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Welcome to the world of the law of the jungle

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      Welcome to the world of the law of the jungle
      Chapter 1 welcome to the second dimension
      Fifty haze, now one of the three most powerful species in the universe, is a celestial traverser.
      Some of them looked excitedly at the colorful scenery in front of them. Although it was almost the same as the earth’s buildings before 50 LAN, 50 LAN knew that this was obviously not a pure modern world.
      reason?The reason is that fifty LAN is proficient in Japanese, which she has never learned systematically. Besides, this street is full of colorful hair, with different colors of pupils, but it seems to be a natural and harmonious neon!
      “Well, I've crossed. There's no doubt that it's the neon of the second dimension.”Fifty haze along with the flow of people walking in the street, silently thought, glanced at the shop on the street, looking at the shop bright and clean glass reflect their own figure, black hair and black eyes, still handsome, very good, he is still the flower of the motherland, the appearance has not changed.
      They are carefree, through or, materialistic society, people are indifferent and heartless, only the second dimension of the sister still a little temperature.
      Although fifty LAN is still quietly walking with the flow of people, her heart is a little nervous. The second dimension seems beautiful, and she is also yearned for. However, the second dimension has a lot of people and things who use force to explode the surface, and I don't know which world it is. Although she has excellent physique, she still belongs to the category of human beings, but she is vulnerable to the supernatural forces beyond the specification.
      Walking silently through several tall buildings, 50 LAN still didn't find any landmark buildings, but looking at the physical quality of these pedestrians, they are almost the same as those in previous lives, and there is no special technology. It seems that at least on the surface, this should be an ordinary world. At this time, 50 LAN only hopes that this world looks the same.
      “Tokyo Metropolitan University, one of the most famous universities in China, which has almost 100% achieved the goal of further education and employment, is about to open. This year, how many talents will it train for neon…”
      Listening to the radio voice coming from her ear, fifty Lan's heart moved slightly, this familiar routine, ah no, this familiar advertising words, highly educated high school?Welcome to the classroom of supremacy?
      Fifty LAN breathes a sigh of relief. Although the name of the world is domineering and the power is supreme, there is no supernatural power in reality, and it is more inclined to fight for wisdom. For fifty LAN, the pressure is much less. However, her own crossing is not a scientific matter. Fifty LAN is still on guard. Maybe the world is not simple.
      Since coming to the second dimension, fifty LAN is naturally not willing to spend a mediocre life as an ordinary person. Fifty LAN can not be regarded as an ordinary person in his previous life. The new world at this time gives fifty LAN great impetus.
      At the moment, as one of the three most powerful species, 50 LAN has a small goal to be an “ordinary” neon high school student as well as a celestial traverser. In this way, she has two of the three most powerful species, so she should have a good experience.
      In the classroom of supremacy of power, fifty LAN ponders a little. In her previous life, fifty LAN knew something about the world. Although she only saw animation, she also knew that in this film, a group of high school students with different stories didn't study hard and were fighting with each other all day. As a good child with moral quality,Fifty LAN thinks that he needs to let these high school students enjoy learning.
      However, the most important thing now is to solve her own survival problem. When she first arrived, she had neither money in circulation nor a place to live. However, since she was planning to go to a boarding high school, she didn't have to worry about the place to live. After that, she had to live in school. For now, it's better to borrow some money from enthusiastic people.
      Fifty LAN looks around. It's probably the center of the city. There are a lot of people here. Although the clothes are similar to those of the previous life, the hair color and pupil color of these people are different. If they dyed their hair in such a color in the previous life, it would only reduce people's appearance. However, there is a different aesthetic feeling here, which makes fifty Lan's heart a little excited.
      Fifty LAN doesn't think it's a good place to borrow money because there are so many people here. Aiming at the direction of less flow of people, she walks quickly. With the passage of time, it's completely dark. At this time, fifty LAN finally walks into a quiet alley.
      “Boy, this is our territory. Stay away from me
      Hearing the sound of footsteps, the two young people squatting in the alley smoking were a little flustered. When they saw only fifty LAN and his thin figure, they calmed down again. One of them with a red explosive head stood up and yelled at fifty LAN with fierce eyes.
      After a look at them, the expressionless fifty Lan's eyes lit up. Hearing the words of the explosive head, he stepped forward instead of retreating. Now that he knows what the world is, fifty LAN is not afraid of a few gangsters. On the value of force, fifty LAN, who already knows something about the original work, thinks that he should be at least the same level as brother Lu.
      “You boy…”
      Seeing the figure of fifty LAN, the explosive head twists his neck with a cigarette in his mouth. He who is familiar with this place naturally knows that there is no surveillance camera here, and he has no worries about it. He punches at the person who doesn't know his face.
      In the face of the fist of the explosive head, fifty LAN leisurely stretched out a hand, firmly grasped his wrist, ran into the explosive head's arms, and made a force in his hand. One over shoulder fell the explosive head heavily to the ground.
      His companion saw that the exploding head was defeated, and he got up with his teeth biting, but he was quickly restrained by the rushing 50 LAN.
      “Let go of me!”
      Fifty LAN didn't tube in front of the eyes is he will hands don't behind of the person's words, slightly sighed a tone, quite gentle of open a way.
      “Well, I'm in a bit of a pinch when I first came to your place. I don't know if the two heroes can give me some help.”
      Hearing fifty Lan's words, they were stunned. Then the pain on their body made them wake up again.
      “What, money.”
      Knowing that they can't beat 50 LAN, they take out their money. As a gangster, if they can't beat them, they run away. If they can't run away, they know the truth of counseling.
      The money to fifty LAN, two people some hard to sort out the messy clothes, gray help quickly leave, fifty LAN back against the wall, looking at the two people left the back, in the dim light, two people slightly trembling body rely on each other, step some weak, but still did not give up each other, let fifty LAN feel their deep feelings.
      Money is precious, friends are more expensive. Sure enough, friendship is more precious than the money of decadent people. Fifty LAN wipes the tears that don't exist in the corner of her eyes, and puts the money away with a moving face. He counts it carefully. Well, thousands of yen, maybe she needs to borrow some more money.
      “Ding, the host successfully implements the principle of strength first, and the system officially starts!”*
      Chapter 2 attributes
      “When the host opens the system, a certificate of identity will be awarded, and a certificate of admission to a higher education secondary school will be issued.”
      Suddenly the voice let fifty LAN a Zheng, immediately reaction come over, the corners of the mouth hook up a smile, system.
      Originally, fifty haze was on the verge of an alien world, and he was still a little nervous about the unknown road ahead. At this time, the emergence of the system gave fifty haze the confidence. His own crossing was also related to the system.
      After looking at the two certificates in hand, fifty LAN doesn't have to worry that she will have nowhere to settle down because of the problem of black households.
      “System, what functions do you have?”
      Fifty LAN some expect to ask, according to the basic routine, the system should give yourself a novice gift bag, let oneself have far more than human ability, with this and his ability, enough to wander the world.
      “At present, the system has two functions: querying the properties of the host and strengthening the host.”
      This system of deep implementation of simple style makes 50 LAN feel a little suffocated. Not only is there no novice gift bag, but also is the function so simple?
      “No exchange function?”
      “Whoa, forget it. Check my properties.”
      Fifty haze took a deep breath, now is not the pursuit of simple beauty, such a system, is simply the embodiment of beauty.
      Fifty haze (human)
      Constitution: 15 (average of normal adults: 10)
      Mental: 15 (normal adult average 10)
      Fifty LAN had some understanding of her physical condition, but she was not surprised to see that she was far beyond the average in physique and spirit. However, the attributes given by the system came to an end.
      “These are the two attributes?”
      “At present, physique affects the host's appearance, strength, life, endurance and other physical indicators, and spirit affects the host's intelligence, memory, judgment, mental strength and other indicators.”
      Fifty LAN listen to the explanation of the system, so to speak, these two attributes are all inclusive, not simple.
      “Explain the enhancement.”
      “The host defeats or suppresses valuable targets with strength, and rewards experience value. Experience value is used to strengthen attributes. Currently, the host has experience value: 10, and strengthening a little attribute requires experience value: 100.”
      Fifty haze slightly pondered, his 10 points of experience is just the contribution of the two gangsters, really less ah.
      “What is a valuable goal?”
      “The power, status and ability of the goal determine the value of the goal.”
      It's quite understandable that a person's value depends on many aspects. The two gangsters just now have low social status and ability, so it's understandable that their force value can barely reach the standard and their experience value is so little.
      Originally, fifty LAN should challenge some valuable goals for her experience, but in a society ruled by law, she can't be unknown. Fifty LAN can only choose those who are wandering in the dark side of society.
      “Last question, why me?”
      Although fifty haze's ability is excellent among ordinary human beings, since the system has the ability to let itself through, it can choose a stronger host in the universe. Why did it choose itself.
      Fifty haze saw that the system did not respond, so he stopped talking about it. The system has great power to cross the world. Now he has no idea about the system. If the system doesn't speak, he can't force it.
      If the system really has a plan, it can directly issue the task of failure or death to force itself, instead of just strengthening its existence as an assistant.
      Out of the dark alley, fifty LAN strolls on the street, one month before gaoyucheng high school starts. During this time, she can brush more experience.
      “Did you find fifty haze?”
      A group of tall young people gathered in the street, each person exudes a fierce atmosphere, holding baseball bats and other metal weapons. Due to this unusual scene, there are not many pedestrians in the originally prosperous street.
      “He's coming to us!”
      An equally discerning thug came panting to answer the leader's question.
      Originally, this group of people is because fifty LAN is crazy to attack social people these days. He is the lightest under his command, and his face is black and blue. So the most powerful people in various regions gather together and plan to give fifty LAN some color. Unexpectedly, he dare to come here on his own initiative.
      Looking at the fifty haze approaching from a distance, the people who all have the evil spirit no longer speak much. The people closest to fifty haze look at each other, holding all kinds of weapons and roaring to fifty haze.
      “The system, as soon as I have enough experience, immediately strengthens my spirit to 20.”
      After so many days, fifty LAN has strengthened her constitution to 25, but her spirit is still 15.
      In the face of those weapons that are powerful to ordinary people, fifty LAN doesn't dodge, but meets them with bare hands.
      In the gangster's shocked eyes, both blunt and sharp weapons are blocked by 50 LAN with unprotected hands. After that, 50 LAN punches them one by one. Even if some people hold metal weapons in front of them, they are directly hit by 50 Lan's fists on the steel and blow them out.
      The other gangsters look at fifty Lan's action, some incredible stay, fifty LAN without a pause, like a tiger into a sheep will be close to their own strong man down one by one.
      “Ding, the spirit of the host has reached 20.”
      With the prompt sound of the system, fifty LAN looks at the figure in front of her eyes and smiles: “I'm just a hero because of my interest.”
      Many of the desperado lying on the ground are still groaning and suffering from the pain of their bodies. Hearing 50 Lan's words, they are a little collapsed. People with such a high value of force can make brilliant achievements in the light world. Why do they want to find trouble for those who walk on the dark side.
      A shot, but it is a man full of tattoos struggling to take out a pistol, to 50 LAN fired a shot, maybe know can't make a life, this shot is to 50 Lan's shoulder.
      The piercing gunshot made the other people's painful groans seem a little weak. Everyone's eyes were focused on the pistol and fifty haze.
      Just strengthened the spirit, some refreshing fifty haze heard the gunshot, eyes slightly narrowed, is going to reach out to block the bullet.
      That's right. Stop the bullet with your hand and strengthen your physique to 50 haze of 25. In the face of pistol bullets, you can already ensure that you won't get hurt.
      Fifty Lan's mind, which is about to start, has been very active since it was strengthened. It has an invisible force. It's like hands and feet. It's natural for fifty LAN to control it. It's controlled to rush to the bullet which is not so fast in fifty Lan's eyes.
      With a dull sound, the bullets in the air seemed to be hindered invisibly. In the eyes of ordinary people, the speed was as fast as lightning, but it became visible to the naked eye.
      At last, the bullet slowly hit fifty Lan's shoulder, wiped a little mark on the clothes, and then fell to the ground, making a crisp sound.
      “Ghost, ghost!”
      At this time, the people around seemed to forget their pain. Even the desperado licked the blood with the blade. At this time, it was like a ghost scene, which also made them collapse and run away. Fifty LAN looked at the bullets that fell on the ground. Is that the mental power.
      Listening to the sound of the police car approaching, fifty LAN leaves quickly in the opposite direction. Now people who fight without causing social unrest are almost beaten all over by themselves. If they go on like this, they may be concerned by high-level people.
      It's almost time. I'd better go to the high school isolated from the outside world*
      Chapter 3 welcome to the classroom of supremacy of power
      Sitting on the bus, fifty LAN looks at the students who are wearing the same school uniform as herself. She smiles a little. High school. In the past, fifty LAN didn't like high school very much. There are many things, but this is the second dimension. High school is the center of all kinds of events.
      “Classmate, this is the special seat for love. Can you give this old lady a seat?She looks very hard. ”
      The beautiful girl's voice came. Fifty LAN heard it. She saw a girl with short orange hair and beautiful purple eyes in front of the bus. She was pitiful and asked to the strong blonde man in front of her.
      Both of them are dressed in high school uniforms. Today, I think they are alumni.
      The blonde man occupied two seats with his legs up. He stood still in the face of the girl's request. He half narrowed his eyes and said, “no, no, although it's a love seat, there's no rule that you have to give up your seat.”
      The girl was a little surprised at the man's extreme self-expression, and was about to talk to him. Sitting in the back half of the bus, knowing that her persuasion would not work, 50 LAN stood up, laughed and waved to the girl.
      “Sit with me.”
      Not far from fifty haze, a girl with long black hair and purple pupils, who exudes the aura of idleness, glances at fifty haze, who is full of aura because of her super high physique, and looks at his sunny smile.
      “Tut, good man.”
      If many people who were beaten by 50 LAN before heard this comment, they would collapse. Is this kind of monster full of lethality a good man?
      Five senses have already faintly surpassed the human category of fifty haze, naturally heard some black long straight evaluation, also don't say much, continue to look at in front of the orange haired girl.
      Fifty haze, with a sunny smile in front of her eyes, made the orange haired girl named Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum even feel that the darkness in her heart was purified.
      “Thank you. My name is kuntian Platycodon grandiflorum.”
      “Hello, I'm 50 LAN.”
      When the old lady sat down, it seemed that zhuitian Platycodon had forgotten the situation at this time and bowed to fifty LAN to thank her. However, she could not stand steadily on the moving bus and fell to fifty LAN with inertia before she could catch hold of the handrail.
      Looking at the girl who fell to her in front of her eyes, fifty LAN slightly adjusted her standing posture, put her heel against the raised armrest post behind her, and in a stable posture, she withstood the impact of the field.
      “Yes, I'm sorry.”
      He thought that he would fall down when he found out that the person in front of him had withstood his own impact without holding anything in his hands. Although he was not heavy, he had the power of speed, which could not be controlled by an ordinary person.
      Some blush to find that they seem to be still in the arms of a heterosexual, Ctenopharyngodon grandiflorum quickly grasp the next handle, to stand firm, good psychological quality let her quickly down the face of the red halo.
      Fifty LAN looked at the unexpected girl who was in a hurry and shook her head: “it doesn't matter.”
      Just after Zhutian Platycodon bumps into her chest, fifty LAN can take advantage of the situation, but fifty LAN is a gentleman, holding the girl's shoulder gently with her hands.
      It's not that he's not interested in Zhuoda Platycodon grandiflorum. On the contrary, fifty LAN is full of interest in this beautiful girl who seems to have two kinds of mentality. She just doesn't want to make a special move to a girl who has just known her for a short time.
      Next to a black long straight looking at not far from her fifty haze, it is completely the performance of good people, let her send out the cold gas field seems to be a little light.
      In front of and behind fifty hazel, a blonde man, a brown haired man, and a blind man, all look at the legs of fifty Hazel's armrest that bear the impact force, and secretly think: good reaction and physical quality.
      After that, the bus arrived at its destination, Tokyo Metropolitan, in a quiet atmosphere.
      Standing at the gate of this school, where the employment rate and enrollment rate are as high as 100%, and looking at the new students coming and going out of the gate, 50 LAN doesn't feel much tension.
      “I said you.”
      A black long straight girl stood not far from fifty haze and called fifty haze. Her long black hair fluttered slightly with the wind, which was quite beautiful.
      “You're not a good man for survival.”
      Horibai, looking at the boy in front of her, reminds her that she doesn't like to associate with others. Facing the person in front of her, she unexpectedly takes the initiative to approach and speak.
      Looking at the girl's wine red eyes in front of her, you are still too sweet. You can judge a person's character from a few actions. However, I don't hate it. Fifty Lan thought to herself. However, horibai Lingyin is not such a simple person. It's just fifty Lan's temperament under her super high constitution, which makes her believe fifty Lan's performance.
      “I'm not a good man, and I believe in the supremacy of strength, but thank you.”
      “My name is horibai Lingyin. I just heard your name, fifty haze.”
      Hori north ring tone finish saying, turn round to leave, fifty haze walk toward the same direction without delay.
      “Let's welcome the president of the students to give a speech.”
      In the resplendent auditorium, fifty LAN looks at the student president who is speaking on the front platform. Looking around, fifty LAN acutely finds that the student president's physique and several other people have reached more than ten points, surpassing the level of ordinary people. Before strengthening, fifty LAN may have to be cautious, but now
      “Welcome to Tokyo High Education University. The university has nearly 100% graduation rate and employment rate, which is the result of inheriting the fine tradition of new and old students…”
      The student president's speech is nothing more than introducing the school and beating the freshmen. In a lazy atmosphere under the stage, the student president corrected his glasses and quietly ended the speech.
      At the end of the opening ceremony, fifty LAN came to her class, class D for one year.
      There are already many people in the class. Freshmen have gradually found common topics, forming small groups in twos and threes. Horibai Lingyin sits alone in her seat, exuding the air of not being near. After several people try to get close but are treated coldly, everyone keeps a distance from her.
      With her ability to observe the atmosphere and lively performance, Zhuoda Platycodon has become the leader among several girls, leading the topic of conversation. Seeing fifty LAN enter the class, Zhuoda Platycodon's smile expands a bit, and walks briskly to fifty LAN.
      “Fifty LAN students, meet again, did not expect that we are a class.”
      Fifty LAN looks at the girl who appears lively and lovely in front of her eyes and smiles.
      “I'm seeing you again. It seems that I'm lucky.”
      Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum looks at the bright fifty haze in the sunshine outside the window. I don't know whether it is the idea of making friends or the palpitation of the soul.
      “Fifty LAN students, you can call me Platycodon grandiflorum.”
      As soon as the voice of zhuitian Platycodon grandiflorum has just dropped, the noisy classroom seems to have stopped. They all turn their eyes to fifty LAN and Platycodon grandiflorum. Both the lively and lovely zhuitian Platycodon grandiflorum and fifty LAN with outstanding appearance and temperament have become the center of the class. Although the other freshmen are chatting with each other, they pay a lot of attention to them.
      Fifty haze doesn't care about the atmosphere at this time, nodded.
      “Platycodon grandiflorum, whatever you call me.”
      “Wu, people clearly hope that Lan Jun calls me Platycodon grandiflorum.”
      Zhutian Platycodon blinked at fifty LAN, and she said, “Fifty LAN is looking at Zhutian Platycodon, who is full of youthful and lively atmosphere. She has been showing such positive energy. Is her heart as sunny as her appearance?”.
      (if you can, please give me some support, flowers and comments are OK)*
      Chapter 4 start of school
      “Well, let's introduce ourselves. My name is Yosuke Hirata. You can come to me if you have any difficulties.”
      It seems that seeing the dialogue between fifty LAN and Zhutian Platycodon makes the class atmosphere a little quiet. A boy who seems to be quite elegant stands up and stirs up the topic, leaving a good impression in a word.
      Fifty haze looks at yokosuke Hirata, who looks elegant and kind-hearted. He is a good man, and fifty haze has good sense for him.
      “My name is fifty LAN. Beautiful girls can come to me if they have any difficulties.”
      Hepingtian is similar to yokosuke, but there are some rogue words. From the mouth of fifty LAN, under the addition of his appearance and temperament, people can't feel disgusted, and the students on one side make a kind laugh.
      “Hee hee, classmate fifty LAN, do you think I have met your requirements?”
      “And me, and me.”
      “Fifty LAN classmate, fierce ah, said what I dare not say.”
      As soon as Chi kuanzhi's voice fell, he was embarrassed to find that the girls in the class quickly distanced themselves and pointed at themselves. It's disgusting. Why are they treated differently if they are similar.
      “What's the matter, Xuteng?”
      Chi kuanzhi suddenly found that his new friend, Xu tengjian's face was abnormal.
      “No, no, nothing.”
      A head of red hair, tall Xu tengjian some flurried back looking at fifty haze's eyes, damn, this is not that abuse his those who advance into the society “senior” evil star, how can and his class.
      After fifty LAN finished, she picked a seat by the window at random. Qinglong, who was planning to sit down not far from fifty LAN, saw fifty LAN sitting down and sat silently in the last row of corners a little farther away from fifty LAN.
      Qinglong's self introduction is extremely short, and her intonation has no ups and downs. She doesn't leave much impression at all. She has a super high IQ and physical fitness, but she is a dodger who just wants to hide behind others.
      After that, Zhu Tian introduced himself and took a look in the direction of 50 LAN. He walked to the seat on the right side of 50 LAN and said, “hee hee, I'll sit here.”
      Horibai Lingyin looks at Zhuoda Platycodon sitting in front of him. Although the girl in front of him is always sunny and cheerful, because of the incompatibility of personality and some inexplicable reasons, horibai Lingyin doesn't want to contact Zhuoda Platycodon very much.
      Although she is chatting with several girls, her eyes have been wandering in the class. At last, she stops on fifty LAN, who is surrounded by many people, and holds her hand tightly.
      At this time, the class seemed to form several small groups, including some people led by yokosuke Hirata, some boys led by Kenzo suto, some girls led by Zehui Mitsui, and some girls led by Platycodon henryi.
      The rest are Gao Yuan Temple, Ling path, horibai Lingyin, and 50 LAN, who are close to almost all small groups though they don't deliberately establish their status.
      At this time, a woman in a black professional suit pushed the door in, knowing that it was probably the teacher's classmates who went back to their seats and calmed down.
      “From now on, I will be your head teacher, and tea will stay in zuozhi.”
      Wearing a black teacher's uniform, long legs and black stockings, a brown hair tied into a single ponytail hanging down behind her back, a standard melon face and delicate facial features, a face of indifference, a beautiful woman with proud figure lightly introduced herself.
      “Students are not allowed to contact with the outside world. They don't need money in school. Instead, they need s points. A little s points stands for one yen. This month's s s points have been issued to you. You can inquire through your mobile phone.”
      Wen Yan's students took out the special mobile phones issued by the school and were surprised to find that they had 100000 points. Thinking of the purchasing power equivalent to 100000 yen, everyone's faces were filled with smiles.
      Fifty LAN looks at these naive students and sighs. When you really come to enjoy yourself, thinking that the bad performance of these students will greatly reduce the number of points in the class, so that there will be no points issued next month, fifty LAN decides to take measures to make a slight change.
      “Teacher, will the number of points distributed increase or decrease?”
      Cha ZhuoZhi's eyes flashed. He looked at the boy with black hair in front of him and nodded: “yes.”
      Tea in Sasaki cold answer let originally cheering students a pause, Hirata yokosuke then reaction, is also asked.
      “How can I increase and decrease points?”
      Tea in Sasaki this time did not answer Hirata's words, but coldly let the students explore.
      “What, the teacher.”
      When zuozhi leaves the classroom, several students start to complain. Fifty LAN looks at the students who don't pay attention to what they have just said, except for a few people like Ling Xiaolu, and frowns.
      Fifty LAN came to this school. On the one hand, this is the place where the plot happened. On the other hand, many students with unusual abilities in this school are the goal of fifty LAN to earn experience.
      If you want to beat those students who have extraordinary ability but don't do their work all day long, fifty LAN will naturally lead class D to beat Class C, class B and class A. now the performance of these classmates is undoubtedly dragging him down.
      “Just now the teacher said that the number of points will be reduced, and you should understand the task of students. I hope you can perform well in the future.”
      Fifty haze's words are similar to the order, which would have caused people's disgust, but now the leader of the small group in the class, yokosuke Hirata, is a good man, and kiyoda is very close to fifty haze because of what happened before.
      Xu tengjian knows some glorious deeds of 50 LAN, and is very afraid. Looking at 50 Lan's eyes is like looking at a fierce animal, and he doesn't dare to say anything.
      Horibai Suzuki is a good student, and ayahashi Qinglong won't show it. No one will openly oppose fifty haze at this time.
      “Fifty LAN is too serious!”
      A few girls are laughing there. Fifty Lan's affinity makes them not feel disgusted even if they hear fifty Lan's words. Instead, they are joking in order to activate the atmosphere.
      Fifty LAN knows that although these students will no longer behave as badly as the original because of their own reasons, class D will be class d after all, and the number of points will be reduced after a month.
      In a word, class D is the gathering place of the so-called defective products. When you are systematically assigned to class D, what are the so-called defects
      On the other hand, chazhu zuozhi recalled the boy who had just asked him a question and turned over the information in his file folder: “Fifty haze…”
      In addition to teamwork, all the abilities are a, e?Another maverick.
      Looking at the fifty LAN class that column, tea in zuozhi seems to think of his past, sighed: “D class.”
      Fifty LAN naturally didn't know that her team cooperation ability was rated as e, but really speaking, the so-called strength first judgment of the system has been implemented by fifty LAN alone so far, and there is no team cooperation.
      On the first day, there was no class. Fifty LAN left the classroom to buy some daily necessities and food. When she first came to the school, she had to prepare some things. Moreover, fifty Lan was still curious about the environment of the school.
      Fifty LAN doesn't plan to take the monthly reward as the only source of points, just like a little rich woman in class B, fifty LAN plans to earn points by herself.
      When I think of all kinds of events after that, a golden baboon has been acting on its own. It has remarkable physique and ability, but it has not made much contribution. On the contrary, it has caused some troubles.
      Fifty haze's mouth gradually reminds me. Are you the six assistants of Gaoyuan temple? Since you claim to be the embodiment of your strength, I don't know if I can defeat you and let you listen to those with higher strength.*
      Chapter 5 horibai ring tone
      Fifty LAN walking in the school supermarket, a wide range of goods can be said to be everything, a cold breath of the beautiful shadow flashed in front of fifty LAN.
      Horibai Lingyin looks at the man in front of her. The teacher's question just now makes her understand that points seem to be more than money. At this time, facing 50 LAN, on the one hand, she is annoyed at the misconception that 50 LAN is a simple old man. On the other hand, she realizes that points seem to have a deep sense of frustration after the dialogue between 50 LAN and the teacher.
      Fifty LAN looks at some temper of horibai ring tone, smile.
      “It's a coincidence that horibai is here, too.”
      Horibai glanced at fifty haze, did not speak, and continued to select all kinds of goods on the shelf, but did not directly turn away.
      Fifty LAN looks at Horiba Lingyin in front of her. It seems that the girl's force value is good, and her ability is excellent. I don't know how much experience she will get if she defeats Horiba Lingyin.
      Recalling the miserable situation of those gangsters who were treated by themselves, and looking at the pretty face of the girl in front of her, fifty LAN shook her head. Forget it, you can't abuse the beautiful girl.
      Although horibai seems to be picking something, he has been secretly watching fifty LAN. He notices that fifty LAN is shaking his head. Horibai turns around and looks at fifty LAN angrily.
      “What's the matter with you?”
      Fifty LAN is still thinking about the experience value. When he hears the words of Horiba, he comes back to himself. Since Horiba can't be used as an object to earn experience value, he has to change his goal to a more powerful student president, Horiba's elder brother, who is known as the best student president since the founding of the school.
      “Horibai is not far away from me. I just want to get familiar with him. And I remember that the president of the student seems to have the same surname as you?”
      Horibai was silent for a moment. “He's my brother.”
      Fifty LAN didn't expect that horbei Lingyin would give such a simple answer. He knew that horbei Xue didn't say much about the ruthless fifty LAN who was concerned about horbei Lingyin.
      Looking at a shelf with free items in the supermarket, horibai Suzuki looks at fifty haze.
      “It seems that you are right. It seems that there should not be so many points.”
      The school gave each freshman 100000 points and explained that the points could not be converted into Japanese yen after graduation. The students who easily got huge sums of money went shopping crazily, thinking that there would be 100000 points in the next month anyway, but the free goods in front of them were taken away by some senior students.
      As a man with normal sexual orientation, fifty LAN naturally doesn't want a beautiful girl to be extremely indifferent to herself, but then she hears the noise outside the supermarket door.
      Fifty LAN, who has been chatting with horibai, walks out of the supermarket. Horibai, who doesn't like to be fussy, looks at fifty Lan's back, bites his teeth, snorts and goes to check out. He also plans to go out to have a look at the situation.
      “Soon you will see what hell is!”
      Several senior students looked down upon him as if he were an unruly beast, left a word and walked away with a smile.
      Looked at in front of the eyes of Xuteng Jianyi, fifty haze mouth asked: “what's the matter?”
      Originally burning with anger, Xu tengjian, who wanted to kick down the garbage can on one side, saw fifty haze and stopped. Now he stood upright. Originally, because of his fierce anger, he squeezed out a few smiles: “no, nothing.”
      Fifty haze looked at the obvious abnormal reaction of Xu tengjian, as if thinking: “you seem to know me?”
      Xu tengjian was so stiff that he waved his hand again and again: “ah, ha ha, I didn't know that fifty LAN introduced himself today.”
      Fifty haze associate with Xu tengjian's performance. It seems that his punishment of gangsters is more popular than he imagined, and it's not too complicated.
      “Mr. suto, this is the school. Please pay attention to your words and deeds. In addition, my business, whether you know it or not, should not be publicized at will.”
      Fifty Lan said, slightly exudes a momentum, he taught those people, there are thugs, there are outlaws, there are also some gangs, make fifty LAN body also has a fierce gas, but usually fifty LAN suppressed, in the face of Xu tengjian this if good words to persuade hard to move people, fifty LAN is simply a threat.
      “I understand!I see!That, fifty LAN classmate, excuse me, I'll go first. ”
      Xu tengjian shivered and left quickly.
      “Ding, strength first, reward 50 experience points.”
      At this time, the voice of the system rings in fifty Lan's mind. Fifty LAN is surprised to find that the reward is as high as 50 experience. You know, he has defeated many social figures, but few people reward 50 experience at one time, and the value of Xu tengjian is not very high. It seems that the reward for plot characters may be higher.
      At this time, horibai Lingyin came out of the supermarket with something in his hand and looked at the flustered figure of Xu tengjian. He didn't pay much attention to it.
      “Thank you for your concern. Nothing happened.”
      “Tut, I don't care about you.”
      Horibai took a dissatisfied look at fifty haze and turned to leave quickly.
      Fifty haze watched horibai ring sound leave, thought about it, and walked in a direction.
      Horibai pushed his glasses and squinted at the man in school uniform: “Fifty haze.”
      Fifty haze was surprised to find that horibai knew his name: “Oh?How could the student president know the name of a little freshman
      “Little freshman?If a person whose entrance test is far beyond A-level evaluation is just a little freshman, most of the students in this school are insignificant. ”
      Hori BeiXue carefully looks at 50 LAN in front of him. As the president of the student, he has the right to consult some information of the students. He finds that 50 Lan's entrance test score is higher than he expected. If it is not for the highest evaluation stipulated by the school, only a, 50 LAN can get a higher evaluation. This kind of person is assigned to class D. what is his defect?
      “Since the president of the students knows me, it's no better. As a student with noble pursuit, I want to be a little discipline committee member to maintain the order of the school. I hope the president of the students will approve me.”
      Fifty LAN looks at Horiba school in front of him. He thinks it over carefully when he is a member of the discipline committee. In school, fifty LAN, who has not yet been separated from the category of human beings, can't deal with those students with enough value as he does with social people. The so-called maintenance of order is just that fifty LAN wants to suppress those people with enough value by force.
      For example, Liu Zhu of gaoyuansi, long Yuanxiang of class C, and horibai school, the most powerful student president in history.
      Horibai pushed his glasses, and a white light rose from the lens, which covered his look at this time: “there is no position of discipline committee member in the school.”
      “How about setting it up now?”
      After hearing 50 Lan's straightforward words, the corner of Horiba's mouth gradually rose. At last, the crack became bigger and bigger. Looking up, the white light on his glasses disappeared, revealing his wild look: “if you want me to admit that you are a member of the discipline committee in the name and power of the student president, then try to beat me!”*
      Chapter 6 being a couple on a special day
      With that, horebei suddenly punches at fifty LAN without stopping. Fifty LAN looks at horebei's powerful fist. Maybe he would be a little cautious, but now
      Horibai's fist hit fifty Lan's outstretched palm and made a dull sound. Fortunately, they are now in a quiet corridor of the teaching building. Otherwise, the violence will surely attract many students.
      Hori BeiXue is a little surprised to see 50 LAN, who is still under his fist, but his action is not slow. He quickly takes back 50 Lan's fist that he didn't specially grasp, quickly turns around to increase his strength, and hits 50 LAN with one leg.
      Looking at horibai's action, 50 LAN not only has great strength, but also moves quickly and harmoniously. In terms of force alone, he deserves the name of the strongest student president.
      In the face of Horiba's attack, which is more powerful than before, 50 Lan also attacks with his legs. Unlike Horiba, who twists his body and adds gravity, 50 LAN suddenly increases the strength of his legs in the extreme distance of lifting his legs, and collides with Horiba fiercely.
      Horibai is feeling some pain in his leg muscles, and is about to continue to attack. This time, his fist is firmly grasped by 50 LAN, which makes horibai unable to break free. Horibai, who has always been arrogant, sighs and looks at 50 LAN: “I recognize your ability. I will apply to the school.”
      Finish saying hori North learning also ignore 50 Lan's response, self-care left.
      Fifty haze looking at hori North learn that some unnatural figure, seem to think of what, mischievous smile.
      “Oh, by the way, I will take good care of horibai Lingyin. Please rest assured!”
      Horibai learns his body shape. He clenches his hand silently and gradually loosens it. If he takes care of the ring tone, maybe it's good. He doesn't stay any longer and disappears into the vision of fifty haze.
      “Ding, strength first, reward 200 experience points.”
      The prompt sound of the system rang out in time. Although the number was a little surprising, it was also expected by 50 LAN. Horibai's status and ability were all very high. His high value was worthy of his experience value which was tens of times higher than ordinary people.
      “Add all my experience to my constitution.”
      “Strengthen success, host's current constitution: 28, spirit, 20.”
      Fifty LAN felt that the body was obviously strengthened. Now she was able to resist the bullet with her body, but it was not a special caliber bullet. With the Dodge and mental power, it was difficult for the gun to pose any threat to her. She didn't know what level she could reach if she continued to strengthen.
      “System, the so-called supremacy of power, is not just force?”
      “Power, force and intelligence are all kinds of strength.”
      Fifty LAN silently thinking about the system, in that case, maybe not only those people with high force value, but also some other people can give fifty LAN a lot of experience value.
