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      Werewolf Kill: Please start your show

      Chapter 1 12 man wolf king guard,

      “Welcome to the Werewolf Killing Game Space.”
      Player: Yu Zifeng
      Initial Integral:3
      Rank of Nanjiang City:9999+
      Win Rate: None for now
      Segment Position:1st order 1st star
      “What a magical virtual game space.”
      Yu Zifeng’s face was shocked. After entering the game, he actually came to a Gothic castle. The scene before him was exactly like the real one.
      He can walk around here at will, and look through a huge white screen to see his profile, and all the information about the game.
      However, Yu Zifeng was not from this world. Before his death, he was a werewolf killing game lover. After experiencing a car accident, he inexplicably arrived here, a world that loved werewolf killing games.
      “One point can be exchanged for 1,000 RMB.”
      “The points determine the rankings. The rankings are divided into city rankings, provincial rankings, and full-service rankings.”
      “You can earn two points for a win, two points for a loss, and three points for an MVP.”
      “The personal points on the side of the face are cleared directly.”
      After Yu Zifeng simply read the introduction of the game, the whole person was happy.
      Isn’t that what he always wanted to pursue?
      The game was linked to reality. Points were money, so no one would feel that winning or losing didn’t matter.
      This was especially true of the fact that he had zeroed all his personal points. Otherwise, the game environment was really bad.
      “Start the game.”
      Yu Zifeng could not wait for a high-quality match.
      “Please select a board.”
      1 12 People pre game white
      2 12 Man Wolf King Guardian
      3 12 Man White Wolf King guard,
      4 12 People gargoyles watch tomb man
      5 12 Man Wolf King Magician
      “12 Wolf King guards.”
      Yu Zifeng thought for a moment. Pre-Girl Hunting White was commonly known as the Standard Field, so it didn’t mean much to play. After all, idiots did n’ t look like guards. They could only flip cards, not show, and not fight with werewolves. Thus, it was less exciting.
      As for the other boards, although he had played them all, it was his first time playing werewolf kill in virtual reality. Therefore, he should be conservative and play the board that he had the best confidence in.
      “The match is successful, please prepare.”
      Yu Zifeng hurriedly followed the warning tone and made preparations. Immediately, he disappeared.
      In the next second, Yu Zifeng arrived in a dark castle. At this moment, he was sitting in front of a round table. The number plate in front of him was nine.
      There were also eleven other players sitting around him, but they could not see each other’s faces, so that so-called expression killing was useless here.
      Here, he only recognized logic, not those rotten things.
      “The game begins.”
      [12 Wolf King Guards]
      Dark Card – Tu Bian – Sheriff
      Configuration: Wolf King +3 Wolf +4 Min + Pre-Girl Hunt Guard
      Witch: Can’t save yourself all the way
      Pingback: PK one round statement
      Time to speak:120
      Sheriff: Deciding on order of speech,150 seconds to speak, with 1.5 vote
      Self-destruction: Double explosion swallowing police emblem
      “Your identity is a civilian this time.”
      Yu Zifeng was obviously a bit disappointed when he obtained this identity card. He wanted to use a divine card, but unfortunately, his luck was not good. There was nothing he could do.
      Although it was only a Ping Min card, he would try his best to listen to the speeches and find a prophet to make the greatest contribution to the good people.
      “Dark sky, please close your eyes.”
      “Prophet, please open your eyes. Please choose the person you want to examine. His identity is ……”
      “Werewolves, please open your eyes. Please choose who you want to kill ……”
      “Witch, please open your eyes. The one who died last night was TA. Do you want to save him?You going to poison people?’
      “Hunter, please open your eyes. Your firing status is ……”
      It was dawn!
      All the players on the police were asked to turn on the lights before they got up.
      [Randomly speaking in reverse order from player #3]
      “Speaking No.3, I’ m not a prophet. I’ m just talking to the police. I hope I can be recognized by other good people.”
      Yu Zifeng listened carefully to Number 3’s speech. The other party was clearly a girl. His voice was sweet and sweet, and he was not nervous. From his state alone, Yu Zifeng thought that she should not be a wolf.
      “But since I’ m the first to speak, let’s talk. I hope that no matter if it’s a prophet or a wolf, you can speak well. Keep your badge and tell us why you want to stay like this. It’s very important because it determines whether I can recognize you as a prophet.”
      “Alright, we’ ve finished speaking on number 3.”
      Player [2], please speak.
      “Prophet #2, last night #1 was a check and kill. Touching the TA was done casually. After all, he was by his side. He was originally trying to touch Goldwater, but he didn’ t expect the TA to be a wolf.”
      “I took a look. There are four people under the police. They are number 4, number 5, number 8 and number 10. I’ m under the police and I’ m under the police and I’ m under the police.”
      As Yu Zifeng listened to Number 2’s speech, he did n’ t hear anything too loud. No matter whether it was the police badge stream or the heart path, he couldn’t find the wolf face.
      “As for Number 3, which has spoken before, I’ m defined as the identity of X. I need the police to listen to the speech again. If I find Number 1 in this position, I think TA will jump with me in the same place. I think the format of the Wolves team’s fight should be the two Wolves police. Under the two Wolves police, if the four Wolves police find out that it’s Goldwater, then the other three,5,8,10, will fight for another good person.”
      “I’ ll repeat it one last time. Last night,1 was to investigate and kill. Emblems 4 and 11. We’ ve finished speaking.”*

