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Marvel: I took over Iron Man

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      Marvel: I took over Iron Man (Chapter 1-50)

      Chapter 1: I seized Iron Man (New Book for Collection)

      “Master, it’s time to get up.”
      Hearing a woman’s voice, Lin Feng opened his eyes unwillingly.
      The moment Lin Feng opened his eyes, he was shocked by the steel battle suit in front of him.
      “F*ck, Iron Man’s ultimate battle suit is so handsome.”
      Looking at the suit in front of him, he jumped up from the bed and hugged it.
      “It feels good. It feels good too.”
      Clang clang……!”
      Lin Feng knocked on the steel armor, and then he was sure it was made of iron.
      “Master, what are you doing?”
      Hearing the female voice from the steel battle suit again, Lin Feng used his hand to fasten his mask.
      However, the moment Lin Feng raised his hand, the steel battle suit instantly disintegrated and flew up. Then, it directly wrapped around Lin Feng.
      “Really, this is the real Iron Man battle suit.”
      At this moment, Lin Feng had already confirmed that this set of Iron Man’s battle clothes was real, even more so than diamonds.
      The moment Iron Man’s battle suit landed on Lin Feng, many memories that did not belong to him appeared in his mind.
      “F*ck, I seized Iron Man.”
      After Lin Feng completely digested this memory, he finally understood his current situation.
      The current Lin Feng could no longer be counted as Lin Feng because he had taken over Iron Man.
      According to the memories in Lin Feng’s mind, Iron Man accidentally had a problem when he was traveling through time to deal with Destroyer. However, when he was traveling through time, he was taken away by Lin Feng, who was watching movies in the cinema.
      As for Lin Feng, this set of Iron Man battle clothes was the one that Tony Stark had brought over.
      As for Lin Feng’s current age, it was about a month before Iron Man researched his steel armor.
      Looking at Tony Stark’s face inside the mirror, Lin Feng bowed to the mirror without any hesitation.
      “Tony, I’ ll help you survive in the future. I’ ll help you deal with the purple sweet potato essence. I won’ t die in this lifetime.”
      After bowing to the mirror, he had already made up his mind. From now on, Lin Feng was gone. He wanted to live as Tony Stark. After all, he had already transmigrated.
      Since he was going to live as Tony Stark in the future, Lin Feng would never allow the plot in the four-part series to happen.
      He wanted to live, and he wanted to become the most powerful person in the world.
      “I sensed that the host has ambitions. The system is binding.”
      “Hello, host. The strongest technology system serves you.”
      Lin Feng, who had already become Tony, was extremely happy when he heard the System’s voice in his mind.
      He had thought that he had just taken over the Iron Man, but he had never thought that he would get a golden finger. If he could not become the strongest in this world, then he would have no intention of living.
      “The strongest technology system, right? Tell me what your use is.”
      Tony already had the ultimate armor of Iron Man, so even without this golden finger, he could still successfully dominate.
      With his confidence, Tony’s demand for this golden finger was not that great.
      “Hello, host. I am the strongest technology system. As the name implies, I have the most powerful technology in this world.
      Host, if you want to obtain all kinds of technology from me, you just need to pay the corresponding system points.
      “As for the way to obtain the System Points, it’s very simple. Host, you only need to complete the various tasks issued by the System to obtain the corresponding System Points.”
      Tony didn’t feel anything about the System’s words. After all, it was the same as the plot that appeared in most System novels.
      As the System finished speaking, a 3D monitor appeared in front of Tony.
      On this 3D monitor, Tony saw that there were indeed a variety of technology products inside, and even Tony saw that there was a mech inside.
      Hahaha……”That’s right, that’s right. With these technologies, I can kill gods without any superpowers.”
      After seeing these things in the System Store, Tony knew that he only needed to get everything out of the System Store next. Then, who else would he be afraid of when dealing with the purple sweet potato essence.
      Moreover, Tony was no longer the former Tony Stark’s, so he would never continue to follow the original plot and join the Avengers Alliance.
      Tony’s next task was to become the strongest in this world and to successfully rule the entire Earth.
      As long as he could successfully rule Earth, Tony would be able to use all the manpower and resources on Earth. He must make sure that when the Purple Potato Essence came to Earth, he would see countless cold guns.
      “Host, the novice gift pack is ready for you. Do you want to accept it now?”
      “Take it.”
      As Tony received the sound, two things appeared in front of him.
      One of the two items was a needle tube with a red reagent and the other was a document or something.
      “Super warrior serum—the technical reagent injected by Captain Mi. After injection, the user’s metabolic function and all body functions can be enhanced. The brain utilization rate is 100%, reaching the peak of human potential.”
      “Super Warrior Serum Chemistry Formula—After learning, it can directly become knowledge and enter the host’s mind.”
      Looking at the two things in front of him, Tony did not hesitate at all and directly learned the chemical formula of the super warrior serum.
      After confirming that there was a new research method for the super soldier serum in his mind, Tony picked up the injection containing the super soldier serum and injected it into his body without hesitation.
      After the super soldier’s serum was injected into his body, Tony could only feel a pain in his entire body. Then, he instantly fainted.*

      Chapter 2: I don’t need technology to pick up girls because I have money (new books for collection)

      “Tony, I never knew you liked to sleep on the floor. Should I find someone to help you throw the bed away?”
      As a woman’s voice rang in his ear, Tony got up from the ground.
      “I just felt that the ground was cooler, so I just slept on the ground.”
      Tony had already woken up, and then he saw Little Pepper walk in from outside the room.
      “Why are you sweating?”
      Little Pepper saw that Tony’s entire body was drenched, and then she hurried over.
      “Master, I just scanned your body. Your current condition can be said to be extremely perfect. You have reached the same level as the US team.”
      At this moment, the sound of Friday was also heard from inside the steel battle suit.
      On Friday, Tony created it to replace Jarvis after he turned into vision.
      However, Jarvis still existed. It was just that Tony had not upgraded him, so his level was naturally not as high as Friday.
      When she heard Friday’s voice, Little Pepper discovered the steel battle suit standing on one side.
      “Tony, what is this?”
      Looking at the little pepper in front of him, Tony could tell from the memories in his mind that she had been by Tony’s side for many years.
      However, in these years, Tony and Little Pepper had never done anything that crossed the lightning pool. It could even be said that they had never kissed each other.
      As a playboy, Tony Stark never lacked women. He even slept with the women on the magazine cover, but he never touched Little Pepper.
      But now, Tony was no longer Tony Stark, so he did not intend to let Little Pepper go.
      Since he had become a Iron Man, then Tony had just accepted Little Pepper.
      “Little Pepper, I’ ll take you for a ride.”
      The moment Tony finished speaking, the steel battle suit instantly split into many parts and flew over. Then, it wrapped around Tony’s body.
      Although it was Tony’s second time wearing a steel battle suit, he had inherited Tony Stark’s memories. So now that he had put on the steel battle suit, he had mastered the steel battle suit skillfully.
      Before Little Pepper could react, she was hugged by Tony.
      “Open the ceiling.”
      As Tony’s voice rang, the ceiling above his head started to move.
      As soon as a passage was opened in the ceiling for the steel battle suit to fly out, the injector at the foot of the steel battle suit lit up. Then, Tony carried the little pepper and flew out.
      “Friday, open the energy shield to block the wind.”
      “Understood, Master.”
      Then, an energy shield appeared in front of Little Pepper and blocked the wind.
      This was the first time Little Pepper had such an experience as she looked at the clouds flying over her surroundings.
      However, Little Pepper was still a little afraid. After all, she was afraid that she would fall if she was not careful.
      “Don’ t worry, I will protect you.”
      Tony put Little Pepper in his arms with all his strength. At the same time, the mask on his face was already opened.
      The moment the mask was opened, Tony and Little Pepper were facing each other.
      Looking at the little pepper that was less than 10 cm away from him, Tony immediately kissed it without any hesitation.
      At this moment, Little Pepper, who was kissed by Tony, felt like she couldn’t breathe. Her entire brain fell into a blank state.
      Just as Tony and Little Pepper were kissing each other in the sky, the Union’s army had already discovered the UFO above the Union’s Union and immediately sent two fighters to fly over.
      Tony and Little Chili were currently kissing in the air, so they did not move.
      “The UFO in front of us, please follow our orders and land at the designated location. Otherwise, we will be firing.”
      After hearing the radio from the fighter, Tony let go of Little Pepper.
      “Tony, looks like you’ ve got another trick in the future. I’ ll have to help you clean up the trash you’ ve used in the future.”
      Even though Little Pepper was indeed a bit happy, she would not let go of the opportunity to lose Tony.
      She had been by Tony’s side for many years, but Tony had never touched her in these years. Every day, he asked her to help send away the women he had slept with.
      This was Tony’s first kiss, so Little Pepper was still very happy.
      “You’ re wrong. I, Tony, never need to be a woman because I have money.”
      After Tony finished speaking, the mask on his face immediately appeared.
      “Let’s go. I’ ll take you and the fighter plane for a while. You’ ll have to hold me in your arms. It’s the kind with your arms around your neck and your legs around your waist.”
      Little Pepper was a little hesitant, but Tony only held her hands with his right hand, and the speed of the steel armor instantly broke through the speed of sound.*

      Chapter 3: It’s not just two planes. Just compensate them (new books for collection)

      “That UFO has already escaped. Request permission to attack.”
      The two fighters watched as Tony’s steel battle suit flew out. They immediately sped up and chased after him. They had already asked the headquarters to attack Tony.
      After the people from the headquarters allowed to attack Tony’s steel armor, the two fighters locked onto the steel armor. Then, the two fighter pilots pressed the missile launch button without hesitation.
      “Master, we’ ve already been locked down, and two missiles have already flown over.”
      The moment he was locked down on Friday, he quickly told Tony.
      The moment she opened her mouth, the two missiles flew over.
      Needless to say, Tony could already feel the missile flying towards him.
      When he saw the missile flying over, Tony’s body, which had already been flying in front of him, instantly stopped and turned around in the air at high speed.
      The moment he turned around, Tony’s right hand lifted up and two rays of light shot out from his right hand.
      “Bang, bang!”
      After the pilots of the two fighter jets saw that the missiles they had fired were destroyed, the two fighter pilots immediately drove the fighter jets to continue searching for Tony.
      Du Du Du……!”
      “Not good, my fighter plane has been attacked!”
      “Me too. Quickly jump out.”
      The moment the two fighter pilots pressed the jump key, they directly flew out.
      The two fighter pilots who jumped into the air watched as the fighter they had just flown turned into flames and landed on the ground.
      As for the UFO that had just disappeared.
      Countless people were already busy in the air force headquarters.
      “Find him right away. You must find him for me.”
      Following the roar of the air force commander, all the technicians in the command center were busy. They all used military satellites to find the UFO.
      However, these technicians soon realized that everything they had done was futile because they had not found anything.
      Tony, who had caused all this, had already carried Little Pepper back to his seascape villa.
      “Tony, are you crazy?You just destroyed the military’s two fighter planes.
      “If we let them know that you did this, the military will definitely come to trouble you.”
      The moment Little Pepper landed on the ground, her entire body reacted.
      She also knew that Tony had just destroyed two military fighter planes. If the military really knew about this matter, they would definitely come to trouble Tony.
      “What’s there to be afraid of? At worst, I’ ll just accompany the two fighters.”
      The steel armor on Tony’s body had turned into nanoparticles and entered his body’s storage.
      Tony didn’t have that reaction furnace on his chest right now, but the steel battle suit had been prepared automatically, so he did n’ t have to worry about anything.
      “Oh right, do I have any plans today?”
      Tony knew that he was still the CEO of Stark Industrial Group, so he had to go to work after playing.
      As her life secretary, Little Pepper naturally had to ask her about all the itinerary.
      “Yes, you need to go to the headquarters today to sign some necessary documents. At the same time, today is also the ace product of Stark Industrial Group. You need to personally host the Jericho missile training time.”
      Tony knew that the Jericho missile was completely developed by him.
      The reason why Iron Man had been kidnapped and was able to survive was in large part because the terrorists who kidnapped him wanted to obtain the method of making the Jelico missile. Otherwise, these terrorists would have already killed Tony Stark under the deal with Obadiah Stan.
      If those terrorists killed Tony Stark, naturally, there would be no Iron Man behind them.
      “Understood. Give me a set of clothes. I’ ll take a shower and go to work.”
      As Tony spoke, he took off his clothes and walked into the bathroom.
      Looking at Tony who had already entered the bathroom, Little Pepper had nothing to say. She then ran to find Tony the most suitable clothes for today.
      As a life secretary, she naturally needed to know what kind of work environment was most suitable for wearing.
      Soon, Little Pepper arrived at the bathroom door with a black suit in her hand.
      But before she could react, her entire body was pulled in by a hand that came out of the bathroom.
      “Help me rub my back.”*

      Chapter 4: Nothing is missing, but women are not missing (new books for collection)

      “Mr. Tony, I think the most important thing for you right now is to hurry to the office. There must be a lot of people waiting for you in the office.”
      Little Pepper finally managed to escape from Tony’s embrace with great difficulty. Then, she instantly escaped from the bathroom.
      After Little Pepper ran out, Tony had no choice but to pull a bath towel and put it on.
      After walking out of the bathroom, Tony saw the suit on the ground.
      “How are you going to wear it.”
      Although he was saying that, Tony still picked up the suit on the ground and quickly put it on him.
      “Friday, where did Little Pepper go?”
      “Master, she has already left in a car, but when she left, her heart jumped faster, as if she didn’ t seem to be unhappy at all.”
      “Understood. Then let’s go to work.”
      Tony knew that there was one thing he hadn’t done. He needed to go and take care of O’ Badya Stan, who wanted to seize Stark Industries.
      Tony still had a lot to do next. At the very least, he had to assemble his own organization as soon as possible.
      This time, Tony would never be willing to join the so-called Avengers Alliance, nor would he be willing to be controlled by Divine Shield. He wanted to have an organization that he could control.
      After arriving at the underground parking lot, Tony was shocked by the huge pile of luxury cars in front of him.
      Although he knew that Tony Stark was very rich, the number of luxury cars displayed in the movie was limited.
      But after arriving in this world, Tony realized that the luxury cars in front of him could be described in countless ways.
      After randomly picking out a handsome looking car, Tony sat up and drove the luxurious car out of the underground garage.
      “Ding dong, system mission, deal with the threat around you. Obadiah Stan, successfully master Stark Industrial Group.
      “If the mission succeeds, it will gain 100 system points. If the mission fails, it will lose all shares of Stark Industrial Group.”
      Tony’s car had just stopped under the building of the Stark Industrial Group when the system in his mind finally released the first mission.
      To deal with Obadiah Stan was already something Tony had to do next, so after hearing the voice of the System in his mind, Tony was quite satisfied. At the very least, he could obtain 100 System Points.
      After he walked out of the sports car, Tony did not care about the sports car anymore because there was already a security guard standing by to help him park the car.
      “Hello, President.”
      All the people Tony met along the way were greeting him, but Tony did not greet them. Instead, he walked straight into a lift that belonged to him.
      “Mr. Tony, we’ re here.”
      As the elevator opened, Tony walked out of the elevator and headed straight for his office.
      “Good morning, Mr. Tony. These documents are all signed by you today.”
      Just as Tony walked to the door of his office, an exposed secretary walked over with a pile of documents.
      Tony still had memories of this secretary.
      This secretary could be considered as his administrative secretary. Because Tony Stark was usually more lecherous, this secretary’s clothes were naturally more exposed. It could even be said that Tony Stark sometimes did things that did n’ t work as a secretary.
      “Bring it in.”
      After the secretary opened the door to the office, Tony entered the huge office with an area of over 100 square meters.
      “Sir, these are urgent documents. You need to sign them as soon as possible.”
      This secretary was extremely capable. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to become Tony’s Administrative Secretary with his body. After all, Tony lacked nothing but women.
      “Alright, I see. You can go out first.”
      The secretary thought he had heard wrong because according to Tony’s previous rules, he would usually sign all the documents before letting her leave.
      Although she could not understand what had happened to Tony Stark today, she still obediently turned around and walked out.
      After the secretary turned around and left, Tony pressed a button beside him. All the windows in the office were blocked in an instant.
      “Friday, scan the office for any monitors.”
      “Good master.”
      After a scan on Friday, Tony discovered that not only were there monitors but there were also two in his office.
      “Confuse them, just make them think I’ m signing.”
      “Understood, Master.”*

      Chapter 5: Equity Transfer (New Book Collection)

      After he walked out of Tony’s office, his secretary turned around and walked towards another office on this floor.
      “Mr. Obadiah, I’ ve already included that document in all the documents according to your instructions. But today, he didn’ t sign it as usual and let me bring it out.”
      Obadiah Stan looked at the secretary who had already walked to his side and pulled her into his arms.
      This secretary was originally from O’Badaya Stan for Tony Stark, so this secretary was a nail planted by O’ Badaya Stark.
      It had been a long time since Obadiah Stan had been the vice president of this company. He felt that the company’s current achievements were all due to his efforts, so this company should be called Stan Industrial Group.
      Now Obadiah Stan was sitting next to his desk and looking at the screen on the computer in front of him.
      On Obadiah Stan’s computer, Tony Stark was signing all the documents at this time, and he did n’ t even look at them.
      After Tony Stark signed all the documents, Obadiah Stan knew that the company should be renamed Stan Industrial Group next. He had already transferred all of Tony Stark’s shares to his own hands, as long as he could now obtain the share transfer book that Tony had signed.
      “Quickly go, get me that share transfer book.”
      “Yes, sir.”
      The secretary quickly stood up from O’Badya Stan’s arms. After tidying up his clothes, he quickly ran towards Tony’s office.
      At this moment, Tony in the office had found the share transfer book from the pile of documents.
      When he had just received the System Mission, Tony knew that this time, things would never be so simple. That was why he had flipped through all the documents in front of him for the first time.
      As Tony flipped through all of these documents, he quickly saw the stock right transfer book that was mixed in a pile of documents.
      Tony finally knew that he would lose all the shares of Stark Industrial Group after the system mission notification failed.
      “Interesting. Since you want to play, I’ ll accompany you.”
      Since Tony had already discovered these things, he would never let O’Badaya Stan have an easy time.
      He didn’t know what Tonistak’s personality was, but the soul in his body was always doing things without taking revenge for the night, because if he had a grudge, it would usually be resolved immediately.
      Since he had decided to deal with Obadiah Stan, Tony immediately picked up the share transfer book and walked towards Obadiah Stan’s office.
      “Mr. Tony, can I go in and take out all the documents now?”
      When Tony had just walked out of the office, his exposed secretary wanted to go in and take out all the documents Tony had signed.
      Of course, the document she wanted the most was naturally Tony’s share transfer book.
      If Tony still didn’t understand that his secretary had already been bribed by O’ Badya Stan at this moment, then it would really be an insult to his intelligence.
      “You can leave now. You’ ve been fired.”
      The secretary did not know what happened to Tony Stark at all, but she knew that she was no longer qualified to enter this office.
      Since Tony Stark had dismissed her, that meant that he had already seen the share transfer.
      After seeing Tony Stark’s share transfer, the secretary knew that she was finished this time. There was no way any company would dare to ask for her in the future.
      “Mr. Tony, listen to my explanation. I……!”
      Tony did not continue to say anything to this woman. He directly took the share transfer book and came to the door of Obadiah Stan’s office. Then, he directly pushed open the door and walked in.
      “Tony, why are you here?”
      Obadiah Stan saw Tony suddenly walk in. He hadn’t reacted yet. After all, he felt that Tony Stark should go to the laboratory at this time. After all, it was time for today’s Jericho missile to be finalized.
      “Obi, are you surprised why I came to your office?”
      Tony smiled as he walked over to Obadiah Stan. He then placed the share transfer book on his desk.*

      Chapter 6: Kill Obadiah Stan (New Book Collection)

      Looking at the share transfer in front of him, Obadiah Stan knew that his actions had been known by Tony.
      He then sat down on the table in front of him and picked up a cigar.
      “Tony, do you know?This company was originally created by me, and I was the one who managed to develop it to this state. You and your dead father had never done anything since the beginning. How do you think you can own the largest share of this company?”Why does this company belong to you?”
      Tony didn’t want to talk too much nonsense to him when he heard O’ Badya Stan’s almost furious voice. Then he raised his right hand.
      The moment Tony raised his right hand, his right hand instantly covered the Iron Man battle suit.
      “I forgot to tell you. I can’ t understand your anger at all, because this matter has nothing to do with me.”
      Tony was telling the truth. The anger in Obadiah Stan’s heart had nothing to do with him.
      However, as a person who had taken over Tony Stark, he naturally knew that this person would become his enemy in the future. Moreover, he was now the closest enemy to him, so he had to deal with him first.
      With this thought in mind, Tony’s injector instantly lit up.
      O’Badya Stan did n’ t understand what the steel glove was, but he sensed danger from the light.
      “No, you can’ t kill me. It’s illegal for you to kill me.”
      Under Obadiah Stan’s terrified gaze, the injector in Tony’s hand instantly shot out an energy cannon and then sent Obadiah Stan flying.
      O’Badya Stan’s body was already dead when he flew back.
      However, his body did not stop. Instead, it directly smashed through the glass behind him and landed downstairs.
      The moment Obadiah Stan’s body crashed into the glass and fell, Tony’s secretary immediately shouted.
      She had wanted to see what would happen next, but she saw this scene just as she opened the door.
      Seeing Tony’s gaze, the secretary turned around and ran outside without hesitation. She was really afraid that Tony would kill her.
      “Friday, destroy all the surveillance videos here.”
      “Understood, Master. From the moment you entered this room, I’ ve already blocked all the monitors in this office.”
      When Tony heard this, he turned around and walked into his office.
      The news of Obadiah Stan’s death would definitely spread. The police would probably come to ask him soon.
      As for the secretary, he would definitely tell the police that he had killed Obadiah Stan, but Tony had no intention of leaving.
      This is a country where money is paramount. As long as you have money here, no matter what happens, it is not a big deal.
      Moreover, Tony had enough weapons in his hands to allow the military to come forward to guarantee him. If a policeman really came to cause trouble for him, the military would definitely come forward to help him bear this matter in the first place.
      Plus, Tony, who had steel armor, was not afraid that the police would do anything to him.
      He still had to continue to master Stark Industrial Group in the future, so there was no need to run.
      If he needed to escape, Tony would not have killed Obadias Tan just now.
      “Ding dong, system task completed. Congratulations on obtaining 100 system points.”
      When Tony had just returned to his office and sat down, the System’s voice rang in his mind.
      After confirming that he had completed this task and had obtained 100 System Task Points, Tony opened the System Store.
      After opening the System Store, Tony realized that these 100 System Points were not enough for him to do anything.
      Although the 100 points system could only buy a lot of technology in the system store, these technologies had no effect on Tony.
      Since these things weren’t of any use to Tony now, Tony naturally would n’ t use the System Value he had obtained with great difficulty to exchange for these trash.
      Then, Tony turned off the system interface and started to get something on the computer.
      Tony knew that he didn’t have much time, so he had to increase his strength as soon as possible. At the very least, he had to find someone who could work with him.
      Tony’s gaze quickly froze on a document called the Super Soldier Program. This was a scientific research program of the military. He had come to ask Stark Industrial Group for help.
      The main reason why Tony focused his attention on this was because Tony knew that the Hulk had appeared in this plan.
      “Mr. Tony, a policeman wants to see you.”*

      Chapter 7: That’s right, I killed people (new books for collection)

