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Man in Muye(Naruto): I have the mosquito power(skill)

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      Man in Muye(Naruto): I have the mosquito power(skill) (chapters 1-60)
      Chapter 1: mosquito power [ask for flowers, ask for tickets]
      “Well, have you noticed that there are more mosquitoes recently?”
      “Yes, yes, I was bitten a lot last night and itched to death.”
      “Look at my arm. It’s not down yet.”
      “It… Looks serious.”
      “I can't help it, brothers. Adults can bear it, but children can't. It seems that we can only buy insecticides and clean our house now!”
      “Go with me, go with me.”
      “Together, together…”
      Several villagers agreed and went straight to the department store together.
      But they didn't notice.
      Not far away, there was a child who turned his mouth when he heard their comments.
      Shengu clear sky, six years ago across to this world, and became a member of Muye.
      He came from an ordinary family.
      My parents died in an accident as early as the night of nine tails. They were raised in Muye's welfare home.
      Originally, qingkong thought that his life was like this, and there was no talent to become a ninja.
      Who knows, there is no way out.
      Just a month ago, the clear sky awakened his power, and the mosquito was separated.
      This kind of mosquito is not really life.
      It is transformed by the mind and body energy of the clear sky, and has the characteristics of all mosquito creatures.
      For example, taking human blood and secreting toxins can be done.
      And these people's blood can be transformed into clear sky's own energy to strengthen his body.
      To put it bluntly, this is a power that benefits oneself at the expense of others.
      But the clear sky doesn't care.
      It's good to have the capital to turn over and make a living. Why are you so choosy.
      What's more, he thinks this ability is very good, and it suits his own taste.
      It's not that qingkong likes to suck people's blood. He just thinks it's true to do harm to others and benefit himself.
      “Clear sky, what are you doing here?”
      Three children came over. They are the future combination of pig, deer and butterfly, Nara Deer pill, Akita, and yamanakano.
      “Oh, nothing.”The clear sky shook its head without explanation.
      But because of their good looks, they attract little girls' attention too much.
      Big bosju Inouye girl or from familiar come together, said with a smile: “let's go to school together, qingkongjun.”
      Lu Wan rolled his eyes, while Ding CI beside him was eating potato chips, which was more fierce than pigs.
      “It's up to you.”
      Anyway, it's all on the way. There's nothing to refuse in the clear sky.
      After that, the four children went on the road together. The deer pills were empty all the time, and they ate all the time, while Inoue kept chattering in the clear sky.
      What planted a flower yesterday? Her father's private money was found the day before yesterday, and her mother beat her up
      All the little things in my family are shared with qingkong.
      This silly girl
      Lu Wan's mouth twitched when he heard it. He didn't know how to describe it.
      Finally, he went to the school and walked into the classroom. Lumaru quickly took away the well field where he had just talked about how old he was sleeping alone.
      This also makes the clear sky clean.
      Sit in your seat and look around.
      A lot of characters that were familiar in previous lives also came into view.
      On the left, yuzhibo Sasuke, Naruto and gouzhongya in the middle, and rihata on the right, etc.
      In addition to the senior three, the other nine are here.
      After a while, iluka pushed the door and came in, which also made the noisy students quiet.
      Class begins.
      However, except for some key points about practicing chakra, qingkong is not interested in the Ninja story told by iluka.
      To be honest, Muye's tolerance school is not so good.
      It's so comfortable. There's no tension at all.
      Within six years, as long as you learn three body skills, you will be able to graduate successfully and become xiaren.
      What kind of training the next generation?
      It's funny. It's just funny.
      What peace time?
      You know, it's only six years since the Third World War.
      Just six years later, Muye forgot the cruelty of the war, the pain brought by Jiuwei, and the shame brought by Yunren.
      Become muddle along, muddleheaded, not enterprising.
      Three generations of people are really old.
      Qingkong shakes his head slightly. Before watching animation, he couldn't see ape flying and sun cutting. Now he is on the scene, and he can't see it any more.
      Because he is also an old man, the Daye wood in Yanyin village is older than the ape Flying Sun chop.
      However, they have not lost their fighting spirit and are still trying to find a way out for the village, fighting in the first front line.
      How about that.
      It's really that people have to die and goods have to be thrown away.
      But he lived to the end and led the five shadows to fight against Yu Zhibo.
      And ape flying day chop hit an apprentice to stop vegetables, 80 sets did not live in the past.
      The gap is too big.
      “Clear sky in Shengu, listen carefully!”Iluka said, tapping on the blackboard.
      It's a guy poisoned by the will of fire again, holding his chin in the clear sky and responding in a bored way.
      Really, what can not do, brainwashing first, this is the ape flying day cut.
      There are so many talents in Muye, and the two most powerful blood lines in the Warring States period have been destroyed. In addition, the whirlpool clan
      No, I really can't.
      Even if Tuan Zang was washed white, he could not wash the title of incompetence*
      Chapter 2: drawing the blood of Naruto
      “Where's the smelly mosquito?”
      Whirlpool Naruto patted the face, not happy with the curse, also attracted a burst of roar of iluka.
      This mosquito, of course, can be caused by a clear sky.
      Anyway, it's idle and boring. It's better to play with your own powers than to listen to those brain washing logic without nutrition.
      The mosquito in the clear sky is composed of his will and chakra.
      It can be manipulated at will, and the quantity is limited by the clear sky itself.
      So far, because chakra has just been refined, the number of mosquitoes that can be controlled by clear sky is very limited, up to 300.
      There are two ways to improve it.
      One is the step-by-step cultivation, and when chakrado comes, the mosquito army will naturally increase.
      The second way is to send out the mosquitoes and draw more blood essence.
      For the clear sky, the blood of other creatures is energy, a great tonic.
      And the higher the quality of blood, the greater the help to his promotion.
      So, qingkong just stares at Naruto, and wants to have a try to see how much good his nine tail flavor can bring to him.
      “Still here?”
      Naruto left Pa Pa, right Pa Pa of random beat up, very alert to mosquitoes around, so that the clear sky for a time unable to start.
      But God assists iluka, he let Naruto sit down, or get out.
      Naruto dare not resist, can only sit down honestly.
      This gives clear sky an opportunity to control several mosquitoes to fall on Naruto's back neck, and the sharp mouthparts are inserted instantly.
      Naruto only felt numb at the back of his neck, and he became sleepy.
      After all, it's not an ordinary mosquito.
      The mosquito transformed by the idea of clear sky has more paralytic toxicity than ordinary mosquitoes, at least dozens of times.
      With all his efforts, even the elephant can't stand these poisonous needles.
      Naruto is still safe, just a little tired, thanks to his blood and nine tails in his body.
      Otherwise, someone else would have passed out.
      Bite by bite
      However, the stomachs of the mosquitoes that absorbed Naruto's blood did not swell.
      All this is because the blood drawn by the mosquito army is transmitted to the clear sky in an inexplicable way.
      Teleport over the air.
      What's the matter? Qingkong didn't understand.
      But no matter how much it is, it's easy to use.
      After a while, Naruto's face gradually turned pale, the loss of blood has exceeded 500cc, the clear sky quickly stopped.
      Otherwise, the boy will be in shock.
      “Teacher, there is a problem in the classroom!”
      Younv zhinai, wearing sunglasses, suddenly stands up.
      “What's the problem?”
      “There's a smell of blood, my worms smell it!”
      Iluka was stunned, but in order to ensure the safety of the students, he asked one by one.
      Of course, nothing was found in the end.
      Naruto's blood is coming back too fast. Just after a short time, he becomes lively and energetic again.
      It doesn't look like a little bit of bleeding.
      Therefore, this inspection can only be concluded with a hasty conclusion that Yau Nu Zhi lied about the military situation.
      As for the sunny side
      He also has no time to worry about the outside world, because his body is almost burst.
      500cc whirlpool of blood, which may also be mixed with nine tail chakra, this tonic for the clear sky is too arrogant, so that he has a little indigestion.
      It's like eating ten bowls of rice at a time. It's like one is in a panic.
      Until a few hours later, near school.
      It's sunny and I don't feel that strong.
      “Qingkongjun, I'll invite you to eat three color meatballs.”Koizumi jumps over again.
      “Thank you, but forget it. I don't have a good appetite today. Let's talk about it next time.”
      Smile refused posju, clear sky a person walk home.
      To be honest, he can't eat anything after absorbing 500 cc of Naruto's blood.
      Of course, the benefits of this blood to the clear sky are enormous.
      Even if it is not completely absorbed, the body strength of clear sky and chakra have more than doubled.
      It's an absolute tonic.
      So in the next few days, whirlpool Naruto will become a clear blood bank, ATM.
      If you don't take hundreds of CC every day, you will feel uncomfortable all over.
      This situation has been going on for less than half a year, until now Naruto can no longer bring much improvement to the clear sky.
      Clear sky just let him go, switch to another target.
      “Students, follow me to the training ground for actual combat class.”
      The first half of the year, finally ushered in the first practical class, the students are very excited, followed by iluka came to the training ground.
      First of all, we should talk about the way of fighting and the opposition India, and iluka began to call the roll.
      “Autumn road Ding times vs. dog grave teeth.”
      “Sakura chunye vs. Hatoyama.”
      “Yuzhibo assists the clear sky of Ares valley.”
      After a few groups, it was clear sky's turn.
      He came to iluka and stood opposite yuzhibo.
      At this stage, the yuzhibo family is not yet extinct, and Sasuke is still the stinking young master. He looks at the clear sky with great contempt, and then he doesn't care.
      “Seal the opposite first.”
      Under the guidance of iluka, both qingkong and Sasuke made moves*
      Chapter three: the scroll left by the former president
      “The contest begins!”
      With a command, Sasuke first launched the attack, he quickly rushed to the clear sky in front of a punch to his side face.
      The clear sky dodged, then hit back.
      Sasuke raised his arm to resist, but with a bang, he was beaten back several meters.
      Knead the extremely painful arm, Sasuke's face also completely changed, because he never thought that the clear sky, which seems to be similar to his physique, would have such exaggerated strength.
      The punch was hard, and it made him feel as if his bones were going to break.
      “Wow, clear sky, come on!”
      The same handsome two teenagers, Inoue looked around, finally chose to stand on the side of the clear sky, jumping high to cheer for him.
      Of course, the popularity of the two pillars is not bad, there are still many girls in the class cheering for him.
      We can't force it, we can only outwit it!
      Feeling that his arm felt better, Sasuke also wanted to deal with it. He turned back two times to get away from the clear sky, and took out a sword in his left hand.
      With one throw, they all shot into the clear sky,
      The concealed weapon comes, clear sky several move to dodge, then take out a bitterness to rush to assist quickly.
      Compared with concealed weapons, he is not as proficient as yuzhibo's, so if he wants to solve his opponent, he has to take the road of melee.
      Of course, this is the case without the use of mosquitoes.
      If it is in the wild, there is no crowd to watch, a clear sky can put down the two pillars, where to use such trouble.
      If you want to get close in the clear sky, Sasuke is not allowed.
      While he was running fast, he threw his sword and blocked the route of the clear sky, but he was dodged by the flexible clear sky.
      Finally, the clear sky approached Sasuke and punched him in the abdomen.
      “Ah ~”
      Sasuke screamed and fell on his back.
      Seeing that the clear sky had won the battle, several young girls in Inoue just wanted to shout, but with a bang, the white smoke dispersed, and the original Sasuke turned into wood.
      “Is this stunt?”
      “Wow!Sasuke is so powerful that he has learned Ninjutsu! ”
      It's not just the students around, but iluka is also surprised to think that the children of the family are really different. They all come to school with their private work.
      “Give up!”
      The sound of Sasuke's fart came from behind the clear sky, and the corner of his mouth was also raised.
      “You think you're going to win?”
      Clear sky did not see panic, even if Sasuke's painless back.
      “You've lost. Do you want to turn it over?”Sasuke frowned and said impatiently.
      “Ha ha, that's not sure.”
      The clear sky smiles a little, and then after a bang, it turns into wood.
      The power is a mosquito.
      Qingkong is an extra large mosquito.
      What are the characteristics of mosquitoes, besides sucking blood and releasing paralytic toxins.
      Also has the heat induction and the super strong sense of smell!
      Mosquitoes have poor eyesight and can hardly see clearly.
      But they have the ability of infrared detection, can feel the heat in the surrounding organisms, as well as super strong sense of smell, can smell the carbon dioxide exhaled by organisms.
      So even in the dark, mosquitoes can accurately find blood vessels and kill them with one blow.
      And for a clear sky.
      Sasuke's existence is like a red light, where he goes is very obvious, like a star in the night.
      What kind of stunt is there? It doesn't work for the clear sky.
      “I… Lost?”
      Feeling the bitterness and coldness on his neck, Sasuke also widened his eyes. He couldn't believe it.
      I would lose to a civilian student, but I still don't have the strength to fight back.
      It's a big blow to his self-esteem. He can't take it anymore.
      “It's common to win or lose. Just try again.”
      Looking at Sasuke's disheartened face, iluka persuades him and says, “well, this competition is a clear sky victory. Sasuke has learned the skill of doubles. It's also great. Let's make peace and make more efforts in the future.”
      Seal, return.
      Qingkong was also warmly welcomed by Inoue and other girls. As for Sasuke, he hid in the corner and licked the wound.
      After school in the afternoon, I went to eat three color meatballs with Inoue and others.
      After that, qingkong returned to the welfare home alone.
      “Xiao qingkong, I found it today. I'll give it to you as a gift for the beginning of school, although it's a little late.”
      The fat nun of the welfare home gives qingkong a scroll with a smile.
      “What is this?”
      Then came to see, the clear sky curiously asked.
      “The chief pharmacist left it before. It should be ninja or something. I don't know much about these things. You can have a look first.”
      “All right.”
      The clear sky nodded and went back to her room with the scroll.
      His parents died unexpectedly, but he also left some property to qingkong. With Muye's pension, he didn't have to worry about food and drink.
      I came to the welfare home only because I was young and needed adult care.
      However, qingkong has his own room. After all, he can be regarded as' bringing money into the Group '.
      The treatment is a little better than those orphans from other countries.
      Sitting at the wooden table, the clear sky opened the scroll and looked at it.
      There are two water escapes, one earth escapes and one wind escapes.
      They are all relatively low-end, but they are also suitable for sunny learning*
      Chapter 4: the night of yuzhibo's extermination
      Write it all down.
      Maybe it's due to the power of mind. The memory and learning ability of sunny sky are much stronger than those of previous lives.
      It's not comparable at all.
      A few basic Ninjutsu, as long as you remember, it means that the clear sky can almost use.
      At most, it's just a lack of proficiency.
      Touch the scroll with a little fold, and finally sign it as pharmacist ye naiyu, the former president of the welfare home.
      She's not in the welfare home now. It's a group pot again.
      Five years ago, when the clear sky just arrived here for a full year.
      Tuan Zang brings people to the welfare home and threatens with the grants and children to ask ye naiyu to go to Yanyin village to spy.
      In the case of having to, the wild Nai Yu can only agree.
      Before leaving, Tuan Zang took the pharmacist's bag with him.
      Five years have passed.
      Ye naiyu never came back, neither did the pharmacist.
      The two of them have been working outside, but every once in a while, they will send a sum of money to the welfare home as the children's daily expenses.
      To be honest, these two are poor people.
      Because qingkong has seen anime, he also knows that in a short time, under the conspiracy of Tuan Zang, pharmacist Dou will kill ye naiyu himself.
      After that, the pharmacist will become confused and go on the road of no return.
      If you can, sunny sky really doesn't mind giving them a hand.
      After all, over the past few years, qingkong has been taken care of by the welfare home, which can be regarded as indirectly receiving a lot of favors from the two of them.
      But it's a pity.
      For the moment, sunny sky doesn't even know where they are. How can we save them.
      It's just nature. The better people live, the less long they live.
      Shaking his head, the clear sky is unable to say.
      And this kind of powerlessness also makes him more eager to improve his strength.
      After all, if you don't have enough strength, you will be at the mercy of others, let alone control your own destiny.
      Ten days later, there will be another full moon.
      As before, qingkong also sent many mosquitoes to yuzhibo's residence to explore the situation.
      The night of extermination.
      Of course, this event will not be forgotten.
      After all, as long as the operation is good, this wave of he can eat full mouth oil, burst belly is no problem.
      Today, yuzhibo's atmosphere is very different.
      All around, suddenly there are many more people in the dark… Or at the root.
      The clear sky had a hunch that something big might come.
      As a result, just as he expected, when the evening came, the breath of killing spread, and the whole yuzhibo was shrouded in the clouds.
      “Ah ~”
      With the first scream.
      Qingkong also left the welfare home and sneaked to the outer area of yuzhibo's residence.
      No matter how close it is, there is a root to block the surroundings, and nothing can fly in except mosquitoes.
      But you can play with mosquitoes in a clear sky.
      Just mind a move, in the full force of the clear sky, he also gathered around a large black cloud.
      The army of six thousand mosquitoes, controlled by the clear sky, all dispersed and flew into the yuzhibo station.
      “Damn, where are so many mosquitoes coming from?”
      The staff on duty waved and swore.
      “Silence, you, be careful to be heard by the captain, and you will be punished to be imprisoned in purgatory!”
      Purgatory is a place where criminals are punished. It's gloomy and terrifying. It doesn't see the sun all the year round.
      Hearing the warning from his teammates, the root Ninja did not dare to speak any more and stood guard.
      On the other side.
      The mosquito army in the clear sky has already flown to the station. Through the sharing of perspectives, he also sees the dead bodies all over the ground, all of which are members of yuzhibo's family.
      Have a big meal!
      What terror, what terror, no strength is really terrible.
      While the blood of these corpses is not yet cooled, the clear sky controls the mosquito army to rush down, occupying ten corpses at one time.
      There are 600 mosquitoes on each one. Suck!
      I've never received so much energy at one time. The clear sky almost didn't burst.
      But the opportunity is rare, and there are not so many yuzhibo lying on the ground and letting himself suck, so even if his body is in severe pain, qingkong still sticks to sucking with his teeth.
      Suck!It's like riding a horse!
      How can, clear sky still don't believe, oneself will be really supported dead.
      One Minute!
      Three minutes!
      Ten bodies are sucked up, ten more!
      Hiding in the grass outside yuzhibo's station, the clear sky was also turned into a ball. His head seemed to be drunk, and he was a little confused.
      But he still remembers to suck like hell, all the time.
      I don't know how long it took.
      One hour or two.
      Just listen to a bang, as if something exploded in general, clear sky body also like a broken balloon, rapid contraction up.
      Knock on the skull, come back.
      Qingkong suddenly found that he had an eight sided ball in his mind, like a blood diamond.
      What's going on?
      If you try mosquito separation, it's easier to control than before.
      Is this a power upgrade?
      I don't understand, but it's definitely a good thing. The clear sky didn't think so much. He seized the time and continued to control more mosquito troops to collect yuzhibo's blood.
      Ten thousand!
      Twenty thousand!
      Fifty thousand!
      This time, you can control 50000 mosquitoes, nearly ten times more than before.
      And the absorption of blood, the same ten corpses, now do not feel uncomfortable.
      Clear sky is more convinced that just now it should be his ability to upgrade*
      Chapter 5: benefits of ability upgrade
      No, let's go ahead.
      The clear sky keeps up its efforts.
      Absorb the blood of 30 corpses at one time, which makes me feel a little propped up.
      However, with the absorption of more blood, qingkong also found that the heart in his body is also changing towards the color of the blood diamond, and the speed is still very fast.
      My eyes are itchy, too.
      The clear sky rubbed his eyes, and suddenly felt that he could see things more clearly. The night couldn't block his sight.
      No, no!
      If you suck blood, can you open the eye of writing wheel?
      The clear sky was a little uncertain. He made a small puddle of water on the ground and looked down.
      Sure enough, I expected it right again.
      His two eyes, all turned into blood red writing wheel eyes, especially sangouyu's.
      Clear sky corner of the mouth up a smile, instant feel this wave is very cool ah.
      Not only was the ability upgraded, but also got the eye of writing wheel by accident. Just ask if cowhide is cowhide.
      “What's the matter? How come all these bodies have become mummies?”
      A black robed man with black mask and hair like killing Matt appeared in yuzhibo's residence. He looked at the mummies everywhere, and his words also revealed anger.
      “I don't know. I haven't done anything before.”
      Black and white Jue came out with doubts on his face.
      “Fool, don't you see a problem?”The mask is rustic. You know, he hasn't collected several pairs of round eyes yet.
      “You're… Rubbish!”
      Dai TU was even more angry and said angrily, “first, let's see if these writing wheel eyes can be recycled!”
      Black and white Jue Wen Yan came forward to check, and then shook his head: “no, these bodies are seriously short of water, all the internal drying atrophy, eyeballs are the same.”
      It's called an anger with soil. It's the kind that can't be added.
      Although the ordinary eye of writing wheel has no effect on him, it's not good to use it as a spare eye and use it as a ninja.
      It's a way to save your life. It can't be too much.
      What's more, the destruction of yuzhibo is the beginning of the eye of the moon plan. No one is allowed to sabotage his plan.
      And the guy who sucked up Yu Zhibo's body was obviously an unplanned factor.
      Must be eradicated!
      “Let's split up and find out this guy first. I'll see who's against me!”
      With a wave of his hand, when he never disappeared into the ground, he also opened the eyes of Shenwei writing wheel, and a whirlpool was sent away.
      Yuzhibo has a total population of only a few hundred people, which includes all the peripheral members.
      If you smoke 30 people in a clear sky, you can do it in a few minutes.
      To tell you the truth, he is faster than yuzhibo weasels and local killers.
      As a result, sunny sky can only work behind them, and the mosquito army is more cautious, never appearing on a large scale to avoid exposing itself.
      Through the perspective of mosquitoes, the clear sky suddenly found that a corpse in front of him was not completely dead.
      This is a little girl in her teens, with long black hair, a delicate and lovely face stained with blood, and a tear mole under her right eye,
      Is this
      Yuzhibo spring, the childhood of skunk.
      At the beginning of watching animation, qingkong had a deep impression on the character, so I couldn't help guessing when I saw the tear mole.
      As for why she's not dead.
      Qingkong manipulated the mosquito to check. He found that the girl's fatal wound was on the left side of xiongqian, but it didn't hurt her heart too much.
      It's not that the enemy's hand is light, but that the girl's heart is a little bit too long.
      Good luck.
      Of course, if no one can save her, she won't survive tonight.
      Mosquito army gathered adult type, a 20-year-old masked clear sky appeared, he held his chin with one hand to think about whether or not to save the girl.
      The key is whether it's good.
      Two minutes later, when yuzhiboquan's life was getting weaker, the clear sky decided to save her.
      First of all, yuzhibo's blood became a masterpiece, which has great collection value.
      Yuzhiboquan is a girl of great value.
      Even if it doesn't help any more, you can use her to exchange something good for yuzhibo weasel in the future.
      Of course, the general hand of things, the clear sky will not let out.
      Squatting down, the clear sky controls several mosquitoes to fly into yuzhiboquan's wound to repair her heart wound and deliver blood.
      Swallowed hundreds of yuzhibo's blood.
      Qingkong's body has become extraordinary now. Not only is there an octagonal blood crystal in his mind, but also his heart has completely changed into a blood diamond.
      In addition, his blood is not ordinary.
      Crystal clear, high vitality, but also regardless of the model, is a great tonic for anyone.
      It can be said that today's clear sky is a walking ginseng fruit. The therapeutic effect of its blood is stronger than that of the whirlpool fragrant phosphorus.
      It's easy to treat a dying yuzhibo spring by reverse transportation.
      Just a few minutes later, yuzhibo spring, which was on the verge of death just now, immediately recovered and woke up with a murmur.
      “Well, this is… Who are you?”
      A Gu Lu gets up, Yu Zhi Bo Quan takes out the bitterness and looks at the clear sky without vigilance*
      Update instructions
      Let's talk about it in a single chapter.
      I'm an old writer. I've been writing books for many years, but I haven't had a hundred or dozens of them, so I don't need to worry about the amount of updates.
      At present, there are 90000 words of manuscripts in stock. Please help me to send more free things, such as flowers, tickets and so on. I will try my best to add more.
      Before going on the shelves, at least four minutes a day.
      It starts at least ten o'clock on the day of launch.
      After that, it depends on the situation, but it will not be less than four or five o'clock.
      As for the rules of adding more rules, let's look at them and support them if you like.
      Three thousand flowers and one watch.
      A thousand comments plus one watch.
      Twenty month ticket plus one watch.
      One hundred comments plus one watch.
      We don't want to reward at will, but if there is a big man's support, it will be even more.
      I hope everything goes well in this book. I also hope you can support me*
      Chapter 6: new kaleidoscope wheel eyes
      “Little fellow, is that how you treat the benefactor?”Qingkong holds her arms and looks coldly at yuzhibo spring.
      “The Savior?”
      In a trance, yuzhiboquan also remembered what happened before.
      It was the guy with the black mask who cut down a sickle and killed himself.
      Feel the trace of Xiongkou, in addition to the clothes damaged, the wound on the body has gone, yuzhiboquan also instantly understand everything.
      “Thank you… You saved me. Are you Muye's ninja?”
      “Ninja of Muye?Ha ha
      Qingkong smiles, points to the mask on his face and says, “if I'm a ninja of Muye, do I still have to cover my face when I go out?”
      Yu Zhibo bit his lower lip and said, “what's the purpose of your coming to Yu Zhibo's residence
      “You don't need to know what I'm going to do, little fellow. If you have time to think about my business, you'd better consider your own situation first.”
      The clear sky looked up at the moon in the sky, nodded and said, “well, I'm afraid you yuzhibo people are almost dead at this time.”
      Yuzhi Boquan opened her eyes wide, but when she thought about what she had seen before, she had to consider the possibility.
      “No!Mother, my Lord
      As soon as he turned around, yuzhibo spring ran towards the distance.
      The clear sky didn't stop him, because he wanted to see if yuzhiboquan would open the eyes of the kaleidoscope after such a cruel shock.
      Slowly follow behind, clear sky is like to come for a walk, one by one from those mummies.
      Soon, yuzhiboquan ran to a small courtyard.
      But the situation in the small courtyard stopped her and stood there.
      Because they're all dead.
      Her mother, two servants.
      All three of them were lying in a pool of blood and had no breath.
      “No, it's not true…”
      As if walking dead, he staggered to his mother's side. As he shed tears, Yu Zhibo Quan squatted down and reached out to touch his mother's cheek.
      But at the moment of contact, the cold feeling made yuzhiboquan withdraw his hand like an electric shock.
      She can't believe it.
      So my mother left.
      Crying silently, yuzhiboquan's shoulder trembled with it.
      “What a cowardly performance, tut tut.”
      Yu Zhibo spring suddenly turned back, his eyes full of murderous.
      “Yes, that's the look.”
      Qingkong clapped her hands twice and said with a smile, “if you want to avenge your mother, you must have such a killing intention, not to me, but to those murderers who killed your mother.”
      “Who?Do you know who the killer is? ”
      “Of course.”
      Qingkong smiles again and says, “it's nothing to tell you directly. One of the killers is your childhood sweetheart, yuzhibo weasel.”
      “What?It's impossible!Weasel, how could he… Do such a thing? “Yu Zhibo Quan's eyes were wide open. He couldn't believe it.
      “What's impossible?”
      Qingkong flicked his sleeve and said with disdain, “there are signs of rebellion among yuzhibo people. In order to ensure the safety of the village, yuzhibo weasel has accepted the appointment of Huoying and has personally taken the initiative to solve all this.”
      “Now you have seen the solution of yuzhibo weasels, that is, to kill the yuzhibo people and cut their roots.”
      “When all the people are dead, there will be no rebellion.”
      Yu Zhi Bo Quan's body trembled and his spirit was in a trance.
      “Of course, yuzhibo weasel is not completely inhuman. He killed your mother, his parents, that is, the patriarch and his wife, and 99% of the people.”
      “Nothing else.”
      “Sasuke, you know?”
      “It's brother weasel. He's safe now.”
      “Because the weasel has made a good deal with the senior management of Muye. As long as he kills the people of Guangyu Zhibo, Muye will not touch his brother.”
      “Not only that, after the weasel defected in the future, Muye would help him take care of his younger brother and raise him up.”
      “…” Yu Zhibo spring.
      “Do you feel very loving?This kind of love and greatness can't be described by words. ”
      “Little guy, are you right…”
      “Enough!Stop it! ”
      Yuzhibo spring suddenly interrupts the clear sky and shouts: “ah, yuzhibo weasel!I'm going to kill you!!I will kill you
      It is the so-called deep love, the responsibility of the cut.
      Originally, it was a pair of childhood friends who had no guess, and their pure feelings were not mixed with any color.
      But now.
      Yuzhiboquan's hatred for weasel also increased infinitely, more than a hundred times, even a thousand times, of his pure feelings!
      The eyes are red as blood, and the three gouyu patterns are gradually linked together.
      Yes, in the extreme hate and grief, Yu Zhibo spring, she opened a kaleidoscope to write round eyes.
      But because she was too young, her body and chakra were not enough to support the load, so she just opened it for a few seconds, and she was in a coma.
      It's done.
      The clear sky smiles a little, feeling that today is really not in vain.
      Not only his stomach full intestines round, very happy, but also the unexpected harvest of a pair of kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes.
      Yes, I'm really satisfied.
      The first two steps, a mention of Yu Zhibo spring, clear sky is going to leave here.
      But all of a sudden, a beam of knife light suddenly cut across, as fast as lightning.
      At the critical moment, the clear sky directly threw yuzhibo spring into the air and took the knife with Xiongkou.
      The skirt was broken, and the clear sky was cut by this knife, flying several meters away, and then falling to the ground again.
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      Chapter 7: safe evacuation
      “Who are you?”
      Yu Zhibo weasel stands on the eaves and asks in a cold voice.
      “Ha ha, I think who is engaged in the sneak attack? It's you, Mr. skunk, who killed your father and mother, and is not a human son.”
      Clear sky slowly raised his head, mouth also outlines a trace of disdain smile.
      Yuzhibo weasel's eyes are cold.
      Although he did, he was forced to do so, and there was no way.
      If yu Zhibo and Muye go to war, the result… Can only give the enemy an opportunity to take advantage of, leading to the complete destruction of Muye.
      God knows how determined yuzhibo is to make his decision tonight.
      Of course, no nonsense is allowed.
      “No matter who you are or what kind of organization you come from, since you have come here, you should stay here and bury the yuzhibo family.”
      Brush, Yu Zhibo weasel instantly disappeared on the eaves.
      Reappear, he has reached the clear side of the body, a knife across to his head.
      Even don't bother to hide, clear sky directly with the forehead hard connect this knife.
      The sound of jingtiejiao came out, just like the sword of Xiongkou before. The skin on the forehead of the clear sky was only broken, and then it recovered as before.
      It's all because, in the clear sky, mosquitoes are separated.
      And his mosquito army, after tonight's upgrade, the insect strength has also been greatly improved.
      I dare not say that it is harder than diamond, but at least it is not weaker than ordinary steel.
      Steel head, solid with chakra.
      Yuzhibo weasel, even if he was a bull pen, he couldn't cut it with a knife without any psychological preparation.
      So, after cutting the second knife, yuzhibo weasel himself was also silly. He rushed out for a long distance and opened his position with the clear sky.
      “Hardened earth”?Are you from Yanyin village? “Yuzhibo weasel raises a long knife to question.
      Well, there's a misunderstanding.
      Qingkong smiles and doesn't want to explain it. He moves his neck and says, “whatever you think. If you want to fight, hurry up. If you don't fight, I'll take you away.”
      Waving, yuzhibo spring, which was carried by the mosquito army, also flew to the side of the clear sky.
      Yu Zhibo frowned, but soon he let go and turned away.
      “Well, what do you mean?”
      I don't understand when it's clear. How can I just leave.
      Yuzhibo weasel steps, then steps again, at the same time: “I'm not the only one here tonight, you… Take care of yourself.”
      Can you turn an enemy into a friend in a second?
      However, as a passer-by, the clear sky is not unable to guess yuzhibo weasel's mind.
      Although yuzhibo weasel is very cruel, for the sake of the safety of the village, he actually slaughtered the whole family and even the whole family.
      But it is undeniable that Yu Zhibo is a kind man with love in his heart.
      It's just that he was poisoned seriously by the will of fire, and took over the duty of his friend Shuitou, so he embarked on the road of no return.
      As for why he didn't do it and let himself go.
      In the clear sky, the reason is very simple, that is, the conscience.
      It can be said that if the yuzhibo clan is willing to compromise and withdraw from Muye, yuzhibo weasel will definitely not make the action tonight.
      If there are friends to help, not a person to carry the words.
      Let a few yuzhibo people escape from Muye. Yuzhibo weasel will not stop them. Maybe he will help them.
      What a pity!
      Yuzhibo family will not compromise, and weasel has no friends to help.
      His only good friend, Shuitou, had long died in front of him.
      The night of extermination.
      This is the desperate choice of a lonely man. Under the double attack of wood leaf and soil, yuzhibo weasel has to do so.
      Of course, the clear sky still doesn't look like yuzhibo weasel.
      Anyway, if you put it on him, he won't kill his family even if you fight with Tuan Zang, ape feiri and others.
      Most likely, qingkong will only rebel with the clansmen.
      What's the matter with him?
      There are so many things to worry about, such as the safety of wood leaves and world peace.
      Eating two liang rice, but holding the heart of the whole village, it's really idle to burn.
      Pigs and dogs are inferior.
      Really, yuzhibo weasels sacrifice a small number of people for the benefit of the majority.
      What's the difference between those who sell ark tickets in 2012 movies?
      What's more, this small group of people are their own relatives.
      What's the difference between slaughtering your own relatives and that animal?
      One water stop, one weasel.
      All of them are Wuzai who eat inside and outside. They are also the most despised role of qingkong in the fire shadow. They are not as good as Tuan Zang.
      I know I have a good card in my hand, but I play poorly at the beginning.
      This is not the problem of smelly hands. It's just mindless.
      Shaking his head, the clear sky is too lazy to see the disappearing yuzhibo weasel.
      He picked up yuzhibo spring, then flew directly to the outside of yuzhibo station.
      It's really a big night, not only absorbing the blood of hundreds of yuzhibo, but also yuzhibo spring, a newly opened kaleidoscope.
      The only regret is that Yu Zhibo and Fu Yue didn't get the kaleidoscope in the clear sky.
      Because they were taken away by skunks, the couple's bodies were connected.
      The reason for this is also related to qingkong itself.
      It was he who made so much noise that he turned hundreds of yuzhibo's corpses into mummies.
      Once found, yuzhibo weasel will not leave the bodies of Fuyue and his wife.
      It's a matter of course.
      Of course, if you don't get it, you can't get it. There's nothing to worry about in the clear sky.
      He threw yuzhibo spring into a cave in the back mountain forest to let the mosquitoes watch.
      I also withdrew to the welfare home and went to have a rest first.
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      Chapter 8: take yuzhiboquan [ask for flowers and tickets]
      One night without words, the next morning.
      “I… where is this?”
      Yu Zhi Bo Quan woke up and knocked on his head.
      “The mountain behind the leaves, the forest of death.”
      Suddenly see the mosquito in the clear sky, Yu Zhibo spring was also startled.
      “Why, I forgot all about last night?”
      “… no!”
      Yu Zhi Bo Quan bit his teeth, and his eyes revealed some killing intention.
      “Yuzhibo weasel!I must kill him
      “Then you are not strong enough now.”
      Qingkong shook his head, sat down on a stone in the cave, and said, “you should know more about yuzhibo weasel's talent and growth experience than I do.”
      “What's more, he has opened his eyes to write in a kaleidoscope. He can kill hundreds of yuzhibo people overnight, and he can't even endure for several rounds.”
      “How many seconds can you last?”
      Yu Zhi bowed his head and clenched his fist.
      “That's giving up?”
      “No!I won't give up
      Yuzhiboquan raised her head and her eyes became more firm. She suddenly knelt down in front of the clear sky and begged, “my Lord, no matter who you are, please teach me Ninjutsu. I want to avenge my mother!”
      Qingkong didn't respond immediately. He felt his chin and thought for a while before saying, “it's not impossible to teach you, but I won't teach people for free.”
      “As long as the adults agree, I can give anything!”
      “Oh?With yourself? ”
      “… yes!”
      The hesitation in his heart was completely shattered by his mother's death picture, and Yuzhi Boquan returned unswervingly.
      “Ha ha, good!”
      Qingkongsi did not hide his happiness. He helped yuzhiboquan up and said, “remember, you are my man beyond the road of revenge. If you don't have my order, you can't even die. Do you understand?”
      “It's my Lord. I'll remember that!”
      Yuzhiboquan once again knelt down on one knee to express his firm heart.