      Chapter 2 Kill the Guard from Ancient Era

      Player [1], please speak.
      “Number 1 is a guard. Can you let go of player number 2?”I’ ll give you three seconds to let go. Alright, if you don’ t let go, then you’ ll be a wolf jumping. My side is the guard. Last night, I was guarding empty space. I think Number 1 is a wolf king, so I dare to come out and kill him.”
      “No, no, no.”
      Yu Zifeng shook his head as he listened to Player 1’s speech. Number 1 received a check at this location. From a normal perspective, he would definitely not go to the plate. Number 2 was a fraud, and he wouldn’ t leave any time for him to let go. Such a speech was a bit bandit.
      The most important thing was that player 1 did not talk about what he wanted to hear. For example, player 2 chose to kill the people who had not yet spoken on the rear guard, and whether it was the Wolf Duo teammate on the rear guard who had opened number 2. That was why he went to kill the Prophet. This was something that player 1 did not talk about.
      “I hope that the Prophets will jump well and let the good people recognize you. In any case, I think there must be a guard jumping with me. Otherwise, the #2 wolf will be out. It’s not easy for them to find and kill a guard, so they will definitely jump up.”
      As soon as these words were spoken, Yu Zifeng was certain that this #1 was a wolf. What do you mean there was a guard jumping with me? Shouldn’t it be a wolf jumping with me?
      Moreover, just like he said, Number 1 was the Wolf King. Even if he was eliminated, he could be taken away directly. Why would he send out another teammate?He was so sure that there would be people behind him who would jump at him. That meant that he was not a real guard.
      Of course, Yu Zifeng didn’t dare to stand dead at this moment. After listening to Player 1 and Player 2, he believed that 2 was a true prophet, and 1 was a wolf jumping to look for a guard. After all, since ancient times, he had killed a guard.
      Player [12], please speak.
      “Number 12 spoke. I feel that it’s a familiar storyline. Once I check it out, I’ ll leave the guard. However, I’ m not a guard on my side, so I don’ t dare to shoot Number 1. However, listening to him chat, I feel that he doesn’ t look like a guard. His tone is too tense.”
      “As for the Prophet #2, I didn’ t hear anything about it. The badge was pretty good. I took into account the situation of the higher-ups and the lower-ups. I also gave us a guess on the format of the Wolves team’s battle. It’s like a prophet, but I still want the lower-ups to stand on the side. After all, I haven’ t heard the Prophet’s speech.”
      Number 12’s speech was actually rather slippery. The central idea was not to stand on the sidelines. A 120-second chat was basically a chat. There was no nutrition.
      [11] Playmates please speak.
      “Prophet #11, last night, we checked 4 under the police. It’s a check, badge 5,12.”
      After listening to Number 11, Yu Zifeng judged that he was not a prophet.
      First of all, if Number 2 was a wolf-hopping prophet, he would definitely not leave his teammate Number 4 in his first badge. He might as well leave other good people to cheer on.
      Second, the police officer’s 1st received 2nd’s attack. In the 11th’s view, the police officer must have set Duo Lang behind him. Therefore, his badge flow must be double-pressure police officer, not 5th under police officer.
      In the end, Number 11 was in a very heavy state and did not have the pleasure of finding the two wolves. After all, Number 1 had been investigated and killed as a guard. If the Wolves wanted to survive, they had to send another person to jump guard against him. This way, three wolves were sent naked, and the game was basically over.
      However, Number 11 did not seem to feel this happy at all. It could only be said that he was a wolf and his teammates were killed. He felt that the situation was not good, which was why he was in such a state.
      While Yu Zifeng was deep in thought, Number 11 had already finished speaking. Next was him, Number 9.
      “Number 9 is the guard. Number 1 is the alpha wolf.”
      Yu Zifeng said decisively.
      At this moment, although he was just a normal person, he still chose to wear the guards’ clothes and No.1 Gang.
      “In my place, there are two wolves:1 and 11. Let me talk about player number 1’s explosion. He said that he was a guard, and there must be guards behind him who jumped at him, but he also said that number 2 was the Wolf King. Since that’s the case, why should we send another wolf out?The other three of us wolves hit the barb and let him out. Wouldn’t it be fragrant to take the guard?”
      “Also, the 11th Jump Prophet said that #4 was a kill, but #4 was in player #2’s first badge stream. Would you send a kill on the police and then keep your teammates in your first badge stream?Obviously not going to.’
      “In the end, your badge will be 5 or 12. One police officer will be the next. This is the most explosive point. You should double-press the police officer and tell the good man that the police officer is behind you and that Duo Lang is behind you. No.2 is looking back to kill the Prophet, but he’s not lucky. He didn’ t fight and instead kicked the guard on this iron plate. However, in your 120 seconds of speech, I didn’ t hear this.”
      “So, you must not be a prophet. You’ ve jumped.”
      Yu Zifeng’s words were powerful and reasonable, making the faces of the players 1 and 11 change greatly.*

      chapter three actually stand opposite

      Player [7], please speak.
      “Good man #7, I believe #9 should be a real guard, but I hope #9 doesn’t kill you. Wan Yi is a wolf stepping on a wolf, and he wants to beat you as a guard into the wolf team?”Of course, player 11’s speech isn’ t very good, but we should listen to his speech again. Under the police, we’ ll go stand next to him. Moreover, he still has a Cha Sha 4 in his hand. After listening to his watch, it’s not too late for us to stand next to him.”
      “This number seven should be a wolf.”
      Yu Zifeng’s eyes narrowed. On the surface, No.7 didn’ t stand on anyone’s side, but he was speaking for No.11. This was definitely not a good person’s behavior.
      As for the wolf stepping on the wolf as his identity, Yu Zifeng hadn’t thought about it before. However, after hearing Number 11’s speech, he eliminated this possibility.
      Moreover, in the Wolf King’s guard board, wolves usually sent a small wolf to kill the Wolf King. The Wolf King jumped to guard, but Number 1’s speech was obviously afraid of death. He definitely couldn’ t take up the Wolf Spear.
      Player [6], please speak.
      “I believe number 9 is the guard. I stand by the Prophet number 2.”
      Player 6’s first words were a clear indication of his position. This was in stark contrast to the sophistry of Player 7.
      “There’s definitely a wolf gun in 1st and 11th. I hope everyone can think about who the wolf gun is. If they don’ t push it right and let the wolf gun take away the guards, we’ ll have a hard time playing this game. So I’ ll talk about the cards under the police. I’ ll definitely give the badge ticket to player 2, especially number 4. You’ ve already received a check from number 11. If you don’ t follow number 2, you’ ll be eliminated in a straight line. As for the explosion points of number 1 and 11, guard 9 has already made it clear. I won’ t give you more details. You can vote.”
      [Police players have finished speaking for the election, please start voting]
      4.8,10 Tickets to No.2.
      5 Upper ticket to number 11.
      Player 2 elected sheriff.
      [Player #2 is invited to choose order of speech]
      Player [1] Please speak
      “Number 1 is indeed a guard. Number 9 is a wolf. I have limited time on the police, so I didn’ t go to the police to drive more wolves. However, after hearing what everyone on the police said, I looked for the four wolves. They are number 2, number 9, number 6 and the Prophet’s Search and Kill 4. The forgiveness is at number 12. The rest are good people.”
      Number 1’s status and speech were obviously much better than those on the police. Perhaps when the others were speaking, he organized the language and figured out how to argue. When he was on the police, he suddenly received a pre-positioned investigation and killed him. He was a little flustered for a moment, so the conversation exploded.
      “There’s also a point where Number 9 hit me. I said that there must be a Wolf Warrior behind me. Is n’ t that the case?The Wolves had managed to find a weak god with great difficulty. As long as they pushed me out, they would win. In such a great situation, there was no reason for the Wolves not to stand up and defend against me, just like Number Nine. Besides, it had nothing to do with whether Number 2 was the Wolf King or not.”
      Player 1 seemed to have a lot of logic to play. Unfortunately, the time was limited. In the end, the Four Wolves he ordered were 2,4,6, and 9, with a tolerance of 12.
      Player [12], please speak.
      “To be honest, after listening to Player 1’s speech this round, I was a little stunned again. The police officer did not listen to him like a guard. The position and logic of the game were not correct, but the police officer’s speech was not bad. I was a little shaken.”
      In reality, this was not the feeling of Number 12 alone. It was the feeling of all the good people. Even Yu Zifeng was a little shaken. Could it be that he was on the wrong side?
      However, he didn’t match player 2’s Wolf Pit. At least he didn’t match it now.
      Player [11], please speak.
      “The Wolf Pit on my side is basically the same as Number 1,2,4,6,9, but the forgiveness rate is at Number 7.”
      “Originally, after player 9 jumped the guard, I wanted to make 1 and 2 wolves step on the wolf as identities, and I wanted to beat the guard to the wolf team, but after listening to number 9’s speech, I stopped making this point. His speech must be a wolf, and I didn’ t think about it from the perspective of a good person.”
      “Player 9’s killing intent is especially heavy. Player 1 said that there must be a guard behind him. Is there anything wrong with that?”The guards aren’ t strong gods, so there’s no risk in jumping. As long as they don’ t have too much of an explosion, why wouldn’ t the Wolves come out and jump into the Guardians’ Resistance Push 1?”
      The spearhead of No.11’s speech was directed at Yu Zifeng, but it was his speech that made Yu Zifeng sure that he was not on the wrong side.
      Especially the wolf pit at point 11. It said that the forgiveness rate was at player 7. This was definitely the biggest point of explosion.
      Although he had marked #7 as a wolf, player #7 could only side with player #11. It was impossible to side with player #2.
      Yu Zifeng clearly remembered that when he was on the police station, player 7 was saying that he was not standing on the side. However, this guy was helping player 11 out of his words. He even preferred that players 1 and 2 would step on wolves and not go to player 2. He was a prophet, so how could he be on the side with player 2.
      On the other hand, Number 11 had pointed Player 7 into the Wolf Pit of Number 2. It was obvious that he wanted to help him become his identity. However, he was too impatient. In order to get his teammates into the good team, he started talking nonsense.
      If that was the case, Yu Zifeng’s wolf pit would be 1,7, and 11 wolves. He would open another outside position, but so far, he had not found it.*