      The moment Obadiah Stan landed on the ground, the people downstairs had already called the police.
      The surroundings of Stark Industrial Group were guarded by police and military personnel all year round. After all, there were too many weapons here.
      Stark Industrial Group was the military’s largest weapons supplier, and there were too many weapons that were specifically used to supply the military.
      And the most important thing was that the Jericho missile was about to be finalized, so the military had to send people here to protect the Jericho missile, because this missile would become a major weapon for the military.
      With so many guards guarding it, the moment Obadiah Stan died, the police and the military had already come looking for him.
      “Let them in!”
      Hearing Tony’s words, the bodyguard let out the policeman behind him.
      There was also Tony’s original female secretary who followed these policemen in.
      “Mr. Tony, from Miss Linna’s mouth, we learned that you just pushed Mr. Obadiah Stan down the stairs, so we need to bring you back now.”
      But just as the policeman finished speaking, a black man in military uniform brought several soldiers in.
      “Please leave now. This matter will be taken over by our military from now on.”
      After Colonel Rodi finished speaking, the military pushed all the policemen out.
      Moreover, after these military officers pushed out all the police officers, they also held the secretary in their hands.
      “Tony, what about this secretary?”
      “This is your matter. I just don’ t want to dirty my hands.”
      “Understood. Take her out. I don’ t want to hear anything that’s against Tony.”
      Following Colonel Rodi’s words, the soldiers immediately took the secretary out.
      After the secretary left, only Tony and Rodi remained in the office.
      Colonel Rodi knew that Tony could not be allowed into prison right now.
      After all, the Jericho missile was about to be finalized now. If Tony Stark was missing at this critical moment, then the missile would be aborted and the country would lack an important weapon.
      Coupled with the empty words of the secretary, this excuse was not enough to convict Tony.
      “Tony, I want to know that you didn’ t do what happened just now, right?”
      Colonel Rodi had already arrived before Tony at this time, and he asked.
      Rodi hoped that he could hear from Tony that this matter wasn’t done by him. Then he would have an absolute way to help Tony resolve this matter.
      Although Obadiah Stan could be considered a very famous person, in the eyes of the military, his value was absolutely not as important as Tony Stark.
      “No, I killed him. Is the corpse ready now.”
      Tony stood up and walked to the window. Then, he noticed that there were countless reporters surrounding him.
      However, Tony had also scanned the body below on Friday and cleaned it up.
      “Tony, you know that once someone outside knows about this, you will most likely be in prison next.”
      “It’s not important. I know you’ ll definitely be able to resolve this matter. I’ m going to see how the Jericho missile has been shaped. If there’s anything, your military personnel will come forward to resolve it.”
      After speaking, Tony stood up and prepared to leave.
      Just as Tony opened the door, he saw Little Pepper standing outside.
      “When did you arrive?”
      “I heard someone say that Obadiah Stan was dead, so I rushed over as soon as possible, right?”
      “It must be Harpy who said that. Looks like he’s not qualified.”
      Hapi, who Tony was talking about, was his personal bodyguard. This was also the longest bodyguard that could follow Tony Stark.
      “I just want to know that you really have no problem, right?”This time, things seem to be quite serious. There are already many reporters waiting outside.”
      “It’s just a small problem. These matters will be resolved by Luo Di and the others.
      “That’s right, I have a good idea. How do you think you’ ll be the CEO of Stark Industries from today on?”
      Tony didn’t want to waste his limited time on managing Stark Industrial Group. After all, he might as well get something useful for him.
      However, Stark Industrial Group was an essential part of Tony. After all, Stark Industrial Group could provide Tony with the space and funds for the experiment.
      If Tony wanted to build an empire of his own, then he had to have enough money.
      In Tony’s opinion, the person most suitable for managing this industrial group was naturally Little Pepper.
      Little Chili had yet to react. After all, making her the CEO of Stark Industrial Group sounded a little unbelievable.
      “Alright, that’s settled. You should go prepare the contract now. I’ m going to take a look at the Jericho missile.”
      Tony left after saying that. After all, he wanted to see how powerful the Jericho missile was.
      PS: asked for new books, flowers,10 points evaluation tickets, monthly tickets, rewards.*

      Chapter 8: Tony, you really are a genius (new books for collection)

      When Tony got down from the elevator, he realized that all the reporters outside the Stark Industrial Group’s headquarters had been dispersed far away.
      There were already many policemen and soldiers outside the Stark Industrial Group headquarters.
      Colonel Rodi had already run over at this time, and he quickly came to Tony’s side.
      “Tony, I can help you disperse all these reporters, but I think you have to see a press conference on this matter. After all, Obadiah Stan is also your company’s vice president.”
      “Don’ t worry, I’ ll take care of this. You just want to go and see the progress of the Jericho missile, right? Then let’s go.”
      Tony knew that these reporters still did not know how Obadiah Stan had died. After all, the only person who saw Tony kill Obadiah Stan was that secretary. And now that secretary was completely in the hands of the military.
      As for the policemen who had heard the secretary say that Tony had killed Obadiah Stan, they were all under the control of the military.
      After all, no matter when, the military would always be the strongest because there were many guns in their hands.
      And this kind of thing did not need Tony to personally solve it. The public relations department of Stark Industrial Group was already organizing a press conference.
      Although the people from the public relations department didn’t know what was going on, they would definitely resolve this matter successfully. After all, it was n’ t a waste for Tony Stank to spend so much money on them.
      Tony quickly brought Colonel Rodi to the weapons research area of Stark Industrial Group.
      Stark Industrial Group’s weapons research area could be said to be extremely strict. Apart from the security guards of Stark Industrial Group, there were many soldiers stationed here.
      Tony looked at the soldiers who were constantly patrolling. He felt that once his strength grew, Stark Industrial Group no longer needed any soldiers to come here. After all, this was Tony’s territory.
      “Mr. Tony, Jericho’s missile has been commissioned. We can assemble it next.”
      Just as Tony had entered a laboratory, a white man in an isolation suit walked over.
      “William, this set of Jericho missiles is fine, right?”
      The Jericho missile was developed by Tony Stark himself. However, because he was too busy, he finally handed all the design drawings to this man called William.
      As for William, he was originally a weapons research and development room of Stark Industrial Group, so his ability was still very strong.
      “Tony, you’ re really a genius. We don’ t need to do anything else. We just need to set up according to the blueprint you gave us.”
      “I know I’ m a genius, so let’s go and take a look. Let’s also let Colonel Rodi see if their military money is worth it.”
      After Tony finished speaking, he walked up.
      Soon, they arrived in front of a missile, and this was just the Jericho missile.
      “Friday, scan.”
      After Tony gave the order, a 3D projector instantly appeared in front of him. Then, the entire interior of the Jericho missile appeared in front of Tony.
      “William, you forgot to add something. The Jericho missile is actually a mother-and-child missile. After flying to the designated location, you can launch a large-scale attack.
      “But the main bullet in the middle is the most powerful one, so I think you can install a laser sensor for it. At that time, you can use it to attack accurately.”
      “Understood. Let’s try it now.”
      William could be said to have no objection to Tony’s suggestion. He immediately took his men and began to dismantle the weapons.
      They were all experts in arms, so they could be said to be doing things very quickly.
      As for the laser sensor, it was the most important thing in their weapons. In just a few minutes, they installed the laser sensor on the main cartridge.
      “Mr. Tony, everything is ready. Should we find a place to try?”
      “We have to try it out. After all, if we’ ve developed it, we won’ t know how it works.”
      William’s words were just a token question to Tony.
      The weapons that Stark Industrial Group had developed could be said to be extremely sophisticated. They had to ensure that every weapon could be used best in real combat.
      It was precisely because of this that every weapon that Stark Industrial Group had developed had to try a lot on its own. After making sure that these weapons would not go wrong, it would be put into production and then sold them out.
      After hearing Tony’s promise, these weapons experts immediately organized people to start loading missiles.*

      Chapter 9: Super Soldier Program (New Book for Collection)

      After firing several Jericho missiles in succession, the power of these missiles still satisfied Tony.
      Although this missile did not have any effect on Tony, he could not use it to deal with the Purple Potato Essence’s army.
      And Tony’s most real idea was to reject all the Purple Potato Essence’s troops outside Earth. It was best to be able to get rid of them in the universe.
      To use Jericho’s missiles against humans to deal with the Purple Potato Essence’s army was not realistic to Tony.
      After thinking about this, Tony’s interest in the Jericho missile instantly disappeared.
      Tony had lost interest in the missile, but that did not mean that Colonel Rodi, who was beside him, was not interested in the missile.
      After Colonel Rodi sensed the power of the Jericho missile, he knew that if this missile was used during the war, its destructive power could be described as terrifying.
      Although this kind of missile was very powerful, Colonel Rodi believed that this genius beside him would definitely be able to develop even more powerful weapons.
      “There’s basically no problem with weapons. If someone places an order, they can produce them directly.”
      Tony finally decided to sell this weapon. As long as someone bought it, he could sell it.
      As for how many innocent people would die under this bomb, it was not within Tony’s scope of thinking.
      Tony did not have the Holy Mother to stop producing this weapon in fear that Jericho’s missiles would kill innocent people.
      Moreover, the current Tony would never close the weapons development department of Stark Industrial Group like Tony Stark.
      Stark Industrial Group was an arms dealer, so selling arms was normal.
      Plus, if Tony wanted to create a weapon that could be used to fight against the purple sweet potato essence, then he had to have an arms company that belonged to him. Only then would he be able to create enough arms.
      Seeing that Tony had already sat in the car, Colonel Rodi quickly pulled open Tony’s other door and sat up.
      “Luo Di, didn’t you own a car?”Why take my car?”
      “No, I have something to tell you.”
      Hearing Rodi’s words, Tony did n’ t want to drive him out of his car.
      “Ha Pi, let’s drive.”
      As Tony’s personal bodyguard, Harpy immediately started the car and headed towards the headquarters of Stark Industries.
      “Speak, what’s wrong.”
      Colonel Rodi was not in a hurry to speak. Instead, he took out a document from his backpack and handed it to Tony.
      “You must have heard of the military’s super soldier plan a long time ago.
      I remember that this plan had just started when I came to see you. I hope you can join this plan.
      “But in the end, you refused. The person in charge of this plan came to find me. I hope you can provide them with some technical support.”
      When Tony heard about this super soldier’s plan, he no longer wanted to open the document in his hand.
      This super soldier plan had been in place for many years. At that time, the person in charge of this plan had indeed come to find Tony Stark.
      But Tony Stark didn’t have much to do with biochemistry, so in the end, he refused.
      And now, Tony couldn’t be more clear about this plan. After all, he was still watching this plan when he was in the office.
      “I said before that this plan might not succeed. They must have created a monster.”
      The monster Tony was talking about was naturally Haoke, because one of the most important researchers in this super soldier program was Dr. Bannah.
      And according to the current time, Dr. Bannah had become Hulk for a long time.
      “That’s right. Dr. Bannah, one of the main leaders of this project, carried out an experiment on himself without permission. The current him is indeed a monster.”
      Rodi had never thought that Tony would know so much. Since Tony already knew about these things, there was no need for him to continue hiding them.
      And the most important thing was that there were these things in Tony’s paper bag. After all, the person in charge of the super soldier’s plan had personally begged him.
      According to the general’s words, the general hoped that Stark Industrial Group would provide them with a batch of weapons that could kill the Hulk.
      “Ding dong, system mission, deal with Hulk’s power. After completing the system mission, you will gain 100 System Points. If the mission fails, you will become Hulk’s enemy.”
      Tony did not expect the System to send him such a mission at this time.
      However, this mission was suitable for Tony. After all, he had already planned to interfere in this matter.
      “Alright, then let that general come to me. I need to know more.”
      “No problem. I asked him to come to you tomorrow.”
      When Rodi heard that Tony was willing to help, he could be said to be extremely happy. At the very least, he could get a favor from that general.*

      Chapter 10: Biochemical Talents (New Book Collection)

      While Lin Xiao and Rodi were rushing towards the headquarters of Stark Industrial Group, inside the headquarters of Divine Shield Bureau, Baldy Nick was watching a picture in his hand.
      The photo in Nick Frey’s hand was not very clear, but it clearly showed that there was a large red steel mech.
      Nick Frey didn’t pay special attention to the steel frame. His gaze was on the woman in the arms of the steel mech.
      “Natasha, have you checked the woman in the photo?”
      On the other side of Nick Frey was the agent of the Divine Shield Bureau, the black widow Natasha.
      After hearing Nick Frey’s words, the black widow took out another document in her hand.
      “I put this photo in the database of S.H.I.E.I. Shield and scanned it. I found that this photo is very similar to a woman. It is very similar to the life secretary beside Tony Stark.”
      After Nick Frey heard this, he turned on the computer in front of him.
      After the computer was turned on, a map appeared in front of Tony Stark.
      “Sure enough, it seems that this person wearing a steel battle suit is most likely Tony Stark. Next, you should think of a way to enter Stark Industrial Group. See if you can investigate whether this steel battle suit is Tony’s.”
      “Understood. Then what about our agents in Stark Industrial Group?”
      “Don’ t worry about them. Just enter as you are. I want you to enter Stark Industrial Group as an undercover agent.”
      The black widow didn’t say anything else and left.
      After all, she was a professional S.H.I.E.I. Shield Agent. It was not easy to do such a thing.
      Moreover, the most important thing was that agents like them wanted to sneak into which company to become agents. It could be said that it was a simple matter. They had plenty of ways to arrange their identities.
      After the black widow left, Nick Frey put the picture in his hand into a shredder beside her.
      “Tony, I hope you really made this steel armor. In that case, you won’ t waste your talent. S.H.I.E. Shield is willing to open the door for you.”
      Nick Frey said that, but what he didn’t know was that Tony was no longer Tony Stark’s.
      If it was the original Tony Stark, then he would really join his S.H.I. Shield Bureau. But now, Tony Stark was already another person, so he would never join S.H.I. Shield Bureau so easily.
      And the most important thing was that Tony had never thought of joining Divine Shield from start to finish.
      If Tony continued to join S.H.I.E. Shield, then the future would not change. Tony could only die with the saying that I was a Iron Man.
      Tony, who didn’t want to die so easily, would n’ t be able to join S.I.E.I. Shield, so every time Nick Frey ended up doing nothing.
      Tony didn’t know that he was in the sight of S.I.E.I. Shield. He had already returned to the headquarters of Stark Industrial Group.
      “Tony, since that’s the case, I’ ll let that general come to you tomorrow, okay?”
      “No problem. Tell him to bring all the information about this super soldier’s plan. I don’ t believe the lab staff under him. This matter must be handed over to the technical staff of Stark Industries.”
      The main reason why Tony had proposed such a thing was that he wanted to get all the information about this super soldier’s plan.
      Although Tony knew about this super soldier’s plan, it was n’ t perfect right now. Otherwise, Dr. Bannah wouldn’t have become like he was now.
      As long as Dr. Bennett’s heart rate was not more than 200, he would definitely be a very powerful helper. He could be said to be very powerful in biochemical experiments.
      If Tony wanted to fight against the purple sweet potato essence, then he needed to be able to produce the green giant in large quantities.
      At that time, both the Hulk and the Captain of the Rice Country would be able to produce a large number of products, and then those teams of Purple Potato Essence would be completely vulnerable.
      According to Tony’s inherited memories, he was still very powerful in terms of technology, but it did n’ t mean that he was also particularly powerful in biochemical experiments. After all, Tony wasn’t omnipotent.
      It was precisely because of this that Tony needed to find a person in the field of biochemistry to help improve this super soldier’s plan.
      In Tony’s opinion, the most suitable person was Dr. Bannah, who was affected by gamma rays. Therefore, he had to take this opportunity to get all the information about the super soldier’s plan to his own hands.*

      Chapter 11: Secretary’s Leisurely Life (New Book for Collection)

      “Tony, I think the two of us have to talk about it. Your decision today is too hasty.”
      Tony had just returned to the headquarters of Stark Industrial Group, and then Little Pepper ran over.
      Little Pepper had been waiting for Tony’s return in his office since Tony had made that decision.
      “That’s right. I think you’ re right. The decision I made just now was really too hasty. I should have done it more seriously.
      “Ha Pi, immediately inform the public relations department and tell them that I want to organize a press conference and give them an hour.”
      “Yes, sir.”
      Ha Pi had always been an unconditional execution of Tony’s words. After all, his salary was given by Tony.
      And as Tony’s bodyguard, Harpy’s salary was arguably the highest in the industry.
      Although the salary was the highest in the industry, Harpy’s mission could be said to be the most relaxed in the industry. Because Tony never liked bodyguards to follow him, most of the time he stayed in the company.
      “Tony, don’t you understand what I just said?”I mean, I’ m not suited to become the CEO of Stark Industrial Group. After all, I don’ t want others to think that I’ m a body-based person.”
      When Tony heard this, he instantly remembered that Little Pepper’s words were indeed right.
      “That’s right, that’s right. You reminded me just now. I don’ t seem to have gotten your body yet. Since you’ re afraid of others thinking that you’ re relying on your body, why don’ t we just come here once.”
      Tony felt that his idea was very good. After all, he had nothing to do in the office as a secretary. In the past, he had only thought about it casually, but now he really had a chance to do it.
      “Tony, that’s not what I mean. I just feel…!”
      Before Little Pepper could finish her sentence, Tony rushed over and directly picked her up.
      “Friday, close all the curtains in the office and lock the door at the same time.”
      “Understood, Master.”
      As soon as Friday’s words fell, all the curtains in Tony’s office were closed in an instant. At the same time, the office door was closed.
      “Tony, listen to me. I think the two of us really need to have a good talk. I mean…!”
      Tony didn’t intend to continue talking to Little Pepper. He immediately kissed her mouth and walked towards the table beside him.
      “Mr. Tony, those reporters outside have been waiting for you for half an hour.”
      Just as Tony walked out of the office, Ha Pi and the person in charge of the PR department were already waiting for him.
      According to the instructions given by Tony, he was going to hold a press conference in an hour. Now, the reporters had already waited for him for half an hour. This meant that Tony had spent an entire hour and a half inside.
      As a super soldier’s serum injected, this hour and a half was not a big deal for Tony.
      If it wasn’t for Little Pepper, then Tony could still continue.
      “Little Pepper, are you alright?”We’ re leaving.”
      After hearing Tony’s words, Little Pepper reluctantly walked out of the office.
      At this moment, it was obvious that she wasn’t walking properly. At the same time, there was a red bloodstain on her professional suit.
      “Well, I think I need to change my clothes.”
      “Alright, then you go change. I’ ll wait for you here.”
      “But the reporters below have already waited for you for half an hour. It’s not appropriate for you to keep them waiting.”
      “I didn’ t ask them either. If someone didn’ t want to wait, they would have left.”
      Tony knew that these reporters were racking their brains in order to obtain such a chance to enter.
      Now, let alone letting them wait for half an hour, even if they waited for another half an hour, these people would definitely be very willing.
      Seeing Tony sitting down on a chair beside him, Little Pepper ran towards another office.
      Although Little Pepper was Tony’s life secretary, most of the time she lived in Tony’s Seascape Villa.
      However, she also held a position in Stark Industrial Group, and she was entrusted to someone beside you. Therefore, there was naturally an office belonging to her on this floor.
      After Tony waited less than ten minutes, Little Pepper had already changed into another professional suit and walked out of the office.
      “Tony, I think we can really consider this matter again.”
      “There’s no need to think about it. If you continue, I might have another idea later.”
      Hearing Tony’s words, Little Pepper stopped talking and followed behind Tony towards the press conference venue.
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      Chapter 12: I’m going to save the world next (New Book for Collection)

      When Tony and the others arrived at the venue of the press conference, the reporters who had been waiting for more than half an hour already pointed their cameras at Lin Xiao and the others before pressing down the shutter.
      These reporters also knew the rules, so when Tony didn’t reach the summit, they definitely would n’ t speak casually.
      Soon, Tony had already brought Little Pepper to the summit stage.
      “Mr. Tony, it’s said that Mr. Obadiah Stan fell from the upstairs this morning. May I ask if he killed himself or him?”
      “Mr. Tony, it’s said that the Jericho missile has been finalized today. May I ask if your combat strength is satisfactory?”
      “Mr. Tony, after the Jericho missile, what kind of weapon does Stark Industrial Group want to launch next?”
      The moment Tony stepped onto the stage, the reporters who had been waiting for him all asked the questions they wanted to ask.
      Tony looked at the mess of reporters below and opened his hands.
      “Everyone, be quiet. I’ m holding a press conference this time because I have a very important matter to announce.”
      The moment Tony’s words fell, everyone quieted down.
      Since Tony said there was something important to announce, then this matter would definitely be a very important matter.
      And today, there were already enough things happening in Stark Industrial Group.
      First, Obadiah Stan, the vice president of Stark Industrial Group and one of its founders, fell from the sky dozens of stories high and fell into the mud.
      According to the information released by the military and the police, it was Obadiah Stan who had been pushed down by the secretary because of a dispute with a secretary over the money he had kept.
      As for the secretary who pushed him down to Obadiah Stan, she knew that she couldn’t survive, so she killed herself in the end.
      Apart from this, another important thing happened to Stark Industrial Group, which was that the Jericho missile that they had studied for a long time had been finalized today.
      According to the concept map released by Stark Industrial Group some time ago, the lethality of the Jericho missile was absolutely terrifying.
      Today, Tony Stark was going to hold a press conference.
      Although these reporters had waited here for almost an hour, no one had any complaints, because this might be a shocking news.
      So now, all the reporters were shut up. The entire venue could be said to be a needle that fell on the ground and could be heard.
      “Cough cough cough……!”
      After clearing his throat, Tony took the microphone in front of him and said directly,” I’ve gathered you all here today because I have something important to announce.
      From today on, I will step down as the CEO of Stark Industrial Group.
      The CEO of Stark Industrial Group will be taken over by Miss Pepper Pozzi. Everyone congratulates Miss Pepper Pozzi.”
      After Tony pulled Little Pepper out again, there was no applause from the venue.
      All the reporters below had yet to react to this because this news was a little too shocking to them.
      Pa pa pa……!”
      After these reporters heard the applause, they realized that they should applaud at this time.
      Pa pa pa……!”
      Pa pa pa……!”
      “Crack, crack!”
      Then, applause and the sound of the shutter were heard continuously.
      After these voices fell, the reporters were not most concerned about Little Pepper becoming the CEO of Stark Industrial Group. They were most concerned about why Tony would step down, the CEO of Stark Industrial Group, and what he would do next.
      These reporters had already linked this matter to some of the rumors they had received.
      “Mr. Tony, may I ask if you have any plans after you step down as President of Stark Industrial Group?”
      “Mr. Tony, according to the information we received, some people said that Mr. Obadiah Stan was killed by you. Did you step down as the CEO of Stark Industrial Group because of this? Are you going to jail?”
      As this reporter recalled his words, all the reporters in the venue shut their mouths because this news could really be considered a very important news.
      Tony looked at the reporters waiting for him to answer. He knew it was time to show his identity. After all, his identity as Iron Man could not be kept secret, so he might as well confess it directly.
      “Everyone, with respect to your question just now, I’ ll only answer your question. That’s what I’ m going to do next. I’ m going to save the world. I’ m going to protect world peace.”
      The moment Tony finished speaking, the bloody warframe in his body instantly appeared. Then, it covered Tony’s body in an instant. Then, Iron Man appeared in front of these reporters.
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      Chapter 13: World Famous (New Book for Collection)

