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I, the Doomsday, stayed at the Sun Core for 100,000 years

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      I, the Doomsday, stayed at the Sun Core for 100,000 years (Chapter 1-50)

      Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

      The universe space was silent, because the universe space was a vacuum space. It was known that vacuum space could not transmit sound.
      But as long as there was air, there would be no problem.
      For example, the sun.
      Of course, the sun had an atmosphere. From inside to outside, there were photosphere, chromosphere and corona.
      Apart from that, the temperature of the sun’s atmosphere was still terrifying. After all, this was the sun.
      According to the scientists’ speculations, the surface temperature of the sun was about 5,500 degrees Celsius, while the core temperature was close to 20 million degrees Celsius.
      This was terrifying.
      However, in such a terrifying core of the sun, there was a person lying there, his eyes closed tightly and he was breathing heavily.
      Someone actually slept here?
      If anyone knew about this, they would probably be shocked.
      This was too unbelievable.
      The reason why he had to put a quotation mark on a person was because the figure was five meters tall. His entire body was covered with large and vigorous muscles, especially at the important joints of his shoulders and elbows. There were terrifying armor and bone spikes covered with cold light and spikes.
      Especially his appearance. His huge bloody mouth was covered with sharp fangs. It did not look like human teeth, but rather like some kind of beast’s fangs. It seemed like he could easily crush a person’s bones.
      His appearance was not to mention that.
      But who knew that he was actually a human before, an ordinary person who could not be more ordinary.
      His name was Lu Yuan. His parents called him Lu Yuan because they hoped that he would be able to spend his entire life in the future.
      But who would have thought that Lu Yuan had finally transmigrated.
      Moreover, his experience after transmigration was not simple. The reason why he had changed from an ordinary person to this appearance was actually because Lu Yuan had become a Kryptonian after transmigration.
      That’s right, it was the Kryptonian from the DC universe.
      The Kryptonian could be said to be unknown to everyone, because the superman who was known as the world’s first super hero was the Kryptonian.
      Superman was the first superhero to be born.
      He was a Kryptonian. When he lived on Earth, he became a superman because of the power of the yellow sun. He possessed superman power.
      After Lu Yuan had transmigrated, he had also become a Kryptonian.
      It was just that it was a little too early for Lu Yuan to pass through. He did not pass through the Superman Era, let alone the Justice Alliance Era, but the 100,000 years ago when the Justice Alliance and Superman were born.
      He came to the ancient Kryptonian era.
      But even the Kryptonian technology that was 100,000 years ago had already surpassed the current Earth. Even 100,000 years ago, the Kryptonian people had started a crazy expansion plan to colonize the entire universe.
      Lu Yuan was not only one of the main people who proposed this plan, but also the main leader. Even Lu Yuan was a famous general on Kryptonian.
      Among them, Lu Yuan was responsible for the troops that headed to the other end of the Milky Way Galaxy (Kryptonian is also in the Milky Way Galaxy, and Earth is just opposite in two straight lines).
      Of course, he knew about the help and improvement of the sun to the Kryptonian people, so he came to the Solar System. After illuminating the sun, he gained superhuman power.
      However, just as the Kryptonian ball was expanding towards the entire universe, it offended a faction or a person.
      The universe was very mysterious. There were gods from all over the world, and even the legendary deities from all over Earth were real beings. They were also known as gods.
      However, there had been some changes to the Protoss recently. A group of people called the new Protoss chased the old Protoss down and they became the new Protoss.
      This was especially true for Daxed. When the true God King of the New God race was missing from Jia Kehan, he became one of the God King of the New God race’s Heaven Awaken Star. He was also known as the Dark Lord.
      This fellow also had great ambitions to bring the entire universe into his own domain and under his command.
      This time, the two races would inevitably collide.
      Originally, there was a group of people in the universe that were known as the 1st legion of the universe. There was a group of small blue people who were known as the universe guardians. They wanted to find trouble with Kryptonian at first.
      In the end, there was a great battle between the Heaven Awaken Star and Krypton Star, especially when Lu Yuan led his own personal troops, a terrifying army of 100,000 superhuman beings.
      Ou Axing fell silent.
      This was a divine battle. The power of the two forces was almost breaking the universe. The entire galaxy was shaking.
      There had been countless civilizations in the Milky Way, but in that battle, countless civilizations and planets had died.
      In the end, even Dakshines personally appeared, and even the main body was here.
      This was the first time he had learned about the strength of the Kryptonian, and it was also the first time he had known about the existence of Superman. At that time, Lu Yuan had used the name of Superman as his name.
      Daxade and Lu Yuan understood each other the first time they met. The other party was their greatest threat, and they were their strongest enemies.
      A final battle was just about to begin. Lu Yuan’s combat skills on Kryptonite had greatly shocked Dakside, and the power of his Omega Ray had almost shattered Lu Yuan.
      After all, Daxede had the BUFF bonus from the new Protoss. Lu Yuan still lost and died in Daxede’s hands.
      He had thought that Kryptonian would be destroyed.
      However, Krypton’s technology level was too terrifying. Lu Yuan’s body was taken to study, and eventually he developed the most terrifying biochemical weapon in the universe.
      Destruction Day.
      Lu Yuan had regained his life, and he had gained even more powerful and terrifying power. Even the light of the red sun could not make him lose his power. Instead, it would increase his power.
      Lu Yuan, who had become the Destroyer Day, was left with only Kryptonite.
      And because Lu Yuan had already died once, as a day of destruction, he would not die again, becoming a terrifying existence that could not die and could not be destroyed.
      The power to destroy the heavens and the earth would never feel the endless energy of exhaustion, the super-fast healing and regeneration ability, and the ability to constantly evolve and restrain the opponent according to the characteristics of the opponent’s ability in battle, to adapt to all the enemy’s abilities in the environment. Even after being killed, it would resurrect and evolve a response method, unable to use the same method to kill Destruction Day twice.
      Lu Yuan was already invincible.
      Including the Kryptonite, the first thing he knew about the situation after resurrection was to use the Kryptonite to kill him for the first time.
      From now on, he could even be immune to the weakness and damage of the Kryptonite.
      He had almost become an invincible existence.
      However, it was precisely because he had become an invincible and perfect existence that the Kryptonian thought they had seen the dawn and the future. In the end, they brought over the bodies of the Kryptonian who had died in the war and had become superhuman, creating a destructive army.
      However, only Lu Yuan was surprised to retain his consciousness, but the other days of destruction were all lost.
      In the first place, the 100,000 Destructive Days army destroyed the Heaven Awaken Star army, and even Daxed was defeated by Lu Yuan.
      Daxed’s Omega Ray could no longer harm Lu Yuan. Instead, Lu Yuan’s fist could injure him or even kill him.
      At the last moment, Daxed could only retreat. Looking at Lu Yuan, the two of them knew that they would become a trap for each other.
      In fact, the word “fetters” was not a commendation.
      The bondage represented restraint, obstacles, and shackles. They all understood that this Liang Zi had been completely settled.
      But with the retreat of the Tianqi Star, what about the uncontrollable army of Destruction Day?
      They, or perhaps they, began to stare at their homeworld and fellow citizens behind them.

      02. Sleeping at the core of the sun for 100,000 years

      After all, the Day of Destruction was resurrected with dead bodies. Just like Lu Yuan had lost to Daxed, his troops were also defeated by Star of Heaven, led by Daxed’s most elite dark elites.
      At that time, Daxed didn’t have an army of quasi-devils. The ones fighting Kryptonian were the new Protoss warriors of the Heaven Awaken Star.
      It was probably because of the defeat of this battle that Dakside began to develop a magic-like technology.
      In the end, the 100,000 Superman had turned into a day of destruction. For a moment, even Daxeder and Celestial Star had to avoid it.
      However, this incredibly powerful biological weapon had a fatal flaw. After being reborn, the day of destruction would lose its rationality.
      Now that the Tianqi Star had retreated, the Destroying Sun army did not know how exhausted they were, because they already possessed endless physical strength.
      At this moment, they focused their attention on Kryptonian, their hometown, and their relatives and compatriots.
      At the critical moment, Lu Yuan stood out, standing alone in front of the 100,000 troops.
      The battle broke out again. Lu Yuan blocked one hundred thousand and fought with his former subordinates on his own.
      Even Lu Yuan had died countless times. In order to kill his former subordinates, he had done everything he could.
      This battle was even more terrifying than the battle with Star Enlightened Heaven. The intensity of the battle was unbearable.
      However, in the end, Lu Yuan still managed to protect Kryptonian.
      The hundred thousand destruction days were wiped out and could no longer be revived.
      Lu Yuan also personally used the thermal ray to confirm that the cells of every drop of the day of destruction were completely removed, preventing people from resurrecting such monsters and preventing them from resurrecting again.
      After completing all this, Lu Yuan looked in the direction of Kryptonian.
      He didn’t get any cheers or praise. He only saw countless frightened and frightened eyes.
      Lu Yuan understood. They didn’t think that he was still calm, thinking that he had gone crazy.
      With a self-mockery smile, Lu Yuan left and floated into the distance of the universe.
      However, when he left, Lu Yuan still left a warning,” Stop researching and creating a new day of destruction. Otherwise, Kryptonian will also come to the end.”
      The name of the Destruction Day was also named.
      The day of destruction could bring an end to all civilizations.
      After that, Kryptonian didn’t just follow Lu Yuan’s instructions. It defined all the information about the Destruction Day as taboo. It didn’t even allow it to be mentioned. It also ended its plan to expand the universe.
      From then on, Krypton entered another route. Krypton developed the latest technology called the Life Code, using science and technology to nurture and create new generations.
      This could also determine the future of the newborn according to the needs of society.
      For example, if one needed a warrior, one would have the most suitable child to become a warrior gene.
      If one needed a scientist, one would be born a descendant who could become a scientist.
      This was undoubtedly an improvement, but it would also end the Kryptonian’s future and limit.
      Especially when generation after generation had been instilled with the concept of definitely protecting Kryptonian, the Kryptonian would no longer be able to leave Kryptonian.
      All that awaited them was destruction.
      However, this had nothing to do with Lu Yuan.
      After leaving Kryptonian, Lu Yuan crossed the universe again and flew directly to the solar system.
      Returning to the Solar System once again, Lu Yuan did not look for the base he had left behind. Instead, he directly entered the surface of the sun.
      In the end, he infiltrated the core of the sun and fell into a deep sleep there.
      Even if he was known to have unlimited physical strength, he was already tired. He also needed to rest. If he continued to sleep without rest, he would be in danger of going crazy.
      Just like that, Lu Yuan quietly slept at the core of the sun and slept for 100,000 years.
      One hundred thousand years had passed. Even in the vast universe, this was not a short time.
      But for Lu Yuan, it was nothing. He was already an indestructible day of destruction. Moreover, within the core of the sun, he could feel his own power rising every second and his physical fitness rising. This would only make him stronger and live longer.
      In a hundred thousand years, it could be said that the ocean had changed into a mulberry field or a mulberry field into a sea.
      Kryptonian had already undergone a huge change. Even Kryptonian was about to end.
      At this moment, in the core of the sun, Lu Yuan, who had been sleeping for a long time, suddenly opened his eyes.
      He had been sleeping for too long, but a layer of something like a fossil had actually formed on his eyelids.
      As Lu Yuan opened his eyes, two golden rays of light shot out from Lu Yuan’s eyes like lasers.
      That was one of the abilities that almost every Kryptonian could awaken after becoming Superman, the thermal ray.
      But for some unknown reason, Lu Yuan’s heat rays turned golden.
      He was also curious. Was it red before?
      But as he slowly sat up, he lowered his head and looked at the situation on his body.
      Lu Yuan’s entire body was dyed golden, as if he was a shining golden man.
      At the same time, Lu Yuan seemed to have learned a lot.
      Because he had stayed at the core of the sun for too long and absorbed too much power, he had automatically broken through the shackles and become a person of the Fifth Dimension. He even had the possibility of continuing to break through to the Sixth Dimension.
      The higher the dimensional strength, the more terrifying and unpredictable it was. For example, the sixth dimension was already equivalent to the creation god level.
      Even in the Fifth Dimension, it was possible to change reality, change past and future history, or even create a blank space for the entire universe.
      And now, Lu Yuan was like this.
      Just like the golden superman from DC million, Superman stayed at the core of the sun for 85,000 years. After coming out, he became a fifth dimension person. Even Louise, who had died, could be revived at will and become the fifth dimension together.
      Lu Yuan had stayed for 100,000 years, more than 10,000 years.
      Therefore, his strength must be even stronger.
      “It’s really too comfortable to sleep on this night,” Lu Yuan shouted and leaped from the ground station.
      As a result, he caused a huge fluctuation in the sun. The entire sun was shaking. Not only was the sun wind blowing, but large amounts of lava-like things were spewing out from the surface. It also triggered various solar phenomena.
      Lu Yuan was speechless. He almost shattered the sun.
      It seemed like he had to pay attention to control his own power in the future.
      “But in this case, it’s time for Daxed to continue his relationship. It’s time for us to break the bond between you and me.” Lu Yuan did not forget Daxed.
      But just as he was about to take off from the sun, he suddenly turned his head to look in the direction of Earth in the Solar System.
      He had the same ability as Superman, because he was originally a Kryptonian, and later became Superman. It was only after he died that he was revived as the Day of Destruction.
      That was why he certainly didn’t lack one of Superman’s abilities.
      As a result, he received a voice with super listening ability. It was a person’s name, not someone else, it was Tony Stark.
      “Why is it him?”Lu Yuan was surprised.” Don’ t tell me this isn’ t a DC. Why did I come to Manwei?”
      “That’s it again. There’s no kryptonite in this world, isn’ t that why I want to be invincible?”
      Actually, he was no longer afraid of Kryptonite.*

      03. Coming to Earth in the Diffusion Universe

      Tony Stark, anyone who had seen Manway movies or comics knew that his real identity was Iron Man.
      Why did he mention his real identity?The reason was that the cartoon was different from the movie. In the movie, Tony had exposed his identity, but in the cartoon, he did not reveal that he was a super hero. Instead, he used an unknown bodyguard to hide it.
      This Tony Stark was not someone with the same name. Since Lu Yuan had the same ability as Superman, he naturally included super listening and super vision.
      At his current level, he could hear everything in every corner of the universe. If he wanted to, he could even receive the sound of the entire universe.
      Super vision could also see any corner of the universe.
      That was why he had already seen Tony’s location. He was in a desert on Earth. It should be a desert.
      Lu Yuan saw Tony’s figure. He was still an arms dealer, selling his company’s weapons.
      Lu Yuan was familiar with this scene. Wasn’t it the story of Iron Man One?
      If that happened, something was about to happen, right?
      Lu Yuan knew what would happen next. After thinking for a while, he floated off the surface of the sun.
      He was worried that if he used a bit of strength, he might destroy the sun.
      So it was as light as possible.
      After flying out of the sun’s atmosphere, Lu Yuan sped up and was about to fly towards Earth.
      The distance between Earth and the sun, measured at the speed of light, was about eight minutes.
      Although the speed of light was speed, it was a length. A light-year was the distance that the speed of light traveled for a year, so eight minutes of light could be considered as the length of distance.
      In other words, it would take eight minutes to travel from the sun to Earth.
      But Lu Yuan only felt a little dazed. He had already arrived outside Earth’s atmosphere.
      Originally, he needed eight minutes to travel at the speed of light, but he only used an absolute moment to complete it. Such a speed could no longer be measured.
      Unless he flew as fast as he could to the furthest distance in the universe.
      It was hard to measure such a close distance.
      The current Lu Yuan was actually more than the Golden Superman of the Fifth Dimension. Therefore, not only could he control time, space, soul, real matter, and so on, he was almost omniscient and omnipotent. Moreover, he had no upper limit on speed and could appear anywhere at any time.
      And in the future, he would have an unlimited number of powerful abilities.
      After all, Silver Superman had countless abilities, and even every day, he was troubled by the new abilities.
      Just at this moment, a loud rumbling sound caused Lu Yuan’s attention.
      The ground below suddenly became chaotic.
      It was Tony who encountered a trap while being escorted away by a certain country’s military. Their convoy was attacked.
      Seeing this scene, Lu Yuan rushed down without any hesitation, instantly crossing the atmosphere and directly reaching the ground.
      When Lu Yuan landed on the ground, he caused an even more terrifying explosion. His massive body was even more terrifying than an armored vehicle, blocking Tony’s armored vehicle with his physical body.
      Tony and the others in the car behind him were stunned as they stared foolishly at that tall figure.
      However, the chaos was still continuing. Countless people suddenly appeared around them. They were holding weapons and attacking the convoy.
      Lu Yuan didn’ t hesitate either. Two golden rays of light shot out from his terrifying eyes. Then, he locked onto everyone’s position. He quickly turned around and wiped out all the enemies he saw.
      Even a mountain in the distance was cut off by him and collapsed.
      The scene immediately became quiet.
      Lu Yuan put away the heat rays and patted his hands as if he was wiping out the dust.
      However, he really did not have any dust on his body. His pure gold body seemed to be surrounded by some kind of special position, not even the dust around him.
      He turned around and walked to the armored vehicle. With a five-meter tall body, Lu Yuan was taller than the car.
      He grabbed the door handle and pulled it.
      The entire car door was pulled down by him.
      Lu Yuan scratched his head with his other hand, but he still could not control his strength.
      Inside the car, Tony and the three soldiers who were in charge of protecting him looked at Lu Yuan with a dumbfounded expression. They saw that he was just scratching his head, but there was a scene of sparks flying between his hands and skin. They felt terrified.
      “Devil, he’s a devil.” A soldier’s mentality collapsed. He yelled as he rushed out of the car and charged forward without thinking.
      However, he forgot that this was a trap zone. There was a car leading the way in front of him, but it was blown away by a mine.
      Now that he was running around blindly, he accidentally stepped on a mine.
      In that instant, the surrounding area erupted with a huge impact.
      However, the soldier did not die because Lu Yuan had saved him in time.
      “Don’t run around. How many mines are buried around? Do you want to die so badly?Also, I am not a demon. My name is Lu Yuan.”It’s just an alien.”
      He wanted to say that he was from Earth, but no matter how he looked at it, he did not seem to be from Earth.
      Not to mention that he had indeed become a Kryptonian after he had transmigrated to the DC world. There was nothing to admit.
      The few people in the car looked at each other in dismay.
      Especially Tony, his eyes suddenly lit up as he looked at Lu Yuan with interest.
      “There really are aliens?”This was the first time even a person as smart as Tony had received true evidence. It turned out that aliens were real.
      Lu Yuan rolled his eyes and snorted,” The universe is so vast. Earth people have not even gone out of the Milky Way, you have not even finished exploring the moon. Do you think only Earth has life?”
      That was true. Earth’s technology was still far from being able to explore space. Even the Solar System could not get out. The spaceship that carried humans into space would at most be on the moon.
      But this was far from enough. Our understanding of space was simply too limited.
      Therefore, the mysteries of space could not be verified. Everything was possible.
      “Since you’re an alien, what’s your purpose in coming to Earth?”And even though you helped us, you must have some purpose, right?”Tony was worthy of being one of the cleverest people on Earth. This point had been recognized by many people.
      That was why he was the first to calm down. He immediately asked Lu Yuan a lot of questions.
      “If you have to say something, it’s not like you do n’ t have anything.” Lu Yuan nodded and agreed.You can think that my planet and civilization have already been destroyed (at least there is no Kryptonian planet in the Maneuvering Universe). I am an alien refugee who has drifted to Earth.I just happened to notice the situation here and I’ve heard of your name, Tony.How was it?”I saved you once. You should help me arrange an identity.”
      “Wow, your English is really good.”
      Is this the time?
      Lu Yuan shrugged.” Don’ t look at me like this, but I’ m very smart. I have a super ability to learn. I can learn any language as long as I’ ve heard it once.”
      “Alright, it’s a deal, but you have to make sure to send me back safely.”
      “No problem.”
      As a result, Lu Yuan arrived on Earth in the Maneuvering Universe, and he had an interaction with Tony.*

      4. Lu Yuanda’s divine power

      No wonder the people in the car were afraid of Lu Yuan. He really did not dare to flatter his appearance.
      Even if Lu Yuan didn’t intentionally scare people, he would still be more sinister.
      That was why they were considered demons.
      Lu Yuan himself knew that his external image wasn’t very good, but what could he do? Could it be that he could turn himself back into a human appearance?
      Just as he was thinking about it, he felt a sudden change in his body.
      The huge body began to shrink slowly. The five-meter tall body turned into a 1.9-meter tall body in the blink of an eye.
      There was also a reduction in body size. Although he still had strong muscles, it was no longer exaggerated.
      Especially his appearance.
      Lu Yuan’s body was originally covered in a layer of terrifying bone armor, especially the sharp spikes on the edges. It was a terrifying weapon that even Superman’s steel body could easily cut through.
      It was also a powerful armor that even Superman could not easily break.
      Now, all of them had disappeared.
      As for his skin and appearance, Lu Yuan’s body was undergoing a huge change, from a monster to a human.
      Lu Yuan himself was also stunned. Using the mirror of the armored vehicle, he saw his new appearance.
      He had short black hair, handsome features, black eyes, and yellow skin.
      Wasn’t that what he looked like?
      Ever since it became the Day of Destruction, Lu Yuan thought he would never see this face again. Who would have thought that there would be another day of recovery?
      Could it be that he was no longer the Day of Destruction, returning to become Superman?
      No, Lu Yuan knew that he was still on the Day of Destruction. This was just an external change.
      To put it bluntly, it was because he already had the strength and realm of a Fifth Dimension man. In addition, his thoughts had changed, but his external image had become like this.
      But there was no change within him. He was still him.
      This scene stunned Tony and the three soldiers in the car.
      “Wait a minute, put on your pants first.” Tony looked at Lu Yuan’s lower half with a face full of envy and hatred.
      Lu Yuan had been on the Day of Destruction before. With the huge body of the Day of Destruction, there was no suitable clothes.
      Moreover, he had stayed at the core of the sun for 100,000 years, and he could not bear any clothes.
      The main thing was that it was covered with armor. It was nothing without clothes.
      But now it was different.
      Tony took off his jacket and threw it out.
      Lu Yuan picked it up and wrapped it around his waist. It could be considered as simply covering his body.
      Lu Yuan looked like an ordinary person now. However, the people in the car had personally seen the process of his transformation and knew that he was not an ordinary person. They looked at each other and did not know what to do next.
      Even Tony asked Lu Yuan,” Then what should we do next?”
      “Someone’s coming again,” Lu Yuan said.”Looks like Mr. Tony is very popular.”
      Tony looked around and thought to himself, this was the way he liked it?
      He would rather not.
      At this moment, another group of people suddenly appeared around them and charged towards the armored vehicles in full armor.
      One of them actually carried the RPG and fired a rocket.
      The soldiers in the car still had enough combat skills. They cried out in alarm as they tried to dodge.
      As a result, Lu Yuan took the initiative to go up and flew up, blocking the front of the armored vehicle. He raised his hand and grabbed the rocket.
      Because he had caught it, not blocked it, the rocket was not hit and did not explode at the first moment.
      Both sides were dumbfounded by this scene.
      Then, he saw Lu Yuan grabbing the rocket and throwing it out.
      The other side immediately cried out.
      Especially the guy with the RPG launcher. He was about to run, but the rocket was already back.
      A cloud of smoke rose and the man was gone.
      This was too terrifying. The speed of the rocket that Lu Yuan threw out was actually faster than the speed of the RPG.
      Those people looked at each other in dismay.
      “Shoot, beat him to death.” One of the leaders shouted and pulled the trigger.
      Gunshots rang out in the surroundings.
      All the guns were aimed at Lu Yuan, who was flying in the air. The bullets were like rain, forming a forest of bullets that surrounded Lu Yuan.
      However, Lu Yuan was still unconcerned. He crossed his arms and flew there, letting the bullet fall onto his body.
      “Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding
      But when everyone emptied a single bullet, they found that Lu Yuan was still flying there unharmed.
      It could not be said that there was no change at all. His clothes, that was, the coat Tony had given him, had been broken, and he was no longer wearing any clothes.
      Lu Yuan frowned slightly. The three soldiers in the car were actually a lady soldier.
      “It’s time for me to take action.” Lu Yuan waited until everyone had finished their rounds before preparing to counterattack.
      He did it on purpose. Even if he hadn’t stayed at the core of the sun for a hundred thousand years, with the superhuman power he had obtained and the superhuman steel body, a mere bullet could n’ t do anything.
      That was why Lu Yuan deliberately flew there as a target. Only then did he prepare to retaliate.
      As he flew into the air, Lu Yuan’s eyes slowly lit up. Suddenly, two golden rays of light shot out. Like a laser eye, it was his unique golden heat ray.
      The heat ray was one of the most classic skills of the Superman family. As long as it was a Kryptonian and had superhuman power, it could be used.
      However, Lu Yuan’s heat rays were golden. In the past, he was also red. Almost all the heat rays were red.
      Perhaps it was because he had stayed in the sun for 100,000 years, right?
      The heat rays were at least at the speed of light. No one could escape. As Lu Yuan locked onto everyone, heat rays that were even more terrifying than lasers easily cut through those people.
      In the end, even the soldiers behind him and Tony couldn’t watch anymore.
      The lady soldier turned around and began to retch.
      Lu Yuan didn’t think much of it. It was them who made the move first. He deliberately made them fight back after their attacks were finished.
      Not to mention the bunch of people behind him. Strictly speaking, they were not in their own country.
      What was he pretending to be?He ran to someone else’s house to mess with them, and now he’s pretending?
      Lu Yuan was too lazy to talk about them, and there were some things he couldn’t talk about.
      This was not Lu Yuan’s relationship, but the author’s relationship.Alright.
      Lu Yuan instantly killed everyone, but when he killed the last person, he put away the heat rays and flew over personally.
      He needed to wear clothes. At the very least, he needed to find clothes that he could hide.
      As a result, he took off the man’s shirt and pants, and then threw him a few hundred meters away. Before he landed on the ground, he was in mid-air and burned to death due to his speed.
      This was a flame phenomenon caused by air friction.*

      05. Helping Tony out of danger

      This was a trap that was set up for Tony.
      However, with Lu Yuan’s overwhelming momentum, he destroyed two groups of enemies one after another, and the surroundings immediately became quiet.
      By the time Lu Yuan put on a pair of pants and clothes and flew back from the front without even wearing his shoes, Tony and the others were much more honest than before.
      He saw with his own eyes that he was still invulnerable to the rockets, and his eyes were filled with lasers. He understood that if he were an enemy, everyone present would die.
      Not to mention resisting or escaping, they could not escape, they could not fight.
      Now, the only hope was that Lu Yuan did not have any hostility. He might as well be honest.
      “What should we do now?”Tony asked Lu Yuan,” You said that there are mines buried in the surroundings. Should we return from the original route?”
      “No need to be so troublesome.” Lu Yuan shook his head and walked straight to the side of the armored vehicle.
      The few people in the car looked at him, not knowing what he was going to do.
      However, he saw that Lu Yuan had picked up the entire armored vehicle.
      “What are you doing?”
      The car was filled with shock.
      Lu Yuan didn’t say anything. He just held the armored vehicle in his hands and flew off like nothing. It turned out that he had used this method to bring the armored vehicle directly from the mine pit.
      There was no more reliable method than this, but no one could do it.
      For Lu Yuan, a mere armored vehicle was nothing. He could even carry the plane.
      Moreover, the Superman family was not only strong, but also biological standpoint.
      Simply put, if it was just a large amount of strength, it would not be able to lift the plane. It would be like stabbing tofu with a nail. When there was only one stress point, it would only cut the plane into two sections.
      However, the existence of the biological position could allow Superman to spread his power throughout the entire plane, so it would not happen like that. Instead, it could support the entire plane.
      Now, Lu Yuan was in the same situation. It was equivalent to holding the entire armored vehicle in his hand as a whole. Otherwise, the weight of the armored vehicle would make it impossible for him to hold onto the place.
      This was also why Superman could fly with others. The biological stance would protect the people in his hands. Otherwise, Louise Ryan would have died countless times.
      Just like that, Lu Yuan easily carried the armored vehicle and crossed the minefield trap with Tony and the others in such an exaggerated manner.
      Actually, he could use his X-ray vision to find out where those traps were. After all, this world did not know that Superman’s X-ray vision could not penetrate lead.
      But that was unnecessary. Since this path was the route of a certain country’s army, it was unnecessary.
      On another route, Lu Yuan put the car down. This was already a safe area.
      Lu Yuan knocked on the window.” Let’s continue.”
      The people in the car looked at each other in dismay.
      The female soldier who acted as the driver subconsciously said,” You are flying faster.”
      For Lu Yuan, the weight of the armored vehicle was nothing at all, so it naturally could not affect his flying speed. The flying speed was definitely faster than the car.
      But Lu Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry.” Then why do you need a car?”
      Cars are the means of transportation, he is not.
      It was as if he could lift a plane, but he couldn’t just lift it. What was the plan for?
      Moreover, Lu Yuan had already noticed it.
      “There’s a convoy not far from here. It’s supposed to be aware of the previous battle. It’s here to welcome you.”That’s why I ca n’ t act too exaggerated.” Lu Yuan had already noticed in advance that a convoy was rushing over.
      To be honest, the soldiers in the car were not important, but Tony was very important. The military boss could not let him lose.
      This guy was one of the cleverest people on Earth. The weapons he designed could either make the army fully armed or make a country rich.
      Stark Industrial’s stock was one of the top stocks in a country. Almost all of them had bought more or less shares.
      That was why the big shots of the military reacted very quickly.
      Sure enough, he continued to drive forward for a while. A team of cars came to meet Tony.
      “Tony?”Are you alright?”A black man in military uniform rushed over and asked Tony about his safety.
      His name was James Rod, and he was also a famous Colonel Rod. The reason why he was famous was because he was not only one of Tony’s few trusted friends, but he was also wearing Iron Man armor.
      However, Rod was a soldier, so his armor was not a Iron Man, but a patriot. Of course, it was also called a war machine.
      Actually, it was called a war machine. However, for a period of time, it had been painted with a special color, which was why it was called a Steel Patriot.
      You know, it’s like the shield of the United States team.
      Colonel Rod was now Tony’s military adviser, specifically responsible for dealing with Stark’s industrial and military cooperation.
      He could tell Tony what to do or not to do at any time, and even monitor whether he sold his weapons to the enemy.
      Although a country would do the same, it was not willing to let a businessman be so brazen. After all, they had to take the archway.
      Of course, Colonel Rod and Tony had nothing to say about their relationship.
      Tony also hugged Colonel Rod excitedly. To him, his previous experience could be said to be a death of nine.
      The truth was the same. Without Lu Yuan, everyone knew what would happen next.
      Tony would be almost killed by his own home’s bomb. Shrapnel would enter the blood and flow into his heart, so he had to do the operation and use the ark reactor to protect his heart.
      After that, he would be captured and locked up by the bad guys. He had to make the first generation of Mark armor, the Mark 1 tank armor, to escape.
      After that, it was Iron Man’s plot.
      He didn’t know whether Lu Yuan’s chaos was a good thing or a bad thing. If Tony was saved, he wouldn’t encounter any life-threatening situation. He would n’ t have stayed in that cave for nearly three months, to gain a psychological growth. Even the most classic sound of iron punching was gone.
      With a chain reaction, from this moment on, perhaps the entire Marvel world would change.
      Lu Yuan didn’t mind this at all.
      “Who is he?”Suddenly, the surrounding people turned their gazes to Lu Yuan.
      Lu Yuan was wearing the previous enemy’s clothes. He was still an unfamiliar face. Of course, he would arouse vigilance and hostility.
      “Wait a minute. He’s the one who saved us.” Tony quickly stood up and promised Lu Yuan.
      However, the others were still on guard. They were worried that Lu Yuan might be a spy. This incident was to drive him into a certain country.
      However, only Tony and the other three soldiers knew that it really wasn’t. Because Lu Yuan’s identity was special, he wasn’t from Earth. He did n’ t belong to any power. He was an alien.
      So how could it be a spy.
      “In short, I will guarantee his identity. If anything happens, just find me.” According to the previous agreement, Tony did not hesitate to guarantee Lu Yuan.
      Actually, the most important thing was that Tony was worried that once a battle took place here, with Lu Yuan’s strength, everyone present would probably die.*

