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I have a dimension street in Marvel

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      I have a dimension street in Marvel(Chapter 1-50)

      Chapter 1 I have a dimension street

      “The system binding of the dimensional street succeeded.”
      “Do you want to enter the dimension street?”
      Before Su Yue could react to this matter, a mechanical voice rang out in her mind.He furrowed his brows slightly. Although he was surprised, a faint smile appeared on his face. He calmly said to Phil Colson, who clearly did not hear a sound before his eyes.” Sorry, I want to go to the bathroom first.”
      Phil Colson smiled and shook his head.” If you can, I still hope you can answer my questions first. What’s your name?”Why are you here with that woman who descended from the sky and wore a rubber suit?”
      Looking around, this was a video store filled with all kinds of videos. In the center of the video store, where the two of them were standing, there were scattered pieces of rubble all around.There was a big hole in the ceiling. He looked up and could clearly see the bright sky outside.
      With this scene, Su Yue already knew where he had traveled. Or perhaps he had already seen Phil Colson, who had not moved back yet.
      Diffuse movie universe.
      This was the Amazing Captain Carol Danvers, who had been captured by the Skurus and captured by the Skurus, who had taken the life capsule and landed on Earth.
      Carol Danvers was dressed strangely. He claimed to be a member of the interstellar battle team. After asking the nearby security guards where they had any communication equipment, the frightened security guard called the police.Then the third-level agent of the Divine Shield Bureau, the future director, Nick Frey, brought the novice agent Phil Colson to the scene with his boss and the police.
      Nick Frey asked Carol Danvers, and Phil Corson went into the video store to investigate the internal situation.
      At first, Nick Frey didn’t believe what Carol Danvers said. What interstellar battle team, what Skuru people, or the like, but as Carol Danvers was attacked by the Skuru people who had changed into human form in the vicinity and returned fire, Nick Frey came to his senses and took Phil Korsen to chase after Carol Danvers. However, the Phil Korsen he brought was changed by the Skuru people. The real Phil Korsen was still investigating the situation in the audio-visual store. Only after he completed his mission and found out that Nick Frey was missing, did Nick Frey then did Nick Frey know that Phil Korsen was fake.
      Just as Phil Corson was about to enter the video store to investigate the internal situation, at this moment, Su Yue coincidentally arrived at this location.
      Looking at Phil Colson who was smiling at him, Su Yue quickly analyzed the situation and gave an answer.”There’s a saying in the east that good food is n’ t afraid of being late. It probably means that the promised things aren’t afraid of being late, and the excitement is at the back.”If you want to know the truth, then I suggest you wait until I get out of the bathroom and start asking. I’ ll be more patient to tell you more.”
      Phil Colson’s expression changed. His right hand quietly shifted towards the gun at his waist and asked in a deep voice,” Who are you!”
      Su Yue smiled and pointed to the bathroom before turning around and walking over.
      Phil Colson pressed his gun and looked at Su Yue. He hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he quickly walked past Su Yue’s door and looked inside. Then, he turned his head and said.”I hope you won’ t let me down. Also, don’ t lock the door.”
      Su Yue shrugged and walked into the bathroom as usual, closing the door.
      The bathroom door was closed. Su Yue didn’ t lock it. He just stood in front of the mirror and patted his cheek. He took a deep breath and whispered,” Enter the dimension street.”
      Su Yue felt his body shake slightly before returning to normal.Following that, the environment in front of him had changed dramatically.
      The small and enclosed bathroom disappeared, replaced by a long and strange street.This street was about two hundred meters wide and three hundred meters long. There was nothing on the street. There was an invisible thick fog on both sides and at the front and rear ends of the street. The thick fog seemed to be connected with the space outside the street, completely integrated.
      Under his feet was a smooth dirt road. It was very clean and solid.Although the sky above could not see the sun and clouds, it was exceptionally bright.
      Su Yue’s dark and bright eyes flashed with surprise because a virtual text suddenly appeared in his vision.
      This was a beginner’s instruction, as well as an introduction to the dimensional street system.
      The dimension street belonged to an independent dimensional space. The host had absolute control over the dimension street. In the dimension street, the host would not die and live forever. Any creature in the dimension street would be punished if they betrayed or acted against the host.
      After binding the dimensional street, the host would receive the dimensional summoning once, the full dimensional lottery once, and the dimensional street once.(Note: The opening time of the dimension street is 30 days. After the opening, the dimension street overlaps with the outer space. At the same time, the rules for obtaining dimension points will be changed.)
      Dimensional Street System Panel
      Host: Su Yue
      Dimension point:0
      Dimension Street Level: LV1
      Dimensional ability: None
      Dimensional Item: None
      Dimensional creature:0/5
      State of dimension street: not activated
      There were three options at the bottom of the system panel:” Summon “,” Lucky Draw “, and “Opening Dimensional Street “.
      Su Yue looked very seriously and carefully. He looked at the contents of a few hundred words for almost seven to eight minutes and then came to a few conclusions.
      First of all, this was a summoning system.The dimensional space that the dimension street belonged to was very similar to the dimensional space or the pocket universe. In this dimension street, he was God, and this dimension street could be opened according to some kind of basis. In other words, although the identity of God was limited to a specific range, this range could overlap with the outside world. If the dimension street level was increased, the range would most likely expand.
      Secondly, he could obtain the help of the dimensional creature and his own improvement through summoning and lottery.The scope of dimension was very wide, including animation, film and television, and novels.
      In short, Su Yue’s understanding of the system was: building walls, accumulating food, slowly calling it king!*

      Chapter 2 Fruit of Operation and Baby Feng

      Su Yue pondered for a moment about the System of Dimensional Street and its future development direction. He then looked at the lottery option on the system panel.
      Just as the thought of drawing a lottery arose, the System’s notification sounded.
      “The lottery draw is over.”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining the surgical fruit ability of the dimensional character Trafalgarro in the dimensional world’s’ The King of Sepia’.”
      Su Yue wanted to complain that the System had deprived her of the fun and anticipation of the lottery draw, but he could only say……Really fragrant!
      The surgical fruit was one of the demon fruits in the animation “The King of Sepia “. It was one of the superhuman fruits that could create a global space.In space, one could cut, exchange, splice, or even exchange the soul of a person, but the person being cut would not die or even be injured.Things that were cut by this ability could be spliced again, which was essentially different from ordinary cuts.
      Thinking back to the various performances of Trafalgarro, the owner of the operation fruit in the Thief King, Su Yue could not help but sigh that his luck was really good. He was actually able to draw the operation fruit within the full dimension.Even if he used the surgical fruit ability, it would consume his strength, but this ability was already a bug in the Marvelous Film Universe. At the very least, the start would allow him to live well. He had a lot of confidence, and he could develop and operate the dimensional street relatively easily.
      Did he lose his arm or leg and become disabled?
      The surgical fruit could connect new limbs.
      The organs had become cancerous?
      The surgical fruit could replace new organs.
      Afraid of death?
      The fruits of surgery could exchange souls, continue to live with a new body and identity, and even allow people to reach eternal life in a sense.
      Although the ability of the surgical fruit was also flawed, in the Marvelous Film Universe, in this unfamiliar environment, without any reliance on it, he could use this ability to become an incense stick.
      Give it.
      Although it would cause trouble and greed, if he didn’t want to be afraid of anyone, he had to make himself the most terrifying one!
      In the dimension street, he could control everything, and he could be called God. Outside, in the room of the surgical fruit, he could still control everything, and he could still be called God!
      So as long as they were strong enough, all the problems would be solved.
      Su Yue looked at the lottery draw option and thought of continuing the lottery draw. This time, the System did not deprive him of the fun and anticipation of the lottery draw. It was just cold and emotionless.”The dimension point is less than 100, so we can’ t draw.”
      As expected.
      “How do I obtain the dimensional point?”
      The System did not answer this question. It seemed that the way to obtain the dimensional point needed to be explored by itself.
      Su Yue shifted his gaze to the summoning option.
      “The summoning is over.”
      “Congratulations to the host for summoning the dimensional creature in the dimension world,” Under One Man.”
      Under one person?Feng Bao?
      He went out with a knife and buried a shovel.
      My precious sister in the society, the beauty of people is wild.
      Because of his work, Su Yue was deeply involved in animation, film and television, and novels. He knew about Bao’er’s story. The Sichuan dialect and the hobby of burying people were completely different from the other characters.
      Like what could be called the 18th form of Awey, the name of the weapon was Okamoto Zero One. It could be said that Feng Bao could be called a mudslide among the female protagonists of all roads.
      Feeling something, Su Yue looked up at the empty street.
      A young girl who looked 18 or 9 years old appeared in his sight.The girl’s clothes were ragged, and her face was dirty and dirty. She had messy long hair, and her eyes were dull, expressionless, and a little stooped. She basically could n’ t smell of a woman, and she was more like a beggar who had been bullied.
      Their eyes met.
      Feng Bao’s dull eyes gradually moved, and his pupils gradually widened. His face was expressionless as he wriggled his neck left and right. He waved his hands around as if he was fumbling for something.After a while, she slapped her face with both hands without warning.
      “It hurts…” Feng Bao grinned. The palm print on his face was clearly visible. His black eyes flashed as he stared at Su Yue.
      Su Yue’s cheeks twitched subconsciously. The one who could do this kind of stupid and stupid action was definitely Feng Bao who did n’ t run away.”My name is Su Yue, the Su family’s Su. The more you surpass everything, are you Feng Bao?”
      “My name is Feng Bao. Do you recognize me?”I’ m looking for my family.”Feng Bao stared blankly at Su Yue. The same Sichuan accent as in the animation made her serious and funny.
      Su Yue replied,” Do you know Zhang Chulan?”
      “I don’ t know.”
      “Where’s Xu San?”
      “I don’ t know.”
      “Where’s Xu Si?”
      “I don’ t know.”
      “Then do you remember how you came here?”
      “I don’ t remember. It seems like it’s here in the blink of an eye.”
      With a simple question and answer, Su Yue had roughly figured out Feng Bao’s situation.
      The three people he had asked earlier, Zhang Chulan was the male lead under one person, Feng Bao’s guardian.Because of Zhang Chu Lan’s grandfather’s trust, Feng Bao secretly protected him from growing up. He didn’t show up until he went to university and used force to force him to become his own slave.
      Xu San and Xu Si were the superiors of all the express delivery companies where Feng Bao was. On the surface, the express delivery company was an express delivery company, but in reality, it was the secret organization in Greater China that was responsible for the management of aliens. Among them, Xu Si had the greatest influence on Feng Bao. He not only taught Feng Bao the idea of keeping his mouth shut when he was able to do something. The 18th form of Awei and 0101 of Gangben were also written by him.
      No, it meant that Feng Bao was summoned by the System before she joined any other company. This could also explain why she looked like a beggar because she had lost her memories a long time ago and did not possess normal social abilities.
      It wasn’t until she joined the company that she gradually became normal. However, her words and actions were very direct. She did n’ t think about it like a normal person. She couldn’t even understand normal people’s morals. The way to persuade people and express their feelings was basically to beat them to death.Because of her loss of memory, she was extremely committed to her life. The thing she wanted to do the most was to find her family and past. Apart from her personality that was different from ordinary people’s, she was still a typical person. Even if she was threatened by her life, she would carry it through to the end!*

      Chapter 3 This street, what I say is!

      It was not over yet, and there was still no revelation about Feng Bao’s mysterious life.
      But Feng Bao’s strength was very strong!
      She wouldn’t age with the passage of time. Although she was only seventeen or eighteen years old, her real age might be over a hundred years old.If her body was injured, it would heal itself, even if it was fatal.
      She was agile and agile. She used the kitchen knife as a weapon. She was good at joint skills. She had amazing fighting instincts and skills. At the same time, she could use her sword freely. She had a huge amount of sword in her body.
      Phew, it was a kind of metaphysical mysterious energy. A person below a human could gain various abilities by learning the energy called Phew through innate genetics or acquired learning.
      A person who could sense and use his body’s energy was called an alien.
      Su Yue slowly opened her mouth when she saw Feng Bao staring at her without blinking.”This is called the dimension street. I summoned you here. From the moment you arrived at the dimension street, you had already left the original world or space.”Now, you belong to me. You can call me boss, or you can call me lord.”
      Feng Bao scratched his head in confusion.”Why?”
      “Because, this street is my decision!”
      Feng Bao replied in a daze. She turned around and walked to the end of the street as if she wanted to leave.
      Su Yue covered his face. He felt that Feng Bao probably didn’t understand anything about space and time in the world. He might not even know the meaning of the boss and the lord’s representative. He was playing the zither against the bull.
      Forget it, this is not the time to be angry with Gua Wa.
      Su Yue looked at the summoning option and continued to summon. A cold notification sounded again.
      “Less than 100 dimensional points, unable to summon.”
      Su Yue nodded in surprise. Both the lottery draw and the summoning required 100 times of origin points. The same was true for opening the dimension street and dimension street. Dimension points should be the only currency of this system.
      The opportunity to open the dimension street could be let go first. Outside, Phil Colson was still waiting.
      “Leave the dimension street.”
      The thought occurred in Su Yue’s mind, and a slight flicker followed. He immediately saw himself in the bathroom mirror, and……Behind him was Phil Colson, who was shocked.
      “It seems that the time flow of the dimension street is synchronized with the outside world.”Su Yue secretly analyzed the situation and turned around to face Phil Colson, teasing him.” So the reason you didn’ t let me lock the door is to peek at me?”
      Phil Colson’s throat twitched slightly. He suddenly pulled out the pistol at his waist and pointed it at Su Yue.” I……”I need an explanation!”
      The pitch-black muzzle and Phil Corson’s frightened eyes did n’ t make Su Yue nervous. Even if the current Phil Corson was just a new agent, he couldn’t allow the suspect to stay in the bathroom alone for more than ten minutes. Therefore, he had expected this scene to happen before he came out of the Subway Street.
      Although Phil Colson’s eyes were nervous and panicked, the gunman’s hand was very stable. The muzzle of the gun was still aimed at Su Yue’s forehead.He took a slight breath and forced himself to temporarily forget the strange scene that had suddenly appeared. He forcefully controlled the muscles on his face that were out of control and asked in a deep voice,” You have let down my trust in you. I hope there will be no second time.”Now, answer my question, who are you!”
      “There may be something wrong with your memory. I said earlier that if you want to know the truth, then I suggest you wait until I get out of the bathroom and start asking. Then I’ll tell you more patiently.Now, I’m standing here and not leaving. Let me down?Where did he come from?”Changing the concept is not a good quality. This will disappoint my trust in you. I hope there won’ t be a second time.”Su Yue answered him calmly with Phil Corson’s words.
      “Don’ t play tricks, answer my question!”
      “My name is Su Yue. The Su family’s Su, the more you surpass everything.”That’s because if I’ m at home, you can call me Su Qi.”A memory flashed across Su Yue’s face.
      His home was an orphanage.
      The so-called Su family was a group of children from the same orphanage. With the mother’s surname, their age ranged from high to low.His age was seventh. He had just turned twenty this year.
      Although he had already left the orphanage for himself before he transmigrated, the sudden transmigration made him never have a chance to go home.A sense of regret and sadness flashed through Su Yue’s eyes. She smiled and said,” I’ m not in the same group as that woman in a rubber suit. It’s just that the time and place we appeared were a coincidence. She……”Very special.”
      Phil Colson said,” You are also very special.”
      Su Yue smiled and continued,” She’s from an alien element. She’s a member of the Kerry Empire’s Interstellar Battle Team. The reason she’s here on Earth is because an alien race, Skuru, has arrived on Earth. Skuru can become anyone from a genetic level and can copy their short-term memories.”
      “This joke is very funny.”Phil Korsen was expressionless.
      Su Yue continued,” You and your colleagues should be separated as soon as they arrive here, right?”If you don’ t believe me, you can ask them, but I think they should have left.”
      Although Su Yue had delayed some time, before he could report the situation, Phil Colson did not believe that they would leave without informing him.
      “We’ ll know when we go out.”Su Yue suggested.
      Phil Colson stared at Su Yue. After a moment of hesitation, he slowly retreated. His gun was still aimed at Su Yue.
      Step by step.
      One retreated, the other advanced.
      Phil Colson stretched out his hand and pushed open the glass door of the video store. He slowly strolled backwards while changing the direction of his body. Then……He was stunned.
      His colleague was gone. The woman in a rubber suit was gone. Even the police officers who were in charge of assisting them were gone.
      Phil Korsen was stunned!
      As a novice agent who had just joined Divine Shield Bureau, what should he do if he was dumped on his first mission?
      Waiting online was quite urgent!*

      Chapter 4: Chunlai, I won’t speak first. Which insect dares to speak!

      Phil Colson was a rare good person in the S.H.I.E. Shield. Unfortunately, good people didn’t mean they would end well.He died after being stabbed in the heart by Rocky during the war in New York City. After being secretly resurrected by Nick Frey using the potion developed by the Cre’s corpse, he almost went crazy because of the Cre’s genetic effects. He finally returned to normal, but his hand was cut off.
      Later, the mechanical arm was installed and led the S.H.I. Shield team to continue protecting the world. At one point, they became the director of the Bureau. However, it was not a long time ago. They died again in a few years because of saving the world, and it might be completely cold.
      Not only that, but his relationship was also very bad.
      It was known that his earlier girlfriend was the general of the Peruvian military. After discovering that the 084 item was hostile to him, she hijacked his mobile headquarters, which was the plane of the S.H.I.E.I. Shield team. After that, she was arrested and her relationship broke down.Of course, no matter how much time they spent with each other and how much they felt about each other, they would be considered as working girlfriends. As for the girlfriends during the task, the relationship would naturally end when the task ended.
      The next one was more famous. The legendary cello player, the two of them had deep feelings for each other. They were most likely to be able to cultivate a positive outcome.Unfortunately, Phil Colson died in the Battle of New York. After resurrection, he didn’t tell her because he wanted to keep it a secret. Although he came into contact with her on a mission later, when the cello player had gradually emerged from his sorrow. In order to allow her to start a new life, Phil Colson did n’ t show up and endured the pain to end this relationship.
      After that, it was the leader of the ATCU department, Sarlene Price. However, not long after they got along, they were killed by the traitor Nine-Headed Serpent, Grant Ward.
      In the end, they had known each other for a long time.From the known results, the two of them had gone through a series of trials and tribulations. Unfortunately, Phil Colson had no time left.Moreover, Melinda had been married before. Her ex-husband was Andrew of the alien race. Her code name was Whipping.
      Being married didn’t mean anything. Before meeting the right person, no one had ever been on a bed. It could only be said that fate was a little late.But……Grant Ward, who had killed his new girlfriend, had been clapping with May for a while since the establishment of the S.H.I.E.I. Shield team.
      Such a miserable life could only be endured by a person full of faith and belief like Phil Corson. Su Yue admired and admired Phil Corson because he did not sacrifice his great selfless spirit for justice!
      “The Skuru people can become anyone, such as……”You!”Su Yue’s words made Phil Corson’s expression change from blank to thoughtful, from deep to sudden, from sudden to difficult.
      “Our business is not over yet, I won’ t leave, and……”You know, if I want to leave, you can’ t stop me either.”
      Phil Colson made a decisive decision. He continued to aim at Su Yue with a gun in one hand and pulled out his phone to dial the number in the other.
      “Agent Frey, this is Agent Colson, uh…I’m still at Hundred Vision, where have everyone gone?I’m in some trouble here. Hello?Hello?”Agent Frey?”
      After the call ended, Phil Colson put away his phone with a serious expression.Just now, when Agent Frey heard his name, he let out a stunned voice, followed by the sounds of fighting. This made him have to think about what Su Yue said.
      That might not be a joke.
      The aliens really existed. The Skurus could really turn into someone else. That woman wearing a rubber suit might really be a member of the interstellar battle team!
      Because the Skurus had turned into him and followed Agent Frey, that was why he had been forgotten. Because he had discovered Su Yue, the Skurus had the chance to turn into him and follow Agent Frey……
      The call just now had already let Agent Frey know that he was surrounded by a fake, but……What should he do?
      Could it be that the young yet mysterious Eastman in front of him was also changed by the Skuru people?He might have deliberately left behind to lure him away so that he could create an opportunity for his companions to pretend to be him?
      No, not right!
      If he were a Skuru, he wouldn’t have reminded him to call Agent Frey. So, he was with the woman in the rubber uniform?Was he also a member of the Interstellar Battle?
      It was still not right. His answer had already been denied.
      Phil Colson suddenly wanted to cry. He was just a novice agent who had just joined S.H.I.I. Shield. His first mission was related to aliens, and he had to face a mysterious person who could mysteriously disappear and suddenly appear. Who knew if it was a human or an alien, was God too unfriendly to him?Was there still time to resign?
      Before Phil Corson could figure out how to face the current situation, Su Yue suddenly spoke softly.
      A soft cry rang out. Su Yue’s palm descended. A hollow and constantly rotating white typhoon-like vortex appeared below his palm. The rotating typhoon vortex was suddenly released several times and a transparent hemispherical space instantly expanded, directly covering him and Phil Corson.
      What is this?”You, what did you do?”Phil Colson was stunned for a moment, then he looked around in panic. The gun pointed at Su Yue and asked loudly.
      He pressed his hand on the trigger, as if he would shoot in the next moment.
      Su Yue flipped his palm over. His palm was raised and his index finger swung upwards.”Command!”
      Phil Colson suddenly felt his hands sink. The gun in his hand unexpectedly flew out of his hand and directly fell in front of Su Yue. This stunned him!
      Su Yue bent down to pick up the gun, his face smiling brightly.
      The ROOM space was equivalent to an operating table. On this operating table, he had the power of a god, but his ability as a doctor was not enhanced. If the patient refused the operation and wanted to kill the doctor with a gun, the doctor would easily turn over.
      Su Yue did not want to turn over.
      Although the moment he obtained the ability, he felt that he had mastered it and was able to use it, as an ordinary person, he might not have the ability to react and control the bullets that were fired in an instant.
      If the chain fell off, the effect would be greatly reduced even if it was connected. It was as if he was about to act pretentious, but as soon as he appeared on the stage, he fell to the ground and gnawed on the ground. No matter how successful the later act was, the force would be affected.
      The first impression was very important. As the first appearance in the Manwei movie universe, Su Yue did not want to leave any regrets. After all……This was about his future development plan.
      “Do you know what kind of person I want to be?”Su Yue fiddled with the gun and casually said as if he was chatting.”Chunlai, I won’ t speak first. Which insect dares to speak!”
      Phil Colson was stunned.
      “Do you know what I want to live like?”Su Yue ignored the change in his expression and said on his own.”Either you can’t give up, or…”No!”
      As soon as the word “provoke” fell, Su Yue suddenly arrived in front of Phil Colson with a gun. The muzzle of the gun pressed against his heart and suddenly stabbed him.
      “Surgical knife!”
      A bright cube was instantly stabbed out from Phil Corson’s back and fell to the ground. There was a red heart that was still beating, as well as the muscle tissue around the heart.
      The sound of heart beating was clearly audible!*

      Chapter 5: Either you can’t give up or you ca n’ t mess with it!

      “I……My heart ……”
      Phil Korsen subconsciously lowered his head to look at his chest. A diamond-shaped hole suddenly pierced through his chest. He looked stiff and frightened as he wanted to look at Su Yue. However, a feeling of helplessness suddenly assaulted his body, and then he involuntarily leaned forward.
      Am I going to die now?
      This was my first mission.
      Su Yue……Who was he?Who was it?
      How did he manage to gouge out my heart with a gun?
      Phil Colson fell heavily, his face sticking to the ground.
      Su Yue, who had dodged sideways, bent down to pick up his heart. He turned around and said to Phil Korsen, who was filled with despair and unwillingness,” I can understand how cautious and wary you were of me. That is your responsibility, but I can’t accept you pointing a gun at me.I am not a broad-minded person. What is heart?”It’s all because I’ ve been wronged.”
      A stunned expression appeared on Phil Colson’s dead gray face. He actually……Was it because he pointed a gun at him?However, your attitude was still very friendly. You didn’t care about it before, but now, how could you be so hostile?
      Su Yue seemed to have seen through what he was thinking and said indifferently.”People’s eyes have 576 million pixels, but they still do n’ t understand people’s hearts, so I can only gouge out and take a closer look. By the way, I’ ll let you have a look.People, there was no choice between life and death, there was no choice between death and death.”I’ ve already made a choice. It’s your turn now.”
      “I’m almost dead. What else do you want to do ……”
      Su Yue smiled and placed his heart in front of Phil Corson. Phil Corson couldn’t help but be angry when he saw his beating heart. What did he mean?Did you want me to see my heart stop beating?
      Stop jumping?
      Stop jumping!
      Phil Colson’s eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at the smiling Su Yue. Is my heart still beating?I’m not dead yet?
      After twenty seconds of cardiac arrest, breathing will stop, and people will die……
      However,20 seconds had passed. Although he was weak, he did not have any signs of dying. This……How could this be possible?
      “You……You……”You…” Phil Colson was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say for a long time. This kind of thing was too dreamy and unbelievable.
      “Don’ t ask, just die.”
      Su Yue casually tossed his heart and watched as his heart was thrown back and forth. Phil Corson was terrified.Uh……If his heart knew, he would definitely be shocked!
      “You, what exactly do you want to do.”He could not help but ask.
      Su Yue caught his heart and stopped. He looked at Phil Corson and smiled.” Help!”
      Who would help gouge out the other party’s heart?
      Su Yue smiled and explained,” That woman, the Skuru people, the Kerry people, things between them are a bit complicated. You don’ t have much information, your strength is not enough, it will be difficult to deal with, so I chose to help you.”
      This was what he said just now that I had made a choice!
      “Why?”Phil Colson asked.
      “I want a piece of land.”
      “Wh, what?”
      “I need a piece of land, location, size, and I’ ll choose. If you can’ t do it, contact your boss.”
      Phil Colson blinked in confusion. If he didn’t understand correctly, what Su Yue meant was that he was willing to help them deal with the alien matter, if he chose a piece of land?
      “Aren’ t you afraid of your strange ability being exposed?”Phil Colson could not help but ask.
      “What do you think?”Su Yue smiled and asked back.
      Phil Colson came to a sudden realization.” You, you’ re not afraid, because you can suddenly disappear. You have the confidence that even if you expose yourself, there won’ t be any danger.”
      Su Yue smiled and pinched his heart.
      Phil Colson immediately felt a sense of pain. The pain made his face sweat and his body twitch.
      “Do you understand?”Su Yue asked.
      What do you know?
      The pain disappeared, but Phil Corson did not understand what Su Yue was trying to say. Was he trying to say that he could use his heart as a threat?
      The current Phil Colson was still too young. After all, the hairline had not moved backwards.
      “Forget it if you don’ t understand. Someone will understand.”Su Yue pulled Phil Corson up, stuffed his heart back into its original position, and then released the ROOM space.
      Phil Colson hurriedly checked and found that there was not a trace of a trace on his chest. It was as if everything had happened. It was as if the heart had been gouged out earlier was just an illusion!
      No, this is not an illusion!
      Although there was no evidence, deep down in his heart, he firmly believed that everything that had just happened was true!
      Su Yue put the gun back into the holster on Phil Korsen’s waist. He kindly helped him pat the dust on his clothes and then took out his wallet.”Contact your boss first. I’ ll go to the supermarket to buy something.”
      “That’s mine……”Wallet…” Phil Colson looked at Su Yue as if he didn’t hear her. He turned around and walked towards the nearby supermarket, revealing a helpless expression. He put his hand on his heart that was beating fast and took a deep breath. Finally, he took out his phone and contacted his boss.
      He was not worried that Su Yue would take the opportunity to leave. Although he had no experience dealing with such matters, he was not stupid.If Su Yue wanted to leave, there was no need to do the things just now. There was no need to add trouble.Moreover, even if Su Yue wanted to leave, Phil Colson was not sure if he still had the courage to stop him.
      There weren’t many people in the supermarket. The cashier stood at the counter and did n’ t say anything to Su Yue who came in. She glanced at him and started to do her own business.
      Su Yue looked at the rows of goods on the shelf and began to make a mental calculation. The power of the surgical fruit was enough to erect his own force. Although Phil Corson had not thought of the real value of the surgical fruit for the time being, someone in the Divine Shield Bureau would definitely think of it.
      Either they could not give up or they could not provoke them.
      This was the power of the surgical fruit!
      Whether it was the Divine Shield Bureau or the Nine-Headed Snake, they would not be able to remain calm after learning about the fruits of surgery.Or that sentence, who was not afraid of missing an arm and breaking a leg?Who was not afraid of death?As long as they were afraid, they would have to give in to curry favor. And as long as there was once, there would be a second time. No one would give up on this kind of God-given opportunity!
      Want to seize the opportunity and slice it up for research?
      He was not Jia Ying!
      Unless they had a complete grasp of the situation, no one would dare to take action. If they were to lose, it would mean that they would lose the chance to be treated.*

      Chapter 6: Making S.H.I.E. Shield a Money Bag?