      Chapter 4 Yin and Yang barb wolf

      Player [10], please speak.
      “I want to stand by Prophet 2’s side, and my badge ticket is given to Number 2. Tell me the reason.”
      “First, I don’t believe it. His logic on the police board is very chaotic, especially if he does n’ t point out the police board and set up Duo Lang. This is the biggest explosion.”Second, I heard player number 9 speak very well, like a real guard. This is one of the reasons why I stand beside player number 2.”
      “Of course, to tell who the prophet is, he must have listened to his independent speech, not based on the external position or the person standing by his side. However, I heard the two rounds of 11’s speech. He ordered the wrong wolf pit. No.9 and No.7 must not be on the same side as No.2, especially No.7. His police officer wants to stand on your side of No.11. How can you place him in No.2’s wolf pit?”
      “As for number 9, no matter who you two and 11 are, he must be a guard. He is a good player who comes out on his own. He won’ t be with anyone. If you order player number 9 to enter the Wolf Pit, it seems to me like a bandit.”
      Since Number 10 was under the police, Yu Zifeng listened carefully to his speech. When he made those logic, Yu Zifeng directly marked him up. As he said, no matter who was the prophet, Number 10 must be a good person.
      Moreover, Yu Zifeng felt that the true guards must be in 6 and 10. The top 6 of the police recognized him as a good person. The top 2 of the Iron Station was similar to the bottom 10 of the police, so there was no way there would be any guards outside.
      Player 9, please speak.
      “After listening to the lecture, first click on the wolf pit and the good people I recognize. My wolf pit is 1,7,11, and the good people I recognize are player 10.”
      Yu Zifeng said in a serious tone,” Player 1 is a wolf in my place, but player 7 can’ t share with player 2.”
      “When I was on the police, he recognized me as a guard, but he advised me not to stand on the side too early. I should have crossed 1 or 2 wolves and trampled on wolves to get the real guard into the wolf team. He also said that although you 11 didn’ t speak well, you still had a prophetic face. You can’ t beat me to death with one stick. Isn’ t that what he said just for you 11?”
      “Tell me number 11, a wolf would be so kind. Tell me all this when one of my guards got into the Wolves. Why?Doesn’t it smell like he just followed my words?Do you still have to give you a chance to stand by your side and knock down the hook?When to rush and when to hook, would he not know?”
      Yu Zifeng’s words instantly woke everyone up. Everyone felt that Yu Zifeng’s words were indeed reasonable. Captain 7 wanted to stand on the 11th side. There was no doubt about that. It was indeed not good for Number 11 to point him into the wolf pit. Even if he was a wolf, he must not be a Wolf Teammate of Number 2, but a Wolf Teammate of Number 11.
      “As for why I ordered #7 to be a wolf, it’s very simple. He recognizes me as a guard, but wants to stand by your side. This is not a positive logic. The normal perspective of a good person would never set up a wolf to step on a wolf first, but first set up 2 to be a prophet, and you 11 to be a vicious wolf.”
      “If player #2 does not speak well and if you speak well, it’s fine for him to trample on wolves, but the truth is that police #2’s overall speech is definitely better than that of you #11, and he recognizes me as a true guard. Why can he stand by your side?”
      “There’s only one reason. Player 7 is your teammate. He’s actually speaking for you on the surface, but he’s a wolf and can’ t run away.”
      “Also, you deliberately put #7 into #2’s wolf pit. You want to get him into the good team and let him do the deepwater barb. I think you’ re ready for 1 and 11 outs. This is your back. Unfortunately, with me here, you can’ t hide this trick from me.”
      In 120 seconds, Yu Zifeng explained the explosion point of 11 and why Player 7 was a wolf. Why he couldn’t share the logic of Number 2. This made the good people in the stadium unable to believe that he was a guard.
      At this moment, Number 11 sighed helplessly. He felt that Number 1 shouldn’t have jumped on the guard. The most unfortunate thing was that he even met a logic freak like Number 9 who took the guard. Otherwise, why would he be so passive?
      However, the matter had already reached this point, so he could only bite the bullet and fight back. He only hoped that the other two teammates would chat better and not be caught out.
      Player [8], please speak.
      “Stand side #2, recognize #9 as a guard. I think that #1 and #2 should not be wolves stepping on wolves, because I can tell that #1’s hostility towards #2 is especially great. It doesn’ t seem like it’s fake. The other 11’s speech really isn’ t as good as #2, especially when #9 enters the wolf pit. I can’ t accept it. The only good person I recognize on the police is #9.”
      Number 8’s speech was rather brief. To sum it up, he stood by the Prophet Number 2’s side and recognized Yu Zifeng as the guard.
      Player [7], please speak.
      “I feel quite inexplicable. Both 11 and 9 hit me as wolves, and their positions are completely opposite.The police officer heard that your number 9 speech was like a guard, so he advised you to stop your head and wanted you to listen to the speech again. Don’t beat number 11 to death with a stick. Since when did I say number 11 on the side of the station?”
      “If I were a wolf, why would I recognize you as a guard? Can I directly beat you as a wolf?”Forget it. Even though you beat me to a wolf, I still recognize you as a guard. I’ m standing on the side of number 2. If it really doesn’ t work, number 2 will come and test me, give me a golden water, and save this number 9 old beating me to a wolf.”
      “I’ ll say it again in the end. Captain, I just hope that you, Number 9, and all the good people from the outside will listen to comments and choose to stand on the side instead of the iron. I’ m from both sides of the board. If you hit me as a wolf because of this, I can only tell you Number 9. You hit me wrong.”