      At first, fifty LAN earned experience from gangsters. At first, an ordinary gangster had five points. Later, even the outlaws with various weapons had only five points of experience. From these ordinary people, fifty LAN earned less and less experience. When he came to this school, his experience began to increase greatly. Sure enough, the plot task was the most important.
      As expected, fifty LAN leisurely went back to the dormitory. The dormitory of this school is a single room for one person, which is enough to crush most schools. There is no one in the open corridor, just a girl dressed as a spice girl standing at the door of her dormitory.
      “Keizawa Mitsui?”
      “That's great. Fifty LAN knows my name.”
      Osawa Lightwell heard the footsteps, pretty face with nervous back, see fifty haze called out his name, slightly relaxed a little bit.
      How can not know, shoot Hui ah shoot Hui, 50 LAN looking at in front of a pair of spice girl dress, but appears to be some stiff light well Ze Hui.
      “Qingjingze, what's the matter with me?”
      “Well, can you come into your dormitory?Ah, if it's not convenient, forget it. ”
      She was in a bit of a hurry. She forgot all the words she had thought of before because she was nervous. She couldn't help but quit.
      “It's OK. Come in.”
      Fifty LAN opened the dormitory door, toward light well Ze Hui make please action.
      “Thank you.”Zehui Lightwell said in a low voice with a red face. After some guilty looking around to make sure no one saw her, she crept into the dormitory of fifty haze.
      “What can I do for you?”
      Originally, she just wanted to ask 50 LAN to be a fake couple with her, so as to consolidate her position among the girls. The handsome and gentle 50 LAN has gained popularity among the girls on the first day of school.
      “Do you want to hear my story?Fifty years ago
      Looking at fifty Lan's side face, light well Ze Hui is unconsciously not only said the request, but also said that he used to suffer from the same school girl's campus violence, want to establish a leadership position in the new school, to ensure that he will not be bullied.
      “I'm sorry, such selfish me, fifty LAN classmate must be very annoying?”
      Keira ozai some low said, false lovers for her to have all kinds of benefits, for 50 LAN but no benefit, and in order to fight for the status and at the expense of the use of their classmates, in the eyes of 50 LAN students, must be very ugly.
      Fifty LAN looks at the girl in front of her. Tears are hanging on her pretty face. Some of her hands reach out and wipe her tears for Qingjing Zehui. Qingjing Zehui is surprised that she seems to have said a lot of things she didn't want to say before, but she thinks that fifty LAN doesn't seem to give her answer. She doesn't care about the intimate actions of fifty LAN. She looks at her eyes nervously and looks thin,But give her reliable feeling of fifty haze.
      “No, I can be your nominal boyfriend. You can come to me whenever you are in trouble, Huijiang.”
      “Thank you, thank you!”
      This is because she just fifty hazel wipe tears move and some shy, hurried thanks, left fifty hazel dormitory, a weak voice from that some flustered figure to fifty hazel: “that, I will call fifty hazel classmate LAN Jun later.”
      Leaning on the wall not far from fifty Lan's dormitory, keizawa owai takes a deep breath to adjust her mood. The blush on her face gradually fades away, thinking about what just happened in a short time. Although she knows fifty LAN is just a nominal boyfriend, her heart beats faster and faster*
      Chapter 7 is your side true or false
      Fifty LAN didn't expect that keizawa Mitsui would choose to be her nominal boyfriend. That's good. Fifty LAN doesn't want these lovely girls to be bullied and become her nominal boyfriend. It's convenient for her to protect her. However, from the performance of keizawa Mitsui, she doesn't have to worry about being bullied in this school.
      It seems that keizawa Qingjing spends a little fast, so that when the school doesn't issue points to class D next month, she falls into the embarrassing situation of living by borrowing points from girls. Fifty LAN can't help laughing. Next time we meet, we'd better remind her.
      “It's said that fifty haze classmates have become the boyfriends of Kei ozai, do you know?”
      “What, what?”
      The next day, fifty LAN has not entered the classroom, with extraordinary listening, he heard several girls in the class chatting, expression does not change, fifty LAN quietly into the classroom.
      Originally gathered in the side of several girls, see fifty LAN came in, one of the girls step forward, summon up the courage to ask: “Fifty LAN classmate, you really become light well Ze Hui's boyfriend?”
      Since fifty haze has agreed to the request of Osawa ozai, she will not give up halfway at this time. Besides, it's also a pleasure for fifty haze to become the boyfriend of this beautiful girl. She nods with a smile and simply admits it.
      Girls send out a small exclamation, and some have been in the side, although did not come up, but secretly pay attention to the situation here, the boy is also jealous eyes to fifty LAN.
      Although the smile on his face did not change, he stopped talking for a while.
      “Mr. LAN.”
      At this time, she comes to fifty haze and shouts. She hugs one of fifty haze's arms, as if to prove her relationship with fifty haze.
      Fifty LAN looks at the light well Zehui, who is obviously a little stiff though he has a smile on his face. It's too fake for this fool to show. Now he slightly changes his posture to cover up some stiff actions of light well Zehui: “Huijiang.”
      Having been observing in the dark, zhuota noticed that there was some unnatural expression on the face of Zehui Lightwell. Thoughtfully, he continued the topic with the girl next to him, but the smile on his face became optimistic and cheerful again.
      At noon, the students went out to eat separately, and the number of people in the classroom suddenly decreased. At the back of the classroom, there were only horibai Lingyin and fifty LAN.
      “Isn't Kawai your girlfriend?”
      Hori north ring sound looks at the 50 LAN of one side, but is initiative openings to ask a way.
      “No, it is.”
      Fifty haze naturally won't say anything so simply. Now he refutes horibai's words.
      “Tut, good man”
      Although horibai Lingyin knows that fifty LAN is not simple, she still can't help saying the term “good man”. Maybe this is her special name for fifty LAN.Looking at the hard mouthed fifty haze, horibai no longer says much, quietly nibbling at the sandwich.
      Fifty LAN looks at horibai's lovely appearance of eating like a little squirrel. Although it's very pleasing to the eye, that little sandwich, no matter its weight or nutrition, can't be regarded as a dinner. She glances at the students who go out to eat in groups in the class, which is in sharp contrast to horibai's lonely sandwich.
      A kind of sad feeling spreads in 50 Lan's heart. Even though she knows something about horibai's character, 50 LAN can't help but say: “go to the canteen for dinner?It's on me
      Horibai Lingyin was confused by fifty Lan's pitiful little animal like eyes. Her white face turned a little red, and she was used to eating alone. She turned her head and hummed: “I like to be alone.”
      Fifty haze no longer forced horibai ring tone, a person out of the classroom.
      “Lan Jun, can I delay you a little bit?”
      Fifty LAN looking at in front of his eyes malicious peddler field of Platycodon grandiflorum, originally long is very lovely field of Platycodon grandiflorum, at this time the lethality is huge.
      “All right, Platycodon grandiflorum.”
      Originally, fifty LAN wanted to call zhuitian. Looking at zhuitian's frowning, she could not help saying that he wanted to make friends with everyone. However, zhuitian was obviously too close to himself. He seldom called each other's names directly between neon men and women. However, zhuitian's attitude towards other boys was different,But it's obviously different from myself.
      Fifty haze and Zhutian Platycodon walked a few steps together, left the corridor that students passed from time to time, and came to another relatively quiet stairway.
      “Light well classmate, is not LAN Jun's girlfriend?”
      Hearing the girl's question, he stopped and stood in front of him, but he didn't look back. Fifty Lan was about to open his mouth, but he turned around and put up a lively smile on his face.
      “Well, LAN Jun seems to have a good relationship with horibai?”
      “Not bad.”
      Fifty LAN some ambiguous response, let Zhuoda Platycodon gently complained: “Wu, clearly LAN Jun is the only one who talks with horibai.”
      “I want to be friends with everyone. Can LAN Jun help me?”
      Fifty LAN looking at in front of me slightly bent down to request his own field, a person can't let everyone like.In order to make friends, he forced himself to be sunny and full of affinity. He kept listening to the complaints of those female classmates. In order to become a friend and a loyal audience, he accumulated too much pressure on his heart.
      “Of course, if you want to.”
      “Arigado, LAN Jun!”
      Get the affirmative reply of 50 LAN, the smile on the face of Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum expanded a few minutes.
      “Why don't I invite LAN Jun to dinner?”
      Don't wait for 50 LAN to reply, zhuitian Platycodon seems to think of something: “Wu, since LAN Jun has become the boyfriend of Qingjing classmate, it seems not very good to eat alone with me, hee hee, but if LAN Jun hopes, Platycodon can do it at any time.”
      Fifty LAN looks at Zhutian Platycodon, who seems to know something inside. Some are surprised by the girl's tact. When she hears the deep meaning of Zhutian Platycodon, fifty LAN can't laugh or cry. At this time, Zhutian Platycodon shows a strange side in front of her, which makes fifty LAN feel refreshing.
      Looking at the back of Zhutian Platycodon walking away with light steps, fifty LAN sighed, young girl, do you have a saint like heart*
      Chapter 8 tea in zuozhi
      The next day, is still a black ol head teacher tea in zuozhi into the classroom, always cold expression at the moment slightly some fluctuations.
      “Fifty LAN, the school appoints you as a discipline committee member, directly under the school, to maintain order in the school, and has the right to suppress violations of discipline by force.”
      Tea in Zuo Zhi's short words directly caused an uproar in the class.
      “What, discipline Commissioner?”
      “Fifty LAN students when the discipline committee, it seems that I can only do a good performance, ah.”
      A few students whispered in disbelief.
      As for Xu tengjian, he didn't want to face 50 LAN, but 50 LAN turned out to be a member of the discipline committee. He always behaved badly. He would have to face him often in the future. It's a hell.
      Fifty LAN didn't expect that horibai school and the school would be so efficient. In just one day, he was appointed. It seems that his value in the eyes of the school is a little heavy.
      “Thank you, teacher. I will try my best.”
      Fifty LAN hung up his standardized sunshine smile, but he was thinking. Although he said little, he would not leave out what he should say. It seems that the school did not give him the scope of the so-called violation of discipline, which means, let him consider it?
      Zehui lightai looks at the spirited 50 LAN, also some happy, on the one hand because of his right choice, LAN Jun is really excellent, on the other hand, even the girl is not very clear.
      Cha ZhuoZhi glanced at the students with different looks under the platform, some were afraid, some were happy, some were envious, some were indifferent, but there was no jealousy. It seems that fifty Lan's handling ability is very good. No more words, Cha ZhuoZhi started his first class.
      Tea station zuozhi teaches neon history. Originally, according to her expectation, these problem students in class D should chat with each other and will not listen to the class seriously. When she introduced the school yesterday, she already had a certain understanding of the quality of these students, but now she is surprised to find that these students are unexpectedly honest.
      Even if there are still people secretly playing with mobile phones and whispering, they are very careful and don't want to be found. Is that his reason?Tea in assist branch swept an eye, at this time sit of end upright, a pair of seriously listen to a lesson appearance of fifty haze.
      Fifty LAN naturally knows the situation in the class. The students who would have been very noisy all restrain themselves at this time, especially Xu tengjian. Fifty LAN looks funny at his sleepy but persistent appearance. Even if Xu tengjian tries his best to cheer up, his eyelids are still closed from time to time. However, when his head goes down, he shivers,Secretly looked at 50 LAN one eye, again raised a head.
      Although these people have tried their best to perform, it's just like this. Fifty LAN sighs a little. If it wasn't for the special students in class D, the school's arrangement for students' classes is not wrong.
      Maybe these students are tired of listening to the neon history of Cha ZhuoZhi, but it's still fresh for fifty LAN. Even if she knows that history is written by the winner, fifty LAN will listen to it as a story. What's more, Cha ZhuoZhi is a beautiful woman. For fifty LAN, this class is not boring.
      “Fifty haze, come here.”
      After class, the tea in zuozhi called fifty LAN. In the different eyes of the class, fifty Lan Shi ran stood up and followed the tea in zuozhi out of the classroom.
      Come to the top of the teaching building, on the roof, tea in zuozhi condescending, looking at the distant scenery, feel the footsteps of fifty haze behind, did not turn around.
      In the face of the tea in zuozhi's question, fifty Lan also don't know how to answer, is to ask those people in the class why so honest, or ask yourself why will become a discipline committee member?
      It's not easy to answer. One of the biggest questions in the class, Xu tengjian, is honest in class because he knows his glorious deeds and becomes a member of the discipline committee. It's because he and the student president fight each other and cough. These two answers are harmful to his image. I won't say, I won't say.
      Tea in zuozhi see 50 LAN no response, also don't ask, but changed a question.
      “Do you think class D can be upgraded to class a?”
      Fifty LAN recalled the performance of those students just now, as well as most people's consistent ability, sighed.
      “Most people in class D can only stay in class D.”
      Fifty LAN is not waiting for the tea in zuozhi mouth, the front of the conversation turned to continue to say: “however, there are people in class D, with the ability to lead class D into class A.”
      Originally heard 50 Lan's first sentence, tea in zuozhi also some self mocking smile, to hear 50 LAN then said, tea in zuozhi action.
      “Oh?Boy, are you talking about yourself? ”
      “That's right.”
      Since fifty LAN wants to earn experience, she will naturally lead class D to defeat other classes one by one. Now she seems to have a mocking expression in the face of zuozhi, and she admits it generously.
      Cha ZhuoZhi looks at the fifty haze in front of him. It's funny, but also in a trance. Maybe he was just like this young man, full of vision for the future?But in the end
      Slightly bitter tea in zuozhi took out his pocket, took out a cigarette, intended to relieve the heart of melancholy, but was in front of the young man with unexpected fast action will take away the cigarette.
      “Cigarettes are harmful to health. Please set an example.”
      Welcome to the tea in zuozhi some doubts and angry eyes, fifty haze's face again hang sunshine smile.
      “Boy, as soon as I became a member of the discipline committee, I came to mind the teacher's business?”
      Cha ZhuoZhi looks at the fifty haze at this time. The smile on his handsome face would only attract people. Now it makes cha ZhuoZhi have the impulse to fight. He takes a few deep breaths and suppresses some agitation in his heart. Cha ZhuoZhi reaches out his hand.
      “Give it back to me.”
      Fifty LAN looks at chazhuzuozhi, who is suppressing her anger at this time. She will show her good figure in the close fitting ol suit. At this time, she will be full of vitality again. She will change her old decadent and indifferent temperament, and let her already capital body exude amazing charm.
      “In the name of the discipline committee, I seriously warn this lady, please follow the advice and stop smoking.”
      Looking at 50 LAN pretending to be in front of him, Cha ZhuoZhi feels that he must teach this disrespectful student a lesson. His seemingly weak arm grabs 50 LAN with amazing speed.
      Although the speed of tea in zuozhi is really fast, for fifty LAN, it's just like this. He easily grasped the wrist of tea in zuozhi and stopped the next move of tea in zuozhi.
      Chazhuzuozhi, who is already slightly angry, just has no reservation. Unexpectedly, she is easily subdued by 50lan at this time. The great strength from her wrist makes her unstable. Wearing high-heeled shoes, she can't keep her balance for a while. She falters and falls to 50lan.
      Some people are surprised at the soft wrist of 50 LAN of Cha Zhu Zuo Zhi. Looking at the tea Zhu Zuo Zhi suddenly pouring to them, they grab it instead of holding it. They directly hold the jade hand of Cha Zhu Zuo Zhi and hold her. They know that there are some uncontrollable 50 LAN in the scene, with a few dry coughs.
      “Tea in the teacher is clearly a beauty, so don't make such a bad image of smoking things, I left.”
      Finish saying 50 Lan also don't wait to stand again good tea to stay to assist a branch reaction, turn round to leave quickly.
      Cha ZhuoZhi looks at the back of fifty haze and feels his restless heart. He sighs gently*
      Chapter 9 let's be friends
      The course of chazhu zuozhi is not the last one. Fifty LAN leaves the rooftop to return to the classroom. Although chazhu zuozhi is a head teacher, her youthful and beautiful appearance makes it difficult for fifty LAN to treat her as an elder. Instead, she is attracted by her charm and unconsciously changes her attitude towards her. Although she has many thoughts in her heart, fifty Lan's expression is silent,Very indifferent to sit back in their seats.
      Looking at the students who are doing their own things in the classroom, fifty Lan's eyes stay slightly on the sixth assistant of Gaoyuan temple. At this time, the sixth assistant of Gaoyuan temple is sitting on the seat, looking at herself from all angles with a small mirror, and humming a song. Although the sixth assistant of Gaoyuan temple has the masculine beauty of men,But this style still makes both men and women in the class stay away from him.
      Fifty LAN, who has gained a lot of experience from horibai, looks at the six assistants of Gaoyuan temple. It's as if she sees a prey. Soon after she became a member of the discipline committee, fifty LAN has come up with the idea of six assistants of Gaoyuan temple.
      “Why, immersed in my beauty?”
      The sixth assistant of Gaoyuan Temple noticed fifty Lan's eyes, and had already classified fifty LAN into the scope of strength. He noticed fifty Lan's performance and asked narcissistic.
      Fifty LAN, who had some understanding of the character of the six assistants of Gaoyuan temple, was not surprised at what they said. She didn't respond to the GAYGAY tone of Gaoyuan temple. She just laughed at the six assistants of Gaoyuan temple.
      Fifty haze that some strange smile let have beast like intuition Gaoyuan Temple six help heart a cold, deeply saw fifty haze one eye, no longer speak.
      After school, fifty LAN recalled the request of Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum, looked at Zhutian Platycodon and stood up.
      “Mr. KuoDa, Mr. horibai, may I invite you to dinner?”
      Although it's a request for them, fifty LAN just stares at horibai Lingyin, a little cold girl in front of her eyes. It's originally proposed by kuijiao, who naturally won't refuse. So it depends on the reaction of the girl in front of her.
      Horibai glanced at fifty haze, then looked at the side of the body slightly forward, put on a look of pity, some looking forward at his own field.
      “No way.”
      Horibai's cold response is expected by 50 LAN. Knowing that horibai has some resistance to KuoDa Platycodon grandiflorum, 50 LAN waves his hand and interrupts the crazy selling of KuoDa Platycodon grandiflorum next to him. He gets a little closer to horibai.
      “Can I treat you to dinner?”
      Don't wait for hori north ring tone reaction, fifty haze one step closer.
      “Can I treat you to dinner?”
      Horibai seems to want to get close to her when she sees 50 LAN. At this time, the distance between her and 50 LAN is only half a step. If she gets closer, she will really face her face. If someone else, horibai will either turn around and walk or slap her in the face. Looking at 50 Lan's sincere smile in front of her, horibai sighs.
      “Well, good man.”
      “Thank you, Mr. horibai, and so is Mr. LAN.”
      Kyuta said thanks to them again and again. Horibai glanced at kyuta kyuta, who was very grateful to them. However, it was hard to get close to her in his heart.
      “Don't get me wrong. I'll go if someone saves points for me.”
      With that, horibai stares at 50 LAN fiercely. The girl in front of her is close to full marks. With her proper dress, even if she is angry, her angry eyes are still pleasing to the eye.
      In the corner of the restaurant where there are few people, the three of them sit down. Fifty LAN, who has created opportunities for Zhuoda Platycodon grandiflorum, keeps silent and looks at Zhuoda Platycodon grandiflorum and horibai Lingyin.
      “Horibai, please make friends with me!”
      Zhu Tian Platycodon stood up, a face seriously toward hori north ring tone request way.
      Horibai Lingyin looks at KuoDa Platycodon in front of him. He is helpless. Both sides should know that their personalities are not similar or even opposite. Why is KuoDa still so committed to improving his relationship with him.
      “Why do you have to be friends with me?”
      Horibai's cold response didn't change the expression of kyota. Rather, horibai's response was expected by kyota.
      “I hope to be friends with everyone, and Mr. horibai is always alone. Won't he be lonely?”
      Horibai Lingyin was a little surprised at the thought of kudzu. Just because of this, he didn't hesitate to ask fifty LAN to make an appointment with him?
      “I never think that a person will be lonely and will not cause trouble to the class. Please don't waste any more time.”
      Horibai said, but did not directly get up to leave, but quietly lowered his head to eat the food paid by fifty LAN, as she said before, because someone invited him out.
      “Ming Ming horibai and LAN Jun have become friends.”
      Zhutian Platycodon some low murmur, pretty face lovely eyebrows slightly wrinkled, showing the appearance of trouble.
      When he heard the words of Zhuoda Platycodon grandiflorum, horibai picked her eyebrows, as if she had not heard anything. She enjoyed the delicious food as before.
      Fifty LAN looks at the two girls who are similar in age, young and beautiful in appearance, but different in character. She is helpless. Zhuota Platycodon wants to make friends with everyone, and horibai Lingyin wants to keep a distance with everyone. Why do two beautiful girls have such extreme ideas.
      Before, the words of zhuota Platycodon grandiflorum might have caused the disgust of Horiba Lingyin. At this time, fifty LAN didn't say much. Looking at the still low expression of zhuota Platycodon grandiflorum and Horiba Lingyin, the atmosphere on the dining table was condensing. Fifty LAN could only talk to them alone, so at this time, fifty LAN had to start a new topic.
      “The tea resident teacher said that the school measures the students by their strength. Then, does the strength of class d really match the 100000 points?”
      Fifty Lan's words make horibai ring tone move, and then the girl calmly opens her mouth.
      “If everyone in class D gets 100000 points, students in class A should get more. Even if the school has state support, the monthly expenditure is too large.”
      Zhu Tian also wanted to think about the performance of the students, has always been very popular, she knows more about those people in class D.
      “Hey, it's a bit too much to say, but everyone in class D doesn't seem to have so much ability.”
      Fifty LAN looks at the two girls in front of her. Fortunately, although they have different personalities, they are both very intelligent and don't need to talk too much.
      “Don't spend all that hundred thousand this month, just in case.”
      “Well, I don't have to tell you.”
      Horibai whispered. After dinner, she stood up and said, “I'm finished. You can continue to talk.”
      Watching horibai Lingyin's cold figure leave, kyota Platycodon bows to 50 LAN apologetically.
      “I'm sorry, Mr. LAN, for my sake, let Mr. horibai annoy you.”
      “It's OK. Horibai has always been this character.”
      Fifty LAN takes a look at the field Platycodon grandiflorum sitting down again. Although she has been smiling sweetly, it's a pity
      “Everyone's personality is different, some people like the excitement between friends, some people like a person's quiet, people can't be perfect to let everyone like, in order to make friends with everyone, Platycodon students must pay a lot, don't you feel tired?”
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      Chapter 10 happiness even if you don't know the truth
      Fifty Lan's words let zhuitian Platycodon action a stagnation, then her face again hanging that familiar smile.
      “What is Lan Jun talking about? I feel very happy to be friends with you.”
      In front of her, the lovely face of the orange haired girl was full of sincere smile, and her soft face was slightly flushed. Looking at fifty LAN, her eyes were as gentle as water, full of faint smile. Her hands were gently behind her back, and her body was leaning forward slightly towards fifty LAN, showing the appearance of listening carefully.
      No matter from which point of view, at this time, Platycodon grandiflorum is just like a spirit left behind, which should be out of place with the restaurant full of fireworks. But because of her gentle temperament, there is a kind of aesthetic harmony. This beautiful scenery is enough to make anyone intoxicated and forget the passage of time.
      Unfortunately, that's not what she meant.
      Fifty LAN looking at don't want to reveal the true feelings of the Ctenopharyngodon, sure enough, his performance, still can't let Ctenopharyngodon down alert, immediately no longer in this topic too much entanglement.
      “Horibai is always quiet and seldom talks to people. You don't have to worry about it.”
      “Lan Jun, I know horibai very well.”
      Looking at the explanation of 50 LAN for horibai's ring tone, kuyta's eyes twinkled and his voice was distant. He didn't wait for 50 Lan's answer, so he spoke again.
      “Well, thank LAN Jun for helping me. Let's exchange the mobile phone numbers?”
      Fifty LAN smell speech, took out the special mobile phone issued by the school, thought that next zhuitian Platycodon will report her mobile phone number, who knows in front of the girl is out of hand, looking at the smile and action on the girl's face, fifty LAN very witty handed the mobile phone to zhuitian Platycodon.
      “Hee hee, I didn't expect that I was the first person on LAN Jun's mobile phone?Lanjun's girlfriend light well Ze classmate also did not give Lanjun mobile phone number
      It seems that she knows something by adding three words to her girlfriend. Looking at the easygoing boy with a far more handsome appearance, he can't help feeling relaxed. The unprecedented feeling makes his smile more natural.
      “Well, thank you, LAN Jun. goodbye.”
      Hand back the mobile phone to fifty LAN, Zhutian Platycodon steps forward, turns back to fifty LAN and says goodbye with a smile. He leaves the restaurant briskly, looking at the beautiful back of Zhutian Platycodon disappearing in the field of vision. Even fifty LAN has to admit that it really makes people happy to get along with Zhutian Platycodon.
      It's just that how much of the smile on the face of Zhuoda Platycodon comes from the heart. Even fifty LAN doesn't know. Recalling all kinds of performances of the girl, fifty LAN looks down at her mobile phone, and the column of contacts is just two words.
      “Platycodon grandiflorum…”
      Although it is still within the scope of the school, due to various shops and leisure facilities, the school covers an unexpectedly large area. Fifty LAN strolls on the street, and from time to time some students walk by with all kinds of things and smiles, not only a few faces of class D, but also a small number of other classes, including class C, class B and even class A.
      Freshmen face the sudden 100000 points, which is equivalent to 100000 yen of purchasing power, they can not bear the temptation, in the face of things they like, most people have no scruples to enjoy the fun of shopping.
      From time to time, there are several senior students passing by, looking at those shopping crazily, smiling freshmen, their faces can not help but also show a mocking smile, knowing that the school's s S-point rules, with some malice, they did not disclose the information about the points to the freshmen.
      Originally, whether for her own consideration or for her nominal girlfriend, Zehui owai, who might be nervous about counting points later, she would temporarily practice the principle of diligence and thrift, and try to earn personal points. At that time, in this campus that claims to be able to buy everything with points, she can do something she loves.
      However, after becoming a member of the discipline committee, fifty LAN can receive a reward of 100000 points from the school every month. If she has actual contributions and additional rewards, fifty LAN doesn't have any restrictions. Even in the worst case, due to the performance of class D next month, she can no longer get the points awarded to all the students by the school. Fifty LAN still has the reward of the discipline committee.
      With the school that is equivalent to salary like reward, fifty LAN knows his responsibility, maintain discipline, he is duty bound.
      Not far from the destination, fifty LAN heard a burst of fists and kicks and the students' begging for mercy. The violence, which was obviously incompatible with the current atmosphere of the school, came from a classroom. However, fifty LAN seemed to have expected it, and was still in a leisurely walk on the road.
      Looking at the chaotic classroom in front of me, I carefully observed the surrounding environment. Fifty LAN grinned and stepped into it.
      “You're not in class C, are you?This is not the place you should be. Please go out
      At this time, although school is over, class C is still full of students. Looking at the sudden appearance of 50 LAN, a middle-aged man with glasses and very thin says.
      “C class teacher?You don't seem to have fulfilled your duty as a head teacher. ”
      Glancing at the desks and chairs that class C had been moved to and piled on both sides, as well as several students lying on the empty ground in the middle, there were obvious signs of being beaten on their bodies. However, the head teacher of class C was standing on one side, looking on, and did not wait for the cloudy middle-aged man to reply. Fifty LAN continued.
      “I'm 50 LAN, member of the discipline committee. I'm here to maintain order.”
      A tall boy with long purplish red hair winked at the people next to him. The two students next to him stopped a little and rushed to fifty LAN without hesitation.
      Looking at the two students rushing to themselves, for others, the aggressive figure will only make people fear. The fist will fall on fifty LAN in the next moment, but fifty LAN is calm and unhurried.
      “It's a more serious crime to take action against the members of the discipline committee.”*
      Chapter 11 rules protect the weak and the strong make rules
      The two men's powerful fists didn't fall on fifty LAN as expected, but they were unexpectedly hit on the stomach by fifty LAN with a faster action, flew out and fell heavily on the ground.
      They were secretly sent out. Long Yuanxiang with long purple red hair glanced at the two people who could not get up on the ground. Some of them took a solemn look at 50 LAN. Long Yuanxiang, who had just accepted the two people, knew their strength, especially the dark and tall mountain Albert. No matter his own strength or physique, he was so relaxedFly.
      “Ding, strength first, 40 experience points.”
      Originally some noisy classroom, at this time a quiet, not class C students fifty LAN, not only without reason into their classroom, contradict their teacher in charge, but also knocked down two students, although these two people take the initiative.According to common sense, class C should share a common hatred.
      This should be so, looking at the eyes, although the face more or less angry class c people, but 50 LAN found that still no one stood up, no one took the initiative to voice, but more or less put their eyes on long Yuanxiang.
      “You go too far.”
      Finally, long Yuanxiang stood up. His unbuttoned school uniform coat was draped over his shoulders, and his trousers were in his hands. His rough appearance made him quite intimidating.
      “Too much?I don't think so.I think these two lovely students should be punished for disturbing the school discipline and trying to attack the discipline committee members. ”
      Fifty Lan's insipid words sounded like thunder in the ears of the two people who were still lying on the ground. They looked at their own dragon garden Xiang at a loss.
      At this time, it's impossible for long Yuanxiang to let 50 LAN perform, otherwise it's very bad for him who wants to establish his prestige.
      “I don't think you have so much power.”
      Knowing that longyuanxiang's nature is a violent fifty LAN, it's funny to see a preacher like longyuanxiang.
      “Are you going to persuade me with your mouth?”
      Aware of fifty Lan's ridicule, long Yuanxiang gives a ferocious smile, and no longer suppresses his inner tyranny. He takes off his coat on his shoulder, turns his head, and makes a brittle sound of bone activity. His body, which was still, suddenly accelerates and rushes to the front of him. His posture is a little thin fifty LAN.
      Fifty LAN looks at the face of the color of the dragon garden, feel he did not just that mountain Albert tall body contains the explosive force of terror, fifty LAN look as usual, will slowly raise a hand.
      The power of long Yuanxiang from afar, combined with his own great strength, hit 50 Lanming with a fist. He raised his hand slowly, but could not avoid it. It was like hitting a soft mountain. The huge reaction force instantly reduced the speed of long Yuanxiang.
      Without waiting for long Yuanxiang to recover from the pain caused by the collision of his arms, 50 LAN appears from the front of long Yuanxiang's body at a speed that is hard for others to see, and gently points on the hemp tendons of his two arms.
      “This is a school. Violence against students is not allowed. If you don't abide by the rules, I will use force to suppress you. Can you be convinced?”
      Long Yuanxiang frowned. Since he could not use his numb arm, he used his foot to support his body with his left foot. With his amazing coordination ability, long Yuanxiang kicked 50 LAN with his right foot without the help of his hands.
      Looking at long Yuanxiang, who is still trying to resist, 50 LAN gradually clenches her right fist. Facing the opponent's leg, which is more powerful than his arm according to the common sense, she punches with one punch and hits long Yuanxiang's calf straight.
      Fifty LAN didn't move, but long Yuanxiang was a little stuttered by the huge force, and even stepped back to adjust his balance.
      Looking at the eyes have recovered, his face is full of anger of the Dragon Garden Xiang, fifty haze light mouth.
      “The rules protect the weak, but you who try to break the rules are still the weak in my eyes.”
      Originally, long Yuanxiang had some impulses. Even though he knew that his strength was not as good as 50 LAN, he still wanted to rush over again. Hearing 50 Lan's words, long Yuanxiang's cruel eyes flashed a few times and calmed down again. His tight body gradually relaxed. He turned around and picked up the coat he had left on the ground with some weak hands, hung it on his shoulder and walked out of the classroom slowly. Some low voices came.
      “No matter how many times you lose, the guy who can win in the end is the only one with strength. Besides, I don't agree with him.”
      “Ding, strength first, 100 experience points.”
      Fifty LAN looked at the back of long Yuanxiang, who had not been depressed, though he was in a mess after being rectified by himself. Unfortunately, it would still be me at the end of the smile.
      Before class C was in chaos, it was because long Yuanxiang tried to determine his leader's position by personal force. Several people who didn't agree with him had been suppressed by long Yuanxiang, and they were all bruised. The two students who followed long Yuanxiang's instructions and attacked their own students also failed in the beginning of their resistance, so they became long Yuanxiang's younger brothers.
      Although know these two people attack the reason of oneself, looking at this time already passed not short time, but still fall on the ground difficult to stand up of two people, fifty LAN heart and no pity, from the hand that moment, should think of the consequences.
      Long Yuanxiang's action has been indulged, witnessed the development of the whole C class teacher, this is the man who seems to react, looking at 50 Lan's eyes are not without threat.
      “I didn't receive the notice from the school about the discipline committee. I will report to the school about your behavior of breaking into class C, beating class C students and affecting the normal operation of the school.”
      Fifty LAN looks at the class C head teacher in front of her. In her position, she doesn't do her job. In the face of long Yuanxiang's violence, she looks on coldly and indulges deliberately. Although she has injured several people, in the final analysis, it is self-defense, and it helps most of the students in class C, but she is criticized by the people in front of her.
      Pointed to the corner of the classroom has been running in this direction of the surveillance camera, 50 LAN in front of the middle-aged people is a sunny smile.
      “Report?I think the teacher should report his behavior of letting students fight. ”
      The man with shadow glasses takes a look at his surveillance camera. He looks at fifty haze in front of him and bites his teeth. Fifty haze's friendly appearance is extremely hateful in his eyes.
      It is true that the school does not allow students to use violence. As the head teacher of class C, he can use his power to suppress the violence within class C, revenge and protest. However, if he wants to punish people in other classes, he has to report to the school. At that time, some of his violations will also be exposed.
      “You seem to understand?In addition, I'd like to introduce myself to this teacher who has some backward news. I'm a member of the discipline committee. I'm fifty LAN in class D
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      Chapter 12 weird attitude
      “Class D?”
      “Isn't the school divided into classes according to students' abilities?Why can class d be a discipline committee member? ”
      “But he does have the ability to be a discipline Commissioner, doesn't he?”
      The students who have been shocked by the development of the situation hear 50 Lan's words and whisper to each other.
      Several students took a deep look at fifty haze and remembered his appearance.
      Fifty LAN see things over, scan for a while, although the farce has ended, but some messy scene.
      “Class C students are requested to restore the classroom to its original state, so as not to cause adverse effects.”
      Fifty LAN finish saying, also don't wait for C class of these people reaction, turn to leave.
      “Ah, yes, let's clean up the classroom.”
      Even if fifty LAN has left, what happened in just a few minutes makes fifty LAN easily determine her position among the students in class C. soon some students put forward to clean up the classroom, and other people are also busy.
      Looking at the students in front of him, the class C head teacher's anger rises. Maybe it's because he let long Yuanxiang's violent behavior annoy the students, so no students come to take care of him. Fifty LAN seems to have established a stronger reputation than him in a short time.
      “Ridiculous, class d only a 50 LAN, let class C become like this?”
      Sakazaki, the head teacher of class C, who appreciates long Yuanxiang and advocates strength first, can't bear to suppress his class in class D, which is supposed to be under class C. sakazaki, who knows something about the arrangement of the school after that, thinks about it carefully. His frowned brows gradually stretch out. I don't believe that the people in class d have the same ability as 50 LAN.
