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Marvel: To be immortal at the beginning

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      Marvel: To be immortal at the beginning(Chapter 1-50)

      001. Immortality Physique!

      A iron shackle was put on the hand of a thirteen-year-old boy. His slender figure was pushed forward by two heavily armed soldiers.
      The desolate shadow reflected in the corridor of the underground base.
      Su Chen’s childish face was filled with a hint of fear.
      He did not want to leave.
      However, the soldiers kept pushing him back, and his sturdy body easily pushed him forward.
      “Damn bastard…”
      Su Chen clenched his teeth, and You’s undeveloped body began to struggle.
      “Kid, be honest with me.”
      The soldiers on both sides immediately put up the boy’s arms and led him towards the laboratory at the end of the corridor.
      This was an experimental base that specialized in researching mutated humans. The brain was sliced, the body was dissected, and all sorts of illegal human experiments were carried out here.
      After all, people really wanted to study the genetic mystery of mutated humans!!
      During this half a month, Su Chen had seen countless figures being brought out of the cell and never came back.
      Damn it!!
      He did not want to die!
      However, his limbs were handcuffed and shackled. When he was young and powerless, Su Chen’s struggle had no effect at all. Soon, his body was brought into a sealed laboratory.
      “Snap on.”
      Under the instructions of the lab staff in the white coat, Su Chen’s hands and feet were tied to an experimental platform. His waist and neck were tightly tied together, and he lay flat on the platform like a lamb to be slaughtered.
      Outside the one-way perspective glass in the lab, General Marcus, who was wearing a military uniform, said excitedly,” Is this number 5162?”That guy with extraordinary powers?”
      “Yes, General!”
      A doctor beside him said excitedly,” Even the healing ability of the Diamond Wolf can not be compared to him. This guy’s cellular activity is simply terrifying. It can be said that this is a key to our eternal life.”
      Dr. Marcus’ face grew increasingly unsettled.
      The white-robed doctor didn’t say anything. This youth with extraordinary healing ability was n’ t a mutated human, because he didn’t have the mutated human’s signature X gene. On the contrary, his genes were very special, strange and changeable, as if…. he was constantly evolving.
      Infinite evolution?
      To be honest, Dr. White was shocked by his bold hypothesis.
      This sounded like an omnipotent god.
      His intuition told him that this young man was extremely dangerous, but he couldn’t restrain his curiosity about the mysterious gene that was constantly mutating.
      He wanted to crack it, study it, and get the answer.
      “Let me cut open your head and get the answer.”
      The white-robed doctor walked in, his vicious words lingering in Su Chen’s ears.
      Su Chen began to struggle harder and harder.
      Because he saw the doctor in the white coat around him holding up a surgical knife.
      Open the skull!!
      These bastards are going to open their own heads!!
      He was about to be cut open!
      I don’t want to die!
      Su Chen’s heart began to scream. He recalled his mother who had died from illness. He promised her that she must live with her sister. She would always be healthy and live for a hundred years. In the future, he would have to find a gentle wife and give birth to a fat kid.
      In the end, an apocalyptic disaster had descended on him to destroy his mother’s oath before she died.
      “I want to live!”
      Su Chen shouted.
      At this moment, an invisible wave rippled out from his mind. Everything around him was controlled by an invisible wave of Psyche Power. Everything in the laboratory was strangely floating in the air.
      “Damn it, number 5162 has displayed a new ability. It’s suspected to be psychic!!”
      For a moment, the experimenter panicked.
      “Hurry up and use a strong anesthetic!”
      A nurse immediately grabbed a flying needle tube from the air trembling.
      Su Chen saw this scene and his clear eyes instantly turned red.
      He didn’t want a needle.
      He was afraid of needles!!
      “Get lost! Get lost!”
      Su Chen roared.
      Just as he spoke, the nurse who gripped the needle tube and the lab staff in the white coat all suffered a terrifying repulsion in an instant. With a bang, each of their bodies crashed into the wall behind them.
      Many people were stunned and fainted.
      Su Chen’s eyes turned red. He did not realize that his genes were undergoing a terrifying mutation and evolution.
      At this moment, he only wanted to live properly.
      “I want to live. I want to keep my promise.”
      Strong faith became the driving force.
      The binding band that tightly bound Su Chen’s limbs and waist was completely torn apart by his thin body.
      His body’s strength suddenly increased. His weak physique, which had not received much nutrition for more than ten days, gradually became full of muscle lines.
      Su Chen did not know what had happened to him.
      He just wanted to live.
      The door of the experimental room was opened just like that. A few armed soldiers rushed into the door. After learning that the experimental subjects were completely out of control, they pulled the trigger in their hands without hesitation!
      The full automatic rifle’s bullet accurately hit Su Chen’s body, and a bullet struck between his brows.
      In less than a second, the bullets that penetrated Su Chen’s body started to spit out. The wounds healed in an instant, and no signs of injuries could be seen.
      “Self-healing ability user?”
      The soldier sneered and suddenly switched to firing mode. The full automatic rifle’s bullets continuously fired at Su Chen’s head.
      He wanted to see how his opponent’s head would heal once it completely bloomed.
      Ding ding ding!!
      That close-range bullet hit Su Chen’s skin. At this moment, it did n’ t penetrate his body, instead, it was sent flying.
      The soldier was dumbfounded.
      After firing for less than a few seconds, the second bullet failed to penetrate his skin.
      It was as if the other party had evolved steel skin in such a short period of time, directly adapting to the impact of the bullet.
      “He’s evolving…”
      The doctor in white, who had collapsed on the ground, was pale from the impact of the power of the chant just now. However, he was extremely excited at this moment. He laughed loudly,” Hahaha, the infinite mutation of genes is causing him to rapidly evolve. Heavens, let us applaud the birth of God!!”*

      He created the system concept as needed!(Second place)

      The white-robed doctor laughed loudly. As a Frankenstein, he looked at Su Chen, his eyes shining brightly, as if he had seen something rare.
      From the start of his research on Su Chen’s cell, he realized that under the extraordinary and enormous activity, there were genes that were constantly mutating.
      The samples were too small, and there was not much space for experiments.
      However, he had a very bold guess in his heart that Su Chen’s body would directly evolve its resistance under the intense stimulation of the outside world!
      For example, under the burning of the fire environment, mutated genes would evolve to be resistant to fire. Under the cold and frozen environment, evolved genes would cause the body to undergo a sudden change in frost resistance.
      The scene in front of him confirmed this point. The bullet penetrated the youth’s skin, and in less than a second, it instantly evolved its resistance. The skin’s strength increased greatly, so that the bullet could no longer penetrate.
      For some reason, the white-robed doctor suddenly thought of a sentence. He would not be defeated by the same move for a second time.
      “Damn bastard…”
      The soldiers who did not believe in evil kept pulling the trigger.
      Da da…
      The muzzle of the gun was full of blazing flames as a bullet shot towards the youth in front of him.
      Ding ding…
      Unfortunately, a bullet hit Su Chen’s body one after another. Without exception, all of them were sent flying.
      They simply could not imagine that a person’s skin was as strong as a feather!
      Su Chen looked at the soldiers in front of him with a furious face.
      Just like that, a furious voice came out of Su Chen’s mouth.
      Under his hysterical expression, the reality around him began to distort. All the soldiers in front of him from the entrance of the laboratory turned pale. They covered their hearts and cried out in pain.
      They could only feel their hearts being pinched by an invisible hand. With a bang, their hearts were completely crushed by this invisible force.
      The soldiers fell down like this. The moment they died, they looked at the young man in front of them with fear, as if they had seen a devil.
      “It’s too amazing. This is even more powerful than reading. You directly changed reality…”
      The doctor in white, who had collapsed on the ground, explained excitedly.
      Su Chen’s eyes immediately turned to look at him. In his mind, a sinister expression appeared on his face as he held a scalpel to open his skull. A wave of anger immediately surged out of his heart.
      “You die too!”
      He spoke.
      An invisible wave swept through the reality again. The white-robed doctor’s head exploded like a broken watermelon, and red blood sprayed out of a ceiling.
      I want to go home!
      I want to live well!
      “No one can stop me.”
      Su Chen’s eyes became colder and colder. He walked down from the experimental platform with a thin figure. He touched his forehead, without any traces of wounds. He immediately realized that his undying constitution was still working.
      However, the super-natural force that came out one after another made him realize that his body was undergoing a new change.
      He could not see through the principle of change.
      At this moment, he only wanted to live.
      At this moment, the door of the laboratory closed. A steam valve that was dozens of centimeters thick was enough to trap any robust mutated human.
      In order to avoid experimental accidents, the ventilation ducts in the laboratory were also equipped with poison fog devices.
      Very soon, a green fog gushed out from the ventilation duct and filled the entire experiment room. It was enough to poison a adult elephant in one second.
      Su Chen frowned. His senses suddenly became blurry. He felt extremely sleepy, as if he was about to fall.
      But in less than a second, the effect of neuropathic paralysis began to rapidly weaken.
      “I see.”
      Su Chen’s thirteen-year-old head immediately realized that the influence of the outside world on him could prompt him to quickly evolve a new ability.
      To be precise, his undying body contained a mutated gene that had evolved endlessly. Under the stimulation of the outside world, the direction of evolution had found a direction, and a new defensive ability instantly emerged.
      Just a few minutes ago, it was as if he had displayed the power of telepathy, rewriting reality, steel body and other abilities.
      This was an ability that had never been shown in the past. It was obvious that a new student had emerged.
      Su Chen now felt that he had become more and more intelligent, as if his intelligence had been inspired by leaps and bounds.
      In order to deal with the more and more abilities that appeared in his body, he felt that he needed to sum up to deal with the more and more abilities in his body.
      Just like the prodigies on television, they could build their own memory palace in their minds. Every book they read was saved in this palace.
      In the same way, the genius Shylock scouts on television could construct a palace of thought and manage their memories scientifically and orderly.
      Su Chen, based on the novels he had read, began to build a system that belonged to him, allowing him to unconsciously summarize the changes of genes in his body.
      Just like…
      [Anti-toxic +10]
      [Anti-toxic +10]
      [Anti-toxic +10]
      [Master’s constitution has been immune to nerve gas,100 poisons not invading]
      The changes of the genes in his body to the external stimuli were summarized by Su Chen’s system.
      Not bad!!
      Su Chen was very satisfied.
      He looked at the locked laboratory door in front of him. The steam valve in front of him caved in after the surging power of the mind surged out.
      PS: was not that the System chose the main character, but that the main character created the System according to his own needs.*

      0003. Infinite evolution of genes!(Third place)

      The sound of steel twisting was heard. A steam valve in front of him collapsed under an invisible force.
      A wave of fog gushed out from the dozens of centimeters wide evaporation gate valve. After another surge of psychic power swept over, with a loud noise, the entire gate collapsed into a huge gap that could accommodate one person.
      “Not good, this guy is going to walk out.”
      “Damn it, quickly call all the guards in the base.”
      “Number 5162 is completely out of control!”
      The sound of panic spread throughout the entire experimental base.
      The ear-piercing alarm rang out. General Marcus left hastily and dispatched the entire laboratory base’s guards to suppress it.
      Su Chen, who was wearing a white coat, walked out of the broken door.
      His childish face had become a little cold after the incident. He had a stiff face and didn’t get close to any favors. There was a faint cold killing intent.
      Su Chen wanted to live.
      He promised his dead mother to live well!
      Anyone who stopped him from leaving the lab should die!
      “Let’s go to hell.”
      Looking at the silhouettes of soldiers at the end of the corridor, Su Chen’s cold and stubborn face was filled with killing intent. He no longer cared about morality, good or evil. Now, he only had one thought. Anyone who stopped him would die.
      Bullets flew over from the end of the corridor. This time, the bullets were sharper and sharper, but they had the ability to wear armor. Clearly, these people had taken the countermeasures to deal with the steel-like skin.
      Su Chen’s pupils constricted slightly. He raised his right hand and a surge of invisible waves condensed in front of him.
      [Intention Motivation]
      He asked the System to summarize this invisible power fluctuation into the psychic power.
      Under the effect of the psychic power, the sharp bullets were as if they had fallen into a swamp. They couldn’t move in the air, and finally hovered in front of Su Chen.
      “Let’s go back.”
      As Su Chen’s right hand swung slightly, the hovering bullets swept out and flew towards the figure at the end of the corridor. Pfft sounds rang out, and the thick bulletproof vest could not stop the armor-piercing bullets. In the blink of an eye, all the figures in front of him fell to the ground.
      It was all your fault….
      Su Chen’s stubborn and childish face looked at the corpse on the ground, but he did not feel any disgust.
      Anyone who stopped him!
      They were all dead!
      Numerous soldiers were sent flying by a surging psychic power. Su Chen, who was extremely cold, even floated in the air with his feet. Using his memories of the experimental base, he ran towards the door of the entire experimental base.
      The ear-piercing alarm device continuously flashed with red light. The noise made Su Chen extremely unhappy.
      At the thought of this, the alarm device hanging on the ceiling and the CCTV exploded.
      A gate suddenly descended from the corridor in front of him, as if a mechanism had separated the various sections of the experimental base.
      But this was not difficult for Su Chen.
      The metal door that was blocked in front of him burst open under the intense ripples of psychic power.
      [Intention +1]
      [Intention +1]
      The system’s prompt was very good to show the mutated evolution image of the gene.
      Su Chen immediately understood that when he used every supernatural ability, he would be able to train and grow it. It was obvious that this was an infinite evolution of mutated genes.
      “It’s over.”
      Just as the door collapsed, an extremely tall and mighty figure appeared in Su Chen’s eyes.
      In that instant, his figure flew over like a sharp arrow. His figure crossed and the sharp blade in his hand cut Su Chen’s waist.
      Blood spurted out, and the iron body that even bullets could not pierce through was cut through by the sharp blade of the other party. This guy who came from the ambush was extremely powerful.
      The blood that splashed out seemed to have been pulled by a position. It quickly flew back to Su Chen’s wound and healed in less than a second.
      The figure who had crossed over was stunned. He frowned and once again stabbed the bone blade in his hand towards Su Chen.
      This time, it was enough to pierce through any metal plate. The so-called invincible Alderman alloy actually broke a sharp corner with a bang.
      He was dumbfounded. He did not dare to believe that Aihe Man’s claws had actually broken.
      Damn it!
      One had to know that he could still cut through his opponent’s skin in the last second, but in a few seconds, his opponent’s skin had grown rapidly and became indestructible.
      [Iron Body +5]
      [Iron Body +5]
      Su Chen’s mind system clearly quickly summarized the genetic changes.
      The sudden attack of the opponent had a weapon that was even sharper than a bullet. Unfortunately, all the external stimuli were making Su Chen’s body even more terrifying.
      Su Chen cursed coldly.
      In that instant, the approaching figure instantly crashed into the wall behind him like a cannonball. The strong impact caused the wall behind him to collapse, and his entire body turned into a bloody man.
      Su Chenben was about to turn around and leave, but he glanced at the other party hesitantly. He didn’t expect the other party to recover.
      “Not only do you have the ability to heal yourself in this world.”
      The enemy kneeling on the ground sneered as he slowly stood up.
      Su Chen frowned. His childish 13-year-old face was full of anger. He was very angry. Why did these guys stop him? Why couldn’t these guys just die?
      For a moment, his emotions were out of control.
      Before this, the reality changes caused by the uncontrollable emotions of Heisley were summarized by the System as [Rewriting Reality].
      This was a terrifying power.
      “Why can’ t you just die?”
      Under his anger, Su Chen accidentally triggered the power of rewriting reality. In the blink of an eye, the figures in front of him, along with their heads, immediately split apart. Together with the Edman alloy bone that had been implanted in their bodies, they disintegrated into black powder and disappeared into nothingness.*

      Witness the destruction!(Fourth place)

      [Rewrite Reality +1]
      [Rewrite Reality +5]
      When he used his ability, Su Chen’s terrifying ability that involved real life modification was instantly strengthened.
      He didn’t stop at all and continued to run towards the far away entrance of the experimental base.
      The intercepted figures continued to follow.
      However, under Su Chen’s terrifying psychic power, the guards of the experimental base were no match for him. It was as if they were hit by an air cannonball. In the blink of an eye, all the soldiers in the corridor were blown to the ground.
      Su Chen’s proud figure leaped over their bodies.
      “Damn it, hurry and send more weapons to capture that guy.”
      In the control room of this large experimental base, General Marcus, who had rushed over in a hurry, was extremely furious. Although there had been many experimental accidents in the past, compared to this time, it was extremely troublesome for him.
      But at the same time, he also felt a sense of joy.
      Looking at the running figure in the surveillance video, General Marcus’ admiration for him grew stronger.
      He had thought that he had obtained a supernatural healing ability, an undead who possessed even more extraordinary healing abilities than the King Kong Wolf.
      In the end, he didn’ t expect the other party to unleash so many super powers under his uncontrollable emotions.
      The invisible power that spread in the air.
      Those words of shock and anger were an unknown and terrifying ability that could take the lives of others.
      That steel skin that could withstand bullets.
      Not only that, according to the analysis of the lab staff, this guy had an extraordinary ability to evolve. In just a moment, his steel skin ability was stimulated by Edman’s alloy and began to transform again.
      The so-called invincible Alderman alloy actually broke.
      Such a terrifying existence was even more terrifying than a weapon X!
      “You must control him!”I want to get him, I must get him…”
      General Marcus gritted his teeth and roared.
      However, compared to Marcus who was extremely excited, the rest of the people in the control room were extremely worried.
      The corridor barriers that had been set up along the way were all forcibly removed.
      The security personnel sent over were completely annihilated.
      An X weapon that had high hopes had even stimulated the other party’s growth.
      But very soon…
      An even more desperate news came, and the life signals that followed the weapons disappeared without a trace.
      They are dead!”The X weapon that we just sent is dead.”
      The staff in the control room immediately panicked.
      This was the top security force in the entire experimental base.
      What made them even more shocked was that a control method that could easily defeat the mutated humans was also ineffective.
      “Something’s wrong. The X Poison Mist that can suppress the mutated human’s abilities has no effect at all.”
      In the past, the most effective way to deal with mutated humans was to suppress the mutated humans’ X gene.
      However, the young man’s figure on the surveillance video was extremely relaxed as he released his psychic power and killed a security guard who had entered the city like a toy.
      It was as if the other party was not a mutated human at all, or it had quickly evolved its resistance to the poison mist.
      In less than a second, the entire surveillance video equipment was completely crushed by the other party.
      Although he had lost the other party’s image, the operator could still use his life signal to track Su Chen’s direction. It wouldn’t be long before the other party could directly walk out of the entire base.
      “Not good…”
      “The other party suddenly turned around, as if… towards our control room.”
      Someone cried out in panic.
      The life signal that was captured had actually changed its target. Was it lost or was it coming towards them?
      General Marcus’ face turned pale.
      “Prepare the Black Hawk mech.”
      He stood up and walked out of the control room, surrounded by a few cold soldiers.
      At this moment, he had clearly realized that all the trump cards in his hands had been played out. He did not have any effective means to restrain the opponent.
      Damn it.
      General Marcus cursed inwardly. When he noticed his opponent’s actions, he immediately realized that this guy had a strong revenge.
      Therefore, this youth must not stay.
      “Although it’s a pity that this experimental material has lost the secret key to eternal life, there’s no other way. A person who can’ t control is still a great enemy in the future. He must be completely killed in the earliest stage.”
      “Activate the self-destruction device.”
      General Marcus ordered coldly.
      This super-large experimental base on the snowy plains was equipped with a nuclear explosion self-destruction device. After it was activated, it was enough to wipe out all the evil evidence here.
      Marcus had no doubt about its power. Just the explosion of its nuclear equivalent was enough to wipe out any known creature.
      “Alright, goodbye.”
      A few figures walked out of the secret path and sat on the Black Hawk helicopter on the rooftop. The pilot who was receiving them flew towards the sky with General Marcus.
      Looking down, one could see a white building standing on the desolate snowfield. Half a minute later, the self-destruction device would end in seconds and explode completely. At that time, a bright mushroom cloud would rise here, and the surrounding snowfield would collapse completely.
      “Poor little boy, I heard that you have a sister. I really hope that your sister will give me some surprise.”
      General Marcus laughed coldly.
      Half a minute later.
      The self-destruction device was activated, and the experimental building on the snowy plains released a shocking mass of light. The terrifying destructive waves destroyed everything, and the surrounding snow plains turned into nothingness.
      A shocking mushroom cloud rose up, revealing its power.
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      PS2: All the resistance was just to give the main character the motivation to evolve. Guess what ability this nuclear explosion gave the main character?*

      [This article must be read]

      It was unclear whether the new topic could be ended by everyone. The data such as the flowers on the first day of the new book and the evaluation ticket were all very important, which was related to the potential and life of a book!Thank you for your support and feedback!!
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      Go to hell!(No.1)

      The ground trembled. Under the intense earthquake, even the surrounding snow plains began to collapse.
      The power of the nuclear explosion was extremely terrifying. The first thing to do was to turn the entire building in the snowfield into a dark cloud. Under the rising mushroom cloud, even the helicopter crew from far away could sense a breathtaking beauty.
      “Kid, fight with me…”
      General Marcus, who was wearing goggles, sneered.
      The explosion of the nuclear equivalent of the self-destruction device was enough to kill any existence in the world. Even a self-healing ability user could not recover from such an instant of bombardment.
      “It’s just a pity that I’ ve painstakingly collected the mutated human.”
      In this world, there were many experimental institutions specializing in mutated humans. Apart from the famous General William Stryker, he was considered as General Marcus.
      “The experimental data can’ t be brought out in time, but the central server’s black box has been saved. I wonder if the underground’ black box’ can withstand this shock wave.”
      General Marcus was a little worried.
      The’black box’ of the aircraft was designed to provide later generations with an understanding of what had happened to the plane after the crash, what had happened to the flight crew in the cockpit, and recorded all the data at that time. Therefore, the black box was extremely resistant to impact.
      The black box in the super-large experimental base naturally preserved all kinds of experimental data samples that could not see light. It recorded the real-time problems encountered in the laboratory at that time, and was forced to activate the self-detonation device.
      Therefore, the black box was an important item that General Marcus needed to obtain. Otherwise, he would have inexplicably activated the nuclear explosion. He did not have enough reason to go and declare his position.
      He also needed this black box data to support his next move. It was to arrest Su Chen’s runaway sister from all over the world.
      “Hehe, don’ t blame me. If you blame me, blame your poor brother for resisting me. This is the end of resisting me.”
      General Marcus smiled coldly.
      One thing was that General Marcus had thought of the wrong place.
      Su Chen’s fleeing figure suddenly turned around. He did n’ t immediately run to the door of the laboratory base. It wasn’t because he wanted to seek revenge from the culprit behind the operation, but because he suddenly remembered a mutated human in the cell.
      There were large and small, there were men and women. They were all poor people who had been imprisoned.
      He had been imprisoned for half a month. Although he hadn’t spoken to the people in the other cells, seeing their figures disappear one by one, he still felt the same. He thought to himself that they also had their own family. They must also have loved ones that were as cute as his sister and difficult to give up.
      Su Chen immediately felt pity.
      They were all pitiful people. Why don’t we just take them away….
      Thinking of his mother’s childhood education as a good person, Su Chen’s heart became incomparably firm, feeling warm for his next act of righteousness.
      In the end, General Marcus, who was judged to have killed himself, hastily activated the self-destruction device.
      After being completely devoured by the terrifying energy, Su Chen could only feel the pain that he had not felt for a long time.
      His skin gradually disintegrated under the corrosion of the nuclear explosion, but at the same time, hundreds of millions of cells in his body began to cheer and jump up. He was sucking in the terrifying energy that was attacking him.
      One second, maybe two seconds…
      Su Chen’s senses returned. At the same time, he could no longer feel any pain.
      He lowered his head and spread out his right hand. However, he realized that his broken skin had recovered once again. Just like time had gone back, pieces of broken flesh were once again intact. Even now, there was still nuclear energy around him.
      [Iron Body +500]
      [Iron Body +500]
      The system that had been built clearly informed of its genetic transformation.
      The evolving gene code seemed to be searching for the direction of evolution. It devoured the vast energy that had engulfed it.
      One inch, two inches, or even tens of square meters. The surrounding energy area of hundreds of square meters began to be attracted by his body. It was as if his body had formed a black hole, greedily absorbing the outside energy.
      [New ability’ Energy Manipulation’ has been generated]
      The complex gene chain produced a completely new change, and the system that was built was very simple and clear.
      At this moment, Su Chen understood that he could absorb or release any form of energy.
      As a result.
      He raised his right finger and gathered all the energy around him and rushed towards his finger.
      Soon, the boundless nuclear explosion light began to dissipate. The shocking mushroom cloud also collapsed. Under the devouring of the black hole, even the light began to distort.
      In the end, Su Chen saw that he was in a huge pit of thousands of square meters. A few seconds ago, all the building structures had turned into nothing.
      The plan ended…
      The plan to rescue others had failed.
      The entire prison area disappeared without a trace, not even the bones of the imprisoned personnel could be found.
      “Why would a good person be imprisoned and sent to slaughter as a poor lamb? Why can a bad person do whatever he wants…”
      Su Chen’s shoulders shook slightly. His words were trembling, and his eyes were filled with tears.
      In the end, his stubborn and childish face gradually became cold and cold. His compassionate expression gradually surged towards endless killing intent. He gradually raised his head and looked into the distance. Under Su Chen’s eyes, he could easily see the armed helicopter that was leaving.
      “Go to hell!”
      Su Chen’s fingertip suddenly flashed with a shocking light. Just like that, it turned into a terrifying beam of light that shot into the sky.
      PS: Newcomers’ new book, asking for the support of flowers and evaluation tickets!He had to keep his balance.*

      6. Realistic changes caused by uncontrollable emotions!(Second place)

      More than ten seconds ago.
      The same scene fell into the eyes of the people inside the Blackhawk helicopter.
      General Marcus was stunned. The mushroom cloud that was rising from far away began to collapse. The bright light caused by the nuclear explosion on the ground disappeared at once.
      What happened?
      His heart began to beat violently, as an unknown answer appeared in his mind.
      Could it be that the damned youth had caused this scene?
      “Impossible!”It’s impossible for that kid to survive. No one can survive in the center of the nuclear explosion!”
      Everyone in the helicopter was shocked.
      It was only ten seconds before the self-destruction device exploded. But now, the mushroom cloud that was rising had already disappeared.
      Under everyone’s gaze, they saw a huge crater in the snowfield. It showed just how terrifying the nuclear explosion was. It was like a meteorite crashing into Earth, forming a deep crater.
      “Something’s wrong. There seems to be a human figure there!!”
      A soldier wearing a tactical eyepiece roared. Without the protection of dust and energy shock waves, a figure suddenly appeared in the pit.
      “It’s him!”
      General Marcus’ face turned pale in fright. At this moment, he was no longer surprised by Su Chen’s wonderful performance. After all, his ability to work together and evolve was within his imagination.
      But what was this concept?
      A person who was safe and sound at the center of the nuclear explosion was far beyond his imagination.
      This did not belong to humans or even living beings!!
      This was a demon, a monster!
      General Marcus recalled the hysterical words of Dr. White’s death.
      ‘Let’s celebrate the birth of God…’
      General Marcus’ eyes were so wide that he could see a bright light flashing in the pit in the distance.
      It was Su Chen who raised his right hand. The light from his fingertips instantly expanded, turning into a thick golden pillar of light. It tore through the sky and directly targeted an aerial helicopter far away.
      Everyone, including General Marcus, roared.
      Unfortunately, the bright light that shot straight into the sky swallowed their figures and swallowed the entire mech. Under the solid energy beam, even the mech’s healing weapon X could only be turned into nothing in an instant.
      The orange-red flame shone like this, appearing in the sky like a fireworks.
      “The bad guys should all die. Why do you want to leave after killing so many people?”
      Su Chen’s stubborn face was full of cold killing intent.
      He retracted his right hand.
      With energy manipulation, he was able to devour and release all forms of energy from the outside world. Including nuclear energy, he could absorb any kinetic energy impact that struck him.
      “And he’s even stronger…”
      Su Chen gripped his right hand tightly and a surging power rose from his palm.
      Under the baptism of the nuclear explosion just now, his entire body was once again strengthened, and this brought even more enormous body power.
      Su Chen managed to escape from the prison. His mind was now filled with his own sister.
      After his mother died, he could only depend on his sister for life.
      But in an accident, they were separated.
      I want to go back….
      Su Chen took a step forward and gradually walked out of the pit.
      He promised his mother that he would bring his sister to live, grow up healthy and live for a hundred years.
      He wanted to live.
      And he had to rush back to his sister…
      “But where is this place?”
      After walking out of the bottomless pit, Su Chen looked around at the endless snowfield. His eyes were filled with a white tone. Snow fell, and the world was vast.
      The thirteen-year-old Su Chen could not tell where the snowfield was.
      He could only walk in the snow with one foot deep and one foot shallow.
      Half an hour….
      One hour….
      The surroundings were still a vast expanse of white. The boundless snowfield was like a prison.
      The sturdy Undying Body couldn’t feel the cold. Because of the cold stimulation from the outside world, his body was full of cold resistance.
      However, Su Chen’s heart was cold. His stubborn face was about to collapse.
      Where was this place?
      He felt like he could not get out.
      Under the lingering energy around his body, his long black hair hung upside down. His feet left the snow and continued forward. However, a few hours later, it was still a white color, and no one could see it.
      The damn experimental base was actually built in an unknown snowfield. It was so hard for him to walk out of the endless snowfield with one foot.
      Su Chen’s heart lost control.
      After his mother’s death, he had already sworn that he would not cry again. He wanted to be a strong man and his sister to support this day.
      He could not cry.
      However, the strange snowfield environment around him was like mocking how ridiculous it was to see a loved one.
      He didn’t even know where this was?
      He couldn’t even find a human figure?
      Even the world was bullying him!!
      “Damn bastard, can’ t I see a human figure?”
      Su Chen’s mood suddenly went out of control.
      In the next second.
      The color of the world changed in an instant. The surrounding tone was no longer white, but a colorful one.
      At this moment, Su Chen only felt his eyes blurred for a moment. He was in a city under the neon light, and the human figures were passing through the streets.
      Just like that, his uncontrollable emotions indirectly triggered the mysterious ability to’reform reality’.
      PS: this ability, the red witch in the cartoon could almost exterminate a mutated human race with a single sentence under her uncontrollable emotions. That’s right, just one sentence!*

      The human world was not worth it!(Third place)