      Chapter 5 True or false witches, foggy

      Number 7’s speech was very provocative. No matter whether it was his tone or mood, he was very good. However, no matter how good his performance was, he could not hide Yu Zifeng’s eyes.
      Yu Zifeng believed in his own judgment. Number 7 must be a wolf. This guy’s acting could only lie to a good person who was placed outside, but he could not lie to him.
      Because the moment he said that Number 9 was the guard and started to trample on the wolf, his wolf tail was exposed.
      Player [6], please speak.
      “I still stand on the side of Prophet No.2 and recognize No.9 as a guard. I ordered 1,11, and 12 Wolf Pits. I’ ll open another external slot. I listened to No.7’s speech and felt that his state wasn’ t like a wolf. If I really can’ t do it, No.2 will go and test him. I don’ t want two good cards to play each other and let the Wolves watch the jokes.”
      Number 6’s speech was very capable. To sum it up, he recognized Number 9’s guard, Number 7 and Number 10’s preference, Number 8’s identity, and needed to be defined by the Prophet.
      Player [5], please speak.
      “Speaking on 5th, I’ m the only one of the four under the police to vote for 11th. In fact, I didn’ t know who the prophet was, but his first badge left me, so I gave him a vote. This is how I got my vote.”
      Player 5 was just like the previous player 3. They were all girls, and they sounded soft and soft. They seemed to be a cute little lolita, but her logic was a bit touching. The reason for giving 11 tickets was because she was in 11’s first badge, which was hard to believe.
      Yu Zifeng felt that Number 5 might be the only wolf under the police. If that was the case, then his four wolves would be able to find each other,1,5,7,11. They did not even have forgiveness.
      “However, after listening to the next round of the police, I also recognize Number 9 as the guard, but I think Number 7 makes sense as well. It’s very likely that Number 1 and Number 2 are wolves stepping on wolves, and that Number 2 is the Little Wolf Jump Prophet sending a check to the Wolf King. The Wolf King Jump Guard will find the guard and send him into the Wolf Team. If Number 1 is out, shoot him and take away the real guard. I think this is the format that the Wolf Team discussed at night.”
      The more he heard Number 5’s speech, the more Yu Zifeng felt that she was a wolf. Although this format existed, when he heard the speech, Number 11 couldn’ t be a prophet. Since that was the case, where did the format of wolf stomping on a wolf come from?
      No.5 actually recognized No.7 as a good person and agreed with his wolf stomping on the wolf. Yu Zifeng felt that No.5 had gone far.
      Player [4], please speak.
      Number 4 was a person who had been killed by 11. His speech was extremely important to the standing of the good people on the field, so everyone raised their ears and listened, afraid that they would miss any important information.
      “I’ m the Witch. Number 9 is my silver water. He jumps the guard. I’ m sure he’s the guard. I’ ll send the Witch to kill him. He’s a wolf. The wolf pits on my side are 1,5,6,11.”
      “I think #7 is a good person.#9, you should stop hitting him as a wolf. The reason why player #5 and player #6 were named wolves was because player #5 had a bandit ticket and I didn’ t recognize the reason for the ticket. It was like I made it up. As for player #6, I think it’s a barbarian wolf. He’s been saying very much. He’s just following my silver water, so I” ve named him a wolf.”
      “Player 6 is a barbarian?”
      Yu Zifeng couldn’ t help but frown when he heard Witch No.4’s speech. How could No.6 be a barbarian wolf? His speech state and logic had always been correct. Yu Zifeng felt that No.6 might be the hidden guard. How could it be a wolf?
      However, he said it again. If Number 4 recognized that Number 7 was a good person, Number 6 would indeed enter the pit. The key was that Number 7 could not be a good person. He could only be a wolf, a Yin Yang barbarian wolf.
      Player [3], please speak.
      “Number 4 is a wolf, and I am a witch. Last night, Silverwater was this number 1. Before Number 4 jumped out, I felt that Number 1 was a self-made wolf. I wanted to stand on the side of the Prophet Number 2, but Number 4 took the kill of Number 11. At the end of the table, I jumped a witch and sent Silverwater to Nine. I was a little afraid to stand on the side of Number 2.”
      Player 3’s words caused the already clear situation to become foggy again. When player 4 jumped a witch, everyone felt that the Wolves’ format had completely collapsed.
      However, he never expected that Number 3 would jump another witch and even report Number 1 to Silverwater. The two guards had received Silverwater. What a coincidence.
      Who the hell is a real witch?
      At this moment, the good people on the field were all lost.
      Could it be that from the beginning they had been on the wrong side and mistaking good people?#9 Wasn’t a guard, a wolf that spoke well?
      Yu Zifeng was also a little stunned. Could it be that he was wrong?1 Is really a guard,2 is a wolf?He got up and jumped guard and gave the Wolves a perfect shot?
      If that was the case, then if the good guy lost this game, he would have to back the pot.
      “State of Speech 3 should not be a wolf, a real witch.”
      Yu Zifeng thought to himself.
      Originally, he wasn’t very happy with the wolf pit at point #4. When #3 jumped out, he’ t a witch.
      But then, wasn’t Number 11 the Prophet? He was on the wrong side?*