      Knowing that everyone in class C was dissatisfied with himself, sakazaki counted the horses, looked at the busy students, the classroom whose desks and chairs had been rearranged, and the students who were helped to the infirmary by others, and went out with a cold hum.
      “System, where do I get my 100 experience points?”
      After leaving the classroom of class C, fifty LAN strolls around the campus and looks at her system. She suddenly finds that in addition to the 140 experience points she gained by defeating two students and long Yuanxiang, she has an extra 100 experience points. She can't help wondering.
      “Ding, class C head teacher ban Shangshu horse, implement the strength first, reward experience value 100 points.”
      Listening to the answer of the system, I think back to what I just did. Although I didn't do anything substantial for Sakamoto, I still got the reward, which made fifty LAN have more ideas.
      “System, use experience value to strengthen my spirit.”
      “Strengthen success, now the host attributes are as follows: Constitution 28, spirit 22.”
      Feeling the stronger spirit of her, fifty LAN has a feeling of refreshing and refreshed. Originally, the surveillance camera of class C is not in the middle of the classroom. It seems that the C class teacher secretly adjusted the camera to prevent the occurrence of C class from being recorded.
      Before entering class C, 50 LAN used his mental strength to turn the camera's direction and let it save some things that need to be recorded. Only in this way can sakazaki's horses be passive.
      Feeling the use of mental power, 50 LAN uses experience value to strengthen her spirit without hesitation. After strengthening, her mind is clear and clear because of super high spirit, which makes her feel free from bondage.
      At this time, the sky has been completely dark down, fifty LAN back to his dormitory, lying in the comfortable bed, fifty LAN some comfortable closed his eyes, calling himself from the subtle growth to now appear some powerful mental force, fifty LAN bedside table unexpectedly rose out of thin air.
      At this time, fifty LAN still has spare power. She continues to use her mental power, and the wardrobe on the other side also rises slowly. Fifty LAN looks at the strange scene in front of her eyes, and is quite excited. Compared with the physical quality that has been vaguely beyond the human category, the magical mental power makes fifty LAN more realistic.
      “Is the system there? If I continue to strengthen it, how strong can it become?”
      “Ding, when the time is ripe, the host will know. In addition, the host will be reminded that when the physical and mental strength is strengthened to 50, the system will have rewards.”
      After the system finished, it was silent again. Fifty Lan thought about the system, looked at his own properties, and murmured to himself, “50…”
      “Fifty LAN, a member of the discipline committee, maintains the order of the campus and prevents the violence in class C for one year. The school rewards 500000 individual points and punishes the relevant personnel. Please continue to work hard!”
      Fifty LAN looked at the tip on her mobile phone. As expected, the school did give a reward. Originally, the school should know some behaviors of class C, but because of the concept of strength first, it also wanted to let students feel some dark side, so the school turned a blind eye.
      Unfortunately, due to the action of 50 LAN, class C conflicts are put on the surface. Both the school's regulations and external laws are clearly prohibited. If it is really exposed, not only some students in class C have to drop out, but also the school's reputation will be hurt. Rewarding 50 Lan's huge number of points is also the school's compromise to 50 LAN. I don't want 50 LAN to publicize itIt's a matter of time.
      Looking at his own personal points of more than 600000 at this time, 50 LAN grinned. The school would compromise with a student. Why?
      Although at this time, with a constitution as high as 28 points, 50 LAN is able to deal with all kinds of guns, and even some missiles with weak lethality, 50 Lan also has the confidence that she will not die or hurt. However, the school should not know, can she do this.
      Some people who don't understand the school's actions don't think much about it any more. After a while, they need to earn more experience to strengthen their physique to 50. Even if they don't consider the role of mental power and systematic rewards, they are not afraid of anything. At that time, all those who dare to do harm to themselves are local chickens and wagons, and they will be defeated at a blow!
      (thousands of rivers and mountains are always in love. Can I leave a comment*
      Chapter 13 depressed heart
      Why, Mingming has worked so hard, Mingming has been so humble, Mingming has begged Lanjun for help, why do you still don't want to be friends with me?Horibai ring tone!
      Although Zhuoda Platycodon grandiflorum still speaks with a smile on his face to the female students around him, his heart is full of all kinds of emotions. He thinks that he has never shown any bad side to horibai Lingyin, and he has never said any bad words to anyone. Why, why am I still treated coldly by you?
      He has already strengthened his spirit to a certain level. He has a general feeling of other people's spiritual fluctuation. He leans against the wall behind the classroom and looks at the front of him. Although he behaves almost as usual, but his spirit fluctuates violently. He frowns. Is it that the negative emotion has been suppressed for too long.
      “I hope you can help me upgrade class D to class A.”
      The flat voice of horibai ring in 50 Lan's ear. He turns his head and looks at the last row of seats. Horibai is reading a book. If not for 50 Lan's hearing, it would have been hard for 50 LAN to hear what horibai whispers.
      Qinglong, also sitting in the last row of Ling path, slightly moved his ear, glanced at horibai Lingyin and fifty haze, stood up, walked out of the classroom and murmured to himself, “go to the canteen for dinner.”
      Ling path's back slowly disappears at the door of the classroom. Fifty LAN takes back her eyes. Ling path Qinglong, who has been trying to reduce her sense of existence, successfully weakens his impression in everyone's eyes.But because fifty haze didn't respond for a long time, horibai turned around and frowned.
      “Why don't you talk?”
      “I'm thinking about why the goal is not to collect all the points, but to choose the more difficult road of upgrading class D instead of turning myself into a beautiful girl of class A with the points that claim to be able to buy everything.”
      Fifty LAN in the mouth of a beautiful girl, listen to fifty LAN not without tease words, some angry.
      “I just want to prove that the division of the school is wrong. Don't you want to be a student of class a?”
      Finish saying also don't wait for 50 LAN to open mouth, hori North bell sound slightly crooked crooked head, some proud.
      “Don't forget, I agreed to your request and went to the restaurant for dinner. Do you want to refuse my request now?”
      Girl yo, these two requirements are obviously not equal, OK? I know that horibai Lingyin refers to the last time fifty LAN invited her to have dinner with Zhuoda Platycodon grandiflorum. Fifty LAN helplessly looks at the girl who has become a little playful in front of her, but fifty LAN planned to do so and nodded.
      “Well, I know the road is full of hardships, but if it's your wish, I promise you.”
      Seeing fifty LAN nodding, horibai ring tone was a little happy. Remembering that she had just done something to repay her kindness, her pretty face turned a little red.
      “Well, this is my mobile phone number and email. If you need any help, you can come to me. No, you'd better not come to me.”
      Taking the note from horibai and looking at the number on it, fifty LAN remembers that one of her nominally girlfriends seems not to have given her number up to now, as well as the one who had given her number before, kyota Platycodon. Ah, keizawa owai, your boyfriend has been taken first by two beautiful girls.
      Fifty LAN thinks that she doesn't seem to remind light well Zehui to save a little points. Looking at light well Zehui who is carrying new clothes in front of the classroom and chatting with some girls happily, fifty LAN still won't tell her after careful consideration. When she doesn't have enough points next month, she will help her. At that time, she can do whatever she wants.
      Kyota looked back at the last fifty haze in the classroom. He and Akira horibai, who had always been indifferent, slowly clenched their fists.
      Horibai Ling Yin is a little uncomfortable by the eyes of 50 LAN. She always likes a quiet girl, but she doesn't adapt to the silence at this time.
      “Why, what's the matter?”
      “I'm thinking that Huijiang may have one more competitor, and I feel sad for her.”
      Hearing 50 Lan's words, horibai's voice was full of awe inspiring beauty a moment ago. Her white face was instantly full of rosy clouds, and her head was bent down, a little submissive.
      “You, what are you talking about?”
      Fifty LAN looked at Horiba Lingyin, who suddenly fell from the goddess of high cold. She didn't expect that she would have this kind of performance.
      Horibai's eyes, which were originally firm and sharp, now move around and some dodge. Before, her hands, which had been on the desk and looking at the books, now shrink to her chest and close together. Some tremble and point fingers to each other. She seems to be mature all the time. She has finished in an instant. She is like a goddess who is strong and cold, and strangers are not nearThe shy transformation of the girl next door.
      I know that I can't tease her any more, otherwise the class will think that my girlfriend's name is horibai Lingyin. Fifty LAN has a ha ha.
      “The classroom is a little stuffy. I'll go out and have a look.”
      Unconsciously, it was late at night, and the stars were twinkling in the sky, which made fifty LAN feel a little comfortable. His super high physique made him still full of spirit. Walking in the quiet street, he took a deep breath of the air mixed with the fragrance of flowers and plants. Fifty LAN even had an illusion of integrating into nature.
      “Ding, the spirit of the host has reached 25.”
      The system's prompt rings in 50 Lan's ear, 50 LAN is slightly stunned, looking at the unchanged experience value and the really improved spirit. He is surprised that he can strengthen his own attribute without consuming experience value. Recalling his just state, 50 LAN has a little understanding of the improvement of spirit.
      But the average human spirit is only 10, and his own spirit, in the case of surpassing the average of human beings, seems to have improved to 25 points by himself. Can we say that he is no longer human? Fifty LAN has a bitter smile.
      “It's terrible to be cocky just because you're cute!”
      A voice full of anger came from the distance. With super vision, fifty LAN looked at some familiar figures standing by the guardrail in the distance, and sighed slightly. Can't it be suppressed?
      Zhutian Platycodon clenched his fists and vented his emotions to the empty water. His weak body burst out and kicked the iron guardrail in front of him.
      “Terrible, terrible!”
      “Why are you so bad that you can still make friends?Horibai ring tone
      “Why can't you die quietly?”?!Go to hell! ”
      Fifty LAN looking at crazy vent their emotions of the field of Platycodon, slowly approaching.
      “Platycodon grandiflorum.”
      Suddenly heard that only belongs to someone's name, zhuitian Platycodon that is still kicking the guardrail action of a fierce stagnation, looking back, but found that fifty Lan that familiar outline, zhuitian Platycodon slowly lowered his head, fifty LAN impression has been lively and cheerful big eyes hidden in the forehead under the show hair, murmured.
      “Why are you…”*
      Chapter 14 angels and Demons
      Zhuoda Platycodon is a person who establishes her own sense of existence and happiness by establishing friendly relations with others. She thinks that the meaning of her existence is to do something that no one else can do. This thing is to become good friends with all people, but horibai Ling Yin denies her value.
      At the same time, when he was in junior high school, he used to vent his emotions anonymously on the Internet blog and disclose the secrets of his classmates. When other people found out about the blog, he caused chaos in the whole class and left school collectively. Horibai Lingyin, who may know about it, is a time bomb for him.
      When he first arrived at the new school, he still tried to make friends with everyone. He repeatedly courted horibai, but he was treated coldly.
      The female students who have become so-called friends like to find people to complain about all kinds of problems. The sunny, gentle and cordial Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum is their goal to vent their emotions. Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum, who has been absorbing students' negative emotions as listeners, can no longer suppress their inner dark side.
      Mingming went to this unknown corner in the dead of night. It's better to vent. The next day, he will be the sunny Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum. Why is he found by others? Why is it you, Lanjun!
      Zhu Tian's Platycodon grandiflorum rushed to fifty LAN and asked with his head down. His voice was clear and sweet all the time. At this time, he was a little hoarse. His hair made fifty LAN can't see her face clearly.
      “You see that?”
      At this moment, fifty LAN does not intend to escape, it is simply admitted that he witnessed the other side of the girl.
      He raised his head fiercely, because his posture was hidden in his hair. At this time, he finally looked at fifty haze. His big eyes were full of vitality and sunshine, but at this time, they lost all kinds of colors, leaving only sharpness and indifference.
      The bright moonlight fell on the face of Platycodon grandiflorum. The pretty face, which used to be full of smiles, was as cold as ice now, showing a completely different temperament.
      “Don't tell anyone.”
      The voice of Zhutian Platycodon is cold and oppressive at this time. Staring at fifty Lan's eyes makes people feel the chill. However, the girl's almost perfect appearance makes the blackened Zhutian Platycodon full of strange beauty in fifty Lan's eyes.
      The expression and temperament that didn't match a high school student made Platycodon grandiflorum seem like a poppy flower in full bloom. It was charming and beautiful, but it was full of danger. Fifty Lan was fascinated by its charm.
      Fifty haze's face was expressionless, responding to the words of Zhutian Platycodon in a tone of no fluctuation.
      “What if I said it?”
      “Then I'll go around saying that you have a different plan for me.”
      Don't wait for fifty LAN reaction, field Platycodon fierce grasp fifty Lan's right hand, press in his chest on the school uniform, tone indifference.
      “Fingerprints left on the school uniform, and now there's evidence.”
      Fifty LAN could have avoided the field, but at this moment is quietly watching the field performance.
      “I don't think the fingerprints are well printed. I can print them again.”
      Looking at has been a face of cold field Platycodon grandiflorum, after hearing his words show astonishment, fifty LAN mouth gradually hook up, originally expressionless face, slowly appear some banter smile.
      The other hand, which was not grasped by Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum, stretched out his hand and gently hugged Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum in front of him. He pulled Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum, which was not far away from him, and leaned in front of him. Fifty LAN bowed his head and kissed the cherry lips of the girl who was still indifferent, feeling the soft touch.
      Also because before fifty Lan's words and some consternation of zhuotan Platycodon grandiflorum, back to God, but found that at this time he was fifty LAN embrace in his arms, eyes cold light flash, but with faster speed dissipate, had been tight body gradually relaxed, hands finally gently raised, slowly around the waist of the person in front of him, and fifty LAN embrace together.
      Enjoying the response of the young girl in her arms, fifty LAN finds that the look of Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum has become the sunshine all the time. At this moment, she looks shy and happy.
      After a long time, the lips were parted, and the pale face of Platycodon grandiflorum in the field was flushed. It was no longer as cold as before. It was said with the same energetic tone as before.
      “It seems that I have a secret with LAN Jun.”
      Looking at Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum, who seems to have changed into the usual one, fifty LAN closed her eyes and felt his body and magical mental power far beyond human beings. He has the confidence to face all kinds of situations and the ability to protect the people in front of him. Fifty LAN opened her eyes and followed her heart's will. Fifty LAN looked at the scene, which deeply caused her heart palpitationWomen make promises.
      “In front of me, don't pretend, I will bear all the consequences.”
      Zhutian Platycodon some confused looking at a face of serious fifty haze, a smile.
      “Lan Jun doesn't know me. He really talks big.”
      “No, I know everything about your heart full of negative emotions or your school strike in junior high school.”
      Fifty LAN soft words in Zhutian Platycodon listen, no less than thunder, originally has become the usual way of Zhutian Platycodon, smile on the face gradually convergence, look cold again, ring in fifty LAN waist hands gradually put down, heart deep secret was fifty LAN rough open, Zhutian Platycodon chest slowly cold, he really is too naive.
      Fifty LAN, who had been watching the man in front of him, naturally noticed the expression and movement of the Ctenopharyngodon Platycodon grandiflorum, and slowly opened his mouth with the same look.
      “If you have negative emotions, you can vent them. If you have revenge, you can solve them. If you have rumors, you can strangle them. Don't force yourself any more. Everything has me. From now on, live for yourself, Platycodon grandiflorum.”
      After listening to the promise of the man in front of him, Zhutian Platycodon looked at fifty LAN, who had just broken into his unknown field because of an accident. He just put down his hands and hugged his body, which was not very strong, but very warm to him. He grasped his clothes tightly. His eyes, which were cold again, gradually closed, and gently put his head on fifty Lan's shoulderHe said.
      “That's good, LAN Jun.”*
      Chapter 15 hope in my hands
      Ctenopharyngodon didn't always lean on 50 Lan's shoulder. Soon after he closed his eyes and enjoyed the precious warmth, Ctenopharyngodon bit 50 Lan's neck and opened his mouth vaguely.
      “Lan Jun, if you abandon me, I will destroy everything.”
      Fortunately, the super-high physique didn't make fifty Lan's flesh and blood hard, and Ctenopharyngodon didn't use much strength. Otherwise, Ctenopharyngodon hung on his body like a vampire biting his neck would hurt his teeth.
      “Well, it won't be.”
      For Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum, fifty haze was originally the only ray of sunshine that could shine on her heart, but now it directly broke into the shadow and became the support standing in front of her.
      For fifty LAN, whether it's the sunny, considerate girl next door, or the cold, dark, coquettish and dangerous poppy, the two qualities of Ctenopharyngodon grandiflorum have the charm to make his heart beat faster.
      After a long time, zhuitian Platycodon released his mouth, stepped back and left the embrace of Wulan. He put his hands behind him, leaned forward and looked up at the handsome face of Wulan. Recalling what had just happened, zhuitian Platycodon never thought that his mood would change in a short time.
      And their own sense of existence and happiness, from now on, is no longer to make friends with all people, if the future road, and the people in front of them have been walking down, is the greatest happiness of zhuitian Platycodon grandiflorum.
      “Today, I'm very happy. Thank you, LAN Jun.”
      Zhutian Platycodon finally calmed down, it seems to think of what kind of look around, the deep and quiet environment and the bright moon above, all show that it is late at night, looked down at the mobile phone, Zhutian Platycodon lovely tongue: “Lan Jun, time is not early, tomorrow is a class, early rest.”
      Looking at the beautiful shadow's brisk departure, fifty LAN sighed. Although she had a good feeling for Ctenopharyngodon grandiflorum, she didn't think that Ctenopharyngodon grandiflorum after blackening had a fatal attraction like poison, which made fifty LAN who only wanted to enlighten Ctenopharyngodon grandiflorum make a lifelong commitment.
      “Ding, strength first, reward 500 experience points.”
      It has been quiet and didn't disturb the two people's system. At the moment, the voice sounded at the right time. The high experience value made fifty LAN stunned. Recalling what he had just done, he clearly didn't make any special move to earn experience value.
      “System, how does this reward come from?”
      “Ding, the system determines that the host captures the mind of Platycodon grandiflorum by strength, and implements the principle of strength first, so it gives rewards.”
      The words of the system make fifty LAN silent for a while, and the fuzzy definition of strength makes fifty LAN a little at a loss. Does it imply that he has changed from crushing others' bodies with force to conquering others' bodies and minds and embarking on the road of opening up the harem?At this time, fifty haze automatically forgets the men who are the main source of experience value in the corner.
      Although his appearance is still the same as that of ordinary people, fifty LAN can feel the surging blood in his body and the full vitality in his body. The great vitality will greatly improve his life. With systematic help, the hundred year life of ordinary people may become very short in fifty Lan's eyes one day.
      And those girls, fifty Lan's mind flashed all kinds of things before, blushing, pleading to become her boyfriend, light well Ze Hui, strangers do not get near, but some shy request himself to lead D class upgrade horibei Lingyin, inadvertently in front of himself revealed bitter tea in zuozhi, if really capture the girl's heart, let them pay their heart to themselves, fifty LAN and girlsAccompanied by a lifetime of determination, but not only their own eternal youth, and the courage to witness the disappearance of girls.
      I think that one day, Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum may grow old in front of my eyes, and I will never see that lovely face again. Since then, I only live in my memory, and I have never been afraid. Fifty LAN, who has a heart to fight for high and low in the face of missiles, has some fear.
      Seems to be aware of the mood of fifty LAN, has always been quiet system unexpectedly active mouth.
      “Please try your best to earn experience points. When the host strengthens his body and spirit to 50, all his troubles will be solved.”
      If the system has no ups and downs, it is no less than the sounds of nature for 50 LAN at this time. Looking back on all kinds of help after the emergence of the system, if there is no system, 50 LAN wants to reach the present situation, I don't know how much energy it will take.Even knowing that the system may be dead without any emotion, fifty Lan's heart is still full of gratitude.
      “System, why do you help me so much?”
      However, as fifty LAN expected, the system went silent and did not give any response. To calm down some of the agitation, fifty LAN took a deep breath.
      “Don't mention it, system, use experience value to strengthen my spirit.”
      “Ding, strengthen success, the host now has the following attributes: Constitution: 28, spirit: 30.”
      A cool from fifty Lan's mind spread to the whole body, the high spirit of the anti super physique, make fifty LAN have a kind of break through the shackles, the feeling of ecstasy, obedience to the inner desire, to confirm that there is no other people around fifty LAN call the abnormal growth of the spiritual force, gathered at the foot, make a force to lift themselves out of thin air.
      Floating in the air, fifty LAN curiously closed his eyes and felt the pleasure of relying on the emptiness to control the air. He noticed that he still had the spiritual power. Fifty LAN opened his eyes again. At this time, his dark eyes were very deep and shining in the silent night sky.
      Looking at the huge lake surrounding the whole school in the distance, the water is sparkling under the bright moonlight, and the fifty haze, which is not intoxicated with the beautiful scenery in front of us, stops a little, and then presses the rest of the mental force fiercely.
      The calm water surface was driven by invisible force, and raised huge waves. Then it seemed that it was crushed by extraordinary force. The water curtain several meters high was flying in the air before it fell, and it was instantly annihilated.
      Silently watching the scene in front of fifty LAN, looking at the turbulent tumbling Lake under the ravages of his own spiritual power, I felt a little excited for a moment.*
      Chapter 16 battle of adults
      With 50 Lan's present physique and spirit, even if she doesn't sleep, it won't have any effect. But the habit she has developed for more than ten years makes 50 LAN still go back to the dormitory and lie quietly on the soft bed.
      The next day, fifty LAN, who said hello with a smile to her classmates, sat in her seat and looked at the chatting students. Those people's original casual performance made fifty LAN smile.
      Horibai has been watching him since he came into the classroom. Seeing the smile on his face, his mood unconsciously becomes a little excited. Horibai can't help asking.
      “Good man, what makes you so happy?”
      Fifty haze, who is enjoying the fun in the plain, suddenly hears horibai's words, and feels that he has changed his mind unconsciously. Fifty haze gives a dry cough.
      “I like to face life with a smile. What's the problem?”
      Fifty haze's sudden soul chicken soup makes hori Beiling sound stunned, huh?Is this guy insinuating that he has no expression every day?Looking at fifty haze's smiling face, horibai suddenly has the impulse to punch on it. He takes a deep breath and adjusts his mood. Horibai squeezes out a rather horrible smile.
      “Is it?”
      Horibai, who has always been indifferent, should have made her perfect face more charming with her smile. However, fifty LAN, who is facing horibai, has a feeling of facing evil spirits. Fifty LAN, who is aware that the situation is not good, turns the conversation.
      “But I think horibai looks good even if he doesn't smile.”
      Fifty haze's perfect drift makes horibai Lingyin stunned. The smile on his face is stiff. His white face is quickly occupied by Hongxia. He lowers his head and no longer looks at the person who pulls his heartstrings. He complains in an almost inaudible voice.
      “What are you talking about?”
      Fifty LAN looks at horibai Lingyin, who is so embarrassed that she has been told by her own words. Recalling her new state of mind, she can't help but turn her eyes to the person who makes her change. However, zhuota Platycodon, who was chatting with several classmates, feels something and waves to fifty LAN with a smile.
      Then it seems to think of something, Zhutian Platycodon picked up a carefully prepared thing on the desk and came to fifty LAN with a warm smile on his face.
      “Lan Jun, this is the Bento I made for you. Please take it.”
      Bento, in neon Bento, is usually prepared for lunch and other occasions in advance. However, if a young girl gives it to a boy of similar age, the small bento box will not only contain food, but also the girl's heart.
      Fifty LAN some trance looking at in front of their own smile Yan Xi girl, although came to this world has not short time, but fifty LAN is the first time to receive the Bento, looking at the square Bento Box neatly placed in the food, in the end is he captured the heart of the field, or the field of Platycodon captured his heart, even fifty LAN is not clear.
      “Thank you, Platycodon grandiflorum.”
      Fifty haze naturally won't live up to the girl's mind, simply accepted.
      “Oh, what's the situation? Mr. Zhu Tian sent Mr. Wu Lan a bento?”
      “Isn't classmate 50 Lan's boyfriend
      “Hey, hey, this is the battle of adults.”
      Several students look at the scene full of information in front of them, for fear that the world will not be noisy.
      Has been and light well Ze Hui good several girls, shook to shake in front of some at a loss the girl's hand.
      “Qingjingze, if you keep silent, your boyfriend will be abducted and run away by zhuitian Platycodon!”
      “What are you doing?”
      Zehui Lightwell has been a bit stunned by the action of Platycodon grandiflorum. At this time, she is shaken by several girls nearby. Some faint Zehui Lightwell still doesn't respond.
      “Ah, me, what should I do?”
      Light well Ze Hui that dull silly performance let a few girls hate iron not into steel thumping chest.
      “Hold him, kiss him, force him, declare your sovereignty!”
      Hear this too straightforward words, originally have no what expression of light well Ze Hui instant pretty face flushed, slightly lowered his head, quite a bit afraid of point fingers.
      “What, what, so many people, let me do this kind of thing.”
      “Go on!”
      A few girls look at each other and push keizawa Mitsui fiercely at fifty haze.
      Keira Lightwell was startled by her companion's action. She screamed and staggered out. She successfully attracted the eyes of the whole class. Knowing that she couldn't shrink back, Keira Lightwell ran to fifty LAN and held one of her arms in silence. The whole person shrank in fifty Lan's arms.
      “Ooh, ooh, ooh
      Good students can't help cheering when they look at the scene in front of them. Then they hold their breath and look forward to the next development.
      The sudden appearance of Zehui Lightwell surprised fifty haze. Looking at Zehui Lightwell, who was shrinking in his arms and trembling slightly, fifty haze stretched out her hand and touched the lovely head of her nominal girlfriend.
      Zhu Tian Platycodon looks at some helpless light well Zehui in 50 Lan's arms. He has some helplessness in his heart. He gives 50 LAN an encouraging look, turns around and walks to several good girls who talked with him before.
      “Nah, Nah, Zhuoda, do you want to compete with Zehui Qingjing?”
      The girl's eyes were shining, looking at the coming field of Platycodon grandiflorum, some excited asked.
      When Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum heard their words, he lowered his head to think. After a while, he raised his head again. He tilted his head lovingly and gently pointed his clean chin with his fingers.
      “It depends on what LAN Jun thinks.”
      “Eh, LAN Jun, what a close name.”
      “Zhu Tian is so cute, he will not lose. I support you!”
      Several girls heard the words of Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum, and quietly looked at the fifty haze in the distance. They were all cheering for Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum, and the battle spirit in their eyes was like substance.
      Fifty LAN looking at this time is still shrinking in his arms, dare not look up the light well Ze Hui, a sigh, because of the action of field Platycodon, and produce a sense of crisis, also don't know is worried about their status affected, or another reason.
      I looked up and scanned the classroom. The fire of gossip was burning. Fifty Lan's look was the same. I won't make anyone sad.*
      Chapter 17 genius and mediocrity in the same room
      In this way, the day came to May 1.
      A month has passed since the beginning of the school year. Today is the date of issuing personal points.
      “Well, what's the matter?”
      “Sure enough, you too?”
      Several students looked at the mobile phone, some doubt muttered to themselves, for their mobile phone display points some incredible.
      Fifty LAN looks down at her number of points, which is more than 700000. She gets rid of the 100000 points that she has been awarded as a member of the discipline committee every month. After calculating the recent expenses, fifty LAN gets the number of points that the school gives to each student in class D this month.
      “Eighty thousand…”
      “Get back to your seats. The morning class meeting will begin.”
      The cold voice of the tea resident came from the door, and the students quickly sat back to their seats.
      It's still the iconic ol suit, with a girlish appearance and the same figure as the imperial sister. Unfortunately, there is still not much expression on the delicate pretty face.
      “Teacher, is there something wrong with the number of points this month?”
      When Zuo Zhigang, the tea resident, stood in front of the platform, one of the students couldn't wait to raise his hand and asked. After someone took the lead, others also asked questions.
      “Yes, it's down to 80000.”
      “Wasn't it 100000 before?”
      For a time, there was some noise in the class. Cha ZhuoZhi looked at the noisy people in the classroom, holding his chest with both hands and opening his mouth lightly.
      “No, there's nothing wrong with the points.”
      Cha ZhuoZhi's short words didn't convince the students, on the contrary, they had new questions.
      “Is the school deceiving us?”
      Except for a few people who are thoughtful, most of the other students are still confused. In front of them, these stupid people let tea stay in zuozhi's mouth.
      “You are a bunch of stupid guys.”
      For a month, even if someone dozed off in class, they would not point out that the tea was staying in zuozhi. At this time, a sentence unexpected to the students made the atmosphere of the noisy classroom gradually dignified.
      “72 times of being late and absent, 320 times of chatting in private and playing with mobile phones in class. In just one month, even if someone reminds you, you are casual enough.”
      Finish saying, don't stand under all is the student of the face show shocked color, tea stay assist a branch to sweep one eye the fifty haze of motionless color, continue to open a mouth.
      “In this school, the grade of the whole class will be reflected in the number of points that you call in each month. The result of the review is that you have lost 80000 points.”
      “Well, what is that?I've never heard of it. ”
      “Lost 80000 points?So how did we get 80000 points?Shouldn't it be 20000? ”
      Looking at so many students who reflect so slowly, Cha Zhuzuo sighed.
      “You don't really think that a senior high school student can use 100000 yen a month without scruple?Originally, you could only get 20000 points this month. Due to the fact that 50 LAN, a member of the discipline committee, suppressed the violence in class C, the school awarded 60000 individual points, and the total number of individual points was 80000. ”
      When I heard the words of Cha Zhu zuozhi, I recalled that although I tried my best to restrain myself because of 50 Lan's reminding this month, it was still not a good performance at all. I was ashamed.
      “Is it because of 50 LAN?”
      “Suppress class C?Is classmate fifty LAN so powerful? ”
      “When did it happen?I don't know at all, damn it
      Many students wake up from a dream and their IQ is back online. They turn their grateful eyes to fifty LAN, who has been sitting quietly in the classroom. After many twists and turns, they suddenly realize that they can't help but look at fifty LAN again. Why do these people come to class d like these idiots?But in this way, I may be able to realize that wish
      “This school measures its students by their strength. That is to say, except for fifty haze, you are just garbage worth 20000 yen. Ah, by the way, Congratulations, class D is second only to class a this month. Unfortunately, the school doesn't think you can be promoted. In the end, you are just a group of guys who drag people behind.”
      Cha ZhuoZhi's words are no different from personal attacks, but it's a cruel fact. Everyone under the stage is speechless. His mind goes back to what fifty Lan said on the first day of school.
      “Teacher, will the number of points distributed increase or decrease?”
      That simple sentence, now I think, contains too many things, but I didn't care about it. After that, fifty LAN kindly reminded everyone that although he didn't feel disgusted with him, he didn't care too much. If it wasn't fifty LAN, his value might be less than 20000 yen
      No longer as noisy as before, no longer as relaxed as before, at this time in the classroom, there are only the gentle breathing, and the look of regret on the students' faces.
      Ignoring the students who were full of pain, Cha ZhuoZhi walked out of the classroom indifferently. Some cold voices came from outside the door.
      “Fifty haze, come here.”
      Looking at the other students' faces which were full of various expressions with great interest, the only sadness left at this time, quietly experiencing the fifty haze of life in this small classroom, and hearing the words of Cha Zhu zuozhi, he stood up and laughed.
      “Well, don't we still have 80000 points?After that, I hope class D will be upgraded to class A
      Do not go to see the students' reaction after hearing his words, fifty LAN straight out of the classroom.
      “Yes, yes, we still have 80000 points. It's a great hope.”
      “Cut, there are 60000 points are the credit of 50 LAN, we originally only have 20000 points, OK?”
      “Good performance, since the school can reduce class points, it can also increase class points.”
      “Say, fifty LAN classmate is how to suppress C class, you know?”
      “I'm also very curious, light well Ze, you are fifty LAN classmate's girlfriend, do you know?”
      Looking at the many students gathered in front of her, she was startled. Although she could lead the topic freely among several female students, she was surrounded by a large group of people at this time. Under the gaze of dozens of eyes, she laughed awkwardly.
      “Ah ha ha, I'll ask LAN Jun later.”
      Kazuki Mitsui, who tried her best to dispel this group of people's strong curiosity, leaned on the desk, recalling the way that fifty LAN talked and laughed with the famous iceberg beauty horibei Lingyin in the class during this period of time, as well as the special attitude of the highly popular kuota Platycodon toward fifty LAN. Kazuki Mitsui shrunk her head in some grievances.
      “Clearly I'm LAN Jun's girlfriend…”*
      Chapter 18 do as you please
      Chazhuozhi is leaning against the guardrail on the rooftop. Her beautiful body has formed a perfect curve because of her posture at this time. It's funny to recall that fifty LAN has been sitting and watching the wind and clouds surging all the time. I'm not afraid of my posture when I'm in danger, and the appearance of class C head teacher sakazaki counting horses in front of me demanding to punish fifty LANIt's really interesting that his face is flushed by fifty haze.
      Think about, always expression indifference tea in zuozhi, face also can't help but appear a smile.
      “The teahouse teacher smiles very well.”
      Not long after cha ZhuoZhi, she also came to the rooftop of fifty LAN. Looking at cha ZhuoZhi's smiling face, her perfect face became more and more beautiful because of the smile from her heart. It gave fifty LAN a kind of temptation to half cover her face with pipa, especially when cha ZhuoZhi's long hair was carefully taken care of and tied into a single horsetail. It added a lot of color to cha ZhuoZhi, who always showed indifference.
      When chazhuozhi heard fifty Lan's words, his smile was slightly stiff. He was helpless for the boy who was clearly his own student but often had no scruples in front of him.
      Turning around and looking at this young man who is mature and reliable in his childish age, Cha Zhu zuozhi pretends not to hear what fifty Lan said before. He taps on the guardrail in front of him and asks curiously.
      “What did you do in class C?I can tell you that sakakami is extremely hostile to you now. Let me punish you well. ”
      Fifty LAN spread out his hand: “it's nothing more than to beat some of the guys who attacked me in class C down and play some homely with the head teacher of class C.”
      Seeing that chazhu zuozhi is still full of exploring eyes, fifty LAN, who didn't intend to hide it, simply told chazhu zuozhi about the causes and consequences of the class c incident, just skipping the details of turning the camera with her mental force.
      Some surprised looked up and down, in front of the youth appears some thin body, tea in zuozhi didn't expect that fifty LAN has a punch to lay down a person's force, if you know fifty LAN defeated the person's force and fifty LAN show relaxed, tea in zuozhi only afraid will be more surprised.
      Recalling the appearance of sakazaki counting horses in the office a few days ago, I used to count horses with sakazaki, the head teacher of class C, and the head teacher of class B. It was the first time that I saw the student who was a little gloomy and always had the chance to win. He would blush and yell. Is it because of the boy in front of me.
      “Although I know you are not simple, I didn't expect that your force value would be so high. You don't look like an atavistic gorilla.”
      Looking at fifty LAN, the charming smile on her perfect face and the temperament close to nature make the indifferent tea stay in zuozhi. At this time, she puts down her inner shackles and makes a joke.
      If the first half of the sentence is praise, the second half is no doubt ridicule. Looking at cha ZhuoZhi who dares to speak in front of him, 50 LAN deeply thinks that he must show his dignity. Now he looks upright and opens his mouth seriously.