      On the other side.
      Unlike the mosquito, the 7-year-old still has to go to school when he gets up early in the morning.
      Dawdling all the way to the school, the clear sky found that two pillars really absent.
      But the news of yuzhibo's being exterminated has not come out, and the classroom is still as usual.
      “Mr. qingkongjun, this is the love Bento I prepared for you. Please try it!”
      A little girl walked up to the clear sky, holding the delicate and beautiful pink lunch box in her hands, bending down and solemnly saying.
      “Go away, clear sky King won't eat your food!”
      Before the clear sky could speak, the big bosju Inoue appeared. She pushed aside the girl with the Bento and sat beside the clear sky.
      Like magic, he also took out a lunch box and said to qingkong with a smile, “qingkong Jun, please try this breakfast. I made it myself.”
      The clear sky is speechless for these precocious little girls.
      Maybe this is the style of Muye.
      Comfortable life, like to talk about a love, a little tension is not.
      This is the success of three generations of fire shadow ape Flying Sun chop, but it is also his failure.
      After all, a comfortable life is good, but it also makes people lose their fighting spirit.
      While other countries are striving for development and hard work, Muye has always been playing around.
      Vast territory and abundant resources, and the most powerful logistics, if we are not to be competitive, we must have been awesome.
      “Students, let's talk about the development history of Muye today…”
      It's another boring day.
      Ninja school doesn't teach ninja, it just tells some messy things to let students learn history and the will of fire.
      Isn't it a waste of time?
      For a clear sky, at least, it's absolute.
      So at noon, he just made a mosquito to go to school instead of himself, and I went to a place where there was no one to practice.
      “Ah, qingkongjun, I'm sorry I didn't see you practicing here.”
      There was a timid voice nearby, which made the clear sky turn its head.
      “It's xiaochitian. How did you come here?”
      “I… I went to Nara's house with my father today, so I didn't go to school.”Was a little Daisy called face red, but she still tried to explain.
      The clear sky nodded and didn't care much.
      Because in the school, hatada is a little transparent and has a low sense of existence.
      If it wasn't for today, qingkong didn't know she didn't go to school. After all, he wouldn't pay attention to this.
      “So you're here to practice?”
      Daisy first bowed, and then explained: “I… my talent is not good. I can only take time to practice more to catch up with you. I'm sorry to disturb you.”
      “Where, where.”
      I'm so polite. I'm really impressed by the clear sky.
      He waved his hand and said, “I just came here today. I don't know it's your territory. Then you can practice here. I'll change another place.”
      “No, it's not.”Daisy field flurried to put a small hand, way: “here place is very big, clear sky Jun can use at will, don't need to find a place.”
      “Won't it disturb you?”
      “It's OK. It's OK.”
      “All right.”
      If you don't change the place, you won't change it. There's not so much affectation in the clear sky.
      He turned and left Hatoyama for a distance, and then he practiced alone.
      Before, the fat nun of the welfare home gave qingkong a scroll, which recorded several basic ninjas.
      Water escape, water wall.
      Water escape, water dragon bullet.
      Wind escape, thousand face wind.
      Tu Dun, Tu Long gun.
      Four ninjas, three attacks and one defense.
      The most powerful is B-level ninja, water dragon bullet.
      Qingkong practiced several times one by one, and the three C-level ninjas were all learned in an instant, while the water dragon bullet was only finished three or five times*
      Chapter 9: patience in the clear sky
      “Water escape, water dragon bullet!”
      In an instant, the printing is finished, and hands are folded in a clear sky.
      The next second, around him, a huge dragon head came out. The dragon head opened its mouth and spat out one water bomb after another.
      In the distance, the woods were directly hit by these water bombs and were in a mess.
      Of course, the power of level B Ninja is just like this.
      It is impossible to destroy a large area at one time like A-S, just like a missile.
      “Wow!What a fine sky
      But just like this, xiaohata was also surprised and couldn't help shouting.
      Until the clear sky looked at her, the little girl felt that she had done something wrong. She lowered her head and her cheeks were completely red.
      “Yes… I'm sorry to disturb your cultivation, Mr. qingkong.”Hatta bows and apologizes.
      As for it?
      The clear sky sucked the next tooth flower.
      To tell you the truth, he really wants to try this girl to see how she can react.
      Is it a fight to the death?
      Or leave tears, give up struggling?
      I always find this question very interesting.
      Of course, the clear sky is not so abnormal.
      In broad daylight, Gu Liang, who is alone in the wild, is not learning like a skunk. Isn't she a beast.
      It's not allowed, auntie.
      “Cough, Hatfield.”
      “Hayi, there it is
      “I have a question for you.”
      “Is… What is it?”
      “Can you use Ninjutsu?”
      “This… Is OK.”
      “Then why didn't you use it?”
      Xiaohata first lowered his head to think for a while, and then slowly explained: “it's such a clear sky king. We don't belong to Renzong. I don't know much about the specific situation. We just follow the inheritance of our ancestors and have been practicing renti all the time.”
      “Oh, I see.”
      Qingkong nodded and said, “will you marry people of other nationalities?”
      As the sun sets, the grass grows and the warbler flies.
      At dusk, the woods were covered with gold. Qingkong and Xiaotian sat on a dead tree. As time went on, they chatted more and more happily.
      Even xiaohata put down his reserve, and from time to time he was giggled by the jokes made by qingkong.
      “Ah, it's so late?”
      Unconsciously, the sun had already set, and xiaohata quickly stood up and said, “I'm sorry, Mr. qingkongjun, for delaying you so long. I… i…”
      “What's the apology?”
      Qingkong also stood up and said with a smile, “unless you haven't made friends with me yet!”
      “Ah, friend?”
      Xiaohata's face turned red, and his hands pestered him: “of course, I'd like to be friends with qingkongjun, but… But don't you think I'm too stupid?”
      Mom, what a self-confident child?
      In other words, how did Daisy grow up?
      Naruto has Naruto's sufferings, but the same friend does not have, has not been recognized by anyone's rudimentary field, it is estimated that it is not much worse than him.
      Maybe that's why they will come together in the future?
      Two people of the same fate holding each other for warmth.
      Qingkong shakes her head. I feel that it's really tiring to talk to such people, because it's too sensitive.
      “Chuda, everyone is different. They have their own shortcomings and advantages. They don't need to carry so many things, and they don't care what others think. Life is difficult. It's the most important to live a self.”
      It's better to listen to you than to read for ten years
      Daisy feels the clear sky. These words are really in her heart. She doesn't want to carry so much and live in other people's eyes.
      It's just a pity.
      As a young lady of the sun clan, she can't do a lot of things by herself.
      “Qingkongjun, do you live out of yourself?”After bowing, xiaohata asked again.
      Clenching his fist, the clear sky looked into the distance and said, “to cultivate hard and improve your strength is actually a struggle for yourself. If you use the words of forbearance world to describe it, that's my forbearance way!”
      “Not for others, not for the whole world, just for myself, live a different wonderful life!”
      For a moment, Hatta was stunned.
      Because she used to listen to those heroic quotations, the will of fire and so on.
      Most of the thoughts dominated by Muye are the lofty spirit of serving the people and sacrificing for others.
      There is no such rebellious and selfish person as qingkong, who only thinks about himself and doesn't care about others.
      But it happened that, I don't know why, but hatada's heart vibrated, feeling that this was what he wanted most.
      What kind of hero is respected.
      The will of fire is loved.
      Those are not the life that Daisy wants. She just wants to live a good life, happy every day, without so much trouble.
      That's enough.
      “Arigado, clear sky!”
      Hatta once again solemnly thanks, raised his head and laughed.
      “I think I know what I want most. Thank you very much.”
      “Well, why are you so polite? We are friends, aren't we?”
      “Yes, cluck ~”
      “Ha ha ~ ~”
      They looked at each other and laughed*
      Chapter 10: go to yuzhibo station again
      In the twinkling of an eye, the past two days.
      The yuzhibo massacre has broken out, which is well known.
      Although Muye official said it was yuzhibo weasel.
      And set it as S-level treason tolerance, set a heavy reward.
      But this is just shocking, not the most terrible news.
      There is a ninja who went to yuzhibo to deal with the corpse, and revealed the news after coming out.
      In yuzhibo's clan, hundreds of corpses, all for inexplicable reasons, became strange mummies.
      Overnight, it's all mummies.
      When the news came out, people were so worried that they didn't dare to go out in the evening.
      Because it's too scary.
      Some people say that this is yuzhibo weasel's evil Ninjutsu, which has eaten up the soul of the whole clan.
      Some people say that the yuzhibo clan is so evil that God can't see it, so they put down a vicious spell to punish them.
      In addition, there are rumors of demons and monsters attacking, evil things eating people and so on, which scared the civilians to death.
      “My Lord, when will you teach me Ninjutsu?”
      In the forest of death.
      After two days' rest, yuzhiboquan begged impatiently. She wanted to improve her strength as soon as possible to avenge her mother.
      “Quan, you are too anxious!”
      Qingkong shook his head and said: “the reason why I don't teach you immediately is to let you understand a truth. No matter when it comes to any time, don't be so anxious that you lose the ability to judge.”
      “Listen, yuzhibo weasel is not so easy to kill. If you can't do the most basic calmness, what about revenge?”
      “This… Ha Yi, what the adult taught me is!”
      Yu Zhi bowed his head and slowly loosened his clenched fist.
      She was relieved. After adjusting her mind, she said, “thank you for your instruction. I will remember what happened today and never make the same mistake again.”
      Qingkong nodded and said, “take another two days off. When you are ready, I will teach you how to improve your strength.”
      “Yes, thank you, my Lord!”
      Yuzhi bows and turns back to the cave.
      Qingkong doesn't care about her any more. The reason why she doesn't teach now is that qingkong doesn't have so many Ninjutsu.
      But it's a good thing to solve.
      In the evening, the clear sky turned into mosquitoes and flew to yuzhibo's land.
      This time, he came here for the Ninjutsu collected by yuzhibo.
      As the largest family in Muye, yuzhibo's collection is certainly extraordinary, and the quantity is not small.
      In the past two days, Muye's senior management was busy with the dead body and the issue of a wanted notice. They hadn't had time to transfer yuzhibo's property.
      This gives the clear sky a chance to take advantage of.
      The mosquito army flew high above the ground, circled the yuzhibo station a few times, and then dispersed completely.
      This time I'm here for Ninjutsu. Of course, if I find other good things, sunny sky won't let it go.
      In order to avoid exposing yourself, it's better to look for a target in the form of a mosquito, so there is no need for humanoid separation.
      Through the crack of the door, the clear sky first flew to the patriarch's home and searched for a wave.
      The blood stains on the tatami are still there. They are all the traces left by Fu Yue and his wife.
      But it had nothing to do with the clear sky. He looked for two laps and found some good things.
      Not to mention silver tickets, calligraphy and paintings, gold ware and so on, but also two famous knives and more than ten Ninja scrolls.
      Pack up and go!
      Under the control of the clear sky, thousands of mosquitoes gathered into two hands, and then pulled a sheet to wrap all the good things.
      Then, the mosquito army divided into two groups.
      One wave sent things to the dead forest to hide, and the other wave of mosquitoes went on to the next place to search.
      First, search the residence of yuzhibo.
      What long home, steward, police captain's home, clear sky all did not let go.
      This time, he ransacked 89 million taels of bank notes alone.
      Not to mention the scrolls of Ninjutsu. Before yuzhibo's' Sutra Pavilion 'was found, there were hundreds of scrolls in the clear sky.
      Of course, this also made him look forward to the “Sutra Pavilion” of yuzhibo people.
      Everything comes to him who waits.
      Careful to avoid those root sentry, there are patrolling ninja, in the station after half a circle, clear sky finally found the right place.
      This is a large ancestral hall, in which the ancestral tablets of yuzhibo's ancestors are worshipped. In a large secret room at the back, there are thousands of Ninja scrolls.
      The mosquito army is all pervasive. Even though the place is very secret, it is still discovered by the clear sky.
      Next, it's easy to say. It's just a few more trips.
      A few hours later, it was getting brighter.
      It has carried more than ten reels in the clear sky, and now only the last two can be carried out.
      Luck is not good, but also carry too much, sunny sky is a little tired, this just for a moment, dropped a scroll on the ground, make a little noise.
      But it was this movement that attracted several ninjas.
      “Be careful, I'll do a thorough search!”
      The leader Ninja pushes open the gate of the ancestral hall and orders with a wave of his hand.
      Several other ninjas all entered the ancestral hall, scattered and searched.
      Forget it. Let's call it a day.
      Anyway, I've got the big head. There are only a hundred and ten scrolls left. Don't worry.
      In order not to expose himself, qingkong gave up this thing directly. He controlled the mosquito army to blink, and then disappeared.
      This is not ninja in time and space.
      The mosquito army is the result of qingkong's will and chakra. It is not a real living body. Of course, it will be dissolved if it wants to be dissolved*
      Chapter 11: angry tuanzang
      “My Lord, something's wrong!”
      “Yuzhibo's collection of Ninjutsu scrolls, as well as a part of the property, have all been stolen!”
      In the dark, a terrible and old face appeared, which was Zhicun Tuan Zang.
      He clubbed the floor with his crutch, then asked in a cold voice, “have you found any clues? Who did it?”
      “My Lord, I am incompetent.”
      The root Ninja kneels on one knee, lowers his head and explains: “the other party has no trace. There is no clue left, and we can't find out!”
      “A bunch of trash!”
      It's thanks to Tuan Zang to destroy the yuzhibo people.
      Naturally, the property yuzhibo left behind was also regarded as his own.
      But now, inexplicably, he has lost so much. How can he not be angry and not be angry when he halves the benefits of the plan to eradicate yuzhibo.
      “Check, check me out unnoticed, and the old man will not believe it. Some people can escape the eye line of the root. God knows how to remove so many things from the leaves.”
      “By the way, is there any clue to what happened before?”
      “It's… Not yet.”
      “Go away!A bunch of idiots
      The root Ninja trembles with fright and bows away.
      Tuan Zang's question is actually about mummies. What monster eats people? Yuzhibo weasel has practiced evil ninja. Tuan Zang doesn't believe that bullshit.
      In his opinion, the night of yuzhibo's extermination must have been intervened by forces not belonging to Muye.
      It's just that they're hiding very well, and their tails haven't been found yet.
      However, Tuan Zang always believed that no one could escape from him in his own territory.
      In the forest of death.
      It took two days to build an underground base for storing the scrolls.
      It's a home for myself.
      Then, qingkong began to practice Ninjutsu in the base by using the multitasking of mosquito.
      In fact, before, the clear sky itself had only two chakra attributes: wind and fire.
      But after absorbing so much blood, resulting in the upgrade of the ability, his chakra attribute has also become five, including wind, fire, thunder, earth and water.
      In this way, you can practice any kind of Ninjutsu, which is a great thing.
      “Get out of here!”
      The two pillars that I haven't seen in a few days reappear in school, but my temper is even worse.
      He bumped open a male classmate, then walked to the seat with a face of ice and sat down. His attitude smelled like someone owed him 800 million yuan.
      Of course, it's normal.
      After all, the whole family is dead, and he is still killed by his own brother. The seven-year-old Er Zhu can survive to go to school, which is not generally strong.
      “Stinky Sasuke, what a look!”
      Naruto is lying on the table, not happy to read, but his eyes have been aiming at Sasuke, which also hides a lot of worry.
      “Qingkongjun, Sasuke's family is really…”
      Looking at the curious Inoue, the clear sky nodded slightly, but there was no explanation.
      “Well, that kind of thing is really too unfortunate, but it's not something we can worry about. Qingkongjun, go to the barbecue shop after school. Luwan will treat you!”
      “What, when did I say it was a treat?”Lu Wan quit, his face looked like a muddle.
      “Did you forget what you said yesterday?”
      “I didn't…”
      Inoue a stare, deer pill this side suddenly head big unceasingly, swing hand to surrender directly.
      “What a trouble…”
      But Inoue doesn't care about that. In order to have dinner with the people he likes, what's the matter with the exploitation of Luwan.
      She laughed, and then took qingkong's arm and said, “qingkong Jun, shall we go together after school?”
      Qingkong first looked at the sick deer Pill on his face, then shook his head with a smile and said, “forget it, I have something to do after school. I'll invite you next time.”
      “Well, how can that be?”
      Inoue was so disappointed that he collapsed.
      It's not to say that qingkong's character is so eccentric and unsociable.
      The key is that he really has a lot to do. He has to cultivate and develop his own powers. He also has to distract himself and teach yuzhiboquan to learn Ninjutsu.
      There's no time for dinner or anything.
      Not to mention, what he's going to school now is just a separate body.
      “Soft fist, eight trigrams palm!”
      “Too slow.”
      In the woods, the clear sky is competing with Hatta.
      For the moment, clear sky uses three separate mosquitoes.
      One went to school, one taught yuzhiboquan, and the last stayed in the underground base to learn Ninjutsu.
      His noumenon, however, is practicing physical skills and developing various ways of using mosquito powers.
      Sometimes after school, Hatta would come to this forest to practice.
      Today, I met her. Qingkong took the time to compete with her. I can see the soft boxing skills of the sun family.
      It's a pity that the young farmland is too weak, and beating people is more submissive. I don't dare to bring any murderous spirit.
      This kind of competition, completely let the clear sky experience nothing.
      “Yes, I'm sorry, Mr. sunny!”
      After the exchange, Hatta quickly bows to apologize.
      “Come again, tell you to be natural, don't care too much about other people's feelings, too much is better than too much, you're tired, I'm tired too, understand?”
      Hastily bows to promise, the young farmland scratches the hair again, embarrassed smile.
      The habit formed for a long time can't be changed for a while.
      The clear sky also has no way, don't want to waste brain cells for this matter, he waved: “Chuda, use your most powerful move to attack me, make some strength!”
      “Yes!Clear sky, please be careful
      “Hurry up, you can't hurt me yet.”
      “Hi, I'm coming!”
      Hatta posed, and then quickly rushed to the clear sky in front of a punch to his Xiongkou.
      But her little Lori just makes the clear sky feel cute and harmless*
      Chapter 12: different writing eyes
      Of course, soft boxing has its merits.
      Qingkong throws away those messy ideas and concentrates on fighting against Hatta. The main thing is to find out her soft fist rules and routines.
      It's not hard for a clear sky.
      Not to mention that Hatta's boxing is still very immature and slow.
      Qingkong still has mosquito power.
      Over this period of time, after careful study, clear sky has also developed several new methods of use.
      1、 Like the sand armor I love, he also made a suit of mosquito armor.
      In this way, when others hit him, they must first break his mosquito armor, otherwise they won't hurt him.
      2、 The ability to sense.
      As I said before, a clear sky is an extra large mosquito. Even without eyes, it can sense all living things in the dark.
      And further, more meticulous and meticulous.
      Through this ability, the clear sky can sense the blood vessels, meridians and the strength of chakra.
      Therefore, even if no one explained the main points of Rouquan to him, he could deduce the secret of Rouquan by perceiving the blood of Hatta and the flow of chakra.
      Of course, qingkong's purpose is not to steal a teacher.
      It's just a soft fist. It's not worth his thinking.
      But anyway, it's also a high-level technique of forbearance, which can always be used for reference.
      The use of this ability is called 'Vientiane' by the clear sky!
      Mosquitoes themselves are very small.
      Under the control of the clear sky, the army of mosquitoes, which is transformed from ideas and chakras, is also driven by arms. They can become whatever they want to combine and change into.
      In this way, there will be more things to do.
      For example, it's OK to form a mosquito army into a shield, a long knife of tens of meters, 18 kinds of weapons and Gatling.
      This kind of method played well, completely may omni-directional enhancement own strength.
      At that time, even with the shadow level against the strong, the clear sky is still not empty.
      After all, those who play with sand in shayin village, they just play with small sand to become the most violent killing weapon in the world of tolerance.
      People can do it, so can I.
      Anyway, in the clear sky, I'm not bad for the other side.
      They play with sand, and they play with mosquitoes. In terms of their unpredictable and practical nature, it seems that their own mosquitoes are more powerful on a clear sky.
      Clear sky has more magical ideas.
      For example, by combining the mosquito and the seal ninja of the whirlpool clan, he can perform a super large defense barrier alone.
      Or, after practicing several chakra attributes well and having a thorough understanding.
      His mosquito can not only be combined into a variety of attributes of cannon, perhaps can also play a similar role in the blood of dust escape.
      Of course, it's not easy to do that.
      This is not only a matter of hard cultivation, but also a matter of mastering all kinds of Ninjutsu knowledge.
      It takes a lot of energy and time.
      However, clear sky is now the stage of foundation laying, and there is plenty of time for these preparations.
      So work hard, where there is a will, there is a way.
      “Qingkongjun, thank you for accompanying me to practice. Goodbye.”
      “Well, goodbye.”
      Bid farewell to the young farmland, sunny also walk back to the welfare home.
      In fact, he has been thinking about another thing, how to get the blood of others.
      Is it a matter of quantity?
      After all, he absorbed the blood of hundreds of yuzhibo members and finally got the eye of writing wheel.
      But after this period of thinking and experiments, qingkong found that this may not be the most critical reason.
      Blood after the limit, it should have nothing to do with the number, the key is the purity of blood.
      Clear air takes other people's blood, it will purify and deal with it, remove its dross, leave only the most beautiful part, and then merge itself.
      Therefore, his current writing wheel eye is more powerful than the yuzhibo people.
      This is the effect of pure blood.
      In other words, clear sky should no longer be called the eye of writing wheel.
      Because this is his own power, combined with the blood of hundreds of yuzhibo, a new eye.
      Generally speaking, the eyes of writing wheel are red eyes and black gouyu.
      On the other side of the clear sky, the black eyes and the bloody gouyu are just the opposite.
      In addition, there is a feeling of clear sky. His eyes don't need any mental stimulation at all. As long as they grow older, they can automatically upgrade.
      It's not just the kaleidoscope, it may even be the eternal eye.
      This should be the pure benefit of blood.
      For example, before the earliest Indra, his brother Asura did not write wheel eyes. Did he not open all the suzanneng himself.
      Whether Indra is the eternal eye or not has not been decided yet.
      The clear sky doesn't know.
      Indra, his pupil power is so strong that he can open his beard only by using a kaleidoscope, or even three gouyu's writing wheel eyes.
      Or was he born eternal.
      But anyway, at least his existence can prove one thing, that is, the purer a person's blood is, the more powerful his blood will be.
      It must be absolute.
      To put it another way, Indra's blood is strong enough, so his writing wheel eye has no side effect of blindness.
      And his descendants, as time goes on, the power of blood is becoming weaker and weaker, so they are becoming more and more rubbish.
      At the beginning, there should be no kaleidoscope, eternal eye.
      It's just that the blood of later generations is not good, and there are too many side effects.
      That's why we have so many names. What else must be changed into brothers' eyes in order to have eternal light.
      Even if you open a kaleidoscope, you have to kill your relatives and friends. You can see how spicy it is*
      Chapter 13: the most beautiful girl in the country of water
      “Isn't that all right?”
      In the forest of death, clear sky is training yuzhibo spring.
      Climb trees and water, run with loads, and practice ninja.
      After squeezing out the last trace of chakra, yuzhibo spring was too tired to get up on the ground like a drowning dog.
      Qingkong stepped in front of her, hugged her arm and said, “listen, it's your own business to find yuzhibo weasel for revenge. I won't force you during training. As long as you like, you can go to rest now.”
      “No!I… I can still insist! ”
      Clench one's teeth, Yu Zhibo spring holds the ground with both hands and gets up tremblingly.
      “If you're not willing, run another 20 laps!”
      Yuzhiboquan roared and ran forward. Her sweat was shining in the sun.
      But life, as long as the burden of hatred, there is not so much good.
      The clear sky shook its head, turned into a black fog and disappeared in the same place.
      On the other side.
      In the forest beyond the wood leaf, the clear sky has come out and is on the way to the country of water.
      The reason why we want to go to the country of water is that the clear sky takes a fancy to the blood boundary of the Huiye clan.
      Now it's 55 years old.
      Seven years after the end of the Third World War, Wuyin village is in the most chaotic period.
      Yu Zhibo took the land to control the four generations of water shadow with magic, and implemented the blood fog plan in the village, which led to the collapse and extinction of many blood succeeding families.
      For example, there is no moon in water.
      It's a pity that we can't get the blood after the clear sky if we don't hurry.
      But it doesn't matter, isn't there still a group of bright night and a group of ghost lights left.
      Calculate the time, Huiye there should also be a rebellion, and the clear sky in the past water country, is to take advantage of the opportunity to get some cheap.
      Just like yuzhibo that night.
      Stop and go. The clear sky is now in his twenties. He disguised himself as a travelling salesman and first took a carriage to the west coast.
      Then he packed a boat and floated all the way to the land of water.
      During the period of blood fog, although the atmosphere of the water kingdom was very tense, the whole territory was blocked.
      But because the coastline is too long, they can't have so many ninjas to send out. There are sentries at every little distance.
      Landing on the coast of no man's land, the clear sky is also very smooth, and you enter the territory of the country of water.
      “Brother, come and play!”
      Passing by a small town, the clear sky copes with the Kabuki of the taverns with a smile and goes forward again.
      Dressed in ordinary clothes, he sells all kinds of gadgets along the way, but he is collecting intelligence in the clear sky and in the dark, and his route is always leading to Wuyin village.
      In this way, two days passed.
      The clear sky finally came to Wuyin village, but as soon as he stepped here, he felt that there were no less than three pairs of eyes staring at him.
      So nervous?
      Qingkong felt that he had underestimated the impact of the blood fog policy. He tried to maintain his normal expression, pretended that nothing had happened, and walked forward as usual.
      When you come to someone's territory, you really have to be careful.
      Although with the mosquito ability, three gouyu write round eye, and chakra has long exceeded the upper tolerance level.
      However, there are many capable people in this world, and qingkong doesn't feel that he can fight against ten thousand with one person. He can fight against the whole Wuyin village with only one person.
      At least not yet.
      “Buy a toy for the child, sir.”
      “Little girl, this hairpin costs 80 Liang, and how about two more rubber bands for you?”
      “Auntie, this price is not good…”
      Like an ordinary hawker, sunny sky is selling things on the street, not anxious to do other things.
      Until half a day later, staring at his eyes reduced to two pairs, and then left the last one.
      But this one is just like a tarsal ant. When it's almost dark, the other party hasn't let go of the monitoring of the clear sky.
      It's like it won't go any further.
      The clear sky didn't care. When it was dark, he found a hotel to stay.
      Although Wuyin village is implementing the policy of blood fog and closing the door to the outside world, it is all aimed at the tolerant villages of other countries and forbids mutual exchanges.
      As for ordinary vendors, they are not within the scope of this blockade.
      Of course, in case of the penetration of spies from other countries, there will be no lack of surveillance, just like sunny sky now.
      Even when he was sleeping, he didn't leave.
      The next morning.
      After breakfast, the clear sky went to the street to sell as usual. In fact, it secretly separated some mosquitoes and went to all parts of Wuyin village to explore information.
      He came for the sake of the blood of the Huiye clan. At least he had to make sure where they lived.
      Don't let everything happen at that time. It's funny if you still sell cards here.
      “Well, how do you sell this blue hairpin?”
      A big girl came to the clear sky. Although she was asking about the price of the card, her eyes kept staring at the clear sky's face.
      Isn't it? Did you meet the flower maniac?
      The clear sky smoked the corner of mouth, also saw this girl one eye, light chestnut hair, top still have a pull.
      Cut, many adults also do this hairstyle, naive.
      Look at the face, eh… It's very beautiful, with big eyes, a touch of red lips, and this perfect figure
      No, is it the zhaomeiming?
      He didn't think about it at all. He just came to Wuyin village for one day, and then he met the most beautiful girl in the country of water.
      “Well, does it take that long to think about it?”
      “Sorry, Chenghui 100 Liang.”
      “Take three. Is there a discount?”
      “270 Liang, three more rubber bands.”
      “Well, wrap it up for me.”
      When he took out his wallet, Zhao Meiming said casually: “boss, I have a question for you.”
      “Are you an outsider?”
      “Yes, from the land of thunder.”
      “Well, you know, the economy of water country is very bad now, and most people can't even eat.What do you think of the itinerant peddler who, instead of doing business in those rich countries, goes across the sea to sell goods in the country of water
      I don't want to be such a fool*
      Chapter 14: Gods in prison
      The clear sky couldn't help puffing.
      But more importantly, if he doesn't pretend to be a peddler, I'm afraid he can't even enter the gate of Wuyin village.
      “Oh, have you ever heard of doing the opposite?”Clear sky heart read a turn.
      “What do you mean?”
      “As you said, the economy of the water country is not very good. We all know about this, so there are no vendors coming back to do business in the water country.”
      “No one comes, it means that the competitiveness is small.”
      “When I come here, I can make a lot of money by filling the vacancy.”
      Qingkong laughed and continued: “the country of water is very big, even if it is poor enough to feed the peddlers like me. Anyway, I'm not a big business, don't you think?”
      “It makes sense.”
      Zhao Meiming couldn't help nodding her head, and her suspicion of the clear sky weakened a lot.
      “I didn't expect that, you little peddler have a lot of brains. It's just a small business, isn't it
      “Ha ha, it's just a mixed meal. Thank you.”The clear sky smiles and shakes his hand.
      “Not necessarily. Many people don't see as well as you do.”
      “Where, where? I learned it from a business elder. I didn't think of it myself. Ha ha.”
      “All right.”
      Zhaomeiming doesn't care about it. She takes the hairpin wrapped by qingkong, and then she turns and leaves.
      “By the way, if you stay here for a long time, you'd better go to the water shadow building to report, so as not to be caught as a spy.”Zhaomeiming is a kind reminder.
      “Thank you. I'll be there.”
      Waving her hand, Zhao Meiming went far this time.
      Qingkong is also relieved. After all, it's very tired to be questioned. What's more, it's hard to cheat such a smart person as Zhao Meiming.
      A few days passed.
      After some exploration, qingkong finally found the residence of Huiye clan, but what he didn't expect was that Huiye clan had long been excluded by Shuiying and was assigned to live outside the village.
      This is really… Fun!
      If I had known that, I would not have come in.
      In the silent clear sky, in the evening, he left a mosquito in the hotel to hide his eyes and ears.
      The noumenon flew out of Wuyin village and came to Huiye village, a remote place in the southeast corner.
      “Ha ha, drink!”
      “Ouch ~”
      “That's no good. You're such a rubbish!”
      At night, there are still many people in the Huiye clan who are drinking and eating meat by the campfire.
      The rude men, with black eyes, hair combed like Nezha, and their big square faces, were extremely ugly.
      “Patriarch, what's the meaning of Shuiying? He wants us to live in such a remote place, but he still wants us to work for him?”
      “That's right, it's beautiful!”
      “If you can't, it's the opposite. I've been looking at that dwarf for a long time. He's not a man at all!”
      “Yes, against them!”
      “Roar, it's reversed!”
      A group of Huiye people raised their fists and yelled to take the lead in rebellion.
      If this happens in a normal family, as the head of the family, those who have a little brain should be pressed first to see the changes.
      But the Huiye clan is different from others. Their clan leader is also a wonderful flower.
      A middle-aged man, with the same square face and Nezha head, sits in the first place, but he is the head of the Huiye clan.
      He took a bite of the mutton, chewed it hard twice, then gulped it down, and then said, “then gather the fighting power of the clan and fight against it together!”
      This is as simple as eating.
      And those Huiye clansmen heard this, they all screamed, as if they were gathering with orcs.
      “Roar ~ ~”
      “It's wrong, it's wrong!”
      “Go to war, go to war ~ ~”
      For the Huiye people, war is like eating and drinking.
      They advocate violence and are not afraid of death. If there is no chance for them to vent their excess force, it will be the worst thing for them.
      On the treetops in the distance, the clear sky, seeing all these things, could not help shaking its head.
      The Huiye people, who don't like to use their brains and only want to use force, are definitely the most unstable factor in Wuyin village. It's a terrible hidden danger.
      Of course, the headache is also those high-rise buildings in Wuyin village, which has nothing to do with the clear sky.
      Turning into a black cloud, the clear sky flies away from the treetop and goes towards the depth of the Huiye clan's residence.
      After two turns, they finally found the place where they were holding the prisoners. The clear sky also bypassed the guards and entered as soon as the mosquito army took off.
      It's an underground space with a prison in a dark cave.
      “Have dinner, little devil!”
      “I will use you soon. Don't starve me here.”
      A guard came, threw a tray of food on the ground, and then turned and left.
      Inside the prison, there was a child, eight or nine years old, with a thin body.
      He hadn't eaten for a long time, but he didn't even look at the food sent by the guard.
      “Why… Should I stay in such a place?”
      In the dim space, the child murmured to himself. He took out a bone knife and inserted it into a human figure carved on the wall.
      “Why… Did I do something bad?”
      Stabbing again and again, the child is venting his hatred.
      “God, is there really a God in this world?If so, why should I be locked up in such a place? ”
      The child's hatred became more and more serious. He suddenly raised the bone knife and was about to insert it into the head of the portrait on the wall.
      But the next moment, he stopped and stood there.
      “Do you really want to get out of here?Junmalu. ”
      The portrait on the wall is alive, two eyes like a black abyss, mysterious and terrible.
      “Are you… Are you a God?”
      Junmalu was stunned and asked*
      Chapter 15: the riot of the Huiye clan
      “For some people, it may be, but for more people, I'm a devil,” the statue sneered
      “The devil…”
      Reciting the word softly, junmariu's eyes became brighter and brighter, because he was not afraid of the dark, but did not want to live alone.
      It was like a weed. Even if it died, no one noticed it. That kind of meaningless life was the last thing junmalu wanted.
      “Lord demon, are you… Here to take me away?”
      “Yes, junmariu, I need you to fight for me, not to waste your life and live humbly in this dirty prison.”
      The figure stretched out a hand and said, “come on, Jun mariu, as the knight chosen by the demon king, you should start now.”
      “As you wish, my Lord!”
      Excited junmalu knelt down on one knee, then put a hand into the hand of the portrait.
      It's like sinking into the mud.
      Junmalu slowly disappeared in the prison, and the statue also recovered empty.
      In a forest several miles away from the glow night clan.
      One big and the other small, two figures emerged from the ground. It was junmalu who had just disappeared, as well as a clear sky with special eyes for writing wheel.
      Cold face, dark eyes, plus a long black robe.
      Don't say, the clear sky looks like a devil now.
      Junmalu had no doubt about it.
      After a few breaths of fresh air, he knelt down on one knee in front of the clear sky and said solemnly: “Lord demon, thank you for your rescue and need. Junmalu swore to heaven that he would kill all the enemies for you in the future and never retreat!”
      “Well, you have a heart, junmariu.”
      With a smile, qingkong lifted junmalu up, patted him on the shoulder and said, “I feel your will, but your strength is not enough now. Try to practice first. I look forward to your performance in the future.”
      “Yes, my Lord!”
      Junmalu nodded firmly, and his heart was full of expectation.
      For the next two days, the clear sky stayed in the forest to teach junmalu, and of course was monitoring the movement of the Huiye clan.
      On the other side of Wuyin village, we still let them pretend to be hawkers and sell goods on the street every day to avoid exposure.
      “Meet again, sunny day.”
      “It's Lord Zhao Meiming. Good morning.”
      Meet again in the street, sunny sky said hello with a smile, as for sunny day, he is now using a pseudonym.
      Zhao Meiming also laughed and said, “how's the business these two days? Did it meet your expectations?”
      “It's very good. The villagers in Wuyin village are very kind and often come to visit my business.”
      “Ha ha, you are so optimistic.”
      Zhaomeiming could not help shaking her head, because her family knew her own affairs.
      Wuyin village, which is implementing the blood fog policy, is under great pressure from top to bottom, whether it is ninja or ordinary people.
      Once there is a slight disturbance, everyone will be alert and extremely nervous.
      Still kind?
      It's not the fog of blood in Meiming's eyes at all.
      “Since the business is good, you can continue to refuel.”
      He turned around and thought about it according to Meiming. Finally, he couldn't help waving his hand and said, “it's not very safe in the village recently. You'd better not go out at night. Otherwise, what's the matter? It's a pity that such a good-looking little brother will be lost.”
      small shrimp?Are you being teased?
      Looking at Zhao Meiming's back, the clear sky couldn't help but draw the corners of her mouth.
      It's a word that can be used in men. It's enough.
      Push their own car, clear sky for a place to continue to sell goods.
      However, after Zhao Meiming's reminding, he felt that it was not far from the rebellion of Huiye clan.
      After all, the village has already noticed.
      Another day, another night.
      In the forest outside the village of Wuyin, the clear sky, which is nourishing its spirit, suddenly opens its eyes.
      “What's the matter, my lord?”
