he suddenly raised his head and looked at Zhong Qi. His eyes were full of expectation.
      The old captain's eyes, Zhong Qi understand, shaking his head: “we did not find him.”
      Wu Yuan's eyes darkened when he heard Zhong Qi's reply.
      “However, this information was given to us by team Wang in the morning, and it is one of the 16 wanted persons who may still appear in Tianfu city.”
      “You wang team think that this man is probably still in Tianfu city?”Wu Yuan's eyes lit up again.
      “Yes, Wang said, but it's only possible.”Zhong Qi did not want the old captain to have too much hope, and finally stressed one.
      “I know, I know, with this guy's audacity, it is likely to think that the most dangerous place is the safest place.I'm right. He didn't leave Tianfu. ”
      Looking at Wu Yuan's excited appearance and constantly talking to himself, Zhong Qi was very worried and advised: “old captain, it's just possible that he…”
      “No, Zhong Qi, you don't know. I always have a feeling that this guy didn't leave Tianfu after committing a crime.After all, at that time, so many police blockades and the deployment of Wu Jing were just a net. ”
      “How could that guy escape without a sound?I always thought that he was hiding in a corner, looking at us, looking at our jokes. ”
      Excited, Wu Yuan looked at Zhong Qi and said, “Zhong Qi, keep investigating this matter. Since team Wang has given you time, we will keep investigating.”
      “I will continue to check on Lao Li and Lao Chen. They can't die in vain. We must avenge him!”
      “Yes, wudui, we understand!”
      After another hour of chatting, the four left.
      Then, the four of them drove and patrolled. At the same time, they got out of the car from time to time, and braved the hot weather to enter the streets and alleys to patrol on foot.
      At about 5 p.m., the four drove back to the Municipal Bureau.
      During the afternoon's patrol, the fugitives and wanted criminals were not found, but they were not without harvest.
      At least two thieves were caught.
      However, they didn't bring the thief back. Instead, they directly contacted the command center and handed him over to the patrol.
      Back in the city Bureau, enter the office, the three teams have not left, Wang Juncheng is also in the office.
      At six o'clock, Wang Juncheng, who had finished reading a document, stretched his waist, turned to look at the big office area outside, and saw that everyone was still there. After another look at the time, he quickly cleaned up and went out.
      “What's the matter?Isn't it already off duty?Why didn't you leave? ”
      “Hey hey, Captain, it's not that you didn't get off work, but we're in charge. How can we leave ahead of time?”The answer to Wang Juncheng is Wen Zhaochun, who is close to the small office.
      “OK, when there is no task, those who should go home from work to accompany their wives and children will go to accompany their wives and children. Those who do not have wives and children will go to accompany their girlfriends and boyfriends, and those who do not have them will go to find one quickly.”
      “We don't need to clock in. Let's go, let's go.”
      “Yes, Captain!”
      Seeing that Wang Juncheng had already spoken, everyone answered with a smile. Then they packed up and were ready to go home.
      After everyone left, Wang Juncheng also took a file, closed the door of the office, drove downstairs and went home from work.
      Just got home and was preparing to cook some noodles for dinner, the mobile phone on the guide desk in the kitchen rang.Take it over. It's Yi Xiao.
      After studying in the capital for four years, they often met.
      One is affectionate and the other is intentional. In addition to the three-year emotional foundation of senior high school, Wang Juncheng, who is the active pursuit of Yi Xiao, naturally got together in the first semester of their freshman year.
      This time, the reason why Yi Xiao didn't come back is that he didn't break up after graduation.
      It's because Yi Xiao's studies are not over, and she still has two years to finish her master's degree before she can graduate and return to Tianfu.
      “Off work?”Yi Xiao's voice is very pleasant, but also mixed with a happy feeling.
      “Off work, just home, ready to cook noodles to eat.”
      “Noodles, it's not nutritious.You are so tired from this job that you need a good nutrition supplement. ”
      “Don't worry, I'll take care of myself.Breakfast and lunch, have enough nutrition, eat noodles in the evening, very good
      “Well, that's good.”
      “By the way, summer vacation?When will you be back? “Wang Juncheng asked.
      “Why, miss me?”
      “Yes, it's mainly because I can't sleep alone at night.”Wang Juncheng said with a smile.
      “Bah, think of good things.”For Wang Juncheng, although they have done everything, Yi Xiao is still shy.
      “I don't believe you don't want to.”
      “No, no!Why didn't I find out before that you're so stupid? ”
      “Ha ha, it's too late to find out now.”Wang Juncheng's voice is full of pride.
      “Well, I'm so proud that I won't come to see you at the weekend.”Yi Xiao's voice is full of pride.
      “You're back?”Wang Juncheng reacted instantly and asked excitedly.
      “Well, I'm back. I got home in the afternoon.”
      “Come over for the weekend?”
      “Come and see if you've raised a little three or four behind my back, and look at my home.”
      “This is my home.”
      “All your people are mine, and your family is my family.”
      “Xiaoxiao, I'm out for dinner. Who can I call?”Just as Wang Juncheng was ready to fight back and shake up his husband, a voice came from the receiver. It was the future mother-in-law.
      “All right, mom, I'll be right out.”Yi Xiao replied, and then quickly said: “no, I'll go to dinner first. I'll come over on Saturday.”
      “Can't it be Friday?”Wang Juncheng is not reconciled.
      “Pooh, come on, I'll come over on Saturday morning, good boy, Momo.”
      “Well, let's go to dinner.”No!”
      After saying goodbye to each other, the phone hung up.
      Looking at the mobile phone, Wang Juncheng shakes his head, grins bitterly and prepares dinner.After eating simply and cleaning up the kitchen, Wang Juncheng, with the dossier, went into the study.
      This file is the file of the case that happened in the third squadron last year. It's very thick and has dozens of pages.In addition, he did not bring back some other information, which is not necessary.
      All the records in this file are the personal information of the wanted criminal Xu Daqing, as well as the records of the cases he committed.
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      Chapter 19 restart investigation
      The next day was Friday. He got up early in the morning, dressed, took the equipment out of the space warehouse, and after that, Wang Juncheng drove out to work.
      When he arrived at the Municipal Bureau, he had breakfast. At 9:30, Wang Juncheng came to the fifth floor and found director Yang Peiwei.
      “Yang Chu, is it convenient to say something?”After knocking on the door and entering the office, Wang Juncheng asked Yang Peiwei, who was dealing with his work.
      “Convenient. Sit down.”
      Sitting opposite Yang Peiwei, Wang Juncheng handed over the file in his hand.
      After taking over the file and opening it, Yang Peiwei knew which case it was only after reading the personal information on the first page.Close the file, put your palm on the cover, take a picture and ask:
      “You want to investigate this case?”
      “Yes, Yang Chu.”Wang Juncheng replied seriously.
      “Then you should know, what is the thorny problem in this case?”
      “Yes, mainly in finding Xu Daqing!”
      Looking at Wang Juncheng's understanding of the problem of the case, Yang Peiwei pauses for a moment and says, “Xu Daqing first committed the crime on the other side of the North Lake. After committing the crime, he fled to our province and committed two crimes in succession.”
      “In three cases, five people died, two of them were common people, one was a gold shop salesman, and the other two were money tellers.”
      “Later, under the leadership of the Ministry, our provincial department and Beihu Provincial Department jointly handled the case and set up an ad hoc group.After more than a year of investigation, he was found in Huacheng district. ”
      “But at that time, when we rounded him up, we sacrificed three colleagues, injured seven or eight special Jings, and were rushed out of the encirclement by him.”
      “After that, we blocked all the access roads and searched for him for two weeks, but we still didn't find him.”
      “Xu Daqing's crime can be determined, but the difficulty in this case lies in Xu Daqing.He is very cunning, accurate shooting, close combat ability is very strong
      “Such a cunning and powerful outlaw, are you sure?”
      Yang Peiwei said this in order to dispel Wang Juncheng's idea of continuing to investigate.
      At that time, the Ministry sent people, the two provinces removed the most elite criminal investigation experts, and it took a full year or so to find Xu Daqing's whereabouts.
      But in the end, the police were seriously injured and killed, and Xu Daqing escaped.
      This man is not an ordinary bandit at all, and even beyond the ability of the police.
      After that incident, although the case is still there, Xu Daqing is also on the wanted list.But the high-level meaning, if found this person, can't act rashly, contact the military special forces to solve.
      Compared with the military special forces, there is a big gap in police training and equipment.
      And the cases that need the assistance of military special forces are never small.This shows that Xu Daqing is very powerful.
      At the same time, the most powerful thing about this man is his strong camouflage and anti reconnaissance ability. Not to mention the police, there are not many people in the military, or even agents of relevant departments, who are so powerful.
      Wang Juncheng, a police officer who has just graduated from a police academy and has a bright future, Yang Peiwei doesn't want him to get involved in this case.
      After all, so many experts and police forces mobilized so many resources last year that no one was caught. What's more, what Wang Juncheng can borrow now is only 11 criminal policemen from the third squadron.
      No one even knows whether Xu Daqing is still in Tianfu city.It's very likely that this guy has already run away.
      Xia state is so big and vast. If one really wants to hide it, it's not hard.Besides, he is a master like Xu Daqing.
      “Yang Chu, I know your worry, but Lao Li and Lao Chen were killed by Xu Daqing, so they died. Now, as the leader of the third Squadron, I must take revenge.”
      “What's more, if he is allowed to exist, it will be a great threat to the safety of the people.”
      “What's more, it's not because of my courage. I've read the file and analyzed this man carefully.”
      “According to his character and previous cases, the result is that this man is still in Tianfu city. Maybe he is in a corner, looking at us and mocking our incompetence in his heart.”
      Looking at Wang Juncheng sitting on the opposite side, Yang Peiwei seems to see himself in his youth.
      After a pause, Yang Peiwei nodded and agreed.
      “Well, I agree to start Xu Daqing's investigation.”
      “Thank you, Yang Chu.”Wang Juncheng was relieved and stood up to take the dossier.
      “Don't worry, I haven't finished yet.” after stopping Wang Juncheng's action, Yang Peiwei also stood up, pressed one palm on the file and said seriously:
      “I only give you half a month. After half a month, I will ask Liang birui to send you a new task. In half a month, no matter how you use your third Squadron, I will say hello to the technical investigation side. If you need support, you can go directly to ask for it.”
      “However, as soon as half a month arrives, the case will stop for the time being.”
      “Good, just half a month!”
      Seeing that Wang Juncheng agreed, Yang Peiwei picked up the file and gave it back to him, indicating that he could leave.
      After Wang Juncheng left, Yang Peiwei shook his head, picked up the landline on the desk, and called Liu Wenbing, the director of the Bureau. He told him about the situation. After the phone hung up, he immediately called the technical investigation department.
      Back on the second floor, entering the office of the third team, he saw that there were only Qu Xinmiao and Wen Zhaochun in the team, so he asked, “where are the others?”
      “Captain, they are all out on patrol. Wenzi and I are on duty today.”Qu Xinmiao stood up and answered.
      “Tell everyone to come back and have a meeting in half an hour. There's a task!”
      “YesQu Xinmiao and Wen Zhaochun dare not neglect the task. After answering the call, they pick up the radio station on the table and call Zhong Qi and others.
      But more than ten minutes, all the people of the third squadron came back in a hurry.
      “Captain, everyone's back.”When they arrived, Zhong Qi knocked on the door and reported to Wang Juncheng.
      “I see. Let's wait. Open the projection, close the office door and close the curtains.”
      Zhong Qi goes out and arranges for people to prepare. Wang Juncheng then walks out of his office with a USB flash drive.
      In the big office, the team members got together, the blinds were all closed, and the door of the big office was closed.Hand the U disk to Wen Zhaochun and let him connect the projection.
      “Captain, it's done.”Wen Zhaochun replied, Wang Juncheng nodded, and then motioned him to open the U disk.
      The folder opens and a picture is projected onto the screen.
      Looking at the pictures projected on the screen, everyone in the third squadron changed face.
      In addition to Huo Guang ting and Wen Zhao Chun, who were transferred to the municipal Investigation Bureau six months ago, others experienced the arrest of Xu Daqing last year.
      Lao Li and Lao Chen, two police officers, died in their duty. They were also present, or very clear.
      Now, the picture projected on the screen is an inch photo of Xu Daqing, the target captured at that time.It looks ordinary. On the ID card photo, Xu Daqing is still smiling.
      On the surface, this is an ordinary person, even can not see a little aggressive.
      However, such a person is a bandit who crosses two provinces, has committed several crimes, and has several lives in his hands.
      But now our team leader has released this picture. What do you mean?Do you mean
      Seeing this picture, Zhong Qi and others thought of a possibility and looked at Wang Juncheng one after another, looking forward to it.
      After glancing at his subordinates, Wang Juncheng didn't let them wait for a long time. He said, “this man, I think everyone knows him.”
      “Just over ten minutes ago, I went to find Yang Chu, and I decided to restart the investigation of Xu Daqing armed robbery. Yang Chu has agreed, but only gave us half a month.”
      “Time, from next Monday.”
      “In the next time, I need all of you to make a copy of the Xu Daqing case file and remember what this person looks like and all his social relations.”
      “Then we get off work, have a good rest at home on Saturdays and Sundays, and we officially start the investigation at 9 a.m. on Monday.If you have time, let's practice our guns. ”
      All the people in the room, their faces were serious and their voices were very neat.
      “In addition, I don't allow you to disclose the restart of the investigation to anyone, including other colleagues in the police force.In the past two days, I've been on leave with peace of mind. No one is allowed to conduct an investigation in advance. Do you understand? ”
      “I understand!”X10
      “Well, there's nothing else to say. Let's go after the meeting.”
      Then, the projection is closed and the blinds are opened.Zhong Qi's hands from Wang Juncheng's hand, took the file, to the next copier, Fuyin data.
      Wang Juncheng, on the other hand, took back the previous U disk and went back to the office.
      At five o'clock in the afternoon, Wang Juncheng came out of the office and asked everyone to put away the files. No one was allowed to take them out of the office, and then he announced that he was off work.
      After everyone left, Wang Juncheng was the last to leave. He drove to a shopping mall near his home, bought many household goods and got on the bus to go home.
      Yi Xiao will come over tomorrow. He needs to clean up his home.
      When I got home, I called Mei Mo and said that I would not go back to my hometown this weekend. I chatted a few more words and listened to Mei Mo's instructions. I kept promising.
      Hang up the phone, lie on the soft sofa, turn on the TV, but did not watch.He recalled Xu Daqing's personal information and social relations in his mind. Through the information in the file, he analyzed the person's character and the investigation direction of the case.
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      Chapter 20 mind and phone, character analysis of goal
      The reason why we have to work so hard to win this case, Wang Juncheng is completely for the development of the third squadron.
      It can be predicted that as long as the case is solved successfully, all the members of the third squadron will definitely appreciate him from the bottom of their hearts. After all, this case is an absolute failure in the luxurious resume of the third squadron.
      Even if the case is not solved in the end, it will not have much impact.
      The veteran members of the third team will see their own efforts, and from the bottom of their hearts, they will recognize Wang Juncheng as the team leader.
      It is precisely because of this that Wang Juncheng makes every effort to restart the investigation. On this point, he does not deny that he has such selfish intentions.
      And director Yang Peiwei, director Liu Wenbing and others, do not know his mind?
      They must know.
      This is also the reason why Yang Peiwei gave a half month deadline.
      Of course, Yang Peiwei agreed to restart the investigation in order to make the members of the third squadron more agree with Wang Juncheng.
      After all, Wang Juncheng's ability is obvious to all.
      Because of this case, Wu Yuan left the investigation section, so that the Municipal Bureau had already lost a senior general. Now a new senior general came in and was able to stir up the main beam of the third squadron.
      As long as the principle is not violated, the above will certainly give support.
      Even if Wang Juncheng is careful, it doesn't matter. After all, the result is to make the third squadron better.
      Although he has such and such thoughts, Wang Juncheng does not intend to be perfunctory.
      He will do his best to follow up the case.
      In a community in Tianfu City, Wu Yuan, who came home from work, had dinner, said hello to his wife and went into his study.
      At about 9:30, the phone next to him rang. Wu Yuan took a look and got through.
      “Old captain!”
      “Zhong Qi, call me at this time. What can I do for you?”Wu Yuan asked strangely.
      “The old captain, our Wang team, decided to restart the investigation of Xu Daqing case, and the Department and bureau agreed.”
      Back home, Zhong Qi thought for a long time and decided to tell Wu Yuan the news.Because he knew that Wu Yuan had never let go of it. He was always worried about this case and the death of Lao Li and Lao Chen.
      Sure enough, after hearing Zhong Qi's words, Wu Yuan was very happy.
      “It's true. From next Monday, we will start the investigation. Team Wang said that Xu Daqing is probably still in Tianfu city.But the bureau only gave us half a month. ”
      “Half a month.”Wu Yuan's excited mood calmed down in an instant.
      He knew that the Bureau was obviously not optimistic that the third squadron would be able to solve the case and seize Xu Daqing, otherwise it would not take only half a month.
      It is estimated that the bureau also agreed to restart the investigation in order to give Wang Juncheng face and establish prestige for the new team leader.
      Wu Yuan is still clear about what's in it.
      On the phone, Wu Yuan lost his voice, and Zhong Qi knew what the old captain was thinking: “old captain, I know what you think, but what I want to say is that team Wang is not the one who only plays tricks. Since the investigation of this case has been restarted, I believe he will take it seriously.”
      “Well, I see. Thank you for telling me about it.”After a moment's silence, Wu Yuan said so.
      “Old captain, don't be so polite to me, then I won't disturb you.”
      “Well, goodbye!”
      “Rest early, old captain.”
      Wu Yuan, who hung up the phone, stood up and went to the window. He was stunned by the light outside. After more than half an hour, Wu Yuan, who had no focus in his eyes, slowly regained his mind. It seemed that he had decided to sit down and go back to his chair
      On Saturday morning, Yi Xiao came early.
      It's about an hour's drive from Baijiang county to the city. Yi Xiao arrives at about 10 a.m. obviously, the girl got up very early.
      After they met, they first visited Wang Juncheng's new home. Then they went out together, had lunch, and went to the mall. According to Yi Xiao's request, they bought more things and made some decorations for the house.
      Around 8 pm, Wang Juncheng and Yi Xiao are very satisfied with the newly decorated house.
      Then, they had a simple dinner and sat on the sofa, sharing their hearts with each other.
      When we go to bed at night, we are naturally together.
      The next day, at the weekend, Wang Juncheng made an appointment with Wu Tao and Qiao Ying. Four people went to the amusement park for a day. After dinner, Wang Juncheng drove Yi Xiao back to Baijiang County, and then returned home alone.
      The weekend passed in the blink of an eye. Although the time was short, the two young people who loved each other solved the pain of missing each other.
      On Monday morning, just at eight o'clock, when Wang Juncheng entered the office of the third Squadron, everyone had arrived.
      Breakfast was packed from the canteen and taken to the office. Even Wang Juncheng ate while walking. When he entered the office, he just finished eating.
      After drinking the last mouthful of soymilk, he threw the box into the garbage can and wiped his mouth with a paper towel. Wang Juncheng clapped his hands and said, “everyone, get ready for the meeting in five minutes!”
      Five minutes later, in the big office, all the people of the third squadron gathered together. There was a whiteboard in front, and Wang Juncheng was holding a whiteboard pen.
      After knocking on the whiteboard twice to attract everyone's attention, Wang Juncheng began to speak
      “As you all know, our main task in the next two weeks.I'll talk about it first. If there are different opinions later, I can make a speech to add them. ”
      This time, no one responded. They all waited quietly, and Wang Juncheng continued without pause
      “First of all, I have analyzed our target, that is, Xu Daqing's previous robberies.I found that this man had a strong sense of anti reconnaissance, and at the same time had the courage to act rashly. ”
      “Among them, in the North Lake robbery, the location of the crime was only two kilometers away from the nearest paichu.In the two robberies in Tianfu, one is to rob the deposit car, and the other party chooses to commit the crime on the main road with dense monitoring. ”
      “Another case of robbing a gold shop is the same. The location of the crime is no more than three kilometers away from the nearest paichu.”
      “But three operations, not only let him steal valuable property and cash, but also successfully escaped before the police arrived.”
      “Then, after about a year of investigation, the Joint Task Force found his whereabouts.”
      “However, when te Jing and criminal police arrived at his hiding place, Xu Daqing had been prepared for it. After shooting and killing several te Jing and criminal Jing, he successfully escaped from the scene and disappeared in the sight of the police again in the subsequent large-scale search.”
      “Coincidentally, his hiding place is only two kilometers away from Kongming District Bureau.”
      “It can be seen from all these that this man's courage is so great that he has never thought of hiding his identity and even despises the police.”
      “What he did was a complete provocation to the police.”
      “According to these characteristics of his personality, I infer that Xu Daqing, more than 80% of the time, is still hiding somewhere in the downtown area of Tianfu.”
      “Just, don't know for what reason, let him give up committing a crime temporarily.”
      “However, people with such a character will break out and commit crimes again one day.”
      “Secondly, this Xu Daqing is very cruel. It can be seen from the fact that he killed at least one person every time in the robbery without scruple.”
      “And often, such a cruel person, a lot of times, usually very disguise themselves.”
      “However, when the whole city is full of monitoring eyes, and there are police patrols in every street every other time, whether it is day or night, we still haven't found him.”
      “I think it's very likely that the other side has changed their appearance.”
      “Maybe, he often appears around the police officers, even talks with the patrolling police officers, but no one recognizes him.”
      “He may mock in his heart in such a way: look, I'm here and I'm talking to you, but you just can't find me.”
      “Based on this inference, I think Xu Daqing either had his face adjusted, or his appearance was very different from before, and the place where he hid would be ignored by almost everyone.”
      “So, the next thing we're going to investigate is these places.”*
      Chapter 21 the neglected part, using body as bait
      After listening to Wang Juncheng's analysis, all the members of the third squadron sitting below fell into meditation.
      They are all thinking, what are the places that can be ignored but often seen by them?
      It's just that, after half a ring, no one got the answer.
      If this place was so easy to think of, the police would not have ignored it at the beginning.
      Wang Juncheng didn't give them more time. After a pause of about a minute, he spoke directly
      “Notice, this is a cruel guy who doesn't take human life seriously.”
      “He can shoot, kill and even kill innocent people without scruple, and he can also be cruel to himself as our police officers.”
      “I'm not going to hurt myself, but I want to change my environment, such as being a scavenger…”
      This tip, let the scene all in front of a bright.
      Yes, a street scavenger, dressed in rags, seems to have not taken a bath for a long time. When they pass by, they probably won't look at it more.
      It's not that they are cold-blooded, but that most of them are healthy, but they are not willing to work hard. Or, some of these scavengers have mental problems.
      These people, usually appear in the streets and alleys, don't they just move underground under the eyelids of the police cha?
      Will you take a look at these ragged scavengers?Maybe.
      Will someone come close and watch him carefully?Maybe.
      How long will it take to observe carefully?It won't be long.What's more, their faces are covered with mud and tresses of hair. How can we clearly distinguish their appearance from the target?
      Think of here, Zhong Qi and others are very excited.
      Before the confused heart, as if suddenly opened a door.
      The reason why Wang Juncheng thought of this was when he came home to the community and saw the manhole cover.
      Under the police's big search, Wang Juncheng absolutely does not believe that Xu Daqing can completely disappear without a trace.So there's only one possibility.
      It was during the police raid that Xu Daqing hid himself, and this hidden place is very easy to ignore.
      If not specifically specified, 90% of the police officers who search will not go to look at the trash pickers lying on the street corner with black faces.
      Even if you look at it and pull out the long tresses of your hair, you can't tell whether Xu Daqing is the trash picker with black and dirty face.
      Of course, Wang Juncheng also thought about whether Xu Daqing would leave directly in a different way after the big search.
      But this idea just appeared, it was put out by him.
      If Xu Daqing really left Tianfu City, their investigation will not find anything. It is useless for him and the members of the third squadron to think so.
      What he needs to do now is to re check the places previously ignored by the police.
      If Xu Daqing does not leave, whether he buys a house, rents a house, or stays in a hotel, he will be monitored and photographed, and he will have to register his identity information.
      Or if someone takes him in, then this person must be someone close to him.
      However, in this way, he can hardly go out, because if he goes out, he is likely to be found by the police.After all, last year's events were very noisy. Now almost all the police officers in Tianfu still have fresh memories of the events at that time.
      Combined with each other's character, it is almost impossible for him to stay in the room for so long.
      So, to sum up, Xu Daqing's best disguise is to pretend to be a scavenger who can be seen at any time, but will be ignored by everyone.
      When everyone in the third squadron understood this, they immediately thought of another problem.
      So what's the next step?
      Gather all the scavengers together, draw blood, take a bath, and lock them up for screening?
      This is obviously not desirable.
      Not only because of the heavy workload, but also because it is easy to scare the snake.Once he knows what the police are doing, Xu Daqing may flee immediately.
      You know, this man probably has a weapon in his hand.
      With the opponent's anti reconnaissance awareness and ability, once something is wrong or surrounded by Cha, he will immediately draw his gun and shoot, and then disappear again.
      And this time, maybe it's really gone.
      This question was raised by Qu Xinmiao.
      “The issue of Xinmiao is really the most important practical issue.Because we can't arrest all the scavengers for this case. It's not allowed. “After nodding to Qu Xinmiao, Wang Juncheng continued:
      “Even if the above agreed to do so, it is impossible for us to send a large number of police forces to surround a scavenger, and there are too few personnel. If we really meet Xu Daqing, the police officers facing Xu Daqing will be very dangerous.”
      “However, we don't have to take the initiative to attack. We can release information to let Xu Daqing take the initiative to find us, or to find me.”
      “Well?What do you meanZhong Qi and others were stunned and didn't react for a moment.
      “Team Zhong, next, you let people spread the news, saying that after I took office, I applied to the bureau to re investigate the case of Xu Daqing. At the same time, I suspect that Xu Daqing is hiding in Tianfu city.”