      “Madam Cha Zhu, please pay attention to your attitude towards an excellent young man with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and beauty.”
      He didn't care about the young man's change of address. Cha ZhuoZhi looked at the righteous little man in front of him with a disdainful expression. He was quite funny and asked provocatively.
      “Oh?If I don't pay attention, what will happen, classmate fifty LAN? ”
      Dignity has been challenged again and again, looking at the smile on the perfect pretty face of Yu Jie in black uniform, 50 LAN sighs.
      “Now I don't have a position on you, maybe in the future.”
      Tea in Zuo Zhi's mouth with great interest, hesitated a little, gave up to continue to tease each other, and his face showed a positive color.
      “I hope you can upgrade class D to class A.”
      “Very ambitious.”
      Fifty Lan's words make cha ZhuoZhi laugh.
      “Are you praising me?”
      “Of course, according to the school's principle of class division, although we can't completely separate genius from mediocrity, we do divide most of the excellent guys into class A and class D are all problem children. How can they be promoted so easily?”
      After all, if you are not afraid of a god like opponent, you are afraid of a pig like teammate.
      Fifty Lan's words, like a sign of weakness, attracted cha Zhuzuo to look up and down, and her black ponytail swayed slightly with her movements, revealing her youthful demeanor.
      “That's not consistent with your previous arrogance.”
      “I can guarantee my own safety, so it's not arrogant. As for upgrading class DIs there a reward? ”
      “If you can do it.”
      Chapter 19 where I am is the focus
      With the arrival of May, the weather is getting warmer and warmer, and the swimming class that many people are looking forward to finally begins.
      However, there is no bikini.
      The girl's swimsuit, which almost completely covers her upper body and only shows her arms, makes many male men sigh, who are full of hormones, and also makes 50 LAN, who is possessive, feel relieved.
      “Once it's free time for swimming class, we will naturally start small group activities.”
      However, a certain 50 LAN, whose popularity has been high since the beginning of the school year, has reached the level of no one can compare after the tea resident Zuo Zhi announced the increase and decrease of class points. However, she is sitting quietly by the swimming pool, so that even though most people are playing in the swimming pool, she still looks at 50 LAN who is wearing a swimsuit and shows her perfect figure from time to time.
      “Why are you sitting here?”
      Wearing a swimsuit, although not showing much skin, but still showing the perfect curve of horibai ring tone, came to fifty LAN side, looking away from the public fifty LAN can not help but some curiosity.
      Fifty LAN heard the sound and took a look at horibai. Originally, horibai, who was always dressed neatly in school uniform, gave people an inexplicable pressure. At this time, she changed into a swimsuit, which made her look lively.
      “I'm enjoying the beauty.”
      Fifty Lan's voice is not big, but it makes the girls who have been quietly paying attention in the swimming pool blush. Originally, some unscrupulous actions can't help but become restrained, and want to show their best side to the boy in the distance.
      Keenly found that those girls reaction horibai ring can't help smacking, in their envious eyes, bent down to sit next to fifty haze.
      “It just happened, and these people really have a big heart.”
      Mingming's head teacher chazhuzuo Zhicai mercilessly calls class D people rubbish. Now these people are not only playing with ease, but also thinking about their image in the eyes of fifty LAN, which makes horibai Lingyin feel a little disconsolate. Can such class d really be upgraded to class a.
      Moreover, with a sneak look at 50 LAN beside him, horibai looks at the girls in the swimming pool. They are more interested in those people than themselves.
      Thinking of this, horibai was a little discouraged and leaned his head gently on his knees, which were closed together because of his sitting posture.
      Fifty LAN doesn't know that the girl who has always shown indifference is just like the flower of kaolin. At this time, she is sentimental. Originally, fifty LAN didn't intend to rely on most of these students with low ability. What's more, in this ordinary world, these people's carefree performance is normal.
      “At the best age, you don't have to force yourself to look sad.”
      Fifty haze was originally very insipid, but it seemed that he meant something to horibai's ring tone. Is this guy saying that he has no expression all the time? Hum, I like this way, so I won't change because of you.
      Recalling the morning class meeting before tea station zuozhi, 1000 person points represent 10 class points. In other words, at the beginning of school, each class has 1000 class points. After a month's investigation, class A has 940 class points, class B 650 class points and class C 400 class points.
      Class D originally had only 200 class points, but now it has 800 class points because of the contribution of 50 LAN.
      Unfortunately, although the number of class points has surpassed class B and class C, the school still has no notice about the promotion of class D. perhaps in the eyes of the school, the real class points of class D are 200 points. If not for 50 Lan's efforts to turn the tide, class D has no capital for promotion at all. Presumably, the school thinks that after a period of time, the class points of class D will be deducted.
      A series of things, there is no lack of 50 LAN figure, horibai Ling Yin some confused looking at 50 Lan's side face, although the tea in zuozhi said in the mid-term, the final exam failed people immediately quit school, but since you can enter this school, even the D class students also have a certain ability, although this month students' performance is general, but also did not fall behind the homework, it is not to worry about.
      Fifty LAN looks at horibai's bell sound, thinking of her wish and comforting.
      “Work hard in the next midterm exam, and the school will probably recognize the ability of class D students.”
      “Horibai, LAN Jun, let's swim together?”
      Zhutian Platycodon with a lovely smile appeared in the pool, waving to the two people.
      Don't wait for two people reaction, cten field Platycodon grandiflorum take 50 Lan's arm, regardless of his chest and 50 Lan's intimate contact.
      Horibai Ling Yin originally saw the smiling Zhuoda Platycodon grandiflorum, some inexplicably did not resist her at this time, but when she saw the action of Zhuoda Platycodon grandiflorum, her eyes narrowed and she stood up.
      “OK, let's swim together.”
      If fifty LAN is expected to let himself pull, horibai agrees with his request. Looking at horibai and fifty LAN, horibai feels that he has found a way to close the distance between horibai and himself.
      See 50 LAN is pulled by Zhu Tian Platycodon, light well Ze Hui only feel that he must stand up.
      “Hee hee, LAN Jun is coming.”
      Pretty face with a smile, light well Ze Hui naturally pull up 50 LAN another empty arm, learn the appearance of field Platycodon without scruple to 50 LAN show their pride.
      “Oh, oh
      Although the two women are smiling, but other students obviously feel that gradually dignified atmosphere, but more interested in the side of coax.
      Horibai looks at 50 LAN, who has become the center of the crowd, and snorts. Maybe it's because 50 Lan's two arms are hugged, or maybe it's not suitable for people's eyes. Horibai doesn't get close to 50 LAN.
      “Listen to me, everyone.”
      Hirata, seeing that the scene seems to be getting worse, clapped his hands mechanically to attract people's attention and change the topic.
      See people will look at themselves, Hirata yokosuke a face seriously to fifty haze bow to express gratitude.
      “Thank you for your efforts for the class!”
      The other students have always been grateful to fifty haze. At this time, Yosuke Hirata took the lead, and they all expressed their gratitude seriously.
      “Yes, thank you, fifty LAN.”
      “Teahouse teacher has explained the s points. Although we still have 80000 points with the help of 50 LAN, we can't enjoy it by ourselves and let 50 LAN take the responsibility alone.”
      Hirata yokosuke's words attracted people to nod again and again, and their ambition was aroused.*
      Chapter 20 gratitude
      See Hirata yokosuke successfully changed the topic, fifty haze quite some gratification, children can teach, children can teach!
      Although zhuota Platycodon grandiflorum and Qingjing Zehui still hold on to themselves, they didn't stick to themselves as before, and let 50lan breathe a sigh of relief. Although they enjoyed it, because two perfect girls were around them, 50lan could obviously feel that almost everyone didn't dare to get close to him.
      Notice fifty haze praise eyes, Hirata yokosuke seems to be inspired, some excited shout.
      “Let's work together!”
      All of them cheered and responded happily. Even Xu tengjian, who had been photographed in fifty haze and listened silently, looked at the students' full of fighting spirit, and his heart was also touched.
      Horibai Lingyin holds her chest and quietly watches the scene of unity in front of her. She looks at fifty LAN who is surrounded by people. Even she has to admit that under fifty Lan's leadership, mediocre people seem to show their talents sometimes.
      “Fifty LAN, class d…”
      In a building next to the swimming pool, horibai looks at the dynamic class D through the window, whispers, draws back his eyes, pushes his eyes, and turns his head.
      “One year class A, Banliu, Gecheng.”
      “Congratulations, 940 points for your class this month, which is a proud mark.”
      940However, the leaders of the two opposing factions in class A did not show much smile.
      “How can class d get 800 points?”
      Kuo Cheng Kang Ping stares at hori Bei Xue and asks.
      For Kaesong Kangping's words, horibai school is not much surprised. When horibai school just saw the score of class D, he was even more surprised to know that many students in class D evaluated him. However, when he saw the extra 60000 personal points and 600 class scores awarded by the school, horibai school had to admit it. It seems that from the beginning, 50 Lan was creating a miracle.
      “The grade of class D is confirmed by the school and there are no mistakes.”
      With a light word, Horiba school stopped talking. For Horiba school, who has spent three years in this school of the jungle and is known as the strongest student president in all previous years, although the two people in front of him are still excellent, they are not worth his more efforts.
      Sakazaki recalls a little bit of information collected in recent days. She is curious about fifty LAN, who is said to have suppressed the whole class C by one person. She knows something about ayamitsu Qinglong's ability, and even more wants to know what fifty LAN, who makes ayamitsu Qinglong willing to be an ordinary student, is out of line with the name of defective goods gathering place of class D.
      At the end of the swimming class, the students who have returned to the classroom are talking about the points. Although there are 20000 points less than last month, there are still as many as 80000 points, so that people do not have too much pressure because of the change of points.
      “Well, thanks to 50 LAN, otherwise if I only had 20000 points this month, I would be miserable.”
      “20000 points?I feel that if it wasn't for 50 LAN, I could turn it into 10000 points. ”
      Although he has planned to change his laziness, several students still can't help joking. Fifty LAN, who knows something, just wants to say to the classmate who claims to be able to turn the monthly points into 10000, you are modest!
      “Lan Jun, shall we go out for a walk?”
      Ozawa owai looks at 50 LAN with a pleading face. For the boy who is clearly just a nominal boyfriend, but often worries about himself, Ozawa owai is a little bit stiff. Standing with such an excellent person, she feels a little pressure from an ordinary girl.
      “Of course, Huijiang is my girlfriend.”
      In the face of Ozawa's pretty face, fifty haze naturally simply agreed.
      To take a more secluded corridor, fifty LAN looking at the front of all the way low head, like a little daughter-in-law with their own light well Zehui, some funny.
      “What is it that makes a girl deliberately escape from me and summon up the courage to find me?”
      Fifty LAN some banter of meaning of words, but let light well Ze Hui raised dyed red pretty face, quite flustered repeatedly wave hand.
      “Ah, no, no, I didn't deliberately escape from fifty LAN.”
      Fifty LAN looking at the light well Ze Hui at present at a loss, slightly put the head close to the light well Ze Hui's pretty face, stare at that time that some anxious color of big eyes.
      “It's clearly my girlfriend. Why did Huijiang call me fifty LAN again?”
      Fifty haze that slightly close to the girl's face, full of lethality, let light well Zehui originally just slightly red face suddenly become red up, dodging dare not look at fifty haze that pair of light well Zehui full of serious eyes, low head gently said.
      “I'm afraid LAN Jun will be disgusted by it.”
      Fifty LAN looking at the performance of some self abased girl, clearly is a beautiful spice girl dress, not only the heart is so shy, or a pure girl.
      “Huijiang is so cute. I'm too happy. How can I be disgusted?”
      Summon up the courage to look back to the light well Zehui of fifty haze, feel the encouragement in the eyes of the people in front of you, think of the request of several good girls before.
      “Lan Jun, how do you quell the violence in class C?”
      Looking at the girl's shining eyes full of curiosity, fifty LAN repeated what she had said with cha ZhuoZhi before. After a little processing, she became humorous, which made the girl put down her formality and giggle.
      After fifty LAN finish, quietly waiting for the smile Yan Xi light well Zehui calm down, and has been smiling to listen to fifty LAN words light well Zehui, noticed fifty LAN staring at his eyes, just recovered face, and has a trend of red.
      Fifty LAN one hand supporting light well Ze Hui behind the wall, quite natural use has always wanted to practice stunt, wall Dong.
      Zehui Lightwell see fifty haze suddenly full of aggressive action, slightly a Leng.
      “Huijiang, you seem to be a black sheep.”
      Hearing 50 Lan's words, keizawa owai recalled that she had just got the personal points equivalent to 100000 yen at the beginning of school. She had never had such a huge sum of money before. Now she blushed when she thought about it.
      “Wu, I'm sorry, LAN Jun.”
      Looking at a face of weak gas of light well Ze Hui, fifty haze of course is the choice – don't let her go!
      “Without me, Huijiang seems to get only 20000 points this month, ah, no, maybe even less?”
      Fifty haze's words are not wrong. Keizawa owai looks at fifty haze, who has become a little terrible in front of her eyes. She blinks in fear.
      “Yes, yes, thank you, LAN Jun.”*
      Chapter 21 turning false into true
      Fifty LAN unscrupulously looked at clearly is a pair of spice girl dress, but the performance is quite weak gas light well Ze Hui.
      “Verbal thanks are not enough.”
      Ozui owai looks at the fifty haze with gratitude in front of her. Ozui owai, who was very afraid of campus bullying, has not much fear in her heart except for the shyness of the fast burst watch. She takes a deep breath to summon up courage, and kisses fifty haze's side face with her eyes closed.
      “Woo, thank you, boyfriend Jun!”
      Fifty LAN quietly enjoys the kiss of the girl's heart. She looks at Kei ozai who opens her eyes shyly after leaving her side face for a long time. Her big eyes are full of water and charm at this time.
      Fifty LAN stretched out her hand and gently touched the girl's small head with a blushing face, then showed her the personal points displayed on her mobile phone, and said seriously.
      “You are my girlfriend. If you have any difficulties, you can come to me. No matter at school or in the future, I can guarantee that you will not be bullied.”
      I feel the sincerity of fifty Lan's words, and the last sentence seems to mean something. I think of the crazy story that fifty LAN suppressed class C by one person in school. Lanjun's extra personal points are rewards. He does have the ability to protect himself. Zehui Qingjing nods her head.
      “Well!LAN Jun
      Finally, no longer want to use in order to avoid bullying to force yourself to become a leader, no longer need to be afraid to consider their own performance, even if someone wants to bully themselves, LAN Jun will be a person to easily solve it, no, become LAN Jun girlfriend of their own, no one will have the idea of bullying themselves.
      Gently lead to untie the shackles of the soul, become vibrant light well Ze Hui's hand, fifty LAN mild smile.
      “Come on, go back.”
      “Ding, strength first, gain 500 experience points.”
      Soon after fifty haze returned to his seat, horibai began to speak softly.
      “Are you free at noon?”
      Horibai's voice is a little small, but it's very clear to fifty LAN, whose five senses are strong enough to be abnormal. However, horibai's shy voice makes fifty LAN want to tease the girl in front of her.
      Horibai knew that his voice was not loud just now. When he saw fifty Lan's reaction, he said again in a slightly larger voice.
      “If you can, let's have lunch together.”
      It's hard for the girl to summon up her courage. Fifty LAN doesn't pretend to be confused any more. She looks like she's doing business, but with the sound of horibai's bell on Xiafei's cheeks, fifty LAN nods.
      At noon, there are many students in the canteen, but maybe it is because the school is funded by the state. Even a canteen is decorated exquisitely. The white tables and chairs are clean and tidy, and the wide space is not crowded to accommodate many students.
      Fifty LAN looked at the rich dishes on the table, the corners of her mouth slightly raised, and looked at horibai Lingyin sitting beside her.
      “Come on, what's up.”
      Horibai didn't expect that fifty haze would see through his attempt so easily, or that he would ask so directly. He coughed and calmed himself.
      “You eat first.”
      Fifty haze Piao Piao Piao pretends to be the north of the hori bell sound, picked up a fried crisp attractive tempura bit.
      “Well, I hope that you can improve the grades of those people in the class by having a study. If I remember correctly, your academic ability is very high.”
      Seeing fifty LAN finally eating the food in front of him, horibai Suzuki takes a relaxed breath. He has a soft tongue and a short hand. After eating his own luxurious lunch, horibai Suzuki feels that he has the capital to negotiate with him.
      He just had a bite, horibai Suzuki can't wait to make a request, let fifty LAN some funny, hands without stopping to continue to clip food, fifty LAN slightly side head.
      “Oh?I think that with the enthusiasm of those people in the class, even if they study on their own, they are enough to cope with the exam. Moreover, didn't Hirata hold a study meeting? ”
      “Yokosuke Hirata is not as good as you. If you come, they should improve more, and the upgrading of class D will be a little easier.”
      Horibai's reason is really good, but it's a pity that he can't convince 50 LAN.
      “Even if I come, they won't be promoted much. The temporary assault can't be compared with the accumulated time. Moreover, I don't want to spend too much time on them. I'm a discipline committee member who wants to maintain the order of the campus.”
      Fifty haze moved out of that rather tall on the discipline committee identity, let hori north ring tone some silence, looked at the thoughtful hori north ring tone, fifty haze and said.
      “You don't have to think about holding a study meeting on your own. Do you think those people will listen to your study meeting seriously because you are not close to strangers?”
      Although 50 Lan said is the truth, but how so uncomfortable, horibai Ling Yin gritted his teeth, angrily snatched the luxury set meal in front of 50 LAN, pushed his simple lunch to the past, and ate it with a luxury set meal.
      Fifty LAN had hundreds of thousands of people counting, even if he had a luxury meal, it was just a drizzle for him. In front of him, there was a sulky black long straight, which made fifty LAN quite pleasant and not angry. He tasted the simple lunch pushed by horibai Suzuki leisurely.
      After a long time, see hori north ring sound finish eating, fifty Lan also put down chopsticks, leisurely wipe mouth.
      “Well, I've already had some of that set meal. Now you're kissing me indirectly.”
      After grabbing the luxury set meal and eating it alone, horibai Lingyin, who makes 50 LAN only have a light meal, was quite proud at the beginning. When he heard 50 Lan's full of ridicule, he reflected what he had done in the end. As soon as he was stiff, his white face was instantly occupied by blush.
      Fifty LAN propped her chin, side her head, and kept her eyes fixed on the girl's look. She pulled the goddess of high cold into the world, and made that cold face proud like a child. Then she turned that pride into shyness. It was really an interesting and pleasing thing.
      Horibai Lingyin noticed the bantering eyes of fifty LAN, and felt as if she had been teased by fifty LAN from beginning to end. She stood up angrily.
      “I'm gone. Don't forget you owe me lunch.”*
      Chapter 22 aloofness and loneliness
      At night, the school is always very quiet. As a member of the discipline committee, 50 LAN walks on the deserted street, looking for the guy who makes trouble.
      “To catch up with me?”
      A familiar male voice came into fifty Lan's ear from some dark alleys. Standing at the entrance of the alleys, fifty LAN secretly observed the conversation between student president hori BeiXue and his sister hori beilingyin.
      “You still don't understand your shortcomings. Choosing this school is your failure.”
      Horiba's plain mouth, in the face of his own sister, Horiba's performance seems to be more indifferent than others.
      Facing the belittlement of her brother, horibai wants to prove herself anxiously.
      “I'll make class D a class.”
      “You can't do it.”
      Horibai's anxious tone didn't seem to touch horibai's cold heart. Then he thought of something and pushed his glasses.
      “But maybe someone can do it.”
      “Hey, is president horibai talking about me?”
      Fifty LAN cynical voice from afar, into the alley figure appeared in the two people's field of vision.
      It's really Cao Cao. Horibai Lingyin is a little surprised at the appearance of fifty LAN, but because of the conversation just now, she is still in a low mood.But horibai didn't really want to face the man he couldn't suppress. He turned and looked at his sister.
      “Ling Yin, you have friends. To tell you the truth, I'm surprised. Maybe it's your luck.”
      Horibai bowed his head. Although horibai's words sound like praise to him, there is no difference between reality and criticism. Looking back to the beginning of school, he has actually done nothing. If it wasn't for 50 LAN, the performance of class D is indeed consistent with the school's judgment, and he is the worst class.
      Looking at his sister's gloomy look, hori BeiXue sighed and turned away.
      “Only when you understand the true meaning of aloofness and loneliness can you be called excellent.”
      Walking by fifty haze, horibai lowered his voice and opened his mouth quietly.
      “Fifty LAN, take care of my sister.”
      “Clearly very concerned about his sister, good performance is not good, Aojiao?”
      Fifty Lan's sarcastic remarks make Horiba's forehead faint. However, fifty LAN has now strengthened his body to 33 with experience, which makes Horiba, who is still in the category of ordinary people, feel a sense of crisis in the face of natural enemies. He suppresses his inner impulse to hit people. Horiba pretends not to hear him and leaves the alley quickly.
      Fifty LAN looks at the disappearance of horibai, who is known as the strongest student president in all previous years. Is he lonely?It's lonely for the strong to be alone. It's lonely for the weak to be alone. Unfortunately, in the eyes of 50 LAN, horibai is very lonely.
      “Well, ring tone, you are already excellent.”
      Fifty Lan's words of comfort didn't make Horiba ring tone revive. Even fifty LAN didn't care about her intimate address. Maybe for most people in class D, Horiba ring tone is excellent. However, compared with fifty LAN, Horiba ring tone doesn't claim to be excellent in front of him.
      “Far from you.”
      Horibai murmured, then seemed to think of something, fierce rise, did not recover from the low state of her, some lack of courage to question.
      “Who, who allowed you to call me by my name?”
      Fifty haze in horibai Lingyin no lethality under the eyes, showing a pair of sad look, covering the chest heartbroken.
      “I thought you were close enough for me to kiss indirectly. It seems that I think too much, eh.”
      Although the intelligent horibai Suzuki guesses that fifty Lan's sadness is deliberately expressed, he still has some apologies. When he hears fifty Lan's words, he remembers that he only wanted to revenge fifty LAN a little last time. He snatched his luxury set meal without thinking about it carefully, but forgets that it was he who had eaten it. A few rosy clouds flashed on his bright and clean face.
      “Well, it's up to you!”
      After that, horibai Lingyin remembers his brother horibai's unnatural behavior after he saw 50 LAN, as well as some information revealed in his words. He stares at 50 LAN with light clouds and light wind.
      “Do you know my brother?”
      “Of course, the student president doesn't know anyone.”
      Horibai Ling Yin looks at the front of a serious look and answers himself, but in fact, he is pretending to be a fool. He bites his teeth and feels that his anger is rising.
      “You know what I mean.”
      “I met him in private because of the affairs of the discipline committee member, and there was not much communication after that.”
      Fifty LAN doesn't tease Horiba any more, but he gives a brief summary. Although he gets the answer, Horiba is still a little angry. Originally, his calm heart always has all kinds of negative emotions because of this guy. He looks at the man who constantly stirs his own heartstrings in front of him angrily.
      “Xiaolingyin, your performance in front of your brother is very different from your usual appearance.”
      Fifty Lan's unbridled words make horibai ring tone's anger rise again. He just allows him to call his name, but now he adds his nickname?Fifty haze's smiling face is so hateful in horibai's eyes.
      “But what you're doing in front of me is not the same as usual.”
      Fifty LAN seems to think of something, and adds that horibai's shyness and unnaturalness in front of her, and that she didn't think it was the stupidity she had eaten when she robbed her lunch last time, which is also very different from her usual indifference.
      Fifty Lan's mending sword is a fatal blow to horbei Lingyin, and the effect is outstanding. Horbei Lingyin can't fight back. Suddenly, he feels very different from when he was just in front of horbei. He is depressed and depressed because of being belittled by his respected brother. At this time, because fifty Lan's ridicule is all gone, but he is a little angry.
      Is this guy comforting himself?It's a bit too bad.Horibai Lingyin looks at 50 LAN, who has become the most influential person in the class as soon as he enters the school. The elder brother says that someone can promote class D, which means him.
      Although fifty LAN has the same outstanding ability as Horiba, the most powerful president in history, and has the charm over Horiba. However, Horiba Lingyin, who has always been afraid of his elder brother, has little restraint in front of fifty LAN. Is that the difference between fifty LAN and his elder brother Horiba?
      Horibai Lingyin looks at fifty haze in amazement. Is this the meaning of loneliness and aloneness?
      Lonely?Is this guy tall?Think of the great popularity of fifty LAN in the class, especially the secret admiration of many girls for fifty LAN, as well as some intimate moves he made to Zhuoda Platycodon grandiflorum and Qingjing Zehui. Tut, this guy is definitely not up to Gugao*
      Chapter 23 call me if you are in trouble
      At dusk, the students who have finished one day's course scatter around the campus, go to their respective destinations, go back to their dormitories to play video games, and go shopping in the supermarket. They all look relaxed.
      “Come on, come on, all of you!”
      Xu tengjian's voice came from a distance. Listening to the irritability in the words, fifty LAN sighed. Although she had tried to restrain herself from making trouble, she still couldn't keep calm in the face of provocation.
      “Are you a gangster of the last century?It's stupid. ”
      “What a poor, ugly creature.”
      The three people in class C, led by long Yuanxiang, looked at Xu tengjian, who was like a rabid dog in front of their eyes, and his expression was full of disdain.
      Xuteng Jian raised his fist in anger. He tried to fight against three with one, but he overestimated himself.
      Standing next to long Yuanxiang, the two men saw Xu tengjian's action and rushed over at a faster speed. One of them held up Xu tengjian's arm and made him unable to move.
      Fifty LAN looks at this scene from a distance, and does not stop it. Xu tengjian's character is like a rabies. No matter in school or in the future society, his character will only make him suffer more and teach him a lesson. Now the people in class C only teach him a lesson orally, but they don't do it after controlling Xu tengjian.
      In the final analysis, it's still that Xu tengjian is too weak for class C, and class C is also too weak for 50 LAN.
      Long Yuanxiang looked at him. Even though he was restrained, he still didn't realize the strength gap. Xu tengjian, who was full of nonsense, frowned in disgust.
      “I'm looking forward to a few dropouts in your next exam.”
      Slowly approaching Xu tengjian, whose face finally began to change, long Yuanxiang raised a sarcastic smile, stretched out a finger, and slowly pointed to Xu tengjian's eyes, who was unable to move at this time.
      “Long Yuanxiang, should I regard your behavior as a provocation to class D?”
      Fifty Lan's casual words come from afar, and long Yuanxiang is stunned. If it wasn't for fifty Lan's voice, he didn't find that there was another person there. Although he only touched fifty LAN once, he was deeply impressed by it. Long Yuanxiang is thinking about how to deal with it.
      Fifty LAN came to a few people in front, glanced at the two class C students who were still holding Xu tengjian's arm. Originally, they were still a little stunned. Suddenly, they remembered that the person in front of them was not the fifty LAN who easily suppressed long Yuanxiang, or even provoked their head teacher. Now, he made a long speech and let Xu tengjian go.
      Xu tengjian was still immersed in the fear that long Yuanxiang seemed to want to blind his eyes. When he saw 50 LAN appearing in front of him, he reacted. His anger surged up and was suppressed by him at a faster speed. Knowing that this was not the time for him to speak, he stood behind 50 LAN silently and just stared at the three of them with vicious eyes.
      “Well, it would be great if someone could stop it.”
      A lively girl's voice came from one side, a little girl with long golden hair and school uniform took a relaxed breath, and her big pink and purple eyes were in the mood of happiness.
      The girl's sudden voice made long Yuanxiang, who was constantly warned of the danger of fifty haze by her intuition, take a breath of relief, clear his mind for a moment, and speak to fifty haze.
      “You are really good. Unfortunately, this group of rubbish from class D will drag you down, and I will win in the end.”
      Quite hard finish, long Yuanxiang with body faint in trembling younger brother quickly leave, if before fifty LAN broke into class C, long Yuanxiang feel is a huge threat, then at this time fifty LAN, for him, is simply a natural enemy, that kind of different personality gap, let long Yuanxiang bite teeth, hateful, he became strong again.
      “Thank you, thank you.”
      When Xu tengjian saw long Yuanxiang leave, he was not relaxed, but even more nervous. To tell the truth, even if he was fighting with long Yuanxiang alone, whether he was beaten by three or punished by the school, Xu tengjian didn't want to face it alone, which would frighten everyone and force him to step on the top of the food chain!
      “I hope you can take this as a warning and restrict your behavior before you reach your ability.”
      “Yes, yes!Well, may I go now? ”
      Some funny looking at in front of his submissive xutengjian, fifty haze nodded.
      “At will.”
      “Again, goodbye, 50 LAN.”
      Looking at the figure of Xu tengjian quite flustered to leave, fifty haze take back eyes, turned to one side, quietly looking at their own little girl.
      “You are the rumored member of the discipline committee, fifty LAN classmate, really very powerful. By the way, introduce myself. I'm isase Fanbo, one of class B.”
      Notice fifty haze looking at his eyes, a Sete sail wave back to smile, quite natural mouth.
      The lovely girl in front of her has a similar affinity with the sunny side of Platycodon grandiflorum. She has just faced class C and class D, which have little to do with her. She even has the intention of trying to stop the conflict. Fifty LAN, who saw yizhise Fanbo for the first time, has a lot of good feelings for her.
      “I'm really fifty LAN. You seem to want to help just now. Thank you.”
      Yizhise Fanbo looks at the soft smile on fifty Lan's face, some embarrassed to avoid his eyes. If she comes to solve the dispute, at most she will give a verbal warning and threaten the guards with a shout. There is nothing she can do to actually do. How can fifty LAN easily resolve the conflict just by one person.
      “It's fifty LAN who solved it by himself. I didn't do anything at all. Don't thank me. I'm sorry. Hee hee.”
      Yizhise Fanbo shyly waved his hand. It's clearly just the first time to meet. Yizhise Fanbo's performance is very natural. Originally, students in class B should have a sense of superiority when facing class D, but yizhise Fanbo doesn't act affectably when facing fifty LAN, which virtually shortens the distance between them.
      “In any case, you are courageous. If you need help in the future, please feel free to ask me.”
      Fifty LAN looks at the blonde girl in front of her like a work of art. She has no sense of hierarchy. She has a kind heart and natural temperament. The God of “fairness” gives her perfect appearance. Hey, this is probably the cruel reality for many people.
      “Then I would like to thank 50 LAN first. I have something else to do. See you next time.”
      One Sete fan wave's face has been with a soft smile, originally like a perfect artwork, but people can not produce a sense of distance, only the neighbor girl's kind, waving goodbye to fifty LAN, one Sete fan wave lazily stretched out her arm, quickly away.*
      Chapter 24 one hand rolling
      The day of mid-term examination is getting closer, although it is not a problem for fifty LAN, and other people in the class will not fail because of their efforts during this period. However, fifty LAN does not just hope that the people in the class will pass.
      Since you want to lead class D to class A, it's not enough to rely on the number of class points. If class D's quality, academic ability and sports performance are not as high as class A, I'm afraid it's hard to convince people.
      Maybe it's intentional. In this midterm exam, the school's papers will be roughly the same as those of the year before last. Compared with the students' personal culture, this exam seems to pay more attention to the ability of intelligence collection. Naturally, fifty LAN will not miss the opportunity to improve everyone's performance and earn points.
      If you want the paper of the year before last, you naturally need to find senior students. Fifty LAN can't directly break into their class and ask them to hand in the paper in public. Although it's not difficult for fifty LAN, it's an exam after all. If the school knows what fifty LAN has done, it will at least replace the paper.
      When I came to the canteen with the largest number of people, I watched the students line up not far away to pay for the food they bought. Fifty LAN picked a very ordinary looking boy, followed him, and sat not far away from him.
      “Hello, are you a senior student?”
      The boy took a look at fifty LAN. Although he got the conclusion from his words that this handsome student should be his younger brother, fifty Lan's perfect appearance and temperament made him a little dwarfed. He really didn't understand what this obviously unusual younger brother was looking for as a student of class D.
      “Yes, what can I do for you?”
      Fifty LAN glanced at the meal plate in front of the boy, a free set meal, wild vegetable soup, in addition to barely maintain people's survival, it's really not much taste, but fifty Lan also don't want to talk with this dying student in the school, more don't have any interest.
      “I'll give you 50000 points and give me the test paper of the year before last, OK?”
      Fifty Lan's faint words sound like pie falling from the sky to the boy. Fifty thousand points is no less than a huge sum of money for him at this time. However, the person in front of him can put forward fifty thousand points. If he insists on it, maybe he will get more profits. Some greedy people take a look at fifty LAN, but the boy shivers fiercely.
      Fifty Lan's insipid eyes reveal the chill of choosing people, which makes some ordinary boys feel shocked. He seems to be dazzled by the huge number of points. He has spent a long time in school. He knows that none of the people with high points is simple, and he even wants to face the people who can casually put forward such high pointsIt's ridiculous to bargain.
      “OK, no problem.”
      “Ding, strength first, 30 experience points.”
      Fifty LAN looked at the mediocre boy in front of her and slightly praised him. Although he could only live on free food, his ability to judge the situation was very good.
      He gave the points to the boy in front of him and got the test paper. Fifty LAN simply left the canteen and made dozens of copies of the test paper. The problems that can be solved with the points are not problems for fifty LAN who has a huge sum of money!
      Back in the classroom, a smile on the face of the field of Platycodon grandiflorum and seems to have been in the field of Platycodon grandiflorum competition of keii, suddenly surrounded by 50 LAN.
      “Lan Jun, what are these papers?”
      Two beautiful girls have been sticking to themselves, but it's quite a pleasant thing for fifty LAN. She divides dozens of test papers into two parts and hands them to zhuitian Platycodon grandiflorum and Qingjing Zehui. Fifty LAN smiles gently at these two girls who have entrusted their hearts to her.
      “This is my review topic for you. Platycodon grandiflorum, Huijiang, please send it to you for me.”
      Zhutian Platycodon full of vitality patted his chest: “don't worry, give it to me!”
      Keizawa owai is not willing to be outdone: “guarantee to complete the task!”
      Some students in the class were surprised by the results of the test paper. Looking at the content above, the scope of this topic seems to be similar to that of this mid-term exam. They can't help looking at 50 LAN with some doubts.
      See papers distributed almost, 50 LAN stood up.
      “This is a review question about this mid-term exam. As long as you do well, I believe you can get higher marks in this exam.”
      “Since it's a review question from fifty LAN, I will do it well!”
      “Don't worry, I won't hold you back!”
      Fifty LAN looked at the seriousness in everyone's eyes, nodded, but found that the blonde gaoyuansi Liuzhu, refused to distribute the papers, is going to walk out of the classroom.
      In fact, with the level of gaoyuansi Liuzhu, even if he didn't get the test paper, it's not difficult to get high marks. However, this is another act of his own, and also let fifty LAN seize the opportunity to rectify gaoyuansi Liuzhu.
      “Plateau Temple students, also take a test paper.”
      Fifty Lan's figure appears at the side of the plateau temple at a very fast speed when people don't pay attention. A hand is gently put on the shoulder of the plateau temple, and he says to the six assistants of Gaoyuan temple with a smile.