      06. Escort Tony back to New York

      Tony was a smart person. It was easy to do it if he was a smart person. He had seen Lu Yuan’s power. Even though he knew that he was an alien, he did not dare to make any noise.
      The reason was very simple. He was afraid that Lu Yuan would kill and silence him.
      There were only a few people present. It wasn’t enough for him to bawl.
      One of the mountains had been cut off by the waist. How dare he?
      Therefore, not only did Tony not dare to speak out, he had to abide by the agreement and personally guarantee Lu Yuan.
      With Tony’s status and status, he said that. The others could only believe it and put away their weapons.
      Just like that, Lu Yuan was temporarily granted an identity. He successfully joined the team as he saved Tony.
      Following that, the convoy escorted Tony. Colonel Rod brought Tony and Lu Yuan to his own car. An intact armored vehicle turned around and prepared to return.
      They had a private plane at the nearby military stronghold. It was Tony’s private plane. This bastard did n’ t say anything else, but he really couldn’t spend all his money.
      Tony’s property could be said to be in the entire entertainment circle. He was one of the richest people in the world. Only Batman and the Black Panther King were able to surpass him.
      Black Panther still relied on Wakanda’s wealth (in fact, it was caused by falling meteorites) to shake gold to surpass Tony. But if Tony was willing to sell Iron Man battle clothes, there was no way to compare.
      Any set of Iron Man battle clothes, he believed that any country would be willing to buy it at an astronomical price.
      But he definitely wouldn’t sell it.
      There was no accident along the way. It seemed that the previous trap was the only attack.
      Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they returned to that base and boarded Tony’s private plane.
      As long as the plane took off and returned to the domain of a country, there was no need to worry anymore.
      It was impossible for the enemy to break through the defenses of a certain country, no matter who they were.
      “Tony, who are those people?”Colonel Rod also asked Tony if he knew who attacked him.
      How could Tony know?” Judging from their attire, it should be the nearby armed forces.”
      “But why did they attack you?”Colonel Rod obviously knew that those people were the armed forces on this side, but why did they specifically attack Tony?
      Colonel Rod’s gaze drifted faintly towards Lu Yuan.
      It seemed that he had always suspected Lu Yuan.
      Lu Yuan smiled.
      Tony looked very helpless. He believed in Lu Yuan because he knew Lu Yuan’s secret.
      But he could not say it. He could not convince Colonel Rod to believe Lu Yuan.
      “Why don’t you think about it as simple as possible? It’s well known that Tony is a weapon genius. The weapons he designed are insanely destructive.”So maybe those people want to capture him as a weapon, right?”Lu Yuan said casually.
      Colonel Rod looked at Tony. Seeing that he had never said anything about Lu Yuan, he could only give up.
      He really hoped that Tony would tell him who Lu Yuan was.
      If Lu Yuan was a spy, he would definitely take out his gun as soon as possible.
      But Colonel Rod did not know that Tony was not protecting Lu Yuan. On the contrary, he was protecting Colonel Rod.
      Your broken pistol was useless. Tony saw Lu Yuan grab the missile with his own eyes and was completely unharmed by the assault rifle.
      So don’t make a fuss. If Lu Yuan really was an enemy, if he did n’ t have such trouble, everyone present would die.
      “Alright, let the plane take off quickly. I want to go back and eat cheeseburger,” Tony urged.
      Suddenly encountering such an experience, Tony also had a feeling of being a person after a calamity. Moreover, cheeseburger was his favorite food, and he wanted to go back and eat a special meal.
      Colonel Rod had no choice but to follow Tony’s instructions and let the plane take off.
      Although this was Tony’s private plane, this was the military’s stronghold. He had to communicate with him.
      This was the important point of Colonel Rod.
      The private plane slowly started from the runway. Finally, it flew into the sky and headed towards a certain country.
      There was nothing on the way. The plane finally arrived at the tarmac of New York.
      On the way, Tony had changed into a new suit.
      Lu Yuan was also wearing a black suit.
      This was Tony’s private plane, not to carry guests. It was just for him to serve alone.
      There was no need to mention the luxurious seats. There was even a bar, or even a dance floor. There were all kinds of food and drinks, including all kinds of clothes.
      Moreover, those clothes were not only for him, they were also prepared for the stewardess.
      You know.
      If it were in the past, Lu Yuan would definitely curse at a rich man.
      But now, he didn’t feel anything at all. He had once fought to a high position on Kryptonian, and even had an exclusive army of 100,000 people. He was also a big shot.
      With Earth’s current technology, he really did n’ t care about it because the Kryptonian planet from a hundred thousand years ago had already surpassed the current level of Earth.
      There was only one thing that had to be said. Earth’s food was still something to be noted.
      That was why Lu Yuan almost ate up all the food he had prepared on Tony’s plane.
      At that time, Tony and Colonel Rod were scared to death.
      However, Colonel Rod was worried that Lu Yuan would be damaged. And Tony was worried that if he didn’t have enough food, would he eat the people on the plane?
      Tony had seen the image of Lu Yuan in the beginning. It was completely an alien monster that did not belong to Earth.
      He had always thought that Lu Yuan had changed to this state because he had seen the appearance of Earthlings, but he did not know that Lu Yuan was the same as Earthlings before. The appearance of the Kryptonian was not much different from Earthlings.
      So this was Lu Yuan’s true appearance. He had always been like this.
      All right, the plane finally returned to a country safely.
      When the cabin door opened, Tony unexpectedly saw that apart from Ha Pi, who was the driver and bodyguard, waiting for him, his charming and beautiful female assistant was also there.
      Potts was also called Little Pepper.
      “Tony,” Little Pepper welcomed Tony as soon as she saw him. She asked with concern,” How is it?Was he injured?”Should we go to the hospital for a check?”
      Tony felt warm in his heart. He subconsciously reached out to press the hand Little Pepper was looking at on his body. He smiled and said,” I’ m lucky. I’ m not injured at all. However, if you continue to touch like this, there will be a risk of your heart racing.”
      Little Chili Pepper’s face turned red and she quickly broke free.
      However, Tony did not notice that there was a dangerous look behind him.
      That was Lu Yuan’s. He stared at Tony’s heart, thinking, do you want to open a hole for him?Otherwise, would Iron Man be born?
      Because of Lu Yuan’s influence, although Tony was still attacked, he did not attract too many people’s attention. After all, he did not suddenly disappear for three months.
      So the news of their return was still a secret, and no one paid attention to it.
      As expected, Tony bought two cheese burgers on the way. He had to pay Lu Yuan ten burgers, a few fries and fried chicken, and then prepared to go home.*

      07. I’m your bodyguard, you’ re my nanny. Deal

      Tony’s home was by the sea. It was a large villa built by the sea near a cliff.
      Not to mention anything else, just the built-in high technology was enough to make people speechless, even the smart housekeeper.
      Of course, with Tony’s financial resources, it was nothing. Moreover, many of the high-tech technologies were developed by him, including the smart housekeeper Jarvis.
      Tony, who had returned home, sent Little Pepper and Harper away. Only he and Lu Yuan sat down on either side of a table. In front of one of them was a few cheese burgers and many junk food.
      “Do you have anything to say?”Lu Yuan gnawed on the cheeseburger and said without looking up.
      Tony deliberately pushed them aside, leaving only the two of them. Obviously, he had something to say.
      Tony did not turn around. He looked at Lu Yuan seriously and said,” I want to apply for you.”
      “Oh?”Lu Yuan put down the things in his hand and swallowed the food in his mouth as he looked at Tony with a smile that was not quite a smile.
      Tony shrugged and continued,” I’ ve already seen your strength. Your strength is far beyond human weapons. If I can hire you to protect me, I won’ t have to worry about my safety. Even if I encounter an incident like this, you can still protect me.”
      “But why should I be your bodyguard?”Lu Yuan raised a question. Right now, he already had an identity guarantee. He could find another job.
      “Of course, it’s for your identity. Although I’ ve already given you a guarantee, your suspicion will remain for a while. There will always be people watching you secretly.Even your identity might have been exposed,” Tony said.
      He was right. There were still three soldiers who knew about Lu Yuan’s background. They might not help Lu Yuan keep secrets.
      “Working for me can make you safer and save you a lot of trouble. Most importantly, I can give you a satisfactory salary,” Tony finally used his trump card.
      Lu Yuan smiled.” I’m working for you, do n’ t I also help you complete some experiments?For example, taking charge of the experimental body, allowing you to study anything about aliens on me as you like?”I even dug out the knowledge of alien technology in my head?”
      He was not stupid either.
      Tony had tried so hard to apply for Lu Yuan. Apart from the reason he said, he had also wanted to get close to the alien technology that Lu Yuan had mastered.
      There might even be a great interest in Lu Yuan himself, right?
      After all, Tony was still a scientist. Now that he had personally seen the existence of aliens, how could he not be interested?
      Tony’s expression was a little awkward.” If you’ re willing.”
      “No problem,” Lu Yuan suddenly agreed.
      Tony was surprised.” You really agreed?”
      Lu Yuan shrugged. Why not?He didn’t have a place to stay.
      Not to mention that because of his influence, Tony had already changed his original experience. This made Iron Man’s story full of uncertainty.
      And what if he used Lu Yuan to lead Tony to develop Mark armor?
      He deliberately pretended that it was an alien technology to guide Tony to develop the Iron Man battle suit. Lu Yuan didn’t need that thing anyway, but Tony could reproduce the story of the Iron Man, right?
      And with Tony’s background, he definitely would n’ t treat Lu Yuan unfairly. In a word, he gave too much.
      Of course, it was also a good thing for Tony. One was that he could tie Lu Yuan to his side. He did not dare to let this terrifying alien run around, or else something might happen.
      On the other hand, the two sides had reached an agreement and agreement. At least this way, Lu Yuan would no longer be his enemy. He could feel more at ease.
      If such a terrifying alien did not know that he was an enemy or friend, who could sleep?
      In fact, one could tell from what happened to Superman. When a person could smash Earth with one punch at any time and an alien was out of control, that was terrifying.
      Because you didn’t know when he would lose control, and he was completely out of control.
      Earth’s weapons were completely useless to Superman. Even using a nuclear bomb was meaningless, especially Lu Yuan. The nuclear elements he touched on the sun far exceeded any nuclear weapons on Earth.
      That was why Tony had thought a lot along the way. In the end, he believed that he must not leave Lu Yuan easily.
      Only then did he have this conversation. He wanted to leave Lu Yuan by his side. No matter what, he had to fight for this opportunity.
      He had thought that Lu Yuan would not agree. After all, he was a bodyguard for others. He seemed to be a little brother.
      But Lu Yuan agreed.” Why not?”You’ re responsible for food, money, food and drink. You’ re responsible for everything. I’ ll protect your safety. If I give you a little more technical guidance, isn’ t this a win-win deal?”
      Tony opened his mouth.
      What?Apart from giving money, he had to care about food?He still had to take charge of all the food and drink?
      Big brother, are you going to be my bodyguard or am I going to be your nanny?
      Even Lu Yuan stood up and looked down at the floor.
      Just as Tony did not know what he was doing, he heard Lu Yuan say casually,” There’s also a good car in your garage. I can drive too, right?”
      Tony raised his hand and smacked his forehead. Did he just think that he had led the wolf into the room?
      “Wait a minute, how did you know there was a good car in my garage?”Tony suddenly awakened and looked at Lu Yuan in disbelief.
      Lu Yuan did not hide anything. He shrugged and said,” Did I not say anything?”I have X-ray vision. Otherwise, how did you think I found a minefield?”
      Tony subconsciously crossed his arms, blocking his body. He looked at Lu Yuan warily.
      “Even if I want to see it, I’m still looking at Miss Potts. I’ m not interested in you.”Furthermore, I have to declare that my perspective is just like X-ray. It’s not that I can see my clothes as I like. If I use perspective to humans, I can only see your bones and blood vessels.”
      To put it bluntly, he could not see the skin on the surface. What entered his eyes was only bones and flesh. That scene was simply not too beautiful.
      Only then did Tony feel at ease.
      However, he had no idea that Lu Yuan had already reached the high dimension of the Fifth Dimension, or even the ceiling of the Fifth Dimension. If he wanted to, he could adjust his ability at any time.
      For example, the X-ray function could be used as it pleased. Even the weakness of lead could be avoided.
      However, Lu Yuan had not fully grasped the power of his own after sleeping for a hundred thousand years.
      After all, he only woke up today.
      “Then it’s agreed.” Tony raised his hand to reach out to Lu Yuan.” From today on, you’ re my exclusive bodyguard.”
      “No problem,” Lu Yuan and Tony shook hands.”Nice cooperation.”
      Just like that, Lu Yuan and Tony reached an agreement and temporarily became Tony’s bodyguard.*

      08. Go to Stark Building

      Tony was very smart. He took advantage of Lu Yuan’s lack of a foothold and a place to stay and reached an agreement with Lu Yuan in one go, trying to turn Lu Yuan into his own bodyguard.
      At present, he only valued Lu Yuan’s power and possible alien technology.
      But in the future, he would understand how brilliant the choice he had made today was.
      Even the story of Iron Man’s origin would have something to do with Lu Yuan.
      After all, the origin of the original Iron Man had already been completely disturbed by him. Tony would have been captured by the previous group for three months before he figured out how to escape the first generation of Mark armor.
      Now, there was no chance to appear.
      It was also because Tony had no danger and did not suffer any injuries. Naturally, he did not attract any attention.
      It was as if this matter had passed peacefully.
      The next morning, Tony brought Lu Yuan and personally drove to the Stark Building.
      Lu Yuan was the bodyguard, but becoming Tony as a driver was enough.
      This job was done.
      Lu Yuan naturally wanted to drive, but when Tony asked him that he didn’t even have a driver’s license, he only had one idea. It would be strange if he dared to drive.
      Tony did not want to be killed by the bodyguards.
      When they arrived at the company, the two of them even met Ha Pi.
      Ha Pi looked at Lu Yuan, looking a little hostile.
      Perhaps he already knew that Tony wanted to hire Lu Yuan as his bodyguard.
      “Hey, what do you know?”Ha Pi came up and asked.
      Before Tony could stop him, Lu Yuan had already reached out his hand and pressed against Ha Pi’s shoulder.
      Ha Pi flew out.
      Before Lu Yuan arrived, Ha Pi was Tony’s driver and his bodyguard. That was why he came to find trouble and felt that Lu Yuan had threatened his position.
      Tony covered his face. His reaction was slow. His new bodyguard could even lift an armored vehicle. It was easy, let alone a person.
      “Ha Pi, are you alright?”Tony asked with concern.
      His relationship with Ha Pi was not just with his boss and subordinates. Ha Pi was one of the few people he could trust.
      Ha Pi let out a pained cry. He was just an ordinary person, and he didn’t even have much fighting power. This drop was n’ t light.
      Lu Yuan sneered,” If you don’ t have strength, don’ t provoke others. This is still light. If it’s in an illegal place, you’ re already dead.”
      What he said was true. Tony was incomparably confident that Lu Yuan could do what he said.
      This was an extremely dangerous guy, which was why he had to tie him to his side. Otherwise, if someone hired him to kill him, who could stop him?
      Tony quickly helped Ha Pi up and let him go to the side to rest. He turned around and came to Lu Yuan.
      “Brother, you also know that this is not an illegal place. Then don’t go overboard, okay?Besides, Ha Pi is still my friend. Remember that you are my bodyguard.” Tony couldn’t help but get angry as he glared at Lu Yuan angrily.
      However, Tony was a little guilty. He didn’t know what Lu Yuan’s reaction would be. This was like a confrontation with Hulk after his transformation. It was very likely that he was going to die.
      Lu Yuan looked at Tony in silence and sighed.” Alright, you’re the boss, you’ re the boss.”But I’ m hungry.”
      Tony secretly heaved a sigh of relief. It was good that Lu Yuan could give him face, so he quickly agreed.” I’ll take you to dinner when I have something to deal with.”I really don’ t know who worked for. I’ m your nanny, right?”
      Even when he left this morning, Tony had to prepare new clothes for Lu Yuan.
      How could this be reasonable?
      Was he really going to take care of Lu Yuan’s food and drink?
      Lu Yuan held back his smile. Actually, he wasn’t that unreasonable either. Apart from being provoked by Ha Pi, he was still very easy to get along with.
      After all, he was not a completely irrational monster. Even on the Day of Destruction, he still kept his mind.
      That was why he was an ordinary person. He was not a monster that could not control himself. The Hulk could not compare to him.
      That was why Tony’s worry was a little unnecessary. If it was n’ t for the sake of getting Harpy to stop pestering him, he wouldn’t have acted.
      But Tony was a little too careful. He was worried that Lu Yuan would turn into a monster at any moment. If a laser destroyed the Stark Industrial Building, it would be all over.
      After comforting Ha Pi, Tony took Lu Yuan to his exclusive elevator and headed straight to the top floor.
      Tony had an office on the top floor. Later on, he even transformed the top floor into his own room. Many times, he directly moved here to live.
      There were two things that he had come here today. First, no matter how unreliable Tony was, he had to report to the company. Not long ago, he had just gone to discuss a deal. He had to come back to the board of directors, especially a guy called Obadiah.
      Another was to sign a contract with Lu Yuan.
      On the surface, the contract signed by Lu Yuan was only Tony’s personal bodyguard. The monthly salary was 100,000 USD.
      But secretly, he and Tony had their agreement. It was not that simple.
      This was just to give Lu Yuan an identity certificate. One was to allow Lu Yuan’s identity to be verified within Stark Industrial Group. In the future, he could freely enter and exit this building.
      The other thing was that the authorities would definitely suspect Lu Yuan. This way, it was equivalent to Tony being the guarantor for Lu Yuan. If something went wrong, if he couldn’t catch Lu Yuan, he would have to take responsibility. Even if he caught Lu Yuan, Tony could n’ t escape.
      This was based on Lu Yuan. If he was really a spy, of course he was not.
      “Alright, you wait here for me first. I’ll go talk to those guys from the board of directors.” Tony did n’ t have a proper appearance when he spoke.
      It was because of Lu Yuan’s relationship that he saved Tony, which caused him to lose a chance to grow. The current Tony was the same as before, or that playboy, who was uninhibited.
      There was nothing he could do about Tony’s growth and his desperate experience, as well as his important friend in the cave.
      But now that everything was gone, it would not happen.
      “So this has a lot to do with me.” Lu Yuan took the initiative to take responsibility. This was his relationship.
      As he thought about it, Lu Yuan obediently pulled out Tony’s chair and sat down.
      Look, whose bodyguard is so arrogant?
      Suddenly, the door opened. A little pepper in an experienced OL outfit walked in with a document in hand.” Tony… why are you?”
      Little Pepper was surprised. The person sitting in Tony’s seat was not Tony, but Lu Yuan.
      Lu Yuan’s legs were still raised naturally. He was leaning against a chair and was just about to put his legs on the desk.
      Little Pepper looked at him with a strange expression. She only felt that he and Tony were very similar in some way. They were all so self-righteous and just cared about their own feelings. They could do whatever they wanted.
      Lu Yuan was also sizing up Little Pepper because she was very beautiful.*

      09. Iron Overlord?Obadiah

      Because Tony was not there, Little Pepper immediately left and went to find Tony to sign the document.
      Only Lu Yuan was left in the room. In the end, he put his foot on the desk and lay down on the back of his chair.
      It looked like he was doing nothing, but Lu Yuan was actually plotting something.
      For example, he could hear the slightest movement in the entire building with his super-hearing ability. Even in the room with the best soundproof effect, even the slight sound of a needle falling could not escape his ears.
      At this moment, he heard Tony’s conversation with O’ Badaya of the board of directors.
      Obadiah Stani was not only one of the largest antiques in Stark Industrial Group, but also the top CEO. He even established the company with Tony’s father, Howard Stark.
      That was why Obadiah had a high status in the company, and his qualifications were also high. Especially after Howard died, he had once become Tony’s mentor.
      But Lu Yuan still knew about Obadiah’s true face. Obadiah was still an anti-Iron King. However, he definitely had n’ t developed the Iron King yet. The reason was that Tony hadn’t developed Mark’s generation either.
      The Iron Tyrant was developed based on Mark Twain’s principle.
      There wasn’t a generation of Mark, so no matter if it was Iron Tyrant Obadiah or Iron Man Tony, there was no way they could continue.
      But this did not prevent Lu Yuan from planning a plan in his heart.
      Lu Yuan also knew that the person behind Tony’s trap this time was O’ Badaya.
      That’s right, the enemies were also O’ Badaya’s people. They were secret trading partners. O’ Badaya sold the weapons to those people, and those people helped him deal with Tony.
      As Tony grew more mature and demonstrated his talent, Obadiah realized that he could no longer control this kid and this company.
      However, he was not satisfied. Obadiah had a lot of ambition. He believed that this company was built by him and should belong to him.
      However, Obadiah did not know himself. In fact, from the beginning, it was Howard’s brain and skills that supported the company.
      Now it was Tony’s turn again.
      From beginning to end, Obadiah was just a shareholder. He was only responsible for investing and making money. As for the company’s core technology, it was always’ Stark’.
      He could not see these clearly. He thought that as long as he took the company, it would be smooth sailing.
      “How about I help him?”Lu Yuan narrowed his eyes as if he had thought of something.
      Iron Man needed a different story of origin and a chance to grow. No matter what, Obadiah was too suitable.
      “Aiya, take someone’s money and help them out. After all, I’ m their bodyguard right now,” Lu Yuan said to himself without any sincerity. But now, there was still a problem. It was how to get close toiah.
      At this moment, Tony suddenly pushed open the door and walked in. When he saw Lu Yuan’s appearance, he leaned against the door frame with his arms crossed and complained,” You still know that he is my bodyguard?”
      He had never seen such a bodyguard.
      Lu Yuan put his foot down and asked,” Can we go out for dinner?”
      “It’s Sir, let’s go.” Tony waved his head and couldn’t do anything to him.
      Lu Yuan stood up and followed Tony out.
      On the way out of the company, in Tony’s exclusive elevator, Lu Yuan was surprised to see a bald old man.
      “Hey Tony, this is the bodyguard that saved your life?”The old man hugged Tony’s shoulder warmly and sized Lu Yuan up from top to bottom.
      Lu Yuan was also sizing up the man. Suddenly, he smiled. O’Badaya.
      That’s right, this old man was Obadiah. He looked like he was smiling. Who would have thought that he had a malicious heart. Even his friend’s son wanted to die.
      Tony didn’t even know what Obadiah was looking at. He was still talking to Obadiah about Lu Yuan.
      Lu Yuan had been looking at Obadiah all this time. He wanted to know what he was thinking.
      Unfortunately, although Lu Yuan had many superpowers, he did not have the ability to read his mind. At least for the time being, he did not.
      Obadiah asked Lu Yuan curiously,” Why are you staring at me?”
      It turned out that Lu Yuan’s performance was too conspicuous, causing Obadiah’s surprise.
      “It’s nothing.” Lu Yuan pretended he didn’ t have anything to do. He smiled and said,” I just feel like I’ m fated with you. I can chat when I have time.”
      Tony was surprised. He had always thought that Lu Yuan was a dangerous person. He could even put on a sign that said,’The aliens are coming and approaching carefully’.
      Why did he look like a different person when he met O’Badaya?
      This was because Tony did not understand Lu Yuan. If it was someone who was familiar with him, he would know that this was Lu Yuan’s plan to cheat.
      But now, he would not do anything. After all, it was in front of Tony.
      It seemed that he was planning on even bringing Obadiah and Tony into a trap, so when the two of them were together, they couldn’t do anything small.
      As he spoke, he arrived downstairs shortly afterwards.
      Tony, Lu Yuan and O’Badaya greeted each other before leaving.
      “Tony, wait for me,” Harpy suddenly ran over.
      Lu Yuan subconsciously raised his hand.
      Ha Pi immediately stopped in front of him. It seemed like he had left a mental shadow.
      “Try again?”This time, it was Lu Yuan’s turn to provoke.
      Ha Pi shook his head. He was already a little fat, and the flesh on his cheeks was swinging back and forth. He didn’t dare to compete with Lu Yuan anymore.”But I won’ t compromise on the driver’s job, so I’ ll drive.”
      Tony didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It turned out that Harpy was just here to fight for the driver’s position. Then why are you so powerful?
      Lu Yuan spread his hands. There was nothing he could do. He did not have a driving license.
      If it were a Kryptonian flying machine, or an alien flying machine, the technology he had mastered was already too advanced. How many more years would Earth need to develop to catch up to?
      Sometimes, too high a dimension wasn’t omnipotent, because they could n’ t understand many things at low latitude. It was as if humans were above ants. But could humans understand the words of ants?
      Lu Yuan knew about flying vehicles and spaceships, but he really didn’t know how to drive. Even in his previous life, he did n’ t have a driver’s license.
      Alright, then we can only bring Ha Pi together.*

      10. Recommend Iron Man Clothes to Tony

      With Tony’s financial resources and years of wandering life, it was no problem for him to entertain Lu Yuan.
      As a result, Lu Yuan had a great time playing.
      Originally, Tony had planned to continue taking him out at night.
      But in the end, Lu Yuan refused.
      He was joking. During the day, he went to the bathroom and almost ruined the bathroom.
      The urinals were all broken.
      Therefore, it was better to forget about it for the time being and wait until he fully grasped his own power.
      Moreover, Lu Yuan was different from Tony. Tony was a bohemian young man, while Lu Yuan was more emotional and wanted to find a true girlfriend.
      As a result, they were driven home by Ha Pi.
      That’s right, Lu Yuan did n’ t have a place to live. He lived in Tony’s house.
      Do you think such a bodyguard is too conscientious or too arrogant?
      As mentioned earlier, Tony’s home had many high-tech products, and even the smart housekeeper had developed them.
      Apart from that, especially downstairs, Tony had his own exclusive studio. He could usually make some small things.
      Normally, he wouldn’t let anyone get close to this place. Even O’ Badaya couldn’t come down. Before that, only Little Pepper could come in.
      But today, there was an exception. Lu Yuan was invited in by Tony.
      Lu Yuan sized up Tony’s work equipment and an old car that he had already dismantled half of.
      The old car was completely red, and it was accompanied by some gold.
      Speaking of which, it was very similar to Tony’s Iron Man style. It could be said that the overall color of Iron Man’s equipment was based on this.
      Seeing this, Lu Yuan Ji Shangxin came.
      “How is it?”Am I still looking at it?”
      Lu Yuan sneered,” I really don’ t know what you think. There’s clearly a reliable energy source, but it’s just placed in the lobby as a decoration?”
      Tony was stunned and his eyes lit up.” You mean the ark?”
      It was not Noah’s Ark, but the Ark Reactor.
      The Ark Reactor, also known as the Arc Reactor, or the Palladium Arc Reactor, was because it was an arc reactor created mainly by palladium elements.
      Why did Lu Yuan suddenly mention this?
      It was because there was a well-developed Ark Reactor on the first floor of the Stark Industrial Building, and it was a large-sized one.
      But until now, that guy had only been a face project to help Stark’s industry gain face. He had never thought of using it and developing it.
      Wasn’ t that stupid?
      “There’s obviously a huge amount of energy available, but it’s just a vase. Don’t you think it’s a waste?”You guys should have entered the more advanced technology era, but you’ve been standing still.” Lu Yuan shook his head while smacking his lips. Not to mention, there really was a sense of high-tech advanced civilization.
      But Tony thought for a long time and did not know how to develop the Ark Reactor.” We wanted to develop in the past, but in the end, we failed.”
      “Although I don’t know how you wanted to develop, my suggestion is to use it as a pure energy source,” Lu Yuan said his suggestion.
      “But how should that be applied to weapons?”Tony continued to ask questions.
      Lu Yuan understood.
      Tony and the Stark Group were weapons merchants after all, so they had only thought of one before, that was how to develop weapons of the new era.
      But it was too difficult to use the Ark Reactor as a weapon, and it was not easy to carry out experiments and tests.
      So even Tony could only stop here. He had always wanted to develop this thing, but he had always had no choice.
      Hearing Lu Yuan’s words, he was extremely excited.
      “I need to add money.” But Lu Yuan suddenly made a dirty gesture of rubbing his fingers. That was the sign of asking for money.
      Tony stared blankly at Lu Yuan. It was not easy to be so straightforward.
      “Yes, how much do you want?”Tony did not hesitate but asked Lu Yuan how much he wanted.
      Lu Yuan said,” Now, let’s not talk about it. In the future, give me as much as you think it’s worth.”
      Tony was stunned. He really didn’t want to agree to such a vague value.
      At the same time, he could hear Lu Yuan’s confidence. Just look at it. Just give it as much as you think it is worth.
      Of course, Lu Yuan was confident. That was the most core technology of Iron Man. To Tony, who was a Iron Man, what was the value?
      Now?Was he stupid?
      Tony hesitated. He was indeed hesitating. If he was someone like Obadiah, he would definitely not hesitate to agree to it first. As for the future, it would be discussed later.
      But Tony was not that kind of person. Once he agreed, he would keep his promise in the future.
      No matter how unruly he was, he rarely lost faith.
      But seeing Lu Yuan’s confident expression, he couldn’ t help but feel itchy. In the end, he agreed,” Alright, but if your proposal can’ t satisfy me, you have to agree to a condition that tells me how your civilization and technology are.”
      Lu Yuan happily agreed. He thought to himself, at worst, he would take out his smart phone and fool around.
      The current era background was about two thousand eight years old. Smartphones were far from developed.
      Perhaps this could be a stroke?
      Of course, Lu Yuan was not a greedy person. It was pointless to ask for so much money.
      So the main purpose was not for money, but to have an excuse to advance the plot. If you didn’t want anything, why, why should you tell these things?
      If he went to look for O’Badaya later and did n’ t want money, then why did you do this?
      Was he interested in her?
      Therefore, asking for money could be a reason.
      Next, Lu Yuan stopped rambling. Instead, he took out a blueprint that he had prepared beforehand. That was what he had drawn when he first thought of something in Tony’s office.
      There was a somewhat crooked iron man on the drawing. Moreover, the iron man was in a square shape. To be honest, even a primary school student was better than this painting.
      Tony held back his smile. He could also tell that it was a robot. It was just that he didn’t know the secret without a detailed blueprint.
      Lu Yuan coughed dryly. Although he could not draw, he had enough information.
      As a result, he immediately began to fool around.” I call it Iron Man Battle Clothes.”
      “Iron Man?”Tony’s eyes lit up, as if there was a fate between these three words.
      Lu Yuan nodded and continued,” As long as there is enough energy, this will be a set of armor that combines protection armor and attack weapons. Moreover, it is easy to move. One person can stand up to an army.”
      This was not an exaggeration.
      “Your thoughts are too backward. What’s the point of constantly developing guns and cannons?”This armor has been developed to the extreme. It can even travel freely in space. Isn’ t it fragrant?”*

      11. Lu Yuan is really a double agent?

      It had to be said that Tony was really a genius. What he lacked was an opportunity, such as an idea.
      He had developed a new element that could replace palladium.
      Although it was indeed his father who discovered it, Howard’s era could not be realized. In the end, Tony realized it.
      So when Lu Yuan put forward the concept of Mark’s battle suit, he immediately started to move. In only one night, with the help of the intelligent housekeeper Jarvis, he drew a more refined and complete drawing.
      That was the real drawing. It was completely different from the drawing that Lu Yuan’s pupils lacked.
      Even Lu Yuan was amazed. The first time he saw the blueprint was on Jarvis’ three-dimensional plane. It was lifelike, as if he really saw Mark’s first battle suit.
      That’s right, it was Mark Twain. Tony had developed it according to the rough blueprints that Lu Yuan had given him. He must also be that thick and heavy.
      The blueprints were divided into several parts. There was also a special device for placing the ark reactor in the chest armor, as well as a fire extinguisher under the feet, which could be used for flying.
      It was exactly the first generation of Marc’s battle clothes in the movie.
      Lu Yuan nodded in satisfaction, but asked,” Copy a blueprint for me.”
      Tony was pleasantly surprised when he was about to start developing the blueprint. Hearing this, he became suspicious.” What do you want to do with the blueprint?”
      “Of course it’s for someone else,” Lu Yuan said something that surprised Tony.
      Let’s not talk about anything else, why do n’ t you say so bluntly that you want to be a double agent?
      For a moment, Tony did not know what kind of expression he should make.
      Lu Yuan laughed and suddenly said,” Don’ t tell me you still don’ t know who the weapon that attacked you was from, right?”
      Tony was stunned and his expression turned ugly.
      At that time, he felt that something was wrong because he was in charge of the weapons department and was also the first department in Stark’s industry.
      That was why he had sensed that there might be his own weapons.
      But at that time, he didn’t feel anything. He thought that it had been circulated from the black market.
      But now that Lu Yuan mentioned it, what did he mean?
      “If I said that someone inside had deliberately sold it to the enemy, then the previous traps and attacks were all plots, would you believe it?”Lu Yuan asked.
      “Who is it?”Tony asked coldly. He just wanted to know who betrayed him and who betrayed him.
      “You’ll know sooner or later. I’ ll let you know too,” Lu Yuan said.But now you have to give me a copy of the blueprints.Also, this generation of battle clothes is just trash. Do you really think I’m going to give you such a heavy, big guy?”Let’s improve again. I’ ll just give you a head start, but how to develop it depends on your thoughts. You have to take a path that belongs to your own style.”
      Mark’s generation must be eliminated. Since Lu Yuan knew, there was no need to waste time.
      He pointed directly at Mark Twain’s blueprint and said to Tony,” First, it’s an aircraft. Isn’t it too stupid to use a flamethrower?How much fuel could a single aircraft carry?And didn’t you plan to use the Ark Reactor as the energy source?Change.In addition, the aircraft equipment could be added to both hands. This way, not only could it increase the flying speed, but it could also change the direction more flexibly.”That’s not the case.”
      Lu Yuan gave a more advanced concept and explained what he saw about the situation of the more advanced Battle Armor.
      Not to mention, it was really enlightening.
      Tony also revealed a thoughtful expression.
      The aircraft needed to be improved. He also knew that this was only the original design drawing based on the concept Lu Yuan had mentioned at that time. It was not something he wanted to make in the end.
      With the addition of flying machines, there were four flying machines on both hands and feet. Not only did they fly in a straight line, they could also use their flying machines to make temporary turns and change directions.
      And since the aircraft could drive a heavy set of armor, the impact would be no less than a small air cannon. As a weapon, it was also very reliable.
      There were a lot more. Lu Yuan’s opinion was n’ t aimed at nothing, but rather valuable.
      This made Tony even more confused.” What exactly are you doing?”
      He truly helped him. Tony could feel it, so why did he give the blueprints to others?
      Lu Yuan sighed.” I’m helping you identify the enemy. As long as he accepts this blueprint and takes action, then he is the one who really wants to kill you.”That trap and attack was someone who wanted to kill you, Tony. We need to let him surface before we can counterattack and kill him.”
      “Don’t look at how long I’ ve been here, but I’m not stupid. There’s not only a group of people who know all your routes, they’ve also prepared deadly traps in advance and even used your family’s weapons to kill you.”There must be an inner ghost.”
      Lu Yuan wasn’t accusing anyone because he had a plot advantage.
      “So who are you going to give it to?”Who should I give the blueprints to?”Tony continued to ask.
      “It’s impossible for me to tell you directly. If I tell you directly, I’ m afraid you’ll go investigate now. If that’s the case, you’ll just scare the snake and expose the horse.”Don’ t worry, I’ m definitely on your side.”
      That’s true, Tony thought to himself. Otherwise, you could just crush me to death right now.
      At that time, Tony had been so sincere in urging Lu Yuan to stay. He was not worried that he would be hired by the enemy to hurt him. In that case, Tony did not have the confidence to resist.
      So when he heard Lu Yuan assure him, Tony felt a little relieved.
      However, he was still not satisfied.” Isn’ t this how you will make my enemy stronger?”
      “I’ m your bodyguard, what are you afraid of with me protecting you?”What’s more, I’ ve reminded you to update your armor further. If you still can’ t beat it, isn’ t that your problem?”
      Tony’s anger turned into my fault?I really thank you.
      As a result, Lu Yuan continued,” Tony, I’ m helping you find out the enemy, and the sooner the sooner the better. If we continue to delay like this, it’ ll be too late if he controls your core skills.”
      Tony knew that was true, but what he was more worried about was….
      Tony stared deeply at Lu Yuan’s eyes. Actually, Lu Yuan was much higher than him. He had to look up.
      “Tell me, are you my enemy?” That’s right, Tony was worried about only one person, Lu Yuan.
      “You’re an idiot. If I were an enemy, why would I give you the blueprints?Wouldn’t it be better to give the blueprints to others?”You really think I can’ t draw a blueprint?”
      “Then you draw one?”
      “Do you hurt each other?”Do you believe that I’ ll go chase after Little Pepper?”*