      Junmalu also stopped practicing and asked suspiciously.
      “The Huiye clan has started to riot. They are on their way to Wuyin village. This is their last madness. You can have a look with me.”
      Junmalu was not in any mood, even if it was related to the decline of Huiye clan.
      Ten minutes later.
      Two people came to a hillside, the members of the Huiye clan also gathered here, but they could not go any further.
      Because Wuyin village had been prepared, a large number of ninjas were sent to kill Huiye people.
      “Go to hell!”
      “Water escape, the art of the great waterfall!”
      In all directions, there are ninjas in the fog.
      Even though the people of the Huiye clan are very fierce and resistant to beating, they are now defeated and defeated in the face of enemies several times as many as their own.
      “Damn it!Ah, ah, dance of Tang Song
      Among the Huiye clan, it is not only junmalu who has the boundary of blood and bones.
      Other members of the inner race, including the patriarch, can also fight with their own bones.
      But their blood is not as pure as junmalu, and the hardness of their bones is not as good as junmalu.
      In the face of 67 fog hidden bear siege, even if Huiye's patriarch is very cowhide, relying on Mangjin also killed each other two people.
      But in the end, he was hacked to death.
      When Huiye clan leader dies, the rest of the clan fight for themselves. It's only a matter of time before they die.
      On the other side.
      It's time for a meal in the clear sky. With a single wave of his hand, he manipulated hundreds of thousands of mosquito troops. After dispersing, he came to the battlefield.
      One word, suck the horse!
      Among the corpses lying on the ground, one is the only one. No matter they are from Huiye clan or ninja in Wuyin village, the clear sky never let them go.
      Even the living people who still have a breath, he has been sucked.
      A hundred!
      Absorb more and more, gradually, the clear sky feel their powers have reached saturation*
      Chapter 16: ability upgrade again
      In that case, let's sprint.
      If the clear sky keeps up its efforts, it will be even worse.
      Until half an hour later, he had smoked more than 500 corpses
      Bang again, the clear sky's body swelled and shrunk again. After this process, the octahedral crystal in his mind also became sixteen.
      All right!
      When he came back, qingkong clenched his fist and felt that he had improved his strength in an all-round way. He was overjoyed and satisfied.
      “Junmalu, let's go.”
      The whole process saw the clear sky manipulating mosquitoes to suck those corpses, but Jun mariu's face did not change at all, and naturally accepted.
      It's really the most perfect tool man in Huoying world.
      Say less and do more. I don't care about anything except orders.
      It's definitely better than white.
      Qingkong was also very satisfied with junmalu. With a smile, he took the lead and walked towards the distance.
      The affair of Huiye clan has come to an end. Most of the dead bodies have been sucked clean by qingkong. He doesn't care about the three melons and two dates left.
      As for Wuyin village
      The clear sky originally wanted to dissolve the separation directly over there and return to Muye with junmalu.
      But after careful consideration, he still intends to keep this part as an insider and collect intelligence.
      It won't delay anything anyway.
      “Is that how your excellency left?”
      All of a sudden, a hoarse voice came from behind, which also made junmalu alert and defensive.
      “Ha ha, he's really a good child. He not only has the blood of the skeleton, but also has excellent talent. Come with me, I'll help you find the true meaning of life.”Come to a person to open mouth to bewitch a way.
      Unfortunately, junmalu still held a bone knife alert, even the meaning of the other side.
      “Don't play tricks, big snake pill. Come out and meet me.”
      The clear sky patted Jun mariu on the shoulder and let him go to one side.
      “Oh?How could you know me? ”
      On the grass, a figure slowly emerged, not big snake pill or who.
      “Ha ha, after three days with me, I thought you would not come out, Mr. Lengjun.”
      The clear sky says with smile, also is telling big snake pill, oneself early discovered him, just didn't pick out clearly just.
      Big snake pill's face changed a little. After all, he was very confident in his tudun Ninjutsu. It was not too much to say that he was a master.
      But now it's been discovered from the beginning, how not to be irritated.
      But big snake pill is still big snake pill. Even if he was upset, he didn't show it.
      “Little brother, how about a deal?”Big snake pill licked the lower lip way.
      “Give me this child and I'll let you go safely.”
      “Ha ha ha ~ ~”
      Qingkong laughed and said for a long time, “big snake pill, are you doing experiments to make your head stupid?Or do you think you can teach me how to do things when you are older? ”
      Big snake pill squinted and said, “I haven't come out for a long time. Now the younger generation are so arrogant. Have you forgotten my reputation?”
      “That's not true. In fact, your prestige is nothing to me, let alone a few dollars.”
      “Son of a bitch, you want to die!”
      Big snake pill can't help but get angry at last. When he makes a move, he shoots several poisonous snakes out of his sleeve and rushes across tens of meters to the clear sky.
      “Stay away, it's not the match you can handle.”
      Junmalu was ready to resist, but he was stopped by the clear sky.
      Junmalu, who is only nine years old, can't resist the big snake pill even though his blood is strong.
      It's better to stay at the theatre than to waste that energy.
      Qingkong himself stepped forward. As soon as he reached out his hand, several black poisonous snakes rushed out of his sleeve and collided with the poisonous snake of dashuewan.
      The smoke and dust explosion caused losses to both sides, but in terms of hardness, the mosquito in the clear sky was better than the snake in the big snake pill.
      “Fengdun, great breakthrough!”
      Seeing that the situation was not right, dasheban resolutely gave up the poisonous snake and forged a ninja.
      The wind danced wildly, and the sound of peeping, the poisonous snakes of the mosquito sect in the clear sky were blown to pieces and fell down one after another.
      But it's impossible to kill the mosquitoes in the clear sky.
      Just the next second, the mosquito in the clear sky will fly again, gather into a black dragon from the air, and pounce on the big snake pill.
      This is the Vientiane secret of clear sky, which can control the mosquito army into any form.
      With a loud noise, the black dragon also knocked out a big pit where the snake pill was.
      “Damn it
      Slightly embarrassed to avoid open, but the face of big snake pill is not very good-looking.
      Once upon a time, he was one of the majestic three forbearances, Lengjun snake pill.
      Ordinary Ninja see him, not to say scared to pee pants, at least is also scared.
      But now?
      Even the big snake pill has to admit that the new generation of tolerance world has grown up too fast.
      There was a yuzhibo weasel who, at the age of 13, opened the eyes of a kaleidoscope and killed his whole family. The cowhide was not like an individual.
      Now, it looks like it's in its twenties, but it's very skillful. It controls the black bugs, and it's not decent.
      Where did this horse come from!
      Big snake pill has never heard of such a genius in any village.
      “What's the matter, big snake pill
      While controlling the black dragon to attack, the clear sky asked with a smile.
      “Well, you're so proud, kid!”
      Big snake pill still kept calm, did not choose too powerful moves, so as not to make too much noise, and then draw people from the other side of the village.
      He opened his mouth to spit out the grass shaved sword, grabbed it and jumped up. With a stab, he cut off the head of the black dragon*
      Chapter 17: the ability of new awakening
      However, the black dragon in the clear sky is not a real living creature. Under his control, only a second later, the dragon head and dragon body converge again.
      He still chased the snake pill.
      See this scene.
      Big snake pill also understood that pure physical attack was not feasible. Without saying a word, he put away the grass shaving sword which was only used once.
      Then make a seal with both hands and press it on the ground quickly.
      “Psychic serpent!”
      White smoke dispersed, a huge snake appeared at the foot of the big snake pill, and the black dragon in the clear sky started a fight.
      However, it's not clear sky that despises big snake pill.
      A giant snake, a living one, wants to fight against its own army of mosquitoes. It's not like beating a dog with meat buns
      No, it's just feeding.
      Clear sky just mind a move, black dragon will break into parts, transform into a black fog like mosquito army.
      In this way, not only does the snake have no way to bite, but it can't even bite.
      When the mosquito army pours down and is full of giant snakes, its end will come.
      Just struggling for five seconds!
      A giant snake tens of meters long was sucked into a shriveled body by millions of mosquitoes. It didn't even have time to go back to Dilong cave.
      The cracked body hit the ground, and the big snake pill's face turned green.
      The key is that he doesn't understand what Ninja is and how it can be so powerful.
      “Boy, are you a member of the oil girl family?”
      Without going forward to fight again, big snake pill stepped back for a distance and asked.
      “I'm sorry, you didn't ask. I have to answer. We've heard something from Wuyin village. We've sent ninjas. Do you want to continue fighting?”The clear sky said with a smile.
      Big snake pill is speechless, but he also knows that he can't get any benefits if he goes on fighting.
      At least, that's how it is until you understand your opponent's Ninjutsu.
      “Ha ha, interesting kid, but it's not over yet. I'll find you again.”
      While talking, big snake pill also licked his lips and slowly fell into the ground.
      “Yes, I'll wait for you.”
      Put cruel words who won't ah, the clear sky waved his hand hard to accept a sentence.
      Half a day later.
      Get rid of those dark ninjas in Wuyin village, qingkong brings Junma to the place near the sea.
      “Are we going to cross the sea, my lord?”
      “But there are no boats…”
      The clear sky laughed and let out a mosquito directly.
      See only, this mosquito flies after the sky, the body also quickly grows big.
      It grew to more than ten meters before it stopped.
      Junmalu was stunned, not only because of the power of Ninjutsu, but also because of the ferocious and terrible appearance of giant mosquitoes.
      Six thin legs, a pair of wings, and the mouthpiece several meters long.
      If it's pricked, don't talk about blood sucking or anything, the trauma alone will be fatal.
      “My Lord, shall we ride it?”
      Junmalu, who had always been fearless and courageous, was a little bit frightened by this huge mosquito.
      “Well, let's go.”
      The clear sky didn't care so much. He mentioned junmalu for a moment, and then came to the back of the giant mosquito.
      Giant mosquitoes flapped their wings and took off at a high speed. In the twinkling of an eye, they crossed several kilometers of land and came to the sea.
      No mistake.
      After sucking the blood of hundreds of members of the glowing night clan, in addition to getting blood from the corpse, qingkong's ability has been upgraded again and awakened by the way.
      You can make mosquitoes bigger or smaller.
      Don't think that this ability is very weak, with this, the clear sky can do more, the strength is more than doubled.
      It took seven or eight days to come.
      It took only one day to return by the giant mosquito.
      The land of fire, wood leaf.
      Qingkong comes back with junmalu, and puts him in the forest of death first, so that he and yuzhiboquan can receive training and practice Ninjutsu together.
      After that, the clear sky dissolved the mosquitoes left in Muye and received the memory of this period of time.
      “Whirlpool Naruto, stop for me!”
      It's the same among the leaves. The atmosphere is harmonious. Everyone talks and laughs, and children fight with each other.
      And the whirlpool Naruto.
      Even though he had gone to school, he often made trouble in the village. Enraged iluka chased him all the way, but he was out of breath.
      “Ha ha, Mr. iluka, your speed is too slow. Are you a snail?Lolo ~ ~ ”
      Naruto stands on the eaves, clapping his own fart drum, laughing at iluka.
      Irukaton was so angry that endless force of famine appeared in his body, and he chased Naruto fiercely.
      They ran after each other.
      All the places where they have passed have been made to fly like chickens and dogs, which has attracted innumerable villagers' abuse.
      The clear sky passed by, just saw this scene, and then compared with the situation of xiawuyin village, he also shook his head speechless.
      It's so comfortable.
      The wood leaf is strong, but it can't hold itself slack.
      No wonder the big snake can't see it any more, and wants to carry out the collapse plan.
      The key is that the ape flies, the sun cuts, and the leaves themselves have problems.
      The windmill is no longer turning, unless there is an external wind.
      And big snake pill, he did the wind.
      “Clear… Empty.”
      “It's hatada. Are you going shopping?”
      Daisy's face turned red and he didn't know what he was shy about.
      “How about a walk?”
      The clear sky smiles, also did not have the tube face red like blood's young farmland, he first strolled in the street.
      But the young farmland saw the clear sky to leave, then looked like a small daughter-in-law's son hastily chased up, that shy expression… Must say did not have the point idea to be strange.
      After playing for a long time, I went to Yile Ramen to eat when I was hungry.
      “Do you want another bowl?”
      Before I saw it, the bowl of noodles had been finished. Qingkong asked.
      “I… well.”
      Daisy really did not have enough to eat, red face whispered answer.
      Next, the clear sky also saw what is called the real big stomach king.
      What's more, after eating seven or eight bowls of ramen, Hatta's stomach didn't rise*
      Chapter 18: Xiuer group collection
      This damned baby doesn't know where to eat the noodles.
      When paying the bill, qingkong shakes his head slightly. It's dangerous that he has brought Yu Zhibo's property and is relatively well off.
      Otherwise, according to the previous economic conditions, it would be very difficult to invite Daisy to a meal.
      “Qingkongjun, I'll pay for it.”
      Young farmland is very embarrassed, take out own small money bag to say.
      “No, I said I would treat you.”
      Qingkong paid the bill happily, and didn't care about this little thing.
      “Then… I'll invite Mr. qingkong next time.”
      After another walk, the two separated and qingkong returned to the welfare home.
      Go to school the next day.
      Sasuke blocked the clear sky and said with a cold face: “fight with me. I won't lose to you this time!”
      This is the awakening of revenge. Have you practiced secretly at home?
      For fan's self-confidence, I feel like I've made two pillars again. Of course, sunny sky won't shrink back, even if he's just a mosquito.
      “OK, let's see how much you've improved in this period of time. Go to the training ground.”Waving hands in the clear sky.
      Sasuke snorted and walked away.
      This stink is so strong.
      The clear sky guarantees that he will work harder when he starts later.
      On the training ground.
      Sasuke's practice with qingkong also attracted many students.
      “Come on, Sasuke!”
      “Qingkongjun, beat him hard!”
      “Fight, fight ~ ~”
      Some male students yelled, but they were soon suppressed by qingkong and Sasuke's female fans.
      Sasuke is no longer waiting. He takes the lead and throws a concealed weapon into the clear sky.
      Whoosh, whoosh~
      The clear sky dodges and responds to Sasuke with his sword.
      Two people you come and I go, first use the concealed weapon to test, and then fight each other.
      Of course, compared with melee, Sasuke is far worse than qingkong. After two or three fights, he was beaten out by qingkong.
      In the air, Sasuke becomes a piece of wood.
      After that, he appeared behind the clear sky and stretched out his arm to pull!
      With a stab, two steel wires flew out of the soil and tied up the clear sky.
      “Do you think I'll make the same mistake again?”
      Sasuke's mouth started to sneer, and his hands began to seal with steel wire.
      “Huodun, the art of dragon fire!”
      A flame spits out from Sasuke's mouth and rushes along the steel wire to the clear sky in the binding.
      And this scene, also scared the students around.
      “Ah!Clear sky
      “Stop it
      “Asshole Sasuke, do you want to kill people?”
      Hatta scared to cover his mouth, and Inoue side are angry curse.
      Because the clear sky has been tied, they do not think that in such a state, the clear sky can have the opportunity to resist.
      But that's for ordinary people.
      The flame hit the clear sky and there was a big explosion.
      But just as the students were stunned and tongue tied, the clear sky appeared behind Sasuke.
      “You don't think you can make a mistake, but it's just that you think, in my eyes, you're just a boring trick played by children, understand?”
      Sasuke stares big eyes, just ready to flash away.
      Unfortunately, it's too late. In the clear sky, he kicked three feet in an instant and directly flew him more than ten meters away. He fell to the ground with a flop and rolled several times.
      But this is the mercy of qingkong. Otherwise, with his strength now, let alone his three feet, Sasuke will be sent to the West with one foot.
      “Ah ~ ~ it's boring!”
      Qingkong yawned and waved to them, then left alone.
      “Wow, the clear sky is so handsome!”
      “It's amazing. What happened just now?”
      “Sasuke, who has learned how to escape fire, has been beaten like this. How strong is qingkongjun now?”
      “Another genius!”
      The students talked a lot, and they all felt eye opening.
      As for the defeated Sasuke, he turned into an ugly duckling and could only lie on the ground and lick the wound alone.
      “Damn it!”
      Force hit the ground, Sasuke also angry.
      After all, even a classmate can't fight, how can he talk about revenge on that man.
      Unfortunately, Sasuke did not know that the current clear sky, in addition to the kaleidoscope has not yet opened.
      In other aspects, physical skill, ninja, and mosquito power are not necessarily weaker than yuzhibo weasel.
      Spring goes and autumn comes, but it's also a blink of an eye in a few years.
      Qingkong has moved out of the welfare home and found a house to live in.
      When the news came back, all the people in the welfare home cried for a long time.
      But there's no way.
      Qingkong wanted to save people. He also sent one of them to Yanyin village. It's a pity that he didn't find him for a long time.
      After all, yenaiyu is the best spy at root
      She wants to hide, in addition to the root of the people, there can be no one to find her.
      To tell you the truth, qingkong feels that Tuan Zang is really stupid.
      The reason why you want to kill ye naiyu and pharmacist Dou is that they are too excellent as spies.
      What kind of logic is this.
      Squeezing out the big snake pill and killing Qi Mu Shuo Mao can be seen as a bid for a seat.
      To bring down the thousand handed clan and exterminate the yuzhibo clan can be seen as safeguarding the power of Huoying.
      But what can two spies threaten the regiment? It's just too good to show.
      To sum up, Tuan Zang is a Shabi who doesn't have much ability, but is biased and wants to control everything.
      Of course, there are many things to be eradicated.
      Just like the dwarfs cutting sugarcane, everything that goes beyond his head belongs to the alien, and must be given the most severe humanitarian destruction*
      Chapter 19: to graduate
      “Clear sky in Shengu, come with us. An adult wants to see you.”
      In the afternoon, when I came home from school, two masked ninjas appeared in front of the clear sky.
      The dark side?Or the root?
      Speaking in this tone, qingkong thinks the latter is more likely.
      Yes, just now after scolding Tuan Zang, it's shabby. He came to the door so soon.
      Do dogs have such good ears?
      “To me?What are you doing? ”
      “You used to know.”
      “That's no good. In case you're spies, let's make it clear who's looking for me first!”
      Shentemo spy!
      Root Ninja impatiently said: “kid, this is Muye, how can there be spies mixed in, hurry to go with us, don't waste time!”
      “It can't be said that spies from all over the world are so rampant that it's not surprising that they come into the woods.”Qingkong digs his ear.
      “Son of a bitch!”
      “They all said don't talk nonsense with him, just grab him and save time.”
      See companion be angry of don't work, another root Ninja said with a smile.
      On the other side of the clear sky, he seemed to be startled. With a loud cry, he jumped out a few meters away.
      He pointed to the two ninjas and said, “you two are really spies
      When it comes to shrimp, the two ninjas are speechless.
      But misunderstandings are just misunderstandings. They are the most efficient. They have wasted a lot of time.
      See clear sky has been unwilling to compromise, two ninjas look at each other, then together toward clear sky rushed over, ready to take him down again.
      Of course, the clear sky won't give up.
      Taking advantage of the two roots Ninja did not pay attention to themselves, the real thing, he shot is to kill move, and merciless.
      Clear sky open eyes, special write round eyes instantly launch magic.
      Two root ninjas just feel a flower in front of their eyes, and then they freeze.
      But the clear sky is not over yet. After using magic to control the two ninjas, he immediately used the mosquito army to surround them.
      Swallow it all!
      “Ah ~”
      “Er ~”
      Two ninjas let out a cry of pain.
      But deep magic, they did not even have the opportunity to resist, they were sucked into a mummy by the mosquito army.
      Then, under the tear of more than 100000 mosquitoes, the two mummies were completely smashed, turned into dust, and scattered with the wind.
      The whole process took less than two minutes.
      The two elite ninjas disappeared without trace, leaving no trace.
      And on the sunny side.
      He was like nothing, holding the back of his head in both hands, whistling and walking away.
      “What's the matter? I haven't brought it back yet?”
      After waiting for more than two hours, no one was seen, and Zhicun tuanzang was impatient.
      In fact, the reason why Tuan Zang is interested in the clear sky is that Tuan Zang wants to carry out a new spy plan.
      A few years ago, pharmacist ye naiyu died in Dou's hand, and then Dou also disappeared.
      Two of the strongest spies were lost in succession, and the infiltration plans arranged by Tuan Zang in other countries were also greatly hindered.
      Of course, he did it all by himself, no wonder others.
      But when the old people are gone, they have to cultivate new people.
      In this way, both of them were born in a welfare home, and their foundation was very clean. They did well in Ninja school. The clear sky with almost full marks of science entered Tuan Zang's sight.
      After further investigation, Tuan Zang is ready to bring the clear sky into the plan and recruit it to the root.
      But, it seems that the recruitment tonight is not very smooth.
      The two elites acted together to catch a primary school student who had not yet graduated.
      I haven't come back for two hours.
      Needless to say, something must have happened.
      “Check it out for me, live or die!”
      “Yes, my Lord!”
      The root Ninja took the order and left.
      But Tuan Zang was doomed to be disappointed, because let alone the corpse, the clear sky didn't even leave him a hair.
      One night's investigation failed, not to mention the round eyes of Tuan Zang's writing.
      Turn around the day, clear sky Ben Zun also came to the school.
      Because today is graduation day, it's not important to assess anything, but there is a big play in the evening.
      “Nara Deer pill, come up and perform the separation skill.”
      “Dog grave teeth come up for examination!”
      “To the field!”
      “Yuzhibo, Sasuke!”
      “Clear sky in Shengu!”
      “Whirlpool Naruto!”
      “… failed!”
      Iluka is also very helpless, looking at Naruto that soft prone prone, no role in the separation, he really can't stuffy conscience to give a praise.
      “Teacher, I was not ready just now. Let me try again.”
      The Naruto who felt like he was playing badly begged.
      Iluka hesitated to break the rules.
      But next to Shuimu, he said with a smile: “Mr. iluka, I think Naruto is very powerful. Maybe he was not ready just now. Let him try again.”
      “Well, since Shuimu, you've taken good care of him.”
      Iluka nodded and agreed.
      But there is Naruto who is influenced by Jiuwei. He can't control chakra freely.
      Even if the assessment again, the result is still a failure.
      At the graduation ceremony.
      The big guys gathered together, talking and laughing, ready to take pictures.
      Only Naruto, sitting alone on the swing in the corner, looked at the students enviously.
      Listen to those parents' gossips and accuse yourself of being a fox. Fortunately, I didn't become a Ninja
      A touch of hatred also emerged from his heart.
      “Well, that kind of look is not very good, Naruto.”
      “Mr. Shuimu?”
      Looking at the person who suddenly appeared next to him, the hatred in Naruto's eyes completely disappeared*
      Chapter 20: the sealed book event
      “Still worried about not being able to graduate?”
      “… yes.”
      Naruto didn't deny it. He lowered his head and said, “I really want to graduate. Like everyone else, I want to become a ninja and contribute to the village.”
      “Ha ha ~”
      Shuimu smiles, touches Naruto's hair and says, “I really can't help you. In this case, I'll tell you a big secret.”
      “This is…”
      Shuimu's big secret, of course, is the sealed book.
      Naruto was also bluffing a Leng a Leng, directly believe Shuimu's nonsense, fall into the trap.
      On the other side.
      While listening to the speech of three generations of fire shadow ape Flying Sun chop, in fact, the clear sky also sent mosquitoes to secretly monitor Naruto's movement.
      He was fooled away by Shuimu.
      The clear sky also showed a smile and closed his eyes comfortably.
      In the afternoon, towards dusk, the speech like an old lady's foot binding was finally finished.
      I don't know where he got all this crap.
      Come to the school every day to talk about it or not, and let everyone go after graduation.
      “Qingkongjun, let's have a dinner together!”
      When I left school, Inoue came and was very happy.
      “Yes, who has gone?”
      Qingkong was looking for an alibi, so she didn't refuse.
      “There are about seven or eight people in our class.”
      “Oh, let's go.”
      After qingkong and Inoue gathered with the army, a group of people left school and came to a barbecue shop.
      In fact, not many people came to the party, less than one third of the class.
      In addition to those useless students, Muye 12 Xiaoqiang only gathered seven people this time.
      Little Li Ningci is not here every day.
      Naruto and Sasuke didn't come either.
      The former went to steal the sealed book, while the latter went home alone.
      “Qingkongjun, do you have any plans after graduation?”
      “Let's have a look at tomorrow's shift arrangement. We'll talk about the rest later.”
      “That's right.”
      Inoue nodded, and then looked at the clear sky with another face of Huachi and said, “I really want to share a class with qingkong Jun, so that we can meet every day in the future.”
      “Women are trouble!”
      Speechless, the spring wild cherry and deer balls also make complaints about their lives.
      “Wide forehead, what do you say?”
      Luwan is OK, but Inoue is not used to chunye cherry.
      “Don't call me wide forehead, idiot Inoue!”
      “You are wide forehead, still forbid others to say?”
      “Idiot Inoue!”
      “Wide forehead!”
      “Idiot Inoue!”
      “Wide forehead…”
      The two girls began to quarrel, and the hot scene also gave everyone a headache.
      Of course, there are those who don't care.
      Autumn road Ding times ah, even if chunyeying and Inoue are almost fighting, he is still regardless, fighting to the mouth stuffed barbecue.
      Or, since the beginning of the party, he hasn't stopped to have a rest.
      Qiudao family is so terrible.
      On the other side.
      According to Shuimu's instructions, whirlpool Naruto finally steals the sealed book in Huoying building.
      After that, he went to the deserted forest and opened the sealed book to watch.
      “The first Ninjutsu, let me see. How… How many shadows are there?”
      Naruto's body trembled, then could not help shouting: “what!The first one is actually the separation skill I'm not good at. Isn't it playing with me? ”
      “No!I have to run a little further. I can't be caught by the teachers so easily! ”
      I thought it was Naruto of an assessment mission. He felt that it was too close to the village and it was not safe.
      If you recite the sealed book again, Naruto is ready to go further.
      However, just as Naruto jumped on the tree trunk, the seal book behind him also hung on the branch and suddenly rolled down.
      All of a sudden, it's almost the end.
      “Well?What a waste of my time
      Naruto angrily patted the forehead, jumped down from the tree and rolled up the sealed book again.
      But he did not find that a few mosquitoes were staring at the words on the scroll, and the small eyes of the writing wheel were rapidly turning.
      That's right. It's the clear sky that does all this. It's just to get on Naruto's car and get hold of all the forbidden techniques recorded in the seal book.
      But only at the first glance, the clear sky is a stay.
      Because in this sealed book, except for the Ninjutsu in front of the head, the rest of the places are ghost charms, which is the kind of seal technique.
      That's the hell.
      Qingkong feels that he has been played, and so does Shuimu.
      The three generations of old men are very bad. Even if Naruto steals the sealed book, he has a way to keep the secret.
      As for the first few Ninjutsu, I'm afraid it's for Naruto to learn.
      The clear sky looked down.
      Multiple shadow separation.
      Spiral pill.
      The art of flying thunder.
      Sure enough, they are all from the four generations of Huoying.
      If it wasn't for Naruto, qingkong would eat the whole sealed book now.
      I'll finish the seal book after I find the seal skills of the whirlpool clan and learn them all. I'll see what you can do.
      The clear sky side fragmentary reads, at the same time the shadow cent body several Ninjutsu all write down.
      After that, he disbanded the mosquito.
      On Naruto's side, he rolled up the sealed book and recited it again. He also continued to run, and didn't find anything wrong*
      Chapter 21: Division of clear sky
      Turn around, in school.
      Naruto is very proud of the appearance, has been playing with his forehead, as if how special.
      “Get out of the way, are you in the way?”
      “Well, smemarseille!”
      Under the pressure of Longtao man, Naruto apologizes quickly, and then goes back to his seat to be honest.
      “Qingkongjun, how did Naruto suddenly protect his forehead?”
      Inoue came and asked curiously.
      “Who knows.”
      Qingkong smiles and doesn't explain it to her.
      After a while, iluka came in, coughed and began to read the shift list.
      “Nara Luwan, yamanakano, akigato, assigned to the tenth class, led the team to endure for the ape flying ASMA.”
      Inoue lost his spirit after a while.
      She first looked at the expressionless deer pill, and had been eating the autumn road Ding times, suddenly felt that the future life was hopeless.
      Plus, it's not separated from the clear sky, which makes Inoue more uncomfortable.
      I want to cry!Whimper, whimper!
      “The seventh class, chunye Sakura, yuzhibo Sasuke, whirlpool Naruto, lead the team to endure as qimukakashi.”
      The seventh class is still the same group of people, some are happy, some are sad, some are noisy, and some are looking for beating.
      After some tossing, iluka continued to read.
      “The eighth class, rihata, gouzhongya, um… Plus Shengu qingkong.”
      Qingkong was a little stunned. He didn't think he would be in the eighth class. He thought it was a wild class that didn't exist in the original work.
      Well, it's OK to squeeze zhinai's seat.
      The clear sky looks to the side, oil female ambition is sitting on own seat, motionless, still don't know what happened.
      Well, since the clients have no opinions, there's nothing to say about the clear sky.
      “Clear sky.”
      On the other hand, Daisy carefully peeked at the clear sky, and then thought that she would get along with each other day and night, and become the most intimate companion. Her small face gradually turned red.
      “The leader of the eighth class, Shangren, is red in the evening.”
      “The first…”
      “Well, the division is completed, you are here to wait for your leader to bear it, you new ninjas, please come on
      Iluka did a refueling action, and then left with a smile.
      After that, he took his team members with him.
      Xirihong also appeared early, not like the late king Kakashi, who played some poor performance of getting lost.
      “Class eight, come out with me now.”
      Chuda and gouzhongya all got up and kept up with the pace of sunset red.
      Qingkong went to the door, and couldn't help looking at the seventh class, full of sympathy.
      Naruto, of course, did not understand this. He thought that the clear sky was reluctant to accept them.
      “I didn't expect that qingkongjun was also a person who attached great importance to feelings. I really misunderstood him before.”Naruto said seriously.
      But then he turned his head and saw that Sakura chunno was looking at Sasuke affectionately.
      In an instant, Naruto felt that he was not very good.
      “Sasuke!I'll fight you
      At Naruto's glance, Sasuke turned his head and did not bother to pay attention to him.
      On the other side.
      The eighth class came to a training ground. Xirihong asked everyone to practice with her. She wanted to see the real strength of the three team members.
      Kyushuya attacked first, but he was defeated in less than ten minutes.
      Then there was hatada. She was too timid to insist on it. She lost in only five minutes.
      “Holy Valley, clear sky, it's your turn.”
      Even if we beat the two students, xirihong is still as clean as ever, she said with a smile and a wave.
      “Be careful that night. I'm coming.”
      Clear sky is not polite, two steps forward, he directly launched the attack.
      Just received a punch, the night day red then the facial expression a change.
      Because qingkong's physical fitness is too strong now, hundreds of yuzhibo, plus hundreds of blood of Huiye clan.
      This all adds up to a piece, also caused the clear sky body to have the qualitative change.
      One blow to the elephant, that's him.
      If it had not been for qingkong's intention to keep his hand, it would have taken less than one tenth of his strength, and xirihong would have been unable to catch even his fist.
      “Strength is good, but as a ninja, strength alone is not enough.”
      Xirihong smiles a little. As she steps back, she also begins to make a seal.
      “Magic, Naro, separate!”
      A few sunset red appeared and swept around towards the clear sky.
      It's different from ordinary separation. Xirihong is a combination of magic and separation, which makes the enemy more difficult to guess and touch.
      But what!
      Her opponent is qingkong, who has mosquito perception. He won't be baffled by this fancy ninja.
      From all sides of the split, the clear sky did not even look at one eye.
      He just turned to face the West's xirihong and gave her a big smile.
      What the hell?
      Xirihong was stunned.
      But she didn't think that at qingkong's age, there was no special blood, such as yuzhibo's or Rijia's eyes.
      You can see through your illusions at a glance.
      It's a bluff.
      With this idea, xirihong and Fenshen still act together and attack the clear sky.
      But qingkong's next move proved that this was the case.
      Let those split attack, clear sky do not dodge, anyway, just illusory split, there is no attack.
      The clear sky grasps the body of xirihong to fight, two or three moves go on, and the xirihong is defeated.
      “Damn it, you smelly boy!”
      Feel the pain of the arms, xirihong is also the outbreak of resentment, no pity for the spirit of the clear sky extremely helpless.
      “All right, all right, stop first!”
      As a last resort, xirihong can only stop.
      After all, it's just a test, not a fight between life and death. She can't use those Ninjutsu that are too lethal*
      Chapter 22: absolutely good wingman
      “I probably know all about your strength.”
      “Dog Zhong tooth, you are more than offensive, defense is not enough, do not consider the opponent's ideas, only know blindly reckless attack, this must be changed.”
      “Chuda, you can't use ninja, you can only use soft fist against the enemy, so you have to strengthen your physical training.”
      “As for the clear sky…”
      First, after a look at the clear sky, xirihong said, “I have a lot of strength and fast reaction speed. Maybe I have some perception ability to resist magic.He is the strongest of the three of you, so if I am not present in the future, qingkong will be your captain
      “I see!”
      Daisy field and dog grave teeth agreed to come down, even if the latter reluctantly.
      After all, seeing is believing, and being able to deal with xirihong for a long time, qingkong, who has not lost in the end, must be the most powerful among them.
      This point, even dog Zhong tooth also want to admit.
      “Well, remember that you are a team. In the future, you have to give your back to the close companions of each other. So I hope you can also cooperate sincerely without any gap.”
      Xirihong smiles and says, “gather in front of the Huoying building tomorrow morning and take the first task. Then disband now!”
      “Goodbye, red teacher.”
      After saying goodbye, the three of them also left the training ground and came to the village.
      “Er… Would you like to have a dinner together?”The dog Zhong tooth suggests a way.
      Daisy is no problem, only eyes on the clear sky, waiting for him to make up his mind.
      “It's my treat.”
      When the team was set up, it was time to do more activities, qingkong said.
      “It's good to have someone pay. Where are we going?”Dog grave teeth holding the back of his head, the little red pill on his head also barked.
      “Sushi bar, let's go!”
      Said the clear sky, pointing to the road ahead.
      “It's just right. Yesterday I just ate barbecue. It's a little greasy. It's good to have some sushi to clear my stomach.”
      “Well, the clear sky is considerate.”
      Dog grave teeth feel should not say this, look at the dog food to feed.
      “Hatada, let me ask you a question.”
      “Do you like the clear sky?”
      Daisy's head was smoking, just like a steam train. Her two little hands were uneasily wrapped around the corner of her clothes, and she said: “tooth, what are you talking about? I… i…”
      “What are you doing?How dare you say you don't like him? “Dog grave tooth squints to despise a way.
      Daisy did not speak, she looked up at the back of the clear sky, the face is more ruddy.
      “Well, you don't have to say any more.”
      Dog grave teeth waved his hand, feeling that he had understood everything.
      “Don't worry, daisy. I'll let you two get along with each other in the future. You have to seize the opportunity.”
      Daisy a small head of the question mark, is also the dog grave teeth this magical operation to make dizzy.
      Absolutely good wingman.
      Walking in front of the clear sky, he also heard the words of dog grave teeth, can not help but show a smile.
      Well, with his sensible spirit, he can't do without taking care of him in the future.
      Eat sushi and go home.
      When the day turned around, the clear sky team began to work.
      Build a house!
      Run errands!
      Find something!
      Like other teams, the eighth class also started from these piecemeal tasks. Ninja is not called ninja, and the handyman is almost the same.
      Of course, the clear sky won't go. He only sent one person to do these things.
      “Oh, isn't it a clear sky?Your team has so much leisure that you still have time to sleep here? ”
      The clear sky is resting on the grass by the river, looking at the clouds with her hands on her pillow.
      Four figures came by, but they were the guys in the seventh class. Whirlpool Naruto seemed to be familiar with himself, and jumped out and yelled.
      “Idiot Naruto, it's so impolite!”
      Chunyeying hit Naruto, and then apologized: “sorry, qingkongjun, we are here to do the task. I didn't expect to meet you here.”
      “Oh, whatever you want.”
      Clear sky motionless, don't care back a sentence.
      “Damn, you guy…”
      As soon as he saw that his sweetheart was treated like this, Naruto immediately became angry and wanted to jump out again to find the clear sky theory.
      There is Sasuke, of course, not for Sakura chunye, because of the previous several failed competitions.
      So when he saw the clear sky for the first time, he couldn't help frowning.
      But before they could do anything, Kakashi spoke.
      “Well, it's getting late. You guys should do the task quickly and don't be distracted by other things.”
      As the voice fell, Kakashi disappeared and went to a big tree to read.
      “Damn the clear sky, bastard Kakashi…”
      Naruto read it in pieces, but he still obeyed the order, rolled up his trouser legs and cuffs, and jumped into the river to clean up the debris.