      To be honest, Su Yue didn’t really understand why the protagonists in the novels of Manwei had to hide their abilities after they crossed over, and then bitterly relied on his own efforts to get rid of their poor predicament. He did n’ t even understand why he had to hide and hide from Divine Shield.
      Where was the Divine Shield Bureau?
      The full name was Homeland Strategic Defense, Attack, and Logistics Support Bureau. It was a special department of the International Security Council dedicated to dealing with all kinds of strange events. It was neither a police nor a court. It was a shield.
      For Divine Shield, whether it was a black cat or a white cat, as long as they could catch a rat, they would be a good cat.
      Therefore, even if they failed, those opponents would not die. If they were willing to let go of the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha, they would become just friends.If your strength was strong enough and your ability was special enough, it would be better if you were not prepared to do anything. Even if they refused to let S.H.I.E.I.D.I.E.C.A.’s offer, they would still settle you. Although they would take the opportunity to monitor your every move and make you feel that you might lose a certain degree of freedom, but in another perspective, would they be able to solve the dilemma when they crossed over?
      In order to prevent you from getting into trouble, should S.H.I.E. Shield satisfy some unreasonable demands?Was it to protect your safety?
      If there was a purse and a bodyguard, why not?
      Although this would cause the Nine-Headed Snake to covet it, as long as they passed through the desolate period, they would be strong enough to ignore the Divine Shield Bureau and the Nine-Headed Snake. The previous restrictions and problems would no longer exist. If they didn’t get to the dissolution of the Divine Shield Bureau and the Nine-Headed Snake was destroyed, they would be able to leap in the ocean and fly in the sky!
      That was why Su Yue decided to make S.H.I.E. Shield as his money bag after binding the system. Not only did he not want to hide his identity and ability, he deliberately displayed his ability to increase his chips.
      His future development strategy was very simple. He used Divine Shield Bureau or Nine-Headed Snake to reduce the time and trouble of developing the dimension street. He built walls, accumulated food, and slowly became king.At the same time, he did not feel wronged and made himself the most terrifying!
      When Nick Freeman got up and felt that he was qualified to turn against him, hehe…The person who turned hostile couldn’t tell who it was!
      A few bottles of mineral water, a few breads, a few sausages, and a western kitchen knife. This was all Su Yue had bought in the supermarket, and almost all the cash in Phil Corson’s wallet was spent.
      It had to be said that Phil Colson’s financial situation was a little tight!
      Su Yue came out of the supermarket with a bag in one hand and a kitchen knife in the other. The western kitchen knife was different from the Chinese kitchen knife. This kitchen knife had a curved blade that was similar to the kitchen knife used by Feng Bao.
      Creak ——”
      The sound of the brakes rang out. Phil Colson found a car to stop in front of Su Yue from somewhere. Most of it was temporarily requisitioned by his job.
      “Get in the car.”
      Su Yue walked around and got into the car, tossing his wallet over.Phil Colson opened his wallet, then put it back in his pocket with a bitter expression and drove on the road.
      “I’ ve already reported what you said to my boss. Now I’ ll send you over. It’ ll take about fifteen minutes.”Phil Colson drove as he glanced at Su Yue.”You……”You don’ t seem to have asked us what department we are.”
      “The Land Strategy Defense Attack and Logistics Support Bureau, the Divine Shield Bureau for short, is a special department specialized in dealing with various strange events.”Su Yue looked at the scenery outside the window and said in a relaxed tone.”Trust me, I know more than you think.”
      Phil Colson’s expression changed slightly as he pretended not to notice.”Okay, then how did you just gouge out my heart?Your special ability?How did you get it ……”
      “Shh!”Su Yue raised his finger and made a forbidden action. He lazily interrupted Phil Corson.
      Phil Colson smiled wryly.” Alright, I’ ll shut up.”
      Fifteen minutes later.
      Phil Colson and Su Yue got out of the car and walked into a coffee shop. There were a few customers drinking coffee and chatting among themselves.Su Yue smiled noncommittally and followed Phil Corson to the corner.
      In the corner, a middle-aged man wearing glasses who looked very gentle and gentle smiled at Su Yue. After Su Yue sat down, he pushed the coffee on the table forward and then turned to look at Phil Corson.
      Phil Colson nodded helplessly and left.
      “My name is Kohler.”He said.
      Su Yue slowly took a sip of coffee and shook her head.”No, you’ re not!”
      Kele frowned and stared at Su Yue without saying anything.
      Su Yue said disapprovingly,” Your name is Taros, the Skuru people. Your home planet was destroyed by the Kerry people. After you took refuge on the planet Tofa, the planet Tofa suffered the same fate.”You came to Earth for the speed of light engine. I hope you can use the speed of light engine to escape the pursuit of the Keri and rebuild your home in a place where the Keri can not find.”
      It wasn’t just Phil Colson who was disguised as a substitute by the Skullus. There was also Phil Colson and Nick Frey’s boss, Coller!
      “Who are you!”Taros lowered his voice and asked.
      Su Yue drank his coffee, as if she did not see Taros’ changing expression. She said to herself,” Firth, that woman from the Black Star Battle Team. Her original name is Carol Danvers. She is an Earthling. Because of gender discrimination, she did not have the qualifications to fly a fighter jet six years ago. Therefore, testing the new plane developed by Dr. Wendy Lawson was her main job.”Dr. Wendy Lawson’s real identity is the Krishnamurti Maywell. She is the main director of the Tianma program. The Tianma program is a research project jointly established by NASA, the Air Force, and the Divine Shield Bureau. She is dedicated to developing alternative energy sources and light speed engines.”
      “One day six years ago, Carol Danvers took Mewell on a new plane with a light speed engine to save some people. Unfortunately, they were hit by the Kerri attack.”Mywell is dead. Carol Danvers destroyed the speed of light engine, but she was hit by the speed of light engine’s energy and gained a powerful ability. Then, she was modified into her memory and became Firth of the Black Star Team.”
      “She’s already informed the Interstellar Battle Team. It wo n’ t be long before the Interstellar Battle Team and Luo Nan’s Captain Kerry will arrive on Earth.”She is the only one who knows what you want. She is the only one who will help you rebuild your homeland.”
      “How can I believe what you said is true?”Taros frowned and asked.
      “There’s a file about the incident six years ago in the air base, and did n’ t you read her chaotic memories when you caught her?”That’s why we came to Planet C53, Earth!”Su Yue paused for a moment and said with a smile,” Counting the time, she should have met with the agents you sent over to handle this matter. Maybe the two of them are already on their way to the air base.”
      Taros stared at Su Yue with a serious expression.”What do you want!”
      “You know what I want.”
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      Chapter 7 Take Carol Danvers as a stepping stone!

      Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! A few black Chevrolet off-road vehicles sped along the deserted road, disappearing in the blink of an eye.
      Their destination was the secret base of the air force.
      Phil Colson drove the car, occasionally sneaking glances at Su Yue and his boss, Kohler, through the rearview mirror.Half an hour ago, his boss, Coler, agreed to Su Yue’s request and gave him about two hectares of land in Faraday, Queens. This made Phil Colson feel that it was inconceivable.
      Flushing was a region in Queens. Before the 1989 urban merger, Flushing was a small town in Queens. After the New York Metro Line 7 was opened to Farasheng, it quickly became a gathering place for large Chinese and Asian immigrants.
      Su Yue chose Flushing. He looked like an Asian, but two hectares?That would be enough to build a stadium, let alone the location between the Queen’s Botanical Garden and Kessina Park. Not to mention every inch of land, even if they had money, they might not be able to buy it.Although a mere two hectares of land wasn’t much compared to the alien matter, Coler’s approval seemed to be too hasty. He didn’t even ask the director or the higher-ups to go through the formalities.
      This made Phil Corson feel that something was wrong, but he didn’t have a chance to express his opinion.
      This transaction really wasn’t right. Su Yue knew this very well.
      After all, Keller was the Skuru Taros. When his identity was revealed, any instructions he gave to Divine Shield would be ineffective.However, Su Yue’s ability and what he did would not be ineffective, so he decided to make a good place for himself. At that time, even if the Divine Shield Bureau wanted to go back on its promise, he could turn it into an established fact first!
      Using Taros to gain the name, using strength to become reality.
      This was the reason why Su Yue chose to trade with Taros. After all, if it was someone else, they might not have agreed to give this place to themselves. Even if they agreed in the end, there would be a lot of trouble and trouble in the middle. At that time, the plot would be over, and the day lily would be cold.
      Seeing that the air base was getting closer and closer, Taros could not help but turn his head and ask in a low voice.”Are you sure?”
      Su Yue wiped the kitchen knife and did not speak. His eyes were calm.
      Not long ago, Nickfrey used a pager to ask for help. This meant that he and Carol Danvers were detained at the air base.In the movie, after Taros saw Nickfrey, he was identified by his name. Carol Danvers learned about what happened six years ago from the file, and saw pictures of herself, Maywell, and her good friend Maria Rambo. Then, she and Nickfrey flew away from the air base to look for Maria Rambo. Taros also found the black box that crashed the plane back then at the air base, and then held the cards at Maria Rambo’s house and Carol Danvers.
      As the strongest woman in the movie universe, Su Yue wasn’t sure if the ability of the surgical fruit could kill her. But no matter what, he had to kill her. It had nothing to do with personal grudges and personal senses. Only by showing a strength that was no less than that of Carol Danvers could S.I.E.I. Shield be afraid, and only by negotiating better terms could it develop better.
      Carol Danvers was his stepping stone!
      “Beep ——”
      The identification passed and the convoy entered the air base.
      When he arrived at his destination, Su Yue grabbed the kitchen knife and opened the door to get out of the car.
      “She’s still here?”Taros asked Nick Frei, who was approaching him.
      “Yes, sir.”Nick Frey nodded.
      “Stay here.”Taros looked at Su Yue and then walked with Nick Frey towards the elevator.
      Su Yue followed.
      Nick Frey looked at Su Yue entering the elevator without stopping him.” Sir, he ……”
      “Good job, Nicholas.”Taros interrupted Nick Frey’s question. He had no intention of explaining Su Yue’s identity.
      Nick Frey was slightly stunned before returning to normal.
      His full name was Nicholas Joseph Frey, but it was usually called Nick Frey. His boss now called his name seriously and brought a person he had never seen before into the elevator. This made him suspicious.
      “She’s on the sixth floor. I’ ll go down the stairs.”Nick Frey said casually after pressing the elevator.”Just like we did in Havana.”
      “Okay.”Taros nodded and said slowly.”Just like we were in Havana.”
      The elevator stopped on the fifth floor and opened the door. Nickfrey got off the elevator as usual.
      “Your identity has been revealed. The other party is not on the sixth floor. Inform the people below to go to the fifth floor from the stairs and guard the entrance.”Go and find the people from the base to bring over the black box of the plane that crashed six years ago, and then come to the fifth floor archives to find me.”Su Yue blocked the elevator door that was about to close and walked out. Although they were all low-level agents, Nick Frey was much more experienced than Phil Corson.
      First, the name was suspicious. Then, he tried to confirm it. Finally, he left as usual.In the movie, Taros was tossed to the sixth floor. In the end, the sixth floor was the motor room. Carol Danvers was not there at all.
      Taros was stunned when he heard this. He was stunned for a moment and decided to follow Su Yue’s instructions. After all, there was no other good way.
      Fance……Fance ……”
      In the archives, Nick Frey anxiously searched for Fance but did not hear any response.
      “Pa…” The sound of footsteps came from the quiet and empty archives.
      Nick Frey’s expression changed and he hurriedly hid behind the cabinet to observe the situation.”It’s the guy who entered the elevator with the fake boss. He should also be a Skuru.”
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      Chapter 8: Captain Amazing who has his arms cut off

      Su Yue knew that Nick Frey was here and that Carol Danvers would be back in a while. Therefore, he was not in a hurry. Instead, he looked relaxed as he leaned against the wall and waited.
      Nick Frey’s current appearance was quite different from when he became the director of S.H.I.E.I. Shield. The black egg still had hair on it and his eyes were not blind. However, he already had the embryonic form of an agent king. When he was bald, he would become stronger. When that time came, he could not believe a single word he said.
      Even though his eyes had been blinded by the Eater Beast, he said that he had lost one of his eyes because he trusted others. He had lied to Steve Rogers and Natasha, who believed in it and shed tears in vain. Even though he was clearly in space with the Skuru people, he had asked Taros to pretend to fool Spider-Man.
      To him, a lie was already an instinct, and the concept of trust almost did not exist. As an agent, as the director of Divine Shield Bureau, this was an excellent quality, but as a friend?Even if he didn’t die, he would still be depressed.
      A soft sound of footsteps came from outside the door of the archive room. Then, with a slight click, the door opened.
      Carol Danvers had long golden hair and appeared in Su Yue’s line of sight in a blue Interstellar Battle Team uniform. At this moment, she was also observing the situation inside. Coincidentally, her line of sight collided and her eyes met……
      The spinning white typhoon-like vortex appeared below Su Yue’s palm. The spinning typhoon vortex was suddenly released several times and the hemispherical space instantly expanded.
      Carol Danvers looked at the strange space barrier that had suddenly appeared and was slightly stunned. His right fist lit up with a hot light and aimed at Su Yue. The energy cannon shot out.To her, other than Nick Fury, this place was an enemy. Since it was an enemy, it would be right to blast him!
      From the moment Carol Danvers came in, Su Yue had been on guard against her attack. Seeing her fist lit up with a scorching glow, Su Yue first started to strike at her for the sake of strength.
      Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh ……”
      The light was cold and cold. The energy cannon that had just been fired was instantly cut into several pieces and exploded.Following that, Su Yue’s eyes were sharp as he stared at Carol Danvers’ arms and brandished his kitchen knife again.
      Puchi……Puchi ……”
      Carol Danvers’ arms instantly separated from her body. Su Yue flipped his palm over, his palm raised, and his index finger swung upwards.
      The two arms flew straight to Su Yue’s side before they landed on the ground. One was aimed at Carol Danvers and the other at a rack.
      Carol Danvers did not feel any pain. After the explosion, he subconsciously fired another energy cannon.
      The rack was instantly smashed into pieces by the energy cannon. Then, Nick Frey’s eyes widened as he sat paralyzed on the ground. He looked at Carol Danvers who had lost his arms and the arms that floated beside Su Yue in disbelief.
      “This is the real killing method!”Su Yue chuckled and slowly spoke.”Let me introduce myself. My name is Su Yue. The Earthlings are here to help you.”
      Help us?
      Although his arms were strangely cut off, Carol Danvers didn’t have the slightest intention of stopping. He immediately rushed in front of Su Yue and kicked her.
      Su Yue disappeared from sight. Carol Danforth kicked the floor and hurriedly turned his head in shock.Nick Frey was currently sitting at the spot where she had just stood, and he was strangely switched to where Nick Frey was.
      This……What was going on?
      Carol Danvers turned around and stared at Su Yue cautiously, not daring to act rashly.
      “As expected of the most iron captain of the surprise team. How hard!”It’s harder to kill her arms than to kill an energy cannon.”Su Yue heaved a sigh of relief. The consumption of physical strength by continuous use of his ability was very obvious. Although he had not reached the point where his physical strength could not be used up, he already felt a faint sense of exhaustion. It seemed like when things were over, he had to train and strengthen his physical strength.
      “Carol Danvers, six years ago and Maywell, that is, Wendy Lawson, piloted a new plane with a light speed engine to help the Skuru people, but on the way, they were attacked by the Kerry people. After the crash, Maywell died. You destroyed the light speed engine.”The energy from the explosion of the speed of light engine is sucked into your body. The Krishman who chased after you is Yong Rogue. He brought you back to the Krish Empire and changed your memory. He named you Firth with your broken identity card.”
      “He gave you a false memory. He trained you to become the best Kerry warrior and allowed you to join the Black Star Battle Team.He told you that the Skurus were evil. It was the Skurus who destroyed the Tofar Star, but the person who truly destroyed the Tofar Star was the Cleanser Luo Nan. The Cleanser was the truly evil…….”
      Su Yue raised his finger and peered at Carol Danvers who was about to say something but stopped.”Don’t be so anxious to retort. You’ ve already seen the file six years ago, right?There was Mewell’s notebook inside. It should be written in Kerry. Although it could n’ t solve all your doubts, it should be enough to make you suspect, right?”I’ ve already asked the Skuru’s current leader, Taros, to get the black box of that plane six years ago. When he comes over, we can go to your old friend and colleague, Maria Rambo. She’ ll help you complete the truth and retrieve your lost memories.”
      Su Yue’s voice was neither fast nor slow. When he finished speaking, he lightly waved his finger and his previously severed arms flew towards Carol Danvers to regroup.
      It was tight!
      No blood, no scars, no discomfort.
      Carol Danvers waved his arms and looked at the mysterious man in front of him who had canceled the space barrier around him. He asked in a deep voice,” How did you know about this?”
      “When you know the future, you will naturally know the past.”Su Yue smiled. Her eyes seemed to inadvertently glance at Nick Frey who had already stood up.”For example, Nick Frey, his left eye will soon be blind.”
      Nick Frey pretended to shrug his shoulders.”Mr. Su Yue, I’m not curious about how my eyes are blind. What I’ m more curious about is if my eyes are blind, can your ability replace a new one for me?”What kind of price do I have to pay!”
      Su Yue smiled.
      There was indeed a reason why some people could become the king of secret agents. Yi Zhiqiu, just by cutting off Carol Danvers’ arms and recombining it, one could think of replacing organs. No wonder Peggy Kathy later supported him as the director. No wonder he could form the Avengers Alliance. No wonder……He was able to subdue the Skuru people and have Taros take his place to fool Spider-Man. He would spend his holidays in space and build the Heavenly Sword Bureau.
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      Chapter 9: The one who goes along with me, the one who goes against me dies!

      Nick Frey didn’t really want to know what the price would be to replace a new eye. He wanted to know if Su Yue could help others replace their eyes or other organs, as well as Su Yue’s position as a mysterious person with strange abilities.
      “I just got a two-hectare plot between Queen’s Botanical Garden and Kaixinna Park in Flushing, Queens.For the purpose of this land, my preliminary plan was to build a hotel with a unique style, and then slowly develop into a diversified commercial street with the hotel as the center.”It’s hard to start. I even bought this kitchen knife from Phil Colson, so if you need to replace your new eyes, I’ m willing to help. Of course, the equivalent exchange is the basis.”Su Yue said casually.
      Nick Frey nodded.” That location is indeed not bad. It’s not far from Flushing Grassland Park, the second largest garden park in the city. There are also the Presbyterian Hospital Queens Branch and Queen’s College nearby. As long as the style is unique and stable, it should be able to develop quickly.”
      “City construction depends on everyone. I’ m happy to help others, and I’ m also happy to accept help from others.”
      “For everyone, for everyone?”
      Nick Frey started to chat with Su Yue about the construction of the hotel and the commercial street. However, even though the ordinary conversation was not hidden, it was still constantly probing.
      Although Su Yue’s objective and position could not be completely determined at the moment, at least Nick Frey could tell that Su Yue had already made a deal with Divine Shield Bureau and that he might maintain a good relationship in the future.
      As for whether they could maintain a good trading relationship, it would depend on the outcome of the first trading, and the content of the first trading should be this two hectares of land!
      Nickfrey didn’t need to rack his brains to figure out what was going on in this land. It must be Taros, that was the deal that the Skuru, who pretended to be his boss, made with him under the name of S.I.E. Bureau Keller.If what he said earlier was true, then no matter how this matter ended, Taros’ identity had already been exposed, and the orders given would definitely be ineffective, so……This land was not just a deal between him and Taros, but also a deal with Divine Shield Bureau.
      If the S.H.I. Shield Bureau later acknowledged the ownership of the land, then he would be willing to maintain a good trading relationship with the S.H.I. Shield Bureau.If S.H.I.E.I. Shield denied his previous deal with Taros, then……Obviously, there was no possibility of a second transaction.
      This was a threat!
      Judging from his current ability, he was more threatening than Carol Danvers!He could easily cut off his arms like a human-shaped cannonball like Carol Danvers. Who could stop his attack?When he released the strange space barrier, not only did he have the ability to cut through the opponent without injury, he also had the ability to control the space exchange between objects and objects. This was not something that could be resisted by weapons and equipment, but by the number of people.
      Su Yue had already admitted that he could replace a new organ in the test just now. What did this mean?It was small enough to take out a bullet and amputate without injury. It was big enough to easily replace organs and limbs. This was enough to make people worship as if they were gods.This meant that if someone was injured in the future, not only could they save their lives, they could even recover and return to their posts in a very short period of time. If an important person suffered from cancer or other problems, they could also survive through this ability and regain their health. This was definitely a valuable resource and wealth for the Divine Shield Bureau.
      Since it was a transaction, it must be an exchange of equal value. However, it could at least achieve the goal. If there was no possibility of a second transaction, this was an intangible loss.Judging from Su Yue’s current needs, if the S.H.I. Shield Bureau could n’ t satisfy him, they would definitely find another target. Whether it was the rich, the high officials, or the terrorists, they might even be enemies of the S.H.I. Shield Bureau or even the United States.
      “Those who follow me will grow, those who oppose me will die!”
      Nick Fremo thought of this to describe Su Yue’s existence.
      “Bang.”The door of the archive room was suddenly pushed open. Taros walked in and took a look like Keller. He closed the door with a click.
      “Got it?”
      “They said they were all here. The recording on the black box has a coordinate inside.”Taros walked to Su Yue’s side and handed over a CD.
      Nickfrey felt awkward when he saw his boss give such an important thing to Su Yue like a subordinate. If he hadn’t known from Carol Danvers that the Skurus could n’ t replicate their abilities, he would have suspected that Su Yue was also a Skurus. All of this was a trap for the Skurus.
      “Give it to me?”Carol Danvers looked hesitantly at Su Yue passing the CD to him.
      Su Yue said casually,” There are the truth and memories you want, as well as the things Taros wants. The coordinates inside, only you can decipher.”
      “Alright.”Carol Danvers took it.
      “Inform the people from the S.H.I.I. Shield Bureau to withdraw and leave. Also, ask Phil Corson and your people to borrow a plane. Let’s go see Maria Rambo.”Su Yue naturally instructed Taros. Unknowingly, he seemed to have become the leader among the few.
      It must be known that these people were not simple. One was the leader of the Skuru people, the other was the director of the Divine Shield Bureau of the Future, and the last was the most powerful female warrior in Marvel, the captain of surprise who was able to play with the head gavel. However, these three people had no opinion on Su Yue’s decision!
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      Chapter 10 Elemental Devouring Beast and Fate

      On the tarmac, Su Yue and the others arrived and greeted Phil Colson, who was waiting, and a special agent from the Divine Shield Bureau, to get on the plane.Carol Danvers naturally sat in the driver’s seat. Nick Frey wanted to sit in the passenger seat, but Su Yue had already sat down first.
      Nick Frey turned his head awkwardly and asked,” Do you know how to open this thing?”
      “Ah, let me take a look, let me take a look…” Carol Danvers was not sure if she still remembered how the plane was, but the pilot’s memory instinct gave her a feeling that although I did n’ t remember, she was very familiar with it. After playing with the switch a few times, the plane started.
      She took a pleased look at Nick Frey. She controlled the plane to slowly accelerate and fly out of the air base.
      The rising weightlessness caused Nick Frey, who hadn’ t had time to sit down, to quickly hold onto his chair and stabilize himself. Then, a pitiful cat cry suddenly rang out.
      “Looks like we have a stowaway.”Nick Frey raised his head and said.
      Carol Danvers, who heard the cat cry, guessed who the stowaway was. She pushed the pull rod to bring the plane to normal altitude and the gravity instantly returned to equilibrium.
      “Pa da.”
      An orange cat fell from the cabin door and walked towards the driver’s seat.
      Nickfrey had a silly smile on his face as he tried to tease the cat, but the orange cat didn’ t give him any face to be a poop shoveling officer. Instead, it directly bypassed his hand and jumped onto Carol Danvers’.
      “Coo.”Carol Danvers, who was driving the plane, picked up the orange cat with one hand and prepared to find a place to put it down. However, Nick Frey took the initiative to grab the orange cat in his arms and sat down in the empty seat beside Taros.
      No……”Damn it, let it stay away from me.”Taros shouted in terror.
      Nick Frey was stunned by Taros’ exaggerated reaction. He deliberately held his hands in coo and teased,” Hey, what are you afraid of? This is just a cat.”
      “No, no, no, this is an Elemental Devouring Beast, a very terrifying creature.”Taros hurriedly pulled away from Nick Frey.
      “Elemental Devouring Beast……A terrifying creature……Pfft……”Hahahaha.”Nickfrey looked at the frightened Taros and then at the cute coo. He couldn’t help but burst into laughter.
      The Skuru people were actually afraid of cats?He even called the cat the Elemental Devourer Beast. This was truly unbelievable. It was even more incredible than the falling Carol Danvers and the mysterious Su Yue!
      “The ignorant are fearless.”Su Yue looked at Nick Frey who had used Coo to scare Taros and lightly shook his head.
      Coo was the little name of the orange cat. Its real identity and name were called the Life-devouring Beast. It was one of the most terrifying creatures in the universe. Although its appearance was no different from that of the orange cat, it could devour almost everything. Its stomach was connected to another space, so no matter how many things it swallowed, it would not gain weight.
      The Elemental Devourer was adopted by Maywell and brought to Earth. Carol Danvers was very familiar with the Elemental Devourer when she was a test pilot. When she and Nick Frey went to the archives, the Elemental Devourer appeared.
      It should have recognized Carol Danvers, which was why it ran onto the plane.
      “How did you do it before?”Carol Danvers suddenly turned around and asked Su Yue.
      “Like you, it’s both an accident and a miracle.”Su Yue looked at the blue sky and white clouds outside and smiled at Carol Danvers.”Actually, we’re lucky. At the same time, at the same place, I’ m just a little late than you.”When you were outside discussing the Skullus with Nick Frey, I was being questioned by Phil Colson inside. Unfortunately, you already left when we left.”
      Carol Danvers was stunned.”Where did you come from?”
      “A place where I can never return.”Su Yue smiled lightly and suggested,” Maybe we can find a place to have a few drinks when things are over. One to our hometown, one to the distance, one to tomorrow, one to the past ……”
      Maria Rambo, a black female pilot, was Carol Danvers’ best friend and the last person to meet Carol Danvers.
      The plane landed vertically in the backyard of Malia Lambo’s house. Malia Lambo was wearing an outfit and was focused on studying the parts on the worktable. Not far behind her was a civilian plane. A little girl about eight or nine years old was pretending to fly the plane, playing happily.
      Carol Danvers walked over and asked tentatively,” Sorry, I’ m looking for Maria Rambo.”
      Maria Lambo turned around and was stunned.
      “Aunt Carol?”Mother, it’s Aunt Carol.”The little girl got off the plane and excitedly ran over to hug Carol Danvers.”I knew!”Everyone said you’ re dead.”
      “Uh…” Carol Danvers was at a loss for words. She looked at Maria Rambo, who was walking towards her step by step. Although her memories had not recovered, she could feel that Maria Rambo did recognize her. She was indeed her friend.
      PS: nag a few words at the end of the chapter. This is my seventh book. Actually, my original plan wasn’t Marvel, but after thinking about several topics, I did n’ t have any idea that satisfied me. Until I wrote the Requiem Street instance, I suddenly came up with the idea of writing a street dedicated to the lives of various dimensional characters in the Marvel world. Thinking of different dimensional characters living together and using my special life skills to surprise the people in Marvel world, I thought it would be quite interesting. Then, I started to gradually improve the idea of the Minor Dimension Street until it formed.
      I wasn’t sure if the results of this book were good or bad. I was n’ t sure if this idea or writing method could satisfy my brothers, but what I was sure was that I would finish the book!
      To me, writing a book was a pleasure as well as a job. I liked to fill the world I had constructed a little bit. I wanted it to construct a story that had a beginning and a ending from the beginning to the end.
      So, if you like it, let’s rest assured and look at it boldly!*

      Chapter 11: Baby Feng who almost died

      In the living room, when Maria Rambo heard Carol Danvers finish the whole story, he could not help but feel that it was a little absurd.”Green?Deformed person?”This is the most crazy thing I’ ve ever heard.”
      “You don’ t believe it?”Carol Danvers turned around and walked to the kettle on the gas stove. He put his hand on it and smiled at Maria Rambo and her daughter.
      The red light lit up in her hands. One second, two seconds……
      Five seconds later, the kettle on the gas stove that was not opened at all let out a whine after it was boiled.
      Maria Lamborghini’s eyes widened in shock. Her daughter, Monica Lamborghini, was even more excited as she called it cool. If Monica Lamborghini would become a superhero like in the cartoon, then the reason why she would temporarily become Captain Marvel would definitely be related to Carol Danvers’ bare-handed boiling water.
      “If you still don’t believe me…” Carol Danvers turned to look at Su Yue.
      Su Yue patted Taros on the shoulder. Taros’ appearance immediately changed. In an instant, Keller’s original appearance disappeared. Instead, it was a dark green head with sharp ears.
      Although his facial features were the same as those of humans, his dark green head was crisscrossed with lines. At first glance, it was really scary.
      If Carol Danforth’s hands were to boil the water, then Taros’ transformation was to scare him, and not only Maria Rambo and Monica Rambo’s mother and daughter, but also Phil Colson.
      The unfamiliar colleague beside him had now returned to the original appearance of the Skuru people.
      Although Phil Corson knew about the Skuru people and guessed that his boss, Keller, was a Skuru person, he did not expect this unfamiliar colleague to be a Skuru person. He did not expect that the Skuru people would be like this!
      “Is there anything else?”Show us.”Monica Rambo asked in anticipation.
      Su Yue smiled and said,” Chen Duxiu, if you don’ t want your hands to be on your feet and your feet to be on your feet in the future, quickly go and bring over the things that you have reserved for Aunt Carol.”
      “I’ m not Chen Duxiu, I’ m Monica.”
      “Okay, the Flower of Ties.”
      Su Yue’s teasing of others did not understand. He pointed at the fridge and asked Maria Rambo,” Do you mind?”
      “You are free.”
      Su Yue opened the fridge and took out half a bag of bread, two bottles of milk. Then, she closed the fridge and walked out.
      “Enter the dimension street.”
      Su Yue thought to himself. He had once again arrived at the empty dimension street.
      As soon as he entered, Su Yue saw Feng Bao lying on the ground and twitching painfully.
      Was this an epileptic or rabies attack?Why did Feng Bao twitch for no reason?Su Yue secretly looked at the painful Feng Bao in surprise, but her face remained calm and collected.
      He was certain that Feng Bao was not insane or rabies. There was no reason or possibility that this place would cause her to twitch. Even if she was hungry, it would not be so severe, so……This should be the punishment for the dimension street, right?
      Any creature on the Subtle Street who betrayed or acted against the host would be punished. Feng Bao wanted to leave the Subtle Street without his permission, which should be considered a betrayal to some extent, right?But this punishment method was really unique. It was actually causing people to twitch?
      Feng Bao was a typical one. Didn’t that mean that she had been twitching since the last time she left?Oh my God, this kind of punishment was even more terrifying than the hot water on the tiger stool. He could only pull it all the time. This was simply a living hell!
      “If you don’ t want to smoke all the time, just give up the idea of leaving this place. I can promise you. If one day I know how to send you back, I’ ll help you find your family.”
      After Su Yue finished speaking, Feng Bao’s eyes, which had been in pain and numbness, brightened. The frequency of twitching became slower and slower. Not long after, Feng Bao, who had stopped twitching, sat up from the ground with difficulty. His big black and bright eyes looked at Su Yue.
      “Can you really help me find my family?”
      “I can only promise to help you find your family when I can send you back, not your family.”In exchange, before I send you back, you must obey all my orders unconditionally. Moreover, you can’ t think of leaving again. Otherwise, you will be punished, just like before.”Su Yue handed the bread to Feng Bao and unscrewed the milk.”Let’s eat. I still have some matters to deal with outside. I’ ll consider how to settle them when I’m done ……”
      Half of the bag of bread disappeared in just a few seconds. Feng Bao punched his chest expressionlessly as he stared at the milk in Su Yue’s hand.
      Su Yue’s hand moved slightly, and Feng Bao’s eyes also moved.
      Left……To the right……Left……
      No matter how he moved, Feng Bao’s neck twisted and his eyes did not leave for a moment.
      “Let’s drink. We’ ll wait here for me to come back.”Su Yue opened another bottle of milk and handed it to her. Then, she could not bear to see how she was drinking. She directly left the dimension street.
      Gulu……Gulu……”Gulu…” Su Yue seemed to be able to hear Feng Bao Niu’s voice as he walked out of the Subtle Street.
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      Chapter 12 Who am I?You are Carol Danvers!