      12. Was the Divine Shield Bureau looking for him?

      Little Chili Pepper was indeed very beautiful, but Lu Yuan did not really want to pursue her. The reason was that Little Chili’s attention was only on Tony alone. He was not that tactful.
      Apart from that, in the end, Tony still handed Mark Twain’s blueprints to Lu Yuan.
      After some discussion, he also acknowledged Lu Yuan’s words.
      Now, there was an internal ghost that was exposed. Moreover, it was going to harm Tony and kill him.
      Lu Yuan was clearly a suspect. Otherwise, he would not have said that he would give the blueprint to that person.
      But now, it was just a suspicion. Unless that person really acted, there was no evidence.
      As a result, Tony gave the blueprints to Lu Yuan. At the same time, he followed Lu Yuan’s instructions and began to update Mark’s generation.
      The first generation’s drawings were bulky and big iron pimples. After some improvement, Tony removed the dross and added new things. Finally, what he revealed was the classic, well-known Iron Man battle suit.
      But this was just the beginning. How to develop it needed to be done slowly.
      At this moment, Lu Yuan had already come out alone.
      He wore a suitcase with blueprints, a black suit, a tie, and a pair of sunglasses. He came to Stark Industries alone.
      However, before he could go upstairs, he was stopped by someone on the first floor.
      “Sir, are you Mr. Lu Yuan?”A man in a black suit blocked Lu Yuan.
      Lu Yuan could only stop and nodded,” It’s me.”
      The man immediately said,” We are from the National Strategic Defense, Attack, and Logistics Bureau. There’s something I want you to come with us.”
      Huh?What?”Can you say it again?”Lu Yuan was stunned.
      It wasn’t that he really did n’ t hear it clearly, but what kind of nonsense was it?Could it be that he was talking about a tongue twister?So he wanted the other party to say it again, to see if he could say it again.
      The other person opened his mouth, but in the end, he gave up.” Anyway, please come with us.”
      Lu Yuan shrugged and muttered,” Isn’ t it better to call Divine Shield Bureau?”
      His body stiffened as he looked at Lu Yuan in disbelief.
      That’s right, this messy land strategy defense attack and logistics support bureau. Although its name was so long, it was actually the famous Divine Shield Bureau.
      It wasn’t a predecessor, because according to the setting, the S.H.I.I.E. Shield Bureau had been established since the 1980s and 1990s. At that time, Tony’s father, Howard, was one of the founders.
      That was why the S.H.I. Shield Bureau’s full name was this. However, after changing its name, it began to be called S.H.I. Shield Bureau.
      Perhaps they also knew that it was difficult to remember such a long name.
      But the other party was puzzled. Why did Lu Yuan know about Divine Shield Bureau?
      Because the current S.H.I. Shield Bureau wasn’t that famous and had n’ t decided to declare S.H.I. Shield Bureau.
      Lu Yuan just shrugged. He knew that this guy was Kou Sen.
      Agent Kou Sen, whose full name was Phil Colson, was the person most trusted by the director of the Bureau of Divine Shield, Nick Frey, and one of the few agents with the highest authority.
      He was the one who came to look for Lu Yuan.
      “I still have something to do. Can’ t I do it another day?”Lu Yuan probed. He was still planning to send the blueprints to Obadiah to get the Iron Tyrant out as soon as possible.
      That’s right, although Lu Yuan did n’ t tell Tony about that person’s name, he knew that it was Obadiah who was messing around. He was the Iron Tyrant, and he was also the first enemy of Iron Man.
      However, Colson did not give in. He smiled and said,” Don’ t worry, it won’ t be delayed for too long.”
      You’re the only one who’s got a ghost. You bad old man, there’s already a large number of agents waiting outside the car. Nick Frey is also watching everything here upstairs not too far away. It’s obvious that he’s personally leading the team to command.
      Even the heavily armed black widow, Natasha, and Eagle-Eyed Clindown were already lurking nearby.
      All of this could not escape Lu Yuan’s eyes. No one knew that he had super vision and super hearing.
      Even Lu Yuan heard Nick Frey’s orders. He had already given orders to Hawk-Eye and Natasha on the radio.” If he has any movements, just shoot him and use anesthetics to take him down.”
      Natasha and Eagle Eye agreed.
      “Boss, is he really an alien?”Looks like it’s not different from us.”
      Eagle Eye was also curious.” There really are aliens?”What a novelty.”
      Only Nick Frey was the oldest. He thought to himself that his father had been dealing with a group of deformable Sker people more than ten years ago. He even knew the Elemental Devourer Beast. How could you believe that there were such dangerous guys in the orange cat?
      But he didn’t say it, because it was the world view that was added to Captain Marvel’s film later. At least so far, maybe Lu Yuan was the first alien that Earth had come into contact with in the Marvel world, right?
      When Lu Yuan heard these exchanges and conversations, he understood that the soldiers must have betrayed him in the end.
      That was why they had provoked the Divine Shield Bureau. They wanted to bring themselves to ask questions.
      It seemed like he couldn’ t dodge.
      “Alright, I see.” Lu Yuan could only obediently follow suit. The main reason was that he did not want to cause too much trouble. Otherwise, not to mention the current weapons of Earth, even in the entire Manwei universe, there were only a few weapons that could harm him.
      Even if the entire set of infinite gems were added together, it would not be possible.
      Was it exaggerated?
      It wasn’t an exaggeration. The reason was that the Infinite Glove’s Destroyer had fought against Dakeside before. The result was that Dakeside had destroyed the Destroyer. And since the concept of Dakeside’s true form appeared, all of Dakeside’s previous strength had automatically decreased by a large level.
      As for Lu Yuan, he had just fought with Daxeder’s body. Although Lu Yuan had lost in Superman’s state and died once, after the resurrection became the Day of Destruction, even Daxeder’s body was defeated by him.
      Especially now that Lu Yuan had been in the core of the sun for a hundred thousand years, even Daxed’s true form was n’ t enough, let alone destroy the overlord?
      Lu Yuan had marveled before. In a world without kryptonite, wouldn’ t he be invincible?
      Unless OAA personally left the mountain.
      How did he say that?I am not targeting anyone, but everyone in this universe is trash.
      But now, there was no need for that.
      Lu Yuan obviously wanted to stay on Earth in the Manwei universe for a while now. He didn’t want to be surrounded by enemies. That would be too troublesome. Do n’ t try to conquer Earth in the end, and then try to manage it.
      That was why Lu Yuan obediently followed S.H.I. Shield Bureau’s agent Colson away.
      By the way, before he left, he didn’ t forget to give the suitcase in his hand to someone nearby. He even asked him to give it to Obadiah and handed it over to him,” Tell him that if he wants to know the secrets of the things inside, he needs to add money.”*

      13. Facing the boss of the Divine Shield Bureau, Nick Frey

      Lu Yuan still followed Colson out. Of course, he was not afraid of the threat of the Divine Shield Bureau in the dark. He also vaguely guessed what the Divine Shield Bureau was going to do.
      Since Nick Frey and the others already knew that they were aliens, it was obvious that they wanted to interrogate themselves.
      Lu Yuan was not afraid of this, but he was looking forward to being treated.
      Would he be served with a severe punishment?Or did Natasha use the beauty trick?What if he ate it?Or pretend to be a gentleman?
      Aiya, it was hard to choose. After all, he was not a real superman. Even if he became a Kryptonian, Lu Yuan was still an ordinary person, not a saint.
      Therefore, sometimes, he would also have a black belly.
      Under Colson’s leadership, the two of them walked out of the door of the Stark Industrial Building. A car was already prepared outside the door.
      Colson opened the door for Lu Yuan and let him in first.
      Lu Yuan pretended not to know that he had taken the opportunity to make a few untraceable small moves around. This was a signal that the person had already received it. Moreover, he was very cooperative and did not need to prepare any more weapons.
      Lu Yuan just sat in the passenger seat with a smile, as if he really did not know how many agents were around him, and how many weapons were already aimed at him.
      Colson came to the main driver’s seat. On the surface, he was the only one here, and he still had to continue acting.
      With one foot of the accelerator, the car started, and Colson led Lu Yuan forward.
      Lu Yuan didn’t even ask if Nickfrey was in the hotel room next to him. Would n’ t he just go over there?
      He just watched as Colson took him around a large circle and gave Nickfrey and the others plenty of time. Only after Nickfrey had brought the agents, especially Eagle Eye and Natasha, prepared on the other side did he slowly walk over with Lu Yuan.
      Lu Yuan found it funny, but he didn’t point it out.
      Finally, they arrived at a secluded residential area. There was a room here that belonged to the Divine Shield Bureau. It was usually used as a safe room, but it was activated today.
      It seemed like this place was going to be changed in the future. The safe house was used at the most dangerous and critical time, and even their own people did not know the location. Once used, they would be abandoned.
      It could be seen that Nickfrey valued Lu Yuan very much. He didn’t want anyone to know that he had met Lu Yuan before and brought him to such a mysterious safe house.
      Following Colson, Lu Yuan arrived.
      But as soon as he entered the door, he suddenly reached out four hands from both sides of the door, meaning to grab Lu Yuan’s arm.
      Lu Yuan did not hesitate either. He grabbed the door handle and closed it.
      The door opened outwards, allowing two people to hide in advance on both sides of the door, and allowing Lu Yuan to close the door.
      If the door were to be opened inside, it would be difficult for two people to close the door and bring them out.
      With a’ bang’sound, Lu Yuan outside the door turned to look at Colson who was pulled out by him. He asked,” Did you go to the wrong place?”
      Colson was already sweating because he didn’t know that Nickfrey would suddenly attack. Was it different from what he planned?
      At this moment, there was a burst of hearty laughter coming from the door.” Hahaha, just say that guy is amazing. You guys don’ t believe that he’s at a disadvantage, right?”
      It turned out that when Lu Yuan closed the door, the four hands in the door were directly hit.
      However, the agents here were all elites. This pain could still be endured.
      The door was opened again, and the black man Nickfrey appeared in front of Lu Yuan.
      Meanwhile, beside Nick Frey, Natasha and Eagle Eye were holding each other’s other hand with their own hands. There was a painful expression on their faces.
      Obviously, the person that Lu Yuan closed the door to hit was their four hands.
      It turned out that Natasha and Eagle Eye were also elites among the elites, and even became two of the six giants in the movie universe.
      Now that he had been brought back by Frey with an urgent order, he had heard about the aliens. Even Frey admired the power of Lu Yuan.
      He didn’t know what Frey knew. Perhaps he knew everything about what Lu Yuan had done in the desert.
      However, Hawkeye and Natasha did not know the details, so they were not convinced. They wanted to try Lu Yuan.
      That’s why it was so sudden. It was n’ t too much hostility to grab Lu Yuan’s arm while he was completely unprepared. Maybe he just wanted to show off, right?
      Fortunately, they didn’t have any hostility. Otherwise, Lu Yuan’s side wouldn’t be as simple as closing the door.
      Still striking?The problem was that you guys still don’t have any hands.
      If Lu Yuan felt that they were hostile, one foot alone would be enough to send them to the horizon.
      Frey’s image did n’ t need to be introduced anymore. It was already a classic, and it was also a good way to restore the image in the cartoon.
      There were two versions of Frey in the cartoon. One was a white old soldier with a cigarette in his mouth, and the other was a black man.
      Actually, Frey in the movie universe was still very restored.
      One of Frey’s eyes was wearing an eye mask. It was his left eye. He had already lost his vision. According to him, he had lost it during a mission in his early years.
      In fact, Frey had even said fiercely,’The price I paid for trusting someone last time was my eye’.
      However, this agent’s boss’ words could not be trusted, because Captain Marvel later proved that he had paid the price of masturbating.
      Maybe he shouldn’t believe that big orange?
      “Lu Yuan, the bodyguard Tony Stark brought back. I heard you’ re an alien?”I didn’t expect Frey to come straight to the point and reveal Lu Yuan’s current limited information.
      Frey couldn’t help it either. This was the only information he could get about Lu Yuan.
      Apart from that, Lu Yuan seemed to have never existed before.
      With S.H.I. Shield’s methods, even in a remote place, you could still investigate the experience you had lived in.
      But it didn’t work on Lu Yuan. He really did fall from the sky.
      In fact, the S.H.I. Shield Bureau had been investigating Lu Yuan recently. They just didn’t contact Lu Yuan, but they had already done their investigation secretly.
      Including the three soldiers from before, they had also received a confession and personally interrogated them.
      That was why Frey had indeed grasped the evidence that Lu Yuan was an alien.
      “Can we talk?”Frey said as he made way for the opening, meaning to let Lu Yuan in.
      Lu Yuan did not mind. He walked in without a guard.
      When he passed Natasha and Hawkeye, he asked,” It won’ t happen again, right?”
      Natasha and Eagle Eye looked at each other with a bitter smile. It seemed that they had been forced to show off.
      Lu Yuan raised his head and looked around. He turned around and said to Ferey,” Let’s stop talking nonsense. Those people and snipers, all of you should leave. Even if the atomic bomb can’ t kill me, they can’ t.”
      Frey’s expression changed. He did n’ t expect Lu Yuan to be more direct than him.*

      14. Nine-Headed Snake in Divine Shield Bureau?

      “I have to explain. We can’t believe you for the time being, so we’ ll make some necessary preparations.” Nick Frey was already a veteran. Since the people in the dark had already been discovered, he might as well confess.
      Lu Yuan asked with a smile,” You guys were clearly observing me nearby before, and you even asked Colson to take me around?”And all the arrangements along the way?”
      “Looks like you’ ve discovered it.” Only then did Frey realize that all his arrangements had been discovered, but he didn’ t feel embarrassed either. Instead, he laughed.” Hahaha, it seems you’ re also someone in this area.”
      This was already beginning to test whether Lu Yuan was an agent or not. He was also testing whether Lu Yuan was an alien agent. If he was an agent, what was the purpose of coming to Earth.
      “Since you’ve already asked those three soldiers, do n’ t you already know what I said?I’ve said that my hometown has been destroyed (Kryptonian: We have n’ t died yet, don’t talk nonsense), which is why I wandered to Earth.” Lu Yuan was straightforward as expected. He told Tony’s words and excuses in front of three soldiers.
      Frey nodded and admitted that the three soldiers had already said so.
      “How do I believe you didn’t come for some special purpose?”You should have already understood that Earth’s technological level is not enough to set foot in outer space. We don’ t even know where you are on a random planet. How can I believe your words?”Of course, Frey wouldn’t be persuaded by one word and even took the opportunity to raise a question.
      Lu Yuan smiled. He opened his hands and said arrogantly,” I’ m here to speak well with you. If you don’ t believe me, you can let all of you take action together. See if you can hurt me at all.”
      Frey looked at Lu Yuan with a face full of headache. He knew that he was in a daze. This kind of problem was really difficult to deal with.
      In Frey’s eyes and everyone else’s eyes, Lu Yuan’s appearance was only around twenty years old, definitely not more than twenty-two years old.
      However, no one knew that Lu Yuan had been sleeping in the core of the sun for 100,000 years.
      The people present were not old enough.
      Perhaps only the Godking of Asgard, Odin, could be older than him.
      It was just that he might be able to compete with him.
      “Alright, let’s just sit down and talk.” At this moment, Colson came in to smooth things over.
      On the way, Colson and Lu Yuan must have had a conversation, and the two of them were quite happy.
      Colson didn’t seem to be that smart on the surface. He was more like an honest man.
      Of course, as one of the most advanced agents, he was not as simple as he looked. Even Tony was speechless when his belly was black.
      But Lu Yuan could still chat with him, so he was willing to give face.
      This was the safe house of the Divine Shield Bureau, but it looked like it was no different from a normal house. Only those who knew the situation could find the mechanism. There were actually many guns and ammunition inside.
      The room wasn’t small either. Now there were five people inside. Nick Frey, Colson, Eagle Eye, Natasha, and Lu Yuan did n’ t seem crowded either.
      There were still a few chairs on both sides. Lu Yuan casually pulled one over and sat down.
      Frey also sat down on the opposite side.
      Colson and the others walked around, but they weren’t looking for a seat. Colson was standing behind Frey with his arms crossed, while Eagle Eye held the window quietly, and Natasha also came to the side of the door.
      This stance was simple. If Lu Yuan wanted to escape, whether it was the window or the door, he would be blocked.
      If he wanted to threaten Frey, there was Colson’s protection on the other side.
      It was unknown how many sight glasses were aimed at Lu Yuan’s vital parts.
      Lu Yuan pretended not to know. He crossed his legs and looked at Fere.
      He was a man of great skill and boldness. His calmness and calmness were not a pretence.
      Frey nodded his head in his mind. A hint of admiration flashed through his right eye.
      The agents needed this calmness and calmness. Only with this kind of good quality could they find a solution to the problem in all kinds of difficulties.
      “I was also instructed to contact you. I need to get a more detailed information. If you really want to live on Earth, I hope you can cooperate with our work,” Frei suddenly said in an official tone.
      Lu Yuan actually understood that even with Tony giving him a guarantee, his identity could not live freely.
      Even recently, he had always known that someone was secretly watching his every move.
      Moreover, he had long known that the three soldiers could not be relied on. Not to mention anything else, as soldiers, their primary task was to protect the country. The more faithful they were, the more they would report about Lu Yuan.
      That was why he had prepared himself for the current situation.
      It was better to say that S.H.I. Shield was better than everyone else. At least it was better than what F, what B, what I, and what C, what I, what A.
      Thinking of this, Lu Yuan knew if he would send S.H.I.E. Shield away to satisfy them and the others behind him. It seemed like he could not stop.
      “Alright, I’ll just say a little bit,” Lu Yuan replied.
      The other four people in the room all twitched their mouths. Wasn’t it too sincere?The key was that he even said it. What did he mean by saying it a little bit?
      What he wanted was for you to say everything.
      But Frey did not say anything and gave Natasha a look.
      Natasha nodded. She gave up the door and walked to a table in front of her. She pulled out a chair and took out a piece of white paper and pen from the drawer.
      Looks like there are other functions here?For example, urgent interrogation.
      Lu Yuan looked at Natasha’s back. Not to mention, her figure was really good.
      “Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough.
      Lu Yuan didn’t think much of it. Natasha did n’ t even feel it anymore.
      Eagle Eye looked at Fred and saw him raise his hand to make a gesture. Lu Yuan immediately noticed that his aim had disappeared.
      Suddenly, Lu Yuan stood up and looked in one direction. There was a sniper from Divine Shield Bureau.
      This wasn’t unusual. He already knew that there were countless snipers in the shadows.
      However, he noticed something strange. He couldn’ t help but ask,” Say, your Divine Shield Bureau is really a crouching tiger and hidden dragon. Even the Nine-Headed Snake has people?”
      Frey and the others looked at Lu Yuan dumbfounded.
      Lu Yuan pointed in that direction.” A guy in that direction has a tattoo of a nine-headed snake on his body. Do you believe me?”
      The expressions of the people in the room changed because Nine-Headed Snake was the biggest enemy of Divine Shield.*

      15. My name is Lu Yuan, I’m from Kryptonian

      Lu Yuan wasn’t talking nonsense. He did know that the S.H.I. Shield Bureau had been infiltrated by the Nine-Headed Snake. Including the current chief, Alexander Pearce, was the highest officer in the S.H.I. Shield Bureau.
      At the same time, they were the highest officials of the Divine Shield Bureau and the Nine-Headed Snake Bureau. Do you think the Divine Shield Bureau could be better?
      The reason why Lu Yuan found out about the Nine-Headed Snake Special Agent was due to accident. It was because the people around him no longer aimed at him and subconsciously checked.
      As a result, his X-ray vision revealed the tattoo of the Nine-Headed Snake.
      So even Fury’s team had a Nine-Headed Snake.
      Fury was so angry that he immediately sent someone to catch that person.
      This process naturally didn’t require the big shots to personally take action. Eagle Eye had already finished the remote control and sent people to capture the Hydra.
      “I didn’ t expect Nine-Headed Snake to be so heartless?”Frey clenched his fists tightly, his expression green and white.
      On the surface, Nine-Headed Snake had already been destroyed.
      But Ferevan had not expected the Nine-Headed Snake to be reborn in Divine Shield Bureau.
      When it came to the conflict between Nine-Headed Snake and Divine Shield Bureau, it was too complicated. It could even be traced back to World War II.
      The Nine-Headed Snake was led by the Red Dragonborn. At one point, it was thought that it had died with the Red Dragonborn being defeated.
      In the end, that was not the case. Nine-Headed Snake was reborn with the help of the Divine Shield Bureau, and he had been ambushed by the Divine Shield Bureau for many years, waiting for an opportunity.
      Lu Yuan shook his head. He knew what was going on in the first place. There was a scientist inside the Nine-Headed Snake, Dr. Zola, who had advanced technological knowledge.
      A country valued this talent and recruited him.
      This was simply to lure the wolf into the room. At first, Dr. Zola secretly laid down his brush, and then the Nine-Headed Snake’s people invaded in large numbers. Now, even the highest officer of the Divine Shield Bureau was from the Nine-Headed Snake.
      This was the biggest failure.
      However, this had nothing to do with Lu Yuan. He had only said something just because he had encountered this situation.
      As for the enmity between Divine Shield Bureau and Nine-Headed Snake, it was better for them to make trouble themselves.
      Frey’s side was only asking people to control the agent first. Then, when they looked at Lu Yuan again, there was even more meaning in their eyes.
      How did you know that he was a Hydra?”How do you know about Nine-Headed Snake?”Frey raised questions.
      Still, on the surface, the Nine-Headed Snake had already been destroyed after World War II. Almost no one knew that they still existed.
      Even the S.H.I. Shield Bureau agents, some people did not know that the Nine-Headed Snake still existed.
      Frey might know something, but he would never have thought that there would be Nine-Headed Snake in Divine Shield.
      That was why he was curious and cared about what Lu Yuan knew.
      Of course, Lu Yuan could not say that he had seen a movie, so he made up an excuse.” Since I used Earth as my target, I naturally need to know about Earth first. So I know that there is a special force like the Nine-Headed Snake.”As for how I discovered his true identity, I can actually see through it.”
      Natasha felt her hair stand on end and scolded without looking back,” Brawler.”
      “I haven’ t had time to look.”
      “Then don’ t look.”
      “Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough.
      But they also knew how Natasha felt.
      She was the only woman here. After hearing that Lu Yuan could see through it, she would definitely have this reaction.
      Then Lu Yuan took out his previous excuse to explain, saying that his X-ray was just an X-ray, and he would not see anything that he should not have seen.
      But Natasha asked him,” If that’s the case, how did you see the tattoo?”
      It was revealing.
      The tattoo was a pattern on the surface of the skin. If it was an X-ray, then one could only see the flesh and bones on the surface of the skin. How could one see the pattern on the surface?
      Lu Yuan glared at Natasha.
      Natasha was even more straightforward. She picked up the pen in her hand and threw it into his eyes.
      Fortunately, Frey and Colson hurriedly stopped them.
      Frey was still very dignified. He glared at Natasha and gestured for her to continue recording what Lu Yuan had said.
      This was also an interrogation. They had to ask more from Lu Yuan’s mouth. It was just the beginning.
      “Name,” Frey began to enter the rhythm.
      “Lu Yuan, Lu Yuan, Ier,” Lu Yuan replied.”Kryptonian, Al family, by the way, I was not a special agent before, but the first general of the Kryptonian army. My army had 300,000 soldiers at most, but because we had carried out the entire universe expansion plan, my army was divided into three parts. I only have 100,000 soldiers left.”
      At this point, Lu Yuan could not help but recall his life on Kryptonian. His eyes also revealed a hint of pain.
      Those hundred thousand subordinates turned into a hundred thousand destruction days. In order to protect Krypton Star, protect his hometown and friends, he had no choice but to block the irrational destruction day army and personally destroy his subordinates.
      And with the nature of the Destruction Day, he did not even dare to leave any hair or substance behind. Instead, he was completely wiped out.
      Hearing this, Frey and the others were shocked. First, because of Lu Yuan’s status, he was such a powerful general?
      The second reason was because he heard that Kryptonian was planning to colonize the entire universe?
      Are you crazy?
      “We’ve almost done it,” Lu Yuan said with a proud expression. Kryptonian had once set foot in the entire universe, but that was certainly the DC universe, not the diffuse universe.
      If it wasn’t for the war with Venus, even the universe guardians and their Light Ring Legion would n’ t be enough.
      Kryptonian almost conquered the entire DC universe.
      Unfortunately, he still failed in the end.
      “But we still failed, so don’t worry. We’ ve even perished on our own,” Lu Yuan said with an even more painful smile.
      Kryptonian: Just say that we haven’t died yet. Can we talk about it in a few years?)
      Facing Frey’s interrogation, Lu Yuan did n’ t cover up. Instead, he revealed many things.
      At the same time, he also needed to vent his anger. He had been sleeping alone for hundreds of thousands of years, as well as some of the things he had encountered when he had left, and he had to find someone to tell him.
      In any case, this was the Maneuvering Universe, not the DC Universe. Even if Lu Yuan said some secrets, he was not worried about anything.
      As for what if Frey did not find Krypton in the future.
      Let’s talk about it later. Maybe he’s already gone.
      So now, he had to use this opportunity to vent his frustration, and he had to use the truth to reassure S.H.I.E. Shield and help him deal with other people.
      Don’t bother him anymore. He’s just an alien. What’s the matter?
      He was anxious. Do you believe me and tell you that your myths are true?Asgard’s Nordic mythology and even God existed.
      Want to listen?
      By the way, Lu Yuan had the name Kryptonian. His name was Lu Yuan Ail. Do you know what Ail represents?It represented the Al family.
      We were familiar with Superman Karl, and he was also from the Al family.
      Lu Yuan was the ancestor of Superman 100,000 years ago.*

      16. I’m not going to Divine Shield Bureau

      For various reasons, Lu Yuan suddenly became cooperative.
      This surprised Frey and the others.
      But since he was willing to say it, Natasha forgot about her unhappiness. She quickly picked up a pen and started writing.
      In reality, there were already various high-tech tools, even recording.
      Perhaps it was to show sincerity and goodwill, so Frey did not prepare the monitor and recorder, so he could only let Natasha write it.
      Of course, there was a computer, but the computer was not favored by the agents. The reason was very simple. What if it was hacked into the system?
      Of course, it was better to record such an important matter.
      So Lu Yuan began to tell his own story.
      He came from Kryptonian and also had the name of Kryptonian. His name was Lu Yuan Ail.
      The Ayr family was one of the oldest families on Krypton. Even the god of Krypton was the ancestor of the Ayr family.
      The legend of the Kryptonian God was one hundred and fifty thousand years older than Lu Yuan’s. It was said that Kryptonian was still an ancient society.
      From then on, the Al family had already existed.
      This was also why Lu Yuanneng and Daxede were so hard-fisted that they were also special existences after the Day of Destruction, right?
      It was also the reason why Superman Carl Ile could become a special existence.
      “My planet has been destroyed,” Lu Yuan said again. In his opinion, the destruction of Kryptonian was a matter of time. Perhaps it had already been destroyed.
      “So you don’ t have to worry about the threat of Kryptonian. I only came to Earth for one purpose. That’s to stay here temporarily. I don’ t have any ambitions towards Earth. The premise is that no one wants to target me or threaten my life. You can’ t threaten my safety either.”
      Lu Yuan was confident that he might be able to disrupt his life on Earth. However, no one could threaten his safety or even his life. No one could do it.
      Even if he knew about the Destroyer, he wouldn’t be able to do it. Even if the God of the Mighty Universe came, he would n’ t be afraid of the supreme OAA. If he had to die a few times, he would be able to evolve an immune ability, and then beat the OAA. It was really exciting to think about it.
      “I’ve already shown my sincerity. It’s your turn to show your sincerity next.” Lu Yuan was finished, but he wasn’t completely. He just cooperated to say something that could be said.
      His name, origin, and purpose of coming to Earth.
      This was what Frey wanted.
      Frey knew that Lu Yuan still had more stories to tell, but he also understood that continuing to ask was like interrogating him.
      That would only make Lu Yuan unhappy.
      He nodded and said,” As long as you don’t want to attack Earth, we wo n’ t be enemies with you either.”Even if you’ re willing, I can invite you to join us.”
      Colson and Eagle Eye both cried out in surprise.
      This person was an alien. They were even wondering if he would pose a threat to Earth, yet he wanted to recruit into Divine Shield?
      This was too risky.
      Lu Yuan refused without hesitation,” I don’ t want to join you and work for you. Since I’ m an alien, I’ m not suitable to join any faction on Earth. I won’ t work for any faction.”
      Let him work for Divine Shield Bureau?
      Stop joking. S.H.I.E.L.I.E.I.E.I.E. was ostensibly a subordinate organization of the United Nations. It was said to be working for the United Nations.
      But in reality?The Divine Shield Bureau was a worker working for a country, a dog in a country.
      That was why he did not want to join Divine Shield.
      “There’s no room for discussion?”Frey asked.
      “There’s no room for discussion.” Lu Yuan nodded.”I’ ve already said that I won’ t join any forces on Earth, nor will I give my life to anyone, so don’ t even think about it.”
      “But you’ ve become Tony Stark’s bodyguard, haven’ t you?”Natasha suddenly turned her head and glanced at Lu Yuan with a teasing tone.
      What did he say that he didn’t work for others? Was n’ t he acting as a bodyguard for Tony?
      “First of all, he gave too much.” Lu Yuan had to admit that with Tony’s status and financial resources, he had given too much.
      Frey and the others were speechless. You were so honest and straightforward. They didn’t know how to complain. Was it really money?
      “Secondly,” Lu Yuan continued,” On the surface, I’m his bodyguard, but he’s also responsible for all my life’s needs. It’s not wrong to say that I’m my nanny.”It’s better to say that before I got used to it on Earth, it was him who helped me. I only protected his safety accordingly.”
      Actually, the relationship between Lu Yuan and Tony was a little complicated. He was Tony’s bodyguard and Tony was his nanny.
      Moreover, Lu Yuan had just arrived on Earth not long ago, so he did not understand many things.
      The main reason was that he came to a country. If he returned to his own country, it would be different.
      He had never lived in a country. He wasn’t used to eating pizza, and some people were n’ t like us. They used most of their cooking utensils in the microwave oven, and almost everything they ate could be used in the microwave oven. Do you believe it?
      The oatmeal was used as a microwave oven. Everything that was heated was also a microwave oven.
      Lu Yuan had already destroyed several microwave ovens….
      It was annoying.
      Therefore, his relationship with Tony was not ordinary. Lu Yuan even felt that he owed Tony a debt. Because of his relationship, Tony’s story of becoming a Iron Man and the opportunity were all destroyed.
      Now, he had to take charge of bringing Tony back to the right track, and even O’Badaya back to the right track. There were a lot of things to do, but they were all helping Tony for free.
      They were more like making friends, not subordinates.
      Frey and the others were speechless.
      Natasha also opened her mouth and looked dumbstruck. She was a little cute and funny.
      Such an elite agent was shocked. Tony, that Tony Stark, the world’s famous playboy, was actually giving someone a nanny?
      “After all, he’s also seen my strength, so it’s understandable for him to compromise a little.” Lu Yuan did not open his eyes and told the truth.
      This time, Frey and the others understood.
      When you had to get along with a beast that could eat you at any time, such as a lion or tiger, you would be careful and not dare to starve him.
      Otherwise, he would become food.
      “Your last request, can you show us your strength?”And what abilities do you have?” Frey suddenly boldly asked, but his words were a request.
      He needed to personally witness Lu Yuan’s alien power.
      “Are you sure?”Lu Yuan asked.
      Frey looked deeply at Lu Yuan. The others were also on guard.
      “Don’ t worry, don’ t worry,” Lu Yuan quickly comforted,” It won’ t hurt you. Don’ t worry.”
      As he spoke, he began to take off his clothes.
      Natasha was dumbfounded.” Stinky.”
      “I don’ t stink at all.”
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      17. Avengers Alliance?Not interested

      In advance, Lu Yuan really wasn’t playing tricks.
      Frey and the others said they wanted to see his ability. He couldn’t blow Earth apart with one punch, right?
      Or were they really going to show them all kinds of abilities?He wasn’t a juggler.
      After thinking about it, Tony and the three soldiers had seen his appearance on the Day of Destruction, so they decided to transform. He was too lazy to spend so much time.
      But what about the clothes after transformation?He had to go back. There was still something to do in the Stark Building over there.
      That was why he took off all his clothes.
      That’s right, they all took off.
      Natasha turned around. Even the elite among her elites could not help but feel awkward and uncomfortable.
      Looking at Lu Yuan again, he moved his neck and looked at Fred and the others.
      Suddenly, Lu Yuan’s body began to change. His body was rapidly growing, from 1.9 meters tall to over 5 meters tall.
      And his body was also growing horizontally. His already strong body and muscles became even more terrifying. He was simply a muscle monster.
      Moreover, his flesh and blood body was quickly covered with a layer of terrifying bone armor. There were also many sharp spikes on it. It was the most terrifying weapon, and even Superman’s steel body could be cut open.
      Even a multiverse-level god like Daxede’s true form had to dodge.
      In the blink of an eye, Lu Yuan had turned from an ordinary person into a terrifying monster. It was more like his true appearance, the Day of Destruction.
      And it was different from an ordinary day of destruction. Lu Yuan was the first day of destruction on Kryptonian planet a hundred thousand years ago. His power was the strongest, and he could even destroy the army of a hundred thousand by himself.
      Lu Yuan was the first destruction day on Kryptonian. The next 100,000 destruction days were all developed with his successful experience, but none of them were as good as Lu Yuan.
      The other Destruction Days were not more than three meters high. The difference in strength between them and Lu Yuan was huge. Even the 100,000 Destruction Days could not defeat Lu Yuan.
      Moreover, during that crazy battle, Lu Yuan had evolved countless times. Even the weakness of the kryptonite had been overcome, and even the Omega rays from Daxed’s body had been immune.
      Because he was surrounded by 100,000 Destruction Days, he was almost immune to punches, kicks, and other injuries. Even he had been beaten to death like this before, but he was immune after the resurrection.
      There were also heat rays, as well as all kinds of damage.
      Such a terrifying monster, just standing there, made Frey and the others speechless.
      Natasha did not care about anything else. She subconsciously stood up and looked up at Lu Yuan.
      Lu Yuan tilted his head. His head was already on the ceiling, so he had no choice but to tilt his head. Otherwise, he would make a big hole in the ceiling and expand it to the upper floor.
      “How should I continue to show my strength?Did you dismantle this building?”Should we destroy the New York deal?”Lu Yuan asked. Because he had transformed into the Day of Destruction, his voice was loud and terrifying.
      Frey quickly reached out to stop him.” Enough, enough.”
      Actually, he was also shocked.
      Frey thought he was well-informed and even had contact with aliens. Very few people knew that Earth had visited aliens, such as the Sker and Kerry.
      So when he learned that Lu Yuan was an alien, he did not care too much.
      But now, he realized that he was wrong.
      The threat and feeling that Lu Yuan had brought to him far exceeded any moment he had experienced.
      Even when faced with the terrifying alien fleet that the accuser Luo Nan was attacking, he did not feel even more powerless and panicked than this.
      He believed that the monster in front of him could do what he said.
      Destroy the New York deal?He could not bear this responsibility.
      “Alright, I hope you can change back to your original appearance,” Frey said.
      Lu Yuan shrugged. Although he didn’t want to admit it, it was actually his true face.
      Well, it was already the day of destruction.
      In the blink of an eye, Lu Yuan became human again.
      Unlike other people’s transformations, Lu Yuan could transform as he pleased, without losing control or going berserk.
      She picked up her clothes and quickly put them on. However, she looked at Natasha worriedly when she was tying her neck.
      Natasha was the only girl in the room, staring at Lu Yuan.
      Lu Yuan spread his hands.” I don’ t know how to wear a tie.”
      “So you want me to tie your tie?”Natasha almost shouted, her tone filled with disbelief.
      Frey shook his head at Colson.
      Just as Colson was about to come over to help Lu Yuan, the latter sighed and quickly tied his tie.
      Natasha’s teeth tickled with anger.
      He was indeed worthy of being someone who could get together with Tony, this bastard.
      Eagle Eye was deep in thought.
      The relationship between Hawkeye and Natasha was extraordinary. Especially when Hawkeye was once controlled by Rocky’s spiritual scepter, she still believed that Hawkeye did not rebel.
      But don’t doubt that they were n’ t lovers. Eagle Eye already had his own family in the dark, and even his eldest daughter should be born.
      And Natasha was one of the few people who knew about the Eagle Eye family. She was also an old friend of their family, like a family.
      That was why Eagle Eye wasn’t jealous. He did n’ t hate Lu Yuan. Instead, he thought of something.
      Eagle Eye did not have a high sense of existence, so Lu Yuan did not pay attention to him. He turned around and asked Frey,” I’ ve already cooperated with you. Can you leave now?”
      What he wanted was for S.H.I.E. Shield to stop looking for trouble. He didn’t want to continue dealing with them twice.
      How could a human like Frey not know what he meant? He said with a faint smile,” Do you really think that even if you don’ t join Divine Shield, you can really leave us behind?”
      Lu Yuan turned around to look at Frey and said with a serious expression,” I’ ll beat you to death. I’ m serious. It’s not hard.”
      “Don’t misunderstand. It’s not because we’re looking for trouble, but because we hope we can find your help when we’ re in trouble.” Frey was shocked.”Oh right, I still have a plan for a heroic team. You….”
      “No interest,” Lu Yuan interrupted Frey. He knew that the plan was most likely the Avengers Alliance, but he did not have any interest.
      At least not now.
      “I’ve already shown enough sincerity and patience. I hope you can understand, and do n’ t go too far.” Lu Yuan stood at the door, his back facing Fury and the others. He made a statement that was not a threat, but rather a threat. Then he opened the door and left.
      He had done enough, and it was enough to cooperate. He hoped that Frey and the others would understand and not disturb him.
      But if they still had to make an inch, then Lu Yuan would not be so polite.
      In the room, Frey and the others looked at each other in dismay. They realized that their faces were covered in cold sweat.
      At first, it was very smooth, but when Lu Yuan suddenly turned hostile, it was too terrifying.
      “Boss,” Natasha said to Frey,” This is an uncontrolled monster. Listen to me. Don’ t provoke me again.”
      “Unless,” Frey looked at Natasha and said,” Someone can control it.”*