      “Idiot, you are not his opponent at all!”
      Sasuke also jumped into the river and said something intentionally or unintentionally.
      Naruto suddenly widened his eyes and yelled: “asshole Sasuke, don't think you can represent me if you lose to him several times. I tell you, Naruto is not easy to provoke!”
      “Yes, ha ha.”
      Sasuke just sneered and said nothing.
      But it is his indifferent attitude that makes Naruto most unbearable.
      “Well, you don't believe it, do you? I'll prove it to you now!”
      Naruto throws down the bamboo basket, and then strides up the river bank.
      After coming to the clear sky, he said condescending: “Hello!Get up and fight with me. I'll prove that I'm better than you*
      Chapter 23: This is too Naruto
      Stupid, isn't it?
      Before the dialogue, clear sky all heard, he can't believe, Sasuke so poor provocation, Naruto even cheated.
      Well, it's so Naruto.
      “Not interested.”
      “No, you have to fight me!”
      Naruto suddenly smiles again and says, “or are you afraid and know you can't beat me at all?”
      God, where's this confidence coming from?
      Qingkong found that she had overestimated this guy's EQ before. It's not a matter of how much, it's just a negative number.
      It's depressing enough to be interrupted to have a rest.
      If you hear Naruto again, qingkong feels that if you don't beat him up, you will be sorry for Naruto's brain.
      “The loser is Dad. Dare you?”
      The clear sky clapped his hands and stood up.
      Naruto shivered for a moment, either afraid or feeling a little chilly behind.
      “Cut, this has what dare not, lose person don't say to call father, call grandfather all right!”Naruto stiff neck road.
      “OK, let's start.”
      The clear sky does not talk nonsense, but directly beckons to let Naruto attack first.
      “Who do you despise?”
      Naruto hates this attitude of contempt most. He rushes forward one by one and punches the side face of the clear sky.
      Only listen to a bang, Naruto, he went fast, fly back faster.
      He was directly hit by the clear sky and flew more than ten meters. He fell on the grass and rolled for several laps. Then he stopped in a panic.
      Naruto covers his stomach with pain.
      The clear sky shook his head and folded his fist.
      It's not bragging. Naruto at this stage is just a vegetable to him. He can abuse whatever he wants.
      “But… Evil!I haven't lost yet
      Naruto bit his teeth and stood up, but found that the clear sky was gone.
      “Where are you looking?”
      Naruto's body trembles because the sound of the clear sky comes from behind him.
      Then, without waiting for Naruto to turn around, he was swept by another whip leg, which directly knocked him out.
      “Ah ~ ~”
      In the air, Naruto barks.
      But before he landed, it was another kick in the face.
      The next scene was a little scary.
      Naruto is like a hit baseball. If he can't even land in the middle, he is beaten to death by the clear sky.
      More than ten, or dozens
      Kakashi instantly appeared, grabbing the wrist to the clear sky.
      But at the critical moment, the clear sky pulled back its hand and dodged Kakashi's blow.
      With the bruised Naruto falling to the ground, Kakashi can't help frowning.
      How fast!
      Kakashi felt that the speed of the clear sky just now almost did not fall behind him.
      Another genius?
      After a look at the cool clear sky, Kakashi took back her hand and said, “after the competition, if you continue to fight, you don't want to be accused of murdering your classmates.”
      Qingkong waved his hand, and then returned to the previous indifferent appearance, turned and left slowly.
      But his words left Kakashi infinite reverie.
      Does he simply not care about ending the contest, or does he not care about the charge of murdering a classmate?
      Unfortunately, the clear sky has gone, and Kakashi can't ask.
      “Sakura, take Naruto to the hospital first.”
      “Ah… Yes!”
      Sakura haruno also returned to his senses, closed his mouth and ran to Naruto to help him up.
      Two pillars also feel big, a little sorry Naruto.
      He rarely came over to help and sent Naruto to the hospital with Sakura chunye.
      Of course, with Naruto's physical quality, it's not disabled to be beaten.
      After examination, his condition was limited to skin and flesh injuries, not to internal organs and bones.
      So after a few days of cultivation, he came back to the team full of blood.
      This day, just finished the task, the clear sky is walking home.
      All of a sudden, a figure came out of the side alley and stood in front of the clear sky, shouting: “Dad!”
      What the hell?
      Frightened by the clear sky, he nearly did not punch in the past, let the devil to pieces.
      That's the light of the eye of the writing wheel.
      With the growth of age, the clear sky's eyes are getting better and better, he can see the person's appearance in a moment, this did not directly beat the other party fly.
      “Don't get me wrong, I'm just willing to accept defeat and fulfill my bets!”
      Naruto twisted his head, very uncomfortable said: “also, I will not just admit defeat, next I will work hard to cultivate, and then find you to compete again, win back this bet!”
      “Yes, as long as you are not afraid to lose again.”
      “Absolutely — yes — no — yes, you remember it for me, hum!”
      Word by word, Naruto hummed again, then turned and left.
      The clear sky turned his lips and didn't care about it at all.
      There is also a halo of the protagonist, the son of fate, who doesn't care about the clear sky. He only believes that it is man-made.
      It's up to me, not God!
      A month later.
      After more than ten d-level tasks, the eighth shift finally accumulated enough experience to take on a higher C-level task.
      The so-called C-level task is to protect people or objects to a certain place.
      During this period, there is a risk of being robbed by ordinary mountain bandits, but the probability of meeting other ninjas and traitors is not high.
      Low risk, low reward.
      Except for the d-level task of running errands, this is the simplest Ninja task in the real sense*
      Chapter 24: Level C task of leaving the village
      “Ha ha, I can finally get out of the village!”
      In front of the wooden gate, the dog's teeth were just released from the iron railing.
      He took a deep breath, feeling the smell of birds and flowers around him, and his mood became excited.
      “Teeth, going out of the village also means insecurity, and the risk factor will increase greatly. You should pay more attention to the situation around you and be alert.”
      “I know, I know…”
      Dog grave teeth waved his hand to show that he remembered.
      Then he thought of a question, and he asked, “teacher Hong, which country is our mission this time?”
      “The kingdom of waves.”
      If you say it unintentionally, the listener will.
      On the other side of the clear sky, I can't help thinking that it won't happen.
      I hope not. To tell you the truth, qingkong has no interest in not beheading two couples, not to mention nabai is still a big brother.
      After meeting with the caravan, the party set out.
      On the way, I passed through several post stations and small towns. I also camped in the forest and had a rest for two nights.
      Because the caravan is on its way, the speed is not fast.
      During this period, they were also robbed by mountain bandits. Xirihong didn't do anything. They were killed or driven away by qingkong three people.
      What's the first killing?
      It's the first time for hatada and kozuka. After they started, they also had some adverse reactions, such as vomiting and fear.
      But for a clear sky, that doesn't exist.
      After all, he has killed people before.
      And it's not just killing, it's not even killing each other's bodies.
      If we add the yuzhibo incident and the glow night incident, there are no more than 1000 Corpses handled by qingkong, and there are also 900.
      How could he be afraid to kill.
      It's a joke.
      “Clear sky, why are you so calm… Ouch!”
      Because his nose is too sensitive, he has always been a dog's grave tooth, and his reaction after killing is more serious than that of Hatta.
      It's been a long time, and he's still retching from time to time.
      “Because I don't have a dog nose.”
      “Wipe… Are you swearing?”
      “No, you think too much.”
      The clear sky smiles a little, pats dog grave tooth's shoulder again and says: “get used to it more. As a ninja, it's doomed to coexist with killing. If you can't get used to it, then your ninja career will come to an end.”
      “Who… Who says I can't get used to it?”
      On hearing this, dog Zhong Ya immediately stood up and wiped the corners of his mouth.
      “Well, if we meet mountain bandits in the future, we won't fight. We'll leave it all to you until you can adapt and stop vomiting.”
      Clap the shoulder of tooth again, clear sky one face says for his good expression.
      I'm very… Thank you very much, kyushuka thought of it speechless.
      try every possible way to persuade sb.
      After several days of long journey, the caravan finally arrived in the kingdom of Poland by boat.
      After the handover, the eighth shift also completed its task and was able to return to Muye.
      But it's not easy to come out. Kyu Chung Ya wants to visit the kingdom of Poland and see the customs of this foreign country.
      In fact, Hatta also has this idea, but she is not good at words and doesn't express it.
      But xirihong could see it all, so she didn't refuse tooth's proposal and decided to stay in Poland for another two days.
      First, find a hotel and arrange the night's accommodation.
      Xirihong is ready to take the team members and go out for a stroll.
      But they just went downstairs and walked out of the hotel and saw a very unexpected scene.
      “Naruto, Sakura, what's going on?”Xirihong asked.
      “Ah?Is it teacher Hong?How wonderful
      Chunye Sakura, who is under great pressure, didn't cry directly when she saw the red sunset.
      She wiped her eyes, and then explained: “it's such a red teacher. On our way here, we were suddenly attacked by Wuyin village rebel, Taodi no longer cut.”
      “Kakashi had a fight with the other party, and it was hard to solve the problem. But Kakashi didn't know what was going on, so he suddenly fell into a coma.”
      “It's good to meet you, otherwise we don't know what to do…”
      “Well, I'll see about him first.”
      With these words, xirihong came to Kakashi and checked it a little.
      “Fortunately, he is just chakra excessive consumption, physical overdraft, more rest a few days should be able to ease over.”
      After a while, xirihong stood up and said.
      This result also let Sakura chunye and Naruto they really relaxed, feel a lot more relaxed.
      “This is the employer of your assignment. May I have your name, please?”Xirihong asked.
      “Ha ha, what's your name, old man? My name is dazner. I'm a bridge builder.”Dazner touched his head and said with a smile.
      “Well, Mr. dazner, there is obviously a deviation in your mission this time. I don't know how you and Kakashi discussed the solution.
      The problem now is that he is in a coma and needs to find a place for quiet cultivation as soon as possible. There are many people in the hotel, and it is not suitable for him. I wonder if you can make it convenient for him at home? “Xirihong asked.
      “Convenient, convenient.”
      Dazner nodded quickly and said, “to tell you the truth, we are going to my home now. Besides, this matter is also caused by me. The old man has the responsibility to take care of Kakashi. I'm sure he can't refuse.”*
      Chapter 25: silent homicide and chinindao
      “In that case, I'm sorry to disturb you.”
      Xirihong was not polite. After thanking dazner, she said, “Naruto Sasuke, you two should help Kakashi on the road and go to this dazner master's home.”
      “Clear sky, you take the young field and teeth around to see if there are enemies approaching, pay attention not to be too far away.”
      “Sakura, you should be in charge of the escort with me.”
      Worthy of tolerance, in the evening red under a few words, things were handled in good order.
      Especially for the seventh class, it made their spirit settle down.
      They all took orders and acted one after another.
      Naruto Sasuke carries Kakashi on the road without mentioning it. On this side of the clear sky, he leaves with Hatta and ya and goes around to check the situation.
      Of course, only the clear sky knows that there are no other enemies except those who have fled.
      So his patrol is just a show.
      “Clear sky, who is the one who doesn't chop again? Do you know?I can't believe I can beat Kakashi like this. ”
      Patrol too boring, dog grave teeth no words to find words of asked, of course, is also curious.
      “I've heard of some.”
      I'm free anyway.
      Qingkong doesn't mind giving some knowledge to the two little whites, tooth and Chutian, so that they don't even know who they are going to face in the future.
      “Taodi no longer chop, nicknamed GUI Ren, was one of the assassin troops in Wuyin village. He was good at water escape ninja and silent homicide. His weapon was the beheading broadsword, one of the seven Ninja swords.”
      “What are silent homicide and seven Nintendo?”
      This is not only the case, but also the case with hatada.
      Qingkong laughed and said, “silent killing is a kind of killing skill combined with the technique of fog concealment. In the thick fog, you can kill the enemy without any sound or movement.”
      “Heart, throat, back… Until the enemy dies, they can't find the person who killed them.”
      Tooth and Chuda were frightened by the terrible situation described by the clear sky. Even chimaru couldn't help crying and curled up on the top of tooth's head.
      “As for the seven Nintendo, they were made in the early years of Wuyin village. They are seven weapons with special abilities.”
      “The chopper — the beheading broadsword is a broadsword specially used to chop people's heads and cut the enemy's waist into corpses. It has a heavy weight. Its special ability is that it can recover its own trauma by sucking blood after it is broken, and it can also recover the master's physical strength in this way.”
      “The big knife, the shark muscle, is a 'living weapon' made by the creatures associated with the tailed beast. It is not used to cut people, but to cut people.The special ability is to absorb the enemy's chakras and return them to the owner. ”
      “Long knife – sewing needle, the blade that claims to pierce everything and sew it up.”
      “Blunt knife – pocket cut, can defeat all defensive knife.”
      “Explosive knife – droplet, with unlimited detonator, a knife perfectly combined with explosion.”
      “The double knife, flounder, is a combination of two symmetrical knives, which can emit gaseous energy photosphere and enlarge the blade size.”
      “Thunder knife – tooth, can control thunder and lightning, the fastest knife.”
      Not to mention the strange names and special abilities of these seven knives.
      When he heard the last knife, he was a little embarrassed. He didn't think that his trumpet was still the name of a famous knife.
      You said it was… It sounds a little exciting.
      “Well… The owners of these seven knives are very powerful, aren't they?”Dog grave tooth feels a head to ask a way.
      “Above tolerance, below shadow level.”
      Qingkong said with a smile, in his opinion, the strength of the seven people of Wuyin is the elite level.
      Of course, that's the average.
      There are some outstanding abilities, such as dry persimmon ghost mackerel. There are too many chakras. Even if they don't fit with mackerel's muscles, their strength is at a proper shadow level.
      If it's fit, it's definitely more powerful than the ordinary movie class characters.
      If you don't cut it, it will be water.
      I'm just proficient in some killing skills. It's no problem when I fight small monsters, but when I meet a real expert, it's not enough.
      Another point is that if we don't kill him, he doesn't give full play to the power of the beheading sword.
      It seems that the beheading dagger is also very watery. It's not worthy of the reputation of seven Nintendo, and it's not as powerful as the other six daggers.
      However, the sword that can suck blood to regenerate and restore the master's physical strength is well used, which is the infinite killing mode.
      It can be cut for three days and three nights in a row, from the kingdom of Bo to the wood leaf without blinking an eye.
      It's a pity.
      If he doesn't chop, he is proficient in Shuidun, and his physical skills are just ordinary. He doesn't have a strong physique to support and use the chopping sword.
      Fundamentally speaking, it's insulting the knife.
      Back to see, the dried persimmon ghost shark is different, he and the shark muscle with that called a seamless, unparalleled!
      It can be said that it is the mackerel muscle that makes the dry persimmon ghost mackerel, but the dry persimmon ghost mackerel also makes the mackerel muscle complete.
      Because if there were no dried persimmon ghost shark, it would be impossible for another person to exert such great efficacy and power.
      It's just like the owner of the last term of the shark muscle, which is called watermelon puffer… No, watermelon puffer ghost.
      Even if you hold the shark's muscle in your hand, you still let the dried persimmon ghost kill you.
      Mackerel muscle is also voluntary mutiny, abandon him watermelon head puffer, followed by dry persimmon ghost mackerel ran.
      It can be seen that the watermelon head puffer is really incompetent and can't even keep its own knife.
      The dried persimmon ghost shark is also very special. It can be called a natural gift, which is enough to attract the shark muscle and let it follow voluntarily.
      It's a shark muscle that knows how to distinguish good from bad.
      But if the decapitation broadsword is also smart, qingkong dares to say that it will abandon it and cast another new master who can give full play to its power.
      After all, the more famous the Dao is, the less willing it is to be buried.
      If you don't chop, you'll have no future. If you don't hide all day, come out and do some work. You don't dare to stand up for fear of being noticed.
      If you are threatened by a cardo, you have to swallow it.
      It's too humiliating*
      Chapter 26: love helping others
      A day passed quickly, and Kakashi came back to life.
      After knowing the cause and effect, he first said thanks to xirihong, and then said with a little worry: “I doubt he will die if he doesn't chop again.”
      “At the beginning, I was careless. I thought that the boy was really the hidden part of the fog. But now when I think about it carefully, the hidden part pursues treason. In order to save energy and time, I just take down the head and take it back. There's no need to take the whole body.”
      “You mean…”
      “Well, the young man used thousands of books to solve the problem, and then did not chop, and then took away his body. This method is not like the style of the secret department, so I doubt that he would really die if he did not chop.”
      “Well, what's your plan now?”
      Looking at Kakashi, who is bedridden and unable to move, xirihong says with a smile: “you don't want to ask me for help. This task is not within my scope.”
      “Please, Hong Shangren.”
      “Two barbecues, seven and eight.”
      They finished a dark trade and both of them couldn't help laughing.
      Of course, xirihong has its own plan.
      As the saying goes, you can't see a rainbow without wind and rain. The flowers in the greenhouse can't stand setbacks and hardships.
      So let the eighth class participate in, see the cruelty of the ninja world, can also effectively help them grow up, into a real strong.
      After going downstairs, xirihong called several people from qingkong and told them about it.
      Help the seventh class finish the task.
      It's a matter of no reward and danger.
      But none of the three in the eighth class flinched.
      Dog grave tooth is an iron baby, not to mention.
      Hatta seems weak, but in fact, she is very strong. She will not retreat when she meets this kind of help.
      As for the clear sky, he just doesn't care.
      Anyway, I have nothing else to do when I go back to Muye. It's good to stay and help.
      This is definitely not a big sword that the clear sky doesn't want to cut. Absolutely nothing!
      It doesn't matter whether he is tolerant or not. He just likes helping others and helping others.
      Well, this is the real clear sky.
      A day later.
      Kakashi has been able to go down on crutches, so he took the seventh class to the field to teach Naruto how to climb trees.
      The so-called “sharpening one's guns at a moment's notice” is not easy.
      For this assault training, Kakashi is with this purpose, want Naruto to improve their strength before the next attack.
      The eighth class also came. It was xirihong's request. Let them train together.
      “The so-called chakra is the energy used by ninjas when they use all kinds of techniques, but people are different. Some people are naturally delicate and can control their chakra well.”
      “For example, Sakura, her control is very good.”Kakashi praised.
      “Where are you, ha ha ~ ~”
      Sakura chunye touched her head and laughed. She seemed modest on the outside, but in fact she roared in her heart: “that's right!Kakashi, you are right at last. I am the most gifted Ninja
      “Keke ~”
      He coughed before he got well.
      Kakasi cleared his throat before he continued: “but most people's control is not very good, so it needs the day after tomorrow's practice…”
      “Mr. Kakashi is too wordy. You can just talk about how to practice.”Naruto puffed up his cheeks and asked impatiently.
      “Well, patience is also a kind of practice.”
      “Well, since you don't want to listen more, let's take the first step and start climbing trees.”When Naruto was depressed, Kakashi waved her hand and said with a smile.
      “Climb the tree?”
      New problems are coming. Naruto's brain can't keep up.
      “Yes, but before climbing, you should gather some chakras to the bottom of your feet, and then…”
      Explain the main points.
      Kakashi went back to rest on crutches.
      On Naruto's side, they all found a big tree and began to practice.
      Sakura Sasuke, as well as tooth and Hatta are no exception.
      Only when he was alone in the clear sky, he didn't bother to practice climbing trees. Looking for a clean lawn, he lay down and closed his eyes.
      The sky is clear, neither dry nor hot.
      It's cool with the breeze.
      What a cool word.
      “Hey, you are so lazy, aren't you afraid to be overtaken by me?”
      Just a few experiments, Naruto was also thrown to show his teeth, once again see the clear sky so leisurely, still in the mood to lie down and sleep.
      He was even more angry.
      “Don't say I didn't remind you. I'll fight with you when I'm finished. If you lose, you'll call me dad!”
      Naruto forked his waist and cried with high spirits.
      “Dad?What's your name, dad? ”
      The dog Zhong tooth doesn't understand, then ask the other side of the field, but get is just a shake his head, because the field is not clear.
      “Have you finished, then go to practice yours. Don't disturb my rest.”Clear sky put down his hand, eyes did not open.
      “You guy…”
      Naruto is very angry.
      Because in his imagination, as his own opponent, he must have the same competitive spirit as him, work hard and persevere.
      How can it be like a clear sky? It's very boring to be lazy and slack*
      Chapter 27: beauty is bubbling when the moon is closed
      Sure enough, Sasuke is more attractive.
      Take a comparison, Naruto suddenly found, or old love two pillars Jun most in line with his appetite.
      At the moment, he didn't say anything. He ran back to Sasuke and practiced with him.
      Without disturbing flies, the clear sky is quiet at last.
      To be honest, he doesn't want to have anything to do with Naruto.
      It's not looking down on Naruto.
      But there's something wrong with this guy's brain. It's too much of an assumption.
      I think people all over the world can understand and trust each other.
      What's the matter? I dare not say that when God comes. OK.
      I don't know.
      Clear sky curls the corner of the mouth, for Naruto this naive guy, he feels really can't touch too much, otherwise it's very easy to be infected and become silly.
      There's nothing else to understand.
      In qingkong's eyes, Naruto, who has lost his parents since childhood and has never felt a trace of family affection, can't understand the pain of Sasuke, changmen and I love Luo.
      Both sides are not on the same plane at all. It's not the same thing. OK.
      Although loneliness is hard to endure, it is not so heartbreaking and painful to lose.
      “Clear sky, why don't you practice with everyone?”
      Xirihong didn't know when she came. She sat beside the clear sky, looking up at the sky and asking.
      “For what?”
      Not waiting for xirihong's reply, qingkong said, “you may say that it's to protect the things you cherish, including your relatives and friends, but in the end, to improve your strength is just to make yourself more relaxed in the future, isn't it?”
      “That's right… Do you think you have enough strength?”Xirihong can't help laughing.
      “That's not true.”
      Qingkong shook his head and said casually, “I just don't think this training method is suitable for me anymore. It's so simple.”
      “Oh?It doesn't fit
      Evening red moved under the show eyebrow, in the heart also some curiosity, now the clear sky in the end how strong.
      In the test a month ago, she didn't dig out the bottom line of the clear sky, so she didn't know how talented the teenager was.
      But to be honest, after years of hard training, there is no suitable opponent to serve as a reference.
      Even qingkong himself, he is not clear about his strength.
      Mosquito power, writing wheel eye, skeleton vein
      Not to mention these abilities, the blood fusion of nearly a thousand yuzhibo and Huiye also pushed qingkong's physical fitness and chakra to a very abnormal height.
      It's no exaggeration to say that it's a human tailed animal.
      “Well, when I get back to Muye, I'll make a set of training methods for you. Don't worry.”Pinched the tender face of the clear sky for a while, Xi Rihong said with a smile.
      As a team leader, she is still very responsible.
      However, due to the limitation of vision, xirihong has never thought so far. She only thinks that the strength of qingkong is the highest in the sky, which is the level of tolerance among the elite, and can not be higher.
      After all, his age is here.
      Are you being robbed?
      Rubbed the next face, the clear sky also speechless rolled a white eye: “red teacher, I have not thought not to work hard now.”
      Xirihong didn't understand this stem.
      “Forget it, you won't get pregnant if you pinch your face anyway.”
      SHENTE is pregnant. Xirihong is stunned.
      For the next few days, Naruto Sasuke had been training to climb trees. They went out early and came back late every day. Sometimes they even forgot to eat.
      So hard, their growth rate is visible to the naked eye.
      As for the clear sky, he still rest as usual, because the training method of climbing trees and treading water, he played rotten as early as a few years ago.
      Now, of course, don't do it again.
      In addition, the ordinary training for him has no effect, so the clear sky just gave himself a holiday, more rest for a few days.
      The clear sky was lying on the grass, and suddenly there was a sound of footwork.
      With the rhythm of the grass being trampled off, you don't need to see it with naked eyes. You can tell from the clear sky that this is a young man with light weight.
      Passing by the side of the clear sky, Bai Wei stops and looks at him casually.
      I'm not old. I'm wearing a wooden leaf on my arm to protect my forehead.
      Support team?
      That's not good news.
      Bai frowned. She put down her hand gently. She was ready to attack at any time and kill each other in this deserted place.
      “I advise you to stop, lest you die in the dark.”
      Clear sky is cocking two Lang legs, in the mouth is holding a Dogtail papyrus, very casually says.
      “What are you… What are you talking about?”
      White heart a tremble, pretend what also didn't happen, smile to ask a way.
      Oh, I'm still pretending.
      The clear sky looked up and first took a look at the big lady.
      I have to say, apart from the capital of the former Huns, the white one in the pink kimono is so beautiful.
      But it's a pity that this is a big brother with a gun.
      What a waste.
      Qingkong shakes his head slightly, but he doesn't know the love of men, so no matter how beautiful the 'fake girl' is, he feels dull.
      “Whether you understand me or not, I won't do anything to you if you just leave. But if you want to do something, it will be…”
      The strong breath came, rude and terrible, which directly made Bai Jing back several steps, cold sweat could not help flowing down*
      Chapter 28: lucky man arrives [ask for tickets, ask for flowers]
      How is that possible?
      White stares big eyes, can't believe it.
      A boy younger than himself should have such a terrible atmosphere. What's the situation?
      Just for a moment, he seemed to see a picture of a sea of blood and bones in a trance.
      This terrible feeling, bring white shock is also unparalleled, for a time, he was speechless.
      White does not move, clear sky oneself first clap fart drum to stand up, turn round to leave.
      To be honest, killing a white man is nothing to a clear sky.
      The reason why he didn't do it was that he didn't want to see blood in the morning and affect his good mood today.
      What's more, it's the task of Naruto team to protect the kingdom of Bo and build the bridge. What does it have to do with his clear sky.
      “If we don't kill you, we'd better get out of here.”
      “Bai, what are you talking about?”
      No longer cut frown, tone revealed surprise.
      As soon as Dabai came back, he found that something was wrong. The boy was out of his mind and didn't respond after several calls.
      Now, it's more nonsense. I want to leave here.
      How can it be!
      Nowadays, the competition is so fierce, the task is bad, and the reward is low. It is said that there is another organization called ho Hsiao who is competing with you for business.
      They have a big family and a big career. When they start, they are the strong ones in the shadow class. They have taken away all the good tasks of underground organizations in various countries.
      God knows how much effort it took and how many contacts and words it wasted to get cardo.
      Now that the task has not been completed and the payment has not been received, how can we just leave.
      “Bai, I need your explanation, otherwise you should know my temper, I can't leave!”
      “If you don't kill me again…”
      After taking a deep breath, Bai still explained: “there is a support team coming from Muye. I find one of the teenagers is very mysterious. It looks good… It seems that he is as strong as the one who doesn't chop adults any more.”
      To say this in vain is to save face.
      But it's not like that when I hear it again.
      He narrowed his eyes, could not accept the ridicule: “white, you should be wrong, just a teenager, how can you compare with me?”
      “It's true, if you don't kill me again!”Bai said eagerly.
      “Absolutely impossible!”
      If you don't wave your hand again, you'll definitely say, “OK, this is the end of the matter. You don't have to say any more. Let's get ready. We'll start tomorrow.”
      “White!Don't forget who you are
      “… yes!”
      There is no way. Under the strong suppression of no longer cutting, Bai, as a tool man, can only promise.
      Anyway, there is a death in the left and right. Bai has already made such an awareness.
      The next morning.
      On the unfinished bridge in the kingdom of Poland, Kakashi and others came to protect their employer dazna, but as soon as they arrived at the scene, they found that something had happened.
      The workers were beaten to the ground and unconscious.
      “No, watch out!”
      Kakashi just reminded everyone that there was a heavy fog in the surrounding air.
      This is no longer cut the opening rhythm, although there is no BGM, but first set off the atmosphere is always right.
      As the fog grew thicker and thicker, his terrible voice sounded like the cry of a Nightowl.
      “Kakashi, we meet again, but I'm not sure if you can beat me this time and protect your employer, ha ha ~ ~”
      “If you don't cut it, as long as I'm here, you won't hurt master dazner.”
      While responding to the delay, Kakashi at the same time behind Sasuke and Sakura made a gesture.
      It means to let them slip away and ask for help first.
      Sasuke two people understand, but as soon as they have action, they are not cut to find.
      “Well, do you want to make small moves under my nose?Bai, go and kill them for me
      Brush the instant body, white appeared in front of Sasuke two people, blocked their way.
      There's no choice but to fight.
      Sasuke Sakura rushed to the white, and no longer cut and Kakashi side also fight.
      be well-matched in strength?
      No, no, it's just a few minutes, and the situation has changed.
      Because Sasuke and Sakura are not white rivals at all, in his extreme speed, Sasuke can barely Parry one or two.
      But Sakura is pure baigei.
      Without catching it, he was knocked down by a thousand white concealed weapons and couldn't get up.
      And Sakura brother a fall, only Sasuke a person hard support, he can insist on how long.
      It's like dominoes, starting with Sakura, then Sasuke, and finally affecting Kakashi's play.
      So in the case of pit teammates, this is really no way.
      Even if Kakashi is not weaker, it is not easy for him to change the current unfavorable situation.
      If there is no new factor, it is only a matter of time before they lose.
      At the critical moment, lucky man took care of Muye.
      Why male god?
      Because it was clear sky that led the team.
      “Hatta, ya, you can help over there.”
      See a quick be inserted into hedgehog's two pillars, clear sky slightly speechless said.
      “Well, be careful yourself.”
      Promise a, young farmland and tooth ran past.
      Qingkong takes out his ears and turns to Kakashi. To be more precise, he looks at the big knife in his hand.
      All of a sudden, my eyes brightened.
      As the saying goes, good things have the ability to live, then you are not welcome.
      PS: Thank you for your tickets and flowers. We will add more today. Thank you*
      Chapter 29: the beauty of a clear sky
      I gave myself a bad reason.
      Clear sky no longer delay, he instantly across the distance of tens of meters, cross into the Kakashi and no longer cut the battlefield.
      And this rude and unreasonable posture, also make no longer cut scared a jump.
      He exclaimed in his heart, what the hell!
      Under the condition of reflex, the big knife in his hand also chopped down.
      “Be careful!”
      Kakashi kindly remind, but the next scene, but let him almost startled eyes.
      Just listen to the sound of Dang, the clear sky catches the blade with one hand in the way of catching the white blade with empty hand, and grabs the blade without cutting the big knife.
      “You didn't eat with such weak strength?”
      Holding the big knife down, the clear sky said without expression.
      “Damned kid!”
      If you don't cut your pupils again, you will be scared. He suddenly rings out what Bai said to himself yesterday.
      Muye's reinforcements, mysterious youth
      Is that the one in front of you?
      It's terrible to catch your own sword empty handed!
      As he thought about it, he drew his sword back, but he found that no matter how hard he tried, the sword seemed to stick to the hand of the young man in front of him.
      I can't even pull it.
      What the hell!
      “What do you want to do, kid?”Left and right can not pull back, no longer cut also angry, brain straight jump.
      “Good birds choose trees to live in. They still want to use the chopper with such strength. Do you think this is an insult to them?”
      The clear sky smiles and tugs at it.
      The big knife was directly separated from the hand that no longer cut, and the palm of his hand was ground and bleeding.
      I can't help but ask myself: who am I?Where am i?What is the situation of this horse riding?
      It's just a good fight. How could my exclusive weapon be robbed?
      Is there any royal law for NIMA to be unreasonable?
      On the other hand, Kakashi is also watching the corner of her mouth twitch.
      Originally, the two masked men were engaged in a 'very friendly competition', and even if the clear sky intervened, after all, they were helping themselves.
      But you don't have to be so violent. What's the point of robbing people's swords when you come up? It makes us all look like robbers.
      Even if it's reasonable, it doesn't sound good when it comes out.
      “Mr. Kakashi, do you have a problem with me?”
      With a bang, the clear sky put the chopping knife on the ground, holding the handle with one hand, and asked as if there were eyes in the back.
      “No, absolutely not!”
      Kakashi said seriously, almost swear to the sky.
      “Well, that's good.”
      Qingkong nodded, and put his eyes on the muddle than no longer cut body.
      “If you don't chop your comrades, for the sake of decapitation, I'll give you another chance to make a new life. Now, immediately, immediately, take your little daughter-in-law and go away together. I'll think I haven't seen you and let you live.”
      It's too much deception.
      A scholar can be killed, not humiliated!
      When he heard this, he was never afraid of anything. If he had great ambition, he would be angry and his eyes would be red.
      “Damn kid, I'm going to kill you, ah!”
      Roar, no longer cut also quickly rushed to the clear sky, he wants to take back his sword, and then kill the little devil, wash his shame!
      Just listen to a brush, as if black lightning across the void.
      The one who was sprinting no longer stopped, his forehead covered with sweat.
      Then, his upper body slowly slipped down and fell to the ground. The wound on his waist was uniform and flat as a mirror.
      Because the speed is too fast, even can clearly see, his intestines are still slowly creeping.
      The terrible scene also made Kakashi's hair stand upright.
      The key point is that he never thought that if a generation of ghost people don't cut off again, the elite who are superior to the forbearance level have never gone through a move under the hands of qingkong.
      Just a knife, then the corpse on the spot!
      This is not the problem of cowhide no cowhide, it's metamorphosis, OK!
      Or to think about it in another way, does it mean that he can chop himself to death?
      Kakashi asked herself.
      After all, he and no longer cut the strength of the gap is not big, only between the Bo Zhong.
      It's better to see who wins than who loses.
      “Ah!Don't kill me again
      See no longer cut death, white also can't stand, gallop ran to come over.
      A knife cuts across, clear sky hand adds a ghost again.
      That's right. He also cut off Bai, which is very clean.
      A whole family should be neat.
      Anyway, if you don't chop and Bai, they are all in love with each other. Qingkong is just trying to help them.
      “You… How did you kill him?”Kakashi was stunned.
      “Not good?”
      The clear sky smiles a little, the human and animal harmless reply way: “they are a pair of lovers, I certainly want to become the beauty of a person, say again little again don't chop, this youth also won't live alone.”
      Shentemo can't live alone. Kakashi can't say.
      But in order to help her finish her task, Kakashi can't turn her back and say anything more.
      After thinking for a few minutes, he finally choked all the slots back into his stomach*
      Chapter 30: scolding Tuan Zang's old dog
      “Haha, master Naruto is here!”
      All of a sudden, a yellow hair rushed to the bridge, shouting arrogant words.
      “Why?What are you doing? ”
      See Kakashi and others are dry standing still.
      Naruto was a little confused. He came to Sasuke and asked, “where's the enemy?enemy!Let me destroy them
      Sasuke and Sakura rolled their eyes and pointed to the corpse that they would not chop again.
      “Ha ha, I'm… Ouch ~”
      “Here??Ouch ~ ~ ”
      “How on earth… ~ ~”
      Stimulated by two bloody corpses, Naruto kept retching, and his words were not easy to say.
      A cavity bravely killed the enemy's blood, also in an instant cooling.
      After patting Naruto on the back, Sasuke said in a satisfied tone: “fortunately you came late, otherwise I was afraid that the guy would be killed, maybe even you would be cut off.”
      “Clear sky.”
      “Why did he… Chop me?”
      “I don't like you.”
      Naruto opened his eyes and burst into tears.
      Do you want to be so horrible, big brother!
      If we don't solve the problem of chopping, cardo will be nothing more.
      Even if he brought a large group of younger brothers, there were hundreds of people.
      At the same time, qingkong also wanted to test the power of the chopper again, so he didn't need other people to do it, so he did it alone.
      Three under five divided by two.
      The clear sky sweeps all the way to the east from the middle of the bridge.
      Where I've been, it's called purgatory.
      Limb flying, blood racing!
      Head rolling, corpses everywhere!
      When all the dust is settled and the thief's head cardo is cut to death.
      Looking at the clear sky standing in the sea of corpses and blood, holding the chopper.
      Kakasizouzu's face also changed.
      No matter what you do in the future, for the sake of your own life, you'd better stay away from this big man.
      No one else, just for safety!
      Mission accomplished.
      After a night of trimming, the crowd returned to Muye.
      On the way, the clear sky found that the seventh class were hiding from themselves, even walking more than ten meters apart, did not dare to get closer.
      “Cut, that's the guts.”
      Qingkong turned his lips, and he didn't care about their attitude. Anyway, he got the chopper, and he could wave as he wanted.
      Nobody cares.
      Besides, Daisy and Ya are very brave. I don't see how they can hide.
      “Tooth, do you want to try my chopper?”
      “Ah?This… This is not necessary. ”
      Dog grave teeth cry face response, legs can't help shivering.
      All right, the clear sky PATA mouth, also took back the previous words.
      Soon, the group returned to the village.
      Go to Huoying building to hand in the task first, and explain clearly what you don't do.