      Since the dimension street could summon creatures of different dimensions and dimensions, it should also be able to send them back. Therefore, Su Yue’s promise to Feng Bao was not a lie, nor was it a stopgap measure.
      Although there was no option to send the summoned creature back, this did not mean that there would be no one in the future. The dimensional street in the system panel had a level. Having a level meant that a new mode or function would inevitably appear after the upgrade. Perhaps the dimensional street would be sent back like a summon, or perhaps the dimensional street would be connected to a new dimensional dimension.
      No matter what kind of method it was, it was necessary to upgrade the dimension street. Most of the things needed to upgrade were dimension points.
      “System, I want to check the panel.”
      Su Yue tried to shout and a virtual projection panel appeared in front of him.
      Host: Su Yue
      Dimension point:0
      Dimension Street Level: LV1
      Dimensional ability: surgical fruit
      Dimensional Item: None
      Dimensional creature:1/5
      State of dimension street: not activated
      (Summoning)(Lottery)(Opening dimension street)
      The dimension points didn’t increase at all, nor did the dimension street level change. It seemed like they could only wait until Captain Marvel’s plot was over before slowly studying it.
      Sensing his probing gaze, Su Yue turned around and smiled at Nick Fury who was standing at the door.
      “I’ m ready to listen to the recording in the black box.”Nick Frey said.
      Su Yue nodded and walked over. Just as Nick Frey was about to enter, he suddenly asked,” What did you see?”
      “I didn’ t see anything.”Nick Frey said.
      “If you don’t see anything, it means you do n’ t see me, you said……”Should I let you save your money?”Su Yue smiled as she looked at Nick Frey, as if she was seriously considering this issue.
      Nick Frey waved his hand and begged,” No, no, my wallet is cleaner than Phil Corson’s.”
      Su Yue smiled noncommittally and walked in.
      Carol Danforth’s chair was leaning against the door frame inside. Phil Colson was standing on the side. Taros and another Skullus were standing opposite them. Maria Lamborghini glanced at Su Yue and Nick Frey who had entered and opened the DVD on the computer case to put the disc in.
      It was very ancient to Su Hao. For the current people, the high-end flat screen showed the loading progress. It was not much faster than a snail.Everyone looked at the monitor silently and seriously, watching the progress bar loading bit by bit.
      Carol Danvers looked at the crowd, not moving at all. His nose was focused and he asked,” What happened?”
      “It’s loading.”Nick Frey replied.
      The Skuru, who did not know what his name was, subconsciously shook his head. As a scientist among the Skuru people, he was obviously a little helpless about the technology behind Earth.
      The progress bar was loaded to 100%, and an audio jumped out and started playing.
      A woman, Maywell’s voice sounded, as if she was reminding the pilot to enter the coordinates and then saying a series of numbers.
      “Where are we going?”Doctor.”Another woman’s voice sounded. This was Carol Danvers’ voice.
      “My laboratory.”
      “Your laboratory?”What do you mean?”
      “Oh, no.”
      “Wait, what is that?”It’s not on my radar.”
      “Let’s go, Carol. Let’s go.”
      “That’s not……”Who are they?”
      “Those are bad guys, no matter how fast they fly.”
      “Yes, sir.”
      The background of the conversation between Maywell and Carol Danvers was very noisy, as if they were being chased.At this moment, Carol Danvers, who was leaning on the door frame, seemed to remember something along with the conversation in the audio……
      Memory was in Su Fu, and the scene was emerging. She heard what happened that day.
      That day, she was carrying a new type of fighter jet. Dr. Lawson, who was sitting in the back seat, had announced a series of coordinates. It was the location of her secret laboratory, but the plane had just left Earth’s atmosphere when it was attacked. The enemy’s spaceship and weapons were extremely advanced, and she was unable to get rid of it.The plane was hit by an energy beam and fell to the ground. She tried her best to land, then took off her helmet and jumped out of the cabin to check on Dr. Lawson in the back seat.
      Dr. Lawson’s blue blood was stained with Carol’s hands. She struggled to get out of the cabin and said her name was Maywell. She came from Halar and asked Carol to remember the coordinates she had entered earlier.
      A beam of light pierced through Dr. Lawson’s body. A person walked out of the dust nearby.
      In the scenes she had dreamt of countless times in the past, the people who came out were the Skuru people, but this time it was different. The people who came out were the brave Rogue, who was her teacher and friend. He wanted the speed of light engine and the energy core. She would not let the doctor’s blood fall into the enemy’s hands. She held the determination to die and shot at the engine. After a huge energy explosion, she would be swallowed……
      Carol Danvers took a deep breath. With a serious expression, she suddenly stood up and walked out of the room. She felt like she was about to suffocate and explode.
      Everyone hurried out.
      “He lied to me. Everything I know is a lie.”Carol Danvers stopped and turned around to look at the people who had followed him and said angrily.
      Now……”You understand?”Taros asked.
      What?”What can I understand?”Carol Danvers asked in a deep voice.
      “Brave Rogue killed Mewell. He killed her because she found out that she was involved in a wrong, unfair war!Those evil crimes that you know should be the responsibility of Luo Nan, the accuser. My people lived in Tofa Star and became refugees. They were homeless. From then on, we resisted Kerry’s rule.”Right now, we have only a few survivors, and we will also be massacred. Unless you help me finish Mywell’s work, the coordinates you know can provide energy for a light speed engine spaceship. Take us to a safe place, a new home, and a Kerry can’ t find our place!”
      Taros’ expression was very sincere, and his tone was very sincere. Carol Danvers was hesitating, or perhaps she knew the truth, but her reason could not accept the truth that was deceived and concealed.
      “We just want a home. Under Kerry’s rule, you and I have lost everything. Do n’ t you understand now?”You’ re not their race!”Taros emphasized.
      “You don’ t know me, you don’ t know who I am, I don’ t even know who I am!”Carol Danvers’ voice was hoarse, and her emotions were about to collapse.
      After many years of faith and truth, you suddenly realized that all of this was a lie. That kind of pain was enough to make one’s mind collapse.
      Su Yue walked up to her and looked at her angry, confused, and sad eyes. She spoke in a calm but unquestionable tone.”You’ re Carol Danvers!”
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      Chapter 13 I lied to you, I lied to you!

      “You’re Carol Danvers, the woman in the black box who risked her life to do the right thing. You’ re her best friend. When everyone else didn’t support her, you supported her to become a mother and a pilot. You’ re a smart, interesting person with great pain, and also a strong person ……”
      Su Yue continued to laugh as she looked at Carol Danforth, whose expression gradually calmed down.”It’s agreed that we’ ll have to drink together when things are over. I don’ t want to wait too long, so think of a way. Do you hear me?”
      “Lawson always said that her job in Tianma’s plan was not to fight, but to end the war.”Maria Rambo, who was beside her, spoke softly. After saying that, she looked at Su Yue with a strange expression.
      Su Yue’s words gave her a very strange feeling. How did he know that Carol Danvers supported her as a mother and a pilot?Why did he have the feeling that if he didn’t say anything, I would say the same?
      Carol Danvers’ face gradually revealed a faint smile. She nodded and suddenly opened her arms to hug Su Yue.”Thank you, thank you for letting me calm down. Thank you for telling the truth and not lying!”
      “No, I lied to you.”Su Yue smiled.
      Carol Danforth relaxed Su Yue and looked at him doubtfully.”What did you lie to me for?”
      “A hug!”Su Yue turned to look at Maria Rambo.”She should have said those words, but this hug should have been hers.”
      “What, what do you mean?”Maria Lambo was stunned.
      When you know the future, you will naturally know the past.
      Thinking of what Su Yue had said before, Carol Danvers smiled and asked curiously,” Do you know that in the future, we have a drink?”
      “Because you didn’ t have me in your original future.”
      “Then now!”
      Carol Danvers walked over to Maria Rambo and gave her a big hug. After separating, she said to Taros.”That series of numbers is not coordinates, but a state vector, which is used to locate the orbit and speed.”You can’ t find the laboratory on Earth because it’s not on Earth.”
      “I have a way to find the laboratory, but Yong Rogue is coming. We must find the energy core before he comes.”
      “Going to space?”Nick Frey answered.What are you going to sit on?”Our plane can’ t leave Earth.”
      Skuru said,” It should be fine just to fix it. I’ ll fix it.”
      “Then, I need a copilot.”Carol Danvers looked at Maria Rambo.
      Maria Lambo’s eyes widened.”Me?”No, no, I’ m not suitable. I can’ t leave Monica.”
      “It doesn’ t matter. I can stay with Grandma and Dad.”Monica Rambo came to Maria Rambo and said obediently.
      “I can’ t go, baby. It’s too dangerous.”
      Maria Rambo and Monica Rambo were discussing whether to go or not. Taros and his scientists had already gone to fix the plane. Nick Frey and Phil Colson were chatting quietly……
      Su Yue gently bumped into Carol Danvers’ shoulder. Then, under her curious gaze, she reached out and stroked her neck.
      “I think it’s more appropriate to do this after I’ m drunk.”Carol Danvers did not dodge. He just smiled and looked at Su Yue.
      “My view is the opposite. There are some things that are the most suitable to do now, which can save a lot of unnecessary trouble.”Su Yue’s finger touched a cold chip.
      Carol Danvers’ expression turned awkward as his cheeks gradually turned red.
      The spatial barrier of the surgical fruit instantly unfolded beneath Su Yue’s other hand.
      When they saw Su Yue suddenly use his ability to wrap themselves and Carol Danvers in a space barrier, everyone immediately stopped their own business and looked over doubtfully.
      Su Yue held the kitchen knife that was hidden somewhere and smiled at Carol Danvers. Then, the cold light of the knife had already struck her neck.
      A cold light flashed. The chip and Carol Danvers’ neck separated, and then they were controlled to fly to Su Yue’s hand.
      The space barrier disappeared. Just as Su Yue was about to speak with the chip in her hand, the energy on Carol Danvers’ body suddenly surged. In the past, her energy could only be concentrated on her hands, but now, the golden energy permeated through her body.
      Her feet slowly floated off the ground. Her long golden hair was wrapped in energy, and the wind was blowing away.
      The energy suddenly gathered. Carol Danvers’ eyes turned golden, and the energy in his eyes surged!
      “This little thing is used by Kerry’s supreme intelligence to restrain your energy. Without it, your energy can be fully released and you can become the true captain of surprise.”Su Yue tossed the chip to Carol Danvers.
      Carol Danvers caught it and crushed it while chuckling.”What does Captain Amazing mean? My code name?”
      Su Yue nodded and continued,” Your ability is stronger than you imagined. Before the enemy comes, familiarize yourself with your energy.”
      Carol Danvers said confidently,” I can control it.”
      Su Yue shook her head.” You can fly?”
      “You can fly!”
      “Alright, I think I really need time to familiarize myself.”
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      Chapter 14: Answers and Licking Dogs

      Flying was the greatest dream of mankind since ancient times. Carroll Danvers, who was born in the air force, did not doubt Su Yue’s words. Soon, he began to try with great interest.
      Su Yue took a chair and placed it on the lawn in front of the room. He sat loosely on it, basking in the sun. He watched Carol Danvers as if he were a skywalking monkey, occasionally jumping up into the sky with a swish and then falling down with a swish.
      “Can she really fly?”Nick Frey’s voice rang in his ears.
      Su Yue did not turn around and replied languidly,” Even in twenty or thirty years, she is one of the strongest heroes on Earth.”
      “You mean that more and more heroes like Carol Danvers and you will be in the future?”Nick Frey was quiet for a moment before asking again.”You really have the ability to predict the future?”Because I know what will happen in the future, I don’ t care about exposing my ability.”
      “The show will affect the box office, and how much of the box office will affect the planning and selection of the film series. Every time a different choice is possible, it will change the future.”I need an answer to decide if I should do something about this.”
      Nick Frey asked,” What answer?”
      Su Yue waved her hand,” You can’ t give this answer. You just need to tell Peggy Carte about me.”
      “Miss Peggy?”Why is it her?”
      Nick Frey waited for a while but didn’t hear Su Yue’s answer. He couldn’t help but take a few steps forward and look over.
      Su Yue had already closed his eyes. His steady breathing made him seem like he was asleep.
      As for whether he was really asleep or not, it wasn’t important to Nick Frey because he could n’ t get Su Yue to speak when he didn’t want to. The only thing that could get him to speak was probably Ms. Peggy.
      Nick Frey quietly left.
      The warm sunlight shone on Su Yue’s body, causing Su Yue, who was trying to recover his strength and not speak, to fall asleep unconsciously.
      When he woke up, he realized that there was a thin blanket on his body. The sky above his head was already littered with stars.
      “You’ re finally awake. You want to go for a ride?”
      Su Yue grinned and turned to look at Carol Danvers in a red uniform.” This style is much better than before. Monica has a great talent in design.”As for going for a ride, if you’ re referring to flying into the sky with me in your arms, let’s forget about it. It’s too cold, and if you can, I don’ t like to have a woman take me to fly with you.”
      “Maleism.”Carol Danforth said unhappily.
      “I used to live in the countryside for a while. I have a neighbor surnamed Xu. I call him Uncle Xu.Uncle Xu raised a dog called Dahuang. That dog was pitiful. Every day, he added the sole of Uncle Xu’s shoes until he died. Uncle Xu did n’ t even build a doghouse for him. It was obvious……”Add a dog, add a dog, add nothing!”
      “The plane has been repaired. It’s time for us to leave.”
      Su Yue smiled and got up to enter the plane with Carol Danvers.
      In the plane, everyone was already seated.
      Maria Lamborghini still came and sat in the passenger seat. Phil Colson, who didn’t have much chance to show his face in the movie, also sat on the plane with Su Yue’s light. The anticipation and nervousness on his face could be clearly seen. Nickfrey brought the Elemental Devourer along as well. He put it on his leg and laughed, completely ignoring Taros’s kindly reminder.
      Su Yue looked around and found a seat to sit down and fasten her seat belt.
      He realized that Skuruko was no longer there. He should have changed to Carol Danvers as in the movie to see the brave Rogue who had arrived on Earth. Had he gone to stall for time?
      The Skuru people were deformation people, and they could also copy the short-term memories of the target. Theoretically, they should be deceiving experts.
      However, when Taros pretended to be Koehler, he was torn apart by Nick Frey because of a single sentence. And this Skulukian was still torn apart by Yong Rogue because of a single sentence, and in the end, he lost his life.
      It could be seen that when it came to deceiving people, they were sometimes not as good as holographic projection!
      However, his death wasn’t worthless. It was because he discovered that he had been deceived that Brave Rogge had informed Luo Nan to lead the fleet to Earth. It was also because of this that Luo Nan had witnessed the strength of Carol Danvers, who had destroyed the battleship with bare hands and empty fists. In the end, because he wanted to obtain a powerful weapon like Carol Danvers, he had betrayed Planet Krishna and cooperated with Destroyer. Then, under the dance of Uranus Dancer’s Lifeseizing, he had died worse than Wood Throat.
      This was the chain reaction!
      Su Yue decided to try her best not to change the trajectory of history before she got the answer. If the answer was yes, if someone really existed, then the situation could be changed, and the situation could not be reversed. If the answer was no, then she could try her best to gain some benefits.
      There was a quiet and dim galaxy above the clouds. When Carol Danvers flew the modified plane to the location of the Maywell Laboratory, there was nothing here.
      “Why is it like this?”It’s here, it must be here!”Taros could not help but become anxious as he stared at the empty galaxy outside.
      Carol Danvers suddenly raised his wrist and pressed the device on his clothes.
      “Deactivate the cover.”
      The mechanical sound rang out from the device. Following that, an orange-red light lit up in their eyes, quickly flowing like a river. A moment later, a huge Kerry Empire cruiser was deactivated and appeared in front of everyone.
      PS: in order to prevent the key words from being harmonious, I used homonyms instead.Today was the fourth day, and at night, there was another day!*

      Chapter 15 Energy Core?Cosmic Rubik’s Cube?Spatial Gem!

      Inside the cruise ship, the sensing lights on the tunnel corridor lit up due to the appearance of the crowd. Everyone walked along the corridor and curiously looked around. Taros picked up a baseball from the ground, and a hint of impatience flashed between his brows. He accelerated his steps and walked ahead.
      Turning left and right, they arrived at the center of the cruiser a few minutes later.
      The sensing door opened and everyone entered one after another.
      The first thing that caught his eye was a huge mechanical disk that shone with blue energy. Not far away, there was a game machine on Earth. There was a machine on the other side of the game machine. A blue stone on the machine emitted a blue light.
      This was the core of energy that Maywell studied. It was something both the Kerry and Skuru people wanted. At the same time, it also had a different name called the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube, and its real name was the famous Space Gem!
      The Elemental Devouring Beast jumped onto the machine and used its claws to scratch the cube.
      “Is that it?”Energy core.”Maria Rambo followed Carol Danvers to the Cosmic Rubik’s Square and subconsciously widened her eyes.
      “In her notes, she called it the Cosmic Cube.”Carol Danvers looked at it and took it down. He casually tossed it a few times and placed it in a child candy box that Maria Lambo handed over.
      “Cough cough…” Nick Frey coughed a few times and looked at the cup on the table. There was faint heat floating on the cup.
      There was someone here!
      Maria Rambo and Carol Danveston became alert.
      Su Yue glanced at Nick Frey. He had to admire the fact that this guy was indeed an agent. Everyone looked around curiously. Only he noticed the hot cup and found that there were others here.
      “Don’ t be nervous. It’s from Skuru.”
      As soon as Su Yue finished speaking, he saw Taros raise his head and open his mouth. He let out a horn-like roar.
      As the voice fell, a group of figures appeared from the surroundings and walked out tentatively.
      Green head, sharp ears.
      These were all Skuru people!
      A female Skuru watched as Taros called out his name and ran over to hug him. The other Skuru looked at each other and curiously examined Su Yue and the others as they gradually approached.
      These Skuru people had men and women, old and young, and wore human clothes.
      Taros and the female Skuru snuggled and hugged each other. The scene of the reunion made people feel warm, and they could not help but smile.
      Speaking of which, although Taurus’s wife did n’ t even have a name in the movie, she had posed as Nick Frey and Maria Hill and Spider-Man to deal with the mysterious guests while Nick Frey was leading people to build the Heavenly Sword Bureau in space. Even though they didn’t play any role at all, the mysterious guests by the mysterious guest who played the holographic projection from the……
      The female Skurus around Taros turned around and waved at the dark corner. A young Skurus who looked to be eight or nine years old walked out timidly. This was their child.
      “We don’ t know what to do. Maywell warned us not to send a signal for any reason, or else the Kerry people will find us.”The female Skuru said.
      “You’ re right.”
      “They…” The female Skulu looked at Su Yue and the others.
      “Don’ t be afraid. They are my friends. They brought me here to find you.”Taros explained in a comforting tone.
      “I won’ t hurt you.”
      Carol Danvers walked over and recalled what he had done to the Skuru people. He couldn’ t help but apologise sadly.” Sorry, I……I didn’t know before ……”
      “Carol, this is war. My hands are dirty too. But now that we’ re here, you helped me find my family.”Taros closed his eyes and lowered his head slightly. He thanked Carol Danvers.
      A moment later, he opened his eyes and raised his head.” This is just the beginning. There are still tens of thousands of people separated and scattered all over the Milky Way.”
      “Me ……”
      “The Kerry people are almost here. Let’s talk later.”Su Yue interrupted,” Nick Frey, Phil Kerson, and Maria Rambo. Take Taros and his people back to Earth first. Carol, I’ ll stay with you.”
      Everyone became nervous when they heard this. Carol Danvers looked at Su Yue and smiled. He turned around and handed the box containing the universe cube to Nick Frey.
      Nick Frey was about to receive it when the Primordial Devouring Beast suddenly jumped out and slammed the box.
      “Bang bang.”
      The box fell to the ground, and the lid was blasted open to reveal the dimensional gemstones inside. Then, the Elemental Devourer Beast suddenly opened its mouth, and countless tentacles emerged from it to grab the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube.
      “Aim ……”
      The Elemental Devouring Beast let out a cry and added its own claws.
      Nick Frey looked at the cute orange cat with a dull expression. What was that just now?It, it really is an Elemental Devouring Beast?
      “Bring it back with you.”Su Yue felt that the Eater Beast’s intelligence was definitely higher than that of a cat. It might know that the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube was very important, so he swallowed the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube. If he wanted the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube, he had to bring it back to Earth.
      “I’ m going to hug you now. You, don’ t attack me.”Nick Frey squatted down slowly and tentatively picked up the Devourer Beast.Fortunately, its current appearance was no different from that of an ordinary orange cat. It was still so obedient, which made Nick Frey slightly relieved.
      Seeing Taros gathering his people to leave, Phil Colson came to Su Yue’s side and whispered,” What do you do if we leave? You shouldn’ t fly, right?”
      Su Yue smiled and patted Phil Corson’s shoulder.”For your words, I can consider treating you as a friend.”Let’s go. I’ ll be fine.”
      “Then be careful.”Phil Colson nodded, turned around and trotted to catch up with the main team.*

      Chapter 16 The Interstellar Battle Team Under the Slaughterhouse

      The Interstellar Battle Team was a special force of the Kerry Empire. The position of the captain, Yong Rogue, and the commander of the regular forces, Luo Nan, should be at the same level. Not counting Carol Danvers and Yong Rogue, the Interstellar Battle Team still had four members, Miniva, Coras, Atlas, and Bulangchare.
      When Yong Rogue led the interstellar battle team and Kerry soldiers into the room aggressively, Su Yue quickly recognized the four members of the interstellar battle team.
      Blanchard was a big mustache. He looked extremely powerful.
      Atlas did not have any obvious features. It was a normal blue skin Keri.
      Kras Su Yue could recognize him with a single glance. He took the stage with Luo Nan’s subordinates in the movie “The Milky Way Guards” and betrayed the Kerry Empire with Luo Nan.He had a code name called the pursuer. He had interacted with the Star Lord who was looking for a power gem before he was killed by Delacus, a member of the Milky Way Guard.
      Miniva was even more likely to recognize her. She was the only woman in the interstellar battle team other than Carol Danvers. Although she was a blue-skinned Kerri, her facial features were somewhat eastern. Her long dark purple hair carried a slight wave and was quite exotic.But if someone underestimated her because of her appearance, they would definitely pay the price. She was the only sniper in the Interstellar Squad!
      Brave Rogge looked around and said in a deep voice,” The Skuru people have run away. They might have taken away the energy core. Miniva, go and deal with them and bring the energy core back.”
      Miniva nodded and left.
      Yong Rogue looked at Carol Danvers’ red uniform and frowned.” What’s wrong with your uniform?”
      “You lied to me.”Seeing Yong Rogue, the anger of being deceived instantly surged into Carol Danvers’ heart.
      A proud smile appeared on Yong Rogge’s face as he said in an attitude that he deserved a beating,” I’ ve made you a better person. Unfortunately, you’ ve been brainwashed by them. But just as the Utmost Wisdom says, we can take away what we can give you.”
      Carol Danvers rubbed his neck and mocked,” Haven’t you noticed?The little thing that controlled me was long gone. You guys couldn’t take away my ability, because it was n’ t given by you guys, because……”The future is on my side.”
      A golden light shone on her body, and intense energy surged within her body. Her entire body was like a god.
      Her arms suddenly swung, and two energy cannons shot out from her bright fist.
      The explosion sounded. The brave Rogue and the people from the Interstellar Battle Team knew about Carol Danvers’ abilities and hurriedly dodged. However, those ordinary Kerry soldiers were not that lucky. They were instantly knocked to the ground by the energy cannon and collapsed.
      Corras, Atlas, and Bulangchall took out their weapons and rushed over. Brave Rogge’s arms shook, and a blue-green energy appeared in his hands. He waved his hands, and the debris on the ground was controlled to float, flying towards Carol Danvers in an instant.
      The spinning white whirlwind was quickly released under Su Yue’s palm. In an instant, the transparent hemispherical space instantly expanded, and it directly filled everyone in.He raised his kitchen knife and glanced at Carol Danvers, who had escaped the debris and charged towards the brave Rogge. Then, he swung his cold light at Corras, Atlas, and Bulang Charles.
      Whoosh…Whoosh ……”
      A few cold lights flashed past. Corras, Atlas, and Bulang Charles were cut to pieces before they could react.
      The head, torso, and body were separated.
      “Ah ……”
      They were frightened by Su Yue’s strange ability, but……Even more terrifying was behind.
      Su Yue’s wrist turned slightly. Their three body parts were like small boats in the storm, and their bodies started to turn quickly.It felt like he was in a hurricane. He couldn’t do anything but be swept away.
      Su Yue’s wrist stopped, and the hurricane stopped. The three of them also stopped.
      “My legs……”How did my leg grow on your arm?”
      “Heavens, why are you here? Quickly leave my body.”
      “Damn it, this is my body. Your head is on my body.”
      The three of them cried out in terror, causing Yong Rogue and Carol Danvers to subconsciously look over. It didn’t matter if they saw this. Even if Carol Danvers had seen Su Yue’s ability, they were shocked by this scene.
      Blanchard’s leg was on Corras’ shoulder, while Atlas’ arm was on Blanchard’s leg. Corras’ head was on Atlas’ neck, while Atlas’ head was on Blanchard’s head. As for Corras…Apart from a pair of legs replacing his arm, there was nothing on his neck.
      After their body parts were recombined, they could be described by a random word, and their current appearance was even more shocking.
      Su Yue flew in front of him with two arms that he had not specially assembled. These arms were Coras’, and there were two bright swords in his hands.He tried to take out one of the swords, but Kras’ hands were tightly clenched.
      “Let go.”Su Yue raised his head and shouted at Kras’ head.
      Coras’ two arms suddenly became fierce. His hands loosened and his two swords instantly fell to the ground.
      Su Yue nodded in satisfaction. With a wave of his hand, Kras’ two arms flew straight towards Carol Danvers.
      Carol Danvers put his hand down. The two energy cannons that were blasted out had already turned Corras’ arms into debris.
      This……”What kind of monster is this guy…?” Yong Rogue stared at Su Yue in fear. His voice trembled from fear.*

      Chapter 17 Do you know?I like you more and more!

      “His name is Su Yue, a human from Earth.”
      “No, that’s impossible. I’ ve been to Earth, and I’ ve seen people on Earth. Humans on Earth definitely don’ t have such strange and terrifying abilities. Just who is he!”
      Yong Rogge’s eyes were wide open as he glared at Carol Danvers.
      “He is my dawn, the dawn of new life!”Carol Danvers smiled, and the energy cannon directly sent Yong Rogue flying.
      Yong Rogue made a clear sound when he hit the space barrier. After falling to the ground in pain, his first reaction was not to attack, but to turn around and smash the space barrier with a fist.
      The space barrier didn’t move at all. Not to mention the cracks, there was n’ t even a single ripple.Brave Rogge turned around and looked at Carol Danforth’s roar. He waved his fist, which was emitting an energy glow, and rushed towards her.
      With a punch, flesh and blood flew everywhere.
      Atlas’s head was shattered.
      Brave Rogge looked at Atlas’s body and fell to the ground. He looked at Tras’ head, which had already been destroyed, and was stunned. It was Carol Danvers who was clearly in front of him. How did he become Astra and Tras?
      He subconsciously turned his head to look. He saw that Carol Danvers was so calm and collected that he patted Tras’ leg, which was not sure if it was a leg or an arm. Then, an energy cannon smashed him to pieces.
      Tras’ arm and body were shattered by her, and his head was shattered by Brave Rogue. At this point, Tras was completely cold, and he put up Bu Langcha’s leg.
      Two energy cannons hit Bu Langchall and Atlas’ headless bodies in the distance. Then, they clapped their hands and smiled at Su Yue.” Nice job!”
      “You too.”
      The three members of the Interstellar Battle Team who had a variety of combinations had completely led the way. Only the captain, Yong Rogue, looked at Carol Danvers and Su Yue with a face full of fear.
      “Fos, I’m proud of you. Ever since I found you by the lake that day, you’ ve been walking for a long time, but can you really control your power?Come on, remove this strange barrier. Don’t let him interfere. Let’s see if you’re more powerful or just like usual?”
      “I always tell you……”You’ ll be ready. One day, you’ ll be able to defeat me by yourself. That moment has come, it’s coming, Firth!”
      Yong Rogge calmed down and took a deep breath. He threw away the gun on his body and clenched his fists as he looked at Carol Danvers.
      Carol Danvers had been his mentor for six years in the Kerry Empire. He had trained her combat skills. He had always prohibited Carol Danvers from using his abilities. Instead, he had used combat to determine the outcome.
      Carol Danvers was always unconvinced, because every time she lost, she would be the one who would encourage her and encourage her to use her own abilities to defeat him!
      Su Yue admired the shamelessness of Brave Rogue. At this moment, she could even think of using language and spirit to create a chance to survive.
      “Come on, Firth, let him remove the barrier, turn off your light show, and show it to me.”Come on, let’s do it, let’s hit me…” Brave Rogge’s voice was so loud that he could n’ t help but urge Carol Danvers to give up on her advantage and use combat to fight against her. He knew that Carol Danvers was easily angered.
      The energy cannon suddenly slammed into Yong Rogue’s body. Yong Rogue, who had just shouted to hit me, had achieved his wish and directly crashed into the space barrier. This time……He had no strength to get up again.
      Carol Danvers swayed slightly as he walked towards Yong Rogue.” I still have some wine to drink. I don’t have time to prove anything to you, let alone……”This is my power!”
      Carol Danvers looked at the energy-filled hand and grabbed Yong Rogue’s hand.
      After the space barrier disappeared, Carol Danvers turned his head to look at Su Yue. He saw Su Yue sitting down at a nearby table and waving at her.
      “Quickly go. Luo Nan should be here in a while. He’s still waiting for you to show off your skills.”
      “Do you know?”I like you more and more.”
      Carol Danvers enjoyed this kind of tacit understanding. She smiled and grabbed Yong Rogue’s hand and dragged him to the Kerri spaceship.
      She did not intend to kill Yong Rogue. She wanted to send him back to the Kerry Empire to bring her a message, to bring the utmost wisdom. She would end it, end the war, lie, everything……
      While Carol Danvers was dragging Brave Rogge to set up coordinates to send him back to the Kerry Empire with Kerry’s single-person shuttle, Su Yue was not idle. He was cleaning the battlefield.
      The Keri corpses, weapons and equipment on the ground were all good things. There was no need to mention the Keri corpses. Phil Corson was able to survive because of the Keri corpses. As for weapons and equipment, when his land was built, he definitely needed weapons to strengthen the security.
      If he took a step back, even if he didn’t need these things, he could still sell them. He was penniless now, and the money for building a hotel was n’ t gone yet.
      As an orphan who had to rely on himself in everything, being diligent and frugal was a natural instinct for survival. It was also necessary to see what he wanted to pull into his own home.
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      Chapter 18 How to Obtain Dimensional Points

      Hu……”It’s finally over.”Su Yue wiped his sweat, straightened his back and hammered his sore waist. He looked around and nodded in satisfaction.
      He had already transported all the spoils of war into the dimension street. The weapons and equipment were like milk and bread, but there was a small problem with the Keri’s body.
      At first, he thought that creatures could not be brought into the dimension street. Although this was a dead creature, it was not that he could not bring it in, but that he could only bring one at a time.
      The violent explosions rang out one after another. The sound did not sound like the cruiser had been attacked. Judging from the vibration of the cruiser, the direction of the explosion should be from outside. The cruiser was only affected by the energy of the explosion.
      “Luo Nan!”
      Su Yue immediately thought of Luo Nan’s fleet. Only his fleet could make so many explosions.Carol Danvers hadn’ t returned for such a long time. He had most likely discovered that Luo Nan’s fleet had appeared, so he flew out to destroy the battleship with his bare hands, right?
      Destroying a battleship with his bare hands was a great feat for Carol Danvers. Not to mention the Cree’s battleships, even the destroyers could not escape the fate of being penetrated by Carol Danvers.
      “It’s a pity that I won’ t be able to operate this cruiser. I can’ t see Carol’s grand display of divine might and Luo Nan’s stunned expression outside.”Su Yue looked at the steel walls and shook her head in regret. She stood up and walked towards the exit hatch of the cruiser.
      Carol would definitely enter from there. The interstellar battle team spaceship that Brave Rogue and the others had arrived on should also be parked there.
      Speaking of which, this cruise ship would be used as the Skuru’s spaceship. Carol Danvers would escort them to find a new home, that……Where was the interstellar battle team’s spaceship?It should be possible to ponder over it.
      Although Su Yue felt that he didn’ t have much chance to travel on a spaceship, this was a spaceship. Not to mention that it was usually used as an airplane, it was mostly equipped with advanced weapon systems and stealth technology. Just parking it near the hotel would be able to attract business, let alone being able to be his temporary residence before the hotel was built.
      As he walked, Su Yue suddenly thought of something. The summoning system opened the panel.
      Dimensional Street System Panel
      Host: Su Yue
      Dimension point:1
      Dimension Street Level: LV1
      Dimensional ability: surgical fruit
      Dimensional Item: None
      Dimensional creature:1/5
      State of dimension street: not activated
      (Summoning)(Lottery)(Opening dimension street)
      Su Yue originally wanted to see if the dimensional objects and dimensional creatures would change, but he found that they did not change. Instead, the most important dimensional point changed from 0 to 1.
      How did this dimension come from?I didn’t seem to have done anything that might increase the dimension point. It should have nothing to do with the spoils of war that I sent in. Then, the most likely thing to happen is Feng Bao. But Feng Bao has been here for more than a day. When I entered, I did n’ t notice anything unusual about her. Why did she suddenly…” Su Yue’s eyes suddenly lit up.
      More than a day?Could it be time?
      It was very likely that the summoned creature would obtain a dimension point after 24 hours in the dimension street. This was the most reasonable and possible reason.
      No, it shouldn’t be just creatures that were summoned. The Maneuvering World was also a dimension, so people in the Maneuvering World should be able to obtain dimension points if they stayed in the dimension street. Otherwise, the dimension points needed to draw and summon should n’ t be that high, let alone the dimension street and upgrade settings.
      One person could add one dimension point a day. If it was just a creature that was summoned, then it would take the Year of the Monkey and the Moon to make the empty dimension street a true dimension street?Moreover, there was also the option to open the dimension street. After opening the dimension street, the rules for obtaining the dimension point would change. From this point, it could be seen that one of the benefits of opening the dimension street was to temporarily solve the difficulty of obtaining the dimension point and the limit on the number of dimension creatures.
      Su Yue felt that it was very easy to verify whether his guess was correct. As long as he waited until the morning or tomorrow morning to see if there was any increase in the number of sub-elements, he could also determine whether the increase in the number of sub-elements was based on the natural day or everyone’s time spent.
      As for whether the people of the Maneuver World would increase the number of dimension points when they entered the dimension street, it would be even simpler. As long as someone went in and checked whether the number of dimension creatures on the system panel increased.
      No matter what, the more lively the street was, the better.
      “What are you thinking about? Are you laughing so happily?”Carol Danvers had just entered when he saw Su Yue standing nearby with a look of joy.
      Su Yue smiled and asked,” Luo Nan was scared away by you?”
      “I’ ve destroyed dozens of his fighter planes and two warships. If he doesn’ t leave, he’ ll never leave.”Carol Danvers said in a domineering tone.
      Su Yue shrugged.” Since Luo Nan has run away, it’s time for us to return to Earth and meet with Taros and the others.How about opening the interstellar battle team’s spaceship and returning?”I’ m very interested in it.”
      Carol Danvers blinked.”Or, I can carry you back.”
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      Chapter 19 Changing the Dead into the Living?I’ll keep your heart for you!