      18. Natasha’s beauty trick?

      This time, when he was in contact with S.H.I. Shield Bureau, Lu Yuan understood that he was not just facing the few people in front of him. What he was facing was actually the Earth power behind them.
      There was no doubt that with Frey’s methods and strength, Lu Yuan would definitely become Earth’s public enemy.
      It was just like the predicament Hulk was facing.
      Of course, Lu Yuan was not afraid. He could smash Earth with one punch.
      But then?
      He had come to Earth to stay temporarily. He wanted to ease up on Earth in this world, not to fight, kill, and destroy.
      Although he was the Day of Destruction, he kept his own mind. He did not lose control and would not go berserk.
      Therefore, Lu Yuan naturally did not come to destroy Earth.
      If he could, he didn’t want to get into trouble. That was why he cooperated fully with Fury and expressed his goodwill and sincerity. However, he was n’ t easy to mess with, so he only threatened when he left.
      He had done enough. He didn’t have to go further, or else he would n’ t be easy to speak.
      To put it simply, it was to give you face this time, but don’t give you face.
      Also, don’t forget that Lu Yuan’s Kryptonian name was Lu Yuan’er. He was a member of the Ayr family, a representative of the Ayr family a hundred thousand years ago, and also became the commander of the strongest army on Kryptonian.
      If it was on the current Kryptonian planet, even General Zod was much weaker than him. Even if he didn’t have to kneel, it was still far from comparable to Lu Yuan.
      General Zode was already one of the top generals on Kryptonian, but Lu Yuan was more like the commander-in-chief of all the soldiers. Even the general was his subordinate.
      As people of the Ayr family, at least they were not the kind of bad people who would destroy other people’s civilization for no reason.
      Besides, Lu Yuan was a real Earth man in his previous life. Of course, he had to worry a lot.
      “I’m sure they wo n’ t be able to move in and out again,” Lu Yuan said confidently.
      He had also deliberately displayed his power as a Day of Destruction. After seeing his true face, Frey and the others would also consider whether they could offend him.
      If nothing unexpected happened, this matter would have come to an end.
      Lu Yuan knew even more that only when he had such a contact with S.H.I. Shield Bureau could he officially stop on Earth.
      This meeting would happen sooner or later. He was an alien, so he would definitely be found.
      Therefore, Lu Yuan was also mentally prepared.
      After all, he was once the most powerful person on a planet. This was nothing.
      However, after experiencing this, there should be no one to disturb him anymore. He had already said something ugly. It was really unpleasant, and everyone’s faces were ugly.
      “Alright, it’s time to earn extra money.” Putting away the thoughts in his heart, Lu Yuan relaxed a lot and put his thoughts back on Iron Man.
      It was still that sentence. After all, it was because Lu Yuan’s relationship had changed the plot. Plus, his relationship with Tony was not bad right now. In any case, he was still idle, so he had to help Tony get back.
      Among them, one important role had to be mentioned. That was the most important villain in Iron Man’s first film, Iron Tyrant.
      The Iron Tyrant was O’Badaya. Even the attacks and traps that Tony had encountered earlier were set up by O’ Badaya. The purpose was to kill Tony.
      Unfortunately, when he encountered Lu Yuan’s chaos, his plans were completely disrupted.
      But it didn’t matter. Lu Yuan had already delivered the box to him.
      It was just that the blueprint of that box was not enough. He had to help Obadiah and at least push him.
      “How about the price?”The corner of Lu Yuan’s mouth curled slightly, revealing an incomparably dark and evil smile.
      Therefore, he would be very black at times.
      However, after Lu Yuan made up his mind, he looked up and realized,” Say, is the distance too far?”
      Earlier, Colson had dragged him around and around. He was getting farther and farther away from the Stark Building. He could fly or travel faster than the speed of light, but was he just running on the street in broad daylight?
      And that was too much, right?
      At this moment, two car horns sounded behind him.
      Lu Yuan turned his head and his eyes lit up. A sports car slowly arrived behind him, especially the person on the driver’s seat.
      Fragrant Car Beauty, she was always eye-catching.
      The only bad thing was that the beauty looked very reluctant. She glared at Lu Yuan and scolded,” Get in the car, I’ ll send you back.”
      The driver was Natasha, and the expression on her face was very ugly. It was probably Colson who had sent Lu Yuan away, but for some reason, Frey had asked her to send him away.
      As an elite agent, Natasha wasn’t Little White. She vaguely knew what Freddie was thinking. Was n’ t it just a beauty trick? She was a beauty herself, and it wasn’t that she had n’ t taken the initiative to use it.
      It could be said that she was too familiar.
      As a result, Natasha’s expression became even worse. What was Fred doing?
      The Beauty Plan was just a plan. The ultimate goal was to complete the mission.
      But Frey was trying to rope in this alien monster. If he were to use a beauty trick against him, he might not be able to undo it for a long time.
      That was why Natasha resisted.
      Lu Yuan did not stand on ceremony as he opened the passenger door and sat in.
      Fortunately, the sports car was open, so he could pack up the car shed. Otherwise, with his size, he would be very aggrieved.
      This was because Natasha had seen him in advance.
      “Thank you.” Lu Yuan politely thanked her and was about to turn his head to look at Natasha.
      Natasha stepped on the accelerator and the sports car rumbled as it shot out.
      If it were an ordinary person, they would definitely be shocked, but Lu Yuan did not mind at all. He had once been the number one in the spaceship race, and he even dared to’carry’ among the meteorites. This was nothing.
      The most important thing was that he was not afraid of death, and he could not die. This was nothing.
      Maybe it was because Natasha wanted to get rid of Lu Yuan, so she drove all the way back to the front door of the Stark Building as fast as possible. Without even saying goodbye, she quickly left with another foot of the accelerator.
      Lu Yuan shrugged. Although Natasha was indeed a beauty, he had not fallen in love at first sight. He just admired beautiful things.
      He had personally led Krypton’s colonial plan, and he was also a high-ranking officer on Krypton. He had never seen a beauty before.
      As a result, Lu Yuan did not hold back any thoughts and turned around to enter the building.
      Just as he entered, Lu Yuan was immediately stopped by a person.” Mr. Obadiah, please go to the office.”
      Lu Yuan smiled and came.
      Following that person, Lu Yuan sat on Tony’s exclusive elevator and headed upstairs.
      Although it was Tony’s exclusive elevator, O’ Badaya, as a senior member of the board of directors and the company, naturally had the right to take it.
      At least Lu Yuan did not care about that.*

      19. Obadiah was anxious. He was anxious

      O’Badaya’s office was also on the top floor of the building. It was only one floor shorter than Tony’s office.
      Pushing open the door, Lu Yuan came to his office.
      Obadiah was already waiting.
      The decoration in the office was very exquisite. There was a large French window behind the desk, where they could stand and look at the scenery in the distance.
      There were bookshelves and many other things around.
      Lu Yuan only casually swept a glance and retracted his gaze. He was not here to visit, and after seeing Tony’s luxurious office and villa, these were nothing.
      Moreover, his home on Kryptonian was even more luxurious than this.
      Not to mention the difference in technology level. A hundred thousand years ago, Krypton was enough to hang onto Earth.
      “Did you ask someone to give me this suitcase?”Obadiah stood up from behind his desk and took out the suitcase that Lu Yuan had brought before him and placed it on the table.
      It seemed like he hadn’ t touched it, but Lu Yuan knew that he had already seen the things inside.
      “What is this?”O’Badaya asked.
      Lu Yuan smiled. He looked at the closed door behind him, so he didn’t pretend to. He walked over to the chair and sat down. He crossed his legs and went straight to the point.” I need to add money. Did n’ t I say that?”
      O’Badaya hesitated for a moment, then suddenly sat down as well. He was no longer in a hurry. Instead, he smiled and said,” Tony did n’ t disappoint me. Is this the latest weapon he designed?”That’s great. As long as it can be mass-produced, it can make a huge profit for the company. Moreover, the country is more secure.”
      Lu Yuan only smiled but did not say anything as he watched him perform there.
      O’Badaya frowned slightly. Seeing how calm Lu Yuan was, he could not help but ask,” What?”Could it be that Tony asked you to bring me the blueprints?”
      “Of course not.” Lu Yuan didn’ t hesitate as he opened his eyes and lied. He even said without hesitation,” I came to ask for money.”
      However, he wasn’t lying because Tony did n’ t know that Lu Yuan would actually give the blueprints to Obadiah.
      Tony only knew that an inner ghost was going to kill him, but he did not know that the inner ghost was actually his father’s friend. It could also be said that it was his mentor, Obadiah.
      After Tony learned about it, he didn’t know what it would be like.
      No wonder Lu Yuan said he couldn’t let Tony know, otherwise he would scare the snake.
      “What do you mean?”O’Badaya’s expression darkened and he angrily scolded,” How dare you take advantage of me?You’re Tony’s bodyguard. You actually stole his things and sold them to me instead?What was the intention?”Aren’ t you afraid that I’ ll put you in jail?”
      Not to mention it, it was really like it.
      But Lu Yuan didn’t care at all. He continued to stare at O’ Badaya in awe. It wasn’t until the latter became more and more uncomfortable by him that he said slowly,” It’s better if you’re not afraid that Tony will know?”
      Obadiah’s entire body trembled. This was the common disease of a person with a guilty conscience. If there was something in his heart, he would always be worried about whether or not he would be exposed.
      Lu Yuan didn’t say anything, but he started to mutter. Could it be that he was already exposed?
      No, that was impossible.
      Obadiah calmed himself and shouted,” I don’ t know what you’ re talking about. Hurry up and get out.”
      Lu Yuan was too serious. He directly stood up and reached out to take the suitcase as a gesture to leave.
      In the end, Obadiah could not hold back and pressed down on the suitcase.
      Lu Yuan smiled and asked,” What do you mean?”
      Obadiah raised his head and looked at Lu Yuan seriously. He asked,” Who are you?”
      “You don’t have to worry about that. As long as you know, as long as you give me money, I’ ll give you something.” Lu Yuan had a greedy look on his face.
      He didn’t make up to say that he was a member of the Ten Ring Gang, the enemies he encountered in the desert.
      Because he knew that Obadiah had a secret deal with that group of people. It was Obadiah who asked those people to kill Tony. When he lied on this side, the case was immediately solved.
      Instead of acting like this, it was better to play the role of just for money.
      Obadiah continued to stare deeply at Lu Yuan.” What did you mean by what you said earlier?”What do you know?”
      Lu Yuan shrugged.” Actually, I don’ t know anything, including Tony.”
      Obadiah almost vomited blood. Are you kidding me?
      It was true that Lu Yuan only knew that Obadiah was a villain because he knew the plot. However, he did not have any evidence. Before this, he was just’ cheating’.
      It was Obadiah who was too weak because Lu Yuan was too confident. It was as if he knew the truth (because he knew the truth) that Lu Yuan had tricked him.
      But what did he say?O’Badaya had the heart to kill Lu Yuan. Moreover, O’ Badaya was really ruthless. He could do it.
      Lu Yuan knew that Obadiah was about to lose control. He knew that he couldn’t continue stimulating him, so he said,” But the weapons used at the scene were all made by Stark.Those people were enemies of some country. How could they have so many Stark’s weapons?”Why don’ t you explain?”
      “And Tony’s itinerary on that day was also a secret. How did the enemy ambush them in advance?”You just happened to attack Tony?”
      “Tony doesn’t have any evidence, but he’s already starting to suspect that there’s a mole in the company, and he wants to take this opportunity to get rid of him and even take this company away.”Who is the most suspicious person?”
      Lu Yuan lowered his head. He was already tall, and O’Badaya was still sitting. This oppressive aura made O’ Badaya sweat on his forehead.
      Lu Yuan’s speculation was also very simple. With a single sentence, he understood. After Tony’s death, who was the greatest gainer?
      There was no need to ask. If Tony died, it would mean that the Stark family had gone extinct. Then it would be Obadiah who had obtained the company and even absorbed all of Tony’s assets and shares.
      So he still had to wonder why Lu Yuan had found him?
      “This is what he’s prepared to deal with you. It’s not only the newest weapon, but also the newest armor.”Once he’s successful, he can use it to kick you out of the company. As for how to take revenge in the future, he can do whatever he wants.”
      “No, he can’t do this,” Obadiah stood up.
      Lu Yuan looked at him like this. He knew that Obadiah was anxious. He was anxious.
      It was easy to do if he was anxious.
      Lu Yuan opened his suitcase and found a blueprint. He pointed at Mark’s armour and reminded,” When the time comes, new energy will be installed here.The weapons of the old era had fallen behind. He would become the only leader of the Stark Group and lead the Stark Group to a new future.And you?”You conservative and pedantic old fellows will all be eliminated.”
      “And you know that once Tony succeeds, what will he do to you?”*

      20. Obadiah took the bait

      Actually, Lu Yuan had cheated. He had obviously used the advantage of knowing the plot beforehand and then talked about it in the left and right. He used some plausible words to trick Obadiah.
      If there really was any evidence?
      That was definitely not the case, unless they caught the boss of those people in the desert and got a confession.
      However, his words weren’t aimed at nothing. Only O’ Badaya knew in his heart that the previous traps and attacks were under his control.
      This way, the person with a guilty conscience would take the bait.
      Obadiah did not have any confidence. He thought that Lu Yuan and Tony really knew something and had to deal with him.
      This set of drawings was evidence. Once Tony really developed a new concept and a new era weapon, or even a new energy source, he had the right to expel himself from the board of directors.
      Then Tony could have countless opportunities and time to slowly investigate O’Badaya’s incident in the company.
      So for Obadiah, he had no choice.
      “How can I trust you?”Obadiah asked Lu Yuan, how could he trust Tony’s bodyguard?
      Lu Yuan pointed at the blueprints on the table.” Big brother, I’ ve brought Tony’s things to you. What do you think?”
      “But there’s nothing about the core here,” O’ Badaya scoffed. He had already seen it before. The blueprints for this armor were quite easy to understand, but how could they drive it?
      Could it be using gasoline?
      The reason why he believed Lu Yuan’s nonsense was because to activate this armor, he needed a new concept of energy for the new era. There were n’ t enough old models.
      Battery?What kind of battery would that require?
      Fuel?It was even more impossible.
      That was why O’Badaya knew that Lu Yuan was hiding his hand, which was the most important core secret.
      Only by obtaining this would he believe Lu Yuan’s words and act.
      Otherwise, he would not be a fool. He was a cunning old fox.
      Unexpectedly, Lu Yuan really didn’ t mind telling him the core secret.
      “It’s very simple. As long as you can narrow it down and research it out, with the energy of the Ark Reactor, it’s enough to drive this armor.I can even remind you that this battle suit is just the most basic version. It can still be developed.”For example, increase the armor thickness of the armor, as well as increase the strength and tonnage, and even carry the most advanced weapons.” Lu Yuan did not hide anything, but really gave it to him.
      However, what he gave him was of course Iron Tyrant’s original design.
      Obadiah was the designer of the Iron Tyrant King. Hearing Lu Yuan’s suggestion, he could n’ t help but nod in his heart and felt that it was very kind.
      But when it came to Ark Reactor, Obadiah hesitated.
      “Are you sure that the ghost can really be used?”Obadiah showed a hesitant expression.” That thing was invented by Howard thirty years ago. It’s been there for thirty years. It’s only for outsiders to see.”
      Lu Yuan was right. That large ark reactor had always been used to fill the room. To those outside, we were not only weapons dealers, but also developing other technologies.
      But in reality, it had not been thirty years since the research and development of the Ark Reactor.
      But today, Lu Yuan suddenly brought news. The Ark Reactor was a new energy source for the new era. Of course, it could drive the steel armor.
      “You guys are really going to eat with your golden rice bowls.” Lu Yuan was speechless.
      From a more advanced perspective, once a new energy system was developed around the Ark Reactor, it could directly destroy the entire world’s energy system and even master the global energy.
      This was more like selling anything to make money.
      He actually wanted to sell weapons?Too stupid.
      But he didn’t want to change the Earth here with the knowledge he had gained on Kryptonian. He did n’ t want to become the so-called pioneer. That was good.
      “Are you sure I can defeat Tony?”Obadiah raised his question again and finally revealed his ambition to defeat Tony.
      Lu Yuan shrugged. Unfortunately, he didn’t bring the recorder with him. Otherwise, he really wanted to listen to Tony.
      But even without the recorder, it didn’t matter.
      “Tony is a genius. He’s also improving his battle clothes.”That’s why I’ m reminding you, as long as you build an armored battle suit with greater strength and stronger defense than him, won’ t you win?”Lu Yuan had no sincerity. He wanted to bring Obadiah into the ditch.
      If it was just strength and tonnage that could determine the outcome, why would Tony need to think about the advanced version that was advanced and develop a guy that was dozens of meters tall?
      On the contrary, the bigger the guy, the heavier it was.
      If they couldn’t even touch the enemy, what’s the point of only Da Da Zhong?
      Lu Yuan did it on purpose. Iron Tyrant was destined to be a failure, and he was deliberately trying to lead Obadiah towards Iron Tyrant.
      “Let’s go.” Seeing that he had finished speaking, Lu Yuan stood up and was about to leave.
      Obadiah’s eyes were still hesitant as he sent Lu away.
      Suddenly, Lu Yuan did not forget to remind Obadiah when he opened the door.” Oh right, my salary card has been completed. Don’ t forget to pay.”
      O’Badaya’s heart dropped halfway.
      It was said that people would die for money and birds would die for food. Lu Yuan’s greed was vividly displayed. If he sold Tony for money, it was not that he could not believe it.
      Most importantly, Lu Yuan did bring the item that Tony was studying to him, as well as news that Tony was suspecting him.
      If Lu Yuan was Tony’s man, he should n’ t do these things. Instead, he should secretly investigate himself and even steal information from his computer.
      But Lu Yuan didn’t. Instead, like a true traitor, he stole important things and came to him in exchange for a sufficient reward.
      Obadiah had seen too many things like this before, but he did not feel suspicious.
      Then, it was time to think about how to get ahead of him and create such a new era before Tony.
      “Tony, I’ll see how you die this time.” Obadiah revealed a pleased expression.
      On the other side, Lu Yuan walked on the way to leave, his lips curled into a smirk.
      O’Badaya, O’ Badaya, that was all his words. Although it was true, he knew the plot.
      But Lu Yuan could not deny that he could not show any evidence.
      That was why he needed O’Badaya to move. Only if he moved could he prove that he was right. O’ Badaya was a villain.
      Obadiah’s vision was not high enough. What he did not understand was that although Lu Yuan was indeed on Tony’s side, he did not mind helping Obadiah develop the Iron Tyrant.
      So what?If Obadiah could jump out of the water, this was nothing.
      Moreover, Obadiah would never have thought that even Lu Yuan had Tony personally print out this blueprint before handing it over to him.
      He would not understand until he died.*

      21. The end of science… becoming a god?

      Today, he was outside for a long time. When Lu Yuan returned to Tony’s super villa, Tony was still knocking on the floor.
      “Don’ t tell me you spent the whole day like this?”Lu Yuan came to the basement with a bottle of wine. He mentioned that besides the underground garage in Tony’s basement, there was also his laboratory.
      This was also his studio, allowing Tony to do whatever he wanted to do or develop some gadgets.
      For example, two mechanical arms were developed by him. They had a certain intelligence that could help him solve some small matters.
      Lu Yuan could still see that Tony had even developed a robotic arm, although it was still the simplest form.
      Right now, it was just a steel arm. It had no effect other than its defense.
      Tony kept moving his arms to see if there was any chafing or discomfort in the operation of the mechanical arm. At the same time, he turned around and looked at Lu Yuan. Then, he exclaimed,” That’s the best wine I’ ve hidden in the cabinet. I originally intended to open it when I was born.”
      Lu Yuan shrugged. It was only because he discovered that the bottle of wine was so deep that he opened it.
      “The taste is not bad,” Lu Yuan said. He took a sip of the bottle and asked without any sincerity,” A cup?”
      Tony just looked at Lu Yuan and could only helplessly sigh.
      He was drinking from the bottle, how could he get a cup?
      “Who did you give it to?”Tony asked nonchalantly.
      Lu Yuan smiled,” Don’ t waste your time. It’s impossible for you to tell me now. You should quickly develop your battle clothes.”
      Tony grinned. This guy.
      Lu Yuan could not tell Tony right now. Otherwise, with Tony’s impulsive personality, he would immediately find Obadiah’s criminal evidence and capture him.
      What else did that mean?
      Damn, was he planning to direct the original Iron Man story?
      It was no wonder that he had made two preparations. It was equivalent to sending the script to Tony and Obadiah respectively.
      And Tony and Obadiah were also following his plan.
      Speaking of which, with Tony’s personality, he could still be patient and stay at home for a day to develop a steel battle suit. It could be seen that he was very optimistic about this battle suit.
      At this moment, Tony was completely focused on this matter, so he didn’t ask Lu Yuan who he was going to meet today. He dragged him in and discussed the clothes together.
      But Lu Yuan knew that as long as Tony was busy, he would know that the person he was going to meet today was Obadiah.
      But it didn’t matter. As long as this period of time passed, even if Tony knew, it would n’ t matter.
      At least it was still developing according to the rhythm he hoped for.
      This was why he did not hide his whereabouts. He even went to the company in broad daylight to talk to Obadiah.
      He did it on purpose.
      Next, Lu Yuan entered with a bottle of wine. He squatted in the studio with Tony and helped him develop the second generation of Mark’s battle clothes.
      No, it should be the third generation, because Lu Yuan directly reminded Tony to consider whether there were restrictions on the selection of materials.
      For example, if it was too cold, would there be a problem with the battle suit?
      For example, after flying to a certain height in the sky, there would be a problem with the battle clothes freezing.
      This was the biggest weakness of Mark’s second generation armor. It was that it was not cold-resistant. Whether it was flying too high in the sky or flying too cold, there would be danger of freezing and losing control.
      Once they fell from the sky, even with the protection of the steel armor, the impact would still make the people inside fall like canned food.
      Tony was shocked. He was not like Lu Yuan who could fly by himself. He had also flown an aircraft and a spaceship. At most, Tony could fly by plane or by plane. Of course, he did not know so many things to pay attention to.
      “Fortunately, you’re here.” Tony took a long breath in fear. If he did n’ t know this point, if he really fell down during the test flight, it would be all over.
      “So look, I’ m thinking about it for you,” Lu Yuan said proudly.” At least I didn’ t remind that big guy.”
      “Big guy?”Tony raised his eyebrows.
      Lu Yuan coughed dryly and said a little too much.
      “I still have a bottle of wine that is better than this,” Tony pointed at the wine in Lu Yuan’s hand, indicating that this was just for his birthday, but he still had one for Christmas.
      Christmas in a foreign country was equivalent to Spring Festival. One was for the birthday and the other was for the Spring Festival. One could imagine which was better.
      Lu Yuan thought for a moment and could only give in.” Alright, of course, I’ ll give that guy some advice. Let him improve Mark’s generation, increase his armor and tonnage, and also increase his weapons. He’s called Iron Tyrant.”
      Next, Lu Yuan explained about the Iron Tyrant.
      Tony opened his mouth and looked at Lu Yuan in disbelief.” Damn, you actually eat two?”
      This side helped him develop the new Battle Clothes, while the other side helped the enemy develop the Iron Tyrant King. How could he be the only one to gain profits?
      “Don’t worry, I’ ll help you at worst.What you really care about is not whether you can fight, but the other party wants to jump out. Only when he shows his true face can you have an excuse to eradicate him.I think I’ve already understood what I’ m saying. Rather than leaving him by his side as a hidden danger, it’s better to kill him in one go.But how could he be willing to jump out of the water?There was only one way to make him feel confident in winning. Only when he thought that he had won would he be willing to rip off his face,” Lu Yuan said with a serious tone.
      Tony looked at Lu Yuan with a look of suspicion. He always felt that he had been tricked by him.
      But there was no denying that Lu Yuan was very convincing.
      And that was what Lu Yuan had said before. He had already said it when he took away the blueprints. He had helped Tony find out what was going on.
      “Alright, the wine is in the old car.” Tony could only believe Lu Yuan’s words and instructed Lu Yuan to take out the wine. On his side, he took out two cups to prevent Lu Yuan from enjoying it alone. He poured it into the cup and the two of them touched it.
      “I really don’t know what your technology civilization is like.” After taking a sip of wine, Tony could n’ t help but sigh with emotion. He had always thought that the concept of Mark’s battle suit that Lu Yuan had proposed was the technology of Kryptonian civilization.
      Lu Yuan smiled bitterly and shook his head.
      Although Kryptonian civilization was developed, it was also because of this advanced technology that could also cause Kryptonian death.
      Whether it was the danger of the Day of Destruction or the various factors that followed, Kryptonian would never escape the end of destruction.
      “What if I say the end of technology is theology?”Tony, what do you think?”Lu Yuan suddenly said this.
      Tony was dumbfounded.” Could it be that high-tech aliens like you also think that there is a god in the world?”
      However, Lu Yuan revealed a meaningful smile.” It’s not that there are gods in the world, but that the end of science becomes gods.”
      For example, Star Revival had become a new god race.*

      22. Lu Yuan and Tony, their hearts cherished each other

      One of them was holding a glass of wine. Lu Yuan and Tony sat on the ground in the underground studio. They drank and chatted.
      To be honest, the two of them could chat very well. Even though their personalities were different, Tony was a prodigal son and a bohemian in his life.
      Lu Yuan wasn’t like that. If Lu Yuan was n’ t reliable or proper, he wouldn’t be the Supreme Commander of Kryptonian.
      Lu Yuan only looked a little bit dark now, but in reality, when he was on Kryptonian, he was a person who loved and feared.
      Lu Yuan’s subordinates loved him and were scared to death because Lu Yuan was never joking. Lu Yuan in the military career had always said nothing.
      It was just that life on Kryptonian was different from before. It was more like returning to life on Earth. It was no longer so strict and self-restraint.
      But he and Tony were people from both worlds.
      Strangely enough, they could talk about it.
      Tony was also surprised.” Why are you helping me like this?”
      Tony only invited Lu Yuan to become his bodyguard, but Lu Yuan had already done a lot. Whether it was helping him develop these Mark battle clothes or helping him find out the inner ghost, it was already beyond his scope as a bodyguard.
      If not for Lu Yuan’s help, Tony, who had not experienced any setbacks and growth, would still be an unreliable rich second generation prodigal son.
      It was because of Lu Yuan’s guidance that he wanted to develop his battle clothes and would grow in the future.
      But why?Why did he want to help him?Tony was puzzled.
      Lu Yuan shook his glass gently. He looked at the red wine shaking in the glass. He smelled the fragrance of the wine between his mouth and nose, revealing a satisfied smile.
      As for Tony’s question, he took a sip of wine before saying leisurely,” Tony, you thought you were better.”
      Tony smiled and said mockingly,” I must know myself better than you.”
      He didn’ t deny that he was a bohemian. It was said that last year’s magazine cover girl, except for one month, he had made an appointment every month.
      And because the cover girl for one month was twins, it was equivalent to not falling for a month.
      One could see it.
      “Really?”Lu Yuan looked at Tony and asked,” If I were to ask you now, when you encounter a special situation, you need to crawl on the barbed wire and let your teammates climb over, would you do that?”
      Tony said without hesitation,” I’ ll find the pliers to cut the wire.”
      “You will only say Tony that, but you will choose to sacrifice yourself,” Lu Yuan said seriously. His eyes were shining as he looked at Tony, but there was a feeling of sadness in the depths of his eyes. It was both for Tony’s sake and for himself.
      Lu Yuan was right. Tony was just trying to escape responsibility, but every time he chose to sacrifice himself.
      When he carried the nuclear bomb through the wormhole, he never thought that he would be able to return. If he made a mistake, he would end up in space.
      Even with the body of an ordinary person, he couldn’t stop himself. He even snapped his fingers at the cost of his life.
      Lu Yuan admired Tony because he was indeed worthy of being a super hero, just like himself.
      Lu Yuan, he knew who Daxed was. Of course, he knew how terrifying Daxed was.
      But the moment he received the news, he chose to protect Kryptonian.
      He knew that he would die, and he did fight until the last moment, until he died.
      Then, he was revived, turned into a monster, and became the first day of destruction.
      But the resurrected Lu Yuan didn’t hold any grudge. Instead, he returned to the battlefield and once again faced the main body of Daxed. This time, he won.
      He did not hesitate to die, or even die again. He also had to guard Kryptonian, his hometown and his fellow citizens behind him.
      He didn’t even hesitate to use his own strength to block the hundred thousand annihilation day army’s rampage and loss of control. In the end, he still used his own strength to wipe out his hundred thousand subordinates.
      However, what was exchanged was not a heroic song, but a lonely person who left.
      However, Lu Yuan had never complained or resentful. He did not even give up on himself. Instead, he had completely recovered his wits. Even as a day of destruction, he was like an ordinary person.
      What a great self-control and great spirit.
      That was why he understood and liked Tony very much.
      Why did he have to help Tony get back on track?He just didn’t want Tony to fall because of his relationship. Tony was a super hero, and he did n’ t want Tony to get off track.
      There was only one reason. That was, they were all super heroes.
      That was why they were sympathetic, so Lu Yuan was willing to help Tony.
      “Besides, even though I’ m your bodyguard, if you become a Iron Man and your enemy is taken out by you, I don’ t need to worry about your safety. I just need to pay for it every month, right?”Lu Yuan touched Tony with the cup in his hand, and then drank it in one gulp.
      Tony stared at this shameless guy with his mouth agape. He felt like he had been fooled.
      F*ck, is there someone who can be a bodyguard like this?
      “Pay back the money,” Tony shouted.
      Lu Yuan carried two bottles of wine and ran upstairs laughing.
      Tony didn’t chase after him. He looked in the direction Lu Yuan left and suddenly felt that he no longer felt fear towards Lu Yuan in his heart.
      If it was because of self-preservation at first, it was because he was afraid of Lu Yuan’s power and left him by his side. He would rather buy him over at a high price than harm his life. He would rather be a nanny than a child.
      Now, it seemed that gradually, they could joke like old friends, drink freely, or chat without restraint.
      If you think about it, Lu Yuan even said that there was only a way out for the end of science to become a god. It was almost as if he was going to take Asgard or the new gods of the Heaven Awaken Star as examples.
      And Lu Yuan hoped that Tony would become a Iron Man.
      It could only be said that they were getting along well.
      Day after day, Obadiah was still very trustworthy. The next day, he gave Lu Yuan a lot of money, more than 30 million US dollars.
      But Obadiah was very bad. He directly called Lu Yuan as his own identity. It was easy to find out.
      Lu Yuan was amused. He was warning him not to speak nonsense, or Obadiah would have evidence.
      But how did Obadiah know that Lu Yuan directly showed it to Tony and shamelessly asked Tony,” Did you say that he gave enough money?”
      Tony’s eyes were spinning. Was n’ t this guy not willing to tell him who the mole was?Why did he change his temper today?
      But Tony pretended not to know.” It’s definitely not enough. It’s more like asking him to pay another 50 million.”
      “OK.” Lu Yuan called directly and told Obadiah,” I asked Tony. This item is worth at least three hundred million US dollars. You have to give me another fifty million.”
      Obadiah almost vomited blood. He could only give money to such a shameless person.
      Of course, he didn’t believe Lu Yuan would really ask Tony.*