      “Clear sky, this Ninja knife…”
      “What?Get me a scabbard?No, no, I'll just carry it on my back. Don't bother Lord Huoying too much. ”
      Ape flying day cut open mouth, a belly of words can not speak out.
      To tell you the truth, he wants qingkong to hand over the chopper as the spoils of the village, or to make a deal with Wuyin village.
      However, qingkong's attitude is clear. I don't want to make friends.
      As the old parent of the village, he can't rob a child's things, at least not openly.
      “You can't use this Ninja knife, kid!”
      The door was pushed open, and Tuan Zang walked in with a crutch.
      Wang looked at the other side one eye, the clear sky face expressionless way.
      “Qinindao is a thing of Wuyin village, which symbolizes their glory. If you give it to the village, the village can exchange it for it…”
      “In exchange for your sister!”
      Qingkong directly interrupted Tuan Zang and pointed to him: “old dog, do you really think I dare not chop you?This horse is my booty. I snatched it from my hands. It has nothing to do with you. Do you understand
      Tuan Zang stood on the spot.
      It's not just him. One person in the office counts as one.
      Kakashi, xirihong, class 7, class 8, ape flying, sun chopping, and the staff were all confused by the sudden fury of the clear sky.
      What's more, pointing at Tuan Zang's nose and swearing at the street has not happened for many years.
      A little boy, how dare he do that?
      Tuan Zang recovered, his face became ugly, and his hands trembled.
      “Kid, you…”
      “I what I, scold you scold wrong?”
      Qingkong didn't give Tuan Zang a chance to talk back at all. He scolded like a machine gun: “silly old dog, who do you think you are? If you come in, you'll rob the children's things, and you don't need to be old-fashioned. If there were someone like you in my family, you would have been killed by yourself, so you'd be ashamed to come out!”
      “I'm a big headed ghost. I robbed the Nintendo myself, but I won't give it to you. What's the matter? Do you still want to bite me?”
      “Hunnima is a ball. Some people don't do it, but want to be a dog. Do you think you are cheap? So many people don't speak, but you just jump out to scold. Do you owe it?”
      A mouthful of congestion blocked in the throat, group hide good risk, was not angry to death in the past.
      He shook his head and stood firm.
      Tuan Zang turned to look at the ape flying sun again and said in a cold voice: “Huoying, are you going to let this kid insult me here?”
      The key point is that ape flying day chop is also numb. He doesn't want to scold himself.
      And to tell you the truth, seeing Tuan Zang being scolded so fiercely, he still can't speak. How can he still feel… Well, it's a bit dark and cool*
      Chapter 31: vomit blood with anger
      “Keke ~”
      After clearing his throat, the ape said, “qingkong, this is the elder of the secret department. Zhicun Tuan Zang, you can't talk to him like this. It's impolite.”
      The root is the hidden organization of the wood leaf. Generally speaking, it will not be exposed. Therefore, Tuan Zang's present position is also under the shadow department.
      Of course, it's just a cover up.
      “The secret, elder?”
      The clear sky disdains a smile, way: “fire shadow adult, excuse me dark Department elder's power is so big, can forcibly rob child's thing?”
      The ape flies, the sun cuts, and the words stop.
      He glared at Tuan Zang fiercely. Ape feiri was blaming him for being too urgent. Even if he wanted to decapitate, he couldn't use such a tough way.
      In fact, Tuan Zang has its own reasons.
      Just before, he sent two root ninjas to recruit qingkong. Later, they didn't come back, but they disappeared.
      Tuan Zang suspected that it had something to do with the clear sky.
      And just now, he was testing the clear sky.
      But what.
      Thousands of calculations, thousands of calculations. He just didn't think that the clear sky would be this kind of character. When he came up, he cursed people and was so cruel.
      This is a big loss.
      “Qingkong, elder Tuan Zang doesn't mean that. We Muye are reasonable, and of course we won't rob you.”
      Smoked a cigarette, ape flies day to chop to have a little brain shell painful explanation way.
      “That's the best way. Otherwise, I thought the elder was more powerful than Huoying and could rob other people's things at will.”
      After a look at Tuan Zang, he turned his mouth in the clear sky.
      This damn kid!
      If eyes can kill people, Tuan Zang's one eye can cut the clear sky into pieces.
      “Fire shadow!Is there no punishment for this kid abusing the secret elder? ”
      “That's what you're looking for!”
      The ape flies day to chop haven't spoken, the clear sky took over by oneself, way: “as the elder of the village, don't do a good example function, pure think how to bully the child, this want you how to use?”
      “Why, do you still want to scold me?”
      “Dare not let people say, wood leaf is your own?Are you better than Huo Ying? ”
      “Damn it…”
      “You are the most damned. Well, I'm old and big. I don't know how to do anything. I doubt how you became an elder. Didn't you buy it with money?”
      “I… poof ~ ~”
      Finally, Tuan Zang didn't suppress his anger, and his blood gushed out directly.
      All the people on the scene were dumbfounded. They watched Tuan Zang fall on his back. No one responded and went to help him.
      Tuan Zang is lying down.
      At this time, ape feirizha came back to his senses and stood up quickly and said, “medical class, send him to the medical class as soon as possible. What's wrong with this…”
      A farce finally ended when Tuan Zang vomited blood and was sent to the hospital.
      Punishment, too.
      Qingkong didn't get a cent of the money for the two missions. They were all sent to the hospital to see Tuan Zang. This is the order of ape Flying Sun.
      But the clear sky doesn't care.
      Don't say just a little money, it's useless.
      If you spend money to let the regiment lie in the hospital, he will not hesitate to take out the tens of millions of banknotes that qingkong seized from yuzhibo's family.
      It's funny.
      “Clear sky, you just went too far.”
      Out of the Huoying building, xirihong shakes her head and says.
      She was not talking for Tuan Zang, but worried about the safety of the clear sky.
      After all, Tuan Zang is the leader of the root, and there are countless ninjas under his command. If he focuses on the clear sky, it's hard to say the days after the clear sky.
      “Nothing more.”
      Qingkong waved his hand and said, “he can't move me on the surface, but in private, it's not sure who will live or die.”
      Xirihong is speechless, but if you think about the violence in the clear sky again, she will not be cut to death with one knife. What else is she worried about.
      Abnormal youth, can't use common sense to see.
      The next day, the eighth class as usual to carry out the task, ape flying day chop and not in such a difficult clear sky.
      As for Tuan Zang, he disappeared after discharge.
      It's like I don't have a grudge at all.
      But qingkong knew that with the sinister degree of Tuan Zang, he could not not not retaliate.
      But the old dog who can only do things secretly should be waiting for the opportunity now.
      But the clear sky is not afraid. If he's in a hurry, he will really cut people.
      “My Lord!”
      “My Lord!”
      Looking at junmalu and yuzhiboquan who have grown up a lot, qingkong nodded with satisfaction.
      A 14-year-old, a 17-year-old, all have close to the strength of tolerance, also live up to his training for such a long time ah.
      “Recently, Muye is preparing to hold the Zhongren exam. You can stay in the base. Don't show up in front of people if you have nothing to do.”
      “Yes, my Lord!”
      Both junmalu and yuzhibo answered.
      After that, the clear sky left the base of the death forest and returned to the wood leaf.
      And the seventh class that a few little fool is not the same, bear the exam is coming, such a big thing, clear sky of course early aware of.
      Not to mention, he is a passer-by.
      Familiar with the plot, just the most basic thing.
      “Wow, clear sky!”
      With a cry, a soft figure also ran on the back of the clear sky.
      “Guess who I am.”
      Inoue asked in his ear, blindfolded by the clear sky.
      “Little red?”
      “Xiao Li?”
      “In terms of the heavy pressure, it must be the fat daughter of my next door neighbor's second uncle, bosju tigou, onoi.”
      “Ha ha, I hate you!”
      Inoue jumped down, took another picture of the clear sky and cried*
      Chapter 32: Zhongren test is coming
      Qingkong also smiles, looks at Inoue, and the deer pill and dingci behind her, and says, “did you just come back after finishing the task?”
      “Yes, I've been out for several days this time. It's too hard to live in the open.”
      Inoue said, deer ball also to the clear sky point down, as for Ding times, Ya's still constantly gnawing potato chips.
      “In that case, go home and take a bath and have a good rest.”
      After a few words, the Inoue team left.
      The clear sky also came to the training ground to join with Hatta and yah.
      After a while, xirihong also came.
      “Let me tell you a piece of news. Seven days later, Muye will hold the Zhongren selection examination. At that time, not only our Muye's xiaren will take part, but other villages will also send ninjas.”
      “It's a very fierce competition, and there is even the risk of death, so whether you want to participate in the competition or not, you three must consider it clearly.”
      “I'm kidding, I…”
      “Don't rush to answer, tooth. You can think about it for a few days. Just answer me before the game starts.”
      With these words, xirihong took out three application forms and sent them to qingkong three people.
      “Here's the application form. Do you want to fill in your names? Let's wait until you make up your mind.”
      “By the way, this competition is in the form of a small team. There are at least three participants, so you can only advance and retreat together, participate together, or give up together.”
      After that, xirihong left, leaving qingkong to discuss with them.
      Dog mound teeth did not say that this boy has always been very iron head, can be reckless can rush, for just a bear test even more do not care.
      There is no other way.
      Even after training with sunny sky for several years, her strength is not what it used to be. She is no weaker than anyone of the same age.
      But psychologically, she is still not self-confident, afraid of delaying the sunny sky.
      “Ah… Yes.”
      “Remember what I said to you before, don't worry about so much, or you will live a very tired life, so it doesn't matter what exam he takes, whether he fails or passes.”
      “The most important thing is that you went through it bravely and lived up to yourself, understand?”
      “Hayi!I see, clear sky! ”
      Hatta nodded and showed a big smile.
      The little girl is very thoughtful. She thinks a lot and does something that she doesn't have.
      Qingkong shakes his head. He doesn't care about the name of Zhongren. The reason why he let Hatta take part in it is just to have fun.
      Well, that's it.
      Don't say a bear, is the ape flying sun cut the position of fire shadow to the clear sky, he will not necessarily do it.
      It's not that fire shadow is bad.
      The key is that qingkong doesn't want to be here. He wants to be invincible and immortal.
      A mere shadow of fire is nothing.
      So, the important promotion test for other ninjas is not even a fart in his eyes.
      The only use, it can only be used as a leisure game.
      “Clear sky.”
      After the dissolution of the three man team, qingkong was going home alone, but when he passed a deserted lane, someone stopped him.
      Turning around, the clear sky faces the people.
      “Who are you?”
      “Don't you remember me?”
      The pharmacist chuckled and helped his glasses.
      “Well, this pair of glasses is a gift from the pharmacist.”
      For the pharmacist's pocket, the clear sky of course recognized, but to maintain the human design, he pretended to be very confused and frowned.
      At the same time, he is also thinking about the pharmacist's purpose of finding himself at this time.
      In fact, qingkong doubted the intelligence of Tuan Zang and Da she wan.
      Nothing else, just because the pharmacist has the name.
      At the beginning, Dou was called Dou, and there was no pharmacist.
      A few years ago, at the order of Tuan Zang, Dou and pharmacist ye naiyu sneaked into Yanyin village at the same time to carry out the assassination task.
      And their mission goal is both sides of each other.
      Then, ye naiyu died in Dou's hand. Dou also collapsed and was taken away by Da Shewan.
      After some brainwashing, Dou joined the big snake pill and became his man.
      The big snake pill made a new file for Dou, and asked him to change his life to a pharmacist named Dou, who had been the leader of the medical team and was the child of pharmacist ye naiyu.
      Back in the leaves, lurking.
      This is special
      Tuan Zang or Da she wan?
      I'm afraid that people can't find this kind of identity.
      After all, Dou was born in an orphanage, raised by yenaiyu, with white hair and glasses.
      The new pharmacist's pocket, name, family background and dress are all unchanged.
      But the problem is.
      Even so, the pharmacist Douleng stayed in the wood leaf for several years, but Tuan Zang didn't find fault with him, and Huoying didn't find anything there.
      What the hell is this?
      Maybe, Tuan Zang and Da she wan have reached another agreement, so they didn't go to the pharmacist's pocket.
      In the clear sky, this should be the only explanation.
      Otherwise Tuan Zang and Da she wan will become real idiots, but obviously they are not.
      “Who on earth are you, and why are the pharmacist's glasses in your hands?”
      After thinking for a long time, the clear sky still pretended to have never thought of anything and asked aloud.
      “Sure enough, you still don't remember anything, but I can't blame you. After all, you were just a little bit old when I left the welfare home.”
      The pharmacist laughed at himself, then helped his glasses and said, “clear sky, even if you can't recognize who I am, you should have heard the name of Dou.”*
      Chapter 33: good man, clear sky
      The clear sky suddenly widened its eyes.
      According to the number of orphans in the welfare home, he really should know that.
      Because in the past ten years, Dean ye naiyu and pharmacist Dou, who are working outside, have sent a lot of money to the welfare home.
      Every once in a while, never stopped.
      It was not until the news of their death came back that the money was terminated.
      “No way. Brother Dou died long ago. You…”
      “It's all fake. It's for more important tasks.”
      Next, pharmacist Dou told a long story, that is, to cajole qingkong into gaining his trust.
      What identity exposure, had to choose to feign death.
      What's the hidden plan? I have to hide my name, say goodbye to the past and live in a new identity.
      After listening to all of them, qingkong can't help sighing that it's really special for this boy not to write novels.
      “Or not, what if you cheat me?”
      “How could…”
      No way, the pharmacist can only say something about the welfare home to prove his identity.
      “Well, brother Dou, what do you want to do when you come to me now? Is that the task has been completed and you don't need to hide your identity any more?”
      It's not easy!
      See clear sky finally believe, pharmacist pocket also wipe a cold sweat, feel more tired than a real war.
      With a slight cough, he said, “the task is not finished yet, but it's coming to an end. I just want to take the last step. I need qingkong's help. That's why I came to you tonight.”
      “What's up?”
      “Send these things to 22 Changsheng street, 7 Hongye street and 109 Caoli Street respectively.”
      “What are these?”
      Looking at the small pots that the pharmacist took out of his pocket, the clear sky asked.
      “It's information with a sign.”
      “Why don't you send it by yourself
      This son of a bitch, where come so many problems?
      But the pharmacist had to smile and patiently explained, “because I have more important things to do. I can't help myself.”
      “Oh, all right.”
      Reaching for the three pots, the clear sky nodded.
      “Please, sunny sky. I'll come back after this mission. Thank you very much.”
      “Ha ha, brother Dou is so polite. I'm very happy to know you're not dead. It's nothing to help you a little bit.”
      “Well, I'm happy to see you, too. So… We'll see you next time, sunny day.”
      When he waved his hand, the pharmacist's pocket disappeared.
      It's funny.
      Turning around, the face of the clear sky was cold. He weighed the jar in his hand. Although he didn't know what it was, he didn't expect it to be a good thing.
      They sent mosquitoes to look around.
      Sure enough, qingkong found that the pharmacist's pocket didn't go far at all, and he was still squatting on the roof of a house to monitor himself.
      Find a scapegoat to deliver things, and hide behind to watch. The clear sky dares to predict that these cans are dangerous goods.
      Walking slowly, closer and closer to the first position mentioned by the pharmacist, the clear sky was thinking about what he was going to do.
      It's time to hold the Zhongren exam. Think about the big snake pill's Muye collapse plan.
      Can these pots be
      Finally arrived at the place, the clear sky as usual sent some mosquitoes around to inquire about the situation, after searching for a week, he finally found the clue he wanted.
      Because it's next door to the jar, it's the place of Muye jiejie class.
      Needless to say, several cans must be bomb like things. At the beginning of the big snake pill plan, these cans were also detonated.
      Muye jiejie class meeting was destroyed in an instant, so there was no way to stop the ninja of shayin village from driving straight in and launching attacks on various areas of Muye.
      What a sinister plan.
      The clear sky left the corner of the mouth, slightly speechless thought.
      However, he didn't plan to open the pharmacist's pocket now, quietly enter the room, put down the jar, and then leave unconsciously.
      What do you do to help the tyrant?
      Let's not say that the clear sky doesn't have much affection for Muye. What's more, it doesn't like Tuan Zang and ape Flying Sun chop, so it wants to add a little jam to them.
      On the other hand, the clear sky also feels that Muye is too comfortable. They have to have some turmoil to stimulate them.
      Let them know what it means to be alert in times of peace and never let down their vigilance.
      As for how many people died during this period, what does it have to do with the clear sky.
      A group of waste firewood, not angry now, grow up quickly. When the fourth World War of tolerance starts, Huiye jumps out of the moon.
      Muye, these people are still cannon fodder. They will die.
      Well, the clear sky is for their good. That's why it's done. Pei Pei.
      Turn around.
      The eighth class gathered again. The three of them took out the application form and saw that all the names were written on it. They all looked at each other and laughed.
      “Have you all thought about it?”
      “Well, then I won't say much.”
      Xirihong smiles. She really has nothing to worry about. It's nothing else because there is a little monster in class 8.
      One knife will kill you. No more.
      Such strength, will be a bear selection difficult, it is a joke.
      A few days passed quickly.
      The eighth class came to the test site, but just entered the room, they were blocked by a fight.
      It was yuzhibo, zuozhu and Li Luoke who were fighting fiercely in the meeting.
      However, it can be seen that Sasuke is obviously in the downwind. Even if he opens the writing wheel, he still can't keep up with Li Locke's speed.
      With three fists and two feet, he was beaten away and suffered slight injuries*
      Chapter 34: lillock's love
      “Ah ~”
      With a scream, Sasuke was also kicked by Li Locke, just fell to the eighth class here.
      Sakura and Naruto turn their heads to find the existence of the third person in the eighth class.
      In the clear sky with a chopper on his back, he catches Sasuke with one hand and throws him aside like a fly.
      See this scene, also want to continue to attack Li Locke stopped, he stopped in place, very seriously looked at the clear sky.
      Because he knows how strong he is in kicking, plus Sasuke's weight, there are hundreds of them.
      But the clear sky is like nothing, next, this is not ordinary people can do.
      “I know that you, the same graduate of yuzhibo Sasuke, shingu qingkong. It's said that in the school, you two have tried eight times in total, but you win every time.”
      With a breath, Li Locke continued: “to tell you the truth, I'm very disappointed with the talent of Sasuke Jun. it's not as powerful as the rumor.”
      “And you, the chief student who defeated him eight times, Shengu qingkong, how much strength do you have?”
      “Please compete with me, please.”
      With these words, lillock reached out his hand and put on a fighting posture.
      But this time, he was not to Sasuke, but to the clear sky.
      “Damn it
      Sasuke hammered the floor hard, and his anger burned to his head.
      Defeat again and again, now also defeated by a thick eyebrow, despise.
      How can he take revenge on that man and rejuvenate yuzhibo family.
      Sasuke is not hating qingkong and Li Locke. He is just hating his incompetence and weakness.
      “Not interested.”
      Back to Li Locke, the clear sky with teeth and young fields continue to move forward, ready to go upstairs.
      But the brush, Li Locke is blocked in front of the clear sky, once again extended his hand.
      “Mr. qingkong, please be sure to compete with me.”
      “Get out of the way.”
      “Unless you beat me, or…”
      Before Li Locke's words were heard, he was shot by a dark shadow and flew out. He directly hit the wall next to him and raised a piece of smoke.
      Qingkong put the chopper into the floor, held the handle with one hand and said, “you should be glad that I use the blade instead of the blade, or you deserve to know if I chop you to death?”
      “Keke ~ ~”
      Li Locke knelt on one knee and put his hand over Xiongkou, coughing violently.
      Of course, his heart was also extremely shocked. He never thought that the speed of the clear sky would be so fast. He didn't even see the shadow when the sword came.
      In addition, this blow did not really hurt himself, but scattered all his strength, making him unable to move for a short time.
      What kind of control is this?
      It's appalling. OK!
      “You… You're stronger than I thought!”
      Hard to raise his head, Li Locke gasped and said: “but I will not give up, for my forbearance, but also for my heart – love!”
      With these words, Li Locke turned to chunye Sakura again, with deep love in his eyes.
      My mother!
      Several people shivered in the clear sky, and their hearts were cold.
      Not to mention Sakura chunye, she retreated seven or eight steps in a row. Her small face was pale, and she was obviously frightened by Li Locke's sudden confession.
      “Burn, my youth!”
      Li Locke stood up and was planning to use the eight methods to escape.
      But the appearance of a big turtle interrupted him.
      “Li, have I forgotten all my admonitions to you?”
      “Kay… Teacher?”
      It's a farce. It's over with Michael.
      First he punched Xiao Li, and then they hugged their heads and cried with tears streaming down their faces.
      That exaggerated atmosphere, numb action, directly the seventh class and the eighth class of six people thunder a coke outside, inside tender, black lacquer Ma black.
      I can't stand birds at all.
      Even the farewell all save, clear sky three people directly flash away, first run is better.
      Third floor, Room 301.
      The clear sky just pushed the door and came in, a familiar figure jumped on him.
      “Wahaha, I've got you again, Mr. qingkong.”
      “Che, you all came to participate in such a troublesome examination?”
      Jingye, Luwan and dingci, who have been eating potato chips, are all here.
      Then, the seventh class also came up, and the ninth class where Younv zhinai was.
      Because qingkong snatched the seat, Younv zhinai was assigned to an ordinary class. Anyway, she was just two Longtao teammates.
      After a few glances, the clear sky was unfamiliar.
      “You guys, you should pay attention to the end.”
      Dream master, pharmacist pocket once again on stage, he smilingly came by, by the reason of popularizing examination information, and a group of Xiaoqiang close.
      “What, four years of exams?”
      “Ha ha, although my ability is a little poor and I have not passed all the time, collecting intelligence is pretty good.”The pharmacist touched the back of his head and said with a smile.
      “What information?”
      “Well, these are the endurance cards, which not only record the number of candidates in different countries, but also have a lot of personal data of candidates.”
      The pharmacist took out a large stack of orange cards.
      “So powerful?”
      “Do you have any information about this year's candidates?”
      “Of course, who do you want to see? Just tell me the name.”
      “Lillock, and I love you in shayin village!”
      Sasuke answered and said in a cold voice.
      “The two of them are really interesting.”
      The pharmacist pushed his glasses. With a smile, he reached out and looked for them in the card. Finally, he took out two of them*
      Chapter 35: information popularization of Dou
      “Li Locke, one year older than you, was a graduate of last year, but he did not take the Zhongren examination. This is the first time.”
      “Task experience, grade D 20 times, grade C 11 times, the team leader is Matt Kay.”
      “In the last year, his physical skills have made rapid progress, but in other aspects, he is a little poor. He has no Ninja talent. It's a pity.”
      “Sand explosion I love Luo, mission experience, D level eight times, B level one time, because it's a ninja from another country, but also a newcomer, there is no other information.”
      “But I've heard that all his tasks seem to have come back unscathed.”
      “I'm willing to take part in the B-level mission, but I'm not hurt?”
      A group of Xiaoqiang are surprised, feel this I love Luo really not simple.
      “So, is there anyone else you want to know?”
      He put away the two cards, and the pharmacist asked with a smile.
      Sasuke again, he looked up at a man, and then said: “he, Shengu qingkong!”
      Sasuke's words also attracted many Xiaoqiang to turn their heads and put their eyes on the clear sky.
      To be honest, they are really curious about the information of the clear sky.
      “Is it clear?I advise you not to watch it, or you will be hit hard. “The pharmacist pushed his glasses.
      At the same time, at the moment when the Xiaoqiang missed sight, he showed a smile of unknown meaning to the clear sky.
      “Take it out, I have to see it!”Sasuke is stubborn.
      “Well, since you want to.”
      He shrugged his shoulders.
      The pharmacist drew another card from the stack, but it was not orange, but gold.
      “Mr. Dou, why is his card gold?”Naruto yelled and asked, his expression was also very uncomfortable.
      “The gold mark is because qingkongjun's record is too scary, so the card is special.”
      With these words, the pharmacist put a little bit of information on the card. Under the output of chakra, the information on the card instantly appeared.
      First of all, it's a picture of a clear sky, um… Very handsome.
      Next is the data sheet.
      “Shengu clear sky, Muye this year's graduates, completed the D level task 14 times, C level task once, B level task once.”
      “The most powerful achievement is that Wu Yin can't bear to kill him again. The beheading sword behind him is the best proof. It's more convincing than anything else.”
      “What, is that all?”
      These things have been known for a long time. Naruto doesn't feel very strange. What's so scary.
      Looking at Naruto strangely, the pharmacist raised his head and asked, “younger brother, do you understand the meaning of one chop and no chop?”
      “What does that mean?”
      “Ha ha.”
      The pharmacist chuckled and said, “if you don't kill the ghost man, it turns out that it's Shangren, the assassin of Wuyin village. His strength is so strong that he can kill 100 or even hundreds of xiaren like you in ten minutes.”
      “How can it be, I don't…”
      “Don't believe it, because he did it a long time ago. When he didn't graduate, he would kill all the students who took the examination in the same period and leave none of them!”
      Naruto's words were stopped in an instant, and a few drops of cold sweat were left on his forehead.
      Other Xiaoqiang are almost the same, they are scared by the cold-blooded and cruel.
      But what's more important is that such a powerful person is chopped to death by the clear sky. How strong should he be?
      I can't imagine.
      Sasuke clenched his teeth, can't help but ask himself, when will he be able to do this, to catch up with this abnormal guy!
      It's really despairing.
      An information science popularization ended in silence.
      Qingkong didn't say anything, and didn't get close to the pharmacist.
      One is that he has nothing to say. The other is that the pharmacist's eyes on him are very obvious, which is to let the clear sky not reveal his identity.
      It doesn't matter.
      For a pharmacist like him, he is regarded as an actor in a clear sky.
      Play more fun to see, tired of seeing a knife cut to death, it doesn't matter, reaction and jump where to go.
      So, after that, the TOS trio came out and attacked the pharmacist.
      Clear sky is also the whole process to watch the excitement, did not participate in at all.
      But just because he doesn't ask for trouble doesn't mean trouble won't come automatically.
      After solving the problem of the pharmacist's pocket, the hunchback TOS didn't know what to think. He turned a corner and came to the clear sky and punched him in the head.
      I want to die!
      As soon as the clear sky's eyes narrowed, he didn't care if pharmacist Dou and others had any plans or were testing himself.
      Whoever dares to trouble, he dares to kill!
      Qingkong just put his hand on the handle of the chopper, but with a bang, a large amount of white smoke appeared at the other end of the classroom.
      “Be quiet, you trash!”
      With a cold drink, when the white smoke dispersed, more than ten examiners of Muye also showed their origin.
      The man in front of him is more than 1.9 meters tall. He is wearing a black windbreaker and has a very terrible face. Combined with the two long scars above, he has cold eyes.
      For the scene of the next bear, the deterrent force is quite big.
      “I'm the chief examiner of the first examination. Now let me tell you the first examination rule for these wastes. Without permission, those who use force without authorization during the examination will be eliminated!”
      “Especially you bastards in Yinren village, don't mess with me before the exam, or you'll get out of here immediately. Do you understand?”
      Yibixi raised his hand and pointed to TOS and others.
      TOS apologized and admitted his mistake, just like a clever pupil.
      But as soon as Ibis turned away, he came close to the clear sky and whispered, “kid, you're lucky this time. We'll play again later.”*
      Chapter 36: examination in progress
      Clear sky don't understand, who gave this guy so much courage.
      Knowing that he had been killed with a knife and would not do it again, he dared to provoke.
      Is it aunt liang?
      Or the snake aunt?
      Qingkong doesn't believe that TOS's mindless behavior is good at making opinions and no one instructs him.
      Then dig deeper into Yinren's backstage. There's no one else except aunt snake.
      So… Are you being targeted by big snake pill?
      In a trance, the clear sky also came back. I'm afraid the pharmacist didn't just want to find a scapegoat for why he found himself a few days ago.
      Sure enough, these guys who play tricks are all very deep, too much heart.
      Qingkong shook his head and grinned at TOS: “OK, we'll continue to play in the future. I hope your team can persist for a long time. Don't cool too fast, otherwise it's too disappointing.”
      “Hum, sharp toothed kid.”
      Ibis has already announced the content of the exam, and TOS didn't waste any more words. He turned around and left with two teammates.
      “Stupid pigs, I only say the exam rules once. Open your ears and hear them clearly!”
      “Now, submit your application and take your seat with the number plate!”
      After a while, wait until the candidates are all seated.
      Yibixi stood up again and said in a loud voice: “the first test is a written test, and the test paper will be sent to you immediately. There are ten questions on it, and I won't answer the last one for the time being…”
      “Pay attention, at the beginning, you all have ten points, one point will be deducted if you answer wrong…”
      Similar to the original, the first nine questions test intelligence gathering ability, and the last one tests the mind.
      Of course, in the case of knowing the plot, as long as you don't quit, you can live with your eyes closed.
      The clear sky didn't write anything. After Ibis finished the exam rules, he stood on the table with one hand and looked at the scenery outside the window.
      There's no point in writing.
      “This guy…”
      Scan a circle, found the alternative performance of the clear sky, IBI Xi can not help but frown.
      It's true that the difficulty of this exam is not small. Many candidates can't answer it. They are all worried and sweating.
      But even if you can't answer it again, you can't even look at the scenery outside the window.
      Suddenly, Ibis winked at the examiner and asked him to check out the window.
      Yes, yibixi suspected that qingkong bribed people outside the examination room to send him answers far away to help him cheat.
      A moment later, the examiner came back and shook his head at ibis, meaning that he had found nothing.
      Of course not.
      Clear sky is never thought to answer questions, in this case, IBI Xi, if they can find cheating personnel, it's really hell.
      “Good boy, I'll see what you're doing!”
      Ibis did not believe it. As time went by, he would keep on emptying and never answer questions.
      The next time, Ibis moved his focus to the clear sky, monitoring his every move.
      But he was doomed to waste his time.
      Twenty minutes.
      Ibis had informed us before that the examination time was one hour, and he would announce the content of the tenth question in the 45th minute.
      But now 40 minutes have passed, the clear sky is still distracted, and it doesn't mean to hold a pen at all.
      This makes IBI Xi very uncomfortable. It's hard to scratch her scalp.
      “Out on the 23rd!”
      “Eliminated on the 59th, get out with his team.”
      “Why on earth?”
      For a while, Ibis didn't know how many brain cells had been consumed.
      The key is that he doesn't understand. Only his own Huoying and his own Huoying know the content of the exam. There is no possibility of leakage.
      Why, then, is this guy so calm, as if he had known the test content for a long time?
      It's different from Naruto's learning dregs. Although he didn't answer the same question, Naruto's sad face is almost sparse, and his paper is almost torn.
      On the sunny side, you can see the scenery outside the window for a while and squint on the table for a while.
      It's too easy. No!
      It's not a test. It's just a vacation. OK.
      But when it's time, 45 minutes later, even if Ibis has a headache again, he will still announce the content of question 10.
      “Well, stop writing for a while.”
      Ibis got up and knocked on the blackboard.
      “First of all, you have to make a choice whether to answer question 10 or not.”
      “Shall we choose?”
      “What happens if you choose not to answer?”
      The examinees were puzzled and talked about it one after another.
      “Be quiet!”
      Ibis patted the table and frowned, “if you don't choose, the examinee will get zero on the spot, that is, you are not qualified!”
      “How could that be?”
      “What a bullshit rule!”
      The examinees are fried.
      But some people still ask, “what about multiple choice questions?”
      “Choose to answer questions. If you answer wrong, you will get zero points, and…”
      Yibixi showed a cruel smile and said in a long voice: “in the future, I will be deprived of the qualification to take the Zhongren examination forever!”
      In an instant, the whole examination room was quiet.
      The examinees were shocked by this rule and felt that it was particularly unreasonable*
      Chapter 37: entering the forest of death
      Only the clear sky alone, he shook his head, and turned to look at the scenery outside the window, as if it had nothing to do with what happened in the classroom.
      But it really doesn't matter.
      I don't care if it's sunny.
      He came to take part in the exam, just a pastime in boredom, just a passing act, so it doesn't matter whether he passes or not.
      After a long time of wrangling, Ibis finally finished his nonsense.
      Under the extreme pressure, the faces of many candidates also become very ugly.
      Because it's really hard to choose, especially if you choose to answer the question and make a mistake, you have to endure all your life. The price is too high.
      “I… I quit.”
      “Me too…”
      One after another, many candidates raised their hands and gave up the exam.
      “Don't look down on me, I won't run away!”
      Like the original work, after being forced to the limit, Naruto finally can't bear it. He claps the table and stands up and announces his tolerance loudly.
      After that, it was simple. Inspired by Naruto, all the examinees were beaten like chicken blood, and all of them stayed.
      Of course, this is also considered to have passed Ibis' test and completed the tenth question.
      “I'm the examiner of the second exam. I wash red beans with my hands!”
      With the appearance of a certain pill essence in the secondary school, which broke the glass and made banners and slogans, the candidates were also shocked and speechless.
      But in any case, we can finally change the test venue.
      In the afternoon.
      A lot of examinees came to the field with red beans.
      “This is the venue for the second exam, No. 44 drill ground!”
      “Also known as death forest!”
      The corner of red bean's mouth turned up, showing a strange smile.
      All the examinees trembled and were a little panicked.
      “Well, I'll give this to you before the exam starts.”
      With these words, red bean took out a stack of paper and let the examiners distribute it to the public.
      “This is a death agreement. If you want to take the second exam, you must sign your name on it first.”
      Even if there is the possibility of death or injury, there is no reason to retreat.
      So they didn't think much about it, so many candidates signed their names, and so did class 8, where qingkong was.
      “Very good.”
      After reading the agreement, red bean continued with a smile: “well, let me tell you about the rules of this exam.”
      “First of all, the content of this exam is to survive in the wild.”
      “Five days!”
      “The assessment Keepsake is the scroll of heaven and earth!”
      “In a limited time, you have to get the scroll of heaven and the scroll of earth, make a pair, and then cross the dangerous terrain as long as 10 kilometers to reach the designated location, which is the most central tower building in the forest.”
      “Remember, you are allowed to compete for scrolls during the exam, but you are not allowed to leave this area without permission!”
      “Do you understand?”
      Red bean took a map and asked aloud.
      After seeing all the examinees nodding, she continued: “since I understand, I'll talk less. Let's officially start the second assessment now!”
      Give me an order.
      Many candidates also queued up to get the scroll, and then followed their examiners to enter the examination room at the entrance outside the railway network.
      After looking at the number plate at the entrance, the clear sky didn't care about this little thing. He raised his foot and went into the dark forest with his teeth and daisy.
      Half a day later, as the first scream came out, the fight for scrolls in the forest began.
      On the other side.
      Far away from the eighth class, two people emerged in the soil.
      “Cabudo, what can I do for you?”
      “Big snake pill saga, there are two pieces of news. Sasuke confirmed that he has opened the eye of writing wheel. At present, he is shuanggouyu, and Shengu qingkong, which you let me pay attention to. This child is really not simple.”
      “Ha ha ~ ~”
      The big snake pill licked his lower lip, and his eyes were shining.
      Sasuke doesn't mention it. After being defeated by yuzhibo weasel, dasheban, who can't resist, also has a great obsession with lunyan.
      It's not too much to say that the potential is inevitable.
      As for the clear sky.
      Now dashuewan doesn't have much interest in him, and doesn't connect him with the young man who was a diplomat in Wuyin village.
      It's just that qingkong's achievements are so gorgeous that he will be cut to death with one knife and never be cut again.
      At a young age, I have done so.
      It has to be said that he is a genius with great potential.
      On the other hand, he likes to collect all kinds of gifted teenagers.
      In addition, qingkong and pharmacist Dou are both from welfare home, so they have no background.
      So the big snake pill ordered the pharmacist to test the clear sky to see if he could be pulled to Yinyin village to serve himself.
      Of course, no matter how talented a teenager is, his eyes are not as important as his eyes.
      “Go ahead with the plan. I'm looking forward to your performance.”
      “Yes, big snake pill, Sama!”
      Words fall, two people also gradually sink into the ground, disappeared without a trace*
      Chapter 38: two new ideas
      “Ah ~ ~”
      “Damn it
      “What the hell are these!Ah ~ ”
      In the eighth class, under the trap set by Yahe and Chutian, three xiaren of Yuyin village are unfortunately recruited and are stuck by a lot of blood leeches coming from the sky.
      A special blood leech is 20 cm long, which is as thick as ordinary bread.
      Even the toxicity and blood sucking, just a few minutes, these rain hidden bear lost resistance, become half dead.
      Sitting on one side in the clear sky, I didn't participate in the whole process.
      But I don't know.
      Seeing that this kind of blood leech is so powerful, he suddenly thought that his own mosquito can absorb other people's blood to carry on the boundary, but it only needs a huge amount of blood to purify the blood purity.