      The change in front of him made Su Chen a little stunned.
      In less than a second, he was in a boundless snowfield.
      In the next second, he appeared under the neon lights of the city.
      “Rewrite the reality…”
      He immediately realized that this ability had caused a change in the environment.
      In the experiment room, he was completely out of control, so much so that his words alone deprived many people of their lives.
      The word’ roll’sent all the figures flying.
      The word’ dead’ was enough to make one’s corpse disappear.
      This was the power of rewriting reality. It was mysterious, mysterious, ethereal, and intangible. However, it possessed an extremely terrifying destructive power, as well as an enormous power that could not be captured.
      Under the uncontrollable emotions just now, Su Chen had completely triggered the ability to rewrite reality because he wanted to see a crowded city.
      Suddenly in the city under the neon light, the depression in Su Chen’s heart disappeared.
      He walked out of the tunnel and looked curiously at the tall buildings around him.
      Tall skyscrapers rose from the ground. The neon lights outside the building completely lit up the city under the night.
      The city had changed.
      Even the sky changed.
      The thirteen-year-old Su Chen naturally knew that this was a change in geography, and he quickly figured out why he would change reality and arrive in front of this city.
      “This is downtown Manhattan…”
      Su Chen gritted his teeth and said bitterly.
      He recalled the dream he had told his mother by the bedside. He looked forward to a top apartment in Manhattan City, driving the best car, becoming an upper class person, giving her the best treatment, and spending the rest of his life happily.
      But now, this was the first time he had come to this city, but he was alone.
      The bitterness gradually diluted the novelty. Su Chen only wanted to find his sister.
      She was not in this city.
      When they left, the two of them left in a town on the west coast.
      Unfortunately, she was arrested and allowed Susan, who had the ability to travel through space, to escape by herself.
      At home, Susan definitely did not dare to go back.
      As for those vicious aunt and aunt relatives, the eleven-year-old Susan was already dissatisfied and did not go to escape.
      Thinking of Susan’s ability to penetrate everything, Su Chen’s uneasiness finally calmed down.
      But what did he need to use to get to her side?
      Communication method?No!
      She could only bring her figure here by using the ability’Reform Reality’?
      Su Chen pondered carefully and felt that only his own ability could fulfill his wish.
      “It’s just that this ability isn’ t something I can control at will…”
      Su Chen gritted his teeth.
      No matter how much he wanted his sister to bring him here, or if he went to his sister’s current place, he could n’ t make this ability work.
      It was extremely difficult to control the illusionary ability to rewrite reality. The previous series of actions were only caused by his uncontrollable outburst. If he wanted to control this ability as he pleased, he was obviously not enough.
      “I need to focus on this ability.”
      Su Chen sighed.
      Undying and indestructible constitution was a genetic potential for infinite evolution. However, the direction of evolution was out of order, and the new ability that suddenly appeared out of control was completely caused by out of order mutated genes.
      Without any stimulation from the outside world, Su Chen could not control the evolution of his genes in the microcosmic world.
      As for the System…
      It wasn’t the Golden Finger in the novel. It did n’ t have any ability. It was just that Su Chen copied the genius scout’s actions to construct a memory palace in his mind, thus creating a system to record genetic changes in his mind.
      “Maybe it’s only when you lose control of your emotions?”
      Su Chen was a little frustrated. He wasn’t a woman with changeable emotions on television. How could he make his emotions lose control?And perhaps it might not work.
      At this moment, a more realistic question came. He was so hungry that he cried out.
      Looking at the snack shop on the street in the distance, Su Chen’s sharp nose had caught a very sweet smell. Su Chen felt his taste buds constantly drooling.
      So hungry….
      But he didn’t have any money.
      Go grab it?
      Su Chen could only feel a bewitching voice in his mind. Go steal it. The world couldn’t stop you.
      But looking at the little girl working hard in the shop, Su Chen only felt that his conscience had been condemned.
      “They are all pitiful people…”
      Su Chen shook his head. A girl who might be younger than him had to work all night in the shop. It was too sad.
      Mother had taught her to be empathic and to be a good person.
      Su Chen immediately realized that it wasn’t good for him to wantonly snatch it.
      “Hey, kid…”
      Just at this moment, a sentence came from not far away. A young man in a cowboy suit walked over.
      “Are you hungry? You don’ t look very good. You look like you’ re running away from home.”
      He held a bag of sweet rings in his hand and directly stuffed the bag of food into Su Chen’s arms.
      Su Chen’s face was a little confused. The fact that he was familiar with her made him a little uncomfortable, but his clothes were broken and he looked like a runaway child.
      He did not know how to respond.
      “Eat. Don’ t be polite. I left home a few years ago. I know what you’ re feeling now. Don’ t worry. There’s still a lot of donuts left. Don’ t worry that I won’ t be able to”
      This familiar youth looked like a big brother.
      At this moment, another word came from deep inside the dark tunnel.
      “Hey, Matthew, what are you dawdling for? Hurry up and come over to see the show.”
      “I know.”
      Matthew replied.
      Su Chen was stunned.
      “Kid, don’t tell me you do n’ t know. The stripper shows in the nightclub are only open in secret shops in the alleyways.”You can’ t miss this. Let’s go check it out before we go home.”
      Matthew directly invited him.
      Strippers show?
      Su Chen had once seen some clips on the restricted-level television channel, but all of them were turned over by his sister, Susan, with a serious look on her face. The Lotus Learmonth, who was in the long-body stage, was also very interested in this.
      When Su Chen thought of how kind this familiar big brother was and how kind he was to eat his donuts, he always felt a little warm in his heart and could not refuse.
      There were still good people in this world!
      He was filled with joy as he followed this big brother for a few steps.
      His increasingly powerful body also increased his perception. Not only was his sense of smell, but even his hearing ability was strengthened. From this, he heard some fine words in the depths of the tunnel.
      The next second, Su Chen’s childish face became more and more cold. A cold shadow filled his face.
      His footsteps stopped.
      A pair of cold eyes with killing intent stared at the back in front of him.
      The human world was not worth it.
      “Can you tell me what is human organ trafficking?”
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      The humans of this world were still alive?(Fourth place)

      After Su Chen walked out of the experimental base at a young age, he was somewhat disappointed.
      As they descended to the streets of the city, they met a kind-hearted big brother. The warm and sweet circle and even the restricted stage show that the other party outlined made Su Chen extremely happy and hopeful.
      There were still good people…
      But the next second, the warmth in Su Chen’s heart disappeared without a trace.
      The nuclear explosion was like a process of tempering. Under the intense stimulation, not only did the physical strength become more terrifying, but it was accompanied by terrifying perception.
      His keen sense of smell could allow him to catch the sweet taste of midnight snacks on the distant street.
      His equally sensitive hearing ability suddenly caught the whispers of strangers in the tunnel.
      There weren’t any secret stores in the depths of the alley, nor were there any stripper shows.
      It was… an illegal private hospital clinic.
      ‘6,000 Dollars. The child’s organs are yours.’
      The stranger who called for his big brother was whispering.
      Inside the store hidden in the dark night, there was also a rough and cold voice. The two of them agreed and reached an agreement in whispers.
      Su Chen, a lost lamb, was so ignorant that he was deeply immersed in Matthew’s enticement.
      If he were a vagrant with no ability, it would be a tragic ending.
      “What are you talking about?”
      Matthew turned around, but his expression was very natural. Although he couldn’t tell how the other party had seen through this scam, the difference in strength caused by the age gap between the two made him not panic at all.
      On the contrary, his eyes were filled with a hint of playfulness as he watched Su Chen. It was as if he was watching a spider web-like insect. Struggling was just to make the other party die faster.
      But in an instant, his expression suddenly froze. His hands covered his neck bitterly, and his entire face turned red like pig liver.
      Matthew was roaring in his heart.
      At this moment, he only felt his neck being imprisoned by an invisible hand.
      In the next second.
      A sharp pain came from his heart.
      His painful words were swallowed in his throat. He couldn’t even utter a single bitter sentence. What made him even more desperate was that his heart was like the same. He was gripped tightly by an invisible hand.
      It was too painful.
      Matthew’s eyes gradually became more and more shocked as if he had seen a demon. He wanted to beg for mercy, but he couldn’ t say anything.
      Matthew, whose face was like a pig’s liver, knelt down on the ground. He stretched out his arms and tried to pull out the other party. He wanted to beg for mercy, but this action angered Su Chen. He did n’ t want to be touched by such a shameless and despicable bad person would make him feel extremely disgusted.
      “Let’s go to hell.”
      Su Chen’s cold figure leaped over his body and walked deep into the tunnel.
      As for Matthew, he was completely paralyzed. His neck was twisted into a twist, and his heart was crushed into a pool of blood.
      “Eh, Matthew, you?”
      At this moment, a haggling figure walked out of the private clinic. Although the lighting in the tunnel was dim, such a large person fell to the ground. It was still very eye-catching.
      What was even more strange was that the kid who was tricked was actually walking forward alone.
      His expression changed, but he suddenly felt his feet fall off the ground.
      “Hey, hey, what’s going on?”
      He cried out in shock. His hands and feet were struggling in the air. He looked like a drowning man, and he looked very funny.
      Su Chen, who had walked out of the shadows, gave the other party a cold look. He had already thrown the doughnut in his arms onto the ground. At this moment, his killing intent was suffused.
      The figure floating in the air suddenly swelled up like a balloon. It was as if someone was trying their best to beat him from his stomach. His body became more and more spherical.
      He could not help but shout in panic.
      The next second…
      The human balloon completely exploded, and a bloody rain of blood splashed down. Su Chen, who was supported by the telekinetic power above his head, was able to easily block it.
      A dull sound was heard by a gatekeeper in the alley. Apparently, the people inside heard it and closed the door in fear.
      Panic of footsteps, the sound of gunfire and heavy breathing were clearly heard by Su Chen through a door.
      He raised his right hand forward, and an invisible wave of Psyche Power rippled out. The door in front of him was like a thin piece of cardboard, instantly shattering into pieces, wood chips flying.、
      “Bastard, take a shot at me…”
      The owner of the private clinic, who had been waiting for this to happen, lifted the gun in his hand and pulled the trigger with his right hand. It was just that the gun did not flare at all.
      The entire Xia Bullet was completely disintegrated, as if a master of firearms had dismantled the entire body.
      The owner of the private clinic was in a panic. In a panic, he took out a surgical knife on his hand. His figure continuously retreated, and he screamed in fear, begging for mercy, trying to get forgiveness.
      Su Chen didn’t want to hear the details.
      His gaze was completely attracted by the surgeon’s knife. At this moment, he suddenly recalled the scene of the experiment. At that time, the white-robed doctor was showing off that he wanted to dissect his head with the surgeon’s knife.
      Under the touch of a scene, Su Chen’s cold expression immediately became furious.
      For some unknown reason, the power of rewriting reality was suddenly activated. The owner of the Black Clinic in front of him had his entire body crumbled. Every inch of his skin and every inch of his flesh and blood had turned into the simplest cell molecules and disappeared into nothingness.
      It was a deal to decide life and death!
      The appearance of these people completely dispelled Su Chen’s feelings.
      The humans in this world seemed to be hopeless.
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      The youth was in Manhattan!(Fifth place)

      Under the power of rewriting reality, it was as if he had used an eraser to wipe off a person’s figure. The black doctor in front of him disappeared into nothingness, turning into a handful of gray fog and disappearing.
      The scalpel fell from the air in panic, making a clear sound.
      It was decided that life and death would be decided.
      The poor guy’s bones were gone, and the human world vanished.
      Su Chen’s figure just walked into the black clinic that was opened in the alley. Although he was young, he had heard of rumors of selling human organs.
      In order to change his phone and sell his kidney organs, it could only be said that he was stupid.
      But trying to deceive a person’s body organs for no reason was simply unforgivable. It was difficult to obtain a trace of forgiveness.
      “Such a scum should not live in this world.”
      Su Chen cursed.
      He looked at the entire Black Clinic. The space around him was filled with debris. There was an operating table in the middle, and cold surgical tools were placed on both sides.
      The walls were plastered with X-rays and colorful photos.
      Su Chen’s sharp sense of smell had also caught the smell of blood coming from the compartment. He frowned. Perhaps this black clinic had already made a move against others.
      What a damned scum!
      For a moment, Su Chen, who was 13 years old, felt a trace of disgust towards the city he had been longing for since he was young.
      Su Chen looked at the bill in the drawer. He didn’t have any thoughts of shame towards this kind of dishonest gain.
      After experiencing so many things, he had realized that the world of warmth and affection was filled with the law of the jungle.
      Without infinite evolutionary genetic potential, his immortal constitution, which was pitied by heaven, would probably become a sample of someone else’s experimental base.
      Even if he passed this test, if he didn’t have enough strength, he would still be fooled by the evil methods in the city.
      The world was dangerous!
      It was hard to predict!
      Su Chen put a stack of tens of thousands of dollars into his pocket.
      He put on a coat and covered the ragged clothes under the ground. He walked out of the black clinic and headed towards the street outside the alley.
      With this money, he first went to a shopping mall outside the street.
      Su Chen obviously needed a new set of clothes.
      Soon, under his taste, he wore a black hoodie and a pair of loose pants.
      After washing his face, Su Chen’s slightly childish face looked very handsome. His soft black hair fell down, and he looked like a young man. However, his clear black and white eyes were cold, giving off an unapproachable coldness.
      The waitress wanted to tease the handsome child who had come alone, but when she saw his cold expression, she did not dare to say anything.
      After buying the order, Su Chen walked out of the mall.
      Of course, he didn’t forget to buy himself a new phone.
      He wore a black hood and earphones. His sharp and handsome face revealed a hint of seriousness. He focused his attention on the phone in his hand. If Su Chen held another skateboard across his right arm, it would be like a cool Boy in the street.
      Even so, his appearance on the street had attracted the attention of many young girls. The rate of turning back was extremely high.
      “So handsome.”
      “It’s much more handsome than those dumb heads in our school.”
      “That focused look, and that cold expression, is simply cool.”
      Some of the ladies who had passed by whispered to each other.
      On the streets of Manhattan under the neon lights, a lot of party animals had gone to the nightclub to play. Looking at the lonely figure of a cool boy, there were always some ladies eager to test it out.
      “Little brother, are you at the age of drinking?”Should I take you to play.”
      A beautiful white-collar worker in a white professional shirt went forward to hook up.
      Su Chen coldly shook his head. He increased the volume of his phone and left without anyone else.
      “What a heartless brat…”
      The beautiful white-collar worker turned around and left.
      Su Chen’s footsteps gradually accelerated as he searched for the scent. Soon, his figure appeared outside a shop.
      “Boss, a bag of donuts.”
      The cash in his hand was quickly exchanged for a bag of donuts. As for the food that the malicious person had handed over earlier, he had already thrown it on the ground, not even willing to eat one more piece.
      In the empty dining room, Su Chen’s figure sat on a soft couch, his mouth swallowing delicious donuts.
      At this moment, this was the happiest time in half a month.
      Damn it, before that, he could not even breathe a trace of fresh air.
      The sense of hunger quickly filled up. Su Chen’s priority was to set up his next life and goal.
      This was a fine tradition that he had inherited from his mother.
      Every day, all the things that needed to be dealt with should be sorted out. They should be as clear as possible to complete their studies and life problems within the time period.
      First, it was naturally his sister.
      Secondly, revenge.
      His contact information was lost. He was located in Manhattan City on the east coast of North America. He was a whole continent away from the west coast. There was no communication method, no identity certificate, and even when he was not an adult, he could not find a convenient way back.
      Moreover, his previous residence was definitely not safe. Susan had no reason to appear nearby.
      When he thought of her sister Susan’s winking eyes and the crafty little fox’s scent, a smile gradually appeared on Su Chen’s cold face. This little guy who had given him a headache in the past was n’ t caught so easily.
      In the dark, Su Chen always felt that his sister was not in any danger.
      This was a kind of intuition, and it was also an unknown meaning on the mental level.
      It was like when something happened to the other party, it would definitely arouse his own vigilance.
      Su Chen remembered when his mother died. The alertness he sensed in advance made him feel extremely uncomfortable and anxious. In the end, he silently watched his family die.
      He shook his head and hid these painful memories in his mind.
      “Then what about revenge?”
      Su Chen’s face turned grim again.
      In fact, after he was captured, the base he was sent to at the first moment was not a large experimental base on the snowy plains. It was less than two days before he was transferred to another experimental base.
      As for the arrest of his sister and himself, as well as the owner of the first experimental base, Su Chen remembered his name very clearly.
      “General Stryker…”
      Even the search bar on the phone’s web page could clearly indicate the general’s resume one by one.
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      Super Kill Woman!(Sixth place)

      William Stryker!
      This famous name could be said to be well-known, and its reputation resounded throughout the world.
      The most important contribution was to offend the entire mutated human race. The extreme representative of the Magnificent King, Eric, hated him to the bone. Even the conservative mutated human, Professor Charles, had great opinions about him.
      Through the search on his phone, Su Chen directly learned about the mutated human race from General Stryker’s related entry.
      According to Professor Charles, every human body might have an X gene. The difference was that the mutated human’s X gene was completely expressed. This was why an ordinary couple gave birth to mutated human children.
      “I’ m not a mutated human…”
      Su Chen frowned slightly. This was why he was suddenly transferred to another experimental base.
      However, he still had a good impression of the mutated humans with supernatural powers. Perhaps it was because of empathy. After all, they had also suffered from unfair oppression.
      At this moment, a bottle of lemon soda was placed on the table, making a clear sound.
      “Hey, how could anyone just eat a bag of donuts without feeling thirsty.”
      A girl with two golden ponytails in front of her laughed.
      She had just sat opposite the bar and was very interested in this handsome little boy who loved donuts.
      Ming Di’s delicate face was filled with curiosity.” It’s so late now, aren’t you going home yet?Did you finish your homework?”There’s no need for class tomorrow!”
      Su Chen was speechless.
      It wasn’ t that her topic had completely hit her.
      Please, you’re not that old either. Who did you learn from the old-fashioned tone?
      “Hmph, I’ m not convinced. Big sister, when I was as old as you, I did a lot of big things. I’ ll sweep through the entire city…”
      Ming Di looked at Su Chen’s speechless face and immediately gestured.
      Not to mention that it did seem to have some fighting skills, it was enough to scare people.
      “I’ ll treat you to this cup of lemon tea. Remember to finish it and hurry home.”
      Ming Di didn’t pay much attention to the cold young man either. He turned around and left. His pair of golden horsetails swayed. Under his small and exquisite body, he looked rather cute.
      For a moment, Su Chen remembered his sister.
      Half an hour passed.
      Su Chen, who had solved the hunger problem, walked out of the restaurant. It was already late in the night. He wanted to find a place to stay, but a real problem was facing him.
      That was the question of how to stay.
      Ordinary hotels needed ID cards, and some irregular residences were hard to find. Moreover, they might not welcome a minor child.
      Su Chen thought about it, but he felt that the night accommodation could be put aside.
      Undying and indestructible constitution meant that the cells were extremely active. The more the surging life force worked together, the more he needed to maintain sufficient physical strength at all times. Even how to relieve his mental fatigue was a problem. Under the stimulation of the nuclear explosion, Su Chen did not feel much fatigue.
      “The most important thing is, I need to solve the problem as soon as possible.”
      A steel coin bounced out of Su Chen’s right hand and rose into the air. Then, it slowly fell back, but when it accurately landed on his palm, the entire coin disappeared without a trace.
      In less than a second, another brand new coin appeared out of thin air in his palm like a trick.
      Another crisp sound was heard and it was bounced up by Su Chen.
      At this moment, the entire coin completely disappeared in midair.
      The invisible wave of’ rewriting reality’ was hard to catch. The invisible power caused a coin to appear in Su Chen’s palm.
      This was not a showdown.
      It was Su Chen who was trying his best to use the ability to rewrite reality.
      Infinite evolution genes were indeed chaotic mutations.
      However, the past experience had also told Su Chen that under the stimulation of the outside world, even if he used this ability too much, he would find a attraction point in the direction of gene evolution.
      Generally speaking, only when his emotions were out of control could he use too much power to completely rewrite reality.
      However, like this, a coin was constantly being disillusioned and disillusioned. It appeared out of thin air and directly killed in reality. Naturally, there was no need to rely on emotional changes.
      [Rewrite Reality +1]
      [Rewrite Reality +1]
      “You can evolve with more training…”
      The system was built to record the genetic transformation information.
      Su Chen, who was walking under the dark street, was wearing a black hood, wearing a black windbreaker, and wearing an earpiece. A coin in his hand was constantly flipping and jumping. He was disillusioned, mysterious, and his slender figure was walking so proudly.
      All the way around, he looked at the scenery of the night in Manhattan.
      However, the beautiful life that he had imagined a few years ago gradually faded in his mind. If he and the people around him were unable to grasp the life and death, then how would life begin after that?
      He wanted to become stronger!
      Only the strong could crush all obstacles.
      At this moment, a series of sparks came from the alley not far away. The bullets under the silencer were extremely muffled.
      Su Chen’s sensitive hearing captured everything.
      His cold and indifferent face was not moved at all. After experiencing the sale of human organs, he had seen many robberies all the way to the streets. There was too much dirt hidden behind the bustling city.
      This made his understanding of the world gradually change.
      His mother had always taught him Xiang Shan, and he had always agreed.
      But the series of encounters that had happened in the past half month had already made him feel a little numb.
      In his heart, he still decided whether to take revenge.
      On the one hand, he longed for a peaceful life and a peaceful family.
      However, on the other hand, he could not calm the hatred in his heart. Why would he have to suffer so many hardships without any reason? Why would the bad guys still be able to go unpunished and kill people like him without restraint.
      Su Chen’s heart stirred.
      He was thinking.
      The next second.
      Su Chen stopped in his tracks. He still looked at the entrance of the alley not too far away. He saw a young girl wearing a black cloak and leather clothes, with purple hair, constantly circling between the enemies.
      One was a samurai blade and the other was a butterfly blade. It was actually a number of people who would be killed in the future.
      Su Chen didn’t know this woman’s nickname was Super Kill.
      What he knew was that the woman wearing a purple wig and a black battle suit was the girl who had given him a glass of lemonade from the restaurant.
      What a coincidence…
      Su Chen frowned, but he realized that this girl was going to suffer.
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      The crisis had arrived!(No.1)

      [Photo: Super Kill Woman!)
      A bullet suddenly shot out from the barrel of the gun under the silencer. The jumping Loli had no time to dodge in the air. With a bang, her figure lost balance and fell from the air.
      But what was unexpected was that the loli girl’s black leather jacket was embedded with bullets.
      Following a furious groan, the loli girl who had tumbled to the ground turned her hand and shot a butterfly blade. This precise throwing technique was shocking. In an instant, it hit the vital parts of three figures’ throats and directly killed them.
      For a moment, the alleyway was filled with a figure in a suit. Only a little loli like a god of death was left.
      Su Chen naturally didn’t know about the super-killer that had recently risen to prominence in Manhattan.
      Su Chen subconsciously felt that it had nothing to do with him.
      He was just a passing guest.
      Su Chen took a look and turned to leave.
      “That kid just now?”
      Ming Di looked at the slender figure not far away and frowned. She looked at her wristwatch. It was over 12 a.m. late at night. The little brat who was chewing on the doughnut had yet to return home.
      Ming Di, who was wearing a purple hair set and dressed in a suit, was not afraid of revealing his identity. He directly threatened not far away.” Hey, kid, what are you looking at?”I’ m not going home yet.”
      She was just trying to tease him. She wanted to tease this young man.
      Old and cold, not saying a word. I’m not afraid that you’ ll piss off.
      After saying that, Ming Di even drew the sword in his hand. The cold edge of the moonlight actually dripped blood. The scene before his eyes was indeed terrifying.
      But in the next second, Super Killer’s face changed and she hurriedly shouted,” Hey, kid, quickly dodge. Watch out for the car in front…”
      Su Chen turned his head when he heard what the other party said. At this moment, a white car stepped on the accelerator like a wild horse. It carried a shocking momentum and charged straight towards him.
      There was no need to think about it. The car that had suddenly arrived at full speed must be looking for trouble for Super Killer.
      But unfortunately, Su Chen’s figure was right in the middle.
      To the underground underworld emperor Jin, an innocent human life was nothing.
      His subordinates were even more brazen about this. In order to take revenge on this super killer woman, they directly stepped on the accelerator without paying any attention to the pedestrians on the road and rushed towards the tunnel.
      “You can still be so arrogant…”
      Su Chen’s cold eyes just looked at this car. The lights under the night shone brightly, completely enveloping his thin figure.
      The driver of the car who was holding the steering wheel with both hands was full of excitement. In his eyes, the young man in front of him seemed to be completely scared silly. He didn’t move at all. He was simply like a dumbstruck fool. At this moment, he had already expected that the young man’s figure would be sent flying over a hundred meters, and his blood would be scattered across the sky.
      Why was this guy’s eyes full of ridicule?
      In a whisper.
      A muffled explosion rang out in the air.
      Suddenly, it was as if an air cannon had fallen out of nowhere, and it was as if it had been hit by an invisible hammer. The white car in front of it turned into a pile of discus. The entire ground was sunken for several meters, as if it had been hit by a meteorite.
      Ming Di’s eyes widened as her eyes were filled with shock.
      She was dumbfounded.
      How dare this lonely and cold young man be an esper?
      Could it be a mutated human?
      This was too strong.
      What are you looking at?”I’ m not going home yet.”
      Su Chen gave this sentence back to the stunned Super Killess.
      Ming Di’s delicate face turned red at once. However, the loud noise just now caused the alarm of the car in the entire block to sound. The houses under the dark night were continuously lit up, obviously trying to check what was happening outside.
      You can’t stay any longer!
      When she lost her senses, she even noticed that the man’s lonely figure had disappeared into the night.
      Damn it…
      “I’ ll ask you for a cup of lemon tea sooner or later.”
      Ming Di had obviously invited people to drink, but in order to find the scene, he also felt that his skin was thick.
      Dozens of minutes later.
      Mindy’s delicate loli had arrived in her own safe room.
      The black leather jacket that was enough to withstand the impact of the bullet was replaced. After taking off the purple wig, a short blonde hair and shoulder hair fell down. The super-kill woman put the weapons in her hands on the work table one by one.
      In front of him, in the entire safe room, three walls of cabinets were filled with all kinds of guns.
      The young woman who was a master of firearms and a master of fighting thought that there was only a cool girl like herself in the world.
      The cold-faced loli assassin in his early teens.
      This kind of person had a sense of imagination.
      But she did not expect that she would encounter a youth with such an exaggerated ability this evening.
      “Big dad, can you help me find this young man’s identity.”
      Ming Di returned home.
      Damon, the father who had prepared his supper for him, looked at the photo of his daughter’s phone and smiled.” I didn’ t expect my daughter to miss a man.”
      Ming Di’s face was red as he said in anger,” That’s not what I meant. This youth has an extremely terrifying ability. He directly crushed a car into a discus out of nowhere. Heavens, how exaggerated!”
      As for why there was a picture of Su Chen, Ming Di naturally would not say that he was secretly taking pictures of others in the restaurant.
      This was too difficult to say.
      Damon’s father’s interest also grew.
      He opened a white toolbox from the living room. There was a secret computer hidden in it. By entering the photos, he could search for any information about the young man from the backstage of the intelligence bureau. He could even use various cameras in downtown Manhattan to capture the real-time traces of the man.
      When he set foot on the career of revenge and fully trained his daughter into a ruthless killing machine, Damon was closely related to the intelligence agency and other violent departments. That was why he could collect so many weapons of all types.
      It was even easier to find someone.
      “Something’s wrong…”
      Damon was shocked.
      “What’s wrong?”Father?”
      “Someone is also looking for this Su Chen’s information at the server’s backstage. Damn it, we ran into a line. His authority level is so high, quickly exit…”
      In a hurry, Damon immediately shut down the secret computer.
      The frightened Damon wiped the cold sweat off his face. He sighed and said,” Some of his information has been hidden. This means that the higher-ups are focusing on it. What did your friend do?”I’ m afraid it’s extremely dangerous!”
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      The girl’s pleading!(Second place)

      After the large experimental base on the snowy plains was completely destroyed.
      The Defense Military Department had already rushed to the scene as soon as possible to investigate what had happened.
      “Snowfield Base activated the self-destruction device. It seems to have been hit by an uncontrolled attack. General Marcus died on duty, and together with some of the staff, he was buried in a fleeing fighter.”
      “The experimental base’s black box was successfully recovered…”
      “Start transmitting information.”
      “The preliminary results show that the prisoner Su Chen, base number 5162, lost control while preparing to dissect in the laboratory. Several monitoring devices lost their signals and were suspected to have been damaged, so they can not accurately display the scene at that time…”
      Someone from the Defense Military Department quickly analyzed the black box.
      A shocking news came as well. The answer to Su Chen’s question was yes.
      Because the satellite equipment outside LEO, as well as the monitoring equipment in Manhattan, had successfully captured Su Chen’s appearance.
      “Damn it, he’s still alive!”
      Everyone was dumbfounded.
      After all, being able to survive in a nuclear explosion was a concept.
      The other party’s constitution was truly immortal, could it survive under such terrifying self-destruction power?
      What made people even more amazed was how the other party had managed to reach a bustling Manhattan city from the snowy plains thousands of kilometers away after crossing most of the Americas in less than half a day.
      Many generals of the Defense Army Department had already learned about this.
      “I announced that this number 5162 is mine.”
      General Ross directly stood up.
      “Damn it, that number 5162 should have been my experimental body. My eyes weren’ t wrong at all. I was the first to launch the initial hunting operation. You stole the experimental body from my hands and were unable to guard it, causing the other party to escape successfully.”
      General William Stryker protested angrily.
      In the meeting room, there were many generals who had many opinions about this.
      However, the creepy thing was that Su Chen clearly had his own name, but in the mouths of these bigwigs, he kept shouting in the name of number 5162.
      It was as if Su Chen was not worthy of being called a person. In their eyes, it was just a random shop.
      Everyone at the scene was very excited about this. Such an experiment body with a tenacious life force really attracted people to get an answer.
      The final result quickly followed. Under the guidance of the Defense Minister, General Ross, who was stationed in the nearby area, waved his fists and celebrated. Clearly, he had obtained the ownership of the experimental body.
      The building near the water was the first to win.
      General Ross, who had been tackling the mysteries of gamma rays and the Hulk, quickly rushed to Central Park in downtown Manhattan with his own troops in the dark.
      Downtown Manhattan, Central Park.
      Under the night.
      Everything here was extremely quiet, and the noise of the day had long disappeared.
      Su Chen, who was wearing a black hood, was sitting on a park bench. His ears and earphones were playing pop songs. He lowered his head and slowly stroked a stray cat with his right hand.
      Not long ago, this poor stray cat was rubbing against his pants. While mewing, it rolled around his feet.
      This sticky little kitten reminded Su Chen of the cat he used to keep in his house. Because the doors and windows were not closed, the cat escaped and was killed by a car on the street. Su Chen remembered that his sister had cried for a long time.
      He sighed.
      Who would have thought that after arriving in such a dreamy city, in such a big night, there was only a poor stray cat accompanying him.
      [Rewrite Reality +2]
      [Rewrite Reality +2]
      The system that was built constantly reminded him of genetic transformation and ability enhancement.
      In the lonely night, coins floated by Su Chen’s side. They appeared out of thin air and instantly vanished. In the midst of the illusion, he constantly used the ability of reality to promote transformation.
      Compared to the target of revenge?
      It was even more important to find his sister first.
      At this moment, the increasingly clear footsteps came from afar.
      “It’s you!”
      Su Chen frowned.
      Wasn’t the loli girl in front of her, who was running with her hands supporting her knees, just a little girl who was killing people at the entrance of the tunnel?
      One-on-one… No, it was the third time they met.
      And every time they met, it was even more exaggerated.
      Last time, he was killing someone.
      This time, it was one o’ clock in the middle of the night. Two young men and women in their early teens began to talk.
      “You idiot, you shouldn’ t be messing around on the street. Don’ t you know that you’ re wanted now?”
      Ming Di complained.
      After learning about the situation from her big father, she could not help but run over.
      Although he had hidden some key information, Mingdi still knew that it was a figure who had escaped from an experimental base that could not see light.
      Thinking of the fact that the other party’s aloof and cold figure must have suffered a lot of injuries, Ming Di felt extremely bitter.
      Those who could feed stray cats in the Central Park must also be good people.
      “Come with me. I’ ll take you to a safe place.”
      Ming Di did not say anything.
      The valiant girl went forward and grabbed Su Chen’s right hand, trying to drag her out of this unsafe area.
      Su Chen frowned, but he felt a little conflicted.
      A few hours ago, a gentle and unfamiliar elder brother gave him a bag of donuts. At that time, he felt incredibly warm in his heart, but the hidden plot behind him had hurt his heart.
      Who knew if this woman was on her back.
      Even the cat at Su Chen’s feet started to meow as if it was protesting against this savage loli girl.
      “Let’s go!”
      Ming Di turned around and looked at the motionless figure, tears flashing in his eyes. The feeling of begging was very obvious.
      Su Chen’s heart was immediately touched.
      A sniper rifle sound could be heard a thousand meters away. One of the bullets hit the center of Su Chen’s forehead.
      In order to deal with such an existence that was known to be indestructible, General Ross’ sniper specifically called out an armor-piercing bullet made of Edman’s alloy.
      “Rest in peace!”