      23. Progress of Iron Man and Iron Tyrant

      From this day on, Tony had devoted himself to the development of Mark’s battle clothes.
      First, he made steel boots in five days. The most important thing was that he also carried an aircraft.
      The steel arm armor paused for a while. As the arm armor was finished, only the aircraft installation stage was left. Therefore, he turned around to develop protective boots.
      And before that, the research on the most important Ark reactor had also been completed.
      That was the large palladium arc reactor that Tony’s father, Howard, had built thirty years ago. Tony already knew the specific principle, and it only took him less than a night to get it back.
      Now, a circular battery-like energy equipment was placed to one side.
      Lu Yuan watched all of this with his own eyes. Tony was not on guard against him because to Tony, all of this was the inspiration Lu Yuan had brought to him.
      Tony didn’t know that Lu Yuan only knew about it after watching Iron Man’s movie. The details were all done by Tony himself. He really didn’t know what to do.
      After all, Lu Yuan was once a general, a commander, but he was not an engineer or electrician, much less a scientist.
      And even though Tony had only spent one night developing the small ark reactor, it would be very difficult if it were someone else.
      For example, O’Badaya had yet to notice how difficult this thing was. Now, he was also developing his Iron Tyrant in full swing.
      Obadiah was in the company’s R & D department. He had more comprehensive equipment, more technicians, and all the materials.
      As a result, he was trying his best to perfect the Iron Tyrant King and increase as much armor, tonnage and weapons as possible.
      He wanted to make Iron Tyrant a giant, which was why he called Iron Tyrant.
      That would be his turn for the better. He needed to rely on the Iron Tyrant to obtain the support of a certain country. At that time, even if he killed Tony, no one would say anything.
      This was a country, this was a capitalist.
      As long as you have enough chips and capital, you will have unlimited power and privileges.
      Looking at Tony’s side again.
      On the fifth day, the steel protective boots had already been built. Even the aircraft had already been loaded. However, the switch of the aircraft still had to be controlled by hand. There was only a pair of protective boots, and even the connection to the Ark reactor’s energy with only a few lines.
      But Tony could not wait to experiment.
      Lu Yuan was speechless. He was holding a video recorder to record Tony’s experiment.
      “For the first flight experiment, the goal is to raise ten centimeters above the ground from the recording point and make a circle.” Tony placed a square mark on his feet. He wanted to take off ten centimeters above and make a circle.
      Lu Yuan nodded as he looked at the camera. He was still eating an apple in his hand, not putting it in his heart.
      It was only ten centimeters. Of course, he did not mind.
      But Tony was very concerned. This was the first time he had personally experienced this kind of flying method. It must be very cool.
      “It’s here.” Tony took a deep breath and slowly pressed the switch button in his hand.
      Right now, he was only wearing equipment under his feet. This was the first test flight effect.
      Tony’s feet burst out like an ultrasonic wave. It was an electric arc pulse released by the palladium arc reactor as an energy source. The advancing force slowly made Tony fly into the air.
      “I flew?I can fly now?”Haha?”Tony couldn’t help but start laughing. Actually, he had just started to take off. Because there were only a few simple lines connecting the Ark’s reactor, the energy transmission wasn’t much, so the power of the arc pulse’s air wave was also very small.
      He had to wear a pair of shoes before he could fly. If he had already worn a complete steel armor, he would definitely not be able to fly.
      This was why Tony had said it from the start. Today’s goal was only ten centimeters above the ground. It seemed that he also knew his limits.
      But no matter what, he did leave the ground.
      Even Lu Yuan couldn’t help but clap for him because he knew how to feel. Back when he was flying for the first time, he was so excited.
      However, Tony soon lost control. It was the first time he had personally experienced the feeling of flying. He was completely unable to adapt to it and could not control the direction.
      Tony almost bumped into a device.
      Fortunately, Lu Yuan had been watching from the side. At the crucial moment, he grabbed Tony’s shoulder and held him down.
      Tony heaved a sigh of relief. He had everything in his studio, and it was almost all steel equipment. If he bumped into a sharp corner, he would be in danger.
      “You have to be careful in the future.” Lu Yuan had no choice but to warn Tony. He still remembered that he was a bodyguard.
      In the blink of an eye, Tony began to show off to Lu Yuan.” Hey, Lu Yuan, did you see it?”I’ ll fly.”
      Lu Yuan smiled and nodded. He floated in the air,” Yes, yes, yes, I know. You can fly. Look, I can.”
      Tony was speechless.
      This bastard really knows how to see the right time to throw cold water.
      Lu Yuan had not only used to flying on a spaceship, he had even flown on his own after becoming a superman. Of course, he was used to it.
      But Tony was unable to calm down for a long time. This feeling was great. If he had only wanted to obtain this new technology before, then now, he had developed it with his own interest.
      He could no longer extricate himself. He began to fantasize about how fast he would explode once he completed his full set of equipment.
      This was not the same as driving and racing. It was a completely different sense.
      He did what he said. Tony was once again addicted to it and began to fight.
      Lu Yuan stood to the side and witnessed it with his own eyes. Although there was no classic sound of iron hammering in the cave, there was also less experience and suffering.
      But there was no denying that Tony was still the Iron Man in his mind. When he was involved, he was exactly the same as in the movie.
      Even Lu Yuan, who was for the man, nodded in praise.
      Of course, this also made Tony shiver and hurriedly chased him away.
      He felt a chill run down his spine and goosebumps fell on the ground. Being stared at by a man seemed to be extremely affectionate?
      Yi, what a chill.
      All right, Lu Yuan left. He returned to the room upstairs and took out a bottle of good wine from Tony’s cellar.
      At the same time, Lu Yuan did not forget to pay attention to Obadiah.
      Lu Yuan realized that in the past 10 days, Obadiah’s side was n’ t slow either. The Iron Tyrant was almost finished.
      But now, the most crucial problem was that no one among the scientists under O’Badaya could reproduce the palladium arc reactor.
      In other words, even looking at the large palladium arc reactor, there was no legal way to make a small ark reactor.
      This was the difference between a genius and a mortal.
      “Looks like I have to help him.”*

      24. Tony’s first test flight

      The genius Tony was directly at home. He only spent one night knocking and knocking on the ark’s reactor to restore it.
      On the other side, a group of scientists were in the workshop of the Stark Industrial Building. Not only was there the large palladium arc reactor next to them, they could also focus on research and even more comprehensive equipment and materials.
      In the end, the group of people could not compare to one person. After more than ten days, there was no energy that could be used.
      Obadiah almost vomited blood. He saw that Iron Tyrant was about to finish his research, but the energy problem had not been solved. Wasn’t this a joke?
      Looking at Tony’s side, just a month later, the second generation of Mark battle clothes was finally developed.
      But it was the second generation, but it was actually the third generation.
      The second-generation battle suit was originally the first modified version after the first-generation battle suit. It was used to carry out various experiments.
      But the second generation had a fatal weakness. It was not cold-resistant, easy to freeze and lose control.
      But under Lu Yuan’s guidance, Tony had already made improvements in the second generation, directly becoming the third generation version.
      At night, with Lu Yuan’s company, Tony finally put on his own armor for the first time.
      At this moment, the Iron Man’s battle clothes were not colored, and they were all made of silver metal.
      But that was already very handsome. Along with Tony putting on his battle clothes with the help of steel prosthetics one by one, and the coolness around him, even Lu Yuan’s blood boiled.
      Finally, for the first time, Tony put on his Iron Man battle suit and stood there fully armed. His entire body was protected by steel armor. He was full of machinery, as if he was filming a future sci-fi movie.
      “Carry out the final test,” Tony ordered.
      It turned out that he had added the System to his armor, and it was also taken over by the intelligent butler Jarvis as a secondary system function.
      For example, at this moment, with Tony’s order, he did n’ t need Tony to personally check every detail. Instead, Jarvis went to check it and fed it back to him.
      Jarvis would only notify Tony when there was indeed a loophole.
      There were many more advanced functions that would not be described in detail, including the auxiliary functions of flight.
      With Tony’s reaction speed, once the speed of the battle suit exceeded the speed of sound, he might not be able to control it in time.
      At that time, Jarvis would have to control it.
      “Wait, don’ t you say you’ re going to test today?”Lu Yuan, who was at the side, could tell that Tony’s words were a bit off. He quickly stopped him and said,” Stop joking. He will die.”
      Just as he had just developed it, Tony was too bold. He could easily fall to his death if he made a mistake.
      However, Tony chuckled and said unconcernedly,” Didn’ t you still have you by my side? You’ re my bodyguard.”
      Lu Yuan was speechless.” I knew it wouldn’ t be that easy to work for you.”
      It was obvious that he would not be able to relax.
      So this was his idea.
      “Alright, I’ll fly with you. If something goes wrong or an accident happens, I’ ll save your life,” Lu Yuan promised.
      Hearing his promise, Tony felt even more relieved.
      Even Jarvis, who wanted to dissuade him, did not speak. Instead, he gave a prompt,” We’ re ready for the first start. The tunnel has been scanned, and the nearby situation and map have been uploaded. We can take off at any time.”
      “Then what are you waiting for, Jarvis? Let’s go crazy.” Tony did not waste any time at all. He immediately called the smart butler to activate his battle suit. He shot out an arc pulse with the four flying vehicles in his hand, turning into a powerful wave of air that caused Tony to fly.
      The next moment, the four flying vehicles rumbled together. Toni followed the underground garage and turned into a silver figure and rushed out.
      And at the first moment of activation, Tony had even reached the speed of sound, and even triggered the sonic boom.
      But there was a person who was faster than him. Lu Yuan, he even exceeded the speed of light. He held his arms in a standing position, but he did not need to move because he was floating in the air with Tony. The two of them flew out of the underground garage to the sky.
      The two of them paused on their left and right in the air above the villa. They lifted their heads and looked into the distance. Tony felt a vastness in his heart, because there was an endless sea in front of him. This feeling made him extremely excited.
      Turning his head to look at Lu Yuan, who was calm by the side, Tony could not help but think of a fight. He shouted,” Lu Yuan, let’s fight with me.”
      As he spoke, Tony turned into a silver shadow. Behind him was a ray of light that flew straight to the luxurious city in the distance.
      It was already late at night, so there was no need to worry about causing a sensation.
      Lu Yuan shook his head. Compared to him?He really overestimated himself, Tony. He only needed a moment to go to the sun. And Tony was still far from reaching this level. Just circling Earth would take a long time.
      Therefore, Lu Yuan deliberately made Tony fly for a long time before chasing after him. In the end, he led Tony for a long time and entered the edge of the New York City, blocking Tony in advance.
      Tony was dumbfounded. He asked Jarvis,” Jarvis, do you see how he came here?”
      Even Jarvis was silent for a moment before he said in an uncertain tone,” He probably has already surpassed the speed of light. Even the satellite can not capture his trajectory.”
      It turned out Jarvis had deliberately used satellites to aim and monitor Lu Yuan’s movements, but he still could not tell how fast Lu Yuan was.
      Tony was speechless. Beyond the speed of light?Was there really someone in the world who could surpass the speed of light?Was it too exaggerated?
      Lu Yuan did not mind at all. He even took the initiative to propose to Tony,” Don’ t try to reach the highest level?”
      Tony asked,” Are you sure there won’ t be a problem?”
      Because Lu Yuan had mentioned the problem of ice formation, he began to worry.
      Lu Yuan smiled and shook his head. Now he knew he was worried?Then you still want to die?
      “Don’t worry, I’ ll look at you. Let’s go,” Lu Yuan said as he slowly floated up into the sky.
      Seeing this, Tony was not to be outdone either. The flying machine with both hands and feet spewed out a wave of air and chased Lu Yuan up quickly.
      The two of them, one in front and one behind, raised their heads and ran out of the sky as if they were about to fly to the moon.
      But they weren’ t Chang’ e….
      In fact, this was also an experiment with the performance of the battle suit. They finally stopped until the air was so thin that Tony could no longer bear it.
      Lu Yuan nodded. It was time for Tony’s battle suit to be announced.
      “Tony, I need you to build a poor-quality ark reactor. I want to give this to Obadiah.” Lu Yuan approached Tony and spoke ill of him.”But you can’ t just give it to him. When the time comes, you can just keep it as I told you. When he comes to steal it, you can also copy his computer and system. There are all the criminal records of Obadiah.”
      Tony looked at Lu Yuan.” You mean it’s time to close up?”
      “That’s right.”*

      25. Not only wanted his money, but also his life

      O’Badaya would never have thought that it seemed like Lu Yuan had betrayed Tony and stole Tony’s most important item for him in exchange.
      But in reality, Lu Yuan was much better than him. Lu Yuan had discussed with Tony to scam him.
      Even Lu Yuan still took the blueprints from Tony’s hands. Now that he was about to close the net, he decided to directly ask Tony to build another small ark reactor.
      Because Lu Yuan was useful, he wanted to give Obadiah as a gift.
      “Don’t forget to make a bad version. It’s best if you only have half of your energy and you can blow up a furnace.” Lu Yuan had a bad idea.
      The Ark Reactor was called the Palladium Arc Reactor.
      Then why was palladium so important?
      Because palladium elements could undergo nuclear fission.
      To put it bluntly, this was a f*cking nuclear battery.
      Why could such a small thing have such a large amount of energy?This was what we have always said about nuclear energy. This was a nuclear battery.
      Think about what would happen if this thing suddenly exploded?
      Even if it couldn’ t be compared to a nuclear bomb, that would be pretty much the same.
      Even Tony was speechless. Big brother, this was an appointment at New York. Are you sure this is really feasible?
      At least Tony did not dare.
      That was why Lu Yuan didn’t say anything wrong before. Stark Industries was carrying a golden rice bowl to ask for food. Howard had already paved the way 30 years ago, but it was a pity that Howard did n’ t live until now. Otherwise, what about Obadiah or Tony? Could it be a little farther away?You guys are blocking the path of genius.
      Tony was a genius, but compared to his father, he still had to stand aside.
      However, there was no if in the world.
      This could also reflect why O’Badaya’s group could not be revived. Now, they understood that this was the nuclear reactor that Howard had studied while studying nuclear weapons.
      This thing, how could it be so easy to reproduce? Otherwise, the world would be a nuclear world.
      However, this had never been possible. Lu Yuan had already made it clear that what he needed was O’Badaya to jump out of the water. He needed O’ Badaya to take the initiative to rip off the skin.
      That was why he did not hesitate to help O’Badaya bring the blueprints to help him make the Iron Tyrant. Now, he was only short of the final step, so he no longer needed an ark reactor.
      Just give it to him. Anyway, Tony could make it, and it was right in front of him.
      Tony didn’t know whether he should laugh or be angry. He felt even more sorrowful. Obadiah would never have thought that his every move was designed for him by Lu Yuan, and even what to do next. Now, Lu Yuan was also plotting.
      “Don’ t he doubt it?”Tony asked. He felt that with O’Badaya’s intelligence, he didn’t doubt it at all, right?
      “Then let him see how powerful it is.” Lu Yuan was not worried at all. He grabbed Tony’s armor and said,” Do you still remember the people who attacked you earlier? You don’ t want to take revenge at all?”
      Tony understood. So he didn’t escape either. He was also Lu Yuan’s chess piece, and he was also tricked.
      However, Tony thought for a moment. Lu Yuan seemed to be right. He had been attacked by someone of unknown origin and almost died in that desert. How could it be considered as such.
      He also understood Lu Yuan’s intentions. Since that group of people had most likely been instructed by O’ Badaya to ambush him, it meant that they must be in collusion.
      And once he stepped forward to defeat those people, he could indirectly show Obadiah the power and potential of this battle suit.
      This made Obadiah even more anxious and focused on developing his armor.
      However, Obadiah was unable to figure out how to reconstruct the needed ark reactor. He could not bypass this new energy source.
      Without energy, everything was fake.
      Iron Tyrant without energy was iron lump.
      Tony, who understood all of this, could not help but say,” Looks like you’ re going to make another scam.”
      “I can’t help it. I have to have the money to survive. I have to get the right food.” Lu Yuan smiled proudly.Not to mention that when Obadiah died, wouldn’ t all his shares be given to you?”You’ re the biggest winner.”
      Tony was shocked.
      Lu Yuan nodded without any hesitation.” He will definitely die, including the information of the Iron Tyrant King. It must be destroyed before it can be obtained by some country and other powers.Could it be that you don’t know how much change this thing can bring?”Once your country gets it, the world is over.”
      Even Lu Yuan, who had just arrived in this world, knew that a country was too much.
      Especially Tony. He had gone to that desert area to sell weapons. He had sold weapons to some country’s military boss, but that area was really not a country’s region.
      That was why they were breaking into other people’s homes and causing endless chaos.
      Lu Yuan did not want to talk about all of this. He could not say anything in this book.
      Tony was also a smart person. He obviously knew how serious the consequences were. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have turned in the technical secret of controlling Iron Man’s armor.
      Once the world turned into a war of steel, that scene and the consequences would be unimaginable.
      “That’s why he must die,” Lu Yuan announced the outcome of Obadiah.
      From the moment O’Badaya received Mark Twain’s blueprints and started developing Iron Tyrant, he was doomed to perish.
      These things could not be obtained by the higher-ups. They could not be allowed.
      Some people might naively think that it would be enough to expose the evidence of Obadiah and capture him.
      Don’t be silly. Who was Dr. Zola before?Not only was he the most powerful subordinate of the Red Skull, he was also one of the higher-ups of the Nine-Headed Serpent. He was even the Na sui of a certain country.
      But in the end, wasn’t it still accepted by the Divine Shield Bureau?
      Believe in a country?How about trusting a pig.
      Because there was no country or place name, there was no variety of things, so just talk about it.)
      Therefore, from the beginning, when Lu Yuan had designed to invite the turtle into the urn, he had already planned to kill Obadiah.
      It was not just money, but Lu Yuan was prepared to take his life.
      Tony fell into silence. After all, Obadiah was his father’s friend. He was also the best person to him after his parents died. He was also the existence of a good mentor.
      After all these years, he was suddenly told that the inner ghost next to him was Obadiah?He wanted to kill him?
      For a moment, Tony could not accept it.
      “I knew it,” Lu Yuan said.” I knew you would be like this, so I didn’t want to tell you from the start.Why don’t you just do as I told you, do n’ t worry about anything else.”I know you’ ll definitely be unable to bear it. Then wait until he takes the initiative to attack you, then you can fight back.”
      “If Obadiah didn’t die, no one would kill him.”It depends on his own luck.”
      Tony nodded. That was all he could do.*

      26. Lu Yuan’s plan was to trap Obadiah

      Actually, Lu Yuan knew that Tony was a very emotional person. It was hard for him to kill Obadiah suddenly.
      But he knew that Obadiah was definitely a disaster.
      Although Obadiah could sell weapons to enemies of a certain country for money, the enemies of a certain country were not good people. At least the people Obadiah contacted were from the Ten Ring Gang.
      The Ten Ring Gang was not a kind person. Instead, it was even more ruthless.
      The enemy might not be friends.
      The Ten Ring Gang was similar to the Nine-Headed Snake. They all wanted to conquer the world, and they were absolute villains and villains.
      In the era and era of World War II, the Nine-Headed Snake had supported or relied on the Head of State. It was that person.
      Later, Nine-Headed Snake went underground and started a special agent operation to fight against Divine Shield.
      As for the Ten Ring Gang, they were still stirring up trouble in the entire world, stirring up war and expanding their power.
      In short, it was not a good thing.
      Speaking of which, Lu Yuan’s opinion on the Ten Ring Gang was even greater. The reason was that the Ten Ring Gang could be said to be a proof of Manwei’s Black Transformation.
      Especially the existence of Lord Man.
      This could no longer be mentioned. It was a taboo.
      However, it was understandable that he was a villain after all. As long as he didn’t deliberately go black, he could still accept it.
      Moreover, he wasn’t a super hero in the World of Maneuver.
      Let alone this.
      O’Badaya and the Ten Rings had secret dealings and collusion. Sooner or later, he was a hidden danger.
      Even Lu Yuan did not intend to let him go, but seeing Tony hesitating, Lu Yuan had no choice but to retreat first.
      First, arrange the plan that should be arranged. Only wait until Obadiah volunteered to take the bait. When things went out of control, even if Tony didn’t want to, he had to do it.
      As for why Lu Yuan had to kill Obadiah.
      Wasn’t the answer obvious? Lu Yuan was worried that O’ Badaya would join a certain country. He was worried that he would give too many things to a certain country. Once a certain country became strong, the world would not be peaceful.
      Sometimes, Lu Yuan really wanted to say that he was a hero, so he had to push down a country.
      A country was the public enemy of the world.
      Unfortunately, he could not say that.
      Just like that, Lu Yuan and Tony reached an agreement between them.
      After Tony completed his first test flight experiment with satisfaction, the two of them returned to the villa downstairs through the entrance of the underground garage under Lu Yuan’s escort.
      Tony had already agreed to Lu Yuan, so he had no choice but to build another small ark reactor for him.
      Look, this is the difference between geniuses and mortals.
      Even if O’Badaya and the others were guarding the large palladium arc reactor, they would not be able to fully reconstruct it in the end.
      As for Tony, he had created it in less than half a night.
      In addition, according to Lu Yuan’s request, he made a low-quality product.
      “Be careful,” Seeing Lu Yuan casually holding it in his hand, Tony warned worriedly.” You know what this thing is, and at your request, it’s a poor quality. It’s unstable.”Be careful to blow us up.”
      This thing was an unstable small bomb, or a nuclear elementium bomb. It could definitely flatten this place.
      Lu Yuan didn’ t mind at all.” Don’ t worry. As long as I’ m here, no one will be able to hurt you. Even if the real nuclear bomb is blown up, it’s nothing.”
      Tony looked at Lu Yuan’s self-confidence with a look of surprise. He was relieved again. After all, he was an alien.
      At the same time, he had seen Lu Yuan’s true face and believed that it was far from Lu Yuan’s true strength.
      On Lu Yuan’s side, he held the dangerous little thing in his hand. He looked at it carefully and asked,” If it’s installed on your Mark 2nd generation (again, although it’s the code name of the 2nd generation, it’s actually only available for 3 generations), how long can it be used if it’s fully powered?”
      Tony pondered for a moment before giving a rough estimate.” Thirty minutes, beyond this time, the energy will be exhausted, and there will be… the danger of self-destructing.”
      Lu Yuan nodded to show that he knew. He suddenly threw it to Tony and said,” From today on, take this with you and hide the good one.”
      “What do you mean?”Tony was shocked. He had already said that this inferior product was in danger of self-destructing.
      Lu Yuan revealed a wicked smile,” Even if you don’ t bring it with you, you must place it in an important position on the surface. Otherwise, how can people believe that this is your proud act?”
      Tony understood.
      Lu Yuan was very bad. He was trying to seduce Obadiah himself to steal this shoddy version of the Ark Reactor.
      If Lu Yuan had personally sent it, Obadiah might have suspected it.
      But if O’Badaya were to seduce him into believing that this was Tony’s proud act, O’Badaya would not doubt it.
      There was another point.
      Lu Yuan didn’t have a rough idea of his plan. He would lead Obadiah to steal the ark’s reactor, and at the same time steal Obadiah’s information and evidence.
      One kill.
      Tony shook his head, feeling sad for O’Badaya.
      That guy was very ambitious, but he didn’t know that he was all tricked by Lu Yuan.
      Most importantly, Obadiah had never imagined that Lu Yuan and Tony would spend so much to frame him.
      O’Badaya did not know how much Tony knew first. He was even more incredulous. Tony would let Lu Yuan bring such important information and drawings to him.
      It could be said that it could change the current situation of the world. This was not an exaggeration.
      Thinking of an army equipped with a hundred thousand Iron Man soldiers, it could sweep through everything.
      The power of the three generations of Mark’s battle clothes could be ignored and easily destroyed.
      Such an important thing, who would have thought it would be a bait?
      It was still that sentence. O’Badaya’s structure wasn’t enough. He did n’ t understand that Lu Yuan wasn’t worried from the start because he knew that even if he gave him a blueprint, he would n’ t be able to build an ark reactor.
      Iron Tyrant without energy was a pile of iron lumps. It was useless and meaningless.
      Not to mention that Tony did not develop Mark’s first generation from the start. Instead, he developed the second generation on that basis.
      The main thing was that. In Tony’s eyes, Lu Yuan had brought this idea and even technology. It was originally Lu Yuan’s intellectual property right. So what Lu Yuan wanted to do, Tony had no right to interfere, didn’t he?
      In short, Obadiah had reason to believe in Lu Yuan. Without God’s perspective, Obadiah would not know what Lu Yuan was plotting.
      Obadiah only thought that Lu Yuan was just a greedy commercial spy.
      Therefore, when Lu Yuan came to find Obadiah this day, he still did not suspect Lu Yuan’s purpose.
      Lu Yuan went straight to the point and said to O’Badaya,” I think you have n’ t figured out how to replicate a small ark reactor, have you?”But Tony has already succeeded.”
      Obadiah was shocked and subconsciously said,” Give it to me.”
      Lu Yuan smiled,” You have to add money.”*

      Tony’s first action plan

      It could be said that Lu Yuan had come at the right time. Obadiah was having a headache and was worried because he had a good meal.
      That was a palladium arc reactor that was built thirty years ago. It was built by Howard back then. It had been here for thirty years.
      In the end, today, he had specially invited a group of people who were called doctors. However, they told him that there was no way to restore small energy sources.
      He was almost angered to death.
      But at this moment, Lu Yuan came to add more trouble to him. He took out the phone that he had brought with him the keys back then, but the phone at that time already had the camera function.
      Find out a picture and Lu Yuan will send it to Obadiah.
      Obadiah’s eyes lit up and his pupils constricted.
      He saw a picture of the small ark reactor that Tony had built overnight.
      In addition, Tony was still cooperating with him and installing it on a steel body.
      Seeing that Tony was about to complete the final stage, Tony’s steel battle suit was about to be completed.
      Obadiah became anxious.” Get it for me.”
      Obadiah stared at Lu Yuan with wide eyes.
      Lu Yuan shrugged.” Of course not. Otherwise, why would I bring it to you?”But I have to pay more.”
      Obadiah subconsciously asked,” How much?”
      “One hundred million.”
      Lu Yuan really opened his mouth and raised his index finger. He opened his mouth for a hundred million dollars, and what he wanted was definitely USD.
      Even Obadiah gasped.
      One hundred million USD?At that time, the dollar was still very valuable. It wasn’t like the constant decline now.
      Moreover, with the value of the era of 20008, it could definitely be higher than the current value of 5 billion US dollars.
      One was the impact of inflation inflation and the other was the status of the dollar in the world’s foreign exchange back then. This was not an exaggeration.
      So Obadiah hesitated.
      Lu Yuan saw his hesitation and did not urge him. Instead, he put away his phone and turned around to leave. However, before leaving, he reminded,” You can consider it, but I advise you to make a decision as soon as possible.”
      Obadiah was deep in thought.
      Lu Yuan went straight back to Tony’s house.
      Was Obadiah really not worried or suspicious at all?
      There was still a bit of vigilance and vigilance, but what Obadiah was thinking was that as long as he obtained the power of the Iron Tyrant in the Ark Reactor, once he confirmed the value of the Iron Tyrant, he would have enough chips to negotiate with a certain country.
      To put it bluntly, the Iron Tyrant was a transformation carried out by Mark’s generation. It was just an increase in armor and tonnage. In essence, it was Mark Twain.
      Therefore, if this item were to be mass produced, it would be more convenient than Mark’s other series of battle clothes.
      Tony must be pursuing perfection, but the Iron Tyrant series was not.
      However, the only problem in front of him right now was energy.
      Was he really going to spend 100 million to exchange for it?
      On the other side, when Lu Yuan returned to Tony’s house, Tony was also questioning,” Will he really fall for it?”
      “If he didn’t have this ambition, he would n’ t have risked his life to get rid of you.Tony, do you know what Obadiah wants to do the most?That was to kill you and take away the entire company.”What he really cares about is not Iron Tyrant, but the benefits that Iron Tyrant can bring to him.”
      That was to say, since O’Badaya had already taken the risk, there was no way he could turn back. He could only walk one way to the dark.
      “But in order to help him strengthen his ambition, we need to make him more confident that the Iron Tyrant is his future.” Lu Yuan once again revealed a dark smile.
      Tony sighed.” Speak, when do I leave?”
      They had already discussed it last night, and Lu Yuan had also said his plan.
      There was another link that needed Tony’s cooperation. He was required to show off the might of the Iron Man battle suit and use it to strengthen Obadiah’s faith.
      Only by making O’Badaya believe that the Iron Tyrant could achieve his ambition would O’ Badaya do whatever it takes. Even if they were to lose face, they would still have to make the Iron Tyrant succeed.
      So the next step was simple. Lu Yuan’s request was for Tony to act as a Iron Man for the first time and to go to that desert region to destroy the Ten Ring Gang there.
      The Gang of Ten Rings was O’Badaya’s partner. Only when the Gang of Ten Rings showed its might would O’Badaya be convinced.
      “Then let’s prepare for action.” Tony did not drag things out because there was still a grudge between him and the Ten Ring Gang that had not been settled.
      At that moment, Tony began his final preparations.
      The second-generation battle suit had already completed the experiment, and the result was perfect. Apart from the details that still needed to be refined, it was already a finished product.
      In order to complete this plan as soon as possible, Tony asked Jarvis to activate the equipment in the basement and start painting.
      As there was no need to immediately build the third generation battle suit, the process would not take long. Forty minutes was enough.
      During this period, Lu Yuan and Tony continued to improve their plans.
      They began to use Tony’s methods to mark out the ten ring gang’s strongholds in advance, especially the ten ring gang’s weapons reserves, which must be destroyed.
      Tony’s teeth tickled with hatred. That was his family’s weapon. Some of it was the latest type of weapon he had developed and designed. In the end, he almost killed himself last time. How could this be reasonable?
      Actually, even if there was no such thing today, Tony would still take revenge in the future.
      But Lu Yuan reminded him.
      “I’ll go with you too, but I’ ll be in the dark. This is your stage. Tony, go and enjoy the senses of becoming a superhero.” Lu Yuan even promised that he would go with him.
      However, Lu Yuan would not show up easily. Instead, he would follow Tony in the dark.
      Tony originally wanted to ask Lu Yuan how to follow him, but after thinking about it, he didn’t need to ask.
      He already vaguely knew that Lu Yuan’s speed could exceed the speed of light. With Earth’s current technology level, it was far from being able to track the speed of light.
      At least without preparation, it was impossible to find Lu Yuan by the self-monitoring of satellites or radar.
      Lu Yuan’s promise also relieved Tony. This was his first action. It was fake to say that he was not excited or nervous.
      And when Tony and Lu Yuan were discussing the action plan, something happened to the Ten Ring Gang. A new incident happened.
      It turned out that the Ten Ring Gang had made a move, controlling a village and abducting all the civilians in the village.
      At that time, there happened to be a team of war reporters there, so they were conducting an emergency live broadcast.
      The Ten Ring Gang was very arrogant. They were still shouting in front of the camera, saying that they wanted to kill those people.
      Lu Yuan and Tony looked at each other.
      “What a good opportunity. Let’s go.”*

      28. Iron Man… Show off his brilliance

      To be more exaggerated, the Ten Ring Gang was currently committing crimes in front of the entire world.
      They armed themselves into a quiet and poor village. Then, they grabbed all the men, women, children and men and gathered them in the middle of the village by force.
      What they were going to do next was obvious.
      The war reporters continued to reprimand him, but they were just reporters. Even with the most basic defense equipment on their bodies, they could not beat the Ten Ring Gang.
      This was because the Ten Ring Gang deliberately wanted them to publicize it, so they did not attack them.
      Or perhaps they were afraid that the war reporters were from a certain country. There was a certain country’s army nearby. Once this side attacked them, it would trigger a larger-scale battle.
      But they did not care about the people in the village at all.
      As a result, no matter what, they continued to chase away the people in the village. No one could escape, and no one dared to resist.
      The people in the village were just ordinary civilians, without weapons in their hands.
      Now, it was like an animal being driven together by the gang of ten, surrounded by heavily armed people, and aimed their weapons at those innocent people.
      Seeing that a tragedy was about to unfold.
      At the most critical moment, a figure suddenly flew over from the distant sky. It was a red and golden steel body.
      The Iron Man finally appeared.
      Tony charged straight into the middle of the village. When he landed on the ground, he even put on a classic super hero’s appearance and gave off a huge commotion.
      Even though Tony’s Iron Man battle suit was an ordinary human, it did n’ t look big.
      But this was a sturdy steel battle suit after all, and its own weight could not be underestimated.
      It was no wonder that a nuclear battery was needed to drive it.
      Tony’s sudden intrusion made everyone in the surroundings feel incredulous. No one knew such an iron fellow who seemed to have emerged from the future science fiction world.
      It was the first time they had seen it.
      Only Obadiah, who was far away in a country, could not help but stand up when he saw Tony appear on the television screen.
      O’Badaya was extremely excited as he looked at the steel body on the screen.
      He was even a little proud. He had guessed that the person under the steel battle suit was Tony. What he was proud of was that Tony’s battle suit was too weak to him.
      Whether it was tonnage or defense armor, or even strength and might, it was completely incomparable to his Iron Tyrant.
      What if it was Iron Tyrant’s appearance?
      Obadiah couldn’t help but compare in his heart. In the end, he thought that it was definitely Iron Tyrant’s complete victory.
      However, the current Iron Tyrant King was still unable to move. Obadiah could not help but stare at the ark reactor embedded in Iron Man’s armor. He hoped that he could develop it as well.
      It was a pity that he could only watch helplessly.
      In front of the camera, Tony did not stare blankly after his handsome appearance.
      He raised his head and looked around.
      “Da da da.”
      Without any warning, the members of the Ten Ring Gang did not speak of martial arts and directly pulled the trigger. This was already a sneak attack.
      Why wasn’t there an opening statement?
      However, Tony didn’t mind at all. He only heard a crisp clang. The surface of Tony’s steel battle suit erupted with sparks, but the enemy’s weapons could not do anything to him.
      It was obvious that ordinary bullets would not be able to pierce through the armor of steel armor.
      “It’s up to me,” Tony naturally would n’ t be beaten passively all the time. The Battle Clothes System had already been integrated into Jarvis’s intelligent butler system. Jarvis had already helped him lock onto every enemy around him.
      Following the activation of the weapon attached to Tony’s armor, a light’ Pu’sound could be heard. A bullet-like weapon accurately hit every one of the Ten Ring Gang’s people and immediately cleared the field.
      The people at the scene were all at a loss.
      Even the war reporters were dumbfounded as they looked at Tony. The camera also stared at Tony in a daze. No one dared to move. They had not even realized what had happened.
      It was not until a child cried after the robbery that everyone finally recovered. They were saved.
      The innocent people in the village hugged their families one after another. They were almost dead today. Who would have thought that they would be rescued by this sudden Iron-Skinned Man.
      The war reporters quickly went up and surrounded Tony, wanting to ask who he was.
      Tony did not give them a chance because he still had a follow-up mission to complete.
      Apart from stopping the tragedy that was happening here, Tony had to clear up all the Ten Rings strongholds here, especially the weapons that they had obtained through Obadiah, the weapons produced by Stark Group.
      Those Stark Group’s weapons were all on Tony’s head in the end. This was something he could not allow.
      This was also the best opportunity to demonstrate the power of the steel armor.
      As a result, Tony quickly soared into the sky. He asked Jarvis where he had already locked down and headed for a nearby cave.
      That cave was supposed to be where Tony was imprisoned, but Tony had not been caught from the start. This was the first time he had come to this stronghold.
      Before Tony could get there, someone had already discovered him and used RPG to knock him down. There were even a few nearby tanks aiming at him.
      The Ten Ring Gang’s forces were too big. They could even get a tank?
      However, Tony didn’t care. He was currently equipped with many weapons. Because it was his first operation, he could n’ t determine the combat strength of this battle suit, so he brought many weapons.
      For example, a few missiles popped out from his wrist. It looked only as thick as a thumb, but its power was even more terrifying than the RPG earlier. Even the tank’s armor had been pierced, and it exploded into pieces.
      Especially in the vicinity of the cave, there was the Ten Ring Gang’s weapons warehouse. Tony’s armor was fully opened. Just his upper body alone, there were countless small missiles that shot out. Then, ten thousand bullets fired at each other. In an instant, the surrounding area was engulfed in a sea of flames. What kind of guns and ammunition, what kind of rockets, all exploded.
      This was more beautiful than any fireworks. The main reason was that money was definitely far more expensive than ordinary fireworks.
      In the end, Tony even rescued a hostage from here, a guy who called himself Ethan. According to Tony’s later description, this weak middle-aged man, who was as weak as a wind, would fall. When Tony rushed in, he was carrying a gun and rushed towards the people of the Ten Rings without fear of death.
      If it wasn’t for Tony’s timely arrival and Jarvis and him noticing the signs of life in the cave, he would have died.
      On this day, Tony was simply brilliant. Of course, no one knew that the person under the steel armor was Tony, but they were rushing to report what had happened today.
      And in the end, who knew who started it first? Everyone started to call this Iron-Skinned Man… Iron Man.*