      Su Yue didn’t know why Carol Danvers always wanted to bring him to fly, but he knew that he did n’ t have the ability to stand side by side with Sun Shoulder like her. So after rejecting her warm offer, the two finally drove the Interstellar Squadron’s spaceship back to Earth and landed in the backyard of Maria Lambo’s family.
      Maria Lamborghini, Nickfrey, Phil Corson, and Taros’s family came up to welcome Su Yue and Carol Danvers.
      “Are you all right?”
      Carol Danvers said with a relaxed smile,” It’s over. The matter between the Interstellar battle team and Luo Nan is over. Earth is safe. You’ re safe as well.”
      Everyone let out a sigh of relief. Whether it was for the S.I.E.I. Shield Bureau represented by Nick Frey and Phil Colson, or the Skuru represented by Taros, this was good news to celebrate.
      Su Yue noticed that the other Skurus remained on the plane and did not come out. There was a Keri shuttle nearby, but he did not see Minerva who was being chased by the shuttle.
      “Where are the people inside?”
      “She was shot by me and temporarily locked inside.”Nickfrey noticed Su Yue’s gaze towards the shuttle and replied,” We’ ve already landed when she chased us. I hit her when she jumped out.”
      “Not bad luck.”
      “That’s right. I looked at her gun. If she were to fight head-on, it would be difficult to deal with her.”Nick Frey said in deep agreement.
      Su Yue glanced at him.”What I’m saying is that she’s lucky. She should have been destroyed by Maria Lambo while chasing her in the air.”But since she’s alive, she should be more valuable. Let’s take a look.”
      Nick Frey led the way without saying anything. After entering the room, he pushed open the door of a room.
      In the room, Minerva was chained to the ground in the form of horses and hooves. The wound on his shoulder was covered with blue blood.
      Su Yue looked at Nick Frey with a strange expression.”You tied it?”
      “Yes, I don’t have any suitable tools. I can only use this method to reduce her chances of escaping.”Wait, why are you looking at me like this? Is there a problem?”Nick Frey felt as if Su Yue was looking at a pervert.
      Why are you looking at you with this gaze?
      I really didn’t expect you to be this kind of Nick Frey!
      “Is it possible to exchange the corpse of a male Keri?”Su Yue suddenly asked.
      Nick Frey was stunned, then he smiled.” Living should be more valuable than dead, right?”
      “I don’ t want to waste time with you. She belongs to me. I’ ll give you the body of a male Kerry man and send you a message.”
      “This news will happen in the future, right?”
      If according to the original development of the plot, the S.H.I.I.E. Shield would obtain the Keri’s body for this incident, so as to seal it up and study it. Until later, the Tahiti plan began to use the Keri’s body to develop a special drug, Phil Corson would be dead and resurrected after being stabbed by Rocky.
      But now that the Keri corpses on the cruiser were all packed, even if the Divine Shield Bureau had Minerva to study them, a single corpse might not be enough for them to successfully develop a medicament.
      Nick Frey did not continue bargaining. He could feel that Su Yue did not waste time on this matter. Whether it was true or not, he would not change the conditions, and he did not have the confidence to refuse. He did not want to offend him because of such a small matter.
      “Find me to take the corpse later. You can leave now.”
      Nick Frey was very depressed about Su’s actions, but he still turned around and left. After leaving, he closed the door.
      “Brave Rogue and Luo Nan were defeated by Carol to return to the Kiri Empire. The rest of the Black Star Battle Team are dead. This sword……You should know him.”I don’ t want to waste this great time on you for the time being, so either you can watch the house for me alive or you can be sliced and researched if you’ re dead. One chance, you can choose yourself.”Su Yue placed Tras’ sword on Minerva, quietly waiting for her choice.
      “I don’ t want to die.”Minerva gritted her teeth and whispered.
      Su Yue responded. The ROOM space instantly expanded, and then a cold light flashed. Minerva’s iron chain was instantly cut off. Together with her shoulder, she was also cut into several pieces.
      A bullet flew out from the severed shoulder.
      Minerva was shocked to find that he didn’t feel any pain and that there was no blood on the wound. It felt like it was n’ t his arm that was cut off.
      Su Yue gently waved his hand, and the severed shoulders instantly regrouped and returned to Minerva.
      There was no trace of it.
      Minerva subconsciously clenched his fist and waved his shoulder, without feeling any discomfort.
      “Surgical knife!”
      The tip of the sword stabbed towards Minerva’s heart. Before Minerva could react, she could feel something being gouged out. Just as she was about to make a sound, a weak feeling spread all over her body.
      Minerva lay on the ground.
      “Your heart is temporarily kept with me. When I think I can trust you, I’ ll return it to you.”Su Yue took back the ROOM space, bent over to pick up Minerva’s heart and directly entered the dimension street.
      “You keep this heart for me for the time being. Don’ t let anyone discover it. Don’ t let anyone take it away. I’ ll give it to you when I want it.”Su Yue handed Minerva’s beating heart to Feng Bao and rubbed her hair like a chicken nest.”I’ ll give you some food later. I’ ll stick to it. We’ ll just have a good life when I settle things outside.”*

      Chapter 20 New Home in New Space

      The night scene in the country was filled with silence and peace. Under the moonlight, only the shadow of a tree could be seen. The breeze blew, and the leaves swayed. The shadows on the ground also changed into various forms. From afar, the bright lights in the room could be seen.
      By the stairs of the dining room, Monica Lambo was playing with Taros’ son while Maria Lambo, Taros and his wife, Nick Frey and Phil Colson were drinking beer and chatting.
      Miniva changed into Earth human clothes. A pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. It should be Maria Lambo’s.She leaned against the door frame of the dining room. She looked through the window and looked at the starship outside of the interstellar battle team. Every time she looked at it, she subconsciously trembled, unable to contain the fear that came from the depths of her soul.
      Her heart was gone, and her heart was empty.
      This was not a literary adjective. At this moment, there was a diamond-shaped wound on her heart in her T-shirt. Because of this wound, the T-shirt on her body looked slightly uneven.
      She hated it!
      But what he hated was not Su Yue who had gouged out his heart, but Carol Danvers.
      In the past, when she was in the Interstellar Battle Team, she had never liked Carol Danvers. Now, she didn’t like him.
      If it wasn’t for her, the Interstellar Battle Team would n’ t have come to Earth, and he wouldn’t have come to Earth either. If it was n’ t for her, he wouldn’t have become a captive to be gouged out of his heart. He would n’ t have fallen from the Interstellar Battle Team to become a slave to a guardian on Earth.
      Why did I lose my dignity, lose my freedom and become a slave without a heart, yet she could drink and hang out with that demon on the spaceship that originally belonged to the Interstellar Battle Team?
      Miniva retracted her gaze and took a deep breath. She did not want to look at it anymore. Every time she looked at it, she could feel her fear and hatred becoming stronger. Especially when she found that the shadow of the spaceship started to shake on the ground, that feeling became even more intense.
      The moon rose, and the light of dawn drove out the darkness. The brilliant sunlight passed through the gaps between the leaves and shone on the grass.
      Su Yue came down from the starship of the interstellar battle team and gazed at the empty lawn. He felt the warm sunlight, and his mouth curled into a smile.
      “If a young girl is strong, then a young girl is supporting the wall.”
      Su Yue curled her waist, and she was in a good mood as she greeted the little girl, Monica Lambo, and Miniva.” Good morning, girls.”
      “Good morning.”Monica, Rambo, said with vigor.”They left half an hour ago. Now we’ re the only ones at home.”
      Before getting drunk last night, Carol Danvers had decided to help the Skurus find a new home. So when Su Yue saw the empty lawn, he knew that they had left.
      Su Yue was not too sad about Carol Danvers’ departure.
      Although they had a tacit agreement, they still hadn’t reached the emotional level. Even if they wanted to stay, Su Yue felt that Carol Danvers would n’ t stay. It was her responsibility and knot to help the Skuru people find a new home. She wouldn’t consider other things before she solved it.
      This was very good. There was nothing else in the Subtle Street, so Su Yue did not have the time and energy to think about feelings for the time being.
      The last time the system panel’s origin point number had changed from 1 to 2, the change time was before Su Yue came out of the spaceship. After calculating the time, it was almost the time when he summoned Feng Bao. From this, it could be seen that the dimensional creature would increase its origin point by one in twenty-four hours.
      “Can you watch the house alone?”
      Monica Lamb nodded.”Of course. Are you leaving?”
      “Yeah, it’s time for me to go home.”
      The old saying was good. Jinwo Yinwo was not as good as his own. Although he had no nest in the land, it was still his home, his new home in this new world.
      Once one had a home, one would feel at ease.
      So when Miniva landed the invisible spaceship on that piece of land, Su Yue stood on his own land and felt a sense of familiarity.
      The two-hectare ground was surrounded by wooden tiles. The ground was full of green and natural grass. Su Yue looked at the’ private land, no entry’ on the wooden tiles and could not help but nod and smile.
      There was a vertical road not far from the left of the land. There was an entrance on the other side of the road. There were a few playgrounds inside, surrounded by natural landscape such as flowers and trees. When they walked out of the area, they could see the entrance to the east gate of the Queen’s Botanical Garden.
      There was a football field on the right side of the land. The football field was next to Park Avenue and 56th Street. There was a rectangular block on the two streets. The main entrance of the block was Kessena Avenue. The opposite of Kessena Avenue was Kessena Park.
      Su Yue’s land was located in a very good location. Whether it was the Queen’s Botanical Garden or Kessina Park, it was also a place where sightseeing spots could not be avoided. In addition to the nearby block, even selling sweet potatoes here could earn a lot of money!
      Speaking of selling sweet potatoes, he could let Feng Bao try it later.*

      Chapter 21 Architect Qiao Lian?

      He might be able to plan a house or a building, but he didn’t have the ability to plan a commercial block.
      Although there was only one hotel in the current plan, in the future, all kinds of shop buildings would definitely fill up the entire street. Therefore, the initial planning was very important. Su Yue did not want to wait until she needed it.
      He needed the architect to plan the entire street in advance.
      Su Yue had been participating in Captain Marvel’s plot ever since he passed through the Maneuver world. He had no chance to gain a deeper understanding of this world, so he did n’ t know the architect. However, he realized that S.H.I.E.I. Shield had already helped him solve this problem.
      A young woman in a professional outfit hesitated for a while before finally walking over.
      This woman looked like she was in her twenties. She was Asian, and her hair was tied into a ponytail. She looked capable and shrewd.She held a briefcase in her hand and stopped one or two steps away from Su Yue.
      “Hello, excuse me. Is this land yours?”She asked politely with a nervous expression.
      “Then……”You already have a plan for this land?”
      She could feel it. After confirming the location of the land, she heaved a sigh of relief.
      Su Yue nodded and said as if he was pointing at a river.”I’ m planning to build a hotel in that location. In front of the hotel, a convex roundabout is designed. The left and right sides of the roundabout form the same street as the intersection on both sides. The construction on both sides of the street depends on the situation. Perhaps it’s a shop, perhaps it’s a house, or it’s a mix.”
      After hearing Su Yue’s plan, her eyes became passionate. She quietly tidied up her clothes and seriously reached out her hand.” My name is Qiao Lian. I’ m a newly graduated architect.”
      “Su Yue.”
      Su Yue did not shake her hand. She just smiled and said her name.
      “If you haven’ t found an architect or construction company yet, I’ d like to try. Although I’ ve just graduated from school, my graduation results are excellent. I’ ve also won an architectural design award during school.”
      “I believe that my ability can perfectly meet your requirements for the design and construction of the hotel. As for the planning of the entire street, I can ask my teacher, a top designer in the architectural design industry to plan for you for free.”You can consider using me after reading my design and construction budget. I need a chance to prove myself. I also need income to pay the rent.”
      “If you decide to use me in the end, I will arrange everything. You only need to sign the bank statement and give your opinion.”
      Qiao Lian’s self-recommendation was very sincere, and the conditions offered were very good.
      “My idea of the hotel is a wooden inn of the Eastern Ancient Wind. I want to see the design in three days. Is there a problem?”
      “No problem, thank you for giving me a chance!”Qiao Lian nodded excitedly and happily. Then, she began to measure the land, record the data, and put it into work.
      Su Yue looked at Qiao Lian, who was focused on her work. He smiled and asked Nick Frey,” They left?”
      “Yes, before leaving, Carol left me a contact information. If you need it…” Nick Frey handed over a clearly modified pager.
      Su Yue did not answer.
      “Just keep what you gave you. Believe me, one day you will use it.”
      Nick Frey put away everything that was good. He now paid special attention to every word Su Yue said about the future.
      “Who is she?”Nick Frey looked at Qiao Lian in the distance and asked curiously.
      “A designer who gave her a self-recommendation, the hotel will start construction after she makes the design and budget. By the way, you can open a bank account for me later.”Su Yue said casually.
      “You don’ t have any money.”Nick Frey reminded him.
      Su Yue looked at the bright sky above his head and said with a smile,” You have it. You can pay for the hotel. In exchange, I can accept the supervision that you don’ t overdo.”
      “Give me the car key.”Su Yue extended his hand towards Nick Frey.
      Nick Frey handed the key over. Su Yue took it and turned around to walk towards a black jeep parked by the roadside.
      After getting on the car and closing the door, he took out a well-preserved Keri corpse and placed it in the back row. Then, he took over a cell phone box that was placed in the passenger seat and opened the door.
      “I’ ll give you the keys. The Keri’s corpse is in the car. You can focus on cell regeneration. If you’ re lucky, you can revive those who just died.”Su Yue tossed the key to Nickfrey and took out his wallet from his pocket. He took out the cash and returned it to Nickfrey.
      “This is the money for the phone.”Su Yue shook her finger.
      Nick Frey looked helpless.” Shouldn’ t you give me money if you take away your phone?”
      “So your phone doesn’ t have your monitoring and location equipment?”
      “Uh ……”
      “Since you’ re still useless, hurry back and deal with the corpse. I’ ll go around and buy some food.”Su Yue waved her hand in annoyance and turned to leave.
      Nick Frey looked at the empty wallet and felt like crying. If he had known that this would happen, he would have let Phil Corson come. He wondered if this money could be reimbursed……
      PS: Although Qiao Lian was not a common name, it was indeed a real name. One could guess who it was.*

      Chapter 22 Welcome to Divine Shield Bureau

      Su Yue had robbed Nickfrey and S.H.I. Shield Bureau. However, both Nickfrey and S.H.I. Shield Bureau had a welcoming attitude towards being robbed. This proved that Su Yue had a request. Since she had a request, she would not do anything rash. She did not intend to do anything rash.
      Otherwise, let alone Su Yue, even Minerva, the Crean, could easily obtain a large sum of money.
      He allowed the S.H.I.E. Shield Bureau to carry out an excessive supervision. He accepted the phone with the monitoring and positioning equipment and did not even reveal his identity as a special agent of the S.H.I.E. Shield Bureau. Su Yue felt that his attitude was already very friendly, so he was very calm about the robbery.
      Qiao Lian did a good job. In less than two days, she took out the effect picture of the inn and hotel Su Yue wanted.Although this effect diagram should have been designed by a professional from S.H.I.E. Shield Bureau, he didn’t care. Anyway, he could n’ t find a professional and reliable designer, right?
      Along with the design effect diagram, there was also a budget table. Su Yue did not know how much it would cost to build an inn or hotel from scratch, nor did he know the price of most of the materials. However, he could understand the figures. Building an inn or hotel in this era with a budget of more than 800,000 USD should not be considered low.
      So when Phil Corson sent the bank card over, Su Yue did not ask if there was any money in it, how much money was there, or even how much money he had. He directly asked Qiao Lian to take the bank card and let her take full responsibility for the basic planning and construction of the hotel and the entire street.
      Qiao Lian could say that S.H.I.E.I. Shield was very fast. The construction team and various equipment had arrived in less than half a day.
      Su Yue knew that he couldn’t stay here anymore when he saw Qiao Lian talking to the construction team with the blueprints and preparing to work day and night. So, he robbed Phil Corson’s wallet again and handed the food to him. He ran away.
      Minerva’s skin color prevented her from appearing in public for the time being. She could only recuperate in an invisible spaceship.
      She could stay, but Su Yue could not.
      So Su Yue prepared to use the time before the inn was built to familiarize himself with the surroundings and understand the customs of this country.
      Perhaps due to the fact that he and Minerva had been gouged out of their hearts, Phil Corson did not resist Su Yue’s assignment. Instead, he smoothly became the supervisor responsible for Su Yue and Minerva.Although he was definitely not the only one to supervise, Su Yue did not care. It was as if an elephant would not care about the supervision of ants.
      The wolf was gentle. It was when he was not hungry, and the tiger was quiet. It was when he was not disturbed.
      In Su Yue’s opinion, these people who supervised or monitored him were just miscellaneous people. They would tease him when he was free and order them to do it when he had something to do. It was very good.
      Su Yue’s first stop was the Queen’s Botanical Garden and Flushing Grassland Park.
      The botanical garden was very large and beautiful. There were many original vegetation, and all kinds of flowers were like an ocean of flowers. The cherry blossoms had not bloomed this season, but the roses in the rose garden were all very bright. Su Yue felt that if she secretly picked a few of them, it would probably be worth six dollars.
      As the second largest garden park in New York City, Flushing Grassland Park was the largest public park. The entertainment facilities inside were very complete. There were tennis centers, Citi Stadium, New York Science and Technology Museum, Queens Art Museum, Queens Theater, Queens Wildlife Center. Not only did it improve the quality of leisure life for citizens, but it also made more people feel a strong cultural atmosphere.
      Su Yue walked through Flushing Grassland Park from beginning to end and prepared to take a look at the forest hill.Forest Xiaoqiu was a well-known residential area in Queens. Su Yue vaguely remembered that Spider-Man and his Aunt Mei lived here. According to Spider-Man’s settings in the Marvel movie universe, he had n’ t been born yet.
      Of course, Su Yue didn’ t have any thoughts about Aunt Mei. After all, Aunt Mei should be having a happy life with her uncle. He wouldn’ t do anything about a third party interfering in another person’s marriage. If Aunt Mei became single and she was willing, Su Yue wouldn’ t mind.
      He spent three days in the forest hill and tasted a lot of delicious food. He learned about the price and environment of the hotel nearby, and even knew a few local eastern immigrants. Unfortunately, he did not visit Aunt Mei occasionally.
      Three days later, he came out from a hotel with a room of only 10 square meters, but he dared to ask for 200 dollars a night. He planned to take another road to Kaixinna Park and the block between Park Avenue and 56th Street.
      There was a small Kaixinna Lake in Kaixinna Park. It was surrounded by an amusement park. Although the overall environment was similar to that of the grassland park and botanical garden, there were more people riding and running here, and the sports atmosphere was more intense.
      From the south side of Kessina Park came Kessena Avenue. The opposite side of Kessena Avenue was the block between Park Avenue and 56th Street.By the way, Su Yue discovered that his home also belonged to 56th Street. He also discovered that there was an acupuncture clinic and a baseball field in this street.
      After all, it was the closest community to his home, so Su Yue went around very carefully and stayed in a motel outside the block for two nights.
      “Bang bang bang!”
      The knock on the door caused Su Yue, who had just gotten out of the bathroom after taking a shower, to stop. If he asked him to list the hotels or hotels that he had stayed in for the past few days, apart from the expensive price and poor environment, there would be a woman with thick makeup knocking at the door from night to night, wanting to have a chance encounter with you that I would leave at dawn. Of course, the premise was that you were willing to pay a different price for.
      PS: asked for flowers, rewards, collection!*

      Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

      “I’ m not interested. You can leave now.”Su Yue shouted in the direction of the door, ready to take Feng Bao out to take a bath.
      He realized that the dimension street was very magical. There was clearly no sun or moon, but there was a black sky and white night. The time was the same as outside.It was clear that there was no wind or air, but occasionally, it felt cool, and there was no sense of suffocation.
      It had been almost seven or eight days since the Keri’s corpse had been put away, but there was no sign of decay, nor did it emit any unpleasant smell. On the contrary, the smell on Baby Feng’s body was very strong, and it should be cleaned up properly. Therefore, during the day, he specially used the remaining money to buy a set of clothes for Baby Feng and prepared to give it to her with the kitchen knife he had replaced.
      “Open the door. I believe you will be interested in me.”There was a woman’s voice outside the door. The voice was a little old, and it sounded like it was not young anymore.
      Su Yue walked over and opened the door.”Listen, don’t come out at an old age ……”
      “Although my job should be different from what you think, I’ m really prepared to retire.”The woman outside the door smiled and walked in without Su Yue’s invitation.
      Su Yue shut the door and looked at the woman who was sizing up the room.” You’ re right. I’ m really interested in you, Ms. Peggy.”
      Peggy Kitty, her full name was Margaret Peggy Kitty. She was a legendary agent.During World War II, she and her captain, Steve Rogers, fought against the Nazis and the Nine-Headed Snake Red Skeleton. As the captain’s lover, after the captain was frozen, she set up the Divine Shield Bureau with Howard Stark under the environment of gender discrimination.
      The earliest known obelisk in the Manway Film Universe was taken from Daniel Whitehall, one of the leaders of the Nine-Headed Serpent, and this obelisk became the first item of the S.H.I.E.I. Shield.
      She had a very good relationship with Howard Stark and Hank Pim, the ant of the first generation. Her niece, Sharon Carte, had become the No.13 agent of the Divine Shield Bureau. It was said that Nick Frey had personally recruited her into the Divine Shield Bureau.
      Su Yue told Nick Frey that he wanted to get an answer from her. However, after so many days, there was no movement. He did not expect that she would take the initiative to enter the door at this moment.
      “I have a few questions to answer.”Peggy looked at Su Yue with a smile.
      Although she was in her 70s this year, her physique was still very strong. Although she had a head full of crane hair, her eyes were full of spirit.
      “I also have a question to ask.”Su Yue smiled and glanced at the wedding ring in her hand.
      Peggy nodded.” You want to ask first?”
      “You should ask first.”Su Yue shook her head.
      Peggy did not back down. She asked,” Where are you from?”
      “What is your ability?”
      “A lot. It’s hard to describe in a few words, but it’s basically no different from what you’ ve judged.”
      “Last question, can you really predict the future!”
      The first two questions were very relaxed and without any nourishment, but the last question, Peggy’s tone and expression became serious. Her turbid eyes stared at Su Yue, giving off a strong sense of oppression, as if no one could tell a lie.
      This was the aura of one of the founders of S.H.I.E.I. Shield. Just by looking at them, people with weak minds would not dare to lie.
      Su Yue’s expression was calm under Pei Ji’s eagle-like gaze. He nodded with a smile on his face.”It’s my turn. I only have one question.”
      “Is Steve Rogers married to you?”
      Peggy’s expression changed slightly as she looked down at the wedding ring in her hand and gently wiped it.”Steve Ross is dead. My husband has someone else.”
      “Oh.”Su Yue replied calmly, as if this answer wasn’t important to him at all. He did n’ t have the slightest intention of asking or confirming the truth.
      Peggy was surprised by this. She thought Su Yue had specifically asked Nick Fury to pass on a message that would ask important questions. The answer should be very important to him, but now it seemed like he was just asking casually.
      “I’ ve got the answer I want. What about you?”Peggy asked.
      Su Yue smiled and said,” That’s about it.”
      Peggy nodded.” I’ m too old to make it through the night. I won’ t bother you anymore. Nick Frey is a good person. You can find him if you need anything.”
      Pei Ji walked towards the door. Su Yue stood still.
      “Crack.”Peggy opened the door and looked down at the wedding ring. She whispered in an unknown voice,” Steve is already dead, but……”I’ m very happy.”
      “Bang.”The door closed gently.
      Peggy left.
      Su Yue smiled.
      She didn’t see that Pei Ji had 60% confidence in Su Yue’s answer. After seeing her, she became 80%. And the words she said before she left gave him a 99% confidence in his guess.
      “To the world, Steve Rogers is indeed dead. He must be dead. Only the dead Steve Rogers and the nonexistent Steve Rogers can make you feel happy.”The curious Su Yue smiled and disappeared from the room.*

      Chapter 24 Two Steve Rogers at the same time!