      “However, our specific analysis has focused on the garbage collectors. Don't spread it out.”
      “Well, Captain, do you want to use yourself as bait to catch Xu Daqing?No, it's too dangerous. If you really need a bait, I'll do it! ”
      After hearing Wang Juncheng's order, Zhong Qi quickly reacts to what he wants to do. He quickly stops it.
      He has experienced Xu Daqing's power.Even he, who won the first place in the martial arts competition of the whole division, was not necessarily able to hold down the other side in shooting and fighting.
      What's more, Wang Juncheng is a new graduate of the police academy.
      “Team Zhong, did you fight with him in those years?”In the face of Zhong Qi's opposition, Wang Juncheng did not give a strong order, but asked.
      “Yes, I did. It's because I did that that I know he's good!”
      “Well, think about it. If a cunning person like Xu Daqing knows that it's you who applied to restart the investigation and you are the bait, does he want to trouble you for the first time?Or is it more likely to avoid your edge? ”
      “This…”Zhong Qi is a little uncertain.
      “What's more, in the past half a year or so, if the investigation was not restarted sooner or later, just because of this restart, do you think Xu Daqing, who has a strong sense of anti reconnaissance, thinks that this is a trap set by the police with new clues?”
      “……YesAlthough he didn't want to admit it, Zhong Qi did, and 99% of them thought so.
      “So, I just graduated from the police academy and directly became the leader of the third team. I'm arrogant and eager to show myself. Is it possible for me to find a very difficult case and use it to convince you arrogant soldiers?”
      “It happens that the case of Xu Daqing has a lot to do with the third squadron. Is it more reasonable for me to find this case to prove myself?”
      “YesZhong Qi replied positively.
      “As a result, no one here is suitable for this bait, only I am.I'm the only newcomer and the captain of the third team, which will make Xu Daqing feel qualified. ”
      “Because, if he looks for a chance to kill me, and then he disappears, the police can't even touch his hair, will it make him feel more successful?”
      All three teams were silent.
      Indeed, this bait is only suitable for captain Wang Juncheng. Other people are either not enough to attract Xu Daqing's attention.
      Or Zhong Qi, who has dealt with Xu Daqing, will let the other party fear and be careful.
      It's just.
      “I know you are concerned about my safety.But what I want to say is that I'm not a fool and I don't joke about my life safety. ”
      “For people like Daqing, I can single out several of them!”
      Looking at some strange expressions of his subordinates, Wang Juncheng knew that they didn't believe it and were not angry.He just said with a smile:
      “Don't worry, I'm still young, my girlfriend is beautiful, and I have a bright future. If I'm not sure, I can't bear to leave this colorful world!”
      “That's fine!”After staring at Wang Juncheng seriously for a while, Zhong Qi gritted his teeth and nodded, but then said, “but, Captain, we need someone to follow you.”
      “No, not at all.”Wang Juncheng shook his head: “Xu Daqing is very alert. If you follow me, he is likely to find out that this is a trap.”
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      Chapter 22 response, Wuyuan accident
      It's not that Wang Juncheng wants to use himself as bait, nor is he afraid of death.
      It's because he doesn't have a better way.
      In fact, he is gambling on Xu Daqing's audacity and confidence in his own strength.
      Next, after we determined the details of the later action, the third middle school team, together with Wang Juncheng, had a total of 11 people, with the equipment transferred from the technical investigation department, got on the bus and left the Municipal Bureau.
      As early as before the operation of the third Squadron, from Saturday, Wuyuan had already started to act alone in Kongming district.
      Two days later, Wu Yuan found his former informant, combined with the information he had collected before, and Zhong Qi told him that Xu Daqing was probably still in Tianfu.
      These information combined, so that his eyes, but also focused on the urban scavengers.
      On the surface, Tianfu city is calm. The third squadron and Wuyuan frequently appear in the streets and alleys, as well as around the pedestrian streets in the urban area.
      The news that the Municipal Bureau restarted the investigation of the Xu Daqing case has long been spread out, and this news has been reported in some specific groups and in Tianfu business daily.
      Of course, the space occupied is not large, only a small space, and there is no news on the Internet.
      It seems that Tianfu business daily only got a little bit of information, and did not know the information at all.
      Nowadays, few people read the entity newspapers, but Zhong Qi still found a relationship and reported the news.This news is not for the public, but for those who want to see it.
      A week passed quietly. In the office of the third Squadron, except for Wang Juncheng, other people were busy outside.
      On the investigation of Xu Daqing case, director Liu Wenbing, director Yang Peiwei, and even director Liang birui of the investigation section have all questioned, but Wang Juncheng's answer has always been: no progress.
      After a few times of asking, Liu Wenbing and his colleagues also gave up. Even after a few days, the people from the third middle school didn't go out so often.
      It seems that they also feel hopeless and no longer so positive.
      Of course, these are appearances, which is exactly what Wang Juncheng arranged.
      Xu Daqing is not only brave, but also careful. He is definitely not a rash man.It's impossible for a reckless man to be at large after committing such a big case.
      Therefore, to deal with this kind of person, we must make careful arrangements and take the initiative to show our flaws.
      The third team is no longer so active in the investigation, began to “perfunctory”, is a flaw.From the beginning of the investigation, Wang Juncheng commuted to and from work on time every day. Even if he was a little late, it would not be more than 6:30. He would definitely drive away from the Municipal Bureau alone and return home.
      This is also a flaw.
      These two flaws are deliberately released for Xu Daqing, who may be hiding in the dark.
      However, when Wang Juncheng calculated Xu Daqing, he missed one point: how close is the relationship between Zhong Qi and Wu Yuan.
      The twelfth day of the investigation.
      On this day, as usual, Wang Juncheng used electricity to park his car at Zhongqi outside the commercial pedestrian street. After confirming that there was no abnormality, he announced to several people who stayed in the office to leave work, and then went downstairs to drive away from the Municipal Bureau.
      Back home, he took off his coat and turned on the air conditioner. Wang Juncheng took out a bag of instant noodles and went into the kitchen.
      Looking at the boiling water in the pot, Wang Juncheng didn't put the instant noodles in. At this time, he was in a trance.
      Twelve days later, Xu Daqing didn't show any face, which made Wang Juncheng doubt his inference.
      According to his personality analysis of Xu Daqing.
      If the other party is still in Tianfu City, it will certainly pay close attention to the police information.At the same time, when he knows the news that the Municipal Bureau has restarted the investigation, he will definitely regard it as a provocation.
      Anyway, he will certainly give some response.
      However, during this period of time, Wang Juncheng paid close attention to the police situation of the whole Tianfu city every day. Except for some small public security cases, it was just the police situation of fighting at most.
      These can't be the response given by bandits like Xu Daqing.
      Did you ignore something?
      Wang Juncheng carefully recalled this period of time, his behavior and arrangements, whether there have been omissions, whether it seems too deliberate?But after careful recollection, there is no problem.
      Is he still watching?
      Want to wait until half a month later, and then move?
      No, it won't. If he is really in Tianfu City, with his character, he will never wait until the case investigation is over.Because in that case, he can't enjoy the pleasure of “teasing” the police.
      This man is very fond of taking risks.
      A person with this kind of character will definitely choose to be positive, just as he did when he chose the crime location and faced with the heavy siege of the police.
      So, what's wrong with Xu Daqing, who is likely to stay in Tianfu City, all the time?
      Frowning, Wang Juncheng didn't understand.
      Xu Daqing is really a tough guy. He is smarter and more tough than the criminals he met before.
      At this time, Wang Juncheng has a premonition in his heart that the other party is likely to see the news and is preparing to give him a response. Once he makes a response, it is absolutely earth shaking!
      Wang Juncheng, who was shocked in his heart, finally came back to his senses. He took a look at the lack of a large section of water in the pot in front of him, and quickly put the dough that had been opened aside.
      Absentmindedly put the seasoning into the bowl, and after the noodles are cooked, take it out, turn off the fire, directly pull out a bar chair beside the center guide platform, sit on it and eat it.
      Sobbing, sobbingAfter a few mouthfuls of noodles, the screen of the mobile phone next to it lights up and vibrates at the same time.
      At a glance, it's Zhong Qi's phone.
      “Team Wang, what happened?”
      Ke Deng, Xu Daqing made a move!This is Wang Juncheng's first reaction after hearing Zhong Qi's words.
      “What's the matter?”Wang Juncheng's voice was a little low, and his mind kept turning, guessing what might happen.
      On the phone, Zhong Qi's voice was hoarse and low, with a kind of uncontrollable anger: “five minutes ago, the command center received a call to the police, saying that in the second lane north of Shating, a man was found dumped near the garbage dump, and there was no movement.”
      “After hearing the announcement from the command center of the radio station, Qi Hui and I just happened to be nearby, so we went there directly.It's the Wu team. It's been cut in the throat by a knife. ”
      At the end of the day, Zhong Qi's voice could hear the cry.
      “HooWang Juncheng was stunned for a while. After a long breath, he asked as calmly as possible, “have you informed the command center?”
      “I've been informed that the police force from the nearby Chu station is coming. Qi Hui and I are guarding here.”
      “Well, you two, be careful. The murderer may be Xu Daqing. He may still be watching from a distance.In addition, inform everyone in the team to get there. ”
      “Oh, and let's have people block all the areas around at least five streets.”
      “YesThe clock answered.
      “By the way, let the supporting patrolmen, at least in groups of two, all wear weapons and be careful of anyone approaching.”
      “Yes, team Wang!”*
      Chapter 23 slapping, demonstration
      “Well, you can arrange it quickly. I'll start right away and keep in touch. I'll be there in 20 minutes at most.”
      When the phone hung up, Wang Juncheng had already walked out of the house, took the security door and ran to the elevator.
      When you get down to the underground parking lot, when you get on the car and start, Audi rushes out of the parking lot with a buzzing sound. The tires squeak against the ground, and the car quickly drives to the exit of the parking lot.
      After leaving the parking lot, Wang Juncheng accelerated again.
      Buzz, squeak!
      However, Wang Juncheng, who just stepped on the accelerator, took a look in front of him. His right foot moved, stepped on the brake, and the Audi stopped directly.
      Bang, the door opens. Wang Juncheng gets out of the car, pulls out his pistol, opens the insurance, and looks at the roads on both sides of the garage exit.
      After no abnormality was found, the driver closed the door and walked to the right sidewalk.
      On the side of the sidewalk, there is a sign, on which is pasted a piece of printing paper. On the paper, with a crooked fluorescent pen, it says: “Captain Wang, I'm following you.”These big words.
      After checking the wooden plate and the base, Wang Juncheng took out a pair of rubber gloves from his pocket and put them on his right hand. He directly picked up the whole plate and put it in the trunk. Then he got on the bus again and drove to the second lane of shading north.
      Just as Wang Juncheng's car left the road and then turned right, across the road, in the cab of a black Volkswagen car parked on the side of the road, a man with a hat and long hair tied up in the back of his head.
      Looking at the far away taillights in the rearview mirror, he laughed, then started the car and drove away in the opposite direction of Wang Juncheng.
      More than ten minutes later, Wang Juncheng, speeding up all the way to overtake, arrived near the second lane in the north of shading. At this time, several main streets nearby had been blocked by the patrol police.
      After the car passed, the window was lowered and the police officer's license was shown, Wang Juncheng's car was released.
      The car stops outside the entrance of the alley. Wang Juncheng gets off with a police officer's certificate around his neck. Under the guidance of Qi Hui, who is waiting at the entrance of the alley, he walks quickly to the inside of the alley.
      But more than 20 meters away, Wang Juncheng saw Wu Yuan's body on the ground. There was a big pool of blood on the ground.
      “Team king!”
      Zhong Qi stood aside and Yang Tiancheng and others arrived. However, only Zhong Qi, Wang Tianyang, Yang Tiancheng and Qi Hui were here. Other people should go to investigate around.
      Seeing that Wang Juncheng arrived, Zhong Qi and his wife said hello in a low voice.
      Nodding, Wang Juncheng did not speak. He walked over with a serious face, put on his rubber gloves, bypassed the technical police officers who were searching for evidence around, and came to the body to squat down.
      Next to him, a forensic doctor and his assistant are doing a preliminary autopsy.
      Wu Yuan's head was on the ground, his eyes were wide open, and there was a wound on his wrists. Judging from the depth of the wound, it was obvious that he had hurt the meridians. The fatal wound was at the right neck artery.
      Covering the wound with the right hand, it is only obvious that when the main artery is cut, the hand can not stop the bleeding.
      What's more, his wrist was cut off.
      “Time of death!”
      “Less than an hour.”Next to the forensic assistant, after hearing Wang Juncheng's question, he whispered back.
      “Thank you
      He got up and took a look at the direction of the alley. Wang Juncheng came to Zhong Qi, took off his gloves and asked, “when we get there, the old captain has gone?”
      “Yes.”Zhong Qi replied, biting his teeth.
      “Why is the old captain here?Did you find the person who called the police? ”
      This question, Zhong Qi four people all silent down, did not answer.
      “SpeakFor the silence of the four, Wang Juncheng was a little angry, and his tone increased.
      “Wu, Wu team always felt that Xu Daqing was hiding in Tianfu city. After he was transferred, he did not give up the investigation. Last, last Friday, after returning home, I called him and said that the bureau decided to restart the investigation.”
      “You told the old captain?”Wang Juncheng's eyes flashed to Zhong Qi.
      PA, when Zhong Qi finished the word “is”, Wang Juncheng slapped Zhong Qi in the face.
      “Team king.”
      “Team king!”
      Yang Tiancheng three people are scared by Wang Juncheng's sudden slap. They quickly pull Zhong Qi to the side and stop Wang Juncheng at the same time.
      “Go away!”A sharp drink made Wang Tianyang and Qi Hui shiver in front of Wang Juncheng, but they didn't move.
      After looking at the two people, Wang Juncheng continued to ask, “where's the person who called the police?”
      “Not found.”Qi Hui, who spoke this time, “we checked the alarm number, and the owner also found it. But when we found him, the man found his mobile phone. He didn't know when it was stolen.”
      “We also asked the command center to locate the mobile phone. It wasn't turned off or nearby, but…”
      “It's near juxiuyuan community all the time, isn't it?”Wang Juncheng took over and asked.
      “Yes, yes!”Qi Hui looked up at Wang Juncheng and thought he had called the command center.
      But in fact, Wang Juncheng did not ask. The reason why he confirmed it was because of the brand.
      “Come with me.”
      After saying this, Wang Juncheng went directly to the entrance of the lane. Qi Hui looked at each other and quickly followed.
      BIU, take out the car key, press it, Wang Juncheng opens the trunk, and then step aside, so that Zhong Qi can see the sign lying in the trunk.
      When they saw the wooden plate with a base, they all looked at each other in horror. Then they Shua and focused on Wang Juncheng.
      “This is what I found when I just came out. The sign is on the side of the road opposite the garage exit of my community.By the way, I live in Juxiu garden. ”
      “This…”The four were shocked by the news again.
      “Captain, if this is true, Xu Daqing obviously already knows your address. His next target is probably you.”Zhong Qi thought it out quickly and said in a hurry.
      “I know.”Wang Juncheng's tone is still very stiff, and his face is also very ugly: “the death of the old captain is Xu Daqing's response to us. This wooden card is also his response to us.”
      “But, Zhong Qi!”
      “You shouldn't, you shouldn't, you shouldn't bring in the old captain, you shouldn't give him information.Otherwise, Xu Daqing's goal cannot be placed on the old team leader. ”
      “Yes, I'm sorry, captain. I was wrong. I was…”
      “All right!”Wang Juncheng was very upset and interrupted Zhong Qi with a wave of his hand.
      Take out a box of cigarettes, take out a cigarette in his mouth, holding the lighter hand some shaking hit two or three times, just the fire.
      Take a good breath and spit out the smoke.
      “He's very arrogant. He's demonstrating to us. The old captain has been killed. It's useless for us to be sad. What we have to do now is to find out Xu Daqing.”
      “If he has been hiding, I have no way, but since he has moved, it will leave traces. I have plenty of ways to find this guy out.”*
      Chapter 24 anger, upgrade dynamic vision analysis
      “Captain, tell me, what shall we do next?”Zhong Qi wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes and said firmly in his voice.
      “Captain, give the order.”The three of them all looked at Wang Juncheng and said in unison.
      “First of all, we need to withdraw our people. We need to send people from Chu station and patrol brigade to do these visits and investigations. Zhong Qi will send people to collect all the monitoring data of the two streets around, six hours before and one hour after the crime.”
      “YesAt the command of Wang Juncheng, Zhong Qi was ready to take action.
      “Wait, I haven't finished yet.”After stopping Zhong Qi, Wang Juncheng continued to arrange: “in addition, on the other side of Juxiu garden, taking the community as the center, I will take back the monitoring of the one kilometer road and several surrounding communities.”
      “Finally, I want to know why the old captain is here.”
      “Check the call records, check the text messages, and go to the office to see if anyone knows if the old team leader has found something or received a notice from someone before coming.”
      “I understand!”
      “Go to work!”
      The four of them immediately began to work. They called together Cai Zixing and others on the radio. At the same time, they arranged for people to work.
      After a while, all the others came back. After greeting Wang Juncheng, they left the scene in a group of two.
      Not long after they left, director Liu Wenbing and director Yang Peiwei also came.
      “Liu Ju, Yang Chu.”He snuffed out his cigarette and Wang Juncheng met him.
      “Here you are. What about the others?”Seeing that there were no other people in the third squadron around, Yang Peiwei asked in a voice.
      “I told them to do things.”
      “Got a clue?”Liu Wenbing asked.
      “Liu Ju, Yang Chu, just follow me to have a look.”With that, Wang Juncheng took them to his car and pointed to the wooden plate in the trunk.
      Seeing the words written on the wooden plate, their faces were instantly ugly.
      Bang, Liu Wenbing slapped his hand on the bumper next to the trunk and scolded: “this damned bastard, how brave he is!”
      “Are you sure it's Xu Daqing?”Yang Peiwei's mouth moved. Instead of scolding him, he looked at Wang Juncheng and asked.
      “Ninety nine percent!”Wang Juncheng affirmed.
      “Check, check for me, Juncheng. You take the lead in this matter. What kind of support do you need? Directly say, some of them can be used casually. If not, I will borrow them for you even if I ask for them.”
      “I have only one request. Xu Daqing must seize it, no matter whether it is alive or dead!”
      “YesWang Juncheng Shua of respect a ceremony, loudly answer a way.
      “Do your business. I'll go to see Lao Wu with Yang Chu.”
      With that, Liu Wenbing's eyes flashed with sadness. He went to the alley first, and Yang Peiwei followed Wang Juncheng after patting him on the shoulder.
      Because the No.3 middle school team is tracking down Xu Daqing, and Wu Yuan is killed, there is no evidence to prove that the other party did it, and no indirect evidence has been found, so this case has not been handled.
      However, Zhong Qi and Qi Hui of the third squadron were the first to arrive at the scene. At the same time, the roads and shops around the scene of the crime were monitored, and the third squadron was also brought back to the Municipal Bureau. Therefore, this case was treated as a case for the time being and handled by the third squadron first.
      Just in time, Wang Juncheng and other members of the third team hope to do the same.
      More than an hour later, in the office and small office of the third Squadron, Wang Juncheng sat in front of the computer, inserted the U disk into the computer, decompressed the compressed file, and opened the video playback software.
      Dada dadaContinue to click fast forward multiple, four video playback screen to 16 times, fast playing.
      After looking at it for a while, Wang Juncheng felt that it was still a bit slow. Then he clicked pause, turned on the system, and directly added 3500 experience values to the dynamic vision analysis.
      Host: Wang Juncheng
      Body attributes: 33 (normal body limit 10)
      Skill: unarmed combat advanced (experience 3566 / 10000)
      Pistol shooting advanced (experience 4200 / 10000)
      Advanced reasoning ability (experience 3000 / 10000)
      Field investigation senior (experience value 700 / 10000)
      Dynamic vision analysis advanced (experience 500 / 10000)
      Gross blood reaction analysis (unable to improve)
      Cadaver data analysis intermediate (experience value 1300 / 5000)
      Computer operation elementary (experience 800 / 1000)
      Special equipment: system space warehouse 3 * 3 * 3, three defense mobile phone, master key
      Personal assets: 6.24 million (system operation, absolute security)
      Free attribute point: 0
      Available experience value: 0
      After upgrading the dynamic vision analysis to advanced level, Wang Juncheng added four play windows on the computer screen, and then played fast at 30 times the speed.
      Thirty children play the video at double speed. Normal people can't even see one clearly, but when eight windows play at the same time, Wang Juncheng can see it clearly.
      An hour later, more than ten road surveillance cameras, each with more than eight hours of surveillance video, were all watched by Wang Juncheng.
      Moreover, not only did he finish watching the video, but he also took enough screenshots to reach 35.
      Put all the screenshots into a folder separately. It's one o'clock in the morning.
      After picking up the mobile phone, opening the takeout app and ordering some food and drink, Wang Juncheng once again watched the surveillance video in another USB flash drive, which was installed in juxiuyuan, the surveillance video around his residential area.
      It also includes the monitoring of the juxiuyuan community and the garage exit.
      More than 20 minutes later, the door of the office was knocked, and Cai Zixing, who was sent to pick up the takeout, came in.
      “Captain, the takeout is here. Let's eat first.”
      “I'll be right here. You eat first.”Wang Juncheng replied that his eyes did not leave the computer screen, and his hands were on the keyboard and mouse.
      Looking at Wang Juncheng, Cai Zixing retreated.
      And the takeout on a desk that no one uses, no one moves, everyone is watching the monitor.
      A few minutes later, Wang Juncheng came out.
      Wang Juncheng took a look at the takeaway that was on the table and didn't move. After a pause, he patted the table.
      After focusing everyone's attention, Wang Juncheng said, “everyone stop.Zixing and Guangting, you two take out and drink, and we'll talk as we eat. ”
      “Zhao Chun, open the projection. Open the folder marked '1' in this USB flash drive.”
      After hearing Wang Juncheng's words, the others all got up from their seats and stretched out. Then they sat down in front of the projection screen.
      Pick up a meat kebab, Wang Juncheng took a bite, nodded and said: “it's delicious. Let's all eat it. It's still a long time tonight.”
      Seeing that Wang Juncheng ate it, other people looked at each other. Zhong Qi stretched out his hand and asked Cai Zixing to give him a meat kebab.As Zhong Qi began to eat, others reached out to eat.
      “Captain, it's done.”Wen Zhaochun came over, handed the remote control to Wang Juncheng and said.
      “Well, find a place to sit down and eat.”
      “Yes, captain.”
      After Wen Zhaochun also sits down, Wang Juncheng quickly eats the meat kebab in his hand, takes a look at the remote control, presses it on the projector, and then a screenshot of the surveillance video is projected on the screen.
      When this screenshot appears, Zhong Qi and others all stop their actions.
      Because, on this surveillance video screenshot, we can clearly see Wu Yuan's figure.
      “Eat and watch.”After saying that, Wang Juncheng picked up a meat kebab and pressed the remote control button while eating. Then, the screenshots were shown in the projection.
      The images in these screenshots are all Wu Yuan, and according to the order of playing, you can clearly understand his action track.
      After the last long-distance screenshot is released, Wang Juncheng stops. From the screenshot, we can see that Wuyuan turns into an alley. From the surrounding environment of xiaoxiangkou, it is the second lane in the north of shading!
      Hiss, after watching the screenshot, all the members of the third Squadron, including Zhong Qi, took a breath.
      They also have videos in their hands, but compared with Wang Juncheng's efficiency, the efficiency of watching videos by ten of them is not as good as that of the team leader alone.
      By contrast, they can't help but be alarmed.
      This is a human computer!*
      Chapter 25 clues, the car parked opposite
      “Captain, anything else?”Zhong Qi asked excitedly, his eyes were red.
      Wang Juncheng nodded and continued to press the remote control. Then, a series of screenshots were displayed, all of which were taken by HD surveillance cameras.
      Looking at these screenshots, all the people in the third Squadron, their faces changed and they stared at the screen more seriously.
      Why? Because on the enlarged video screenshot, it's all like Xu Daqing.
      “From the back of the screenshot, you should find that the circled person is Xu Daqing.What's more, he didn't hide himself. Even on several screenshots, you can see that he deliberately looked at the camera. ”
      “This bastard is so arrogant.”Looking at the screenshot and hearing Wang Juncheng's explanation, all the people in the third squadron were angry, and some people even spoke dialect directly.
      “Everybody pay attention to this one,” the screen shot stopped playing for a while. “This one shows the location of another entrance of North Lane 2 of shading.Look at the time, and the old captain into the sand top North Lane two time is only a minute late
      “What does that mean?”
      “It shows that either Xu Daqing has followed the old team leader, or the old team leader has found out something. He has followed him all the way and just met him.”
      Yang Tiancheng spoke out his own views.
      After listening, the others nodded and agreed.
      But Wang Juncheng is not included in those who nod.
      “I don't think so.”As soon as Wang Juncheng's words came out, Zhong Qi and others withdrew their thoughts and looked at Wang Juncheng: “my idea is that the reason why Xu Daqing and the old team leader went into the alley is not because of an accident, or Xu Daqing followed the old team leader.”
      “Instead, the second lane in the north of shading should be a bureau set up by Xu Daqing.”
      “The bureau?Captain, do you mean that Xu Daqing deliberately revealed the information and then led the old captain into this alley? “Asked Zhong Qi.
      “Yes, it is not.”Others were confused by Wang Juncheng's words, but Wang Juncheng didn't mean to play tricks on them. He explained directly: “my inference is that Xu Daqing contacted the old team leader, put forward a request that the old team leader couldn't refuse, and then agreed on the time and place.”
      “At the appointed time and place, the old captain passed, and then Xu Daqing also passed.”
      “But if it's Xu Daqing Yue's old captain, it's impossible for him not to contact for support?”Qi Hui raised his own objection.