      Although fifty Lan's face is full of smiles, the tall and strong six assistants of Gaoyuan Temple feel that the seemingly powerless hand on his shoulder is to press the muscle full of him in place, unable to move, and quietly on his face. The six assistants of Gaoyuan temple are accumulating all his strength in the dark.
      “I don't need it.”
      Fifty LAN feel Gaoyuan Temple six help body more and more big resistance, smile, fiercely increase the strength of his hand.
      “This is my wish. I'd better take it.”
      “Yes, don't let down the good intentions of fifty LAN.”
      Other students who don't know the truth also help 50 LAN to speak. Liu Zhu of gaoyuansi always thinks highly of himself and goes his own way. At this time, everyone is complaining about 50 Lan's injustice.
      Gaoyuansi Liuzhu was originally under the great power of fifty LAN, it was very difficult to stand firm. At this time, facing the sudden increase of fifty Lan's strength, he almost fell to the ground with a bend of his knee.
      “I'll take it.”
      Take a deep breath, stand again, Gaoyuan Temple six help to see because of their own words and take back the hand of 50 LAN, that just with one hand will crush himself, also a pair of still have spare force appearance of 50 LAN let him palpitation unceasingly, even if is arrogant like him, at this time also had to be soft, took the test paper quickly into the bag, Gaoyuan Temple six help will leave in silence.
      “Ding, strength first, 300 experience points.”*
      Chapter 25 willing to get a heart, white head does not separate
      The mid-term examination has already started. Everyone in class D looks at the examination paper with a dignified face. When they see some similar topics, they feel relieved. They have no time to think about why there are so many similarities between the examination paper and the review questions given by 50 LAN. They lower their heads and write hard.
      Fifty haze glanced at the confident people. Even on Xu tengjian's face, he was very relaxed. It seemed that he would get good results in this exam. So, he didn't have to hide himself in order to reduce the so-called pass line.
      The pass line of this school is not simply 60 points, but half of the average score of the class is set as the pass line, that is to say, even if the average score is full, the pass line is only half at most, 50 points, and the difficulty is reduced by more than one chip.
      Fifty LAN will write the correct answers one by one in the test paper first. After many reminders and the help of the previous year's test paper, if it still can't reach the so-called pass line, then it's ah Dou who can't get up and drop out of school. After reading this, fifty Lan's eyes look at Xu tengjian who is answering the question not far away.
      Xu tengjian was still very happy about the relaxation. Suddenly, he felt cold all over and his hair was straight up. That kind of overwhelming feeling made him feel fatally watched by natural enemies. This kind of feeling had and only one person could bring it to him. He didn't dare to look back at 50 LAN at all. Xu tengjian thought about all kinds of actions made by 50 LAN for the exam, and played a 12 point spirit seriouslyIt's written.
      Looking at the finished test paper, fifty LAN can't help looking forward to it. Since she can use force and wisdom to implement the supremacy of strength, is there a reward for using academic ability to implement the supremacy of strength?
      It's not difficult to get a high score at fifty Lan's level, let alone to strengthen her spirit to 30. Fifty Lan's ability of understanding and memory is far beyond the scope of human beings. It's modest to say that she never forgets a thing, and she knows everything. To finish these high school papers, fifty LAN needs to consider whether it will be too shocking to get a full score. However, fifty Lan's answer after careful consideration is not enoughYes, let them go. Experience is the most important.
      After the examination, there is no need to continue the class. After dinner, fifty LAN goes back to the dormitory. For fifty LAN now, he is able to crush everything by virtue of his physical fitness, and the single game has no difficulty in his mind. In other people's eyes, all kinds of indispensable entertainment methods make fifty LAN a little boring.
      With the mental control of a water ball in the air wantonly rotating deformation, looking at the irresistible was randomly pulling the water, fifty LAN sighed, or, try to one person against a country?
      “Lan Jun, are you there?”
      The voice of Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum came from outside the door. Fifty LAN sat by the bed and did not move. The controlled water polo did not dissipate. He manipulated his mental power to open the door.
      “Come in, Platycodon.”
      For the girl who has dedicated her heart to her, fifty LAN doesn't intend to hide her strength, but has the ability to fight against all kinds of weapons except nuclear weapons. Fifty LAN tells her something without any worry.
      “Ah!LAN Jun, what's this? ”
      Originally, when zhuitian Platycodon found that fifty Lan was still sitting in the distance, and the door opened automatically, he was surprised. He thought it was high technology, but the water ball still floating in the air in front of fifty LAN made zhuitian Platycodon scream when he saw this unscientific scene.
      “It's controlled by my mind.”
      Fifty Lan's simple words didn't make zhuitian Platycodon understand. Seeing the confused color on the girl's pretty face, fifty LAN simply controlled the water ball to fall on the ground outside the window and dissipate. She condensed her mental power and slowly lifted zhuitian Platycodon to let her feel it.
      Zhuitian Platycodon didn't find that he was rising slowly. After discovery, he was stunned, but didn't show much panic. Instead, he looked down curiously at the ground separated by a certain distance. Zhuitian Platycodon's calmness was beyond fifty Lan's expectation. Is there any supernatural power in this world?
      Read so far, fifty LAN heart a tight, control the spirit of the field of Platycodon grandiflorum from the distance to his side, the field of Platycodon grandiflorum grandiflorum that full of youth and vitality of the delicate body gently on his legs.
      “Aren't you afraid?”
      When zhuitian Platycodon came back, he found that he was held in his arms by 50 LAN. Some of them enjoyed the warmth of his beloved. Zhuitian Platycodon looked vaguely and held his 50 LAN: “I'm afraid, of course, but I believe LAN Jun won't harm me.”
      Zhu Tian's simple words are better than any sweet words that fifty LAN has ever heard. It makes him kiss impulsively in his arms and trust her lips with all his heart.
      Zhutian Platycodon sobbed under the attack of fifty haze, and then he held the person he loved in front of him and responded.
      After the deep kiss, the face of Platycodon grandiflorum was red. There was no sunshine in disguise, and there was no coldness full of negative emotions. Some of them were just full of affection and happy smile.
      Fifty LAN originally quite boring heart, because of the girl's appearance and cheering.
      “Come to my room late at night. What can I do for you?”
      “Lan Jun, can you ask for my leave tomorrow?”
      Fifty Lan was stunned by the gentle words of Platycodon grandiflorum. He had excellent IQ and EQ, and instantly understood the meaning of the girl's words. At this time, the girl was not sick or injured. She could only ask for leave because of herself, and fifty LAN would only do one thing to hurt the girl.
      As if in order to prove that he had never experienced such a situation, he bravely raised his head and looked at fifty haze. His big bright eyes were full of seriousness: “from that day on, I have been looking forward to it.”
      That day, nature means that the heart knot of Ctenopharyngodon grandiflorum was untied by 50 LAN, and when he gave his heart, from entering the room, Ctenopharyngodon grandiflorum's words were not many, but he repeatedly pulled the heartstrings of 50 LAN. At this time, 50 LAN did not know whether he had captured Ctenopharyngodon grandiflorum or the girl in his arms.
      “I will love you forever.”This is the declaration of 50 LAN, but also his commitment.
      Zhu Tian's face was covered with a happy smile and nodded: “Hmm!”*
      Chapter 26 teacher student relationship discovered
      The next day, fifty LAN woke up early, looked at the scallop with a smile sleeping beside him, quietly got up and bought her breakfast. Now that the girl was injured, although I don't know whether it was serious, fifty LAN didn't plan to let her continue her class today. Lie on the bed and have a good rest.
      Until entering the canteen, fifty Lan was a little ashamed to find that he didn't know what he liked to eat. However, fifty LAN, who never lacked personal points, looked at the colorful food window and opened his mouth very freely.
      “Give me a share of everything.”
      The staff of the canteen were a little numb and took the food according to the requirements of the students. When they reacted, they were stiff and their morning tiredness dissipated in a moment. They looked up at the beautiful girl in front of them, not like the joking 50 LAN.
      “Classmate, are you sure?”
      Get 50 LAN is very firm answer, the staff had to hand and foot nimble will dozens of kinds of food all took a, give 50 LAN.
      Both hands carry a big bag of food, fifty LAN just like a nouveau riche's behavior attracted the side of the same people who buy breakfast constantly sidelights, to see fifty Lan's appearance and temperament, heart can't help but explain his behavior, is it for the class to prepare breakfast together?That's a good man.
      Fifty LAN didn't care about other people's eyes, carrying things quickly back to the dormitory, that for ordinary people some heavy weight, in fifty Lan's hand and goose feather is no different.
      The rest of the field has been almost Platycodon, just opened his eyes to see 50 LAN carrying food like a hill back, some dumbfounded.
      “Well, LAN Jun, is this our breakfast?”
      Fifty haze see field Platycodon wake up, can't help but smile, raised the things in the hand.
      “I don't know what you like to eat. I just bought one of each. You can choose whatever you like.”
      As soon as I opened my eyes, someone prepared breakfast, and I felt the tenderness revealed in fifty Lan's words. A strong sense of happiness occupied the whole heart of Zhutian Platycodon, and some big hazy eyes were full of confusion.
      “I don't have anything I don't like to eat. As long as it's from LAN Jun, I like it!”
      Morning time spent in a warm, let Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum continue to rest, fifty LAN in the girl quite some helpless eyes, with a big bag of “garbage” left.
      Feeling the warmth and aroma of that bag of food, 50 LAN is lost in thought. These are things that two people didn't touch, just like when they bought them. It's a pity to throw them away as garbage. Thinking that there are countless people suffering from hunger in the world, 50 LAN can't bear to waste food.
      “This is the breakfast I bought for you. Help yourself.”
      Fifty LAN back to class, will be a big bag of food on the table, is very forthright please the whole class to eat a delicious breakfast.
      “Fifty LAN students pay so much, but also invited us to eat breakfast, really sorry ah.”
      Although many boys say polite words, they are not slow at all. They eat with their food. They can't help thinking silently. Today is 50 Lan's treat. If tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are all 50 Lan's treat, they will save a hundred million by rounding!Now it's more delicious.
      The girls are all blushing. This is the first time that fifty LAN has invited herself to eat. Others are directly ignored by them. Their eyes are blurred and they just take a thing and eat it in small mouthfuls. From time to time, they secretly look at fifty LAN and show a silly smile.
      Although fifty LAN thinks she is not a kind person, she still feels a pain in her conscience when she sees those female classmates looking at her grateful and affectionate eyes. Fortunately, in essence, it's not leftover, but at the beginning fifty LAN didn't buy a treat.
      Then fifty LAN left the classroom and went to the teacher's office to ask for leave from the teacher's office.
      Tea in the Assistant Branch swept in front of fifty haze one eye, cold mouth: “what's the matter?”
      Since the last time fifty LAN kiss this quite a little indifferent imperial sister, tea in zuozhi in fifty LAN in front of has been a love reply.
      Looking at the tea standing in front of him, fifty Lan's mouth is slightly raised.
      “Lady Cha Zhu, are you challenging the dignity of an excellent student again?”
      Hear 50 Lan that meaning to point to words, tea in zuozhi action a stiff, secretly looked at the same in the office of another teacher xingzhigong Zhihui one eye, handed 50 LAN a warning look.
      “Well, excellent fifty LAN classmate, what's the matter with you coming to the teacher?”
      While the office seems to be sorting out this document, actually it has been secretly observing the Star Palace Zhihui, a good friend cha ZhuoZhi's dialogue with her students. She widens her eyes at cha ZhuoZhi's unusual gentle tone, covers her mouth and continues to observe in secret.
      Maybe the action of Zhihui in the palace of stars conceals the fact that her back is facing her, but it's a pity that she doesn't conceal the keen 50 LAN. She doesn't notice that she is a teacher, but she looks like a young girl. 50 LAN looks at the tea in front of her.
      “Platycodon grandiflorum is not feeling well today. I'll ask her for leave.”
      Fifty LAN simple words, for the intelligent tea in zuozhi, but contains too much information, staring at the eyes of a serious appearance of fifty LAN one eye.
      “Platycodon grandiflorum, it's a very close name?”
      “If Ms. Cha Zhu is looking forward to it, I can also call you Zuo Zhi.”
      Fifty haze that obviously some intimate words, let has been listening to the Star Palace Zhihui issued a small exclamation, realize that he seems to be exposed, Star Palace Zhihui stood up and waved to the sound of tea in zuozhi.
      “I didn't eavesdrop. I didn't eavesdrop. I didn't know you were in love with fifty LAN. I really didn't know anything!”
      Looking at the picture of his good friend and best friend in his school days, Cha ZhuoZhi gritted his teeth: “shut up
      See tea in Zuo Zhi angry appearance, Star Palace Zhi Hui quickly cover her mouth with both hands, a lovely appearance.
      Mingming is a teacher, but she behaves like a girl. Although she has long hair that makes people look dignified, she becomes a more lovely Star Palace Zhihui, pretending that a secret has been found.
      “I didn't expect the teacher to know me?You must not tell about me and Sasaki! ”
      Fifty Lan's performance makes the palace of stars know Hui more sure of her conjecture. She nods her head to signal that she will keep secret and raises her fist to cheer fifty LAN up*
      Chapter 27 sincerity
      Mingming is only forced to kiss by fifty LAN once, but it turns into a love between himself and his teachers and students. He glances at the Star Palace Zhihui who has been played by fifty LAN. Cha ZhuoZhi really wants to pry open her head to see what's inside, paste?
      “You can ask for leave for Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum and hand over 100000 points.”
      Tea in assist branch looking at in front of 50 LAN, ferocious said.
      It may be difficult for other people to fulfill the requirements of Cha ZhuoZhi, but it's easy for 50 LAN to simply nod her head. 50 LAN uses her mobile phone to transfer the points to cha ZhuoZhi. Even if 100000 points are reduced, 50 LAN still has more than 600000 points left.
      Originally, the tea in zuozhi also wanted to see fifty LAN. It seemed that everything was under control all the time. There was a hard look on her face. But even for her, it was not a decimal of 100000 points. Fifty LAN handed it in so simply that she couldn't help it.
      And although obedient cover mouth, but has been blinking eyes looking at two people's Star Palace Zhihui, originally heard tea in zuozhi, thought fifty LAN will be helpless, but completely did not expect that has expired, a student will have so many points, surprised with a small mouth, a lovely appearance.
      “Come on, you go back to the classroom.”
      Cha ZhuoZhi opens his mouth, but he just says something cold. Fifty LAN doesn't care about cha ZhuoZhi's reaction. In his impression, Cha ZhuoZhi's words are always simple and clear. Seeing that cha ZhuoZhi receives the points, he nods and leaves.
      “Wow, I didn't expect that the person you're looking for is not only your student, but also rich and temperamental. It's amazing, Zuo Zhi.”
      Star Palace know Hui see fifty haze leave, eyes glittering, can't wait to tea in zuozhi said.
      “Who says he's my man?”
      “Isn't it?Hum, don't cheat me. I can't do it. I'll let him buy me a drink. I'm your classmate and best friend! ”
      Star Palace Zhihui doesn't believe the argument of Cha ZhuoZhi at all. She says to herself that cha ZhuoZhi likes smoking and drinking. She really deserves to be a good friend since she was a student.
      “Eh, by the way, I haven't seen you smoke for a while. Why, quit smoking?It should have been so long ago. Smoking is harmful to health! ”
      The more she said, the more excited Zhihui in the palace of stars didn't see the reaction of zuozhi. She imagined that drinking without money would be the future of 50 Lan's treat.
      Because of 50 Lan's words and quit smoking, Cha Zhuzuo Zhi's action is stiff. Recalling that 50 LAN, who is still a childish student, but some bully to stop smoking, and really listening to his words, he quit smoking, and his inner loss when he guessed the meaning of 50 Lan's asking for leave for Zhuoda Platycodon grandiflorum, Cha Zhuzuo Zhi propped up his clean forehead,Godless looking at the table.
      “Your charm is so great…”
      Fifty LAN back to the classroom, the class has finished the breakfast before fifty LAN, each sitting in the seat chatting, see fifty LAN back, light well Ze Hui can't help but come over, looked at fifty LAN side empty seat, that before and oneself has been sticking fifty ten LAN field Platycodon grandiflorum, at this time has not come, can't help but some worry.
      “Lan Jun, how come she hasn't come yet, do you know?”
      Fifty LAN looks at the girl's bright eyes, who asks her questions in front of her eyes. Although she knows that her answer will affect her, fifty LAN doesn't want to cheat her.
      “She's not feeling well today. I asked her for leave.”
      Originally not stupid, Osawa lightai understood some meaning from fifty Lan's words. LAN Jun really liked Platycodon grandiflorum. Would he abandon himself because of this? Is he still too stupid? For a time, Osawa lightai was full of hesitation about the future of losing fifty LAN.
      Looking at some confused light well Ze Hui, fifty LAN tightly grasp light well Ze Hui some cold hands, also can't care to feel the greasy touch, staring at light well Ze Hui eyes seriously way.
      “I said, it won't change, and you can't run away.”
      Having entrusted her heart to fifty haze, Osawa owai never thought of leaving him. She was just afraid of the future without fifty haze. She got fifty haze's reply and was relieved. She was smiling again and nodded gently.
      “I won't run away.”
      Fifty haze and light well Ze Hui dialogue did not attract much attention, but has been sitting not far away horibai ring tone, but the whole thing in the eyes of the development, some trance looking at light well Ze Hui and fifty haze, he actually can let the two girls willingly admit each other's existence?
      Although I always know that in this world where strength is supreme, most of the rich and powerful people have many lovers besides their wives, in the eyes of horibai Lingyin, 50 LAN is just an excellent student. He can open the harem so openly.
      No, horibai recalls some things she never did to others. She gave her cell phone number and let him call her name. She snatched her luxurious set meal and ate it alone. Even after she knew it was indirect kissing, she didn't feel disgusted or disgusted, only embarrassed.
      And seeing the intimate interaction between zhuota Platycodon grandiflorum and Qingjing Zehui and fifty LAN, I feel depressed, but still maintain some intimate relationship with fifty LAN. Have I acquiesced in fifty Lan's opening the harem
      Imagine that he cut off his contact with fifty haze and let him get tired of being together with kudzu and Zehui AOI every day. Horibai Lingyin, who has always been indifferent, obviously felt his inner jealousy and unwillingness. With a sigh, horibai Lingyin no longer looked at the person who touched his many emotions, and looked down at the books in his hands.
      But fifty LAN didn't expect that today, because of zhuota Platycodon grandiflorum, it not only caused some emotions of Zehui owai, but also made chazuozhi and horibai Lingyin understand their own heart. Seeing that Zehui owai had become the usual way of sticking to herself, fifty LAN took a breath of relief.
      Although the system once said that the two girls had been captured by themselves, fifty LAN didn't know what the so-called capture had reached. She even prepared to tie her to her side if she wanted to leave her. For this reason, fifty LAN could spare no effort to suppress the whole school and even the whole neon Society.
      Now it seems that the girl who offers her heart to her will never give up. Fifty LAN will never let them down. If the girl gives her heart to her, fifty LAN will return to her heart*
      Chapter 28 anger
      In the evening, fifty LAN helplessly looks at the light well Ze Hui who appears in front of his dormitory and blushes.
      “Huijiang, come in.”
      “Ah, yes, yes!”
      When she heard fifty haze's voice, she trembled slightly and agreed in a low voice. Then she seemed to say it again in order to cheer herself up.
      Although the day will be sent back to the girl's dormitory, but 50 Lan's room and there is no residual flavor after the fight, that some strange breath has been 50 LAN used mental force into the breeze drive out.
      After entering the 50lan dormitory, she looks down at her hands without saying a word. She is very nervous.
      So shy, but still pluck up the courage to find yourself, fifty LAN for this clumsy expression of love for their own girl full of pity.
      Fifty LAN is not anxious. Seeing the girl's nervousness, she gives her a drink and sits on the chair with Zehui Qingjing. She glances at Zehui Qingjing's rigid movements. Fifty LAN thinks about it and tells the girl about her super strong constitution and supernatural spirit.
      Some listen to the words of fifty haze, but she still can't believe that some thin fifty haze has the ability to fight against technological weapons with her flesh and blood. Until fifty haze moves her mind to her arms, she has to accept the fact that she subverts the Three Outlooks she has set up since she was born.
      Holding the girl sitting on the bedside, fifty LAN gently blows in the girl's red ears full of malice, and feels the moment's rigid action of light well Zehui. Fifty LAN gently opens her mouth with a smile.
      Originally still immersed in the words of fifty haze, light well Ze Hui, at this time realize something is going to happen, pretty face is full of blush, but still firmly nodded.
      “Is this the scar of those who bullied you?”
      Fifty LAN looks at the girl's smooth abdomen, with some ferocious scars. Her eyes twinkle with cold. Although she knows that ozui was bullied in junior high school, she is crazy to kill those female students who have never met and bullied ozui, even the school that didn't help her.
      Keira ozai didn't see the killing intention in fifty haze's eyes, but noticed that he was staring at his scar's eyes. With a tight heart, she couldn't help opening her mouth with some timidity.
      “Lan Jun, this is the wound I cut when I was bullied by my female classmates. Is it very ugly?”
      Fifty haze gently brushed that some ferocious scar, using the already very skilled mental power, after exploring the annihilation of the adverse substances, shook his head.
      “No, in my eyes, Huijiang is beautiful anyway.”
      Fifty Lan's love words make light well Ze Hui who has never experienced such a situation full of sweetness in her heart, and actively show her beauty to fifty LAN.
      “In that case, what should you do?”
      The next day, the clever use of mental force will take up Osawa Lightwell, 50 LAN a little bit to clean up the messy battlefield.
      Seeing that the girl has not been awakened, fifty LAN looks at the quiet sleeping face and smiles. She stealthily goes out to prepare food for the tired girl. She has learned the lesson of the last time. Fifty LAN not only knows the taste preference of Platycodon grandiflorum, but also investigates the taste of horibei Lingyin and Zehui owai, so she will not buy a bunch of things in the canteen,And the dream of those boys in the class to have a free meal, also announced the end.
      Back in the dormitory, looking at Zehui Qingjing, who is still sleeping, fifty LAN doesn't wake her up. It's still early, and the girl is hard hit by fifty LAN, who can't suppress her own emotions. Let her have a good rest. Fifty LAN uses her mental energy to wrap the food she bought and insulate her from the outside world, so as to ensure that the temperature won't drop and the taste won't get worse,Quietly watching light well Ze Hui sleep face.
      The scar of ozui ozai's sleeping posture makes the eyes of 50 LAN, who was smiling tenderly, colder and colder. The crazy killing intention reappears in his eyes and becomes more and more intense.
      “Wu, LAN Jun, good morning.”
      When she opened her eyes, she saw fifty haze sitting by the bed. She said hello with sleepy eyes. She suddenly recalled last night's madness. Her pretty face turned red and her sleepiness dissipated a lot.
      See light well Ze Hui wake up, 50 LAN in the eyes of the killing idea instantly disappear, face again hang up soft smile, will still warm breakfast to light well Ze Hui in front.
      “Wake up, are you hungry?Have some breakfast. I'll ask the teacher for leave. You can rest assured. ”
      Light well Ze Hui nodded, surprised to find that 50 LAN handed over are their favorite food, from this small detail to feel 50 Lan's love, light well Ze Hui's heart is full of sweet.
      Gentle looking at light well Ze Hui after eating and sleep, fifty LAN carefully cover the quilt in the girl, gently close the door to leave the dormitory.
      “I've come to ask for a day off for Kazuki, and I'll take a day off myself.”
      Fifty haze face expressionless looking at tea, said in zuozhi.
      Feel 50 LAN some abnormal performance, tea in Zuo branch frowned.
      “I see. Are you in trouble?Can I help you? ”
      Tea in the words of Zuo Zhi let fifty LAN mouth a hook, smile.
      “No, besides, you are very beautiful today.”
      Fifty LAN smile and for his intimate address, do not let tea in zuozhi down, looking at the figure of fifty LAN left, tea in zuozhi can not help but speak.
      “The mid-term exam results have come out. I'll announce them when you come back.”
      Hear tea in the words of Zuo Zhi, 50 LAN body shape a meal, nodded.
      “Ding, in the mid-term exam, the host has crushed Kaesong Kangping, sakazaki Youqi, Shinichi shinmu, yizhilai Fanbo, shinzaki ryuno, and so on. They have gained 2000 experience points.”
      Systematic words let fifty LAN face appeared some ferocious smile: “strengthen my constitution to 50, the remaining experience value all strengthen my spirit.”
      “Ding, strengthen success, now the host attributes are as follows: physique: 50, spirit: 36.”
      Fifty LAN closed her eyes to feel the power of breaking mountains and rivers in her body. She opened her eyes full of cold light and found that there were no pedestrians around. Fifty LAN raised her right foot and stomped on the ground.
      The solid concrete floor was directly cracked by the right foot of 50 LAN, and then turned into fly ash in a flash, revealing the deep crater and some wet soil under it, which was like being impacted by a meteorite. 50 LAN leaped into the air with the help of the reaction force, and flew to the direction of Zehui junior high school in Qingjing*
      Chapter 29 death of those who stand in my way
      Fifty haze flying in the air is very fast. Before the neon air defense weapon detects the UFO, fifty haze has already arrived at the destination, which was once the junior high school of Osawa owai.
      Fifty LAN as if no one else into the school gate, one side of the guard to see fifty LAN who is not wearing the school uniform and some repressive atmosphere, stopped in front of fifty LAN.
      After a look at the guards who stopped him with the electric stick, fifty LAN kept on walking, turning her mental power into a huge hammer to stun those who were blocking her way. Everywhere she looked, all the people she saw fainted.
      In front of the scene of supernatural terror, let a crowd of students come to school in the morning scream to escape, fifty LAN ignored the panic behind the crowd, step by step into the school.
      “What do you want to do?”
      With the movement of fifty LAN, there are people trying to stop fifty LAN. Unfortunately, the best thing is to fall to the ground in time to say a word. Fifty LAN doesn't kill those who are trying to protect the safety of the school. She just uses her mental power to shock them. Besides waking up, she will feel dizzy and has no other hidden danger.
      However, although fifty LAN didn't kill these people, the killing intention in her eyes is increasing instead of decreasing. There are so many people who dare to stand up to stop themselves in order to protect the school and the students. What's the reason for her bullying?
      The delicate and solid door of the headmaster's office didn't stop fifty Lan's pace. Fifty LAN controlled her mental power from afar. As soon as she was shocked, she broke the iron door and stepped into the headmaster's office.
      “You, what do you want to do?”
      The headmaster of this junior high school is sitting on the office chair, looking at the young people who are coming all the way unstoppable. Whether they have childish appearance or the famous high school uniform they are wearing, there are many middle-aged people with white hair in the headmaster of this junior high school. At this time, only fear is reflected in their eyes.
      “Do you know, Keira Mitsui?”
      Fifty haze in the eyes of the intention to kill as if the essence, looking at the eyes of the middle-aged paralytic.
      “Let me see, let me see!”
      Hearing fifty Lan's words, the middle-aged man quickly picked up the student's files, shaking his hands and constantly looking through the files in his hands.
      However, his action has shown that he knows nothing about Zehui Qingjing. Fifty LAN tries to suppress her killing intention and tells her the names of several people who bullied her from Zehui Qingjing yesterday.
      “Turn in their files.”
      “Yes, yes
      The middle-aged man's legs beat wordy, with the speed beyond the limit to turn out the corresponding information, handed several documents to fifty LAN.
      After looking at the documents in hand and making sure there was no mistake, fifty LAN looked at the middle-aged man in front of him with cold eyes. After a while, she went to the window and looked at the policemen gathered outside.
      Fifty Lan's figure has just appeared in the window, several snipers who are ready to start pull the trigger together, several large caliber sniper gun bullets roar out almost at the same time, and appear around fifty Lan's head in a flash.
      At a speed that ordinary people can't see clearly, fifty LAN grabs five metal sniper bullets one by one in the palm of his hand. The bullet, which used to be extremely lethal, is now twisted and deformed because of his great power. He slowly unfolds his intact palm and makes the metal bullet fall from the sky powerlessly. After hitting the ground, it makes a few brittle sounds,Fifty LAN looking at in front of the gun to his people, light mouth.
      “Attack me again, die!”
      At this time, dozens of armed special police officers surrounded the school. The people in front of the school were armed with explosion-proof shields, while the people behind them were armed with various kinds of guns with metallic luster. Although their good eyesight did not make them see the action of fifty LAN resisting the sniper bullet, they saw the sniper bullet that could not fall from fifty Lan's defenseless palm,It was like a dreamlike scene, let them breathe is a stagnation.
      Fifty LAN glanced at the people who did not dare to move under his awe, stood at the window, squatted slightly, and then stepped on it fiercely. While shaking the marble window into powder, he also jumped to the high altitude with the force of reaction and flew to the address shown in the data.
      Incredible looking at 50 LAN a step down from the fifth floor of the principal's office window has continued to the ground of the huge cracks, SWAT captain reaction, quickly shout.
      “Come on, get in and get everyone out. The building is going to collapse.”
      Waiting for everyone to evacuate, the team leader looked at the deformed sniper bullets in his hands and looked at the sky where fifty haze had just left. A team member came and asked in fear.
      “Team, Captain, what did we just deal with?”
      What is it?Whether it's appearance, action or language, there's no doubt that it's human!But looking at the front in the evacuation, finally collapsed down the teaching building, the ruins of that place let the special police captain dazed.
      “I don't know.”
      “No, don't kill me!”
      All the people who caused the scar were female students. At this time, there was only one person in front of her, and the others had been killed by 50 LAN. After all kinds of analysis, the police and the self defense forces finally reflected that 50 Lan's goal was to protect the last woman who was painted with skeleton makeup and looked like a social person.
      Knowing her own situation, and knowing that her partner who bullied keizawa Lightwell before had been killed by a young boy with a little childishness in front of her, she finally collapsed. Even if there were countless people to protect her, she had no sense of security. She begged for a small figure under the target of many weapons.
      No longer just a variety of firearms, looking at the front of the armored car and aimed at their own car machine guns, rocket launchers, with a few threads of blood on the body of 50 Lan's mouth outlines a crazy smile.
      “I said, those who stand in my way will die!”
      Fifty Lan's words have not come to an end. His machine guns, rockets and other weapons have been wildly opened fire. In front of him, with one person's power, he easily trampled on the order. The guy who broke all the limits of the human body in the past can no longer be tolerated by any high level. At this time, the power gathered is not to protect the woman, but to eliminate fifty LAN.
      Unfortunately, this kind of conventional weapon, not to mention the defense of fifty Lan's physique, could not even break the defense of fifty Lan's mental strength. In a flash, thousands of bullets from several machine guns and rockets swaying with fire stopped in front of fifty LAN like time. In the eyes of the heavily armed people, they slowly turned their direction.
      Chapter 30 sweeping a thousand troops
      Under the control of the vast mental power of fifty haze, all the ammunition rotated 180 degrees. Where it came from, it would go back. It was not as weak as it was in front of fifty haze. The roaring cold bullets finally played a merciless power, erasing many lives. The rocket explosion produced brilliant sparks, and the terrible heat wave directly lifted the heavily armed people away like ragsget out.
      Fifty LAN looked at the only few armored vehicles left, the good defense and heavy body, so that they did not disappear like other people or things, fifty LAN stretched out his feet, and gently stepped forward.
      Like an earthquake, the terrorist force continued to spread along the land, leaving deep traces like a missile washing the ground. The huge cracks spread from the foot of fifty haze to the bottom of several extremely small armored vehicles in the face of such natural disasters. After a sound of metal hitting the ground, the metal shell of the armored vehicle was hit like a mess and fell into a huge pitin
      At present, all the forces that block her have been wiped out by herself. Fifty LAN glances at the street that is beyond recognition. Although she has avenged keizawa and given an account to her heart, when she goes back to school, fifty Lan's life will be beyond recognition. She looks at a certain direction from afar, so let's go once and for all.
      Don't hurry to the prime minister's residence, fifty LAN know his whereabouts must be known by those high-level, then try to gather strength, gather your greatest strength, and then by me!
      “Boom boom”
      As soon as fifty haze's figure entered the range, the tanks and missile launchers waiting for him were spewing out flames. There were even laser cannons that had not been fully put into production. They were no longer countless bullets. This time, what hit fifty haze were armor piercing shells of tanks, high explosive rockets and blazing lasers.
      At this time, with mental power alone, fifty LAN can't guarantee that her steps won't be hindered. She just protects her clothes with mental power to ensure that they won't be damaged. Fifty LAN waves her fists and blows one by one armor piercing projectiles flying to her. The terrible forces collide with each other and make a deafening sound.
      Those high explosive rockets, 50 LAN let them explode around him, the terrible heat wave with terrible power, but did not hurt 50 LAN.
      The light from the laser gun, after fifty haze consumed a lot of mental energy, finally even his clothes failed to break through.
      After a long time, the smoke and dust that had been blocking the attack target dispersed, revealing 50 Lan's uninjured figure. However, the attack target reappeared, and tanks, missile launchers, and laser guns did not spit out their tongues again. It was not because of the cease-fire order, but because of the trembling hands that controlled the weapons and people's fear.
      No matter the so-called order to destroy the target regardless of any cost, no matter the funny scene of dozens of heavy weapons against a person, no longer have the courage to attack the humanoid creature that is not like human beings, the crater under the figure, the huge armor piercing bullet that is easily hit and fly, and the uninjured body under the laser, all tell a ridiculous factOne man crushed an army.
      “We surrender, we surrender!”
      There was a loud cry from the prime minister's residence. One by one, people in suits and suits came out of the solemn building with their hands raised, stood next to countless ferocious war machines, and stood in the dark sky full of smoke, shouting to a young man to surrender.
      Fifty haze slowly walked to this group of people, looking at the people who couldn't help lowering their heads under his eyes.
      “I can crush you all the way, and I can kill you at any time, understand?”
      “Yes, my Lord said so!”
      A group of high-level officials yelled in unison. A little young man in school uniform asked them to stand beside the war machine, and the high-level officials in many armies to grovel. Their trembling voice and the smile on their face almost deformed due to fear were all telling their surrender.
      “Maybe you should try to use nuclear weapons to destroy me?”
      Fifty Lan's funny words made everyone freeze. Maybe before fifty LAN appeared, the whole world thought that nuclear weapons were the ultimate means of deterring the world. However, looking at the young man who came in countless craters and flames, but whose clothes had not been damaged, everyone knew that there was one person who would eventually be out of the world.
      “No!Dare not
      It's boring to look at the high-rise buildings that once covered the sky with power and stirred the storm, but now they are just shaking in front of them. The voice of fifty haze is not big, but it rings in the ears of all the people present.
      “I will continue to study in high school. You should not let the outside world influence this school.”
      “Yes, yes, we understand!”
      If the high school was once a place where the state subsidizes the cultivation of talents, now it is dedicated to a humanoid without any known weapons, the ultimate fear that can easily kill any living creature in this world.
      No longer pay attention to the trembling eyes, fifty LAN give full play to the power and speed contained in his body, and disappear in everyone's sight.
      After a long time, the people who bowed to fifty LAN finally regained control of their body. The different expressions on their faces were not the reflection of their hearts, but the impact of the two opposing emotions of great despair and the hope of rebirth, which made them temporarily lose the ability to control their expressions.