      This year was 1995. In 2018, the Destroyer Society had successfully collected infinite gems. One snap of its finger had wiped out half of the universe’s population and some of the Avengers.In 2023, the remaining Avengers would use Pim particles to travel through the quantum space to collect infinite gems at different points.
      In the end, Bruce Bannah, who had already joined Halke in two, snapped his fingers at the cost of sacrificing an arm to save the people who had been killed five years ago. On the other hand, Tony Stark, the Iron Man, used his life to turn the army that had been killed from 2014 into ashes.
      Steve Rogers was responsible for returning the Infinite Gem back to the time when it was collected, to ensure that no new timeline was created.However, when he returned the gem, he did not appear on the quantum tunnel. Instead, he sat on a nearby bench with white hair. He gave the shield, which was a symbol of his status, to Falcon in an old and happy manner.
      He lost one shield, but he had another ring.
      As for the reason why Steve Rogers grew old and changed the location, Su Yue felt that after returning the gemstone, he didn’t use the Pim particle to return to the original timeline. Instead, he passed through the time line after he had fallen into the sea and ice.
      Then, he found Peggy to explain the truth. He finished the dance he had agreed with Peggy, married her, and had children. He secretly and quietly watched all the plot happening in the dark according to the original trajectory. Only when he defeated Destroyer and returned the gemstone did he calculate the time to reappear.
      The super warrior serum could make him wake up after decades of freezing, but it couldn’t withstand the erosion of time. It could n’ t make a person truly immortal.
      That was why he was old and had a ring on his finger.
      Therefore, he did not appear in the quantum tunnel. Instead, he sat on a nearby bench.
      That was why there was no detailed description of Peggy’s husband in the entire Marvel series. There were only photos of Peggy and her children, but there was no photo with her husband, even if it was a family photo.Because the husband who married her was Steve Rogers, he could not do anything to destroy the original timeline, so he had to’ not exist’!
      If that was the case, then two Steve Rogers would exist at the same time.
      One was Steve Rogers, a passer-by who came back from the future and lived with Peggy, while the other was Steve Rogers, who was still in the ice and was not salvaged.
      When that ice-covered Steve Rogers was rescued and awakened, he would become the Avenger and the others to experience the war in New York, the war against Ochuang, the civil war, and the destruction of hegemony. In the end, he would transmigrate to return the gemstones and then transmigrate to find Peggy.
      At this moment, the beauty team of passersby would appear. The beauty team that had just passed through would repeat his choice to be a passerby, allowing the whole matter to form a cycle of time within a certain period of time, a Mobius Ring.
      Your future will become the present, your present will become the past.
      The reason why Su Yue wanted to get an answer from Peggy was because the above statement required a few crucial conditions.
      First, the passerby American team that had returned to the past could not do anything to interfere with the process of time. It could not cause any butterfly effects. Otherwise, a new timeline would be created. He could not naturally grow old enough to give the shield to Falcon, because this was already a completely different new timeline.
      Even if there was no big deviation in the plot, the Falcon he saw would not be the Falcon on his timeline. Instead, it would be a new timeline Falcon with the same experience. Although it looked no different, it was completely different from the perspective of time and timeline.
      There was no need to worry about this, because no one knew about Peggy’s husband’s true appearance, nor did they leave any evidence. Therefore, even if the passer-by American team was with Peggy, it would not have any effect. If a closed-loop paradox was formed, perhaps Peggy’s husband and child’s father were him.
      The second was Iron Man’s ring finger. He used his life as a price to turn the army of Destroyer from 2014 into ashes. If Destroyer died, then there would be no Destroyer in 2014, and there would be no Screaming of Destroyer. This meant that a new timeline had been created. The passerby’s beautiful team could not give the shield to Falcon in the bench, because the whole story of the Third and Fourth Reunion would not happen and would not exist.
      In the movie, since the passerby American team successfully handed the shield to Falcon, it meant that Iron Man’s snap did not kill Destroyer. Instead, it erased the memories of Destroyer and sent back the original timeline. In this way, the American team’s time cycle could be established and a new timeline could not be created.
      Although Su Yue didn’t understand where the shield that was given to Falcon came from for the time being, she could tell from the fact that Peggy had wiped the ring and that Steve was dead before she left. I had been very happy. There were indeed two Steve Rogers in this world.
      “Mie Ba is doing this for nothing…” Su Yue thought of Mie Ba’s final outcome and could n’ t help but shake his head. His eyes subconsciously glanced towards the bathroom.
      The sound of water was faintly discernible. Feng Bao was bathing inside.
      More than ten minutes ago, Su Yue entered the dimension street and brought Feng Bao out. He taught her how to use the bath set. After all, she could not expect a beggar who had lost his memory to grasp the life skills and common sense that she did not have.*

      Chapter 25 Dimensional Inn and Dimensional Street

      Some people were usually very sloppy, dressed casually, and a bit stooped. They were disheveled with long, messy hair. They basically didn’t look feminine, but after simple brushing, they would become beautiful and moving. They simply could n’ t stop the essence of a black, straight beauty.
      All right, not some people. They were talking about Feng Bao!
      Su Yue felt that she had been blinded by her gorgeous transformation.
      Before washing up and after washing up, they were completely two people. Although they only bought ordinary loose sports clothes, they were still a bit dark grey, but even so, it was hard to hide her good figure.
      Her face was pretty, her skin was white and clean, her figure was tall and slender……Su Yue felt that she didn’t need to deliberately dress up. As long as she kept her clean and upright posture, she could be considered a top-ranked beauty.
      He beckoned her to sit down. Su Yue took the towel in her hand and helped her wipe her long hair.
      Feng Bao did not move and allowed Su Yue to act. His dark and calm eyes gradually narrowed.
      “What a shame.”
      Pasi meant that it was good, comfortable, or authentic.
      Su Yue couldn’t help but shake her hands and laugh when she heard Feng Bao’s serious words.
      “You think Pasi is fine. Someone is helping me build an inn. Once it’s built, it’s our home. We’re living now.By the way, do you know what the inn means?”It’s just to provide a room for our guests. The guests will give us money. We can use it to buy food.”
      “Even though I summoned you here, you can’t just live in vain. In the future, there will be a blue-skinned person in charge of the front desk. You will be in charge of cleaning. I’ ll get you a shovel later. If there’s any trouble, you’ ll dig a hole and bury it.”That’s right, I’ m going to make you a professional oven. You can try selling baked sweet potatoes. It’s a pure oriental feature. There’s no Asian here to sell this. I believe this group of Westerners who have never seen the world will definitely be willing to try it.”
      “Also, I’ll teach you some when you’ re free ……”
      Wheeze……Wheeze……Wheeze ……”
      Su Yue’s nagging was interrupted by a soft snore. He paused for a moment, and the action of wiping his hair became softer and softer until he almost dried it. Only then did he gently hug her and lie down properly.
      Seeing her shrinking up like a shrimp, Su Yue thought of the orphans that had been sent to the orphanage in the past. The way they slept, they looked very similar to Feng Bao……
      The night was silent, and the two strangers slept soundly.
      Dawn broke and the sun rose.
      After finishing the simple breakfast provided by the motel and washing up, Su Yue returned Feng Baobao to the Subway Street and returned home.
      The number of people was huge. With hundreds of workers working day and night, the inn was almost finished.Su Yue stood at the entrance of the inn and looked at the two-storey wooden building like a courtyard house. He couldn’t help but nod in satisfaction.
      “The overall construction of the inn is almost complete. There are eight rooms and two kitchens on the upper and lower floors, two restaurants and rest rooms, and a small guest room. Not counting your own rooms, the seven rooms are family loft suites, family pavilion buildings, deluxe double rooms, deluxe suites, two ordinary standard rooms and a single suite.”
      “The standard of the room is based on the design drawing. In fact, you can change it at will.”I still haven’ t finished the design and layout, but the water and electricity have already been prepared. The paint in the room is fast and harmless. If you want, you can move in now.”
      Qiao Lian introduced Su Yue as she showed him around.
      “Electrical appliances, kitchen appliances, network, these are all installed and arranged.The rest was the pool in the courtyard. Some of the flowers and plants were not finished yet. It would take one to two days.”In addition, the entire street’s infrastructure is also under construction. Even if you don’ t have plans for other buildings for the time being, it doesn’ t matter. I’ ll leave behind a blueprint. When the time comes, we can follow the route on the blueprint. It’s very convenient. And no matter how you choose to plan and build, there’s no need to start construction again.”
      Qiao Lian concluded,” It can be completed in three days at most.”
      “It’s been hard on you. I’ m very satisfied.”Su Yue patted Qiao Lian’s shoulder and ordered,” There’s a sign on the door of the inn. You can put on a signboard of the dimensional inn, and at the same time, according to the location of this land, open a two-car wide entrance and get a street sign on the dimensional street.”
      Qiao Lian nodded and answered. Then, she naturally asked,” The Dimensional Inn……Dimensional Street……”Does this name have any special meaning?”
      Su Yue looked at Qiao Lian and said in surprise.”If you tell me your full name, I’ ll tell you what it means.”
      “Melinda, Qiao Lianmei, this is my full name.”Qiao Lian, or perhaps Melinda, turned to look at Su Yue.
      Su Yuehuan looked around and smiled.” The meaning of the name is very simple, because……”I like it!”
      PS: asked for flowers, collection, reward!In addition, evading the word harmony was very depressing. Some words were hard to replace, so it would be good to know what to do.*

      Chapter 26 Merlindame’s Mission

      Melinda was originally looking forward to Su Yue’s answer. After all, she should be able to analyze some useful information from a specific name like the dimension street in the dimension inn. Who would have thought that Su Yue’s answer would be so scoundrel?
      Because I like it?
      What kind of answer was that, and even if he liked it, he had to like it, right?
      Melinda had originally received a mission to arrange some monitoring equipment while building an inn, and then collect as much information as possible from Su Yue.But last night, she suddenly received a call from her teacher and asked her to remove the monitoring equipment that had been installed. She also hoped to retain the identity of the architect and try her best to become friends with Su Yue in a sincere manner.
      Melinda didn’t know what the teacher was thinking about and changed the mission content, but as a teacher from the age of seven, she met a teacher and received professional training. She became a legend among novice agents at the age of seventeen and unconditionally accepted the new mission instructions.
      Contacting the target person and becoming friends with the target person were all included in the training courses of the Special Agent. Melinda completed almost every course with full marks, so she did not feel that this was an impossible task.
      “Sir……”Can I ask you for something?”Melinda didn’t ask what the name meant. Instead, she hesitated and asked,” Can I stay here temporarily?My landlord will ……”
      Before Melinda could say the reason, Su Yue agreed.
      She was stunned and asked subconsciously,” Don’ t you want to know why?”
      Su Yue shrugged.” That’s your business. What does it have to do with me?The hotel was newly built. It was the time to be popular. I could let you stay here for free until the rooms in the hotel were not enough.”But before that, you need to work for me.”
      “Thank you. I will work for you seriously before I find my next job.”
      Although Melinda came in to spy on herself or to search for information, Su Yue did not mind.
      The meeting with Peggy last night was enough to make her decide to leave someone to stare at her for a long time. After all, she, who could predict the future, was the easiest to influence the process of time and change the timeline.So instead of turning around and changing into a special agent that he didn’t know, it would be better to stay with Melinda, who he was familiar with and did n’ t hate. Not to mention that if an inn was built, it wouldn’t mean that people would be able to stay at home without any worries. Propaganda, promotion, and drainage would all require manpower. It was n’ t that easy to run an inn.
      Apart from whether or not the business in the inn was good or bad, what was more important was the acquisition of the point of origin. Su Yue did not expect a new inn to be able to travel like a cloud as soon as it was opened. Even if the style of the inn was unique, even if the location was good.
      So he was ready to open the dimension street!
      While there were still hundreds of workers here, they should be able to harvest a large number of subelements.
      As for why the hotel was not opened when the hotel was built, it was because there were a lot of things in Subiyuan Street. There must be some people from Divine Shield Bureau and Nine-Headed Snake among the workers. If the hotel could not be occupied, there was no place to let them go. Even if there was a place, there was still a child who had no social experience.
      The fruits of surgery and the so-called ability to predict the future were enough. Su Yue was not ready to expose the dimensional street and summon other dimensional creatures.
      After watching Melinda leave to pick up her luggage, Su Yue walked out of the inn and walked towards the park in the botanical garden. She took Feng Bao out while no one was around to enter the dimension street.
      “I’ ll take you to our inn now. There’s a lot of people there. You don’ t need to pay attention to it. If someone asks you what your name is, you’ ll be called Feng Bao. If you ask about your identity, you’ ll be told that you don’ t remember. You were picked up by me from the park. Remember?”Su Yue explained to Feng Bao.
      Feng Bao nodded.”I know.”
      “Most of the people here are different from us. There are white people, black people, and a blue person. Don’t be too surprised.”I’ ll arrange a room for you after arriving at the inn. All the things in the street will be kept in your room for the time being. Please keep it safe for me. Don’ t let anyone in or let anyone know.”
      “I know.”
      Su Yue instructed Feng Bao a few times about the situation that he might encounter. After that, he took her around the park for half an hour to adapt to the new environment before returning to the inn.
      “Hey, I heard you’ re back, but I wanted to find you, but I found you’ re out again.”Phil Colson came out from the side when Su Yue and Baby Feng were about to arrive at the inn. He saw that the trash bag in his hand had just come out after feeding Minerva.
      “I went to the park and took a stroll. What’s wrong with me?”
      Phil Colson nodded and looked at Baby Feng who was following Su Yue in confusion.”She is?”
      “I just picked it up in the park. There seems to be a problem here.”Su Yue pointed at his head.
      “Found it?”
      Phil Colson did not believe it. This was the first time he had heard that he could find someone in the park.
      “Hello, what’s your name?”Phil Colson asked Baby Feng.
      Feng Bao didn’t seem to hear it. His big eyes blinked without any change.
      Seeing that she did not respond, Phil Colson asked again.”Ahem, hello, what’s your name?”
      Phil Corson’s question again made Baby Feng finally react. She frowned slightly as if she was thinking. After a long time, she said,” My name is Baby Feng.”
      “Baby Feng, do you know where your family is?”Or is there any way to contact your family?”Phil Colson did not care about her special name, nor did he care that she was speaking Chinese. As long as she could understand English, she could understand simple Chinese anyway.
      Su Yue secretly frowned and nervously looked at Feng Baobao. In the end, Feng Baobao didn’t expect to ask Phil Corson whether he knew his family or not. He did n’ t have the special reaction to mention his family. Instead, he returned to his expressionless appearance at the beginning. He spoke in a very unnatural tone, as if it were a script.
      “I don’ t remember. I was picked up from the park.”*

      Chapter 27: The initial confrontation between Feng Bao and Phil Colson!

      Phil Colson took a look at Su Yue and continued to ask him,” Don’t worry, do you think about why you went to the park with who?”Don’ t worry, I’ m not a bad person. I want to help you.”
      “My name is Feng Bao.”
      “Uh, I already know your name. I hope you can give me some clues so that I can help you.”
      “I don’ t remember. I was picked up from the park.”
      “I already know. I want to know if you can remember anything else?”
      “My name is Feng Bao.”
      “Alright, alright. I already know. I mean ……”
      “I don’ t remember. I was picked up from the park.”
      Phil Colson looked gloomily at Su Yue who was sneering. No matter what he said, Baby Feng was just saying’ I’ m called Baby Feng’ and’ I don’t remember. I was picked up from the park’.
      At first, Su Yue was a little worried that he would be tricked by Phil Corson. Although the current Phil Corson was only a novice agent, it was still more than enough to fool him. Otherwise, he would not have repeatedly instructed him.
      Now, he was not worried, because he had ignored a very important matter, language!
      After Su Yue transmigrated, he seemed to have mastered English naturally. The conversation with Phil Colson, Nick Frey, and Carol Danvers was also in English. Whether it was speaking or listening, it was natural. It was as if it was his mother tongue.He used Chinese when communicating with Feng Bao. The switch was very natural, so naturally that he ignored the question of language.
      The current baby Feng didn’t know English at all. She did n’ t understand what Phil Colson said at all. She just repeated Su Yue’s previous instructions and instructions in a script.Phil Colson first asked about the name. Although Baby Feng didn’t understand, the answer was also the name. That was why Phil Colson thought that Baby Feng could understand English.
      The two of them were talking to each other!
      “What do you plan to do?”Phil Corson asked Su Yue when he saw that he was unable to communicate with Baby Feng.”Do you want me to handle it?”
      With the ability of Divine Shield Bureau, it should be easy to find Feng Bao’s family.Of course, the premise was that Feng Bao was really a person in this world. He really lost his family.
      Su Yue patted Feng Bao’s head lightly and said with a smile,” No need, I plan to place her in an inn. I can usually do chores and have a place to protect against the wind and rain. Don’ t worry about hunger.”And the inn is not far from the park. If her family is looking for her, it would be easier.”
      Phil Colson nodded.”By the way, I’ m here to ask you how you plan to set up the spaceship and Miniva. Also, I’ m here to ask if you’ re willing to keep a cat.”
      Yuan Devouring Beast!
      Su Yue said gloatingly.Nick Frey was still blinded by it?”I’ ve already warned him that his eyes will be blind. Taros also told him that it’s not an orange cat at all. It’s one of the most terrifying creatures in the universe Why can’ t he hear it?”
      Phil Colson said awkwardly,” This is a sad accident. Let’s talk about the cat.”
      “I lack a car.”Su Yue looked at him and said.
      Phil Colson was speechless.” You’ re going too far. As far as I know, you’ ve robbed us many times. You robbed my wallet twice!”
      “I’ ll rob Nickfrey again the next time he comes, so you won’ t lose your balance.”Su Yue smiled.
      “I don’ t have an imbalance in my heart, I……”Forget it, where’s the spaceship and Minerva?”Phil Colson was powerless to explain. He felt that rather than wasting time explaining, he should learn to be smarter. Never bring his wallet when he comes to see Su Yue in the future.
      For example, this time, he did not bring it with him.
      “At that time, the spaceship will be deactivated and placed near the inn to solicit business. No one knows that it is a real spaceship anyway.”As for Minerva, she’s the front desk of the inn. Her appearance is not bad. She can be used as a publicity spot for the inn.”
      How about this?What if ……”
      “There’s no way. I’ ll let her bury anyone who dares to cause trouble. This street……”What I say!”Su Yue patted Feng Bao’s shoulder and said.
      “That’s not good, right?”I shouldn’ t let her touch this kind of thing.”Babe Feng, who had been cleaned up, was very beautiful. He didn’t seem to be very old either. He seemed to have a problem with his head. He did n’ t know if he could distinguish between good and evil. Phil Korsen subconsciously thought of Su Yue’s coaxing Feng Babe, who might not understand anything, to bury her. He could n’ t help but shake his head.
      Su Yue could not help but laugh. Phil Corson was indeed worthy of being a good person in the S.H.I. Shield Bureau. If he knew that burying someone was the most famous and good setting for Feng Baobao, he would not know how he would react.
      Phil Colson left. Although he was the supervisor of Su Yue and Minerva, he would not stay here except to feed Minerva.This time, he borrowed Su Yue’s light and increased his level authority just like Nick Frey. Theoretically speaking, the two of them were at the level right now, but from the point of view of experience and talent, Su Yue felt that even if they were at the level right now, they would most likely become higher and lower.
      After all, character determines success or failure!*

      Chapter 28, Sublime Chord Street, open!

      The entire inn was a type-changing structure. There were three guest rooms downstairs, a dining room, a kitchen, and a rest room. It shared an area with the front desk of the hotel.Above the figure, there were small guest rooms, kitchens and restaurants. The remaining five rooms were distributed on the left and right sides and below.
      Through the door of the inn, they entered the hall. There were two wooden stairs in the hall that could lead to the second floor. One was on the left side of the center in the distance, and the other was on the right side. The stairs in both directions could allow the people living on the second floor to choose the closest route to the building according to the location of the room.
      Su Yue chose the room in the middle of the room. From the perspective of space, anyone who entered the inn had to pass through the room below.
      He didn’t have any dirty intentions to choose this room. It was just that once the dimension street was developed, he could open the front window and look down on the entire dimension street.Uh, looking down shouldn’t be enough. The inn was n’ t built very well, but it was still possible to see the dimension street.
      Feng Bao’s room was arranged next to him. On the left, this was a family loft suite. It could be considered one of the top suites in the inn.Opening the door, the first thing that came into view was a wooden chair and coffee table. On the opposite side of the TV cabinet was a large-sized LCD TV, followed by two single beds. The bathroom was in the innermost part of the room.
      On the left was the staircase in the attic. After going up, there was a big bed and a TV cabinet. The TV cabinet was also equipped with LCD TV.
      Although she hadn’t bought anything like bed sheets and covers, the layout of the room was already ancient and unique.In addition, although the air was filled with a faint smell, the smell was not pungent. As long as the window was opened, ventilation would quickly disperse.
      “In the future, this is your room. You should look around first. I’ ll go back to Subway Street to move things.”Su Yue said a few words to Feng Bao, then entered the dimension street.
      When the dimension street was opened, it would overlap with the space binding of reality, and the rules of the dimension street would also overlap.Su Yue was not sure where those things and the bodies of the Kerry people would appear after the opening of the dimension street. Just in case, Su Yue could only use the most stupid method to move them out and place them all in the attic of the room.
      Looking at the neat and tidy corpses of the Kerri people, it seemed a little scary at first glance. It seemed like they had to find a basement or a large vault or something. Otherwise, it would be a little scary to put them here.
      “Dimensional Street, open!”
      Su Yue pushed open the window and looked at the busy crowd outside. She called out the system panel and opened the dimension street.
      “Ding, Sublime Chord Street successfully opened!”
      The system’s mechanical sound rang in his mind. Su Yue took the opportunity to look at the system panel.
      Dimensional Street System Panel
      Host: Su Yue
      Dimension point:8
      Dimension Street Level: LV1
      Dimensional ability: surgical fruit
      Dimensional Item: None
      Dimensional creature:1/5(before opening)101/100(after opening)
      State of dimension street:30/30
      (Summoning)(Lottery)(Opening dimension street)
      “The 30th level of the dimension street should be the number of days. It’s easy to understand. On the contrary, the change of dimension creatures is a bit interesting. There is a distinction between before and after opening. The upper limit of the number after opening is 100. I do n’ t know whether it’s fixed or can be improved by upgrading the dimension street level. The 101st level in front should refer to the number of creatures in the dimension street, but ……”
      Su Yue roughly calculated the number of people outside. It must be more than 100, so when the number exceeds the upper limit, it should not be counted. As for why it was 101, it should be because the creatures that were summoned were not counted within the upper limit of the number of creatures that opened the dimension street.
      “The System doesn’ t think I’ m a human!”Su Yue clicked his tongue in a strange tone, but his heart was about to burst with joy.
      Although he didn’t know how the rules for obtaining sub-elements changed after the opening of the Sub-elements Street, the number of sub-elements generated by an individual should be more than or less than before the opening. Even if it was calculated according to the rules for obtaining sub-elements before the opening,100 people would be able to bring themselves 100 sub-elements per day. In other words, he could choose to draw a lottery or summon it once a day!
      With a start-up career, all kinds of useless people were waiting for success. Right now, the most needed person was the person with all sorts of abilities. It was best if they could help the inn. Therefore, in the short term, Su Yue would use the Minor Origin Point to summon them.
      As for upgrading the level of dimensional street, it was not urgent at all. Although the lottery was not bad, the fruit of surgery could even be cut off by Carol Danvers. It could be seen that it was sufficient for the time being. Moreover, who knew what would be drawn in the full dimensional lottery, and the value for money was not high. Only summoning dimensional creatures was the most cost-effective option at the moment. Even if the summoned creature was a Battle Five Scatter with no ability, it could still provide dimensional points every day.
      “It’s very quiet. It’s quiet. It’s done without any warning.”If the dimension points become rich in the future, when you encounter enemies outside, you can completely open the dimension street and use the laws of God in the dimension street to scam people.”When Su Yueruo thought about it, a series of screams rang out from outside. He took a look and saw that at least a dozen guys dressed as workers were lying on the ground and twitching painfully……*

      Chapter 29 Whoever runs away will be killed!

      “The dimension street belongs to an independent dimensional space. The host has absolute control over the dimension street. In the dimension street, it is not old and eternal. Any living beings in the dimension street will be punished if they betray or act against the host.”This sentence was the first time Su Yue had appeared in the beginner’s teaching or introduction to the system when he first entered the dimension street. He remembered it very clearly.
      He had just thought that if he encountered an enemy that was difficult to deal with in the future, he would be able to use the Laws of God to trick people. In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen people fell to the ground and started to twitch. Wasn’t that too face-slapping?
      Su Yue knew that there were people from S.H.I. Shield or Nine-Headed Snake in the construction team. The previous alien incident was definitely not an absolute secret among the higher-ups of S.H.I. Shield. When the higher-ups of S.H.I. Shield knew about it, it meant that Nine-Headed Snake also knew about it. When Carol Danforth escorted the Skuru people away from Earth, and the Kerri people were almost dead, he, who possessed special abilities and could predict the future, had collected the only remaining Kerri people to build an inn on Earth. If S.H.I. Shield and Nine-Headed Snake didn’t take the opportunity to insert manpower, it would be strange.
      The others didn’t say that Phil Colson and Melinda were both in the dark.
      Su Yue did not care about this!
      Fruit of surgery, foreseeing the future, Minerva, Keri corpse, Keri weapon equipment, interstellar battle team spaceship……It was enough for S.H.I. Shield Bureau or Nine-Headed Snake to think about it. Su Yue didn’t expect them to give up on coveting it. After all, if it was him, he would have done it too. However, under the supervision that they did n’ t want to go too far, they still had more than a dozen people who had a bad idea for themselves. This was a little embarrassing.
      Su Yue smiled, but her smile was cold.
      “Bao’ er, come with me.”
      He turned around and found Tras’ energy sword. He pulled out the sheath and Su Yue pushed open the door and walked out.
      Feng Bao nodded and silently followed behind Su Yue.
      Walking out of the door of the inn, the painful screams that were twitching not far away seemed to become louder and louder. Su Yue picked up a shovel on a pile of tools and handed it to Feng Bao. He walked over with a gloomy face.
      “What’s wrong? Why did so many people suddenly twitch?”
      “I don’ t know. Could it be that he’s sick?”
      “That’s impossible. Even if you’ re sick, it’s impossible for so many people to be sick together.”
      “Call for an ambulance.”
      The workers were in a mess. Some wanted to call an ambulance anxiously. Some were helping with the inspection, while some were scared out of their wits. There must be some people from Divine Shield or Nine-Headed Snake among them. But since they didn’t pull the trigger, Su Yue did n’ t intend to investigate.
      Su Yue’s sword-wielding and Feng Bao’s spade-like appearance caused the noise around him to gradually quiet down. The workers did not know what had happened, but they could see Su Yue’s gloomy expression.
      Su Yue’s cold gaze swept over them one by one. Those who were swept over subconsciously retreated, avoiding them.It was an instinct to seek advantage and avoid harm. Those who did not know Su Yue’s identity did not dare to stand up, and those who knew Su Yue’s identity did not dare to stand up.
      “Keep an eye on them. If anyone dares to run away, beat me to death!”
      Su Yue’s sinister tone made them shiver. No matter how slow-witted they were, they could tell that something was going to happen, something was going to happen……
      “I know!”Feng Bao replied expressionlessly as he held his shovel and stared at everyone present.
      A cute little girl held a shovel expressionlessly as if she was about to slap someone at any time. It had to be said that the contrast was even more horrifying.
      The sound of piercing through was heard without warning. The sword in Su Yue’s hand pierced into the heart of the man in his 40s.His body was still twitching, and the cries of pain came to an abrupt end. His eyes were filled with pain, fear, shock, astonishment, and disbelief……
      This man didn’t think that Su Yue would kill him. He did n’ t think that he would kill him in such a situation. He didn’t think that Su Yue did n’ t say a word and just killed him decisively without asking.
      It wasn’t just him who did n’ t expect it. The people present probably didn’t expect it……
      Seeing Su Yue pull the sword out of the man’s heart without changing his expression, some people were so scared that they fell to the ground. Some were dumbstruck, some were on guard in shock, some were screaming.
      “Run, run!”
      No one knew who was going to shout in the bottom of his lungs, and then three people ran towards the distant road in panic.
      The shovel and the back of the head collided violently in a flash. Blood spurted out as a person who wanted to run fell to the ground with a thump.
      Whoosh ……”
      The sound of breaking through the air rang out. Feng Bao caught up with a second person at a speed that was almost impossible for humans to reach. He lifted his shovel and shot down……
      The shovel dropped the second man without any skill.
      The expressionless Feng Bao caught up to the third person without any pause. Her three views were not perfect, and she could not understand the moral rules of normal people. She only knew that Su Yue was very good to her, giving her food and clothing, and helping her wipe her hair. Su Yue had said that as long as she unconditionally obeyed his orders and did not want to leave, he would one day bring himself to find his family.
      He agreed!
      If he agreed, he had to do it!
      Su Yue said that if someone dared to run, she would beat those who wanted to run to death!
      An ear-splitting gunshot rang out. One of the people who didn’t run away had a serious expression on his face. He shot at Feng Bao with a strong aura.
      This shot was fired very suddenly, and his aim was also very accurate. The wrist and arm that he shot did not even shake. It was obvious that he was a person who often shot, and his shot was accurate.
      However, this shot did not hit Feng Bao.
      When the bullet cut through the air and arrived at Feng Bao’s back in the blink of an eye, Feng Bao, who was running in pursuit, suddenly bent down like a long eye on her back. The bullet almost brushed her hair and flew out.
      Feng Bao, who was bent over, did not slow down at all. Without looking back, she caught up to the third person and directly swung her shovel and fell down. It was as if the person who was almost hit was not her!*

      Chapter 30 Before you reach menopause, don’t meddle!

      Avoiding bullets was not a shocking operation. Most of the neutron bullets used in gun battles had a very low rate of consumption and hit. However, if it was an empty and relatively close situation, it would be a little scary to run in a straight line to avoid the bullets behind.
      The shooter was very confident in his spearmanship, but at this moment, his confidence was trampled to the ground by Feng Babai. Seeing Feng Babai’s calm expression, he could n’ t help but shiver. He subconsciously wanted to raise his gun and shoot all the bullets in the clip.
      The cold light was cold. Su Yue strode forward and swung his sword.
      Red blood seeped out from his white neck. The man’s finger on the trigger had n’ t even pulled down before his head gradually fell off his neck.
      “Gulu…” The head that fell to the ground rolled a few times and stopped. The fear on his face was clearly visible to everyone.
      Su Yue shook off the blood on the sword with satisfaction. The blue energy on the sword shone brightly.
      It had to be said that the Keri’s weapons were indeed very sharp, especially the energy attached to the weapons. Not only did it increase the sharpness and damage effect, it also reduced the user’s strength.
      Without releasing the ROOM space, Su Yue did not have the ability to beheaded with a single strike!
      “Runaway, die!”
      “The clamor, die!”
      “Those who stand, die!”
      Su Yue’s expression was grim as he stared at the people present. He spoke the three death rules word by word.
      In an instant, Su Yue’s gaze fell on the ground as he knelt down.
      “You want to die?”Su Yue narrowed her eyes and stared coldly at the only middle-aged man who had yet to kneel.
      “No, I don’ t want to die.”John Garrett held his head with both hands, and his knees bent as he slowly knelt down.
      Seeing his knees kneeling on the ground, Su Yue turned around and walked towards the dozen or so twitching fellows.
      The laws of God should not restrict the coming and going of non-invoking creatures after the opening of the dimensional street. However, when a betrayal or thought or action that was against him occurred, it would still be punished until the other party stopped thinking or action.
      They were still twitching, which meant that they didn’ t give up on the idea that it was against them. For those who wanted to be against them, Su Yue wouldn’ t have any soft thoughts.
      He was not a madman, a bad person who killed people for fun, and he was definitely not a good person who could forgive and forgive his own disadvantage.
      Why would anyone dare to bully you?Because you were magnanimous and made mistakes, you could easily forgive them. If you shed tears, you would immediately be softhearted.
      Let alone pity the weak. No matter which world the weak were in, they would be trampled on by the strong.
      They were either trampled on or strengthened.
      Su Yue had already understood this principle when he was in the orphanage, so he ignored the apologies and begged for forgiveness from those convulsing fellows. He harvested their lives with one sword and one sword, causing them to completely disappear from this world with lies!
      F*ck……What happened?Su Yue, quickly, quickly stop.”Phil Colson carefully carried the Eater Beast and ran over.
      “Save, save me…” A guy beside Su Yue’s feet saw Phil Colson and hurriedly asked for help.
      Su Yue suddenly stabbed his sword into his chest and turned his head to stare at the stunned and angry Phil Colson.
      “What happened? Why did you kill so many people?”Phil Colson, the good old man, angrily questioned Su Yue. He identified several familiar colleagues from the corpses around him.
      “What does it have to do with you?”
      Although these people belonged to the S.H.I. Shield Bureau, it was not certain whether they were loyal to the S.H.I. Shield Bureau or the Nine-Headed Snake.Perhaps there were real S.H.I.E.I.D. agents inside, but they should not be with Phil Corson.
      Phil Colson and Nick Frey were familiar with him. Even if they wanted to obtain benefits and information from him, they would not secretly arrange manpower to harm him. Not to mention that although they had raised their authority, they could not even be considered a middle-level player in S.H.I.E. Shield. There was no such thing as the foundation and power arrangement.
      As for Melinda and Peggy, they wouldn’t do anything stupid. One of them was their architect, and the other was the one who knew the biggest secret. To put it bluntly, they would only use soft methods before they had absolute confidence.
      So these people were either Nine-Headed Snake or the other factions of Divine Shield!
      “Why doesn’t it have anything to do with me?You suddenly killed so many people, or in public, did you think there would be any consequences?Have you ever thought about how to deal with this matter?Su Yue, are we friends?I believe that you are not someone who indiscriminately kills innocent people. If there is any reason why you can’t wait for me to come and deal with it?”Now that so many people are dead and there are so many witnesses, how do you want me to deal with the aftermath?”
      “It’s none of my business!”
      Phil Colson’s deep feelings for Su Yue did not have any effect. He pulled out his sword and walked towards the last guy who was still alive and twitching.
      “Su Yue!”
      Phil Colson pulled out his gun and pointed it at the ground, shouting anxiously and angrily,” Don’ t force me. You know I can’ t just watch you kill and commit murder. I can’ t!”
      “Anger without strength is meaningless.”
      “Colson, before you reach menopause, don’t meddle!”I hope you understand. I don’ t need to care about my temper. I need someone else to care about myself. Don’ t mess with me!”
      Su Yue looked at Phil Colson. The energy sword entered the heart of the last person.
      PS: asked for collection, flowers, rewards!*

      Chapter 31 You’re lying openly. Do I believe it or not?