      For example, before, when I was in the kingdom of Bo, the clear sky chopped the water to death, and then I didn't let go of each other's blood.
      But after using mosquito to suck, the clear sky did not get the ice to escape the blood.
      This proves that a mere white blood is not enough to make him pure enough to wake up the ice.
      But after seeing the blood leech in front of him, qingkong suddenly thought of two methods of operation.
      First: a small amount of blood is not enough. You can cultivate it yourself. Anyway, blood is not such a high-grade thing.
      Second: since we can extract human blood, can we also extract all kinds of animals and insects in nature?
      After all, the ability of insects also comes from the gene chain.
      Since he can extract the blood boundary from human blood, in theory, he can also extract various abilities from other species.
      Anyway, the truth is common, and there is no essential difference.
      Clear sky is a simple person, do as you think.
      With a wave of his hand, he transformed into an army of mosquitoes. After dispersing, he flew to the blood leeches.
      If these blood leeches have brains, maybe they haven't thought that they would be able to be pecked by wild geese all day long.
      They used to suck other people's blood, but now, on the other hand, there are still things that dare to suck their blood.
      But the law of the jungle is the law of nature.
      As the black army of mosquitoes passed by, those big blood leeches soon shriveled down and fell off from the dead rain.
      “Clear… Empty, these mosquitoes are controlled by you?”
      Suddenly saw this scene, the dog grave tooth also completely was stunned, could not help stammering to ask.
      “You're not oil girl, are you?”
      What do you think? The clear sky rolled its eyes.
      Oh, he can play with insects and replace zhinai. Then he should be from Younv's family.
      It's just funny.
      “Don't think about it. It's my own blood inheritance ability. It has nothing to do with Younv family.”
      “Oh, all right.”
      Although he was still a little suspicious, looking at the black army of mosquitoes, eating blood leeches was just like playing, so he chose to close his mouth.
      Soon, hundreds of large blood leeches were all eaten up by mosquitoes.
      When the energy feedback came back, the clear sky closed its eyes and had a good feeling.
      Because the ability to repeat.
      Blood leech sucks blood, so does mosquito.
      So clear sky doesn't have other abilities, but… It doesn't have any advantages.
      Clear sky feeling out, his mosquito is more powerful, especially in the aspect of blood sucking, faster than twice before.
      This should be the benefit of sucking blood leech and replicating each other's ability.
      In addition, qingkong also found that her skin, as well as the skin of mosquitoes, was more tough than before.
      It's the blood leech, because it's hard to kill. You can crush it and burn it, but it's hard to break it.
      The skin of blood leech is very tough and elastic.
      Obviously, after extracting the blood of hundreds of leeches, qingkong also copied this ability.
      pretty good.
      It's really good.
      So in the next rush, the clear sky sent out a large number of mosquitoes, looking for insects and poisons with special abilities in the forest, and sucking their blood.
      Poisonous spider!
      Big centipede!
      The small dragonfly!
      Mantis, butterfly!
      Ants, wasps!
      The world of fire shadow is really different from the general world.
      The insects and animals here are common, but they are also large and highly toxic, like mutated species.
      For example, a centipede that qingkong just killed is not more than ten meters long. If this kind of big guy runs out, killing ordinary people is not the same as playing.
      That's it. All the way, all the way.
      Feedback back a large number of energy, but also continue to improve the strength of the clear sky.
      Let's not talk about those abilities.
      It's only half a day, and his physical fitness has more than doubled. It's better than taking Shiquan Dabu pills.
      Of course, qingkong also blamed himself for not having thought of this, otherwise he would have done it.
      Where we passed, we were in a mess, and all things withered.
      Well, except for the plants, he didn't let go of any insects and animals found in the clear sky. They were all sucked up.
      “Tooth, hatada, you two come here.”
      Qingkong also wanted to experiment with one thing, so he called two people.
      After that, he put his hand on the shoulders of the two people and delivered a small part of the absorbed energy to their bodies.
      “Ah, what is it?”
      Tooth and the young farmland's facial expression a change, but is not uncomfortable, but very comfortable*
      Chapter 39: Mr. Lengjun's Strawberry
      “How do you feel?”
      “It's very comfortable, especially comfortable. Not only that, I feel that my strength has increased!”
      Dog grave teeth excited clenched his fist, then turned his head and asked: “clear sky, what's going on in the end? It's amazing!”
      When the delivery was almost finished, the clear sky put down its hand and responded: “remember my mosquitoes. They can suck other people's blood and help me transform it into this kind of energy.”
      “So powerful?”
      The dog grave tooth stares big eyes, the young farmland is also very surprised.
      Although it sounds a bit evil to take blood, it depends on the benefits.
      For example, now, kyushuka finds that his strength has at least doubled, so he thinks the ability of clear sky is very good and lovely.
      Love me, love me, and vice versa.
      Besides, ninjas often kill people. Isn't that evil?
      By contrast, what's wrong with a little blood.
      Dog Zhong tooth deceived himself and soon accepted it.
      Even if it was Hatta, she didn't think there was anything wrong with it because the object was sunny.
      In fact, this is also a test of the clear sky.
      Mosquito power, this ability is too conspicuous, unless he does not use it, sooner or later, he will be exposed.
      It's better to make people speculate about the future.
      It's better to say it by yourself and give the people around you a psychological construction first.
      After tasting the benefits, naturally someone will support him and support him.
      “Get used to it first. In the next few days, I will provide you two with enough energy to improve your strength!”
      Dog grave tooth quickly agreed, very happy.
      However, unlike the clear sky itself, there is no mosquito power. The speed of dog's teeth and Hatfield's absorbing these energy is far less than that of him, and there is an upper limit.
      Each time, you can't exceed a certain number, which varies from person to person.
      We have to digest it first and then add it.
      Dog Zhong Ya seems to be stronger than hatada, but in fact, his energy absorption speed and upper limit are less than half of hatada's.
      Qingkong thought, is this still related to the big stomach king?
      Because the absorptive capacity is good.
      This little guy is the biggest stomach of woody leaves. He can eat a lot.
      Muye Dawei King competition, eat Yile ramen.
      Tooth only ate ten bowls, Naruto 30 bowls.
      But the young farmland mm actually ate 46 bowls, simply scared to death individual.
      “Clear sky, clear sky, there is a boar over there, I smell it.”
      “Qingkongjun, there is a herd of deer two kilometers ahead. We…”
      In the next few days, kyu tsuzuka and Chuda helped to find all kinds of animals, which was more active than the clear sky.
      Dog grave tooth is to improve the strength, duty bound.
      As for Chuda, she just wanted to help qingkong, so that she even used her white eyes.
      These two guys.
      Qingkong shakes her head and smiles, but she doesn't refuse their kindness.
      Anyway, it's by the way. Let's go and use the mosquito army to clean it up.
      All of a sudden, there was a loud noise from the front left, and the smoke and dust filled the air.
      “Damn, what Ninjutsu made such a big noise?”Barked the dog, his teeth covering his head.
      “Hatada, look at the situation.”Clear sky road.
      “Hi, white eye!”
      The fledgling field is imprinted, and the meridians also appear on her face.
      After looking at it, she said, “it's class seven who has been ambushed. They are fighting with three… Caretakers. They should be from caoren village. They are fighting.”
      “Oh?”Cao Ren Village?”
      The clear sky narrowed her eyes and said with a smile, “let's go quietly and have a close look at the situation.”
      Keep up with the pace of the clear sky, the three together toward the front left.
      Ten minutes later, they came to a dense forest. The clear sky stopped first and stood on a strong tree trunk to look forward.
      Sure enough, it's class seven.
      And fight with them, is dressed up as a grass hidden Ninja — big snake pill.
      The long tongue is also of the giant snake. Other ninjas may not be able to see it, but the clear sky can recognize it at a glance.
      The battle is quite fierce. In addition to chunyeying's daily soy sauce, Sasuke and Naruto work together to fight back and forth with dashuewan.
      Of course, it's the big snake pill. It's not serious at all.
      Otherwise, with the strength of Sasuke and Naruto, it is impossible for them to go through two rounds in the hands of dashuewan.
      If they can get close to each other, they'll be burning incense.
      “Clear sky, shall we not help?”
      The dog grave tooth and the young farmland also come to the clear sky side, the dog grave tooth mouth asks a way.
      Because of the appearance of the clear sky, Hatta has nothing to do with Naruto, so she is not too nervous about Naruto's safety.
      “Take another look. Don't worry.”The clear sky replied with a smile.
      Originally, he had nothing to do with the seventh class, let alone to fight against big snake pill for them.
      That's full.
      Dog Zhong Ya nodded and said nothing more. He stood on the tree trunk and watched the play together.
      “Ah ~ ~”
      Angry, Naruto uses nine tail chakra, also a little violent walk.
      But then he was captured by the long tongue of the big snake pill and sealed again with the five elements seal.
      If only Sasuke was left, it would be even worse.
      Even if he summoned up the courage to use two gouyu to write round eyes, there are a series of fire escape ninja.
      But it's just that the snake pill used the earth stunt twice.
      When the big snake pill is a little serious and uses the long-distance flying head ninja, Sasuke is inevitably planted with strawberries… Oh no, it's a curse.
      “Ah ~ ~”
      With Sasuke's scream, the battle came to an end.
      Big snake pill licked his lips with a smile, and gradually disappeared into the tree trunk and left*
      Chapter 40: negotiation with dashewan
      “Clear sky, who is this man?”
      The dog Zhong tooth is also frightened by the appearance of big snake pill, the inquiry that shivers in Duo asks a way.
      “Didn't you hear him report his family, big snake pill?”
      “Then what shall we do now? Shall we go and have a look?”
      “Wait, he's here.”
      With the sight of the clear sky, the dog also stood on the spot, speechless.
      Because it's no one else. It's the big snake pill that just left.
      He emerged from the tree trunk, licked his lower lip with his long tongue and said, “interesting little devil, are you really not afraid of death?”
      “Tooth, hatada, you leave first.”Waving hands in the clear sky.
      “Clear sky…”
      “Be obedient, don't let me say it again, tooth, you take the field first.”
      “That's… Good!”
      Knowing that his stay was also a hindrance, gouzhongya clenched his teeth, and then he grabbed Chutian and left first.
      “Mr. qingkong…”
      The air is still reverberating with the voice of the young field.
      But the big snake pill didn't stop them either. They just looked at the clear sky with great interest and didn't move.
      “Ha ha, little guy, do you think one person can stop me?”
      “Big snake pill, it seems that you haven't made any progress after so many years.”
      Qingkong shakes his head, and then with a wave of his hand, the black dragon, which is composed of a large army of mosquitoes, also encircles his head.
      “This is…”
      See this scene, big snake pill also stare big eyes, instantly thought of some memories.
      Five years ago!
      The country of water, outside the village of fog hidden!
      He had a fight with a cold young man. After more than ten rounds, he didn't get the least advantage.
      In other words, he was repelled by the young man, and even the bright night boy he was optimistic about could not be taken away.
      This is a disgrace to the big snake pill, and it is also one of the few defeats we have suffered.
      How could he forget.
      So, seeing the black dragon and snake pill beside qingkong, he not only recalled everything, but also became very ugly.
      “I didn't expect you to hide so deeply. No wonder I didn't find any trace of you after I searched several big countries!”
      “The sky is clear in Shengu. It's a good way to endure under the leaves.”
      The eye of the big snake pill was clear, and the murderous spirit of terror was also diffused.
      “Ha ha, are you going to do it with me? Then you have to think about it clearly. After all, it's not too far from the wood leaf here, and it won't take much time for those dark parts to come over.”
      Qingkong said with a smile, not affected by the murderous Qi of the big snake pill.
      In a trance.
      Big snake pill put away the murderous spirit again and said, “you're right. There's no hatred between us, and there's no need to do too much.”
      “But I'm curious about a question. I don't know if it's convenient for you to answer it.”
      “How old are you? I'm talking about age.”
      “I graduated this year and just turned 12.”
      “So… Five years ago in the land of water, you were just seven years old?”
      The snake pill is speechless.
      Because it's something he never thought about, even he didn't dare to believe.
      A child who is only seven years old can suppress himself to that point.
      Although in the country of water, dasheban did not exert its real strength at all, it would be nice to have one tenth.
      But seven years old, that's incredible.
      But the big snake pill also understood that the clear sky had no need to cheat him.
      “Ha ha, that's interesting.”
      Licking his lower lip again, dasheban said with a smile: “qingkongjun, I'm more interested in you now. How about joining my Yinyin village?”
      “To be your experimental material?”
      “No, no, I'd like to study it, but I'm sure I'll get your permission before I do anything.”
      “And if I don't agree.”
      “Is Mr. qingkong biased against science?”
      “That's not true.”
      Qingkong shook his head and said, “I'm just being studied. I'm sure I won't agree. I'd like to persuade you to die, too.”
      To be honest, doing experiments or something, the clear sky doesn't exclude it.
      But the premise is that he makes it himself, not the monster big snake pill.
      Because he is too dangerous, maybe when, a large number of small sunny sky will be cloned, how can people bear it.
      “It's not negotiable?”
      When the negotiation broke, dasheban frowned.
      “It's not negotiable.”
      Directly blocked each other's mind, qingkong said: “you can't study, but we can work together in another way.”
      “Oh?How do you want to cooperate? “There is another village with hidden willows and bright flowers, and the big snake pill is also in a bit of interest.
      “It's very simple. I can train you a group of people with good strength in a short period of time, and even give them the ability to follow the boundaries. In exchange, you have to teach me your experimental skills.”
      “Give others blood?Can you do such a thing, Mr. qingkong? ”
      “That's right.”
      “I'll really think it over.”
      Without disturbing the big snake pill's thinking, the clear sky stood in place to enjoy the scenery.
      To tell you the truth, it was just discovered before the clear sky to give others blood.
      The power awakens for the second time.
      When the sky is clear, you can control the mosquito to become bigger and smaller.
      The biggest, tens of meters, hundreds of meters.
      At least, a clear sky can even reduce mosquitoes to nano scale, and then manipulate them into human cells to modify DNA gene chains.
      Before, when delivering energy to dog's teeth and hatching fields, qingkong quietly experimented, and he could do it.
      Of course, modifying the gene chain is not a small project.
      If you want to give others the boundary of blood, the clear sky must also sink down and spend a lot of time.
      But in the end, it can be done. It's not to give big snake pill a blank check. As long as it can make him see the effect, it's easy to say anything*
      Chapter 41: I love Luo team
      After a while, the big snake pill was finally considered.
      “Qingkongjun, I have to admit that your proposal is really exciting. Well, I promise you that as long as you can do what you say, all my experimental techniques will be handed over to you.”
      “So, happy cooperation?”
      “Of course.”
      After reaching the deal, he discussed a little more details, and dashuewan left first.
      Clear sky looked at a distance, Sasuke is now unconscious, chunye Sakura have no way, can only in the side constantly shouting Sasuke and Naruto's name.
      A few crows cackled and flew over the forest.
      Qingkong's eyes narrowed, but he didn't take part in it any more. He jumped off the tree trunk, and then went to find Ya and Chutian to join him.
      Have to say.
      Although Sasuke and Naruto are weak now, they are not easy to kill.
      One is pregnant with a nine Lama, and the other has a brother behind him. If anyone dares to kill them, it's the birthday man hanging himself.
      Big snake pill, big snake pill doesn't work.
      “Ha, I can finally have something hot.”
      The eighth class is resting in a depression. They light a fire with a whole tiger on it.
      Well, it's the tiger, the king of beasts.
      The dead forest is really a wonderful place. There are not only many poisons and mutated species, but also huge tigers in groups.
      Dog grave teeth pulled off a large piece of meat, while shouting hot, while hard to bite.
      He wolfed down and said vaguely, “clear sky, what's the origin of that big snake pill? It looks too scary.”
      The young farmland hears speech, also can't help looking up to the clear sky.
      With a smile, the clear sky said: “one of the three generation's target disciples, Muye Sanren, but now it's s S-level traitor, and its strength is shadow level… Well, when you see him again, you can hide as far as you can. You can't hide any more. Please give me your name. Maybe you can save your life.”
      “Three generations of disciples?”Shadow level?”
      Dog grave tooth face a change, did not expect the strength of the other side so high, there is so much.
      “Then what does he come to Muye for? Don't we need to report it?”
      “Muye already knows. We don't need to do anything.”
      “Oh, that's the best way.”
      Dog Zhong Ya nodded, reached for the barbecue, and no longer thought about it.
      The key is that it's too much trouble. It's far beyond his ability. I can't manage it if I want to.
      Nothing happened overnight.
      Turn around the day, clear sky three people put out the fire, again on the road.
      In the camp where they left, there were six corpses of ninjas that had been thoroughly cooled.
      These are the prey attracted by the light of the campfire last night.
      The eighth class is brave, not to mention clear sky, which can't be calculated by common sense.
      They don't care about living in the wild. They can't light a fire and expose their own rules.
      Whoever dares to come here, we'll kill them all.
      “Well, with all the scrolls together, shall we go straight to the most central tower?”
      Tossed the scroll in the hand, the dog Zhong tooth turns a head to ask a way.
      “Let's go normally, and suck some blood by the way, and then improve your strength.”Qingkong waved.
      Tooth and fledgling farmland all agree to come down.
      All the way slowly, the eighth class relaxed freely, as if out of the same holiday.
      As for what happened to the seventh class there, or they might be attacked by the troika of TOS, qingkong didn't care, let alone participate.
      In a twinkling, it was the fifth day.
      “Sandstorm funeral!”
      When approaching the tower, the three men in the clear sky ran into the team I love Luo, who was slaughtering several ninjas in Yuyin village.
      A move sand storm funeral, directly a few rain bear squeeze into the sky.
      “Clear sky in Shengu, I remember you.”
      After killing all the people, I love Luo as if nothing had happened, turned to face the eighth class.
      Of course, this is also a clear sky, they did not hide the body, directly came out.
      “Ah, so what?”
      The clear sky yawned and responded bored.
      Hand Ju's face turned a little red. Embarrassed, he turned his head. Under the influence of the clear sky, my little heart just scared by arrow felt relieved a lot.
      “Kill the so-called genius ninja, this is the meaning of my existence, do it, or you will have no chance.”
      I love Luo said without expression, obviously not in a joke.
      This is a serious mental illness.
      The clear sky curls the corners of his mouth and says, “I'm very interested in killing a young man like you, so I won't talk much. Take it.”
      If you want to do it, raise your right hand in the clear sky. Millions of mosquitoes will change their combinations, and a storm vortex will soon form.
      Then he waved.
      The storm vortex fell down, directly covering the tens of meters around where I love Luo.
      With a loud noise, the earth fell.
      Standing outside the circle, both Shouju and Kan Jiulang looked silly.
      Is this horse riding under the wood?
      Pro, this destructive power, you are afraid to go to heaven.
      Click, click, click~
      There was a little noise in the smoke.
      I love Luo is not dead, because he has automatic body protection sand, which becomes an egg at the critical moment to protect him.
      However, by the clear sky, I love Luo is not nothing.
      His right arm was drooping, as if there were no bones. Blood was flowing down it, and he could not move at all.
      “My blood?Jie Jie ~ ~ ”
      My mouth is not like a human laughter, I love Luo slowly raised his head, with full of murderous eyes straight in front of the clear sky.
      “It hurt me… I'm going to kill you, kill you!”*
      Chapter 42: speech of cheating children
      “Oh, you're not dead yet?”
      Ignoring my love Luo's nonsense, the clear sky seemed very surprised. She raised her eyelids and said, “then go on and see which one of us will die first.”
      “Wait a minute!”
      Hand Ju ran over and quickly stopped: “enough, I love Luo. Don't forget what we are here for. Do you want the whole village to be buried with you?”
      “How dare you command me?”
      I love Luo to show the beast's eyes, opponent Ju also played a killing heart.
      “It's not an order. It's a plea. I love you. If you're still in the village, stop now!”
      I love Luo silence.
      After all, he was still a little concerned.
      Seeing this scene, Shouju was relieved, turned to the clear sky and said, “this game is not over, and we don't have to waste too much energy here, do you think?”
      “Is it a waste of energy to kill you, I don't think so.”Qingkong said with a smile.
      Hand Ju didn't expect that this guy was more stubborn and arrogant than I love Luo, which made her bite her teeth.
      “Mr. Shengu, there is no hatred between us. Why don't we stop here and take a step back?”
      “In this case, why don't you tell the three dead Yuren that they all surrendered just now.”
      Hand Ju is speechless, but it's not that she doesn't want to say it, it's that I love Luo's killing heart is too heavy, and I don't give him this chance because I'm too quick.
      It's when you feel desperate and think that this war is inevitable.
      The clear sky put his hand again and said, “forget it, bullying you kids is meaningless. Tooth, Daisy, let's go.”
      Looking at the clear sky, the three turned to leave, hand Ju was also stunned on the spot, shouting MMP in the heart.
      The key is not to bring such playful people.
      I don't know if people are scared, they will be scared to death. It's true.
      Fortunately, a fierce battle has come to an end, and Shouju is greatly relieved.
      To tell you the truth, she has never seen me love Luo. When she was in such a mess, she was knocked out of her arm as soon as she came up.
      It's incredible.
      So is Kan Jiulang. He has the same psychology as Shouju.
      So just now, he was scared to shiver. He didn't dare to say a word.
      As for myself, it's not that he doesn't want to fight against the clear sky and is afraid of something, but the problem is that one of his cranes has gone wrong.
      I don't know what's going on.
      It's like being afraid of mosquitoes in the clear sky. No matter how angry I am, I roar in my heart. The crane is shrinking in the seal.
      I didn't lend chakra to arrow.
      Under such circumstances, I love Luo how to fight, can only watch the clear sky to leave, he also clenched his teeth did not say a word.
      Central tower.
      It's the fifth day. After the three of them came, they found that they were the first to arrive.
      This shows how fierce the fighting in the forest is.
      After a while, I love Luo team also entered the tower.
      Seeing the clear sky, I didn't say anything. I just walked by with a cold face, as if someone owed him eight million.
      Hand Ju sorry smile, and then together with kanjiulang to keep up with the pace of I love Luo.
      For the problem youth, I love Luo. Qingkong also pities him. I didn't really kill him before.
      Of course, this is the influence of watching animation in my previous life. If I don't know the good or bad, I dare to jump in front of myself.
      The clear sky doesn't mind letting its own mosquitoes taste what human pillar force is.
      After a little while, other teams came one after another.
      Naruto class 7, Xiao Li class 3, Inoue class 10
      In addition, there are some teams that can't be named.
      When everyone arrives, the examination time will be cut off.
      After that, ape Flying Sun chop with a large group of ninjas into the venue.
      “Well, cough.”
      Ape flying day cut clear throat, step forward a way: “next will be the third test, before this, I must first tell you a thing.”
      “The real purpose of this test is to promote the friendly coexistence between allies and improve the level of Ninja…”
      talk downright nonsense.
      Qingkong takes out his ears and turns to the next well.
      Instead of listening to the old man talk about so many things, it's better to lift the little sister in front of her.
      “Don't think this is just a simple test. In order to evaluate the strength of various countries and maintain balance, this is where you fight to the death!”
      “Why do we fight to the death?”
      Dog grave tooth opens mouth to cry a way, he didn't understand, this isn't in bear to examine, how still pull up so many big matters.
      Ape flying day cut smile, continue to explain to you.
      “Because of national prestige.”
      “In this third test, many princes and dignitaries from various countries entrusted to us will be present. They will watch your battles and analyze the strength gap between countries.”
      “At that time, the powerful countries will naturally receive more entrustment, while the weak countries will receive less entrustment…”
      It's about showing strength.
      But this kind of thing falls on a group of people who have to fight to the death.
      How to say, is it disgraceful, sir.
      Qingkong turned his lips. Anyway, he was more disgusted with it.
      It's like in a previous life, a group of parents went to a kindergarten meeting and sat together to compare with their children.
      Your family can dance and my family can sing.
      No one of the parents is satisfied with anyone, but no one cares about their children's feelings.
      This is no longer the problem of training the next generation, but simply for the benefit of unscrupulous.
      It's just that.
      Ape flying day chop also said a pair of impassioned, very blood, and the clear sky side these bear most also believe.
      That's funny*
      Chapter 43: you want my kidney
      Finally, the ape flying day is over, and the tuberculosis man's Moonlight wind is also on the stage.
      “Hello everyone… Cough ~ ~”
      “Before the third exam… Cough ~ ~”
      “There's one more thing that needs to be done
      “…” the crowd forbeared.
      I'm totally confused. OK.
      Brother, if you don't feel well, go home and have a rest.
      It's windy and rainy outside. In case you can't stand it any longer, hang up here.
      Who will be responsible for stepping on the horse.
      A crowd of people make complaints about it, but it does not affect the persistence of the moon wind. Even though it is almost coughing and bleeding, he is still telling the rules of the game.
      I'm so dedicated.
      In short, after coughing for nearly a hundred times, the moonlight wind finally finished.
      In fact, it's the preliminary contest, because there are too many people, so we have to eliminate half of them.
      Although many people are reluctant to bear it, under the trend of the times, the weak have no choice.
      After several Longtao, including pharmacist Dou, abstained from the competition, the preliminary competition began.
      The screen on the wall scrolls and two names appear.
      “Holy Valley clear sky vs red copper armor!”
      Qingkong didn't expect that he was the first to take the place of Sasuke.
      But it doesn't matter.
      Shaking his neck, the clear sky came to the center of the field.
      “Cough, except for the two opponents, other irrelevant people please watch the game on the second floor!”
      Under the direction of the moonlight and the strong wind, everyone, including those Shangren, went up to the second floor and stood on the platform to look down.
      “Well, let's start the first round now.”
      After the moonlight wind finished, he coughed and retreated to the distance.
      In the center of the field, only the clear sky and the man with sunglasses, the red copper armor, were left.
      “Kid, don't give up too soon, huh.”
      With these words, the red copper armor attacked first. As he ran, he threw a sword into the clear sky.
      Ding Ding Ding~
      Qingkong took the chopping knife in his hand and blocked those concealed weapons with two random strokes.
      At this time, the red copper armor also came to the side of the clear sky. He held kuwu and stabbed the left abdomen of the clear sky.
      “You want my kidney, get out of here.”
      Clear sky rolled next white eye, at the same time the left hand holds the knife, instantaneously patted past.
      When the strong wind came, the red copper armor felt like a boat in the wind and waves. Before it could react, it was attacked immediately.
      I'm afraid that's the end of being hit by a train.
      The red copper armor rolled all the way, gliding with thorns, until it hit the wall, which was buried under the ruins and stopped.
      All the people present were gaping.
      This is… This is the end?
      It's too fast!
      Ape flying day cut frown, signal the moonlight wind forward to check the situation.
      It was not easy to pick out the red copper armor from the ruins. The moonlight groped for it a few times and said, “cough, there are more than ten broken bones in his body. He is dead.”
      “What is it?”
      “Lying trough!”
      All the people in the group were shocked and trembled.
      The key is too cruel. It's OK to take this knife and kill one directly!
      It's just a send off.
      The next bear all beat a shiver, and then look at the clear sky's eyes have changed.
      Qingkong also scratched his face, because he didn't expect that the red copper armor would hit him like this.
      I can't carry it. You don't know how to use doubles.
      In my early years, I went to school on the dog's stomach.
      Spicy chicken!
      waste material!
      Of course, this is because the clear sky is too strong, the speed is too fast, and the red copper armor can't react at all.
      It can't be too strange.
      All of a sudden, the clear sky remembered that there seems to be another red copper armor that can absorb other people's chakras. It's useless.
      “In the first round, Shengu won in the clear sky!”
      Wait for the moon and the wind to announce the result.
      Sunny side to go upstairs, while also sent a few mosquitoes.
      You can't waste it. No matter how small it is, it's meat.
      Along the way, those who bear also have to dodge, fear of the clear sky like snakes and scorpions.
      That's the guts.
      Shaking his head, the clear sky didn't care about these. He came to the side of Chutian and ya, stood still and looked downstairs.
      As the body of the bronze armor was moved out, the names on the wall screen rolled up again.
      [sak vs Younv zhinai]
      The second round of the competition began.
      But qingkong didn't go to see it, because the mosquitoes he sent out were sucking the blood of the red copper armor and feeding back the energy.
      Qingkong found that his mosquito has another ability.
      It's time to suck someone else's chakra.
      This is a good thing. When I think of it, I suddenly feel that the red copper armor is not so spicy.
      It's a good silver.
      “Chop the empty wave!”
      The battle between Sark and Younv zhinai was still fierce, with smoke and dust billowing and dust flying.
      But compared with the clear sky before, it is still a small Witch.
      After all, not everyone can kill the opponent with one move.
      After nearly 20 minutes of fighting, Sark and Younv zhinai won, which was similar to the original. In the end, they were unbeaten and zhanshenzhinai won.
      Just on the second floor, passing by the clear sky.
      Zhinai, the invincible God of war, suddenly shivered and stood still.
      Because the insects in his body are afraid and resisting, they all affect the master zhinai and make him feel the same.
      “What's going on?”
      Younv zhinai trembled her legs and gasped for breath. She was also extremely shocked*
      Chapter 44: the fledgling fields of counter attack
      The point is that he hasn't seen anything like this before.
      Even in the face of the cruelty of shayin village, I love Luo, he didn't feel such a terrible fear.
      Clenching his teeth, zhinai takes a firm step forward.
      But it was this step that caused the insects in his body to rebel. All of them came out of zhinai's back and climbed to the ground.
      Younv zhinai's eyes are wide open. She never thought that this kind of thing would happen.
      Because of fear, the insects disobeyed his master and chose to retreat and stay away from this place.
      You Nu Zhi doesn't understand. Is this guy really so terrible?
      Clear sky in Shengu!
      In Ninja school, the more talented chief student than Sasuke.
      But to be honest, because of her personality, you nvzhi didn't communicate much with qingkong.
      In six years, all of them added up, and they didn't say more than ten words.
      Do not understand.
      As a result, Younv zhinai doesn't know what is on qingkong's body that can have such a great influence on her worms.
      However, younvzhi is more confident in her own judgment.
      In addition, he is not an iron head baby, so step back. Zhinai turns around the clear sky and returns to his team in another direction.
      It's just a small episode. No one is aware of anything except zhinai himself.
      The game continued and soon the third round began.
      [Sakura chunye vs Inoue Yamanaka]
      The two chickens pecked at each other, but they didn't look at each other at all.
      In the end, they both ended up defeated.
      Round four.
      [daily vs. hand bow]
      When you meet a rival, you lose miserably every day.
      The fifth round.
      [RI Chutian vs Jian Meicheng]
      This is a competition in a different order from the original because of the clear sky.
      “Hatta, come on, knock him down
      Dog grave teeth clenched his fist, yelled to the Hatfield refueling, do more excited than the parties.
      Daisy nodded and looked carefully at the clear sky.
      Sunny smile, also clenched his fist: “come on, young fields.”
      Daisy was so happy that she summoned up the courage to go downstairs and came to the center of the meeting.
      “Keke ~ again, if you can't hold on, you will immediately admit defeat, and your opponent can't attack again. Do you understand?”
      Dark circles serious, with zombie face like the moonlight gale reminded.
      “I see.”
      Jianmeicheng and Chutian nodded.
      “Then, the game begins!”
      With the command of the moonlight wind, jianmeicheng first launched an attack on Chutian.
      He came to the front with a few steps and punched hatada in the side face.
      Daisy's reaction is also very fast. He raises his hand to block his opponent and is preparing to use his soft fist.
      But the next second, Jian Meicheng's arm suddenly became longer, as if a mollusk had no bones. She was about to wrap her arm around her.
      A little girl, if she was entangled by this guy, it would be very ugly.
      People in the stands all exclaimed, and they could not help worrying about daisy.
      However, there was no clear sky, because through his hand-in-hand training and teaching, Chuda had already been reborn and changed.
      At this time, Hatta a big drink, burst out a strong chakra, not only directly to the sword Meicheng arm spring open, even he also rushed out.
      And that's not over.
      “Soft fist, 64 palms of eight trigrams!”
      The field of eight trigrams is emerging.
      After that, she jumped and came directly to her opponent. She showed her soft fist in the air and hit 64 hands continuously.
      Bang Bang~~
      In a crisp sound, Jian Meicheng is beaten and has no way to resist.
      And stand side, there is a person also stare big eyes see muddle, that is to rather times.
      “No way!impossible!How could she… ”
      RI Ningci can't believe it. All the time, Chutian was so delicate that he could use the eight trigrams skillfully.
      Not only that, her chakra is much stronger than before!
      What's going on here?
      Did aliens invade the earth, or did this stupid girl take drugs?
      RI Ningci couldn't figure out why it was only a few days ago, and the change of Chutian was so big, even far beyond him.
      What the hell!
      Xiao Li and every day the expression of Ning times in the eyes, but this is a matter to the family, they can not say anything, unable to persuade.
      The game went on, but it was over soon.
      Combined with the energy given by the clear sky, Hatta's strength and chakra have been increased by at least five times. Playing a Jian Meicheng who only knows soft Ninja is really like playing.
      Without any chance to resist, jianmeicheng is beaten down.
      “In the fifth round, rihata wins!”
      With the announcement of the result by the moonlight and the wind, several players in the stands cheered.
      Dog grave tooth, well field, is with clear sky and young field relation is better.
      Round six.
      [Kan Jiulang vs. Gou Zhongya]
      “Ha ha, I didn't expect that I would come out so soon. Hata, congratulations when I come back.”
      With these words, he waved to Hatta and qingkong and went downstairs.
      “The game begins!”
      There's no nonsense. The round between kyushuka and Kanjiro begins.
      As soon as an expert makes a move, he will know if he has one.
      People who used to watch the game didn't think that much about it.
      But as soon as kouzuka made a move, his powerful teeth were knocked down, and the walls of the meeting hall didn't collapse.
      Seeing this, the crowd came back to their senses and realized that the eighth class was unusual*
      Chapter 45: I don't like you
      It's nothing to be strong. After all, there are talents in the world.
      But all three are so strong, that's a problem. OK.
      What's more, as a classmate, who doesn't know who.
      Sasuke Naruto and they all know that, let alone too far away, when they were on a mission together some time ago, Hatta and gouzhongya were not so powerful.
      In less than a month, it's completely changed?
      Come on, drugs are not so fast. They're so arrogant.
      “Well, there's something wrong with it!”
      Even the mindless Naruto noticed it, let alone Sasuke.
      He frowned and couldn't help saying, “there must be a problem. I just don't know why they are getting stronger so fast!”
      “Could it have something to do with that guy?”
      Naruto turned his head and pointed to the clear sky leaning against the railing with his chin.
      Sasuke's eyes narrowed and he instantly understood everything.
      This guy has been very abnormal, the strength is high!
      Then, on the other hand, with such a rapid way to improve the strength of the clear sky, it is only natural for him to help dog Zhong Ya and Hatta, it is not a problem.
      After thinking about this, Sasuke's eyes were bright.
      Because he dreams of improving his strength, but he can't find a way. He can only train step by step, just like a snail.
      When can we get revenge if we go on like this?
      Sasuke didn't want to wait for a quarter of an hour.
      And now, with a way to quickly improve his strength in front of him, he can't stand still any more.
      Turning around and walking, Sasuke came directly to the side of the clear sky.
      “Tell me, how do you improve your strength?”
      Are you sick, baby?
      The clear sky rolled his eyes and said, “it's better to see than to hear. Is that how you yuzhibo ask for help?”
      Although Sasuke was spoiled by his brother, he was not a fool.
      Taking a deep breath, he said again, “sorry, please teach me!”
      “I don't want to.”
      “There's no reason. I just don't like you and don't want to teach you.”
      Is horse riding so simple?
      Sasuke almost vomited blood, he said angrily: “I can give you money, as long as you say a number, how much I will give!”
      “Sorry, I'm not short of money.”
      Qingkong waved his hand. He joked that the 80 million or 90 million he got from yuzhibo had not spent a small change.
      Nothing to do with so much money.
      Well… Although, the money should have belonged to Sasuke.
      But qingkong also dares to say that even if he didn't take it at the beginning, the money won't fall into Sasuke's pocket in the end. It can only be cheap Tuan Zang or old man ape Fei.
      After all, without the protection of the big family, Sasuke, who was only seven years old, was a lamb to be slaughtered.
      How can we keep so many properties.
      “You go, don't aim too high, just think of those who don't have, or follow your Kakashi teacher to study hard.”Qingkong waved his hand, like a fly said.
      “…” Sasuke.
      He could not help but ask himself, is he so unpopular?
      But not to mention, in the eyes of the clear sky, Sasuke and Naruto, the two sons of fate, the protagonists of the world, are so useless.
      Naruto will not say.