      The moment Tony became a Iron Man, all the reporters in the venue had recorded this scene with their own items.
      In addition, many of these reporters were broadcasting in order to take the lead, so the people in front of the television all saw Tony’s appearance.
      “Everyone, I’m sure everyone knows why I fired the CEO of Stark Industrial Group.
      “Although I quit the CEO of Stark Industrial Group, Stark Industrial Group will become more and more powerful. In the future, Stark Industrial Group will be Miss Poz’s.”
      After Tony finished speaking, the injector on his feet and hands instantly lit up. Then, Tony flew out of the venue and quickly disappeared from the headquarters of Stark Industrial Group.
      When these reporters saw that Tony had already left, all of them turned their attention to the little pepper standing on the podium.
      “Miss Poz, may I ask if Mr. Tony is wearing the latest weapon developed by the Stark Industrial Empire?”
      “Miss Pozzi, may I ask if your Stark Industrial Group will sell this kind of steel armor?”
      Little Pepper looked at the reporters who were already boiling in front of her. She knew that she, the CEO, had to be the next CEO.
      But Tony didn’t tell her anything about the steel battle suit. Even though she had flown with Tony once in the sky today, Tony did n’ t tell her what to do with the steel battle suit.
      “Everyone, this steel battle suit belongs to Tony’s personal product. As for what to do next, it’s his business.”
      Little Pepper quickly decided to blame Tony for this.
      With Tony’s character, it was impossible for him to be influenced by anyone in the ordinary way.
      As for whether these reporters could ask anything from his mouth, it was unknown.
      But then Little Pepper regretted it, because she knew that all the reporters that Tony sent out were beauties.
      In order to get some information from Tony, these beautiful women did not care about their bodies. Many people even wanted to send them to bed.
      But now that these words were spoken, regret had no effect.
      “Everyone, today’s press conference is here. If anything happens, our Stark Industrial Group will reconvene the press conference.”
      After that, Little Pepper left the venue under the escort of Harpy and the others.
      Since she was going to be the CEO of Stark Industries, she had to solve the legal problems first.
      Moreover, Little Pepper knew that she had to consider wiping her butt for Tony’s decision today. After all, what Tony had done today could be said to be earth-shattering. When the military knew that he had this steel battle suit, they would definitely find a way to find Tony.
      Plus, Tony had destroyed the two fighter planes this morning, so there was a possibility that they would have to pay compensation.
      Just as Little Pepper had predicted, Tony’s decision had already caused a huge sensation.
      Tony Stark was a legend in the country, a genius-like figure who had always been known as the guardian of freedom and security in the country.
      It was because Tony Stark was the hero of the people that the people’s respect for Tony Stark reached a peak after seeing Tony Stark develop new weapons.
      And what was completely different from the people was the military of the country.
      After seeing that Tony was the owner of the steel battle suit on television, the military naturally knew that the two fighter planes that they lost today were destroyed by Tony.
      But compared to the two fighter planes, Tony’s steel battle suit was obviously more enticing. Therefore, as the liaison officer of the military and Stark Industrial Group, Colonel Rodi had already headed towards Tony’s villa again.
      As for the headquarters of the Divine Shield Bureau, Baldy Nick looked at the live broadcast on the television in front of him. His only remaining eye seemed to be shining brightly.
      “Sure enough, it’s you. Looks like you’ re really a genius. I wonder if a genius like you can be used for me. The Avengers Alliance seems to have to do it now.”
      When Nick Frey was certain that Tony was Iron Man, he could be said to be happier than anyone else.
      He had already sent the Black Widow to Stark Industrial Group, so Tony Stark would definitely become a member of the Alliance for revenge. This was the confidence that Baldy Nick had in himself, as well as in S.H.I. Shield.*

      Chapter 14: Anti-Hork Warframe (New Book for Collection)

      “Friday, do you still remember what anti-Hork warframe needs?”
      Tony had already returned to his Seascape villa at this time.
      He was not interested in what was happening outside. What he needed to do now was to get the anti-Hork warframe out as soon as possible.
      Since Tony had promised the general to see him and wanted to bring Dr. Bennett here, he had to make sure he had a set of armor that could fight Hulk.
      And now, the most suitable one was the anti-Hork battle rack that Tony had used in the past.
      Although it was easy to destroy the armor, it didn’t mean that it was n’ t suitable for use. After all, it was more than once called Hulk to knock out.
      With the current Jarvis, he definitely didn’t know about what anti-hork warframes needed.
      That was why Tony could only entrust this matter to Friday. After all, Friday was a journey back with Tony Stark.
      “Master, I’ ve already made a document of what Anti-Hork Warframe needs.”
      “Alright, send all of these things to the logistics department. Let them send them all over as fast as possible.
      By the way, they were also given a copy of the ingredients for the super warrior serum.
      However, the matter of the super warrior serum must not be known to other people, so they had to put all these things together.
      “As for the other aspects, I’ ll be able to confuse you.”
      “Understood, Master. This is the list. Can you take a look?”
      As an artificial intelligence, and with a higher level than Jarvis, she had already gotten everything Tony needed the moment Tony finished speaking.
      Looking at the list in front of him, Tony quickly determined that the list was indeed what he needed.
      Besides this list, Tony also found a lot of things he didn’t need. This must have been used to confuse the public on Friday.
      “That’s right. Just send this list directly.”
      After Tony had the list sent to the logistics department of Stark Industrial Group on Friday, he arrived at the basement of his villa.
      This was where Tony Stark used to experiment, and there were many luxury cars inside.
      “Jarvis, think of a way to get all these cars out. These things are more important here.”
      “Sir, how do we deal with these cars?”
      Jarvis also knew that there was another female AI by Tony’s side. He was on the verge of falling out of favor.
      “Whatever. Just get it out and put it outside. There’s something else I can use later.”
      Tony planned to get the anti-Hork warframe out of his basement.
      Moreover, this basement still needed to be used to experiment with super warrior serums, so putting these sports cars here was indeed a bit more important.
      After Jarvis heard Tony’s words, he immediately controlled a few robots in his home. He then moved these sports cars out and placed them in the parking lot outside the villa.
      “Jarvis, raise the security level of the basement to the highest. No one is allowed to enter the basement without my permission.”
      Tony needed to transform this basement into a special laboratory for himself, so he would never allow anyone to enter without her authorization.
      Even Rod, who had taken the steel armor from Tony Stark from the back, was not allowed to enter.
      Tony might make large quantities of steel battle clothes in the future, but Tony did not intend to let people drive because people wearing these steel battle clothes did not necessarily have artificial intelligence commanders to listen to him.
      As for Ochuang who appeared later, Tony felt that he could go and find the ant after he had settled the matter with Hulk.
      Tony didn’t really like the ant man’s armor, but the technique of standing on it alone could be used on the steel armor.
      If he could have a set of steel battle clothes that could grow and become smaller at any time, then Tony’s combat strength could definitely be improved by a lot.
      Soon, Tony saw that all the sports cars in the basement had been taken out, and then he started to stroll around the basement.
      “Jarvis, I’ll leave the things in this basement to you. We have to make sure that this basement is indestructible. If you need anything, just find the company’s logistics department.
      “As for manpower, I’ ll bring you some manpower in the next few days.”
      Tony felt that it was not enough for him to only have this set of steel battle clothes in his hands, so he was going to prepare a few more sets of steel battle clothes for himself. If that was the case, he could have a few more legs.
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      Chapter 15: Military Requirements (New Book for Collection)

      When Colonel Rodi arrived at Tony’s villa in a car, he noticed that there were already many sports cars at Tony’s door.
      Although Rodi was the liaison between the military and Stark Industrial Group, his relationship with Tony had not reached such a level that he could not say anything about. He did not even have the qualifications to enter Tony’s basement.
      Colonel Rodi knew that Tony had many luxury cars, but he also knew that these luxury cars were usually kept by Tony.
      Seeing that an old car that was worth more than tens of millions was thrown outside like this, Colonel Rodi felt that this was a waste.
      But who told Tony to have money? That was why even if he knew that it was a waste of money, it was none of his business.
      Even though that was the case, Rodi still endured his desire to beat Tony up and walked into the villa.
      “Master, Colonel Rodi is here.”
      Tony was planning the basement because he wanted to transform the basement into the safe house he wanted.
      In the future, there was a good chance that there would be a lot of products that Tony had developed in this basement. Therefore, he needed to make this basement a safe place to avoid being stolen in.
      But after hearing Friday’s report, Tony understood that Colonel Rodi must have come to find him for the sake of his steel armor.
      However, when Tony had chosen to announce that he had a steel battle suit, he had already thought of these things. Therefore, he was not surprised by the arrival of Rodi so quickly.
      Tony did not intend to let Rodi see his basement, even if there was nothing in the basement.
      So, Tony walked out of the basement and headed upstairs.
      When Tony had just walked out of the basement entrance, Colonel Rodi had already arrived.
      “Tony, you’ ve caused a great disaster this time. How can you make a move on the air force plane today?”
      Colonel Rodi knew that he had to take the initiative in his negotiations with Tony. Otherwise, he would never have gotten this steel suit from Tony.
      “Let the air force go to Stark Industrial Group to pull two newly developed stealth fighter jets. Is this compensation enough?”
      Tony’s words blocked Colonel Rodi’s next words. At the same time, he really couldn’t find anything good to say.
      He originally wanted to count this loss on Tony’s head, and then he could let Tony dedicate this steel armor.
      But when Tony said that, I’ll pay for it, and I’ ll also pay for the two most advanced fighter jets.
      Seeing Tony, who had already reached a glass of wine, sitting on the sofa, Colonel Roddy braced himself and walked over.
      “Tony, you know what I’ m here for. I definitely won’ t just want you to pay for those two fighter jets. As long as you can sell the steel battle suit you’ re wearing today to the military, then what happened to those two fighter jets today can be considered as nothing has happened.”
      “Luo Di, we’ve been working together for many years. You know what my temper is like.
      “It’s absolutely impossible to sell this set of steel armor to anyone. If your military is going to take it hard, then I won’ t compromise so easily. So I advise you guys not to think too hard.”
      As an arms dealer, Tony naturally understood that people from the military were very domineering at times.
      If he rejected them today, the military might try to get the steel armor from him.
      Lin Xiao did not intend to show any weakness. If the military really dared to do so, then Lin Xiao would definitely make them pay the price.
      “Tony, you also know that our relationship has always been good. Moreover, the Jericho missile you just developed is about to be installed in the army. So I think we can also maintain such a cooperative relationship in the matter of steel armor.”
      “Then don’t think about it. I definitely wo n’ t give you the steel armor. If you think you have other options, you can think about it again.
      “By the way, Bozi is back. I won’ t send you off.”
      Tony had just learned from Friday that Little Pepper had returned, so he immediately gave the guest-chasing order.
      “Tony, I hope you can reconsider. Our military is really sincere.”
      Colonel Rodi saw Little Pepper’s car parked outside, so he could only turn around and walk outside.
      He already knew the outcome of this incident before he came, so this outcome was not beyond his expectations.
      He was only forced by the people above, so he came over to try.
      In any case, he had already come, and he had been rejected. Then, he would be able to pay his debts when he returned.
      That was why Colonel Rodi was not too disappointed. He walked out with a smile.*

      Chapter 16: Black Widow Visit (New Book for Collection)

      “Tony, is Luo Di here to talk to you about the steel armor?”What’s more, why didn’ t you tell me about your steel battle suit today? I almost couldn’ t handle it.”
      After Little Pepper walked in, she started complaining to Tony.
      But at this moment, Tony’s gaze was already on the woman behind Little Pepper.
      Little Pepper had already realized that Tony’s gaze was n’ t on her. Besides, Tony was a playboy before, so when she saw that Tony’s gaze was n’ t on her, she was a little jealous.
      “Tony, I’ m talking to you?”
      “Oh, I think you’re doing quite well now.
      “Oh right, she is?”
      Tony couldn’t be more familiar with the black widow following behind Little Pepper.
      However, Tony did not intend to reveal the identity of the black widow. Instead, he wanted to see how she would be able to persuade him to join Divine Shield.
      “She’s Natasha from the Legal Department. This time, she’s responsible for the handover of the two of us CEOs.”
      “That’s right, it’s a special object. It’s just a bit shorter.”
      Hearing Tony’s words, the black widow did not take it seriously. Instead, she brought the document in her hand to Tony.
      “Mr. Tony, this is the legal document. If you sign your name here, you’ ll have to hand over the matter of Stark Industrial Group to Miss Pozzi.”
      Tony did not hesitate and directly signed his name on the document.
      “Alright, then I’ ll go.”
      Natasha’s mission was completed. If she wanted to stay here, it would be a little inappropriate.,
      “Miss Natasha, wait a moment. I don’ t have a living secretary right now. I wonder if you’ re interested in coming to my side as a living secretary?”
      “No, absolutely not.”
      Just as Tony had finished speaking, Little Pepper stopped him.
      After hearing Little Pepper’s words, Natasha turned around and smiled at Tony. Then, she turned around and left.
      “Tony, don’ t think I don’ t know what you’ re thinking. She definitely can’ t become your life secretary. She can’ t say anything.”
      Lil Pea knew Tony’s charm. If Natasha became Tony’s life secretary, she was sure that the person on Tony’s bed tonight would be Natasha.
      “Miss Pozzi, I think the two of us should be reasonable about this.
      “Now that you’ ve become the CEO of Stark Industrial Group, naturally there’s no one to take care of me, so it’s time to find a life secretary for me.”
      “Sure, I’ ll let Harpy become your life secretary. Anyway, this Natasha definitely won’ t do it.”
      Little Pepper shook her head like a wave. No matter what, she would not allow this.
      “Alright, then let’s talk about this.”
      “In any case, don’ t even think about this matter. Absolutely not.”
      Tony didn’t want to continue arguing with Little Pepper anymore. He stood up and walked out because there were already several trucks parked outside.
      These trucks carried everything Tony needed.
      Although Tony had already stepped down as the CEO of Stark Industrial Group, the things he needed were always number one.
      If the Stark Industrial Group lost Tony, then the Stark Industrial Group would soon decline.
      As for the steel battle suit that Tony had brought out today, he could not allow the logistics department of Stark Industrial Group to slack off.
      It was precisely because of this that when he saw the list that Tony had sent him, the logistics department of Stark Industrial Group immediately organized people to send all of these things over.
      “Mr. Tony, according to your instructions, we’ ve already sent over most of the items. However, there are still some items that are not available at the headquarters for the time being. It will take a while to get them over.”
      From the list that he had received from this person, Tony realized that all the things he lacked were just the ingredients of the super warrior serum.
      For Tony, this thing wasn’t needed for the time being. What he needed most now was anti-Halker armor.
      All the things needed for anti-Hork warframes were already here, so Tony could assemble them all as quickly as he could. After all, he had already been experienced in these matters.
      “That’s fine. I’ ll send all the remaining items back to the basement after I get them done.”
      The moment Tony finished speaking, the door to the basement opened and the vehicles started to drive in.
      “Tony, what are you doing?”
      Little Pepper saw Tony move all of these things into the underground parking lot, and then she asked.
      “I intend to develop an artificial intelligence silicone doll. In the future, this may become the main cause of our Stark Industrial Group.”
      Little Pepper rolled her eyes at Tony’s words.
      Tony didn’t care. He had already entered the basement, directing the workers to place the things he needed in different places.*

      Chapter 17: General Ross (New Book for Collection)

      “Mr. Tony, you’ ve already placed all these items in the appropriate places according to your instructions. If there’s anything you need us to do, please speak directly.”
      “No need, you can leave now.”
      “Alright, then I wish Mr. Toni a good time.”
      Then, all the staff of Stark Industrial Group left.
      Their salaries were all given by Tony, so they could not be disrespectful to Tony.
      And Tony had always been known as a genius. In the hearts of these ordinary employees, Stark Industrial Group was completely supported by Tony himself.
      Seeing that all of them had left, Lin Xiao separated the steel armor from his body.
      “Friday, remember how Mark’s battle armor was assembled. Let’s start assembling all Mark’s battle armor.”
      As the artificial intelligence that came back with Tony on Friday, her memory bank indeed had all the assembly procedures of Mark Zhan A.
      As long as Mark’s warframes were completely assembled, then these warframes could be handed over to Jarvis. These warframes could also be used as weapons in Tony’s hands.
      Of course, Tony needed the help of these warframes if he wanted to build an anti-hork warframe. Otherwise, it would take a long time for him to build an anti-hork warframe alone.
      “Understood, Master. I’ ll start immediately.”
      After Friday, he began to control this set of warframes to get busy in this world.
      This basement was originally used by Tony for experiments, so there were plenty of tools inside.
      Plus, Jarvis was helping in the basement, so even without Tony, the two AIs could assemble Mark’s armor as quickly as possible.
      Seeing that the artificial intelligence of Friday and Jarvis were already busy, Tony did not intend to leave. After all, with his help, the speed of assembling the steel battle suit would be much faster.
      In order to assemble the anti-Hork warframe as soon as possible, Tony had to increase his speed.
      “Master, Miss Bozi has come down. Should we let her in?”
      After Tony heard Jarvis’ words, he lifted his head from the table.
      When he lifted his head, Tony noticed that the sky outside was already bright.
      He spent the whole night trying to assemble the anti-Hork warframe as soon as possible.
      But so far, the anti-Hock warframe had not been assembled. It took him a whole night to assemble four steel battle suits.
      Although he had only assembled four steel battle suits, it was enough for Tony to assemble the anti-Hock war armour.
      Just as Tony lifted his head, he saw Little Chili approaching the door of the basement.
      “Let her in.”
      Tony remembered that he had set up the most urgent safety regulations in this basement.
      Without Tony’s permission, Little Pepper would not be able to enter the basement.
      After hearing Lin Xiao’s order, Little Pepper quickly opened the door of the basement according to the previous password.
      “Tony, you spent the whole night here last night.
      “Tony, you actually assembled four steel battle clothes in one night. You’ re really amazing.”
      When Little Pepper saw the four steel battle clothes in the basement, she could be said to be shocked.
      If he could really follow Tony’s speed, then Little Pepper felt that this steel battle might indeed be put into mass production.
      However, she also knew that Tony would never allow this steel armor to be lost, so these were all Tony’s.
      “Shouldn’t you be at work?”Today is your first day as CEO. Are you going to be late?”
      “If you don’t tell me, I still forgot that I have n’ t been integrated into this character yet.
      By the way, I came down to tell you that General Ross is already waiting for you. You should hurry up and see him.
      “I won’ t talk to you anymore. I need to go to the company quickly. I remember there seems to be a meeting today. This is my first meeting.”
      After Little Pepper finished speaking, she quickly ran upstairs because she was no longer Tony’s life secretary. She was the CEO of Stark Industrial Group.
      “Little Pepper, when you go back, let them prepare a satellite for me. I have something to send to the outer space.”
      “Understood. When I return to the headquarters, I’ ll ask them to help me prepare immediately. Just tell them when you want to use it.”
      After Little Pepper finished speaking, she turned around and ran upstairs and quickly disappeared into the basement.
      Seeing Little Pepper leave, Tony stood up from his chair.
      Since General Ross had arrived, he must have brought something he needed.
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      Chapter 18: Offence of Hate (New Book for Collection)

      After arriving at the first floor of the villa, Tony saw two people in the living room.
      However, there were two people here. One of them was sitting and the other was standing behind in a military uniform.
      Tony immediately saw that the person sitting was General Ross, who was in charge of the super soldier plan.
      As for the person behind General Ross, that was the villain of the Invincible Hooker, that was Bu Langsky who was willing to turn into an abomination in order to gain power.
      “Good morning, Mr. Tony.”
      When Ross learned that Tony was willing to meet him, he could be said to be very happy.
      The only progress his super soldier planned to make so far was that Dr. Bannah had become the Hulk.
      And the most important thing was that the current Dr. Bannah had already run away and was not under his control.
      That was why General Ross wanted to see if he could get some help from Tony.
      Tony’s name as a genius was already well known. General Ross had already looked for Tony Stark when he was doing this experiment.
      However, Tony Stark only took a glance at the information and returned it to him. He also told him that the people from the experimental Stark Industrial Group would not participate in anything. They even directly told him that this experiment was basically impossible.
      General Ross was already hopeless, but when he saw that Tony had steel armor, he felt that he might be able to ask Tony for help.
      It was precisely because of this that he called Colonel Rodi at the first moment, and hoped that Colonel Rodi could help him.
      “Morning, General Ross, wait a moment. I’ ll go wash the dishes.”
      “It’s fine. Just be busy.”
      Tony had been busy all night yesterday, so he needed to wash up.
      Tony did not say anything else. He quickly entered the bathroom and began to wash up inside.
      As for General Ross, he was still sitting on the sofa drinking coffee. This was the coffee that Miss Pozzi gave him before she left.
      Soon, Tony packed up and walked out of the bathroom. Then, he came to General Ross’ side and sat down.
      However, there was no living secretary in Tony’s villa now, so it was a bit difficult for him to have a cup of coffee.
      “Jarvis, make me a cup of coffee.”
      After hearing Tony’s words, Jarvis immediately controlled a steel battle suit to walk up from downstairs.
      When they saw the steel battle suit walking up, General Ross and Bu Langsky did not leave the steel battle suit.
      “Thank you!”
      After Tony took the coffee from the steel suit, his thanks were actually directed at Jarvis, who controlled the steel suit.
      “General Ross, it’s time for us to discuss some business now. Have you brought all the things I asked you to bring here?”
      This time, Tony was willing to meet General Ross. He wanted to see the information about his plan for the super soldier.
      Now that General Ross had arrived, Tony could take advantage of this opportunity to get everything he wanted.
      After hearing Tony’s words, General Ross waved at Bu Langsky behind him.
      Bu Langsky did not hesitate at all, and then he handed everything in his hands to Tony.
      After opening the file bag, Tony realized that there was only a USB stick inside.
      After all, there were too many data for this experiment, so all the data could be stored in this USB.
      Moreover, General Ross could not bring a large truck of experimental data to see Tony.
      “On Friday, scan everything in this document.”
      The moment Tony’s words fell, a 3D projection file appeared in front of him.
      As this 3D image appeared, General Ross’ eyes were filled with envy.
      If they could get this kind of 3D projection technology into their hands, they would be able to save a lot of things when they experiment in the future.
      But Tony’s next move made General Ross even more envious. As his hands kept moving in the air, the 3D projection began to change.
      After Tony split up all the documents, he was certain that he had recorded all the documents on Friday.
      “General Ross, you two can leave now.”
      After speaking, Tony tossed the useless USB to General Ross and stood up to leave.
      “Mr. Tony, after you review our experimental data, do you want to chase us away like this?”
      When General Ross said this, he stood up from the sofa in anger. Even Bu Langsky behind him was ready to walk towards Tony at this moment.
      But then the two of them stopped because the steel battle suit in front of them had already lifted both hands and the injector in their hands had already lit up.*

      Chapter 19: Just break your limbs. Don’t get dirty here (2, more than anything else)

      “General Ross, since I asked you to come here, I mean to cooperate sincerely.
      “But you didn’ t really want to cooperate with me. Since that’s the case, you two really don’ t need to stay here. You can go back now.”
      After General Ross heard Tony’s words, he knew that his little actions had indeed not been concealed from Tony.
      He originally thought that Tony’s genius was only in weapons technology, but in biochemistry, Tony should not have much ability.
      “Mr. Tony, I did not do the right thing this time. This is all the experimental data.”
      Tony had just taken a look at the experimental data. After passing Friday’s analysis, Tony knew that General Ross had not given all the information.
      And the most important thing was that Tony discovered that there was no gamma ray in the experimental parameters given by General Ross.
      Dr. Bannah was able to become the Hulk. A large part of the reason was because he was exposed to gamma rays, so Tony only took a glance and was certain that General Ross had not given him everything.
      The USB flash drive that General Ross had just tossed over was scanned on Friday.
      “Master, the experimental data in this USB disk are quite detailed, but it seems that their experiment has not made a critical breakthrough.”
      After hearing Friday’s words, Tony nodded.
      He knew that General Ross and the others had not fully studied the experiment. It was possible that the experiment could not be carried out to a large extent, because the experiment had been carried out for so many years but still had not made a critical breakthrough. Naturally, Congress would not give them too much financial support.
      In order for General Ross to continue the experiment, he had to find a way to capture Dr. Bannah and show the people in Congress that his experiment had made a breakthrough.
      As long as the people of the Congress could see Dr. Bannah, the experiment would definitely continue to receive the support of the Congress. It could even be said that the funds were more sufficient.
      But so far, none of them had found where Dr. Bennett was. That was why General Ross came to find Tony.
      Of course, Stark Industrial Group was known as the most powerful arms dealer in the entire Mi Country. General Ross also hoped to be supported by Stark Industrial Group in terms of technology. After all, Stark Industrial Group’s technology had always been in the leading position.
      “That’s fine. I need someone to study these things next. I’ ll look for you when there’s a breakthrough in my research.”
      Tony did not intend to continue his conversation with General Ross. After all, he had already obtained what he wanted.
      “Mr. Tony, are you just asking us to come here to give you these technologies?”Your plan is too good.”
      When Bu Langsky saw Tony’s appearance, he was very unhappy.
      He was a mercenary, and he was the kind of person who could voluntarily give General Ross an experiment to increase his ability.
      He didn’t think highly of people like Tony who relied on their weapons, because in his eyes, powerful people relied on their own hands.
      “Bu Langsky, shut up.”
      Although General Ross did not know about Tony’s temper, he still hoped that Tony could make a breakthrough in this experiment.
      These experimental data were originally provided by him. If Tony made a breakthrough in this experiment, then this experiment would definitely be completed by him. Moreover, Tony would definitely share the experimental data with him at that time.
      It was precisely because of this that he quickly shut up when he heard Bu Langsky speak.
      But Bu Langsky had already spoken, and Tony had already heard him.
      “You’re right. I want your experimental data. What can you do to me?
      And when was it your turn to talk to an ordinary mercenary.
      Jarvis, teach me a lesson. All his limbs were broken. Just leave a breath.
      “Oh right, don’ t dirty this place.”
      After speaking, Tony turned around and walked towards the basement.
      General Ross wanted to persuade Tony to show mercy, but Mark 2 had already rushed over.
      Bu Langsky looked at the steel armor that had already rushed to his side. He threw a punch at the steel armor.
      However, as soon as Bu Langsky’s fist landed on Mark 2, he started to scream. Because Mark 2 seized this opportunity to grab his fist and directly broke his arm.
      However, after Mark 2 broke Bu Langsky’s fist, it still did not let go of his other three limbs.
      After finishing Tony’s orders, Mark 2 quickly walked towards the basement because Tony was assembling the anti-Hock warframe.
      General Ross looked at Bu Langsky who was paralyzed on the ground. He shook his head and walked out.
      As General Ross walked out, his guard had already come in and carried Bronsky out.
      Soon, General Ross left with Bu Langsky.
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      Chapter 20: Be prepared to face death (3 more for collection)