      “You……”You…” Looking at the arrogant Su Yue, he did not have time to stop him. Phil Korsen angrily waved his arms and cursed Fake. He then took out his phone and reported the situation here as quickly as possible.
      After hanging up the phone, Phil Colson quickly walked towards Su Yue and angrily handed the Devourer Beast over.”I’ ll take care of the rest. You bring Feng Bao in first. Damn it, you have to tell me what happened when I help you clean up your bones!”
      “Bao’ er.”Su Yue shouted and handed the energy sword to Feng Bao, who was holding a shovel and walking over emotionlessly. Then, she reached out her hand to Phil Corson.”Without my permission, the rest are not allowed to leave, and…”Car key.”
      Phil Colson handed the two car keys to Su Yue, pointed at a black SUV not far away, then walked towards the people kneeling on the ground with a dark face, and took out their certificates.
      Su Yue and Feng Bao killed more than a dozen people in public with so many witnesses. Under normal circumstances, they would definitely not be able to deal with the aftermath. However, as it concerned Divine Shield Bureau, the situation was different.
      There was no sound of a police car, no police presence, and there was no difference between the quiet and peaceful afternoon.
      The bodies on the empty ground disappeared, and the blood stains disappeared. The faint smell of blood gradually faded under the breeze.
      The workers continued to do the rest of the work. The fear on their faces had not completely disappeared, but the work was done harder than before. Occasionally, someone couldn’t help but glance in the direction of the inn and quickly lowered their heads as if they were electrocuted.
      Su Yue and Feng Bao sat on the door sill of the inn, lazily basking in the sun. It was as if they weren’t the ones who had brutally pierced more than a dozen hearts, and they were n’ t the ones who killed the three with a shovel.
      “Aim!”The Elemental Devourer Beast lay in Su Yue’s arms, its golden hair curling up was exceptionally soft.
      When Phil Colson saw this scene, he couldn’t help but be stunned. He subconsciously turned his head to look at the frightened workers. Then, he looked at Su Yue, who was squinting at the cat, and Feng Bao, who had a calm and indifferent expression. He opened his mouth and wanted to say,” How can you be so calm?”How could it be as if nothing had happened?
      These were more than ten lives, more than ten agents of Divine Shield!
      “I’m actually a very well-behaved person. Back then, you brought me to see Taros’ fake Keller and helped me get this land, so I brought you with me later to get you a promotion and a raise.”You guys spent money to build an inn for me. I accepted your not too much supervision. I didn’ t reveal the fact that there were your agents in the construction team, nor did I reveal the identity of Melinda Mayter.”
      “I just want to have a place that belongs to me and live the life I want to live.”
      “Maybe my thoughts made some people think that I’m a good person. They think that I’ m kind and that I can be bullied, so these people appeared in front of me with a bad idea.”I don’ t have such a great heart to be able to tolerate it even when I know they want to harm me. I can’ t stand this grievance, and there’s no need to suffer this grievance.”
      “It’s the name I gave this street.”
      “No matter what identity it is in this street, it’s a dragon, you have to hold it, you’ re a tiger, you’ re lying down, because……”This street is my decision!”
      “This is my rule!”
      “Do you understand?”
      Su Yue’s languid tone made every sentence seem like it was broken, but it was precisely this broken languid tone that made Phil Corson feel an unquestionable domineering and arrogant tone.
      “Did you pick her up?”I just asked, she used an unbelievable method to dodge the bullet and killed three people with a shovel!”Phil Colson didn’t ask about Su Yue’s killing ring, because Su Yue’s words had already solved his doubts, although he still did n’ t know the details.
      “My name is Feng Bao. I was picked up by him from the park.”Baby Feng looked at Phil Colson and said seriously.
      “I’ ve never heard anyone who was picked up be able to dodge a bullet and kill three people with a spade.”
      “If they want to run, I’ ll kill them.”Feng Bao’s tone was full of a natural charm.
      Phil Korsen said bitterly,” So you can understand English and what I’ m talking about, right?”
      “I didn’ t understand in the past, but now I understand!”
      “Looks like I can only choose to believe it.”
      Phil Colson shrugged helplessly. He didn’t understand what he had said before, but he did n’ t believe what he could understand now.
      What should he say?
      You’re lying. Do I believe it or not?
      “When can those people leave?”Phil Colson looked at the workers and asked Su Yue.
      “When I think they can leave.”
      Although there were more than a dozen people missing, the remaining people were still more than a hundred people, as well as more than the maximum number of people. They had just opened the dimension street, yet they hadn’ t reached the dimension point yet. How could Su Yue allow them to leave?
      They should have left once the project was completed in one or two days, but now……It was not that easy to leave.*

      Chapter 32 Thousand Miles Eye John Garrett

      Actually, there was nothing to be suspicious about if Feng Bao did not understand English. Su Yue felt that the reason why she could suddenly understand Phil Colson’s words was most likely related to the dimension street.
      The setting of the dimension street meant that this place would be a place with different dimensions, races, races, and cultures. The first thing to solve was the problem of language. Even summoning dimension creatures and drawing all dimensions was an incredible thing. A language translation effect that covered the dimension street was definitely not much to the system.
      Phil Colson went back to the office to report the specific situation. He was not bad. He didn’t aim his gun at him just now and he did n’ t twitch. This meant that he didn’t have any thoughts of harming himself even when he was on the verge of killing his colleague. This was a guy who could be considered a friend!
      “Are you hungry?”Su Yue turned to ask Feng Bao.
      “I don’ t have any ingredients at home. Even if I have them, I’ m not in the mood to make them. I’ ll order takeout.”
      Su Yue beckoned to someone at the construction site. That person was stunned and pointed at himself. After receiving a positive response, he put down his tools and ran over quickly.
      “Go through the football field, follow 56th Street, turn left, walk for about five minutes, then turn left. There is a Chinese restaurant there, called Northeast Restaurant.”Go and bring back a few signature dishes. Remember to tell the boss that I’ m his hometown. If the dishes don’ t do well, I won’ t come back to his business anymore.”
      “Ah, what? You’ re hungry, Bao’ er. Why don’ t you go.”Su Yue urged.
      “I, I know.”
      John Garrett subconsciously took a glance at Feng Bao’s face, which was more than ten years younger than him. He followed Su Yue’s direction and quickly ran out.
      Su Yue watched as his figure disappeared from his sight. He got up and entered the inn, then walked into the kitchen.
      There were all the kitchen utensils in the kitchen. Apart from the dishes, knives and forks, even the chopsticks were specially prepared. Su Yue simply washed a few sets of tableware. After about half an hour, John Garrett came in with a incubator.
      Steamed pork in a pot, sliced pork, three fresh ground, bone in sauce, pig-killer’s vegetables, stewed in the northeast, a few northern dishes were taken out and placed on the table. The restaurant was very quickly filled with fragrance.
      “Do you have any other instructions?”If I don’ t, I’ ll send the box.”John Garrett respectfully asked Su Yue.
      Su Yue pointed at the dishes on the table and asked,” I don’ t seem to have given you any money. Aren’ t you going to ask me for reimbursement?”
      “No, no.”
      “Do you dare or don’t you want it?”John Garrett!”Su Yue waved to Feng Bao to let her eat first, while his expression was calm as he casually looked at John Garrett who was flabbergasted.
      “He knows my name and I must know my identity. Damn it, how did I expose myself?”Could it be that he really can predict the future as rumored?”John Garrett’s body was stiff and motionless. He allowed the beads of sweat on his forehead to flow down his cheeks without daring to wipe them off.
      John Garrett, on the face of it, he, Phil Colson, and Melinda were both agents of the Divine Shield Bureau, but in reality, they were the spies of the Nine-Headed Serpent’ Thousand Miles Eye’.
      Although he was just a big boss of the first season of the S.H.I.E.I. Shield Agents, he did a lot of things and caused a lot of impact.
      After being hit by the fragments of the self-government bomb, he turned to S.H.I.E.I. Shield for help and did not receive any medical assistance. Thus, he joined Hydra angrily and began to study the Death Warrior Plan. He became the first experimental subject.
      With the authority of S.H.I. Shield Bureau, he allowed Rena, a potential alien who was pursuing evolution, to think that this Thousand Miles Eye really had the ability to predict the future. He helped him deal with S.H.I. Shield Bureau and help him study the centipede virus and centipede warrior plan based on the Impassable Virus.
      Mike Peterson, an ordinary factory worker, was tricked into joining the centipede program because of his injuries during his work. The Divine Shield team helped him control the instability of the centipede virus, making him a hero. In the end, he was caught injured in a certain mission and was transformed into a half-man and half-machine death warrior.
      Grant Ward was also personally recruited and trained by him. It was also because of his appointment that Grant Walter entered the Divine Shield team led by Phil Colson. His purpose was to find out why Phil Colson had resurrected in the war in New York.
      Because of him, Grant Ward betrayed his companions in the S.H.I.I. Shield Squad. Because he, Grant Ward, had joined the Nine-Headed Snake, and after his death, he had reorganized the Nine-Headed Snake as a villain for a long time. Although he had died in the end, his body was still the result of the Keri’s experiment. It could be considered the first alien beehive to be taken by the Magpie dove.
      In the end, what he had hoped for was that the medicine developed by the Kerri corpse had recovered its health and gained great power. However, like Phil Corson, he was also troubled by the Kerri’s genetic effects. Because of his madness, he was defeated in the end. However, he took the opportunity to transform himself into a completely mechanical death warrior. However, before he could return to the land, Phil Corson used an alien energy gun to smash him into pieces.
      So whether it was for himself or the Nine-Headed Snake, Su Yue was not surprised at all. If he hadn’ t knelt down when he was about to kill himself, he was already with the bodies of those dozen people. Since he could stand in front of him now, then Su Yue didn’ t mind giving him a chance, a chance to help him!*

      Chapter 33: Second Dimensional Creature: Hand Attack!

      Although the old saying was that people died like a lamp. No matter how big a matter was, no matter how big a grudge should disappear with the end of their lives, Su Yue did not intend to let it go like this.
      “Do you know the guy who shot at Baby Feng and got my head chopped off?”
      Just as John Garrett was apprehensive and did not know what kind of end he would face if he exposed his identity, Su Yue’s question made him feel relieved. He hurriedly nodded,” I know.”
      “Can you figure out who he is?”
      John Garrett paused and said tentatively,” Sir, if you allow me to leave, I will be able to get information before dark.”
      “It’s dark and windy, killing night. Very good. Go.”
      John Garrett nodded and left with the incubator.
      John Garrett was a smart person, a smart person who was good at creating opportunities. This could be seen from the fact that he had deliberately knelt down to attract his own attention, so Su Yue was not worried that he would act against him.
      After all, he didn’t twitch just now. In other words, he did n’ t have any thoughts of harming himself.
      Time does not spare people. First, women are not spared; first, men are not waiting for opportunities.
      John Garrett should know that if he didn’t do it, someone else would do it. If he did it, he would get benefits. And this benefit was related to his life and health, so he would definitely do his best to investigate it. Even if the other party was a Nine-Headed Snake, he would probably betray it without hesitation!
      A few northern hard dishes were swept away by Su Yue and Feng Bao. Two thirds of them entered Feng Bao’s stomach.Su Yue led Feng Bao to become familiar with the environment of the inn and the use of some equipment and household supplies.
      She didn’t understand some things just because she had n’ t touched them before. It wasn’t because she was stupid. Su Yue remembered that in the cartoon, she knew how to suck a pig. She could use a paper clip to pry a lock, use an old-fashioned machine to smash popcorn, and even repair a car!
      The books she bought online were all-encompassing, like the original color map of vegetable diseases and pests, introduction to futures and options markets, computer programming, gem identification, high-efficiency breeding pig technology, breeding technology, high-efficiency pig breeding and pork control techniques, etc……
      In terms of language, apart from Mandarin, Sichuan dialect, even English could be used!
      It could be said that Baby Feng was definitely a model of self-taught talent. Su Yue believed that as long as she had the basic knowledge and knowledge of life, she would soon become the’ they always say I’ m a melon, in fact, I’ m not a melon at all. Sometimes, I’ m still more resourceful!
      After a round, Su Yue asked Feng Bao to study the things he was interested in. He sat on the left stairs and opened the system panel.
      Dimensional Street System Panel
      Host: Su Yue
      Dimension point:108
      Dimension Street Level: LV1
      Dimensional ability: surgical fruit
      Dimensional Item: None
      Dimensional creature:1/5(before opening)101/100(after opening)
      State of dimension street:30/30 not opened
      (Summoning)(Lottery)(Opening dimension street)
      “Eh?”Su Yue’s hands stopped, and a look of anticipation appeared on his face as he looked at the hundreds of dimensional dots.
      More than two hours had passed since the opening of the dimension street. In other words, only two hours after the opening of the dimension street could produce dimension points. This was much easier than the 24 hours before the opening.
      Su Yue shifted his gaze to the summoning option and the thought of summoning appeared.
      “The summoning is over.”
      “Congratulations to the host for summoning the dimensional creature in the dimensional world Ninja Fire Shadow: Hand Attack.”
      Hand beating?
      Wasn’t that the boss of Ninja Fire’s Country of Fire’s Mu Ye Village?He was one of the few people in the village who had not rejected the Ming people since the early days of the story. He was famous for his stubbornness and professionalism. He was obsessed with noodles for more than thirty years. Every day, he used exquisite materials, skilled skills and feelings to create delicious noodles. The most powerful brand of noodles was’ wonderful taste’.
      In addition, he was a very kind person. He often invited Ming Ren to eat noodles for free. He was considered a god-level soy sauce character among Ninja Fire Shadows.
      He wanted to ask if his craftsmanship was good?How delicious was the noodles?Just look at the appearance rate in Ninja Fire Shadow!
      Ming Ren was unhappy, eating ramen!
      Ming Ren was too happy. He ate noodles.
      After graduation, he ate noodles. Someone was treating him?Yes, it was better to eat ramen!
      Even if the daughter Chang Pu, who was regarded as the signboard of the noodle shop by many people, was not here, there were still endless guests.
      To the inn, hand-picking was definitely the most urgent thing to do. His noodles could fill the gap in the inn’s dining space. Although the variety was a bit simple, the excellent taste should be able to make up for this problem. After all, it was not easy to get tired of eating a kind of food. Unless they ate every day, every month, every year……Su Yue felt that he could also summon other people who were good at cooking.
      Su Yue looked at the center of the hall with a sense of emotion. Suddenly, a hand appeared and looked at the unfamiliar surroundings. He was dressed in a neat chef’s uniform, and on his head was a chef’s hat embroidered with words of joy. In his 40s, he had a standard Chinese face, exactly like Su Yue’s impression.
      PS: simply speaking, because I am not familiar with the full-blown second-tier characters, the second-tier characters I wrote were mostly followed by movies and TV shows. The cartoon characters were mostly from the hot blood of migrant workers.*

      Chapter 34- Le Lamian and Su Yue’s profession!

      “Where is this?I should have made noodles in the shop. Why did I suddenly appear here?Is this an illusion?Who was it?”Who’s teasing me?”He looked around anxiously and quickly noticed Su Yue, who was sitting on the stairs and playing with cats.
      “Did you do this?”I don’ t care where you’ re from. This is Fire Country’s Mu Ye Village. Quickly remove this damn illusion!”He bared his teeth and shouted in a fierce manner.
      Su Yue’s posture was relaxed. He curled his lips into a smile as he looked down at the cat. He was just about to speak when his hand was about to hit him, but he fell to the ground with a miserable cry. His body started to twitch violently.
      “I almost forgot that the rules of summoned creatures are different from those of non-calling creatures. If you want to leave, it will be like betrayal and punishment.”Su Yue shook her head in silence. She realized that Feng Bao had silently crouched in front of her as if he could pull his hand over at any moment.
      “This is a punishment. If you don’t leave, you wo n’ t draw!”Baby Feng is a kind-hearted reminder, but her expressionless face and her calm voice give people a very evil feeling.
      Intense twitching……Slowly stop……Intense twitching……Slowly stop……
      After a few times, he finally managed to restrain his hand that did not have the intention to leave. It was as if he had just pulled it out of the water. He was sweating like a rain as he gasped for breath. His muscles felt as if they had been subjected to countless electric shocks. It was so painful that his swollen eyes were a little, and tears began to flow out.
      This illusion is too terrifying!
      “This isn’ t an illusion. This isn’ t Fire Country’s Mu Ye Village either. This is the dimension inn in the dimension street. My name is Su Yue, and I’ m the only owner here. You can call me the boss or my master!”
      “I……I’ve never heard of a dimension inn on dimension street, nor have I heard of your name.I……”I’ m not a Ninja. No matter what your purpose is, it has nothing to do with me. I’ m just a face puller.”He picked up the chef’s hat and pointed at the two words,” I’ m happy,” as he emphasized his identity.Did you see it?One joy!A happy face!”I’ m the boss of Yolam noodle shop. Twenty years ago, my Yolam noodle shop was already filled with customers waiting for me!”
      “Half price?”
      “Half, what about half price?”Even if it’s half price, it’ ll be delicious. Otherwise, no one will eat my noodles.”Feeling insulted, the hand hit him with an unknown amount of strength. He stood up and angrily retorted.
      Su Yue nodded in agreement.” Word of mouth is indeed more important than price. By the way, who is the current Fire Shadow?”
      He was a little curious as to when the hand fight had been summoned.
      “Third, the Third Generation Ape Flying Sun Slash.”
      Su Yue asked in a noncommittal tone,” This is Flushing from the Queen’s District of Rice. Have you heard of it?”
      “No, I didn’ t.”
      “I’ve never heard of it before. This is not your original world.”There’s no Ninja Country in this world, there’s no Five Shadows, there’s no Ninja with Chakra, there’s no strange Ninja.”Su Yue paused for a moment. Seeing that his hand was still in a stable state, he shrugged and continued.”I’ m sorry to tell you that I don’ t have a way to send you back for the time being. And even if I do, I won’ t send you back in the short term.”
      “Have you seen this inn?The newly built one will soon be open for business. I need you to stay and provide catering services for the guests, that is, noodles.If you do well, I can think of helping you open a noodle shop on the street and re-establish your brand.”Of course, you have to save enough money first.”
      “The girl by your side is called Feng Bao. She came a few days earlier than you. She was much worse than you. Her strong personality made her draw for a long time.”But the same is true. She’ ll never think about it again. She’ ll never be punished again, so I advise you not to think about leaving, betraying, or anything that’s against me.”
      “I know that you may be suspicious of your own situation right now. There are still construction teams outside. You can go out and have a chat with them without revealing your identity. At that time, you will know if I lied to you.”
      Su Yue didn’t say a few words and focused on the cat.
      The situation was different from that of Feng Bao. As a middle-aged uncle with a sound mind and memory, especially from the Fire Shadow World with all kinds of Ninjutsu illusions, it was difficult for him to believe and accept the fact of transmigration in a short period of time. After all, most ordinary people would not be able to believe and believe in this situation at the first moment.
      Speaking of which, when he transmigrated into the System, he naturally believed and accepted it. Perhaps it was because he came from the Origin Universe?In the era of the information explosion, it was no longer uncommon to travel through the system, especially for an online writer who was writing the story of travel.
      That’s right, Su Yue was a person who relied on code words to eat before he transmigrated. Because most of the works he wrote were from the same people, he was deeply involved in animation, film and fiction.
      There weren’t so many toys and entertainment facilities in the orphanage. All kinds of fantasies naturally became the main pastime for most children. Some used fantasies to kill time, while others ignored them. Only Su Yue carefully constructed her fantasies and chose to live on them after leaving the orphanage.
      Su Yue suddenly felt that in the new world, it wasn’t just hand-picking. She could continue to write novels. She was under Feng Bao’s side, while she was under the hand-picking Ninja Fire Shadow. Even if she couldn’t earn any money, she could still find something to do for herself. She could also enrich the entertainment resources of the Manway World. If she could n’ t be popular, she could even recruit people from the Subiyuan Street.
      Hmmm, this is also a good way to earn dimensional points.*

      Chapter 35 Baby Feng vs Meilin Dame

      Dimensional Street System Panel
      Host: Su Yue
      Dimension point:8
      Dimension Street Level: LV1
      Dimensional ability: surgical fruit
      Dimensional Item: None
      Dimensional creature:2/5(before opening)102/100(after opening)
      State of dimension street:30/30 not opened
      (Summoning)(Lottery)(Opening dimension street)
      The decrease in the number of dimensional points and the increase in the number of dimensional creatures were all due to this. Su Yue guessed that every dimensional creature should only be able to provide one dimensional point after another in natural days. If it was calculated from 12 a.m., it would be able to obtain another batch of dimensional points to summon again at 2 a.m.
      At present, there were only a few people in the inn. Feng Bao could be in charge of miscellaneous work. Minerva was in charge of the front desk, while Minerva was in charge of food and beverage. Melinda was in charge of purchasing, and she was in charge of the overall promotion. Although there were still a few people, for the newly opened inn, she could barely handle it.
      As for the people from the outside construction team to stay for three to five days, after all, staying here with people and machines would not be beneficial to the hotel’s business. Although they could bring plenty of dimension points, they could only buy them with a hammer. Su Yue paid more attention to the long stream of water and the operation of the hotel, as for dimension points?It could be obtained in other ways.
      After closing the system panel, Su Yue put down the elemental beast and walked out of the inn.
      The members of the construction team were trembling in fear as they chatted with one of the members of the construction team carefully. In the end, the person who was chatting with him was even more careful. After all, the hand fight came out of the inn, and no one saw when he entered the inn.With this little girl, Feng Bao, hiding from bullets and brutally using a shovel to kill three people, who would dare to underestimate this middle-aged cook?
      Apart from the inn and the construction team, there was also an airtight construction fence surrounded by green cloth. It was located on the left side of the inn, not too far away. At first glance, it seemed like there was a building ready for construction, but in the actual fence was an invisible interstellar battle team spaceship.
      Phil Corson, who was in charge of feeding Miniva, had the construction team set up first in order not to make people suspect that they were not eye-catching. Su Yue felt that with this disguise, the appearance of the interstellar battle team’s spaceship would not be too shocking. Not only could he recruit business, but it was also more in line with the concept and style of dimensional street.
      The ancient inn in the east, the technology spaceship in the west, perfect!
      When the guests saw the spaceship and entered the inn, they were not too surprised to see the blue-skinned Minerva. Instead, they thought it was a characteristic!
      With the spaceship and Miniva as the foundation and foundation, even if they summoned some strange creatures in the future, as long as they did not exceed the scope of understanding, people would automatically make up their minds for the special products that the dimension street had created to attract business……
      The cabin door slowly opened under his gaze. Su Yue entered the spaceship and saw Miniva welcoming him.Minerva was dressed in the same way as the people on Earth on the street. At first, the different heights looked at the same level. It was unknown whether Minerva had filled the interior or disguised the exterior. In short, it looked much more pleasing to the eye.
      “Bring your usual things with me. From today on, you and we will stay in an inn. I will teach you how to become a qualified hotel receptionist.”In addition, if someone asks about your appearance, you can say that this is the characteristic of the dimension street. As for the boss’ rules, as for whether it’s painted color or skin disease, you can do it yourself.”
      Su Yue waved her hand and gestured for her to pack her things. In the end, she took out a bulging backpack from the side. It looked like she had prepared it long ago. As for this backpack that was full of Earth style, it was most likely bought by Phil Colson.
      Minerva was blue, but her appearance was as eye-catching as the golden sun. If she wasn’t behind Su Yue, the construction team would have been more daring. They did n’ t need to pretend to focus on their work as they were now.
      Old……Boss, she, she, she……”She’s…” She stumbled forward and asked anxiously.
      “Minerva, the front desk of the inn. She’s different from you and Baby Feng. She’ ll be spending a long time together in the future. You’ ll know later.”As he approached the inn, there were faint sounds of fighting and fighting. Su Yue sped up slightly and soon saw Feng Bao and Melinda fighting in the hall!
      “Long black hair, expressionless. Wearing a sports suit, that’s called Feng Bao. The other is called Melinda. Who will win?”Su Yue did not stop him, but asked curiously.
      “Baby Feng.”
      “Baby Feng.”
      Minerva said at the same time.
      “What do you mean?”
      “Although that person named Melinda is taking the initiative to attack, her skills are not bad, but in reality, her attack didn’ t pose much of a threat. However, Feng Bao’s strength and reaction speed, as well as her combat instinct, are obviously higher than hers. As long as she finds an opportunity, she will definitely kill in one strike!”Minerva explained.
      “What’s your reason?”Su Yue looked at the hand strike.
      His hand was dry and crisp.” I only know Feng Bao. Of course I support her.”
      “Very good, very strong reason.”
      Su Yue chuckled and said.”Bao’er, let her lie down!”
      “Oh, I know!”
      Feng Bao replied in a calm voice, and then his speed suddenly increased. His body flashed to the right to dodge Melinda’s fist. His left hand grabbed her wrist in a flash, and his right hand grabbed her neck and forcefully fell down.
      Melinda’s back was on the ground, and she was directly smashed to the ground by Baby Feng.*

      Chapter 36 News of John Garrett’s Investigation

      Melinda glared at Feng Baimei in pain and refused to admit defeat. She grabbed her neck and tried to break free. Feng Baimei frowned and let go. Before Melinda could react, she quickly called out.
      Feng Bao opened his hand and pressed Melinda’s face against the hard ground. Melinda let out a muffled groan. Her hands drooped down, unwilling to continue fighting.
      “Bao’er, her name is Melinda. She’ ll be in charge of the purchase from the inn in the future.”This is Minerva, the front desk of the inn. Bring your hands to the uncle and Minerva to familiarize themselves with the surroundings of the inn. Help the uncle to arrange a room on the first floor. As for Minerva, she will stay in a room with you.”
      Baby Feng was very curious about Minerva’s skin color. She blinked her eyes from Melinda’s body and looked around Minerva for a while before taking her and her hands to familiarize themselves with the inn.
      Melinda struggled to sit up and reached out to touch the back of her head. She grinded her teeth and endured the pain.” I’ ve brought my luggage. Where do I live?”
      “There are only eight rooms in total. I have one. I have two dorms for male and female employees. It would be a waste to arrange a separate room for you. I’m worried about letting you live with Feng baby Minerva. How about you live in my room?”That’s it.”Su Yue pointed to the room.”The inn is your supervisor’s job. It should be very clear that this is the largest and best room. I live in the upper room and you live in the lower room. You can still monitor me nearby and observe my every move. How about it?”
      Melinda whispered,” You’ re not going to chase me away?”
      “It’s boring for you. If I want to drive you away, I’ ll let you go when you’re willing to recommend yourself. Hurry up and put your luggage away. Then, I’ ll see what’s missing in the inn as soon as possible. By the way, I’ ll ask Uncle what he needs to do to make noodles. Try his cooking at night.”Also, if you contact Ms. Peggy, tell her that I want an autograph from Steve Rogers.”
      Su Yue immediately gave a few words and urged Melinda to move quickly. Melinda wanted to ask why Su Yue suddenly asked for Steve Rogers’ autograph. Although the teacher was once Steve Rogers’ lover, Steve Rogers had been dead for many years, right?Not to mention that if the teacher really did have it, he would still keep his own collection. How could he easily give it to Su Yue?
      After everyone settled down, they made a list of what they needed and handed it to Melinda. Then, they occupied the kitchen as if they were willing.
      Su Yue taught Minerva and Feng Bao how to use the computer he wanted to smash a few times at the front desk. He also made a price for the room in the inn.
      The overnight stay ranged from 399 to 1999. The time for check-in and check-out was 12 noon. Drinking water was provided but breakfast was not provided. The hourly room was four hours and the price was cut by half.
      As for the hand-padded noodle, he couldn’t be more familiar with the taste and variety. He could only calculate the cost and customize the price when Melinda came back.
      Melinda drove Su Yue’s new car out to purchase. When she came back, she gave Su Yue an autograph of Steve Rogers, in addition to the things she needed and the things she needed in the inn.
      Judging from her experience, the handwriting of the signature was quite new. Most of it was written by Su Yue’s own imitation of Steve Rogers.Fortunately, Su Yue didn’t seem to notice the handwriting problem. Instead, she put it away with satisfaction, which made Melinda let out a sigh of relief.
      Su Yue was extremely satisfied with the delicious bowl of noodles. Although a hand-puncher called Big Drumwood Yile wouldn’t be able to endure it, it could be considered as the kitchen’s endurance.Baby Feng gulped down the food while Melinda praised it. Even Miniva, who was disdainful of Lamian in the beginning, was already eating a second bowl.
      Unknowingly, Su Yue was ready to eat. He walked out of the inn to the nearby football field.
      Under the setting sun, the football field was full of competition. The people who were running at high speed were sweating like rain. Su Yue stood outside the fence and stared intently for a while. He cheered loudly and then turned to look at John Garrett, who had changed into a low-profile outfit.
      “Have you figured it out?”
      “Robert Gonzalez!Apart from the person who shot him, four of the people you killed were his people. He was very interested in your spaceship.The other two were with me. The goal was your ability to break a person’s body together. The order was given by someone from Sunil Barkhei. We were online, but I did n’ t know much about him.”As for the remaining faction, it’s a bit complicated. There’s too much time for me to investigate.”
      After speaking, John Garrett handed Su Yue a note with Robert Gonzalez’s address.
      “Robert Gonzalez, he’ll be interested in my spaceship. I’ m not surprised at all. After all, this old man will be able to control a Skywalker in the future.”As for Sunil Barkhe, he is one of the leaders of your organization, Daniel Whitehall’s assistant. Daniel Whitehall tasted the sweet taste six years ago. It would be strange if he didn’ t take action after knowing my ability.”*