      It was about to happen!(Third place)

      The sniper rifle was naturally much more powerful than a pistol.
      Especially the anti-equipment sniper rifle. It was enough to penetrate an armored vehicle from a thousand meters away. After using a bullet made from Edman alloy, its power was much stronger.
      A sharp bullet shot out from the barrel that was nearly a meter long. The strong recoil was enough to make the soldier’s shoulder suddenly ache. From a rooftop a thousand meters away, it shot straight towards Su Chen on the garden bench.
      It was less than a second.
      Su Chen’s forehead was instantly hit by a bullet.
      The loli girl instinctively gave a fright, but the scene before her changed her expression. She saw that the sharp bullet was embedded in Su Chen’s forehead. The powerful and instantaneous penetration force stopped abruptly, revealing a large part of the body exposed to the air.
      This bullet couldn’t stand still at all. It fell off just like that. As for Su Chen’s forehead, there wasn’t even a trace of blood blooming. The surface of his skin was just a faint blood stasis.
      But in that instant, even the blood on the surface disappeared.
      [Iron Body +2]
      As for the damage caused by the instantaneous penetration force, Su Chen’s skin had undergone a slight transformation.
      Obviously, compared to the previous nuclear explosion, the Edman sniper bullet in front of him was not enough.
      The sniper on the rooftop was stunned.
      Through the eight times mirror, he saw a strange scene.
      “Not good!”
      On the park bench in the distance, a bullet was pulled by an invisible force and soared into the air. In an instant, it was given a terrifying amount of energy by the target. With a whoosh, the bullet followed the trajectory and flew backwards.
      It was as if electromagnetic acceleration had accelerated. The entire bullet left a pale track in the air. In less than a second, it pierced through the eight-fold mirror and the head of this rooftop sniper.
      “There’s no need to leave. They’ ve already surrounded this place…”
      Su Chen, who was still sitting on the bench, said slowly.
      Based on the instinct of a professional killer, Ming Di also felt the atmosphere around the Central Park become quieter. She gritted her teeth and was sure that if she put on the night vision goggles, she would definitely be able to see a bunch of figures hiding in the dark and slowly approaching.
      It was a pity that he had come in such a hurry. Ming Di had a fan dress all over his body. In terms of equipment, he only had a few butterfly blades tied to his legs under his skirt.
      “What should we do?”
      For some reason, Ming Di was completely dependent on the man beside him.
      Compared to Ming Di, who was a little nervous, Su Chen’s cold and indifferent expression was as if he had really come to the park for a walk. He was leisurely and leisurely walking, without any panic at all.
      “Kill one.”
      The thirteen-year-old Su Chen didn’t notice the surveillance equipment all over the city streets.
      However, after experiencing a nuclear explosion and escaping from that evil experimental base, he was very calm and collected.
      Soldiers came to block, water came to block.
      Since the other party was willing to come, he did not mind sending all these people to their deaths.
      Kill one?
      Ming Di’s smile grew more bitter. This guy’s tone was much more arrogant than his own. He was just facing the underworld’s gangs, but he was facing a modern army!
      “You can hide it.”
      It was rare for Su Chen to say another word to this girl who had kindly reminded him. After all, he did not want to implicate others.
      As for the stray cat beside him, Su Chen pushed him out.
      It was not wise to stay by his side in the upcoming battle.
      Just at this moment, a bright white searchlight shot towards him. Su Chen and Ming Di were completely illuminated by the darkness.
      Ming Di did not dare to look directly at the high-powered searchlight in front of him. The blazing and bright light that fell on his body was enough to make people feel the temperature, and looking directly at him was enough to make people blind.
      “Number 5162, raise your hands and surrender immediately.”
      There was also a message from a tweeter.
      Number 5162?
      Su Chen immediately recalled that this was the number that he was bound at the experimental base.
      “My name is Su Chen!”
      He was not a commodity to be manipulated by others. He was labeled as meaningless humiliation.
      At this moment, an invisible wave rippled around Su Chen.
      His pair of cold eyes stared straight at the figure behind the searchlight. In his right hand, coins appeared out of nowhere. Under the plasticization of the psychic power, they instantly transformed into needles that shot towards the surroundings.
      A whistling sound came from the air.
      Along with it came the fireworks that were being fired from the guns.
      Under the mutual understanding, both sides fought without saying anything.
      The sound of piercing through the flesh and blood continuously burst out. The flying needles wrapped in the power of the psychic power had terrifying penetrating power. When they flew around, they instantly penetrated a figure hiding in the dark.
      The high-powered searchlight not far in front of him made a loud bang and was destroyed by the sharp needle Cui.
      As for the bullets fired from their guns, they came from all directions, dense like rain.
      Unfortunately, just a few meters away from Su Chen’s body, an invisible barrier was able to hold up, blocking all attacks.
      Ming Di looked at the ripples around him and immediately realized that this cold fellow had protected himself within this barrier.
      Be careful!!”
      But at this moment, her pupils constricted slightly, and she saw a giant figure rushing over from the ground in front of her. Every step he took caused a great tremor.
      Following a furious roar, the monster’s body, which was like a small hill, tore through the barrier in front of him and directly rushed towards Su Chen.
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      0014. Just this?(Fourth place)

      Following a furious roar, an incomparably large and sturdy monster rushed over from the sky. Its towering figure cast a huge shadow. The moonlight was completely obscured, and Su Chen and Ming Di were completely enveloped.
      His body, which was like a small hill, carried an extremely shocking impact energy. Just like that, he broke the invisible barrier in front of him. His entire body was like a mountain, completely pressed down.
      A ripple appeared in Su Chen’s eyes. The surging ripples in his body caused the air around him to slowly rise.
      In an instant.
      A terrifying air cannonball slammed into the monster in front of it. With a bang, the momentum in front of it suddenly came to a halt. The monster’s body than ten meters away.
      Ming Di took a breath as if he was relieved. God knows what she had just experienced. Even the super-killer who had grown up in a gang battle felt extremely frightened by this monster who had suddenly come to her.
      This is not a human!!
      This was clearly a monster!
      “Heavens, what is this…”
      His words fell.
      Ming Di’s expression changed.
      Under the hazy moonlight, on the ground more than ten meters away, a monster in the shape of a mountain stood up. Its body was several meters tall and covered with rotten skin. Following his breathing, the smell of molten sulfur assaulted his face.
      He was about to vomit……
      Ming Di forcefully covered his nose, but an impression appeared in his mind.
      “This seems to be the Hulk. No… it should be a similar monster.”
      The report of the Hulk had been published at least two years ago. The biochemical monsters created by the accidental gamma ray experiment had become a nightmare for this country.
      General Ross’s figure was also frequently reported on the headlines, announcing that the global Hulk was wanted by the entire world.
      And the recent progress of the experiment was a breakthrough. General Ross’s number one subordinate, Emil Branski, successfully implanted the cells into gamma rays and promoted them to a terrifying existence called’ Homor’!
      “Kill him.”
      General Ross, who was hiding in the dark, coldly gave the order.
      The Hate of Hate roared loudly and slapped his heart with both hands in response.
      Compared to the enraged Hulk, the Hate of Transformation possessed wisdom.
      “Let’s start!”
      Under General Ross’ command, they were ambushed in the woods around the central park. One could see the special vehicles carrying radar devices. Suddenly, ear-piercing sound waves rang out.
      The sound wave’s impact even caused ripples in the air. This was a sound wave device used to deal with the Hulk, but now it was used by General Ross to kill mosquitoes.
      Ming Di fell to the ground in pain at that moment. She covered her ears and started rolling on the ground with all her might.
      Damn it!!
      At this moment, even Su Chen’s face twisted at the focus of the sound wave devices.
      He did not cover his ears. He allowed his eardrums to be completely penetrated by the terrifying sound waves. His ears bled, but he quickly recovered. His cold eyes stared at the huge monster that was rushing towards him.
      “Damn bastard, don’ t listen to me stop this noise.”
      Su Chen roared.
      At this moment, the fury completely destroyed the calm heart.
      Just like the so-called immortal’s words, a terrifying power was applied to reality. It was related to reality, and it was modified. In an instant, all the special vehicles around exploded, and orange fireworks soared into the sky.
      The ear-piercing sound also disappeared.
      At the same time, Su Chen stomped on the ground and looked at the approaching monster. He was not afraid at all. Instead, he was fighting to fight.
      Just you?
      The Hate of Hate taunted silently. His entire body was like a full-speed train crashing into him.
      Compared to his giant physique, Su Chen’s thirteen-year-old physique was completely different.
      But the collision between the two completely happened in an instant.
      Su Chen, who was waving his fist, flew out without any surprise.
      However, to everyone’s surprise, the Hate of Rushing had also stopped the momentum of the attack at this moment. His entire body was stopped by the opponent’s fist.
      General Ross’ expression changed greatly. He did not dare to imagine that the invincible hate in front of him was blocked by a child’s fist.
      “That’s it?”
      Su Chen’s face was cold and arrogant as he was thrown into the air. His right foot was pointed in the air, and a faint ripple spread from under his feet. A force of support actually made him soar into the sky.
      This kind of use of the surrounding energy could be said to be divine.
      Hatea was a little dumbstruck, but his pair of straight eyes also noticed the figure that was charging towards him.
      How did the other party’s skinny body achieve such great power.
      He was in disbelief.
      For some reason, he even felt that the collision between the two was an illusion.
      With a slightly dazed expression, Hate brandished its huge fist and directly slammed it towards the approaching figure.
      The heavens are pitiful!!
      Hate’s heavy fist was even thicker than Su Chen’s waist.
      With a strong contrast, the two of them quickly met with a second collision.
      The Hatee could only feel the boundless power surging in front of him. It was as if it was rushing over like a mountain crashing into a sea.
      In less than a second, his two big feet on the ground separated from the ground. His entire body was blown away by Su Chen’s punch.
      Just this?
      It wasn’t until his figure fell to the ground that the hate was enraged to the point where his strength had increased so much in an instant.
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      A crushing power gap!(Fifth place)

      This was impossible!!
      Compared to the fist strike, mental distress was the problem of hate.
      He could not believe that the boy in front of him had actually sent him flying with a punch.
      The huge difference in physique was simply different.
      However, this guy’s fist was like a huge mountain, and his body could n’ t resist it.
      “That’s it?”
      Su Chen’s teasing words repeated again.
      He tiptoed, and the wind provided support under his feet. His slender figure floated in the air again.
      Su Chen had quite a bit of insight into the absorption and release of all the energy in the outside world. The warm wind around him could provide assistance. His figure seemed to have added wings and suddenly turned towards the figure in front of him.
      There was a hint of anger in the hateful face.
      His temper had always been violent. Under the influence of the gamma rays in his cells, although he wasn’t as angry as the Hulk, he still found it hard to control his anger.
      He could not tolerate the humiliation of a little boy as big as Lil Pea!
      The Hate of Shame and Fury roared. Just like that, it stomped on the ground like a huge mountain, charging straight into the sky, swearing to send the incoming brat flying.
      A huge boom rang out in the air.
      The surging flow of waves swept around in the form of a shock wave.
      A painful voice rang out from the air, and the figure of Hate was sent flying to the ground like a cannonball.
      The violent crashing momentum even destroyed the park’s lawn and ground, creating a shocking pit.
      Damn bastard….
      The Hate of Hate got up in a rage. A figure stood up from the dusty ground. However, a figure that shot at him was even more unreasonable. His thin body emitted a shocking collision force and sent it flying again with a punch.
      At this moment, the Hate flew out and broke many thick and solid trees. The rotten skin covered with scales was emitting foul blood.
      [Strength +50]
      [Strength +50]
      [Iron Body +50]
      The system that had been built continuously recorded information on the genetic level.
      Su Chen and Hate’s bodies collided, causing his strength to rise.
      Not to mention, after the nuclear explosion, his body’s strength had risen to a terrifying level. Under the body of a thirteen-year-old youth, every granulocyte contained boundless power.
      So what was a tall Hate?
      “You’ re a monster. I can see the weakness of human nature in your eyes.”
      Su Chen said coldly.
      He walked up to Lin Dao and walked slowly. It was as if the Abomination in front of him had been reduced to a meal. It did not affect his patience at all.
      From time to time, bullets shot out from the woods under the dark night. The muffled sniping sounds rang out one after another.
      It was just as if Su Chen’s back had opened his eyes. The bullets could n’ t get close to his body, and he was completely stopped in the air by an invisible ripple of psychic power.
      Following a thought.
      Under the control of telekinetic power, the bullets that were hovering in the air returned to their original owners and penetrated the heads of the hidden soldiers.
      An angry roar rang out again. The hatred that could not bear the arrogance of the youth in front of him was once again enraged.
      The earthquake shook!
      He rushed over and smashed his right fist against the figure in front of him.
      “Too slow.”
      Su Chen’s handsome and childish face did not show any fear. The improvement of his physical fitness was all-round.
      At the very least, his pair of clear black and white eyes possessed extraordinary dynamic visual ability. He directly restrained the other party’s continuous movements into his eyes and split them into a single frame of a movie.
      It could be imagined that the opponent’s movements were a little slow.
      Su Chen, who had not moved, stretched out his right hand in front of him. Then, he took the first step forward. His tightly clenched fist carried a violent force and collided with the opponent’s fist.
      In an instant, the other party’s knuckles directly broke, and the bones of his entire arm were completely dislocated and shattered.
      The hate screamed in pain.
      However, he was extremely embarrassed. His opponent’s right hand grabbed onto one of his knuckles. The boundless force that surged over seemed to be about to completely pull off the finger. Under the force of this force, the Abomination’s enormous body escaped from the ground.
      He drew an arc in the air and heavily fell to the other side of Su Chen’s transformation.
      As for the finger that borrowed power, in the end, it was forcibly pulled off.
      “What a pitiful fellow…”
      Su Chen’s cold expression did not show much emotion.
      Under the heavy injuries in his body, the Abomination in front of him started to shrink. The bloody monster in front of him quickly turned back into a robust man.
      Compared to the Hulk, who was able to grow stronger through anger, the Hate had no such terrifying anger effect after it possessed intelligence.
      Time after time, the anger was only replaced by another humiliation.
      It was still a double effect.
      “It really is a monster after transformation.”
      Su Chen’s eyes flashed with killing intent.
      He snapped his fingers and without much hesitation, he turned into an air cannon and smashed his opponent’s head to pieces.
      It was everyone else’s turn.
      Su Chen’s gaze swept towards the garden in the distance. The people who were still shouting with their horns seemed to have realized something was wrong and began to withdraw secretly.
      But how could he let them off easily.
      What surprised Su Chen was that the girl in the pink dress did not hide.
      Instead, she was chasing after the enemy. She took out a butterfly blade from somewhere and accurately threw it through the head of a soldier.
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      My name is Su Chen!(No.1)

      Although the loli girl was wearing a pink dress, her pursuit was not slow. She threw a butterfly blade that was tied to her lower leg and hit the enemy’s back.
      Not to mention that she casually picked up an automatic rifle from a corpse in Lin Dao.
      After loading the gun, he quickly pulled the trigger on his shoulder. His entire movement was completed in one go. His precise firing ability, like mowing grass, killed all the enemies.
      This girl….
      Su Chen was also slightly surprised, but he didn’t think of a young loli. She was probably only a little older than his sister, but she was proficient in so many firearms. Her exquisite throwing skills surprised him.
      After dealing with the monster, Su Chen’s next target was naturally the person who had just spoken.
      There was a gust of wind in the flat ground. Su Chen’s long black hair hung upside down and his feet were lifted off the ground. At this moment, his figure soared into the sky and followed his sharp hearing ability, flying directly outside the central park.
      Want to escape?
      Su Chen’s eyes were filled with a cold killing intent towards the general who was constantly calling him by the number of the experimental base.
      “Not good!!”
      The driver of the armored vehicle who had just left Lin Dao immediately cursed. Outside the window, a figure rushed over like a cannonball.
      Under the terrifying impact, the right side of the armored vehicle caved in. The entire vehicle rolled in the air and was completely overturned on the ground.
      All of this was because Su Chen had charged over with his own body.
      His slender body was already stronger than the steel plate made from refined steel. His entire body was filled with billions of cells, and even a slight pinch of his right hand could feel a surge of power emerge.
      Not to mention an armored vehicle, even a train was confident that Su Chen would overturn it.
      Gunshots suddenly rang out, and the figure in the driver’s seat continuously pulled the trigger.
      It was just that the poor pistol bullet landed on Su Chen’s skin. The bullet broke and then flew out.
      “Bastard, what’s going on with this guy’s body?”
      This was a concept that no soldier could imagine.
      From the very beginning, they all realized that the number 5162 that they were about to arrest was completely out of line with their minds.
      The information recorded by the black box was very limited. After all, the monitoring equipment on the laboratory aisle had been destroyed by Su Chen.
      According to General Stryker, who had taken over at the very beginning, this was just a self-healing ability user. It was at least hundreds of times stronger than the cell activity of the Diamond Wolf. Its life force was astonishing. It was the so-called key to the eternal life of mankind.
      He was not too surprised that he could survive the nuclear explosion.
      Because the Vajra Wolf had done such a feat during World War II.
      However, in the eyes of their military, the Diamond Wolf was completely disdainful. In the past, it had been successfully crafted into a killing machine by them, and it had successfully launched the X weapon plan.
      As for this number 5162, everyone knew that something had happened to him, but they still felt disdain in their hearts.
      What waves could a 13-year-old kid create?
      But now….
      The hate collapsed.
      Even General Ross could hardly escape death.
      With a thought from Su Chen, the figure in the driver’s seat was snapped by a powerful psychic power.
      The figure of the general in the back carriage was pulled out by an invisible drag force.
      He cried out in pain because his feet were stuck. Now that he was dragged out by a force, the bones of his feet were completely broken.
      “Looks like you’ re not General Stryker.”
      Su Chen’s words were cold.
      He searched through his phone and naturally knew what the infamous General Stryker looked like.
      This guy’s image clearly did not match.
      “Damn little bastard, number 5162, don’ t think you can escape our line of sight…”
      General Ross cursed.
      Even if he was controlled by others, this cold-blooded general was still cursing at the enemy in front of him without any intention of begging for mercy.
      Su Chen’s childish face didn’ t show any emotion. He just stared at the other person’s face and said word by word,” Remember my name is Su Chen. I’ ll be a good dog in my next life.”
      He didn’t say anything. He directly snapped General Ross’ neck out of thin air.
      It was as if he could not resolve his hatred.
      An air cannon that was powered by the power of a telepathic thought directly smashed the corpse into pieces.
      The large experimental base on the snowy plains, and even the binding number 5162, seemed to have become a dream of the past, as if all the nightmares had ended completely.
      But the enemy that Tu Ru attacked told him that this was not over.
      At this moment.
      More and more thoughts of revenge emerged in Su Chen’s heart. The original wave of wavering immediately disappeared.
      “If I don’ t completely end everything, the peaceful life I want will never come.”
      The killing intent on his face grew more and more pervasive.
      “Su Chen…”
      A gentle voice came from behind, but Ming Di, who had witnessed everything, walked over.
      She probably understood what had happened to this young man, but the gentleness in her heart made her want to hug him.
      “Let’s go.”
      Ming Di once again invited him. His right hand held onto his palm.
      The Central Park could no longer stay.
      Although it was hard for the outside to notice the commotion in the middle of the night, the enemies that followed would arrive sooner or later.
      With her rich experience as a killer, she could take this young man to her safe house without any risk.
      This time.
      Su Chen did not dodge.
      Because he understood that this girl was the first good person he had met in downtown Manhattan.
      However, the two of them were not sure how much trouble they would be facing next.
      The trajectory of fate would move from here to another inflection point.
      PS: today was the first time to ask for the support of a wave of flowers and evaluation tickets!!
      PS2: Thank you for the 588 reward from’ DtlkSXT’!*

      The beginning of collapse!(Second place)

      In reality.
      When some of the Defense Ministry’s intelligence agencies started investigating Su Chen, it was n’ t just the big dad, Damon, who accidentally ran into the line.
      Apart from that…
      The mysterious organization that had been dedicated to digging out the secrets behind the Defense Military Department was a high tide organization that gathered all the elite hacker members in the world. It was also secretly observing what kind of surprise these secret intelligence personnel could bring to them.
      Don’t underestimate these hackers. Even the Divine Shield Bureau secretly recruited many elites.
      The future news of Daisy John was the best example.
      “It’s here, it’s here. There might be big news!”
      Not long ago, a hacker who stayed behind immediately noticed that the backstage of the intelligence agency was constantly calling out various cameras to track a young man in downtown Manhattan.
      These bold and meticulous members were highly skilled and daring. Under the encryption algorithm, they were not afraid of revealing their identities and directly broke through the official backstage.
      Wow!”Jesus is on…”
      “It’s an esper who escaped from a large experimental base.”
      “Now, General Ross will take over the arrest.”
      “Destination: Central Park in Downtown Manhattan…”
      “Go, guys.”
      In an instant.
      One of the team members took a vehicle to the Central Park.
      They would secretly take pictures and then sell the information to the various media at a large price.
      Apart from that, the information of the secret documents that the high tide organization cracked would be perfectly packed and sent to the Defense Forces Department.
      Why send it to them?
      Naturally, it was not a good thing!
      This was a blackmail from the high tide organization to the military.
      Then he continued to sell it to the media, further sublimating and hype the entire incident.
      Soon, a good news came from the front. The members of the High Tide Organization successfully captured some pictures and also picked up the cameras on the corpses of many soldiers.
      It didn’t take long before a rough video was sent to Manhattan Television.
      The television station staff was shocked.
      One had to know that whether it was a car accident or a gun battle fire, they could sell it to the television station if they could get exclusive photographic materials at the first moment. After all, they also needed these eye-catching exclusive news for reporting.
      With such a demand, it naturally gave birth to the work of many photographers.
      But the video footage given by the High Tide Organization was too shocking and exciting!!
      “Heavens, immediately transfer money to the High Tide Organization. We need this material. We must report it exclusively.”
      At this moment, a captivating title appeared in the head of the female stationmaster.
      Shock!Our country’s army could n’ t stop a young man’s attack. What’s wrong with this country’s army?》
      Su Chen naturally did not know that the development of the matter was getting more and more off his imagination.
      At this moment, he was led to a house in a secret suburb by the figure of the super murdered woman Ming Di.
      Mindy Macridy!
      Su Chen also knew her name.
      In the blink of an eye.
      Their figures had arrived at a single courtyard.
      “This is my safe house.”
      Ming Di introduced.
      The loli girl opened her locked door and invited Su Chen into the door.
      Along the way, Ming Di, who was very experienced in reconnaissance, had long ensured that their figures would not be exposed to any surveillance probe.
      “Welcome, welcome…”
      Just like showing off the toys in his hands to his friends, Ming Di introduced everything to Su Chen like a family treasure.
      “Barrett sniper rifle…”
      “M16 Series Automatic Rifle…”
      “Carbine gun…”
      “These outside markets can’ t be found.”
      Looking at the various types of guns hanging on one wall after another, Su Chen was still amazed.
      How did this girl spend her childhood?
      This was too tough, too cool!!
      “My house isn’ t far from here. Usually, before the mission, I come to this safe house to change my equipment, put on my plain clothes, and leave directly.”
      Ming Di smiled.
      “How old are you?”
      Su Chen was very curious.
      “It’s just a birthday. It’s 14.”
      She patted her heart, looking like an adult.
      “I really admire you.”
      Su Chen praised sincerely. A fourteen-year-old cold-faced loli assassin was simply a powerful thought.
      “That’s why I admire you. You’ re much cooler than me. You’ ve ruined an army just now!”
      Ming Di patted Su Chen on the shoulder and gave him a thumbs-up. He was like a girl who had jumped off.
      Su Chen had become familiar with her, and his words had also opened up a lot. His cold and indifferent face had relaxed a bit.
      “How handsome you are.”
      Mindy, the young girl who had jumped off, reached out to pinch his face, but there were some big sister’s heads.
      However, when she thought of the cold and merciless image of the other party, she still did not dare to be too out of line. She spoke cutely and withdrew her hand.
      “Oh right…”
      “I forgot to call.”
      She suddenly remembered something important. It was that she had forgotten to contact her father.
      Just now, she left in a hurry and forgot to bring her phone.
      But after calling back to the house, there was no call for a long time.
      “Quickly answer the phone…”
      Ming Di suddenly became anxious.
      At this moment, Su Chen also frowned and immediately realized that something was not right.
      But after half a minute, there was still no reply.
      “Not good!”
      “Something might have happened to Father.”
      Ming Di’s delicate little face was full of nervousness. She hurriedly lifted a large caliber automatic rifle from the wall and carried it on her back. She put her foot on a stool and picked up the throwing knife and butterfly knife from the table. She hung it on the long leg belt under her skirt.
      Su Chen didn’ t hesitate at all. He directly followed her out of the safe room.
      Ming Di’s residence was not far from this safe house.
      Walking along a roadway, one could see a detached villa nearby.
      Ming Di quickly went through the back door.
      “Someone broke in…”
      Ming Di pressed his footsteps and quietly walked into his living room. However, the table that had been flipped over and the tableware tableware that had been scattered all over the showed that there was a fight here.
      Damn it!”They took my father away!”
      No matter if Ming Di searched the entire room, he could not find Damon’s father.
      At the same time, the secret computer hidden in the toolbox also disappeared.
      Ming Di was very anxious. He directly found a phone from a drawer on the counter.
      “In order to prevent one of us from being caught, my big dad and I both have a micro tracker on their clothes…”
      After returning from the central park, it took quite a while to stay in the safe house.
      However, it would take some time for the other party to follow the address on the backstage of the computer to catch people.
      It was very possible that his father had not been completely taken away.
      Everything could be completely retained!!
      There was a profession called a photographer outside the PS:. He specialized in shooting fires and criminals and selling them to television stations and the media. There was a good-looking film,” Nightwalker “, which meant this.*

      Black Transformation!(Third place)

      Just like that, a car ran out of the street. For Super Killers, it was much easier to drive such a car than to accurately target the enemy.
      “Not too far…”
      Ming Di stepped on the accelerator. The fourteen-year-old loli was extremely small and exquisite, so Ming Di seemed to be on the verge of standing up.
      This was an inexplicable point.
      However, Su Chen did not have any sense of amusement in his heart. After all, if his guess was correct, the other party’s father was probably implicated because of him.
      He could only pray in his heart that nothing would happen to him.
      Damn it…
      If he could accurately control the power of rewriting reality, he would not be as passive as he was now. He would directly travel through space and reach his destination.
      However, the target before him was not too far away.
      Ming Di was a valiant and elegant person, allowing the entire car to swing 90 degrees across the road, steadily stopping on a road.
      She suddenly felt a teasing.
      Ming Di opened the car door and pointed at the location of the map specified by the tracking device on his phone.
      But in front of him was a spacious road without a trace of human trace. Only a conspicuous trash can appeared in front of him.
      Ming Di cursed and kicked down the trash can that was as tall as a person in front of him. Among the pile of trash, he could only have a gray T-shirt.
      “Big Dad’s clothes have been thrown away. This is a trick.”
      Super Killer’s eyes instantly turned red.
      At this moment, she suddenly recalled that her enemies were not stupid gangsters at all. Instead, they were a national machine that was pressed down on her shoulders like a mountain.
      How could these clumsy techniques be able to defeat those military personnel?
      Ming Di gritted his teeth and dialed another number on his phone.
      He was a friend of Damon’s father. He had been a close friend of the intelligence agency. He had also entrusted it to him and successfully obtained many weapons and equipment.
      In the end, two or three calls were made, but no one answered them.
      An ominous feeling filled his heart. Perhaps he had already been implicated and completely arrested. This bold and reasonable thought made Ming Di’s heart tremble.
      “Hurry up and leave. It’s not safe here…”
      Ming Di endured the tears and sat in the driver’s seat.
      Su Chen could only feel some pain in his heart.
      If it was a stranger, he wouldn’t be so uncomfortable.
      However, his cold and vigilant heart had just let go of some of his defenses. He was prepared to accept a new friend, but a heartless answer came. He seemed to have killed this friend’s family.
      He brought too much trouble to others.
      In a daze, the two of them arrived in the safe room.
      As for Ming Di’s old residence, he naturally could not stay.
      The three high walls were filled with guns in the safe room. Compared to the previous joyous atmosphere, when they returned to the room, they were all solemn and serious. The conversation was much less.
      The loli girl who had been jumping off happily became incomparably silent.
      Last year, she was able to kill seven in and seven out of the underground garage of an underground gangster. Her face did not change.
      However, she could not do anything about the enemies she was facing.
      She couldn’t even find where her father was hiding?
      At the end of the day, they were just two children. They didn’t have a heaven-reaching background, and they did n’ t have any extraordinary means. Facing Damon who had disappeared from the world, he could only wait here helplessly.
      The sky outside the window had gradually brightened.
      The new dawn had arrived, but the light that the two of them were waiting for had not arrived yet.
      “I will definitely help you…”
      Su Chen didn’t know how to comfort her, so he could only promise.
      “How can you help me?Could it be that you could bomb the barracks?Fighting against this country?”Against this world?”
      Ming Di choked.
      Her uncontrollable mood was filled with tears in her eyes. Her delicate and delicate face was covered with tears. A long-time depression erupted.
      After all, he was only a fourteen-year-old child. No matter how much experience he had, he still could not withstand the departure of his family.
      At this moment, an even worse news came.
      The television screen that had been on for the entire time had switched programs.
      “Now we’ re broadcasting a news for all the citizens. It’s reported that there was a war at Central Park in Manhattan City early this morning. General Ross’ s troops were dealing with a mutated human, but in the end. General Ross himself was even more present.”
      This sensational news shocked everyone in front of the television.
      In the era of peace, a single army could not defeat a mutated human?
      Could this be another terrorist attack by the Mutant Brothers?
      Or was the army arresting a mutated human to be killed?
      Soon, the exclusive television station broadcasted the scene of the battle in Central Park that night. The sharp needles of the flying shuttle covered the sky and took the lives of the soldiers. Just like that, a skinny young man flew a heavy monster.
      Although the camera’s images were black and white, all of this made people feel even more exciting than Hollywood blockbusters.
      Under the spread of the private news, the television station’s viewership ratings were instantly elevated.
      The military department was caught unprepared. They didn’t expect the despicable high tide organization to trick them. However, they quickly reacted and immediately launched a public relations campaign to the television station.
      “… After the military representative found out, he sent a message to our television station.”
      At this moment, the host appeared on the screen. He read the note that he handed over unhurriedly.” The suspect is a new member of the terrorist organization’s Brotherhood. He is an extremely vicious and extreme mutated human. A Chinese youth named Su Chen.”
      “What’s waiting for him is the highest level S-level arrest warrant. In other words, he’s no longer in the world.”
      In order to make it easier for the audience to recognize, Su Chen’s black-and-white image was enlarged in front of the television.
      Seeing this.
      Su Chen, who was standing in front of the television, had a distorted expression.
      Central Park was adjacent to the most prosperous area in Manhattan. Naturally, it could not be hidden from the outside world. In fact, Su Chen even had a hint of hope in his heart. He hoped that the media or others would wash their identities completely calm down.
      In the end, he was an innocent experimental white mouse, a military experimental body that escaped death.
      Just today, he was completely wanted in the world. He changed and became a mutated human member of an extreme terrorist organization.
      This was nonsense!
      He clenched his fist, and his breathing became more and more hurried. His eyes were red, and his shoulders slightly rose and fell, as if he was enduring some great grievance and pain.
      “… An hour later, a press conference will be held for the newly renovated’ dome’ building located in the capital city. At that time, the details of the suspect will be announced.”
      The voice of the host continued in front of the television.
      The reason why the dome was chosen was because it was a newly renovated high-tech prison in the military. It had not yet been put into use. This unusual appearance was also to show the criminals that this was his future home.
      The irony was full.
      The next piece of news was that Ming Di had completely collapsed.
      “But one good news that can be revealed is that one of the suspects’ accomplices was completely killed while fleeing for his life.”
      PS: began to get into the main topic. The first time this article was written, it was to set the tone of Black Transformation.Of course, according to the normal rules, Fei Luwen basically left the laboratory and started to kill all sorts of people, venting his anger.
      However, the author could not write this. He also knew that the former was very easy to collapse in rhythm. He believed that everyone could see it clearly.Therefore, the protagonist’s identity was a thirteen-year-old indigenous Chinese, who was completely on the path of blackization in self-concern and growth.
      Speaking of which, when he looked at the fire shadow, it was time for the people who were being bullied to become black.*