      29. Being caught by Little Pepper

      Tony did not take Mr. Ethan home. Instead, he took him to a safe place and left.
      Tony had already attracted the attention of the nearby army, especially when he noticed that the air force was ready to intercept him when he rushed towards a country.
      But don’t forget that there was Lu Yuan in the dark.
      In order not to cause any unnecessary trouble, Lu Yuan chose to take Tony with him and directly disappeared at super light speed.
      The whole world immediately lost sight of Tony. No one knew that Tony had already returned to his basement.
      Some of them took off their battle clothes with the help of the mechanical arm. They were just at the stage of development, and many places needed to be improved.
      As a result, every time a battle suit was worn, it would take a difficult process. Without a mechanical arm, it would be impossible to complete it.
      Unless Lu Yuan was willing to help.
      “Hey, did you see what I did?”Tony had not calmed down yet. He was so excited that he revealed what he had done just now.
      But he had found the wrong person. Who wouldn’t be good for you to choose and ask Lu Yuan?
      Lu Yuan looked at Tony with a silent smile. He sat on Tony’s desk with a bottle of beer in his hand.
      Recently, he had finished all of Tony’s wine.
      Anyway, there was nothing to do. With his current constitution, no matter how much he drank, he would not be drunk. After all, his realm was there.
      That was why he drank all of it without paying attention.
      Tony once stared blankly at his cellar. His cellar was not ordinary. The price of the wine inside could be bought for this villa.
      As a qualified playboy, there was no sports car, beauty, or good wine.
      But as long as Lu Yuan continued to live here, he would definitely not be able to collect any more wine.
      Give him some beer. Anyway, he couldn’t get drunk. It was a waste.
      “Should I agree or praise you?”Lu Yuan asked.
      Tony didn’t take off his legged armor. He opened his hands and shrugged.” Okay, I did n’ t say anything.”
      He remembered that this guy was not an ordinary person, but an alien. His true face was still a giant monster.
      Show off with him?Forget it. That guy would have flown long ago, faster than him in a steel battle suit.
      In addition, as long as he thought of Lu Yuan’s hot rays, he could even cut open the mountain. Tony knew that there was no way to compare.
      At least with the current level of technology, it was far from comparable to Lu Yuan.
      But without Lu Yuan showing off, Tony felt a little itchy and impatient. It was as if he was walking in a brocade night, unhappy.
      He was not a super hero in the traditional sense. It would be better to say that Tony would only become a qualified super hero after a long time.
      That was why he wasn’t the kind of person who did good things without leaving a name. He especially hoped that what he did would be known to everyone. He especially liked the feeling of being loved and praised, surrounded by flowers and cheers.
      Lu Yuan seemed to know what Tony was thinking, so he looked outside the laboratory, especially the stairs leading upstairs, but did not say anything.
      The next second, a beautiful figure came down from the stairs. She opened the electronic door of the studio and saw Tony’s situation.
      “Pa da.”
      A coffee cup broke. The little pepper in a white shirt and white dress stood there blankly, looking at Tony in disbelief.
      Tony also heard the voice and turned to look. He was a little helpless, but there was an undisguised joy and excitement on his face. He smiled and spread his hands at Little Pepper in such a strange manner.
      Little Pepper covered her mouth with one hand and pointed towards the direction upstairs behind her. She covered her mouth and cried out in surprise,” Oh my God, Tony?”Don’ t tell me that the Iron Man on TV is you?”
      Tony didn’t seem to have any intention of hiding anything, not to mention that he had already been seen by Little Pepper. He had personally seen him take off his steel battle clothes, and he had already seen such a scene. Was there any need to hide it?
      It could be said that it could make Little Pepper believe that he was not a Iron-Skinned Man?
      So Tony agreed,” It’s me.”
      “My god, are you not injured?”Unexpectedly, the first time Little Pepper reacted, she rushed in front of Tony. She even raised her trembling hands and searched for Tony, worried that he might be injured.
      Tony’s heart warmed.
      Although Tony was just a prodigal son on the surface, his heart was slim and sensitive. There weren’t many people who could be trusted by Tony. Moreover, the young man’s aspirations were indeed rare geniuses and wise men. This made Tony almost arrogant.
      In Tony’s heart, he was actually a very ugly person. Even if it was a genius from other aspects, he would not be able to see it.
      Of course, he had offended many people.
      As for the people who could get close to Tony and even make him believe, Little Pepper was one of them. She was also one of the few heterosexuals that Tony could trust.
      Lu Yuan looked at the two of them as if they were talking quietly. He couldn’t help but secretly bless them. This was why he felt that Little Pepper was beautiful, but he could n’ t think of anything else.
      The two of them had long been secretly in love with each other. It was just that they hadn’t been honest yet. They were only a layer away from the window paper. What was he doing?
      “Ding Ling Ling.”
      At this moment, the phone rang in Lu Yuan’s pocket.
      Lu Yuan didn’t care if he was someone else’s bodyguard right now. He directly gestured to the boss to stop.
      Tony rolled his eyes. This was at his house. He was the boss, right?
      But in the end, Tony still gave in and signaled Little Pepper not to speak.
      He had already guessed who it was, Obadiah.
      Sure enough, it was him. Lu Yuan picked up the phone and directly said in front of Tony,” Mr. Obadiah, have you already thought of it?”
      Opposite the phone came Obadiah’s voice,” One hundred million is too much.”
      “Then forget it?”Lu Yuan was about to hang up. Now, he had to show a calm and indifferent attitude. It was better to say that he didn’ t really care.
      Obadiah was finally unable to maintain his calm. He endured his anger and asked,” Is the person on TV really Tony?”
      Could it be me?”You think he’ ll give this equipment to me?”Lu Yuan directly criticized Tony in front of him. He almost pointed at his nose and said that he was petty.
      Tony opened his mouth, but he could not deny that he was indeed selfish.
      He never denied that he had some flaws in his personality.
      But so what?
      He was arrogant and arrogant. He was narcissistic. He looked down on everyone, but he had the money. Wasn’t that enough?
      Of course, in front of Lu Yuan, the so-called money was useless.
      That was why he had always suffered a loss in front of Lu Yuan. Even now, he had to listen to him scold him in front of him. How could this be reasonable?
      Meanwhile, Little Pepper was dumbfounded.
      Wasn’t he Tony’s bodyguard?*

      30. Continue to deceive O’Badaya

      On the other end of the phone, Obadiah would never have thought that at this moment, Lu Yuan was sitting on Tony’s computer desk, even chatting with him in front of Tony.
      And Lu Yuan was still mocking Tony in front of Tony.
      Who could have thought of this?
      “I agree to this deal. Give it to me.” O’Badaya finally gave in.
      He asked Lu Yuan to give Tony the Ark Reactor.
      “That’s impossible. You have to take it yourself,” Lu Yuan laughed.”You know I’ m just a bodyguard. I won’ t be able to enter his studio.”
      On the other side, Tony spread out his hands. Little Chili Pepper was even more speechless. Why did this person open his eyes and speak nonsense, and come with his mouth open?
      Didn’t you sit here right now?
      But Obadiah believed it because even he could not enter the studio without Tony’s permission.
      There weren’t many people who could casually enter and leave the studio. Little Pepper was one of them. It could be seen her status in Tony’s heart.
      “Then what can you give me?”Obadiah asked Lu Yuan.
      “Of course I will help you get what you want,” Lu Yuan said without thinking.”For example, you can hold a party in the name of the company. Then I’ ll help you keep an eye on Tony’s whereabouts. You can come in and take what you want.”
      O’Badaya laughed in anger.” I can only get this for a hundred million?”
      “You can not agree. I can also hint that Tony should keep such an important thing well.”And the most important thing is, I know what you want to do in the end. Compared to what you got after you defeated Tony in the end, what is this 100 million?”Lu Yuan simply opened his mouth.
      Well, that was one hundred million. Did he think it was one dollar?
      What could it be?Of course it was a lot.
      Even Tony shook his head.
      Obadiah was about to bleed, and it was a blood pit.
      This guy had already prepared a shoddy ark reactor in advance, waiting for Obadiah to jump into the abyss.
      However, Tony didn’t plan to stop him because he already knew that Obadiah was the inner ghost and that he wanted to kill him.
      Now, he was only waiting for O’Badaya to lose face. If he really did, he really planned to fight with him. Tony was mentally prepared.
      Obadiah was silent. He was considering whether this deal was worth it.
      Lu Yuan was not in a hurry to urge him. He just sat there and waited silently.
      Only Little Pepper was in the dark. She didn’t dare to speak and did n’ t know what had happened. She could only stand by Tony’s side obediently.
      Finally, Obadiah spoke.” How do you want me to think that this deal is worth it?”
      What he meant was that he still felt that it was not worth it. Unless Lu Yuan personally delivered the item to him, otherwise, he would spend 100 million to get Lu Yuan to report it to him. In the end, he would go steal it himself?
      What kind of injustice was this?
      But Lu Yuan didn’t think it was worth it at all. Instead, he said,” How about you have a choice?You also saw Tony’s great power. The entire world saw the power of the steel armor.Once Tony revealed that it was him, do you think you have any chance?Just wait for Tony to drive out.Besides, as long as he knew that the ambush was caused by you, and that you and those guys from the Ten Ring Gang had made a deal, do you think he would let you go?”Tony saw the weapons you sold to the Gang of Ten Rings.”
      “You don’t have to spit on people.” O’ Badaya wanted to argue.
      “Big brother, do you still need to argue with me?No need, right?”I’ ve already guessed that you were the one who was messing around. You’ re the one who’s looking for someone to kill Tony. Are you colluding with the Ten Ring Gang?”
      Little Chili was about to cry out.
      Fortunately, Tony was prepared. He hugged Little Pepper and covered her mouth with his hand. He slowly shook his head.
      Only then did Little Pepper realize that Tony’s attack was planned by Obadiah?Was he the one behind this?
      But Little Pepper knew that Obadiah was not only one of the founders of Stark Group, but also one of the largest shareholders. He was Howard’s friend, and he was Tony’s mentor.
      How could this be?
      She couldn’t believe that Obadiah would be such a person, so she almost cried out. If Obadiah heard this, he would definitely arouse suspicion and destroy Lu Yuan’s plan.
      Lu Yuan glanced at Little Pepper and didn’t argue with her. With his realm and former status, he would n’ t argue with a little girl, not to mention that he had to speak in front of her.
      Of course, if Little Pepper was his subordinate, try again. Regardless of whether you were a man or a woman, you would have been sent flying with a kick.
      He ruled the army so strictly.
      That was why those hundred thousand subordinates were willing to follow him to protect their homeland.
      Only a strict general would be able to bring out his subordinates who were willing to swear their loyalty to death. Of course, they would also have to act in a manner that could subdue one’s personality and be fair and just. Even strictness could not be allowed.
      Lu Yuan looked at Tony, his eyes filled with a sense of blame, but his mouth was not idle as he continued to chat with Obadiah.
      Obadiah was suspicious.” You said Tony would voluntarily expose himself as an Iron Man?”
      Lu Yuan shook his head and reminded,” Didn’t I call Iron Man the same on TV?Tony seemed to be very satisfied with the title. There were also people who said he was a super hero. Do you think he would like it with his arrogant and flirtatious personality?”
      With that, Obadiah had nothing to say.
      If Lu Yuan were to say anything else, O’Badaya would n’ t believe it, but O’Badaya understood Tony’s character. That guy would indeed be the Iron Man’s title and the opportunity to become a super hero, and he would voluntarily reveal that he was the Iron Man on TV.
      That’s not right. It’s Iron Man. The media already called him that way.
      There were even people who held a talk show and invited guests to guess who Iron Man was.
      Some people said that the Iron Man must be a countryman, because only a countryman was so great.
      Lu Yuan thought to himself, at least the current Iron Man was back on track under his guidance.
      Otherwise, Iron Man would have died. Tony would not have become a super hero. He would still be a playboy bastard.
      “Do you really want to miss this opportunity?”Or do you think you have a choice?”Lu Yuan-yuan, Obadiah, was unable to make a decision for a long time. Finally, he became a little impatient. He said with a cold smile,” Alright then, it seems that I can only turn around to Tony’s arms. You just wait to go to jail. At that time, I will be very happy to watch Tony take all your shares and turn the company into Stark’s business.”
      This sentence was enough to kill him. In fact, what Obadiah could not bear the most was that he and Howard had created this company, but why was it called the Stark Group?
      “Wait a moment.”*

      31. Involving Little Pepper

      It was still that sentence. No matter what, O’Badaya would never have thought that Lu Yuan was playing so hard. He was actually colluding with him in front of Tony.
      Who would have thought that?The blueprint that Lu Yuan had brought him was indeed true, and it was indeed Tony’s core technology. However, this was the idea that Lu Yuan had brought.
      It was also Lu Yuan who stole Tony’s ark reactor from Obadiah.
      He could not have imagined that this was a trap, a trap.
      So it wasn’t Obadiah Ben. It was just that Lu Yuan and Tony had been working together to lie to him from the start.
      Speaking of which, it was still a matter of pattern.
      A simple analogy was that the technology Lu Yuan gave Obadiah was equivalent to a nuclear weapon. There was no need to say the value of a nuclear weapon.
      Lu Yuan did not lie to him. What he gave was indeed true.
      It was only because O’Badaya’s men weren’t angry and could n’ t revive the ark’s reactor that they were in the current predicament.
      Therefore, Obadiah had no reason to doubt Lu Yuan’s sincerity. It was just that Lu Yuan did not mind giving this to him.
      So what if Iron Tyrant was like a nuclear bomb?It wasn’t just a slap. A slap was a pile of scrap iron, so Lu Yuan did n’ t care.
      This was something Obadiah did not know, so he naturally would not suspect Lu Yuan.
      “I’ll give you the money by the afternoon. I’ ll also hold the company’s annual meeting in three days. However, if you dare to lie to me, we’ ll die.” O’Badya still agreed to Lu Yuan’s terms, paying him 100 million dollars.
      This amount of money was quite a lot. To almost everyone, it was astronomical.
      No matter how rich a person was, it would be painful to take out a hundred million dollars just like that.
      Moreover, in terms of value at that time, this 100 million dollar could be compared to 5 billion dollars.
      Inflation bulked up, foreign exchange depreciated, and even the status of a country at that time, so the dollar at that time could really be called USD.
      This was also a very important sum for Obadiah, so he gave Lu Yuan a vicious warning. If he dared to play with him, he would definitely make Lu Yuan pay the price.
      Even if the net was broken, there was no hesitation.
      Lu Yuan didn’t take it seriously at all. He did n’ t take O’Badaya’s threat seriously at all. He made a successful gesture at Tony and said,” Don’t worry, I’ ll help you watch Tony not let him go home.Moreover, he would never have thought that you would come and steal something. Wouldn’ t you be able to enter his home unimpeded?”I’ ll tell you where it is.”
      Obadiah took a long breath. Since he had already made a decision, he had no choice but to turn around.
      Therefore, after putting down the phone, Obadiah had people pay Lu Yuan the first time.
      Looking at the bank card information displayed on his phone, Lu Yuan whistled. Even he liked the feeling of having money to enter the account, not to mention the few transactions with Obadiah.
      Together, he already had 130 million dollars in his hands.
      In fact, the last time Lu Yuan sold the armor blueprints, he had cheated 30 million from Obadiah.
      Today, another 100 million people were scammed. Even Toni was speechless. This method of making money was even easier than him.
      At the very least, Tony still had to develop and fight on his own.
      “Tony, if you don’t pay me any more, I’ m really going to transfer to O’Badaya. Look at how generous he is and how cute he is. Let’s look at you again.” Lu Yuan pointed his phone at Tony. His face was filled with grief, as if he really regretted going to join O’Badaya.
      Tony was speechless. Big brother, who was taking care of your clothes, food, and clothing?He was about to become a nanny for Lu Yuan.
      Besides, Tony’s hidden wine was worth tens of millions of dollars. Lu Yuan had drunk it all as if it was boiled water. What did he say?
      This person was simply unreasonable.
      Not to mention.
      Tony retorted,” Not to mention that we’ve already agreed. When O’ Badaya is defeated, all his shares will be handed over to you?”This isn’ t enough to fill your appetite?”
      Little Pepper was stunned again.
      In fact, the board of directors of the group had two major shareholders. One was naturally Tony’s, and the other was Obadiah.
      The entire group could be said to be the two of them. The other shareholders would not work together.
      Let’s put it this way. Tony and O’ Badaya were each holding 40% of the group’s shares. The remaining 20% was held by the other boards of directors.
      He actually wanted to transfer 40% of the shares to Lu Yuan?Why?
      Little Chili Pepper was stunned. That was an extremely expensive property.
      Looking at Tony’s financial resources, one could tell.
      Little Pepper didn’t understand, but Tony did n’ t seem to be exaggerating at all. In his opinion, if he could use this 40% share to buy Lu Yuan firmly by his side, it would simply not make too much money.
      First, Lu Yuan was his saviour, and he knew how terrifying Lu Yuan was.
      Secondly, even if he didn’t mention the above reasons, just the knowledge of alien technology in Lu Yuan’s mind was enough to cost him so much.
      The higher-tech technology that Lu Yuan might bring was what Tony desperately needed and desired.
      That was why Tony was a smart person. He wouldn’t buy or sell for money.
      Once the company became Lu Yuan’s company, would he not help the company develop new technology weapons?The company would only go further.
      Besides, Tony had only transferred O’Badaya’s shares to Lu Yuan, and O’Badaya was still defeated by Lu Yuan. It was like Tony had bought people’s hearts and eliminated enemies. The company had yet to bring new hope and future.
      This deal was a huge profit.
      “But you, don’ t you plan to treat us to something?”Tony was unwilling to show any weakness. Instead, he had to dig a bit out of Lu Yuan’s hands.
      Previously, it was Lu Yuan who ate and drank his food. Today, it was his turn to find some.
      However, Lu Yuan immediately put away his phone and changed the topic without hesitation.” You still have time to think about this?Three days later, it was time to take action. You should first see if there was anything that needed improvement and repair.Also, we had planned to gather the evidence that might be stored in Obadiah’s computer while guiding Obadiah to steal.”Have you figured out what to do?”
      Chili Pepper had been looking at them with a blind look. She couldn’t understand a word anyway.
      Tony had originally wanted Lu Yuan to steal Obadiah’s computer information.
      But Lu Yuan didn’t want to be that troublesome. Instead, he used his eyes to signal the little pepper beside him.” My clone is useless. I have to keep an eye on you. Once I suddenly disappear, O’ Badaya will definitely know that I was fooled.”And you have to let Little Pepper know what happened. After all, she’s already involved.”
      This guy.*

      32. Explain the causes and consequences for Little Pepper

      After that, Lu Yuan left. He left the space downstairs for Tony and Little Pepper, letting Tony decide how to explain the situation to Little Pepper.
      To put it bluntly, that was exactly what happened.
      When Little Pepper learned that Tony’s previous attacks and traps had been designed by O’ Badaya, she was shocked.
      If Tony was still in a state of doubt at first, it wasn’t exactly O’ Badaya.
      Then, with Lu Yuan’s step-by-step guidance, O’ Badya had already revealed his ambition when he entered the trap Lu Yuan had prepared for him.
      Not to mention that Tony had personally seen that the weapons used by the Ten Ring Gang were from the Stark Group.
      But Tony did not know that his company had a deal with the Ten Ring Gang. That was the enemy of a certain country. How could he do such a thing? Was he not afraid of being banned by a certain country?
      It was obvious that there was an inner ghost. Indeed, there was an inner ghost carrying him and trading with the Ten Ring Gang.
      As for this person, he was certain that it was O’Badaya. Only O’ Badaya had the ability and qualifications to fool Tony in the company.
      When Lil Pea heard all these signs that Obadiah was a bad person’s reasoning, as well as a reasoned argument, she felt a chill in her heart and felt unworthy and sad for Tony.
      That was the person Tony trusted the most. It was also the person Tony was closest to.
      “How could he do this?”Little Pepper could not understand.
      “Money, power, status, reputation, and the company. No one will think that these are bad things, and no one will think that there is too much money.” Tony shrugged his shoulders and laughed at himself because he also thought that these were good things.
      Little Pepper fell silent.
      But she was not ambitious, so she still felt that Obadiah’s actions could not be understood.
      Not to mention anything else, could it be that the amount of money earned now was too small?
      Moreover, Obadiah’s position in the company was not inferior to Tony’s.
      Why did he have to do this?
      Those who did not have ambition would never be able to understand the behavior of ambitious people.
      Tony was clearly a treasure that could lay golden eggs.
      But for Obadiah, that was not the case. He wanted to get the entire company, and he wanted to lead the company himself, and even let him deal with a country.
      But if Tony did not die, he would never be able to.
      So Tony had to die.
      Only in this way would Stark Group become Obadiah’s item, or even change its name to become his family’s property.
      “Lu Yuan and I have already invited the Lord into the urn, only waiting for O’Badaya to take the bait.But now I want to ask you to do me a favor,” Tony suddenly asked Little Pepper.
      Little Pepper was surprised. What could she help?
      “You heard that earlier. O’Badaya wants to get the energy in my hands. The small ark reactor that was rebuilt with the Palladium Arc Reactor in the company. It was something O’ Badaya’s subordinates could n’ t make. If he wanted to fight me, it wouldn’t be possible without this.” Since Tony had planned to explain everything to Little Pepper, he did n’ t hide anything.
      Turning around, he brought Little Pepper to the seat where Lu Yuan was sitting. He picked up an ark reactor and showed it to Little Pepper.
      It wasn’t because he was bragging that O’ Badaya’s people could n’ t do it.
      Only then did he give Lu Yuan a chance to trap Obadiah.
      O’Badaya’s $100 million had already arrived. He was not worried that Lu Yuan was a liar. Lu Yuan would indeed follow the agreement and help O’Badaya steal the ark reactor.
      In fact, this Ark Reactor was specially made for Obadiah.
      But Little Pepper didn’t know. She immediately reminded Tony,” Since you know that Obadiah’s goal is this, you should keep it well. You must not be stolen by him.”
      Tony was very moved. The first thing Little Pepper thought of was to remind him to save the important ark reactor.
      However, he shook his head again.” You’ ve heard Lu Yuan and O’ Badaia’s conversation. In fact, this is part of the plan. We need O’ Badaia to take the initiative to jump out. Otherwise, if he insists on not admitting to those crimes, we can’ t do anything about him right now.”
      After all, those weren’t evidence. The only evidence was the weapons of the Ten Ring Gang. They might even drag Tony into the water and be destroyed by him.
      Therefore, this step was necessary.
      “And this was specially prepared for him.” Looking down at the Ark Reactor in his hand, Tony’s eyes became fierce.
      This was a poor-quality ark reactor. It was specially prepared for Obadiah, and even the nuclear reaction showed signs of instability.
      Of course, O’Badaya definitely would n’ t be able to see it. Unless he had his scientists check it carefully, they probably wouldn’t be able to. After all, they could n’ t make this thing.
      Once this little thing exploded, the consequences and might would be terrifying.
      After all, no matter what, it also had a nuclear attribute.
      Therefore, Tony would not hide it. Instead, he would deliberately let O’Badaya get it.
      Lil Pea looked lost in thought. She finally understood that the previous deal between Lu Yuan and O’Badaya was a show.
      That person was really too bad, including Tony.
      “But what can I help you?”Little Pepper started to suspect again. She didn’t know what Tony wanted to ask her, nor did she know what she could help him.
      Tony suddenly grabbed Little Pepper’s hand with his other hand.
      Little Pepper was startled. She was not prepared and subconsciously wanted to shake off Tony.
      But Tony said,” The only person I can trust is you.”
      Lil Pea’s body trembled. She lowered her head and did n’ t speak. Her hands stopped moving.
      But this guy must be lying. At least Tony still trusted two people. One was Colonel Rod and the other was Harpy.
      As for Lu Yuan, he had to believe it unconditionally. Otherwise, he would not have discussed and completed the entire plan with him.
      “That’s why I can only ask you, Little Chili. Only you have the identity and reason to go to Obadiah’s office. I need you to help me copy all of his information from his computer.” Only then did Tony say that he wanted to ask Little Chili.
      After all, Little Pepper was Tony’s assistant. It did n’ t seem rude to walk around the company or go directly to Obadiah’s office.
      But Happy was different. Happy was Tony’s driver and former bodyguard. It was n’ t that Tony didn’t trust Happy, but that he could n’ t let Happy do something.
      Tony also took out a small item that was prepared in advance, similar to a USB disk, and handed it to Little Pepper. He told her that as long as he connected it to the USB interface of the computer, it would automatically run. It would enter the computer system and make a copy.
      What Little Pepper really wanted to do was to wait for the chance to come and bring this USB into Obadiah’s office before bringing it back.
      During this process, Lu Yuan would help Obadiah steal Tony’s Ark reactor.
      Once this step was completed, then it was time to get online.*

      33. The mall was like a battlefield

      In the end, Little Pepper took the USB and agreed to Tony’s request.
      After all, Tony had already said that. What else could she do?
      And Little Pepper still had a feeling for Tony.
      After all, Tony’s charm was still great. Or perhaps it was just like that sentence. Men are not bad women do n’ t love.
      In short, Little Pepper had finished preparing for this challenge.
      This way, it would only be three days later. Everything would be carried out as planned.
      Three days was not a blink of an eye.
      Actually, from the second day onwards, Obadiah had already mentioned the company’s annual meeting on the board of directors.
      Tony was there.
      The other boards were surprised because the festival was still near autumn in the summer. It was far from the time to prepare for the annual meeting.
      Wasn’t this a joke?
      Tony did not point it out. Of course, when he mentioned the situation to Lu Yuan after he returned, Lu Yuan was speechless.
      He just casually found an excuse. He didn’t expect O’ Badaya to actually listen to him. He really used the excuse of the annual meeting.
      Could it be that he couldn’t put it in another way?
      He could not hold a cocktail party for any reason.
      Anyway, with Tony’s secret cooperation, this early annual meeting was still held.
      O’Badaya did n’ t care how surprised the people outside were. He only thought of one thing right now. It was to become benevolent if he didn’t succeed.
      He also asked Lu Yuan once more about what he thought of Tony’s battle clothes, as well as his performance and weapons and equipment.
      Lu Yuan was also bluffing and merciless. In front of Tony’s face, he had completely destroyed his heart.
      With his thin armor, how could he compare to Iron Tyrant?His strength and tonnage were far from an opponent. Moreover, you could equip and carry more advanced weapons. You could definitely tear him apart,” Lu Yuanzhen said.
      Tony was angry.
      That was not what Lu Yuan said when he told him back then. He had always praised Tony’s battle suit for being flexible.
      He really said something in front of someone.
      Of course, Lu Yuan also had a reason. This way, Obadiah could jump out more at ease.
      Finally, the third day arrived.
      Since it was a party, it was naturally held at night.
      On that day, they chose a five-star hotel. Stark Group didn’t lack money. In fact, Obadiah even took a lot of money in.
      Originally, it was not enough with the company’s budget, because they had to invite some social celebrities, even many celebrities, and even live performances.
      The money spent was like flowing water.
      This was the life of the rich?
      One could only see one noble lady and socialite dressed up in hardcover. There were no important dresses and all of them were expensive.
      Especially those pair of small leather shoes. They were clanging on the ground. It was very crisp and sweet.
      Of course, Lu Yuan was definitely not looking at his feet….
      Lu Yuan also came. Of course, he had to come. On the surface, he was Tony’s bodyguard. He could n’ t neglect his duties, and he had to show O’Badaya a show. He was indeed staring at Tony.
      Most importantly, Tony knew the truth. At the very least, he did not dare to underestimate Lu Yuan. He really treated him as his bodyguard.
      This party could be said to be star-studded. Even many celebrities had to surround the capitalists. With the power and status of the Stark Group, almost all the famous capitalists had arrived.
      When Tony entered, he immediately attracted the attention of everyone and became the focus.
      And he was indeed the owner of this party.
      Even Obadiah personally welcomed him. He smiled and hugged Tony, then went to hug Lu Yuan.
      Normally speaking, Obadiah didn’t need to pay any attention to Lu Yuan. The reason was that Lu Yuan was just Tony’s bodyguard on the surface. Moreover, he had barely taken office and had almost no contact with Obadiah.
      Both of their transactions were private, how could they dare to tell others.
      However, Obadiah did this on purpose. He was warning and threatening Lu Yuan. He also leaned close to Lu Yuan’s ear and whispered,” How is it?”
      Lu Yuan pretended to glance at the left and right. When he saw Tony walking towards someone else with a smile on his face, he seemed to have taken a fancy to a female star.
      But in the end, Tony quickly moved to Little Pepper’s side.
      Of course, Little Pepper came as well. She was still wearing an exquisite blue dress. Even Tony’s eyes lit up when she was well dressed.
      “No problem. When Tony came out, I saw him put the Ark Reactor on the studio’s desk with my own eyes.”I won’ t think you’ ll steal it at this time.”
      Obadiah revealed a satisfied smile.
      He was not worried that this was a trap. Because Tony’s family’s defense level was very high, people without identity certification could not enter, so it was not surprising that Tony put things in the studio.
      Just as Lu Yuan had said, logically speaking, Tony would never have thought that O’Badaya would dare to steal something. This was tantamount to a rip-off.
      But Obadiah no longer had a chance to turn around. He was willing to take a gamble. It was a blessing, a curse, and only his own struggle.
      On the other side, Little Pepper and Tony gathered together.
      Little Chili looked at Tony in an unnatural manner. He was the focus of the entire audience. This was the annual meeting of the company. He was so close to him, perhaps his colleagues would think about it.
      After all, her boss was a playboy, so she didn’t have to guess. There would definitely be rumors tomorrow.
      However, Tony did not care at all. He even invited Little Pepper to dance.
      Before Little Pepper could react, Tony pulled her hand into the dance floor.
      “I’m going to suffer if you do,” Little Chili explained her worries.
      Tony asked,” Do you really care?”
      “Of course I care. I hope to get everyone’s approval that I’ m standing by your side with my own strength and ability, not by… my body.” Little Pepper was a girl after all. She blushed at the end of the conversation. Of course, that was because of some words in her words.
      Tony looked at Little Pepper with a face full of meaning. Actually, he really wanted to say that relying on the latter was fine.
      Of course, he knew that girls were thin-skinned, especially Little Pepper. It was easy to ignite her.
      Little Pepper turned to look at Lu Yuan, who was still leaning against O’Badaya and whispering to each other. She could n’ t help but mutter,” Isn’t this too blatant?”Are they really not afraid of being exposed?”
      Tony shrugged with an unconcerned expression.” Because Obadiah has gone crazy. He has no way to go back. His Iron Tyrant is in urgent need of energy to start. He must take the risk. He only has this chance, so he must do that.”
      Little Pepper looked deeply at Tony in front of her and suddenly felt a little strange.
      “You think I’m very sinister?But this was the mall. The mall was like a battlefield. We were fighting. Either he died or I died.So I can only rely on you, Little Pepper.”Also, be careful.”*

      Obadiah and Little Chili started to move

      The wonderful and grand ball continued. Many people here, or other than a few, did not know that this was just an article on the surface, but in reality, there was a world inside.
      After communicating with Lu Yuan, O’Badaya circled around again. He deliberately gave a wave of presence, and then used the opportunity to use the toilet to escape.
      He didn’t know that he was being closely watched by Tony.
      “I’m leaving too.” Little Pepper was about to leave at the first moment.
      But Tony grabbed his hand because Tony saw Lu Yuan shaking his head.
      Lu Yuan nodded.
      Tony Mochi took out two earplugs from his pocket. They were radio earphones, one on his own, and the other for Little Pepper.
      Little Chili was a little unnatural to hide. Tony and her relationship became more and more intimate.
      The next second, Lu Yuan’s voice rang out. He clearly did n’ t understand his lips, and he even brought a glass of wine to his mouth. He didn’t know how he did it.
      Actually, it was a super ventriloquism. Superman could use this technique to hide his identity. He was in front of everyone, but Superman’s voice came from somewhere else.
      At that time, Lois still did not know the identity of Superman, so she was not fooled.
      Lu Yuan said on the radio,” Don’ t be anxious. The old man is very vigilant. Actually, he hasn’ t left yet. He is hiding in the surveillance room and watching.”
      Want to dodge Lu Yuan’s surveillance?That was impossible.
      Lu Yuan’s super vision had also evolved. Now, he could penetrate even lead.
      Obadiah did not know that his every move was under Lu Yuan’s watch.
      Obadiah was indeed very cautious. He was clearly at this juncture and was still worried about whether Lu Yuan would immediately reveal it to Tony.
      That was why he had been staring at Lu Yuan and Tony’s every move for half an hour.
      Lu Yuan wouldn’t have been hiding far away from Tony. After he and Little Pepper finished their dance, he took the initiative to walk over.
      Obadiah looked nervously until Lu Yuan and Tony had said something. The two of them smiled and separated. Tony turned around and walked towards a big star not far away. Lu Yuan extended his hand and invited Little Pepper to step into the dance floor again.
      Suddenly, O’Badaya’s phone rang. The rapid ringing of the bell startled him.
      He opened it and saw that it was Lu Yuan who had called him. Taking advantage of Little Pepper’s turn around, Lu Yuan quickly said,” I’ m delaying Tony. I’ ll help him and Little Pepper create a chance later, but I’ m afraid I won’ t be able to delay for too long. You have to hurry up.”
      Then Lu Yuan hung up.
      Suddenly, Little Pepper stopped and stomped on his feet.
      Glancing at Lu Yuan, Little Pepper knew that he was trying to fool O’Badaya, but why did he involve her?
      Lu Yuan didn’t care either. Let alone Little Pepper stepping on it, it would be fine even if it was hit by Earth.
      Therefore, he opened his hands and looked at Little Pepper.
      Little Pepper was stunned. What did this mean?
      “Let’s not dance Waltz or social dance anymore. Did n’ t you see that Tony’s eyes are burning?”Let’s have a retro one,” Lu Yuan said with a chuckle.
      Little Pepper also noticed that although Tony had a female star in his arms, his attention was focused on the two of them. He couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, angry.
      They still have nothing, right?She could get along with anyone, right?
      Then Little Pepper saw a name card in Lu Yuan’s hand.
      Little Pepper was surprised.
      “This is a name called Homeland Security Bureau. You don’t have to remember the name since it’s too long. If you encounter any unexpected situation, you can call him. He can protect you.” The name card in Lu Yuan’s hand was actually Colson’s, and Colson represented Divine Shield Bureau.
      However, the name of the Divine Shield Bureau was too long, and even he felt like he was going around.
      It wasn’t that he could n’ t remember it. Instead, he felt like it was as troublesome as a tongue twister.
      Lu Yuan continued to explain a few things that Little Pepper needed to pay attention to.
      In the end, Little Pepper started to worry.” Why are you so worried about me?”
      It wasn’t because she had other thoughts, but because Little Pepper had noticed it. Lu Yuan seemed to have anticipated what she would encounter.
      Lu Yuan smiled wryly.” Big sister, didn’t you already tell me that O’ Badaya will be in a bad mood. After he takes away the Ark Reactor, he will rush to activate the Iron Tyrant.Although Tony and I would also rush over at the first moment, I was afraid of what kind of situation you would encounter.”Don’ t worry, I won’ t let you die.”
      The more he said that, the more scared Little Pepper became. Her face turned pale.
      At this moment, Tony brought his partner over and asked,” What’s wrong?”
      Lu Yuan shook his head. He had no intention of dancing with Little Pepper. He turned his hand and let Little Pepper spin and fall into Tony’s arms.
      Then, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the beautiful female celebrity. Then, he turned around and walked away dancing.
      Even Toni couldn’t help but whistle for this action.
      It looked like an old hand.
      The actress did not realize that she had already changed. She only cried out when she walked a long way out,” Who are you?”
      Lu Yuan said shamelessly,” New billionaire, I have a 100 million deposit. Do you want to develop it?”
      The female star first took a careful look at his appearance. Not to mention, she was still very handsome.
      But his words were a little too infuriating. He waved his hand and left.
      She was not such a person.
      Lu Yuan thoughtfully looked at the card that had appeared in his heart. Alright, maybe I’ll do it tonight.
      Shaking his head, Lu Yuan came to a bar on the dance floor. He snapped his fingers and asked for a glass of beer. Then, he said on the radio,” Tony, Little Pepper, you can move now. The old fox is hooked.”
      On the other side, Tony brought Little Pepper with him. The two of them were dancing as they deliberately leaned closer to the door. In the end, Little Pepper took advantage of the lack of attention and quietly left.
      The show was finally about to begin.
      At this moment, Obadiah had already personally driven the car and rushed to Tony’s villa as quickly as possible.
      On the other hand, Little Pepper had to wait by the roadside before taking a taxi to the Stark Group.
      Lil Pea didn’t drive herself. Previously, Harpy had driven her over. The normal procedure was to wait until the ball was over before she could pick her up.
      Wasn’ t this a temporary departure?
      That was why she was tragic. It was very difficult to take a taxi near here.
      But it shouldn’t have delayed anything.
      At the ball, Tony was close to Lu Yuan. The two of them sat together. He didn’t drink but asked for a glass of water.
      Because Tony knew that this night would not be peaceful, he would have a fierce battle.
      “Do you think I can win?”Tony asked Lu Yuan worriedly.
      Lu Yuan smiled.” He’s stupid, you’ re stupid too?You have me here, what are you afraid of?”After all, I’ m still your bodyguard. Don’ t worry.”
      As long as he said that, Tony would really be at ease.*