      Chapter 37 Robert Gonzalez in the Blood

      John Garrett was silent. The Nine-Headed Snake emphasized the rule of obedience. Although he was different from those members of the Nine-Headed Snake who were so devout that they were almost crazy, Su Yue was not his boss at the Nine-Headed Snake, but he felt that he should carry out this idea even more when facing Su Yue.
      “Grant Ward, in 1997, at the Plymouth Juvenile Correctional Facility in Massachusetts, train him properly. He will become your most loyal assistant.”
      John Garrett was slightly taken aback. He quickly returned to normal and lowered his voice.” I will train him with my heart and become your most loyal assistant!”
      “Go back. I’ ll let you leave in three to five days.”Su Yue did not show any sign of loyalty to John Garrett, nor did he care much about it. John Garrett was actually a kind of person with him. He would only serve himself!
      Su Yue was more interested in Robert Gonzalez. This guy had appeared in the television series before. When the Nine-Headed Snake Rebellion led to the division of the Divine Shield Bureau, he used his identity and authority to occupy a Sky Dragon to form the so-called True Divine Shield Bureau. He also wanted to obtain the legacy left by Nick Frey from Phil Corson and become the director of the Bureau.
      This was an ambitious and action-oriented guy. The sound-like birds Barbara Morse and Alfonso McCansy were spies he had placed next to Phil Colson. Unfortunately, he was defeated in the end and was killed by the mother of shockwave girl Skye, Jia Ying.
      In the end, the Skylink that he had occupied fell into Nick Frey’s hands. When Ochuang had sent Sokovia into the sky, he had saved the people in the city. He had played a key role in the final Avenger’s concentrated battle with Ochuang.
      As for Barbara and Alfonso McKinsey, they were called by Phil Colson. After a few adventures, they had no choice but to leave the S.H.I.E. Shield Bureau and give up their identity as an agent. One of them had gone from an electronic engineer to the new director of the S.H.I.E. Shield Bureau.
      From this, it could be seen that Robert Gonzalez was quite good at looking at people.
      Although the L.H.I.E. Shield wasn’ t idle at the end of the day, it had been dealing with all sorts of crises. It had even gone from Earth to space, experiencing a cycle of time and events like the Kerry people, but it was not as good as before. It was almost all relying on Shockwave Girl Skye to support the scene alone, supporting Shockwave Girl Skye to become a World Destroyer in the universe……
      Perhaps it was because of this that Nick Frey did not reorganize the Divine Shield Bureau after his fake death. Instead, he defeated the Destroyer, the Avengers, and the Skullus to set up the Heavenly Sword Bureau in space.
      The leaf’s departure was not the summoning of the wind, but the abandonment of the tree. The heart’s departure was not Su Yue’s gouging out, but Robert Gonzalez……It was too exciting.
      Some people might be destined to have waves in their blood!
      Robert Gonzalez didn’t feel angry or sad because of the death of his subordinates. He did n’ t feel uneasy or lucky. Instead, he was determined to continue his new undercover plan.
      He didn’t know who would suddenly twitch and why Su Yue would suddenly discover it, but he did n’ t care. In order to succeed, the necessary sacrifices were inevitable. Opportunities were left to those who were prepared. Failure was the mother of success. As long as he found the key to success, the door of glory would open.
      Su Yue’s Krishnamurti spaceship was very important. If he could figure out the structure and technical principles, especially stealth technology, he would be able to apply for funds and support from the director and carry out the research and development and manufacture of new fighter jets and spacecrafts. At that time, not only would he be able to obtain greater rights, he would also have a large amount of disposable funds.
      Unfortunately, it was not easy to find suitable spies.
      First, this person needed a new face without any special agent or spy training. Without any traces of training, he would not reveal any clues in the execution of the mission. Secondly, he needed to know the relevant professional knowledge. Otherwise, even if he had a chance to get close to the spaceship, what was the use of not knowing anything?Besides that, the most important thing was to have reasonable and long-term access to Su Yue’s identity and reason!
      Robert Gonzalez had asked people to draw up a list of undercover candidates, but only a few of them met the above criteria. Only a high school student who had been an assistant professor of biology could be considered suitable. Although it was a biological research and only an assistant, the research project was the Super Warrior Serum Program.
      Moreover, her records were excellent.
      Her talent in biology was very high. When she was employed in the super warrior serum research, her outstanding performance aroused the idea of S.H.I.E. Shield. After an investigation, she was considering whether to invite her to receive S.H.I.E. Shield’s spy training.It also said that she had won the gymnastics championship in high school, which meant that her skills were more flexible than ordinary people, and she was more attractive than ordinary people.
      This was a beautiful blonde girl.
      As a man, Robert Gonzales felt that since Su Yue had been successfully approached by the Asian female agent arranged by the Bureau, then a golden-haired and blue-eyed gymnastics champion had a greater chance.
      “It’s you!”
      Robert Gonzalez closed the file and was about to make a phone call to arrange for the girl to meet. However, just as he raised his head, he saw a layer of transparent spherical space rapidly expanding from behind him, trapping him in the blink of an eye.
      The phone on the table suddenly disappeared, replaced by a young man.*

      Chapter 38 Gamma Knife and Sound Bird

      “Robert Gonzales, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Su Yue. I think you should know who I am.”Su Yue, who used the ROOM space to replace his phone and himself, bent over and squatted on the desk, looking arrogantly at Robert Gonzalez.
      Robert Gonzalez was shocked. He instinctively pulled away from Su Yue and responded,” I’ m also very happy to meet you, Mr. Su Yue.”
      Su Yue asked with interest,” Really?”How happy?”
      Su Yue’s unreasonable inquiry left Robert Gonzalez at a loss for words. He did not expect Su Yue to suddenly appear in front of him.
      “Are you so happy that you can’t say anything?Then it’s up to me. I’ m really happy to see you. Can you understand how mad dogs roar at your door? You killed mad dogs but you don’t know who the dog owner is in pain?”Fortunately, I don’ t have such pain because I know who the dog master is.”
      “Me ……”
      Shh!”Don’ t talk. When you don’ t talk, I still think you’ re like a person.”Su Yue’s sharp words interrupted Robert Gonzalez’s explanation.”Stop lying about wasting time. I won’ t believe it anyway.”
      Sizzle……Sizzle ……”
      The emerald-green energy glow strangely gathered in Su Yue’s hand. As it flickered, it gradually formed a short blade that seemed to have no blade handle.
      “Gamma Knife!”
      Su Yue let out a soft cry, and the gamma knife pierced directly into Robert Gonzalez’s body.
      The emerald-green energy traveled through his body. Robert Gonzalez’s eyes bulged. He opened his mouth and spat out blood. His body was twitching violently with the energy.
      “This move is called Gamma Knife. As long as it penetrates your body, this kind of penetrating power is very strong. It carries high energy and is strong enough to kill cells. The ray will destroy your internal organs and cells. Although this move will only cause damage to your body in an instant, it will not cause any injuries. You should be moved because this move is my first time using it ……”
      “Is he dead?”
      Su Yue looked at Robert Gonzalez, who had stopped twitching and was dumbstruck. There was no sign of life at all. He muttered unhappily,” I don’t know if he did n’ t hear what I said. If he didn’t hear what I said, it would be a pity to die. I do n’ t even know how to die ……”
      After retracting the Gamma Knife, Su Yue leaned against the desk and picked up the file folder beside him.
      After flipping through a few pages, Su Yue saw a familiar name.
      Barbara Morse!
      Looking at Barbara Morse’s detailed information on the file as well as the young photo, Su Yue suddenly felt that this was quite a coincidence.
      Judging from the comments on the file, Robert Gonzalez was probably choosing an undercover agent to be placed next to him. In the end, he had killed Robert Gonzalez a step earlier. Then……Could this be a change in Barbara Morse’s fate?
      Su Yue, who was in a daze, took Barbara Morse’s information out of the file folder. Then, he looked at the rest of the information and found no one who was familiar with or interested in it. Then, he put down the file folder and used the space exchange to replace the location with the phone outside and left leisurely.
      The bright moon was in the sky, and all the heroes were resplendent. The beautiful sky made people forget to return.
      Beside the road, rows of street lights shone on the night, making the night no longer dark. On the road, cars sped along, making the night no longer lonely. On the roof, a string of decorative lights dressed up as houses, making the night no longer ugly.
      Looking at the brightly lit inn from afar, Su Yue sped up.
      In the kitchen of the inn, his hands were boiling soup. There was not a good pot of soup to make him not very satisfied with the noodles made at night. Since he could not return to the original world in a short period of time, let the art of noodles bloom in this world.
      Su Yue didn’t say anything to him when she saw that she was focused on cooking soup. She went upstairs and pushed open the door of her room.
      Su Yue, who pushed the door open and entered, saw Melinda, who was smearing her back with ointment, and was slightly stunned. Then, she laughed in schadenfreude,” Do you want me to help?”
      “No, I can do it myself,” Melinda couldn’t help but grunt.”I’ m just not on guard this time. I’ ll definitely win next time!”
      “Don’t think about winning Bao’ er. You’re not on guard. She’s not experienced either.”You can only beat Uncle with your hands. If you’ re lucky, you should be able to beat Minerva with your hard work.”Su Yue smiled and helped her analyze it.
      “What about you?”Melinda asked.
      “I advise you not to think about attacking me, or you will regret it.”
      “I never regret it!”
      Melinda put on her coat and suddenly jumped over like a leopard.
      Su Yue did not move at all, watching her jump up and fall.
      “I told you you’d regret it…”I’ m going to take a bath and sleep. The ground is cold. Be careful. Just take a while.”
      Su Yue walked past her and walked to the bathroom in the corner. Soon, the sound of water began to sound.
      Melinda used all her strength to move her body to look towards the bathroom. She gnashed her teeth as if she had been electrocuted……*

      Chapter 39: The Great Extraction Technique and the Third Dimensional Creature

      She took a comfortable shower. When Su Yue came out, Melinda stood on the side and stared at him with a face full of resentment.
      “Let’s learn about it. There’s no difference in automatic sensing within a certain range. Anyone who has any negative thoughts or actions against me will automatically get hit. It’s a very awesome passive ability.”
      Melinda didn’t believe that there would be a passive ability to draw a large punch. However, she did n’ t think that Su Yue was completely lying. The twitch that she had just wanted to attack Su Yue didn’t occur without any warning, but once this thought stopped, the twitch that made her completely lose her ability to take care of herself was gone.
      “Forget it if you don’ t believe me.”Su Yue said good night and waved her hand as she went upstairs to sleep.
      Su Yue only slept twice after arriving at the Manwei World. Once, it was the night before Carol Danvers left, and once it was in a motel with Feng Babe.
      The former was tired, while the latter was at ease.
      Although there were a few people living in the inn, Melinda, a special agent of the Divine Shield Bureau, was even in her own room. There were hundreds of workers who might have ulterior motives outside, but Su Yue felt very at ease.
      When the dimension street was opened, anyone who was against him would be punished. So even if he was surrounded by wolves, he didn’t need to worry about his safety. Therefore, Su Yue fell into a deep sleep and fell asleep.
      Early in the morning, everything was silent. The horizon on the east was suffused with a light blue sky.The warm sun shone down through the dense leaves, turning into golden spots.
      The window was silent. When the first ray of morning light shone on his face through the curtain, Su Yue lazily opened her eyes.
      Quietly, he was stunned for a while, and his consciousness gradually woke up. Su Yue flipped over and pulled open the curtain and opened the system panel.
      111 Dimensional points, very good. They could be summoned again.
      Originally, there were eight of them. They had provided one of them yesterday. After midnight, there were 102 living beings within the scope of the dimensional street. There were 111 of them!
      “The summoning is over.”
      “Congratulations to the host for summoning the dimensional creature in Pose Jackson’s Divine Fire Pirates: Annabel Chase.”
      Just as Su Yue wanted to summon him, a pretty figure appeared in front of him.
      This was a one-meter-tall Western girl with long curly hair and dark green eyes. She wore a purple sleeve and a leather armor on her upper body. She also wore leather wristbands on her wrists, a round shield on her left hand, and a bronze sword on her right hand. She looked like an ancient Western warrior.
      Her green eyes flickered with caution and confusion. Annabel tightened her shield and sword. She silently and warily looked at the strange environment and the strange man in front of her.
      Annabel didn’t say anything, and Su Yue did n’ t say anything. He was still thinking about Annabel’s information.
      Pose Jackson’s Divine Fire Thief was a film based on Pose Jackson’s novel of the same name. The background of this film was the combination of ancient Greek mythology and modern society. The protagonist was Pose Jackson. He originally lived in New York and had serious reading difficulties. A fortuitous encounter in the museum had changed his fate. He found himself the son of Poseidon, demigod.
      After discovering his true life, he was sent to a special school. The children in this school were descendants of many mythical figures. They were all hybrids of gods and mortals. Half of them were human beings, and half of them were demigods of gods.
      In the school, he met Annabel and her other companions, the daughter of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and opened a brand-new fantasy adventure.
      Annabel, as the heroine, was born in Boston as the daughter of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, skill, and war god. It was said that she was born from Athena’s brain. Although she did n’ t inherit special abilities, she had read many books. She was very knowledgeable and had a great love for architecture.
      He was courageous, very brave, and good at planning. Although he was a strategist who was good at planning, his fighting ability was not inferior.
      This was a person who could fight. No matter if it was fighting, learning, or body, they could fight!
      “Don’t you want to ask anything?”For example, who am I? Where is this? Why are you here?”
      “Yes, but I’m not sure if this will offend you,” Annabel said calmly.”Even though I don’ t know who you are, you can bring me here without alerting Professor Kajing and so many people in the camp. I think I should keep my respect.”
      “Professor Ka Jie?”That half-man and half-horse half-man horse god, the mentor of many Greek heroes, the son of Cronos, right?”
      Annabel nodded slightly.” Yes.”
      “Can you still hear your mother Athena’s voice?”
      Annabel shook her head.
      Su Yue smiled and said,” My name is Su Yue. This is the dimension inn in the dimension street. It is a place where creatures from different dimensions or worlds converge. And I am the only owner here!”
      PS: Persie Jackson was an old movie, but most people knew about Annabel’s role. Alexandra Dadario, I do n’ t think I need to explain the rest.*

      Chapter 40 Athena’s Daughter: Annabel

      Annabel’s green eyes flickered with excitement and surprise.” Is the theory of parallel worlds still a dimensional space like Mount Olympus?”
      Su Yue was surprised by Annabel’s reaction, but when she thought of her extensive reading, she was relieved. After all, her world background was modern, and it was normal for her to know parallel world theory and dimensional space.
      “The dimension street is an independent dimensional space. It can also be called a pocket universe or dimensional space.”I’ m the only controller in the dimension street. Wherever I am, the dimension street is.”
      Su Yue smiled and gestured for her to come to the window. She pointed to the outside and introduced,” This is Flushing Community in Queens, New York. On the left is Queen’s Botanical Garden, and on the right is ……”
      “Katherine Park!”Annabel answered excitedly.”I know that place. I’ ve been to my world before. I really want to see what Kessina Park looks like in this world.”
      Su Yue couldn’ t help but be surprised when she saw Annabel’s expectant look.
      She actually didn’t draw?
      Wasn’t the summoned creature punished for wanting to leave?Seeing Annabel looking forward to it, she must have thought of leaving this place to go to Kessina Park. Why didn’t she?
      The rules of dimensional street could not change because of her, that was to say……The punishment of the Sublime Chord Street was aimed at leaving the original world or leaving after betrayal, not literally.
      Feng Bao wanted to leave to look for his family, but he never thought that he would come back to Subway Street in the future, so he pulled it.
      He thought it was an illusion. He wanted to leave and didn’t come back, so he pulled it.
      Annabel just wanted to see Kessina Park. She didn’t want to go back to her own world, so she did n’ t!
      If that was the case, it would be reasonable. After all, after the opening of the Dimensional Street, the space overlapped with the outside world. A short departure should be allowed.
      “There will be a chance. Let me tell you the current situation ……”
      Su Yue told Annabel about the opening of the dimension street and the operation of the dimension inn. She also introduced the people in the inn, the situation of the world and the Divine Shield Bureau, the current situation and the matters she needed to pay attention to.
      Annabel asked,” What can I do for you?”
      Su Yue asked,” Are you willing to stay?”
      Annabel nodded.” Why not?This was a completely new world. Even the gods of Mount Olympus could not break free from the shackles of the world and come here, right?”No matter if I can return to my original world in the future, this experience will be the most precious treasure in my life.”
      “And if you summon me here, you won’t send me back easily, at least for a short time!Although you didn’t say it, as the only master and controller in this space, you must have the ability to control the people summoned.”If that’s the case, there’s no need for me to give in after receiving your punishment!”
      What could Su Yue say?
      It could only be said that Annabel was worthy of being the daughter of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Being smart was her very obvious label and trait.
      She was the first person who did not receive any punishment after learning about the situation. She was also the first person who volunteered to stay and ask for help.
      Su Yue felt that she was beginning to like Annabel, not because of her beauty, not because of her ability, but because of her intelligence.
      “You can familiarize yourself with the environment first and see how the workers outside are doing. When you think it’s okay, you can help me think about how to plan this street. Think about whether there are any representative or unique buildings in your world.”
      “This is my honor.”
      Just as Annabel’s voice fell, footsteps could be heard from the staircase.
      Before they arrived, the sound came first.
      “You killed Robert Gonzalez?Uh……”Who is she?”Melinda, who was wearing a sleeping dress, was startled by Annabel, who was wearing leather armor and holding a sword shield. She instinctively put on a defensive posture.
      “Annabel, the daughter of Athena!”Annabel held a sword shield and looked at Melinda solemnly.
      Melinda was stunned.
      Athena’s daughter?
      The daughter of Athena, the goddess of wisdom among the twelve gods of Olympus in ancient Greek mythology?
      This was…God?
      Looking at Melinda’s stunned expression, Annabel suddenly burst out laughing. The solemn and dignified aura on her body instantly disappeared, and it was replaced by the feeling of a girl from a neighboring family.She put down the sword shield and turned to look at Su Yue.” Sir, are you satisfied with my performance?”
      “Not bad.”
      “So did I officially become an employee of the inn through your interview?”
      “That’s right.”
      “Thank you. I will work hard.”Annabel nodded slightly at Su Yue and apologetically said to Melinda May,” I’ m sorry to scare you. My name is Annabel. I’ m here to apply for a job.”
      “So you’ re not the daughter of Athena?”Melinda frowned and asked doubtfully.
      Annabel smiled.” You can take me for granted, because my identity in the inn is the daughter of Athena.”*

      Chapter 41 Ninjas of Fire?

      Melinda didn’t let down her guard because of Annabel’s explanation. There were obvious signs of cutting on her shield, and the sword in her hand had also been cut. Who would apply for this dress?Even if it was due to the realistic requirements of role-playing, her props were too professional!
      Moreover, even if she really came to apply for the job, it was too early, right?
      Melinda hadn’ t gone out of her room. She might not know that Annabel had entered the inn, but she had entered the room and climbed the stairs to the attic. Even if she slept and died, she wouldn’ t be unaware of it!
      “You can go get familiar with the environment.”
      Su Yue patted Anna Beth’s shoulder, and Anna Beth answered. She smiled and nodded at Melinda, then left her side and walked down the stairs.
      A moment later, the sound of door opening and closing sounded.
      Melinda temporarily put down her doubts about Annabel and asked Su Yue,” You killed Robert Gonzalez?”
      “Yesterday, there were his men among the dozen or so people. It was also his men who shot Feng Bao. He was coveting my spaceship. Before I killed him, he was still choosing the right person to spy on me.”Su Yue looked at Melinda and replied,” Why did you say I killed him?”
      Melinda was stunned.”Is there any evidence?”
      “Do I need evidence?”Su Yue snorted and reached out to hook Melinda’s chin.” From the time you appeared in front of me, no, to be precise, I knew who you were before you appeared in front of me. I knew what you would experience in the future and what it would become, so don’ t use normal logic to judge things related to me.”
      “Carry out the mission that Ms. Peggy gave you. The others’ matters have nothing to do with you.”Su Yue retracted his hand and instructed,” I’ ll help me get a faster computer later. I’ ll be useful.”
      When Su Yue finished washing up, Annabel and the others had already met. She seemed to be getting along well.
      Breakfast was a hand-picked noodle made by an uncle. The taste of the noodles was indeed better than yesterday.After breakfast, Melinda went out to buy a computer. Su Yue took Feng Bao and Annabel to check the work of the construction team. Of course, the inspection was mainly done by Annabel.
      After a round, Annabel seemed to have some inspiration or idea. She took out a pen and paper from the counter and began to write and draw. Su Yue took a few glances at it. She seemed to be drawing the overall stereogram of Subyuan Street.
      Half an hour later, Melinda brought a black laptop back. From the configuration point of view, this laptop should be the most advanced and high-end laptop at the moment. Moreover, it should be used by the S.H.I.E.I.E.I. Bureau. With money, it might not be possible to buy it.
      However, Su Yue still disliked it. The shape was not fashionable enough, the size was not big enough, and the keyboard was not comfortable enough to use. In addition, if you want to connect to the network, you must use the line. In other words, although the computer can move, if you want to connect to the network, you must be in a fixed location.
      Fortunately, Su Yue didn’t press on with more requirements and pressure on her performance. She could slowly sketch the story she was trying to write while she was in the sun.
      “Under one person, Ninja Fire Shadow, Pose Jackson, which would you write first?The oriental style under one person could attract Chinese and people who were curious about the oriental culture. Pose Jackson was more popular, Ninja Fire Shadow ……”
      “Even though it’s only a dragon suit with a high appearance rate in Ninja Fire Shadow, Yile Lamian’s popularity is still very high. If it’s not just used to promote the inn, it can also pave the way for other people’s stories in the future. It’s decided to start with Ninja Fire Shadow.”
      After confirming the subject matter, Su Yue thought back to the story of Ninja Fire Shadow and began to write hard on the keyboard.
      Crackling sounds rang out one after another. Su Yue, who was focused, seemed to have returned to the day and night when the code words had been updated. Unknowingly, she had entered a state where she did not hear anything outside the window.
      Hu ……”
      After writing the last word at the end of the chapter, Su Yue let out a long breath and closed his eyes and relaxed slightly.
      The chair in the room did not have a back, but Su Yue felt as if she had bumped into something.
      Turning around, Melinda stood behind him with an unnatural expression.
      “When did you come in?”Su Yue asked curiously.
      “When the Narrator was taken back by Iruka to the school for the revision test of the Change Technique.”Melinda asked curiously,” Will Mingren be able to successfully graduate?The invigilator, Shuimu, wanted him to pass the test to steal the forbidden scroll should be a conspiracy, right?”
      Su Yue was stunned. She smiled and said,” Looks like you really like this story.”
      Melinda nodded.” Compared to the story of Ninja Fire, I want to know more about your story. You want a computer to write a novel?”
      “It’s not good to be able to earn royalties and promote the Subtle Street?”Su Yue got up and walked to the window and stretched out his waist. His eyes noticed that a figure was following a wooden fence that was forbidden from entering the private land.*

      Chapter 42 First Guest

      Annabel straightened her back and wiped the beads of sweat on her face. Her purple seven-sleeve T-shirt was raised. Without any leather armor, her beautiful waist was revealed.
      Su Yue, who had just walked over, was slightly stunned when he saw this scene. Then, he smiled and handed the water over.
      “Drink some water and rest for a while.”
      “Thank you.”
      Annabel opened the lid and gulped.
      Su Yue looked at the half-height wooden fence and asked curiously,” You made it?”
      Annabel nodded.” That’s right. It’s only meaningful if we surround the area and open the intersection between the left and right sides. Otherwise, many people will directly enter this place or not see the warning sign for a picnic here. There are already a few people who want to go through this place after seeing the inn, but they are stopped by me.”
      Su Yue looked at the one-third fence that had already been completed. He wanted to help, but in the end, he noticed a woman carrying a bag and carrying a big black zither box walking over from the direction of the Queen’s Botanical Garden.
      This woman’s appearance made Su Yue feel a little familiar, a sense of deja vu was very strong.
      “Remember, isn’t this the mother of Strac’s brother and sister?However, he was much younger than the TV series.”But that’s not right. This is the Maneuvering Film Universe. What the genius tells us is the story of the mutated humans. Although they all belong to Maneuver, there is no direct connection between them. I didn’ t summon them. She shouldn’ t be here, and she still looks like a native.”
      “Or is it not a simple Manwei movie universe, but a mixed universe of all Manwei movies and dramas?”
      Su Yue went up to her in puzzlement. She looked at her somewhat panicked stop and asked curiously,” Hello, is there anything that can help you?”
      “I want to ask if that building is a hotel?”
      “That’s right. It’s called an inn. It’s the name of an ancient hotel in the East.”Su Yue nodded.
      The woman looked around at the uneven land and the workers who were still working and asked hesitantly,” Is it open?”
      Su Yue smiled and explained,” It’ ll be officially open in a few days, but the inn’s interior has already been renovated and can be checked in.”If you’ re interested, I can bring you in. If you’ re satisfied, as the first guest, I can give you a 50% discount!”
      “Let me introduce myself. My name is Su Yue. I’ m the owner of this inn.”
      “So you’ re the boss. Hello, my name is Audrey Nathan.”The woman nodded at Su Yue in surprise.
      It wasn’t Caitlin Strac.
      Su Yue was slightly surprised. She had no reason to lie to herself with a fake name, so she wasn’t the mother of the twins?
      “Do you need my help?”Su Yue looked at Audrey Nathan’s box and asked.
      Audrey Nathan shook her head.”I’ ll do it myself.”
      Su Yue nodded and walked side by side with her towards the inn. As she walked, she introduced the characteristics of the inn.
      “There’s a simulation model of a spaceship on the other side. Because the road outside the inn has not been completed yet, it hasn’ t been shown. If you want to see it later, I can show you around. There’s no extra charge.”
      “This street is called the dimension street. The name of the inn is called the dimension inn. I want to make this place a multi-style and multi-element scenic spot, so you will see that the front desk of our inn is a blue-skinned alien.”
      In Su Yue’s introduction, Audrey Nathan walked into the inn. As soon as she entered, she was attracted by the eastern style of the inn. Although the inn looked very unique from the outside, Audrey Nathan also came here for this reason, but when she really entered, she finally understood the true oriental charm.
      “Are the hotels in the ancient East so beautiful?”Audrey Nathan could not help but ask.
      Su Yue smiled and nodded.” That’s more like it. It’s just that it’s older and more primitive. At least the ancient inn wouldn’ t use computers to register.”
      Audrey Nathan laughed and followed Su Yue’s instructions to the front desk.Although Su Yue had already reminded him, Audrey was still shocked when she saw Minerva in blue.
      Minerva’s attitude was neither warm nor cold. She could only say that she had finished the work at the front desk. Audrey Neeson did not finish looking at the room before deciding not to stay. She directly ordered a standard room.
      Su Yue helped her upgrade the room to a single suite on the basis of 50% discount. When Minerva finished collecting the money, Su Yue took the room key and enthusiastically helped her lead the way.
      “The single suite is located on the second floor. You can see the scenery on the other side by pushing open the window in the attic.”Su Yue followed the stairs to the room next to the restaurant on the second floor. She pushed open the door and said to Audrey, who was following in,” Wait until the evening, you can play the zither while watching the sunset dye the lawn golden.”
      Audrey Nathan put the big box on the bed and explained with a smile,” This is the cello. I’ m here for an interview with the orchestra in New York.”
      Audrey Nathan?
      Su Yue pondered for a moment, and his expression gradually turned strange.*

      Chapter 43 Cellist Girlfriend?

      “So the legendary girl friend of Phil Colson’s cellist looks exactly the same as the mother of Strac’s brother and sister. In other words, this is indeed the Marvel movie universe, not the mixed universe of films and dramas adapted by Marvel?”
      When she said her name earlier, Su Yue was thinking that she wasn’t on the same number as the character in her innate talent. But when she said that she was a cellist, Su Yue thought that Audrey Nathan’s name seemed to be a little familiar.
      The familiar name, the identity of the cellist, and the combination of the two, the only person who could seat the match was Phil Colson’s cellist girlfriend.
      “The only thing the inn can provide right now is ramen. You can give it a try if you personally recommend it. You will never regret it.”If you need anything else, you can contact the front desk at any time or look for me.”Su Yue handed the room key to Audrey Nathan and said to wish you a successful interview before leaving the room.
      Audrey Nathan wasn’t just the first guest in the inn. He was also the first money the inn had earned. Although he did n’ t earn much after a 50% discount, Su Yue was still very happy. This meant that he would soon be able to get rid of his penniless predicament.
      After coming out of Odinessen’s room, Su Yue found Annabel and her to circle the remaining area with a fence. As a result, people from the botanical garden to Kessina Park would most likely pass through the left and right intersections. Although there was also a road outside the fence, the two sides were the closest. Besides, there were also eastern-style hotels and western-style spaceships. It was enough to attract people to pass
      In the evening, after dinner.
      Su Yue and Melinda returned to the room but did not go upstairs. Instead, they sat by the bed and turned on the television.
      “This is my bed.”Melinda said.
      “This is my room.”Su Yue replied, then turned to look at Melinda and asked casually,” You should have some physical training in the secret service training.”
      “Physical fitness is the foundation of all training.”Melinda sat down and asked curiously,” Why are you asking this?”
      “Tell me how to train.”
      Melinda thought for a moment and said,” If you haven’t received professional physical training before, it’s best to start slowly and gradually.”Push-ups 100 times, sit-ups 100 times, squat 100 times, plus a 10km long run. After a while, your body will get used to it. You can increase the number and then contact more specialized training methods.”
      100 Push-ups,100 sit-ups,100 squatters, plus 10 km long runs……Melinda, do you know a bald man called Qi Yu?
      Su Yue did not expect this kind of training method to make him as bald as Saitreya. He just wanted to increase his physical strength and use the surgical fruits more frequently.
      “I’ ll go and try.”
      Su Yue got up and went upstairs to start training.
      Su Yue was exhausted after 100 push-ups. His arms were sore.
      After 100 sit-ups, Su Yue’s waist and abdomen were already torn and twitching.
      After squatting down 100 times, even if they were standing on different legs, they were still swinging.
      As for the last 10 kilometers, Su Yue didn’ t want to remember this matter after he finished squatting……
      He thought that he should be able to complete the basic training content that Melinda had mentioned because of his young physique, but in reality, his entire body was in extreme pain. Not to mention finishing the last 10km event, even if he just lay down and breathe, he still felt very tired……
      “Push-ups, sit-ups and squatters are done?”Good, it’s not too late. You go take a shower, let’s go to the night run.”Melinda didn’t know it was time to change her movements. She stood at the staircase and urged Su Yue, who was lying on the ground.
      “It’s only 10 kilometers away. Did n’ t you want to train?”As long as you continue to train every day, I promise you that you will never help Carol Danvers back again.”
      Su Yue gritted his teeth and sat up.”Who told you I was supporting my waist?”
      “Oh, what Phil Colson said.”
      “How did he know?”
      “Minerva said it. A few days ago, Phil Corson gave Minerva food.”Melinda casually said.
      “Phil Colson!!!”
      Only Minerva and the little girl Monica Lambert saw the matter of supporting himself. Phil Corson understood the information from Minerva’s words. He had thought of it, but he did n’ t expect to even ask about it. Minerva was the same, even saying such things!
      “You’re the one who said that young girl is strong, young boy is supporting the wall, right?”In the future, if you don’ t want to support the wall every time you end up with your girlfriend, get up and run with me at night.”Melinda’s voice was filled with oil.
      Su Yue snappily roared and slowly got up to take a shower.
      Ten minutes later.
      Su Yue and Melinda left the inn and ran along the football field towards Kaixinna Park.
      Inertia was one of the most terrifying enemies of mankind. Su Yue, who didn’t want to run at night, discovered that 10 kilometers was n’ t that difficult to complete, especially when Melinda deliberately slowed down to cooperate with her.
      PS: asked for rewards, flowers, collection!The other picture was Audrey Nathan.*

      Chapter 44 Death came as the heroine

      On the bench beside the street lamp, Su Yue leaned back. Her arms were hanging on the back of the chair as she panted heavily. Melinda stood in front of him and handed over the towel on her neck.
      Su Yue took the towel but did not wipe her sweat. She just covered her face and continued to pant.
      His mouth was dry and his lungs were about to explode. Every breath he took could feel a sharp pain……
      “You can only rest for five minutes. After five minutes, we’ ll go back. When we get home, I’ ll help you make a simple muscle massage, so that you won’ t be injured because of overload.”
      Melinda’s voice rang out, and the towel on his face was taken away.
      Su Yue’s closed eyes were about to open when he felt the towel wipe his forehead and cheeks. He was stunned. He grabbed Melinda’s hand and wiped it.
      Melinda shrugged her shoulders and said nothing.
      It was already half an hour since Su Yue and Melinda arrived home. Su Yue, who had recovered some strength, simply took a shower and prepared to go upstairs to sleep.
      Melinda held her clothes and asked Su Yue, who was about to go upstairs,” Don’ t fall asleep. I’ ll help you make a muscle massage later.”
      Su Yue nodded.
      Not long after, Melinda came up after taking a shower.
      She was wearing a non-conservative black nightgown, and her body was filled with a faint fragrance. It was normal for her to have a gentle and gentle feeling when she was alone in a room. After all, the ancestor had created a word called eating men and women.
      However, Melinda’s methods were very professional. Once anything changed, she would lose a bit of taste. Therefore, Su Yue didn’ t have any random thoughts. Before Melinda finished, she fell asleep in a daze.
      If you have words, it will be long. If you have nothing, it will be short.
      It was already noon the next day when Su Yue woke up. Her body did not feel any fatigue or pain. It was unknown if it was because of Melinda last night.
      He opened the system panel and took a look.115 dimensional points were enough to summon again.
      “The summoning is over.”
      “Congratulations to the host for summoning the dimensional creature in the dimensional world” Death’s Coming “: Clare.”
      Su Yue, who had just closed the system panel, was startled by a sharp scream. Following the direction of the scream, a blonde girl seemed to have been frightened by something. She hugged her head and squatted on the ground in fear.
      “Stop shouting!”
      The scream stopped abruptly.
      Clare tentatively released his hand and lifted his head. He looked at the unfamiliar room and Su Yue who was sitting up. He was stunned for a moment, and then his eyes were filled with fear and despair.
      “I……Am I dead?Sure enough, he still couldn’ t escape……No one could escape Death……”No one can deceive Death…” She muttered to herself, completely immersed in her imagination.
      Death came to be a classic series of horror films. Each of them was about a group of people who should have died unexpectedly because someone had predicted the fate of escaping death after death, but also because of accidents.
      Claire was the heroine of Death’s first episode, and the person who had lived for the longest in the series. She survived in the first episode and hid in the mental hospital. Although she lived carefully, her mental state almost collapsed, she survived at least. Unfortunately, the male and female protagonists in the second episode asked her for help. She left the mental hospital, but in the end, she could not escape Death’s Demon Claw.
      Not a single person survived the entire series of Death!
      “If you don’ t want to die, you better calm down.”
      “It’s useless. Death wo n’ t let me go. Is this hell or heaven?”I can’t be alive…” Clare suddenly stopped halfway. She raised her head and looked at Su Yue excitedly.”You just said that if I don’t want to die, I have to calm down, so I’ m not dead yet?You……”You’ re not Death?”
      Su Yue flipped over and walked to the window to open the curtain. She opened the window and the golden sunlight shone on him.
      In Claire’s eyes, Su Yue was like an angel emitting light.
      It wasn’t an angel that could only be seen after entering heaven. It was an angel that saved him.
      “Have you heard of parallel world theory?Simply put, I summoned you from the original world to another parallel world, that is, this place.”This is dimensional street. I am the only owner of dimensional street, Su Yue.”
      “You can’ t create any betrayal or any thoughts or actions that are against me. It’s best if you don’ t have any thoughts of returning to the original world, or you will be punished.”
      “Do you understand?”
      Claire hurriedly nodded.
      Parallel World Theory?
      Claire didn’t fully understand this, nor did she fully understand it, but she understood one thing. She really was n’ t dead!
      “You need to remember a few things right now. First, as long as you stay here, you don’ t have to worry about Death’s pursuit. You don’ t have to worry about accidents that can’ t be defended against. Second, you can’ t reveal any information other than your name to anyone other than those I’ ve summoned. In the end, you need to think about what you can do in this place, what ability is there, what value is there? After all, you can’ t live in vain, right?”
      PS: in order to avoid some words being blocked by the system, they could only replace it. I hope everyone understands.*

      Chapter 45 Car repair?I can still drive!