      Influenced by old man ape Fei, iluka, and Kakashi, the will of fire corrodes too much.
      He only wants to serve the people, get everyone's recognition, so that he will lose himself.
      And Sasuke.
      Just opposite to Naruto, he was affected by hatred and became blind and arrogant, too egotistical.
      In order to complete the revenge, we don't think so much about it.
      This kind of person, you teach him things, the result is difficult to predict.
      Just like the big snake pill, he has at least tried his best to teach Sasuke for several years.
      Although there is no name of master and apprentice, there is reality of master and apprentice.
      But Sasuke, when he grew up, took advantage of the weakness of big snake pill and killed him without hesitation.
      Qingkong doesn't sympathize with big snake pill. It's unnecessary. He's just stating a fact.
      Sasuke, who is filled with hatred, is too uncertain.
      Since we all know that we may lose money, how can qingkong teach him.
      Certainly not at the moment.
      As for the future, it also depends on the rate of return and the price Sasuke can pay.
      Sasuke finally left, lost in heart and soul.
      But the sky is no longer clear, the timing is wrong, and it is empty mouthed, even if the next day, he will not teach ah.
      “In the sixth round, the dog wins!”
      The competition is still going on, the strength of which has been improved by at least two or three times than before, and it didn't take long to defeat a Kan Jiulang.
      Then, the seventh round.
      [Nara Deer pill vs gold]
      With the help of smart brains, Luwan finally won the victory.
      The eighth round.
      Yu Zhibo vs TOS
      This game was very exciting, because Sasuke was not in the state. He was not only affected by the curse, but also hit by the clear sky, and almost lost his fighting spirit.
      Fortunately, at the last moment, he thought of his revenge mission and broke out.
      Plus TOS himself doesn't care about the result of the game, after a little loss, he simply gave up.
      The ninth round.
      [hiningci vs Matsumoto Tengji]
      It's just a guy.
      Even though Ning CI has been distracted, he still defeated his opponent and won without suspense.
      The tenth round.
      [whirlpool Naruto vs autumn road Ding times]
      The attack power is stronger than that of the meat bullet chariot.
      But also can't stop his brain is not good, ah, by Naruto's shadow split deception, wasted all chakra, finally had to admit defeat.
      The eleventh round, and the last game.
      [I love Luo vs Li Locke]
      The gear of fate, finally turned to the origin, let them two love each other to kill*
      Chapter 46: xirihong, who is almost autistic
      Take off the load, and then open eight dunjia Xiao Li, is really amazing everyone's eyes.
      But his opponent is more unreasonable, not only has the old lady's guard sand to do the defense, but also hides a fat little monster inside.
      Let Xiao Li do whatever he can.
      He finally lost in the hands of I love Luo, if not for Maite Kay in time to rescue, Xiao Li his loss is not so simple.
      So far, the qualifiers are all over.
      “Well, the official competition will be held in a month. Let's go back and get ready.”
      Ape flying day cut and a lot of nonsense, and then announced the dissolution.
      Back in Muyeli, the eighth class also went home. Qingkong was going to eat something first, but he didn't want to be found again.
      “That… Clear sky, how about teaching me how to train?”
      Naruto came over with the back of his head in his arms, a little embarrassed and said, “in return, I can treat you to a Lok ramen.”
      “No time.”
      The clear sky refused without hesitation and turned to leave.
      “Hey, don't be so stingy. You promised to teach Sasuke. Why can't you teach me?”
      “Who told you I agreed to teach Sasuke?”
      The clear sky stopped and asked strangely.
      “Isn't it?”
      Naruto, who knows later, is only now reacting.
      After a moment of stupefaction, he asked, “why don't you teach us, for fear that we will surpass you in the future?”
      “No reason, just don't want to teach.”
      Put a hand, clear sky then walked directly.
      make fun of.
      He taught Chutian because his younger sister was kind to him.
      Teach dog grave teeth, because teeth speak righteousness, not brainwashed, have the potential to be a younger brother.
      But teach Naruto and Sasuke, what can clear sky get?
      Nothing but a lot of trouble, OK.
      So he is stupid, will give these two guys improve strength.
      There is no way. After being rejected, Naruto has to hang his head to find Kakashi.
      But it's useless to be pitiful. We should pay attention to rewards when doing things in clear sky. If it's not good, he will never do it, even if he is killed.
      The good man who wants to be will not be him anyway.
      “Nai, please enjoy your flavored puffer bone ramen.”
      “Thank you for your hospitality.”
      After a turn, I didn't find anything delicious. Qingkong came to Yile Ramen restaurant.
      I took the Ramen from my boss's daughter, Acorus calamus. I picked up a chopstick and tasted it. It's still the old ramen. It's really good.
      “Brother qingkong, have you finished the competition?”
      Yile asked with a smile as he put down noodles.
      “No, it's just the preliminary competition that ends. The formal competition will wait another month.”
      “Well, I wish you a victory in the competition. Calamus and I will go to see it then.”
      “Well, if it's sunny, I think I'll win, godfather!”Acorus calamus also made a refueling posture beside, very lovely.
      “Ha ha, thank you for your encouragement.”
      “Then add another order of ramen and eat more.”
      If no matter the darkness of the leaves, only look at the surface of human warmth, it is really warm.
      After eating noodles, come out from inside, clear sky also can't help thinking.
      Perhaps it is feeling these, but also eager to get these warm, Naruto he will be desperate to protect the leaves of it.
      Of course, it has nothing to do with the clear sky, and it will not become Naruto.
      He's just him. It's enough to be himself.
      Around the day, the eighth class gathered again to receive the secret training of xirihong.
      But gradually evening red, but found that his teacher can be really difficult.
      Because the strength of the three in the eighth class has been improved too fast.
      He's a little monster, not to mention the clear sky.
      And the strength of Hatta and Ya has also increased several times, which is comparable to the elite level of Zhongren, which also makes her how to teach.
      You know, xirihong's strength is not so strong.
      In addition to magic skills, her achievements in Ninjutsu and physical skills are very general, and her comprehensive strength is only very tolerant.
      Forbearance among elites is only one step away from tolerance in particular.
      That is to say, if you don't take a 100% serious attitude, xirihong may lose to Hatta and ya, especially when they join hands.
      How can she teach people!
      It's difficult for students to be so abnormal.
      Xirihong is very depressed. The more she teaches, the more depressed she is. She is almost autistic.
      “Well, well, have a rest first!”Clap hands, night red helpless said.
      “Teacher, I'm not tired yet.”Cried the tooth.
      “You're not tired, I'm tired. Get out of here!”
      Not angry scolded a tooth, red and turned his head: “clear sky, you come with me, we two chat.”
      He shrugged to ya and Hatta, and the clear sky followed him.
      Soon, one by one, the two of them came to a stream. No matter whether the stone was dirty or not, xirihong sat down with her clothes.
      “Sit down. I have something to ask you.”
      “What's the matter?”
      The clear sky didn't show any affectation, so he sat down beside xirihong.
      “That… What's the matter with ya and hatada? I mean, how did their strength improve so fast?”
      Xirihong a little embarrassed asked, after all, this already belongs to the secret of the clear sky.
      But as a team leader, she can't just sit by and ignore it. Even if she's embarrassed, she has to ask clearly.
      “This one.”
      Qingkong laughed and said, “yes, I helped them improve their strength, and there were no side effects. You can rest assured about that.”
      “As for the method I used, I'm sorry, Miss Hong. I can't tell you now.”*
      Chapter 47: stones are all cracked
      Xirihong doesn't understand.
      “It's easy, because I'm not sure which side you'll be on in the future.”Clear sky stalls hands road.
      “Er… What does that mean, the future?”
      Xirihong was at a loss and felt even more confused.
      With clear sky's character, he is not willing to suffer losses. To be honest, he is destined to go to the opposite side with Muye's high-rise buildings.
      The ape flies, the sun cuts, the Zhicun group hides, and the elder consultants.
      In the clear sky, these people are old things abandoned by the times. It's time to retire and leave Muye's power center.
      However, these people have no self-knowledge yet. They occupy the commanding heights of power and constantly suppress those new talents.
      With them, Muye will never come out.
      Of course, qingkong is not worried about Muye. He is not interested in the position of Huoying.
      However, as a member of Muye's family background, even if the sky is clear, he will do nothing, as long as he is strong and outstanding.
      The tuanzang people will notice him and make up their minds.
      It's a dead cycle. You can't escape it.
      And qingkong, he is not the kind of passive person, can only wait for others to start first, and then try to fight back.
      Qingkong is a person who likes to take precautions and take the initiative.
      So, no matter what plans they have, as long as they seize the opportunity, sunny sky will kill Tuan Zang without hesitation.
      There is also ape flying day chop, two consultants, all one by one to call.
      In this way, the position of xirihong is very important.
      If she chose to support Huoying, how could qingkong tell her her secret.
      “Hey, don't talk only half way. You should make it clear what is the side of the future?”The night day red is not happy of call a way.
      “I'll ask Miss Hong a question.”
      “You said
      “Are you in love with ASMA now?”
      “What, how can it be!”
      Xirihong stares big eyes and says, “that guy has a sloppy beard and smokes. Will you take a fancy to him?Anyway, I didn't! ”
      Not yet.
      Qingkong didn't know when the two got together in the original work.
      Maybe very early, but that's also in animation.
      At least in this world, they are not together.
      “It's not bad…”
      “No, I'm not in love. What does it have to do with you?”
      Doubtfully looked at the clear sky, xirihong suddenly couldn't help laughing: “you don't like the teacher, tell you, it can't work.”
      Don't stink. OK.
      The clear sky rolled a white eye, way: “you think too much, but if red teacher upside down, I don't mind accepting you this big wife.”
      “Screw you!”
      I didn't expect that I was teased by a student. While xirihong was a little embarrassed, her face turned slightly red.
      Especially when you look at the clear sky, you are young and handsome
      Even xirihong had to admit that the clear sky was much better than naasma.
      Just a little bit younger
      Er, what are you thinking about?
      Xirihong patted her forehead and tried to teach her a lesson: “listen to me, don't make such a joke in the future, or the teacher will be really angry.”
      “It's not that big. What's the point of being shy…”
      “I didn't catch what you said!”
      Xirihong bit her teeth.
      “I mean it's time to go home for dinner, little red sister.”
      Xirihong was angry, but when she looked up again, she found that the clear sky had already run away, and she stamped her feet in situ.
      The stones are all cracked.
      Say Ninja is a ninja, even if xirihong is not a person of physical skills, but in extreme shame and anger, this foot down is quite frightening.
      Soon, a few more days passed.
      Qingkong helps two teammates to improve their strength, but xirihong is also happy to relax. She directly puts down the pick and runs to other places to play.
      But this is not a kind of helplessness.
      After all, as a team leader, he can't teach students.
      It's normal to feel that life has failed and completely decadent.
      She was pulled to the meatball shop and accompanied the red beans who were drinking. After listening to xirihong's nagging, she was completely confused.
      “The clear sky you said is so powerful?”
      “Wrong, it's not fierce, it's abnormal, abnormal, do you understand?”
      Red bean mouth, very speechless turned a white eye.
      “Yes, I understand what you said, but don't drink any more, OK?”
      “I didn't drink much.”
      “Yes, you didn't drink much. Would you please put down the bottle first? Please leave it for a long time.”
      Xirihong finally got drunk.
      The reason is not only for the sake of the students, but also for another reason.
      Before chatting, in fact, xirihong didn't explain everything to qingkong.
      Although she did not fall in love with ASMA, ASMA has been pestering and pursuing her.
      If you put an ordinary person aside, if you refuse, the other person will also refuse.
      But what is ASMA's identity, the youngest son of three generations of Huoying.
      Don't say there is no privilege in the wood leaf, just look at how the fire shadow seats are arranged.
      The second generation is the younger brother of the first generation.
      The third generation is the apprentice of the second generation.
      Four generations are the disciples of three generations.
      Five, six, and then the seventh generation
      Which one has nothing to do with the fire shadow faction?
      This is the situation. Even if they do not admit it, the privileged class still exists.
      As for xirihong, the existence of ASMA really brought her a lot of pressure, which was as heavy as a mountain*
      Chapter 48: unexpected disasters and scandals
      First students, then colleagues don't say.
      ASMA's Lao Tzu, ape flying day chop, is xirihong's top boss. With his intention, how can xirihong, who is now alone, stand up.
      How long can it last?
      In extremely distressed mood, so xirihong was directly drunk.
      “The kid in front, stop for me!”
      A big drink in the street also attracted people to stop and watch.
      Red bean carrying the red sunset, all the way trot in front of the clear sky, accused: “you are the clear sky, look at the good things you have done, what kind of your teacher!”
      What's the matter? The black line on the clear sky.
      Words have been exported, red beans also noticed that something is not right.
      Especially under the strange eyes and fingers of the villagers, she blushed slightly and said, “I mean, as a student, you have to respect the teacher. You can't treat her like this.”
      What's the difference between that and no explanation?
      Although I don't care about the villagers' opinions, I don't want to be misunderstood as a little fool.
      The clear sky frowned and said, “what do you want to say?”
      “Er… I mean, she appreciates you very much. You can't let her down… No, I'm talking about something.”
      Don't mention the red bean himself, the clear sky is also more and more big.
      What's more, when the villagers around heard this, they looked at the clear sky again, and their eyes became more and more wrong.
      It's an unexpected disaster. There's a lot of gossip.
      If something happens, qingkong doesn't mind what these villagers think, but the problem is that he hasn't done anything. OK.
      How can I be framed out of thin air.
      “Well, make it clear, what did I do?”Clear sky embraces arm, have a headache of say.
      Red bean's temper also came up, and said: “do you dare to say that you haven't done anything?It's so funny that red has become like this because of you
      “Don't explain. I tell you, it's the first time that I've been so sad since I was young. If it wasn't for your age, I'd beat you up first, you know, smelly boy!”
      Ma sell batch!
      This yellow mud falls in the crotch. It's not excrement, it's excrement.
      When the sky is clear and cold, I turn around and walk away.
      It's not that he's afraid of Hongdou. The key is that he can't talk to her. There's a lot of bullshit.
      “Hey, stop for me!”
      The clear sky continues to walk.
      “What's wrong?Do you think that if you run away, you won't be responsible? ”
      The body trembled in the clear sky.
      “I tell you, it's impossible. Today is the day when the great God comes, and you can't escape the punishment of justice. You must be responsible for the red affairs!”
      Red bean righteousness of the words say, directly stood on the commanding height.
      The villagers around also nodded. They felt that the child was too dreary in the clear sky. They made the teacher like this.
      But still want to escape, irresponsible.
      “Ah, young people nowadays, it's hard to say.”
      “Who said it wasn't?”
      “Old, old, we can't keep up with the times.”
      “It's amazing. Is it popular among young people nowadays?”
      “Master apprentice love, it's really bold…”
      The villagers talked about it one after another.
      It seems that you are paying attention to the annual drama.
      Fortunately, red bean is not deaf, she quickly waved her hand and explained: “no, everyone misunderstood, I didn't mean that…”
      But please, there's all that bullshit before. Now there's an egg to explain.
      In addition, when drinking before, xirihong didn't speak too clearly.
      Now let's go back.
      Red bean suddenly also a little doubt, is not his wrong hit, guess right.
      After all, if it's just a problem of educating students, it won't be so serious that xirihong will go straight to get drunk.
      So there's only one explanation.
      That is to be trapped in love and fall in love with one's own students. Mm-hmm, it must be true.
      Red bean eyes shine, feel that he finally found the core of the problem, the ultimate secret.
      “Go, go, I'll cover for you!”
      I don't know which nerve is wrong. Red bean gives xirihong to qingkong, and then urges him to do it.
      Sick, right!
      Holding xirihong, which is bigger than myself, the clear sky is really convinced.
      I'm still a child. Do you want to embarrass me like this?
      But it's worse to stay here. It's one thing to disdain to explain, but it's another thing to be treated as a monkey.
      So under the push of red beans, the clear sky simply left first.
      Holding the sunset red, a moment disappeared.
      A few minutes later, the clear sky came to a deserted grove
      Keke, it's not that qingkong wants to do something bad. The problem is that xirihong is drunk. He doesn't know where he lives and where he can send him.
      As for going back to my home, it's even more unclear. OK.
      It's not like I'm totally on the hook.
      Clear sky simply find a place where no one, wait until the evening wine wake up again.
      Put the other party on the grass and look down in the clear sky. Not to mention, the drunken woman's cheeks are scarlet. It's really attractive.
      What's more, it's the imperial elder sister who wants to have a face and a figure.
      I've been framed without any reason. Do you want to take some interest first.
      Yes, of course.
      The clear sky is also to think casually, no matter how beasts, he is not as good as to start against a woman who is drunk and has no ability to resist.
      That's too low. It's not a man.
      ten minutes later.
      Qingkong sits on the other side, holding his chin to think about life.
      When will huiyeji come down to earth.
      And when did the big barrel wood family appear.
      Think a lot, some did not, clear sky feel life is really boring, not fun*
      Chapter 49: poor ASMA
      I do not know how long in the past, the hangover night red murmur, and finally wake up vaguely.
      When she opened her eyes and looked around, she found that she was sleeping on the grass. All of a sudden, she woke up and sat up.
      “Where am I… Clear sky?”??Why are you here? ”
      The clear sky rolled his eyes and said, “why am I here? If you sleep two more days, you will find that you have obtained the certificate after you wake up.”
      What ah?
      The night day red stares big eyes, a face of muddle than.
      “Don't you understand? Go and ask your good friend red bean sauce. With her efforts, you have a husband now.”
      “Ah?Who is it? ”
      “Xiaosheng is not talented. It's just me.”
      Xirihong opens her mouth and has been completely encircled.
      What's the matter? I just had a sleep. It seems that the whole world has changed.
      But who can blame it.
      It's all red beans. That guy has a big mouth. If he can't figure out the whole story, he's blind in public.
      The clear sky can guarantee that when we get up tomorrow morning, he and xirihong will make a lot of noise and spread to every corner of the village.
      Ah, what a sin.
      And the fact also let clear sky guess correctly.
      After a while, xirihong went out in the morning. She found that the villagers didn't look right at her, as if they were laughing.
      There are also some gossips about her love between teachers and students, even children.
      This makes xirihong very embarrassed.
      Under the extreme shame, she did not care to explain, the key can not explain.
      Go straight to your good friend and wash the red bean theory.
      Legend is on this day.
      There are two women because of the argument, one said that the other is not blind, one said that the other dare to do.
      In the end, no one could say anything about it, but they had a big fight.
      They fought from the east to the west of the village. During this period, they did not know how many things were destroyed and how many villagers suffered.
      The boat of friendship turns over and over. Maybe this is a woman.
      However, in addition to the two parties, xirihong and Hongdou, there was another person who couldn't accept the news and went to the pub to get drunk.
      This man is the son of three generations.
      To tell you the truth, if qingkong was an adult man, ASMA would not be so miserable. He would have gone to fight with each other.
      Anyway, he has backstage. Who else can he be afraid of in the wood.
      But it happened.
      Clear sky, he is a child, only 12 years old this year, which makes Asmara disdain, can't directly go to him to fight against the gongs and drums.
      After all, even if the tramp wins, it's not good to hear.
      Bullying children, competing with children.
      What kind of man is that.
      Even if ASMA is shameless, he has to consider his reputation.
      So, in the end, I had to be in my heart and pretend that I didn't know anything. I went to the pub alone to have a drink with him.
      Drunk, drunk heart will not hurt.
      Poor ASMA, you can only cheat yourself in this way.
      “Qing… Kong Jun, are you really in love with Miss Hong?”
      Xiaohata asked in a low voice, his face as red as blood, holding the corner of his coat in his hands.
      “Why, you want to know?”
      Feel very funny, clear sky also played the mind that teases this wench.
      “Hi, it's… It's a good one.”
      Although very embarrassed, but Hatta still plucked up the courage.
      “Er… Well, it's just a misunderstanding. There's no such thing at all.”
      Looking at Daisy's appearance, the clear sky is too lazy to lie to her again, otherwise after knowing that this is true, this girl is afraid to cry out.
      “Is that so?It's wonderful… No, no, I'm not saying that it's not good for qingkongjun and red teacher to be together. It's just that… ”
      First is happy for a while, young farmland again flurried explanation way.
      The clear sky waved his hand and said, “well, I know what Chuda sauce means. I don't need to explain so much.”
      “Ah… Hi.”
      Relieved at the same time, Hatta also laughed again.
      It's not because of anything else. It's just because qingkong understood what she meant.
      In the blink of an eye, a few days have passed.
      When qingkong was soaking in the hot spring, he happened to meet zilaiye and Naruto.
      But he didn't have the interest to talk to each other. He just took care of himself and left.
      “Hum, what are you pulling?”
      Naruto held his arm, turned his head and hummed.
      “Do you know him?”
      Zilai also looked at the clear sky leaving with great interest and asked at the same time.
      “A classmate in the class, of course, knows each other. Unfortunately, he's just too drag. He's worse than Sasuke!”Naruto is not happy.
      “Oh, they also have the ability to drag.”
      “Hey, lecherous fairy, what do you mean by that?”Naruto feels even worse. He points to zilaiye's nose and asks.
      “Am I wrong?”
      Come from also spread out a hand to smile a way.
      Ordinary people may not feel it, but he can detect it. The little guy in the distance is not simple. Chakra in his body is surging like a volcano.
      Even he can't completely hide himself.
      Seriously, it's scary.
      Because it is Naruto who is close in front of us. With the vortex of blood and nine tails, his chakra is not so powerful in his own perception.
      “By the way, what's your classmate's name?”
      “What do you want to do?”Naruto cautions.
      “Just ask. Don't be so defensive?”
      “Well, who knows what you think.”
      After reading, Naruto said, “clear sky, his name is Shengu clear sky!”
      “Oh, is it clear?”
      Zilai also smiles.
      The appearance of a new young genius makes him feel that the firewood of Muye has been handed down again.
      Of course, the actual situation must be far away from the idea of Zilai, because qingkong is not the kind of person who is appointed by others and poisoned by the will of fire.
      It's pure bullshit to want him to return to his heart*
      Chapter 50: jiugouyu's little toad
      “What's the accident, kid?”
      “I didn't meet you in the forest before, which is to let you escape, but after tonight, Muye will never have you again.”
      I don't know who gave the courage to the TOS team. The three of them broke into the house in the clear sky and wanted to kill him.
      “Ha, big snake balls don't dare to talk to me like this. Are you three here to be funny?”
      Sitting on the sofa in the living room, the clear sky yawned and said.
      “Stop bragging, big snake pill…”
      To stop his companion from being cheated, TOS stepped forward and said, “it's just personal grudge. There's no need to talk so much nonsense. Just do it.”
      Sark and King moved at the same time and came to the clear sky.
      The clear sky shakes its head slightly. I feel that it's really self inflicted and can't live.
      With a wave of his hand, mosquitoes flying all over the sky, instantly filled every inch of the room, wrapped up the three of TOS.
      But qingkong didn't kill them.
      They are not soft hearted, but need to be used as experimental materials.
      The only female Ninja among the three, the one named Jin, was bound by mosquitoes and flew to the clear sky.
      “Come on, your real purpose.”
      “You… You…”
      Jindu was stunned and incoherent.
      “Think clearly and then answer. If you can't say it well, then don't speak any more, eh… Just like the two of them.”
      With these words, the clear sky waved again.
      After two stabs, TOS and Sark pulled out half of their tongues. The scene was bloody.
      But it happened that under the mosquito's ban, both of them couldn't cry out. They could only roll all over the floor in pain. Life was not like death.
      “Cluck ~”
      Jin was frightened by this scene, and her teeth were fighting. Especially when she looked at it from the clear sky, she just felt that all the dead were coming, and she almost didn't get scared to death.
      “Say it
      “My Lord, it's all the idea of TOS. He said that as long as he can kill you, he can fight Sasuke in the formal competition, complete the task of big snake pill, and make up for his previous mistakes.”
      It's very dull. Kim has made everything clear.
      i see.
      I'm afraid of death, so I'm looking for death.
      Qingkong nodded, but he didn't interrogate any more. He directly knocked out Jin, and then let the mosquito separate himself to take the three people to the base of the death forest.
      All night long.
      The next day, it's a new day.
      The distance from the official competition is getting closer and closer, the members of each team are seizing the time to practice.
      Naruto follows him, Sasuke follows Kakashi.
      Pig, deer and butterfly follow ASMA, and Ningci follows maitekai every day.
      Whether they are promoted or have been eliminated, they are working hard at present.
      Yahe and Chuda are not idle. Although they have enough strength, they are not experienced enough and are receiving special instruction from xirihong.
      Only a clear sky, red night feeling really can not teach, let him come and go freely, self-reliance.
      It doesn't matter.
      The clear sky still thinks it's the best way. No one cares, and it's quiet.
      “Wow, it's going to be a success this time!”
      Next to a waterfall.
      When qingkong came for a walk, he happened to meet Naruto. When all the smoke was gone, he took a look at what Naruto called out and couldn't help laughing.
      “Oh, you're a great summoner. It's the first time I've seen jiugouyu's little toad.”
      Naruto's face turned black in an instant, and he almost didn't close himself directly.
      “What… What? I'm just practicing and I'm not familiar with it. You can give me more time. When I'm familiar with it, I'm sure I can scare you…”
      “It's up to you whether you jump or not.”
      The clear sky waved her hand and walked away, saying, “the problem is that there are only six days left before the game. Haven't you seen the calendar?Naruto. ”
      Naruto has a black question mark on his face. This time, he is really autistic.
      “Little guy, are you interested in learning Ninjutsu from me?”
      Zilai also suddenly jumped out, blocking the way of the clear sky, like a strange corn abducting xiaopenyou, hehe said with a smile.
      “Lecherous fairy?”
      Naruto raised his head. He couldn't believe it.
      At the beginning, it was so difficult for him to study and become a teacher that he refused to accept himself. Now, he takes the initiative to teach qingkong.
      It's a big gap in life!
      Good heart, good desolation, Naruto really want to die heart have.
      “It's toad fairy, toad fairy!”
      First, I took a bite from Naruto.
      Since then, he coughed again and turned into a good-looking man. He said with a smile to the clear sky, “what a little guy, I'm the toad fairy of miaomushan. I know a lot of Ninjutsu.”
      “Not interested.”
      The clear sky refuses without hesitation, raises the leg then plans to leave.
      make fun of.
      Let's not say whether this man is reliable or not. Just because he is the apprentice of the old man, qingkong will not agree to this.
      Really, the clear sky can't see ape flying and sun cutting at all.
      It seems decent on the surface, but actually it's black to the core.
      A thousand hands.
      The three most powerful families in the Warring States period.
      But they all disappeared in the world of tolerance during the period when the ape was flying and the sun was cutting.
      Isn't that enough to prove his insidious and incompetent?
      Three apprentices, yellow gambling and poison, can't keep any of them.
      Tu sun Yong and his younger sister, as well as Kakashi's father, Qi Mu Su Mao, are also dead.
      He was trampled on his head by the people of yunyin village and forced to die. He didn't dare to fart.
      Not to mention working hard and developing the village well, I know how to peep at women's bathhouses all day long, or go to school to deceive children and publicize brainwashing things.
      That's it.
      Unexpectedly, he has the face to call himself the strongest Huoying in all ages, and huoyingyan is the highest in the upper row.
      Qingkong wanted to ask, who gave him this courage, and the thick skin that cannons can't blow.
      It's more disgusting than Tuan Zang.
      If you become his grandson, you will commit suicide by crashing into a wall. The key is that you can't afford to lose that man*
      Chapter 51: the ruins of the whirlpool tribe
      “Little guy, think about it again…” I still want to stay.
      “No, goodbye.”
      Waving his hand, the clear sky walked away, and he was not interested in what he said.
      To be honest, ape feiri may be a qualified politician, but he is not a qualified leader.
      Because over the years, Muye is still using the system left by the second generation Huoying, which has hardly changed.
      Ninja school.
      The secret agency.
      The police force.
      Wait a minute, even the medical class is the idea put forward by qianshouyijian. To some extent, his contribution to Muye is better than his brother, qianshouzhujian.
      And what did ape Flying Sun chop do?
      Sitting on the mountains and rivers laid down by the predecessors, he vigorously cooperated with Tuan Zang and took out his own family.
      If he really has the ability to develop Muye better and stronger, it would be a political strategy to destroy Qianshou and yuzhibo.
      But unfortunately, he can't.
      In addition to the partnership to entrap their own people and brainwash, other aspects are useless.
      When I got home, qingkong sat on the sofa and then didn't move.
      Because it's just a part of him, the noumenon has long been outside the wood leaf.
      A month after the competition, others are trying to practice. Although the clear sky is very strong, he will not waste his life.
      This time out of the leaves, the clear sky came to the site of the whirlpool clan.
      He wanted to find out if there were any good things left behind, such as the mask of death in the original work.
      Click and rub~
      Stepping on the dilapidated ruins, the clear sky picked up a large number of mosquitoes, and then sent them to search in various places, digging three feet to find.
      Every inch of it.
      Needless to say, after searching for a few hours, the whole village of the whirlpool clan was searched by the clear sky, which really made him find some good things.
      From a secret room, the clear sky found dozens of scrolls, as well as some weapons, detonators and so on.
      The reason why this place has not been discovered for many years is that it is safe enough.
      It's an organ and a secret agent.
      If not for the help of millions of mosquito troops in the clear sky and careful inspection of every place, he would not be able to find this secret room.
      Fortunately, the big pay, the harvest is not small.
      Put everything away, put it in a cloth bag, and then grow into a mosquito.
      Instead of looking at the scrolls in a hurry, qingkong went out of the secret room and first came to a temple at the west end of the village.
      Half collapsed building with vortex sign on it.
      It's a pity that it's too dilapidated. It's not as brilliant as it used to be.
      The clear sky shakes his head. He steps up the creaking wooden stairs and walks to the temple.
      In the dim space, there is a wall in the middle, on which there are dozens of death masks with different styles and expressions.
      Finally found it.
      With a smile from the clear sky, he reached out to scatter a few mosquitoes and felt them among the numerous masks.
      The first is not.
      the second……
      Until the third from the bottom of the first row, the clear sky can feel a cold breath, which should be right.
      Take off the mask and put it away.
      Just in case, qingkong confirmed the other masks again. After finding that they were all ordinary goods, he turned and walked out of the temple.
      On the way back to Muye.
      Qingkong sits on a mosquito dozens of meters in size, watching the scroll from the old site of the vortex.
      A total of dozens of scrolls, including records of seal Ninjutsu, records of whirlpool clan history, and some things about death.
      It's not too late to learn the art of seal.
      Qingkong finished reading the scroll about death first.
      After that, he realized that the death mask in the temple was just a tool and a medium to summon the God of death.
      Of course, even if it's a medium, it has to use a special technique. Only after special channeling can it work. Ordinary death masks don't work.
      What a strange ninja.
      Close the scroll, the clear sky can't help thinking, what is the origin of this whirlpool clan, how can it make the seal of death.
      And what is death?
      Gods are not gods, ghosts are not ghosts.
      Completely different from the normal ninja, it's too confusing.
      In other words, it is just like the monsters and demons of the ghost Kingdom and the evil things created by the blissful box of the ghost lamp city.
      Is it a special life created by some kind of ninja?
      Although the scroll of the whirlpool clan records how to summon the God of death, it does not record the origin of the God of death, so the clear sky can only guess.
      Of course, you can't guess anything by guessing.
      Qingkong plans to take another time to go to the ghost Kingdom and the ghost lamp city to see what's the secret of the monsters and the blissful box.
      Is there any connection with death.
      When you get back to woodleaf, put it in the base of the dead forest.
      With a few scrolls recording the seal technique, qingkong went back to his residence in the village.
      A few days passed by.
      Today is the day of the official race. In the morning, many teams entered Muye.
      But different from the other competitors, the clear sky is still as usual, wash up, and eat breakfast.
      Until the game is about to start, he just pinched the point and slowly swayed to the venue.
      “Clear sky, over here.”
      In the stands, kyotsuka beckons to the clear sky and shouts, Daisy is also there.
      Qingkong raised his hand to say hello, and then walked up.
      “Boss, you are not nervous at all.”
      “What's the point of being nervous?”
      Looking at the crowd in the audience, and the distant Ningci Tiantian, I love Luo Shouju and others. The clear sky is really not nervous at all.
      “Well, when I didn't say it.”
      There is nothing to say.
      After all, he also knows the strength of the clear sky, compared with the general forbearance, it really exceeds too much.
      It's not difficult to take part in this kind of competition again*
      Chapter 52: Maha Wuliang of the Japanese family
      “The competition is about to start. All participants, please gather in the field.”
      Lung cancer ghost moonlight wind gone, by don't know fire xuanjian as the referee of this competition, he stood in the middle of the venue, shouting.
      Soon, everyone arrived.
      Whirlpool Naruto, yuzhibo Sasuke, Nara Luwan, rixiangningci, younvzhinai.
      Hand Ju, I love you.
      In addition, all the staff of the eighth class, Hatfield, tooth, clear sky.
      So far, this Zhongren game has become a one-man show of Muye, not to mention the powerful team of the eighth class, which is promoted by all the members.
      Not to mention the hand bow, even I love Luo now feel a lot of pressure.
      But fortunately, they have a special task in the body, do not care about the results of the game, so can continue to persist.
      “Everyone, the game will start soon. Are you all ready?”
      The crowd nodded.
      After getting the correct answer, I don't know what the fire xuanjian said: “well, except for the first group of people to stay, the rest of them all go back to the lounge.”
      The first group is richutian and rixiangningci.
      In the preliminary contest, the two men avoided fighting each other, but in the end they failed to escape.
      “Come on, young field!”
      The dog grave tooth yelled a, cheer for the young field.
      The clear sky also waved hands with the young farmland, said cheering with a smile.
      But for this competition, the clear sky has nothing to worry about.
      Because Chuda has changed a lot.
      Her current strength, at least five or six times higher than before, if this still can't play Ningci, then she is really hopeless.
      “The game begins!”
      With the order of the unknown fire Xuan, the young field and Ning times also moved.
      Soft fist to soft fist, but surprisingly, it was the gifted youth, Ning Ci, who was beaten out.
      The audience is better because they don't know the brother and sister at all.
      But Muye's Shangren teacher, as well as each Xiaoqiang, they can't understand.
      Of course, the most unacceptable thing in my heart is Ning CI.
      Although, in the preliminary contest, he had seen the change of hatada.
      But when he did, he found that he had seriously underestimated the growth of Hatoyama.
      This is not a change, it is clear that a person!
      The punch was heavy and powerful, even with unprecedented courage, which
      Ning CI stood firm, and those who were hit were a little collapsed.
      The key is that he can't accept it. Hatta, who has always been a coward, has grown to this point.
      This is not to say that his previous insistence is wrong!
      “No way!”
      “Waste is waste, and it can't be changed in the whole life. Ha ha, I've seen through your reality and emptiness, miss. It's nothing but strength outside and strength inside!”
      “If you don't want to lose too much, quit as soon as possible!”
      Rather time puts out the soft fist to start the hand type, the face also meridians is violent rise, take the tone of ridicule to say.
      Hatta shook his head slightly, made the same action as Ningci, and said: “no, brother Ningci, I don't want to disappoint her… Companion, so I won't quit.”
      “Is that so?”
      Ningci looks the same, but he seems to have understood where hatada's courage comes from.
      “In that case, let's see the real chapter under our hands. Drink it!”
      A cold drink, rather several steps rushed to the field in front of the young, used the eight trigrams 64 palm, move fierce, and fast incomparable.
      But Daisy is not slow, she also to baguazhang as a response, even the attack of Ningci all blocked down, a punch is not bad.
      Gradually, Ning Ci was more and more frightened, and his forehead was sweating.
      “Impossible, impossible…”
      I can't believe it all in my heart. Ning Ci's boxing is slow and there are loopholes.
      Hatta seized the opportunity and punched his Hun.
      “Back to the sky!”
      Xiongkou was hit by the attack, and the intense pain also made Ningci's nerve tense instantly. He just realized that it was not long before he used the conditioned reflex.
      We don't have a good defense strategy yet.
      Although, as soon as he used it, he regretted it. Because the distance was too close, he was afraid that this move would kill Chutian.
      No matter how much I hate the emperor's family, Ningci has never thought of attacking hatada.
      But the key point of turning back to the sky is to move forward, rotate the body with super high speed, and release chakra to form a storm at the same time, so as to defend against all attacks.
      Once this move is used, it is impossible to stop halfway.
      Let alone Ningci, even if ririzu comes.
      And rixiangrizu himself, he was in the audience, and at the same time, he stood up immediately.
      In this moment, a big and a small two men are worried about the safety of the field.
      However, something unexpected happened to them.
      At the critical moment, Hatoyama also gave a light drink, and his body shape also rotated.