      After arriving in the basement, Tony directly projected all the data he had obtained on Friday.
      Looking at the huge pile of data in front of him, Tony didn’t hesitate to start stripping the data.
      General Ross had indeed given Tony all the data, but a large portion of the data he had given was useless.
      What Tony needed to do now was to peel off all these useless things and throw them into the trash can.
      It took him half an hour to get rid of all the useless data.
      Looking at these things, Tony could understand them. He could even study the gamma rays according to the experimental data.
      But this was not what Tony needed. After all, there was basically no need for an army of the Hulk that was not under his control.
      However, Tony himself could not get these things out, but there was still a System inside his body.
      After Tony opened the System, he started to stroll around the System.
      Soon, Tony found a way to improve the Hulk in the System.
      The cost of this item wasn’t particularly expensive. Just 200 System Points was enough, because Tony already had a lot of data. He just needed to improve that part.
      The only thing that made Tony feel regretful was that he did not have these 200 System Points in his hands.
      However, Tony knew that he only needed to complete Hulk’s task next. Then, he had an improved method to exchange for the Hulk reagent.
      As long as he could improve the Hulk’s reagent, Tony would be able to mass-produce the Hulk in the future. Moreover, he was the kind of Hulk that would not lose control. This was definitely a very good thing.
      The easiest way to deal with Hulk was to assemble the anti-Hulk armor first.
      As long as the anti-Hock warframe was assembled, Tony could turn around to look for Dr. Bennett. Even if Dr. Bennett went crazy and became Hock, Tony could still defeat him.
      When he thought of this, Tony would probably put on his own steel battle suit, and then bring the other four sets of steel battle suits to start assembling the anti-Hock warframe.
      Tony now had five people, so even if he was to assemble the anti-Hork warframe, his speed could be said to be extremely fast.
      While Tony was assembling the anti-Hork warframe, General Ross had already brought Bu Langsky back to his lab.
      “Give him a check.”
      Although all his limbs had been broken at this time, he still remained awake.
      “Bulansky, when you don’ t have enough strength, it’s best not to be impudent in front of someone stronger than you. This time, Tony Stark didn’ t tell you to kill you is already your life. Don’ t do such a stupid thing in the future.”
      General Ross prepared to leave this place after he said that.
      Bu Langsky’s combat strength was relatively good. At least, he could leave the matter to Dr. Banner.
      That was why General Ross was willing to spend so much energy talking to him.
      Seeing that General Ross was about to leave, Bu Langsky endured the pain on his body and sat up from the bed.
      General Ross looked at Bu Langsky, who was still able to sit up, and then stopped.
      “General, I know that your experiment must be less than the experimental material. If that’s the case, I’ m willing to be your experimental material. You can do anything to me, even if you cut me into pieces.”
      After hearing Bu Langsky’s words, General Ross’ lips curled into a smile.
      He was still very satisfied with Bu Langsky, and such a person could indeed be used to make experiments for them.
      Although General Ross had never lacked experimental items, he felt that a person like Bu Langsky might be the most suitable experimental item.
      “Sure. Since you’ ve taken the initiative to become the experimental material, I’ ll satisfy you.”
      General Ross then left.
      When Bulansky saw General Ross again, he was already lying on a test bed.
      At this moment, there were countless people busy in isolation clothes around the experimental platform.
      “The plan we’re working on is called the Super Soldier Plan. It’s just that we hope to transform our soldiers so that they can have a strong combat strength. However, we haven’t reached the standard yet.
      “But this should be fine for you. After all, you’ re still an experimental item, so be prepared for death.”
      As General Ross spoke, a tube of green reagent was injected into Bu Langsky’s body.
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      Chapter 21: Touch the Black Widow’s Undescriptible Land (4 more to collect)

      “It’s done, it’s finally done.”
      Tony looked at the anti-Hock armor in front of him. He felt that he was very satisfied.
      It took Tony and the four steel battle suits around him a whole day to assemble this set of anti-Hork battle armor.
      The main reason why they were able to assemble them in such a short day was because the database on Friday contained the assembly information of Anti-Hork Warframe.
      At the same time, there was Tony.
      Although the person inside this body was no longer Tony Stark’s, at least Tony had inherited all of these things.
      It was because of this that Tony and the others assembled these things very quickly.
      Since the anti-Hork warframe had been developed, Tony planned to send the warframe into space.
      Only by sending this anti-Hork warframe into space would Tony be able to use it as quickly as possible.
      “Friday, call Little Pepper.”
      As Tony’s voice rang, a 3d projection of Chili Pepper appeared in front of him.
      “Tony, I’ m in a meeting right now?”
      “Little Pepper, I remember that I asked you to prepare a satellite for me when you left today. Is the rocket ready?”
      “I’ m ready. I’ ll let Natasha come over now. I’ ll let her handle this matter, but I have a little to tell you clearly. You absolutely can’ t soak her, okay?”
      When Little Pepper said this, her voice grew smaller and smaller.
      “Don’ t worry, don’ t worry. I think Natasha is probably more willing to soak in me.”
      Tony hung up after saying that, because the next thing he could do was wait for Natasha to come.
      It was impossible for Tony to say that he wasn’t interested in the black widow.
      Even though the Black Widow was an S.H.I.I.E. Bureau agent, Tony felt that if he really needed it, he could also successfully get her to bed.
      “Jarvis, clean up the things here and prepare the anti-Hork warframe. We might need to leave this place next.”
      “Understood, sir. I’ ll clean this place up immediately.”
      Jarvis then controlled the surrounding warframes and machines to pack up the things.
      As for Tony, he didn’t say anything else. The things in the basement could be left to Jarvis and the others.
      After arriving in the living room, Tony poured himself a glass of wine, then sat on the sofa and began to drink.
      Just as Tony was about to finish his bottle of wine, a car appeared at the door of Tony’s villa.
      After the car stopped, the black widow walked out from the cab of the car.
      “Mr. Tony, the satellite you want is ready now. Miss Pozzi already arranged for you when she was in front of you. Do you need to send something to the outer space?”
      Tony looked at the black widow who had already walked in. He directly drank the glass of wine in his hand.
      “Natasha, come and talk.”
      Tony patted the sofa beside him.
      “Mr. Tony, you should know what Miss Pozzi told you, so I think it’s best for keep a proper distance.”
      Although the black widow was speaking like that, he had already walked to Tony’s side and sat down directly beside him.
      Looking at the black widow sitting beside him, Tony put his hand on her shoulder and then hugged Natasha in his arms.
      “I didn’t expect your speed to be quite fast. I just announced that I have Iron Man battle clothes, but your people from Divine Shield Bureau arranged for you to come in.
      “You’ re right, Black Widow Agent.”
      The Black Widow thought that her identity was already hidden, but she never thought that Tonistak would always know who she was.
      After the black widow heard Tony’s words, she directly emerged from Tony’s arms.
      “Mr. Tony, I think if the two of us don’ t talk about these things at this time, then I think we can do something more meaningful.”
      “Miss Natasha, you’ re right. I should have finished the matter and talked about it. But I think it’s pretty good to continue now. How about we two continue.”
      After Tony finished speaking, he pulled Natasha in front of him into his arms. Then, without hesitation, he touched something that Natasha could not describe.
      Natasha saw Tony’s hands reach out. Her hands instantly grabbed Tony’s hands.
      But Natasha soon realized that she could not control Tony’s hands at all. Tony’s strength was so great that she could not resist.
      Tony’s hands quickly touched what he wanted.
      “That’s pretty good, Natasha.”
      Natasha quickly stood up from Tony’s arms and pulled her clothes.
      “Mr. Tony, I think it’s best if we leave quickly at this time. The rocket is ready.”
      After Natasha finished speaking, she quickly ran outside because she felt that she should stay away from Tony.
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      Chapter 22: I can sign your name (5 more for collection)

      “Jarvis, Friday, bring the anti-Hork warframe. Let’s go.”
      The moment Tony spoke, he had already prepared four steel battle suits to move the anti-Hork warframe out of the basement.
      At this moment, Tony had already put on his own steel battle suit and walked towards the black widow standing beside the vehicle.
      “Miss Natasha, I think it’s too slow to be your car at a time like this. How about the two of us experience a wave of air passion.”
      After speaking, Tony wrapped his arms around Natasha’s waist and flew straight into the sky.
      As Tony flew towards the sky, the four anti-Hork battle clothes behind him also sped up and followed behind Tony.
      Natasha, who was being held in Tony’s arms, was almost unable to open her eyes. After all, Tony did not use an energy shield to block the wind.
      “Tony, I always think you’ re a gentleman. Don’ t tell me you don’ t know that you should block the wind for the lady at this time?”
      Just as the words of the black widow fell, an energy barrier appeared in front of her.
      After the energy barrier appeared, Natasha felt better.
      “Tony, since you already know my identity, then I think the two of us need to have a good chat.
      “You also know that I’ m here because of the skill of the steel battle suit on you. So, do you want to teach you how to give this battle suit to Divine Shield Bureau?”
      When the black widow found out that Tony knew her identity, she knew that she didn’t need to hide anything from Tony. She did n’ t need to guess what Tony knew about her appearance here.
      Moreover, the black widow was quite moved by this set of steel battle clothes. Such a battle suit was definitely a good thing.
      “It’s definitely impossible to hand this set of steel armor over to the S.H.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.”
      The black widow could be said to be 100% disbelieving about Tony’s words.
      If Tony was able to hand over the Iron Man battle suit so easily, then anyone who believed in such a thing would be a fool.
      “Alright, since you’ re not willing to take out this steel battle suit, then I want to say, can you take your hand away?”
      “Sorry, I’ m used to it.”
      Only then did Tony bring his hand from an indescribable place of the Black Widow and flew at full speed towards the Starck Industrial Group’s satellite launch site.
      As the world’s largest arms manufacturer, Stark Industrial Group had more than 10 satellite launch sites belonging to them.
      Among these satellite launch sites, there were also the launch vehicles produced by Stark Industrial Group.
      Although Tony had already dismissed as the CEO, as the actual owner of Stark Industrial Group, he had the right to use all of Stark Industrial Group’s things.
      Soon, Tony and the others arrived at the Starck Industrial Group’s satellite launch site.
      There was already a launch vehicle waiting here, as well as a satellite produced by Stark Industrial Group.
      Although it was indeed a waste, Tony had only been in this world for a short while, and there was only one anti-Hock warframe produced now. Therefore, if he wanted to get the anti-Hock warframe back into space in the future, he could only continue to use rockets to carry it.
      But Tony knew that this anti-Hork warframe might be the only one he produced.
      After solving Dr. Bannah’s problem, Tony could use the 200 System Points in his hand to exchange for the key to improve this technology.
      With these things, Tony could solve the problem of Dr. Bennett and Hulk’s coexistence. In that case, he would not be able to use anti-Hulk warframes in the future, because Hulk had become a controllable battle power.
      Of course, Tony needed to use these things to develop a Haoke army that belonged to him.
      But when Tony didn’t have a way to control these monsters, he definitely would n’ t just let them out.
      “Mr. Tony, we have already prepared the satellite according to your instructions.”
      When Tony landed with the black widow at the satellite launch site, all the staff in the satellite launch site looked at Tony with a look of worship.
      The person in charge of the satellite launch site had already hurried to Tony’s side.
      “Alright, then bring me over now.”
      After Tony put the black widow on the ground, he walked over with the four steel battle clothes behind him, carrying anti-Hock armor.
      As Tony and the others arrived in a huge warehouse, they discovered that there was already a satellite.
      “Mr. Tony, this is a transport satellite prepared according to your instructions. Its main function is to transport……!”
      Tony interrupted the person in charge. After all, this satellite was originally developed by Tony Stark.
      The original purpose of the research was to allow it to carry weapons into outer space. When the time came, it could be used to attack in outer space. Now, it could be used to carry anti-Halk armor.
      Then, Tony started to move with the four steel battle suits behind him. They needed to quickly get this set of anti-Hork battle armor.*

      Chapter 23: It really is a bit crowded (6, more for collection)

      Tony wasn’t in a hurry to leave as he watched the rocket carrying the anti-Hock warframe flying towards the sky.
      Even the rocket produced by their Stark Industrial Group had an accident when it was launched.
      Tony had to be here to make sure that the rocket entered the outer space, lest the anti-Hough battle armor he had finally managed to get out was destroyed.
      After waiting for a while, the person in charge of the launch site came to Tony’s side.
      “Mr. Tony, the carrier satellite has already entered the designated location.”
      After confirming that his anti-Hork warframe had entered the designated location, Tony did not intend to continue staying here.
      “Miss Natasha, do you want to try wearing a steel battle suit?” Anfey asked.
      “But there’s one thing we need to explain in advance. That’s because this steel battle suit isn’ t so suitable for you, so you might be a bit crowded after you enter, especially in the front.”
      The black widow really wanted to give it a try.
      As for Tony’s words earlier, she had automatically blocked them. After all, she was not afraid of squeezing even a little bit. Her flexibility was very strong.
      Seeing the black widow’s appearance, Tony pointed at Mark 4. Then, the steel battle suit flew over and wrapped Natasha in it.
      It was only at this moment that the black widow wrapped in a steel battle suit realized that what Tony had just said was indeed true. She really felt a little crowded now.
      “Let’s go.”
      As Tony’s voice rang in his ear, a 3D projection appeared in front of the black widow.
      However, at most, the black widow only treated this battle suit as her own vehicle. After all, Tony would never give her the authority to use this steel battle suit.
      After Tony’s steel battle suit flew forward, the black widow’s steel battle suit had already followed behind Tony.
      After a period of flight, Tony and the black widow finally returned to Tony’s villa.
      After the two of them returned to the villa, the black widow’s steel battle suit automatically left and walked towards the basement under Jarvis’ control.
      As for Tony’s bloody vest, it naturally returned to his body.
      “Tony, I found that there’s a number on each of your steel battle suits. Does that mean anything?”
      “It’s just a little personal fun. Would you like to stay and have a drink?”
      The black widow brought back the place she had been squeezed out of and shook her head.
      “I won’ t drink with you anymore. I’ m afraid that Miss Pozzi will kill me when she comes back tonight after drinking, and I have to go back and report.”
      The Black Widow’s words were ambiguous. She did n’ t say whether she wanted to go back to find Little Pepper to return to her life or to find Baldy Nick.
      However, Tony could not care too much. Since the black widow had already left this place, then Tony could only return to the villa.
      When he arrived in the basement again, Tony had planned to get out the experimental equipment from the super soldier serum.
      Just as he was about to make a move, Tony realized that his basement really looked a little smaller.
      All the vehicles in the basement had already been sent outside, but after placing the steel battle clothes, Tony realized that this place was indeed much smaller.
      And now, if he wanted to get the super soldier serum out, the basement would not be enough for him to get these experimental equipment out.
      “Damn it. Looks like we have to put the Stark Building on the agenda.”
      Tony remembered that there was a building in the movie that belonged entirely to Tony Stark.
      “Friday, get out the design of the Stark Building.”
      Since Tony felt that his basement was a little smaller, why not just build a building for himself.
      Of course, what Tony didn’t lack was money. After all, Stark Industrial Group was also the largest arms supplier in the country.
      Moreover, Stark Industrial Group was not only involved in arms, it was also involved in other aspects, so Stark Industrial Group could be said to be extremely large.
      In such a large company, Tony felt that it was no problem for him to randomly take out several billion to build a building.
      Tony couldn’t complete a lot of time right now. The main reason was that the space in the basement was too small. At the same time, there was also a reason why the equipment in the basement was n’ t the best.
      With the current level of human technology, ordinary good equipment was often made larger, because only by doing so could the quality of the equipment be guaranteed.
      If he could get a large equipment to Tony’s basement, then he was certain that only one large equipment could be put down in his basement.
      After the 3D projection of the Stark Building was released on Friday, Tony began to revise the design of the Stark Building.
      Tony did not intend to use Tony Stank’s original design. He needed to change some parts of the design. After all, he would live in this building in the future.*

      Chapter 24: Stark Building on the agenda (more for collection)

      “Tony, I’ m back.”
      Unknowingly, it was already dark, and the little pepper that had been busy for a day finally returned to the villa.
      Now, Little Pepper had officially mastered Stark Industrial Group. After all, as Tony’s life secretary, she needed to master a lot of things.
      She could also say that she was very clear about the matter of Stark Industrial Group. Therefore, she had managed to control the entire Stark Industrial Group without much effort in entering Stark Industrial Group.
      However, Little Pepper had just taken the position of CEO, so she had to personally ask about many things.
      However, Little Pepper also knew that Tony’s side really did lack a living secretary, so she hurried back after work.
      Sure enough, as Little Pepper predicted, Tony was indeed busy in the basement and still hadn’t eaten yet.
      After Tony heard Little Pepper’s voice, he finished designing the Stark Building and saved it on Friday.
      “Little Chili, you’ re back. Did your work go smoothly?”
      “Not bad. The entire company is relatively supportive of my work.”
      “That’s good. Then there’s something I need your help with.”
      After Tony finished speaking, he had the Stark Building that he had just modified projected on Friday.
      “The basement of this villa can no longer satisfy me. I have to have a building of my own.
      “You need to give me about $10 billion right now. I need someone to build this Stark Building as soon as possible. No matter how much money you spend, it’s worth it.”
      Little Pepper looked at the Stark Building in front of her, which looked very eye-catching. She knew that once this building was completed, it would definitely become the landmark building of the entire Covenant.
      But to build this Stark building, it would be expensive.
      “Tony, are you sure it will cost 10 billion US dollars to build this building?
      If so much money was drawn out from Stark Industrial Group, it would likely cause the company to run out of funds for certain projects.
      “Although you are the actual owner of Stark Industrial Group, there are so many people in the company. It’s not appropriate for you to draw so many funds at once.”
      As the CEO of Stark Industrial Group, Little Pepper naturally knew how hard it was for Stark Industrial Group to lose $10 billion.
      “Little Chili Pepper, this building must be built. It has a very important role to play. As for the money that can’t be used, just borrow it from the military.
      “Tell them, if you don’ t lend us the money, I’ ll sell the manufacturing method of the Jericho missile.”
      The Jericho missile was a missile that Tony Stark personally researched. Even people from other countries who sold it might not be able to get it out.
      It was precisely because of this that the military did not restrict Stark Industries to sell Jericho missiles.
      Of course, there was another reason that the military could not restrict them. Once they restricted Stark Industrial Group, it was likely that the high-end weapons of Stark Industrial Group would be restricted or not sold to the military.
      In addition, the military and Stark Industrial Group actually had a lot of cooperation. They also wanted to learn some weapons production methods from Stark Industrial Group.
      Tony also knew about the conflicts between Stark Industrial Group and the military, so he knew that it was possible for him to ask the military for $10 billion.
      Little Pepper looked at Tony’s appearance. She knew that this building must be built.
      “Tony, this building can be built, but can we change the name?”
      Tony glanced at the conspicuous Stark Building. He also felt that it was a little inappropriate.
      “Let’s change it. It’ ll be called Tony Tower in the future.”
      “Then it’s still called the Stark Building.
      “That’s right, I’ m sure you haven’ t eaten yet. I’ ll book you a pizza right away.”
      “No need. I’ m tired of eating these things all day.”
      Although Tony’s body was now from the Mi Kingdom, the soul inside his body was a Chinese person, so eating these pizza all day was indeed enough.
      It was because of this that Tony felt that he needed to improve his food today.
      “Little Pepper, wait for me at home. I’ ll go out and buy something.”
      Since he was going to improve his food tonight, Tony was going to go out and buy some food. In that case, he could do it himself.
      As for the Chinese restaurants that were supposed to sell well, to be honest, the reason why these restaurants sold well was because their taste had already matched the taste of the locals. They had long lost the main taste of Chinese food. Many times, monosodium glutamate tasted heavier than food.
      It was precisely because of this that Tony planned to make a meal himself today. At the very least, he had to use Chinese cuisine to impress the little pepper.
      So after speaking, Tony rushed out of the villa in a steel battle suit.*

      Chapter 25: Full (2 more for collection)

      Soon, Tony had already bought a lot of food and returned to the villa.
      Looking at the food in Tony’s hands, Little Pepper was a little puzzled.
      She had been by Tony’s side for many years, and she had no idea that Tony still had such skills as cooking food.
      But looking at the pile of ingredients in Tony’s hands, Little Pepper felt that Tony looked like he was not joking.
      “Tony, do you really think you’re not joking?”When did you learn how to cook?”
      “In order to make a meal for you, I took the time to find a Chinese restaurant to learn on purpose. Let you see my Chinese cuisine.”
      Tony was very confident. He was still very confident in his ability to fry tomatoes and eggs.
      Looking at the kitchen in Tony’s corridor, it could be said that it had never been used before, Little Pepper quickly followed in.
      As Tony’s life secretary, she was still a little confident in culinary skills. After all, in order to make Tony eat comfortably, Little Chili deliberately went to learn it.
      As a little hot pepper with some culinary skills, she didn’t believe that Tony really knew how to cook, so she felt that she needed to help handle it next.
      But soon, Little Pepper realized that it was unnecessary to enter the kitchen because Tony had done everything very well. It could even be said that his culinary skills were even better than Little Pepper.
      And just as Tony had said, all the things he made this time were Chinese food, and nothing was Western food.
      After more than half an hour, Tony finally prepared three dishes and then brought them to the dining table outside.
      “Tony, when did you learn how to cook? I always thought you…!”
      “That kind of lazy person, right?”
      “I guess so.”
      “Alright, I’ve already said it before. In order to make you eat something good, I deliberately went to learn it.
      “Come over and have a taste. Let’s see what I’ ve done.”
      Tony brought up two bowls of rice, and then the two of them sat beside the table and began to eat.
      “Tony, I didn’ t expect that the food you made would be so delicious. Then I’ ll leave all the food to you in the future. What do you think?”
      “That’s impossible. I’ m just on the spur of the moment. If it’s delicious, you should eat more. You don’ t know when you’ ll be able to eat the food I make next time.”
      Tony felt that even using a tomato scrambled egg with rice was much better than pizza.
      But Tony was a lazy person after all, so it was absolutely impossible for him to cook every day.
      Little Chili also knew that apart from being extremely diligent when conducting research on technology, he was definitely someone who could be lazy and try to be lazy.
      Little Pepper quickly started to eat something. After all, there weren’t many opportunities.
      “By the way, Tony, there’s an agent called Phil in the S.H.I.I.E. Bureau who wants to see you. Can’ t you see him?”
      Tony knew that this Ferter was also the right-hand man of bald Nick.
      According to the future direction of Manway, the relationship between this Ferter and Tony Stark was not too bad.
      However, Tony had no interest in the S.H.I.E.I. Shield’s people except for the beautiful women.
      “No, he wants to see me just because he wants to talk about the steel armor. I will never give the steel armor to anyone.
      “That’s right, I’ ll build you a steel battle suit that belongs to you when there’s a chance.”
      Tony knew he had to make a set of steel battle clothes for Little Pepper.
      Only a set of steel battle clothes that belonged to her could make Little Pepper safe.
      “Sure. If I can also have a set of my own steel battle clothes, then I won’ t have to go to the company every morning. I can fly around the sky like you.”
      When Little Pepper heard that Tony was planning to make her a special steel battle suit, she was indeed extremely happy.
      In this world, no matter who it was, it could be said that they wanted this steel armor very much, so Little Pepper was especially happy at this time.
      “Since you’re so happy now, I’ ll definitely make this set of steel armor for you, and it’ll be the best technology and metal.
      “But it’s not easy to get this steel armor from me. I think you should pay something for it, what do you think?”
      After speaking, Tony stood up and walked towards Little Pepper.
      As the saying goes, both Tony and Little Pepper were already full at this time, so they should do something happy.
      And just as Tony had said, getting this set of steel armor from his hands really required paying a price.
      So, Tony quickly picked up the little pepper and walked towards the room.
      PS: asked for collection, flowers,10 points evaluation tickets, rewards, monthly tickets.*