      Chapter 6 saves him and poisons him again

      Yu Zifeng’s heart was beating wildly. He did n’ t expect the first game to be so exciting.
      Wolves step on wolves.
      Check and kill the guards.
      The witch vs the jump.
      This was definitely a good match.
      After thinking for a long time, Yu Zifeng still believed that player 3 was a witch,4 was a hoot, and 1 was Silverwater. Next, he would watch player 2 perform.
      If he ordered the wrong wolf pit, then Yu Zifeng would stand on the wrong side. But if he ordered the right wolf pit, then Yu Zifeng would be unable to avoid stepping on the wolf.
      Player [2], please speak.
      “Speak No.2. Leave your badge first,7 and 5.”
      This badge Liu Yu Zifeng was very satisfied. Now, apart from the fact that he recognized #7 as a wolf, everyone else felt that #7 was a good person, so it was better to enter the first badge.
      However, the good guys from the external position did not seem to be very satisfied. In their eyes, Number 7 was a good guy. He had entered Number 7 into the first police badge, and his perspective was not quite right.
      “Let me point out the wolf pits I have in mind,1,7,11, and then open one in 3 and 4. To be honest, although number 4 is my reverse gold, I believe that number 3 is a witch. I recognize six, nine, and ten good men. If number 7 is not a wolf, then it is number 5.”
      This thought was almost exactly the same as Yu Zifeng’s. Faith 3 was a witch and 4 was a wolf. The average prophet would not dare to say that.
      Because that was the case, the number 1 he had killed was Silverwater. Who would have set up Silverwater on the first day?But Number 2 had this courage, which meant that he had a good logic.
      “I want to talk to #3. I recognize you as a witch. I hope you can poison #1.#4 jumped out at this time just to send me flying and get the real witch into the wolf team. If you poison me at night, then his plot will succeed.”
      “Ten thousand steps back. If I set up a wolf teammate with Number 4, he wouldn’t have to jump out of a witch at the end of the table. It would be enough for him to take a picture of the people. This is because the entire stadium is basically standing by my side. Apart from letting him die at night, taking a picture of the witches will not benefit the Wolves.”
      “So,#4 is a wolf. It must not be my teammate, but #11’s. He jumped the witch in this position to enter the wolf team. As long as the witch poisoned me at night, they will have a chance to win, and it is the only chance to win.”
      “The sheriff’s return is 4. As for number 1, I hope you can poison him at night. My badge is 7 or 5.”
      [Start Banishment Vote]
      1.2,3,5,6,9 And 11 choose to cast to player number 4.
      4.7 Choose to vote for Player 1.
      10.12 Choose to discard your ticket.
      [Player 4 is out, please leave a last word]
      “The witch is out. I don’t know how your Prophet No.2 acted. If you do n’ t kill her, why did you come out of my Witch No.4?I’m your reverse goldwater, by what do you believe in 3, not me 4?Do you think in the case of the 1st being checked and killed, the 11th will still send me the check and kill for identity?First day we three-headed wolves got naked on the countertop and beat you?”
      “It’ ll be up to Guard 9 if we can win this time. If the guard can shield for Christmas Eve, we should still be able to win. If the guard fails, we’ ll basically hand over the cards.”
      [Tian Hei, please close your eyes]
      “Prophet, please open your eyes. Please choose the person you want to examine. His identity is ……”
      “Werewolves, please open your eyes. Please choose who you want to kill ……”
      “Witch, please open your eyes. Do you want to poison people?”
      “Hunter, please open your eyes. Your firing status is ……”
      It was dawn.
      1 And 10 died yesterday.
      Wait for the player to activate the skill.
      A moment later, a shocking gunshot rang out. Number 5 was taken away.
      No.[12] I give the floor.
      “Number 12 spoke. Last night, Number 1 and 10 died. Number 10 shot and took Number 5 away. I don’ t need to think that it’s a hunter. I just counted the order in which I spoke. I sent a check to Number 7. If that’s the case, Number 2’s wolf pits will be found. Number 1,4,7,11. All the external players are good people.”
      “To be honest, I chose to abandon the ticket yesterday because I couldn’ t recognize who was the witch and who was the prophet, so I didn’ t dare to vote. But today, I saw Double Death, which proved that Number 4 was a wolf, but Number 3 poisoned Silver Water. It’s a little bold. Does this mean that I chose to stand by the Prophet Number 2?”
      Although Number 12 had spoken for 120 seconds, it was only a single word.
      Until now, he could not tell who was the prophet.
      Player [11], please speak.
      “Last night, I got number 9, checked and killed. On my side,2,4, and 9 are three set wolves. The other wolf should be in 6 and 12. Number 6 is the most suspect. Number 5 is the only one under the police to give me a ticket. She can’ t be a wolf.”
      “I hope that you, Witch 3, will turn around. We’ ll go 9 in this game. I think that 9 is definitely the Little Wolf, and 2 is the Wolf Spear. Keep it for the last time. Now that there are three Wolves on the field, we’ ll lose if we make another mistake.”
      Hearing Number 11’s words, Yu Zifeng was immediately delighted. He had actually received a check. However, it was quite good. This proved that he did not stand on the wrong side. Number 1 was the leader of the wolves.
      Now that the two wolves had left and the guards were still there, the Wolves had lost.*

      Chapter 7 12 Man Gargoyles watchman

      Player 9, please speak.
      “Speaking on the 9th. Speaking on the 11th, you said that I was investigating and killing. Now, there are three wolves present. So, excuse me, we are three wolves present. The guards are gone, the hunters are gone. You are a prophet and Witch 3 naked on the table. Do we still need to play with you?”Can’ t you just kill me?”
      “If you send me Goldwater and go to Plate 1 and 2 to trample on wolves, you’ ll still be able to argue. If you send me a check, you’ ll be far away. Do you think so?”
      Number 11’s expression immediately changed.
      Seems like oh, if recognizing number 1 as a guard out, then the Wolves can shoot knives and play a hammer?He didn’ t expect that……
      “Lost and lost.”
      Number 11 sighed helplessly. He didn’t expect that the strategy of stepping on the wolf would be used. In the end, he still lost. They probably lost to Number 9.
      Thinking of this, Number 11 self-destructed and the night descended again.
      After dawn, Number 7 switched cards. It seemed that he had chosen his own sword.
      [End of game and good guys win]
      MVP for this game is number 9 and gets 3 points.
      Other good guys earn 2 points each.
      Werewolves deduct 2 points.
      Everyone wasn’t surprised when the system announced that Yu Zifeng had become an MVP. After all, all the good people saw his performance. Even Number 7, the Deepwater Wolf, had been captured, but what everyone never expected was that his trump card was just a civilian.
      “That’s a bit of a bull. It’s also a closed-eye view. How come I can’ t figure out his logic?”
      “I admire you. Although I lost this time, I won’ t lose to such an expert.”
      “Number 9, can you add a friend?”
      Just then, Witch 3 suddenly sent him a private message.
      “Of course.”
      Yu Zifeng could not think of any reason to refuse.
      “Your name is Yu Zifeng?”
      After the two of them became friends, they would be able to check each other’s personal information. Moreover, this was a real name system. There was no pseudonym, at least there must be such a person in reality.
      “Yes, your name is Lin Wanqing, right?”I think your location is Nanjiang. We seem to be in the same place.”
      Yu Zifeng pointed out the other party’s information. His real name was Lin Wanqing, and he was located in the same city as him.
      Moreover, her face should be the same as herself. She looked like a 234-year-old girl. She was young and beautiful, with at least nine points of beauty.
      “That’s right. I also feel lucky. If we have time, we can meet in reality.”Lin Wanqing said.
      “Alright.”Yu Zifeng replied.
      “Then I’ ll go first.”
      After closing the chat window with Lin Wanqing, Yu Zifeng opened another game.
      This time, his chosen board was the Gargoyle Guardian.
      Gargoyles belonged to the werewolf camp. They could act alone every night to check the identities of eleven other than themselves, such as Prophets, Witches or Wolves.
      However, he did not meet with his wolf teammates at night. In other words, in the eyes of the wolf, he was a white card.
      Gargoyles did not participate in the Saber during the night. Only when the three common wolves died would he be given the Saber’s skill by the system.
      As for the tombkeeper, he was naturally the cleric of the good faction. His skill was to check whether the cards pushed out during the day were good people or werewolves.
      The game is on!
      [12 Gargoyles guarding the tomb]
      Dark Card – Tu Bian – Sheriff
      Configuration: Gargoyle +3 Wolves +4 Min + Pre-Girl Hunt Guardian Tomb Man
      Witch: Can’t save yourself all the way
      Pingback: PK one round statement
      Time to speak:120
      Sheriff: Deciding on order of speech,150 seconds to speak, with 1.5 vote
      Self-destruction: Double explosion swallowing police emblem
      [Your identity is Gargoyle this time]
      After receiving this trump card, Yu Zifeng’s lips couldn’ t help but curl into a smile.
      The gargoyles were in his hands, so the good guys wouldn’t want to hide their identity.
      [Tian Hei, please close your eyes]
      [Gargoyles please open your eyes]
      Yu Zifeng looked around. In the end, he chose to identify Number 12 by his side, while his game was Number 11.
      [TA has an identity as a hunter]
      “Not bad.”
      Yu Zifeng thought to himself.
      On the first day, a cleric was checked out. When the prophet jumped and the witch jumped, he pursed his identity. This game was equivalent to a good man playing the cards.
      “I just don’ t know what format the Wolves play at night. I hope they won’ t break down.”
      Yu Zifeng muttered in his heart.
      [It’s dawn]
      [Ask the person running for sheriff to light the indicator before he gets up]
      [Players 2,3,7,8,9,11,12]
      [Randomly speaking in order starting with player #7]
      “Number 7 isn’ t a prophet. It’s a habit to be on the police. I don’ t like to stay on the police. No matter if I vote right or wrong, I can always be beaten into a wolf. So I might as well go on the police. If there’s a prophet jumping, I’ ll comment on it. If there’s not, I won’ t talk much anymore. Leave the time to the next person.”
      As the first person to speak, No.7 didn’t have any problems. Yu Zifeng could only mark him as an X. The police would listen to him as a wolf.
      In fact, after you get the gargoyle, you must find a way to send a message to your wolf teammates during the day to tell them that you are a wolf. Don’t mistake you at night. There’s another point to tell the wolf team who is a god.
      Of course, the premise of all this was that you could accurately find your wolf teammates and not be heard by the good people when you were transmitting the information. Otherwise, you would be cold.*