      “He, no, have you got the information of that adult?”
      One of the leaders asked with a smile worse than crying.
      “Yes, that adult is currently a student of one-year class D in Tokyo Metropolitan high school. His name is taboo
      “One year class D, class D?!Which bastard arranged it, blind him? ”
      Mumbling to himself for a while, the leader shivered, class D is not the so-called worst class, will anger that adult.
      “Put me through to the headmaster of that school, the Council member at once!”
      “But didn't the grown-up say don't let the outside world influence the school?”
      Hearing the leader's words, a subordinate trembled and hesitated.
      “Fool, I want them not to offend that adult. In addition, I announce that 50 LAN will be granted the title of Prince LAN with legal immunity. Those who attack Prince LAN and his family will be punished for treason.”
      Finish a long paragraph at a time, let the leader who has not recovered from fear pant.
      Originally, this kind of matter with great influence had to be decided by the house after deliberation. However, at this time, people directly ignored the house. Ha ha, if people in the house protest, it's time to change a group of people.*
      Chapter 31 strength first
      “Ding, the host suppresses the main countries of the plot, implements the principle of strength first, and rewards 3000 experience points. The experience points obtained in this way reach the upper limit. In the future, the host can only obtain experience points from the characters of the plot in this world.”
      A face of indifference of fifty LAN action meal, deep breathing from the state of mind to recover, recalled once the system, fifty LAN and no disappointment, the harvest of this trip has been enough.
      “Strengthen my spirit to 50 first.”
      Fifty Lan thought that this strengthening would be completed as quickly as before, but found that a vast energy spread from the depth of his body to all parts of his body. Where he passed, the blood seemed to be cheering. A feeling of breaking away from the shackles made fifty LAN close his eyes and feel it carefully.
      “The enhancement is successful. The properties of the host have reached 50, and the dependents function is enabled.”
      Fifty LAN Zheng Zheng, opened his system panel.
      Constitution: 50
      Spirit: 50
      Experience value: 1600
      Dependents: Platycodon grandiflorum, Qingjing Zehui.
      Fifty LAN used to be a relatively excellent ordinary person, but now it's easy to break mountains and rivers and let life wither. It seems that all living beings are ants. Fifty LAN even raised the idea of killing the plot characters who can earn experience directly, shaking his head fiercely and suppressing the crazy.
      “System, explain the function of dependents.”
      “Ding, the dependents share life with the host. When the dependents are in danger, the host can reach them instantly in the world, and the female who offers her heart to the host will automatically become the dependents.”
      Recalling the little bit by bit between myself and the girls, the coldness in 50 Lan's eyes is eventually replaced by warmth. This is what the system says, the reward for eliminating her worries. Originally, 50 LAN had been worried that the scene of beauty disappearing in front of her would never appear again.
      However, the system is really to open their own harem, only women can become dependents, fifty LAN for this clearly should be mysterious and great existence, in the heart really can't rise any respect, but is full of gratitude.
      Feeling the vibration in her pocket, 50 LAN takes out her mobile phone and looks at the information displayed on the screen.
      “Prince LAN, do you want to announce your identity to the common people?Do you want class D to be class a?Is there any need? ”
      Prince?It seems that those people added the title to themselves, but as a prince, I think I will not be hindered by the outside world when I am with those girls. It seems that it is a good choice to leave those people.
      “Business as usual.”
      Fifty LAN didn't care who sent the message to her. After typing these words, she glanced at the tens of millions of personal points. She put her mobile phone back in her pocket and flashed back to high education high school.
      Having said that we can't let the outside world affect the school, fifty LAN doesn't think his peaceful life in the school will be destroyed. If there is any change, it can only show that those high-level incompetent and incompetent weak people have to be destroyed.
      The so-called points in the school are only maintained by the school. When there is enough to threaten or even destroy the existence of the whole school, the point system is just a joke.
      It's not just this small school that gives priority to strength. The whole world is the school that gives priority to strength. The law of the jungle is the law of the jungle. In modern society, there are many rules to protect everyone. However, under the rules, there are still bloody jungle rules.
      Fifty Lan's strength has enabled him to stand on top of the rules. In a word, he can change the status of class D. in a word, he can achieve the goal of many people's life. This is the reality of the world and the cruelty of the world.
      Fifty LAN doesn't want to let those girls touch these dark things, let them continue to enjoy campus life, ha ha, the so-called cruel class competition.
      Today, she killed too many people, which made her heart tremble. In the end, those girls who bullied Zehui Qingjing were not guilty to death. However, after killing them one by one, she slaughtered the army that attacked him. It was right or wrong. She didn't want to know. She only knew that if she could choose again, she would still do the same thing.
      Sitting in the school bar, fifty LAN drinks a cup of wine. He doesn't want to see those lovely girls with all his blood, and doesn't want to disturb the girl's innocence with the sense of killing.
      Maybe it's because there's no bad atmosphere in the bar in the school. No one is loud and noisy, and no one is rude to disturb. When one drinks, the wine goes into his heart, but he can't paralyze fifty Lan's nerves. He just gives fifty LAN time to control her emotions.
      “Fifty haze?You're here. I didn't expect that you and Zuo Zhi would ask for leave to drink alone. Hey, you have the same hobby as me
      Star Palace Zhihui found 50 LAN drinking wine alone. She was very surprised. Hehe, today she just wanted to let 50 LAN treat her to a drink. Now she's meeting in her favorite bar. God, God!
      “The palace of stars, Zhihui?”
      Fifty LAN looked up at the front between the Royal elder sister and the girl, with a royal elder sister like figure at the same time, but there is a contradiction between the girl like appearance and performance.
      “Yes, that's me, that's me!I'm your girlfriend's teacher, Cha ZhuoZhi's best friend. So, should you buy me a drink? ”
      Star Palace know Hui see fifty haze recognize themselves, repeatedly nodded, a face of excitement sitting in fifty haze side, looking forward to a better future of drinking wine.
      Originally, after the killing, some gloomy fifty haze recovered a lot because she was over the age of a girl's dream, but still kept her innocence in the palace of stars. Some joked.
      “You're a teacher. Do you want the students to treat you?”
      The palace of stars Zhihui's action was stiff. Her face, which was full of excitement, was gradually replaced by seriousness. She sat on the seat beside fifty LAN and bowed to fifty LAN with her hands together. She looked like praying sincerely.
      “Please!I really hope to enjoy the feeling of drinking wine. Please, LAN Jun
      Fifty haze helplessly looking at the front of no dignity, crazy sell cute Star Palace Zhihui, wine is so good to drink?Fifty LAN, who has been out of the category of human beings, can't feel drunk at all. Compared with the strange taste of wine, fifty LAN, who has drunk countless cups of spirits, feels that she prefers other drinks.
      “Well, well, it's my treat. Help yourself.”
      “Wow, thank you, LAN Jun, you are a good man.”
      The palace of stars claps her hands happily and orders several kinds of drinks skillfully. Looking at fifty LAN, her eyes are full of closeness, and LAN Jun's name seems to have been determined by her, and she won't change her words any more.
      This familiar woman, lady, or girl, fifty LAN doesn't know how to call her. She holds her head with her hands. Fifty LAN looks at Zhihui in the palace of stars like a cute thing. The loveliness of Zhihui in the palace of stars makes fifty LAN feel very relaxed.
      “Why?LAN Jun, why don't you drink and watch me
      After a long time, because fifty LAN treat, and without scruple crazy drinking wine Star Palace Zhihui at this time has some drunk, eyes hazy looking at fifty Lan's face, doubt shaking head.
      So addicted to alcohol, but not so much alcohol ah, 50 LAN looked at even one tenth of his drinking time has not reached, but already drunk hazy Star Palace Zhihui, but forgot his super strong constitution that is not afraid of alcohol.
      “You look lovely.”
      “Lovely?Ha ha, what is Lan Jun talking about? I've passed my lovely age, Wuwu. I'll be an old woman in a few years, wuwuwu… ”
      Fifty LAN casually said, but let the Star Palace Zhihui action a stagnation, originally with a silly smile on the face is appeared sad, said unexpectedly can't help crying.*
      Chapter 32 it was a wonderful night
      “Wuwu, even the cold guy in zuozhi can find such a young, rich, handsome and powerful boyfriend as Lanjun. My single time is equal to my age. I'm miserable, wuwuwu…”
      It seems that fifty Lan's words evoke the sadness of the pseudo girl. Zhihui of the palace of stars lies on the table with tears and keeps saying some sad things. However, her many adjectives for someone make fifty LAN helpless and funny. It's a simple and straightforward praise.
      “Well, our store is closing. Could you please…”
      A student like young man timidly stands beside 50 LAN and asks in a low voice. Because he is a waiter working here, he deeply feels the frightful chill on 50 Lan's body when she comes to the bar at the beginning. He doesn't want to face this person who is similar to his age, but has some terrible feelings.
      “Well, we'll leave now.”
      Fifty LAN nodded and gently pushed the arm of the Star Palace Zhihui who was still crying: “Hello, can't you hear me?Where do you live?I'll take you back. ”
      However, Zhihui of the palace of stars is just like immersing in her own world. She ignores the action of fifty haze and lies on the table with pathetic tears.
      Fifty LAN looks at the mature and steady age, but he has been like a child since he appeared in front of him. He sighs that the school is so big that he is embarrassed to look for her place alone at night. He has no choice but to carry the Star Palace on his back. Fifty LAN walks out of the bar.
      “Hello, the palace of stars?Zhihui?Huihui?Are you awake?Where do you live? ”
      Fifty LAN carries the palace of stars to know Hui, changing all kinds of appellation, side head to ask this is still murmuring about all kinds of tragic things of women, by tea in zuozhi ordered to quit drinking, by tea in zuozhi asked for a treat, by tea in zuozhi ridiculed naive, well, are all by tea in zuozhi bullying things, really a sad friend ah.
      Bars are closed, at this time it is naturally late at night, no pedestrians on the road, carrying the palace of stars is still not sober Zhihui, fifty haze a little hesitant, simply toward the direction of his dormitory.
      I don't know how the school is arranged. Fifty LAN has never seen other people living around her dormitory. It seems that only fifty LAN is active in that large area.
      Put Zhihui's soft body on her bed. Maybe she is used to the temperature. At this time, the cold feeling on her back due to the wind will make her feel a little pity.
      After the spirit reaches 50, the vast spiritual power slightly vibrates. Fifty LAN easily dispels the strong wine gas on the Star Palace Zhihui. Considering the comfort problem, she takes off her shoes. After that, she doesn't make any unnecessary moves. She just covers the quilt gently on the Star Palace Zhihui. Fifty LAN sits on the chair next to her, staring at the Star Palace Zhihui's sleeping faceBut I think about today.
      Feeling the sunshine in the early morning, Zhihui of the palace of stars opens her eyes lazily and gives out a comfortable sigh. It's really unforgettable to recall the time when she drank wine yesterday. LAN Jun is really a good man. He invites himself to drink and listens to his complaints, eh?LAN Jun?
      Some vaguely think of yesterday, he seems to be drunk in front of fifty haze, and was carried away by him. The action of Zhihui in the palace of stars is stiff, and her sleepiness disappears instantly. She sits up and looks around, and finds that she seems to be sleeping in a strange room, but she sees fifty haze sitting on one side watching her eyes, and Zhihui in the palace of stars is stunned.
      “That, LAN Jun, I am in your dormitory?”
      Get the affirmative answer of 50 LAN, the palace of stars knows Hui to quiver, oneself drunk after, happened that kind of shame thing?
      “That, LAN Jun, what didn't happen yesterday?”
      Fifty LAN looks at that timid but somewhat expectant pretty face. This lovely pseudo girl can always let herself see all kinds of interesting expressions. Hearing the words of the palace of stars, fifty LAN smiles with deep meaning.
      “It was a wonderful night…”
      Hearing fifty Lan's words, some idea in the heart of Zhihui in the palace of stars seems to have been verified, and she shouts with her mouth covered.
      “A beautiful woman was crying to me all the time…”
      Fifty haze that quite profound words let the palace of stars know Hui afraid of covered his ears, yesterday not only did he and himself do that kind of thing, also show very licentious?
      “I won't listen!I won't listen!Don't say it, Wuwu. ”
      “Crying about her tragic past.”
      After hearing fifty Lan's words completely, Zhihui of the palace of stars blinked, looking at fifty LAN with some sunshine in front of her eyes, timidly asking questions.
      “Well, then?”
      “Then I carried her back to the dorm when she was drunk and sat in a chair all night.”
      Fifty haze no longer pause, neatly finish the rest of the words, and the palace of stars Zhihui can't help but relax a breath, then it seems to think of something.
      “Didn't LAN Jun sleep all night?”
      “It's nothing to me.”
      With fifty Lan's constitution, it doesn't matter if she doesn't sleep for a night or a year. Fifty LAN, who was full of worries yesterday, didn't have the mood to sleep. The quietness of the night makes fifty Lan's heart calm again, so that she has a good mood now.
      However, the palace of stars Zhihui doesn't think so. Because of her own reasons, she lets a person sit on a chair all night without sleeping. The palace of stars Zhihui can feel her deep guilt and inexplicable joy. She gets up quickly and gently pulls fifty LAN to the bed.
      “Lan Jun, go to bed now!I'll ask Zuo Zhi for leave for you. I have classes in the morning. I'll leave first. I'll thank you again after work. ”
      Fifty haze is pulled on the bed by the palace of stars Zhihui, feeling that there is still some warmth in the quilt. Fifty haze can't help but suck her nose, because she uses her mental power to get rid of the alcohol on the palace of stars Zhihui. At this time, there is only a nice female fragrance in the quilt, which is very comfortable.
      Notice the action of fifty haze, Star Palace know Hui pretty face a red, low head quickly left fifty haze dormitory.*
      Chapter 33 what is empirical value
      “One year class B students, today also want to seriously class!”
      Star Palace Zhihui is cheerfully greeting the students in class B.
      “Eh, teacher, why are you so energetic today?Didn't you drink yesterday? ”
      Looking at Zhihui, who is full of vitality in the palace of stars at the podium, several girls who know the degree of their alcoholism can't believe the scene in front of them.
      “Well, I had a good time yesterday.”
      The palace of stars recalled the wine she drank yesterday, but today she didn't have a headache because of a hangover. She was so happy. She couldn't help thinking about fifty Lan's face. She was so flustered that she quickly changed the topic and began to talk about class scores, midterm exam scores and other things.
      She has a small flower shaped hairpin on her gray white short hair. Her pupils are pure white. Her delicate facial features make up a lovely face. Bai boqianxun, who has a beautiful appearance like lily, is also a girl with lily tendency. She looks at yizhise Fanbo's eyes with a trace of unusual emotion and some delicate cheers.
      “Our class points have increased.”
      Standing beside Baibo Qianxun, xiaoqiaomeng with short blue hair has a pretty face as delicate as Baibo Qianxun's. the twinkling beautiful purple eyes and overflowing look make people have the illusion that they will shed tears at any time. It can easily arouse people's desire for protection. The corners of her mouth that have been smiling all the time prove that this girl is not a negative person. At this time, xiaoqiaomeng's life is full of happinessBeautiful eyes bend into crescent moon, also follow cheering.
      “Great, great!”
      Different from the short hair of the first two girls, gangcang pockmarked has long purple black hair with a sense of heroism. The heroism does not destroy the girl's tenderness, but makes her appear decisive and strong. Feeling the two girls' exultation, gangcang pockmarked nods and looks not far away. Compared with their looks, they are lovely and childish blondes.
      “It's all because of a study meeting held by yizhise Fanbo, who made a lot of progress.”
      Feeling the gratitude of the three girls looking into their eyes, yizhise Fanbo waved his hand in embarrassment.
      “Why, it's all thanks to everyone.”
      “I like you most, ichiyoshi!”
      Looking at Yise Fanbo's tiny red face, Bai Bo's love in his heart almost explodes. He jumps on Yise Fanbo and hugs her tightly. Unfortunately, her unusual feelings are just taken by Yise Fanbo as a way for a girl to express her joy.
      On the other side, gangcang pockmarked son also doubted that he was there. He learned the movement of Baibo Qianxun and hugged the other side of yizhise Fanbo's body to express his joy.
      Xiaoqiaomeng looks at the happy three, with a gentle smile on her face. Yizhise Fanbo has a little tangled with the two girls hanging on her body. Although xiaoqiaomeng is also very happy, she doesn't increase yizhise Fanbo's worry.
      Leaning his head against yizhise Fanbo, Baibo Qianxun felt the unusual warmth for himself and closed his eyes to murmur.
      “It's so good that I can be in class B. I can be in the same class with ichitose…”
      Yizhise Fanbo looks at Bai boqianxun, who is more petite than her. She has the warmth of taking care of her sister. She gently touches Bai boqianxun's head and nods with a doting smile.
      “I think it's good to be in class B, too.”
      “Your Highness, the world is very concerned about you now. We can't stop you any more.”
      The information on the mobile phone makes 50 LAN frown. Even though she knows that it's the power beyond the specification that she can't control, can't she suppress her curiosity?
      “System, is there any way to deal with the current situation?”
      In the face of people who want to do harm to themselves, fifty LAN doesn't intend to wait to die. However, although he can suppress all countries by himself, he can't avoid the twists and turns of rebirth. He simply asks the magic system. Fortunately, the system is not like the magic conch, and soon gives fifty LAN the answer she needs.
      “Ding, the system detects the host's situation, temporarily opens permissions, and consumes experience value. According to the principle of equivalent exchange, all possibilities can be realized in theory.”
      Does experience still have this effect?What is the so-called experience value?
      “How much experience does it take to change one's mind?”
      “Ding, the current authority of the host can only change the thoughts of non plot characters. At present, the world is the ordinary world for the time being, and the character's strength is low. It needs 100 experience points.”
      Fortunately, she didn't use up her experience value before. Fifty Lan thought a little. According to the information she got in the world, she gave the names of people belonging to several different countries. With a little hesitation, she added the name of neon leader. At the cost of 600 experience value, she portrayed the idea of only doing things beneficial to fifty LAN in their mind.
      Only doing what is good for fifty LAN is not doing nothing. But fifty LAN didn't think about it. She sat up and thought about the system.
      “What is the experience value?What is the temporary ordinary world? Will the world change? ”
      “Host strength does not meet the requirements, we will not inform.”
      Fifty LAN bites her teeth. Although the system helps her a lot, it's a pity that when she asks some important questions, the system doesn't answer them. The most important thing is that fifty LAN has no way to do it.
      “How strong can I be to tell me?”
      “Ding, the host attributes are enhanced to 100, and the system will answer the host's question about the experience value. In addition, because the host has changed the situation and the permissions have returned to normal, the experience value can only strengthen the attributes at present.”
      “And the second question?”
      The system no longer answers 50 Lan's words, and falls into silence. 50 LAN sighs and strengthens to 100. Although it doesn't take much time to strengthen to 50, it's not a simple matter to continue to gain experience.
      Originally, it was just to strengthen the experience value of one's own attribute, which seemed to be omnipotent in the mouth of the system. Fifty LAN looked at the remaining 1000 experience value, and didn't know whether to continue to strengthen the attribute for a while.
      If one day, I have gained all the experience points in this world, what should I do next, stay in this world with those beauties, enjoy the life that has not yet reached the eternal level, or continue to go to the different world alone.*
      Chapter 34 little happiness
      Although the palace of stars Zhihui means to ask for a day off for herself, fifty LAN doesn't need such a long time to rest. She'd better go to the tea station to say that she'll continue her class.
      “It's all right?”
      Is sitting in the office, sorting out the documents of tea in zuozhi see 50 LAN come, heart quite some joy, but still pretend not to care.
      Fifty LAN lazily nodded, although do not need to rest, but just wake up this comfortable state, let fifty LAN some enjoyment.
      Cha ZhuoZhi looks at 50 LAN who seems to be very tired in front of him. He can't help biting his teeth. If it wasn't for the Star Palace Zhihui telling him that this guy is drinking in a bar, and seeing him like this, he would really think that he has done something great, but he is still so worried about him.
      “Go to class when you're OK. Don't drink like the Star Palace.”
      Fifty LAN heard the seemingly indifferent but vaguely caring words of Cha ZhuoZhi, and came up to her royal sister in black uniform, with concave and convex figure, looking at her beautiful big eyes with a smile.
      “I don't drink much, but Sasaki is very concerned about me. I'm very happy.”
      Fifty Lan that familiar face is close at hand, tea in assist branch can feel his heart beat faster, suddenly inexplicably out of a word.
      “Why is the Star Palace Zhihui asking for leave for you? Is there anything you can't tell me directly?”
      After that, Cha ZhuoZhi immediately noticed the jealousy in his words and quickly changed his words.
      “No, it's OK. You don't have to worry about me.”
      Always cold tea in zuozhi, unexpectedly because of himself, and showed a jealous mood, fifty LAN if listen to tea in zuozhi, regardless of her, it is really emotional idiot.
      “So, Sasaki, can I have your mobile phone number and email?”
      Didn't refute his address to himself. Now it's getting worse. Looking at 50 LAN who has been smiling in front of him, it's clear that she is her own student, but she has this attitude towards the head teacher. She really wants to hit him in the face.
      “Don't go too far.”
      Although the voice of Cha ZhuoZhi has always been very cold and even angry, fifty LAN keenly found a few strands of blush on her pretty face, and her smile increased instead of decreasing.
      “Too much?I've done more things to you. Are you sure you won't give them to me? ”
      Fifty LAN reveals the threat of words, let tea in zuozhi can't help but think of the two people in the roof of the deep kiss, even after a period of time has passed, the special feeling of tea in zuozhi is still fresh in memory, really owe you in the last life, clearly in the identity of oneself should be able to suppress fifty LAN, but the suppressed side, but has been himself, tea in zuozhi helplessly sigh, jade hands grab the pen and quickly write the mobile phone number and email on the paper.
      “Here you are.”
      After taking the paper from chazhuozhi, fifty LAN accidentally touches the white catkin of chazhuozhi. The touch of that moment makes the very sensitive chazhuozhi tremble. Even though she knows that fifty LAN should be a careless move, she is still a little ashamed.
      “Get out of here!”
      That has always been indifferent and expressionless face, finally appeared obvious emotion, fifty LAN no longer tease this already in front of himself can't keep the iceberg face of the imperial elder sister, waved his hand and turned to leave.
      “OK, I'm going. Come on, Sasaki.”
      Just entered the classroom, fifty Lan was surrounded by a group of girls.
      “Fifty LAN classmate, yesterday you asked for leave, today came a little late, what happened?”
      Several girls usually only secretly look at 50 LAN in the distance, because 50 Lan's absence, and full of worry, at this time to see the person who has been missing, can't help but surround.
      Fifty LAN looked at the girl who was talking. Her short black hair was neatly combed. She looked at her golden red eyes and was full of worry.
      “I'm fine. Thank you for your concern, Shinohara.”
      Xiaoyuan Gaoyue's heart beats faster when she hears fifty Lan's gentle tone. Her status among girls is not as good as Qingjing Zehui's, her popularity in class is not as good as kuota's, and her academic performance is not as good as horibai's ring tone. These three girls all revolve around fifty LAN. They know that they are not as good as Xiaoyuan Gaoyue. Although they have a good impression on fifty LAN, they dare not show it all the time.
      At this time, fifty Lan's gentle thanks make the girl very happy. Fifty LAN looks at this lovely girl with unique charm and shows her silly appearance in front of her. She is helpless and tries her best to pacify them before sitting back in her seat.
      Shinohara Gaoyue has always been very disgusted with some of the boys' performances. Although she hasn't finished her duty, she always wants to perform in front of the opposite sex. However, the poor performance of those boys aggravates her disgust.
      But only 50 LAN is different. She has perfect appearance and temperament. She is very popular with both male and female students, but she is not arrogant. Instead, she devotes herself to contribute to the class. In the first month, she improves the class points to 800 points close to class A with the help of one person.
      Now, after the mid-term exam, while getting full marks for all subjects, they also distribute exercises to help everyone improve their grades. However, those ridiculous boys are still not very good at their performance. Some of the class points have been deducted. After the addition and subtraction, the class points this month are only 850.
      At the thought of fifty Lan's efforts and those boys destroyed a lot, Shinohara Gaoyue can't help but look at fifty LAN sitting on the seat with a soft smile. His heart is full of injustice, why, fifty LAN students have paid so much, you are still so frustrated?
      I really hope to achieve 50 Lan's ideal as soon as possible, and let class d be upgraded to class A. no, Shinohara Gaoyue hopes that 50 LAN can directly become a student of class A by using personal points. Don't do so much for the class. They are not worth your effort at all!
      Although I have this idea, Xiaoyuan Gaoyue is still a little happy when she knows that 50lan wants to upgrade the whole class D. I'm sorry, although I know it's selfish, I really hope to be in the same class with you all the time. Even if I can't stand beside you all the time, as long as I can watch you secretly, as long as you know me, this is Xiaoyuan Gaoyue's little happiness.*
      Chapter 35 lily girl
      “Sorry to call you out all of a sudden.”
      At dusk, yizhise Fanbo, who has been waiting in an open space, is embarrassed to look at the fifty haze coming to him. In his eyes full of vitality, he reveals his sadness at this time.
      “What can I do for you?”
      The blonde girl in front of her lowered her head slightly and her voice was a little depressed.
      “It'll be over soon.”
      One Sete fan wave here, because someone seems to want to tell her, some panic, she can't help but think of the promise of fifty LAN, quickly let fifty LAN come over, but now two people's solitude, but let one Sete fan wave some shy, dare not see fifty Lan that full of affinity face.
      “I may be denounced here!”
      Aware of the atmosphere that has become more and more ambiguous, yizhise Fanbo shouts like a broken jar. Fifty LAN is stunned. Looking at the girl's blushing face, fifty LAN can't help trying to tease this cute thing.
      “So you want to tell me first?”
      Fifty haze tease words let a Sete sail wave body a stiff, fierce raise head excuse.
      “No!Although I like you, I won't tell you so soon!I just want you to help me refuse that person without hurting her! ”
      Excited, yizhise Fanbo said a lot of things at one go. What she should say and shouldn't say seems to have come out. In response, she quickly covers her mouth. Her sense of shame is about to explode. At this time, she just wants to find a place where there is no one to hide.
      Fifty LAN didn't expect that the girl would say so many words full of information when she was excited. It didn't take long for fifty LAN to stop the conflict between long Yuanxiang and Xu tengjian. Fifty LAN didn't communicate with the girl as much as fifty LAN and other girls in class D. the girl's favor didn't reach the level of lovers, but fifty LAN naturally won't say that.
      Fifty haze that suddenly realized appearance let a Sete sail wave at a loss, take out yesterday in his cabinet found that pink envelope, try to change the topic.
      “It's written by that man. I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend first, and thenPlease
      Fifty LAN looks at her face half covered with a pink envelope with love. She looks forward to her yizhise Fanbo. Girl, don't you know that you are the same as confession?
      “It depends.”
      Fifty haze's response to let a Sete sail wave is about to open again, but it is rigid looking forward, the familiar figure standing.
      Baibo Qianxun covers her chest. Fifty LAN and yizhise Fanbo talk and laugh, which makes her realize the pain of her beloved being taken away.
      “Yizhise, who is he?”
      Seeing the sad look of Bai Bo Qianxun, although he didn't have the heart, but thinking of his own purpose, yizhise Fanbo clenched his fist.
      “I'm sorry to bring someone you don't know.”
      I'm sorry that I'm not famous. After hearing the words of yizhise Fanbo, 50lan feels hurt.
      Don't care fifty haze look change, a Sete sail wave bite teeth continue to open.
      “He's fifty LAN from class D, mine…”
      “We're just friends.”
      Alas, if the person who comes here is a man, fifty LAN will firmly do a good job as the boyfriend of yizhise Fanbo. However, looking at the white haired girl with tears in her eyes, fifty LAN really doesn't want to achieve the purpose of yizhise Fanbo's refusal through such hurtful way.
      Glanced at some at a loss of a Sete sail wave, fifty LAN seriously looking at her eyes that some panic.
      “Yizhise, it's not easy to summon up the courage to express yourself. What's more, for a girl like her, the way you want to choose is the most hurtful way. Respond positively and express your inner thoughts.”
      Originally, Bai Bo Qianxun, who was a little desperate after hearing yizhise Fanbo's words, looked at 50 LAN who was speaking for him with tears. The boy's appearance and temperament matched yizhise Fanbo's very well. However, Bai Bo Qianxun did not expect that his desperate rival would choose to help him.
      Yizhise Fanbo stares at fifty LAN, thinking that it's the most gentle way to let fifty LAN pretend to be her boyfriend and refuse Bai Bo Qianxun. However, after listening to fifty Lan's words, yizhise Fanbo can't help but lower her head. Is she really too naive.
      See one of the Sete sail wave seems to have some did not respond to come over, fifty LAN looked still standing in the distance, pay attention to the white wave Qianxun here.
      “Little beauty, come and talk to ichitose yourself, and listen to ichitose's words.”
      Baibo Qianxun timidly looks at fifty haze. If he competes with him, he has no chance of winning. If he is with yizhise, it is also yizhise's best destination. Can the weak self face the eyes of the outside world?
      “My name is Bai Bo Qianxun. Thank you, fifty LAN.”
      Looking at fifty haze out of the alley, leaving space for himself and yizhise Fanbo, Baibo Qianxun bows gratefully.
      After fifty haze left, yizhise Fanbo looked at the girl who had always been close to him. For a moment, he was speechless.
      Baibo Qianxun has already got the answer when he sees yizhise Fanbo's look. Even though he has been prepared, he is still very sad at this time. He tries to control his blurred eyes from tears.
      “I'm sorry, yizhilai, I've given you trouble. I wish you and fifty LAN happiness.”
      After that, Bai boqianxun couldn't keep his expression any longer, covered his face, turned his head and ran away quickly.
      Fifty LAN back against the wall, standing not far from the entrance of the alley, white wave Qianxun with crying ran by his side, but it seems that there is someone here, unexpectedly hit fifty LAN.
      Sighed tone, 50 LAN pulls to almost fall of white wave thousand search, looking at her to be full of tears, at a loss of pretty face.
      “Baibo Qianxun, right?I know that iwase's affection for you is friendship, so are you sure your affection for iwase is love? ”
      Bai Bo Qianxun is always shy to get along with the opposite sex because of her sadness. At this time, she didn't care about the distance between her and fifty LAN. Hearing fifty Lan's words, she began to think seriously.
      Bai boqianxun, who frowns, has a delicate temperament like lily. Fifty LAN knows that the girl has a lily tendency, but it's just a tendency. While it's still time, fifty LAN plans to forcibly correct her sexual orientation, so that the lily like girl doesn't become a real lily.
      “Love can make people blush and heart beat. Do you have the feeling of heart beat when you are with yizhise?”
      Bai boqianxun looks at the fifty haze in front of her. Her heart is in a mess. She doesn't know what it's like to get along with yizhise Fanbo before, but at this time, looking at the charming face of fifty haze for girls, Bai boqianxun feels the strong heterosexual atmosphere for herself, and can be sure that she is ashamed at this timeIt's red. It's beating fast.
      “I, I don't know…”*
      Chapter 36 hate it's too late to meet
      “Want to know?”
      “I'm sorry!”
      Aware of the fifty haze gradually close to his figure, a pair of to kiss their own appearance, white wave thousand heart crazy beat, after a pause suddenly push away fifty haze, hurried apology, red face to escape faster than just.
      Fifty LAN didn't plan to really kiss her. With the girl's action, she naturally stepped back and looked at her face and ran away, but she was no longer full of tears. Instead, Bai Bo Qianxun, who was full of shyness, relaxed. In this way, she helped yizhise Fanbo, at least she didn't continue to be sad.
      Yizhise Fanbo walks out of the alley with a low look, and doesn't see what happened before. Fifty LAN shakes her hand in front of her eyes, and pulls her back to reality from her own ideological world.
      “Well, I just let Bai Bo Qianxun not continue to be sad, although there may be some other emotions…”
      One Sete sail wave heard fifty LAN words, fiercely raised his head, some nervous staring at fifty LAN.
      See fifty haze nod, one of the Sete sail wave relieved, looking at the sky some distant vision.
      “I just told Chihiro that tomorrow will be the same as before. Can we really do it?”
      Fifty LAN recalls Bai Bo Qianxun's blushing face just now. Although she doesn't know Bai Bo Qianxun's attitude towards herself in the future, fifty LAN is sure that the relationship between Bai Bo Qianxun and yizhise Fanbo won't deteriorate.
      Fifty Lan's simple answer seems to make yizhise Fanbo have the courage to take a deep breath. The blonde girl looks at fifty LAN standing by with an apologetic smile.
      “I'm sorry to ask you to do such a strange thing with me today.”
      Fifty LAN shakes her head and looks at the emotional dispute between the two beautiful girls, which is much more interesting than his fighting against the army.
      “No, it's nothing strange to me.”
      Although he didn't see what fifty LAN had done to Bai Bo Qianxun, yizhilai Fanbo, who got fifty Lan's firm answer, knew that he must have helped himself. Looking at fifty Lan's eyes, the girl opened her mouth gently.
      “It seems that I owe you a favor.”
      One Sete sail wave's words let 50 LAN a meal, owe oneself a favor?Kyota Platycodon owes himself a favor, with body and mind as a return, keii owes himself a favor, with body and mind as a return, girl, oh, the value of my favor, you may not know ah, looking at the soft smile under the sunset, golden hair with the breeze of yizhilaifanbo, fifty LAN thought maliciously.
      Fifty LAN back to the dormitory soon, but heard some hesitant footsteps outside the door, the footsteps lingered outside for a long time, but did not knock on the door, even know someone outside, fifty LAN still did not immediately open the door, he wanted to see how long the people outside can tangle.
      “Deng Deng Deng”
      Finally, the sound of knocking on the door came, and the palace of stars Zhihui looked at the fifty haze awkwardly. Why did she make up after work, why did she hesitate at the door for so long, why did she prepare a lot of thanks, but could not say a word to the people in front of her!
      “It's the Star Palace teacher. Come in.”
      The palace of stars Zhihui, standing in front of fifty haze, because of her light make-up, makes her lovely and adds a touch of mature amorous feelings. However, fifty haze is not confused by her appearance.
      A woman who keeps selling cute to herself for drinking, a woman who is bullied by zuozhi, a woman who is drunk and lying on her body like a pool of mud. Although she calls her Star Palace teacher, in fact, in her heart, she thinks she is a little friend of Star Palace.
      When Zhihui of the palace of stars heard fifty Lan's address, she was stiff. She was full of tension and expectation, but now she was inexplicably depressed. She could call zuozhi's name intimately, but she called herself like this. What Zhihui of the palace of stars felt was not the joy of being respected, but the sadness of being unfamiliar.
      However, although Zhihui in the palace of stars has always been naive, she is not a little girl after all. Although her inner emotions suddenly changed, there was a smile on her face.
      “Lan Jun not only invited me to drink yesterday, but also brought me back. Because I didn't sleep all night, I still don't want to call my teacher.”
      Fifty LAN looks at the Star Palace Zhihui who is selling cute again in front of her. Although she realizes that her inner change seems to be a little drastic, she has seen fifty LAN who is black in the field of Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum, and doesn't care about the subtle spiritual fluctuation of the person in front of her.