      Baby Feng was in charge of miscellaneous work, while her hand was in charge of catering. Melinda was in charge of purchasing, Minerva and Annabel were in charge of the front desk shift. This was the arrangement that had been made previously. Now that there was another Claire, Su Yue had no choice but to think about how to rearrange it.
      Now that there were fewer people, it was fine. If there were more people in the future, they couldn’t eat for nothing, right?
      It was fine if people ate horses and chewed on horses. If the room was full, how could the inn make money?He had to think of a way to bring their strengths into full play and allow them to become self-sufficient. As the owner of the Subtle Street, he was the only landowner, so how could he spend money to support them? Not to mention that he was a poor man without money.
      “I……”I know how to repair a car, do you think so?”Claire asked tentatively.
      Car repair?
      I can still drive!
      Su Yue frowned and said,” I’ m afraid there’s no car here for you to repair, and I won’ t be able to earn a lot of money.”
      Claire was a little anxious. She was just an ordinary high school student. She knew how to repair a car and she learned it from her father in the past. Apart from that, she couldn’t think of anything else she could do to earn a living.”As long as I’m not allowed to leave, I can do anything, do housework, wash clothes, I can do anything, I……”I can meet any of your requirements!”
      Any request?
      It sounded very exciting.
      Su Yue looked at Claire and nodded slightly.” I’ ll take you out first to recognize someone and familiarize yourself with the environment. As for your arrangement, I’ ll tell you when I’ ve considered it.”
      “Come with me.”
      Su Yue brought Clare out of the room. The purely oriental-style inn immediately shocked her. Even though she was still hesitant and afraid of the future, she could not help but stare around.
      “This is Baby Feng, the first person I summoned.This was a hand-picked uncle. His hand-picked noodles could be considered an art, and he was the leading boss in the restaurant in our inn!That was Annabel, the demigod, the daughter of Athena, who had just arrived yesterday.”As for the blue-skinned one, her name is Miniva. She was not summoned by me, but the Crees of this world, a blue-skinned alien.”
      Su Yue pointed at everyone and introduced them to Clare. Then, he patted his hands and drew everyone’s attention.
      “Claire, it’s new.”
      “Hello, everyone. My name is Clare.”Claire greeted him nervously.
      “Bao’ er, take her around.”
      Su Yue handed over the task of bringing the new couple to Feng Bao again, then walked to the front desk and asked Miniva,” Where’s Melinda?”
      “I left at eight o’ clock and never came back.”Minerva said.
      Su Yue nodded and asked coldly,” What did you say to Phil Colson?”
      Minnie was stunned.”No, I didn’ t say anything.”
      “I came out of the spaceship and supported my waist to say that you didn’ t tell Phil Colson about the young girl’s strong push against the wall?”Su Yue asked.
      Minerva shook her head.” No!”
      Su Yue looked at Minerva.” The situation in the inn is very complicated. It will be even more complicated in the future. You should know what to say and not what to say.Kerry, you can’t go back anymore. You do n’ t want to be sliced and researched. This is the only place where you can live safely.”Let’s do it properly. If you do well, I’ ll give your heart back to you!”
      “Yes.”Minerva lowered her head and nodded slightly.
      Su Yue turned around and waved at Annabel. When she came over, she said,” I’ m going to let those people outside leave tomorrow. Think about what else you need to do in the future. Let them do it as soon as possible. Also, let them make a simple dining room and a cylindrical oven.”
      The dining room was very simple. Without a special explanation, the oven would be a little troublesome. Annabel had never seen the old-fashioned type of sweet potato oven in the East, so Su Yue could only explain it in detail.
      After explaining to Anna Beth, Su Yue came to the restaurant to make two bowls of noodles. When the noodles were ready, Baby Feng brought Claire back with him.She pushed one of the bowls to Claire and ignored her surprise at the delicious noodles. She waved her hand and sat down.
      Su Yue said while eating,” I’ll have people outside help you make a dining room. There are a lot of tourists nearby. Your noodle business should be good as long as you play the export tablet business.”I’ ll give you a week. After a week, I’ ll be responsible for the cost. I’ ll get 30% of the profit.”
      “Don’t think it’s too much. You should know how good our location is. It’s not too much to say that it’s an inch of land and an inch of money. I want you to pay 30% for your stay in addition to the rent.”I’ ll be able to help you build a noodle restaurant in the Sublime Chord Street. I’ ll talk about the specific cost and method later.”
      After the construction team left, there weren’t that many dimensional points every day, so they had to find a way to fill this gap.It was a good method. First, they could make money by using their hands. It wasn’t just for free living, they could also provide a portion of their income. Second, they could also attract the passenger flow into the dimension street. As long as they could stay in the dimension street for two hours, they could provide dimension points. In terms of the floating population here every day, if they operated better than the Qiangliu construction team, it might even be more.
      Although there was a limit to the number of people, there were people coming and leaving. This was much better than staying here. After all, as long as they stayed for more than two hours, they would be able to obtain a dimensional point. Being here all the time was purely a matter of not taking shit!*

      Chapter 46 Women?How could a captain’s photo be important!

      Handsome accepted Su Yue’s arrangement. Whether he could make money or not, at least let him have something to do. He could allow people in this world to taste the delicious noodles and see his art of noodles.
      Of course, it would be even better if the name of Yile Lamian could be erected in this world.
      As a professional noodle maker for more than 30 years, it was not enough to provide breakfast and dinner for these people in the inn. He was afraid that he would waste his skills, so he directly went to find people outside to provide advice for his dining room.
      Phil Colson came. It wasn’t the right time.
      If he had been here a while earlier, he would have tasted the skill of beating uncle. Now that he was busy adding bricks to his upcoming career, Su Yue was too embarrassed to call him back to make a bowl of noodles for Phil Colson. Even if he was embarrassed, he would not do this……
      When Phil Corson came in, Su Yue was about to go upstairs and continue writing the story of Ninja Fire Shadow. When she saw Phil Corson nod towards Minerva and walk towards her, Su Yue leaned against the stairs and said,” Bao’ er.”
      Feng Bao heard a swoosh sound as he came out of nowhere.
      Su Yue pointed at Phil Colson.” Let him lie down!”
      What?Su Yue……Feng Bao, you can’t ……”
      Phil Korsen subconsciously wanted to dodge, but Baby Feng grabbed his wrist and threw him over the shoulder.
      Phil Cole was lying on the ground, grimacing and twisting his body.
      Su Yue nodded in satisfaction at Feng Bao. Then, she asked Phil Corson,” Do you know why?”
      Phil Korser was at a loss.” Why?”
      “Support your waist.”Su Yue said smilingly.
      Phil Colson immediately reacted and explained awkwardly,” Listen to me, actually ……”
      “To explain is to cover up, to cover up is to cover up!”Su Yue didn’t intend to listen to Phil Corson’s explanation, nor did he need his explanation. It was fine if such a harmless joke was made. There was no need to be more serious, at least there was no need to be more serious with Phil Corson.
      “Well, what happened last time is over, including Robert Gonzales.” Phil Colson got up and said embarrassedly.When will you let these people leave?”When they leave, only Melinda and I will keep an eye on your situation. Everything about you will become the highest secret for sealing. Only a few people have the right to check.”
      “Oh right, where’s Melinda?”
      “Don’ t worry, I didn’ t chase her away. She left early in the morning and didn’ t know where to go.”Su Yue curled her lips. Perhaps what Phil Colson said was true, but it was absolutely impossible for it to be true.
      If he remembered correctly, the director of the S.H.I.I.E. Bureau should be Alexander Pearce. After that, it was Nick Frey. Alexander Pearce was Nine-Headed Snake’s biggest undercover in the S.H.I.E. Bureau. He was the winter warrior, the manager of the Winter Soldier, and the planner of the plan.
      “Those people outside can leave tomorrow morning. By the way, this is for you!”
      Su Yue suddenly released the ROOM space and used his command to move a picture from his room upstairs to front of Phil Colson.
      Phil Colson caught the photo. His face twitched as he suddenly looked up at Su Yue.” This is…”This is the captain’s autograph?”
      Su Yue took back the ROOM space and nodded.” I know that you’ re the captain’s fan who specially prepared for you. It’s definitely the captain’s autograph.”
      “Thank you!”
      Su Yue patted him on the shoulder. His gaze happened to see Audrey Nathan walking in with a frustrated expression as he carried the box.
      “Hey, you went to the interview?”Su Yue greeted Audrey Nathan.
      Odinathan nodded and said with a forced expression,” Yes, but it didn’ t succeed.”
      “Failure is the mother of success, but it’s a pity that you won’ t recognize your sixth marriage.”Su Yue’s words made Audrey Nathan’s expression even more depressed.
      “I’ ll go up first.”She said a few words to Su Yue and nodded politely to Phil Corson, who was beside Su Yue. She carried the box and went upstairs.
      Su Yue looked at Audrey Nathan hitting Phil Corson’s shoulder and asked with a wicked smile,” How is it?”
      “Oh, she’s beautiful and virtuous. She’s also a cello player, right?”
      “She is?”
      “Audrey Nathan, the first guest who came in yesterday to interview the symphony orchestra.”Su Yue still smiled and asked,” Are you interested?”
      “Stop joking. I don’ t have the energy to talk about feelings right now.”Phil Colson didn’t have the intention of discussing feelings at all.
      Su Yue shrugged and deliberately said,” When love can already be done, what else is there to talk about?”I didn’ t give you a chance.”
      “You can do as you like. I just have this!”Phil Colson shook the captain’s picture seriously.
      If he didn’t know that he had several girlfriends in the future, Su Yue would definitely be far from a guy who liked men’s photos more than real women.*

      Chapter 47 The novel?There must be a BGM!

      Su Yue’s concept of family was very complicated. On the one hand, he had the greatest expectation for the family and wanted to have a family of his own. On the other hand, he was full of fear for the formation of a family. He was very afraid that the family would fall apart due to such a reason, and the children in the future would not have a complete family.
      He was an emotional pessimist.
      He would treat everyone seriously, and he would also pay for his feelings. However, he would not easily assume that someone was the only one in his life.
      Feeling was feeling, and family was family.
      He was very clear.
      Therefore, he would take the initiative to start a new relationship, or an informal relationship between men and women. However, he would never take the initiative to discuss marriage and establish a relatively random family.
      This was very similar to the atmosphere in Europe and America. It could be something that happened because of an impulse, or it could be because they needed to maintain a relationship with you for a while.However, when it came to formal relationships between men and women, they would be very cautious. Most people would have a very rational distinction between needs and emotions, as well as a clear distinction between emotions and responsibilities.
      “Bang bang bang!”
      A gentle knock on the door rang out. Audrey Nathan opened the door. Seeing Su Yue holding a few cans of beer, she was slightly stunned. She asked doubtfully,” Is there anything wrong?”
      “Do you need it?”Su Yue held the wine and asked.
      Audrey Nathan smiled.” I’m not that weak. Although the interview did n’ t succeed, there’s more than one band in this world.”But come in.”
      Su Yue closed the door and placed the wine on the cabinet beside the television. He opened a jar and handed it to Audrey Nathan. At the same time, he opened a jar for himself.
      “I wish you success.”
      “Thank you.”
      Odinesson raised the jar slightly and took a sip.
      “I rarely drink because alcohol affects my fingers and my nerves. I can’t focus on playing zither.”But when I’ m depressed, it can help me forget the pain and start again!”Odinesson suddenly smiled at Su Yue as she spoke.” Unfortunately, success may be true.”
      “I thought you would pack up and prepare to leave.”Su Yue smiled as she looked at the unorganized backpack and the clothes on the hanger.
      Odinathan shook his head.” There are still a few symphonies here. I want to try. If it doesn’ t work, I’ m going back.”
      Su Yue said,” Have I ever told you that besides being the owner of this inn and the owner of this street, I am also a person who likes to write stories?”
      Audrey Nathan shook her head and asked with interest,” What story did you write?”
      “No one has seen the stories I wrote before, but I think many people will know the stories I write now.When I was writing this story, I thought of a melody. It was very suitable to be an episode of some segments. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand the music, so I could only hum the melody roughly, so…” Su Yue shrugged towards Audrey.
      Audrey Nathan smiled sweetly.” I didn’ t expect you to be quite talented. Can I hear it?”
      “Of course!”
      Su Yue took a sip of wine to moisten his throat. He thought back to the sad melody of the Ninja Fire Shadow when it was white and died and began to hum.
      Audrey Nathan sat by the bed, drinking wine, listening to his humming, and gradually……The wine was empty……Tear wet……
      Sadness filled Su Yue’s heart as she hummed unprofessionally. Audrey Nathan wiped the tears from her eyes and asked Su Yue,” I want to see what kind of story can make you hum such a sad melody.”
      “The story has not been written here.”Su Yue pointed at her head and then at her cello.”Can you play?”
      “I can try!”
      Audrey Nathan put the empty jar aside and took out the cello. She took a deep breath and recalled the melody Su Yue had just sung. She raised her head and asked,” What’s its name?”
      “Wail and sorrow.”
      Audrey Nathan nodded and gently pulled the strings.
      The cello’s rich tone matched the sad melody. The effect of tear gas was many times stronger than the humming earlier.The lyrical and sad melody, the deep and complicated emotion, even the so-called’Originator’ Su Yue had not only fallen into the melody of the zither, but the scene of Ninja Fire Shadow dying in vain could not help but appear in her mind.
      The purpose of writing or copying Fire Shadow Ninja was to promote Yolam noodle and Subway Street in addition to making money. The purpose of letting Audrey Nathan make an animation episode was not that pure.
      Although the effects of the episode and the novel complement each other and would be of great help to promote the Subiyuan Street, Su Yue was more concerned about whether playing on the Subiyuan Street would attract more people to stay in the Subiyuan Street, could it…It moved Audrey Nathan!
      Audrey paused. From time to time, she recorded the music. If there was something unclear, Su Yue would sing repeatedly. After more than two hours, the sorrow and sorrow of this cello version was finally officially completed.
      “This will be a great song!”Audrey Nathan put down the zither and stood up and said excitedly to Su Yue.
      “I believe in this!”
      Su Yue nodded.” There’s an inn’s noodle maker in this story. He’ ll soon spread his noodle art outside.”Maybe you can play this tune nearby to attract some guests, or you can be familiar with it. When you go to the interview again, I believe you can use this tune to successfully interview!”、*

      Chapter 48 Hornet!

      The deep and mournful cello sounded in the inn, destroying everyone’s tears.
      The simple baby Feng was crying because of the mournful melody. It was extremely exaggerated. He was holding the uncle with his hands behind his back and his shoulders trembled slightly. Claire’s eyes were red and she was wiping her tears from time to time. Even Annabel and Minerva, who were relatively calm, felt that their noses were sore……
      Everyone had their own sad stories and experiences. Everyone could feel their own resonance in the melody.
      It was unknown when the melodious sound of the zither was over. Odinathan’s room door opened, and Su Yue brought Odinathan to her room with her unfinished beer. She wanted to take a look at the parts that Ninja Fire Shadow had already written, but she could n’ t see it anymore……
      Those unbridled nights had to be repaid in the morning.
      Su Yue opened his languid eyes, grabbed his messy hair, stretched his waist, yawned, glanced at the already disappeared beauty by his side, and flipped over to sit up.
      The sound of the zither came from outside the window. Su Yue opened the curtain and pushed open the window. She couldn’t help but smile as she looked at Audrey Nathan and the people around her who were standing there watching.
      The construction team left. Before they left, they had cleaned up the traces of construction. The land and environment in the Subiyuan Street had become much cleaner. The construction fence outside the spaceship had also been removed. Instead, a large black cloth was placed on the spaceship.
      The noodle stall had already been put up. Although they didn’t have time to hang up a noodle shop, the fragrance had attracted many customers.
      Feng Bao’s plan to roast sweet potatoes was not successful because Melinda hadn’ t returned yesterday, so naturally, no one went out to purchase the things needed to roast sweet potatoes.
      The number on the system panel changed greatly. The number of sub-elements contributed by the construction team had reached 120, while the sub-elements also changed from 104/100(after opening) to 36/100(after opening).
      This meant that apart from Baby Feng, Hand Hit, Annabel, Clare, Minerva, and the only guest of residence, Audrey Neeson, there were currently 30 tourists or pedestrians in the area of Subiyuan Street, and this number seemed to be fluctuating due to the change of people.
      “There’s a long way to go.”
      If these people didn’t stay for more than two hours, they would n’ t bring any dimensional origin points. How to increase their time here was the key to obtaining dimensional origin points. After all, even if it was a park attraction, few people would stay in a place for two hours!
      Since the fixed income of the construction team was gone, the more creatures to summon, the better. The maximum number of dimensional creatures to summon was still less than one, which was just enough to fill it.
      “The summoning is over.”
      “Congratulations to the host for summoning the dimensional creature in the dimensional world” Hornet “: Hornet.”
      A dilapidated yellow Volkswagen Beetle suddenly parked near the stairs. It was almost close to the edge of the bed, filling up the area.
      It was fine to summon a living person out of thin air in the room. After all, it was not much of a place, but it was a bit too much to summon a Beetle car out of thin air, right?Fortunately, the space in the attic was quite large, and he didn’t have time to fill up any furniture. Otherwise, there would n’ t be a place to give it.
      Su Yue casually swept away the dust that was generated after the beetle landed on the ground and walked over to examine it. Its body was covered with rust, and the front and rear bumpers were tattered. Even the door was uneven and badly painted.
      The bumblebee in the Transformers movie was an old version of Chevrolet Camelot, and then it became a brand new Chevrolet Camelot. What about now?The mass beetle!
      Apart from the same color, the model and brand changed.
      But this was indeed the Hornet!
      Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
      After the Autobots lost to Tyrant Tiger in the Civil War on Cyber Tank, Optimus sent his subordinates to various parts of the universe to find a safe haven that could rebuild the army.The bumblebee was sent to Earth. After several light-years of travel, the bumblebee carried a flame and plunged into the forest in northern California. In the end, it encountered the pursuit of human soldiers and the Decepticon. Although it finally defeated the enemy, his own energy core was damaged, and his sound system was lost. In the end, before the energy was exhausted, it turned into a mass beetle to disguise itself and wait for the system to recover.
      Later, the bumblebee was thrown into the garage as an abandoned vehicle. The heroine was a high school student who wanted to own her own car. She took the big wasp home to repair it. She knew about the bumblebee’s special features, but the damaged bumblebee lost its memory, turning from a car warrior into a husky.
      Uh……It was a bit too much for the husky to say, but it was indeed a face full of blood.
      The Hornet, whose memory core had recovered, once again turned back into a car warrior and defeated the Decepticon. At the end of the story, it left the heroine and turned into a Chevrolet Camero. It was only after many years that he was brought home by Sam in the second-hand car market that the Transformers story officially began.*

      Chapter 49 Prosperity and Prosperity, a Happy Face with Good Business!

      Looking at the calm bumblebee, Su Yue felt that he should have been summoned before the heroine brought him home. He should still be in the system energy recovery stage.
      In other words, before its system energy was restored, it could neither open nor transform. Apart from providing dimensional points every day, it had no effect. Moreover, even if it could open, the Beetle model was not something he liked.
      Su Yue was not too disappointed with the result of this summoning. After all, this was a bumblebee no matter what. It was his favorite character among Transformers besides the female lead.Moreover, as long as its energy was restored, he would be able to have a Transformers that could change the model, drive automatically, and even transform into a fighter.
      The only trouble at the moment was to find a way to get it out of his room. However, it wasn’t working right now. There were too many people, so it could only be replaced by the surgical fruit when there was no one at night. Otherwise, with its size, it could n’ t even go down the stairs in the attic.
      After washing up and leaving the inn, Audrey Nathan was still playing. She nodded and greeted her. She glanced at the small change in her box. Su Yue came to the stall and ordered some noodles.
      The dining room was very similar to the dining car. It was a completely enclosed space with a counter on the front and a price list on the counter.About half a meter away from the dining room was a few wooden tables and chairs made of waste materials. As the guests ate noodles, they began to comment on the style of the inn.
      The hot noodles were personally delivered by the uncle, which made the guests who had just taken the noodles a little dissatisfied and loudly questioned.Before Su Yue could say anything, he used the word “my boss” impatiently.
      His business was very good, and there were still a few guests waiting.
      In the past, he had a daughter and two apprentices who could support him. Now, he had to rely on himself.
      Although he was busy, he did not feel tired.
      It was very common for this kind of stall to sit at the side of the street. Just after eating a few mouthfuls of ramen, someone sat down on the empty seat. Su Yue glanced over and lowered his head to continue eating ramen.
      Although he didn’t have any physical training yesterday, he did n’ t consume much physical energy. It was very appropriate to say that the newborn calf was not afraid of the tiger on Audrey Nathan’s body.By the way, he almost forgot that he had to change the sheet for a while. Did he wash it?Forget it, let Clare wash it. Anyway, there was nothing suitable for her at the moment. She might as well be in charge of cleaning the bed and saving some money.
      As for awkwardness?He was still afraid that people would find out after everything was done!
      “The boss has given me a new mission. He wants me to find out if the doctor’s level is the same as the rumors.”John Garrett softly reported the situation.
      Su slowly ate noodles.”You don’t have to be like a spy every time you meet. As long as your identity is n’ t exposed here, we have countless reasons to meet openly.”Since you know how to use the identity of Divine Shield Bureau, why don’ t you know how to use the identity of your construction team’s workers? I have a lot of projects here to start.”
      “It’s only with your candid identity that you’ ve hung up with me. If something happens, I can protect you.”
      John Garrett’s breathing and heartbeat could n’ t help but quicken. He quietly took a few breaths and replied excitedly,” Yes, I understand.”
      “Your boss wants to verify the doctor’s abilities, so the doctor is ready to open the door as well. Get the money and the patient to come to me again.”
      John Garrett responded and prepared to leave.
      “Don’ t rush to leave. Go and have a bowl of noodles. Stay here for two hours before leaving.”Su Yue gulped down the soup after eating the noodles. Ignoring John Garrett’s confusion and confusion, he got up and walked back to the inn.
      John Garrett could understand the bowl of noodles, but he didn’t understand what the meaning was after two hours. However, he honestly asked for a bowl of noodles before leaving after more than two hours.
      Although Audrey Nathan didn’t play all the time, there were people who appreciated it. Therefore, even if she was resting, she did n’ t plan to pack up and go back to the inn to rest. Su Yue originally wanted to talk to her for a bit, but it seemed that she could only wait for the night. She just didn’t know……There was still a chance to chat at night.
      He called Clare to go upstairs to replace the sheet. Clare was shocked by the car in the room. Su Yue didn’t explain about the bumblebee. Instead, he gave her the cleaning work. Although she did n’ t have any salary, at least she didn’t live for nothing.
      When Claire changed the sheets and left, Su Yue turned on his computer and prepared to continue Ninja Fire’s plagiarism.
      PS: brothers, the review building in the Book Review Area was specially reserved for summoning dimensional characters. If you are interested, you can write it in it.I took a look at it. More than 30 responses seemed to be based on animation. If there were any characters in the movie or TV series, such as beautiful women, beautiful women, and beautiful women, they could all be written out.
      In the end, this book was probably the most updated one of my seven books. In the past, it had been about three hours a day before it was put on the shelves. This book had been written every day since it was published. The number of words had increased too quickly, but the popularity did not have much time to ferment. Therefore, I begged for collection, flowers, and rewards!*

      Chapter 50 Selection of Second Building and Running Encounter

      The sun was setting in the west, and the sunset was shining.
      Baby Feng and Annabel helped collect the stall. Claire was cleaning the dishes beside the sink. Uncle Da was holding a pen and paper and a calculator. While calculating the income of today, she calculated the cost. She also wrote down the ingredients that needed to be prepared tomorrow.
      When Su Yue, who had finished writing and copying the books, came down, he had just finished counting.
      Su Yue asked,” How are the benefits?”
      “The cost calculation is not very accurate, but the net profit should be around 100 USD. Today, I only sold over 40 bowls of noodles. The price is mostly cheap. However, I am confident that I can keep the net profit of 300 USD in a week.”
      His hands looked confident. He was nagging that if there were more seats, it would be better to sell them. Many people gave up because there was no place and the waiting time was too long.
      Although it was only the first day of business, he had already started to imagine that he could open a bigger noodle shop than the original shop.
      Unfortunately, Su Yue didn’t have any money right now. Even if he did, the second building on Subiyuan Street would n’ t be a noodle shop. After all, the current stall was enough to attract people. Even if he built a noodle shop, it would be difficult for people to stay for more than two hours with instant food like noodles.
      For the entire day, only eleven dimensional points were added out of one dimensional point brought by the bumblebee. In other words, only eleven people stayed in the area of dimensional street for more than two hours!
      What kind of building could make people stay for more than two hours?Apart from the inn, what Su Yue could think of was the library and the cinema.
      There was Yan Ruyu in the book, and there was a golden house in the book. It would take more than two hours to finish a book, right?As for the movie theater, it was even simpler. Two hours of watching a movie would pass.
      In fact, the Children’s Paradise was also a good choice. However, there were n’ t many other nearby parks. There were many amusement parks. Although it could attract tourists, it wasn’t cost-effective.
      Su Yue had observed that most of the tourists here were young men and women or parents who brought children to play, so the library and cinema were the best choices he could think of.
      Compared to the two, the cost-effectiveness of the library was higher than that of the cinema.
      Building a library was relatively simple, and the cost was relatively low. As long as they collected a batch of books, they could open to the outside world.On the other hand, the cinema was not. First, it occupied a larger area. Second, even informal theaters would need to buy or rent a large number of videos. The cost was too high.
      The most important thing was that the dimensional story he copied could be spread in the library. The cinema wouldn’t have much effect. After all, he did n’ t copy movies.
      “Melinda hasn’ t returned yet?”
      Su Yue looked around and didn’t see Melinda’s figure. She was going to buy the food list with her hand, but she happened to see Melinda walk in with a tired face.
      “You’ re back!”Su Yue warmly welcomed her and handed the list of ingredients to Melinda.
      I just came back, didn’t you see my tired face?You didn’t even ask me where to go, but you just let me go shopping when I entered?Looking at the list of ingredients in her hand, Melinda rolled her eyes at the passionate Su Yue and grunted angrily. She turned around and left.
      Su Yue wasn’t just trying to crush Melinda, but she had no money in her hands……
      Odinason was the only guest in the inn, and it was still 50% off the room fee. Even though the profit of noodles in a week was considered to be his own, the money earned today was enough to purchase the ingredients, but it could be saved!
      There were too many places that needed money now!
      The cost of an inn, living expenses, the streets, street lights, which did not need money.
      Like walking around, he walked around his territory and picked up a few trash. Taking advantage of the lack of people around him, Su Yue released the ROOM space to expand the area to half an inn. He used the space replacement method to replace the bumblebee in the room with a trashy water bottle and then parked on the side of the inn.
      Looking at Melinda May’s tired appearance, she probably could n’ t run with her at night. Besides, Audley Nathan’s side did n’ t know what was going on. Si Lai wanted to go to Su Yue and think that he would run 10 kilometers first when he had time. As for push-ups, sit-ups, and other projects might be completed with Audrey Nathan’s assistance.
      The place to run was still Kessina Park.
      It wasn’t dark yet, and there were quite a number of people running and riding. Although they did n’ t know each other, they had the effect of encouraging each other.After running for a few kilometers, the tiredness gradually rose. Su Yue decided to find a leader for himself!
      A woman who had been running for several laps in tight sportswear became his target. Su Yue accelerated slightly and followed him, adjusting the frequency and running with the other party.
      After running for a long time, the other party seemed to notice Su Yue behind her. She turned her head to look at Su Yue. Seeing that Su Yue seemed to have run for a long time, she guessed the other party’s purpose. She nodded slightly to say hello and then continued running.
      The train ran fast, all by the front!
      With someone leading the race, Su Yue, who had run 10 kilometers, was not as tired as before. Seeing that the other party seemed to continue running, he waved his hand and walked home unhurriedly.
      What did he say?
      A gentleman’s friend was as calm as water!
      As he walked, a golden halo suddenly appeared in Su Yue’s line of sight. As the halo descended, a fat man wearing a dark mage robe blocked his path!*

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