      Chapter 8. This hunter is a little wimpy

      Player [8], please speak.
      “Speaking on the 8th, I’ m not a prophet either. For the second speech, I’ ll talk a little more. I’ ll talk about the 7th. I’ m in a relaxed state. I might be a good person. If I hear it clearly, it’s possible. I won’ t let anyone say that I’ ve recognized 7 as a good person, or that I’ ll protect him.”
      Number 8 was obviously afraid that someone would change his speech. He had to repeat his words several times, afraid that someone would change his speech, whether it was a good person or a werewolf.
      “There are seven people on the police. I’ m guessing that the two wolves are on the police and the two wolves are on the police. Besides, the Wolves don’ t know who the gargoyles are, so we are good people, but we must listen carefully. However, anyone who intentionally sends a message will be marked as a gargoyle.”
      Yu Zifeng’s eyes narrowed when he heard Number 8’s speech. This guy had something. He felt that he had an identity, otherwise he wouldn’ t be so disgusted with the gargoyles.
      “I’ ll check him out tonight.”
      Yu Zifeng thought to himself.
      Player 9, please speak.
      Just as Yu Zifeng was thinking to himself, Number 8 had finished speaking. It was Number 9.
      “Prophet #9 checked #8 yesterday. It’s a golden water. My badge stream was the player #6 under the police first. Because I heard that player #7 also preferred it.8 is my golden water again, so this position of #6 is very awkward.”
      “Of course, if you’ re a good person, don’ t feel too bad about me. I’ ll touch you. If you’ re a good person to take the badge and lead the team, then you’ ll be eliminated.”
      “No.12 player on the second police officer, seven people on the police officer. I think at least two wolves should be opened. One of the strong jumpers and 90% of the gargoyles will be on the police officer.”
      “But police officer,7 preference,8 is gold water, including me being the prophet, then the 4 players in the back position 11,12,2,3 will have to open two wolves. I choose to test 12. If player 12 jumps with me, then test 2.”
      Hearing Number 9’s speech, Yu Zifeng frowned. To be honest, he had never heard whether Number 9 was a boomerang or a true prophet. This made him feel a little uncomfortable.
      If he mistook his teammates and helped the True Prophecy House to rush the ticket, it wouldn’t be a joke.
      “Listen again.”
      Yu Zifeng decided not to stand on the side first. No matter what, he had to make himself look like a good person, but he couldn’t be too good. Otherwise, his wolf teammates would be embarrassed if they stabbed him at night.
      Player [11], please speak.
      “Speaking on 11th, I’ m not a prophet here. I’ ve heard that #9 is already a prophet. To be honest, he didn’ t hear a big explosion. He sent a golden water to 8th. I think even if #9 is not a prophet, it’s a wolf, that 8th must be a good person. Because listening to him speak independently, he can’ t be a wolf.”
      Yu Zifeng didn’t say whether to recognize 9 or not. He had another way to say that Number 8 must be a good person. This way, he could win Number 8’s favor, and it wouldn’t arouse Number 9’s disgust.
      However, this was still not enough. He wanted to hammer Number 7, who was the first speaker, even though Number 7 was recognized as a preference by 8 and 9 people.
      “In addition, I heard both players 8 and 9 say that number 7 is preferred, but I don’ t think that I gave number 7 a character X. I want to know that he is a good man. I need to hear another round of his statements and his standing and ticket decisions. His police statements are not enough to support his preference. This is what I want to tell the players 8 and 9, especially number 8. You are a good man I recognize. I hope you understand what I mean.”
      “Of course. If I say this, it might cause player 7 to feel disgusted, but that’s fine. If we are all good people, I believe that by speaking in the second and third rounds, we can recognize each other and get the wolves out together.”
      “In the end, I’ ll summarize my police officer’s statement. I’ ll recognize player #7, player #8, and good guy #8. The prophet #9 hasn’ t heard anything about it yet, so I need to finish listening to the prophet’s statement before I go to the police to analyze and judge it comprehensively.”
      Yu Zifeng didn’t waste a second of his 120-second speech. It seemed like he had said a lot, but it was the same as he did n’ t say anything. He said that the identity of #7 X wasn’t much different from the preference of #8. He cleverly avoided #9’s Prophet’s speech. He only said a few words that did n’ t make much noise, but didn’t choose to stand on the side. It was rather slippery.
      Player [12], please speak.
      “I’ m not a prophet on my side, but I don’ t really want to recognize Number 9 as a prophet because I listen to 7,8, and 11 like good people, and I’ m also a good person. That 10 under the police will definitely go into the bandit hole. If you say that it’s not nice, you can be considered a murder.”
      “Of course, I didn’ t hear anything about Number 9’s speech. I just felt that there were too many good people in this series, so I had a feeling that I didn’ t want to believe Number 9 was a prophet. However, you don’ t have to hit me with that. I said that, but I will still analyze it carefully. I won’ t recognize you because even a good person can’ t recognize you. Even if Number 10 is a good person, I will still make you a prophet.”
      Number 12 was Yu Zifeng’s hunter, but he did n’ t say anything at all. Instead, he was a little scared. It gave people the feeling that he wanted to fight Number 9 and didn’t dare to fight. He looked like a wolf.*