      “Well, the palace of stars.”
      Although fifty LAN no longer called the teacher, but still some unfamiliar surname, the palace of stars Zhihui heart a little sigh.
      “Thank you for taking care of me yesterday. This is my gift to you. In addition, I'll see if there's anything I can help. Boys always don't like to clean up the house.”
      As a result, the so-called gift from the palace of stars Zhihui is that some mild fruits are more suitable for people who are stimulated by alcohol to nourish their stomach. The palace of stars Zhihui is very considerate. Although the palace of stars Zhihui didn't hurt her body because of drinking, she still likes these fruits very much.
      “Thank you. You'd better not drink so much at one time. I've asked you for your address many times, but you can't hear me.”
      Star Palace Zhihui was looking at fifty Lan's dormitory. She was in a hurry in the morning, but she didn't observe it carefully. When she looked carefully, the dormitory was unexpectedly clean. When she heard fifty Lan's words, Star Palace Zhihui waved her hands shyly.
      “No, no, I'm not talking nonsense, am I?”
      I won't say anything shameful when I'm drunk like that. In front of fifty haze, Zhihui of the Star Palace has a feeling of being dwarfed. I'm afraid that I'll lose face in front of him. I blame myself for drinking so much wine because someone is too happy to treat me. But I've never been drunk to that degree before.
      In fact, you said a lot, and it's all black history. Fifty LAN looks at the nervous palace of stars in front of her and makes a serious thinking.
      “I didn't say anything. I just said something about you being bullied by chazhuozhi.”
      Hearing 50 Lan's words, Zhihui of the palace of stars breathes a sigh of relief. Fortunately, although it's also black history, it's not so hard to show people. I didn't say that I'm always single and eager to have a boyfriend.
      I feel that the burden of my heart has been put down. Looking at the 50 haze in front of me, my mind can't help flying. Why are you so excellent in class D?If only you were in class B, I would be your head teacher, and I would get to know you one step ahead of zuozhi*
      Chapter 37 development
      “How many powerful countries join hands to put pressure on us?What do they want to do? ”
      In the meeting room, the leader could not help roaring when he heard the report from his subordinates.
      “In the report, they accused us of neglecting the prince and asked us to correct our attitude immediately.”
      The leader who had already engraved the idea of only doing something beneficial to fifty LAN into his mind turned red in an instant.
      “What do you mean?I think of Prince LAN wholeheartedly. I not only block his information to anyone outside the high level, but also secretly protect the surrounding areas of gaoyucheng high school. What have they done?Nothing
      The subordinates were startled by the leader's frantic appearance. In a cold sweat, they recalled the inexplicable demands of several major powers, and gave some frightened answers.
      “They said that although the prince was excellent, he was too young and had little emotional experience. In order to prevent people with ulterior motives from hurting him, they asked neon to help him choose his concubine as soon as possible and deal with relevant matters.”
      The subordinates themselves are somewhat incredible. The major powers abandon the past and unite to put pressure on them in order to select the concubines for that terrible monster?Worried about emotional setbacks?Are they loyal ministers of the emperor or parents who care for their children?
      However, some incredible proposals made the leaders think deeply.
      “It's really my fault. I'll contact the prince as soon as possible.”
      Subordinates gaping at a serious face of the boss, what is the situation?Is this really something of great importance?Is that monster ready to destroy all mankind at any time, and choosing a concubine for him a means to restrain him?
      After contacting 50 LAN, I got the answer of business as usual, but the leader was still thinking carefully like an old man who was worried about his child's future.
      “Yes, the prince doesn't allow us to interfere. We hope to choose the princess by ourselves, contact Gao Yucheng, the director of high school, and ask him to arrange women with good looks and temperament to the prince's side!We began to do ideological work for the relevant family members. It's their honor to be a princess! ”
      Chairman sakazaki put down the phone and thought of the person he could only look up to. He could not help but look down at the information of 50 LAN. All the entrance scores of 50 LAN were excellent, which inspired the chairman's love for talent. He secretly changed his team cooperation to e, and arranged him to class D, in order to use another wayHe is protected and honed by the style of the teacher.
      However, just the person unexpectedly with close to threatening tone, request oneself will appearance temperament good woman arrange to 50 LAN side, what situation?Who is fifty haze?Is it the illegitimate son of some big man?Looking back on the series of preferential policies just issued by the people, it seems that people who become lovers with 50 LAN can stay away from all troubles.
      Should I agree to upgrade class D?But that person seems to have said that fifty Lan's daily life should not be broken, and fifty LAN doesn't seem to show disgust because class D has class points close to class A, but it still remains unchanged. After thinking about it seriously, the chairman hesitated and decided to keep the status quo for the time being.
      Taking a deep breath, the chairman, who has understood the current situation, did not explore the identity of fifty LAN. It was not the area he could touch. Instead, he knocked his head and recalled the so-called women with good looks and temperament. There were many women in four classes. The head teacher of class B could be counted as one, and the head teacher of class D could be counted as one. They were all excellent students in this school, so the chairman could do his bestI can take care of it.
      Soon there will be a study trip. Take this opportunity to plan the dormitory and arrange for these people to live in. The chairman of the board of directors soon thinks about the plan, but he can't help thinking of his sick daughter, sakhaliu Youqi. Originally, 50 Lan was an excellent person with excellent talent and appearance. Now it seems that he has a deep background, which naturally becomes the best destination that a father can think of for his daughter.
      Biting his teeth, although the man said it was quiet, as a father, the president was willing to take risks for his daughter.
      “Hello, do you have a chance? For some reasons, I hope you can get along well with 50 LAN in class D for the purpose of getting married. At the worst, I want to be a couple. I will allow you to take part in the study tour in the near future. I hope you can seize this opportunity.”
      The chairman didn't know the identity of Prince fifty LAN, or even fifty Lan's confrontation with the army. It seems that those high-level officials have achieved the goal of confidentiality. However, the series of preferential policies and the man's repeated emphasis on treating fifty LAN politely make him understand that fifty Lan's identity seems to be unimaginable, even though he knows that his daughter died of congenital heart diseaseCan't participate in sports, at this time also had to let her participate in research travel.
      Wearing white silk stockings, a black hat and crutches, some sick girls quietly listen to their father's phone call through authority. This is the first time since the beginning of school that he has called, and he does not hesitate to destroy the school's rule of not contacting the outside world. However, instead of hissing at her, he says that sakazaki has been paying close attention to herMy name.
      After hanging up, recalling his father's words, sakhaliu Youqi frowned. Since learning that class D, which is known as the gathering place of defective products, seems to rely on the strength of fifty LAN to almost get higher class points than Class A, sakhaliu Youqi has been quietly paying attention to him.
      In the class, she is very popular, has close relationship with several women, and has a high value of force. She solved the violence in class C by one person. She won the first place in the mid-term exam with full marks in all subjects. She has good appearance and temperament. Sakazaki knows all kinds of deeds of fifty LAN, and even she has to admit that fifty LAN is indeed perfect.
      Originally, ban liuyouqi planned to attack Ge chengkangping, who had been competing with him for the leadership of class A, through the study tour he could not take part in. After unifying class A, he concentrated on dealing with 50 LAN. However, his father's performance made ban liuyouqi understand that becoming 50 Lan's lover seems to be able to get the best future.
      Knowing that fifty haze already had several confidants, sakazaki bit his teeth. What do you mean?Father, this is to let oneself become 50 Lan's lover?In the best class to become a leader of their own, has been paying efforts have not become 50 Lan's lover?
      Well, I've long wanted to have a positive contest. The mid-term exam has been run over by 50 LAN. Sakhaliu Youqi has some expectations for the research travel of all classes. It will be a contest between classes, and also a contest between sakhaliu Youqi and 50 LAN. Only those who defeat me are qualified to be my husband.
      Sakazaki, who is imagining the future, has a tight look. He suddenly realizes the meaning of his father's words. Does he want to rob a man with a group of girls?Think of the rumor in a few and fifty LAN performance intimate D class girl, banliuyouqi clenched because of congenital heart disease and some weak fist, I will not do that!*
      Chapter 38 the most important thing for a family is to be neat
      Fifty LAN doesn't know that some unexpected situation will appear. Looking at the Star Palace Zhihui who is showing a melancholy look in front of her, the lovely face with a smile seems to be dim at this time. Recalling her performance from the appearance of the Star Palace Zhihui, fifty LAN asks herself that she didn't do anything unpleasant. Is it because the Star Palace Zhihui was drunkDoes the essence hurt the body?Read so far, 50 LAN can't help but some worry of the mouth.
      “What's the matter?Is it uncomfortable? ”
      After hearing 50 Lan's words, Zhihui of the palace of stars suddenly returns to the reality from the flying thought world. Looking at 50 LAN, who is full of complexity and shows a worried color for herself, don't you know your attraction to women?Don't care about me any more. I can't do anything wrong with cha ZhuoZhi.
      “No, nothing.Fifty LAN students…. ”
      Since the palace of stars Zhihui asked her not to call her teacher so seriously, fifty LAN naturally would not let her call herself so formally.
      “Don't be so formal, just call it like yesterday.”
      Yesterday, yesterday I was very happy and called Lanjun. Zhihui of the palace of stars bit her teeth. Even though she knew that there might be a cliff in front of her, it might be her betrayal to her best friend. At this time, Zhihui of the palace of stars just wanted to go one step further. Let me enjoy the scenery in front of me again. At the last moment, I will turn back!
      “Well, LAN Jun!”
      See the palace of stars Zhihui seems to restore the usual appearance, fifty LAN down.
      “If you have a headache due to hangover in the future, you can come to me. I can solve it.”
      Fifty Lan said the solution, of course, is to use his mental power to get rid of those residual alcohol in the body, the palace of stars Zhihui appeared in front of him when he was down, with that lovely and naive warm fifty Lan's heart, as long as you can help the palace of stars Zhihui, fifty LAN will not have any hesitation.
      After hearing 50 Lan's words, Zhihui of the palace of stars was surprised to find that she didn't suffer from a hangover. In the morning, the students mentioned that she thought about 50 LAN at that time and didn't care. At this time, she couldn't help being curious.
      “How did you do it?I really don't have a headache today. ”
      Although fifty haze will help, it doesn't mean fifty haze is going to tell the palace of stars something about herself.
      “I have a unique skill. Just give you a massage.”
      The palace of stars Zhihui nodded her head and thought of something.
      “Well, you massaged me last time?”
      “Where is the massage?”
      The problem of Zhihui in the palace of stars makes fifty haze stiff, massage?Fifty LAN doesn't know how to massage. Is it good to do it with mental strength? Looking at Zhihui's shy eyes with expectation, fifty LAN feels great pressure.
      “……Head. ”
      Fifty haze pale two words and did not dispel the doubt of the palace of stars Zhihui, you know when you get up, but there is no wine on the body, massage the head can do?There is a conjecture in my mind. That idea doesn't make Zhihui angry, but makes her a little happy.
      “Thank you anyway.”
      Star Palace Zhihui is still a teacher after all. She left soon. Fifty LAN feels that she should be able to stay alone for a while.
      “Dong Dong Dong”
      Fifty LAN just sit down not long, knock on the door and rang out, let fifty LAN can't help but sigh, don't come one by one, just come together, anything is solved.
      “Lan Jun!”
      Zhutian Platycodon looked at his beloved man in front of him, and his beautiful eyes were full of affection.
      Fifty haze a change before that some depressed mood, just looking at the girl in front of her, fifty haze can feel his heart seems to be cheering, his face can not help but smile.
      “Platycodon grandiflorum, come on in.”
      Zhutian Platycodon naturally felt fifty Lan's attitude towards himself, and happily walked into fifty Lan's dormitory.
      “Lan Jun, why did you ask for leave yesterday?I'm worried about you
      Yesterday, yesterday I was fighting outside the school. Fifty LAN naturally knew what she had done yesterday. Although zhuota Platycodon is good at listening, fifty LAN doesn't intend to tell the girl who loves her deeply about her killing. Now she is really opening up the sun. Fifty LAN can't transmit negative emotions to her any more.
      “I was fighting for our future yesterday.”
      Fifty LAN this some unreasonable words did not cause Zhuoda Platycodon ridicule, gently put his head in fifty Lan's arms, Zhuoda Platycodon can't help but imagine himself and fifty Lan's future, whispering.
      “Our future must be beautiful, right?”
      Of course, it will be beautiful. Under the gaze of the whole world and the blessing of many powerful countries, it will enjoy eternal life. Although fifty haze has not reached eternity yet, it has confidence in the future.
      “It will make everyone envious.”
      “Hee hee.”
      Enjoying the tenderness of fifty haze, Zhutian Platycodon closed his eyes and laughed gently.
      “Dong Dong Dong”
      The sudden knock on the door makes the atmosphere change. Fifty LAN sweeps the door with her mental power. The familiar figure makes fifty LAN suffocate. She takes a look at the field in her arms. Are you really coming?
      “Lan Jun!”
      With joy, she looks at the fifty haze who opens the door for her. When she sees the bright face and ruddy Platycodon grandiflorum, she is very embarrassed. She seems to disturb them.
      Kudzu Kunda and Zehui Lightwell have always known the existence of both sides and that each other has become the closest person of fifty LAN. They have acquiesced in each other, but it is the first time to face each other in such an atmosphere.
      When she saw the scene in front of her, she shrank a little. According to the first come, then come, she should turn around and leave now, but her eyes were full of sadness.
      Fifty LAN naturally won't let any girl sad, directly pull the light well Ze Hui who is at a loss to come in, close the door, looking at two girls quite deep meaning of smile.
      Zhu Tian's Platycodon grandiflorum and AOI's Zehui look at each other and look at the fifty haze whose temperament has changed suddenly. They have a bold guess in their heart. Their pretty faces are full of blush in an instant. They lower their heads and play with their fingers. They dare not look at fifty haze's aggressive eyes at all.
      “What do you want to do?”
      “No one of you is going to run tonight!”*
      Chapter 39 desire to incriminate
      When she opens her eyes, fifty LAN looks at the girls holding her own arm. Her heart is full of a sense of achievement. The two girls are shy at the beginning, but they are emotional at the end. The relationship between them is also natural. Although the means are not proper, they don't hinder fifty LAN's happiness.
      The scar on her abdomen is exposed in her eyes. It's no longer cold. At this time, there is only heartache in her eyes.
      Recalling the dependents function of the system, she has become the light well Zehui of her dependents. She should be able to get some help. Fifty LAN puts on her clothes and walks to the bathroom to ensure that she doesn't wake up the two girls.
      “System, can the scar of Osawa ozai be solved?”
      “Ding, the host can treat all the injuries and bad conditions of the dependents at the cost of its own life. It takes one year for the host to erase the scars of Zehui Qingjing.”
      “Erase it.”
      One year's life may be extremely precious for others, but in the eyes of fifty haze, it is far from that of Keira lightai. What's more, he has a physique of 50, and his life is no longer a hundred years of ordinary people.
      Take a look at the abdomen already bright and clean incomparable light well Ze Hui, and Zhu Tian Platycodon with sweet smile sleep face, fifty LAN gently to two girls finishing quilt.
      Soon after, fifty LAN and the two girls wake up to have breakfast together, very harmonious back to the class to spend a day of study life.
      Because of last night's honesty, the two shy girls don't dare to appear in front of fifty LAN. Fifty LAN teases horibai Lingyin, who looks at her various emotions in front of her, but can't attack them, which makes fifty LAN feel very happy.
      After school, horibai gritted her teeth and looked at a “good man” who almost teased her all day. She packed up and left the classroom, leaving 50 LAN alone.
      Fifty LAN quietly watched horibai ring tone leave, closed his eyes to turn his mental power, locked a few figures in a remote place in the school, stood up and walked in that direction.
      Xu tengjian's angry voice came.
      “What are you doing?”
      Three boys from class C surrounded Xu tengjian, pushing and shoving him. His words were full of provocation.
      “Boy, when did you become so mean?Don't you dare do it? ”
      Fifty LAN stands in the distance and looks at these people. Without saying a word, she takes out her mobile phone and turns on the video mode.
      Xu Teng Jian is biting his teeth and looking at the people who are manipulating himself in front of him. Although they have controlled his strength, there are still some slight injuries on Xu Teng Jian's face. If he had done it before, Xu Teng Jian would have done it long ago. However, thinking of the efforts made by the people in the class to count the points in the class and the warning given by 50 LAN, Xu Teng Jian bites his teeth and pushes away his eyesFor how many people?
      “Go away!”
      C class of three boys some unbelievable looking at the body has appeared injury of xutengjian still don't fight back, this guy's temper when become so good?But after being pushed by Xu tengjian, he finally couldn't help laughing.
      “Ha ha ha, you did it!You finally did it!I already have your fingerprints on my clothes! ”
      Xu tengjian heard each other's words, Zheng Zheng, fingerprint?What are they planning?He just pushed them away. Looking at the three people who had gone away, he was at a loss for a moment.
      Watching class C leave, 50 Lan's eyes are cold. She saves the video recorded on her mobile phone and puts it into her pocket, but she finds a girl who is also looking at the situation on the other side.
      The girl has pink and waist long hair, wearing a pair of glasses to block a lot of appearance, but 50 LAN knows that this is a class with his own Sakura Aili, a girl who has a beautiful appearance, but hides it with glasses, and has a very low sense of existence in the class.
      Sakura Ai Li noticed the sight of fifty LAN, some panic put away the camera in his hand, nervous looking at the coming to him, the sense of existence in the class and himself are two extreme boys, fifty LAN.
      “Airi Sakura?Why do you stay in the teaching building so late? ”
      Fifty LAN looking at a timid appearance in front of Sakura Ai Li, this time point, also around, although the school security is good, but also can't reduce vigilance, fifty LAN but clearly know, Sakura Ai Li and this has no combat effectiveness.
      “Yes, I'm sorry, fifty LAN.”
      Fifty haze's tone is not cold, even mild, but still makes Airi Sakura a little afraid and apologizes. This is because fifty haze's impression of warm-hearted and kind-hearted excellent students is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Otherwise Airi Sakura would not stand here to apologize, but immediately turn around and run away.
      “Don't be nervous. I mean no harm.”
      Fifty LAN helplessly looks at the girl who apologizes to herself in front of her eyes. When is her image frightening? Well, it seems to be a little wrong. When is her image in front of the beautiful girl frightening?See Sakura love seems to want to leave, fifty haze try to make himself appear friendly.
      “I'll take you back to your dorm. As you can see, the school is not peaceful.”
      Fifty LAN quite profound words, let Sakura love subconsciously grasp the hand just took a few photos of the camera, witnessed several boys to must Teng Jian move her, at this time really some fear.
      “Thank you, thank you.”
      Fifty haze all the way to Sakura Aili to the dormitory downstairs, some students do not know the two people are as lovers, eyes full of ambiguity, and because Sakura Aili deliberately use glasses to cover up their charm, resulting in fifty haze is more prominent, attracted many girls will envy the eyes of Sakura Aili.
      Sakura Aili, who was afraid of what happened just now, felt those envious eyes looking at him all the way, and gradually realized the situation at this time. He took a sneak look at the fifty haze beside him. For a moment, his heart was full of shyness.
      “All right, here we are.”
      Fifty haze will Sakura Ai Li to the destination, and Sakura Ai Li said, looked at a very formal girl, turned to leave.
      “Thank you…”
      When Airi Sakura summoned up the courage to look up, he could only see the back of fifty LAN and whispered thanks. For a moment, he felt lost and shook his head. Fifty Lan was liked by so many people, so he didn't think much about it.*
      Chapter 40 leave it to me
      “It's not like that. I didn't do it at all!”
      Xu tengjian tried to suppress his temper and looked at several people in front of him.
      There is disgust in her eyes. Xiaoyuan Gaoyue lowers her head and doesn't want to see Xu tengjian who is defending. Whether it's Xu tengjian's always grumpy performance, or Xiaoyuan Gaoyue's rejection of all the boys except fifty LAN, makes her angry.
      “But ah…”
      But you have always been a laggard in the class. You have always been a grumpy guy. You have always been the guy who reduced the class points that fifty LAN worked so hard to get!
      In the heart of the idea and did not say, Shinohara Gaoyue's heart is full of anger and helplessness, fifty LAN students, you still don't let D class promoted to a class, with personal points directly become a class of students, this group of people, this group of garbage did not become a class of students, more do not let you pay the qualification!Even if I never see you again
      As soon as fifty haze enters the classroom, she sees the indignant look of Gaoyue Shinohara. When Xu tengjian sees his fear, Airi Sakura deliberately avoids his eyes, and others look at him with apology.
      “What's the matter?”
      Seeing fifty haze, Ctenopharyngodon grandiflorum looked worried.
      “Lan Jun, something may have happened…”
      At this time, the bell rings, and the familiar figure of tea resident Zuo Zhi appears at the door of the classroom on time. Everyone quickly converges and sits on the seat.
      Swept one eye 50 haze, the tea is stationed to assist the opening of branch cold.
      “The players of basketball department in class C filed a complaint against Xu Teng, saying that after the club activities ended, Xu Teng beat them unilaterally and was injured.”
      Hear tea in the words of Zuo Zhi, Xu Teng Jian subconsciously took a look at fifty haze, hurried to defend himself.
      “No, I didn't do it at all. On the contrary, they have been challenging me.”
      “But you don't have evidence. It's easy if you have witnesses.”
      Cha ZhuoZhi's response makes Xu tengjian helplessly lower his head, while 50 LAN is funny and stands up.
      “Three people in class C were beaten by Xu tengjian alone?How could the school believe such a ridiculous thing? ”
      How could fifty haze speak for herself?Is low of Xu Teng Jian Meng of raise head, can't believe of looking at the fifty haze of light smile.
      But Shinohara Gaoyue's heart is trembling, why, such a person, fifty LAN classmates still want to speak for him?Looking at the smile on fifty Lan's face, Shinohara Gaoyue only feels deep heartache and has been helping others. Fifty LAN must be very tired.
      Cha ZhuoZhi takes a look at 50 LAN. If it is before, what 50 Lan said is really reasonable and convincing, however.
      “Don't you solve the violence in class C by one person?”
      Well, fifty LAN is speechless by the words of tea in zuozhi. Is it hard to say that she has a system?See one eye, although still a face of indifference, but faintly some complacent tea in zuozhi, fifty LAN feel this woman is intentional.
      Zhutian Platycodon see fifty LAN frustrated, quickly stood up.
      “Boys and girls, did any of you see them fighting or know anything?”
      The words of zhuota Platycodon make Sakura Aili lower his head and try his best to reduce his sense of existence. Fifty LAN has the evidence itself. At this time, there is no need for Sakura Aili to stand up and wave his hand to let zhuota Platycodon sit back.
      “Leave it to me. I'll take care of it.”
      Cha ZhuoZhi frowns at the 50 Lan that she bears alone. Although she is happy to see 50 LAN eat shriveled, she doesn't want to make 50 LAN bear too much pressure.
      “A week later, the student union will participate in the negotiation with class C. according to the result of the negotiation, the points will be deducted, and the punishment for suto will also be decided.”
      After class, Xu tengjian quietly went to fifty haze side, lowered his proud head.
      “I'm sorry!I'm giving you trouble again. ”
      Although Xu tengjian used to be a trouble maker, he has been doing very well during this period of time. Besides, fifty haze, who knows the truth, naturally won't blame him.
      “Don't worry, give it to me.”
      Gao Yuansi Liuzhu, who was once oppressed by 50 Lan's hands, really couldn't understand 50 LAN at this time. Put away the mirror used to appreciate his face.
      “Why don't you just drop out of school, he's not beautiful at all.”
      Tut, it's true that Xu tengjian can't get along with him, but how does Liu Zhu of Gaoyuan Temple look like he is the embodiment of beauty? The narcissistic appearance makes people shudder.Xiaoyuan Gaoyue is very much in favor of Gaoyuan Temple six help words, can't help looking forward to fifty LAN, let Xu tengjian drop out, don't worry about this kind of person!
      No one in the whole class immediately came forward to refute the obviously unkind words of the sixth assistant of plateau temple. Fifty LAN didn't know whether it was because of the pressure of the whole class to stand up at this time, or because of Xu tengjian's popularity.
      No more words, fifty LAN just silently shook his head.
      In the colorful bar box, several people in class C were divided into two groups.
      On one side, led by long Yuanxiang, the two people who were crushed by 50 LAN last time were in the line, and the three people who had moved to Xu tengjian were standing beside them.
      On the other side, Yi Chushu, a pretty girl with short blue hair and firm eyes, is looking at long Yuanxiang with an angry face.
      “Why challenge class D?”
      Long Yuanxiang looks at Yi Chushu, who has been fighting against himself since the last time fifty LAN appeared to solve the so-called violence.
      “Class D is not worth my provocation, I want to defeat, only 50 LAN.”
      What long Yuanxiang said was quite impressive, but it only made Yi Chushu disdain to smile.
      “Beat 50 LAN?You seem to have forgotten who's under his command and who can't fight back. ”
      “I admit that force is inferior to him, so this time, I will use the rules!”
      Because of Yi Chui's words, he recalled his miserable appearance last time. Long Yuanxiang had a ferocious roar.
      “Longyuansang, maybe everyone has been seen.”
      It seems to recall the terrible fifty haze, provocative must rattan health, at this time a person can't help but some fear of voice.
      “At that time, I felt that there were people around…”
      Long Yuanxiang looks sharp and makes a wink at the tall and dark mountain field beside him. The mountain field Albert understands and goes to the man's side to fight and kick, which makes his bruised and bruised injury more serious.
      And the people on Yi Chushu's side looked at the scene indifferently, and did not stop it. Since they foolishly chose long Yuanxiang, they should bear all the consequences.*
      Chapter 41 I want to help!
      “More and more like victims.”
      Long Yuanxiang holds the wine cup, looks at the person who is extremely painful but dare not resist, and gently pours the wine on his head.
      “Thank you, thank you.”
      Long Yuanxiang's terrible eyes made him forget all his worries. Even though he was humiliated, he still said thank you.
      “Give me a good performance according to the plan!”
      Yi Chushu, who is quietly watching the development of the situation, looks at long Yuanxiang with more anger.
      “It's because of your violence that class C is full of fear now!”
      “So you stood up against me, because you fell in love with fifty haze?”
      Long Yuanxiang's cold words make Yi Chushu's action stiff. Since fifty LAN appeared in class C, she solved everything easily and crushed people easily. Her posture is deeply engraved in Yi Chushu's mind. Yi Chushu doesn't know whether she loves fifty LAN or not, but she knows that she is full of yearning for fifty LAN.
      “It's none of your business!”
      Long Yuanxiang glanced at Yi Chushu, who seemed a little flustered.
      “I hope you don't mess me up.”
      “It's the rattan. It's terrible.”
      “This month, my classmates and everyone's efforts are in vain.”
      “Give fifty LAN classmate trouble again, that guy still dropped out of school.”
      Several students in the class chatted, but they didn't believe in suto.
      Horibai takes a panoramic view of everyone's reaction and looks at fifty haze leaning against the wall of the classroom.
      “Do you think so?”
      Fifty haze shakes her head. If it is in the past, suto will only cause trouble. However, fifty haze, who looks at the whole matter in the eyes of this conflict, can be sure that suto is not wrong at all.
      “No, now that I have said that I will leave this matter to me, I will give everyone a satisfactory result.what about you?What's xiaolingyin thinking, who has been looking forward to the promotion of class D and studying how to obtain class points? ”
      Xiaolingyin, the name of fifty LAN, makes horibai bite her teeth. However, she has been teased by fifty LAN, but she has no resistance. She is used to fifty Lan's various nicknames and doesn't struggle much.
      “It's a troublesome thing. Why do you take it down?Do you still want to be a good man? ”
      Instead of answering fifty Lan's question, horibai looks at the familiar face. Although he always teases himself, horibai has to admit that fifty Lan's performance in the class has always been a good man.
      Shaking his head, fifty LAN has never been a willing selfless dedication, not to mention a good man.
      “This is my response from class C after I solved the violence in class C. naturally, I should accept it.”
      Horibai frowned and sighed at fifty haze without hesitation.
      “I'll help you.”
      “Oh?Then I'll thank xiaolingyin first. ”
      Fifty LAN is walking on the school street with horbei Lingyin. Kuyta and Lightwell Zehui know something about fifty Lan's ability. After fifty LAN indicates that there is no need to worry, they are relieved to deal with their own affairs. At this time, only fifty LAN and horbei Lingyin are left.
      The so-called search for eyewitnesses is actually meaningless. Fifty haze himself is a witness, leaving evidence at the same time. He also knows that another witness is Airi Sakura, who has been trying to reduce his sense of existence in the class. At the moment, he says that he is looking for eyewitnesses. In fact, it's only fifty haze who sees that hori beilingyin rarely takes the initiative to help himself, and deliberately does it.
      “Fifty LAN students.”
      Not far away, yizhise Fanbo saw the figure of fifty haze and ran over in a hurry.
      “I've heard about your class. I'm here to help, but I remember that I still owe you one.”
      Horibai Lingyin is incredulous to see yizhise Fanbo, who runs over and holds 50 Lan's arm intimately. When did 50 LAN have such a good relationship with the leader of class B?
      The emotional one Sete fan wave this just noticed 50 haze side of Horiba ring tone, aware of his some intimate action, quickly put down his hand, smile to introduce himself to Horiba ring tone.
      “Hello, I'm a friend of class B's 50 LAN classmate
      “Class D, horibai ring tone.”
      Although horibai does not like to socialize with people all the time, it has changed because of some actions of 50 LAN, but it has not turned a blind eye to the people who show their love to him. Facing the blonde girl who shows her smile, horibai simply introduces herself.
      Return my favor?Girl, it doesn't exist!Fifty haze looking at in front of a Sete sail wave, secretly thought.I have all the evidence I need. Girl, you can only be a onlooker when you come here.
      “Actually, I can handle it.”
      Thought fifty haze in a polite Sete sail wave quickly patted full chest, proved himself.
      “Don't treat me as an outsider. Let me know if you need any help.”
      “Well, please come to dinner with us. Of course, it's my treat.”
      Fifty haze makes the appearance of a pair of meditation, and then looks at the sky, but it is in a Sete sail wave look forward to the eyes, said such a sentence.
      “That's it, that's it?”
      “That's it, isn't it?”
      “When, of course!”
      One Sete fan wave red face, accepted the invitation of fifty haze, fortunately standing next to horibai ring tone, a homosexual in their side, let one Sete fan wave is not so nervous.
      Hori north ring tone is to cast some exasperated eyes to 50 LAN, the way of a word.
      “This is the second time you've invited me to dinner.”
      For the first time, nature means that fifty LAN invited zhuota Platycodon grandiflorum and horbei Lingyin to have dinner together. Fifty LAN looked at the action that although she was very angry, she didn't leave. Knowing that it was a girl's little emotion, she seriously stared at horbei Lingyin's eyes.
      “Not by the way. I sincerely invite you two to dinner.”
      One Sete fan wave secretly took a look at horibai ring tone, always cheerful she naturally did not know that it was a girl's performance of jealousy, some uneasy asked.
      “Am I in trouble?”
      “No, let's go, ringtone, yizhise.”
      Fifty haze said, holding horibai's hand, some tough regardless of the girl's subtle struggle to hold it tightly, said hello to yizhise Fanbo, led two pretty face slightly red girl, to the restaurant.*
      Chapter 42 hate each other?It doesn't exist!
      Sitting in the box, looking at the two girls who were eating something, fifty LAN didn't tease them, so she opened her mouth directly.
      “I've got the evidence I need. I'll deal with the matter of Xu tengjian. You don't have to worry.”
      Hearing fifty Lan's words, yizhise Fanbo, who was a little nervous, raised his head and stared at fifty Lan's eyes.
      “Yes, because I'm a witness.”
      Fifty Lan's words let two girls stay, since he is a witness, and can be so calm, it seems that class C is going to be miserable.
      Distressed to enjoy the food, one of the Sete sail wave looked to fifty haze's eyes a little discouraged.
      “Then I can't pay you back?”
      “No, you owe me another favor. I bought this meal.”
      Fifty Lan's words make yizhisetfanbo bow his head fiercely, with a pathetic look. He doesn't like fifty LAN teasing his own horibai ring tone. At this time, he is a little unhappy to see fifty LAN teasing others.
      Fifty LAN, who is clear about horibai's character, naturally lightens the girl's mood and tells her not to reveal that she is a witness. Fifty LAN sends the two girls back to the dormitory.
      Ha ha, class C, it's only the guy named long Yuanxiang who can instigate people to plant the blame in this way. It seems that he taught a light lesson last time. Do you dare to provoke in this way?
      Fifty haze didn't immediately take out the video to refute for Xu tengjian, because after the refutation, he just cleared the charge of Xu tengjian. Class C's accusation didn't officially start, and the punishment won't be heavy. If he takes it out when he needs it, can he make them pay a greater price, hoping to beat themselves by relying on the rules?Don't say at this time fifty haze is enough to trample on the rules, even relying on the rules, fifty haze is enough to crush them.
      “Dong Dong Dong”
      In the dead of night, there is a knock on the door. Fifty LAN frowns. It's late at night. It's impossible for anyone to look for him at this time. Who is outside the door?
      “Lan Jun, are you there? I'm here to play with you. Wu…”
      Star Palace Zhihui's inarticulate voice comes. Fifty LAN opens the door and looks at the drunk Star Palace Zhihui sitting on the ground. Although she doesn't get to the point where she can't walk, she is obviously confused, but does she come to find herself?
      “The palace of stars, how can you be so drunk again?”
      The palace of stars Zhihui into the dormitory, fifty LAN frowning at the eyes directly half lying in his bed on the palace of stars Zhihui, what happened?
      “Hurt, sad, I'm sad.”
      The palace of stars is a little confused.
      Sad?Has anyone hurt Zhihui in the palace of stars?Fifty haze eyes a flash of cold light, for this in their most need, with that does not meet the age of innocence to help their own woman, fifty haze will not tolerate anyone to hurt her.
      “Who made you sad?”
      Seems to hear the words of fifty haze, the palace of stars Zhihui raised hazy drunk eyes, blurred looking at the people in front of him.
      “It's you, it's you!Why are you not a student of class B? Why can't I meet you earlier? ”
      The words of Zhihui in the palace of stars make fifty LAN stiff. The deep meaning in the words makes fifty LAN understand that people in front of her have unusual feelings for herself.
      Star Palace know Hui did not see 50 LAN reaction, low head gently cry.
      “You've become Sasaki's boyfriend. I'm just a passer-by to you.”
      “After a few years, you and Zuo Zhi entered the palace of marriage, I can only cry in silence in the corner, no, maybe at that time, I was too old to see you?”
      On the lovely face of Zhihui in the palace of stars, there are only light tears and deep sadness, which make fifty Lan's heart ache. Fifty LAN has seen Zehui Qingjing crying in front of her, but Zehui Qingjing's sadness does not come from herself, but Zhihui Xingzhi in front of her is crying for herself.
      Gently hold up the palace of stars Zhihui, fifty LAN seriously looked at the beautiful eyes flashing tears.
      “You are not a passer-by to me. You are a very important person.”
      The hazy eyes of Zhihui in the palace of stars seem to be clear again. She looks at the person in front of her and chokes.
      “Prove it to me.”