      Chapter 26: Dr. Banna’s Traces (3 more for collection)

      “General, we’ ve found Dr. Bennett’s trail. He’s in a beverage factory in Brazil.”
      When Tony and Little Pepper were doing exercises again, General Ross finally received information about Dr. Bennett.
      He had used a lot of relationships to find out about Dr. Bennett.
      Now that he had finally received the news, he was not particularly happy because there were not many people available in his hands.
      General Ross felt that Bu Langsky was still lying on the bed. He had just injected the reagent for the first time.
      “Don’ t let anyone disturb him. Let him stay there for a while. I’ ll go find Tony Stark to help.”
      General Ross still had a mobile unit in his hands, but he knew even more that once he sent his men to look for Dr. Bannah, he could say how many people he had killed in the end. He still remembered the monster’s ability.
      General Ross had already shared all the data of this experiment with Tony Stark. He felt that this important matter had to be helped by Tony Stark. After all, his experimental data were not easy to obtain.
      But before he went to find Tony Stark, General Ross still wanted to make a final struggle.
      Then, he walked out of his office and walked towards a nearby room.
      After pushing open the door of the room, General Ross saw Bu Langsky lying on the bed.
      Bulansky’s limbs were all wrapped in a tie, but he did n’ t sleep.
      When General Ross walked in, Bu Langsky turned to look at him.
      Through Bu Langsky’s request, General Ross realized that his eyeballs had already turned a little green.
      However, this green color wasn’t something to be careful about. There was no way to discover it.
      “General, why are you here to find me so late?”
      “There’s indeed something. We’ ve already found Dr. Bennett. He’s the first test item in this experiment.”
      As General Ross spoke, he placed the tablet in his hand in front of Bu Langsky.
      On the tablet in General Ross’ hands was the video they had seen when they first fought Dr. Bannah.
      During which time, all of General Ross’ men were killed.
      If it wasn’ t for the critical moment, Dr. Bannah chose to stop, there might not be General Ross.
      When Bu Langsky saw the items in General Ross’ hands, the green in his eyes became even more obvious.
      “General, what can we do to become such a monster?”
      Although Bulansky had already been given anesthetic, he could still feel the pain from his limbs.
      This time, things were unforgivable for Bu Langsky. The reason for this was that he was too weak, so he needed to pursue strength and strength that could defeat everything.
      And now General Ross had opened a door for him, so he had to seize this opportunity.
      “I’ m only injecting you with the first stage today. Originally, this should be the second stage after you fully integrate, but now it seems that we don’ t have much time. If we let Banna run away again this time, we won’ t know when we’ ll be able to catch him next time.”
      “General, I understand what you mean. I’ ve already prepared for death. If you have anything, you can just come.”
      Bulansky could really disregard everything for power. After all, in his eyes, only power was everything.
      “Alright, since you’ ve already prepared yourself for death, then let’s go directly to the second stage.”
      General Ross left after speaking.
      Since he was ready to enter the second stage, he had to quickly gather the people.
      According to the data from General Ross’ experiment, the experiment was divided into three stages.
      Although he had not seen any soldiers who could complete the third stage so far, General Ross could give it a try this time.
      If Bulansky could successfully survive the third stage, then General Ross felt that he would not have to go to Tony Stark.
      Moreover, he could complete the third stage on Bu Langsky’s body, so his experiment was completed.
      As for what kind of soldiers would become after the third stage?General Ross could be said to be unaware.
      Soon, countless experimental personnel walked past General Ross and entered Bransky’s ward.
      General Ross leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette.
      “I hope we can succeed!”*

      Chapter 27: Hooker, I’m here (4 more for collection)

      “Tony, I’m going to work. Just call me if you have anything to do.
      “That’s right, I’ ll follow what you said last night when I go back. I’ ll do everything I can to build the Stark Building.”
      “Alright, why don’ t you find a few more people from the construction company to do it at the same time. I need them to build this building as quickly as possible.”
      Although Stark’s building might become a place for Rocky to summon the purple sweet potato essence.
      However, Tony could say that he had to build the Stark Building no matter how much he paid.
      Once he had the Stark Building, Tony could start doing what he wanted to do in the building. At least the super warrior serum and Hulk’s serum could be put into the experiment.
      Tony’s hands were indeed the manufacturing methods of these two things at this time. However, before he could produce these two things, Tony was unwilling to accept them.
      Although Tony’s villa was very large, he knew that it was not suitable for him to use, so he had to build a building suitable for him.
      “Understood. Then I’ ll go.”
      After Little Pepper kissed Tony for a while, she sat on the vehicle driven by Harpy and left.
      Tony didn’t need a private bodyguard like Harp anymore.
      If Tony was in danger now, then Ha Pi would not be able to solve it.
      So when Tony didn’t need him, Harpy became Little Pepper’s bodyguard.
      Besides, Ha Pi had been by Tony’s side for a very long time, so Tony was still quite confident in his character. As for his strength, he did not say anything.
      When he saw that Little Pepper had already left, Tony’s ear started to sound Friday.
      “Master, according to your instructions, I invaded all of Baxi’s surveillance networks yesterday and finally found Dr. Bennett in a beverage factory.”
      On Friday, as someone who had transmigrated, all the things that Tony Stark had experienced were stored in her database. At the same time, she knew everything. There was no need for Tony to think about it anymore.
      After sending the anti-hork warframe into space yesterday, Tony started to ask Baxi to find Dr. Bennett’s tracks on Friday.
      Initially, Tony and the others knew where Dr. Bennett was, but they did not know the exact location.
      After Friday and Jarvis invaded the Internet, they quickly found Dr. Bannah’s location.
      “That’s good. It’s time for us to go meet Dr. Bannah. I just don’ t know if we have a chance to meet Hulk this time.”
      The moment Tony finished speaking, the steel battle suit was already on his body.
      Then, Tony activated the injector of the steel armor and flew towards Baxi.
      It was time for him to solve Hulk’s problem. Only by solving Hulk’s problem could Tony obtain the method to create Hulk.
      Although Tony’s hands already possessed the manufacturing method of super warrior serum, this kind of thing could only be controlled by Tony himself.
      The reason why he hadn’t started production so far was because Tony had n’ t found a way to control people.
      Whether it was the super warrior serum or Hulk, these two things would have all kinds of negative effects on people.
      Moreover, Tony did not want to inject the things he created into a group of people who did not listen to him.
      So Tony had to find a way to control others.
      Perhaps it was a method that could be easily killed by him even after he injected the super warrior’s serum and turned into Hulk. Only then would Tony consider producing these two things.
      These were all things that he needed to consider in the future. The most important thing Tony needed to consider now was to find Dr. Bannah first, because Dr. Bannah was the beginning of everything.*

      Chapter 28: I can help you deal with that monster (5 more to collect)

      “Master, Dr. Bennett is working in this beverage factory. And now he’s in the factory.”
      At this time, Tony had already flown to the sky above a beverage factory. Then, on Friday’s scan, he found Dr. Bennett working inside.
      “Alright, let’s go.”
      Tony flew directly to the entrance of the beverage factory, and then he put away the steel battle clothes under the shocked eyes of the workers.
      Tony didn’t care about these people either. He walked straight into the factory.
      “Iron Man, was that Iron Man just now?”
      “That’s right. I’ ve seen his news on TV. He’s wearing a steel battle suit.”
      “Why did he come to our factory?”Could it be that Stark Industrial Group wants to buy our beverage factory?”
      “Stop dreaming in the daytime. Quickly follow in and see what Iron Man is up to, right?”
      Ever since Tony had revealed that he was a Iron Man, the news in various countries had covered this matter. Therefore, these people could not overstate that Tony was a Iron Man.
      The workers followed behind Tony and walked in. They quickly arrived at the beverage factory.
      “Friday, where is Dr. Banna?”
      “Master, Dr. Banna seems to be running.”
      Hearing this, Tony immediately put on a steel battle suit and flew towards Dr. Bannah.
      Wow……”Wait, it’s really Iron Man. Quickly catch up.”
      These workers were completely unaware of their lives. They all chased after Tony.
      Tony quickly found Dr. Bennett and landed in front of him before Dr. Bennett left the factory.
      Although Dr. Bennett did not know why Iron Man came here, as a fugitive for many years, he had a feeling that Iron Man came for him.
      That was why Dr. Bannah was prepared to escape from the back door of the drinks factory as soon as he knew that Iron Man was here.
      As long as he left the beverage factory, Dr. Bannah would definitely leave this place as soon as possible. After all, he did not dare to take any risks. Once he was known to be here, he would most likely bring disaster to the people here.
      Moreover, Dr. Bannah did not want to be caught. He had yet to figure out what the monster was.
      “Dr. Banna, there’s no need to leave this place so quickly. I came here with sincerity this time.”
      When Tony landed in front of Dr. Bennett, he put away his steel battle suit.
      It would take a while for Dr. Bennett to become Hulk, and this period of time was enough for Tony to put on his steel battle suit.
      Bannah was already very certain that Tony had come here for himself.
      “Tony Stark, we don’ t know each other. You’ re here to look for me, right.”
      Dr. Bennett was already a little angry at this moment.
      Tony didn’t want to fight this monster whose body was full of forgiveness, so he quickly opened his hands.
      “Dr. Bannah, this is not a suitable place. There are so many people watching the show behind you.
      “This time, I came here with sincerity. I have a way to deal with your matters, that is, Hooke’s matters.”
      Dr. Bennett turned to look at the group of workers behind him. He had to suppress the anger in his body.
      As for Tony’s last sentence, Dr. Bannah still believed it. After all, Tony Stark’s reputation as a genius was not for nothing.
      Seeing that Dr. Bennett had suppressed the anger in his body, Tony knew that he was basically not threatening now.
      “You really have a way to deal with this monster on me?”
      “Dr. Bennett, since I’ ve come all the way to look for you, do you think I’ ll come to you with a heavy price?”
      “Okay, then I promise you, we can talk.”
      “No problem. It doesn’ t look like this place is suitable for chatting. How about the two of us change places?”
      Tony and Dr. Bannah walked out.
      Dr. Bennett also knew that he definitely wouldn’t be able to stay here any longer. If he had n’ t discussed it with Tony, Dr. Bennett would immediately change places.
      Since Tony could find this place, General Ross would definitely be able to find it.
      As Tony and Dr. Bannah walked out of the drinks factory, countless people around them took out their phones and surrounded them.
      “Dr. Banna, do you mind if I give you a ride?”
      Bannah also knew that if he continued to stay here, that monster would definitely come out of his body. Therefore, he did not mind Tony giving him a ride. After all, Dr. Bannah’s body was actually a kind person. He did not want the monster in his body to come out here and destroy it.
      After Tony put on his steel battle suit, he pulled Dr. Banner out of here as quickly as possible.*

      Chapter 29: Blansky’s resentment (6 more for collection)

      When Tony left the drinks factory with Dr. Bannah, one of the group of people beside him who wasn’t particularly conspicuous sent out the photo taken on his phone.
      After this person sent out the photo, he disappeared into the crowd.
      At this moment, outside General Ross’ office, a person ran in in in a hurry.
      “General, I just received information from Baxi. I think you need to take a look.”
      After General Ross took the tablet from that person’s hand, he realized that there was a photo on the tablet. It was the photo that Iron Man dragged Dr. Banner into the air.
      “Looks like Tony Stark is moving even earlier than us. Is he planning to leave this monster by his side?
      “However, Tonistak would never have thought that leaving this monster by his side might turn his Stark Industrial Group into ruins.”
      As General Ross, who had seen the might of Hulk, he naturally understood that once this monster was released, it would be a devastating blow to Stark Industrial Group.
      Although Stark Industrial Group was the main supplier of military weapons, the people in the military were not very satisfied with Tony Stark because he would not give the military any face on many matters, such as this Iron Man battle suit.
      General Ross also knew that Tony Stark had always been very cautious in his actions. Since he dared to come to see Dr. Banner at this time, he should be able to protect himself.
      The military was indeed not satisfied with Tony Stark, but the current military could not leave Tony Stark as a genius. After all, the military wanted to rely on him to develop more new weapons.
      Although General Ross felt that Tony Stark was unable to deal with the monster, he was still very wary of Tony Stark.
      Tony Stark had the reputation of being a genius. If he really had a way to deal with that monster, General Ross had spent so much money and spent so many years researching things, it was very likely that he would make a wedding dress for others.
      “Gather all the scientists. Looks like we have to take the last step.”
      “General, are you really going to do this?”If we do this, we will probably create another monster.”
      The person who had just entered was originally General Ross’ trusted aide. After hearing General Ross’ words, he instantly understood what was going to happen next.
      If he really followed General Ross’s instructions, it was very likely that he would create another monster that did not obey their orders.
      “I can’ t care about that much. I’ ll immediately monitor Tony Stark’s tracks. Once we find him entering the airspace, we’ ll stop him. At the same time, we’ ll prepare for the third and final stages. If Dr. Bennett really falls into Tony Stark’s hands, then we’ ll snatch him back.”
      After General Ross finished speaking, he walked out of his office. And the alarm sounded in the laboratory.
      The last time General Ross and the others fought with Hulk, they collected some Hulk’s blood from the ground. The blood was exchanged for dozens of soldiers’ lives.
      General Ross originally did not intend to use this blood, because he had been organizing people to study this blood.
      After such a long period of research, they already knew that this blood should have a chance to make people look like that monster.
      General Ross wasn’t sure that this blood had a way to turn people into monsters. That was why they were doing the first three experiments on Bu Langsky.
      According to General Ross’s thoughts, with the preparations for the first three stages and the injection of Hulk’s blood, it was possible to create a monster.
      Although he didn’t know if the monster would listen to him, General Ross felt that Dr. Bennett could never fall into Tony Stark’s hands.
      Once Dr. Bennett fell into the hands of Stark Industrial Group, all his efforts would be wasted.
      In the comics world, General Ross had become Hong Haoke.
      But in this world, he didn’t have the courage to turn himself into a monster, so he decided to give this opportunity to Braunsky.
      It was precisely because of this that the entire laboratory was moving.
      As for Bu Langsky, he was successful in the second stage. His broken limbs had been successfully repaired in the second stage.
      “Bu Langsky, are you ready for the third stage?”There might be a bit of pain next, but as long as you survive, you can become a monster like Bana.”
      When Bu Langsky heard that he had become a monster, his eyes were filled with longing.
      “Tony Stark, next time I have to break all the bones in your body.”*

      Chapter 30: Confusing Banna (one more for collection)

      “Master, according to the signal I received just now, General Ross already knows about your meeting with Dr. Bennett.”
      When Tony flew to the wild with Dr. Bennett, he told Tony about the information she had obtained on Friday.
      Tony wanted to invade the military’s network. After all, a large portion of the military’s network was provided by Stark Industrial Group. Tony could be considered a spy.
      It was precisely because of this that it was very simple to watch General Ross on Friday.
      And Tony now had two artificial intelligence. Even if it was not Friday, there was still Jarvis.
      If it was still not possible, Friday and Jarvis could join forces.
      “Understood. Don’ t worry about them.”
      Tony really did not take General Ross’ side seriously.
      Based on Tony’s experience from watching movies, Burrowski had to have Hulk’s blood to become an abomination.
      And now, Hulk wouldn’t be looking for his little blue net friend, so naturally, there would n’ t be any blood outflow from Hulk.
      As long as Hulk’s blood remained, no matter how many people General Ross gathered, they could be said to be vulnerable to Tony and Hulk.
      And under such circumstances, no matter how many people Toni killed, the military would not be able to find trouble with him. After all, he was acting in self-defence.
      It was because Tony felt that General Ross did not pose much threat that he quickly left this matter behind.
      After Dr. Bannah was placed on the ground, Tony also removed his steel battle suit.
      “Dr. Bannah, I know you’ ve been avoiding it all the time, and you’ ve been rejecting Hulk from your body all the time. So I think you can relax and talk to Hulk. You two might be able to.”
      “Mr. Tony, I just want to get this thing out of my body as soon as possible, so do you have any way to help me solve this?”
      Tony knew that the current Dr. Bennett was indeed extremely repulsive to Hulk in his body.
      “Dr. Bennett, I can’ t get Hulk out of your body, but I have a way to let you two live together peacefully.”
      The moment Tony finished speaking, a 3D projection appeared in front of him and Dr. Bannah.
      All the information on the 3D projection was part of the super soldier’s serum that Tony had obtained from the System.
      Tony knew that the plan that General Ross and the others were working on was called the Super Soldier Plan. This plan was to develop the super soldier serum that had been injected into the Captain of Rice.
      When Tony obtained the experimental parameters from General Ross, he compared the two.
      After this comparison, Tony realized that part of the two experiments were connected.
      The current Tony did not have a way to solve the problem between Dr. Bennett and Hulk, so he could only rely on deception.
      After all, if he wanted a professional like Dr. Bennett to follow him, Tony had to use his strength to trick him.
      “This is part of my experimental data. I saw your experimental data from General Ross. The ratio of your two elements is wrong.”
      As one of the main subjects in charge of the experiment, Dr. Bennett could tell with a single glance that the one that Tony had brought out was indeed the most accurate.
      And after seeing Tony’s experimental data, many of the things that he did n’ t understand immediately seemed to have a sudden and bright feeling.
      “Mr. Tony, you are indeed worthy of being called a genius. I now believe that you do have a way to help me deal with Hulk…
      I’ll follow you and call him Haoke.
      You really have a way to help me solve Haoke’s problem.
      “But I know you can’ t help me for no reason. If you have any conditions, just tell me.”
      Banna was able to become a doctor, and he was leading such a high-end experiment. His IQ was not low.
      A genius like Tony Stark was actually able to find him personally. He must have something to do.
      It was because of this that Dr. Bannah had to ask clearly first.
      If Tony Stark asked him to kill, Dr. Bannah wouldn’t be willing to go and help, even if he kept his current state, he would n’ t.
      Hearing Bannah’s words, Tony knew that his plan had basically succeeded.
      What he feared the most was that Dr. Bannah directly rejected him.
      As long as Dr. Bennett spoke, then Tony believed that under his own conditions, he would never reject this idea.
      Dr. Bannah was also an important part of Tony’s plan. After all, there were still many experiments that needed Dr. Bannah to do.
      “It’s simple. I need you to join Stark Industrial Group and continue to be responsible for the research of this experiment.”*

      Chapter 31: Men and women don’t have to work together (2, more for collection)

      When Dr. Bennett heard this, he could not react.
      Since Tony had said he had a way to get rid of the monster on him, Tony should have made a breakthrough in this technology.
      But since Tony had already made a breakthrough, he felt that there was no need for the experiment to continue.
      “Mr. Tony, since you’ ve made such great progress in this experiment, why should you continue to study it?”
      “Dr. Bennett, I won’t lie to you about this. The only progress I’ ve made is to allow you to coexist peacefully with Hulk in your body.
      And once you two can coexist peacefully, you will only be able to become Hulk in this world. Therefore, what you need to continue to study is how to turn yourself into a human, or how humans can become Hulk directly when needed.
      When he heard Tony’s words, Hulk started to hesitate.
      If he were to keep an eye on the monster, he would have to think about it.
      “Oh, that’s right. The experimental data I just showed you are actually the data of the super warrior serum. I have also developed the super warrior serum here.”
      After Banna heard Tony’s flat words, he was truly shocked.
      Their experiment was to create a super warrior serum.
      And since Tony had unknowingly created this super warrior serum, he could indeed try it,
      “Mr. Tony, if it really is as you said, I can indeed agree to continue your research for you.
      But you have to help me solve some problems first, that is, let me and his body live in peace.
      You know that I’ve always been restraining him. After all, if I get angry, he will come out.
      “I don’ t know if you know how powerful he was when he came out, but I know that I definitely can’ t enter a big city. That way, it’s very likely to destroy a city.”
      Tony knew what Dr. Bannah was thinking.
      But before he could solve the problem of the coexistence of Dr. Bennett and Hulk, Tony would never bring such a dangerous forgiving monster into his villa.
      Once he became Hulk, he would be defeated by the anti-Hulk armor, but the damage would not be small.
      “No problem. Then I’ ll take you back to the country of rice first. When the time comes, I’ ll arrange for you to be in the suburb of Niujo. That’s fine, right?”
      Dr. Bennett felt that Tony’s arrangement was fine, so he nodded.
      “Sure. Then you need to take me back first. I still have some things to bring back.
      “That’s right, I’ ve always been connected to a scientist. He can also be said to be skilled in this aspect. Do you want to find him?”
      Tony understood that the person Dr. Bennett was talking about was Mr. Lan who had been in contact with him online.
      Mr. Lan’s real name was Seriol Stens.
      In the cartoon, he was also affected by gamma rays, and then he became the leader of a major villain, a super villain with high intelligence and telepathic senses.
      If Haoke was a power-type revision, then the leader was an intelligence-type revision.
      Moreover, in the Marvel movie world, Saryol Stens was also a person who had personally created an abomination, and at the end, his blood was already in his brain.
      However, in the Marvelous Film World, the leader did not appear.
      But Tony also knew that this person was indeed a more talented person in terms of biochemistry.
      Stark Industrial Group had too few talents in biochemistry. It would be a good thing if they could bring him to Stark Industrial Group.
      However, Tony did not intend to let him join Banner’s experimental research. Tony had other research to give to him.
      “Yes, I understand who you’re talking about. I’ ll look for him when you’ve settled your matters.
      I believe that after I, Tony Stark, personally spoke, he would probably join Stark Industrial Group.
      “I’ ve already found another assistant for you. She’ ll help you when the time comes.”
      Tony had already decided on the person to help Dr. Bannah carry out his research. He felt that that person was the most suitable person to help Bannah.
      Moreover, only after that person came to Banna’s side would the two of them work harder on these things. After all, it was n’ t too hard for men and women to work together.
      “Alright, since you already have a plan, then I won’ t say anything more. Let’s go to my place and bring what I need.”
      After Tony put on his steel armor, he took Dr. Bannah and flew towards Dr. Bannah’s residence.*

      Chapter 32: Second Hulk (3 more for collection)