      “Yes, if you know it's Xu Daqing, the old captain will call for support.”Wang Juncheng affirmed, but then asked: “if the old captain is informed, is it the old relationship?Who are you familiar with
      “Indeed.”Everyone nodded.
      Only in this case, the old captain will go and walk in no hurry.
      If it's Xu Daqing, the old captain will definitely call for support.If you are not familiar with people, the old captain will certainly have enough vigilance.
      Just because he was familiar with the other side, and the other side also put forward a reason why Wuyuan would definitely go to meet him, the old captain would rush there, but he didn't take too much precautions.
      “Do you have any clues about the call records of the old team leader's mobile phone?”Speaking of this, Wang Juncheng looked at Zhong Qi and asked.
      “We didn't feel suspicious before, but when you said that, Captain, I remember that about half an hour before the old captain was killed, a telephone with the name of number one contacted him.”
      “This person, just as I know, is an old relationship of the martial arts team, nicknamed Laotou, an informant.”
      “I'm an old bachelor. I live in an old community in the center of the city and open a small shop. It's not far from shading North Lane 2.”
      “Contact the Chu office over there and ask them to send someone to have a look. It's estimated that the scabby head is dead.”Wang Juncheng finished, Zhong Qi nodded, got up and went to the side, picked up a nearby landline, and called Pai Chu.
      After the notice, Zhong Qi nodded to Wang Juncheng, and then sat back in his position.
      “The next monitoring screenshot is near Juxiu garden.”
      The members of the third squadron sitting below, took a look at Wang Juncheng, did not speak, quietly looked at the screen.
      Xu Daqing did show up, and put a wooden card in his hand on the side of the Road diagonally opposite the garage, and then laughed at the camera of the garage.
      Then he left the street and entered the main road outside.
      After that, there was no monitoring screenshot.
      There are only a few monitoring screenshots of Xu Daqing near juxiuyuan. They are all taken by the probe at the entrance and exit of juxiuyuan garage.
      “Xu Daqing appeared near Juxiu garden and in the garage monitoring for 30 seconds. In the road monitoring outside, he didn't find each other.”
      “The nearest monitoring point on both sides of the main road from the garage is also several hundred meters away. Therefore, I speculate that he should have taken a taxi or driven by himself at that time.”
      “If it's a taxi, it won't be very convenient for him, because a taxi may not be able to recruit a car at any time, and online car Hailing also needs to wait.”
      “So, I'm more inclined that he was driving himself.”
      At this point, Wang Juncheng pressed the remote control again, and a screenshot of a car appeared on the screen.
      After turning on the red line indicator and making a few circles on the screen, Wang Juncheng continued: “the car shown in the screenshot stops diagonally opposite me when I turn on the main road, and this screenshot is taken by the first monitor in the direction opposite the front of the car.”
      “At that time, I just glanced at the car parked opposite. I didn't care much because I was in a hurry to go to the scene.”
      “But then I remembered him. The one sitting in the car at that time was probably Xu Daqing.”
      “Everyone pay attention to the time when the car appears in the monitor. It's 8:03.”
      Zhong Qi also saw the time and frowned: “eight o'clock zero three?I informed the team leader at about 7:55. The team leader went downstairs and drove away. It took a few minutes. Plus the distance from the other party's car to the first camera, the time matched! ”
      After listening to Zhong Qi's words, everyone took a cold breath, and then felt a burst of anger: this guy is really brave.
      Looking at the expression of his subordinates, Wang Juncheng said: “you should have a more intuitive understanding of Xu Daqing now. He is such a bold and confident man.”
      “He said that if he was staring at me, he would dare to appear at a place just a few meters away from me and look at me with a big square.He was right. I was in a hurry to go to the scene because I heard something happened to the military team. ”
      “Instead of stopping, go and check the car that's parked alone on the opposite side.”
      Ding Ling LingWang Juncheng's words were interrupted by the telephone ring. Huo Guangting, who was closest to the phone, got up and answered the phone: “Hello, the third squadron of the investigation section of the Municipal Bureau.”
      “OK, I see. You protect the scene.”
      Then he hung up and Huo Guangting looked at Wang Juncheng and said, “Captain, send the phone number of Chu, Cheng Jun, that is, mangtou, was found dead at home and the fatal wound was in the neck.”
      “Well.”Nodding, Wang Juncheng said: “next, team Zhong, you, Yang Tiancheng and Wang Tianyang go to the monitoring center. According to the license plate and model of the car, check the monitoring and find out its action track.”
      “Huo Guangting and Qu Xinmiao stay in the office as support.”
      “Others, put on your bulletproof vests, take your equipment, and leave in two minutes. Let's go to the scene.Everyone, bring it to the radio station. When you confirm your position, contact me immediately. ”
      “I understand!”
      “Good, break up!”
      Just as everyone was getting ready to work, the door of the office was pushed open and Yang Peiwei came in.
      “Yang Chu!”
      Nodding, Yang Peiwei went directly to Wang Juncheng and looked at everyone busy wearing bulletproof clothes. He asked, “have you found it?”
      “There is a clue,” Wang Juncheng said as he put on his bulletproof vest. “He met me at that time, but I didn't find it because I was driving.”
      “In addition, we can be sure that the military team was killed by Xu Daqing. An informer of the military team died, and it was also a cut in the throat. I'm going to take people there.”
      “I asked the bell team to take people to the monitoring center to find the direction of the car.Huo Guangting and Qu Xinmiao are left behind. ”
      After a quick report of what he and others have discovered and what he will do next, Wang Juncheng has made preparations for his departure.
      “Don't stay. You don't have enough people.”Yang Peiwei after listening, nodded and said: “I stay in your office, in addition, I will let the second brigade transfer people to come, as a backup support.”
      “Is that all right?”Wang Juncheng frowned and asked.
      “Why not?You don't have enough people. You know who they are. ”
      “Well, thank you, Yang Chu.”Since Yang Peiwei insisted, Wang Juncheng didn't refuse, nodded and agreed.
      “Go ahead, be careful.”
      Chapter 26 found it. Action
      When he went out of the office, Zhong Qi had already taken people away, and others were ready.
      “Guangting, Xinmiao, put on your equipment and follow. Yangchu will stay, and the backup Yangchu will transfer people.”
      Hearing that they could follow, Huo Guangting and Qu Xinmiao agreed happily that they didn't have to stay any longer. They quickly found out the body armor and put it on them.
      After that, the group of eight left the big office, and only Yang Peiwei was left. Soon after, more than ten fully armed police officers from the second criminal police brigade entered the office, saluted Yang Peiwei and found a place to sit down and have a rest.
      Eight people, in three cars, flashing police lights, to the home of the leper.
      When I got to the outside of the community, there were a lot of police cars parked at the gate of the community. At the same time, the cordon was set up, and many police Cha were on duty.
      Get out of the car, hang the police certificate around his neck, Wang Juncheng with three squadrons of people, across the cordon, into the old community.
      “Qi Hui goes up with me. Other people stay down. Ask the doorman and other neighbors if they see any suspicious people. In addition, give them the photos of Xu Daqing for identification.”
      After giving orders, Wang Juncheng takes Qi Hui upstairs.
      On the second floor, at the gate of 2003, Qi Hui recognized the director of the Chu office nearby, went up to say hello and introduced Wang Juncheng.
      “Zhang Suo!”
      “Team king!”
      They shook hands and said hello. Wang Juncheng put on gloves and shoe covers and entered the scene. Qi Hui also followed.
      As soon as I went in, a big smell of blood came. In the whole living room, a big pool of fresh blood was everywhere. Because of time, it had dried up.
      But the taste is just as pungent.
      The body was tied to a chair, right next to the dining table.
      It's not a rope, it's a tie, the black one.
      “Hello, Wang Juncheng, the third team of the investigation section of the Municipal Bureau.”After scanning the scene, Wang Juncheng found the forensic doctor directly.
      “Hello team Wang.”The coroner looked up and said hello.
      “How's it going?”
      “I've been dead for more than four hours. The fatal wound is in the neck. The carotid artery has been cut off.From the wound, it's small and neat. The knife is very sharp. It should be like a dagger. ”
      “In addition, in addition to the fatal neck injury, the left temple, there is a semicircular indentation, no other scars.”
      “Thank you
      Nodding, Wang Juncheng no longer interferes with the forensic work. After taking a look at the blood on the ground and the complete footprints in the blood, he finds the person in charge of the scene investigation.
      “Are you the King team?”After hearing Wang Juncheng's self introduction, the person in charge of the scene investigation from the sub Bureau asked in surprise.
      “Yes.”Wang Juncheng nodded to confirm.
      “This way.”After confirmation, the person in charge took Wang Juncheng to one side, picked up an envelope from the table, handed it to him, and then left.
      Picking up the evidence bag and looking at the words on the envelope, Wang Juncheng's eyes narrowed.
      “Captain Wang, please.”
      These five words were written with a black signature pen, and the handwriting is also crooked. It is obvious that the other party intentionally wrote this.
      Open the evidence bag and take out the envelope. Open the envelope and take out the folded napkin. On the napkin, it says:
      “Captain Wang, congratulations on finding here. Are you angry?Ha ha, I'm sorry to let you go for nothing again.I'm waiting for you to surprise me
      “By the way, don't forget, I've got you!”
      “Challenge me?”Wang Juncheng sneered at the letter, folded the napkin again, put it back into the envelope, and then waved to Qi Hui and left here.
      The Branch Bureau obviously won't intervene in this case. The Chu office also knows that the Municipal Bureau is in charge of this case. The director said that when the scene is finished, he will send someone to escort the evidence and bodies to the Municipal Bureau.
      Come downstairs to the courtyard of the community, Huo Guangting and others have been waiting.
      “Let's go!”
      After that, all the people in the third squadron go out, get on the bus and leave.
      On the bus, Wang Juncheng contacted Zhong Qi.
      “Team Zhong, I'm wang Juncheng.”
      “Do you have a clue?”
      “Report to the team leader, we haven't determined where the car will stop, but we tracked that the other side opened around the Third Ring Road, then moved to the south gate, entered the Second Ring Road, and then got off the elevated road, still tracking.”
      “OK, we'll wait near the south 2nd Ring Road. Let me know if there's any new news.”
      “I understand!”
      “Everybody, follow my car!”After finishing the call with Zhong Qi, Wang Juncheng contacted the two cars behind him through the radio.
      “Got it.”
      “Got it.”
      On the side of the road under the viaduct of south 2nd Ring Road, Wang Juncheng stopped his car, followed by two police cars.
      Put out the fire, take out the cigarette box, give next to Qi Hui lost one, then get off.
      Leaning against the door, the headset was on the left ear, lit a cigarette and took a puff.
      Hoo, slowly spitting out smoke, Wang Juncheng looked at the roadside tree across the road, holding his chest in both hands, waiting quietly.
      Before a cigarette was finished, Zhong Qi's voice rang in his headset: “team Wang, we found that the target vehicle drove into palm right street, and then it didn't appear again.”
      “Got it!”
      Hearing Zhong Qi's voice, Wang Juncheng threw the cigarette in his hand, immediately turned to open the door, started the car and drove to brown right street.
      A few minutes later, Wang Juncheng turned off the lights. The two cars behind him also turned off the lights. Then, three cars slowly turned into brown right street.
      Just after turning in, Wang Juncheng stepped on the brake and the car behind stopped.
      In a small lane about 20 meters ahead, a black car was parked there, showing half of its bottom. From the tail light, the car didn't turn off. The license plate slanting towards them made Wang Juncheng recognize that it was the one they were pursuing.
      “At 12 o'clock, VW with tail lights on, license plate confirmed.”
      After hearing Wang Juncheng's voice, everyone was worried. Then, except for the police officers driving, other people took out their pistols, opened the insurance and looked around with vigilance. At the same time, they put one hand on the door lock and were ready to open the door at any time.
      “The second car is ready.”
      “Three cars ready.”
      “Be careful to approach. When I give the order, car 2 will cross over and hold the front. Car 3 will keep up. My car is facing the target.”
      “Is it clear?”
      “Two cars understand.”
      “Three cars understand.”
      “Ready…”With the order of preparation issued, Wang Juncheng released the brake, and the car slowly moved forward at low speed. Behind him, car No. 2 followed at the same low speed, but drove to another lane, ready to overtake at any time.
      The distance is getting closer and closer, and everyone is on high alert.
      “Act!”When the distance was only ten meters, Wang Juncheng's voice rang out clearly in his headset.
      “Hum!”With the command of the action issued, the second car in the side lane sped up and rushed forward. Then, Wang Juncheng stepped on the accelerator to the end and turned the steering wheel at the same time, and the front of the car rushed forward.
      In the back, the route of car No. 3 is unchanged, and it also accelerates.
      Squeak, squeak
      A burst of brake sound, three cars almost in place at the same time, then the door opened, everyone got off, the muzzle of the gun aimed at the Volkswagen car parked in the alley.
      The car cab door is open, it seems that the car has been abandoned by Xu Daqing.
      But it's very dark in the alley. I can't see the situation clearly.
      The team members watched the direction of the car, the muzzle of the gun did not move, took out the flashlight from their bodies, then opened it and aimed at the car body and the entrance of the alley.
      Eight flashlights flashed past, and the lane entrance, the car body, and the inside of the car were all bright.
      At this time, Wang Juncheng, who was staring at the direction of the alley, changed his face. Without warning, the muzzle of the gun turned slightly, aimed at the corner a few meters away from the entrance, and directly pulled the trigger.*
      Chapter 27 traps
      Bang bang!
      The gunshot suddenly rang out in the night far away, the sound is also very loud.
      At the same time, with Wang Juncheng's flashlight aimed at the corner of the wall, others realized that something was wrong and the muzzle of the gun turned around.
      After firing three shots, Wang Juncheng crossed directly from one side of the Audi, aimed the muzzle at the corner and moved forward.
      Seeing that Wang Juncheng moved, the others left the car quickly, followed and copied from Sanbao.
      In the process of advancing, Wang Juncheng suddenly saw that a gun barrel was stretched out in the corner of the wall, about 50 cm from the ground, and he roared.
      Just after Wang Juncheng finished shouting, Bang BangThey shot.
      With the sound of gunfire, the bullets roared out, and the team members who had just left the car shelter retreated.
      Bang Bang
      At the same time, all the team members determined the target position and fired directly at the corner of the wall.
      “Take cover!”
      Wang Juncheng had already moved to the back of the target car. After a loud cry, Wen Zhaochun, Zhang Yiwei and Qu Xinmiao, who had also moved here from the right side, felt for the front of the car.
      Pop, pop, pop
      It seems that Xu Daqing knew that Wang Juncheng might get close under the cover of the car, and bullet after bullet hit the hood and windshield of Volkswagen, leaving bullet holes.
      Seeing that Wang Juncheng's four men had already arrived at the front of the car, Qi Hui yelled, and the rest of CAI Zixing and others started firing at the corner of the wall to suppress each other.
      The sudden increase of fire made the other side withdraw the muzzle.
      “Cease fireQi Hui, who has been staring at the corner of the wall, also reminds him in a loud voice at this time.
      Then the gunfire stopped, Wang Juncheng rushed out, and other people behind him quickly followed.
      Step onBehind the corner, a sound of footwork came, and it was getting farther and farther away.
      Wang Juncheng knows that the other party wants to run away.
      “Stop!”Wang Juncheng, speeding up his pace and turning around the corner, saw a dark shadow and immediately yelled. At the same time, the muzzle of the gun stretched forward, bang!
      Ah!With the gun, a scream came.
      The members of the third squadron who came up behind Wang Juncheng were very happy and chased forward.
      “Don't kill me, don't kill me!”Suddenly, from the position where the shadow fell to the ground, there came the sound of begging for mercy.
      Hearing black shadow's loud plea for mercy, Wang Juncheng felt cold and knew that he had been cheated.
      If the shadow is Xu Daqing, the other party can't shout so loudly.
      Wang Juncheng, who was not right in his mind, turned around and, regardless of the team members behind him, raised his gun and aimed at a plastic garbage can on one side of the alley behind him.
      Just as Wang Juncheng turned around and raised his gun, the lid of the plastic trash can was suddenly pushed open, and a tall man stood up from inside with a black pistol in his hand.
      Bang, bang!
      Almost at the same time, Wang Juncheng and shadow shot.
      However, Wang Juncheng is aiming at the shadow, and the shadow is aiming at the police officer at the back of the team.
      Woo, ah!
      At the moment of the shooting, a dull hum and a miserable cry sounded at the same time.
      Huo Guangting, who was running at the back, threw himself forward and fell to the ground.Black shadow body trembles, also hit by Wang Juncheng.
      Bang bang!After one shot, Wang Juncheng didn't go to see Huo Guangting lying on the ground. Instead, he continued to fire and made up two shots at dark shadow.
      One shot in the left chest, one in the head.
      With the end of the shooting, the shadow fell, the muzzle of the gun was raised, and the garbage can was turned over.
      Wang Juncheng shouts after firing, and then approaches the garbage can with a gun.
      Qi Hui, on the other hand, takes two people to the sound of begging for mercy in front of him. The rest of them, Huo Guangting and the others, follow Wang Juncheng. The muzzle of the gun is aimed at the garbage can to provide warning.
      Hoo, Wang Juncheng bypasses the trash can, gun muzzle and flashlight, and prepares people on the ground at the same time.
      A look at each other's appearance, Wang Juncheng confirmed that this is Xu Daqing.
      Later, Zhang Yiwei and others came to see Xu Daqing, who was shot in the middle of the eyebrow, chest and shoulder. They were all relieved.
      “Call an ambulance and inform the Yang Department and the bell team of them.”
      Zhang Yiwei and Wang Juncheng put the gun back in the holster and ran to check the situation of Huo Guangting.
      Xu Daqing's shooting is very powerful. At such a short distance, he is really afraid that Huo Guangting will be hit by the other side.
      Seeing that Huo Guangting could still talk, Wang Juncheng was relieved and asked, “where did you hurt?”
      “Keke, I'm lucky. I'm on my bulletproof vest.”Huo Guangting coughed twice, pulled the corners of his mouth, and said with a smile.
      “Not bad.”Wang Juncheng breathed a sigh of relief, and then said to Qu Xinmiao and Cai Zixing, “help him take off his bulletproof jacket and protect it carefully. We have already called an ambulance.”
      “Qi Hui!How about there? “After giving orders, Wang Juncheng calls Qi Hui.
      “Captain, the target is under control, shot in the thigh, through injury, no serious problem.”
      “Well, control it first. Someone has already called an ambulance. Xinmiao, go get the first aid kit and send it to Qihui.”
      A few minutes later, the police from the nearby Chu station arrived. More than ten minutes later, Yang Peiwei took support, Zhong Qi took Yang Tiancheng and Wang Tianyang, and the ambulance almost arrived back and forth.
      They heard that they had met Xu Daqing, and that some people had been shot. They were very anxious.
      After arriving at the scene, it was confirmed that only one suspect was hit by Wang Juncheng and injured in his thigh. Although Huo Guangting was shot, he was relieved when the bullet hit the bullet proof vest.
      Subsequently, several police officers from the second brigade, who came to support, were shot in the leg and kept shouting that the wronged suspect got on the ambulance and went to the hospital.
      At the same time, Qi Hui takes Cai Zixing and Wen Zhaochun, and protects Huo Guangting, who was shot in glory. He also gets on the ambulance and rushes to the hospital.
      It's not that if the bullet is blocked by the body armor, there must be nothing.
      Under close range shooting, the bullet's powerful kinetic energy is likely to lead to bone fracture or even bone fracture.In order to be on the safe side, I still have to go to the hospital for a good examination.
      Then, there were police cars arriving. Not long after, dozens of police cars were flashing their lights, blocking the street directly.
      The lights of the surrounding residents are also on.
      After all, so many shots were fired. In such a quiet night, the sound of the shots awakened many people.
      Forensic medicine came over to confirm Xu Daqing's identity. At the same time, he extracted his blood samples and skin tissues, took them back for DNA identification, and confirmed that the person killed was Xu Daqing.
      The technical police officers of the scene investigation collected all the warheads, shells and Xu Daqing's guns, and they also had to take them back.
      On the way, Liu Wenbing and the deputy director in charge of criminal investigation also came.
      After all, dozens of shots were fired at the scene, and Xu Daqing, the most wanted criminal, was probably killed. It is impossible for the two directors not to be present.
      After listening to Wang Juncheng's report at the scene, Liu Wenbing was very happy, reached out and patted him on the shoulder several times, and kept saying “good.”.
      Stare at the people of the technical investigation department, deal with the scene, get the body on the car, and then everyone leaves and returns to their respective units.*
      Chapter 28 closing a case, exploding skills
      In the conference room of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Municipal Bureau, Liu Wenbing took the first place, vice Bureau and Yang Peiwei took the second place respectively, while Wang Juncheng took the second place.
      Sitting opposite is Liang birui, who came all night.
      Although it was almost dawn, everyone in the office, from Liu Wenbing down to the ordinary members of the third middle school team, was very excited.
      The reason, of course, is that Xu Daqing, who made Tianfu city and even the Ministry of public security lose face, was finally killed.
      It's not captured alive, but it's harmless.
      Liu Wenbing, sitting in the first place, spoke with a sonorous voice and high spirits.
      From the beginning of Xu Daqing's crime, most of the contents are in praise of the third squadron and Wang Juncheng.
      Of course, we did not forget Wu Yuan who died in his duty.
      At the meeting, Liu Wenbing patted his chest directly to guarantee that the merit and reward that belonged to the third middle school team would be fulfilled soon. At the same time, Wu Yuan's martyr application would be reported as soon as possible.
      He talked for more than 20 minutes, which is very rare in Liu Wenbing.
      At ordinary times, Liu Wenbing's speeches at meetings are always concise and to the point. He never talks nonsense.This time, although a lot of nonsense was said, no one in the meeting room was bored.
      After all, praise, but also their own and other big boss said praise, no one will feel unhappy, all happy to listen.
      Liu Wenbing finished, vice Bureau and yang two, also said a few words.
      Still praise, encourage, and put forward the hope to make persistent efforts.
      Liang birui, who sits at the head of the vice Bureau, is also very happy and envious.
      He, the section chief, also contributed to the achievements of the third middle school team, but he wrote one or two on his resume at most.After all, he is not only the chief of the investigation section, but also the captain of the first squadron.
      Therefore, it has nothing to do with him when it comes to merit.
      However, with such a powerful general under his command and the trump card of the third Squadron, he will be more and more comfortable in the future.
      There's nothing wrong with that.
      Seeing that the time was almost up, Liu Wenbing announced the end of the meeting and asked all the people in the third squadron to have a day off and come back tomorrow to deal with the head and tail work.
      Wang Juncheng naturally did not refuse the director's kindness.
      Even though he didn't feel sleepy, his men were a little sleepy.
      So, the third squadron went back to the office, cleaned up and left the Municipal Bureau one after another before others came to work.
      On Friday morning, all the members of the third squadron came to the office with high morale. After they said hello with a smile, they began to write a report when Wang Juncheng arrived.
      After lunch, the third squadron continued to write reports. In short, their task today is to write all the reports well, and then hand them over to Wang Juncheng, who will hand them over to the Department for filing.
      At 6:30 p.m., all the reports were handed in, including the shooting records, and a lot of them were sent upstairs.
      Then, eleven people gathered in the big office again.
      “We've been working hard for half a month.”
      “Captain, it's hard work.”Everyone yelled with joy.
      The voice is very loud, next to several other squadrons and the outermost office workers, all heard, one after another with envious eyes, looking at the office of the third squadron.
      “Ha ha, we're not a review. Don't do such stupid things.By the way, Guangting, how are you
      That's right. Huo Guangting checked in the hospital yesterday night. After confirming that there was nothing serious, he went out of the hospital and came to work together this morning.
      “Thank you for your concern. I'm fine. The bullet hit my back. The meat behind me was thick and the bone didn't come up. I just got a big piece of green and prescribed medicine.”
      “That's good. Pay attention.”
      Huo Guangting sat down happily.
      Why are you so happy?The reason is very simple. It is estimated that the third Squadron, apart from Wang Juncheng, is the one who has won the most awards for meritorious service.
      After all, if you get shot, it will be considered.
      “Well, while everyone is happy, I'll announce another piece of good news.”
      “What's the good news?”Everyone looked at Wang Juncheng with expectant eyes.
      “The bureau gave us three days off. In addition, after going to work on Tuesday, all the people who fired guns went to the psychological counseling room to receive psychological counseling.Count it out, that is, we don't have to work for four days.Is that good news? ”
      “Count.”Ten people responded, but obviously they were not very interested.
      “You guys, you're not happy about your holiday.Let me tell you another piece of good news. It's my treat tonight! ”
      “YesThe news made everyone jump.
      Although not everyone expected, they are still happy that Wang Juncheng can treat.
      “Let's go, have dinner early, and then go home early to have a rest.”
      Then, a group of four or five cars from the third middle school followed Wang Juncheng's Audi and came to a delicious Chinese restaurant nearby.
      Wang Juncheng made a reservation ahead of time.
      Eleven people in a big box, just right.
      During the meal, everyone looked forward to the reward that would be given to them. The atmosphere of discussion was very warm, and Wang Juncheng joined in with a smile.
      As for the news of Xu Daqing's arrest, this afternoon, after the DNA identification results came out, the Municipal Bureau issued a police report. At the same time, it also explained the gunfight that took place in the early morning of yesterday.
      It can be said that anyone who usually pays attention to the police intelligence report knows that Xu Daqing, the most wanted criminal in Tianfu, was killed by the Municipal Bureau at the end of last year.
      This announcement, when the public praised the police for their strength, became a conversation at leisure awesome.
      At the end of dinner, everyone drove home, and Wang Juncheng went back to Juxiu garden.
      Sitting on the sofa and opening the system, he has time to check the rewards given by the system.
      This time, the reward is really quite generous
      “The host cracked the Xu Daqing case and killed Xu Daqing, a member of the Ministry's red wanted order. Reward: hypnosis intermediate, freedom attribute 5, experience 5000, cash 1 million!”
      It's amazing!