      Fifty haze heard the words of the palace of stars, slightly a Leng, prove what?
      At the moment become some sober Star Palace Zhihui seems to have great courage, fierce embrace fifty haze, pro up.
      “Ding, the host captures the spirit of Zhihui in the palace of stars, implements the principle of strength first, and rewards 500 experience points. Zhihui in the palace of stars has become a relative.”
      Fifty haze once thought that her third dependents would be horibai Lingyin, or chazuozhi, or even yizhise Fanbo. But she never thought that she would be Zhihui of the palace of stars, a woman who has not known her for a long time.
      Looking at in front of his eyes, pretty face full of Red Star Palace Zhihui, fifty LAN no longer hesitated, full of aggression began to attack.
      After the deep kiss, because of some inner emotion and forced to restore the palace of stars Qingming Zhihui, looking at fifty haze's eyes full of serious.
      “Once, I know I'm sorry for Sasaki, but I really can't help myself.”
      One time later, I will keep a distance with fifty LAN, with this beautiful memory and the blessing of fifty LAN and tea in zuozhi, I will die alone.
      Fifty LAN guessed the idea of the palace of stars Zhihui, holding the pretty face of the beautiful woman, is very strong mouth.
      “Not once, in the future time, I will not let you go, you will not grow old, but with me, until forever.”
      As long as fifty haze does not stop, it has become the palace of stars for family members to share life. Zhihui will not grow old that day.
      Star Palace know Hui some don't understand 50 Lan's words, at this time by alcohol paralysis, summon up all the courage of her, also don't want to think about the meaning of 50 Lan's words, tightly hold 50 LAN, express their passionate love.
      “Lan Jun is really joking. So, come on.”
      There is a girl like lovely palace of stars Zhihui, under the alcohol is not afraid, at this time look to fifty haze's eyes full of provocation.
      Fifty haze naturally won't show weakness and chose to fight.
      This will be a good memory for Zhihui in the palace of stars, and also a good beginning for her and fifty haze.*
      Chapter 43 you're not human?!
      Early in the morning, fifty haze, who has a keen sense of perception, opens her eyes and looks at Zhihui, who wants to leave the palace of stars quietly. She directly runs her mental power and pulls her back.
      Originally, she wanted to leave secretly, which not only avoided the embarrassment of the two people, but also regarded as xingzhihui, who was far away from fifty haze. However, she suddenly found the rapidly changing scenery in front of her eyes and blinked with some doubts.
      Although she really became a woman, the innocence and loveliness of Zhihui in the palace of stars did not change. At this time, in her arms, she did not think too much about the miraculous scene, half closed her eyes like a small animal, greedily breathing the breath of her lover.
      “What do you want to do?”
      After a long time, some infatuated to see fifty haze, Star Palace Zhihui bite teeth, want to break away from the embrace of fifty haze.
      “Let go. It's not right for us to do this. I can't be sorry for Zuo Zhi.”
      Has Ming Ming entrusted his heart to himself, to the point of never giving up, but still considering the friendship and the bottom line and planning to keep a distance?This is probably a mature person's self-control, even if you know that the Star Palace Zhihui, who has reached this level of his feelings, can't really alienate himself, but even for a short period of time, even at this moment, fifty LAN won't allow it.
      “From the moment you become my woman, you can't leave in your whole life, or do you think that I am an ordinary person and will be bound by certain rules?”
      Fifty haze's words let the palace of stars know Hui stay, think of the scene that he just moved to his arms out of thin air, some surprised, big eyes half open mouth.
      “You're not human?”
      Tut, although fifty LAN has broken the limit of human beings, after the system certification, race is still human. How can it not be human? She slapped Zhihui in the palace of stars on her hips, and let the fake girl make a sweet cry.
      “Xiao Zhihui, how do you talk to your man?”
      Fifty Lan's intimate actions and words make the palace of stars know Hui's pretty face red. She lies in fifty Lan's arms and asks for mercy.
      “Well, I'm wrong.”
      Zhihui in the palace of stars is already a mature woman. Fifty LAN doesn't have to hide something from her. He has changed the thinking of the leaders of the six countries and can do whatever he wants.
      “I'm a prince, and no one will stop me from opening the harem.”
      Fifty haze's words make the Star Palace know Hui's action stiff, prince?How can a person with this status be a student of class D in this school?But when I think about it, it's not too much to say that 50 LAN is a prince because of his extraordinary appearance and temperament.
      Originally, what Star Palace Zhi Hui was afraid of was that 50 LAN and cha Zhu Zuo Zhi didn't get a good result because of himself. Since 50 LAN has the important status of Prince, external factors don't need to be considered. The rest is cha Zhu Zuo Zhi. Hum, this guy won't let cha Zhu Zuo Zhi go, but what attracts Star Palace Zhi Hui's attention is the last word.
      “Harem?Besides me and tea, who else
      It turns out that she's not a junior, and she can't even be a junior. Although Zhihui in the palace of stars never gives up on fifty LAN, she doesn't change her character. At this time, the look in fifty Lan's eyes reveals her ferocity. However, in fifty Lan's eyes, she's just a kitten with open teeth and claws. On the contrary, she's more lovely. She lowers her head and makes a careful thinking,Fifty LAN broke his fingers.
      “Zhutian Platycodon grandiflorum, Qingjing Zehui, horibei Lingyin, yizhise Fanbo, and…”
      “Stop, stop, stop!”
      Listen to the names of the girls who are very popular in the grade from fifty Lan's mouth, the Star Palace Zhihui doesn't want to think about who she is, but there is a name that she has to pay attention to and gnash her teeth at fifty LAN.
      “When has my yizhise Fanbo become your harem?”
      Yizhise Fanbo is the most lovely and excellent student in her class. She is impeccable both in appearance and in heart. Zhihui of Xingzhi palace has always liked this blonde girl, but it seems that the good cabbage has been arched by 50 LAN.
      “It's not really, it's just that she and I have something in common.”
      Fifty LAN seriously think about it, some uncertain answer, although I don't know the degree of yizhise Fanbo for himself, but the blonde girl is so lovely, fifty LAN certainly won't let her go.
      Star Palace Zhihui doesn't want to take care of fifty haze. She arranges some messy clothes because of their actions. Although she knows that she can't escape, she is still embarrassed to tell cha ZhuoZhi about herself and fifty haze.
      “Sasaki hasn't really become your woman, has she?”
      “Yes, so you're actually one step ahead of her.”
      Fifty Lan's words let the palace of stars know Hui shy head down, this is their own success beat tea in zuozhi?Think of that guy usually bully himself from time to time, Star Palace Zhihui at this time has a kind of elated feeling, a little thought, then looked up at fifty haze.
      “Then we'll keep it a secret from her in advance. You can't tell her!”
      The request of Zhihui in the palace of stars has no disadvantage to fifty LAN. On the contrary, it is conducive to fifty Lan's strategy of tea in zuozhi. This intention makes fifty Lan's heart tremble slightly, and the eyes looking at Zhihui in the palace of stars are full of complexity.
      Some shy avoid fifty haze's eyes, Star Palace Zhihui cover up.
      “You, don't think about it. I just hope my best friend and I will marry the same person.”
      Fifty LAN doesn't retort. She hugs the palace of stars in her arms and enjoys the warmth. Although fifty LAN is only a high school student at this time, his good physique has made him in perfect condition. Holding the mature palace of stars, she is also at ease.
      “Lan Jun…”
      “Yes, xiaozhihui.”
      It is clear that she is the elder side, but she is so called by 50 LAN. The sense of contradiction makes Zhi Hui in the palace of stars a little shy. But if 50 LAN, if LAN Jun, Zhi Hui in the palace of stars is willing to stay in the weak side forever, and always belong to the little bird.*
      Chapter 44 you don't know love at all
      “I'm sorry to trouble you with such trifles, classmate fifty LAN.”
      At the weekend, Airi Sakura, dressed in casual clothes, bows and apologizes in front of 50 LAN.
      This week, fifty LAN did not do anything for the sake of Xu tengjian, nor did she ask others to help. Looking at some pink haired girls who did not dare to look at each other, fifty Lan was curious.
      “What's the matter?Mr. Sakura
      “I, I'm the witness of that incident, and there are some evidences. I want to help 50 LAN!”
      Airi Sakura is a girl who is afraid of eye contact with others when talking and hates to attract attention.Usually do not communicate with others, so there are no friends.Learning ability and physical fitness are lower than the average, lack of enthusiasm, and have no prospects for their future.
      It seems that in addition to being clever and afraid of strangers, there is no clear character, always quietly hanging eyes, hunched back, like curling up in a corner.He is afraid of talking with others and the place with many people, so he always keeps lonely. He understands that people can't live on their own, so he chooses to hide his true self and wear a false mask to live.
      But after several days of struggle, in the face of 50 LAN, she finally summoned up the courage.
      Although the evidence in 50 Lan's hands is enough, he naturally won't refuse a girl who is hard to summon up courage, and make her more introverted from then on. He didn't show much surprise when he saw Sakura Ai Li soon after the incident.
      “It seems that you want to take me to a certain place, so please ask Sakura to lead me.”
      Because it's the weekend, 50 LAN and Airi Sakura are both dressed in casual clothes. They don't wear school uniform. They walk on the road of the same age, just like dating. The ambiguous atmosphere makes Airi Sakura shy and keep his head down all the way.
      But such shy introverted girl, but can summon up the courage to find fifty LAN, looking at her slightly red face, fifty LAN and she kept a little distance, so that the two people walking together, did not seem too close.
      Although Sakura Aili is a little introverted, he is not dull. Naturally, he finds that fifty haze's considerate behavior relaxes his nervous heart.
      When they come to the digital store, Airi Sakura hands the camera to the shop assistant to ask for repair. They let 50 LAN do it. It's clear that there have been many changes. Why is the camera still broken?Force majeure?
      The shop assistant's small eyes with large spacing and nostrils similar to those small eyes make this formally dressed shop assistant look funny and ugly, playing around with his camera.
      “It seems that there is something wrong with the power supply. Do you have the warranty card?”
      Airi Sakura, looking at the terrible shop assistant in front of him, was already a little relaxed. This time, the tension was not because of shyness, but because of fear. His voice trembled.
      “Yes, I have.”
      Greedy looking at the love of Sakura, the clerk took out a warranty, panting.
      “Fill in the required items in this form, address, name, and mobile phone number.”
      Fifty Lanwei squints his eyes. He knows something about the future development. He knows the psychological distortion of the shop assistants in front of him. As for the hidden identity, Airi Sakura, a blog idol and graphic model with vitality, has a kind of abnormal pursuit. He even wants to put his idea into action a few days later.
      Now fifty haze has two choices. One is to let the person in front of her go. When Airi Sakura comes to pick up the camera, the clerk follows Airi Sakura with an evil intention and appears at the most critical moment. Saving the girl like prince charming can definitely greatly improve the girl's liking.
      Another choice is to nip the danger in the bud, not to let Airi Sakura suffer the fear of being followed, not to let Airi Sakura suffer any psychological and physical trauma, but also to lose the opportunity to greatly improve his liking.
      Ah, fifty LAN doesn't have any hesitation. She steps forward in front of Airi Sakura. No matter in the past, now or in the future, fifty LAN will not deliberately put the girl in danger to improve her favor, even if the girl who benefits doesn't know the danger she will encounter without fifty LAN, even if the girl may only return fifty Lan's actions to her parentsIt's a big fuss.
      He stretched out a hand and pressed it tightly on the shoulder of the ugly shop assistant who seemed to confirm Xiangyou's heart, so that he could no longer gasp close to Airi Sakura.
      “Don't come any closer.”
      Airi Sakura is staring at the fifty haze in front of him. His sunny face is full of indifference. However, Airi Sakura is not afraid, but warm. Is it because of himself that Airi Sakura has changed his image?
      Because of his frequent use of cameras, Airi Sakura has come to the nearest digital store and dealt with the clerk here. Although the clerk's performance is somewhat unusual, it has not reached the abnormal level of harassing girls. However, Airi Sakura often has a creepy feeling in his heart.
      So this time, Airi Sakura will invite fifty haze and himself to come together, invite the sunshine kind, and have a person to suppress the C class force, let even the fear of people themselves also not from the heart of close people to help themselves.
      The assistant is controlled by 50 LAN, secretly looked at the environment of the store at this time, in addition to 50 LAN and Airi Sakura, there is no one else, looked at 50 Lan that completely can not see the fierce temperament of the face, not from the bottom of a foot, crazy struggle.
      At this time, the shop assistant's eyes to Sakura Aili are full of madness. When 50 LAN stands in front of him, Sakura Aili can't help showing his peace of mind and joy, which makes him more sure that this is the idol full of vitality in the network – “Luo”!
      “You're Luo, aren't you?”
      The assistant's crazy voice makes Airi Sakura tremble, shrinking behind fifty haze to avoid his terrible eyes.
      “I'm your fan!You should know what I mean!You are very important to me, you should understand
      The strength of the shoulder is more and more big, as if tearing pain let him squat down, crazy shaking body, want to get rid of fifty haze.
      “You have no right to hinder me!She and I are destined for each other. You don't know love at all*
      Chapter 45 distortion
      The digital camera on the counter, as a display, has been running, capturing beautiful things for the shop assistant, that is, the beautiful women in line with his desire.
      In the past, after Airi Sakura appeared in the digital store, the attention of the clerk was attracted by the girl who seemed to be a little special. After carefully looking at the photos, we found that this is not the popular idol “Luo” on the Internet.
      When Airi Sakura appeared in front of him again this time, the shop assistant did not hesitate to ask Airi Sakura to leave all kinds of contact information to facilitate his future pursuit. He never thought what he did was wrong.
      Because like a person, so do anything is OK, because like a person, so that person must also like himself, because like a person, even against the so-called law, even against the other party's will is normal, this is the shop assistant firmly believe in love.
      The shop assistant has made a plan after getting the address, mobile phone number and other contact information of Sakura Aili. First, he sends an email to express his love. If he is not accepted by the other party, he goes near her residence, tracks her to a remote corner, and then expresses his ardent love face to face. If the other party refuses, she just doesn't understand her love, and he will force her to take care of itIt's easy to understand.
      However, the plan is very comprehensive, but met a troublemaker – fifty LAN.
      Fifty LAN could have destroyed the self righteous and distorted goods directly, but because Airi Sakura was in front of her, she couldn't show too much blood. She directly used her mental power to stun the still barking shop assistant, smashed the camera that was on the counter facing Airi Sakura, took out her mobile phone and sent it to the number that often asked about herCurrent address and write a line of information.
      “Send someone to get rid of the people here.”
      Fifty seconds after LAN sent the message, she received a reply immediately.
      “I'm very sorry, Prince. Our people are coming as fast as they can.”
      Ai Li Sakura saw that the shop assistant was dazed by 50 LAN, and was relieved to see 50 LAN fiddling with her mobile phone. For a moment, she didn't know what to do.
      “It's OK. You won't see him again.”
      Two minutes later, the screeching sound of the brakes rang out from the door. Teams of armed people rushed into the digital store and quickly assembled in front of fifty LAN. The leader looked like people saluted fifty LAN respectfully.
      Fifty LAN took a look outside the store. Although the appearance of the black car was not very special, it was inside the campus, which was enough to attract people's attention. She pointed to the ugly shop assistant who fell on the ground.
      “Take him away and replace him with someone good enough to be a shop assistant. It's faster.”
      Airi Sakura stares at the frightened shop assistant who has been dragged away by the people rushing in. He always stares at himself with a kind of fear. He seems to find the identity of “Xiao” he never wants to expose. He doesn't want to face the shop assistant who sometimes has to face because of the maintenance problems of the camera, but now he is brokenCloth like lying on the ground, still dragged by people, was taken to the car and quickly left.
      The girl doesn't know why fifty LAN, who is clearly just a student, can call so many unusual people to see. She also doesn't know why fifty LAN, who seems to have an unusual identity, is so approachable. This series of development has confused the less intelligent Ai Li Sakura.
      “Ding, strength first, reward 50 experience points.”
      This kind of abnormal really can't bring much reward. Fifty LAN looks at that group of fully armed people driving away in the eyes of others who are nervous and scared. She looks back at Sakura Aili who is staring at her and smiles.
      “The new assistant should be here soon. How about going outside first?”
      “Ah, good…”
      In the school, the existence that I don't want to face suddenly disappears, which makes Airi Sakura and Ben don't think much about it, so he subconsciously agrees to 50lan's words. After reaction, he sees 50lan's figure leading the way in front of him, blushing. It's more and more like dating and trotting to follow him.
      Although it's not summer yet, it's very warm. There are shops selling ice cream. Fifty LAN bought two, and Sakura Airi, who is silent all the way, sit on the bench and enjoy the relaxed and happy life.
      Airi Sakura sits shyly beside fifty haze, and from time to time he sticks out his little tongue to lick it, and secretly looks at fifty haze, afraid that he will see the way he eats.
      Fifty LAN aware of the girl's formality, also don't side head look at her, lest increase his pressure, recalled what just happened.
      “If you meet that kind of person or have any difficulties in the future, please contact me and I will help you.”
      “Thank you, thank you…”
      Airi Sakura's fear of the person just now has not been dispelled. She still has a lingering fear. She nods her head gently when she hears fifty Lan's words, saves his contact information in her mobile phone, and looks at the only name on the screen. In the future, she won't have to be afraid again, will she?
      “Well, let's go back and see if the new clerk is here.”
      Maybe it's because fifty haze has been very gentle, maybe it's just fifty haze's coming forward. At this time, Airi Sakura and fifty haze are walking together. Although they are shy, they are not as nervous as before.
      “Hello, what can I do for you?”
      The new salesgirl doesn't understand why her job will suddenly change. Originally, she was just an excellent little clerk. One day, she was escorted by a group of armed people and came to an ordinary looking digital store by helicopter as a shop assistant. But as an adult, she knows what to say and what to do. She knows that some things she shouldn't know are very importantI'm not going to ask.
      At this time, she can swear that even if she has been in the society for many years, and has seen all kinds of customers, no one will give her a kind of pressure to face the superiors, just like the teenager who brings a young girl in front of her.
      “Fix this camera. This is the warranty card.”
      Fifty haze handed the camera to the woman in front of her. Whether it was the comfortable smile or the gentle words, it proved that this person is a really excellent worker.
      “Please fill out the warranty form.”
      Fifty haze smell speech looked to the side of love in Sakura, although is no longer the disgusting shop assistant, but still some sensitive love in Sakura but very do not want to leave their own information, not from the pitiful looking at fifty haze.
      Feeling the eyes of Sakura Airi, 50 LAN understands and fills in her contact information on the form with a pen. When the camera is repaired, someone will contact her, not Sakura Airi.*
      Chapter 46 good morning
      On Monday morning, when fifty hazel came into the classroom, there were not many students. When Airi Sakura saw fifty Hazel's figure, she was always afraid of communicating with others. In the face of this boy who was always close to others and helped herself again and again like a haven, she had some admiration in her heart. At this time, a natural smile appeared on her pretty face.
      “Good morning, fifty LAN.”
      “Good morning, Sakura.”
      Looking at Sakura Aili, who shows a little charm because of her smile, 50 LAN nods with satisfaction. Before, Sakura Aili was afraid of communicating with others, which was not conducive to her life. Maybe it was because she had been bound for too long that she was full of vitality on the Internet, showing two extremes. At the moment, the girl seems to have returned to her hometown.
      At this time, although there are not many people in the classroom, it is not that there is no room for them. Shinohara Gaoyue, who has been watching silently since fifty LAN came in, can't believe the scene in front of her. When did Aili Sakura, who has been alone and looks ordinary, have such a good relationship with fifty LAN?
      Since fifty LAN classmates can talk and laugh with Sakura Aili, maybe they also have a chance?At this point, Shinohara Gaoyue summoned up courage and walked to fifty LAN.
      Good morning, Mr. fifty LAN
      Fifty LAN smell reputation to the girl with sharp short hair, that is indifferent to all the boys to some mean pretty face, in front of himself is showing a trace of red halo, has always been very sharp eyes, at this time is some dodge.
      “Good morning, Shinohara.”
      It seems that Gaoyue Shinohara takes the lead, and other people in the class say hello to 50lan one after another. Although they always respect the person who leads the class forward, they always have the feeling of facing the superior when they face 50lan. The tension makes them dare not talk with 50lan casually, but now there are so many people, they are not afraid.
      Gaoyue of Xiaoyuan looks at fifty LAN who is surrounded by people. The simple sentence of Xiaoyuan makes the girl think uneasily. She calls Aili Sakura Sakura as Sakura, but she calls herself Xiaoyuan. For fifty LAN, is she really just a passer-by?
      Even though she didn't pay much attention to her inner desire, at this time, Gaoyue Shinohara is still in a low mood. Even Airi Sakura, who is not noticed by everyone in the class, can make fifty LAN smile. Although Gaoyue Shinohara admits that she is not as good as Platycodon grandiflorum and others, she doesn't think she is as good as Airi Sakura. She can't help worrying about gain and lossLAN students hate themselves?
      Xiaoyuan Gaoyue has forgotten that she has been using the polite but alienated address of fifty LAN. Fifty LAN naturally can't use a more intimate address to her without permission, unless she intends to tease her.
      Some stiff smile face to deal with the voice of good morning, fifty LAN at this time the state of mind is about to explode, originally quiet in the morning, can be a quiet beautiful man, but because of that sentence greeting and break the silence, at this time fifty LAN is about to forget what is a natural smile.
      Because of fifty Lan's reason, zhuota Platycodon grandiflorum and AOI Zehui become better. As soon as they enter the classroom, they see fifty LAN surrounded by people, especially girls. Curiously, they find that fifty LAN greets the people one by one with a stiff smile, while the girls next to them receive fifty Lan's greetings. Their excited faces are full of red and full of heartI'll go back to my seat.
      Although it's just a greeting, there are more than 20 people in the class. It's not easy to say hello one by one. Some funny people look at 50 Lan's helpless appearance. Zhuota Platycodon grandiflorum and AOI Zehui look at each other and pull some girls who have good relationship with each other to one side. They whisper and let 50 Lan's pressure reduce immediately.
      Fifty haze naturally saw the two women's action, heart quite gratified, virtuous help, virtuous help ah!
      Airi Sakura seems to have aroused other people's interest because of his greeting, which has caused trouble to Wulan. For a moment, he feels guilty, and his eyes are full of apology.
      Aware of Sakura AI's eyes, fifty LAN secretly shakes her head, indicating that she doesn't have to be like this. Although she has just shown some stiffness, she sees a girl full of youth and vitality, shy and excited because of her own words. Fifty LAN even feels a sound of good feeling rising in her mind, quite a sense of achievement. As for boys?Just passers-by!
      Not long after, tea ZhuoZhi, who was preparing for class, came into the classroom and saw the girl who was as excited as if she had taken some medicine. She couldn't help frowning. The matter of Xu tengjian hasn't been solved. How can this guy have the leisure to talk and laugh with the little girl?
      “Fifty LAN, I'll come to my office after class!”
      In the face of the majestic performance of the tea in zuozhi, fifty LAN is simply agreed, although in fact the imperial sister in front of him really does not have much deterrent power, but at this time in public, fifty LAN as a student, naturally will not refute the head teacher's words, whether it is for himself or for the tea in zuozhi, there is no benefit.
      As a teacher, he has always been able to be calm in the eyes of the public. He feels like he is bullying an honest student. He also thinks of some things that fifty LAN did to himself before. Now, he is not confident enough to face fifty Lan's eyes.
      Even before let 50 LAN to the office, is also tea in zuozhi thoughtful, if still like before, and 50 LAN in the rooftop meet, tea in zuozhi almost sure this bold guy will have irregular performance, in the office there are friends palace Zhihui, 50 LAN should not dare to be presumptuous.
      Poor cha ZhuoZhi doesn't know that Zhihui in the palace of stars has completely become a person of fifty LAN. Let alone stop fifty LAN, it's lucky that she can hold her best friend's hands and feet and let fifty LAN do whatever she wants without help.*
      Chapter 47 happiness in life
      After class, fifty LAN comes to the office behind cha ZhuoZhi, and Star Palace Zhihui, who goes back to the office one step ahead of them, trembles at the arrival of the two, and looks guilty.
      Fifty LAN naturally knew that the reason why Zhihui in the palace of stars was that she had become her own woman one step ahead of zuozhi. She felt a little embarrassed and winked at Zhihui in the palace of stars.
      “Ah, that, Zuo Zhi, it suddenly occurred to me that I had something else to do. I'll go first.”
      The palace of stars knows Hui's understanding, so she cleverly finds an excuse, and doesn't wait for Cha ZhuoZhi to respond, so she runs out in a hurry.
      Tea in zuozhigen couldn't stop Zhihui in the palace of stars. She realized that there were only two people in the office at this time, she and fifty LAN.
      Aware of something wrong with the atmosphere, tea in Zuo Zhi hastened to speak.
      “What are you going to do about suto?”
      Fifty LAN didn't really plan to do anything about cha ZhuoZhi, but at this time, Cha ZhuoZhi's flustered reaction reminds him that since Xu tengjian was announced last time, the imperial sister has been against him. Now fifty LAN quietly responds.
      “I'm the witness.”
      Fifty Lan's words make tea stay in Zuo Zhi a Leng, since it's a witness, why didn't you stand up directly last time, on the contrary, you've been hiding and planning something?
      “You said you were a witness. Do you have any evidence?”
      Looking at sitting on the office chair staring at his tea in zuozhi, fifty LAN slightly step forward, draw the distance between the two people.
      “There is evidence, of course.”
      At this time fifty haze's face is close at hand, tea in zuozhi wanted to retreat, but behind him is the desk, but there is no way to retreat, a time of some confusion.
      “What do you want to do?”
      Fifty haze with great interest looked at in his own action, can't keep the indifferent appearance of the imperial sister, quite evil smile.
      “Sasaki, you seem to be aiming at me all the time.”
      Already used to fifty LAN for his various titles, looking at fifty Lan that full of offensive action, tea in zuozhi can't help but talk about him.
      “No, no, you're too close!”
      Fifty LAN didn't step back because of the words of Cha Zhu zuozhi. Instead, she went further and reached the level of face to face. Staring at the face that was gradually blushing under her own gaze, fifty Lan's voice was a little joking.
      “Sasaki, I remember you said that you hoped I could promote class D. at this time, the class points of class D are very close to class A. should you say something?”
      I used to be a student of class D. at that time, all the students in class D worked together and almost got promoted to class A, but it fell short at the last moment. Now I'm the head teacher of class D, and it's still the wish of zuozhi. For a moment, she didn't care about the intimate distance with fifty LAN.
      “What do you want?”
      Fifty LAN looked at some ecstatic tea in zuozhi, also did not answer, just Yang Yang side face, and looked at the front of the imperial sister's cherry lips, meaning self-evident.
      With a sigh in my heart, from the last deep kiss, Cha ZhuoZhi knew that fifty Lan was greedy for herself. At the same time, he was also full of favor for this perfect boy. At this time, fifty Lan's request and the last time must be nothing. Cha ZhuoZhi's beautiful eyes closed slightly and stretched his head to fifty LAN.
      Fifty haze naturally can't honestly let cha ZhuoZhi just kiss his side face. With cha ZhuoZhi's action, he turns his head and makes two people from ordinary kissing side face to lovers' deep kiss.
      Chazhu zuozhi feels that his touch is not right. Later, he feels that his territory has been invaded. He opens his eyes and wants to struggle with shame and anger. However, he is strongly held by 50 LAN and can't escape at all.
      “I haven't tried for a long time. I miss it very much. Don't blame me.”
      After a long time, fifty LAN looked at the red face of tea in zuozhi, no apology said.
      This feeling of intimate contact is very wonderful. Even cha ZhuoZhi is addicted to it for a while. At this time, he looks at 50 LAN with gnashing teeth, but he knows that his so-called anger is just shy. He is not really angry at the intimate actions of the people in front of him.
      “Is that what you want to do when you send Zhihui away from the palace of stars?It's naive. ”
      Fifty LAN didn't expect that cha Zhu zuozhi had such observation power. She just winked, but she was also noticed. Looking at the water in her eyes, her white face was flushed, and she was full of mature charm. Fifty LAN narrowed her eyes.
      “Childish?Is Sasaki expecting something mature? ”
      Fifty Lan's words mean something. Even after the ups and downs of tea in zuozhi, some of them can't resist and give up what they want to hide all the time.
      “Well, I admit that I like you, and you don't have to tease me again and again, but isn't your girlfriend Kei Mitsui?No, zhuota Platycodon is also very close to you, and horibai ring tone… ”
      Put down the psychological shackles of tea in zuozhi instantly thought of a lot of things, looking at fifty Lan's eyes is quite vicious.
      “Do you want to open the harem, you fellow?”
      “Oh, it's found out.”
      Hearing the words of Cha ZhuoZhi, 50 LAN pretends to be in a panic, and then returns to normal under the indignant eyes of Cha ZhuoZhi. Originally, 50 LAN is in the open harem. If a girl asks if 50 LAN only likes her, then 50 LAN will tell the truth, you are my wings, but I have more than one pair of wings.
      Zuozhi, the tea resident, looks at fifty haze in surprise. Not everyone can open the harem. But what magical power does this guy who seems to have succeeded have? Then he thinks that he seems to be one of his goals, and he is about to fall. He can't help sighing.
      “You are still young and have the chance to indulge. In the future, you can only choose one person to live with. Is it too cruel for others?”
      He is worthy of being a teacher of teaching and educating, but he has a long-term vision. Unfortunately, the future that cha ZhuoZhi said is not suitable for 50 LAN who breaks the rules.
      “I know what I'm doing, I won't let anyone get hurt, and you can't escape.”*
      Chapter 48 I'm actually a prophet
      Originally fifty Lan thought that the last time he left his contact information, the people in the digital store would contact him to get the repaired camera. Who knows, it was sent directly to the dormitory.
      This is not the service that a digital store should have. Thinking of the new salesgirl, 50 LAN thinks a little. What do you know?Or is it just out of the prudence of just coming to the new environment?However, in the school, all the students are as usual, even the teachers have nothing different. Fifty LAN, who has not been affected, no longer thinks much about it.
      Playing with the small pink camera in hand, although she knows that there are some attractive self portraits of Airi Sakura, she doesn't open them. Let alone that he and Airi Sakura are just ordinary friends at present. Even if they become lovers and relatives, Airi Sakura doesn't like browsing other people's personal belongings.
      Looking for a few opportunities, 50 LAN will give the camera to Airi Sakura.
      “Here's your camera.”
      “Thank you…”
      Airi Sakura took the camera, hesitated for a while, and then reached out again, want to give the camera to fifty haze.
      “There's evidence of the case of Xu tengjian in it. Here you are.”
      Fifty haze didn't take the camera. Although Airi Sakura could take the initiative to help without anyone's request, which surprised fifty haze, fifty haze had enough to master, and there were some photos that Airi Sakura didn't want to expose.
      In fact, the photos in the camera are nothing. It's just Airi Sakura's self photos in all kinds of fashionable clothes. The most exposed photos are probably the swimsuit photos taken on the beach. Airi Sakura doesn't wear glasses in these photos, and his pretty face is full of vitality with a smile on it, showing the amazing charm opposite to the usual.
      Although 50 LAN knows very well, she still wants to make a solemn statement. 50 LAN doesn't look at the camera. She just knows that if she doesn't have herself, in order to clean up her grievances in the future, the photos in Airi Sakura's camera will be watched by many people in the office of the student union in full view of the public. That kind of scene is quite shameful. The most important thing is that she hasn't successfully exonerated Xu tengjianFirst name.
      “Don't give it to me. I have evidence. You'd better keep the photos in the camera that you don't want to be seen by outsiders.”
      Er, said to leak, 50 LAN looking at the face of Zuo Cang Ai Li with naked eye visible speed turn red, a time quite stiff.
      “Fifty lanSee? ”
      “No, I'm not. I didn't. I didn't see it. You have to believe me!”
      Airi Sakura blushed and looked at the fifty haze who tried to explain in front of him. Holding the camera's hand unnaturally, he shook his head and made a weak voice.
      “It doesn't matter. I don't mind if it's fifty LAN. Don't you really need it?”
      Seeing that the girl is full of shyness but still wants to help herself, 50 LAN is very pleased, but can you not think that I saw the camera?!You may not believe it, but I am a prophet.
      “No, really!”
      Getting the affirmation of 50 LAN, Airi Sakura nods silently and sits back to his seat with a red halo. He looks at the cameraThe self in the photo is quite different from the usual, whether he will hate himself, whether he will think that he is a hypocritical girl, oh, so shy.
      As time goes by, it's time for the student union to negotiate with Class C and class D to punish Xu tengjian. It's also the day for class C to formally hear Xu tengjian's complaint.
      “I'll go with you.”
      Horibai Lingyin, who was sitting behind fifty haze, opened his mouth gently. He was afraid that he could not express himself clearly, he added.
      “Let's go to the students' Union to explain what happened to Xu tengjian.”
      Fifty haze smell speech to turn round, support a head with the hand, looking at a face insipid hori North bell sound.
      “Didn't you say you gave it to me?Why, worry about me? ”
      Fifty Lan's habitual teasing didn't change horibai's usual ring tone. At this time, does this guy still have leisure to tease himself?Is it to relax, or really not nervous?Horibai Lingyin looks at fifty haze's smiling eyes seriously.
      “You've done a lot for the class, and I hope I can help.”
      Horibai's serious appearance makes fifty LAN move. Although she can solve it by herself, fifty LAN can't refuse horibai, because horibai, who could have sent out her own light in the class, is still in a state of obscurity, just because of her academic achievements and her intimate performance with fifty LAN.
      Although this time, Horiba may still not be able to prove her strength, but 50 LAN hopes that the performance of indifference, in fact, has been concerned about his sister's student president Horiba school, to see the change of Horiba ring tone, well, simply to prove to his brother-in-law that he is a good home for Horiba ring tone.
      It is clear that the school should come forward to solve the conflict, but it is handed over to the two classes for negotiation and ruled by the student union. This seems ridiculous. What about the role of teachers and the role of schools?Let the students tit for tat, and let the student union which is still composed of students judge right and wrong, this is not like a complaint, it is more like an indecent curse.
      However, this may also be the so-called strength first place, the pursuit is not right or wrong, but which party can win through their own means, and the students themselves to pursue the results, as long as not exposed, even with some bad means to win, it is also the performance of strength first.
      The supremacy of the school's strength is a duel between students and a group of students called classes. However, in the eyes of fifty LAN, there is no binding force at all, because at this time, the school is not at the same height as fifty LAN.
      But fifty LAN cherishes people who have been enjoying their campus life. Fifty LAN, who is also interested in this kind of life, naturally does not break the rules set by the school and suppress others with force for a long time. It's time to try the power of muzzle gun.
      In some dark conference rooms, there are class C and class D people sitting on both sides of the U-shaped conference table. In the middle is student president horibai.
      On the side of class D are Mr. Xu tengjian, Mr. 50 LAN, Mr. horibai Lingyin, and the head teacher, Mr. cha zuozhi.
      Class C is one of the three people who are in conflict with Xu tengjian. The head teacher of class C, Mr. sakakami, counts Ma and long Yuanxiang.
      The trial of the case of Xu tengjian has now officially begun.*

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