      “General, Tony Stark has already entered the airspace and is flying towards us at an extremely fast speed.”
      General Ross was already in a plane and entered the sky. He knew that he could only intercept Tony Stark in the air.
      “Send two fighter planes to intercept him. Just say I want to see him.”
      After General Ross gave his order, the two fighters next to their transport plane flew straight towards Tony and the others.
      “Master, there are two fighter planes flying towards us. Moreover, General Ross’ transport plane is not very far from us.”
      After Tony heard Friday’s report, he understood that the reason General Ross had appeared here was probably because he wanted to wait for him.
      “Tony, is there any trouble?”
      “It’s fine, this is all a small problem.”
      “That’s good, but my heart is already beating faster. We need to go down and rest.”
      It was the first time Dr. Banna had been dragged by a steel battle suit in such a high altitude.
      In the sky, his heart rate would gradually increase. Once his heart rate increased to 200, he would immediately transform into Hulk.
      Tony didn’t want to drink Hulk to fight at this time, so he usually went to the ground to rest after Dr. Bennett’s heart beat reached a certain level, and then waited for Dr. Bennett’s heart to recover before he left again.
      “No need. We’ ll just find a transport plane to rest.”
      After Tony finished speaking, he sped up and flew forward.
      Since General Ross wanted to see him, then Tony would just meet him.
      When the two fighter planes saw Tony, before they could say anything, Tony’s steel battle suit had already flown over from their center.
      “General, the Iron Man has already flown over from our side. His target should be a transport plane, and he has a person in his hand.”
      When General Ross received this news, he knew that the person Tony was bringing was definitely Bannah.
      “Go and tell Bu Langsky. Tell him to be ready at all times. As long as Tony and Banner have any unusual movements, then he can take the injection.”
      Since General Ross planned to carry out the experiment on Bu Langsky’s body, he had already handed the third-stage reagent and Haoke’s blood to the experimenters when he boarded the plane.
      When General Ross’ words reached the laboratory, Bu Langsky looked at the box in the hands of the lab staff.
      He knew whether he could become stronger or not depended on what the experimenter was holding.
      But he also knew that if Tony Stank and that green monster didn’t appear, then he did n’ t know when he would have the chance to inject this reagent.
      Bu Langsky was originally a man who simply sought combat power.
      Plus, Tony Stark was rushing over. If he injected this reagent now, he might be here to seek revenge for Tony Stark.
      When he thought of this, Bu Langsky stood up from his chair and walked towards the lab staff.
      After arriving at the lab staff’s side, Bu Langsky immediately broke his neck without any hesitation. Then, he pulled out his gun and killed the soldiers guarding the place.
      After all the soldiers were killed by Bu Langsky, he and the other lab staff were left.
      “Inject me.”
      Under the threat of Bu Langsky’s gun, the experimenter quickly took out two needles from the box.
      Among the two needles, one was Branski’s green reagent that had been injected twice, and the other was red blood.
      “I thought that monster’s blood was also green. I didn’ t expect it to be red. Hurry up and attack.”
      After hearing Bu Langsky’s words, the experimenter did n’ t dare to hesitate any longer. He directly injected nearly two reagents into Bu Langsky’s body in sequence.
      After the two reagents were injected into Bu Langsky’s body, the gun in his hand instantly fell to the ground. His entire body was already changing.
      When the experimenter saw this scene, he quickly ran over to press the alarm and ran out from here.
      “General, something happened in the laboratory. It seems that Bu Langsky killed other people and injected the reagent without authorization.”
      “Kill him, order everyone on the plane to rush over and kill him.”
      Du Du Du………!”
      Before General Ross could issue his order, all the alarms on the plane rang. At the same time, the plane broke from the middle.
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      Chapter 33: They?It’s none of my business (new books for collection)

      Tony and Banna saw a green monster jump out of the plane, and it was already standing on the plane.
      “Dr. Bannah, it seems that General Ross and the others have probably researched it. Are you interested in coming over and playing with him?”
      Tony could tell with a single glance that the Bone Spike Hulk on his back was an abomination.
      Tony had changed in the future. Based on the reason, Hate should not appear again.
      But now that he saw Hate’s appearance, Tony thought General Ross and the others had mastered this technique.
      And Tony remembered that among the Invincible Hooker, it was Hooker who defeated Hate.
      As a person with high intelligence, Tony would never do anything that others could do to solve. Therefore, he felt that it was not bad to leave this matter to Haoke.
      Dr. Bennett looked at the Hulk running on the plane. He knew it was time to attack.
      “Dr. Bennett, I’ ll leave this Hulk to you. I’ ll help you save your father-in-law.”
      The moment Tony finished speaking, he threw Dr. Bannah in his hand.
      Although they were several thousand meters high, Tony knew that Dr. Bannah would not die after he landed. After all, Hulk inside his body would never allow him to die so easily.
      Stark, you………!”
      Dr. Bennett did not expect Tony to throw him directly from such a high altitude. He had never tried before.
      If the monster in his body did not appear at this moment, Dr. Bannah felt that he would most likely die here.
      “Tony Stark, I’ m going to kill you.”
      At this moment, you already saw Tony flying in the air. After he had run up for a while, he jumped out of the plane.
      Tony wasn’t particularly far from the plane.
      At such a distance, the Hate of Hate could really catch him in the air.
      But Tony would never give him such a chance.
      The moment the hate jumped up, the chrysanthemum-like weapon behind Tony’s steel battle suit appeared.
      In the 4th Federation, Tony’s weapon had caused a lot of damage to the purple sweet potato after receiving Thunder God’s lightning charging.
      Although the weapon was not fully charged, there was still nothing wrong with it.
      As the six rays of light shot out from behind Tony, the Abomination in the air could not dodge at all. His entire body was instantly blown back by the six rays of light, and even a few blood holes appeared on his body.
      Hate’s body crashed into the transport plane behind him as it retreated backwards.
      This transport plane, which could be said to have been seriously injured, was completely useless after being hit by Hatea.
      The transport plane that had been hit into such a state then followed Hate’s body and landed on the ground.
      Tony had promised Dr. Bannah to help him save his father-in-law, so he naturally had to go rescue General Ross.
      And as long as Tony could rescue General Ross, his next plan would be much more convenient. After all, he had to find someone who could tie Dr. Bennett to his side.
      Without any hesitation, Tony accelerated his speed and flew towards the transport plane.
      General Ross was in the cockpit of the plane at this time, but they could no longer do anything. After all, the engine of the plane had been damaged.
      If the engine was good, they might have a way to save them.
      Just as General Ross and the people on the transport plane felt despair, Iron Man’s battle suit instantly appeared in front of the transport plane.
      “We are saved. Iron Man has come to save us.”
      “I don’ t need to die. I’ m saved.”
      The moment Iron Man appeared, the people inside the transport plane felt that they were saved next.
      Tony stole over the glass of the transport plane and saw General Ross inside the cab. The ejector under his feet instantly sped up and rushed into the cab.
      “General Ross, if it wasn’ t for Dr. Bennett’s sake, I really didn’ t want to save you.”
      Although Tony was speaking like that, he still pulled General Ross up.
      “Tony, what about them?”
      General Ross realized that Tony had no intention of saving others.
      “What did they have to do with me? I just agreed to save you.”
      Tony did not intend to save the others. After all, the others had nothing to do with him.
      After speaking, Tony pulled General Ross out of the transport plane and followed Hate to the ground.*

      Chapter 34: Improved Anti-Halk Warframe (5 more for collection)

      After a long period of free fall with the transport plane, they landed on a small town.
      The moment they landed, the transport plane exploded.
      “Friday, scan the surroundings and see where Hulk has landed?”
      Tony clearly remembered that he had thrown Dr. Bennett down in the air.
      But now that Dr. Bennett did not appear here, Tony had to carefully examine it.
      As for whether Dr. Bennett would fall to death after falling in the air, Tony was absolutely at ease. After all, Dr. Bennett would not die so easily when he became Haoke.
      For example, the hate in this small town did not die. At this time, it had already walked out of the wreckage of the plane and directly threw a piece of debris towards Tony.
      After opening the wreckage, Tony finally remembered Friday’s voice.
      “Master, I’ ve scanned the surroundings, but there’s no trace of Dr. Bannah within 10 kilometers.”
      After hearing Friday’s words, Tony instantly understood what must have happened to Dr. Bannah in the air. The distance to the ground had already deviated.
      Falling from such a high altitude, one only needed to change the angle slightly in the air. After falling, one might be far from the target.
      “Tony Stark, come down if you have the ability.”
      The Evil Annihilation grabbed everything in her hand and threw it towards Tony. At the same time, it was still roaring at Tony.
      “General Ross, it’s best not to try anything until it’s completely researched. Otherwise, the consequences will be like this. This will be paid for by human life.”
      Tony did not forget to teach General Ross a lesson at this moment.
      “Friday, summon the Anti-Hork mech.”
      Since it was good, he didn’t know where he had fallen. Then Tony knew that this time, he had to resolve the matter himself.
      Moreover, a person like Hate had to be dealt with early. If he were to escape, then he would most likely enter the secret agreement.
      Once the Abomination entered the engagement, Tony was certain that he would attack Stark Industrial Group.
      If he didn’t stop him at that time, Stark Industrial Group might be completely destroyed by hate.
      Stark Industrial Group was the most important part of Tony’s future plans. After all, Stark Industrial Group could provide him with sufficient funds.
      After Tony gave the order, the anti-Halk warframe in outer space flew over under Friday’s control.
      Tony then found a higher place and placed General Ross there.
      “If you can run, then run quickly. This town might become hell next.”
      The moment he finished speaking, Tony rushed towards the hate.
      Hate originally thought that Tony wanted to run, so he had already accelerated his speed and rushed over.
      When he saw Tony fly over again, Hate’s feet bent slightly. Then, his body jumped into the air in an instant. At the same time, his hands were already grabbing towards the flying steel armor.
      But the steel armor that he thought he was about to fly over instantly stopped in place.
      The moment Tony stopped, Hate realized that he had completely missed this time.
      The moment the Abomination landed on the ground, Tony’s anti-Hork armor finally arrived from the outer space.
      The moment the Anti-Hork warframe appeared, a huge pile of things fell from the anti-Hork warframe and locked up the hate that had just landed on the ground.
      Back then, this thing was used by Iron Man to lock down Haoke.
      However, Tony also knew that this thing couldn’t be turned off. After all, this thing had n’ t been turned off by Hulk in the past.
      Although it couldn’t be said to be an abomination, it was still useful. It was to delay Tony a lot of time.
      The moment the cage caught the attention of the Hatees, the anti-Hork warframe that came to Tony’s side had already started to assemble.
      Soon, the armor was completely assembled and some spare parts were floating in the air.
      Tony also knew that the so-called anti-hork warframes were easily dismantled by these monsters, so he had already prepared a lot of parts when he was making them.
      The moment Tony had just assembled the anti-Hork warframe, the cage that was holding the hate began to fall towards the ground. At the same time, the angry voice of hate also came from inside.
      Soon, the Abomination rushed out from the ground.
      “Iron Man, I want to tear you apart!”
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      Chapter 35: This time, I want to interrupt your fifth limb (6 more for collection)

      “Iron Man, I want to tear you apart!”
      Just as the Hatee roared, a broadsword appeared in front of it.
      When Tony was building the anti-Hork warframe, he had already made some improvements.
      In the past, the anti-Hock warframe did not have any weapons. The only weapon was its hands.
      Tony Stark’s anti-Hork warframe was mainly made to beat him up.
      But Tony’s improved anti-Halk armor was n’ t just for the sake of dealing with Hoke, it was also for Tony to deal with other people.
      It was because of this that Tony brought a broadsword on the armor.
      Of course, no matter how sharp the blade that Tony made was, it was definitely not inferior to anything. Moreover, the material of the blade was the same as that of Mark 2’s steel armor.
      Hulk couldn’t completely destroy this expert when facing Mark 2’s armor. After all, the metal used in the steel armor was all made from Stark Industries’ special alloy.
      It was because of this that Tony’s broadsword could cut off a large piece of meat as long as it fell on the body of Hate.
      No matter what, Bu Langsky was also a special force soldier who retired. Even though he had become an abomination now, the remaining fighting consciousness in his body still existed.
      When faced with Tony’s broadsword, the Hate of Hate threw its body backwards without any hesitation.
      Tony’s broadsword had just crossed over on the disgusting nose.
      The Abomination did not stand up again as he had predicted. Instead, he fell to the ground.
      When Tony realized that he had made a mistake with this blade, he immediately hacked the giant blade in his hand towards the hate on the ground.
      Hate looked at the giant blade that had already been chopped down and he rolled on the ground without any hesitation.
      After rolling around a few times, the Hate of Hate finally escaped from Tony’s attack range and stood up.
      When the Hatee stood up, Tony had already pulled out the knife he had just laid on the ground.
      Because the knife in his hand had struck the soil, he did not pursue the Hate again.
      “Just now, you said you were going to tear me to shreds, but now it looks like you’ re just like that.”
      Tony looked at the hate not far from him, and his sarcastic voice rang out.
      “That’s right. Last time, I just broke your limbs. This time, not only will I break your fifth limb, I will even cut off your dog’s head.”
      The moment Tony finished speaking, the giant knife in his hand was raised and aimed at Hate.
      “I’ m going to kill you.”
      The gamma ray had been able to release the anger of the adults, but Bulansky, who had turned into an abomination, became even more furious after hearing Tony’s words. Then, he rushed directly towards Tony.
      “Friday, are you ready?”
      “Master, you’ re ready anytime.”
      “Okay, lock on him.”
      On Friday, he quickly locked onto the Hatees. Then, an inconspicuous equipment appeared under the hand that the anti-Hock warframe had just lifted.
      The moment Tony’s words sounded, a laser shot out from the right hand of the anti-Hork warframe.
      This laser was stuck on Tony Stark’s steel battle suit.
      However, Tony had put it on the anti-Hork warframe this time. Although he had consumed more energy, the destructive power was also shocking.
      When the laser shot out, if he hadn’t dodged to the side, the laser had already pierced his heart.
      But even if it was the Hate that dodged his heart, the laser still pierced through his left hand. And now, his left hand seemed to be useless, because the entire left hand was already hanging down.
      If it was just a normal steel armor, the laser would have only limited damage to the Hate.
      But this time, the laser was fired from anti-Hork warframe, and it was also a modification that Tony had undergone.
      “I’ m going to kill you!”
      Although Hate’s left hand was already crippled, his footsteps never stopped. Now, he only wanted to kill Tony Stark.
      Tony looked at the hate that had already rushed to his side. The broadsword in his right hand instantly landed on the ground, and then countless missiles appeared in his chest armor.
      The moment these missiles appeared, they directly flew towards the Hate of Hate, and soon exploded on his body.
      The moment the Hate was blocked by these missiles, Tony took out two short blades from the feet of the anti-Hock armor and rushed over.
      The Hate of Hate couldn’t bear to rush out from the attacks of these missiles. He could be said to be in a very sorry state.
      But the moment the hate rushed out, he saw Tony Stark’s battle suit appear in front of him.
      However, before the hate had time to be happy, Tony’s anti-Halk warframe had already collided with him.
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      Chapter 36: Killing Hate (1 more for collection)

      After feeling the pain coming from his body, Hate roared loudly.
      However, Tony did not intend to let him go so easily. His arms, which held two short knives, began to spin in an instant.
      The moment the two short blades spun, two huge blood holes appeared on the body of the Abomination.
      At this moment, only his right hand could move. He wouldn’t admit defeat so easily, so his left hand grabbed the left arm of Anti-Halker Armor.
      In the midst of the hateful roars, the left arm of the anti-Hork armor was torn off by him.
      Tony did not have any reaction to having his left arm torn off. After all, tearing off the left arm of the anti-Hork armor would not make Tony feel any pain.
      At the same time, when Tony had built this anti-Hock warframe, he knew that this warframe was basically a disposable item, so he didn’t feel distressed at all.
      “Friday, activate the laser in your chest.”
      Tony’s anti-Halk warframe had more than one laser on it.
      And now, Tony had basically been in contact with the Hatees. The two of them were currently engaged in close combat.
      During close combat, the disadvantage of the anti-Hock warframe was revealed. No matter what, it could not move freely like Tony’s body, so the anti-Hock warframe was indeed a little damaged.
      However, all of this was within Tony’s calculation range. After all, the moves he had to kill were used at this time.
      As soon as the laser on the anti-Halker armor was aimed at the Heart of Hate, Tony shot the laser without any hesitation.
      At such a close distance, the Abomination had no way to dodge.
      Moreover, this laser had a burning effect. His heart was instantly burned by these lasers.
      Following this furious roar, Hate’s body fell to the ground.
      “Friday, check his life characteristics.”
      Tony knew that these monsters proved that you were usually more tenacious, so he had to make sure that the hate was dead.
      “Master, he’s already dead. There’s no longer any living life in his body.”
      After hearing Friday’s words, Tony took off his badly damaged anti-Hork armor.
      After he got out of the anti-hork warframe, Tony saw that the anti-hork warframe had indeed turned into a pile of scrap iron.
      However, Tony’s bloody armor did not receive any damage from the start.
      “Friday, let’s recycle all the rest. We’ ll build a new one when we get back.”
      Tony now understood the shortcomings of this anti-Hork armor, so he had to rebuild a stronger armor when he went back.
      “Ding dong, system task completed,100 system points.”
      After Tony heard the voice of the System in his mind, he did not hesitate and directly used all the remaining 200 System Points to exchange for information on improving the super soldier’s plan.
      After the information was exchanged, although Tony flew into the air, he still opened the information as soon as possible.
      “I see. I see.”
      After Tony read through the information, he realized that the gamma ray could lend people all sorts of emotions, especially anger.
      However, if the Hulk wanted to appear, it could not lack gamma rays because gamma rays could cause genetic changes in the human body.
      And if he wanted to suppress Hooker’s anger, then he only needed to find a rare element.
      Of course, the information in Tony’s hand also showed how to generate such rare elements.
      However, there was no need for Tony to take care of such matters. After all, he had already planned to completely hand this experiment over to Dr. Banner.
      As for what Tony was going to do next, it was very simple. He was going to study something that could control people first.
      Through this battle with Hate, Tony could also confirm whether it was the Hulk or the captain of the Mi Country team. Those who relied on technology to become stronger would also die when their hearts were broken.
      And this had already given Tony a very good reminder that he only needed to create some nano robots.
      While injecting the super warrior serum and conducting the Hooker experiment, Tony just needed to insert a little nano robot into their hearts.
      Since he already had this method, Tony felt that he could start the experiment after he returned.
      With the equipment in Tony’s hands and his brain, this kind of thing would be released soon.
      “Master, Dr. Banna is here!”
      Just as Tony was thinking about what to do next, Friday’s voice rang in his ear.
      Meanwhile, Tony saw Dr. Bannah driving a car towards this direction at this time. At the same time, there was also a team driving in another direction.
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      Chapter 37: If you want to die, just move and try (2 more for collection)

      “Mr. Tony, thank you very much for this incident. But Bu Langsky is one of us, so no matter what, we have to bring it back.”
      Before Dr. Bannah and the convoy entered the town, General Ross, who had been hiding in the distance, finally came out.
      He had been hiding in the shadows and watching Tony and Hate fighting.
      General Ross had never thought that Tony would be able to kill Bu Langsky so easily.
      And now, he was beginning to be wary of Tony. After all, Stark Industrial Group’s technological strength had already reached a terrifying level.
      However, all of these things required the other higher-ups of the military to have their heads hurt. General Ross had to take Bu Langsky’s body back.
      It was precisely because of this that he quickly ran out.
      Tony looked at General Ross under his feet and removed the mask on his face.
      “General Ross, these things are not something you can do. This time, a single Bu Langsky destroyed a small town, so don’ t think about it.”
      The moment Tony finished his sentence, the supply station with anti-Hork warframes floating in the sky was filled with countless gasoline spraying onto the body of hate.
      When the gasoline touched the body of the Abomination, a burning bullet flew out from the supply station.
      General Ross looked at Bu Langsky’s body, which had been completely destroyed by the fire. He shouted at Tony.
      But no matter how he called it, there was nothing he could do because Bu Langsky’s body was already burning.
      Tony definitely wouldn’t allow Bu Langsky’s body to fall into the hands of the military. After all, their mastery of this technology was really bad.
      As for those people from the military who dared to do things casually under the circumstances that they were being bullied, Tony did not want to see such a monster as Hate again.
      The most important reason was that the technology of the Hulk had to be in his own hands, because Tony planned to build his own Hulk army.
      When Tony burned the body of Bu Langsky, Dr. Bannah finally entered the town.
      But before Dr. Bannah, there was already a convoy entering the town. That was the army General Ross had called.
      General Ross looked at something that had no way to save him. His gaze towards Tony could be said to be eager to swallow him.
      But he was not Hong Haoke, so Tony’s hatred for such an incompetent person was never taken as one thing.
      All the soldiers gathered by General Ross were standing behind him, but no one dared to attack Tony.
      In addition, General Ross also knew that with the soldiers in his hands, he wanted to fight Tony. Then, he was a typical toilet with lanterns — looking for shit (dead).
      Just as Tony and General Ross were confronting each other, Dr. Bannah’s car finally came to Tony’s side.
      At this moment, Dr. Bannah was wearing a pair of extremely large clothes that he had folded into several stretchy pants. Other places were naked.
      As for his car, he knew that it was obtained by improper means. After all, there was no key on the car.
      “Mr. Tony, I’ m really sorry. I don’ t know where I fell.”
      Dr. Bennett was telling the truth. When he was thrown from the air by Tony, he became Hulk in the air. He did not know where he had landed.
      If it wasn’t for the fact that there seemed to be a monster here after he recovered, then the current Dr. Bannah did n’ t know where he was?
      “It’s fine. I’ ve already solved it.”
      Tony looked at Dr. Bennett’s appearance. He could n’ t say anything. After all, he had thrown him down from the air.
      “By the way, your future father-in-law seems to be looking at you right there. Should we go over and say hello?”
      Banna looked towards General Ross and then shook his head.
      The reason why he had been hiding all these years was because of General Ross.
      However, the person he loved was General Ross’ daughter, so Banna had no other choice.
      When General Ross saw Banna, he waved to the people behind him.
      “General Ross, I advise you guys to stay calm. I don’ t want to talk to the military.”
      Tony had always seen General Ross’ actions, so when General Ross made his move, Tony’s voice rang.
      And the supply station floating above Tony had already flown over General Ross and the others.
      Looking at Tony’s appearance, General Ross really did not have the courage to let the soldiers behind him attack.
      “Let’s go. Let’s go back.”
      After Tony finished speaking, he pulled Dr. Bannah to the top of the supply station and flew towards Niao.
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      Chapter 38: Banna (3)

      “Mr. Tony, I don’ t think I should enter the New York City for the time being. What do you think?”
      By this time, Tony and Dr. Bannah had already arrived outside the New York City.
      However, Dr. Bennett had no control over Hulk in his body. He had no idea when Hulk would suddenly appear to replace him.
      And once Hulk appeared, there would definitely be a huge disaster in Niujo City.
      He had already explained it to Tony before he came here, so he started to hesitate when he saw Tony leading him towards New York City.
      “Don’ t worry. Since I dare to bring you in, that means that I already have a way to let you control Hooke’s body.”
      As the saying goes, there is no need to be suspicious.
      Without any hesitation, Tony used the 3D projection to show Dr. Bannah the information he had just exchanged from the System.
      Even without Bana, Tony could study these things himself.
      But Tony still had a lot to do, so he felt that it was best to leave this matter to a professional.
      Dr. Bennett quickly finished reading all the data Tony had given him.
      “I see. I see.”
      When Dr. Bennett finished reading all these things, he stood up excitedly.
      “Dr. Banner, calm down a bit first. Your heart rate has already accelerated.”
      Only then did Banna realize that his heart had indeed accelerated.
      The watch that he had been wearing to monitor his heart was now destroyed, so his heart monitoring could only be given on Friday.
      Dr. Bannah quickly suppressed his heart and looked at Tony.
      “Mr. Tony, then when can we start the experiment?”
      Although Dr. Bannah knew that this thing was likely to turn him into that monster.
      But one thing that satisfied him was that once he merged with this monster, he would let your violent monster disappear, and then turn it into his control.
      And just as Tony had said, what he needed to study next was how to turn himself back into an ordinary person.
      Although this might take a long time, and even require a lot of effort from him, Dr. Bannah also saw a glimmer of hope on this matter.
      Only when he became that monster could he devote himself to the experiment.
      If he used his current body to carry out the experiment, then Dr. Bannah could be certain that he might have been destroyed by Hooker before he started the experiment.
      Plus, doing these experiments required money. After all, laboratory equipment and raw materials were not that cheap.
      But now, she was already backed by a big gold master, Stark Industrial Group.
      And the most important thing was that there was a genius-level figure beside him, Tony Stark. That was why Banna felt that there was no problem with his choice.
      Tony’s item had already been discovered by the local military when it entered the sky above New York City.
      However, when he saw the Starck Industrial Group logo on it, he even saw the Iron Man on it through the satellite image. This time, the military did not send a plane over.
      Soon, the supply box that Tony and the others were riding on had already returned to the sky above Tony’s villa called Freedom City.
      The supply box then landed on the empty space next to the villa. Then, Tony brought Dr. Bennett into his villa.
      “Jarvis, the security around the villa is the highest. If anyone dares to approach without permission, attack me.”
      “Understood, sir.”
      When Tony returned to the villa, he immediately gave Jarvis an order.
      There was a time bomb next to him. No one else was allowed to come here to provoke Bannah.
      “Mr. Tony, I think we can start the experiment now. As long as you give me the corresponding experimental equipment and materials, I believe I will be able to research these things very soon.”
      What Dr. Bannah wanted to do the most was to quickly eliminate the defects on his body, so he couldn’t help but enter the laboratory.
      “I’ ve already asked someone to prepare the laboratory for you. The laboratory’s equipment and materials are sufficient. Moreover, this laboratory is in the suburb of the New York City. It’s still a place where there are very few people.”
      Tony had already contacted Little Pepper before he came back and had her prepare a laboratory.
      As an arms company, Stark Industrial Group had many laboratories.
      Moreover, the arms laboratories were usually located in places that were sparsely populated.
      “Then let’s go now. We can go now.”
      “No rush. I need to bring you to find an assistant right now because it’s pretty good to have an assistant in this research.”
      Tony originally wanted to find this assistant tomorrow. After all, it was already dark outside.
      But looking at Dr. Bennett’s excited expression, Tony had no choice but to continue putting on his own steel battle suit, and then pulled him towards the distance.*