      Chapter 9 Unbelievable Wolf Pit

      Player [2], please speak.
      “Prophet No.2, last night, I checked that 3 was Goldwater. My badge is playing 12 on the police and 5 on the police.”
      “As for the definition of #8, I think #9 canvassing him with Goldwater. It should not be the format of #8 or #9. Moreover, my police officer heard #8 speak as a good person.#9’s #1 badge suppressed the #6 player under the police. I think it’s still a canvassing. He shouldn’ t leave his wolf teammates in his #1 badge.”
      “Why do you want to test 12? Because I don’ t think it’s a lone wolf’s situation, but I don’ t listen to 7,8, and 11 like wolves. And number 3 is my golden water, so 12 might be the wolf who’s on the police’s complement.”
      “Of course. If it turns out that player 12 is a good person, then 7 and 11 on the police will fight for that good person. Number 8 must not be on the same side as number 9. This is my perspective as a prophet.”
      Hearing Number 2’s chat, Yu Zifeng felt that he was going to get cold. Whether it was the Prophet or the Wolf Leap, first of all, he directly placed Number 12 as the replacement wolf on the police. He would definitely push Number 12 into the opposing team.
      Secondly, he repeatedly emphasized that 8 was a good person. This would make the good person with an external position feel that he had an open view. No matter what,8 was only a golden water sent by No.9. You had not tested him, so how could you say that 8 was a good person?
      Can’t he just be a well spoken werewolf?
      In particular, he said that the badge stream of No.9 would be a canvass for No.6 players, and that the other players would definitely feel a sense of danger. Especially the No.5 players who entered his No.1 badge stream, they would definitely not give him a ticket. Why?
      If No.6 was a good person who could draw votes, wouldn’t he have entered the wolf trap?
      In fact, Yu Zifeng was right. No.12 was indeed uncomfortable with No.2’s speech. No.5 under the police was the same.
      Player [3], please speak.
      “Number 2 sent me a golden water. I don’ t know if he wanted to lie to me or if he really tested me last night. However, aside from that, I think the gargoyle should be on the police. Moreover, it’s in the 7th,11th and 12th places, especially player number 12’s speech. It’s like a gargoyle.”
      “Why did I say that because he didn’ t dare to play #9 at that position, and he didn’ t dare to stand at the side. Moreover, he even ordered player #10 under the police, as if he was transmitting some sort of message. This feels especially like he tested #10 last night. Really, you guys should carefully recall #12’s speech.”
      “In any case, I’ ll focus on listening to 12’s chat, followed by 7’s and 11’s. Gargoyles will definitely be among the three of them. I’ ll recognize someone on number 8, so you can vote first. Although I accepted number 2’s Goldwater, I won’ t vote because I don’ t know who the prophet is. I’ ll go listen to another round.”
      After Number 3 finished speaking, he entered the sheriff’s voting.
      5.6 Choose to vote for player number 9.
      1 Choose to vote for player #2.
      4.10 Choose to discard your ticket.
      Player [9] was elected as sheriff.
      Last night on Christmas Eve, the sheriff was asked to choose the order of speech.
      Player [10], please speak.
      “I’ m more inclined to think that #2 is a prophet, and I think that #12 isn’ t necessarily a wolf, but it needs to be tested. I think that #7 is a wolf, and it might be a gargoyle. He was the first to speak, saying that he used to go on the police, but I don’ t believe it. I think he’s lying. He’s afraid that he’ ll be killed, so he went on the police, but because he was the first to speak, he didn’ t move.”
      Player 10 got up and recognized 8 and 11 good people and focused on Player 7.
      “Player 3 is Goldwater of 2. He’s similar to what I thought. He thinks that 7,11, and 12 have a wolf, and it’s a gargoyle. I think that 7 and 12 have a stone-like ghost. Number 11 doesn’ t look like a wolf.”
      “Also, let’s talk about this ticket type. Under the police,5 and 6 are all given to 9. He also recognizes 7 preferences.8 is Goldwater. He is a prophet himself. I am a good person, and 11 is a good person I recognize. This is a good person in seven companies. I don’ t believe that five people outside can produce four wolves. Moreover, Number 3 is also a good person I recognize.”
      “In other words, if I were to stand by player number 9, the wolf pit would be 1,2,4, and then open one between 7 and 12. This wolf pit is too crowded, so the approximate rate of number 9 is not a prophet. I’ ll listen to it again.”
      Player [11], please speak.
      “To be honest, this side is very difficult to stand on. However, since we have already heard the two Prophets’ speeches, no matter how difficult it is, we have to choose a side. I want to stand on the side of player number 9. The wolf pit I ordered is 1,2,3,4, and the error rate is at player number 10.”
      When those words were said, everyone was shocked.
      Yu Zifeng actually dared to point out 1,2,3,4 wolf pits. It was a bit unbelievable.
      “First of all, I’m standing on the side of number 9, number 2 is a wolf. Needless to say, why is number 3 a wolf?”That’s because I don’ t think he’s a gargoyle.”
      “Number 3 finished listening to the two Prophets at the end. His focus wasn’ t on who the Prophets were, but on the so-called gargoyles and focused on us 7,11, and 12. It was obvious that he wanted to hide his identity, so I judged Number 3 to be the gargoyle on the police.”
      “In addition, I heard that Number 12 is a good person. He should be a player who likes to play games. From what he said, if he stood on the side of Number 9, Number 10 would enter the pit. However, he also said that he wouldn’ t go to the side of Number 9 because of this. Can he be a wolf?”
      “As for the 1st and 4th players, I didn’ t hear them speak, but one of them won the Bandit Pass and the other chose to abandon the Pass, so I directly ordered them to enter the pit. If they speak properly, I’ ll be able to open the 5th and 6th Panners.”*