      35. That s, Superman Lu Yuan

      If someone else were to make this plan, Tony was really worried.
      Because Tony had heard about the Iron Tyrant’s design from Lu Yuan. It was a heavyweight design. It could be said that in a one-on-one battle, it could completely defeat Tony’s Iron Man battle suit.
      What was simple was that the armor was thicker, the strength was greater, the tonnage was stronger, and the firepower of weapons was stronger.
      The only weakness was that he wasn’t as flexible as Iron Man’s armor.
      But not breaking the defense was meaningless?
      So what was Lu Yuan’s confidence?
      Of course, that was his power.
      So far, O’Badaya had no idea that he was actually plotting against a tiger. It seemed like that was n’ t the right way to describe it. Anyway, it meant that. He didn’t know who he was talking to.
      Obadiah had no idea that the person in front of him had the power to easily kill him. He was even inferior to an ant in front of Lu Yuan.
      Lu Yuan really didn’t take him seriously. If he wanted to kill him, he could do it anytime.
      Until now, Lu Yuan was looking for a diversion.
      In any case, if he was idle, he would be able to earn some extra money. Why not?
      He had already made 130 million easily. Was there anything more profitable than this?If you have, don’t forget to bring me one.
      So, in Lu Yuan’s eyes, Tony’s worries were nothing.
      “You can’ t beat me. I will protect you.”
      When Lu Yuan said that, Tony was completely relieved. He wanted a glass of whisky.
      Lu Yuan was speechless. Was he letting himself go?
      However, he did not say anything. He was confident enough.
      The two of them were not in a hurry to move. They arrived at Jarvis’ side and confirmed that Obadiah had arrived.
      Little Pepper also heard that she had already arrived at the company and was about to go to Obadiah’s office.
      “It’s time for us to leave,” Lu Yuan and Tony got up and left.
      In the blink of an eye, the host of the party left.
      Fortunately, the party was still continuing. The company and the guests from all sides were also having fun. That was enough.
      They didn’t need to know anything, as long as they were happy.
      But for others, tonight was bound to be a sleepless night.
      Tony personally drove the car and rushed home with Lu Yuan.
      Lu Yuan was still halfway there when he called Obadiah to inform him that Tony was coming back. He already knew about his intrusion.
      At that time, Obadiah had just entered Tony’s studio when he saw the ark reactor that Tony had placed on the table.
      If Obadiah were to be more careful, he would definitely find that there was actually a ready-made ark reactor on Tony’s battle suit.
      Then with Obadiah’s vigilance, he might take that away.
      However, he was anxious. He knew that it was not suitable for him to stay here for a long time, so he quickly picked up the ark reactor that he had specially prepared for him and ran away.
      Only after Obadiah left did Tony and Lu Yuan finally return.
      The two of them went to the studio and found that the shoddy version of the Ark reactor had disappeared. They couldn’ t help but laugh in dismay.
      It was like a bad kid who had successfully pranked.
      “Looks like I’m going to perform on the stage,” Tony said as he handed the car keys to Lu Yuan and walked towards the armor.
      Jarvis had already received orders to control the mechanical arms around him and begin to wear them for him.
      The current Battle Clothes System was still lacking, especially when it came to wearing it.
      He believed that Tony would have time to slowly improve in the future, but not now.
      Lu Yuan lowered his head and looked at the car key in his hand. He turned and threw it away.
      There were even more changes. When Tony wore all his equipment and saw Lu Yuan again, he was stunned.
      There was a huge change in Lu Yuan’s body. He was wearing a deep blue tights, and even his boots were deep blue. If he didn’ t look carefully, he would have thought he was barefoot.
      Behind him was a long, deep red cloak that was almost dragging the ground. There were two large Ss on the back and on the chest.
      Among them, S was red, but there was a golden frame around S.
      Lu Yuan stood there with his arms crossed and smiled at Tony.” Although this is the stage I set up for you, I didn’t say that I wo n’ t play.”Maybe you really need my strength.”
      Tony opened his mouth and looked at Lu Yuan. Suddenly, he seemed to remember a comic book he had seen when he was young. There was a character called Superman inside that was exactly the same as Lu Yuan.
      Actually, there were DC comics in Marvel’s comics world.
      There were the same settings in the DC comics as well as Manway Comics.
      However, there was no such setting in the movie world. For example, in Leiting Shazan’s movie, the characters of children chasing stars were all super heroes.
      There were no comics like this in the Marvel movie.
      S?”Superman?”Tony pointed at Lu Yuan’s chest.
      Lu Yuan shook his head.” This isn’t Superman’s’S’. I said that my full name is Lu Yuan. This is the emblem and logo of our Al family. It represents hope.”Our Al family is one of the hope.”
      All the children of the Ayr family were told the meaning of this S from a young age.
      Of course, for Earth, that was only S.
      Tony shook his head and no longer asked, although he was also curious about how Lu Yuan had suddenly become so dressed.
      Actually, Lu Yuan had already reached the fifth dimension. Thinking about it, he even changed into Superman’s clothes, let alone him.
      This was also his former battle suit, but there were still more equipment, such as steel protective gear at the joints of his limbs and various weapons.
      But for him now, those were meaningless.
      This was a battle suit created with Lu Yuan’s own thoughts and the method of distorting reality. It was also the first time that he was floating a cloak of S in the universe.
      “Let’s prepare to set off. Let’s see what I’ll do when the time comes.” Tony warned Lu Yuan, meaning that he would go first. If he could n’ t, then he would change to Lu Yuan.
      “Eyes?”Where should I look at you?”
      Tony’s battle clothes were all high-tech, and his eyes were also securely protected. There were two things like probes for him to scan and observe the surroundings.
      So he couldn’t see his eyes at all, okay?
      “Then you can help me when I’m about to be defeated.” Tony could only speak bluntly, indicating that when he was about to lose, Lu Yuan could go.
      “If you had said that, I would have understood,” Lu Yuan laughed. His feet slowly left the ground, and the cloak behind him automatically rose. It seemed like this scene was extremely sacred.
      Tony couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment before he could react and slowly flew up.
      “Let’s see who arrives first,” Tony shouted as he charged out of the underground garage as fast as he could.
      Lu Yuan shook his head,” Let you take ten minutes first.”*

      36. Iron Overlord, finally activated

      The Stark Group’s building was still within the majestic building. Little Pepper had successfully infiltrated Obadiah’s office.
      At this moment, Obadiah was still on his way back.
      He turned on Obadiah’s laptop. Although he did n’ t know what the startup password was, as Little Pepper inserted the USB stick that Tony gave her into the USB interface, the settings inside started to work.
      There was no need for Little Pepper to personally make a move. There was no way to know what system was inside the USB stick. In short, the laptop started to work on its own. First, it was switched on normally, then it entered one page after another.
      Every hard drive on the computer was quickly scanned, and Little Pepper also saw some.
      Even the conversation between Obadiah and the gang of Ten Rings was recorded.
      It turned out that after the Ten Ring Gang plan failed, they had contacted Obadiah once.
      The Ten Ring Gang had suffered heavy losses that time. They wanted to get Obadiah to pay for their losses, mainly because they wanted to get more advanced weapons.
      They had received news that Tony had brought more advanced weapons this time.
      They wanted to.
      Whether Obadiah agreed or not, this video was kept.
      It wasn’t recorded by O’ Badaya himself. It was probably because he was too old and didn’t know how to control these high-tech products. Perhaps it was the recording function of the computer.
      Perhaps it was automatically saved. After a while, it would be automatically cleared.
      The result was now seen by Little Pepper.
      Little Chili felt her entire body go cold. Although she had heard about the causes and consequences of this incident, she could not help but feel a chill in her heart until she had truly grasped the evidence that Obadiah was the mastermind behind Tony’s attack.
      He actually had the heart to do this?
      The USB stick was still trying to crack the information in the computer. The more it cracked, the more terrifying it was.
      Obadiah was not only ambitious but also greedy.
      That was why he even dared to contact the Ten Ring Gang and do business.
      What else was he afraid of?
      With Obadiah’s power and status, this guy had been secretly doing private business with others. Moreover, he was carrying the company behind his back, which was equivalent to stealing the company’s wealth.
      This did not count. O’Badaya’s plan to assassinate Tony did not count. He even had his next plan ready.
      That was to say, Lu Yuan had contacted him in advance. Otherwise, Obadiah’s next plan was about to begin.
      If there was no other way, Obadiah would even buy a woman for Tony.
      Actually, he had already bought it all. That beautiful woman was someone by Tony’s side, a flight attendant who had been on Tony’s private plane all year round.
      Obadiah was desperate to assassinate Tony.
      Seeing this, Little Pepper finally didn’t hesitate any longer. She took out her handbag and found her phone. She called the name card Lu Yuan gave her.
      Actually, the name card Lu Yuan gave Little Pepper Colson was to hope that Little Pepper would beat her when she encountered a situation. He did not let her beat her at this time.
      But Lu Yuan should have guessed that Little Pepper might be fighting, right?
      Colson arrived as agreed and quickly rushed over with a small team.
      While Little Pepper was out to welcome Colson, Obadiah had already returned quietly.
      He took the Ark Reactor that had just been stolen from Tony’s studio and quickly entered his studio.
      The Iron Tyrant King had already been built. On the basis of Mark’s first-generation battle suit, he added armor according to Lu Yuan’s direction.
      The increase in armor also increased the weight.
      In order for the Iron Tyrant to have sufficient mobility and even fly, it had to improve in other aspects.
      In short, the Iron Tyrant finally became a big guy. It was three meters tall and had a wide shoulder and a round back.
      This was a big guy, worthy of the title of Iron Tyrant.
      Iron Tyrant’s body was covered in iron grey, giving off a terrifying aura.
      Unfortunately, the Iron Tyrant was unable to start because it lacked energy.
      At this moment, O’Badaya carefully placed the ark reactor that had been stolen into the energy room that had been prepared from the start.
      Iron Tyrant’s eyes finally lit up with a red light.
      Obadiah’s eyes lit up, and his face revealed undisguised joy.
      Suddenly, there was a commotion outside.
      Logically speaking, there was no doubt about the soundproof effect of the studio. There were times when the studio would knock and beat around the bush. It was absolutely impossible to hear outside.
      However, Obadiah had a ghost in his heart. Naturally, he had been prepared. So, through the surveillance equipment, he saw Little Pepper at the door, constantly using her identity card to access the door.
      Of course, that was useless. O’Badaya had already invalidated all of his identities except his own.
      It was useless even if Tony came.
      However, Obadiah discovered that behind Little Pepper was a group of guys wearing black suits.
      Cole Sen, who was leading the group, saw that Little Pepper could not open the door. He was still wondering,” Why can’ t I open this door?”
      Little Pepper already knew in the information that the Iron Tyrant was about to be completed. She also knew about Lu Yuan and Tony’s plans. She guessed that O’ Badaya was hiding here right now and wanted to capture O’Badaya in advance. She was worried that O’ Badaya would threaten Tony.
      Of course, she had good intentions, but good intentions would also do bad things.
      She had no idea that Lu Yuan and Tony were planning to kill Obadiah.
      Colson stretched out his hand and pulled the little pepper away.” Please move aside.”
      As he spoke, Colson took something from the person behind him and placed it on the door. He also placed it on the door lock accurately.
      Obadiah had been watching this all the time. An angry expression flashed across his face as he muttered,” I originally wanted to directly kill Tony. Since you guys don’t know what to do, then I’ ll take you out first.”
      As he spoke, O’Badaya sat directly in the Iron Tyrant’s cockpit and could finally activate this big guy.
      On the other side of the entrance, Colson successfully broke through the door. A group of people rushed in from outside.
      But they didn’t find O’ Badaya’s whereabouts. There seemed to be no one here.
      Then, a huge steel body rushed out from the darkness.
      Even the people from Divine Shield Bureau were stunned. They were sent flying by Iron Tyrant’s slap.
      Even Colson managed to dodge.
      “What is this?”
      Someone was exclaiming, Transformers?Did he come to the wrong venue?
      Colson revealed a thoughtful expression. In the past few days, they had been paying attention to one thing, or one person, that was the so-called Iron Man.
      Now that he saw this big guy, he seemed to have something to do with that Iron Man?
      Just as Colson was thinking, another iron lump suddenly rushed in from outside.
      This was the real Iron Man. Tony arrived in time.*

      37. Obadiah, you’ve found the wrong opponent

      In the spacious room, two iron men stood opposite one another.
      “Tony, look at my armor. I’ve developed more weapons than you,” Obadiah said impatiently.
      Tony?Tony Stark?
      Colson did not know what he was thinking.
      At this moment, another steel body rushed in from outside.
      It was Lu Yuan.
      However, his steel body meant his own strong defense. He did not rely on armor, but his own strength.
      Lu Yuan, who had changed into the Ayr family’s unique battle suit, had a face full of justice. He landed in front of Colson and Little Pepper and said without looking back,” You can’ t help anymore. You can retreat.”
      Little Pepper covered her mouth and looked at Lu Yuan in disbelief.
      It was well known that Superman had no mask. Superman would never hide his appearance.
      Because Superman represented absolute justice and hope, he naturally would not’sneak’.
      But no one had ever discovered that Ke Lake was Superman, so why?
      Actually, according to the original setting, Ke Lake had disguised himself normally. It was not just as simple as wearing glasses. The original setting was that the glasses were high-tech equipment of Kryptonian, which could make people ignore the appearance of Ke Lake.
      Later on, Ke Lake had the ability to hypnotize, allowing others to separate themselves from Superman.
      Later on, Ke Lake even had the ability to change his appearance and details.
      Therefore, no one had ever discovered that the reporter Ke Lake was actually Superman.
      However, Lu Yuan did not make any changes here. He changed into his original clothes and directly showed his true face.
      To Lu Yuan, this was nothing.
      He did not care about exposing his identity at all, because this was not his world. No one who could worry about would be attacked by the enemy because of his identity.
      If there was one, then we should take care of the enemy.
      Actually, Lu Yuan had already revealed his methods when he first came to this world. He had killed all the members of the Ten Ring Gang.
      Although he hadn’t done anything recently, when he did, he would understand his personality.
      Because of Lu Yuan’s current appearance, Little Pepper was already in chaos. What was going on?
      On the other hand, Colson nodded to Lu Yuan. He did not feel surprised. The reason was that Lu Yuan had already contacted S.H.I.E. Shield, or that Colson had led Lu Yuan there.
      “I’ll leave this place to you.” Colson did not force it. He immediately led the people he had brought with him and escorted Little Pepper out.
      At this moment, Iron Tyrant O’Badaya also discovered Lu Yuan.
      “It’s you?”Obadiah asked Iron Tyrant to turn his head to look in Lu Yuan’s direction. He shouted in anger,” You’ ve been deceiving me all this time?”
      Seeing that Lu Yuan and Tony had entered together and reacted so quickly, O’Badaya could n’ t guess that they had joined forces to scheme against him. It would really be useless.
      Tony spoke before Lu Yuan and said with a cold smile,” I’ ve lost my dao and no help, Obadiah, I trust you so much. I didn’ t expect you to kill me?”
      “Tony, this company was originally founded by your father and I, but it belongs to you, Stark. It doesn’t even have my name.” O’ Badaya said coldly.”And as you grow up, this company will fall into your hands sooner or later. Do you think I will admit defeat willingly?”
      Tony felt a sense of sadness in his heart. He had never thought of taking the company away, and he would not chase Obadiah away.
      In fact, he was a playboy. Making money, picking up girls, eating, drinking and playing were his greatest ideals.
      In the end, it turned into the current situation.
      “Are you guys not fighting?”At the side, Lu Yuan didn’t think it was a big deal. He floated up and sat on a console. He was even raising his legs and stimulating the two of them.” You guys are like this, can you still chat?”Why don’ t you fight to the death?”
      O’Badaya was anxious. He finally understood that from the very beginning, Lu Yuan had been trying to trick him. However, he had always thought that Lu Yuan was a greedy person and could not deceive him.
      In the end, he was still fooled. Judging from the situation, he knew that Lu Yuan did not betray Tony. It was very likely that the two of them had planned it out from the start.
      With that thought, Obadiah’s hatred towards Lu Yuan had surpassed Tony’s. He subconsciously raised his hand.
      From Iron Tyrant’s mechanical right arm, a 20mm caliber gatling machine gun started to rotate.
      The next moment, the terrifying weapon roared. A rain of bullets covered Lu Yuan. In the blink of an eye, a bullet chain was released.
      “Hahahaha,” O’Badaya laughed proudly. This was the end of going against him.
      However, after the smoke caused by the machine gun dispersed, Lu Yuan’s undamaged appearance reappeared in his eyes, not even moving his position. He continued to sit there.
      Lu Yuan lowered his head to look at the pile of bullet fragments that had fallen on his body. He shook his head speechlessly,” Shooter, you wash my clothes for me?”
      But in reality, his clothes were still intact. This was because it was changed with his ability. It was equivalent to being tied to his strength. He had as much defense as he had.
      Although the armor was thin, even if Iron Man’s armor was combined with Iron Tyrant’s armor, it couldn’t be compared.
      “Tony, if you watch the show again, I’ll take action,” Lu Yuan said to Tony who was watching the show as he swept away the bullet fragments on his body.
      Tony was about to speak when he saw Iron Tyrant activate his weapon again.
      Iron Tyrant installed the machine gun on his right hand, while on his left hand was a six-shot missile.
      And there were anti-tank rockets on his shoulder.
      Now, Obadiah did not believe it. He aimed the missile at Lu Yuan and fired it.
      The six missiles whistled as they arrived in front of Lu Yuan.
      “Bang bang bang….”
      The huge explosion caused a boom and shock waves.
      O’Badaya was n’ t in a hurry to be pleased. Instead, she stared at him.
      Until the dust settled, the intact Lu Yuan appeared again.
      He continued to raise his legs and leaned against the equipment behind him. He supported his head with a shelf in his left hand and sighed.” If you know it’s useless, you still have to continue. Should it be courage or cerebral palsy?”And Tony, are you sure you want to watch the show?”
      Tony finally stopped being silent. Actually, he wanted to see Lu Yuan’s strength, but he only knew that Lu Yuan’s defense was too terrifying.
      That was a machine gun with a caliber of 20mm. It could already be called a cannon.
      And the missiles couldn’t be destroyed?
      As Tony thought about it, he walked closer to Iron Tyrant.
      Just as Tony was about to say a few more words, Iron Tyrant took the lead and swept his palm over Tony, sending him flying backwards.
      Obadiah did not chase after Tony. Instead, he charged towards Lu Yuan and roared,” I don’ t believe it. I want to kill you.”
      Lu Yuan stood up helplessly,” You’ ve found the wrong opponent.”*

      38. Iron Tyrant’s armor was very strong?Dismantle you

      Lu Yuan was speechless. Originally, he had only followed him as a bodyguard, so he could help Tony at a critical moment.
      But he never thought that he would become O’Badaya’s first target.
      Wasn’t the aggro value too high?
      Wasn’t it just lying to 130 million?Wasn’t it just the next trick?As for that?
      Was that not the case?
      He was too pit, blood pit.
      “I’m going to kill you,” Obadiah roared. Seeing that the weapons on his body could n’ t do anything to Lu Yuan, he rushed over and brandished the terrifying iron fist of the Iron Tyrant.
      With a’bang’, the iron fist stopped in front of Lu Yuan.
      Lu Yuan slowly floated up into the air. He raised his hand and blocked the Iron Tyrant’s attack.
      O’Badaya gritted his teeth and continued to use the Iron Tyrant’s arm as much as he could. He also controlled his other hand to swing over.
      In the end, Lu Yuan was completely calm. He raised his other hand again and blocked Iron Tyrant’s attack.
      “Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.”Even the weapons you carried can’ t do anything to me, let alone the punches and kicks?”
      As he spoke, Lu Yuan was about to use his strength to pull off Iron Tyrant’s arms.
      Suddenly, Tony, who was knocked flying, rushed back and quickly grabbed Iron Tyrant’s waist and rushed out from the side.
      Lu Yuan released his hand in time. Otherwise, Tony would not be able to take the Iron Tyrant away.
      Even the walls of the studio that had been built with Stark Group’s heavy investment had been pierced through.
      Two steel monsters rushed into the street.
      “Bang bang bang.”
      There was a sound of steel fighting outside. It was obvious that Tony and Iron Tyrant were fighting.
      Lu Yuan was just about to sit down again when he felt that it was best to leave it to Tony.
      In the end, Iron Tyrant’s body entered the hole again.
      It turned out that Obadiah had used the Iron Tyrant’s tonnage and strength as well as his powerful armor to forcefully send Tony flying again.
      To be honest, the Iron Tyrant wasn’t flexible enough, but it had crushed Iron Man’s armor in almost every aspect.
      Of course, Iron Tyrant only had the advantage right now. It wasn’t that Tony could n’ t develop a heavy armor.
      Not to mention the anti-Hock warframe bullying, such as Mark 38, even a heavy warframe, performance can surpass Iron Tyrant.
      Of course, it must not be thirty-eight generations yet.
      As a result, Tony’s side suffered a small loss. Iron Tyrant had always ignored his attacks, and Iron Tyrant’s counterattack could make him suffer.
      It was just that Lu Yuan had not expected that O’Badaya would not give up on him. After sending Tony flying, he would look for him again.
      Lu Yuan was amused.” Since you insist on courting death, I’ ll help you.”
      As he spoke, Lu Yuan finally decided to attack. He turned into a shadow and instantly arrived before Iron Tyrant.
      Obadiah’s Iron Tyrant also had a system to assist him in locating the enemy and aiming his weapons.
      However, he could not catch Lu Yuan’s movements because Lu Yuan was too fast and could easily surpass the speed of light.
      It would take eight minutes for light to reach Earth from the sun, but Lu Yuan didn’t need it. He only needed an instant.
      At least, it could be considered that Lu Yuan’s speed had reached eight-minute multiples of the speed of light. His speed had exceeded the speed of light for eight minutes.
      One minute, sixty seconds, eight minutes, four hundred and eighty seconds.
      It could also be considered that it was 480 times the speed of light.
      Moreover, this was only because the distance between Earth and the sun was only eight minutes. This was only the result that had been obtained so far, perhaps even faster.
      Not to mention that Obadiah couldn’t keep up with Lu Yuan’s speed, even though he was hiding a dragon and a tiger on Earth, it was far beyond his reach. Even Gu Yi couldn’t compare speed.
      Unless Gu Yi played magic.
      He was a supreme mage, right?
      Back in front of him.
      Lu Yuan arrived in front of the Iron Overlord in an instant. This time, he no longer showed any mercy. He raised his hand and grabbed the Iron Overlord’s head.
      The originally sturdy steel barrier was like a piece of paper. It was pulled down by Lu Yuan.
      Obadiah was exposed in front of Lu Yuan. He looked at Lu Yuan foolishly with a face full of confusion.
      He had personally supervised the Iron Tyrant’s creation, and he had decided on the materials to use. Other than not having tested it, his armor had been tested countless times.
      Even the best armor-piercing bullets and even the anti-tank equipment were unable to pierce through the Iron Tyrant’s armor, leaving no traces.
      This thing was even more terrifying than a tank.
      In the end, in Lu Yuan’s hands, it was no different from paper.
      This person was too terrifying, right?
      Obadiah was stunned. He seemed to be at a loss.
      Lu Yuanchong smiled at Obadiah. His movements were not fast. Instead, he slowly lifted his steel arms and raised a foot against Iron Tyrant’s chest armor.
      Just as Obadiah was confused, he did not know what he was going to do.
      Lu Yuan used both of his hands at the same time. With a’ click’sound, he actually broke Iron Tyrant’s hands again.
      “No,” O’Badaya cried out in sorrow. He was not hurt at all. His cockpit did not have anything to do with his limbs, unlike Tony, whose entire body was covered in armor.
      Obadiah was feeling heartache and despair. If Lu Yuan continued to tear down the Iron Tyrant and turn it into a pile of scrap iron, then he would no longer be able to do anything.
      At that time, not to mention threatening Tony, he might be sent to prison by Tony immediately.
      However, Lu Yuan did not move. He even reached out his hand and pushed Iron Tyrant down. Then, he grabbed Iron Tyrant’s feet with one hand.
      In the blink of an eye, the mighty Iron Tyrant was torn apart by Lu Yuan. Now, there was only a huge iron belly left, while Obadiah was still sitting in the cockpit.
      Lu Yuan clapped his hands and said that he had never put Iron Tyrant and O’Badaya in his eyes since the very beginning. That was why he had lied to O’ Badaya back then because he truly sincere and gave it to O’Badaya with real technology.
      So what if he developed Iron Tyrant?In front of Lu Yuan, wasn’t it just a bunch of scrap metal?
      Tony came back and stood by the side of the hole on the wall. There was a complicated expression on his face inside the armor.
      Since Lu Yuan could tear down the iron overlord, he could tear down his armor.
      What’s more, he had originally agreed that it was his stage and home ground, but now?
      O’Badaya was his father’s friend after all, and he was also his mentor and friend. But now that it had reached this point, his heart could not help but sigh.
      “Hand him over to me,” Tony still felt pity.
      Lu Yuan smiled. He pointed at the iron belly of the Iron Tyrant. There was an ark reactor there, but that was a bad version.
      “Do you still remember why I asked you to make a bad version?”
      Tony’s expression instantly changed.*

      39. Obadiah, must die

      Of course, Tony remembered and understood what Lu Yuan meant.
      This design had been made from the start to kill Obadiah. He hadn’t planned to spare his life from the start, had he?
      “But,” Tony wanted to say something.
      Lu Yuan narrowed his eyes and looked at Tony.” The blueprints are my idea, whether it’s his Iron Tyrant or your Iron Man battle suit.”Do you think I will allow him to reveal it?”
      Of course, it was also because of Lu Yuan’s relationship. Everything that Tony should have experienced had been messed up.
      This could be considered as a compensation for Lu Yuan.
      In fact, Lu Yuan had only mentioned an idea. His drawings were not drawings at all. Even children could draw more than him.
      Mark Twain’s blueprints were made by Tony himself.
      But no matter what, Lu Yuan didn’t want O’ Badaya to be revealed to a country. Otherwise, there would be endless future troubles.
      Because Lu Yuan did not have a good impression of a country, and he was confident that once a country mastered this technology, they would definitely cause a new world-class war.
      Only a certain country thought that it was the so-called world police and that it was protecting world peace.
      But in reality?
      Don’t joke. Only when a country dies will the world be peaceful.
      However, Lu Yuan didn’t want to do that. One was someone from a country or an innocent civilian. The other was an outsider after all. Now, he was an alien. Once he made a move, many things would go wrong.
      Conquer the world?
      He had never thought about it.
      It was easy to destroy a world. It was easy to destroy a planet with one punch.
      But it was not easy to manage a world or even save a world.
      He would not cause trouble.
      “He must die,” Lu Yuan pointed at Obadiah who was still lying there.
      Obadiah’s face was ashen, his face and eyes filled with despair.
      He seemed to have ignored the conversation between the two of them and everything else.
      Ever since the Iron Tyrant King was easily broken by Lu Yuan, he had already understood that he could only stop there.
      His ambition, his pride, and even his hard work were all destroyed.
      He had been proud to think that his Iron Tyrant had surpassed Tony’s armor.
      But what if he surpassed Tony?In front of Lu Yuan, it was meaningless.
      So when Lu Yuan said that he was going to kill him, Obadiah did not react.
      “I’ve never known that you’ re still such a soft-hearted person,” said Tony.Since you were so soft-hearted, why would you sell weapons as a weapons merchant?”Do you know how many people your weapon killed?”
      Lu Yuan found it funny,” False.”
      Tony had nothing to say.
      If it was in the past, he had countless excuses to quibble.
      But now, Tony was different. He had seen the evil deeds of the Ten Ring Gang and seen it with his own eyes. The weapons of the Ten Ring Gang came from his company.
      It was the Stark Group that was helping out. Even if it wasn’t him, O’ Badaya had contacted the Ten Ring Gang behind his back. But could he really be at ease?
      So, Tony finally took a step back.
      Lu Yuan nodded in satisfaction and asked him to continue retreating until he left the studio.
      Only then did Lu Yuan turn his gaze back to O’Badaya. His eyes began to shine slowly. Finally, he released two golden rays of heat and aimed at the shoddy version of the Ark Reactor embedded in the iron overlord’s chest.
      The original plan wasn’t like this, but the plan did n’ t change quickly. Since Obadiah had to find Lu Yuan to be his opponent if he wanted to die, it could only help him.
      Perhaps this was called begging to die?
      As the terrifying heat rays touched the Ark’s reactor, the unstable nuclear element was activated.
      In fact, the heat rays came from the sun’s heat energy. It could be considered that the light stored in the body was converted into heat rays.
      That was why it was possible that there were also nuclear elements.
      At this moment, the low-quality version of the Ark Reactor finally reached its limit. With a huge boom, the entire studio was blown away.
      The huge Stark Building trembled and the ground shook.
      Cole Sen and the others, who had retreated in advance, subconsciously squatted down and turned to look at the nearby Stark Building. Their expressions were grave.
      This was the most prosperous part of New York. If they continued to unleash such a terrifying momentum, they would not be able to explain to the outside world, and they were worried that they would cause a large number of casualties.
      Fortunately, the explosion only happened once, and then it subsided.
      Colson let out a sigh of relief. He guessed that the battle was over. After hesitating for a moment, he would bring someone back to check the situation.
      Little Chili wanted to go back together.
      However, when they returned to the scene, they found that there was nothing but a mess.
      Even if there were still some parts left in Iron Tyrant’s body, they were melted by Lu Yuan with terrifying heat rays.
      As for Obadiah, there was no need to mention it. The explosion point of the Ark reactor was on him, and it was instantly gone.
      Meanwhile, Lu Yuan and Tony had already left. Even if their identities had been exposed, it would not be easy to be so brazen, right?
      As a result, they left decisively before there was a commotion.
      On the way, Tony called Little Pepper to report his safety. He also told Little Pepper to prepare for a press conference and how to explain the explosion tonight.
      At this point, the Iron Tyrant Obadiah incident was finally over.
      However, because of Lu Yuan’s chaotic relationship, Tony did n’ t enjoy himself. He didn’t contribute much at all. Lu Yuan had already solved it.
      “It was agreed at that time. You only took action when I couldn’t fight.” Tony complained after he went back to change his clothes.
      Lu Yuan had already cleaned up Superman’s outfit. After all, he had changed his abilities. After that, he would change back to his original suit.
      He spread out his hands and Lu Yuan began to shirk his responsibility.” Didn’ t you get beaten up?”
      Tony was speechless. He did not expect that the Iron Tyrant’s performance would be so good. Its tonnage was even heavier, its strength was even greater, its armor was even stronger, and it carried more weapons than him.
      Apart from being flexible, Tony could not find a way to defeat Iron Tyrant.
      Maybe he should continue developing his battle clothes?
      For example, creating a big guy like Iron Tyrant?Or a lighter and more flexible armor?
      “There’s still energy,” Lu Yuan said as if he had guessed what Tony was thinking.”Palladium element is not stable after all. Maybe we can find a new element that can be replaced.”
      Tony smiled bitterly. Even if he was a genius, how could he say that he could discover a new element?
      His eyes suddenly lit up. Wasn’t there an alien with a higher level of technology than Earth?Perhaps he knew something?
      Lu Yuan smiled.” Want to know?”
      Tony nodded.
      Lu Yuan was happy as well.” You have to add money.”
      Tony was about to continue to agree, but he immediately stopped. He looked at Lu Yuan with a look of suspicion.” Don’ t tell me you’ re planning to cheat me, right?”
      How smart. Actually, Tony’s father had long discovered a new element that could replace palladium.*