      Chapter 39: This green is very healthy (4 more for collection)

      After a period of flight, Tony and Bannah finally arrived at Carf University when the sun was set.
      When he arrived here, Tony could clearly feel the excitement of Banna beside him.
      “Mr. Tony, could it be that the assistant you are looking for for me is her?”
      Bannah already knew who Tony was looking for. Naturally, he was his old girlfriend, Betty Ross, the daughter of General Ross.
      “That’s right. This project was originally researched by you and her, so letting her be your assistant would definitely help you a lot.”
      “No, no, no. I definitely can’ t let her become my assistant.”
      Bannah was indeed unwilling to let Betty Ross become his assistant.
      Bannah was afraid that something had happened while he was doing the experiment. Once the monster in his body came out, he would probably hurt Betty.
      But at this moment, Tony had already walked directly into the campus of Carf University.
      “Friday, invade this university’s surveillance system and see where Miss Betty is.”
      On Friday, he immediately invaded the school’s surveillance system and led Tony towards Betty Ross.
      Banna saw that Tony had already entered the school. After hesitating for a while, he immediately followed Tony into the school.
      “Mr. Tony, I think the two of us need to have a good discussion. Betty really can’ t be my assistant.”
      “Dr. Bennett, I think as a free person, Miss Betty has the right to choose her own future, so we should ask her.”
      Tony knew that even if Bennett became Hulk, he would never hurt Betty Ross.
      With Betty Ross by Bannah’s side, even if Bannah really became Hulk, he would still suppress himself. The damage caused by this was negligible.
      “Mr. Tony, I think…!”
      Dr. Bennett didn’t say anything at all because he was looking at the two people in front of him.
      Tony did not expect to see Betty Ross kissing a man when he came here.
      The man who was kissing Betty Ross was naturally his current boyfriend, the doctor named Leonard Samson.
      In the cartoon, Leonard Samson became Dr. Samson and was also Betty Ross’ ex-husband.
      But in the movie, he was just a boyfriend.
      “Bannah, I think the color on your head is the same as when you became Hulk.”
      Banna could not understand what Tony meant just now. After all, in their Western eyes, green seemed to be quite good.
      “No, I said the color on your head is the same as the color you turned into Hulk. It’s all a healthy forgiveness color.”
      Tony didn’t intend to continue explaining to Bennett because the conversation between the two had been heard by Betty Ross and Leonard Samson.
      Betty Ross emerged from Leonard Samson’s arms and looked at Bannah with a face full of disbelief.
      “Well, don’t I think it’s inappropriate for us to be here at this time?
      “If not, Miss Betty, continue. Just treat us as we don’ t exist.”
      Tony’s words could be said to be inappropriate, but he just wanted to tease.
      “Bannah, when did you come back? Where have you been all these years?”
      Betty Ross didn’t take Tony’s words seriously. She rushed over and hugged Bannah.
      Bennett looked at Betty Ross in his arms, then at Leonard Samson, who was a little embarrassed.
      “What are you hesitating for? As long as you swing the hoe well, you won’ t be able to pry without a corner.”
      Hearing Tony’s words, Bannah did n’ t hesitate. He hugged Betty Ross in his arms. At the same time, the two of them had already kissed each other.
      Tony looked at Leonard Samson, who was standing there. He could say that he wanted to laugh, but he had to endure it. After all, he still wanted to watch a good show later.
      After a long while, Betty and Bennett separated. Then, Bennett and Betty looked at Tony and Leonard Samson in embarrassment.
      “It’s fine. I ca n’ t help but feel like I didn’t see anything just now.
      “Bannah, take care of the situation here. I’ ll wait for you from the side. Remember to call Miss Betty over. After all, the two of us came to look for her.”
      Tony and Bannah knew each other, so he naturally helped Bannah in his tone.
      As for Leonard Samson, he didn’t know him.
      After speaking, Tony walked to a place not very far away and sat down on a chair.
      “Friday, let’s see if we can eavesdrop on what they say.”*

      Chapter 40: Time to eat dumplings (5 more for collection)

      Not long after Tony waited, Betty and Bannah walked over together.
      As for Betty Rose’s current male friend Leonard Samson, he did n’ t fight Bannah as Tony thought.
      He might have wanted to show his gentlemanly demeanor, so he only left after a few words with Betty and Bennett.
      Tony looked at the two people walking towards him. He didn’t think much about it either. After all, they were already used to it. As for wearing a green hat.
      It was hard to say who had brought the green hat. After all, they were the same woman, the same cave, only two different men.
      At this moment, another scene appeared in his mind.
      If Betty Ross was turned into Hong Haoke according to the cartoon, and then Bannah was turned into Haoke, then what would it be like to have a war between two people.
      “Mr. Tony, I’ ve always been able to see you on TV. I didn’ t expect you to actually appear in front of me one day. Why don’ t we take a photo together?”
      Betty Ross had already taken out her phone.
      Tony did not expect Betty Ross to be a fan of his own.
      However, since he was a fan of his own, it would be much easier to do the next thing.
      “No problem, Bannah, help me take a photo with Miss Betty.”
      When Betty heard this, she gave her phone to Banna without any hesitation. Then she ran over and hugged Tony’s arm.
      Tony felt his arm instantly fall into the middle of two balls of meat.
      But before he could enjoy it, Betty’s words rang again.
      “Mr. Tony, can you please get your steel battle suit out? I’ m a fan of your steel battle suit.”
      Tony did not say anything, but the steel armor instantly wrapped around his body, revealing his face.
      “That’s amazing. Sure enough, only a genius like you can make such a thing. Mr. Tony, you’ re really a genius.”
      Looking at the little star in Betty Ross’ eyes, Tony felt that if he were alone with her, he might be able to roll the sheets now.
      However, it was said that a brother and wife could not be bullied, so Tony could only look for an opportunity to eat some dumplings with Betty.
      After Banner pressed the button in his hand, a picture was fixed on Betty’s phone.
      Betty took her phone and looked at it. She was quite satisfied with Banna’s photos.
      “Mr. Tony, I’ ve heard the reason for your arrival from Banna just now. I promise you.”
      Tony wasn’t surprised by Betty’s performance. After all, she didn’t agree to it.
      “Miss Betty, I won’ t say anything else. We’ ll eat dumplings together if we have a chance.”
      Looking at Tony’s right hand, Betty had no idea what Tony meant.
      However, he still gave birth to his own hand and shook it with Tony.
      “Alright, then I won’ t disturb the two of you. I still have to go back and deal with some matters. You two can have a good night’s sex life tonight. My special plane will be waiting for you at the airport tomorrow. I will also send someone to pick you up.”
      Tony knew that the two people who had been reunited for a long time must have a lot to say.
      As for Banna, it was absolutely impossible for him to live a happy life tonight.
      Banna couldn’t beat his heart too fast. If he wanted to live a happy life, his heart would definitely beat over 200.
      That was why Banna could only watch Dong Kong cry tonight.
      However, Tony knew that once Bannah and Hulk were merged together, it would be even more impossible for him to live happily in the next few days unless Betty became Red Hulk.
      But the question was, would Bennett allow Betty to become Red Hooker?
      There was no need to think about the answer to this. After all, Hulk definitely wouldn’t be able to turn Betty into Hong Hooke just for his own sex life.
      To sum up, Banna would only be able to enjoy the slow movement of his left hand and right hand in his entire life unless he could find a suitable antidote.
      As for Betty, she could only live an empty and lonely life,
      “Ah, poor Haoke.”
      In his heart, he observed a moment of silence for Hulk and Betty. Then, Tony activated the injector and left.
      After Tony left, Bannah and Betty looked at each other.
      “How about the two of us go back to my house and talk? How have you been through these years?”
      After Betty spoke, Bannah nodded quickly and then followed Betty towards her home.
      PS: was still ten flowers and it was already 2000. They were looking for a wave of flowers.*

      Chapter 41: To forcibly remove the Temple of the Covenant (6 more to collect)

      When Tony returned to his villa, he saw the Black Widow and Little Pepper.
      Not only were the two of them here, but Tony also saw some other people.
      After Little Pepper saw Tony return, she stood up from her seat and walked towards Tony.
      “You came back just in time. If you don’t come back, I’ m going to contact you.
      According to your instructions, I’ve already started preparing for the Stark Building.
      Now, these people were all professional designers. They were very satisfied with the Stark Building you designed. They might have some improvements for you next.
      “One more thing. I’ ve already chosen the location of the Stark Building this time. It’s on Brick Street in Manhattan. If you think this location is bad, I’ ll just choose another one.”
      When Tony heard about Brick Street, he remembered that Camategy’s Nyo Temple was on Number 177a in Brick Street.
      “That’s right. This location is quite good, but when you choose your address, try to be as close as possible to No.177A on Brick Street, but don’ t move their room.”
      Tony knew that there must be some puzzling magic around the temple.
      As for Tony, he also knew that the Covenant Temple was a fulcrum for Kamataji to protect the world, so he did not intend to dismantle the Covenant Temple.
      Even if Tony wanted to force a move, Kamataiji’s people would not allow it.
      Since that was the case, Tony planned to build his Stark building next to the Temple of Covenant and be a neighbor to them.
      As long as he stayed by the temple, Tony believed that he would one day be able to enter Kamataiji.
      The thing Tony wanted the most was naturally the time gem in Camataji.
      Although Tony already had the Bloodside Armor, this was not Tony’s most powerful steel armor. He needed to constantly improve his steel armor so that he could have a stronger steel armor.
      The main factor limiting Tony’s steel industry’s development was the energy of the steel battle suit.
      At present, small nuclear reactors that provide energy for steel armor are often underpowered.
      For example, Tony and Hate had used a lot of laser beams during the battle. These laser beams had to consume the energy of a reactor every time.
      For this reason, when he was designing anti-Hork warframes, Tony had prepared many reactors.
      As the most mysterious and powerful gemstones in this universe, the infinite gemstones naturally possessed extremely powerful energy.
      Tony felt that he might be able to obtain energy from these gems and then use these gems to provide energy for his steel armor.
      If he could really use these gems as a source of energy for the steel battle suit, then Tony believed that his steel battle suit’s combat strength would be extremely high.
      The most important thing was that after he had an infinite gem in his hand, it would be difficult for the purple sweet potato to snatch the infinite gem from his hand.
      Although Little Pepper did not understand what was at 177A Blick Street, after hearing Tony’s words, she still took out something from the side.
      “Tony, this number 177a of Brick Street is in our building area or something. But if you say that, then I’ ll let them get something new.”
      After receiving the blueprint from Little Pepper, Tony realized that according to their plan, No.177a of Brick Street was indeed to be demolished.
      But since Tony had already spoken, Little Pepper was ready to make a new plan.
      Tony did not say anything else. He walked over and sat down on the sofa.
      He had been busy for a whole day, and so far he had not gotten anything to eat, so his stomach was already hungry.
      “Alright, you guys go back first. We’ ll talk about it tomorrow.”
      After Little Pepper spoke, all of them stood up and greeted Little Pepper and Tony before leaving.
      The black widow didn’t leave this place with those people at this time, but she was also prepared to leave this place. Her footsteps were much slower than the others.
      “Tony, a special agent called Phil Colson from the Divine Shield Bureau wants to talk to you. Do you have time to talk to him?”
      When he heard Little Pepper’s words, Tony could clearly sense that the Black Widow’s movements had slowed down.
      And this agent Phil Colson could be considered an important agent under Baldy Nick, but in the end, he died in Rocky’s hands.
      “Go back and tell him. I don’ t like dealing with men. If there’s anything you want to talk about, just let them send a woman over.”
      “You’ re courting death.”
      Just as Tony said that, Little Pepper started to punch Tony’s chest with her fist.
      However, Tony’s words were n’ t for Little Pepper, but for the black widow who had already walked out from here.
      He believed that the black widow would definitely tell Tony’s words to bald Nick when she went back. He just did n’ t know who he would send over.*

      Chapter 42: Agent Hill (1 more for collection)

      “Tony, I’ m going to work. There’s still a lot of things in the company that I need to deal with.”
      After Little Pepper kissed Tony on the face, she left.
      As the CEO of Stark Industrial Group, Little Pepper was not as relaxed as Tony was when he was the CEO.
      Not only did she have to deal with other matters of Stark Industrial Group, she also needed to quickly grasp some things that she had not known before.
      Even now, he had joined the construction of a Stark Building.
      Although the company’s people were helping with these things, she, the CEO, had to take the final step.
      Seeing that Little Pepper had left, Tony got up from the bed.
      Tony’s transfer had already flown to Dr. Turner and Betty Ross yesterday.
      However, they didn’t come last night. They believed that they would come to the appointment by noon.
      Once Dr. Bennett and Betty Ross arrived at the Nunjo, the two of them would immediately enter the laboratory to experiment.
      Tony already had enough information here. Dr. Bennett and the others only needed to carry out experiments according to what Tony had provided. I would definitely be able to research these things.
      Now, what Tony needed to do was to research out what he needed as soon as possible. That was to be able to control the items of the Hooker Army that would be put into production.
      However, just as Tony was about to put on his clothes to carry out the experiment in the basement, Jarvis’ voice rang in Tony’s ear.
      “Sir, Colonel Rod is here.”
      Just as Jarvis’s voice fell, a car had already arrived outside Tony’s villa. Then a black man in military uniform walked down from the driver’s seat.
      This person was naturally Rod, who had taken the steel armor from Iron Man.
      He and Tony Stark were very close friends, but they had nothing to do with the owner of this body, Tony.
      “Tony, I thought you might not be up yet.”
      Rod walked in with a document bag in his hand.
      When he saw Tony standing in the living room, he walked over with a smile.
      “Rod, you’ re definitely not here so early just to see if I can’ t get up. Let’s just talk about it.”
      Tony still had a lot to do, so he didn’t have time to chat with Rod here.
      Tony was very clear about his arrival. It was just that the military wanted him to hand over the steel armor, which was why Rod came.
      “Alright, the higher-ups of the military have asked me to prepare an investigation about you. They want you to hand over the steel armor. Otherwise, you can agree to it. Otherwise, the people in the Senate might be looking for trouble with you.”
      Rod’s words could be considered for Tony’s sake. After all, he felt that Stark Industrial Group had no way of competing with the people in the Senate.
      “Understood. If there’s anything you can just write it down.
      “That’s right, if you don’ t know anything, you can go find General Ross. I helped him solve a big problem yesterday. I believe there should be a lot of videos in his hands.”
      Tony had no intention of continuing his conversation. After all, it was only Rod who continued to persuade him to hand over the steel battle suit.
      And Tony’s steel battle suit would never be handed over. This was his bottom line.
      The people who handled things in this world were always people, once Tony taught the skills he had mastered.
      He was certain that these people would soon find ways to take these technologies for themselves. After all, this place was a capital-oriented country.
      Not only did Tony have the technology in his hands, he even had Stark Industrial Group as his backing.
      If there really was someone who was looking for trouble at this moment, then Tony would definitely not be polite.
      Therefore, the fearless Tony naturally would not give those people any face.
      “Sir, another person is here. This time, it’s a woman.”
      Tony was already about to enter the basement, but Jarvis’ voice rang again.
      “Master, the person who came is Agent Hill.”
      There were more things that she knew on Friday than Jarvis, so she naturally knew who was coming.
      Rod looked at Tony who was about to enter the basement and stopped. He thought Tony was going to change his mind.
      But then he heard the sound of the car, not to mention the car outside, and then he turned to look outside the villa.
      When Rod turned his head to look, Maria Hill had already stopped her car and walked down from the car.
      Just as Maria Hill came down from the car, she saw Tony Stark standing in the villa.
      Agent Hill had come to look for Tony this time, so she walked straight into the villa without any hesitation.*

      Chapter 43: Cosmic Rubik’s Cube (2 more for collection)

      “Agent Hill, please take a seat.
      “Rod, if you’ re interested, you can sit down and listen.”
      Tony was already sitting on the sofa when Maria Hill walked in.
      As an agent of the Divine Shield Bureau, Maria Hill’s identity was actually rather secretive.
      However, she knew who she was facing, so she didn’t feel much surprised that Tony could call her name in one go.
      Maria Hill took another look at Rod standing next to him and sat down opposite Tony.
      Rod naturally wouldn’t know Maria Hill’s identity, but since Tony called her agent, Rod almost knew where this woman came from.
      As a member of the military, Rod naturally hoped that Tony could hand over the steel armor to the military. So at this moment, he also came over to find a sofa and sat down.
      “Deputy Director Hill, I originally thought that bald Nick might send someone else over this time. I didn’ t expect you to come.”
      Hill told Tony about Nick Frey’s identity, and she instantly became nervous.
      As the director of the Divine Shield Bureau, Nick Frey didn’t know much about his identity.
      “Mr. Tony, how did you know?”
      “Don’ t tell me you forgot who built your S.H.I.E. Shield network?”
      Tony knew that the S.H.I.E.I. Shield’s network was indeed built by Howard Stark.
      Although Howard Stark didn’t have any backdoor left in the network, it did n’ t mean that Tony couldn’t use it to fool around.
      When she heard Tony’s words, Maria Hill’s expression changed.
      When she got back, she had to tell Nick Frey the first time, and then have someone check the network of Divine Shield.
      However, Maria Hill knew what her mission was, so she quickly returned to her original state.
      “Mr. Tony, since you already know my identity, there’s no need for me to continue hiding it.
      “We, the S.H.I. Shield Bureau, wanted to buy the method for making your steel armor. After all, your father also contributed to the S.H.I. Shield Bureau’s construction.”
      When Rod heard Maria Hill’s words, he knew about her.
      Rod didn’t expect the people from Divine Shield Bureau to participate in this incident.
      Although their military and S.H.I. Shield Bureau had always been in a cooperative relationship, this steel battle suit had to be controlled by the military.
      But before he could speak, Tony’s voice rang out.
      “No problem. It’s not impossible for you to build a steel armor, but just to see if you can afford it?”
      “No problem. No matter how much you want, you can say it directly. Our Divine Shield Bureau will definitely try to satisfy you.”
      “I don’ t lack money. If you really want this set of steel armor, then go get the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube for it.”
      Tony had reached the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube and was now in the hands of Divine Shield Bureau.
      When the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube was recovered from the deep sea by Howard Stack, it was handed over to Divine Shield.
      The people from the Divine Shield Bureau were still thinking about using the cosmic cube to build war weapons.
      The Cosmic Rubik’s Cube was actually a container of Space Origin Stones.
      But it could indeed provide powerful energy, so Tony was willing to meet Maria Hill, mainly to obtain the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube.
      However, Tony also knew that the chances of obtaining the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube were not high. However, the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube was too well hidden by the people from the Divine Shield Bureau. He had not found where the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube was hidden so far?
      Although there was a place that appeared in the 1st Federation, Tony realized that he had no way of finding a place because there were several identical places.
      The S.I.E.I.E.C. attached more importance to the universe cube than Tony had imagined.
      And they didn’t intend to share the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube. Otherwise, they might have already shared it with Stark Industrial.
      It was for this reason that Tony deliberately talked to Maria Hill about the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube, and Tony had already left a tracking signal on Maria Hill on Friday.
      Although Maria Hill had only joined the S.I.E.I. Shield after that, she also knew that the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube was salvaged by Howard Stark, so it was normal for Tony Stark to know.
      “Then it seems like this matter has to be discussed?”
      Maria Hill also knew that Baldy Nick would never give the universe cube to Tony Stark, so there was basically nothing to talk about.
      “That’s right. If you’ re willing to give it, then our deal will be concluded.”
      “Alright, I’ ll go back and ask for instructions.”
      Maria Hill then stood up and left.
      After watching Maria Hill leave, Rod was ready to speak.
      “Rod, don’ t think about it. You guys are too poor. There’s nothing I want.”
      Rod really did not know what to say about Tony’s words. After all, Tony really did not lack money.
      “Alright, then I’ ll report your comments on a realistic basis when I go back. I hope you don’ t take offense. I will follow the instructions of the higher-ups.”
      “No problem. You go.”
      Tony did not have any intention of sending Rod out. After saying that, he stood up and walked towards the basement.*

      Chapter 44: Sure enough, they didn’t make it (3, more for collection)

      “No, the destructive power of the nano robot is not enough to kill Haoke.”
      Tony had been studying in the basement for a long time.
      But after a few hours of research, Tony had already tried everything he knew in his mind.
      But after such a long time, Tony realized that the nano-robot he had built was still no problem destroying the hearts of ordinary people. However, it was very difficult to use it to completely destroy the hearts of Hulk and the others.
      Tony knew that he had to increase the explosive output of these nanobots next, because only then could he allow these nanobots to completely destroy Haoke who had transformed and Captain Mi who had injected the super warrior serum.
      Even though Tony’s System Store had these things, Tony belonged to his pride. That was to be able to take advantage of what he could do in his mind. He would never rely on the System.
      These things were not particularly difficult for Tony.
      He had basically successfully manufactured the nano robots. The only deficiency was that the power of these nano robots was still insufficient.
      But for Tony, this was not too difficult. It would not be long before he could successfully study these things. This was his confidence in himself.
      “Master, Dr. Bennett and Miss Betty have arrived at the airport.”
      “Understood, then let’s hurry over now.
      “Jarvis, record all of the previous research sequence. At the same time, we started to search for substitutes that are more powerful.”
      “Understood, sir. I will gradually imitate these experiments.”
      Jarvis was an artificial intelligence no matter what. This kind of experiment could be left to them to simulate.
      Jarvis was unable to carry out these experiments, but he saw Tony was carrying out the experiment just now, so he had completely recorded the experiment.
      After recording the experiment completely, Jarvis only needed to simulate the experiment according to Tony’s order.
      After he walked out of the basement, Tony’s steel battle suit was instantly put on.
      The moment Tony put on the steel armor, the injector on his body lit up. Then, Tony flew directly towards the airport in the suburbs.
      This time, the airport Dr. Banner and the others stopped was naturally the airport belonging to Stark Industrial Group, which was the airport dedicated to the laboratory.
      After flying at full speed, Tony quickly flew into the laboratory.
      This laboratory was indeed in the suburb of Niya, and it was also on a mountain far from the suburb.
      This laboratory was originally used by Stark Industrial Group to study weapons, and it was also the type of weapon that was more harmful.
      Indeed, because all the research in this laboratory was made of this kind of weapon, Tony dared to give this laboratory to Dr. Bennett and the others.
      Under the circumstances of Betty Ross, even if Dr. Bennett had transformed into Hulk here, he would not have much effect on this place.
      After Dr. Bennett and Betty Ross got off the plane, they saw something flying in the sky.
      “Mr. Tony is here. He’s also quite fast.”
      In Betty’s voice, Tony landed directly in front of Dr. Bennett and Betty.
      When he landed on the ground, Tony saw Dr. Bannah’s eyes were especially wide. He knew that he had n’ t slept well last night.
      As for Betty Ross’ eyes, she could not see any heavy black circles at this moment, but it was mainly because she had put on a makeup.
      “Judging from the looks of the two of you, you guys seemed to have fought until the dawn last night. Did you guys feel particularly good last night?”
      When he heard Tony’s words, Dr. Bannah’s face was full of embarrassment.
      The two of them had tried for a long time last night, but every time they reached the critical moment, Dr. Bannah’s heart beat more than 200, so the two of them did not sleep.
      Dr. Bennett’s expression was awkward, but Betty Ross did n’ t have any sense of awkwardness on her face.
      She also knew that Tony had slept with countless women, so there was nothing to be embarrassed about.
      “Mr. Tony, I heard you’ ve found a way to cure the monster inside Bannah’s body. Is this true?”
      “Dr. Bennett, did you not tell Miss Betty?”
      Tony had told Bannah that once this thing was studied in the future, Bannah would most likely become the Hulk.
      “He said it, but if that’s the case, he can at least restrain his rationality. Let’s talk about things in the future.”
      After hearing Betty’s words, Tony’s mouth twitched.
      “Alright, alright. Since that’s the case, I’ ll take you in and take a look at the experimental equipment inside.”
      Tony had already sent all the experimental equipment to Stark Industries yesterday, so the equipment in this laboratory was still very sufficient.
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      Chapter 45: All professional (4 more for collection)