      After seeing the reward, Wang Juncheng was very happy.And this reward is still very powerful hypnosis ability, intermediate hypnosis ability, need to use items for hypnosis, but it is already very powerful.
      Besides, he still has 5000 experience points, which can completely upgrade his hypnotic ability to advanced level.
      In addition, the best reward is five attribute points.
      This is the only way to improve physical attributes.
      After all, with his current body, the time and energy he spent trying to improve his attributes through exercise are calculated in years.
      The last million dollars in cash, like the reward on the red warrant, did not bring him much joy.
      Directly use the attribute points and experience values, and open the personal panel again
      Host: Wang Juncheng
      Body attributes: 38 (normal body limit 10)
      Skill: unarmed combat advanced (experience 3566 / 10000)
      Pistol shooting advanced (experience 4200 / 10000)
      Advanced reasoning ability (experience 3000 / 10000)
      Field investigation senior (experience value 700 / 10000)
      Dynamic vision analysis advanced (experience 500 / 10000)
      Gross blood reaction analysis (unable to improve)
      Cadaver data analysis intermediate (experience value 1300 / 5000)
      Computer operation elementary (experience 800 / 1000)
      Hypnosis advanced (0 / 10000)
      Special equipment: system space warehouse 3 * 3 * 3, three defense mobile phone, master key
      Personal assets: 7.24 million (system operation, absolute security)
      Free attribute point: 0
      Available experience value: 0
      Looking at the personal panel, Wang Juncheng was very happy. With a smile, he turned off the system and went to bed.
      Wang Juncheng will go back to Baijiang after taking a three-day vacation tomorrow.My younger brother Wang Qiang has come back. Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju also called before.
      But in fact, because of Xu Daqing's case, he can't go back. It's almost more than a month. It's just a long holiday, so he went back.
      PS: Thank you for the support of “time debris” old fellow's five thousand reward and monthly pass. Thank you very much.
      Heaven and earth will write a better plot and bring you wonderful experience.*
      Chapter 29 younger sister is bullied and takes out a gun
      The next morning, after getting up, Wang Juncheng didn't eat breakfast, so he drove to Baijiang county.
      When I got home, it was only eight in the morning.
      The car was parked at home, next to Wang Dajun's pickup truck.After getting off, Wang Juncheng went directly to the breakfast shop.
      “Brother, you're back!”Wang Hui, who was helping in the shop, saw Wang Juncheng and ran over with excitement.
      Wang Qiang, who was also helping, came over with a smile.
      At the same time, people who knew him in the town where he ate at the breakfast shop began to say hello.
      After smiling and responding one by one, Wang Juncheng asked Wang Hui to go to the counter and watch. Just have him and Wang Qiang outside.
      Seeing Wang Juncheng back, Wang Dajun came out of the kitchen.
      “Jun Cheng, have you had breakfast yet?”
      “Not yet, uncle. It's not urgent or hungry. Let's eat together after we've been busy.”
      “Well, if you're tired, just sit down for a while.”
      “Good uncle!”
      After a brief exchange, Wang Dajun went back to the kitchen and worked with Mei Zhenju.Wang Juncheng and Wang Qiang are busy clearing the table and serving dishes.
      Wang Hui is responsible for collecting the money.
      “AhAll of a sudden, Wang Hui, who is collecting money, screams and attracts Wang Juncheng's attention.
      He walked over to Wang Hui and asked, “what's the matter, Huihui?”
      While talking, Wang Juncheng also looked at the four smiling, flowing men sitting on the table, one of whom he knew, also from the town, was Wang Yubin.
      “Brother, he just touched my hand.”Wang Hui saw the elder brother coming, pointed to a man sitting on the side and said angrily.
      “Are you harassing my sister?”Wang Juncheng after listening, eyes Li mang a flash, looking at this is a gangster guy, deep voice asked.
      “How about I wipe it and touch it?It's not against the law to touch the same thing. ”
      Just as the gangster finished, Wang Juncheng slapped the guy directly, hit him on the head and sat down on the ground.
      “It's time!This bastard dares to bully Huihui. ”
      “That's where this guy comes from. He dares to bully people in wangjiazhen!”
      “Is that Wang Yubin over there?”
      “Didn't this child bring it back?It's said that he's fooling around in the county
      People in the surrounding towns were also attracted by the news. Seeing that Wang Juncheng slapped the gangster and fan him to the ground, they began to talk about it one after another.
      However, all those who spoke supported Wang Juncheng.
      The thug, who was slapped on the ground, stood up in a daze, touched his back and found a spring knife.
      “Lying trough, there is a knife!”
      “Big army, take the knife. Someone is trying to make trouble with it!”
      As soon as he saw that this guy had a knife in his hand, almost all the diners got up, and the one who copied the stool yelled at Wang Dajun.
      In the town, we can't let Wang Juncheng. They are bullied by several gangsters outside.
      See several big diners, with wooden stools in their hands, and the gangsters with spring knives are also guilty. Look at Wang Juncheng, who stands one meter away and protects Wang Hui behind him. This guy doesn't know what to do for a while.
      As for the rest of the three companions, including Wang Yubin, they all shrink their necks and dare not speak.
      Wang Yubin knows that Wang Juncheng is a police officer in the city. After all, the town is so big. He can't be unaware of the news.
      Wang Yubin also wants to have a good relationship with Wang Juncheng.
      After all, it's all from the same town, and he's still in the county town and has a relationship with those gangsters, he thought. He's familiar with them, plus the relationship with a town. If something really happens to him, there's also a relationship.
      However, he did not expect that his “friend” would dare to touch Wang Hui.
      You know, when he was in school, Wang Juncheng was famous for his ruthlessness in fighting. As long as someone dares to provoke Wang Hui and Wang Qiang, he will definitely be chased away by Wang Juncheng. It's useless for adults to come.
      Looking at Wang Juncheng, who was staring at his friend, Wang Yubin opened his mouth and said what he wanted to say. Finally, he wisely closed his mouth.
      “Put down the knife!”Wang Juncheng looked at the gangster in front of him and ordered calmly.
      “Damn, what if I don't let it go?”
      “You want to attack the police?”The gangster had just finished his work. He was stunned when he heard Wang Juncheng's shrill voice!
      What is it?Assaulting the police?Why did I hit the police?
      Wow, the thugs don't understand, but the rest of the town understands.
      Yes, Cheng Wazi is a police officer of the city Bureau. I heard he is still an official?
      Thinking of this, the surrounding diners put down their stools and sat down to watch the play quietly. Wang Dajun came to the kitchen door with a kitchen knife. After thinking about it, he went back to put down the kitchen knife.
      He believed that his adopted son would definitely get his daughter back. Besides, he had just slapped his daughter. At this time, the guy's cheek was swollen.
      “Assaulting the police?You are so special… ”
      “Shua!”Before the gangster's words were finished, Wang Juncheng wiped his hand under his armpit and directly took out the type 92 pistol, aiming at this guy.
      “Now I order you to put down your weapon, now!”
      “I'll go!”Wang Juncheng, a child who grew up watching from childhood, actually took out his gun directly. The diners who watched the play were all shocked and unconsciously moved their stools away.
      “You, you…”
      “Brother Feng, put down the knife, put down the knife, he is the police Cha of the city Bureau, put it down quickly!”
      Seeing that Wang Juncheng took out his gun directly, Wang Yubin was so scared that he didn't dare to move. He cried out quickly.
      “Ah?”The thug, who is called brother Feng, is still a little confused. After all, he is pointed at by a gun and doesn't look like a fake thing. His heart must tremble.
      “Warning again, drop your weapons now!”Wang Juncheng ignored the other party and Wang Yubin's cry. His voice was calm and cold, and he called again.
      “Let go, let me go, let me go!”
      With a clatter, the gangster put down his spring knife, raised his hands and looked at Wang Juncheng nervously.
      “You three, stand up, join him, put your hands on your heads, and kneel on the ground, now!”
      “All right.”
      “Cheng, brother Cheng, don't shoot, don't shoot, we are just playing.”
      While saying that, Wang Yubin and the other three companions knelt in a row on the ground.
      “Uncle, call the house and ask them to send someone over.”
      “Oh, oh, good, good…”
      Wang Dajun was also a little scared by Wang Juncheng's behavior. After reaction, he repeatedly agreed, took out his mobile phone and called the Department of Pai Chu.
      Shua, putting the pistol back into the holster under his arm, Wang Juncheng pulled a stool beside him, sat down in front of several people, took out the police officer's certificate, shook it for a while, and asked:
      “He just harassed my sister. Did you three see that?”
      “Mistake, misunderstanding, brother Cheng.”Wang Yubin opened his mouth. Just as he opened his mouth, he was swept over by Wang Juncheng's cold eyes. Seeing Wang Juncheng's cold eyes, Wang Yubin trembled and did not dare to speak.
      “I ask you, have you seen it?”Wang Juncheng repeated it again.
      “Look, I see it.”The other three didn't dare to talk more and replied honestly.
      “Just see it.”Nodding, Wang Juncheng pointed to “brother Feng” and said to the other three: “he harassed my sister, you testify. In addition, he attacked the police with weapons. Everyone saw it.Go in and squat for a few months, with a long memory. ”
      “But you all remember that if anyone dares to do evil, I don't care who you are or what you do. Don't let me know, otherwise, the consequences will be very serious. Do you understand?”
      “Ming, I understand, brother Cheng!”Three people answer, all together with Wang Yubin, shouting “brother Cheng”.
      “Give me the money and wait for someone from Chu to come.”
      “Good, good, good.”Several people were scared, including the “Feng elder brother”. After hearing the words, they quickly took out the money and handed it to Wang Juncheng respectfully.
      “Brother!”When Wang Hui heard Wang Juncheng's cry, she came over and glanced at the four.
      “How much is it altogether?”
      “Fifty eight.”
      After counting fifty-eight yuan, he threw the other money to four people. Then Wang Juncheng stood up and let Wang Hui into the counter.
      Without Wang Juncheng's command, Wang Yubin did not dare to get up and knelt down, waiting for Chu's police Cha to come.
      At this time, the four people extremely expect the police Cha to arrive soon.
      Just now, the “Feng brother” who was pointed at by the gun almost thought that he was going to die soon.
      Soon, the town sent two Cha policemen from Chu station to come with several assistant policemen, along with Wang Yubin's father.
      Without waiting for the police Cha to speak, Wang Yubin's father rushed up and punched and kicked Wang Yubin. While beating and scolding, there was no one to pull him.
      However, Wang Dajun couldn't see it behind him and pulled Wang Yubin's father away.
      “Brother Jun, I really have no face. Don't pull me. I won't kill this beast.”Wang Bao, who was held by Wang Dajun, apologized with shame on his face, and then prepared to fight Wang Yubin.
      “Come on, uncle Bao, it's not a big deal. It's all done by brother Feng. It's nothing to do with binzi.However, you have to watch him in the future. Read well and don't fool around outside. ”
      Wang Juncheng knew that the reason why Wang Bao did it was obviously because of himself.
      He must have got the news, he just took out his gun, so Wang Bao would be like this.
      One is guilt, and the other is worry that he will not let Wang Yubin go.
      Sure enough, after hearing Wang Juncheng say so, Wang Bao stopped to thank Wang Juncheng and promised that he would discipline his son well.
      At the end of the farce, two police officers waiting on one side waved their hands and asked several assistant police officers to torture all four of them.*
      Chapter 30 qualitative!gift
      Four guys were escorted out and got into the car, while two police officers laughed at Wang Juncheng and said, “team Wang is back. Let's go out and have a chat?”
      Nodding, Wang Juncheng said to Wang Dajun, followed the two police Cha out of the shop and stopped beside the police car.
      After taking out huazi and giving one to each of them, Wang Juncheng said directly:
      “The man named” Feng Ge “harassed my sister. I gave him a slap. Then he took out his spring knife and prepared to attack the police.”
      “After the warning failed, I took out my gun, and then he gave up his resistance, that's all.”
      After hearing Wang Juncheng's understatement, the two policemen looked at each other, nodded and asked, “team Wang, how do you deal with this?”
      “Harassing underage girls, attacking police, just follow the procedure.”
      He said that it was in accordance with the procedure, but Wang Juncheng directly set the tone of the matter. The two police Cha also understood it and nodded again
      “OK, we know, team Wang. Let's go first.”
      “Well, it's hard for you to go there, please.”After all, they sent out the police. Although Wang Juncheng's rank was much higher than theirs, he still politely expressed his thanks.
      He is not the kind of person who looks up at the sky. In addition, Wang Dajun, they are all in the town. It is necessary to have a good relationship with the people in the Chu Institute.
      In the future, they will be able to run faster.
      “Team Wang is polite. That's what we should do. By the way, we haven't congratulated team Wang for solving a big case.”
      As the police officers of the subordinate Chu station, although they are not high-level, they already know about the fact that Wang Juncheng led the third squadron to kill the bandit Xu Daqing.
      “It's a little thing. I'm lucky. I just ran into it. You should slow down on the way.”
      “All right, let's go first, team Wang!”
      Then, a public police car and a van left the breakfast shop and headed for paichu.
      Back in the shop, Wang Bao did not leave. He looked at Wang Juncheng with a look of prayer in his eyes.
      We are all villagers, Wang Juncheng will not do too much, and things really have nothing to do with Wang Yubin.So, after looking at Wang Bao's eyes, Wang Juncheng went over and said:
      “Uncle Bao, don't wait here. Go to send Chu. It's estimated that binzi will be released after he has finished his notes.”
      “Really?”Wang Bao surprised inexplicably confirmed.
      “Go ahead, but only this time. Next time it happens.”
      Before Wang Juncheng finished speaking, Wang Bao quickly said, “don't worry, chengwazi. Next time there's such a thing, I'll directly break his leg.”
      “That's not the case.”Wang Juncheng smiles and gives Wang Bao a cigarette.
      “Thank you, thank you chengwazi, and Huihui. I apologize for binzi.”
      “It's all right, uncle Bao.”Wang Hui replied wisely.
      “Ah, you are all good children. I'll go first.”
      “All right, go ahead, uncle Bao!”
      As soon as Wang Bao left, the diners all laughed and praised Wang Juncheng's way of handling.
      He beat a stranger, put him in prison and reformed him. He was angry for his sister and did things with good reason.Then, without implicating other people, Wang Yubin, a fellow townsman, was let go, but he was warned to behave well.
      Such a way of dealing with the problem not only reflects the hard spirit and the attitude of revenge, but also takes into account the relationship between the villagers. Wang Bao and his son have to thank Wang Juncheng.
      It has to be said that with this skill, people with some knowledge around all gave a thumbs up.
      In the face of the praise from the villagers, Wang Juncheng just laughed and did not respond.
      Looking at Wang Juncheng, who is still busy, these villagers once again sigh: Wang Dajun and his wife have really accumulated virtue in their last life.
      Busy to nine o'clock, after seeing off the last table of villagers, the breakfast shop business is over.
      After cleaning the house, cleaning up the chairs and tables, cleaning up the kitchen and counting money, the five finally had breakfast.At breakfast, Wang Hui said with a smile the prestige of Wang Juncheng when he just let out his anger.
      Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju listened with a smile, and asked Wang Juncheng how his work was?The leader and the colleague place good, simultaneously lets him pay attention to the safety.
      Although they don't have much culture, they still have some experience.
      Knowing that Wang Juncheng comes back from his vacation with a gun, we know that his work is definitely not that kind of stable.
      What's more, the criminal police also read the news and knew the danger of this job.
      Fortunately, they didn't know that they had a gunfight with Xu Daqing in the street last night. Otherwise, they would have to be frightened and talk about it for a long time.
      After breakfast, lock the door of the shop and walk home together.
      The shop is a few hundred meters away from home, not far. It's only a few minutes away.
      When he got home, Wang Juncheng took out his car key, pressed it, and the Audi A4L stopped at the door rang. Wang Dajun looked at it curiously.
      “It's a car from the Bureau. I can use it as I like.”
      “Wow?Brother, how can your bureau match you with such a good car?It's more than 300000, isn't it? “When Wang Hui heard about it, she screamed.
      “So expensive?”Wang Dajun and his wife look at it and have the meaning of confirmation.
      “Yes, it's about the same. It costs so much money to do it, but if I leave my job, I'll have to return the car to the Bureau.”
      “Yes, yes, chengwazi is really promising.”The couple were glad to hear that.
      However, after watching Wang Juncheng open the trunk and take out the gift he bought, the couple's face changed. They talked and blamed Wang Juncheng for spending money.
      After taking down a few bottles of wine, a few cigarettes, a set of skin care products, a latest fruit mobile phone, and some fruit snacks, there are still a few bottles of wine and a set of skin care products in the car.
      Lock the trunk, a few people will move things in, sat down in the living room.
      The wine and skin care products were given to Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju respectively, and the mobile phone was given to Wang Qiang, who won the first place in the final exam.
      “Brother, brother, where's my present?”As soon as Wang Hui saw that everyone had gifts, she didn't, so she quit immediately. She rushed over and pushed her second brother Wang Qiang aside. She held Wang Juncheng's arm and asked.
      “Those snacks and fruits are for you.”Wang Juncheng said with a smile, pointing to a pile of snacks and fruits.
      “No, brother, you are partial. You bought the latest mobile phone for the second brother, but you didn't buy anything for me. I'm angry!”With that, Wang Hui let go of Wang Juncheng's arm and pursed her mouth. I looked angry.
      Ha ha ha ha!
      Looking at Wang Hui, they all laughed.
      She didn't buy a mobile phone for Wang Hui. After all, what she has is the latest model.But Wang Juncheng didn't forget her either. He took out the jewelry box he had brought in together before and handed it to him
      “Well, your brother, when did I forget you?”
      “Ah, mine?Thank you. I know you love me the most
      Wang Hui, who got the gift, happily opened the box and saw a crystal pendant and a platinum chain attached to it. She was very happy.
      Mei Zhenju next to her also took a look at the necklace. She knew it was not cheap. Then she said to Wang Juncheng, “Juncheng, don't buy these things in the future. Huihui is still young. She doesn't need these things.”
      “Ma.”Hearing Mei Zhenju's words, Wang Hui pouts her lips and looks unhappy.
      “It's OK. It's not expensive. Huihui's age is just when she loves beauty. This necklace is also very beautiful. It's a gift for her. After all, Huihui did well in the exam this time.”
      “Yes, big brother is the best.”After hearing Wang Juncheng's words, Wang Hui smiles again.
      Wang Juncheng has come back. He will have a good lunch.
      Looking at Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju busy inside and outside, Wang Qiang and Wang Hui are a little jealous. They also say that sometimes they all doubt whether they are raised, and Wang Juncheng is born.
      This sentence naturally attracted Mei Zhenju's scolding, but Wang Juncheng didn't care.
      The whole family laughed and helped to make lunch together.
      After lunch, Wang Juncheng didn't go back to his house next to him. He went upstairs to his room and took a nap.
      In Wang Dajun's house, there has always been a room for him. Even after Wang Juncheng moved back to his next door home, it has never changed.*
      Chapter 31 see parents
      After dinner, Wang Juncheng and Wang Dajun's family moved their stools and sat in the yard under a yellow horned tree to enjoy the cool.
      Wang Dajun bought it from the outside when he built the house. It was not small at that time. Over the years, this tree is even more luxuriant, enjoying the cool in summer, which is very comfortable.
      A few people while enjoying the cool, while chatting, naturally talked about the business of getting married.
      Wang Juncheng bought his own house in the city. Now he has a job and an official position. Young people can be said to have a successful career.
      When their parents left early, Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju, the adoptive parents, felt that they had to worry about their eldest brother's marriage.
      About Yi Xiao, Wang Juncheng has never talked to Wang Dajun.
      Now when Wang Juncheng heard his adoptive parents mention it, he said it.
      “Uncle, you don't have to worry. In fact, I always have a girlfriend.”
      “Girlfriend?Which is it?Do we know each other? “After hearing that Wang Juncheng had a girlfriend, they were both very happy. Mei Zhenju asked quickly.
      “Haven't you met?”Wang Juncheng laughed for a while and continued: “she is also from Baijiang County, my high school deskmate, the university is also in Yanjing University, Huaqing University, but she has not graduated, and she still needs to study for two years.”
      “Huaqing?It's so powerful. “Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju look at each other with a little worry in their eyes.
      I don't think it's bad, but I think Huaqing college students have to study for a master's degree. In terms of cultural level, they are higher than Wang Juncheng.
      That's what it's like to be an elder. Although they think their children are very good, they are also worried.After all, people's minds are changing. Two years later, who can tell.
      For their reaction, Wang Juncheng looked in his eyes and said: “uncle, you can rest assured that Yi Xiao is not that kind of person, and my condition is not bad at all.”
      “That's true.”At the thought of the boss's work and ability, the elder was also relieved.
      “Juncheng, did you buy other things in your trunk for your future father-in-law?”Mentioning this, Wang Dajun thought of the cigarettes, wine and cosmetics in Wang Juncheng's trunk.
      “Yes, I bought some. I'll go to their house at noon tomorrow. Yi Xiao and I have agreed.”Wang Juncheng nodded. He was going to talk about it to them in the evening.
      “Well, it's good to be polite after going, but we don't have to rush to paste it. If her family gives you a look, it's too much to bear, and we can't hurt ourselves!”
      This is what Wang Dajun said. He is mainly worried that his boss has been wronged.
      Mei Zhenju did not object to these words and nodded her head to agree.
      “Hum, my brother is so good, they dare to let my brother be wronged, I'm the first to refuse.”When Wang Hui heard this, she opened her mouth and expressed her opinions.
      “What can I do for you?”Just, Wang Hui just finished, was Mei Zhenju to top a sentence.
      “Why is it none of my business?That's my sister-in-law. I'll meet her in the future. “Wang Hui a don't agree of appearance, explain a way.
      “Ha ha, it's the same. Don't worry. Your future sister-in-law has a good character. You will be able to play together.”Looking at the little sister's appearance, Wang Juncheng, regardless of her opposition, reached out and rubbed Wang Hui's head hard and said with a smile.
      “Well, brother, why don't I go with you tomorrow?”After breaking her head free from the claws, Wang Hui's face was not just dissatisfied, and she said with a smile.
      “What are you doing?Do your homework at homeMei Zhenju
      It's impossible for Wang Hui to go with her.
      After all, it's my first time to go to my girlfriend's house and take my little sister. What's the matter?Therefore, this proposal was opposed by everyone present, including Wang Qiang.
      At about nine o'clock, Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju went upstairs to have a rest. The three brothers and sisters didn't go to bed so early. They sat in the yard chatting for another hour or so before they went back to bed.
      The next morning, Wang Juncheng, who got up early in the morning, went out for a run, went back to wash his face and came to their breakfast shop to help.
      Wang Qiang has come, but he didn't come this morning. He is still sleeping in at home.
      At about 9:30, after busy, several people had breakfast. When they got home, Wang Juncheng cleaned up and drove to the county with his car key.
      Wang Juncheng's car was released only after the car stopped outside a villa on the edge of the county and explained to the security guard what it was about. He also called Yi Xiao.
      This villa area, is the kind of row, three floors, a basement, before and after the garden, parking space in front of the villa.
      After finding a parking space and stopping, Wang Juncheng, who just got off the bus, saw Yi Xiao, wearing a T-shirt and jeans, a pair of small white shoes and a single horsetail, bouncing to meet him.
      Coming near, Yi Xiao happily hugs Wang Juncheng and gives him a kiss.
      Well, the kiss is very fragrant, but after glancing at a middle-aged couple behind the French windows in the living room on the first floor, Wang Juncheng felt guilty.
      “Cough, Xiaoxiao, your parents are watching.”
      “Ah?”Yi Xiao looked back. Sure enough, his parents were standing next to the French windows, looking at themselves through the yard fence.Immediately, a red face, quickly lowered his head.
      “Help me with my things.”
      Yi Xiao's reaction, to Wang Juncheng's expectation, rubs the girl's little head. With a smile, he opens the trunk and brings out the ready gift.
      Looking at Wang Juncheng with big and small bags carrying things, Yi Xiao also goes to help.
      With a set of cosmetics in his hand, he helped to close the trunk and then followed Wang Juncheng to the gate.
      “Open the door.”Looking at Yi Xiao behind him, he doesn't mean to open the door. Wang Juncheng reminds him.
      “Oh, yes, open the door.”
      Reaction of Yi Xiao, this just verify fingerprint, open the door, led Wang Juncheng went in.When they went in, Yi Demin and Zhong Ting were already waiting in the corridor.
      Yi Demin's face is serious, while her mother, Zhong Ting, looks at Wang Juncheng with a smile.
      “Keke” clear throat, Wang Juncheng smile, greeting: “uncle, aunt, Hello, I'm Xiaoxiao's boyfriend.”
      “Xiao Wang, right?”Zhong Ting opens her mouth. Obviously, she knows Wang Juncheng.
      “Yes, auntie. I'm at Xiaoxiao high school.”
      “Yes, yes, Xiao Wang. Come in and sit in the living room.Look at you. You're not here. What else do you buy?Lao Yi, come and get the things quickly? ”
      The more mother-in-law sees her son-in-law, the more satisfied she is.
      Now Zhong Ting looks at Wang Juncheng and is very satisfied.The young man is sunny, tall, handsome and polite. It's mainly because he is also from Baijiang county and works in the city.
      What's more, Zhong Ting is not dissatisfied.
      Just, Yi Demin beside, hear his wife's greeting, face worse.
      What happened?The boy robbed his own cotton padded jacket, arched his own cabbage for more than 20 years, and still had to clap his hands to welcome him?
      Although he was upset, seeing his wife's eyes, Yi Demin still squeezed out a smile, said a welcome without a smile, and then took the gift from Wang Juncheng.
      “Thank you, uncle.”He politely handed the gift to Yi Demin, and Wang Juncheng also saw that Yi Demin was a bit afraid of his wife, so he turned his strategy directly to his future mother-in-law.
      “Auntie, it's not the first time you've been a guest at home. It's necessary to buy some presents. Xiaoxiao is carrying a specially selected cosmetics. It's said that it's easy to use, and I don't know much about it. You can try it. If not, I'll buy it again next time.”