      Let the world feel the pain!(Fourth place)

      “……”One of the suspects’ accomplices was completely killed while fleeing.”
      At the same time that the television station broadcast, the big daddy’s head was also prominently posted.
      At this moment.
      Ming Di finally couldn’t hold back the pain in his heart. The tears in his eyes immediately began to flow out as if they had opened the door.
      She knelt on the ground in pain, her entire body lying on the ground, crying loudly.
      As for her father, Damon, the super-killing woman, Ming Di, became more and more rebellious and resentful.
      Others’ daughters bought toys that were Barbie dolls.
      Her toys were all kinds of guns.
      The daughter of another family had been playing in the small world, enjoying a happy childhood.
      As for her childhood, she was working hard to become a top female assassin.
      When she grew up, she finally understood that she was just a tool for her father’s revenge. She had dedicated her efforts to forge a slaughter machine for her mother’s death.
      Sometimes, she couldn’t tell how much Damon loved her daughter. Perhaps her father wanted to return to his mother.
      As a result, when she was in the Rebellion phase, she felt a little conflicted. She wanted to return to the campus and integrate into her student life.
      But now…
      Just because of a cheap photo shoot and a willful search of the Internet, it caused a tragic tragedy.
      The reason was because of this boy!
      “All blame you, all blame you…”
      “If it wasn’ t for you, nothing would have happened.”
      “I hate you!”
      The super killer woman in front of her was furious, her hands continuously beating Su Chen in front of her.
      Su Chen was speechless. He just lowered his head, his face gloomy. He didn’ t know what he was thinking.
      He wanted to comfort her, but when he thought of how the other party was complaining about him, he was sure that his friends would not be able to do anything in the future. Perhaps he would become an enemy in the future. Thinking of this, Su Chen still put down his arms that held the other party.
      Tears soaked his black clothes.
      His hands had already stopped beating. The loli assassin who had jumped off the ground the first time he met was so helpless and pitiful.
      At this moment, Ming Di reminded Su Chen of her sister. After she lost her mother, Susan’s tears fell.
      Ming Di was lying in ambush on Su Chen’s heart, sobbing desperately.
      After an unknown amount of time, she fell asleep in Su Chen’s arms with tears on her face, as if her excessive accumulation of pain made her fall asleep.
      “It’s good to fall asleep…”
      Su Chen looked at the clock on the wall. There was not much time left for their press conference.
      The dome was located in the head city. Although it was on the east coast of Manhattan, there was a certain distance between the two places. Even if the car rushed over, it would take at least a few hours.
      At this moment, Su Chen, whose softness had completely dissipated, had no expression on his face, as if he had been struck by reality.
      At this moment, countless waves had already stirred in his heart. It was like a storm, a rain, and a sea. Countless waves rolled about.
      There was even more hatred in his mind. It was like a bottomless abyss, gradually emitting an evil and despairing aura.
      Global wanted criminals!
      The pitiful laboratory mouse turned into a mutated human member of the terrorist organization.
      The aggressive enemy did not give him a chance to breathe.
      The peaceful life that she yearned for gradually became a dream.
      Even the only person in Manhattan who had treated him well had been implicated and had suffered misfortune.
      Why was it me?
      Why am I always suffering?
      His mother died and his sister disappeared. A series of hardships were like torture to him.
      Su Chen didn’ t understand!
      At the age of thirteen, he did not want to understand.
      Just thinking about revenge, killing!
      All enemies that gave him despair and those that blocked him should all fall to hell.
      At this moment of despair, Su Chen’s handsome face gradually faded away from his childishness. His cold and cold killing intent grew more and more apparent.
      He did not want to back down.
      “I will return your share as well…”
      Looking at Ming Di who was unconscious, he walked out of the safe room.
      Target: dome building.
      If Su Chen rushed over just like that, it would be too late for the press conference.
      However, Su Chen, whose face was cold to the extreme, was already in a state of emotional breakdown. His heart was completely dark, and he immediately recalled how he had managed to teleport from the snowy plains to the city of Manhattan hundreds of kilometers away.
      He suddenly realized something. An invisible ripple appeared around his body.
      A power of change that involved reality made him directly open a space door. Su Chen stepped out and the street in front of him suddenly changed. He instantly arrived at a city far away, the head city.
      Su Chen looked at the magnificent and magnificent’ dome’ building not far away, as if it was a sharp sword that pierced through the sky. He walked forward without any emotion on his face.
      Footsteps rang out from the ground.
      He put on his black hood. The falling black bang could not hide the cold killing intent in his eyes.
      The footsteps disappeared.
      His figure continued to move forward, but at this moment, every step he took landed in the air. The space in front of him was like an invisible staircase of heaven, allowing Su Chen to walk in the air as if he was walking flat.
      “Oh my God, look, who is this?”
      “Oh my God, this youth is walking in the air…”
      “That’s too good.”
      At this moment, a lot of reporters had already arrived outside the defense headquarters building. At this moment, they all witnessed this mysterious scene.
      “Damn it, isn’ t this a wanted criminal from that terrorist organization?”
      “Oh my God, you guys are really big-hearted. This is not the young wanted man reported this morning!”
      A single word startled the person in the dream!
      Everyone was even more excited when they heard this. The SLR in their hands immediately flashed with light.
      Compared to the reporters who were watching the show, the faces of the guards outside the building changed greatly. The gun insurance was opened one by one, and everyone’s gun pointed at the figure in the air.
      “Damn it, the other party is here!”
      No one had expected that Su Chen, who had just been announced as an S-class wanted criminal in the world this morning, would be so unscrupulous. He would appear in front of everyone and use a mysterious power to ascend the stairway.
      A bullet shot into the air.
      Su Chen ignored it. A wave of Psyche Power around him was like an invisible barrier supporting his body. All the bullets were sent flying.
      He was not afraid at all. He was walking in the air like he was walking on a flat ground, and he slowly walked up to the sky.
      At this moment, he could easily overlook the entire building and the earth.
      “Now, let’s let you all feel the pain I’ ve endured.”
      A clear light lingered in his body. Gradually, a terrifying surge of energy began to rise. It was as if a volcano was erupting, causing a shocking commotion.
      No one knew where the nuclear explosion that had bloomed at the large experimental base had gone?
      In reality.
      It did not disappear.
      It was Su Chen’s body that absorbed the energy of the entire nuclear explosion.
      Therefore, during this period of time, he was like a human-shaped weapon walking in Manhattan.
      He was too kind.
      This time, he decided to play a big game.
      It was time for them to feel the pain of being baptized by a nuclear explosion!

      I walked out of the nuclear explosion!(No.1)

      Ming Di, who was still unconscious, suddenly woke up from her nightmare.
      She dreamed of her father’s death.
      But soon, the scene in the dream turned again, turning into a picture of Su Chen’s bloodbathing in the world.
      “Su Chen…”
      Ming Di’s expression changed.
      But in front of him, there was no sign of Su Chen.
      She suddenly remembered what she had said when she lost control of her emotions. After her reason returned, she realized that she had lost her composure. After all, all the roots and mistakes were not on Su Chen.
      He was also the victim. His words could only penetrate his heart like a sharp sword.
      She turned around and looked at the television beside her. She saw that the screen was reporting on the upcoming press conference in real time. However, no one had expected that the young man who had just been announced as a wanted man in the world would stand above the building.
      “Su Chen…”
      For a moment, Ming Di’s delicate face was completely shocked. She looked at him in disbelief
      Su Chen, don’t do stupid things.
      Ming Di knew exactly how many grievances Su Chen had suffered under his cold and heartless face, and how much pain he had endured in his heart, and how much killing intent he had suppressed for a long time.
      She had seen some of the information in the backstage and naturally knew that Su Chen was a laboratory white mouse who had escaped death. He was not a heinous enemy at all.
      But once they attacked a landmark building under the eyes of the world’s people, nothing could turn back.
      Turn back?
      Su Chen, who was completely disappointed with the world, had never thought of this word.
      From this moment on, he only wanted the world to experience the pain he endured.
      Nuclear explosion.
      They were the ones who bestowed it on them.
      Not many people could imagine that a person’s body could instantly store the power of a nuclear explosion in a person’s body.
      The external energy was like water, and the body was like a wooden bucket.
      Carrying so much energy in an instant naturally required an incomparably sturdy body.
      Su Chen’s body was invincible. After undergoing a nuclear explosion, his recovered body produced a brand-new resistance. He was able to adapt to the terrifying energy impact perfectly, and his body’s muscle strength increased to a brand-new stage.
      That was why he was able to walk in the city with a vast amount of energy, just like a person who had nothing to do.
      “It’s time to give all of this back to you!”
      Su Chen could not hear the panic of the people below.
      The continuous energy fluctuations in his body caused the turbulence around him to become more and more chaotic. It was like a typhoon crossing the border, wreaking havoc between heaven and earth.
      Very quickly.
      The lingering energy gradually seeped out from his body, continuously spewing out from his body.
      At this moment, Su Chen, who was covered in light, was like a rising sun. In an instant, the blazing daytime light covered everything in his line of sight. The boundless energy contained in the light also destroyed everything here.
      The security personnel on the ground scurried around. They had never imagined that the figure who had climbed into the air would actually self-destruct.
      The explosion of energy was like a falling sun. The entire building was like a sharp blade unsheathed, like a snowman under the scorching sun in the summer.
      The figures running on the ground, as well as the reporters joining in on the fun, could not escape this calamity.
      Their figures also evaporated.
      The nuclear explosion that swept out completely covered the entire area of the building, killing all its soldiers and staff.
      From afar, one could see a vast and spectacular mushroom cloud rising on the ground.
      No one had expected that this building, which had been placed high hopes by the military and used to mock criminals, would end up being wiped out.
      “Heavens, what is this?”
      “God is here, isn’ t that youth self-destructing?”
      “F*ck, I’ m not mistaken. That wanted criminal turned into a sun, releasing a blinding light…”
      The audience in front of the television station were also completely stunned.
      At this moment, the screen had cut off the satellite signal and was unable to transfer the live broadcast.
      No matter how stupid a person was, they could vaguely understand that the light emitted from the youth’s body had turned into a terrifying explosion that struck the entire landmark building.
      Of course, the citizens of the head city saw this scene clearly.
      A creepy mushroom cloud rose on the ground far away.
      “Heavens, our country has suffered a nuclear explosion?”
      Very quickly.
      Someone posted the mushroom cloud image on the social platform through their phone.
      Shock!The building designed by Iron Man was exploded!The military was slapped in the face!This scene was simply too spectacular.]
      For a moment.
      The number of hits instantly broke by hundreds of thousands, and more and more people knew that Washington, D.C., was under attack.
      “Wait, isn’ t this a joke?”
      In Manhattan, Tony Stark, who was in Stark’s headquarters building, almost spat out the water.
      “It’s known as the safest facility in the world. It definitely won’ t allow any criminal to escape from the prison. In the end, he hasn’ t put it into use yet. Has he just been bombarded by someone at close range?”
      This made Tony feel an incomparable slap in the face.
      Tony, who had already become a Iron Man, became extremely curious as he looked at the videos that had been reprinted from all directions.
      “Yes, sir.”
      The artificial intelligence butler Jarvis immediately understood his master’s intentions. By linking to the satellite equipment in low-Earth orbit, Jarvis immediately calculated the nuclear equivalent value.
      “The mutated human’s ability, which is suspected to be energy absorption, allows this wanted man to store a terrifying nuclear equivalent in his body. However, based on the scale of the self-destruction, this youth can’ t survive.”
      “Yes, it’s very obvious.”
      Son of Steel started to complain.
      After all, there was no need to calculate this. As long as someone with brains saw this scene, they were basically certain that the other party had self-destructed.
      “That’s not right, sir. There’s a very conspicuous life wave in the nuclear explosion area.”
      In less than a second, Jarvis’ heartless answer was a heavy slap.
      At this moment, even the usually calm Tony stood up in fright.
      At the same time.
      In front of everyone’s eyes, in the mushroom cloud that was rising, a slender figure was surrounded by invisible ripples. Just like an ordinary person, he walked out of the nuclear explosion unharmed.
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      I want him to confess to this land!(Second place)

      The shocking mushroom cloud stood on the ground like this. In the past, the magnificent building that symbolized valiant battle achievements had been completely flattened.
      The dark clouds of death enveloped this area.
      All sounds were silent.
      However, under the deathly silence, a figure that was covered in invisible waves slowly walked out from within the terrifying nuclear haze and explosion flames.
      No one expected a slender figure to walk out from the center of the nuclear explosion.
      He wore a black hood and a black bang covered his forehead. His black and white eyes were cold, and there was not much emotion under his cold and heartless face.
      “It’s him!”
      “Heavens, that self-destructing global wanted criminal is unharmed!”
      Shocked by the radiation from the nuclear haze, the citizens of the nearby area had already fled.
      However, in the end, there were still some journalists who did not fear death. For first-hand information, they took the helicopter gunships and directly brought the cameraman with them to bring the first-line reports to the world.
      He had earned it.
      The reporters who had been thinking of shooting the nuclear explosion from a close range had not expected to see a human figure in stock walking out of the nuclear explosion.
      It was him!!
      It was the extreme mutated human that had just been declared an S-level global wanted criminal by the defense spokesman this morning and was listed as a member of a terrorist organization.
      He led the nuclear explosion, but now, he walked out safely.
      This was too shocking and shocking.
      “It’s reported that this Chinese youth Su Chen just killed General Ross and his special forces at Central Park in downtown Manhattan.”
      “And now…”
      “This young man is simply lawless. He doesn’ t even see the law in his eyes. He actually completely flattened a building in a strange way under the eyes of everyone.”
      The host held the microphone and said.
      The teacher carrying a camera gave a close-up shot from the air, shooting Su Chen’s cold figure and face inside.
      In the next second.
      The cameraman saw clearly from the camera that the young man who had walked out of the nuclear explosion raised his head and looked at them coldly.
      Su Chen, who was blackened, could clearly hear the sound from afar.
      There was no trace of legal morality.
      These ear-piercing words strengthened Su Chen’s will to take revenge.
      They were not members of the mutated humans who insisted that they were members of the extremist organization?
      That was as they wished!!
      Su Chen raised his right hand and saw a flash of light on one of his fingertips. In the blink of an eye, the light was completely amplified and instantly transformed into a thick pillar of light that shot towards the horizon.
      The helicopter far away did not have enough time to dodge.
      The speed of the beam was simply too fast.
      The propeller of the helicopter was instantly destroyed by the beam of light. Without the support to rise, the helicopter fell straight to the ground like a meteor.
      Soon, an orange-red flame rose from the ground in the distance.
      Under such a crash, the people on the helicopter could not think of surviving.
      At the same time.
      In the area in front of them, more and more military vehicles drove towards this place.
      However, the soldiers who had originally thought of the use of the blockade had never imagined that a survivor would be able to walk out of the nuclear explosion. Moreover, it was the initiator of everything.
      Everyone, watch out! Fire immediately!!”
      The first batch of biochemical units that arrived could not care less about the blockade.
      When the enemy appeared, they were drenched in cold sweat as they immediately turned a gun towards the proud figure.
      “Immediately lift your hands up…”
      The commander subconsciously used to saying warning words.
      His face turned red. Facing such an extreme mutated human who was lawless and had caused a nuclear explosion disaster, such warning words were meaningless.
      “Open fire!!”
      Gunshots that were not well-organized continued to bloom, revealing everyone’s panic.
      Many people even felt their scalps go numb as their bodies trembled.
      This was a monster that came out safely from the nuclear explosion!
      What was the use of bullets?
      However, the soldiers who had come to seal off the scene were also in deep pain. Suddenly, they encountered such a terrifying situation. Under the orders of the officers, they could only repeatedly shoot at the approaching figure.
      Bullets tore through the air and continued to attack.
      An invisible ripple of psychic power surrounded him, blocking all the bullets in front of him. Following Su Chen’s thought, the bullets quickly flew towards the soldiers who were in a hurry not far away.
      The sound of bullets piercing through the flesh and blood continuously rang out.
      The soldier in front of him quickly collapsed.
      A cannonball fired from the long-cannon carriage continuously shot towards Su Chen. It whistled loudly. The large-caliber cannonball carried a huge impact force and continuously landed around Su Chen’s body.
      A barrage of artillery shells that could shatter a building resounded over Su Chen’s surroundings.
      The blazing flames burned, the boundless heat energy impinged, and the metal jet formed by countless iron pieces blossomed around Su Chen.
      Logically speaking, Su Chen was able to completely dodge with his psychic power.
      But at this moment, the body that had completely released all the nuclear energy in its body was completely empty. Su Chen needed energy from the outside world to replenish it.
      For a moment, the invisible ripples that surrounded him were like a whale swallowing a tiger. He absorbed all the heat, kinetic energy, and other forms of energy in the surroundings. Under such shocking absorption, even the light distorted for this reason.
      [Energy usage +5]
      [Energy usage +5]
      The system that was built quickly fed back the changes in ability.
      “It’s here.”
      Su Chen’s eyes flickered with light.
      He raised his hands and saw two light cannons brewing in his palm.
      The next moment.
      The incomparably bright light cannon condensed a terrifying energy beam. Just like that, it drew a shocking gap on the ground. It enveloped a cannon truck and even soldiers in the distance, destroying and killing them.
      In such a short period of time, the troops that had come to maintain order at the first moment were completely wiped out and completely lost their formation.
      The satellite equipment far away in space also captured this scene very well.
      For this reason, the entire country directly raised the alert level to the highest level.
      “Immediately send out Divine Shield Bureau!”
      “Send out all special forces.”
      “I don’ t care what you guys do. In any case, today, I will definitely see the tears of this extreme mutated human’s confession to this land. I will definitely make him die without a burial ground!”
      The president immediately shouted and issued the latest order.
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      God rolled the dice!(Third place)

      The young man who had walked out of the nuclear explosion had just wiped out an entire biochemical unit.
      Very quickly.
      The national alert level was adjusted to the highest level.
      Su Chen, who had successfully detonated a nuclear bomb at home, was directly upgraded from an S-class global wanted criminal to an SSS-class.
      As the homeland strategic defense, attack, and logistics support bureau, S.H.I.E.L. Shield Bureau also sent out a quick reaction force to mark Su Chen as a special danger level. This meant that no one under the authority of level nine agents could read this person’s information.
      “Contact Iron Man Tony…”
      The director of the Divine Shield Bureau, Nick Frey, immediately contacted the super hero who had been the most popular recently.
      Ever since Tony Stark successfully solved the problems in his group and announced that he was a Iron Man to the people around the world, this guy had become the most popular super hero.
      In this difficult time, the people needed heroes!!
      The people needed someone to stand up.
      There was a need to bring this sinful and evil extrajudicial maniac to justice, or to quickly kill him!
      After all, even the most arrogant mutated human in the past, the leader of the Brotherhood, and the famous Magneto King could not do such a feat.
      Even Myriad Magnetic King himself was successfully arrested by military personnel and imprisoned in the underground prison for a while.
      Damn it!!
      Under the eyes of everyone in the world, this young man was so lawless. He was so close to the local continent that no one could bear such a humiliation.
      This youth must be captured!
      For a moment, the entire country quickly sent more special forces to Washington, D.C.
      Above the east coast, more than a dozen Raptors flew across the coast and headed towards the nuclear explosion at supersonic speed.
      “Fire attacks have been authorized.”
      This was a flying combat team under the Seventh Atlantic Army.
      They left from the aircraft carrier far away and quickly arrived on the battlefield.
      Not to mention the few numbers, just this flying formation, with its gunpowder warhead and rapid supersonic speed, was enough to suppress a small country and kill seven in and seven out of its territory.
      But now, they had encountered a difficult problem.
      A youth who could survive in a nuclear explosion, could their fire suppression work?
      They did not eliminate it.
      However, in order to keep the enemy in check, it was their most important task to keep them in this area.
      After receiving the authorization order, the fighter pilots started the launching device one after another.
      A mounted missile device popped out from the cockpit of the Raptor fighter. In less than a second, the tail of the missile was completely ignited and the mounting device was released.
      The missile tore through the sky and bombarded the targets on the ground with precision.
      “A fighter?”
      Su Chen’s gaze turned towards the sky.
      Speaking of which, in his childhood dream, there was also a combat pilot.
      Su Chen’s eyes turned cold as he looked at the approaching missile. With just a single thought, his mind’s power fluctuated as if it had turned into an invisible giant hand. The swift and violent missile was caught in the air.
      The entire missile was crushed by him.
      But in an instant.
      More and more missiles flew over from the end of the horizon. From a small black dot in the distance, they rapidly approached and transformed into a bullet that came from a breath.
      “That’s all?”
      Su Chen raised his right hand and gently patted his side.
      Even though it was clearly aimed at the air, the seemingly meaningless action had a very strange effect.
      The missile that was approaching from far away started to tilt. In an instant, it completely deviated from its trajectory and fell to the ground in the distance under the guidance of an invisible force.
      The city area of the first city was immediately bombarded by their own missiles. Many tall buildings collapsed and orange flames rose.
      Damn it!!”
      The driver cursed.
      They hadn’t expected that the opponent’s strange psychic power would be able to fly all the incoming missiles so easily.
      “This will only increase innocent casualties.”
      “We’ ll delay for half a minute, then we’ ll all return.”
      With such a flying formation, he had no intention of destroying this youth.
      In the beginning, his original intention was to delay the opponent. He relied on his advantage in the sky and the speed of supersonic flight. He didn’t have to worry too much about the enemy’s attack from the ground.
      But their thoughts were still too simple.
      When many Raptor fighters finished firing the missiles, they whistled through the air above Su Chen’s head. The engine’s sound that resounded through the sky made the cold youth frown.
      In the first place, he did not have much means to deal with fighter planes.
      Because it was too fast and too high.
      Of course, the other party didn’t have any means to balance himself.
      “But it’s still too noisy.”
      Su Chen’s cold and heartless face was filled with a hint of killing intent. He simply could not stand the sound of the supersonic engine rumbling in the air.
      This made his mood a little bad.
      As the saying goes, a black esper is ten times stronger than a white one.
      When Su Chen’s state of mind was completely reversed and he hugged the abyss, he became more and more comfortable with his ability.
      “Let them fall.”
      It was as if the words were followed.
      An invisible force wave began to interfere with reality.
      After Su Chen felt a little irritable in his dark state, this illusory and invisible power immediately acted on reality, directly altering the reality.
      There were always people in this world wondering how to modify reality?
      Someone proposed a good answer, that was to modify the probability that nature existed.
      For example….
      The engine devices of the fighter aircraft had malfunctioned, even if the probability was very small under maintenance.
      But this cold and heartless youth was like a god. He threw the dice and led the answer to the worst situation.
      “Not good. Why did the engine of the fighter suddenly fail?”
      At the very least, at the same time, a number of fighter pilots issued fatal cries.
      In a formless force, they all ended up with the worst outcome. The twin engines of the fighter plane failed at the same time, unable to start.
      For a moment.
      The expensive Raptor fighter planes fell to the ground. In less than a few seconds, there was a loud explosion in the city and even on the sea. The orange-red flames completely erupted.
      “Still not skilled enough.”
      Su Chen glanced at the remaining half of the fighter planes in the air. It was clear that the near-unexplained reality tampering just now did not completely work on all the fighter planes.
      However, he was not depressed because this ability was too incomprehensible and BUG.
      Even though he had a lot of experience, it still took some time to fully grasp it.
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      0023. The most popular super hero!(Fourth place)

      “Retreat!”Retreat immediately!”
      The pilot of the Raptor fighter immediately shouted.
      For some unknown reason, the six fighter planes that were soaring in the sky actually encountered the problem of engine failure at the same time and fell directly onto the ground.
      The incident was rushed, but three of them did not eject out of the cabin in time.
      But even so, the pilots who were floating on their parachutes did not end up dying.
      Such a slowly floating target unit, a surge of psychic power surged forth, like an invisible giant hand that was completely clenched.
      A bloody mist bloomed.
      Su Chen didn’t even need to use too much power. He simply poked the other party’s parachute and directly gave the other party a set meal for vertical acceleration.
      “Damn it!”
      The other fighter planes that managed to escape from death did not dare to turn around. They just flew back to the distant sea carrier.
      They were shocked and broke out in cold sweat.
      This was definitely not an accident.
      It must have been caused by the young man who walked out of the nuclear explosion.
      “Sir, perhaps the enemy you are about to face has some sort of huckster-like ability.”
      “Jarvis, this doesn’ t conform to your strict logic.”
      Tony Stark was flying in the air wearing the latest Mark armor. He could easily arrive in less than a minute from the Stark Group Building in downtown Manhattan to Washington DC.
      Through the satellite equipment in low-Earth orbit, the artificial intelligence Jarvis was monitoring the young man in real time.
      However, even the rigorous and scientific Jarvis System could not refute the reason behind the pursuit.
      “It’s like it caused the other party to be agitated and caused an inexplicable crash.”
      “Hey, buddy…”
      Tony laughed when he heard that.” I thought the other party was a god when you said that?”If I get angry, the world will collapse.”
      Jarvis did not have any emotional fluctuations and continued to respond,” We can still see such a disaster, but the crash just now did not show any obvious signs of energy. Invisible, it caused the engine to completely fail.”
      The underlying code of artificial intelligence was always logical.
      Now, when they encountered an attack that interfered with reality, they were indeed stunned.
      It was invisible and could not be detected by any form of energy in the outside world. This added a huge problem to Jarvis.
      “We still have five seconds to reach the battlefield.”
      Jarvis released a reminder.
      Mark’s armor, which was driven by a miniature reactor, was much faster in flight than the Raptor fighter.
      Very quickly.
      Just like that, the gorgeous golden red armor flew over the city of Washington, D.C.
      “It’s Iron Man!”
      “He’s finally here. I love you, Tony Stark!!”
      “Iron Man!”Eternal God!”
      For a moment.
      The people of the city on the ground immediately shouted. From the advent of the world in the sky, to the brazen and confident Iron Man who openly exposed his identity, he had always been the most popular super hero.
      Many children ran out of the room wearing steel man’s logo. They raised their hands and shouted at Tony who was flying in the air.
      “Jarvis, do you want to help me test how high the cheers of the citizens are? By the way, help me test the joy of the citizens.”
      Even on the battlefield, Tony was still so humorous.
      Jarvis was used to his master’s style, but he did n’ t respond. It reflected the performance of high intelligence.
      “Alright, return to the main topic.”
      Tony’s expression immediately became serious.
      His figure slanted past the mushroom cloud area created by the nuclear explosion. With the help of the nuclear haze, a small missile was ejected from his shoulder magazine.
      Like a bee in the hive, a bunch of miniature missiles flew through the smoke and towards the target on the ground.
      In the blink of an eye, the ground seemed to have been bombed by a group of soldiers. The ground collapsed, and orange-red explosions raged.
      “Sir, thermal energy, kinetic energy, and all the impact energy are rapidly disappearing.”
      From Tony’s perspective from the sky, he could instantly see that the firework on the ground had started to dissipate rapidly. It was as if time had gone back. The surging firework and even the explosions quickly disappeared without a trace.
      “Sure enough.”
      “The other party’s energy index has soared. I’ ve confirmed that this youth has absorbed and released energy from the outside world. Please be careful.”
      This test confirmed Tony’s thoughts.
      As a highly intelligent genius, he would naturally think of how the other party had brought the energy from the nuclear explosion to the defense headquarters building and detonated it. The best answer was the use of energy.
      “This mutated human seems to have a lot of abilities.”
      This way, Tony felt a little tricky.
      In addition to the psychic power displayed just now, there was also a mysterious ability. The young man in front of him had at least three abilities.
      When did the mutated humans have so many unique abilities!!
      However, there was a big exclamation mark in his mind.
      How did the other party absorb the nuclear explosion?
      After all, that was something strictly controlled by the country. Ordinary people would not be able to touch it.
      “We have successfully broken the defense database through the background program.”
      Jarvis, who knew what to do, naturally began to arrange this.
      Tony, who had a perfect score on hacker skills, was simply a flip-flop. Apart from that, many of the security facilities of the defense agencies were built by Howard. It was natural to leave a back door behind.
      This investigation left Tony speechless.
      “I didn’ t expect that.”
      This was actually a child who had escaped from a large laboratory. He had almost become a human experiment mouse.
      Obviously, the official identity of the extreme mutated human that had been announced earlier was clearly fabricated.
      Tony was speechless.
      As for these military representatives, he had long been unhappy. He had not expected that this tragedy would be brewing indirectly.
      “No matter what, this youth is still on the wrong path.”
      The bombing of the defense headquarters building had become an established fact.
      No matter what, this boy had to give an explanation.
      Arrest was the least.
      At most…
      Death penalty was exempt.
      Tony took a deep breath and let his sense of guilt fade. He immediately called Jarvis.
      “I’ ll offer to hire the best lawyer afterwards.”
      “Now activate the family party plan for me and give this youngster a final party curtain!”
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      0024. Unrivaled Physique!(No.1)