      40. Lu Yuan: I am Iron Man, Tony: I am

      Unfortunately, he couldn’t make a fool of Tony. Otherwise, Lu Yuan’s assets would be doubled again.
      That was a new element, and it was a new element that could replace palladium. This was very important.
      This was because in the World Settings of Marvel, Howard invented the first atomic bomb in a country.
      Howard had long discovered that the palladium element was unstable. That was why he had searched for, observed, and discovered this more stable new element.
      It was a pity that Howard was limited by generations. He could only think of a way to leave it to Tony.
      That was why it was said that if Howard was still alive, there would be nothing else for Tony.
      A genius father who could even educate a genius son after he died, it had to be said that Howard was really amazing.
      Of course, this wasn’t the time. It was n’ t because Lu Yuan had to cheat Tony for a large sum of money, nor was it because of other reasons. It was because there were still many things to do.
      Obadiah had died. As one of the largest shareholders of the Stark Group, Obadiah had always been a man of fame and fortune.
      But he suddenly died. He had to give someone an explanation.
      Tony already had enough evidence to prove his guilt, including Colson. It was indeed O’Bardia who attacked others first.
      However, in the end, S.H.I.E. Shield didn’t choose to announce Obadiah’s crime certificate and cause of death. Instead, it told Tony to publicly declare that Obadiah had died from the plane crash.
      Why was it like this?
      Because Stark Industry had always been one of the important sources of tax revenue in a country, and it still supported the livelihood of many people.
      On the other hand, Obadiah had colluded with the Ten Rings Gang. The Ten Rings Gang was an enemy of a certain country. Once this evidence was made public, due to Obadiah’s position in the Stark Group, it would inevitably cause the Stark Group’s reputation to plummet.
      No matter how one looked at it, making him disappear silently was the best choice.
      From this point of view, it could be seen that S.H.I.E.I.D. Bureau’s view of the overall situation, as well as its loyalty to a certain country.
      Lu Yuan sneered and felt disdain in his heart.
      That was why he would not join S.H.I. Shield because S.H.I. Shield was one of the branches of the United Nations. Logically speaking, it should work for the United Nations.
      But in reality?However, they had always regarded a country as their core. They were just a dog in a country.
      Wouldn’ t joining them be equivalent to becoming a dog in a country?
      Lu Yuan was still thinking of smashing a country with one punch. How could he join such an organization?
      Apart from that, at the press conference held last night, regarding the sudden incident of the Stark Group’s explosion, Tony half-truths said that he had been attacked by someone. Finally, he was saved by the Iron Man who had been talked about recently.
      Because of the mention of Iron Man, the reporters on the scene asked excitedly, wanting to know who Iron Man was.
      Before the press conference, Tony was stuffed with a piece of paper, which was the script for the speech. It was written on it that told him to pass the buck to the bodyguard.
      He said the same:” It’s my bodyguard.”
      Lu Yuan stood up in time and waved at everyone.” That’s right, it’s me.”
      Tony, as well as Little Pepper, and even Coles in the crowd looked at him.
      Are you a Iron Man?Didn’t you call yourself Superman?
      But Lu Yuan didn’t mind at all. He even blinked at Tony. He meant that since you did n’ t want this title, he wouldn’t be polite.
      Tony endured it, but he was not the kind of person who would be willing to walk through the night in a brocade robe. As a result, he finally couldn’t hold back.” Actually, I’ m the Iron Man.”That’s right. I’ m the Iron Man.”
      In an instant, the entire room was boiling. Before the reporters could react, they turned into waves of servants, instantly drowning Tony.
      After all, Lu Yuan was still a bodyguard. He had no choice but to step forward to protect Tony, worried that he would be attacked by the chaos.
      The result was that Lu Yuan himself had been stepped on several times in the chaos.
      He turned his head to look. It turned out that he was a beautiful reporter, and he was very good-looking.
      Speaking of which, wasn’t this the big beauty that Lu Yuan had been in contact with at the party that day?
      At that time, Lu Yuan thought that she was a celebrity, so she was a reporter.
      “What’s going on?”The reporter approached Lu Yuan. Because the two of them had known each other, he wanted to ask for some information from him.
      Lu Yuan rolled his eyes.” You want to know the inside story?”
      The latter nodded.
      Lu Yuan smiled.”No, you don’ t need money.”
      Seeing his slutty appearance, the beautiful reporter was so angry that her teeth tickled and she said fiercely,” Then I might as well go find Tony directly.”
      Well, it seems like this is really the case.
      Tony, a playboy, as long as he was a beautiful woman, he would not reject anyone.
      Moreover, he had already revealed that he was a Iron Man. Of course, there was no need to worry.
      Lu Yuan didn’t care either. As a woman, there were plenty of things he wanted.
      There were not many others on Earth, but there were many humans.
      He hadn’t met a girl who could make him fall in love with him. Otherwise, he would definitely catch up.
      Forget it.
      Because Tony had exposed his identity as a Iron Man, this press conference obviously could not continue.
      However, Tony finally said,” Due to the departure of Obadiah, we decided to transfer the shares held by Obadiah to Mr. Lu Yuan.”
      Lu Yuan, a former bodyguard, had turned into another giant of the Stark Group, replacing Obadiah as one of the largest shareholders.
      Others were still shocked. Only Lu Yuan knew that Tony wouldn’t buy or sell at a loss. It was better to say that Tony was too smart.
      Since Lu Yuan had become one of the bosses of this company, could he not bring out the advanced technologies that were more advanced than Earth for the sake of developing the company?
      Even if it was just to buy Lu Yuan’s strength, it was still worth it.
      Even Iron Tyrant looked like a thin piece of paper in front of Lu Yuan, let alone Tony’s battle clothes?
      Tony was not stupid. Even if it was just to protect his life, he had to firmly tie Lu Yuan and himself together.
      Otherwise, with Tony’s character of offending people all over the world, there might be someone willing to spend 100 million to take their own lives.
      Obadiah was also stupid. He might as well take out a bargaining chip that could move Lu Yuan and let him kill Tony. Then there would be nothing left.
      In short, Obadiah’s death did n’ t cause too much of a stir. It just passed peacefully.
      On the other hand, Lu Yuan became the biggest winner. Not only did he cheat Obadaia for 130 million, he even gained 40% of the shares. That was from Tony Bai to Lu Yuan. As for how much money he spent to buy back these shares, it had nothing to do with Lu Yuan.
      Anyway, Tony only had the most money.
      He spoke again.
      Just before the press conference was over, Lu Yuan was about to leave with Tony and Little Pepper.
      Coles found him and said to Lu Yuan,” The boss wants to see you.”
      Lu Yuan raised an eyebrow, a smile on his face, but his words were cold.” If he wants to see me, I have to go?Looks like my last words weren’t clear yet?Or did it have to be like the comments section said that you would be afraid of my power if I killed a state with one punch?”Get him over here.”
      Colson coughed lightly and said with an unconcerned expression,” How could Miss Boz have my name card?”
      Lu Yuan looked at Colson.” Not at all, right?”Are you sure you want to waste my favor?”
      Well, he owed Colson a favor. In the end, he could only obediently follow Colson to meet Frey.*

      41. Bye, Frey. Avengers Alliance plan

      Because he gave Little Pepper that name card, Lu Yuan owed Colson a favor.
      No matter what, he came with a single phone call. Could this person return it?
      Lu Yuan was also a person who didn’t like to owe people. He had no choice but to follow Colson on his way to see Frey again.
      Originally, this was a business card given to protect Little Pepper. Logically speaking, it should be Tony.
      However, the relationship between Tony and Little Pepper had not yet been confirmed. Another one was that Tony had already given a lot of things. Even his own company’s shares had been given a small half Tony’s shares were actually only 40%. Apart from Lu Yuan’s shares that originally belonged to Obadiah, the remaining 20% was held by other shareholders.
      After thinking about it, it was time to do something for Tony.
      It was still the safe house, but this time, there was no one else. Apart from Colson, only Frey was waiting for Lu Yuan.
      “Oh?”Is it still here?”Lu Yuan looked at the situation in the room and found that besides the equipment that was originally used as a safe house had been removed, this place was still preserved.
      As an emergency safe house, many emergency equipment, such as weapons, would be prepared here.
      But since it was activated last time, this place could no longer be used.
      The reason why a safe house was called a safe house was that it was secretive and not even its own people knew about it. Only a few supreme commanders had control over its location.
      Especially between agents, sometimes even their own people were enemies.
      So the role of the safe house was even more important.
      “You need to find me?”Lu Yuan didn’t hold back either. He found a chair and sat down. He looked at Ferey.” I already understand my attitude last time, right?”I won’ t join Divine Shield Bureau.”
      Frey nodded to show that he still remembered his reply, but he couldn’t help but ask,” Why?”You seem to have a lot of resistance towards the Divine Shield Bureau?”
      Lu Yuan smiled.” Nonsense, you don’ t even know that there is a Nine-Headed Snake among you. I don’ t like to be teammates with fools.”
      Even Lu Yuan knew that the highest commander of the Divine Shield Bureau was the highest commander of the Nine-Headed Serpent.
      Although Nickfrey was the director of the Bureau of Divine Shield, the Bureau of Divine Shield was on the surface working for the United Nations, so there was still a position above Nickfrey’s director.
      And that person was Nine-Headed Snake.
      One could imagine the current situation of Divine Shield.
      Lu Yuan thought to himself that even you guys couldn’t do anything inside him, so he did n’ t want to get into a mess.
      The main thing was.
      “Another one. You guys say you’re working for the United Nations, but are n’ t you actually working for a country?That’s why it’s useless. I won’t join any forces. Instead, I’ ll say that my country doesn’t have a good impression of you. As for the reason, I wo n’ t say anything. You know it yourself.” Lu Yuan didn’t hold back this time.
      The last time they were polite, they expressed goodwill and did not want to cause trouble.
      He didn’t want to go to war with a country easily. It was n’ t that he couldn’t defeat it. It was precisely because he could easily destroy a country. At that time, it would only make other countries become enemies with him under the fear of death.
      When the time came, he would hide with his tail between his legs?Or did he wipe out the entire world?
      Lu Yuan himself said that he did not come to Earth to conquer Earth. He did not have that much ambition.
      He only wanted to live peacefully on Earth, that was all.
      But if Frey thought he would compromise because of this, he would be afraid, and that would be a big mistake.
      They would even pay for this.
      Frey looked deeply at Lu Yuan.
      Frey understood. Lu Yuan knew a lot of things. He was not an ignorant fool.
      It seemed like there was no way to fool around anymore.
      “Alright, then I won’t force you anymore.But I have one thing to explain clearly.The Divine Shield Bureau was indeed a subordinate organization of the United Nations. We were not just working for a country.”There’s one thing you need to understand. We’ re attacking the enemy of the United Nations, and the people who cause trouble in other countries are their troops. It has nothing to do with us.”
      The main enemies of the Divine Shield Bureau were the Nine-Headed Snake and other’terrifying’ forces.
      S.H.I.E. Shield would not help a country to infiltrate other countries.
      The reason why he looked like he was working for a country.
      “Maybe it’s because the headquarters of the Divine Shield Bureau and the headquarters of the United Nations are in a certain country, that’s why you misunderstood.”Actually, it’s not like that.” Frey made a guess. Maybe Lu Yuan had misunderstood for this reason.
      But was it really a misunderstanding?
      Lu Yuan was too lazy to argue with him.” SO?”Can I go back now?”
      “Don’t worry. I know it’s not easy to invite you here, and this is the only chance.” Frey was the head of an agent. How could he not understand the reasoning? He knew that Lu Yuan did not have a good impression of him.
      Therefore, he didn’t want to talk about it. He took out a document and handed it to Lu Yuan.
      Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows and took a suspicious glance at Frey before taking the document.
      After a few glances, Lu Yuan threw the document away and stood up and left.
      Ma Dan, Avengers Alliance?The problem was, why did he find him?
      It turned out that the document was the plan of the Avengers Alliance. Frey wanted to gather a team of people with super powers or special abilities to form a special team.
      This team was only related to Divine Shield Bureau in name, but it was not the same.
      In other words, the Avengers would not need to obey the command and dispatch of the S.H.I. Shield Bureau, so the S.H.I. Shield Bureau would not pay.
      This team would be prepared to deal with special events when needed.
      For example, facing the large-scale invasion of the Qitarui army, or the mechanical army of Ochuang, or even the army of annihilation.
      But usually, the Avengers would still maintain their lives.
      Everyone knew what the Avengers Alliance represented in the Maneuvering World, just like the position of the Justice Alliance in the DC universe.
      However, Lu Yuan was not interested at all. He threw the document away and turned to leave.
      “Wait, are you not interested?”Frey shouted from behind.
      Lu Yuan didn’ t even turn back and said coldly,” What nonsense are you talking about? According to your documents, the first person to be solved after the Avengers are formed is my father.”
      Walking to the door, Lu Yuan turned around and gave Fereby a middle finger.
      The Avengers were responsible for dealing with sudden and serious situations. As an alien, wasn’t Lu Yuan the Avengers needed to deal with?
      After he joined the team, not only could he not get his salary, he even helped others beat him?
      Don’t joke anymore. Go play dumb.
      Just like that, Lu Yuan left. He did not join the Avengers Alliance and chose to refuse.
      Frey shook his head in disappointment.
      Colson came up to him and asked,” Can I persuade him again?”
      “If he makes up his mind, I don’t think it makes sense for you to go a few more times.”Why don’ t you let Natasha try?”
      Frey’s face was deep in thought, not knowing what kind of bad idea he was trying to make.*

      42. Beauty Tactics?Look at the distance.

      After Lu Yuan came out of the safe room, he didn’t even walk far when a car came from behind him.
      It was still that beautiful sports car, and the driver was also that beautiful female agent Natasha.
      “Get in.”
      Natasha drove to Lu Yuan and greeted him unhappily.
      Lu Yuan turned to look around and shrugged,” I didn’ t provoke you, right?”
      Why are you pulling his face at him?
      “And I didn’ t call a car either?”Lu Yuan was even more amused. Did he need her to send him off?
      “Bye,” Lu Yuan raised his hand and greeted. Without any warning, he suddenly disappeared.
      If he was willing, he could go anywhere in the universe. Was there still a need to transport him?
      There was no one or anything on Earth that could beat him, including the speed of light.
      Even if he called that surprised aunt back now, it was at most the speed of light. It could not be compared to Lu Yuan.
      Natasha looked at Lu Yuan’s disappearing position and did not return to her senses for a long time.
      After a while, she called Frey.” Chief, he left by himself. I haven’ t had time to speak yet.”
      Frey was out of his wits. He originally thought that Lu Yuan was the kind of person who couldn’t walk when he saw a beauty. He thought that Lu Yuan was a beauty lover like Tony.
      Last time, Lu Yuan seemed to show interest in Natasha.
      But today was different.
      Actually, Lu Yuan had guessed that Frey had sent Natasha here on purpose. Why was Natasha so shameless? It was because she also knew that she was playing a shameful role.
      Even if it wasn’t a beauty trap, it would n’ t be too different.
      Lu Yuan found it funny.
      Are you kidding me?If he could compromise because of a beautiful woman, Kryptonian would be in danger.
      In the galaxy where Krypton was located, there was another race besides Krypton, the Dakosum people.
      There were similarities and differences between the two races.
      First of all, their abilities were similar. They could gain superhuman power by absorbing the yellow sun’s light.
      However, Kryptonian people were afraid of Kryptonian stones, while Dakosum people were afraid of lead.
      Although the two races were in the same star system, due to the huge differences in race culture, the two races were constantly fighting. They were not good neighbors but enemies.
      Lu Yuan used to be the commander-in-chief of Krypton Star, and he didn’t have much to do with Dakosum Star. This was especially the most tragic one. Lu Yuan led hundreds of thousands of soldiers to completely cripple Dakosum Star.
      One hundred thousand years ago, the Dakosam planet had once had to dive below the surface of the Dakosam planet to survive.
      If it weren’t for Lu Yuan’s final retreat, the Dakosam planet would have been wiped out.
      As mentioned earlier, Lu Yuan didn’t lack beauties. The women on Dakota and Sam were as beautiful as Kryptonian, and could even be considered as another superwoman.
      Dakosam and Kryptonian might have been the same ancestors in the past, so there was no reproductive isolation between them. They could marry and inherit their descendants.
      If Lu Yuan could be easily bribed by a beauty trick, he would have betrayed him.
      He was not that kind of person.
      Of course, if it was meat that was delivered to the door, it was still not polite to eat it.
      For example, that beautiful reporter, Lu Yuan did not go back that day. He did not go back to Tony’s house until noon the next day.
      Tony was also a veteran. He instantly saw something different from Lu Yuan’s body, but Lu Yuan looked a little frustrated.
      Tony asked curiously,” Is the process not going well?”
      Lu Yuan rolled his eyes. How could he ask this kind of question?
      In the end, Lu Yuan really said it.
      The process was actually extremely smooth. The end was not smooth.
      Lu Yuan sighed. With his current physical fitness, ordinary people could no longer satisfy his aesthetics.
      Fortunately, he could control his own strength. Otherwise, when he went to the bathroom, just the strength of his urine had destroyed a urinal.
      It was an exquisite porcelain that was hard to break even with a crowbar.
      Lu Yuan was unhappy because as he continued to shine the yellow sun, the power in his body continued to grow stronger, as if there was no end to it.
      If this continued, would he be able to marry a wife that could perfectly fit him?
      He would never be a single dog for the rest of his life, right?
      One hundred thousand years ago, he was a single dog. One hundred thousand years later, would he continue like this?
      “Why don’ t you see Little Pepper?”He didn’t want to say anything about himself. Lu Yuan asked about Little Pepper’s whereabouts.
      Tony looked at Lu Yuan strangely and reminded him,” You can’t forget that I transferred all of Obadiah’s shares to you, right?”But whether it’s the company’s board of directors or Obadiah’s children, someone has to deal with them.”
      On the other hand, Lu Yuan himself was just like no one else. How could he make sense of this? He had to give him money after counting it?
      Lu Yuan was a little surprised.” O’ Badaia still has children?”
      There was indeed a son. Obadiah’s full name was Obadiah Stani, and his son was Zach Stani.
      Zach was just as old as Tony. After all, Obadiah and Howard were friends.
      But the two of them couldn’t play together because Tony was a genius, and Zack was a useless master.
      However, in the cartoon, Zach had inherited his father’s legacy and appeared as the fifth generation iron overlord, causing Tony a lot of trouble.
      The Iron Tyrant King was also divided into several generations. The first Iron Tyrant King was naturally Obadiah, and then there were four versions, as well as four different styles of Iron Tyrant King.
      This was also why Lu Yuan insisted on killing Obadiah and completely destroying the information and Iron Tyrant’s parts.
      He was worried that the wildfire would not last long.
      He was also thinking, could Zach be a hidden danger?
      Tony quickly stopped him.” Big brother, Zach, don’ t worry. It’s just a second generation without threats. It’s better to let him live than to let him disappear.”
      Lu Yuan was about to write the word “kill” on his face. Tony could tell that he had saved Zach’s life.
      With regard to the transfer of shares, it seemed like Little Pepper would have to work for a long time.
      Tony had been busy improving his battle clothes recently.
      It was said that Tony had developed a new version, which could be covered up with a suitcase. It looked like a normal suitcase, but in case of an emergency, he could put on a battle suit in an instant.
      “But for the sake of portability and convenience, the armor of the battle suit will be thinner than before, including insufficient energy.” Tony was worried about this.
      Now, Tony was no longer stacking the ark’s reaction on his own body. Instead, he was mounting it in a battle suit.
      Although it was easy to carry the suitcase battle suit, it was the weakest battle suit in all aspects.
      “By the way, I even designed a battle suit for you. I’m grateful to you,” Tony suddenly said.
      Lu Yuan turned to look. A special armor with a dark blue color and bright red S on its chest was quietly resting there.*

      43. New Era Business Mind

      It had to be said that Tony was thoughtful, and that Tony was someone who thought of old feelings and knew how to be grateful.
      Few people knew that Tony would repay others.
      That was why he had created a battle suit for Lu Yuan. Even though he knew that Lu Yuan did not need it, it was his intention.
      The battle suit was designed according to Lu Yuan’s Superman battle suit. Apart from the absence of a cape, it was almost the same.
      There were two large red Ss on the chest and two golden frames on the back.
      The difference was that this suit did not have a helmet.
      “I guess you won’t like helmets.” Tony’s observation ability was also meticulous. He guessed that Lu Yuan wouldn’t care about covering his identity or needing the protection of helmets, so he did n’ t.
      Lu Yuan nodded. He really didn’t need it. He had nothing to be afraid of.
      “Speaking of which, giving me this thing is actually meaningless. Why don’t you divide your good cars by half? You ca n’ t drive here anyway.” Lu Yuan circled around the suit before suddenly turning his gaze to the good cars parked in the garage.
      Tony rolled his eyes. He was really greedy.
      However, he didn’ t say anything. He just asked,” Let’s wait until you get your driver’s license.”
      Dead point, how could Lu Yuan have a license?
      “Why did you suddenly think of giving me something?”Lu Yuan changed the topic and looked at Tony with a meaningful expression. He said with a smile that was not quite a smile,” There’s nothing to be courting. If you’ re not a traitor, you’ ll be stealing.”
      Tony’s words were hard to hear, but he did have something to say.” Actually, I’ ve thought about it. You’re right. As a weapons merchant, I have developed many weapons with great destructive power. Even if those people were n’ t killed by me, they died on the weapons I made.”That’s why I want to change the company’s prospects.”
      Lu Yuan understood.
      “So what do you want to dig out from me?”Lu Yuan sat to the side and asked Tony what he wanted this time.
      “Why don’t you help me think of a way to develop a company?” Tony did n’ t know what Lu Yuan was in possession of and was willing to take it out.”And this is your company.”
      Just say that Tony’s shares were n’ t for free. He didn’t just have to tie Lu Yuan down, he had to tie him up with the company. This way, Lu Yuan had to help the company develop.
      Lu Yuan did not feel that he had been tricked. The reason was very simple. The current Stark Group was also his company, and he was also one of the major shareholders.
      This was no longer to help Tony, but to help his own company.
      Well, he was still trapped inside.
      “Let me think about it.” Lu Yuan crossed his arms and began to ponder.
      Tony’s eyes lit up as he took the initiative to open two bottles of beer in the fridge.
      In the past, Tony’s favorite was never beer. He felt that the price was off.
      He loved to drink champagne, whisky, and all kinds of red wine, even sake and white wine on our side (I guess).
      But since Lu Yuan came, it was different. All his good wine had been lost by Lu Yuan. It wasn’t because he felt bad for money. It was because Lu Yuan would never get drunk. It would be a waste to give him a drink.
      Lu Yuan seemed to be almost drunk and immune to alcohol. He automatically evolved a body that targeted him.
      After all, we all know that alcohol intoxication is actually a kind of alcohol intoxication. It is also commonly known as alcohol intoxication. However, the degree of alcohol intoxication is different. Normal alcohol intoxication is still fine. Just sleep and drink more water.
      However, this was still a sign of poisoning, so Lu Yuan had developed a corresponding immune effect. Alcohol could still be absorbed, that was, he could taste alcohol.
      But only he wouldn’t be drunk.
      It had to be said that the Day of Destruction was a real boon.
      If he died once, he wouldn’t be hurt again. He would also adjust his surroundings.
      For example, cold. As long as Lu Yuan was given enough time, he could endure the cold that could freeze the world.
      For example, if it was hot, not just the temperature of the sun. Even if it increased by a few hundred million degrees Celsius, he could slowly adapt.
      He was invincible.
      Back then, there was such a weakness as the Kryptonite. Perhaps it could be killed.
      But the first thing he did after resurrection was to use the Kryptonite to stab him, and then he was immune.
      God knows how to kill him. It’s almost impossible.
      It was far away.
      Lu Yuan took the beer and drank it dry.
      Tony was helpless. He could only make another trip. This time, he directly picked it up.
      Lu Yuan broke the silence and snapped his fingers.” I remember.”
      Tony didn’t care about drinking. He put the bottle aside and looked at Lu Yuan with a bright look.” What?”Speak quickly.”
      “Smartphone,” Lu Yuan said with a mysterious expression.
      However, Tony was disappointed.
      He thought it was something. The smartphone had already been born.
      The so-called smart phone refers to a system that has an independent system, memory, and operation. There is no need to divide the details into too much detail. There is a suspicion that there are water words.
      In short, the keys used in this era were actually smart phones. Moreover, the touch screen was not a human touch screen, but it was also a touch screen era.
      However, the current network was not as developed as it was in the post-4G era.
      Even the fourth generation of fruit machines would not be released until June 8,2010.
      And now, it was June of 20,2008.
      It should be June. Summer, good weather.
      The more Lu Yuan thought about it, the more excited he became. In the end, he simply slapped Tony, giving him a fright.
      But Tony immediately saw a new little thing slowly appearing in Lu Yuan’s palm.
      It was the size of a palm, and its body was thin and thin. It had an overall screen, something similar to a phone.
      Lu Yuan, as a person who had already reached the fifth dimension, had actually created a most advanced smart phone out of nowhere based on his own memories with the power to rewrite reality and reverse reality. At least it was the most advanced smart phone he had ever seen.
      It was a full screen machine. The back shell was made of glass. Even Toni carefully took it over, feeling like it was a work of art.
      Lu Yuan explained the control method for Tony and explained the benefits of smart phones one by one.
      Unfortunately, the network was still underdeveloped, and the wireless network signal was not yet popular.
      In addition, the APP era had not yet arrived, so he could only connect with Jarvis to the Internet. He could not show it more comprehensively.
      But even so, Tony was stunned.
      “Once this thing is born, Stark Industries will lead the world into a new era.Besides, Tony, the share of cell phones wasn’t counted. Do n’ t forget that what really made money was the communication fee.”At least we have to seize the share of the network.”
      “What’s making money in the new era?Arms?”Gun and ammunition?”
      “Nononno, the flow is the king.”Tony, open an online store with me.”*

      44. How could a wildfire be reborn?

      As one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, Yamousun started to run online book sales.
      Only later did it begin to transform and gradually become bigger. In 2000 and 20 years, it was ranked fourth among the top 100 global brand values.
      Therefore, do not underestimate the Internet era.
      Lu Yuan’s previous life had been two thousand and twenty years before he transmigrated, so he knew a lot about Manway and DC.
      At the same time, he had also seen the brilliant Internet era.
      He knew more about what Zero Eight represented.
      It meant that he could lead the Stark industry ahead of time to enter the next era.
      It was an incomparably huge cake, but no one had opened the safe, only he had the key.
      It wasn’t just the online sales business, there were also other electronic businesses. For example, in the Internet era, online services were also a valuable source of income.
      It was not just a piece of cake, but countless cakes were waiting for him to eat. Even Lu Yuan’s eyes began to shine with a light of money.
      In any case, it was just for fun. Since he didn’t want to dominate the world or conquer the universe, he should start making money and start a business empire.
      This was really exciting.
      Tony was dumbfounded.
      It was not just mobile phones, but also communication companies, even network companies, and a series of businesses.
      He just wanted to transform the company’s weapons department, but Lu Yuan wanted to transform the entire company?
      But it seemed very challenging?
      Moreover, this item could be considered a technology development field, and it was in line with his hobbies and interests.
      “Even I can go to MIT to recruit people.” Tony was excited.
      Because Tony graduated from MIT, it should be easy to recruit a group of talents.
      That’s right. Tony was a genius, and he had several degrees.
      In the setting, Tony was 17 years old, and he had entered MIT with the best results.
      Then, at the age of 21, he graduated with the highest score in history.
      In addition, during these four years, not only had he completed his studies, he had also obtained a double degree in mechanical engineering and electronic engineering, the so-called doctoral degree.
      Not only did this guy have money in his family, he was also a genius. He was simply like an open life.
      The two of them started to get excited. They just drank and chatted all night. Later, even the little chili was called by Tony after work. They asked her to go to Tang’s street to buy chicken roast duck and stew a big goose.
      Lu Yuan had heard from novels before that there had been some special changes in the taste of Chinese restaurants in foreign countries. Therefore, he had also ordered Little Pepper to say in Chinese that it was for people to eat.
      Tony was dumbfounded. Did he eat for ghosts?
      That’s right, a foreign ghost.
      Actually, it didn’t count as well. Other people also made adjustments to take care of local tastes.
      Not everyone could eat sweet and sour. A certain countryman only liked to eat sweet and sour.
      However, no matter what, Little Pepper still completed the mission and bought two burgers for Tony.
      That was his favorite.
      Little Spicy Pepper was angered to death. She had been busy at the company for a few days, but these two Sirs were hiding at home, drinking and chatting, and calling her like calling a little girl.
      However, when Little Pepper heard the two of them’s grand exhibition of the future, she was also stunned.
      Especially after Lu Yuan proposed to let Little Pepper take charge of everything in the new department, she couldn’t help but cry out.
      Playing so big?
      She was about to be promoted?
      That’s right, Little Pepper was the first person to be appointed after Lu Yuan took office as the second largest shareholder. She directly became the CEO, replacing the previous position of Obadaia.
      However, Little Pepper was not the top CEO at the moment. She was just the CEO of the R & D department in charge of the new era proposed by Lu Yuan today.
      But that was not bad. It was much better than being a little assistant.
      “Don’t leave tonight.” Lu Yuan held Little Pepper’s hand.
      On the other side, Tony stared with his eyes wide open. He was just about to raise the wine bottle.
      Fortunately, Lu Yuan was just joking. He put Little Pepper’s hand into Tony’s. He stood up and said,” I’ll just be an adult.”
      It turned out that he was going to find a place to live outside tonight.
      Tony showed a grateful look.” Good brother, I’ ll have someone send wine to the cellar tomorrow.”
      Lu Yuan didn’ t know whether to laugh or cry as he shook his head.” Beer is good. No matter how good the wine is, I can’ t drink it. Don’ t waste it.”
      He then left.
      As for what kind of plot would happen to Tony and Little Pepper in the future, Lu Yuan did not care anymore.
      In fact, they had already reached a very close distance and were separated by a layer of window paper.
      But Lu Yuan was very worried that Little Pepper would be a tragedy because Tony had never experienced growth. God knows if he would turn back.
      He could only hope that Tony would be responsible for this.
      Whether it was Tony or Little Pepper, Lu Yuan came out of Tony’s house and came to the cliff outside.
      At first, he came out with a smile on his face and a bottle of wine in his hand.
      Standing there, looking at the distant sea.
      Because there was a bit of night wind tonight, the waves on the surface of the sea were surging, not very calm.
      Lu Yuan raised his head and drank up a bottle of wine in one breath. Then, he threw the bottle away and his expression became much colder.
      Without a smile, Lu Yuan lifted his head to look at the bright city center in the distance.
      Suddenly, he floated up and disappeared.
      The next moment, Lu Yuan arrived at a mansion in the rich district. It was really a magnificent rich family.
      He entered silently. He flew in from a window and floated all the way to one of the rooms. There was no sound in the process.
      There was a study in front. The door was tightly shut, and the sound insulation inside was very good.
      But he could not escape Lu Yuan’s ears. He could clearly hear the conversation inside.
      One of them was on the phone, shouting angrily,” Damn it, my father died. He was killed by that bastard Tony. I don’ t care. If you Ten Ring Gang still want my help, kill Tony and his bodyguard. When I get the Stark Group, I’ ll do my best to help you.”
      Lu Yuan smiled and stretched out his hand to break the lock on the door. The handle of the door cracked and even the door was shattered.
      The people inside had already heard the sound. They turned around and saw Lu Yuan. They couldn’ t help but be stunned,” Who are you?”
      “You don’ t even know who you want to kill?”Lu Yuan was amused. He really deserved to be called a idiot.
      “You’ re that bodyguard?”The man cried out in surprise, and his expression changed.
      He was Obadiah’s son Zach. After Lu Yuan knew that there was such a person, he was already searching in the dark.
      Finally, he found a suspect in his super-hearing ability. Now, he was even more certain that it was him.
      Lu Yuan walked over with a smile. He patted Zac on the head and took his phone.
      Without even looking at Zach, whose head had been slapped into the cavity, Lu Yuan asked the phone,” You dare to say that?”Where is it?”*

      45. This was the killing of grass

      Tony was still careless.
      That’s right, Zach was indeed a scum, but scum did n’ t mean there was no threat.
      Never underestimate anyone.
      Lu Yuan didn’t underestimate people’s habits, so he wasn’t afraid of trouble. He decided to find Zach’s whereabouts in the big New York meeting.
      Zach might not know what happened, but through a series of operations by Stark, he could guess that it was definitely related to Tony and Lu Yuan.
      Moreover, the S.H.I.E.I. Shield had arranged for Obadiah to die. At least Zach knew where his father did not plan to go by plane. There was no record of Obadiah’s private plane flying on the tarmac.
      However, Zach never expected that Lu Yuan had already come to his door before he could start moving.
      After killing Zach with a slap, Lu Yuan was completely uninterested in the magnificent decorations and even the safe deposit box.
      Do you really think Lu Yuan cares about money?
      How could that be possible? Otherwise, if he brought something back from the sun or went to other planets in the universe space to find something, he would be able to exchange for sky-high money.
      Money was not his purpose. His purpose was to amuse himself.
      Zach’s safe had at least tens of millions of cash, as well as various precious metals and gems.
      But Lu Yuan did not care at all. He cared more about the whereabouts of the person on the other side of the phone.
      What?”Don’ t you dare tell me where you are?”Lu Yuan used the general method to find out the whereabouts of the other party.
      Actually, he was currently monitoring the entire world. As long as the other party made a sound, he would know where the other party was.
      But the person on the other side did not speak.
      It seemed that the commotion just now had let the other party know that Zach was dead. Even if they didn’t know who the current person was, they knew that the other party was n’ t easy to provoke.
      Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows and began to scan the surroundings. However, he was not looking at Zach’s study, but scanning the world with super vision.
      In the end, he finally saw a bald man holding the phone in silence in a desert cave.
      “I found you,” Lu Yuan smiled proudly.
      The other party was shocked. He didn’t know what had happened and subconsciously hung up.
      But in the next second, a blur appeared in front of him. Lu Yuan had already reached him on the phone.
      “Tony, that guy still left behind a trap.” Lu Yuan shook his head.
      It turned out that Tony didn’t wipe out this group of Ten Ring Gang’s people a while ago. Instead, he left behind a trap.
      In fact, this fish was the biggest one.
      It was well known that the Ten Rings Gang was a large force. It might even be harder to deal with than the Nine-Headed Snake, because the Nine-Headed Snake had at least been destroyed on the surface.
      With the scale of the Ten Ring Gang, they had many separate teams, and they were distributed all over the world. The members did not know each other’s identities.
      Only the leaders of the various branches could contact the upper echelons.
      The leader of this team in the desert was the bald man in front of him.
      At that time, he was in another place, which was why he was wrong with Tony.
      It was only after he returned that he realized that his team was almost wiped out.
      Baldy was about to die of anger. Only then did he contact Zach. He actually knew Zach didn’t have much ability. However, Baldy needed Zach’s information on Tony’s actions. Only then would he be happy to cooperate with Zach.
      However, Baldy did not expect Lu Yuan to have such ability. He directly rushed in front of him.
      Baldy did not dare to act rashly because he had no idea how Lu Yuan did it.
      On the other hand, the other bald men in the cave subconsciously took out their guns and fired at Lu Yuan.
      The bullet accurately hit Lu Yuan, but there was no point in it.
      Lu Yuan sighed.” You know you can’ t hit me, but you still have to hit me. What a waste.”
      As he spoke, Lu Yuan turned his head to look at the surrounding disciples of the Ten Rings Gang. A golden light flashed through his eyes, and it was even more terrifying than any laser beam. In an instant, everyone except bald head was killed in an instant. He cut them in half.
      Baldy was shocked. He seemed to have understood something about this kind of method. The attackers who had targeted Tony’s trap before were the last to die like this.
      “So it’s you.” Baldy finally knew that this person in front of him had saved Tony.
      In fact, Baldy didn’t know that O’ Badaya wanted them to kill Tony, but it was pointless.
      “What do you want?”Baldy asked Lu Yuan as he thought of a solution.” We are the Ten Ring Gang. Our goal is to bring peace and order to the world. We….”
      Lu Yuan knew what he wanted to do. Was he trying to reverse him?
      And it was for peace?
      “Shut up,” Lu Yuan said impatiently as he tossed the phone in his hand forward.
      The moment Lu Yuan threw his ordinary phone out, it was faster than any weapon that had been fired. In an instant, Baldy exploded.
      The Ten Ring Gang’s ambition was similar to that of the Nine-Headed Snake. They all wanted to conquer the world and then use their will to make rules. However, they called it Order and Peace.
      Should it be that Master Man was too bewitching?Or was the Ten Ring Gang too crazy?
      “At least it’s quiet here.” Lu Yuan walked out of the cave. It was really quiet behind him.
      This was the end of the fight.
      Unlike Tony, Lu Yuan had his own method to scan any corner around him. Even Jarvis had made mistakes, but he did not.
      Super vision and super hearing could guarantee any corner, even a mouse hole could not escape his monitoring.
      In the end, Lu Yuan nodded in satisfaction. There was indeed no fluke.
      “By the way, we can’t leave any traces.” Before Lu Yuan left, he did n’ t forget to destroy the corpse because there was still a portion of Stark’s weapons left.
      Now that Lu Yuan was one of the largest shareholders of Stark Group, he naturally had to consider his company’s image.
      As a result, Lu Yuan turned to the direction of the cave and raised his right hand to open his palm. Then, he fell down.
      The terrifying force brought about the air. It was as if Lu Yuan had seized the air. He controlled a ball of terrifying air to form an air cannon and suppressed it.
      The cave was flattened, and there was even a huge pit that looked like a palm. Later on, there was a commotion about what was happening. Some people said that it was a palm strike from the sky In short, it was very lively.
      But no one knew what was buried under the deep pit in his palm.
      Lu Yuan moved his shoulders, and the rest of the work was finally completed. This was the end.
      Speaking of which, Little Pepper was staying at Tony’s house tonight. He looked at it shamelessly….
      So where should Lu Yuan go and make a move?
      After thinking about it, Lu Yuan ran to find the whereabouts of Natasha.*

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