      Sure enough, after listening to Wang Juncheng's words, Zhong Ting was very happy. She quickly took Yi Xiao's things and read them carefully. Then she said, “this is a big brand. I'm not willing to buy it. I'm very satisfied. Thank you for your gift. Come on, come on, come into the living room and sit. Don't stand.”
      After a promise, Wang Juncheng follows Zhong Ting, winks at Yi Xiao and goes to the living room.
      Yi Demin, who was turned around by putting something, saw this little action. After a cold hum, he crossed Wang Juncheng and entered the living room.
      It's over. My father-in-law found out!*
      Chapter 32 the little cotton padded jacket is leaking, my mother-in-law
      Sitting on the leather sofa in the living room, Wang Juncheng felt a little uncomfortable.
      The future mother-in-law is smiling, but the iron blue face of the father-in-law, coupled with the discovery of his little action, makes Wang Juncheng a little uneasy.
      Alas, we should not be careless.
      “Xiao Wang, I heard you work in the Municipal Bureau?”Soon, mother-in-law began to ask questions, easing some of the awkward atmosphere in the living room.
      “Yes, auntie. She's in the Criminal Investigation Department of the Municipal Bureau
      “Listen to Xiaoxiao, you were very busy some time ago. Why?When I first went to work, I met a big case? “Zhongting timely care.
      See Yi Xiao one eye, see she also look at oneself, know this wench didn't tell her father and mother the truth, didn't say own concrete work.
      “Yes, auntie, I met a big case some time ago. There was a police report before, but now I'm busy.”
      “Oh?Is it the case of Xu Daqing? “My father-in-law finally spoke. He seems to be very interested in this aspect.
      Seeing that his father-in-law's face was finally better and he was very interested in the case, Wang Juncheng threw himself in his favor and picked up something he could say.
      When they heard that there was a gunfight in order to catch Xu Daqing, and even a police officer was shot, Zhong ting and Yi Xiao's eyes were full of worry. Yi Xiao approached Wang Juncheng and reached for his arm.
      Yi Demin, who was beside him, was calm, nodded and said, “well, Xu Daqing really made a lot of trouble last year. Now that he can be killed, it can be regarded as solving a big disaster.”
      “By the way, do you know Yang Peiwei?”
      “Yes, it's our director. Uncle knows Yang Chu?”Wang Juncheng did not expect that Yi Demin knew Yang Peiwei.
      “Hey, Lao Yang and I were retired from the army before, but after he changed his job, he became a police Cha, but I didn't want to work and chose to go into business.”
      “Now that you are with Xiaoxiao, you should remember to protect yourself. Don't rush up when things happen. You should have more brains. After the internship, do well. I will say hello to Lao Yang.”
      With that, Yi Demin cocked his legs and raised his head slightly in the way of “Lao Tzu's bullying”. It seemed that he was Wang Juncheng's boss.
      “Cough.”In the face of his father-in-law's superiority, what can Wang Juncheng say? He just shut up.
      But if Wang Juncheng doesn't say it, it doesn't mean Yi Xiao doesn't say it.
      She doesn't want her boyfriend to be looked down upon by her father.
      “Dad, come on, Juncheng is a top student of Capital Police University.”
      “What happened to the top students?I don't have any other meaning. It's always good to have an acquaintance to take care of them. “Yi Demin is not satisfied with his daughter's contradicting him, and then he stares at Wang Juncheng.
      In his opinion, his old cotton padded jacket is leaking now. It's all caused by this boy.
      “Juncheng really doesn't need it.”Yi Xiao's proud face embraces Wang Juncheng's arm, and her small head is more proud than her father's.
      “Oh?Why doesn't he use it? “Yi Demin laughed.
      He doesn't think that a rookie who graduated from university can directly become a regular without going through the internship period.Besides, it's still in a department like the investigation section of the Municipal Bureau.
      It's very excellent to be able to enter the investigation department upon graduation, but to put it bluntly, no matter how excellent a rookie is, he is still a rookie.
      “Well, Jun Cheng is now the leader of the third team of the investigation section. Besides, he is a special recruit of the provincial department.At that time, Yanjing Municipal Bureau wanted to recruit him, but Juncheng chose to go back to Tianfu. ”
      “Not to mention uncle Yang, even the director of the Municipal Bureau, they all take good care of Juncheng.”
      “Oh?”Looking at her daughter Ao Jiao's appearance, Yi Demin and Zhong Ting both believe it. Just because they believe it, they look at Wang Juncheng with astonished eyes.
      They did not expect that some stiff young people sitting on the sofa in front of them were actually a member of the Municipal Bureau.
      This guy's only 22, isn't he?The leader of the investigation section also serves as the deputy section chief, the deputy section chief of the 22nd?
      Yi Demin, the father-in-law, knows a lot about things in the system, especially things in the police station.Now I know that my son-in-law to be became the deputy chief of the ace Department of the investigation department of the Municipal Bureau as soon as he graduated. After that
      And Yanjing Municipal Bureau wants to recruit him, but he hasn't taken a fancy to him?
      Hiss, think of here, Yi Demin also feel that his son-in-law, or something.
      “Ah?Xiao Wang, the case of Xu Daqing is not you… “At this time, mother-in-law Zhong Ting responded, put out her hand to cover her mouth, and asked in disbelief.
      “Yes, I shot him too, but he found a way to kill our old captain.”Speaking of this matter, Wang Juncheng's mood is not very high.
      If there is any regret about Xu Daqing's case, it is that Wu Yuan was killed.
      “Jun Cheng, are you not hurt?”Yi Xiao also thought of his previous worry and asked quickly.
      “I'm ok. Don't worry. It's my man who got shot. He's ok too. We all wear bulletproof vests when we go out on duty.”
      “Even if you have a bulletproof vest, you have to be careful in the future. If you are injured, I will be distressed.”The gunfight in the movie that rings out before, Yi Xiao's worry in the heart is heavier, saying, the eye socket is red.
      Looking at his daughter's appearance, Wang Juncheng reaches out his hand to put his daughter in his arms and gently comforts him. Yi Demin opens his mouth and wants to speak, but he is stopped by Zhong ting.
      Meanwhile, with a look in her eyes, Zhong Ting quietly leaves the living room with Yi Demin.
      In the kitchen, Yi Demin looks at his wife with dissatisfied eyes.
      “What are you looking at?”Zhong Ting stares and makes Yi Demin smile. She quickly puts away her dissatisfied thoughts.
      “No, wife. Look at that boy, he hugged our daughter in front of us. It's too much.”Although he did not dare to resist his wife, Yi Demin still wanted to say what he was thinking.
      “Xiao Wang is comforting his daughter. Do you want him to ignore it?”
      “No, I am…”
      “Hum, put away your careful thinking. I think Xiao Wang is very good. I agree with Xiao Xiao. If you don't agree, you can reserve your opinion.AndAt this point, Zhong Ting stopped.
      “And what?”Yi Demin looks at his wife with a bad premonition in his heart.
      “Cough, besides, last week, Xiaoxiao went downtown to see him.”
      “Last week?”Yi Demin was stunned for a moment, and then remembered. He looked at his wife in disbelief and stammered: “that's the time when my daughter didn't come back last weekend?”
      “It was that time!”Zhong Ting nodded.
      “I, I…”After listening to Yi Demin, the whole person is not good.
      “Didn't you tell me that my daughter went to play with female classmates?”
      “Che, my daughter has been with that boy for a long time.”Zhongting a pair of you don't know appearance, once again to yidemin's heart inserted a knife.
      “I, I'm going to kill that asshole!”Hearing that his daughter was eaten and wiped clean by the boy, Yi Demin couldn't stand it and yelled.
      The sound is so loud that a couple who will be warm in the living room wake up in a flash.
      After two people looked at each other, Wang Juncheng asked in a low voice: “Xiaoxiao, is there something bothering your father?”
      “I don't know. I guess it's about work.”Yi Xiao is not sure.
      “Oh, then I can't help.”Wang Juncheng shrugs and hugs Yi Xiao, but Yi Xiao doesn't care and leans on Wang Juncheng's chest again.
      “Zhong Ting, let me go, let me go!”Yi Demin's voice became smaller, but he still wanted to rush into the living room.
      “OK, Yi Demin, you call me by my name. Is there someone outside?”
      “Ah?No? “Yi Demin was confused by Zhong Ting's sudden reaction. Then he reacted and quickly said: “wife, wife, no, I was just dazed by that boy. Don't be angry, don't be angry.”
      In the living room, Wang Juncheng heard his mother-in-law's voice, released Yi Xiao again, hesitated and said, “Xiao Xiao, shall we go and have a look?”
      After a pause, Yi Xiao nodded and said, “OK, go and have a look.”
      Then the couple got up and walked to the kitchen hand in hand.Just came to the door, I saw Zhong Ting sitting on the bar chair, turned her head, seemed to be angry, while Yi Demin was beside, constantly apologizing.
      “What's the matter, Ma?”Seeing the situation at the scene, Wang Juncheng knew that he was not suitable to interrupt and gently pushed Yi Xiao to let her talk.
      Seeing her daughter and son-in-law coming, Zhong Ting snorted, got down from the bar chair, pulled up Yi Xiao and said, “Xiao Wang, Xiao Xiao Xiao, let's go to the living room. Lao Yi, you cook lunch. If it's not delicious, you wait for me.”
      With that, several people left, leaving Yi Demin alone in the kitchen, helpless.
      After a while, Yi Demin, who sighed, had to start preparing lunch. But he just started to operate, but Zhong Ting's giggle came from the living room. He didn't feel angry at all.
      Quietly went to see, between Wang Juncheng is laughing with his wife chat, the wife coax very happy.
      “Well, this son of a bitch, he's very good at coaxing people.”
      Yi Demin, who is not in a good mood in his heart, thinks of the past very much, but when he thinks that he has made his wife angry, he may have to be told in the past. Moreover, now that his wife is in a good mood, it is estimated that he will be fine soon.
      Therefore, the wise Yi Demin chose to quietly return to the kitchen and continue to cook.
      Sure enough, before long, Zhong Ting came in smiling and cooked with Yi Demin.
      Seeing that his wife came back, Yi Demin quickly lost his smile. Seeing that his wife was not angry, he was really relieved.
      Well, it seems that the boy is not good for nothing. At least he can make his wife happy so quickly. He is not angry with me.
      But what Yi Demin doesn't know is that in the living room, Wang Juncheng is also lamenting that his mother-in-law is so powerful that he can handle Yi Demin to death.
      At the same time, I have some vigilance in my heart.
      If a girlfriend has such a mother, will she also get her true story?*
      Chapter 33 first class merit, formal treatment
      No matter how worried Wang Juncheng was, Yi Xiao didn't feel it.
      He also thinks that with Yi Xiao's character, it is impossible to be like this mother-in-law.
      Moreover, later, Wang Juncheng also found that the couple did not really have one pressure on the other, but their taste.
      At lunch time, Yi Demin took Wang Juncheng to drink.
      The father-in-law said he wanted to drink, but Wang Juncheng didn't refuse. Weapons and other things are all put in the space warehouse, which is not a violation of discipline.
      Cup after cup, looking at Yi Demin's posture, it's very meaningful to intoxicate Wang Juncheng.
      However, how can Wang Juncheng, who is more than three times and close to four times of physique, be drunk by Yi Demin.
      As a result, after a bottle of Wuliangye was separated by two people, another bottle was opened. After more than half of the work was done, the father-in-law couldn't do it and talked nonsense.
      Seeing that her husband is really drunk, Zhong Ting is funny and angry. She pulls Yi Demin to the guest room on the first floor to let him have a rest.
      “Xiao Wang, don't bother with your uncle when you eat vegetables. He's a slave daughter, but he doesn't mean anything else.”After coming out of the guest room, Zhong Ting explained with a smile.
      “Auntie, I know. I don't care.”Wang Juncheng replied with a smile, eating the dish Yi Xiaogang had just given him.
      “That's good.”Zhong Ting smilingly drank the soup, put down the bowl and said: “by the way, you have come to see us, when will you take Xiaoxiao to see your parents?”
      “Ah, this…”Wang Juncheng is embarrassed.
      When Yi Xiao heard his mother's words, he gave Wang Juncheng an apologetic look and said, “Mom, Juncheng's parents died when he was a child.”
      “Ah?Oh, I'm sorry, Xiao Wang. You see, Xiaoxiao didn't tell us about it either. ”
      “It's OK, auntie. I've been used to it for so many years.Besides, I also have a uncle. He and his family are very kind to me. I treated them as parents when I was young. ”
      “Next time I'm on vacation, I'll take Xiaoxiao back. They live in Wangjia Town, not far away.What's more, I told my uncle and Xiaoxiao about me. ”
      “That's good, that's good.”
      Later, the three did not mention it again, chatting and eating.
      In the afternoon, he played in Yi Xiao's house for an afternoon. After having a meal in the evening, Wang Juncheng drove back to his home in Wang's town.
      After returning home, Wang Dajun and his wife naturally asked him whether Yi Xiao's parents were easy to get along with for the first time, and Wang Juncheng also answered them one by one.
      When you know that the other side is very satisfied with the boss, Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju also ask Wang Juncheng when to bring Xiaoxiao back to have a look.
      On Monday, after lunch, Wang Juncheng drove back to the city. The next day, that is, on Tuesday, he went to the psychological counseling center designated by the Municipal Bureau, saw a psychologist and made a psychological assessment.
      Naturally, there was no problem.
      Of course, there is no problem. After all, Wang Juncheng has been eating well and sleeping soundly these days. He has no reaction after shooting.
      It's not that he has a big nerve. In fact, when he was in University, he used to see more corpses.
      Many of the teaching courses in the Department of criminal investigation are inadequate.
      In particular, some corpses that already have the phenomenon of giant view can't eat for several days after seeing them. That's normal.But Wang Juncheng is OK. He has systematic support and strong adaptability, so he is the so-called most courageous group in the school.
      On Wednesday, the members of the third Squadron, who had finished their vacation and went to see a psychologist, all came to work.
      The case of Xu Daqing has been completely closed and filed. The Bureau has also said that their contributions have been reported, and they will be approved soon.
      Sure enough, on Friday, a deputy director of the provincial department came to the Municipal Bureau, and more than 100 Municipal Bureau leaders and police officers gathered in the auditorium.
      This meeting is for a commendation meeting. Naturally, it is all the members of the third squadron and the outstanding individuals.
      After the leaders finished speaking, the deputy director stood up with the document, and then read out the award document of the Ministry of public security on the outstanding groups and individuals in the Xu Daqing case.
      Yes, this time it's not a meritorious service award from the Department, but a direct reply from the Ministry.
      As the most outstanding Wang Juncheng in the whole case, there is nothing wrong with him for the time being.
      First of all, the investigation section, the collective third class meritorious service once.Obviously, the investigation section of the Municipal Bureau, with the help of the third Squadron, has won a collective third class merit.
      Then there are the members of the third middle school team, Zhong Qi and nine others, each of whom has a third class merit.
      When they heard about the reward regulation, all the people present were shocked. No one thought that the Ministry was so generous this time, and everyone directly made a third-class merit.
      Moreover, Huo Guangting, who was shot, has no name. Obviously, his credit should be even greater.
      What about Wang Juncheng?
      Is it a direct first-class work?That's too much.
      Zhong Qi and others, dressed in police uniforms, marched on the rostrum. After being decorated one by one by several leaders in the hall and the Bureau, and receiving the certificate, everyone was very excited.
      Third class meritorious service. With this third class meritorious service, some of them can be promoted to half a level. Moreover, this is a real credit, which is awarded by the Ministry.
      After Zhong Qi and others came down, it was Huo Guangting's turn.
      The guy who was shot once but didn't have any shit did get a second-class merit.
      When Huo Guangting came back to the stage, he had never heard of the smile on his face. He could see the back teeth in his split mouth.
      “According to the document issued by the Ministry of public security on Commending the meritorious personnel in the Xu Daqing case, it is hereby awarded that the deputy section chief of the investigation section of the Criminal Investigation Department of Tianfu Municipal Bureau concurrently serves as the squadron leader of the third Squadron, and Wang Juncheng, a first-class police superintendent, has made a personal first-class contribution once, so as to encourage him.”
      “Whoa, whoa, whoa
      Thunderous applause, after the deputy director read out the document, suddenly remembered that everyone looked at Wang Juncheng with admiration and admiration, standing in front of the deputy director and standing at attention.
      This guy, who is much younger than them and even younger than some people's sons, actually got first-class merit directly.
      First class meritorious service, those who can get this honor are basically lying in the grave, but this young and excessive squadron leader, after taking part in the work, got it in less than a month.
      Stand at attention, lean forward slightly, wait for the deputy director to solemnly wear the medal to him, stand up straight again, salute.
      And the deputy director also seriously returned a standard military salute.
      After turning around and saluting the colleagues below, Wang Juncheng turned around and was ready to step down.
      “Wait, Captain Wang.”Suddenly, the deputy director spoke.
      After Wang Juncheng stopped, the deputy director of the Department continued to pick up a document and read: “in the document No. 3812 of Sichuan Gongan tingganzi, the Department of Gongan decided that in order to commend Wang Juncheng's outstanding performance in cracking the Xu Daqing case, Wang Juncheng's first-class police superintendent was given special treatment at the section level.This order… ”
      “I'll go. That's the end of it?”
      “No, it's just the treatment, but the level is not mentioned?”
      “The salary is all given. It's not a matter of time before the level is raised?”
      “I don't want to be envious, I don't want to be envious. I heard that Xu Daqing was killed with three shots. He was decisive and ruthless..”
      “Boy, what are you talking about?”
      “Cough, that's not it. It's a decisive, clean, slip of the tongue!”
      In the thunderous applause again, the leading police officers at the bottom talked about it one after another.
      As for Wang Juncheng, who is the deputy section chief as soon as he entered the Municipal Bureau, now he has directly given him the treatment at the section level, which is too frightening.
      And this also means that, in a year or two, the young captain will directly step into the division level.
      Maybe you don't feel much, just a small section chief.
      Let's change to another place. In those counties below, the director of the county bureau who does not concurrently serve as the deputy head of the county is just a section. Seeing this, you should know the gold content of this section.
      After all, Wang Juncheng is not the one who has only rank but no real power.His position as the leader of the third squadron is a real leadership position.*
      Chapter 34 reason, about the old captain
      At the end of the commendation meeting, all the leaders in the hall left soon after, while Wang Juncheng was called to his office by director Liu Wenbing.
      After sitting down, Liu Wenbing looks at Wang Juncheng, smiles and praises him a few words, and then goes to the main topic.
      “Do you know why I gave first-class merit this time?”
      Liu Wenbing's remark is really what Wang Juncheng doubts. After all, no matter how influential the Xu Daqing case is, the credit for killing him is definitely not equal to the first-class credit, and the second-class credit should be.
      However, Wang Juncheng had a little guess in his mind.
      Seeing that Wang Juncheng didn't speak and frowned, Liu Wenbing laughed and didn't show off. He explained: “originally, when the Xu Daqing case was solved, we, including the hall, applied for second-class merit for you.”
      “As you know, this should be the normal level of merit.”
      “Yes, Liu Ju, I know.”Wang Juncheng replied and continued to listen.
      “However, after the information was sent to the Ministry, the ministry directly changed it, and then raised the credit of your No.3 middle school team to a higher level, and gave a collective third-class merit to the investigation section, so that all the members of the investigation section can benefit from you.”
      “And that's why I think you should have something on your own now?”
      “Because I helped Yanjing Municipal Bureau when I was in university?”Wang Juncheng said his guess.
      “Ha ha, yes.”Liu Wenbing affirmed: “before, you made a lot of contributions. If you really want to count, there are several third-class or even second-class contributions.”
      “But you were just a student, not even an intern.But the Ministry didn't forget these. They were all recorded.So this time, after you killed Xu Daqing, the Ministry decided to give you a promotion after research. ”
      “This medal for first-class meritorious service is not only an affirmation of your work, but also an expectation of your future.”
      “Yes, Liu Ju, I understand.Please rest assured that I will do my job well and make persistent efforts to lead the third squadron to fight crime and make new contributions! ”
      “Good!”Liu Wenbing patted his thigh, “this sounds to lift gas, I also believe you, also believe in the third Squadron, go, and teammates to celebrate.”
      “Yes, Liu Ju, I'll go first.”
      Back to the floor of the investigation section, along the way, no matter who, all affectionately called “team king”.Even the squadron leaders of several other squadrons came out of the small office to say hello to him.
      Not to mention the section chief Liang birui. When he entered the office of the third Squadron, Liang birui was in it.
      “Team Liang!”Wang Juncheng saw that Liang birui was there and said hello.
      “Don't talk nonsense, smoke away!”Liang birui waved his hand and cried with a smile.
      “Ha ha, that's necessary.”Wang Juncheng said, put away the medal, enter the office, and then take out a huazi to open, take out a bag of others to throw to Zhong Qi, let him go to the office smoking colleagues scattered smoke.
      Wang Juncheng, on the other hand, gave Liang birui and the other four squadron leaders a piece, and then lit it one by one with a lighter.
      Looking at these people puffing in the office, Qu Xinmiao directly ran out to talk to the good sisters in the office.
      The whole investigation section, when everyone received the smoke from the members of the third Squadron, all said thanks with a smile.
      This time, everyone in the investigation section owes a huge favor to the third squadron. Everyone has a share in the collective third class merit.
      Moreover, with this collective third-class merit as the foundation, the investigation section will never fall when it comes to the year-end evaluation.
      And the year-end evaluation is linked to the year-end bonus.
      Therefore, the whole investigation section owes a lot to the third squadron.
      After laughing, those who have a case in their hands talk about it later, and then leave in a hurry, while others who don't have a case for the time being all return to their respective offices after staying a little longer.
      After several other squadron leaders left, Liang birui and Wang Juncheng went into the small office inside. Others opened the windows, turned on the air conditioner and swept the air to clean up the smoke in the office.
      After sitting down, Liang birui took out a cigarette from the cigarette box that Wang Juncheng had put on the table, put out a mouthful of smoke, and then said:
      “Lao Wu's farewell ceremony is at the weekend.”
      “Well, I know. I went to the administration to ask about the time.”Wang Juncheng nodded and smoked.
      “Everyone in the first squadron wants to go, but there is a case in hand. Although it's not big, it can't stop. I'll be a representative then.”
      “We don't have any cases yet. I think we'll all go back.”Wang Juncheng looked at Liang birui and nodded.
      “Ah, Lao Wu is a good cop!”
      “Yes, the old captain is a role model for all of us.”
      They smoked in silence and didn't speak any more. After a while, Liang birui put out his cigarette and stood up and said, “OK, I'll go back first. There are still things to deal with over there.”
      “OK, team Liang, I'll see you off.”With that, Wang Juncheng also stood up.
      “All right, all right, don't send it. It's a matter of several steps. Don't engage in formalism. I just hope you can solve more cases.”
      “That's what I should do.”Wang Juncheng smiles and stops at the door of the small office.
      “Well, let's go.”
      Looking at Liang birui's back, Wang Juncheng also thinks of Wu Yuan
      “Zhong Qi!”
      “Here, head. What can I do for you?”Zhong Qi ran over with a smile on his face.Obviously, I'm very happy to receive awards for meritorious service.
      “I have something to ask you.”
      “All right.”
      They entered the office, closed the door and sat down.
      “At the farewell ceremony of the old captain at the weekend, I would like to ask, what are the rules on our side, including sending flower baskets, sealing white bags and so on?”
      Hearing this, Zhong Qi's smile converged, and a trace of sadness flashed in his eyes.
      After clearing up his mood, Zhong Qi replied: “generally speaking, our squadron will send a flower basket and a white bag together. The vice captain and the captain should have more.”
      “I also discussed with them. Each of them gave 500 yuan. In the big bag, I added 200 yuan and gave 700 yuan.”
      “OK, give me nine hundred. I'll transfer the money to you later.”Wang Juncheng nodded and decided to follow the rules.
      However, he knew that Zhong Qi would definitely send it alone, and he would express it himself.
      “By the way, is there any difficulty in the old captain's family?”Wang Juncheng continued.
      “Wu's wife works in a government unit, and his son works in the provincial police college. He's a junior and is about to graduate. It's not a big problem.”
      Zhong Qi understood Wang Juncheng's meaning and introduced him.
      “Well, that's good.You and the old team leader are more familiar at home. If you have any difficulties, just let me know. Let's find a way together. ”
      “Yes, thank you, chief.”Zhong Qi promised.
      Since the last exchange of fire, now all the people in the third Squadron, calling Wang Juncheng, are no longer the captain, but directly calling “head”, which is not formal, but shows a sense of intimacy.
      After another chat, Zhong Qi left the office, and Wang Juncheng also looked at the documents in his hand.
      In the evening, we must go out to have a meal and celebrate. After all, everyone has made contributions, which is a happy thing.
      However, this time, Wang Juncheng did not put forward his own money, but used the team's money.
      A few days ago, the bonus was paid.A million in all.
      They didn't do it according to the merits. They gave 10000 yuan for food to the second squadron they supported that day, and then each of the third squadron gave 80000 yuan for the rest.
      There are nearly 100000 others, which are put into an account and managed by Qu Xinmiao, the only policewoman in the team.
      This money will be used for entertainment activities, singing karaoke, parties, meals and so on in the future, or for subsidies to anyone injured in the team.
      And this matter was also agreed by all the members of the third squadron.
      After all, it doesn't cost much to have a meal. But if you want to have a good meal, the funds allocated by the Bureau for handling cases can't be moved casually. With this money, it can be quite convenient.*
      Chapter 35 rotten corpse, strange scene
      Wu Yuan's farewell ceremony was very grand and he was treated as a martyr.
      On the same day, many old colleagues, old friends, old leaders and provincial directors came to the Municipal Bureau and its branches.
      After burying him in the cemetery, Wang Juncheng and other members of the third middle school said a few words to Wu Yuan's wife and left.The leaders have gone one step ahead.
      Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, Wang Juncheng has been in office for more than four months, and the weather in Tianfu has begun to cool down. Two pieces of clothes are not enough. Although he has not yet put on his thermal underwear, his coat is thick enough.
      Yi Xiao went to Yanjing in early September and went back to school to continue his studies. Their contact was limited to telephone and video.
      Generally, Wang Juncheng took the initiative to fight.
      It's not that Yi Xiao doesn't want him, but that she's not sure about Wang Juncheng's time and whether she's working.
      But before he left, Yi Xiao followed Wang Juncheng to Wangjia town. After a day, he met Wang Dajun and Mei Zhenju.They are very satisfied with the girl.
      It's beautiful, not coquettish and polite. Everyone will like it.
      In four months, there were not many cases. During this period, the third squadron only took on three small cases, and these three cases were solved within two weeks.
      And Wang Juncheng, also in one of the cases, used hypnotic ability, unconsciously, set out the suspect's words, dug out a gang.
      “Command center to investigation team three, over!”
      “Team three, over!”In the office, Wang Juncheng sat on a chair, looked at the information on the intranet, heard the voice coming from the radio next to him, and turned to look at it.
      In the radio station, Zhang Yiwei is on duty today, responsible for answering the police.
      “Team 3, someone called the police. Unit 4, No. 14, middle Taihe Road, high tech Zone, smelled a peculiar smell. After sending Chu police station nearby, a female body was found. The technical investigation department has started. Please rush to the scene to deal with it. Over!”
      “Team three, over!”
      After replying, Zhang Yiwei got up and pushed Wang Juncheng's office away.
      “I hear you. Everyone, let's go. You're in charge of contacting the command center.”
      After turning off the computer and putting away the secret key, Wang Juncheng got up, picked up the wireless headset on the table, put it on his ear, put on his coat and went outside.
      In the big office, Zhong Qi and others are ready.
      Get in. Let's go.
      Eleven people, take four cars to the scene of the crime.
      About half an hour later, the third team arrived at the bottom of No.14 Middle Taihe Road.
      This is an apartment building. There is no such thing as the residential area. However, there are still security guards. They park the car outside, hang up the police officer's card, show it to several Chu police officers who are guarding the unit downstairs, and then push open the glass door of the unit and enter the hall.
      After glancing at the surveillance in the hall and the security guard at the registration office, Wang Juncheng points. Qi Hui immediately nods and orders Cai Zixing, Qu Xinmiao, and Huo Guangting to follow him to get surveillance and make a note for the security guard.
      Others followed Wang Juncheng all the way to the 14th floor.
      Out of the elevator, Xu Wei of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Branch Bureau has been waiting at the entrance of the elevator.
      “Team king!”
      “Team Xu!”
      They met before, and they knew each other.
      After greeting, Wang Juncheng followed him to 1404 and asked, “what's the situation at the scene?”
      “The woman's body is rotten.After sending the police officers of Chu station to break the door, the air conditioner was still on in the room, and the temperature was adjusted to 30 degrees. ”
      “The technical investigators of the Municipal Bureau have just arrived and are checking inside.”Xu Wei led the way and said as he walked. His pace was very fast.
      “Have the neighbors around you inquired about the reporter?”
      “Among the neighbors, only one family is at home. Everyone else should have gone to work.The reporter is a cleaner. This is a hotel apartment. When she passed by, she smelled the smell and knocked on the door, but no one answered. Then she called the police
      “Tiancheng, go and ask the reporter and his neighbors at home for a record.”
      Yang Tiancheng goes to work with Wen Zhaochun.
      The closer to 1404, the stronger the smell. The strong smell of corpse made Wang Juncheng frown.
      When they came to the door, they put on masks, gloves, foot covers and headgear. Then Wang Juncheng, Zhong Qi, Zhang Yiwei, Wang Tianyang and Cai Zixing went in.
      The room is not big, about 20 square meters, and the furnishings are very simple.
      A bed, a wardrobe, a table, a chair, and a small sofa for two, and a small table.
      The bathroom is close to the door. There is no sign of damage to the door lock.It's a fingerprint lock.
      And the body, lying on the bed near the window inside, has begun to rot.Combined with the indoor air-conditioning deliberately turned on, according to the degree of decay of the body, it is inferred that he died for at least five days.
      However, there is a problem, that is, when did the air conditioner turn on? It is uncertain for the time being.
      “HeadAfter taking a look inside, Cai Zixing immediately drew back his eyes and looked at the situation. It should be the first time that he saw such a scene.
      However, on hearing Wang Juncheng's call, he immediately responded.
      “Go and check the electricity bill in this room.Nearly half a month. “Finally, Wang Juncheng added.
      “All right, head.”
      After hearing Wang Juncheng's order, Cai Zixing rushed out.
      The corpses in the room were miserable, and the smell of constantly drilling into the nose, not to mention Cai Zixing, but some old people, such as Wang Juncheng and Zhong Qi, couldn't stand it.
      “OK, team bell and I will go in. You wait outside.”
      After glancing at the reaction of other people, Wang Juncheng said so.
      After hearing this, Zhang Yiwei knew that his team leader was dissatisfied with their performance.
      So he quickly held back, shook his head and did not agree to do so.
      “Head, let them follow. Maybe they'll meet again in the future.”Zhong Qi, standing beside him, whispered a word.
      “All right, it's up to you.”
      With that, Wang Juncheng ignored them and went straight to the inside. He wanted to see the body nearby.
      “Dr. yuan.”
      “Team king!”
      This doctor yuan is the only second female forensic doctor in the technical investigation department of the Municipal Bureau. She has very strong professional ability. She was also at the scene of the last case.
      So, they got to know each other.
      Looking at the expressionless forensic doctor yuan Weiyue who examined the body, to tell the truth, Wang Juncheng was very impressed.
      Without waiting for Wang Juncheng to inquire, yuan Weiyue talked about the corpse while doing things
      “Corpse, female, decayed for the second time. The room was heated by air conditioner. The temperature of liver was 30 degrees. The time of death was more than five days. We need to go back to do more detailed dissection.”
      “There was no obvious trauma, no pinch mark under the neck, no obvious symptoms of asphyxia and death, and the cause of death could not be determined for the time being.”
      “The body is red, but it is not clear whether it has been violated.”
      “But at the head of the bed, we found a bottle of sleeping pills with only one left.”
      “Thank you, Dr. yuan.”
      Nodding, Wang Juncheng glanced at the desk at the end of the bed. After carefully checking the cosmetics on the desk, he went to the open wardrobe and checked the clothes in it.
      Then they met at the door with Zhong Qi, who asked the scene investigators.
      “How's it going?”After the meeting, Wang Juncheng asked Zhong Qi directly.
      “The scene investigation found some hair, which has not yet been determined. It needs to be taken back for testing.”
      “In addition, I've also seen the sleeping pill bottle with only one left. It was bought half a month ago, and it has a hospital label.”
      “Secondly, the mobile phone of the deceased was found at the scene, with a password, and the technical investigation will take it back to deal with it.”
      “In the end, an ID card was found, confirming that it belonged to the deceased.I took a picture and passed it on to the internal staff. They sent the identity of the dead. “While saying this, Zhong Qi turns on his mobile phone and calls out a piece of information.
      Wang Ping, from Gansha Province, is 20 years old. Her parents are still alive and have a younger sister. She is still in junior high school and unemployed.This address is not registered in the police system. It should be a temporary rental residence, and it is not registered.
      According to the traffic information system, Wang Ping arrived in Tianfu two months ago by high-speed rail.
      “Let the bureau check her ticket information, and check her correspondence.Also, confirm her bank account information, including credit card bills and payment app information. ”
      “OK, I'll arrange it.”
      Zhong Qi nodded and called the back office to ask them to retrieve the bank account and other information of the deceased.
      “Head, we asked the property and security, and they said they didn't know the 1404 victim. The surveillance is intact. We have copied it.”
      Qi Hui and others came back soon.
      “Head, we've got the electricity. Here's the list.”
      “Head, the reporter's record and the neighbor's record have been completed.The neighbor mentioned that sometimes he would see some strange men in and out of 1404's room. ”
      “This testimony has also been confirmed by the floor steward.”
      “Well, I see. Summarize the information.”
      Soon, forensic and scene investigators came out, and the dead were carried away in corpse bags.
      As soon as they left, Wang Juncheng entered the room again and looked at it carefully.
      Before, the forensic and scene investigators crowded the small rooms. Wang Juncheng didn't look at them carefully. Now when they leave, they leave room for them to come in.
      After a turn, Wang Juncheng picked up a photo frame on the head of the bed and looked at it.
      After a while, after putting down the photo frame, he said to Zhong Qi, “let's check whether the deceased has ever bought sleeping pills. It's a prescription drug. It should not be difficult to check.”
      “Come on, there's nothing to see.”
      With that, Wang Juncheng went out of the room and closed the door, while the two policemen waiting outside took out the seal and sealed the house temporarily.*
      Chapter 36 confirmation of homicide and investigation
      After leaving the apartment building, most of the third squadron were sent out, Zhong Qi also went out, while Wang Juncheng and others returned to the city Bureau.
      At about three o'clock in the afternoon, Zhong Qi and others came back. After giving them a simple lunch, Wang Juncheng called a meeting.During the meeting, Yang Peiwei and Liang birui also came and sat on the side to listen.
      “At 10:16 this morning, we received a notification from the command center that a decaying body was found in the apartment building at No. 14, Taihe Middle Road, high tech Zone.”
      “After receiving the alarm, he rushed to the scene. The body was decayed for the second time, and there was no obvious scar on the surface. The cause of death was unknown, because there was a bottle of sleeping pills at the head of the bed, and he was initially suspected to have died of overdose.”
      “However, because the body of the deceased is red, and the body is placed outside the cup, and the head is toward the end of the bed, it is not in line with the situation of ordinary suicides.In addition, the room has been open air conditioning, the temperature reached 30 degrees. ”
      “To sum up, we will define this case as homicide for the time being.Whether to continue the investigation needs to wait for the results of the forensic and technical side. ”
      Zhong Qi stood up and introduced the case.
      After that, he sat down directly.
      “Did you find the bank account information and the credit card bill?”Wang Juncheng asked.
      “Yes, the dead Wang Ping has only one savings card in total, and the balance in the card is 3432 yuan and 64 cents.In addition, there was a credit card with the same bank, but it was not activated or used. The card was also found at the scene and belonged to the deceased's wallet. ”
      “What about the ticket information?”Wang Juncheng continued.
      “I got it.”Zhong Qi takes a look at Wen Zhaochun. Wen Zhaochun nods and projects an information onto the large screen.
      It's the purchase information of two tickets.
      “We found out that Wang Ping came to Tianfu in the same way.Li Yan, from Gansha Province, and Wang Ping come from the same town. The ticket Wang Ping came to is bought by Li Yan online, and the destination is also Tianfu. ”
      “We have sent a notice of investigation assistance to Chu of all parties, looking for Li Yan.”
      “What about the social relations of the dead?”Yang Peiwei interrupted.
      “Not yet.”Zhong Qi replied: “however, according to the testimony provided by the neighbors, we often see strange men in and out of the deceased's residence, and we suspect that the deceased is engaged in flesh trading.”
      “This testimony was also confirmed by the floor manager of the apartment.”
      When Zhong Qi finished speaking, Wang Juncheng saw that Yang Peiwei did not speak. He picked up a bill next to him and said, “this bill is the electricity consumption of 1404. It can be seen from the above that the electricity consumption of 1404 has been high, but it is also within a certain range.”
      “However, since ten o'clock in the evening seven days ago, electricity consumption has continued to rise and finally stabilized at a certain value.I calculated it based on the electricity consumption and the electrical power in the room. ”
      “It can be basically confirmed that the increase in power consumption is due to the fact that the air conditioner is heating all the time and keeping high temperature.”
      “That is to say, the air conditioner of 1404 was probably adjusted to 30 degrees that night, and it was always on, until the police arrived at the scene and broke the door.”
      “You think he did it?”After listening, Yang Peiwei asked with a frown.
      “I think it's very likely.”Wang Juncheng nodded directly.
      Jingling.Just then, Wang Juncheng's mobile phone rang, took it up and took a look, then picked it up.
      “Hello, Dr. yuan, have you found something?”
      “Yes, when we carefully examined the position of the lower body of the deceased, we found a needle eye. After confirmation, we found the residue of ecstasy. In addition, there was no residue of sleeping pills in the stomach of the deceased.”
      “Secondly, we found some villi in the position of the nose and mouth of the deceased.It's supposed to be something like a pillow or a quilt that's left behind after being forced to cover it. ”
      “In addition, about two hours before the death, the deceased had x behavior, but there was no residual body fluid and no sign of struggle. It was not like being forced.”
      “Other information, I will form a report and give it to you before 8 pm.”
      “Thank you, Dr. yuan.”
      After the phone hung up, Wang Juncheng stood up and said solemnly, “doctor yuan just called. The preliminary autopsy results are available.”
      “In the lower part of the body, Dr. Yuan found a pinhole that was not very obvious. In the muscle tissue around the pinhole, he detected the residual components of ecstasy.”
      “In addition, there was no hypnotic residue in the stomach.Secondly, some fluff was found in the body's mouth and nose, which is clothing fiber. It needs to be compared specifically, but it is speculated that it is a pillow and quilt, which was left behind after covering the dead's head and face with force. ”
      “Based on this information, we can basically confirm that Wang Ping, the deceased, was killed by others!”
      “Team Zhong, what's the matter with the sleeping pills?”With that, Wang Juncheng looked at Zhong Qi and asked.
      “After investigation, no dead Wang Ping was found, and there was a record of prescribing sleeping pills.”Zhong Qi's face answered earnestly.
      “Well, first investigate the case by homicide.”After Wang Juncheng finished, he took a look at Yang Peiwei and Liang birui. Seeing that they had no objection, he continued
      “There are two urgent tasks: first, find Li Yan who came to Tianfu with the dead.”
      “Second, find the surveillance video copied from the property. It was seven days ago, that is, from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. on November 18. Whether anyone had been in or out of the deceased's home.”
      “I have seen the monitoring of the elevator entrance. Although it can't completely reach the entrance of 1404, there is no problem in the direction.”
      “During this period, all the people who appeared on the 14th floor and went to 1404 have been investigated.”
      “Do it!”
      “I understand!”
      Then the third squadron dissolved, and Yang Peiwei and Liang birui, after greeting Wang Juncheng, got up and left the big office of the third squadron.
      They are here to listen in and investigate. Wang Juncheng is in charge of the investigation. They will not interfere.
      Around 6 p.m., the news came that Li Yan had found her.
      After receiving the news, Zhong Qi took Qu Xinmiao and Cai Zixing and rushed over. An hour later, he took them back to the Municipal Bureau and put them in the interrogation room.
      Wang Juncheng, who came down from the upstairs, saw Li Yan, who was handcuffed to his seat, across the monitoring room next to the interrogation room.
      “Where did you find it?”
      “In the rental house in Kongming District, a man was also there at that time and was arrested by the police of Chu.”Zhong Qi smiles and explains.
      “The meat business?”
      “Well, Xinmiao, follow me in.”Wang Juncheng nodded and then called Qu Xinmiao. They went out of the monitoring room and into the interrogation room next door.
      In the interrogation room, seeing Wang Juncheng and Qu Xinmiao come in and sit opposite him, Li Yan's face is a little white and looks very uneasy.
      “Li Yan.”
      “Li Yan, do you know why I came to you?”Wang Juncheng asked.
      “Police officer, I'm sorry, I shouldn't be engaged in illegal activities of selling y. I know it's wrong, I…”
      “Kowtow.”Wang Juncheng knocked on the table and interrupted Li Yan: “do you know Wang Ping?”
      “Yes, yes, she is my hometown.”Looking at Li Yan, it seems that she doesn't know what happened to Wang Ping.
      Just unconsciously, Wang Juncheng has already used the hypnotic means, that is, the two knocks on the table.Advanced hypnotic ability, but very powerful, and, before solving a few small cases of experience, are added to this ability.
      If he reaches the master level, Wang Juncheng estimates that he can hypnotize a person anytime and anywhere.
      “You brought her to Tianfu. Did you introduce her to Tianfu?”
      “Yes, yes, police officer. Last time I went back, she said that she wanted to work and earn a lot of money. I asked her if she would like to do it. She agreed without thinking about it.”
      “Officer, really, I absolutely didn't force her!”
      “Do you know who is the chicken head on her?”
      “Know, know, this chicken head used to control me, but after I introduced Wang Ping to him, I stepped back and worked alone.”Li Yan finished and lowered her head.
      “Can you ask him out for a meeting?”
      “Yes, yes, no problem.”Li Yan quickly agreed.
      “Do you know that Wang Ping is dead?”
      “Ah?”Li Yan raised her head and looked surprised.Although she was hypnotized, she didn't look dull. Her expression was natural from the heart.
      “OK, we'll hand you over to the security people later. You listen to their arrangement and make an appointment. Do you understand?”
      “Yes, officer, I know. I see.”Li Yan repeatedly promised.
      Later, Wang Juncheng canceled her hypnosis, but her heart will remember Wang Juncheng's request, will do according to the request.
      After leaving the interrogation room and returning to the monitoring room, Wang Juncheng shook his head to Zhong Qi and said, “it has nothing to do with her. Give it to the people of public security and let them destroy the network.”
      “All right.”
      Then, Zhong Qi informed the people of public security. Soon, the public security department sent police officers to come and take them away.When I left, I gave thanks to Zhong Qi.
      After all, this is a credit to them, a thank you do not say, that is really not a man.*
      Chapter 37 the cunning murderer, the threat
      Back in the office upstairs, Wang Juncheng didn't interfere in the monitoring.
      There are not many surveillance videos that need to be viewed in this case, and Wang Juncheng didn't interfere in this case. He handed all these things over to his subordinates.
      Otherwise, he has done everything, and it's useless if his subordinates can't grow up.
      I can't. the whole third squadron depends on him alone to solve the case, right?
      As a leader, sometimes we should learn to delegate power appropriately and use manpower reasonably.
      “Head, there's something
      In the open small office, Wang Juncheng hears the shouting outside and immediately goes out to Wen Zhaochun. Zhong Qi and several other people who are ready to be on duty at any time also surround him.
      On the computer, the video has been frozen, a man, wearing a cap and head down, appears on the screen.
      “Play it again.”
      “Yes.”Wen Zhaochun follows the operation, and the video starts from the elevator door opening and plays at normal speed.
      In the picture, the man appears, with his head down all the time, as if he knew there was a camera at the door of the elevator.Until the man walked out of the camera area, the surveillance only took a side face at most, not even half a face.
      “That's him!”
      Looking at the man in the video and the time shown by the surveillance, almost everyone present can be sure that this guy should be the murderer.
      Besides, it doesn't look like a rookie!
      “Keep looking back, monitor the elevator, monitor the parking lot, and monitor the outside of the apartment.Let's see how this man got here. ”
      Looking back along the path, the suspect entered the elevator from the underground garage, not through the downstairs hall.
      But he didn't drive.
      Keep looking. At the entrance of the garage, I found this guy's figure again, but he walked into the underground garage and didn't drive.
      “Damn, cunning!”
      “What are you looking at?”Just as they were cursing in their hearts, a voice rang out beside them. Several people turned their heads and saw that it was yuan Weiyue.
      “Dr. yuan, when did you get down?”Wang Juncheng asked.
      “Just arrived. Why?You got something?Is it convenient to have a look? “Yuan Weiyue asked after passing the autopsy report to Wang Juncheng.
      “Of course.”
      Later, people continue to watch the monitoring, and Wen Zhaochun also calls out the monitoring around the apartment.
      This guy is really cunning. When he appeared in the peripheral monitoring, he was already walking, and he was wearing a hat all the way, with his head slightly down, and the brim of his hat was also very low.
      “Keep looking, go to the monitoring center, transfer out the surrounding road monitoring, one to find this person.He's ready to be around the apartment building. ”
      “Either he's sitting around, or he's driving or taking a taxi, but he gets off early.”
      “By the way, have you caught the chicken head?We need the chat record of the chicken head. Besides, this guy may have problems even if he hasn't contacted his young lady for such a long time. ”
      Zhong Qi immediately takes Wen Zhaochun to the monitoring center of the Municipal Bureau, while Yang Tiancheng contacts the security department. When he learns that the arrangement is being made, he urges them to arrest people as soon as possible.
      After Wang Juncheng took a look at yuan Weiyue who didn't leave, he asked, “doctor yuan hasn't got off work yet?”
      “I'm ready to leave, but in order to give you a report, I didn't have dinner, and I'm alone when I go back. Can I have a meal?”
      As soon as yuan Weiyue said that, Wang Juncheng remembered that everyone had not eaten yet.
      “Yes, head!”Qu Xinmiao stands up.
      “Ask the canteen if there's any food left. If there's any, ask them to send some out, plus doctor yuan's advice.No, just take out. The Chinese restaurant we often go to. ”
      “All right, head!”After a promise, Qu Xinmiao began to call.
      “Dr. yuan, please come to my office. I think it will take a while.”
      “Yes.”Yuan Weiyue did not refuse, nodded and followed Wang Juncheng into the small office.
      “Oh, the leader is the leader. This small office is really exquisite.”As soon as she got in, yuan Weiyue, sitting in a chair, looked at the furnishings in the office, and then exclaimed.
      “Ha ha, Dr. yuan joked. In fact, the office is just like this, but his girlfriend helped to decorate it.”
      “Oh, isn't that an early marriage?”Yuan Weiyue laughed and joked.
      “It's going to take years to get married.”With a smile, Wang Juncheng said.
      “Ha ha, come on, Captain Wang, you don't need to greet me. I'll just sit here. You're busy.”
      “Well, Dr. yuan, there's water and glasses over there. If you like to drink tea, there's a drawer next to it. You can make it yourself.Coffee is only instant. ”
      After greeting, Wang Juncheng ignored yuan Weiyue and got busy.
      Wen Zhaochun found the clue. Although he had watched the video once, Wang Juncheng opened the video again and watched it.
      He's trying to see if he can find something that just might have been overlooked.
      “Eh, this pair of shoes should be AJ's latest fast. This kind of color style seems to be in short supply. It's only available on the official website. One pair costs more than 6000.”
      While Wang Juncheng was watching the video, yuan Weiyue also came over. After watching it several times, she suddenly noticed the shoes on the suspect's feet and said.
      “Really?”After listening, Wang Juncheng operated on the computer for a while, enlarged the suspect's foot, took a screenshot of the shoe style, and adjusted it out.
      Beside, yuan Weiyue takes out her mobile phone, opens the official website of AJ, finds out the style she mentioned and hands it to Wang Juncheng.
      For brands like AJ, Wang Juncheng doesn't usually pay attention to them.
      He likes to wear light, comfortable and functional shoes such as low top military boots and outdoor boots. Although each pair is not cheap, he really doesn't like shoes like AJ.
      It's mainly flowery, not in line with his taste.
      The mobile phone as like as two peas, and the information on the shoes that Yuan Weiyue had found, was compared with the information of the shoes that had been taken off. Wang Jun Cheng was delighted.
      “Thank you, Dr. yuan!”
      “I wish I could help.”Yuan Weiyue smiles and says.
      Wang Juncheng once again said humility, immediately ran out of the small office, shouting: “Cai Zixing, find the service phone of AJ official website, tell them that we need the list of buyers of their shoes, let them send it.”
      “Yes, head!”
      After taking the mobile phone Wang Juncheng handed over and recording the style of the shoes, Cai Zixing immediately found the service phone on the official website of AJ dahuaxia district and called.
      However, it seems that the progress is not smooth. A few minutes later, Cai Zixing with a mobile phone walked into the small office and said to Wang Juncheng, “head, they said that the customer's information is confidential.”
      Wang Juncheng, who was looking at the autopsy report in his hand, raised his head and asked, “has the phone hung up?”
      “Not yet.”Cai Zixing replied.
      “Give me your cell phone.”
      After taking the phone and taking a look at the length of the call, Wang Juncheng put the handset to his ear.
      “Hello, sir.”
      The voice of the operator on the other side of the phone is very nice, but Wang Juncheng doesn't have a good tone.
      “Put your person in charge on the phone.”
      “I'm sorry, sir, if you need the information of our customers.”
      “I don't care what you keep secret, I only know that if you don't let your person in charge answer the phone, I will find out who you are and arrest you for obstructing public affairs.Now, immediately, immediately, go to your person in charge and ask him to answer the phone. I'll give you a minute. ”
      “……”After a moment's silence, the other party replied, “Sir, would you please wait a moment, and I'll apply to it…”
      “One minute, 50 seconds left. I'm not kidding you. I'll call you from the office of Tianfu Municipal Bureau now. If you don't cooperate with your person in charge, you will be responsible for the consequences.”
      Wang Juncheng's tone was severe, and he didn't give the other party any time to grind.
      “Yes, sir. Just a moment.”
      With that, there was no sound in the receiver.
      After a while, a male voice rang in the receiver.
      “Hello, sir, I'm the duty manager of customer service department of AJ official website.”
      “I think your staff have already told you my identity, and I understand that you will have doubts in your mind. Now I will tell you the official email number of our Municipal Bureau, and you can check with the command center of your local police station.”
      “Ask them to help confirm the authenticity of this mailbox.I'll give you half an hour. I need to see the list you sent me.In addition, please indicate in the email that it should be transferred to the third squadron of the investigation section of the criminal investigation department. ”
      With that, Wang Juncheng directly reported the city Bureau official email number.
      “Well, officer, thank you for your understanding. In addition, on behalf of the company, I apologize for the attitude of our staff just now. We are very happy to cooperate with the police in performing official duties.”
      “Thank you. Please check and deal with it as soon as possible. I'm in a hurry.”
      “No problem, goodbye!”
      The phone hung up.
      After returning the mobile phone to Cai Zixing, Wang Juncheng said: “you go to the administrative side to call and let them pay attention to the published email. If the other side sends it, please send it to us immediately.”
      “All right, head.”
      Cai Zixing goes out, while yuan Weiyue looks at Wang Juncheng in surprise.