      “Back to heaven!”
      The same moves collide with each other at this moment. Under the entanglement of the two chakras, the destructive force produced also lifts a large area of turf.
      The earth splashed and the noise continued.
      After that, because of coincidence, the two storms gradually merged and became a more powerful storm.
      “NIMA, is Maha limitless?”
      On the rest table, I could not help but make complaints about this scene.
      But the huge storm has not stopped, where it passed, it also lifted the whole ground of the competition venue and destroyed it in a mess.
      And the audience in the stands, they are almost blown away by this hurricane*
      Chapter 53: the greatness is hard to write
      “Do you want to stop them, my lord?”
      Ninja in the dark came to the ape Flying Sun chop and asked in a low voice.
      But ape feirizha didn't answer immediately. He first took a look at the shadow of the four generations nearby and saw that the other side didn't respond much. Then he said, “no, the two little guys don't have much chakra. When they're exhausted, they will stop.”
      Ninja in the dark retreated.
      However, Muye Fang didn't do anything, but the huge storm in the venue moved towards the clear sky.
      What a disaster.
      A group of Xiaoqiang all scattered and fled, even I love Luo is no exception.
      “Clear sky, we can't stop this attack. Let's go.”Dog Zhong tooth is still loyal, clear sky does not move, he did not leave first.
      Qingkong laughs. It's not pretending. This kind of storm is not enough for him to escape.
      With one hand, dark clouds appear all over the sky.
      Millions of mosquitoes swarmed forward, directly blocking the return storm.
      Of course, the clear sky doesn't have the habit of wiping the fart drum to Muye, although for him, it's very easy to solve the storm, just let the mosquitoes suck up the chakra.
      But the clear sky didn't do that. He just pushed the storm to the highest stand.
      The highest stand, of course, is the place where the fake four generations of wind and shadow are located.
      Neither of them expected that sunny sky would do this.
      If you don't pay attention, you'll be caught in the moment.
      The two men's clothes were rustling by the wind, and even their hats were blown askew.
      Fortunately, at this time, the storm's chakra also ran out, slowly dissipated, and did not cause more damage.
      But for ape Flying Sun chop and big snake pill, this is even more uncomfortable.
      Because the storm has stopped, there is no reason for the two of them even if they want to fight.
      Always can't be blown by the wind crooked hat, we have to punish Ningci and Chuda these two little guys.
      That's too stingy, too heartless.
      It's really disgusting for the two big men to say nothing after they have suffered a dark loss.
      “Hehe, Muye is really full of talents, Lord Huoying.”Big snake pill is not happy in the heart, then make a speech to sneer a way.
      “It's ok… Thank you for your praise.”
      Ape flying day chop what can say, can only accompany a smiling face.
      At this time, the results of the game came out.
      Because of the coincidence, there was a huge return storm. During this period, chakra in Ningci was drained and lay on the ground.
      But the young farmland this side can also insist, for nothing else, just her chakra and physical strength are much higher than Ning CI.
      So it's no surprise that Hatta won the competition.
      “Hatta wins!”
      “For the second match, Yu Zhibo, Sasuke and you nvzhinai, please gather in the center of the venue!”
      Hatta and Ningci exit.
      After a while, Sasuke and zhinai also came to the stage.
      With the beginning of the fire, the two of them began to fight.
      However, this game is not as strong as the last one.
      Younv zhinai's insect and yuzhibo's Ninjutsu have common moves, which are not so destructive.
      During the battle, they mainly use their brains to analyze the weaknesses of their opponents, and then make sneak attacks.
      Playing for 20 minutes, but also let the sky look extremely boring, all yawn.
      “Qing… Kongjun, I'm sorry, you have helped me improve so much strength, I almost lost, I'm really sorry…”
      “All right, Hatoyama.”
      Turning around, he rubbed the hair of hatada. Qingkong said with a smile, “don't say I'm sorry, because you've done a good job. After all, Ningci is still very strong, isn't it?”
      Hatta raised his head, but still not confident.
      “Really, don't you?”
      In order to cajole the little girl, qingkong had to move rescue soldiers.
      “Ah, Ningci is very powerful. I can testify to that.”Dog grave tooth is also worthy of a good wingman, nodded, very solemnly said.
      “Well, thank you, qingkongjun, and teeth.”
      Hatta finally put down his heart and showed a little smile.
      It's not because she defeated Ning Ci, it's just because of the love of her two companions, which makes Daisy feel that everything is worth doing.
      “In the second round, Yu Zhibo won the match!”Don't know fire Xuan to shout a way.
      Although, you NV Zhi is also very powerful, a body of secret insects is more people can't prevent.
      No matter how late, is not reduced to play soy sauce.
      At least in the early stage, that is, in the two years after graduation, the title of the invincible God of war of Younv zhinai is not in vain.
      However, it also depends on who to compare with.
      There are too many plug-ins for the two pillars. There are writing wheel eyes and Kakashi to open a small stove for him.
      Even if he doesn't use the power of the mantra seal, his writing wheel eyes can see the insects of zhinai and lock his real body.
      With the speed of qianniao, zhinai can't react and win the game.
      Of course, Sasuke just won by a narrow margin. His current strength is not enough to easily defeat zhinai. Even if he wins the game, he is also tired and panting.
      “The third game, Shengu qingkong, hand Ju, please come down to the field!”
      Qingkong did not expect that the order of the game would become so outrageous, let him PK with the only two girls.
      But fight it, even if the opponent is a woman, it's no different for the clear sky.
      After all, he killed the white man with one knife. His heart was like steel.
      It's not a woman, is it?
      I'm kidding. For some LSPs, it's just a woman's big guy like Bai who can be attacked and accepted. He can be called a two-sided doll.
      Good face, good figure.
      Night and day, you don't have to worry about being a father again. This is the best match.
      Of course, the clear sky is straight man, not good at this, so he just chopped Bai to death, so as not to leave that guy to harm the common people and make thousands of families turn against each other.
      Well, clear sky, it's for the sake of the people all over the world. The greatness is that thousands of books are hard to write.
      Even if the people of Huoying world set up a monument for him, it should be*
      Chapter 54: Hello, this is touch porcelain
      “Don't… don't think you're good-looking, I'll give up straight away, no way!”
      Qingkong was stunned by this, especially when she saw Shouju's blushing face and evasive eyes, it seemed that she was doing the last stubborn.
      He didn't know what to say.
      Fortunately, some people don't know that huoxuanjian can't eat this dog food any more, so they respond for qingkong.
      “At the start of the game, there is no foul for the dead or injured!”
      A big drink, don't know the fire Xuan to retreat to the distance.
      Nima, how much do you hate yourself?
      Strange look at the referee, the clear sky turned the corner of his mouth, is also unable to speak.
      “Do it, I'll come if you don't come!”Hand Ju said with silver teeth.
      “Come on, come on…”
      Qingkong didn't want to waste time. He waved and indicated that Shouju could attack first.
      “Feng Dun, sickle weasel!”
      Hand Ju is not polite, open iron fan one, used a C level ninja, carry on the exploratory attack.
      The strong wind blew up the land.
      Scraps of grass fly and branches break.
      But qingkong still stood in the same place, motionless, not affected by this low-level ninja.
      “Feng Dun, scythe weasel!”
      Clenching his teeth and refusing to admit defeat, he opened the two-star iron fan and once again used a more powerful level B ninja.
      This time, the hurricane hit, and even the stones were blown up and smashed.
      “Tu Dun, Tu liubi!”
      Sunny also did not blindly support, like a fool standing in the same place, let the hurricane approaching.
      Even though a hurricane of this magnitude may not break his mosquito armor.
      But that's another matter. It's hard to look at a face covered with dirt. OK.
      As soon as you press your hands, a hard earth wall will rush up on the ground to block the strong wind for the clear sky and act as a good shield.
      Although the earth flow wall is only a level C ninja, when it is used in the clear sky, its defense ability is enough to block the level a offensive ninja.
      It's not a B-level wind escape like hand bow that can be defeated at all.
      When the gale dissipated, everything calmed down, and the wall in front of the clear sky was still standing, not even missing a few corners.
      “Ha ha, congratulations on the appearance of a young genius in Muye. At a young age, he even practiced tudun Ninjutsu to this extent. It's really not easy.”
      Big snake pill pretends to say.
      “No, your highness Fengying is so flattering.”Ape flying day chop smile response.
      “Flattering?Is Lord Huoying really too old to see it? ”
      A powerful, but the big snake pill did not let the ape flying day cut meaning.
      He continued to sneer: “talent is rare, genius is even more rare. If Muye is not interested in this young man, in my opinion, it's better to let him live in shayin village. I can promise Huoying that he will be given the best treatment and arrange the best tutor.”
      “Ha ha, that's not necessary.”
      Ape feiri frowned, but soon relaxed, maintained a smiling face and said: “qingkong is really talented and has a good mind. He is a rare genius. Muye will also allocate resources to cultivate him.”
      Big snake pill disdains a smile, most hate ape flying day chop this kind of style.
      The scene is better than anyone's words, but in fact, they don't do that. Otherwise, how could Muye lose so many high-level combat power and talents over the years.
      Although most of them are the pots of Tuan Zang, as the head of a village, ape flying day chop has an unshirkable responsibility.
      It was he who was patient step by step and compromised step by step that finally led to today's situation.
      What's the strongest fire shadow in history? It's just self deception.
      “Ha ha, since Huoying has said that, I will not be loved.”
      At will to deal with a big snake pill will no longer and ape flying day cut empty and Weishe, and then talk about the interest.
      Under the stage.
      The game goes on.
      But no matter how hand Ju attacks, even the last big move is used, and she has nothing to do with the clear sky.
      “Huhu ~ ~”
      Chakra's consumption is serious, and his hand Ju is panting.
      The key is that her series of Feng Dun are out, did not hurt the opponent a hair, not to say, but tired himself enough.
      This is the most difficult thing for her to accept.
      “You… You…”
      I'm not angry, but I want to say something cruel. When I see the handsome face in the clear sky, I don't know what to say.
      The typical “Three Outlooks” follow the five senses, and they can't breathe.
      “What do I want?”
      Clear sky an instant body, appeared behind the hand Ju.
      But he didn't wait for his hand to hit the other side. Maybe he was frightened. He didn't step on his hand firmly and fell back directly, leaning against the arms of the clear sky.
      “Hello, are you touching porcelain?”
      The clear sky opened its hands to signal that it had done nothing.
      And hand bow here, she also blushed, embarrassed to death.
      But the more nervous she was, the more trouble she had. She didn't stand up after several struggles. She blushed like blood and closed her eyes. She broke the crutch and couldn't stand up in the clear sky.
      “…” clear sky.
      It's not like hugging. It's not like not hugging. What's the situation?
      Do you belong to noodles? You are so soft!
      “Xu ~ ~”
      “Eh ~ ~”
      “Cut ~ ~”
      It's not a fight. It's a fight.
      Forced to eat dog food, the spectators in the stands were reluctant to make hiss.
      And I don't know huoxuanjian. Now I'm in a dilemma. I don't know how to judge whether I win or lose.
      After all, no one knows if this is a beauty trick used by other people.
      Of course, it's even worse to wait.
      “Cough, two players, please pay attention to the occasion.”I don't know the fire Xuan clear throat, loudly remind a.
      Pay attention to your brother-in-law.
      The clear sky rolled a white eye, the right hand embraces the hand to Ju, the left hand takes out a bitterness not to come from the bear to pack, put in front of her neck*
      Chapter 55: Kan Jiulang with broken heart
      “In the third round, Shengu won in the clear sky!”
      Good. It's finally over.
      With the loud cry from the fire room, the audience also took a breath and felt that the dog's life had come back.
      The game is the game. Don't abuse the dog.
      This day, how to spend so much to live, do not know now are advocating environmental protection, to cherish small animals.
      Not to mention the complaints of the audience.
      Sunny side is not finished, the key is not up in his arms, how can he leave.
      “Well, you don't want to depend on me for the rest of your life, do you?”
      Shouju is a shame. It's almost shameless.
      But in the heart nervous, the body is tired, moreover chakra expends is too serious, she now really cannot stand up.
      It's true. It's hard.
      So hand Ju can only be an ostrich, and will not reply even with eyes closed.
      “All right.”
      Look at this, the clear sky Bata mouth also don't want to say anything.
      As soon as he copied his hand, he directly lifted it up, just like carrying a sack, and walked towards the door of the meeting.
      By the shoulder of clear sky, hand Ju can't help but give out a hum.
      At the same time, I was totally confused.
      Say, treat a girl, shouldn't it be gentle to hold?
      How much does it mean to carry it?
      But no matter how much the clear sky is, it's good to carry it out for ya. Well, at the beginning, after all, he planned to carry it out.
      If she were not a girl, it would not be easy for her to come out and fight for the village.
      Change a man to come over, clear sky early still in the same place, or kick fly.
      “Hand Ju, are you ok?”
      Kan Jiulang ran over and took a strange look at the clear sky while holding up his hand.
      There are three points of examination and seven points of thinking.
      Nima, look again and cut out your eyes!
      The clear sky curls the corner of the mouth, turns around to walk.
      “Hey, you just left. Don't you want to be responsible?”
      Step on the clear sky.
      And hand Ju here, she was also surprised by Kan Jiulang's nonsense, with a small mouth gaping.
      “Kan Jiulang, what are you talking about?”
      “Why is that bullshit? He hugged and hugged. Although it was an accident in the competition, he can't pretend that nothing happened, can he?”Explore Jiulang's well founded way.
      “We are ninjas…”
      “Ninja don't want face?He won't give you an explanation. After you go back to the village, you won't be killed by those guys. ”
      There is nothing to say.
      Ninja's world, in fact, is very conservative.
      Especially for the family members who have names and surnames, what they don't like most is being pointed out by those who eat melons and talking behind their backs.
      And hand Ju's birth, also doomed this matter may be big or small.
      At a younger age, if everyone doesn't care, then everything will be OK.
      But at the end of the day, as the children of Fengying, it's impossible to be hugged by a strange man, as if nothing had happened.
      Those ordinary villagers, they also like to eat such a big melon.
      What cover up?
      Tens of thousands of spectators saw it at the Zhongren trial, which can cover up a fart.
      However, Shouju is not unreasonable. She knows that the reason for the current situation is her own. She can't blame others for qingkong.
      So after thinking about it, she said: “kan Jiulang, this is my problem. Don't get involved in it blindly!”
      “What's wrong? I'm thinking about you.”
      He was embarrassed to say that. Kan Jiulang went directly to the clear sky and said, “Hey, as a man, shouldn't you come forward and say something at this time?”
      Peat is a ball.
      Cuddle, you have to be responsible for yourself, but OK?
      The clear sky rolled his eyes and said, “what do you want me to say, marry your sister?”
      “That's the future. I can't guarantee it, but now you should at least show your attitude.”
      “What's it like?”
      “Like my sister, as long as you become lovers, then the misunderstanding is nothing.”
      What brain circuit is this?
      Qingkong was stunned by Kan Jiulang's magical idea.
      And hand Ju this side, she is also hoodwinked, no, of course, also very shy.
      Only Kan Jiulang knew what he was doing.
      Yes, he's just looking for… Or a boyfriend for Shouju.
      As his sister, Kan Jiulang is not a fool. Of course, he knows what kind of person she likes.
      Handsome, cool, powerful.
      Just right, the clear sky is in line with these characteristics.
      Since I came to Muye and saw the clear sky for the first time, the reaction of Shouju at that time was red. Kan Jiulang found it.
      In the following days, when chatting, Shouju often talked about how strong the clear sky was. It was the same as playing.
      Slowly, Kan Jiulang knew that something was wrong.
      My sister is clearly in love with others.
      Fortunately, the clear sky is not bad, and the strength is really strong, which Kan Jiulang has to admit.
      Therefore, apart from being a Muye man, Kan Jiulang, a younger brother, is not dissatisfied.
      Besides, what happened to Muye man.
      It's not like there's no way out.
      As long as you turn the clear sky to shayin village, it's not only to find a good home for your sister, but also to dig up the corner of the wood leaf and dig away their genius.
      It's a steady business.
      The more he thought about it, the more reliable he felt. He had to stand up for it.
      Of course, the meal should be eaten one by one, and things should be done step by step.
      I can't be in a hurry. I can't even come up. I want to take him to shayin village or something.
      That's the end of it. All right.
      Smart Kan Jiulang, he chose the way of detour, let qingkong and Shouju determine the love relationship first, and then talk about going to shayin village.
      He didn't believe it. With his sister's charm, he couldn't even tie a little boy's heart*
      Chapter 56: what are you talking about【For tickets, for flowers]
      “Well, if you think about it clearly, it's not hard to say that, is it?”
      Kan Jiulang inquired. Even if he was pulled by his hand behind him, it was pushed away by him.
      Elder sister, I'm doing it for you and the benefit of shayin village.
      Feeling the sacred mission, Kan Jiulang was full of confidence and had a clear conscience.
      “I'm only twelve…”
      “It's OK. My sister is not big either. She's only fifteen.”
      Clear sky that call a speechless ah, really don't understand, exploration nine Lang this is what psychology, how with very anxious to send his elder sister out the same.
      Shouju mushroom cool, are you so unpopular in this family?
      “Fight? It's hard to avoid bumps…”
      “Don't talk about that. If it's a man, please hurry up. I want you to fall in love, but I don't want your life. How can it be so difficult?”
      what the fuck!
      The clear sky was stunned by Kan Jiulang's heroic words.
      What's the matter with you? How can you make the words of “sell your sister” so high sounding and righteous?
      Don't talk about the clear sky, I can't even listen to it. I scolded Kan Jiulang that you are going to die, and then I ran away with my face covered.
      Kan Jiulang also felt that he had gone too far.
      However, after Shouju ran away, he grabbed qingkong's shoulder and said, “qingkong, don't say that my brother-in-law doesn't face you. Shouju is thin skinned and can't say anything. But don't worry, she must have you in her heart. I dare to swear my life on this point!”
      Hello, are we so familiar?
      What's so special, brother-in-law? What are you talking about?
      The clear air forced the Tucao's impulse and turned a blind eye. “Then make complaints about your sister's work,” she said. “If she agrees, there's no problem with me.”
      The little sister who sent her to the door was a fool. Anyway, she didn't suffer any loss.
      “OK, it's all up to me, absolutely no problem!”
      On hearing the clear sky, Kan Jiulang quickly patted Hun's breast and assured him.
      This brother, who is no longer.
      After three seconds of silence for the hand bow, the clear sky returned to the foyer for the match.
      Fortunately, all the guys here are watching the game, and no one thinks that qingkong and Shouju are the same as Kan Jiulang.
      It made him quiet.
      “Where's the game?”
      “In the fourth inning, it's tooth and Naruto.”Hatta whispered.
      The clear sky nodded and looked into the field.
      Another fatalistic duel.
      Not in the qualifiers. It's all in this pair.
      However, the strength of Ya was stronger than Naruto, and now with the help of the clear sky, the combat power has been increased by at least three or four times, so Naruto is not his opponent.
      In the first five minutes of the game, Naruto was hit by his teeth several times, but he couldn't find a chance to fight back.
      What shadow separation? Psychics.
      Naruto's half hanging son, yingfenshen, is used to see it. It has no practical effect at all.
      As for psychic skills, he also practiced carelessly. If he wanted to summon toad, he couldn't do it without exploding nine tail chakra.
      But now, he has not been forced to do that. His anger is not worth enough, so he can't use it.
      “Ah, I won't give up!”
      Being knocked down again, Naruto gets up again and roars at his teeth.
      Don't mention that he can't be beaten to death because of his super fast blood returning speed. If he keeps on, maybe he will get tired of his teeth.
      Nine tails and whirlpool, that's how they bully people.
      “Well, what if you don't give up? You can't even beat me, and you want to turn the tables?”
      Dog grave teeth disdain smile, and then patted red pill dog head.
      “Chiwan, give him a good look.”
      “Orcs separate, teeth through teeth!”
      Two whirling torrents rush to Naruto, ploughing a deep mark on the ground where they pass.
      “Damn, stop him
      Naruto seal, suddenly separated dozens of shadow parts, let them block in front of themselves.
      Well, it's the only one who uses Yingfen as an earthen wall.
      However, the strength of the teeth has reached more than tolerance, his attack is not so easy to receive.
      Dozens of shadow parts, in front of teeth, like paper paste in general, burst, all bang bang into white smoke dissipated.
      After that, the two torrents all hit Naruto.
      “Ah ~ ~”
      With the scream, Naruto was also knocked out dozens of meters away and fell heavily on the ground.
      I didn't get up for a long time.
      I don't know what's going on, but this stem comes out of my head in the clear sky.
      But not to mention, Naruto was really resistant to beating. He was beaten so badly by his teeth, but after half a minute, he stood up tremblingly again.
      “I… I won't give up!”
      Old formula, old taste.
      Naruto is still determined, expression is very firm.
      Of course, the teeth were also enraged, and they rushed through the teeth again
      The battle dragged on for a long time and lasted more than half an hour.
      It's also because Naruto is too wonderful. It doesn't matter if Xuehou fights. His attack power is too weak. Apart from killing his opponent, he has no way to defeat the enemy.
      On the tooth side, he can't really kill Naruto, he can only beat him down again and again
      Fortunately, the tooth is not really stupid, see Naruto so anti beat, a force to get up, with their own blind waste of time.
      He also changed his mind, relying on the speed far beyond Naruto, directly around behind him, a punch down to stun him.
      So far, the game has just ended.
      “In the fourth round, kyushuya won!”*
      Chapter 57: Muye collapse plan begins
      “In the fifth round, Nara Luwan, I love you, please come to the venue!”
      Hearing the referee's cry, Luwan's cold sweat came down.
      Will die, I really want to die this time!
      Sandstorm, I love you!
      Luwan didn't expect that he was so unlucky. He was the last one to appear, and he met the opponent he didn't want to meet.
      In the forest of death, and in the preliminaries, Luwan witnessed the cruelty of Ailuo. Killing people is as simple as cutting melons and vegetables.
      Lianlianshu super Li, is not also a pair of hands and feet abandoned by him, up to now has not been discharged.
      Muddled down the stairs, deer balls do not know how to come to the scene of the game.
      And when the referee called, he immediately raised his hand.
      “I give up!”
      There was an uproar at the scene.
      Sitting in the stands, Lujiu, Luwan's father, also covered his face.
      “Well?Has it already begun? ”
      Suddenly, the clear sky saw the white feathers falling from the audience. He moved a little in his heart and instantly solved the low-level magic.
      “Clear sky, what do you say to start?”
      I didn't explain so much to ya. The sky looked up at the highest building.
      A burst of noise came. Sure enough, the snake pill started.
      Between the smoke and dust, he disguised the four generations of wind and shadow came to the ape flying sun cut behind, with a bitterness holding each other, jumped to the highest roof.
      Muye collapse project, officially launched.
      Big snake pill's action is like a signal. After he takes the fire shadow, there are sand hidden ninjas and sound hidden ninjas hidden in various places of Muye.
      They all came out and started at the moment.
      Bang Bang~~
      Boom, boom!!
      Among the leaves, there were explosions and chaos in many places.
      In the case of mental calculation without intention, Muye didn't have time to respond, and was suddenly attacked in the face by the enemy.
      Ninja, a civilian, was killed and injured in a short time.
      “What… What's going on?”
      It's a small magic trick, but it's hard to stop the current tooth and Hatta, but the riot that happened next left them stunned and at a loss.
      “It's not obvious that someone attacked the wood leaf.”
      Sunny smile, this kind of moment, only he can be so relaxed.
      “What shall we do? Shall we help you?”
      If put before, tooth and young farmland affirmation don't say a word, directly run to meet the enemy and save a person.
      But under the influence of the clear sky, they have matured a lot and learned a lot about things they didn't know before.
      For example, the distinction between the dark part and the root.
      There are also some filthiness of tuanzang and ape Flying Sun.
      So now how to do, two people still take the clear sky as the backbone, waiting for him to make up his mind.
      “As Xia Ren, do what Xia Ren should do.”
      Looking around, the clear sky said, “you go to wake them up, and then work with them to defend and wait for rescue.”
      “And you?”
      “I, of course, want to do what I've wanted to do for a long time.”
      As soon as the corner of his mouth turned up, he jumped directly from the second floor in the clear sky.
      There is no way, tooth and Hatta can only do according to qingkong said, first wake up a group of Xiaoqiang, and then explain the situation with them one by one.
      Simply, there are not many enemies attacking the stands.
      In addition, there are also wooden leaves nearby, such as Kakashi, maitekai and others.
      With their help, there is no great danger for the small powers.
      On the other side.
      After leaving the competition venue, qingkong came to Huoying building all the way.
      “My Lord!”
      “My Lord!”
      Junmalu and yuzhibo spring, who have not been seen for a long time, appear and stand behind the clear sky.
      “Well, who else is in it?”
      Qingkong's identity is a mystery to many people, such as the big snake pill, the pharmacist's bag, the spring and junmalu in front of them.
      They all think that qingkong is an old strong man, disguised as a child by some means, and has been hiding in the leaves.
      After all, this is the most reasonable explanation.
      Otherwise, when he was seven years old, he would be able to compete with big snake pill, and his character was still mature, which was also against common sense and abnormal.
      “My Lord, there are only two secret agents left inside. The others have gone to the venue to rescue the ape Flying Sun.”Yuzhibo spring road.
      “Well, let's go ahead and get rid of these two bugs.”The clear sky waved his hand.
      Yuzhibo spring and junmalu answered, and all disappeared in an instant.
      More than ten seconds have passed.
      With two screams coming from the Huoying building, it was completely quiet.
      The clear sky smiles a little, this just stepped into.
      This time, one is the sealed book, and the other is to test the strength of yuzhiboquan and junmalu.
      The former hasn't been seen yet, but the latter is OK.
      It took less than 20 seconds for the two ninjas to solve the problem, which is enough to show that yuzhiboquan and junmalu are really working hard and not lazy over the years.
      Paid to get a return, clear sky nature is also very satisfied.
      At least he didn't waste his time and energy.
      Come to Huoying building, turn left and right, and finally walk into a secret room.
      There are a lot of things here, such as famous swords, famous swords, and ornaments, but the most prominent thing is a huge scroll on the central platform.
      That's the sealed book.
      Junmalu came forward and took it down, but he didn't touch any organ during that time.
      It's really unnecessary, because the sealed books are all sealed with forbidden techniques. There is no special method to remove the seal, and even the above contents can't be seen.
      This is the best defense method. There is no need to set up any special organs*
      Chapter 58: destroy the root stronghold
      “Junmalu, open the scroll.”
      “Yes, my Lord.”
      The sealed book was opened and covered with all kinds of techniques.
      Qingkong made a seal with both hands and then pressed it on one of the procedures.
      Just listen to a bang, when the white smoke is gone, the technique on the scroll paper also turns into some words and pictures after rotating.
      Eight men dunjia!
      It's OK. After writing down this Ninjutsu, qingkong will seal it again and continue to untie the seal of other Ninjutsu.
      This is the place where the ape flies to kill the chicken thief. A ninja with a seal is a solution.
      Therefore, even if someone gets the seal book, just looking at these dense seal techniques, it will be a headache.
      However, it's a clear sky.
      Because he found the secret scroll left by the whirlpool clan. As long as he learned the above things, he would be able to break 90% of the seal of tolerance.
      Vortex dense volume, which records the core essence of seal.
      Understand this, and then crack other, even if it is not a whirlpool, or has been modified the seal, it is no problem.
      If one method can be used, all methods can be used.
      As long as the core is correct, the differences in other techniques and tolerance seal are trivial, and it's only a matter of time before they can be solved.
      All the seals have been cracked.
      Later, Ninjutsu on the sealed book also emerged one by one.
      Reincarnation of filthy soil.
      Multiply detonators.
      The dead are sealed up.
      The art of darkness.
      Water escape, hard vortex, water blade.
      Mu Dun, the birth of the tree world
      Let's not talk about a thousand hands, because he made most of the forbidden techniques in the sealed book.
      In terms of talent alone, this guy is definitely better than his brother, qianshouzhujian.
      In the past half an hour, with a strong memory, qingkong wrote down all the Ninjutsu on the sealed book.
      He doesn't care about the three melons and two dates left.
      Restore the sealed book to its original state, and then put it back on the shelf. Qingkong left the Huoying building with junmalu and Hequan.
      “Stop, who are you?”
      A team of Muye ninjas came and blocked the three people in the building.
      “It's all settled, no one left.”Waving hands in the clear sky.
      “Yes, my Lord!”
      Yuzhiboquan and junmalu rush to those Muye ninjas.
      “Ah ~ ~”
      “Er ~ ~”
      With a scream sounded, the clear sky also shook his head, you said to find who's trouble is not good, but to find their own, that died in vain ah.
      It's a moth in the fire. It's killing itself.
      “Ah… I know you, Shengu qingkong. Xiaren, who just graduated this year, also participated in the Zhongren selection contest, right? I beg you to spare my life before I get married… I don't have any children yet…”
      A young Ninja who was seriously injured and bleeding from the corner of his mouth climbed to the foot of the clear sky, stretched out his shaking hand and begged.
      “Just married?”
      Qingkong squatted down and said with a smile, “unfortunately, because of your fault, there is another widowed woman in the world.”
      “No, no, no”
      “Rest in peace. Who told you to know me? I can't keep you. I'm sorry.”
      There was a click.
      Under the clear sky's hand, the young Ninja also tilted his head, completely silent.
      If you don't do it for yourself, you'll live in vain.
      Different from Naruto's son of destiny, qingkong just wants to live for himself and make a wonderful life.
      So, no matter what world peace, justice and evil, clear sky does not care, who dares to block in front of him, he dares to kill who.
      “My Lord, it's all settled. There's no one left alive.”
      “Well, let's carry out the second step plan. I will kill all the root ninjas.”
      The clear sky waved his hand and let Quan and junmalu leave first.
      As I said before, qingkong has never been a passive person. Even if Tuan Zang only sent someone to arrest him once, he didn't make any moves afterwards.
      But the clear sky is very vengeful, and I don't like to wait too long for revenge.
      If we can wait until now, it will be a great honor for his family.
      The body flashed and the clear sky disappeared.
      In front of the door of Huoying building, there are only bodies on the ground and pools of blood that are slowly cooling.
      “Ah ~ ~”
      “No ~ ~”
      In addition to Sharen and Yinren attacking Muye people, junmalu and yuzhiboquan are also searching for the root dens to clear them one by one.
      One side is fighting in the open, the other side is fighting in the dark, but they are all equally fierce, with many casualties.
      At the bottom of a building, in a dark space.
      Listening to the report of Ninja, Tuan Zang's face became more and more gloomy.
      “I told you to hide your tracks and not to take part in those battles?How could it hurt so many people? ”
      “My Lord, it was the enemy who rushed into our stronghold and launched a surprise attack. We didn't respond in time, so they succeeded…”
      “Fart!There are thirty-eight ninjas in three strongholds, and six of them are Shangren. Such a powerful force has all been lost. Do you have the face to tell me that it's not timely? ”
      “This… This enemy is very strong…”
      “I don't want to hear these excuses. It's not good for me to do things. After today, you can get the punishment yourself.”
      “… is… My Lord.”
      “Who is the attacker from, Sharen or Yinren?”
      Ninja can't answer again, because all the people in the stronghold are dead, and he doesn't know.
      “Get out of here!”
      Tuan Zang was so angry that he let out a roar.
      Root Ninja quickly rolled back out, fearing that the group had no place to fire, and then took him.
      On the other side.
      Qingkong three people are still on the move, and into a new dens.
      “Enemy attack, enemy attack!”
      “Let's all take action and kill the three of them!”
      Underground space, a huge training ground, under the flickering fire, more than 20 root ninjas rushed to the clear sky*
      Chapter 59: new moves in the clear sky
      “Black bone forest!”
      Clear sky raises foot, lightly toward the ground a stamp.
      There was a loud noise, and countless black bone guns sprang out of the ground, directly strung the top ten ninjas into blood gourds.
      “Ah ~ ~”
      “Er ~ ~”
      “Good pain ~ ~”
      Ten ninjas screamed out, but before they could save themselves or be saved, the black bone guns suddenly separated many branches!
      A root Ninja was penetrated by a bone fork drilled out of his body, disintegrated, or died.
      Thigh thick bone gun, above a lot of branches, branches and hanging those dead Ninja bodies and flesh.
      This is the origin of the name of Ninjutsu.
      Dim fire light, shining on the bone forest, as well as the dead.
      With the breeze gently blowing, the reflection also sways, like the devil in hell.
      This extremely terrifying scene makes those root ninjas who are associated with darkness all day long can't stand it. They dare not come forward one by one, but retreat.
      Even a few people were shaking with fear.
      I can't stand a war.
      Qingkong shakes his head and doesn't want to use these people to experiment with new moves. He waves his hand and asks yuzhiboquan and junmalu to solve the problem.
      “Ah ~ ~”
      “No ~ ~”
      “Damn, I'll fight with you!”
      Under the attack of yuzhiboquan and junmalu, more than a dozen root ninjas still want to resist, but soon they recognize the reality, and all of them will collapse.
      Clear skies can use mosquitoes to absorb other people's blood, and then extract some essence energy.
      This kind of energy is very magical. It can not only cure all physical injuries, but also help people improve their physical fitness.
      It's actually this kind of energy that we used before for tooth and hatching field.
      Qingkong also has a name, life energy.
      This is because it is refined from the life of all kinds of creatures, including but not limited to human beings. Conversely, it is also a great tonic for any creature.
      Life energy must be right.
      Of course, for teeth and rudiments, the clear sky will not forget to follow his own spring and junmalu.
      An adult man's flesh and blood are used to extract life energy, which can be about 10 units.
      This is about ordinary people, not ninjas.
      And in Quan and junmalu's body, qingkong invested a total of 1000 units of energy.
      Five hundred for one, fair and impartial.
      500 units of energy. What's the concept?
      That is to say, no Ninjutsu chakra is considered. In terms of physical fitness alone, they are both equal to the sum of more than 50 adult men.
      Can't it be good, not good?
      Yuzhibo spring.
      Now she's able to drive the kaleidoscope all day, and she doesn't feel any risk of blindness.
      As for junmalu.
      His blood disease was also completely suppressed by the powerful vitality, even if it was not treated, it would be no problem to live a hundred years old.
      What's more, there are mosquito powers in clear sky, which can be changed into nano size to modify DNA. It's not impossible to cure his blood disease.
      In addition to these, the biggest advantage is that the strength of both of them has been upgraded to the shadow level.
      Yes, it's shadow class.
      Yuzhibo spring has a kaleidoscope. It must be a proper shadow level combat power.
      Junmalu is not bad either. His bones and veins are fully developed. He is invincible in close combat.
      In addition, the clear sky gives him a strong physical quality. If you fight with one punch, the effect is no different from the strange power of the master of martial arts. You can crack mountains and rocks, and directly blow people up.
      Of course, it is also a proper shadow level.
      And the two shadow class fighting power, those roots Ninja what resistance opportunities?
      In just three minutes, there were only three people standing in the clear sky in the underground stronghold at the root.
      “Search and take all the useful things away.”
      “Yes, my Lord!”
      Yuzhiboquan and junmalu were ordered to leave.
      Even if the strength to the shadow level, they are still more respectful to the clear sky, obedient.
      Of course, there are two reasons why they are not the ruthless ones.
      But on the other hand, it is also because the strength of the clear sky is strong enough to suppress them.
      Really, what about shadow level?
      Not to mention in the late stage, in the fourth World War of tolerance, when Huiye came out, the movie class characters could only make soy sauce.
      If you can use life energy for your subordinates, qingkong can't treat you badly.
      They only used 1000 units of energy.
      On a clear sky, he had already swallowed more than ten thousand units of energy.
      Calculate it.
      The average adult man's physical energy is 10.
      If it's a ninja, it's different.
      Not chakra, just physical fitness.
      Xiaren, about 10-50, has a large span.
      Zhongren, 50-100.
      Shangren, 100-300.
      At the shadow level, old man ape Fei is old and frail. It's estimated that 400 of them are gone. The fourth generation of Lei Ying in yunyin village has at least 2000 physical energy.
      It's different from person to person. There's no way to compare it.
      After all, the strength of the four generations of Lei Ying is almost all in his flesh.
      As for the clear sky.
      Swallow yuzhibo clan, swallow Huiye clan, about thousands of ninjas.
      Even if most of them are lower tolerance and middle tolerance, only dozens of them are upper tolerance.
      This pile of energy, together, is too huge to imagine.
      At least tens of thousands.
      Even if not all of them are used to strengthen the body, qingkong's physical quality has long been improved to a very abnormal level.
      So to speak.
      Even if they stand in the clear sky, they may not be able to break their skin defense.
      Well, that's it*

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