      After Tony brought Bennett and Betty into the laboratory, Bennett and Betty were stunned by the scene before their eyes.
      The two of them had never thought that the things in this laboratory would be so complete. This was much more complete than the laboratory they had studied under General Ross.
      “These are all the experimental equipment produced by our Stark Industrial Group. If you need anything, you can just open your mouth. We, Stark Industrial Group, can still produce these things.”
      Tony was telling the truth. Stark Industrial Group was indeed able to produce these things.
      Stark Industrial Group was not a pure arms dealer. There were also many other sideline businesses in the company.
      And on the experimental equipment, this was originally a lucrative business. After all, many sophisticated experimental equipment could be considered as a lucrative thing.
      As an arms manufacturer, it was supposed to be precise in terms of arms, so in terms of making experimental equipment, Stark Industrial Group was also the most powerful company in the world
      It was precisely because of this that Tony dared to say such a thing.
      And Tony already knew what this experiment needed, so the things that Tony had asked to prepare were basically enough for their next experiment.
      Bannah quickly ran to the side of a large experimental device and touched the experimental device in front of him.
      “Mr. Tony, I didn’t expect your Stark Industrial Group to be able to produce gamma ray machines.
      “I’ ve spent a lot of effort in the military lab to produce this one. Moreover, it’s not as precise as yours.”
      As Banna, who had been exposed to gamma rays from this machine, he naturally understood the meaning of this machine in the first place.
      “This machine is not the perfect one. This is because the production time is quite tight. If we give a little more time, the machine produced is definitely the best.”
      Tony then led the two of them to the front.
      After taking the two of them around the entire laboratory, Bannah and Betty were extremely satisfied with the laboratory, and their satisfaction was extremely high.
      Moreover, they were not the only two in this laboratory.
      In order to allow the two of them to carry out the experiment, Tony even recruited a batch of biochemical experts from Stark Industrial Group.
      Of course, these experts wouldn’t have a chance to touch many of the contents of this experiment. The most precise part was only accessible to Bana and Betty.
      After the other people in the lab that Bennett and Betty had seen, Tony brought them to the side of a computer.
      As the three of them arrived next to the computer, Tony had them put all the experiments on Friday into a USB flash drive.
      “I put everything you need in this USB flash drive. As for what you need for the next experiment, you can just contact me directly.
      “As long as it’s something you need, I will definitely bring it to you in the first place.”
      Tony left his phone with Bannah and Betty.
      “Mr. Tony, I have something I need to ask you.”
      As for Banna, he still had one more thing to ask, so he felt that he had to ask clearly before starting the experiment.
      “Ask, if there’s anything else you need my help with, just say it.”
      Tony had already prepared to leave this place. After all, the next thing he needed to do was leave it to Banna and Betty to experiment here.
      Besides, there were so many people from Stark Industrial Group to help. If neither of them could complete the experiment, then Tony felt that the two of them were a little out of name.
      “I really want to know one thing. What should I do if I become Hulk here?”
      “Dr. Bennett, I think you should have confidence in yourself. Even if you don’t have confidence in yourself, you have to have confidence in what I gave you.
      “Even if you really become hospitable, I believe Dr. Betty can stop you, right, Miss Betty.”
      “Yes, I believe you will never hurt me no matter what you look like, so we should have confidence in Mr. Tony.
      “Look at all the professional equipment and people around here. If we can’ t complete this experiment under such circumstances, then there’s no need for the two of us to continue. This will be a waste of Mr. Tony’s money.”
      Hearing Betty’s confident words, Tony did n’ t say anything else. He left in a steel suit.
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      Chapter 46: Baldy Nick’s Visit (5 more for collection)

      When Tony returned to the sky above the villa, he realized that there were several cars parked outside his villa.
      “Jarvis, what’s going on?”
      Tony had Jarvis manage the entire villa.
      When so many people arrived at the villa, Tony did not receive any news. It could only be said that these people were probably people that Tony was familiar with, or someone that he was familiar with.
      “Sir, Miss Bozi brought him here, so I didn’ t inform you at the first time.”
      When he heard that it was Chili Pepper who brought it over, Tony fell from the sky and walked towards the villa.
      Just as he entered the villa, Tony noticed the bald man sitting on his sofa.
      Needless to say, Tony already knew who was coming when he saw this bald man.
      Tony did not expect Baldy Nick to come personally this time.
      There were two people standing beside Baldy Nick. They were Maria Hill and Worker Ferte.
      At this moment, the two of them chatted happily.
      After all, it wasn’t the first time Ferter went to the headquarters of Stark Industrial Group, so he had more opportunities to meet Little Pepper.
      “Tony, you’ re back.”
      When she saw Tony enter the villa, Little Pepper quickly stood up from the sofa she was sitting on and quickly ran to Tony’s side.
      “They’ re all from S.H.I. Shield Bureau. That bald person is the director. They seem to have come to talk to you about something. Should I avoid it?”
      “No need, I have something to tell you later.”
      Tony knew that the villa could no longer continue to live because everyone knew about the villa.
      And just like S.I.E.I. Shield and Rod, if they wanted to come to this villa, it could be said to be easy. They didn’t need Tony’s permission to come directly.
      Tony didn’t like to be disturbed by others in his place of residence. After all, he had too many things to do.
      The most important reason was that the things in Tony’s basement were not enough for him to carry out experiments, so he needed a more professional laboratory.
      After the Stark Building was built, it could basically meet Tony’s needs.
      It was because of this that Tony was very concerned about the construction of the Stark Building.
      Although it wasn’t easy to build a building like this, Tony was rich now and could use money to create a building.
      It was precisely because of this that Tony wanted to discuss these matters with Little Pepper.
      Of course, before talking to Little Pepper about the construction of the Stark Building, they had to deal with Nick Frey and the others first.
      In the end, Tony walked over to Nick Frey and sat down.
      When he sat down, Tony’s steel battle suit had already automatically separated and stood behind Tony to massage him.
      “Nick Frei, Director of S.H.I.E. Shield, you three are basically the most powerful people in S.H.E. Shield. Then I want to know what’s going on with you here?”
      Nick Frey learned from Maria Hill that Tonis Tucker already knew a lot about their S.H.I.E. Bureau, so he wasn’t surprised when Tony spoke his name.
      “Mr. Tony, there’s still a lot of information left behind by your father in our S.H.I.E. Shield Bureau. You must know that palladium element is harmful to human body.”
      “That’s right. Palladium is indeed harmful to human body, and the energy it provides is limited. Now that I’ ve developed a completely new element, I’ ve sent those things to you.”
      Tony was no longer the former Tony Stark’s. For Tony, who had all the information from the Four Transitions of the Federation, this was not a big deal.
      Tony had already found this new type of element in his basement. Otherwise, the reactors on the anti-Hork warframe would not have been able to use it for such a long time,
      Nick Frey didn’t expect that Tony had already developed that item. He had originally planned to use the item left behind by Howard Stark to trade with Tony.
      And since Tony had already studied that thing, it was basically impossible for Nick Frey to obtain a steel armor.
      As for taking out the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube to trade, Nick Frei could n’ t agree to it. After all, the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube was still of great use to them.
      Back then, the Red Beetle had been able to use the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube to build weapons, so they could use the people from Divine Shield Bureau, even if they had n’ t discovered it yet.
      Since the deal couldn’t be done, Nick Frey thought of another plan. He took a document from Maria Hill behind him and placed it in front of Tony.*

      Chapter 47: Hill, don’t fall in love with Tony (6 more for collection)

      “This is a plan that our S.H.I.E. Shield Bureau is currently working on. I wonder if you are interested in joining Mr. Tony.
      “If you can join this plan, our Divine Shield Bureau is willing to help you solve many problems, such as what you are going to face recently.”
      Tony picked up the document in front of him. When he opened it, he saw the Avengers Alliance plan on the front page.
      Tony could not be more clear about this plan.
      Since he was already very clear about this plan, Tony did not need to continue watching.
      And Tony had never thought about joining the Avengers Alliance.
      The Divine Shield Bureau was an official organization no matter what. When they were doing things, they would always be under a lot of official pressure. They had disbanded the Avengers Alliance more than once.
      Even when the Avengers Alliance had solved the alien crisis that Rocky had brought, they still received pressure from all sides.
      It was for this reason that Tony did not want to join the Avengers Alliance.
      For Tony, rather than joining the Avengers Alliance, he might as well form one himself.
      For a hero like Tony, forming a team that completely obeyed his orders would not be so restricted.
      Moreover, he already had Hooker in his hands, and he would soon be able to form a Hooker army.
      As for Captain Mi, it was not a matter anymore. If Tony wanted to make a move, then he would be able to make hundreds of Captain Mi.
      “Nick, I don’ t have any interest in your plan for the Avengers Alliance, so I’ m not interested in joining you, the Avengers Alliance. I’ m a more relaxed person.”
      After speaking, Tony put the document in his hand back in front of Nick Frey.
      Nick Frey also knew that it was impossible for such a thing to be discussed at the first meeting. He had only come here to meet Tony Stark this time.
      “No problem. Since you don’t have such an idea, then we do n’ t insist.
      “But you might have some trouble next. I hope you can withstand the pressure.”
      “No problem. The thing that I like to do the most is to solve the pressure. I just don’ t know how much pressure Congress can give me.”
      Tony was someone who had seen Rod before, so he felt that the pressure this time was just that the people in Congress wanted him to hand over the steel armor.
      And when Tony was facing those ordinary people in Congress, he would not have any good looks.
      Nick Frey did not expect Tony to know that the Congress was going to look for him.
      But he wanted to see what Tony Stark would do next.
      “If that’s the case, then we’ ll leave. Maybe we’ ll have a chance to work together in the future.”
      “That’s right. In the future, we will definitely have a chance to work together. When we work together, your universe cube might become mine.”
      “Then we’ ll wait and see.”
      Nick Frey stood up from the sofa and walked out with Maria Hill and Ferter.
      “I’ ll send you off.”
      After Little Pepper finished speaking, she quickly stood up and sent Nick Frey and the others out of the villa.
      Nick Frey and the others quickly got into the car they came from, and then left with the people from Divine Shield Bureau.
      “Director, can it be that we’ re going to settle this matter?”
      Maria Hill sat in the passenger seat and asked.
      Nick Frey was not in a hurry to answer his question. Instead, he looked at the little pepper that turned around and walked towards the villa.
      “This kind of thing can’t be negotiated at once. We must have enough patience.
      Moreover, if there was no breakthrough on Tony Stark, we might as well change our target.
      Let Natasha continue to follow Miss Boz.
      By the way, Hill, Tony Stark will definitely receive a subpoena from the Congress next. I will find a way for the people of the Congress to arrange for you to be by his side. When that time comes, you will be matters around him.
      “If we can’ t solve it at once, then slowly grind him down.”
      Faced with Nick Frey’s words, Maria Hill could n’ t find a rebuttal.
      Although Maria Hill did not necessarily listen to Nick Frey’s orders, she still chose to accept such orders.
      “Understood, Chief. As long as the people from the Congress can make such a request, I will come anyway.”
      “By the way, Hill, Tony Stark is a playboy. Remember that you’ re an agent. Don’ t be tempted by him.”
      “I understand. I will always remember it.”*

      Chapter 48: Hornet Clothes (1 more for collection)

      “Tony, actually, I don’ t think you should do this. Even if you want to reject them, you don’ t have to do this. You can be a little more tactful.”
      After Little Pepper sent Nick Frey and the others away, she came to Tony’s side.
      For Little Pepper, no matter how powerful Tony was, he hoped that Tony would not make too many enemies. After all, Divine Shield was also a national institution.
      It was precisely because of this that Little Pepper felt that Tony should not be offended too ruthlessly.
      “Let’s talk about this. How’s the Stark Building?”
      This was what Tony was most concerned about. After all, he had already had enough of this lousy villa.
      “We’ ve already been bidding according to your instructions. This time, we’ ve been looking for 20 construction companies to build the Stark Building. They should be able to build it at a very fast speed.”
      “Little Pepper, then are there any Chinese construction companies in your construction companies?”
      When he was asked by Tony, Little Pepper really didn’t understand why it was China’s construction company to build the Stark Building.
      Tony knew that these Americans were quite good in the construction industry, but their speed was too slow.
      Although Tony was a Mi in this world, he wanted to let these Mi people know what the Chinese speed was.
      And now, the Stark Building was something that Tony needed to build, so he felt that there was a need to join a few Chinese construction companies.
      As for whether these Chinese construction companies were willing to come here, there was no need to think about it. After all, no one would be able to go against money.
      “Little Chili, you can try to understand the Chinese speed. Once you understand it, you will understand why I want to join a few Chinese construction companies.”
      After speaking, Tony stood up from the sofa and walked towards the basement. He still had to continue the experiment.
      “By the way, Tony, I have an invitation here. It was sent by a person called Future Lab. It’s said that they have developed a superb wasp armor. It’s going to be displayed at noon today. This is a deliberate invitation to you.
      “I almost forgot. There have been too many things in the past few days. I’ m a bit too busy.”
      “If you can’ t do it, just invite a few more secretaries. You’ re the CEO, so there’s no need to do everything by yourself. Otherwise, why would we spend so much money to invite people here?”
      Tony was still clear about this future laboratory. It was because they had developed the wasp armor, which was the villain among the ants.
      Tony also knew why this laboratory would send an invitation letter to him.
      Stark Industrial Group had always been a leader in the arms industry, especially since it had steel battle clothes. Stark Industrial Group’s reputation could be said to have risen.
      The reason this laboratory sent an invitation letter to him was because it wanted to use its reputation to advertise.
      Of course, Tony also knew that this might be a challenge for him in this laboratory. Because they felt that their wasp armor was better than steel armor, they wanted to challenge him.
      As long as this lab’s wasp armor was really better than their own steel armor, then they could instantly become more than the Stark Industrial Group’s arms dealer. This could be considered as borrowing Tony to advertise for them.
      Tony instantly understood what the laboratory was thinking.
      After reading the invitation, Tony decided that he had to go for this visit.
      During this period of time, Tony had been researching a method that could control the Hooker Army and the super warriors.
      In yesterday’s experiment, he thought of using nano robots to control these people.
      Or perhaps, inject the nanoparticles with explosives into these people’s hearts. If these people were disobedient or lost control, then Tony could directly activate these nano robots to deal with these people.
      However, Hulk and the super warriors were both strong, and their physical fitness was also very strong. It was not easy to kill them with the nano robots.
      It was because of this that Tony was still worrying about this matter.
      But after seeing this invitation, Tony suddenly had a good idea.
      Since the nano-robot wasn’t carrying enough explosives to kill these people, Tony could use the screen particles and the normal size of explosives to shrink, and then inject these explosives into the hearts of Hulk and the super warriors.
      When faced with such explosive explosives, Tony was certain that even Hulk and super warriors would die.
      So under such circumstances, Tony felt he needed to go to this future laboratory.
      However, Tony’s target was not this future laboratory. His main target was the first generation ant, because he knew that he would definitely go on such a tour.
      PS: In order to make the story more coherent, the timeline might be slightly adjusted, but it would not be too chaotic.*

      Chapter 49: A Generation of Ants (2 more for collection)

      “Iron Man, I didn’ t expect Iron Man to come too.”
      “Look, I’ m here to visit Iron Man.”
      Under the shocked gazes and voices of many people, Tony landed on the ground floor of the future laboratory.
      Just as Tony landed, a large group of reporters surrounded him.
      This group of reporters had originally received an invitation from the Future Lab. They did not expect to encounter Iron Man here.
      None of these reporters didn’t want to interview Iron Man right now, but after Tony declared himself Iron Man, he rarely appeared in the public’s eyes.
      As for Tony’s villa called Freedom City, it was n’ t something they could casually approach.
      Even though some of these reporters had slept with Tony Stark, they still had no way to get close to Freedom City.
      “Mr. Tony, it’s said that the future laboratory has developed a wasp armor that can be reduced. Will this impact your Stark Industrial Group’s arms business?”
      “Iron Man’s future lab invited you over this time. Do they want to use the wasp armor to compare it with your steel armor?”
      Facing this group of enthusiastic reporters, Tony knew that he would not be able to take off without saying a few words.
      “Everyone, I only received an invitation this time.
      I haven’t seen this so-called wasp armor yet. What do you want me to say?
      So what I meant was to wait for me to enter and visit, then come out to give you an answer.
      “But one thing I’ m sure of is that no matter who it is, no matter what they’ ve researched, they definitely won’ t surpass me, Tony.”
      After Tony said that, he squeezed through the middle of the group of reporters.
      Of course, Tony was not idle when he entered. He had been taken advantage of by countless women along the way.
      It wasn’t easy for him to squeeze out of this group of reporters. Then, Tony entered the building,
      Just as Tony entered the building, he saw a white-haired man standing in front of him.
      When he also saw this man, Tony understood who this man was. He was the first generation ant, the creator of Pim Particles, Hank Pim.
      “That’s right. Your Stark family is indeed a genius. Although I don’ t like your father’s character, things are over now and he’s dead. Keep working hard in the future. The future is yours.”
      According to the memories in his mind, Tony knew that he and Hank Pim had met before. After all, Hank Pim had been the same as Howard Stark before. Both of them had served as scientific advisers in S.H.I.E. Bureau.
      As for what he said, it was the incident where Howard Stark and the others had tricked Hank Pim into going to Russia and then seized the opportunity to steal Pim particles.
      However, the Pim particle was not stolen in the end. Hank Pim also left the Divine Shield Bureau for this reason.
      Tony Stark met when Hank Pim and Howard Stark were working together.
      “Uncle Pim, I didn’ t expect you to come here this time. We haven’ t seen each other for a long time. Why don’ t we find a place to have a drink later?”
      Tony knew that the Pim particle in the future laboratory was not complete, so if he wanted to completely master the Pim particle, he would naturally be looking for the inventor of the Pim particle.
      “Just like Howard, everything is purposeful. You’re willing to come here this time to see if the future laboratory has mastered the Pim particle.
      “And if I’ m not wrong, you should also want to master the Pim particle, right?”
      Tony’s goal was exposed by Hank Pim, but he did n’ t feel embarrassed at all.
      “That’s right, Uncle Pim, I came here this time to want Pim particles. Because I’ m currently studying nanobots, I want to see if Pim particles are useful.
      “One more thing. I want to see if I can use Pim particle on my steel armor. After all, my steel armor is much better than your ant’s.”
      When he heard Tony say that, Hank Pim had to admit that what Tony said was indeed the truth.
      Tony’s steel armor was indeed much better than his ant man’s. This was beyond doubt.
      “And Uncle Pim, since you can use Pim particles to narrow the distance between atoms and make people become ants, are you interested in trying to increase the distance between atoms by using Pim particles to make people bigger?”
      “You want to drag me to your Stark Industrial Group. It’s not like this can not be discussed. But now, the most important thing for us is to solve the problem here first, and then find a chance to have a drink at night. How about that?”
      Hearing Hank Pim’s words, Tony knew that he was already tempted.
      “Sure. We’ ll have a drink together later.”*

      Chapter 50: I am indeed a genius, but what are you?(3)

      “Good afternoon, Tony, Hank.”
      Just as Tony and Hank Pim finished their conversation, a woman in a professional suit appeared beside them.
      “Hope, it’s really been many years since we met.”
      Since Tony had already met Hank Pim back then, he had naturally met Hank Pim’s daughter.
      The two of them had not met since Hank Pim and Howard Stark had fallen out.
      At that time, both of them were only seventeen or eighteen years old. Now, they were no longer children.
      “Tony, long time no see.”
      Tony and Hop hugged.
      “Hope, you’ ve developed a lot better than before.”
      “Sure enough, you’ re just like what the report says. You’ re really pretty.”
      Tony and Hop burst into laughter at this moment.
      After the two of them finished laughing, Hank Pim finally said to Hop,” Can you call dad dead?”
      When Hope heard this, she just smiled.
      Tony knew that Hope’s mother had died because of Hank Pim, so the relationship between the two had never been very harmonious.
      Hope’s mother was naturally the first generation wasp.
      “If you two can come today, I believe Dr. Cross will be very happy.”
      “I hope he can really be happy later. I came to smash the scene.”
      Tony was right. He came here to smash the scene this time, so he hoped that Dr. Cross could really laugh.
      “Mr. Tony, I’ m already happy to see you here. I’ m also very happy to see you here.”
      At this moment, a bald man walked towards Tony and the others. He stretched out his right hand when he reached Tony’s side.
      This bald man was the person in charge of the future laboratory, Darren Cross. He was also considered a great villain among the ants.
      Looking at the right hand in front of him, Tony reached out to shake it with Dr. Clarence.
      Although he did come here to smash the scene this time, he still needed to maintain his demeanor.
      After Darren Cross and Tony shook hands, he shook hands with Hank Pim again.
      “Darren, I didn’t expect you to find those things in the end. I hid those things because of them……!”
      Darren Cross did not ask Hank Pim to finish his sentence. Then he came to Tony’s side.
      “Mr. Tony, a genius like you has always been my idol, especially your Iron Man battle suit. I think the two of us will have a chance to work together in the future. Maybe we can produce some epoch-making technology weapons?”
      “I still agree with some of your words. I admit that I am a genius. As for the epoch-making technology products, only Stark Industrial Group can produce them.
      “As for cooperation, let’s forget about it. Because you’ re not qualified to cooperate with me.”
      Darren Cross had never thought that Tony would not give him any face.
      Since Tony Stark didn’t give him face, Darren Cross naturally would n’ t be polite anymore. After all, there were already so many reporters around.
      “I hope Mr. Tony, you’ ll be able to laugh when you see what our future lab shows. You’ re not the only genius in this world.”
      “You’ re right. I’ m not the only genius in this world, but there’s absolutely no one here. After all, a person who relies on stealing something from others can’ t be called a genius. Even such a person can only be a little person.”
      When Darren Cross heard Tony’s words, he regretted sending an invitation to Tony Stark.
      At first, he really wanted to use Tony Stark to advertise his wasp clothing, but now it seemed that his plan might have failed.
      After being told by Tony, Darren Cross had no way to refute him. After all, what Tony said seemed to be the truth.
      With so many reporters around him, he felt that it was better for him to bring these people in early.
      “Everyone, let’s take everyone in and take a look. The wasp battle suit produced by Cross Technology is definitely an epoch-making product. Come with me.”
      After Darren Cross finished speaking, he took the lead and walked in front of him. Then, those invited people followed behind him.
      Seeing these people entering the elevator, Hank Pim also extended his thumb towards Tony.
      “Sure enough, you’ re much better than your father. If you say this, you’ ll definitely make people want to die, but I like it.”
      Tony smiled at Hank Pim and the two of them walked into the elevator.*

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