      Tony’s family party plan officially started!
      Through the long-range operation of the artificial intelligence Jarvis, the Mark armor that was placed in the Stark Industrial Building had already started.
      In the blink of an eye, more than twenty steel robots flew into the air, flying across the ground and directly towards the nuclear explosion.
      This was Tony Stark’s family party plan.
      It was also him who gave Su Chen the final party’s thanks!
      “Since the target absorbs energy from the outside world, we can only bind him and imprison him. We can’ t give him a chance to absorb some energy.”
      “Plan B begins.”
      At this moment.
      The people in the city saw so many steel robots flying through the sky, and the cheers grew louder and louder.
      A large number of steel battle suits of various colors flew over, naturally attracting the attention of most people. After all, this was Tony’s first time showing other types of Mark battle suits in the public’s eyes.
      “Super Hero Iron Man…”
      Su Chen naturally knew his origins when it came to the golden-red steel armor that flew past.
      Speaking of which.
      When he was young, he was very envious of super heroes.
      After all, everyone had the heart to be a hero.
      Ironically, he had become a super villain.
      In order to deal with him, this Iron Man took out his trump card.
      In that instant, two black-coated steel battle clothes flew over from the left and right sides of the field of vision. Driven by the miniature reactor, the speed that was even faster than the supersonic speed actually made Su Chen’s dynamic vision unable to keep up.
      Just like that, a vast feeling of collision that was enough to shatter the ground struck.
      Su Chen was expressionless.
      It was like a rock that came from a storm. His figure standing on the ground was completely unmoved.
      Under the baptism of the nuclear explosion, his terrifying body had already been tempered. The impact of the supersonic speed was nothing.
      [Dynamic Vision +10]
      [Dynamic Vision +10]
      The system that was built displayed the information about evolution again.
      Su Chen’s face was cold, and a surge of psychic power erupted from his mind. In the blink of an eye, the two steel robots that had charged towards him were rejected by a terrifying force, sending them flying a hundred meters away.
      And now.
      In front of him, several steel battle clothes landed steadily on the ground.
      Mark Armor-24′ Heavy Tank’.
      As the name implies, the heavy tank model’s Mark armor was extremely heavy and bulky. Under the visual effect, it was even more bulky, without any sense of beauty.
      Tony had designed such a heavy battle suit to deal with the Hulk.
      But now, in order to completely imprison Su Chen, who could absorb energy, he had to move it out.
      As the heavy robot in front of him was about three meters tall, the ground trembled. Very soon, these heavy fellows immediately accelerated, running towards Su Chen.
      Su Chen frowned because he felt an enemy figure behind him.
      This seemed to be the ability of an infinitely evolved mutated gene that had been newly generated recently.
      Predicting the enemy’s attack….
      Godlike intuition…
      [Battle Sense]
      At the very least, this was how the system was built.
      Su Chen was somewhat enlightened.
      As expected from the direct feeling of battle, there was no trace of movement in the area behind him. He could not feel any fluctuations, yet he unexpectedly received a figure in a steel battle suit.
      Mark Armor-15, sneaky!!
      The Invisibles under the family gathering set were perfectly adapted to assassinations, anti-radar, anti-energy detection and other methods.
      At least at this moment, this sneaky steel robot that had come close to him had just used a pair of steel arms to hug Su Chen’s body tightly
      At this moment, several heavy tank models of Mark robots had already arrived in front of them.
      They directly hugged Su Chen’s arms with their heavy metal arms.
      “Kid, it’s time to stop.”
      The robot in front of him heard Tony’s voice.
      There were more than ten types of Mark Steel Robots hovering in the sky. No matter how they looked at it, the other party looked as if he had won.
      In order to avoid giving an opponent that could absorb energy a little bit, Tony relied on pure close-range confinement and prepared to take it to his own prison.
      “That’s it?”
      Su Chen sneered.
      Under Tony’s incredulous tone.
      Su Chen’s hands were gripped back and forth. His right hand grabbed a mechanical arm, but he did n’ t see how much force he exerted. The entire metal armor that was enough to withstand the cannonball’s baptism was forcefully grabbed by his hand.
      With a surge of strength, Su Chen grabbed one arm of the heavy tank robot in front of him.
      “Are you kidding me?”You dare to imprison me with these trash?”
      Before this, Su Chen, who had never demonstrated his physical superiority, began to display his divine might.
      His right hand, which had lost its confinement, suddenly clenched its fist.
      The punch actually caused a sound explosion in the air. The thirteen-year-old boy’s fist actually carried a shocking power, and just like that, it shattered the head of the heavy tank robot in front of him.
      Su Chen let out a furious roar, and his entire body shook. A surge of energy surged out from his body, sending out the sneaky robot that was hugging him from behind.
      At this moment, the remaining heavy tank robot activated its propeller, trying to drive Su Chen out of the land.
      Su Chen let out a cold snort. After being taken more than ten meters away, his feet were firmly fixed in mid-air under the power of Nian. Then, he clenched his fists and punched the bulky robot head.
      A simple fist, or even a fist without any traces of combat training, smashed the head of the robot.
      At this moment.
      Tony was dumbfounded.
      “The PLAN-B plan has officially failed. The other party has an unsolvable body. We haven’ t figured out how the other party has so many abilities.”
      Jarvis’ emotionless words struck Tony deeply.
      Damn it!!
      What should he do now?
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      He was learning, he was evolving…(second level)

      Su Chen’s right foot just took a step forward and crushed the steel robot that was still moving after the fall.
      [Sensibility +10]
      [Intention +30]
      [Awakening: Super Distance Touch]
      [Awakening: Twilight Vision]
      Unlimited mutated genes found another direction of evolution.
      The stealthy steel robot could not be detected just now, but now Su Chen had evolved a corresponding restraint feature.
      A ripple appeared in his clear black and white eyes, flickering with light.
      Very quickly.
      Not far from Su Chen’s side, a robot that was also hiding in the dark was revealed.
      This was something he did not have in the past.
      Not only that, in order to further restrain this type of stealth unit, Su Chen’s perception had also undergone a transformation. That was the super-range touch.
      The touch was the change of feeling caused by human skin contact.
      As for the super-range touch, naturally, it was an invisible perception that could give a certain amount of feedback to everything that passed by.
      Just like now, the perception that was spreading behind Su Chen drew a slender figure of a man in his mind. He held a warrior’s saber high in his hand, moving step by step towards himself, cutting the warrior’s saber towards his neck.
      Just at this critical moment, Su Chen’s right hand suddenly grabbed onto this completely invisible sword.
      The assassin, who had completely exposed his body from stealth, had no idea how the other party had managed to see through his whereabouts?
      He was puzzled!!
      He didn’t even understand that Su Chen could n’ t see through his figure a few seconds ago. He was stimulated by the sneaky robot and developed a restraining feature.
      But what made him even more flustered was…
      The opponent’s grip was extremely terrifying!
      The warrior’s long blade that was cut at the neck was forged from Edman alloy and was easily crushed by him.
      Damn it!!”
      Seeing the enemy turn around and feel that the enemy’s physical strength was a little exaggerated, he immediately hid in the air again, quickly escaping the attack range of the person in front of him while in stealth.
      Not good!!
      The other party’s cold eyes were filled with ridicule. His gaze was completely focused on his body, as if this youth had completely seen through his invisible tracks.
      The masked assassin laughed coldly at this moment.
      You think you are very special?
      The next second.
      His figure completely disappeared without a trace under the invisible ripples of space.
      Su Chen’s cold face revealed a feeling of interest. Could the enemy who had suddenly charged forward still teleport?
      It was too late.
      Just like that, a shocking gust of wind once again attacked from behind. The assassin who had teleported behind Su Chen took out another long blade from his waist and slashed at Su Chen’s back.
      However, when this incomparably sharp blade landed on Su Chen’s back less than a few centimeters, it was blocked by a faint mist wave.
      The power of his swing was slowly disappearing. The assassin could only feel the powerlessness on his wrist. He immediately realized that his opponent had swallowed his power.
      Damn it!!
      He cursed once again. In less than a second, he completely infiltrated the space and disappeared into Su Chen’s vision again.
      “He ran really fast.”
      Su Chen frowned.
      At this moment.
      He was surrounded by a flashing human figure. He kept searching for every vital part of his body to shoot. When he was discovered, he could run quickly and disappear into the air.
      “This is General Stryker’s men?”
      Tony, who was flying in the air, was also slightly surprised. However, he quickly realized that the person who had suddenly come to cause trouble came from whom?
      In the surrounding area of the nuclear explosion, all the people had already been cleared. All the people who had arrived were special forces that had come to assist.
      There were many super heroes among them.
      The first person to take over was a special force under General Stryker’s name.
      In the past, the Wolf King and the Saber Tooth Tiger brothers had worked for him and joined the special forces.
      Now, after mastering most of the mutated humans’ X geno points, General Stryker even hatched and created a large number of elite soldiers.
      One had to know that most mutated humans had only one type of ability in their X geno points.
      There were very few mutants like Qin Galei who displayed telepathic feelings, and there were at least two types of psychic power. This was due to the development of Phoenix power.
      As for the newest type of X-weapon soldier, he was under General Stryker’s command, successfully mixing various superpowers.
      Stealth, teleportation!
      The killer in front of him jumped in Su Chen’s vision.
      “We’ ll take over the scene.”
      On the ground not far away, a few military vehicles stopped and walked off a number of figures wearing black armor.
      General Stryker was worried and did not dare to arrive at the scene.
      Of course, one of its X weapons units had arrived.
      Su Chen naturally didn’t know that all the people who had arrived were under General Stryker.
      He was now very clear that the battle was driving him to evolve quickly.
      Especially under the stimulation of the enemy’s various abilities, his undying body that had infinitely evolved was as if it had been able to find the direction of a sudden change, opening a new transformation in his body.
      [Awakening: Spatial Detection]
      In a short period of time, Su Chen’s pair of clear black and white eyes once again welcomed a new change.
      This time.
      He could see the physical space structure around him.
      The warp, creases, cracks, etc. of space fell into his eyes, and the figure hiding within the creases was captured by him.
      “How noisy.”
      Su Chen’s right foot stomped on the ground, and the ground instantly cracked into a pit. His figure flew forward like a cannonball.
      The broken blade that he had just grabbed with his right hand was pierced through the void in front of him. Unfortunately, the assassin who had just teleported to this place was as if he had personally died. He pressed his forehead against the broken blade.
      The quality of Edman’s broken blade pierced through his head.
      Until his death, he did not understand what had happened. His consciousness was completely blurred.
      His entire body died!

      Evolution!Evolving continuously!(Third place)

      Until he died, the assassin did not know how he had predicted where he would teleport next time.
      It was too difficult.
      He went to hell with confusion and confusion.
      “Jarvis, did you notice what just happened?”
      “Sir, I can’ t immediately understand.”
      Tony Stark, who was soaring in the sky, frowned.
      He had an uncertain understanding in his heart. It was as if the young man on the ground was learning from the battle, absorbing nutrients from it, and beginning to evolve.
      This thought sounded extremely ridiculous.
      But when he thought of this young man’s wanted man, from the moment he was distracted by the teleportation killer, he suddenly started to kill.
      That feeling was very hot, that feeling of determination.
      Tony felt a chill in his heart. Perhaps this enemy was more difficult to deal with than he had imagined.
      But no matter what, after General Stryker’s men arrived, Tony could only stand by helplessly.
      “The enemy is a bit strange. Everyone needs to be careful.”
      The people who came down from the military armored vehicles quickly entered a state of alert.
      “It doesn’ t matter. I promise he will soon become a meat pie.”
      One was as big as a barrel.The fat man laughed strangely.
      Without any small talk, he rushed towards Su Chen with a skinny man beside him.
      At the same time, a wave of spiritual energy that could not be seen at all eroded Su Chen’s mind.
      Su Chen frowned.
      At this moment, he immediately felt a surge of spiritual energy surging in his mind, like a needle piercing into his head.
      Not only that, there was also a ear-piercing sound wave in his ear.
      Unfortunately, this kind of sound wave attack that could penetrate other people’s eardrums had long since been completely immune to General Ross’ s attack.
      As for mental attacks……
      In less than a second.His infinite evolution of mutated genes had transformed into a corresponding ability to restrain.
      [Awakening: Spiritual Barrier]
      The pain that pierced his head like a needle instantly disappeared.
      Even the spiritual ripples that tried to tamper with his will were completely isolated by an invisible barrier in his mind.
      “You have a lot of abilities.”
      Su Chen’s cold face showed a hint of interest.
      His favorite thing was to fight an ability user.
      “Damn it!”
      The banshee and the soul catcher looked at each other in dismay, but they did not dare to believe that their combined attacks were directly ineffective.
      But the pain that the other party had endured just now wasn’t fake…
      The Soul Catcher frowned.
      The earthquake shook, and the fat man in front of him was like a barrel of wine.
      “Kid, obediently lie down.”
      This codename fat guy just stretched out his fat hand.
      Although he had already noticed that the psychic catcher’s attack had suddenly failed, the scene before him was not enough to stop his attack.
      In an instant.
      His body suddenly swelled up. It was as if the fat on his body had suddenly increased. In the blink of an eye, a giant monster several meters tall appeared in front of him.
      The ability of the fat body was super endurance. It was known to be the monster that could fight the most.
      As a backup, a thin figure shot out from the oblique stab. He was the most critical killer.
      Compared to the fat body, Su Chen’s battle had a clear feeling of danger.
      Obviously, another person’s unknown ability was dangerous.
      Su Chen thought about it and a powerful psychic power surged out, directly hitting the fat giant in front of him.
      The other party’s fat body began to tremble. For some unknown reason, all the power that fell on his body was removed. It was enough to completely destroy a heavy tank, but it was only knocked back more than two meters.
      The psychic power began to transform……]
      Su Chen ignored this fat kid.
      A serious face looked at the figure who was charging towards him and saw a surge of disintegration power surging out of his arm.
      Decomposition Master!!
      His ability was to shatter all tangible and intangible materials into pure molecules and atoms.
      Su Chen, who did not show any fear, did not show any fear.
      On the contrary…
      Facing the incoming enemy, Su Chen, who was full of fighting spirit, suddenly charged towards the other party. His body was full of energy, and his psychic power formed an invisible cloak around his body. He raised his fist and smashed towards the skinny man.
      The man in front of him was sent flying like a broken doll.
      But Su Chen’s fist also exploded with fine cracks. A faint blood mark appeared. One had to know that his body had been tempered by a nuclear explosion was extraordinary.
      If it weren’t for the fact that the psychic power and the energy around him had added two layers of security, the opponent’s terrifying power of collapse would have caused quite a bit of damage to him.
      His body cells began to transform……]
      His body began to strengthen……]
      At this moment, his infinite evolution genes began to develop resistance to it.
      The opponent was enough to break down the substance into the simplest molecules and atoms, so the molecular density of his body would become even more precise. His entire body began to enter a completely new level.
      The fine scars on his fist had completely recovered in an instant.
      Of course……
      In this short period of time, Su Chen’s psychic power successfully completed a new transformation.
      [Awakening: Psyche Power Plasticization]
      The system that was built was very good at informing Yu Su Chen about the genetic information of the transformation.
      “It’s over.”
      His mind once again released a surging momentum.
      The fat man in front of him once again didn’t care about it at all. He smiled sinisterly and charged over with his super endurance.
      It was a pity that this time, the psychic power wave that had been blasted away started to form. The ferocious and sharp spikes appeared in the air indifferently. Thousands of spikes streaked across the air, completely hitting the enemy in front of them.
      In that instant, the fat body was instantly pierced by thousands of arrows, and blood spurted from his body.
      It was beyond anyone’s imagination that the psychic power could change so much.
      “Something’s wrong…”
      Looking at the young man who was constantly evolving in battle, he seemed to have thought of something.
      “Damn it!”
      “This should be a human!”
      Finished speaking.
      His body, which was completely lifeless, collapsed.
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      Who could block it!Mercilessly killed!(Fourth place)

      The fat body with super stamina and super endurance collapsed just like that.
      In the past, this fat and strong guy had been acting as a meat shield in this special team.
      Even if it was a cannonball that could pierce through a fortress, a precise bullet would be sent flying by his fat skin.
      Even the most famous boxing champion in the world, the punch he gave out with all his strength could only be completely drained by his fat body.
      But now, he had fallen, as if ten thousand arrows had shot at him, filling his entire body with bloody holes.
      As for the other skinny man who could destroy atoms, his ending was also welcomed.
      “Not bad ability.”
      Su Chen praised sincerely.
      After all, after experiencing a nuclear explosion, he really could not think of any external stimuli that could stimulate his physical growth.
      And now, this guy did it.
      An invisible psychic power wave began to condense in Su Chen’s right hand.
      After the telekinetic power could be molded, he directly fabricated a spear with faint traces.
      “Damn it, how did you do it?”
      The figure lying on the ground clenched his fists and said angrily.
      In the battle just now, the opponent was completely unharmed.
      One had to know that his ability to break an atom was capable of breaking down everything into its original atomic state.
      It could be said that breaking down everything was invincible.
      However, in the past, the ability that had not been tested for a hundred times was completely blocked by the youth in front of him.
      As for himself, he was just an ordinary flesh and blood body. Naturally, he could not withstand the punch of the monster in front of him.
      He collapsed to the ground, but could not move.
      Monster, what a monster…
      Su Chen ignored this aggrieved guy. His gaze fell on his neck.
      The skin there was covered with surgical cracks, extending from the back of the neck to the back of the brain.
      Experimental body!
      Su Chen suddenly understood. Where did these guys come from?
      He couldn’t figure out why these poor guys would work for that kind of animal?
      This made him very confused and annoyed.
      As a result, the spear in his hand pierced through his head.
      “Your existence makes me feel disgusted.”
      It was like the final declaration of death.
      As Su Chen’s right foot suddenly stomped on the ground, his figure immediately shot forward like a sharp arrow.
      “Not good!”
      The members of this special team started to panic.
      A tall and robust man took the lead in the battle. His ability seemed to have something to do with the beastization.
      He looked like a giant bear.
      However, his body could not withstand the impact of a 13-year-old child.
      It was as if a full-speed train was rushing over, and his figure was instantly sent flying hundreds of meters away.
      At the same time, a sharp cry rang out continuously.
      It was a sound wave attack from the banshee.
      At close range, one could even see the sound waves causing violent ripples in the air.
      Su Chen, who was the first to bear the brunt, was like an innocent person.
      “Hurry up and attack.”
      “I’ ve already done it!”
      The soul catcher said anxiously.
      [Sound wave immunity +1]
      [Spiritual Barrier +10]
      Su Chen was calmly within their range of attack.
      His cold eyes also saw a change in the spatial rift.
      A figure that was moving forward from space was about to appear behind him.
      Su Chen thought about it and an invisible giant hand formed behind him.
      The figure that had just appeared was caught by this giant hand.
      The performance of this divine prediction shocked everyone present.
      “Another person who teleported.”
      Su Chen’s eyes flashed with a cold glint.
      Was there really such a coincidence that he ran into two people who were born with instantaneous movements?
      “Let me go……”
      The figure in front of him was struggling with an invisible hand.
      His feet were completely separated from the ground and completely suspended in the air.
      He tried to move out, but the sudden surge of psychic power caused his body to twist like a twig. The bones in his body were completely broken at this moment.
      “You’ re not born mutated humans.”
      Su Chen stared at the back of the head of another assassin.
      There was a centipede-like surgical suture mark on his bald head.
      Needless to say, these guys were all artificial espers that came out of a laboratory.
      “So you are all under General Stryker.”
      Only that infamous existence knew the mutated human’s X gene like the back of one’s hand, and was extremely skilled in mass production of mutated human abilities like an assembly line.
      “It really makes me sick.”
      Su Chen frowned slightly. The anger in his heart could not be suppressed.
      In his fury, his ability to modify reality was simply as casual as breathing.
      Under the order.
      The mysterious power that interfered with reality was the only one that could tell that they were dead.
      At the same time, everyone in front of Su Chen exploded without exception.
      The blood mist bloomed. Su Chen, who was inside, opened an invisible barrier to block all the blood.
      “So are you all from Stryker’s men?”
      Su Chen looked into the distance.
      Within the sealed area, more and more reinforcements had already rushed to the scene.
      Roughly, there were hundreds of people.
      After learning the lesson from before, the reinforcements that rushed here were basically elites from all the troops.
      Many people had unique skills.
      Of course, they were all under General Stryker’s command. Most of them did not meet the requirements.
      The cold and heartless Su Chen did not make any sense to them.
      He did not see him doing anything, nor did he see any visible energy fluctuations.
      The elite reinforcements in front of them covered their hearts like this. A terrifying mysterious force seized their hearts like this. It gripped them tightly and quickly crushed their hearts.
      Many figures fell to the ground with a confused and fearful expression.
      Until their death, no one knew what the other party had done.
      The terrifying power of the real world’s modification appeared in front of the world without reason.

      The wrong person was not me, it was this world!(Fifth place)

      In front of them were the reinforcements.They all covered their hearts in inexplicable situations, then fell to the ground with a mournful cry.
      Heart paralysis?
      Sudden death?
      Did everyone have a heart attack?
      Tonistak, who had been on standby all along, was stunned.
      “Sir, this is exactly the same as the situation just now. It’s a mysterious force that doesn’ t have any energy fluctuations, causing them to die.”
      “Heavens, what is this.”
      Tony was very confused, and even his usually indifferent face revealed a serious and even panicked expression.
      This was a huge blow to such an existence who was recognized as one of the top three in the world.
      Even Jarvis, the artificial intelligence housekeeper, couldn’t tell what kind of power this was under the big data of all sorts of mystics and mutated human abilities?
      “But it’s certain that every time this mysterious power appears, it’s when this youngster’s anger fluctuates.”
      What bullshit analysis!
      Jarvis’ words made Tony laugh bitterly.
      Wasn’t that the same as telling himself not to provoke this youth?
      “Should I use a lollipop to coax him?”
      “It’s better to use a beautiful toy suit to curry favor with him.”
      Tony complained.
      “Sir, what you said doesn’ t fit the needs of a 13-year-old.”
      “Oh, I’ m wrong. After all, when I was 13, I almost graduated from college. There really isn’ t anyone at this age.”
      The humorous Tony Stark couldn’t help but pretend to be a force.
      But now, he still had to solve the problem.
      A gorgeous golden red battle suit descended from the sky.
      “Hey, buddy, I don’ t mean anything.”
      In order to show that he didn’t care, Iron Man’s hands spread out to both sides.
      Not only that, his steel mask also stretched out, revealing a middle-aged uncle’s face that was full of vicissitudes of life, as well as the carefully cut mustache.
      “I know the reason for all this. General Stryker, that guy made the beginning of all this.”
      “And you’ re not an extreme mutated human at all. It’s a crime of framing and grafting. You’ re just an innocent youth who escaped from the experimental base.”
      Facing such a mysterious monster, Tony swore that he had used the most emotional language in his life to try to impress the young man in front of him.
      Even without the heart rate test, Tony knew his heart rate had increased by a lot.
      He secretly asked Jarvis to test his opponent’s emotions.
      After all, he was taking a risk.
      He was betting.
      No matter what, he was just a 13-year-old boy.
      It was in the Rebellion phase, and the third view was still in shape.
      Looking at his cold and heartless face, Tony felt that everything could be saved.
      It was not his fault.
      All the sins originated from General Stryker.
      It originated from the persecution of mutated humans in this world.
      “I can end this.”
      “As long as I relax, I will be able to expose all the sins of the large experimental base in Snowfield to the public.”
      “General Stryker will also be brought to justice.”
      Tony took a deep breath.
      On the side of his right hand, a holographic screen was projected into the air.
      As long as he thought about the secret file that he had directly cracked, Jarvis could spread it to the media and television stations around the world.
      The world would also give him justice.
      “You’ re not a sinner.”
      “On the contrary…”
      “You can be a hero. With your ability, you can do it easily.”
      Tony dared to swear that this was also his peak moment as a speaker.
      This was enough to move him.
      The youth quickly changed his mind.
      Tony’s heart trembled.
      “Sir, the other party’s mood swings are not biased towards anger. Unfortunately, he didn’ t show any signs of confusion or regret in your speech.”
      “In other words, his belief is very firm.”
      Jarvis’ words immediately caused Tony’s heart to sink into the endless ice cellar.
      He smiled bitterly as he looked at the cold face without any emotion.
      He suddenly recalled that when he was 13 years old, he had run away from home because of a conflict.
      At that time, the rebel had spent half a month trying to change his mind.
      Moreover, the other party had suffered so much.
      Moreover, his strength was so unfathomable. Why did he have to swallow this?
      “Do you think I need you to clean up?”
      After hearing so many wonderful speeches, Su Chen laughed coldly at this moment. His undulating mind showed his determination.
      The human beings in this world were so hypocritical. They always started to hold back all this when they suffered.
      If he knew this was the case, there was no need for that.
      He did not need anyone’s sympathy.
      No one’s pity was needed.
      He was strong enough to ignore all of this.
      If he couldn’t calm his thoughts, he would have his fists and strength tell him the consequences of offending him.
      It was not me, it was this world.
      Su Chen said emotionlessly.
      In less than a second, a powerful and endless telekinetic cannonball shot towards the Iron Man Tony in front of him.
      “Not good!”
      He hurriedly shut down his armor.
      This power was truly extraordinary. It instantly tore apart the armor on his body and sent his entire body flying into the ocean far away.
      “The wrong person is not me. I don’ t need any redemption either.”
      Su Chen’s face was cold.
      And now.
      There were more than 10 figures among the reinforcements that fell in front of them, gradually struggling on the ground.
      The healing ability was enough for Su Chen to understand.
      “Sorry, he’s here……”
      However, in front of him was a middle-aged man dressed as a university professor and wearing glasses. He looked at Su Chen apologetically.
      In the next second.
      His heart not only recovered completely.
      His whole body became bigger and bigger.
      His entire body was covered in green skin and curly muscles. Undoubtedly, he was the Hulk.
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      The strongest green giant on the surface!(No.1)

      Just like that, a roar came from the monster in front of him.
      No one had expected that the gentle university professor in the past second would turn into a giant.
      The Avengers Alliance was not yet established.
      However, the Divine Shield Bureau had been sending people to contact this university professor.
      It happened that Bruce Bannah appeared nearby. Under the guidance of intense curiosity and the staff of the Divine Shield Bureau, he rushed over to this place.
      Su Chen naturally heard of the monster’s reputation.
      After all, the Hulk had been on the run for several years in the world. He had dodged General Ross’ pursuit.
      Not to mention Su Chen, who was still young, most people around the world had heard of the name of the Hulk.
      But he didn’t expect this monster, who had used a city as an amusement park to rampage and kill countless army personnel, to stand on the opposite side.
      This was naturally an absurd fact for Su Chen.
      In this world, not only did the authorities slander him as an extreme mutated human, they swore to arrest him.
      Even the most wanted super criminals in the world had to fight against themselves.
      Was I abandoned by the world?
      Whether it was good or bad, would the existence of the entire world be an enemy of itself?
      The earth was shaking. Every step of the Hulk in front of him was shaking like an earthquake.
      Su Chen’s cold face was filled with a chill as he looked at the rushing figures.
      “If that’s the case, then go and die.”
      Facing the monster known as the strongest creature on the surface, Su Chen did not show any fear at all. On the contrary, he was full of fighting spirit.
      His confused anger caused his blood to boil.
      “Aren’t you known as an invincible monster?”Alright, I’ ll beat you up with my own fist!”
      His figure instantly charged at the Hulk like a cannonball.
      The two collided in an instant.
      It was as if a meteorite was hitting the surface of the earth, and a terrifying wave of power surged out. The terrifying shock wave even caused substantial ripples in the air.
      The moment they collided head-on, no one expected the aggressive Hulk to be sent flying.
      “This ……”
      Some of the survivors were stunned.
      Even though they had implanted healing genes, they did not dare to guarantee that they could survive three rounds under the hands of the Hulk.
      This monster’s past battle record was simply too glorious.
      The military had sacrificed countless people to arrest him.It was a waste of tens of billions of dollars.
      But now, he was completely moved by the words of the Divine Shield Bureau.
      He was back.
      He was also being beaten up.
      Su Chen’s punch landed heavily on his face.
      The Hulk angrily roared.
      He quickly stood up from the ruins on the ground. The terrifying recovery force made him look like he was not injured at all.
      What was even more shocking was that as the Hulk’s anger and emotions continued to soar, his strength also increased.
      Su Chen, who didn’t care about this concept at all, just rushed over.
      It was as if he was being unreasonable and didn’t give the other party a chance to breathe. His figure immediately charged over.
      There were no fighting techniques, nor any traces of training.
      Su Chen, who was simply venting his anger, used his unadorned fist to smash his opponent’s body.
      At this moment, when the two collided, the Hulk was once again at a disadvantage.
      His figure flew out, smashing through the many moving buildings behind him.
      “Damn it, it’s the Hulk!”
      “My god, why did this monster appear here!”
      The people in the city that had not been completely evacuated immediately started to panic.
      Compared to the extreme mutated humans who had just succeeded in the nuclear explosion, people were even more terrified of the green giant that was raging in the city.
      After all, Su Chen looked like a young man no matter what he said.
      On the other hand, the Hulk was tall and sturdy. It was as tall as a small hill. When it lost control of its emotions, it would often vent its anger towards the cities around the world.
      This was simply a demon.
      But ironically, the Hulk was now on their side.
      Banna wanted to return to normal life in the human world.
      He thought he could control the Hulk’s emotions.
      However, when Su Chen mercilessly punched and punched, the Hulk’s personality immediately lost face. The uncontrollable anger instantly tore through the cage constructed by reason.
      Kill him!I will kill him!!
      Banna’s hard practice of meditation broke. His own master could no longer control the Hulk.
      The angry hulk grew bigger and bigger, and its muscles became more and more knotted.
      His feet bent slightly in the ruins and squatted down. Under the terrifying jumping force, his figure immediately flew towards Su Chen.
      Su Chen continued to collide head on with his body without any fear.
      This time, he retreated more than ten meters.
      “Very good.”
      Su Chen smiled instead.
      [Body Strength +50]
      [Body Strength +50]
      The system that was built was very good at displaying the infinite evolution of genetic information in an instant.
      He didn’t really understand the Hulk’s principle of strengthening and the stimulation of extremely profound gamma rays on cells.
      Su Chen knew that if the other party could continue to grow stronger, then he would definitely raise his hands to welcome them.
      Let alone the fact that the other party could stimulate his body, the strength of his body became stronger.
      “It’s great to have such a sandbag that can vent its anger. It’s not that easy to destroy.”
      “Just let me see which string you lack in your head. You’ re actually on my opposite side.”
      Su Chen originally thought that he had become a super villain, but this evil Hulk actually attacked him.
      That’s good!
      Since the world wanted to be enemies with him, no one dared to stand against him. He did not mind sending him to the ground.
      PS: a different angle, most members of the Avengers Alliance weren’t very’ clean’ in the past. The Hulk used the city as an amusement park. Tony had sold arms. The Black Widow and Eagle Eye agents had done many dark things. The prodigal turned his head.*

      Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

      After successfully hitting Su Chen, the Hulk excitedly hit his chest with both arms.
      However, his punch did not cause any substantial damage to the enemy.
      The Hulk could only feel that this was a provocation from the enemy.
      He did not hesitate at all.
      The exceptionally developed lower plate muscles instantly erupted with terrifying power.
      The Hulk used to do it again. With its incomparable jumping ability, it flew over in the air. The entire war hammer-like arm fiercely slashed down on the figure on the ground.
      Be dead.
      He roared, his blood boiling.
      The body that smashed towards him carried a boundless power, as if it was a mountain that was rolling over.
      The heavy shadow immediately enveloped Su Chen’s figure. A suffocating aura gathered around him.
      Su Chen became more and more courageous.
      His feet stared at the ground, shattering the ground.
      The tip of the needle was against the glow!
      Facing the approaching figure, he jumped up and head on.
      Su Chen’s clenched fist landed on the Hulk’s body.
      Logically speaking, the difference between the two was so huge.
      One was as strong as a hill, while the other was a normal 13-year-old.
      But under such a huge gap.
      The result of another head-on clash was that the Hulk was sent flying.
      His body was sent flying like a cannonball. Under the impact of this terrifying fist force, the Hulk’s body had actually smashed a dozen or so buildings in succession before officially removing this force.
      The green giant with a dizzy mind slowly stood out from a ruin.
      This time, he was unable to gather his fighting spirit. His trembling body seemed to fall down in the next second.
      He could not stand still, and blood sprayed out of his mouth.
      The sharp pain on his waist caused his right hand to touch it. As a result, the entire palm was covered in blood.
      A boundless fury burned in his mind like a flame.
      The more angry he was, the more active the gamma rays of the cells in his body became. In the blink of an eye, the injuries on the Hulk’s entire body quickly healed at a rate that everyone could see.
      Not only that, but his strength and momentum increased layer by layer. His entire body suddenly rose.
      All right, the scar forgot to hurt.
      The green giant, who felt like he had done it, was filled with fighting spirit.
      But in an instant, his innate battle instinct had already raised a hint of vigilance in his mind.
      The Hulk widened its eyes and immediately noticed a figure flying towards him.
      His speed was so fast that he couldn’t react immediately.
      Su Chen’s attack landed on him again.
      The Hulk’s figure had only retreated a few meters this time and had completely stabilized itself.
      His green face was twisted.
      It was as if he didn’t understand why his opponent’s power could continue to suppress him.
      Su Chen didn’t say anything. His fist was like a raindrop as it quickly struck the monster in front of him.
      “I want to see where your evolution limit is.”
      This was the first time Su Chen had encountered an enemy that was stronger and stronger.
      Under the intense curiosity, his fighting spirit was also extremely high.
      Unlike the previous battles, the head-on head-on strike from fists to flesh made his blood boil even more. His whole body was condensed with energy and spirit. The feedback from the attack was enough to make people feel extremely comfortable.
      For a moment, Su Chen finally understood why boxing matches were so popular all over the world.
      At this moment, Su Chen was like a battle robot without any fatigue, relying on his speed advantage.He continued to punch the Hulk in front of him.
      [Body Strength +10]
      [Body Strength +50]
      Unlimited evolution of mutated genes allowed him to experience a sudden increase in strength after every punch.
      Su Chen even forgot what dodging was when he forgot his interest.
      Just like that, he continued to fight the Hulk with all his might.
      Very quickly!
      The frequency of their contact increased.
      The Hulk was completely fooled by him. After only half a minute, he began to retreat more and more. The fighting spirit in his heart was like a bucket of cold water.
      Ever since his personality was completely born, there was no one in his memory who was not afraid of him in this world.
      After all, the more furious he was, the stronger he was. He was not afraid of anyone at all.
      But now, the young man in front of him was relying on his immortal constitution, his infinite evolution of mutated genes, and his body strength that was constantly growing stronger in battle.
      The green giant in front of him immediately felt extremely difficult. He only felt that he was fighting with the enhanced version of himself.
      There were more and more injuries on his body.
      The muscles in his arms seemed to be filled with lead, making it harder to lift them.
      His entire body was retreating more and more.
      The confusion in his heart further created fear.
      At this moment, the Hulk felt an unprecedented sense of fear.
      He was scared.
      As a result, it was impossible for his injuries to recover.
      He didn’t even have the slightest will to resist. He was completely beaten by Su Chen.
      Su Chen smiled.
      With another punch, the Hulk was thrown dozens of meters away.
      He fell heavily to the ground. At this moment, he could not stand up, his entire body dripping with blood.
      No one had expected that the Hulk in front of them would be so scared by Su Chen before they met their old enemy and wiped out the boss.
      Compared to the Hulk who had lost all confidence, Su Chen had completely transformed his body in this battle.
      His intuition told him that even without the power and energy barrier, his body alone would be enough to resist the power of a nuclear explosion. Moreover, there would not be too many wounds.
      Before Su Chen could feel the changes in his body
      At this moment, a huge willpower suddenly descended.
      “That’s enough, child. Look at what the surrounding cities are like?”
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      The first battle against the Sovereign of Mind!(Third place)

      “The battle between you and the Hulk is too intense. Everything around you has almost turned into ruins.”
      At this moment, a boundless willpower descended.
      His words were very warm and did not show any hostility.
      “I really regret that I didn’ t discover you immediately and let them brew all their sins. Trust me, I know you’ re innocent.”
      Su Chen furrowed his brows, because he was unable to tell where the voice came from at the first moment. There was no clue, no trace. It was just so sudden that it appeared in his mind.
      For a moment.
      Su Chen was deep in thought, as if he was on guard against a great enemy.
      “I’ m not an enemy.”
      Su Chen’s eyes immediately changed as he spoke.
      The surrounding area was no longer the ruins of the city, but a palace hall filled with classical colors.
      An elderly figure in a wheelchair appeared in his eyes.
      “Professor Charles.”
      Su Chen immediately recognized who this person was.
      He had searched for General Stryker’s deeds on his phone. Most of the relevant entries were related to Professor Charles and the Magnet King Eric.
      This was a mutated human leader. He was known as the ruler of the mind. On the Internet, it was said that his brain was the most valuable brain on Earth.
      As long as he thought about it, he could even link the spiritual world of all the people in the world with the help of the brainwave intensifier.
      Most people’s life and death were still alive, even under his judgment of good and evil.
      Such a fact made one feel extremely creepy.
      But Su Chen was not afraid of such an existence.
      He knew that he had been dragged into a spiritual world by Professor Charles, who was old.
      He did not feel any fear towards this.
      [Spiritual energy +100]
      [Heart Spirit Resistance +150]
      [Spiritual Barrier +100]
      The system that was built was well displaying the mutated gene information.
      The appearance of this spiritual ruler in front of him made Su Chen’s spiritual energy and even his spiritual resistance increase.
      “You shouldn’ t be looking for me in this way.”
      Su Chen said coldly.
      “No, if I hadn’ t fallen ill recently, I would have even stopped you from doing anything.”
      “Everything can be saved, my child.”
      Professor Charles still looked like a good old man and continued to speak with great care.
      “So you came to stop me?”
      Su Chen gave a noncommittal laugh.
      In the next second.
      The elegant and noble hall immediately began to tremble, as if it had been struck by an earthquake.
      Professor Charles frowned because he knew that this was the opponent’s spiritual energy resisting.
      This was originally a spiritual world, a spiritual palace, a self-created illusion.
      But now, he started to resist.
      The marble floor covered in blankets suddenly cracked, and the dust on the entire ceiling began to rustle and crumble.
      Everything that maintained this place began to become unstable.
      Professor Charles opened his mouth wide as he looked at this scene in disbelief.
      He knew that the other party had no spiritual ability in this aspect.
      But now, the thirteen-year-old boy in front of him began to increase his physique in his spiritual world.
      This was the embodiment of a powerful spiritual energy.
      “So how can you stop me.”
      Su Chen sneered.
      In this world of competing with spiritual energy, all fantasies could be realized. The only thing they relied on was their spiritual energy.
      Under Professor Charles’ mental stimulation, Su Chen, who had further evolved, not only strengthened his spiritual barrier, but also lit up his mind about the use of spiritual energy.
      At this moment, his body turned into a giant that looked like the sky.
      It was as if he was a god. His eyes were shining with divine light as he looked down at the figure sitting in the wheelchair on the ground.
      Professor Charles was still in disbelief at this moment. He couldn’t understand why a mutated human who survived a nuclear explosion by absorbing and releasing energy suddenly had the ability to develop a type of soul?
      In the battle with the Hulk, wasn’t this guy who did n’ t have any traces of combat training just relying on the strength given by the other party to continuously strengthen his body and defeat his opponent?
      He really did not expect his ability to cover so many domains.
      Professor Charles could not even express his shock in words.
      And he basically had his own principle. It was that if others did not agree, they would not randomly detect other people’s memories. Therefore, in a short period of time, he did not know what other people had.
      Of course, he was not here to fight.
      Looking at the statue standing in front of him, Professor Charles finally smiled bitterly and said,” You siblings are really amazing.”
      The moment his words fell.
      Su Chen’s giant hand that covered the sky instantly stopped catching the opponent.
      “What did you say?”
      Su Chen’s mood became increasingly unsettled.
      Under the intense emotional fluctuations, the spiritual world around him began to collapse faster and faster, as if the entire illusion was about to collapse in the next second.
      Professor Charles easily lifted his right hand and everything around him quickly stabilized.
      “Your sister Susan has been in my academy recently.”
      “Not only that, when she saw you on TV, she deliberately stopped us from appearing. She even stopped others from waking me up to prevent me from attacking.”
      This sounded very similar to his sister’s little witch’s style.
      The little witch, who was flashing her crafty eyes, was in a state of chaos.
      “You better not deceive me.”
      After hearing this news, Su Chen’s mood could no longer calm down.
      The next second, he recalled the address of Zerville’s genius academy that he had seen on his phone.
      Without any hesitation, under the intense emotions, the terrifying power that interfered with reality instantly became effective, and his figure disappeared without a trace.

      New ability!About the development of eye ability!(Fourth place)

      Su Chen’s brain had already been developed, and his intelligence had already been improved.
      The best embodiment was that everything he had seen in the past, all the details, all the tiny traces that could not be missed, could be easily recalled now.
      To be honest, he didn’t really care too much about the address of Zerville’s genius academy when he searched for the relevant information on his phone. His eyes were just looking at it.
      But now, with just one thought, he could easily recall the relevant content.
      Under the emotional fluctuations, Su Chen used the power of modifying reality.
      In the blink of an eye, his figure instantly disappeared into the ruins of the city. Even the giant figure in the spiritual world disappeared without a trace.
      Located in a small town in Yorktown, there was a magnificent villa.
      This was the inheritance that Professor Charles inherited. It was also the location of Zerville’s genius academy.
      An endless ripple of space rippled through the academy. A skinny figure wearing a black armor descended.
      “My god, what’s going on?”
      “Not good, the academy has recruited an invasion!”
      The students on the school aisle saw a strange figure suddenly shuttling in.
      Even the school’s detection device could sense a huge energy fluctuation, appearing in the manor.
      “Wait, isn’ t this that guy?”
      A protective suit with a black hood and a pair of casual pants set off his slender figure.
      That sharp and handsome face was cold, filled with an unfeeling feeling.
      Wasn’t this familiar face the extreme mutated human that had just appeared on global television?
      “Really handsome!”
      Many girls screamed.
      His black hood slightly covered Su Chen’s messy black bangs, and there were two white earphones hanging around his neck.
      Such a style was like the most popular cool kid in the school. It was very suitable for these girls to be handsome boys.
      “Don’ t be crazy. Be on guard.”
      No matter what, the young man who had suddenly arrived in front of him had just refreshed the history that the mutated humans could not create.
      “Tongtong, go back.”
      A furious shout was heard.
      A tall man wearing a tactical eyepiece walked towards Su Chen.
      “Damn criminal, you actually dared to appear in front of us.”
      “If we don’ t bring you to justice, that will be the greatest humiliation for us, War Policeman X. It’s because of your existence that the humans in the outside world hate us mutants so much……”
      Suddenly, the laser-eyed Scott spoke with a crackle.
      There was no intention to continue greeting.
      He could not even be bothered to chat with the other party.
      In an instant, the laser eye’s tactical eyepiece flashed with a bright red light. The red light enlarged and instantly turned into a thick red light pillar that shot towards Su Chen.
      “Is that the level?”
      Su Chen said indifferently.
      He gently lifted his right hand forward. A wave of energy rippled out.
      The energy beam that collided with him seemed to have sunk into a black hole. The massive energy quickly disappeared.
      “Damn it!”
      Laser-eye Scott could also feel that the light energy he had condensed was rapidly disappearing.
      He clenched his teeth and used all his strength to pour out the power he had accumulated.
      He did not believe that the other party was really so tenacious, able to withstand the light pillar that could penetrate most of the towns.
      It had to be known that even the Alderman alloy could not endure for a long time under the high temperature laser light.
      “Don’ t waste your energy.”
      Su Chen’s eyes were filled with contempt.
      Although the laser light in front of him was extremely penetrating, Su Chen himself was very skillful in absorbing and releasing energy from the outside world.
      No matter how much energy the opponent spewed out, his body that had undergone the baptism of a nuclear explosion was still able to absorb everything.
      Of course, looking at the other party’s eyes could release such a terrifying energy beam, it brought some inspiration to Su Chen himself.
      Su Chen tried to condense the energy in his body between his eyes.
      His pair of clear black and white cold eyes were suffused with a golden luster.
      “Laser beam?”
      “My god, isn’ t this Teacher Scott’s ability?”
      At this moment, all the students in front of the windowsill of the teaching building saw an unforgettable scene.
      Teacher Scott’s opponent, his eyes shone with a bright beam of energy.
      Su Chen’s first hot line of sight appeared in the world, and just like that, he bumped into the other party’s laser beam.
      A golden light and a red light collided with each other.
      However, the balance between the two was only half a second. Su Chen’s golden light shattered the laser light.
      The golden beam of light that had been struck along the way mercilessly hit Scott’s body.
      In the blink of an eye, his figure was sent flying.
      Like a ragged sandbag, it smashed the pear tree door behind it, and its entire sorry figure fell to the ground.
      “Teacher Scott lost……”
      “It’s too bad, right? And it was defeated by the ability that the other party stole!”
      The students hiding behind the windowsill immediately started discussing.
      No one had expected that the X-Men’s elite backbone laser-eye Scott would lose to the beam of light in his opponent’s eyes.
      “Damn bastard……”
      The battle between the two of them lasted for an instant.
      The X-armen who hurried over had already discovered that their teammates had fallen to the ground.
      Beast, Storm Girl, Steel Strength, Nightwalker, and the others all looked as if they were facing a great enemy.
      At this moment, an inappropriate cheer came from a young girl’s mouth.

      0033. Let me monitor his growth!(Fifth place)

      Su Chen could not suppress the joy in his heart.
      Wasn’t the figure of a girl running in between jumps just her sister who had been separated for many days?
      Like a swallow, Susan jumped into Su Chen’s arms.
      At this moment, Susan, who had always been strong and mischievous, couldn’t help but cry.
      “Bastard, I thought I couldn’ t see you?”
      Susan’s eyes were filled with tears. Her hands tightly gripped Su Chen’s clothes as if she was afraid that he would disappear in the next second.
      Including the time Su Chen had been imprisoned, the two of them had not met for more than twenty days.
      Ever since their mother’s death, the two of them had basically lived a life of dependence. Thinking of all the pain in the past, even Su Chen, who had been cold for a long time, could not help but sigh with emotion.
      “It doesn’ t matter. Everything is over.”
      Su Chen was much stronger than before.
      Over the past half a month, his own training was not only reflected in the evolution of his body, even his entire state of mind had undergone a transformation.
      He was no longer as flustered and bewildered as before. Instead, he tried his best to appease his sister.
      “Are you alright?”Did you have a good time?”
      Compared to himself, Su Chen was more concerned about how his sister had been during this period of time.
      “Not bad. The food here is pretty good. It’s much better than Brother’s craftsmanship.”
      Susan’s words made Su Chen a little embarrassed.
      “Cough cough……”
      At this moment, Professor Charles, who was in a wheelchair, interrupted their conversation.
      “It’s this grandpa who came to me. He’s very powerful, but I was just about to cry and beg him, but I couldn’ t find your trace.”
      Susan frowned and said in dissatisfaction.
      At this moment, her little hand tightly gripped her brother’s right hand. Her arm trembled, obviously she was a little nervous.
      Although Susan had always been an eccentric and mischievous person, compared to what her brother had done on the television station, those small fights were nothing.
      No matter what the future was, no matter what she had to face next, she was determined to stand beside her brother.
      “Everyone, go back to your own dorm.”
      Professor Charles waved his hand, signaling everyone to stop watching.
      “This is too disappointing.”
      “I won’ t fight, right.”
      Everyone seemed to be excited.
      After all, mutated humans were all marginal figures in society. Thinking that they had super powers, but they were being discriminated against and unjust by humans outside, naturally many mutated human children were very dissatisfied.
      Everyone was still young. They were all just trying to tolerate the human race and to lower their heads to the outside world. It really made them feel extremely discouraged and depressed.
      Now, a youth almost the same age as them stood in front of everyone.
      He had achieved something that even the Ten Thousand Magnet King could not accomplish.
      Fear and fear, everyone could not help but look at Su Chen with admiration and reverence.
      Professor Charles could feel the changes in everyone’s mood. In recent years, the unfairness cases against mutated humans had become more and more rampant, so much so that the hearts of people were somewhat impetuous.
      The X War Pops all gathered and looked at Su Chen, who was not far away.
      “Scott’s right shoulder has been completely penetrated. As long as he is more than ten centimeters away, his entire arm will be completely shattered by this guy.”
      Storm Lady said angrily.
      As both of them, as well as their companions for more than ten years, most of the people present felt the same, and all of them were enemies.
      “Arrest him.”
      “Stop hesitating, professor.”
      “What he did is just a copy of the Ten Thousand Magnet King. His existence will only continue to sever the connection between the mutated humans and the human race.”
      Hearing this.
      “Are you guys used to being enslaved? They’re all staring at their faces. You want to keep up with them?” Susan was furious.”Don’ t tell me my brother was chased by humans as white mice.”
      Although Susan was only in her early teens, she was very eloquent. Her rebuttal was very beautiful.
      A lot of war policemen weren’t afraid of Su Chen’s existence. They almost couldn’t control their temper and went forward.
      “This naughty little witch……”
      The moment Steel Strength thought of how she had used her ability to remove a wheel from the mech to prevent them from leaving, he was furious.
      “We’ ve already communicated.”
      Professor Charles ignored all the noise around him. Instead, he calmly said to Su Chen,” General Stryker, I and the X-Men will personally deal with all the evil things he has done, and we will give you justice.”
      “Do you think I need your help?”
      The gentleness on Su Chen’s face gradually disappeared.
      Professor Charles was speechless for a moment. He had indeed accomplished what many extreme mutated humans could not accomplish in the past.
      However, the size of this world far exceeded his imagination.
      At the very least, this youth did not know that he was not invincible. There were more unimaginable existences in this world.
      “No, you need to clean up the dirty spots on your body. You need to stand in front of everyone in the world and eliminate the panic that you bring. You’ re only 13 years old. You should go to school and enjoy your school life, instead of being a global wanted criminal running around.”
      Professor Charles tried to regain his resolve.
      “Do you think I care?”
      Su Chen’s expression was still cold.
      For so many days, he had fully comprehended the law of the jungle.
      He was stronger than others, so he didn’t care about any rules.
      There was no need for pity and sympathy.
      It wasn’t him who was wrong. He did n’ t need any redemption.
      If his thoughts were not right, then he would use his own fist to smooth things over.
      As for the shackles that humans had placed on him, he would even personally break them.
      “I will always believe in you.”
      Susan’s hands tightly gripped Su Chen’s arm.
      At this moment, only the relatives could definitely bring a bit of warmth to Su Chen.
      “So you guys decided to stop me?”If it wasn’ t for the fact that you saved Susan, I didn’ t have much time to say anything to you.”
      Su Chen had already given an ultimatum.
      He wasn’t in the mood to continue to endure these guys’ hard-nosed words. These were all consistent with the tone of Iron Man Tony.
      There were too many words.
      At this moment, even the gentleness on Professor X’s face gradually dissipated.
      “Kid, you’ re too self-centered……”
      At this moment, a tall and graceful red-haired woman walked over.
      “I know the pain in your heart. I lost control of my emotions many times and almost destroyed Earth. So your ability is nothing to me…”
      “You’ re mistaken!”
      “Of course, you can rest assured. I will act as your guardian. I will never let you have today’s problem again.”
      The phoenix girl, Qin Gray, said solemnly.
      In that instant, this tall and beautiful woman revealed her strong will and determination to control Su Chen.
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      The pressure standing on the high point of morality!(No.1)

      Notice: The first spiritual battle between the protagonist and Professor Charles was modified earlier, otherwise it would not be possible to unfold later.)
      A beautiful woman in her 20s suddenly appeared and said that she wanted to be her guardian, which made Su Chen feel extremely ridiculous.
      But in the next second, the woman with red hair and waist in front of her did not conceal her ability fluctuations.
      This woman……
      Su Chen furrowed his brows slightly. He clearly told himself that this woman was really dangerous.
      “Trust me, I have the ability to monitor you. Naturally, I have the ability to control everything.”
      Facing this unruly and unruly child who was still cold and heartless, the dignified and dignified Qin Ge Lei had a hint of threat in his words.
      “The professor is right. You’ re too young. Your life has a wider future. Everything can be done from scratch.”
      “So my brother really wants to go to jail?”
      Susan could not help but stand up and ask.
      “Yes, you have to pay the price if you do something wrong. This is the order of this world, not to mention that I have always been committed to adding a bridge between the humans and the mutated humans. And now because of your appearance, the fear of the human against the mutated humans will increase again.”
      Professor Charles, who was sitting in the wheelchair, changed his gentle expression and looked at Su Chen with a serious expression.
      “Because of your appearance, the efforts we have made over the decades will be meaningless.”
      A terrifying mutated human who had successfully detonated a nuclear bomb in the mainland.
      A wanted criminal who was even more guilty than the Magnificent King Eric.
      One could imagine how much humanity hated the mutated humans.
      In order to repair the rift between the two races, the X-Men had worked hard and saved many humans before rejecting the impression of discrimination against the mutated humans.
      Now, Su Chen’s appearance had brought them great difficulties.
      Professor Charles, who had always been peaceful, couldn’t help but be angry at this moment.
      He had no more than years left in his life. He only wanted to try his best to complete the peace between the two races in his late years, so he would not allow others to destroy the situation in front of him.
      “But my brother is clearly a victim…”
      Susan’s eyes lit up with tears as she faced people who used the name of racial righteousness to put pressure on her.
      Faced with others standing on the moral high ground and accusing her brother, she felt uncomfortable. Feeling the same, Susan couldn’t help but think of these mutants complaining.
      “No matter what your original intention is, what kind of persecution you have suffered, but when you do something wrong, you have to pay the price. Just like your brother’s heavy attack on Scott, he also has to pay the price.”
      Storm Lady added coldly.
      For a moment.
      The atmosphere at the scene immediately became a little cold. An inexplicable killing intent filled the surroundings.
      Under such an atmosphere, even the air flow rate became somewhat stagnant.
      The figure of the student behind the windowsill in the teaching building had long disappeared.
      In the vast playground, only one X-armen in a uniform gradually closed around.
      Facing the opponent’s undisguised will to fight, Susan could n’ t bear the words she had just said on the moral high ground.
      She looked at the people in front of her and wiped away the tears in her eyes. She roared angrily,” It’s because you guys are constantly giving in, that’s why my brother was captured wantonly.”
      “If it wasn’ t for you guys, brother and I wouldn’ t have been able to dodge around.”
      “I’ ve seen through you guys. Brother, let’s go……”
      Susan, who was intelligent and intelligent, began to rebut.
      She wanted to use her weak spatial transmission ability to leave the scene.
      The next second, Susan frowned and cried out in pain.
      It was the phoenix girl, Gu Gelei, who directly attacked.
      Her invisible thoughts contained Susan’s thoughts.
      “You dare to touch her!”
      Su Chen immediately became furious. His sister was basically his inverse scale.
      In an instant, his mind was like an erupting volcano that was about to erupt. A terrifying psychic power wave was about to brew.
      “Don’ t even think about it!”
      But at this moment, Professor Charles, the Sovereign of Mind, also took action.
      Although he was surprised that the other party was able to resist in his spiritual world, he did not show much fear.
      After all, Professor Charles had always followed the doctrine of not using too much spiritual energy if there was no need.
      Because he didn’t want to invade other people’s privacy.
      Now, facing such a mutated human who was at least at the Omega level, he could only release Almighty without any hesitation.
      “Ah ……”
      For a moment, Su Chen could only feel his spiritual domain being hit by a shocking wave.
      Compared to Professor Charles, the psychic catcher he had encountered earlier was simply a different story.
      The mental barrier in Su Chen’s mind was completely broken at this moment.
      The endless pain surged forth.
      This spiritual power even wanted to seize control of his own body.
      “Damn beast……”
      Su Chen was furious.
      He roared in his spiritual domain.
      At this moment, his infinitely evolving mutated gene began to evolve into a restraining ability under the intense psychological stimulation.
      [Spiritual Energy +1000]
      [Spiritual Barrier +1000]
      [Spiritual Resistance +800]
      [Awakening: Spiritual Energy Absorption]
      The system that was built was constantly showing changes in genetic information.
      Even Professor Charles did not understand what kind of monster he was facing.
      Perhaps he would add a definition to this youth’s constitution later on.
      That was’ Super Darwin’.
      Perhaps everyone had heard of Darwin’s theory of evolution.
      After tens of millions of years of natural evolution, the ancestors of birds and animals developed a pair of wings. As a result, they finally escaped from the natural enemies on the ground and successfully obtained more resources in the vast sky.
      As for Su Chen’s gene, which was constantly evolving, it would take only half a second to complete a completely new transformation.
      “Not good!”
      Professor Charles panicked.
      He could feel the mental energy that he had invaded his opponent’s head and was constantly disappearing.
      Not only that, the opponent’s spiritual domain had become more and more resistant. Even the spiritual barrier that had just been destroyed had suddenly risen up and become more stable.
      God, what kind of monster is this…..”
      Professor Charles immediately realized that he could not continue attacking like this.
      This was because it seemed like he was urging the other party to evolve a way to restrain himself.
      However, when Professor Charles wanted to retreat, Su Chen’s spiritual domain instantly devoured everything, devouring the spiritual energy one after another.
      “Qin, I need your help……”
      Professor Charles exclaimed.
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      A group attack!(Second place)

      Professor Charles was in an unprecedented predicament at this moment.
      He had never thought that Su Chen would be able to absorb and release energy and completely use it on his spiritual energy.
      The power of his mind that had invaded his opponent’s mind disappeared.
      Qin Gelei shouted angrily. Another huge willpower descended into Su Chen’s mind!
      Professor Charles left.
      Not only that, but the surrounding war policemen had also started to move.
      Storm Girl’s figure gradually floated in the air. Her pupils gradually turned white. Soon, the sky around her began to change.
      She called the wind and the rain, causing thunder to brew in the dark clouds.
      Steel Strength’s figure quickly ran towards Su Chen’s figure.
      In terms of speed, it wasn’t the Fast Silver and Nightwalker that belonged to the X Squad.
      The speed of the Quicksilver was comparable to a thunderbolt. During the time of his bullet, all the objects started to move slowly, as if he was in a domain where space and time had stagnated.
      A drop of water floated in the air, slowly descending at an almost imperceptible speed.
      Not far away, the steel warriors were more than ten meters away.
      At this rate of time, the Quicksilver was the only ruler in this domain.
      He laughed coldly. He approached Su Chen without any fear.
      Quick Silver swung his fist and landed on the opponent’s back.
      With the acceleration of time, his strength would naturally increase.
      But when this punch landed, the slender figure in front of him did not move. There was no sign of any movement.
      It was only when he quickly won that he realized that the other party had experienced the baptism of a nuclear explosion.
      His face suddenly became somewhat embarrassed.
      However, a thought came to mind that the opponent’s body must also have a weakness.
      The Quicksilver revealed a bad smile. He didn’t believe that the other party was still safe and sound.
      Just as his figure was right in front of Su Chen, a sense of vigilance suddenly surged in his mind.
      Quicksilver’s scalp went numb because he saw the other party’s eyes looking at him. His entire eye movement was staring at his figure.
      Not good!
      He actually reacted!
      The life-and-death instinct that had been tempered over the years forced Quicksilver’s body to run.
      When his figure appeared a hundred meters away, the domain of bullet time ended.
      The silver fox quickly returned without any effort and broke out in cold sweat.
      After returning to normal time, the figure of the Nightwalker appeared on Su Chen’s back.
      His sharp tail suddenly left a trail in the air, piercing towards Su Chen’s neck.
      One by one, you guys are not bored…….”
      Su Chen sneered.
      As for the enemies that were traveling through space, he had awakened a corresponding method of restraint.His shimmering eyes could see the warp, creases, and even cracks of the spatial structure. It was undoubtedly a death act to dare to travel in front of him.
      It was as if it was a god-level prediction. Su Chen had already turned around and grasped the precise timing to catch this piercing tail.
      “Not good!”
      The Nightwalker was shocked. He had never expected the other party to react so quickly. It was as if he had completely predicted his actions.
      He was anxious. He suddenly wanted to activate his ability.
      It was a pity that the power that dragged his tail pulled him back from the spatial ripples.
      Su Chen clenched his fist tightly with his other hand and punched the dark-looking Nightwalker in front of him.
      A surge of power surged into his fist. Under the blow, it tore through the air and a sonic boom sounded.
      A series of exclamations rang out.
      But at close range, the Nightwalker couldn’t dodge at all. Just like that, he ate Su Chen’s punch head on. With a bang, most of his weak body exploded into a bloody mist.
      This punch was simply too powerful.
      It was beyond everyone’s imagination.
      Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
      Steel Strength’s figure was like a full-speed train rushing over.
      His entire body was cast with alloy steel. His muscles were developed, and he was as strong as an iron tower. He was the X-Men’s physical power output and even a meat shield.
      He roared, his red eyes staring at Su Chen, his entire body clinging to the giant body and charging towards Su Chen.
      “Just you?”
      In order to prevent her sister Susan from being affected, Su Chen took a few steps forward and blocked her with his right hand.
      Just like that, he leaned against the support of one of his arms and forcefully blocked the incoming Steel Strengths. Su Chen himself did not even take a step back.
      The enraged Hulk was still under his control.
      The steel warrior in front of him was nothing.
      At this moment, the thunderbolt that had been brewing for a long time in the dark clouds on the horizon finally fell.
      Numerous bright light beams of lightning continuously descended from the sky. Under the command of Storm Lady, they hacked towards Su Chen’s figure. In order to avoid affecting his own people, an extremely shocking storm and storm wrapped around Su Chen’s body.
      The Phoenix girl Gu Ge Lei was already angry. Under the tragic death of the Nightwalker, she could not restrain the power in her heart.
      A terrifying power mixed with the power of the phoenix descended on Su Chen’s head.
      “We must control him.”
      Professor Charles, who was in the wheelchair, was furious. He felt that he had made a mistake. He had indeed underestimated his opponent. If he could be placed on his brainwave enhancer, he would not be as passive as he was now.
      But no matter what, in order to control this young man who had a great killing intent, he once again used his spiritual energy and fought with his life, trying to completely seize control of his opponent’s body.
      For a moment.
      Su Chen, who was under the siege of the X-Men, hugged his sister Susan tightly. Under this kind of heaven and earth power, he was afraid that Susan would suffer damage. An invisible psychic power wave formed a barrier around him.
      However, when the Phoenix Will descended without any difference, Susan’s face turned pale.
      Under this situation, Su Chen finally couldn’ t restrain the anger in his heart. He lost control of his anger and used the mysterious power of reality modification.
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      The awakening of the Black Phoenix!(Third place)