      “What's the matter?”
      “It's nothing. I didn't expect you to have such a dignified side. I always smile when I saw you before. At most, I look a little more serious, but I speak very kindly.”Yuan Weiyue put forward her own ideas.
      “That's for you, for your colleagues.”Wang Juncheng explained with a smile: “for these people, I understand that they maintain a skeptical attitude, but if they don't listen to the explanations many times and don't give them a heavier tone, they won't listen at all and won't even agree with the verification.”
      “What if they don't send it in the end?Are you really going to arrest them? “Yuan Weiyue said.
      “Of course, if they obstruct official business and do not arrest them, will they just hide?”Wang Juncheng smiles, but he is sure.
      If these guys really dare to do so, he also dares to contact the local police immediately and ask them to go out and arrest these people.
      He doesn't care if he's from a big company or not.*
      Chapter 38 the list is in hand. The line is broken
      More than 20 minutes later, Cai Zixing came in in a hurry, holding several pieces of printing paper.
      “Head, the list over there has been sent, and they have listed the ones whose receiving address is in Tianfu city in front of them.”
      Wang Juncheng nodded and let Cai Zixing go out.
      After a while, Zhong Qi, who went to the monitoring center, also came back. As soon as he entered the office, he heard the good news from Cai Zixing and rushed into the small office.
      “Head, have you heard about the cable?”
      “I'm not sure yet,” Wang Juncheng shook his head and said, “I've found the clue of AJ shoes. The list already exists, but there are dozens of people in Tianfu city. It's not sure whether the suspect is in these people or not.”
      Smuggled goods are as like as two peas. But we are not sure if they are counterfeit.
      “What's more, even if it's genuine, it's a big problem if people buy shoes privately.So there's a lot to investigate later. ”
      “Yes, but it's good news.”Zhong Qi also knows that it's not easy to find out in one day or two, but it's really good news.
      “Well, come on, let's go to dinner. I think we've got the takeout.”While chatting with Zhong Qi, Wang Juncheng also sees Qu Xinmiao and Qi Hui come in with several big bags.
      “Dr. yuan, please.”
      Later, the third middle school team sat in the big office, eating while discussing the case. Wang Juncheng also analyzed the clues he had just found.
      Zhong Qi also said that traffic road monitoring has not been found.When the suspect appeared in the monitoring, he had already used walking, and could not see whether he was driving or riding.
      It is estimated that he knows a lot about the crime scene, so he chose a place without monitoring to get off.
      Under such circumstances, it's very difficult to investigate one by one. It's better to stare at the clue of shoes and see if there will be any news after the police catch the chicken head.
      Normally speaking, chicken head contact business, whether it's a phone call or instant messaging contact, chicken head there must be a record.
      After dinner, yuan Weiyue left and all the people from the third middle school went home
      There is a new clue, but if we want to find out the clue, we must wait until the day tomorrow.
      And the security side replied that the arrest of chicken head will be tomorrow morning.
      The case can't be followed up for the time being, so I'll go back and have a good night's rest.
      The next morning, Wang Juncheng, together with Huo Guangting and Qu Xinmiao, went to the location agreed with Jitou. Zhong Qi, along with others, began to investigate the people on the list provided by AJ's official website.
      There is a cafe in the center of the city. This is where Li Yan and Jitou agreed.
      Half an hour in advance, more than ten plainclothes from the Public Security Bureau, together with Wang Juncheng, entered the cafe. Li Yan was also brought in and asked her to find a place to sit down alone.
      About five minutes before the appointed time, a man in his thirties, with an inch in his head, came in.After taking a look at Li Yan's position, he walked over with a smile.
      Immediately, Li Yan, who saw the man, also sent a signal to the police nearby.
      “Don't moveJust as the man sat down, he was suddenly pressed on the table by three police officers surrounded by him.
      What happened here alerted the guests and the service staff around. However, after the police officers showed their certificates, they all shut up.
      Later, the chicken head was handcuffed and taken away. Li Yan also followed a policewoman from the public security department and disappeared in the cafe in the blink of an eye.
      In the parking lot downstairs, the chicken head was put into a Nissan seven person car alone. Then, the public security department got off the car and left the space for Wang Juncheng.
      “Your name is Zhu Mingyu?”
      “Yes, yes, officer.”
      “How many years have you been in this business?”When Wang Juncheng asked this question, he snapped his fingers twice. After Zhu Mingyu's eyes flickered, he replied:
      “Eight years.”
      “Ever been in?”
      “I've been arrested before, and I've been in prison for two years. After I came out, I entered the present profession. It's much safer.”Zhu Mingyu was honest.
      “Wang Ping, from Gansha Province, is 20 years old. Is this woman under your command?”
      “She's dead, you know?”
      “What?impossible!A few days ago, she sent me a message saying that she would go out to play for a while and ask for a leave. “Zhu Mingyu raised his head in disbelief.
      “Is there a record?”
      “Yes, in my cell phone.”Zhu Mingyu nodded quickly.
      “Team Qin, please bring his mobile phone.”
      “All rightThe Qin team of public security came over with two mobile phones and handed them to Wang Juncheng.
      “Find that message.”
      After receiving the mobile phone, Wang Juncheng directly throws the mobile phone to the other party. After a while, Zhu Mingyu finds the message that Wang Ping contacted him.
      After reading the message, Wang Juncheng kept silent for a while and continued to ask, “eight days ago, that is, on the night of November 18, did Wang Ping take over a business?”
      “Well, officer, I can't remember.”
      “Then go through the records.Your mobile phone for work is different from instant messaging for work, rightWang Juncheng glared at each other.
      By Wang Juncheng a stare, has been hypnotized Zhu Mingyu body a shake, quickly began to check.
      Soon, a mobile phone number was turned out, and the time was 8 pm. After seeing this number, Zhu Mingyu remembered.
      “I remember, this number, this number.At that time, he should have found the information on the comment app, then contacted me and asked me if I could pay in cash.Because he ordered Wang Ping's order directly, I thought he was a regular customer of Wang Ping, so I said, of course, let Wang Ping confirm and transfer the money to me. ”
      “In cash?”Wang Juncheng was stunned and asked.
      “Yes, Wang Ping also confirmed and transferred the money directly to me.”With that, Zhu Mingyu turned to the transfer record and found out the transaction information.
      After reading the transfer record on prestige, Wang Juncheng was silent.
      “Head.”Here, Qu Xinmiao comes over and stands by the door.
      “Got it?”She just went to the phone number.
      “Yes, but it's through virtual number dialing. There's no way to find the information.”Qu Xinmiao replied.
      “I see.”
      Wang Juncheng nodded, then asked why Zhu Mingyu would agree to Wang Ping's leave, then released Zhu Mingyu's hypnosis and got out of the car.
      After thanking the Qin team, Wang Juncheng took Huo Guangting and Qu Xinmiao to drive back to the Municipal Bureau.
      The other side is very cautious, whether it is contact chicken head, or payment, there is no trace.However, Wang Juncheng also got a message that this person knew Wang Ping, at least knew that she was engaged in this business.
      However, Li Yan, a fellow countryman who has a relationship with Wang Ping, did not contact her again after she brought her into the business.
      From the confession of Jitou Zhu Mingyu, we can see that their management is not strict, and their young ladies are not the kind who have to work. They go to work if they want to, and they give you leave if they don't want to. They are quite free.
      And usually, Zhu Mingyu doesn't meet the lady directly.
      In this way, the line is completely broken, and we have to wait for the investigation results from their side.*
      Chapter 39 close to the suspect
      Around 6 pm, Zhong Qi and others came back in groups.
      It's just that the news is not good.
      Half of the people on the list have been checked, but all the people who have been checked have alibi.
      In the office, Wang Juncheng sits at the table of the big office, with takeout in front of him and personal data of the people on the list beside him.
      Zhong Qi and others also sat around the table, all eating, and reporting the results of their investigation one by one.
      “By the way, these two people, the shoes they bought, were sold on the idle fish before the crime.”Zhong Qi finds out the information of the two and gives it to Wang Juncheng.
      “Did you record their accounts?”Wang Juncheng took the message from Zhong Qi and asked as he looked at it.
      “I wrote it down. I found it directly on their computer.The password and account information can match. “Zhong Qi nodded.
      “Where are the shoes?”
      “One pair is bought by Yanjing people, and the other pair is in Tianfu. We are going to check it tomorrow.”Zhong Qi nodded and went on eating.
      “Not until tomorrow, after dinner.”After a pause, Wang Juncheng shook his head and said.
      “Well, we'll go later.”
      “I'm with you.”
      With that, we all buried ourselves in the meal, but the action of eating was accelerated.
      A few minutes later, after dinner, Wang Juncheng went out with Zhong Qi, Cai Zixing, Qi Hui and Zhang Yiwei. The others stayed to clean up the mess.
      Half an hour later, two police vans stopped at the gate of a residential area. Five people got off, hung up their police officer cards, and showed their certificates to the security guards. Several people went directly into the residential area.
      After taking a look around, Zhong Qi said to Wang Juncheng, “head, the harvest address is this community, but there is no unit or house number.”
      “Ask the community to send and receive express, where is it usually placed?”
      “Yes.”Cai Zixing went to ask the security guard. When he came back, a security guard came with him.
      The security guard said: “police officer, there are three places to send and receive express in our community.One is the express post station, which is manned, and the other is two unmanned express boxes, which are under three buildings and six buildings respectively. ”
      “Is the express station off duty now?”Wang Juncheng asked.
      “No, it usually doesn't leave work until nine in the evening.”The guard replied.
      “OK, please. Let's go and have a look.”
      “Come this way, officer. I'll show you.”Then the security guard took Wang Juncheng and others to the express station.
      When we arrived at the express station, the staff were not off work, and there were still several people collecting the express.
      Seeing a group of people coming, especially Wang Juncheng and others with guns around their waists and police certificates, all the people who received express delivery were let by, wondering if something had happened.
      When they got to the place, Wang Juncheng and Zhong Qi went in, and Cai Zixing stayed outside.
      “Hello, you.”Seeing Wang Juncheng and Zhong Qi coming, one of the two staff members came up with a stiff upper lip, a little nervous.
      “Hello, I'm sorry to disturb your work. We have an express number. Can I help you to check it?”Looking at some nervous women, Wang Juncheng smiles and asks Wen Yan.
      “Oh, convenient, convenient, you will tell us the express number, as long as you have entered our database here, you can find it.”
      “Thank you.”With a word of thanks, Wang Juncheng looks at Zhong Qi. Zhong Qi takes out his mobile phone, finds out the photo of the express bill taken from the seller and hands it to the female staff member.
      After receiving the mobile phone, the staff came to a computer, entered the number, and soon the system gave a response.
      Looking at the data from the computer feedback, Zhong Qi's face changed. When he got a thank you, he took back his mobile phone and went back to Wang Juncheng and said, “head, they don't have records here.”
      “I see. Let's go.”
      After thanking him again, Wang Juncheng turned around and was ready to take people away.
      After just a few steps, Wang Juncheng suddenly stopped and saw several separate packages placed at the gate of the post station. After going over and looking at them, he asked the female staff who followed him to the gate:
      “What's the matter with these packages?”
      “Oh, these. The consignees asked the couriers to put them at the door. They came directly to pick them up.We are not responsible for this kind of package. We just provide them with a place to put things, but we will not compensate for the loss, damage or rain of the package put here. ”
      After listening to the explanation, Wang Juncheng looked up, looked at the top of the door and asked, “is there no monitoring outside?”
      “Yes, officer, our monitoring is all inside, because the placement point at the door is not our responsible area, so it is not installed.”
      “Yes, thank you.”
      Nodding, Wang Juncheng has an idea in his heart and takes Zhong Qi and others to walk near the gate of the community.
      “Head, do you suspect that the guy who harvested didn't let the courier into the warehouse by taking advantage of this loophole?”Next to him, Zhong Qi asked softly.
      “From the suspect's previous behavior, we can see that this person is very cautious in doing things.But, like this pair of AJS, the price of idle fish has reached more than 9000. Will ordinary people put them in places without monitoring? ”
      “Certainly not.”Qi Hui on the other side answered.
      “Yes, certainly not.”Wang Juncheng nodded: “next, we need to ask the express company to see who was responsible for the delivery and where it was delivered.”
      “If it's delivered to the gate of the post station, there's something wrong with this man.If it's delivered to the express cabinet inside, it's called monitoring to find this person. ”
      “Time is limited, check it immediately!”
      Then, Zhong Qi and Qi Hui immediately called the express company to ask about the express delivery, while Wang Juncheng stood at the gate of the community and asked Cai Zixing to take the photo of the shoes and ask the security guard.
      If this person lives in the community, such a pair of bright eyed shoes on his feet, the security guard should be impressed.
      At this time, Wang Juncheng has a faint feeling that he is not far away from the suspect.Moreover, the suspect wore such a pair of shoes to find Wang Ping, which made him feel provocative to the police.
      Maybe he was thinking at that time: “look, I killed people in such a pair of distinctive shoes, but you can't find me.”
      Thinking of this, Wang Juncheng frowned.
      If this is the case, the suspect is likely to commit another crime, or he may have killed the second target, but he has not been found.
      “Head, there's a clue. The express company sent back a mobile phone number.”Zhong Qi called out.
      “It's the receiver's phone?”
      Wang Juncheng ran over and looked at the telephone recorded by Zhong Qi. Then he said, “check. Use the telephone number to find out the person's information.This number should not be a virtual number. ”
      Now, all mobile phone numbers in Xia state need to be registered with real identity information.
      The virtual number used to be able to call in, but as early as a few years ago, this function has been canceled, can only call out, but call in is impossible.
      Soon, through this phone, it turned out a person's information.
      The 29 year old man named Du Jiong lives in this community.
      “Gan, 1404, unit 2, building 8!”
      After seeing the address, Wang Juncheng jumped in his heart. After shouting, he immediately ran to the community, and other people quickly followed.
      The security guard who accompanied Wang Juncheng and others to the post station before was stunned for a while, and then he followed up after he was called at the same time.
      Unit door, the unit door was locked, but, without waiting for Wang Juncheng and others to greet, the security guard who followed him pressed the call and let the security guard of the Property Center open the door.
      Entering the hall, the security guard led the way in front, came to the elevator hall and pressed the button.
      When the elevator arrives, a group of people go in and press the 14th floor.
      Looking at the upward display of the elevator, Wang Juncheng drew his pistol from his waist and opened the insurance when he was approaching the tenth floor.Behind him, Zhong Qi and others also drew out their pistols.
      Ding, the elevator door opened, the security immediately pointed to the direction of 1404, five people quickly past.
      After taking his place, Wang Juncheng took a look at the code lock and signaled the security guard to knock on the door.
      Kowtow, kowtow, kowtow, is anyone there, property
      “BAM, BAM, is anyone there, property!”
      After knocking twice, there was no response.
      “Step back, break the door!”
      The security guard stepped back consciously. Wang Juncheng took out the master key, found the mechanical lock hole, inserted it and signaled Zhong Qi and others to get ready. Then, with a click, he twisted the master key, pulled it hard, and the door was opened.
      After the door was opened, Zhong Qi and others immediately entered.
      “The living room is safe!”
      “Kitchen safe!”
      “Toilet safety.”
      “Head, there's something in the master bedroom!”
      Wang Juncheng, who has just entered the living room, looks to the direction of the master bedroom. Cai Zixing, who is standing at the door, looks ugly.
      Go over, along the door opened to see, a female body lying in bed, has mild symptoms of decay.
      The air conditioning in the room is also on very well.
      “Inform the forensic and scene investigation, let other people in the family come over, in addition, contact the property, confirm the situation of the house.”
      Zhong Qi and Wang Juncheng are busy, while Wang Juncheng stands at the door, staring at the corpse on the bed.
      He has confirmed that this guy is using this way to provoke the police, probably for the purpose of seeking stimulation.
      And the female corpse on the bed, if there is no accident, should also be a slip female.*
      Chapter 40 ringing telephone
      About 20 minutes later, a number of police cars arrived, and the technical police officers for the scene investigation arrived. Before the second visit, the police from the nearby Chu station had already arrived to maintain order outside.
      After the scene investigation was in place, the search for evidence began immediately.
      More than ten minutes later, yuan Weiyue also arrived. Together with her assistant, she said hello to Wang Juncheng and started working.
      Zhong Qi and others are back.
      “How's it going?”
      “Asked about the property, the owner of this house is not Du Jiong. The house is rented. I lived in it a month ago and paid three months' rent. I rented it directly from the property.”
      “At the same time, there is also a clue that Du Jiong has a car, but it is not registered in the property. It is a red horse herder cross-country car, because the car has a distinctive appearance, and the security guards remember it.”
      “Where's the license plate?”
      “From the surveillance.”
      “Check, find out the car, in addition, let the computer department, try to lock the mobile phone number.”
      “In addition, inform the identification department and ask them to work overtime to test the hair found in Wang Ping's room as soon as possible. I need to report it.”
      “I understand!”
      “Made in heaven!”
      “HeadHere comes Yang Tiancheng.
      “Form two teams and wait below. Once the computer department has locked the target position, it will start to arrest immediately.”
      Yang Tiancheng nodded, immediately ordered three people, ready to leave the scene.
      It's just that they haven't moved yet. In the room, the telephone rings.
      Almost everyone looked at each other to confirm whose mobile phone the phone was ringing. Wang Juncheng subconsciously looked around him and then locked his eyes on the TV cabinet in the living room.
      There, the search hasn't started yet.
      Put on gloves, go to open the drawer in the middle of the TV cabinet, a fruit six cell phone, put in it.
      Take up a look, Wang Juncheng's eyes narrowed up, this call number, Wang Juncheng remember, is found before, the courier receiver's mobile phone.
      In other words, this call is from Du Jiong.
      Pick up the phone, signal other people to silence, Wang Juncheng connected the phone, at the same time turned on the hands-free.
      “Officer?”The voice on the other side of the phone is a little strange, obviously with a voice changer.
      And Wang Juncheng, at this time of the line of sight, also focused on the TV cabinet on the top of a display in the working state of the monitoring probe.
      “Du Jiong?”
      “Ha ha ha ha…”Hearing Wang Juncheng's voice, a burst of laughter came from the opposite side: “officer, you say it is that.”
      “You don't think we can find you?”
      “No, I don't think the police officer can't find me. After all, my mobile phone should be located soon.But officer, do you have any evidence? ”
      “There will be. As long as you are caught by me, I can find the evidence.”Wang Juncheng is very confident in this.
      Because he has hypnosis.
      Therefore, in this case, although there is no definite evidence at present, as long as the suspect is caught, Wang Juncheng can get all the information out of his mouth, not afraid that he will not be punished by law.
      “You're confident.”
      “Of course!”Wang Juncheng heard the scorn, discontent and anger in the other party's tone.
      “Well, I'll wait for you to see how you catch me and how you can get enough evidence from my mouth.”With that, the phone hung up, and the camera on the TV cabinet turned off.
      “Tiancheng, you go on preparing.Note that the target we are looking for may not be Du Jiong. ”
      “Yes, I understand!”Just after seeing Wang Juncheng answer the phone, several people of Yang Tiancheng also stop. Now the phone hangs up. After receiving the order, Yang Tiancheng takes people away.
      After handing the mobile phone to the technical police officer next to him, Wang Juncheng gets up, goes to the window and looks out at the night.
      Originally thought it was just a homicide case, but now, I didn't expect that this case directly became a serial homicide case of abnormal killers.
      Moreover, the other side was very powerful. Even when he put on the shoes, he just wanted to guide the police to find the body he put here.
      The computer department quickly locked the location of the phone, and Yang Tiancheng and his friends had already set out.
      Half an hour later, Yang Tiancheng called.
      “Head, we got to the scene and caught Du Jiong, but he was accompanied by his girlfriend.In addition, Du Jiong explained that he did rent a house in the community for his girlfriend, but she didn't want to move, so she sublet it.Half a month ago, a man found him and took over the house. ”
      “For cash transactions, the other party gave 10000 directly.Far more than the rent and deposit he paid, so he didn't sign an agreement with the other party. ”
      “In addition, about shoes, Du Jiong does have a pair of AJ shoes of the same type, but I have seen that the packaging has not been removed and has not been worn.”
      Hearing Yang Tiancheng's report, Wang Juncheng rubbed his eyebrows and said, “OK, I know. Take the people and shoes back first.”
      “Understand, head!”
      Ding Lingling, here, Yang Tiancheng's phone has just hung up. The mobile phone in the evidence bag on the living room desk rings again.
      He walked over and took a look at the call. Wang Juncheng got through.
      “Yes, yes, it seems that you are their leader. I think they should have caught Du Jiong, right?Oh, the guy I rented from him. ”
      Wang Juncheng responded by scanning the whole living room with sharp eyes. Except for the camera on the TV cabinet, there is no other monitoring equipment in the room.
      So, this guy knows he just answered the phone and he's somewhere, looking at me?
      Thinking of this, Wang Juncheng took a few steps and left the living room. He took the phone and took out his mobile phone to send a message to the clock outside the door.
      “Surround the whole community, send people to guard seven buildings and thirteen buildings, and search them door to door.The other side is looking at us all the time! ”
      In the corridor outside the room, after seeing the message sent by Wang Juncheng, Zhong Qi's face changed and immediately called on the members of the third squadron to work with several police officers assigned by Chu.
      At the same time, he took out his mobile phone, called the command center, and asked the patrol police nearby and the police from Chu station to come to support.
      “Ha ha, you can check, but I can tell you in advance that Du Jiong is innocent.”
      “We'll find out.However, I'd like to know how you used Du Jiong's mobile phone number to call me, and how did you let people in our technology department directly locate Du Jiong's mobile phone instead of the one you are using now? ”
      “Ha ha ha, it's nothing to tell you.”Although the person on the other end of the phone still uses a voice changer, Wang Juncheng can recognize the pride in his voice
      “I copied his cell phone number and used a signal converter. That's it.”
      “It seems that you know a lot about electronics.”Wang Juncheng looks at his mobile phone, waiting for Zhong Qi's reply while dragging time.
      “Hey, it's OK.In addition, you don't want to delay time to locate my position. I tell you, it's impossible.You hide, and I can guess what you want to do. ”
      “You're very smart.”He praised the other side, but Wang Juncheng still didn't go out and continued: “but why don't you use your intelligence in the right way?I believe that if you use intelligence in the right way, you can become the elite of society. ”
      “Social elite?Ha ha, I'm not rare. ”
      “Oh?Isn't it good to be a social eliteWang Juncheng deliberately threw him a question.
      “I have plenty of money. Is it useful to be a social elite?I still have to go to work every day. In the company, I have to grovel to the boss. Like I am now, I am very happy and leisurely. ”
      “But you killed people!”Wang Juncheng said on purpose when he saw that the front and rear doors of the two buildings, as well as the elevators of the two buildings, had been controlled by the property.
      “Officer, do you think that if you say that, I will become angry and admit that I have killed?”
      “What's the point of saying that?”The voice on the other end of the phone is still very proud.
      “I'm telling you that my people have surrounded 13 buildings in the community.”
      “……”There was silence on the phone.
      The silence of the other side made Wang Juncheng subconsciously feel that the target might be in building 13, but then he thought about the cunning of this guy and continued to say, “by the way, there are still seven.”
      “These two buildings, I believe, you must be in one of them. Don't worry. I have already called for support. Next, we will search one by one. I don't believe we can't find you.”
      “……”The opposite side of the phone still didn't respond. After half a ring, the other side sighed: “well, officer, you win. I'm at 1402, building 7.”
      “Oh.”Wang Juncheng sneered on purpose.
      “Don't doubt it. I'm here. You can come directly.I believe that even if you come up, you won't withdraw the people below, so I don't have to lie. ”
      With that, the phone hung up, and Wang Juncheng came to the window again, looking dozens of meters away, he could see 1402 in the 1404 living room directly.
      Through the glass of a room facing this side, you can only see the darkness. Even with his vision, you can't see clearly what's going on inside. Similarly, you can't find the track of someone's activities.
      After a pause, Wang Juncheng turns and goes to the door. After entering the corridor outside, Wang Juncheng calls Zhong Qi.
      “Team Zhong, send two people to the exit of the garage. Any car coming out of the garage will be stopped without stopping. It is allowed to shoot directly.”
      “I understand!”
      After explaining to Zhong Qi, Wang Juncheng took the elevator and went directly to the underground parking lot instead of going to building 7.*
      Chapter 41 one shot through the door
      Almost, Wang Juncheng believed the other party's words.
      Both the tone and the words of the other party are closely linked, hoping to introduce Wang Juncheng's idea to building 13 or building 7, so that Wang Juncheng thinks that he is a room in building 1404 of Building 8 among the two buildings.
      Before that, Wang Juncheng believed it, otherwise, he would not send Zhong Qi to surround the two buildings and call for support.
      However, just now, after the other party reported the room number of 1402, Wang Juncheng thought of a problem.
      That is to say, this person's computer technology is not that high, but it is absolutely not bad. He is also very proficient in electronic equipment, and has a certain anti reconnaissance consciousness.
      Besides, he likes to tease police cha.
      Under such circumstances, the other party deliberately reported the room number of 1402, which naturally means that he is confident that Wang Juncheng has no evidence to convict him.
      But think again, is it possible that this person does not want to gamble on this, but plans to use an empty room to tease himself?
      stand a good chance.
      Because, staring at 1404, it doesn't have to be there. Suspects who know a lot about electronic devices can use high magnification cameras or electronic telescopes to monitor 1404.
      What's more, this guy also said that he is not short of money. He can afford these expensive equipment.
      At the same time, it's normal for such a rich man to have a car, isn't it?
      It's safer to hide in the garage, sit in the car, and observe the situation of 1404 through the monitoring equipment placed upstairs.
      Most importantly, Wang Juncheng analysis, the suspect, there is no gambler character.
      All his actions seem bold, but when he committed the crime, he was extremely cautious.
      And the reason why he said that was that he was accurate. Wang Juncheng and others were very urgent to seize his heart.