      Under Su Chen’s fury, he directly used the power to rewrite reality.
      The mysterious and mysterious force began to interfere in reality.
      The surrounding attacks instantly vanished.
      The Storm Lady was still calling for the wind and the rain in the last second. She controlled the thunder and continuously struck Su Chen and Susan.
      But in the next second, she suddenly bled from her seven orifices. Her consciousness suddenly dimmed, and her mind was completely obliterated by an invisible wave.
      She let out a mournful cry, and then fell from the air dozens of meters high.
      The Steel Scholar roared. He opened his arms and found that his steel-like arm was gradually turning into liquid. It was like molten steel. The cells in his body started to burn at an inexplicable high temperature. In just an instant, white smoke rolled out of his body.
      “I don’ t want to die……”
      The Steel Strength extended his right hand forward, but his right arm turned into a pool of molten iron that fell onto the ground. The terrifying temperature even burned through the surface of the ground.
      For a moment, his entire body completely melted, and his proud body turned into a pool of molten steel.
      Professor Charles’ expression changed drastically.
      At this moment.
      He looked at Su Chen as if he was looking at a demon. His eyes were red, but he felt that his body was getting weaker and weaker.
      His eyelids were also slowly closing……
      His mind became increasingly confused……
      His memories were even more chaotic.
      He wanted to raise his consciousness, but he realized that he couldn’t lift a finger. Even the consciousness in his head became more and more depressed. He could n’ t even remember who he was.
      The limit had arrived.
      Professor Charles immediately realized that his consciousness was completely dispirited. However, under the terrifying interference of reality, he first caused dementia in the elderly and then gradually became brain dead.
      This was how the most valuable brain in the world met his end.
      As the main attacker, the Phoenix Lady Gu Ge Lei was not weaker than the others.
      Compared to the others, her tenacious vitality attracted more and more interference from reality.
      “You don’ t have to…”
      The phoenix girl’s delicate and dignified face was filled with a hint of fear. She looked at Su Chen in front of her, but her eyes were full of complicated feelings. Her cold and heartless face was filled with killing intent as if it was the reflection of her youth.
      But he had already walked out.
      Why did the other party persist?
      Things shouldn’t have grown so bad.
      “You’ ve never come out. Professor Charles, that old man, has completely sealed all your negative emotions.”
      A voice rang out in Qin Gelei’s mind.
      In the depths of her mind, there was boundless smoke. She was immersed in the boundless darkness, and there was a woman who was imprisoned in a prison.
      It was her.
      That was another personality of Qin Gelei.
      Compared to the dignified Qin Gerey, the same figure in the prison was full of charm.
      “Black Phoenix!”
      Professor Charles had sensed that the opponent’s ability to lose control and change was terrifying when he was young. It was a terrifying power that could overturn a planet or even harm the universe.
      For this reason, Professor Charles had locked all of her negative emotions, and even her bad memories, into a prison in the realm of mind in order to let Chin Galey control herself and become a good person that was harmless to the world.
      Su Chen’s interference in reality instantly destroyed the prison like a ray of light.
      Just like that, the memory fragments woke up in Qin Gelei’s mind.
      “I killed my parents…”
      Qin Gelei suddenly recalled the worst scene. Because of his temper, his parents’ car accident caused their parents to die.
      “I once killed many innocent mutated human students when I was seventeen……”
      “When I was nineteen, I almost lost control and completely evaporated the lake in the academy……”
      One by one, the memories of Professor Charles appeared.
      “This is the true self!”
      The Black Phoenix’s voice became clearer.
      Qin Gelei’s hands tightly covered her head. In an instant, a surge of killing intent surged out of her body, and a power that was enough to destroy everything began to annihilate even the air molecules.
      Soon, from within her body, an invisible storm of annihilation erupted from within her body.
      The earth began to decompose.
      Even the building of the manor in front of him began to collapse into a mist.
      Everything had returned to the simplest molecules and atoms.
      “No, stop now.”
      Qin Gelei roared.
      The change in the situation was beyond everyone’s expectations.
      What is this!?”
      Su Chen’s expression changed.
      His telekinetic barrier shattered under the wind. He felt the power ripple in his right hand, but in a few seconds, he found that his body, which had been tempered many times, was once again injured.
      A drop of blood continuously fell off the wound, but it was pulled by an invisible position. It was as if time had gone back. Drops of blood returned to the wound and quickly recovered.
      His indestructible constitution naturally played a role at this moment.
      Su Chen furrowed his brows. This woman with a sudden split personality seemed to have completely lost control under his stimulation.
      Compared to the decomposition master he had faced earlier, this Phoenix girl’s power was truly overwhelming.
      Susan screamed. She tightly hugged Su Chen’s arm. Under the Phoenix girl’s uncontrollable power, not only did the surrounding air begin to decompose, even the minds of every living being in the surroundings began to suffer mental pain.
      Susan’s face was pale. Her face was completely drained of color, and she was obviously affected.
      “Let’s go.”
      Su Chen looked at the magnificent manor and began to crumble. A mutated human student cried out in terror and fled.
      Space power caused waves of ripples. Su Chen no longer cared about the lives of these people. He directly left this place with Susan who was in pain.

      He was a hero?Or an anti-hero?(Fourth place)

      “Damn bastard……”
      A red car galloped down the road and headed towards the head city.
      The super killer woman’s small and exquisite figure almost stood in the driver’s seat and started racing. Along the way, she had caused countless dissatisfaction.
      To the super-killer Ming Di, everything that had happened today was simply too shocking, a nightmare.
      The death of his father.
      Su Chen, his new friend, had actually done such a shocking thing in Head City in his fury.
      The thought of what he said when he was angry probably hurt his heart.
      Super Killer felt a little embarrassed.
      No matter what, she had to find him.
      The news from the head city in front of him was that the other party’s figure had long disappeared after the green giant collapsed.
      “Damn it!”
      This caused Ming Di to be at a loss.
      The red car was just wandering around the road.
      And now……
      Just as she was at a loss, two figures suddenly appeared out of nowhere on the road ahead.
      “My heavens……”
      Super Killer was stunned. She quickly turned the steering wheel to the side and the entire red car crashed into the tree stump on the side.
      Just as she was cursing, her completely awake head immediately reacted. Wasn’t one of the figures in black clothes Su Chen?
      This day.
      For most people, it was really extraordinary.
      No one had expected a nuclear explosion to reverberate through the city. The dome of the magnificent building that had not yet been put into use collapsed.
      The most humiliating thing was that the military representative had just announced that he wanted the young mutated human as a global wanted man. However, before he had the time to hold a press conference, the military representative the other party’s hands.
      The thirteen-year-old boy named Su Chen resounded throughout the world on this day.
      He had achieved what the extreme mutated humans could not achieve in the past.
      Even the magnetic king Eric could only bow down.
      Many mutated humans regarded it as an idol.
      ‘The number one mutated human!’
      Of course.
      Not many people knew what they saw as the mutated human idol. On that day, they also attacked Zerville’s genius academy.
      Including Professor X, many X war policemen died on the spot.
      What was even more shocking was that the phoenix girl, Gu Lei, was completely out of control. The other personality, Black Phoenix, began to snatch control of her body from her master. The entire magnificent villa and manor collapsed, and the mutated human students fled in panic.
      More than ten minutes after the incident.
      The wave that was enough to break down everything disappeared, and the figure of the Black Phoenix also disappeared.
      No one knew exactly where this existence, known to be capable of subverting Earth, had gone?
      Perhaps he was hiding in the dark, continuing to fight for control of his body.
      The expressions of all the S.H.I.E.I. Shield agents who heard the news collapsed.
      “It’s immediately listed as a level nine authority event. Even non-level nine agents can’ t access relevant information.”
      To the director, Nick Frey, he knew exactly how terrifying the Phoenix woman was.
      Even in his heart, if that woman really lost control, even Su Chen, the first mutated human in Xin Jin, would not be able to contend against her.
      “What a difficult time.”
      “We need to activate the Avengers Alliance plan immediately.”
      In the original history of the plot, the Avengers, who were originally set up to face the increasingly severe threat of extraterrestrial life, had started early at this moment.
      “Energy absorption and release……”
      “This is his key ability to succeed in nuclear explosions.”
      “It doesn’ t seem to be accurate to see through the movement of things and the trajectory of space.”
      “But it’s his key ability to predict the teleportation killer……”
      “An invincible body.”
      “Stop the psychic resistance of the psychic catcher.”
      “Sound wave resistance.”
      “That mysterious and mysterious killing move is enough to kill a person.”
      In Stark’s headquarters, Tony Stark’s figure appeared. His upper body was wrapped in a layer of gauze. If it wasn’t for the last jet of air from the armor in his hands, he might have been completely swallowed by the sea.
      Facing Su Chen who had met earlier, Tony still tried to find a way to fight against him.
      But in the end…
      However, he felt extremely exhausted.
      The opponent was simply too powerful.
      If Jarvis’ reasoning was correct, then this young man’s genes must be extraordinary.
      “I can only announce it.”
      Tony sighed inwardly, but he was prepared to thoroughly publish the information obtained through hacking to the public.
      Now, he could only hope that this thirteen-year-old boy could change his mind. He didn’t look black anymore and walked to death.
      He hoped to ease the killing intent in his heart through the public’s denunciation of General Ross.
      But all of this…
      However, he was defeated first.
      Just as Jarvis was preparing to publish the secret file in the world, a young Chinese hacker girl from the world’s top hacker organization, the High Tide Organization, that was Daisy John, the shock woman in the future, directly published the file.
      “He was forced to this state step by step by the military’s villains.”
      “This is a persecution for mutated humans!”
      General Ross should be executed!!”
      Daisy began to denounce him online.
      As soon as the news entered the Internet, it immediately caused a huge commotion.
      A stone created a thousand waves.
      “What forced a thirteen-year-old into a demon!”
      Many people gradually changed their impression and started to complain.
      “He’s speaking for the mutated human. He’s the hero of the mutated human!!”
      Just as the people were giving Su Chen a hug, it was not normal.
      Another accurate news spread on the Internet.
      “The number one mutated human, Su Chen, actually killed Professor Charles. Many of the X war policemen died.”
      The moment the news came out.
      It was reversed again.
      “Hehe, what about the mutated humans?Where was the hero?”So your mutated human hero killed the leader of the moderate mutated human faction.”
      “I think he’s a hopeless extreme mutated human.”
      “Let him die!”

      Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation(No.1)

      Su Chen was a mutated human’s hero or demon. For a moment, it caused many heated discussions.
      After a full week of immersion, Su Chen’s figure unexpectedly disappeared from the public’s view.
      Yorktown, Manhattan.
      Under the dark night, a vast Fiske Tower rose from the ground and soared into the sky, as if it had torn through the night.
      This was the leader, Verson Fiske, who was the famous Jin He, who founded the Mafia Empire.
      On the surface, Fisko Tower Group was a vast commercial kingdom, but in reality, this underworld emperor Jin had already dominated the underground world. His words could not even reach his world by any decree.
      That was his words.
      Tens of thousands of gang members were like loyal slaves working for him.
      Under such a glorious building, countless innocent corpses were buried, and there was one of them……The corpse of Ming Di’s mother.
      Heh!”Little girl, this is not a place you can come to.”
      The Super Kill Female Ming Di ignored her.
      Her small figure ignored the guard’s warning. Under the night sky, she walked into the hall on the first floor of Fiske Building with a suitcase.
      The alarm sounded. The metal detection device at the gate directly detected a large amount of heavy metal materials.
      “Damn little girl……”
      The two black-suited thugs at the door felt that something was wrong. They immediately picked up a pistol on their waist and opened the safety. However, before he could pull the trigger.
      With a bang.
      Ming Di turned around and fired two shots. The precise bullets directly penetrated their heads.
      “It’s time to end everything.”
      The Super Killess took a deep breath and immediately pulled out two full-automatic rifles from her bag.
      Da da!!
      The muzzle of the rifle immediately erupted with brilliant fireworks. The full-automatic rifle continuously fired bullets, killing all the gangsters in the hall.
      Outside the lobby of Fiske Building, Su Chen, dressed in a black vest, walked in along with his sister Susan.
      Without any signs or even a trace of undulation, a metal door of Fiske Building was quickly closed.
      The reason why he disappeared for a week.
      It was because Susan had been recovering for a full week, and Su Chen was waiting day and night. Naturally, he would not leave.
      And now.
      The reason why he had arrived at the Fiske Building was naturally because Su Chen, who was slightly indebted to him, had decided to fulfill Damon’s wish. Although he had not met and had no emotion to say, the other party had died because of him.
      Su Chen naturally would not let him die so unjustly.
      In order to deal with the enemy, Emperor Jin He, who was waiting for him day and night, this big dad, Damon, trained his daughter Ming Di into a killing machine.
      However, when he could take revenge, with Jin Yuan’s strength, he was like a giant mountain that lay before his eyes. It was basically hard to shake.
      And now, Su Chen had completely destroyed this giant mountain.
      A ripple of psychic power surged out from his mind. Under the plasticization state, it became a sharp blade with faint traces that pierced through the bodies of the gang members.
      In the blink of an eye, the entire hall fell to the ground like a lawn mower.
      These blazers and gang guards were not enough to be Su Chen’s opponent.
      At this moment.
      The lights of the entire building were completely extinguished.
      Everything in the surroundings fell into darkness.
      “Be careful, Jin Jie has a mysterious assassination unit called Hand-in-Hand. These Ninjas have a very terrifying method of assassination.”
      Ming Di’s expression tensed up as he became alert.
      Susan cut into the molecular mimicry state. This state could allow all damage and contact to pass through her body and not cause any damage to her.
      Su Chen’s expression was still calm. His eyes swept across the surroundings with interest.
      His pair of clear black and white eyes seemed to be flickering with light. His rapidly evolving infrared vision and even night vision ability completely understood everything here.
      At this moment, a red-robed ninja who had been hiding in the ceiling for half a minute suddenly leaped down.
      The sword in his hand shone with cold light as it tore through the night. Just like that, it slashed towards Su Chen’s head in the air.
      “That’s it?”
      Su Chen’s face was filled with a hint of ridicule.
      In less than a second…
      An unknown mysterious force completely interfered with the reality. The figure in front of him fell into the air and his face changed. His entire body began to collapse, turning into a pile of bubbles that floated in the air.
      Another red-robed ninja couldn’t restrain himself. He broke his breath-hold from the corner of the night. The experienced ninja quickly pulled out his knife from the scabbard on his waist. The blazing light of the knife had n’ t yet flashed in the air.
      As if he had lost all his bones, he fell to the ground. With a thump, he fell into a pile of sweet circles, covering the ground.
      Not to mention the other assassins in the dark, even Ming Di was surprised. He could not believe what was happening.
      At this moment, many people hiding in the hall on the first floor could not hold their breath. Their numb pupils were filled with fear.
      Such an enemy was simply too terrifying!!
      How did he do it?
      In such an environment filled with killing intent and panic.
      Only Susan’s laughter rippled around.
      “It’s Brother who wants to be a sweetie.”
      Su Chen only rubbed Susan’s hair with his right hand.
      In the next second.
      The strange and mysterious power once again applied to reality. The hands of the Ninjas who had revealed their traces of aura the moment before completely collapsed. Their bodies turned into glass beads on the ground, scattering all over the ground, making a continuous beating sound in a dark hall.

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      The injustice in this world is beating against you!(Second place)

      Di Di Di!!
      The sound of the glass beads rolling on the ground continuously rang out.
      Just a week had passed. Su Chen was more and more adept at modifying reality. Clearly, he had absorbed a lot of nutrients in the past battles.
      Now, he could even easily complete the act of subverting reality under his calm thoughts.
      Under the thought of him, the building that had already been cut off from the power supply rang out.
      In such a short period of time, there were not many people in the entire hall.
      Tap tap tap……
      Ming Di’s red eyes instantly pulled the trigger and accurately shot all the remaining figures under the light through her head.
      “That guy must be on the top floor.”
      Ming Di gritted his teeth and said coldly.
      At this moment.
      In the top office of Fiske Building.
      It was as if a giant bear was sitting on a sofa like this. His face was completely twisted, and the crutch in his hand was crunched by him.
      On the side of the sofa, a subordinate was beaten to the point that he was covered in blood. He lay on the ground, unconscious.
      The reason for this was that this subordinate had reported bad news. Jin, who was in a rage, quickly punched him to death.
      As an existence with a theoretical human physique limit, Jin Jie’s fist was enough to kill a tiger alive.
      Just the sparring personnel were all world-class boxing champions and even elite special forces.
      However, they were all under Jin Bian’s hands.
      Jin was still very dissatisfied with this.
      Because he knew that super heroes in this world often possessed extremely terrifying abilities. At least he was envious of the abilities of mutated humans.
      The sudden crisis in front of him also made him realize that it was difficult for him to calm down by his own strength.
      “The first batch of members of the manual union lost contact…”
      “The target has already gone to stop him……”
      “The other party has already arrived…”
      News of bad news continued to spread.
      “According to the surveillance footage, the enemy is a super killer. Besides that, there’s the extreme mutated human Su Chen who was wanted recently!!”
      The news was like a thunderclap in Jin He’s ear.
      In the past, Super Kill Girl was nothing more than an eyesore for him.
      But now…
      Su Chen, who had come together, was unable to remain calm and collected at all. His strong instinct for life and death was constantly flashing with warning signs, as if Death was urging his life to reach its limit.
      After all, that was a monster that could survive a nuclear explosion.
      Damn bastard!!
      “Prepare for the ceremony.”
      Jin and his huge figure stood up just like that. His completely distorted face was full of madness.
      It wasn’t known how many years had passed before he successfully squeezed into the upper class. Now that the Black Road Empire State Building was facing the risk of collapse, Jin naturally would n’ t give up.
      “No matter who you are, if you want to take everything away from me, I’ ll be able to carry you and die together.”
      No one can protect you…….”
      “Little brat, don’ t think you’ re the most special person in this world.”
      Following Su Chen’s punch, a figure in front of him smashed the wall in front of him like a cannonball.
      Jin Jian’s gang subordinates, and even the members of the hand club were unable to resist Su Chen’s attack.
      The sound of sharp whistles could be heard continuously. At this moment, three darts were hurled at the vital parts of Su Chen’s body with great precision.
      This exquisite throwing technique was absolutely amazing.
      Before he could even get close to Su Chen’s body, he was completely blocked by an invisible psychic power that lingered several meters away. It was as if he had fallen into a swamp. The three darts could n’ t move any further and just hovered in the air.
      “He’s the target, his nerves are very abnormal……”
      Ming Di said warily.
      In the past, this Jin was the number one assassin under his control, but it was a headache for his father.
      But now, in front of Su Chen, it was like a fish on a chopping board, let him slaughter it.
      “Not good……”
      The target’s expression changed greatly, but no matter how he struggled, his body was still driven by an invisible traction force and floated in front of Su Chen.
      He let out a cry of shock and his entire body disintegrated. Under the terrifying interference of reality, he turned into a pile of bubbles and disappeared into the air.
      Of course, only his unique spine structure was completely revealed in front of him.
      “Edman alloy forged spine bone……”
      Su Chen rubbed his chin.
      Just now, he had completely penetrated through the target’s body through his shimmering eyes.
      “It’s the product of the X Weapon Program again?”
      Of course, the target could be modified because another related surgeon successfully implanted it.
      Under the powerful mental plasticization, the sturdy Alderman alloy was transformed like cotton candy. In the blink of an eye, Su Chen successfully created a long sword blade under his will.
      The next second.
      The flying sword tore through the air and passed through the corridor, continuously penetrating through the human figures.
      No one could stop Su Chen’s footsteps.
      He brought the Super Killer Woman to the top floor of Fiske Building.
      At this moment, an abnormally evil and surging dark power surged out from the pear tree door in front of him.
      Su Chen frowned.
      The sudden surge of evil power made him feel slightly uncomfortable.
      It was as if something was coveting him in the dark. Su Chen felt something. For a moment, he directly raised his head and looked at the ceiling. His black and white eyes seemed to see through everything as they looked at the night outside the building.
      At this moment.
      Under the endless darkness of the night, the boundless dark clouds gathered together and formed a strange black tunnel. At that moment, a black vertical pupil appeared in the sky and stared at Su Chen.
      In the next moment, a surging evil power turned into a beam of light and began to descend.
      At this moment, the ancient evil god’beast’ that the Hand-Heart Association believed in, an existence called Black Sky, descended from the ceremony.
      However, it was surprising that the will that had descended was originally the successor of the ritual, Jin Yuan. However, it seemed that he had smelled something better from Su Chen’s body. He actually abandoned Jin Yuan and directly descended into Su Chen’s body.
      No!”Why did you abandon me!”
      Jin He angrily roared.
      And now.
      It was as if the whispers of a demon were lingering in Su Chen’s ears.
      “……”This world is full of injustice. Let go of your heart. I will give you the power to destroy the world”

      0040. Have you ever seen such a weak god?(Third place)

      Evil God Black Sky, an existence called’beast’.
      In the Maneuver event, Shadow Domain had completely appeared. The way he possessed himself had controlled the Night Demon Hero to completely wipe out all the super heroes, and the terrifying devil energy had completely corroded the hearts of the people around him.
      Night Devil Knight’s television also mentioned the existence of Black Sky.
      No matter what.
      The Evil God Black Space was located in another foreign dimension.
      The foreign dimension, the parallel world, and the small universe were very common things for the Maneuver world.
      And now.
      The Evil God Black Space descended from the sky through the ritual of the hand-closing meeting.
      A sudden change happened.
      The Evil God Black Sky that had descended did not choose to drill into Jin Zong’s body.
      Instead, it rushed towards Su Chen’s body.
      “This is the perfect host body!!”
      “Young man, I can feel boundless anger and killing intent from your body. The injustice in this world is crushing you. Let go of your heart. I will give you the power to destroy the world.”
      Above the city.
      There were endless dark clouds gathering, and a large black vertical pupil was staring at Su Chen.
      In the blink of an eye, waves of extremely evil power continuously descended.
      It was as if it was pouring into Su Chen’s head.
      Jin in the office roared.
      He widened his eyes.
      His face was filled with anger and disbelief. After all, he had never imagined that Black Sky would abandon him and choose someone else as the host.
      Damn it!!
      How could that guy actually get the favor of the Evil God?
      “Are you guys not doing something?”
      Jin He was furious.
      After all, if he wanted to open the dimensional tunnel, he would have to take a huge risk. He did not know how many resources he had plundered outside, and even himself could become a container in the future.
      But now, the Black Sky that had been summoned by the members of the Hand-in-Hand Association had abandoned him and turned to the youth that had charged towards him.
      “What the hell is this?”
      Jin was furious.
      However, the red-clothed ninjas who were holding their hands were all kneeling on the ground, kowtowing respectfully.
      Because they could feel the Evil God’s Black Sky’s will appear more and more clearly in the world.
      “Something’s wrong!!”
      At this moment, the roar of the Will of the Black Sky started to roar.
      It really wasn’t right!!
      He could feel that the Will power that he had descended onto the other party’s body was gradually fading away, and the endless darkness power continued to flow from his body.
      “Impossible!How could you seize my power!!”
      Black Kong’s furious roar was as if it was useless.
      He didn’t know that ever since Su Chen had fought Professor Charles and the Phoenix lady, he had completely awakened the use of energy, which was related to the soul level.
      In other words, even if it was the soul or the spirit, the power of willpower would be sucked into Su Chen’s head by him.
      For a moment, the Evil God’s Black Sky’s Will energy turned into pure spiritual energy that was fed back to Su Chen.
      “Is there such a good thing?”
      Su Chen did not expect to receive such a grand gift package as soon as he arrived.
      “This is the power you gave me to flatten the world?”
      “With just that bit of power, you dare to bark in front of me.”
      “It’s true that you’ ve sensed boundless anger and killing intent from me, but this time, I can sense a feeling of resentment and anger from your body.”
      Su Chen sneered.
      These words made Black Kong Will, who had poured in from the dimension, furious.
      He came from outside the dimension. If he wanted to completely descend into the main body, he could not do it. He could only live in a container and slowly strengthen his strength.
      “Damn bastard…….”
      Hei Kong angrily pulled his will out of Su Chen’s body.
      In order to take revenge on the other party, his will was finally willing to pour into the body of the Golden Union.
      “You’ re finally here.”
      “It’s here……”
      “I finally feel my strength.”
      In the office.
      Jin also burst into a wild laugh. At this moment, he finally felt the endless dark power pervading his body. Compared to the physical strength that he had painstakingly tempered for decades, it was a completely different place.
      “This is power.”
      At this moment, Jin only felt that he could knock down a small hill.
      But in the next second.
      His face became more and more sinister and distorted. The Heretic God Black Sky could not be bothered to pay any attention to the self-punishing Jin Jian. After his Will was completely infused into his mind, it completely occupied all of his consciousness.
      The pitiful Black Path Emperor was now a container of the Evil God’s Will.
      “Kid, I’ll let you die!!”
      Just like that, a strand of Black Sky’s Will controlled Jin Ju’s body and rushed forward.
      But what was unexpected was that Su Chen, who was outside the door, was the first to charge towards him. His body, which had undergone a nuclear explosion and had even been urged by the Hulk to evolve, had smashed through the pear gate and sent Jin Ju’s body flying.
      “I heard you’ re an Evil God?”
      Su Chen took a step forward, his figure flying. Before the other party could stand up from the ground, he grabbed the other party’s head and smashed towards the ground.
      The entire ground was completely shattered, revealing a huge pit.
      Jin Xiao’s figure was as if he was cutting in the grass.
      “This is God?”
      “Is there such a weak god in this world?”
      Su Chen laughed heartily.
      He grabbed Jin He’s arm and swung it. With a strong arm, he slapped it on the ground on the other side.
      Su Chen, who did not understand his hatred, once again raised his arm. Just like that, he swung his left and right sides up and down, mercilessly hitting the black sky boarding gold body on both sides of the ground.
      The earth was shattered.
      A strand of Will coming from the black sky was so angry that it wanted to spit out blood.
      When had he ever endured such humiliation.
      However, the pain from his weak body caused him to suffer. At this moment, his entire body was covered in blood, unable to move at all.
      “How dare such a weak god say he wants to give me the power to flatten everything?”
      Under the power of the Evil God, Su Chen’s handsome face was slightly evil. His long black hair lingered in the air, and even a strange black aura surged around him.
      “I’ m sorry for you!”
      Su Chen sneered. He didn’t give the other party any more time to speak. He looked at the golden body lying on the ground, and just like that, his foot was imprinted into the other party’s head.
      The huge head was broken.
      Jin was so aggrieved that he died.
      The Evil God Black Sky’s Will incarnation also fell.
      And now.
      “Welcome, new master!”
      The ninja, who had been kneeling on the ground all this time, cried out to Su Chen with a pious expression.

      Shock!The ghost of a child!(Fourth place)

      “Welcome to the new lord.”
      The pious members of the guild knelt on the ground and became loyal to Su Chen.
      Su Chen did not know what to say.
      “The Hand Heal Society is loyal to the strong. You defeated Jin He and conquered Hei Kong. These people will follow you from now on……”
      The super-killer Ming Di understood this very well.
      As if he could see the hesitation on Su Chen’s face, Ming Di added,” In any case, if you don’ t ask, these guys are like stealth, they definitely won’ t get in the way.”
      “And you need more power.”
      Hearing this.
      Su Chen didn’t say anything. He seemed to acquiesce.
      Everything was over.
      Ming Di looked at the bloodied golden corpse on the ground and sighed.
      Very quickly.
      Their figures left Fiske Building.
      This week.
      Su Chen, who was in the storm vortex, had almost become a public enemy in the world.
      In order to take care of his weak sister, he kept a low profile and completely disappeared from the public view.
      Many people thought that even the S.H.I.E.I. Shield agents believed that the most wanted mutated human would have infiltrated some remote place to hide.
      But no one would have thought that Su Chen and his sister would live in one of the most magnificent apartments in Manhattan.
      Yorktown, Manhattan.
      Hundreds of meters tall skyscrapers soared into the sky. On the top floor of the skyscraper was a top-notch apartment worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
      Not long ago, Su Chen inexplicably shuttled to this city under the uncontrollable circumstances. It was because his childhood dream was to have the most luxurious apartment in this bustling city. He drove the best luxury car to move his family from the town.
      Now, he had easily completed his childhood dream.
      The reason why she was able to stay here without any trouble was that the super-killer with extremely rich social experience directly stayed in this magnificent high-rise apartment with a sum of money.
      In addition to Su Chen’s spiritual ability, many building administrators, including the housekeeper, were brainwashed, so there was no trouble that would follow.
      Su Chen stood in front of the French window.
      At a height of more than a hundred meters, he was able to capture the entire neon city under the night in front of the French window. The flow of people was like ants.
      For some reason, a sense of stepping on the entire city appeared in his mind.
      No wonder rich people like to build their offices on the top floor of the building.
      Looking down, the entire city was in the eyes of all living beings. It was simply a feeling of joy.
      “Is this ambition?”
      Su Chen immediately felt a different feeling from the bottom of his heart.
      “Brother, if Mom is still here, I will definitely be proud of you.”
      Sister Susan walked over with a doll in her arms and a pink dress.
      Su Chen smiled and rubbed her hair.
      Under this habitual action, he realized that he had become much taller. In just a few days, it seemed that after the battle with the Hulk, his thirteen-year-old body had become much taller, perhaps more than 1.7 meters.
      Even his physique had become a bit stronger. His muscles, which were extremely line-like, did not show any bloatedness. With a slight pinch of his fist, he could feel a boundless power from his palm.
      His body changed.
      Su Chen realized that even his thoughts had gradually become more stable.
      After all these things, the childlike stubbornness in the past and the childishness on his face had disappeared.
      After being by Susan’s side, she no longer had a cold face. Her heart, which had been suffering for more than half a month, was finally comforted.
      Su Chen laughed a lot more these past few days.
      Even the darkness in his heart and the accumulated killing intent were hidden within his body, no longer appearing.
      Sometimes, the dazed Su Chen even felt that after finishing his final revenge, he should choose to leave this place with his sister.
      But after doing so many things, he also knew that the path of life had gradually turned away from calm.
      Can he still go back?
      Even if he put everything down.
      Others might not agree.
      At this moment.
      Sister Susan seemed to have thought of something and said,” Brother, do you remember the ghost that scared Mother when you were young?”
      Su Chen immediately recalled the scene his mother had mentioned when she was young.
      In a single house in the village, a figure was trying to break through the window in the night. At that time, his mother, who was about to fall asleep, jumped in shock and quickly loaded the gun in the drawer with ammunition.
      But in the blink of an eye, the figure outside the window disappeared.
      At that time, her mother even chased out of the door, but when she looked at it, the street in the night was empty. It was as if the scene just now was a fake.
      “Maybe it’s a ghost……”
      Mother attributed everything to her own illusion.
      This was what Susan mentioned.
      Su Chen thought about it and didn’t mind it. After all, at that time, his mother was in bad health. Maybe she had a nightmare.
      Suddenly, Su Chen’s gentle face was solemn, and a drop of cold sweat was left on his forehead.
      “Something’s wrong……”
      “How did this memory come from?”
      Su Chen’s expression changed greatly.
      In that instant, he seemed to vaguely sense some fluctuations in reality, as if the timeline had changed.
      This feeling was definitely not wrong.
      He was very familiar with it.
      Because he was an expert at modifying reality, this kind of weak fluctuation that interfered with reality could not fool him.
      What did someone do?
      Who was it?
      Su Chen, who was suspicious, immediately realized that from the level of the mental system, he seemed to have sensed an inexplicable memory embedded in his mind.
      It was not right to say it was embedded.
      If one didn’t carefully examine it, one would find that this little memory was so flawless that it had no clue at all.
      When Su Chen thought of the fact that there was someone in the dark who had somehow manipulated the changes in reality, his calm heart was filled with killing intent again and again. After all, the unknown person hiding in the dark had caused his and Susan’s memories to deviate.
      What did that guy do?
      Damn it!!”
      Su Chen frowned. He only felt that the killing intent in his body could not be suppressed.
      At this moment, the infinite evolution of genes within his body began to evolve, and they were already beginning to deal with this strange change.

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      Reversing the future!(5Th level)

      The same night.
      A while ago.
      A remote and unknown place.
      The students from Zerville’s Genius Academy gathered in a barracks.
      Ever since the number one mutated human Su Chen killed Professor Charles and caused the deaths of many X-Men, and even the complete destruction of the entire manor by the phoenix girl Gu Lei, these poor students immediately ran around under the leadership of the few remaining X-Men.
      An extremely ironic fact was that, without the protection of Professor Charles, there was an unknown person secretly following their tracks.
      “This is too ironic.”
      The reason why Su Chen turned dark was because of General Stryker’s capture.
      Everyone felt a little uncomfortable.
      One had to know that their teacher had to maintain the peace and order with the human race until the end, dispel the fear of the human society towards the mutated humans, and vowed to make a move to completely arrest Su Chen.
      But now……
      Without Professor X, without the elite backbone of the X-Men, they were like a bunch of rats running around the streets, everyone shouting and fighting!!
      In just a few days, some students left the team and directly chose to return to their families.
      And there were even more unpleasant words.
      “What Professor Charles has always taught is fake.”
      “This is the world of the jungle…”
      “Without the protection of force, we are just a bunch of white mice for research and dissection.”
      There were too many unpleasant words in the team.
      There were also many students shouting to follow Su Chen’s words.
      “Only he can lead us out of the world.”
      Being coveted by the humans in the past, the days of chasing and fleeing had already made many mutated human students unable to bear it.
      If it weren’t for the ferocious Wolf King, who had successfully met up with them after receiving the news and killed a lot of criminals, the entire team would have been reduced.
      Within the tent.
      The only remaining X-Men had already finalized a very bold plan.
      “We need to change this.”
      “Maybe our attitude towards humans has changed a lot, but we need to change everything and recover everything. We need Professor X, we need to return to all the X-Men.”
      “We need to save this.”
      Phantom Cat’s face was sullen as she clenched her fists and said in excitement.
      The X-Men, Iceman, Phantom Cat, Luo Sha, Shockwave, Bishop, and the others, as well as the fast silver that escaped death, the heavily injured laser eye, and the Diamond Wolf all gathered.
      “It’s all up to you.”
      Phantom Cat begged Luo Gen.
      After all, the only person in front of him who could withstand space-time travel without breaking his body into pieces or even rupturing his brain was the Diamond Wolf who could recover himself.
      “I’ m ready. Come directly.”
      The Diamond Wolf took a deep breath and lay flat on a stone platform.
      The Phantom Cat took a deep breath and continued to remind him,” What you did in the past will cover all the original history. The rest can only remember the changed history.”
      “If you can successfully change history, then only you can remember what happened at Zerville’s genius academy.”
      “Bring them back.”
      “Luo Gen!”
      At this moment, the Phantom Cat’s hands pressed on both sides of the wolf’s forehead. A shocking spatial fluctuation penetrated into Luo Gan’s head.
      He wanted to go back and find Su Chen who was under arrest. He successfully rescued him and killed all the soldiers like General Stryker.
      After that, Su Chen wouldn’t be transferred to a large base in the snowy plains again. After that, he would lose control and escape. After that, he would be completely blackened. He would be able to use the nuclear explosion in the first city, and then slaughter all of them.
      To save him and return him to normal life, all tragedies would not happen!
      Let him live the normal life that a 13-year-old boy should have.
      This was the plan to reverse the future under the guidance of the Phantom Cat.
      Reversing the future!
      It sounded unbelievable.
      In fact, space travel, dimensional descent, parallel universe, and quantum technology were all very normal methods in this diffuse world.
      At this moment, she was still young, so she was not too proficient in the newly awakened space-time travel ability, so even she was not confident that she would be able to send Luo Gan to the exact time.
      Hurry up!!
      As for her, maintaining this ability made her feel a little tired. She could not hold on for long.
      Under the power of space travel, the Wolf King returned to the past.
      However, there was a problem.
      The Phantom Cat really could not control it perfectly.
      Luo Gen did not return to the day when Qian Su Chen was arrested more than a month ago.
      It was a year ago.
      When he realized that something was wrong with the time, Luo Gen did not choose to wake himself up. He was unwilling to endure the pain of space travel again. At this moment, another brilliant plan appeared in his heart.
      “Let’s kill Su Chen.”
      Luo Gen’s pupils were inexplicably red. Professor Charles was his good friend, and he could n’ t bear it when he was completely killed by someone.
      As a result.
      Luogan, who had deviated from the time point, rushed to Moss Town on the west coast, preparing to head to Su Chen’s family to kill him and completely kill the future threat.
      “As long as we kill him, all the nightmares in the future will not happen.”
      Luo Gan, who was planning on doing so, drove his motorcycle to this small town in the night.
      With a strong murderous intent, he arrived outside a single house.
      He pushed open the fence door and walked into the small courtyard. The stone road that was paved with pebbles led to the locked door of the house in front of him.
      Luo Gen did not walk through the main door. Instead, he entered the house through the side window.
      At this moment, Luo Gen’s eyes saw a woman in her pajamas from the window.
      She let out a scream and quickly recovered her composure. She began to find a gun from the drawer.
      Luo Gen did not say anything else. His heart was filled with ruthlessness as he directly charged forward.
      However, at this moment, the Phantom Cat that maintained the space-time shuttle was simply unable to maintain it. Her strength was still too weak, so that the entire timeline had yet to complete its collection. It closed and began to collapse.
      The timeline collapsed.
      This meant that the interference factors that had not completed everything would be readjusted.
      Luo Gen’s figure disappeared in front of Su Chen’s mother.
      Mother Su could only feel the fear in her heart.
      She recalled that the two teenage children were still in the house. In order to ensure safety, she woke them up and walked out of the door with her gun, trying to find out the safety.
      Although the timeline didn’t close, it did n’ t completely interfere with reality. However, the shockwaves from trying to interfere with the timeline reverberated around and projected into Mother Su’s heart.
      From then on, the ghost story had spread.
      After Luo Gen returned to his own timeline.
      Su Chen, who also realized that something was wrong, and sensed the aftermath of reality, frowned.
      This feeling of insecurity made him feel more and more malicious in the world.
      Just who was targeting him.
      PS: shouldn’t burn his brain.Luo Gen did indeed transmigrate back to his body, but the timeline was not closed, so everything returned to zero. His figure disappeared, but the aftermath of the timeline’s return still caused the projection of the soul. Only then did the legend of the ghost appear.
      PS2: Someone answered correctly, so they directly updated it.It could be considered as an adaptation of the film “X-Men: Reversing the Future “.*

      The enemy that came to him!(No.1)

      “Damn it, it was almost……”
      After the wolf woke up from the stone platform, it immediately said in a furious tone.
      He was almost able to break into the other party’s house and completely kill the young Su Chen, reversing the future. All the timelines would be replaced.
      “Sorry, my ability is still too weak.”
      The Phantom Cat, which was difficult to maintain and caused the timeline to collapse, said apologetically.
      However, she also asked curiously,” Is the timing of my teleportation correct?”Did you see General Stryker who arrested Su Chen?”
      The Wolf King was silent for a moment.
      The timeline was naturally wrong.
      However, compared to rescuing Su Chen, he suddenly thought that killing Su Chen, who hadn’t awakened yet, was the way to relieve his anger.
      “Yeah, just keep feeling like this.”
      Luo Gen’s eyes became deep.
      He was a little impatient and immediately urged,” How long will it take for the next time we open the Space Shuttle.”
      “It will take about two days.”
      Phantom Cat smiled bitterly.
      She couldn’t use this newly awakened ability.
      However, the Iceman of War X in the tent had thought of a safer plan.
      “If I remember correctly, there was a child from Zerville College who came to ask for help. His ability was’ amplification’. It was to strengthen the expression of X gene, which was to strengthen our ability. We might need his help.”
      “Do you still remember his address?”
      “Yes, I have some impression.”
      “Quicksilver, I’ ll leave this matter to you. Find him as soon as possible.”
      At the same time.
      In a high-rise apartment in downtown Manhattan.
      Su Chen was certain that someone was secretly trying to interfere with the timeline. Without much thought, the other party must have gone to the village house in his past, so much so that he had an impression of his mother and sister.
      “Damn it.”
      He looked a little serious.
      Compared to facing a nuclear explosion and thousands of enemies, this kind of invisible killer tampering with the timeline was the most feared.
      No matter what, this kind of behavior that involved self-inflicted harm undoubtedly formed a stimulus. The infinite evolution of genes began to transform.
      “Are you alright.”
      On the other side, Ming Di walked over with the super killer woman in the living room.
      Su Chen shook his head.
      This kind of thing, which involved the rewriting of reality and the change of timeline, could not be explained clearly for a while.
      “It’s going to be a public trial of General Stryker’s case in two days. What are your plans?”
      Due to the fact that the flood tide organization had publicly exposed a series of kidnappings, human experiments and other illegal acts that General Stryker was secretly involved in, and even the fact that a 13-year-old child was completely blackened, the pressure from the fishing wheel had forced him to appear in court to face off.
      In order to calm down the fishing vessel, the entire case needed to be heard in public.
      Ming Di could actually see Su Chen’s hesitation over the past few days. After all, he was no longer alone. The gentleness that he had shown to Susan for so many days was simply like the image of a neighbor’s big brother. He was not as cold and heartless as before.
      Sometimes, she was thinking that it would be a good thing for her to completely retreat after revenge.
      From time to time, she could see a hint of confusion from Su Chen, as if he was more worried about the uncertainty of the future, especially after he had a young sister beside him.
      In any case, the world was huge, yet there was still a place that could not be found?
      Su Chen also gave a heartless answer.
      “I’ ll personally execute the other person on that day.”
      In front of everyone’s eyes, they even executed their opponents in public view?
      Ming Di opened his mouth.
      As for the arrangement after revenge?
      She did not ask any further.
      Because at this moment, she did not know what had happened, but she could sense a suppressed killing intent from Su Chen.
      “No matter what, I will always support you.”
      A smile appeared on Mindy’s flawless white face.
      At this moment.
      She raised the phone in her hand and said excitedly,” Remember that girl from the High Tide Organization. She somehow contacted me. You should be interested in a copy of General Stryker’s base.”
      Over the past few days, a girl from the High Tide Organization had been secretly contacting Ming Di.
      At that time, Ming Di even planned to completely change the number and leave the high-rise apartment.
      Surprisingly, the other party had actually expressed goodwill and was willing to help Su Chen, the so-called number one mutated human.
      Beloved sister?
      Or perhaps it was a mutated human fan who had mastered top hacker technology?
      Ming Di was a little surprised.
      But when he thought of the fact that the other party’s organization had already made public information that was extremely harmful to the public, he must not be an enemy.
      And now, that Chinese-American girl who had never met before had sent over another extremely important secret base information.
      The next morning.
      After Su Chen finished his breakfast, he walked through the space alone. In less than a second, he arrived at a beautiful mountain and ridge.
      This place was at least hundreds of kilometers away.
      In order to avoid trouble and risk, Su Chen didn’t bring her sister Susan and Super Kill.
      ‘Danger Divination!’
      He called this ability of early warning when a loved one was in danger at the very first moment, an ability that involved the level of the soul,’ Danger Divination’.
      Su Chen didn’t know that in a parallel universe, a guy called Superman also had this ability.
      This undoubtedly made him not have to worry that the enemy would truly threaten his sister.
      At this moment.
      After more than ten minutes, Su Chen’s figure was already on a mountain that was at least a thousand meters tall. His clear black and white eyes could already see traces of man-made gouges on the cliffs.
      A waterfall fell down like a waterfall. Above the spring water, a metal gate that was hidden under the vines appeared.
      “Very good.”
      “It really is Stryker’s secret base.”
      At that time, he was not brought here, so even with his extraordinary memory ability, he could not find it.
      Now, it was an accident. With the help of a hacker girl, she had gotten what she wanted.
      But at this moment.
      A strange magic wave rippled in the surrounding air. The sky was as blue as a wash, and even the surrounding mountains were covered with layers of mirrors. The layers were stacked like a dream.
      The rising mirror quickly disappeared, as if the dream scene just now was his own illusion.
      But Su Chen’s sharp perception had already told him that everything around him had changed.
      “I’ ve been looking for you for a long time, the little brat of the Heretic God’s body!”
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      Who was the prey?(Second place)

      A bright spark of fire drew an arc. Soon, a spatial tunnel appeared in front of him.
      “I’ ve been looking for you for a long time, little brat.”
      A figure in a crimson robe walked out.
      As a mage of Kamataiji, the tall and sturdy Mordu was even more reminiscent of the name of a melee mage.
      In an instant.
      The magic waves around him grew more and more intense. One could see numerous figures wearing the same robe passing through the hanging ring that they were wearing. They opened the spatial door and shuttled over, appearing on the mountain tops.
      Su Chen frowned.
      He was curious when he had offended these people.
      Was that what happened last night?
      In this rambling world, there had always been a hidden guardian force protecting the entire Earth.
      That was the Magic Temple, Kamataiji.
      Its leader, the Supreme Mage, had always been known as the Earth Guardian.
      This Supreme Mage Gu Yi had lived for more than 700 years.
      Last night, the Manhattan mages stationed in the Temple sensed a wave of Evil Gods coming from outside the dimension. An incomparably evil and dark power was descending from the dimension.
      At the first moment, many people thought that it was the old opponent, Domam, who was trying to descend.
      However, this power was much weaker, and it gradually became clear that it came from the Evil God Black Sky, who was much lower than another person.
      Everyone let out a sigh of relief. After all, the supreme mage Gu Yi had already shuttled out of Earth.
      This strand of dark will that tore through the dimension and descended quickly dissipated, leaving the Temple Mage unable to find any clues.
      However, the next morning, Baron Mortu, an even more profound disciple, had personally led a small team to investigate.
      “There’s still a trace of Dark Evil God’s fluctuation on your body.”
      Baron Modu crossed his arms. He stood on the cliff in the opposite mountain range, looking arrogantly at Su Chen.
      “You’ re talking about the Evil God last night?”
      Su Chen understood his intentions.
      He smiled.” That Evil God is very warm, giving me a lot of strength.”
      His words caused a lot of criticism.
      “You want to devour the power of the Evil God?”
      “What a boast!”
      “It’s the first time I’ ve seen someone as fresh and refined as the Evil God Parasite.”
      The red-robed mages in the surroundings released faint magic waves. They either stepped on the void or stepped on the nearby forest, looking at Su Chen with a covetous look.
      Above the void, even the mountains began to float strangely like a carpet. However, the spatial structure of the entire world had changed.
      This was too unusual.
      It was too mysterious.
      Even the sky rose and fell slightly. Everything around him seemed to have started to change.
      Under Kamataiji’s Temple Mage, even the method of folding the city could be done easily.
      This was the mirror space they created.
      From the start, Su Chen was brought into this domain by them. The scenery around him seemed to have not changed at all, but everything that happened here would not interfere with the real world.
      If an ordinary person encountered such a thing, they would definitely be shocked.
      But Su Chen’s eyes had long awakened the ability to detect space.
      He could clearly see the warp, folding, and crack marks of the spatial structure.
      He also saw the changes in the mirror space.
      “Looks like you guys won’ t let me go.”
      Su Chen’s cold face was filled with a chill.
      He had originally come to seek revenge, but who would have thought that someone would cut him off just like that? This made him feel a little unhappy.
      “Evil God’s body, you still want to leave?”You should care about your life.”
      Baron Modu sneered.
      He waved his hand.
      The magic waves around him spread throughout the world, and the attacks from the temple mages started to crack.
      “Get up!!”
      There was a furious roar not far away.
      The mountain range beneath Su Chen’s feet suddenly rose from the ground.
      Xuan Hu’s methods did not scare Su Chen.
      He leaped up and dodged the massive shockwave from below. The ripples of power surged around him, and his sleeves in a black guard robe made waves of sounds under the fierce wind in the valley.
      At this moment, a thick shadow covered the sunny day, gradually covering his body.
      Su Chen looked at him and saw that a mountain beside him had suddenly collapsed. The mountain range that had collapsed collapsed towards his body.
      “That’s it?”
      Su Chen sneered.
      The next moment.
      With the support of the surging psychic power, his figure shot into the air like a cannonball, avoiding the mountain range that was collapsing.
      Under the chaotic wind in the sky, Su Chen’s black hood completely broke away from his head. A black bang floated on his forehead.
      At this moment, his instinctive sense of battle had already told him that he, who was in the sky, was ready to attack.
      After all, he had indeed become a living target.
      In an instant.
      A fierce gale turned into a blade array. It was so terrifying that it slashed towards Su Chen’s body.
      “Not fast enough?”
      In the midst of laughter, Su Chen, who was still at ease, completely disappeared under the shocked gazes of everyone.
      “Damn it!”
      “He’s also an expert in space travel. His perception seems to be very sharp.”
      “This should be the power of the Evil God. That brat still dares to refute it!”
      Find him!!”
      The temple mages finally became serious. Only then did they realize that the other party’s methods were extraordinary. What about the Evil God’s Will?
      “Distraction is not a good thing.”
      At this moment, a voice rang out behind a temple mage.
      His expression changed as he sensed the strong wind behind him and tried to backstop.
      Blood bloomed.
      His movements were still a bit slower, and a long, powerful sword blade pierced through his back, revealing a sharp sword light in front of him.
      Su Chen dissolved the psychic power fluctuations.
      The mage in front of him knelt on the ground like this, and his blood instantly turned into a pool of blood on the ground.
      Su Chen sneered.
      He looked at the red-robed mage in the surroundings. At this moment, the hunter and prey game had just turned around.

      Magic resistance and absorption!(Third place)

      Damn it!!”
      The Temple mages in front of them had never imagined that this youth would be so difficult to deal with.
      Under the siege, not only did he dodge the attacks, but he also killed one of his companions.
      “The Heretic God’s Will is not as weak as I imagined it to be. Let’s go together.”
      The crowd roared.
      The figure in front of him immediately began to attack.
      The surging magic waves were constantly concentrated. The surrounding mountain ranges were once again in turmoil. It was a group of mountain ranges that gathered together. A figure wearing a crimson red robe rushed over.
      “Since I’ m here to die, I won’ t be polite.”
      Su Chen’s eyes flickered with light as he instantly caught a red-robed figure that was traveling through the spatial rift.
      He created an invisible blade with faint traces on it and thrust it backwards.
      Blood bloomed.
      A red-robed mage who had just emerged was pierced through his head.
      On the other side.
      The figure of the red-robed mage that had emerged from the tree had even been halfway through the tree. Su Chen’s figure turned to one side and punched out.
      With a bang, not only was the magic barrier on the opponent’s surface completely shattered, but his entire body was completely blown into a bloody mist by the punch.
      This fatal physical attack was too unreasonable.
      While Su Chen was dealing with the two of them, magic ropes continuously shot out from all directions. A flash of light flashed, making it difficult for people to capture the traces within.
      In the blink of an eye, the magic rope with a faint silver luster was tied to Su Chen’s limbs.
      “Watch me tie you up, you bastard.”
      With a furious roar, Baron Modu, the supreme mage’s disciple, displayed his magic power.
      At this moment.
      His figure actually transformed into hundreds of figures. Each figure above the sky released a magic rope and quickly tied it to Su Chen’s four arms.
      Kamataiji inherited the white magic inheritance of the three fiendcelestials of Mount Wei. She preferred peace, but she did not have as many attack spells as the black magic.
      However, Baron Modu had always been an exorcist. He had learned many secret techniques from Gu Yishang.
      This move in front of him was the magic used by the strange doctor during the battle against Destroyer.
      In the blink of an eye.
      Su Chen immediately felt the loss of his body’s power. His originally boundless essence, energy, and spirit were all gone.
      He had boosted his strength many times, but he realized that his body was getting more and more tired under the struggle. The ropes around him were shining even more brightly.
      The strange magic rope in front of him indeed had some advantages.
      Even his own abilities seemed to have been sealed.
      “Got it.”
      Hundreds of Baron Mortu’s doppelgangers were above the air. Their grim faces were filled with ridicule as they looked down at the young man on the ground.
      This kind of high posture was simply ridiculing.
      When Su Chen saw it, the chill in his eyes grew colder.
      He hated people looking down on him the most in his life!
      [Magic Resistance +100]
      [Magic Absorption +200]
      The indestructible constitution instantly activated its evolution under the stimulation of the outside world.
      Su Chen had never encountered him before.
      But now, just like the online game, Zero Foundation’s body template immediately started to activate the attribute of magic resistance.
      For a moment.
      “What are you going to do?”
      Su Chen laughed coldly as he looked at the hundreds of figures that were above Mo Du.
      His entire body trembled, and dozens of magic ropes instantly broke.
      Baron Modu’s face changed slightly, but he was puzzled as to why he could use this secret technique to raise his strength.
      In the next second, his face became more and more embarrassed, but he realized that his magic power had started to fade away.
      The illusionary doppelgangers were completely disintegrated without any magic power. At this moment, Baron Modu could feel the magic power in his body as if it had been activated. It was completely released, and it flowed down the magic rope towards the boy’s body.
      “Damn it, what kind of black magic is this?”
      Baron Modu was furious.
      Who would have thought that this was a method to bind an opponent, but it actually made him bind himself.
      Magic absorption!!
      After being eroded by magic power, Su Chen’s undiminished body not only gave birth to magic resistance, but also created the characteristic of magic absorption by magic energy.
      In other words, besides absorbing the newly awakened spiritual energy, energy manipulation could absorb even magical energy.
      No one could use the same move, the same ability could harm him.
      After Su Chen’s evolution and transformation, his sluggish cell activity greatly recovered.
      At this moment, a red-robed mage had already arrived the moment he was bound.
      Su Chen laughed coldly. A pair of clear black and white eyes shone with red light at this moment. In an instant, a bright laser beam penetrated through the mage’s body.
      Damn it!!”
      Baron Modu could no longer maintain this magic.
      He felt that his magic power was too weak to continue, so he directly removed all the doppelgangers in the air.
      The magic rope disappeared.
      But the moment he lost his restraint.
      A sonic boom suddenly sounded from the mountain in front of him. Su Chen’s figure flew over like a cannonball.
      “You better get lost.”
      He had long seen this red-robed mage standing above the sky and looking down at others. He was extremely unhappy.
      At this moment, his figure flew out. Su Chen, who held his right fist high, smashed the magic barrier outside the opponent’s body.
      Baron Modu’s figure fell from the sky like a meteorite and landed heavily on the ground.


      This must be the malicious intent of the world!(Fourth place)

      The feeling of being knocked down by someone from a high position above the sky was naturally not good for Baron Modu.
      To Su Chen, he felt extremely disgusted and tired.
      Stryker’s secret base was in front of him on the path of revenge.
      But somehow, he provoked another unknown magic power to destroy him.
      The reason for all of this was because he had helped his friend Ming Di with a grudge.
      “I’ m just trying to completely devour that evil god’s power. You guys better clean me up.”
      This was where Su Chen was most annoyed.
      Mud men still had a bit of anger!!
      For no reason, he was wrongly recognized as a devil god’s body. He wished he could destroy his entire body and raise his ashes.
      This kind of unprovoked accusation was simply a false accusation.
      How could Su Chen, who had experienced a lot of hardships, endure this kind of anger.
      And why did he have to endure this sullen anger?
      Su Chen’s past few days’ accumulated gentleness disappeared.
      The sharp and handsome face once again revealed an extremely cold and heartless feeling, just like the youth who walked out of the nuclear explosion that day.
      He said coldly.
      It was as if Death was sentencing, and King Yama was demanding his life.
      Under the black state, Su Chen’s pent-up anger activated a mysterious power.
      A terrifying force interfered with reality and altered everything around it.
      In the blink of an eye.
      “Something’s wrong…”
      The red-robed mages cried out in panic.
      They spread out their hands and saw that their arms were breaking down. At this moment, the flesh and blood had completely disintegrated and turned into a pile of powder, scattering in the air.
      In just an instant.
      The temple mages who had displayed their might and killing intent immediately began to cry.
      “Tell me now, do I have the right to devour the power of the Demonic God?”
      “Do I boast shamelessly?”
      “That’s why a mere devil god will is nothing. It makes you feel that it’s impossible to complete it. I don’ t know that your existence is as small as an ant to me.”
      Su Chen sneered coldly.
      The mages who were still hanging in the air were now completely ashamed.
      “I was wrong…”
      “Save me!!”
      In desperation, they couldn’t help but beg for forgiveness from the person they were mocking earlier.
      There was no magic wave, no sign of energy, and under the terrifying interference of reality, the figures in front of them collapsed in panic, turning into smoke and disappearing into nothingness.
      The surroundings changed even more. Dream-like mirrors were once again stacked in all directions.
      However, this time, there was a loud cracking sound. Countless cracks spread across the mirror, and the entire mirror space was completely shattered.
      After losing the supply of magic power, the mirror space that changed the world disappeared.
      Counting the mages that had been lost, a small team member led by Baron Modu was wiped out.
      Baron Modu’s expression changed drastically. He took a few deep breaths and continued to increase his life force. He tried to resist this power, but the weak ripples continued to spread in his body.
      In the blink of an eye.
      His hands also began to crumble. Under the merciless annihilation of the modified reality, he could not continue to hold on.
      “Damn bastard!!”
      At this moment, Baron Modu looked at the cold boy in front of him. He finally realized that he had offended someone he shouldn’t have offended.
      This guy was actually able to swallow a wisp of the devil god’s will?
      Thinking back to the rapid passage of his magic power, his face turned pale. He could only feel the most merciless ridicule.
      He hated it!!
      He didn’t expect that this action to destroy the will of the Demonic God would be a fake.
      And the child that he provoked had such terrifying strength.
      His body was filled with such shocking killing intent.
      Was this really not the reincarnation of a demon god?
      “It’s a pity that you killed them and the people who killed our Kamataiji. Kid, you’ re the one who shouldn’t be provoked….”
      Baron Modu, who had turned into a rage from embarrassment, roared in anger as soon as he was dead.
      “When Earth’s guardian arrives, when the supreme mage Gu Yi returns to Earth, it will be when you are being judged. When that time comes, will you be corroded by the Demonic God? Are you a demon outside the dimension? We will naturally know everything.”
      Mo Du’s’ they’ did not include himself.
      When his entire body was completely disintegrated, a puppet doll like voodoo appeared. Under the power of reality, the doll completely collapsed.
      Su Chen frowned.
      He felt that he had indeed killed him, but his subconscious told him that the other party seemed to use some sort of black magic to let this puppet mannequin die for him.
      “Earth Guardian, Supreme Mage, outside Earth?”
      Su Chen gritted his teeth with a cold expression.
      He had never heard of these names.
      Superheroes were very familiar with the rumors, but Su Chen only learned about the existence of magic in this world today.
      Could their leader still be recruited outside Earth, within dimensions?
      “What bullsh*t Earth Guardian? There really is such an existence. Why would there be a great war in the world? How could tens of millions of lives disappear just like that….”
      “If there really is an Earth Guardian, would he not be willing to protect me, or even other suffering mutated humans, and just let humans slaughter them?”
      “If you really have the ability of a Guardian and are unwilling to open your eyes and look at us, then what is the difference between you and the Demonic God.”
      Su Chen’s state of mind became increasingly dark.
      Because he really felt that he had suffered the malice from the entire world.
      It was clearly not him who was wrong.
      Clearly, what he had done earlier was a good thing. He had successfully avenged Mingdi and his father, completely eradicating the underground underworld emperor Jin Ju who had exploited and enslaved countless people.
      But somehow……
      He was thus considered to be the existence of an evil demon.
      Could it be that he was willing to be poured into his head by the disgusting will coming from him?
      It was obvious that he had finished swallowing.
      Why did these people have to trouble themselves again and again?
      “This must be the malicious intent of the world.”
      The more he thought about it, the more angry Su Chen felt his state of mind turn darker. In the blink of an eye, a withering power quickly filled the secret base in front of him.

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