      For any normal police officer, just two phone calls, Du Jiong thing, and once again found, dead in the main bed of the female corpse.
      Taken together, the police officers will want to catch this guy immediately.
      When people are in a hurry and are affected by the urgency of solving cases, they will not think so much.
      Unfortunately, he didn't know Wang Juncheng.
      If he knew Wang Juncheng, he would not do these things. He did not speak honestly and did things in silence. With his cautious character, it was really very difficult to catch this man.
      But criminals, especially those with psychological problems like this, often make some strange but psychological actions.
      Moreover, these actions will be resolutely carried out by them.
      On the first floor of the underground parking lot, Wang Juncheng came out of the elevator.
      After scanning the situation of the underground parking lot, Wang Juncheng's mind turned quickly, and then walked forward, scanning the parking vehicles around with sharp eyes.
      This kind of person is smart and confident.
      Money, no pressure in life.
      It's certain to buy a good car or even a few good ones.
      It's just that the residents in this community should be middle and high-income people, and there are not many BBA cars in the garage.
      Bang, all of a sudden, a vision came from the left, followed by a rush of footsteps.
      After hearing the sound, Wang Juncheng rushed out immediately, searching for the location of the sound.
      When he ran nearby, Wang Juncheng saw that the fire door of unit 1 of Building 5 had just been closed.Then, he went straight after him.
      When Wang Juncheng just opened the door and ran to the corner, he felt a gust of evil wind coming. Subconsciously, a red fire extinguisher hit the wall heavily.
      Later, Wang Juncheng saw, holding a fire extinguisher, looking at his man in surprise.
      Shua, draw out the pistol, aim at the target: “police Cha, don't move!”
      When he saw this man, Wang Juncheng knew that this guy was the man who appeared at the scene of Wang Ping's death. In the video, although the man was wearing a cap, he was wrapped tightly.
      However, his figure and figure, Wang Juncheng has always been in mind.
      Seeing that Wang Juncheng pulled out his gun, the man obviously didn't want to be arrested. He gritted his teeth and threw out the fire extinguisher in his hand, throwing it at Wang Juncheng.
      After throwing out the fire extinguisher, the man turned and ran.
      Hu, as soon as he turned around and dodged the fire extinguisher, Wang Juncheng immediately ran after him.
      Bang!Just around the corner, I saw the target push open the fire door and want to rush into the stairwell.In the face of the suspect who wants to escape, Wang Juncheng has no idea of catching up on foot.
      It's a straight shot.
      The bullet flew out of the gun, penetrated through the lower part of the fire door, and then hit the right leg of the escaped suspect.
      Bang, ah!
      A heavy object fell to the ground, accompanied by a scream.
      Wang Juncheng quickly followed, pushed the fire door half open, and saw a gentle looking man lying on the ground, leaning against the wall, with a painful expression on his face.
      Entering the fire door and aiming the gun at the suspect, Wang Juncheng smiles.
      “You, don't talk about martial arts!”The man looked at Wang Juncheng's smile and was very angry. He bit his teeth and roared.
      “Sorry, I'm a police Cha!”In the face of this funny suspect, Wang Juncheng also made a joke and said a classic line.
      Hearing Wang Juncheng's words, sure enough, the suspect's face was muddled.
      It is estimated that he did not expect that Wang Juncheng would suddenly utter such a sentence.
      “Team Zhong, bring two people to the first floor, under unit 1 of Building 5. We've got the suspect.”
      “Got it!”
      After informing Zhong Qi, Wang Juncheng didn't go up to bandage the man's wound. After the muzzle of the gun dropped, he sat down in the stairwell, looked at him and asked:
      “Why run?Wouldn't it be better to hide in the car? ”
      “Ha ha, hide in the car, wait for you to find me out slowly?”The man sneered and replied with pain.
      “It's not stupid, but do you think you can run past me?”
      “I often run. If you don't talk about martial arts and shoot directly, I just have to rush to the ground and find a cat anywhere. When you are short of hands, you have a 70% chance to escape.”
      Looking at the anger on the other side's face, Wang Juncheng knew that this guy had planned all this for a long time, but he just met himself who didn't play cards according to common sense.
      Indeed, if he entered 1402 according to his plan, he would really escape before a large number of support arrived.The time of the other party's action should be the moment when they enter 1402.
      Just, he didn't expect, he suddenly appeared in the underground parking lot.
      When he saw his figure, he knew that the underground parking lot was not safe. Instead of waiting for him to look for it one by one, he had better run ahead of time before he got close, then lay in ambush and stun himself.
      His ambush location is also good, but also met Wang Juncheng.
      With his ability to react, that blow is impossible.
      Everything is just because this man met himself.
      Thinking of this, Wang Juncheng laughed again: “yes, but I can only say that meeting me is the most unfortunate thing in your life, and next, you will be more unfortunate.”
      “Here it is
      At this time, Zhong Qi and others arrived, got the response, opened the fire door and ran in.*
      Chapter 42 confession, the case of decaying corpse solved successfully
      “That's him?”When Zhong Qi and others saw the man lying on the ground against the wall, their first reaction was that he didn't look like him.
      “Yes, he should have a car key. First control the person and find the car. His car should have a 1404 camera reception device and so on.”
      Hearing Wang Juncheng's greeting, Wang Tianyang and Cai Zixing handcuffed the suspect on the ground, and then found a Mercedes Benz Key from each other's clothes pocket.
      The four escorted the suspect to the parking lot. Pressing the key of the motor car, a Mercedes Benz G-Series urban cross-country car rang.
      Later, on the back seat of the car, a signal receiving device and a laptop were found.
      After seeing something, Zhong Qi takes out his mobile phone, informs the technical investigators, and comes down to search for the car.
      Soon, two technical police officers of technical investigation came down and began to extract fingerprints and other information from the car, including those receiving devices.
      The purpose is not to give the other party an opportunity to explain, to confirm that the car is used by the suspect, not lent to someone.
      Soon, the technical police officers not only extracted fingerprints from the car, but also found some hair. From the trunk, they found several disposable needles and a bottle of high concentration ether.
      All the evidence found can be used to testify against the suspect.
      While the technical investigators are busy searching for evidence, Wang Tianyang looks at the suspect, while Cai Zixing gives him simple hemostasis treatment. Then, an ambulance will come and take him to the hospital for further treatment.
      After checking the car, Wang Juncheng and Zhong Qi went to room 1402, building 7. Sure enough, they found a high-power electronic telescope facing room 1404, unit 2, building 8.
      The telescope is connected with the signal transmitting equipment, which can ensure that the receiving equipment can receive the signal observed by the telescope within a certain distance.
      After several hours of hard work, police officers left the scene one after another. 1404 and Qidong 1402 were all sealed. The Mercedes Benz G-Series urban cross-country car was also pulled away by the trailer.
      Back to the Municipal Bureau, I heard that the suspect of the corpse case was arrested. Yang Peiwei and others were on the second floor.
      “Yang Chu.”
      “Back?”Yang Peiwei looked back at Wang Juncheng and others, and asked with a smile.
      “I came back. Fortunately, the suspect was caught.”Wang Juncheng replied with a smile and a nod.
      He knows that Yang Peiwei and others are here and want to know something.
      “Good, good. In less than 48 hours, the case of decaying corpse was solved successfully. Good, good.”Yang Peiwei was very happy when he got the definite news.
      However, immediately, he thought of a man and a woman who were locked downstairs and asked, “what about the two people who were locked downstairs?”
      “These two people still need to be tried to see if they are involved in the suspect.But I don't think it's a big problem. ”
      “That's good. We have to be careful in handling cases. We can't wronged a good man or let go of any bad man.”
      “Yes, Yang Chu, don't worry. We have a sense of propriety.”
      “Well, let's work hard in the evening. After work, we'll deal with the head and tail. I'll treat you to supper.”
      “Thank you, Yang Chu.”Hear Yang Peiwei invite night, the third team all cheered, expressed thanks.
      Whether you are hungry or not, Yang Peiwei's kindness should be accepted.
      After that, Yang Peiwei left, and Wang Juncheng and others also started the follow-up trial.
      Have been caught, but also Wang Juncheng unconscious hypnosis, suspect Qin Tao quickly confessed his crime.
      When asked why Qin Tao chose to commit the crime, Qin Tao replied with a smile: “many of them are from other places, and they don't want their families to know what they are doing. It's very normal that they don't contact their family for several days. I did an investigation in advance.”
      “Only by choosing them as targets can I hide them for a longer time and give me more time for activities.”
      “Besides the two victims, are there any other victims?”Wang Juncheng stares at Qin Tao, who is sitting on the opposite side with a relaxed face, and continues to ask.
      This is also a matter of concern.
      Two young lives were murdered by this guy, and no one hoped that more people would be killed by him.
      “No more.”Qin Tao was still smiling: “originally, after tonight, I would start my next goal, butI didn't expect that I'd lost my way, or I didn't think about it carefully. If there's another time… ”
      “You don't have another chance!”Looking at Qin Tao's aftertaste, Wang Juncheng's face sank and interrupted him. Then he asked Huo Guangting to print out the record and sign it for Qin Tao.
      After the trial here, Wang Juncheng interrogates Yang Jiong and his girlfriend respectively. After hypnosis, it is confirmed that they are not related to Qin Tao.
      In addition, the pair of shoes Qin Tao wore to commit the crime was also found in the dump.
      That pair of shoes, according to Qin Tao, he only intends to wear it once, and then directly throw it away. He is not stupid. It's definitely not good to keep such an obvious goal all the time.
      As for the origin of the shoes, Qin Tao explained that he bought them from a shoe enthusiast abroad.
      Because it was a private transaction and the other party was abroad, he knew that the police could not find out the origin of the shoes.
      At the same time, he also knows that Yang Jiong is likely to be found by the police. This person was also released by him to deliberately disturb the police's investigation.
      Unfortunately, in the end, Wang Juncheng was the best.
      Let Yang Jiong and his girlfriend sign, the two will be released, and the third squadron began to deal with the follow-up.
      Yexiao is really Yang Peiwei's money, and the things are very rich.
      After supper, he worked for several hours. After breakfast in the canteen, all the members of the third squadron went home to have a rest.
      Next, we have to wait for the report from the technical investigation department. When we get the report, we will take the suspect to the crime scene for identification, and then we can send him for inspection.
      Two days later, all the evidence for the carrion case was ready and transferred to the prosecution.
      In this way, the carrion case was completely completed, the files were filed, and the third squadron ushered in another holiday.
      On Saturday, Wang Juncheng and his party took their family and children to a farm in the suburb of Tianfu for a party.
      This is also the first gathering of all the family members of the third team.
      The expenses, of course, came from the activity funds left behind before. However, at the time of checking out, Wang Juncheng still took out 2000 yuan to make up the difference.
      He got a reward of 100000 yuan from the system for the case of decaying corpses, and the 2000 yuan was just a trifle for him.
      After all, there is only so much money for the team's activities for the time being. If we use a little, there will be less.
      In addition to the cash bonus, there are 2000 experience points and eagle eye skills.
      Wang Juncheng didn't expect that this case broke out skills, but the systematic judgment is sure to be fair and fair. Obviously, this case is not so simple.
      However, Qin Tao took a dim step, but he wanted to show his superiority in front of Wang Juncheng. In the end, he ran into the muzzle of the gun.*
      Chapter 43 training, washed out dead body
      Bang Bang
      At the training base of the Municipal Bureau, all the members of the third Squadron, who had no case for the time being, were brought here by Wang Juncheng for training.
      Training content, in addition to shooting, is fighting, as well as team tactical training.
      Wang Juncheng can be an instructor in shooting and fighting, but the tactical training of the team is guided by the professional instructors in the training base.
      Among them, tactical training, including team search operations, interception and questioning of pedestrian identity information, are all problems that may be encountered in some police work.
      Half a month or so of training, although it can not be said that all the members of the third squadron have improved a lot, but at least everyone's tacit understanding in cooperation has improved a lot.
      For the third squadron to take the initiative to carry out such training, the Department is very supportive. After all, several squadrons of the investigation division are all trumps of the Municipal Bureau.
      In the aspect of investigation, he is already an elite. If he can master more practical skills, it will be icing on the cake and a very good thing.
      As a result, the third squadron has become a typical example of the Department, which was praised by Yang Peiwei at the captain level meeting. He hoped that all other squadrons in the Department would learn from the third squadron.
      Well, that meeting was the most uncomfortable one for Wang Juncheng in the past six months.
      After all, being looked at by all the captains and squadrons in the meeting hall was still a kind of ambiguous look, which made him feel a bit on pins and needles.
      Although the meeting was a bit awkward and uncomfortable, but after the meeting, I felt good.
      After all, getting praise from the leaders, no matter what, is a happy thing that can make people happy physically and mentally.
      There was no other reward except the reward for solving the case. The municipal bureau gave a commendation for the success of the case.
      Although it's just a reward, it's enough to make the third squadron happy.
      What's more, in 48 hours, successfully solving a case can never be regarded as a simple case, and the opponent is so cunning.After this time, the Bureau of the whole city knew that Wang Juncheng, the new and tender team leader, really had a few brushes.
      Although the previous Xu Daqing case can also be proved.
      But in the case of Xu Daqing, it was the other party who took the initiative to bump into it. The people in the Municipal Bureau only thought that the third squadron was lucky and Wang Juncheng's shooting skill was fierce.
      The case of decaying corpse is the embodiment of criminal investigation ability.
      Good marksmanship and excellent criminal investigation ability. If anyone is still unconvinced, it's pure jealousy.
      That day, in the training base of the Municipal Bureau, Wang Juncheng and others had just finished their tactical training. While sitting on the training ground for a rest, Wang Juncheng's mobile phone rang.
      Take up a look, is Yang Peiwei's number, then rush through.
      “Yang Chu.”
      “Juncheng, are you at the training base?”Yang Peiwei's voice was a little hasty.
      “Yes, Yang Chu. Is there a case?”
      “Well, you know Qinglong mountain near Baijiang county?”
      “Yes, it's not far from wangjiazhen, my hometown.”
      “Just now, after receiving the notification from Baijiang branch, someone found several corpses in Qinglong mountain. After the Jing brigade of the branch arrived, knowing that the matter was serious, they informed the Municipal Bureau. You take people to get there. The fourth squadron has set out, and you will direct the case.”
      “I command?”Wang Juncheng was stunned for a moment, then reacted, and quickly answered: “yes, Yang Chu, I'll take people to start right away.”
      When the phone hung up, Wang Juncheng called “gather”!
      Immediately, the third squadron all got up and stood in a row in front of Wang Juncheng.
      “Several bodies have been found in Qinglong mountain of Baijiang county. The fourth squadron has already rushed there. We have to follow them immediately.This is a big case. I'll give you ten minutes to change your clothes. When you're ready, gather in the parking lot and set off immediately! ”
      Zhong Qi and others disperse after hearing the order, while Wang Juncheng runs to the dressing room after thanking the three teachers.
      When they were training, they wore training clothes. Now there are cases, so they have to change their clothes. Besides, the training clothes are full of sweat and uncomfortable to wear.
      Less than ten minutes later, eleven people in the third squadron arrived at the parking lot armed with a bag in their hands, dressed in casual clothes, threw the bag into the trunk, and then got on the bus.
      Three police cars, together with Wang Juncheng's Audi A4L, started and roared toward Baijiang county.
      Somewhere at the foot of Qinglong mountain, more than ten police cars and their free cars were parked here, flashing police lights. Several police officers in police uniforms, together with more than ten police assistants, set up a cordon and sealed off the surrounding area.
      Outside the cordon, there are a lot of onlookers living around.
      Among them, two men and a woman in outdoor clothes were sitting at the middle door of a police car refitted by a Ford minivan. Beside them, two police officers in police uniforms were watching. At the same time, two plainclothes were asking what they were doing while making records.
      With several horns, sirens and an alarm, the onlookers knew that the police had arrived again, so they quickly got out of the way. The police officers near the cordon also put away a section of the cordon and put the car in.
      Wang Juncheng arrived with the third squadron.
      The car is very good. Wang Juncheng and others get off the car and hang the police certificate around their necks.
      Taking a look at the crowd and the three donkey friends who are being questioned, Wang Juncheng asked a police officer of Baijiang branch
      “The three over there are the reporters?”
      “Yes, team Wang.”The police officer is a member of the Criminal Police Brigade. Just now, Wang Juncheng also introduced himself: “at about 12 noon, they found a place to rest and have a picnic. At the location of the picnic, the girl found a phalanx. Then, two brave boys dug up the soil.”
      “When it was found that it was human arm bones, the three people were scared, and then called the police.”
      “When we got there, we dug together with our colleagues from the technical investigation department and soon recovered three corpses. Knowing that the case was serious, the team leader informed the Municipal Bureau.”
      “Well, I see.”Wang Juncheng nodded, then looked at Wang Tianyang and said, “Tianyang, you stay. After you finish the record, you have a look and then come up again.”
      Wang Tianyang nodded and walked to the Ford police car. The others followed the policemen of the Criminal Police Brigade and went up the mountain.
      More than ten minutes later, several people came to a relatively flat area near the hillside.
      At the scene, Chu Minghui, the squadron leader of the fourth Squadron, had arrived. Next to him was a middle-aged man with the rank of a third-class police inspector. The police officers around him introduced him as their squadron leader, He Bei.
      In addition, people from the technical investigation department and the technical investigation section of Baijiang County, together with some policemen from the Criminal Police Brigade, are still digging carefully.
      Not far away, yuan Weiyue and his assistant squatted on the ground and were conducting a preliminary autopsy of a corpse covered with a white cloth. Four of the corpses covered with white cloth had been placed on the scene, and some scattered bones were being spliced by the technical personnel of the technical investigation department.
      Wang Juncheng and other people's faces became very serious when they saw the corpses. They followed the policeman to the scene.
      “Team king.”
      “Reserve, Congratulations!”
      After the three people said hello, the three leaders on the scene stood together, while Zhong Qi, with others in the third Squadron, joined the search team scattered around.
      The discovery of a burial ground here does not mean that there is only one.
      In addition, there may be objects on the corpse around the burial ground, which need to spread around the burial ground and search carefully.
      “How many bodies have been recovered so far?”
      After Chu Minghui and He Bei said that Wang Juncheng was the on-site commander in charge of the case with the assistance of their fourth Squadron, Wang Juncheng began to enter the role of commander.
      “At present, at least five corpses have been recovered, and they are still digging. The technical investigators are also splicing the skeletons. Some of the skeletons are very messy, and the first ones are complete.”
      When He Bei said this, his face was very ugly.
      He is the criminal investigation team leader of Baijiang. No one will look good after such a big case in his jurisdiction.
      “Go on, we must make sure that all the bones have been found. In addition, the storage team, contact the Bureau, ask the technical investigation to send more people, and the forensic will have to send more. In addition, take a rainproof cloth and a small tent.”
      “OK, I'll contact you right away.”Chu Minghui nodded and went to the side to make a phone call.
      “Team he, don't worry. I see many of these bones have been dead for more than ten years. It's not your fault.”After giving orders to Chu Minghui, Wang Juncheng comforted He Bei.
      “Team Wang, I'm not in a hurry. I hate that I'm sitting in this seat. I didn't find such a big case happened in the jurisdiction. I feel sorry for the clothes on my body.”
      He Bei's face has guilt and hatred, which is hatred for the murderer and hatred for himself.
      Patted He Bei's shoulder, Wang Juncheng didn't say much, just said: “don't worry, we will find the murderer, let him obey the law!”
      With that, Wang Juncheng left and handed over the excavation site to He Bei.
      He joined the search team.*
      Chapter 44 cherish talent, four burying places
      The bones of the first burial ground have been taken out and spliced. There are seven corpses, all female.
      In the second burial ground, there were only three corpses. According to the decay of the corpses, the time of death of the three corpses was five months, three months and one month respectively.
      In other words, these three people were all killed in the last six months.
      The time of death should be in July, September and November this year.
      Just by relying on the three corpses in the second burial ground, we can roughly calculate that the murderer killed regularly in the past six months.
      Kill one person every two months, in odd months.
      However, this is only the case of three bodies, and whether there are more other bodies is still uncertain.
      After hearing yuan Weiyue's introduction, Yang Peiwei and Liang birui's faces were very ugly.
      After thinking about it for a while, Yang Peiwei looked at Wang Juncheng and said, “Juncheng, this case is very big. Liu Bureau has reported it to the provincial department, saying that the provincial department should continue to report it.”
      “Therefore, it is very likely that a special team will be set up this time to take charge of the Qinglongshan burial case.”
      “And you…”
      “Yang Chu, I understand.”For Yang Peiwei did not finish the words, Wang Juncheng heart is very clear.
      Although he was informed by Yang Peiwei for the first time, he was in charge of the case.But that's when the case is limited to the Municipal Bureau. Now, the provincial department or even the Ministry may send someone to participate in the investigation. As a small deputy section leader, it's almost impossible for him to become the head of the special case team.
      After all, the experts from provincial departments and ministries are frighteningly high-level. It's impossible for him to be a squadron leader at the deputy section level to command those senior officials at the section level or above?
      Wang Juncheng will be very passive even if others want to.
      So, he understood very well. After finding the second burial place, he understood.
      “OK, you understand, but you can rest assured that Liu Bureau and I will fight for what we should fight for.”Looking at Wang Juncheng, Yang Peiwei nodded, patted him on the shoulder and continued
      “In fact, if this case is limited to the provincial department, the province may not let you become the team leader, but a deputy team leader should have no problem.”
      “The key lies in the Ministry.”
      “To set up an ad hoc group, if the Ministry sends people, they will certainly serve as the group leader, while the Deputy group leader…”
      “It's OK, Yang Chu. Let's deal with the current affairs first. Besides, I'm still young.”With that, Wang Juncheng went to see the three corpses.
      Looking at Wang Juncheng's back, Yang Peiwei sighed and said in a soft voice: “Alas, this child has the ability and understands the truth. In a few years, he will definitely be the only person in charge of this case.”
      “Yes.”Next to him, Liang birui also sighed, regretting for Wang Juncheng.
      “But that's not necessarily a good thing.”Yang Peiwei's words changed: “he is still a little younger, and his future is limitless.It's not necessarily a disaster or a blessing for him to be in charge of such a case at such a young age. ”
      “Ha ha, Lao Yang, are you pitying talent?”Next to Liang birui, in such an environment, a rare smile.
      “Don't you cherish talent?Since he dealt with the first case, you haven't talked about the third squadron at all, have you
      “No, he's a powerful and powerful man. What am I going to interfere in?”Liang birui said: “moreover, I hope there are more such people under my command. Otherwise, I don't have to be the captain of the first squadron.”
      “Yes, talent is rare!”
      Ignoring the conversation not far away, Wang Juncheng and Yuan Weiyue squat beside the body. Yuan Weiyue is introducing the preliminary autopsy results to him
      “Three bodies, different parts of the fatal injury.”
      “The recent fatal injury to a corpse, with cracks in the skull at the head, forehead and breakage, should have been caused by continuous blunt impact.”
      “The second corpse, whose fatal wound was in the chest, was also hit by heavy blunt objects, resulting in broken ribs, inserted into the lung, internal bleeding and loss of lung function
      “In the third body, the shoulder bone was broken and suffered a heavy blow. The last rib in the chest was suspected to have been hit severely. Similarly, the rib was inserted into the spleen, leading to internal bleeding and death.”
      “Others, we need to take them back for further autopsy to confirm.”
      “What about the eight skeletons on it?”After nodding, Wang Juncheng asked.
      “From the situation of skeletons, some of the corpses had multiple fractures or even fractures, but most of these wounds were on the back. Except for three fatal injuries that could not be determined, the other injuries were the location of the back of the brain, which was hit by hard objects, resulting in the skull fragmentation and death.”
      “The murderer is changing the modus operandi.”Wang Juncheng heard this and said.
      “Yes, from the current point of view, a few years ago, or even more than a decade ago, the murderer attacked the dead from the rear, and the murderer killed the dead in the front of the three bodies.”
      “Either the murderer has changed his means of attack, or the murderer has changed his person.”
      For yuan Weiyue's speculation, Wang Juncheng nodded and agreed.
      Indeed, both may exist.
      After all, the first corpse depends on the situation. It has been at least ten years. Ten years is not a short time. Many things can happen in ten years.
      “Head, another burial ground has been found!”
      Suddenly, Qi Hui's voice sounded in Wang Juncheng's radio station.
      “Where is it?We'll be right here
      “This way, head!”Wang Juncheng looked over and Qi Hui waved and yelled.
      “Yang Chu, team Liang, another burial place has been found over there.”After confirming the position, Wang Juncheng yelled to Yang Peiwei, who was not far away.
      “I hear you. Let's go. Let's go.”
      A group of people along the hillside, to the left oblique upward direction.
      But more than 200 meters away, in the middle of a few stones in a circle of less than five meters or so area, stopped.
      Looking along Qi Hui's fingers, in a place that has been ploughed open, you can see that it has been rotten, and there are still some skin tissue on the sole of the foot.
      There is a mark on the sole of the foot, which should have been made by accident during excavation and exploration.
      But the impact is small.
      “Transfer people over, dig, be careful, Dr. yuan, you take people to prepare for follow-up treatment.”
      “YesYuan Weiyue nodded solemnly, then called several other forensic doctors and technical investigators, and spread plastic cloth on the ground to prevent the body or bones from being contaminated many times.
      With the passage of time, the excavation work is very slow, the sun has tilted to the west, and the view in the woods is not very good.
      However, Baijiang branch brought large-scale lighting tools, as well as battery, and the on-site operation was not affected.
      All staff, eat in batches, after eating, continue to search, and excavation work.
      As time went by, another burial place was found.
      So the search continued. The exhausted policemen, tired, just sat down for a while, or stood up for a little activity, and then continued to work.
      It's a very tiring job to bend all the time and probe inch by inch with the shovel and other tools.
      The two newly discovered burial places are working nervously, while Wang Juncheng stands in the middle of several burial places, holding a flashlight in his hand, looking left and right. He doesn't know what he is thinking.

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