      Chapter 10 Women’s Sixth Sense True Accuracy

      Yu Zifeng’s wolf pit shocked all the good people in the crowd, but what he said was reasonable and not strong. After all, Number 3 had a strange chat at the end. As a good person, the first thing he wanted to find was not a gargoyle, but a prophet. But like Yu Zifeng said, he did not tell who was a prophet, but instead focused on 7,11,12.
      For a moment, all the good people in the stadium secretly analyzed the possibility of Yu Zifeng saying. Could Number 3 be established as a gargoyle?
      Player [12], please speak.
      “I’ m standing on the side of #9. The wolf pit I ordered is similar to #11, so I recognize him as a good man. I’ ll leave before I leave.”
      Sure enough, when everyone suspected Number 12, Yu Zifeng stood up and used his logic and mentality to recognize Number 12 as a good person. He had successfully gained the good impression of this hunter.
      “Number 2, you hit my first police officer, saying that I’m the most police werewolf, why?Can number 9 and I be teammates?When I spoke, you didn’t even speak. Why should I use a position that does n’ t even count as logic to learn not to stand beside him?Just to go barb you next?’
      Number 12 coldly said,” And your Goldwater Number 3, I’ m a gargoyle directly. I said that Number 10 under my conversation police was secretly transmitting some sort of message. I want to say that you really think too much. To point someone at a certain point is to send a message. Are you too sensitive, or are you deliberately turning your focus to an external position?”
      “Number 9, now that I recognize you as a prophet, you’ ll touch this #3 that is suspected to be a gargoyle. If I find it to be a good person, I’ m willing to resist. If I find it to be a werewolf, I don’ t need you to set up a good human plate. I’ m a good person. You can go to Plate 3 and 12 to step on a wolf as your identity, okay?”
      This time, Hunter 12’s speech was much more than that of the police officer. He had almost hammered Number 3 into the ground. He would see how Number 3 fought back later.
      [Number 1] Players please take the floor.
      “Let me first tell you why I gave the ticket to Number 2. It’s just based on his listening sense. He doesn’ t seem like a werewolf. He wants to test the golden water that the other party sends out. He dares to guarantee that Number 8 is a good person, and he dares to say that Number 6 is a good person who canvases Number 9. If he dares to beat Number 12 on the police, he might be a wolf. I think this is the perspective of a prophet.”
      Player 1 was a girl, and she wasn’t caught by Yu Zifeng’s impassioned speech. In this point alone, she was stronger than Hunter 12.
      “Sir, I think that the Wolf Drive is in Number 11 and Number 12, especially Number 11. For some reason, Sir, I’ve chosen Number 7 player. Did n’ t you think that you recognize Number 8 as a good person and Number 9 as your Prophet?Whats the point of you hitting him?I feel like you are avoiding the weight and shifting your sights.”
      Yu Zifeng’s eyelids twitched as he listened to Player 1’s chat. Good man, no wonder he was a woman. His sixth sense was true. When everyone didn’ t know that he was a wolf, Number 1 first pointed out the point that he was like a wolf.
      “Especially the Wolf Pit in the round of #11. It directly sent me and player #4 into player #2’s team. It’s fine if you beat me as a wolf. Player #4 has already given up. How can you become player #2’s teammate? You’ re definitely not a good person.”
      “Moreover, the badge doesn’ t mean that you’ re standing at the end. It’s the wolves who are good people. You have to listen to what you say before you can decide. However, you have a direct blind spot for me and Player 4. I think you’ re playing hard.”
      “But what’s strange is that you’ re not the type of person who doesn’t have the logic to fight. After all, you’ re very tolerant of player 12, but you’re just going to kill me and player 4 who have n’ t spoken yet. That means you have a purpose. What trump card will have a clear purpose?Only wolves.”
      Yu Zifeng had to admit that Sister 1 had said it too well. He thought he had disguised himself well enough, but he didn’t expect anyone to catch his bandit face.
      However, in this case, player #2’s Wolf Pit was out of place. After hearing player #1’s words, he was definitely a good man of steel, and could the Prophet of the Wolf Pit still be a wolf?
      Of course, it wasn’t that early to conclude that #2 was the prophet. What if his teammates went to knock him out?Such as Player 6.
      “Listen again, listen again.”
      Although he thought so, Yu Zifeng was already leaning towards Number 2 as the true prophet. Number 9 was his wolf teammate.
      [Number 2] Players please take the floor.
      “The wolf pits I ordered were 5,9,12, and then another in 7 and 11.”
      Player #2 said in a deep voice,” Player #5 won’ t be able to tolerate me getting a bandit ticket in my first badge, so I don’ t think I need to listen to him. I’ ll kill him. Player #6 won’ t be a wolf, but I don’ t think he’s a wolf. Unfortunately, I can’ t hear him at this position. Otherwise, I’ ll definitely be able to accurately define his identity, whether he’s a good man or a werewolf.”
      “In the beginning, I thought the police should open two wolves, and the police should open two wolves, but now I think the police should open three wolves, and the police only open one wolf.”

      Chapter 11 from Player 3’s Counterattack

      Number 2 said in a serious tone,” I heard that the 10th person who abandoned the ticket and the 1st person who voted for me were not like wolves, and Number 4 was also the one who abandoned the ticket. Plus, I didn’ t listen to him speak, so I naturally couldn’ t beat him as a wolf. I’ ve already crossed the board just now. This way, the police will only open the wolf number 5.”
      “The situation of the three wolves on the police is that 9 and 12 are two fixed wolves. One of 7 and 11 will open. I still think that number 8 is a good person. That’s why I said that my wolf pit is 5,9,12, and then one of 7 and 11 will open.”
      After hearing Number 2’s speech, Yu Zifeng felt that he should be that prophet. Unfortunately, he was definitely a dead wolf when he fought Number 12. He was probably going to go far.
      However, what was strange was that he had not found a wolf other than 9. It was likely that he was among those who had not spoken.
      For example, the 4th player who abandoned the ticket was given to the 5th and 6th players.
      “If that’s the case, then it’s really said by Number 8. It’s the pattern of two wolves on the police and two wolves on the police.”Yu Zifeng thought to himself.
      Player [3], please speak.
      “The Prophet #2 on the side of the station. There are five people under the police. He only got one vote, and I heard that #1 was not a wolf. It means that this vote is clean. The wolf pits I ordered are 5,9,11,12. The tolerance rate is at player #6.”
      No.3 opened a wolf on board 7,11, and 12, but under the police, he directly sent Yu Zifeng and No.12 players into the wolf pit, releasing No.7.
      “Under Alert 11, get up. I’m a gargoyle. I said that I did n’ t distinguish between the Prophets and focused on 7,11, and 12 of you. If I were a wolf or gargoyle and spoke at the end, why wouldn’t I help my Wolves?He sent me Goldwater. The police officer didn’t have a bad chat, and he could n’ t find any explosive points. Why didn’t I call you a wolf? I’ ll ask you guys?”
      Number 3 said impassionedly,” Is it logical that Number 11 says I’m a gargoyle?None, just say what it feels like, what it feels like?Is feeling a logic?”What’s more, I can’ t understand the point where you recognize 12. Since he doesn’ t want to stand on the edge of No.9 with a pseudo-logical position theory, how can you recognize him as a good person?”
      “So, I suspect that you’ re the gargoyle on the police. Last night, you checked number 12, and number 12 was your teammate. That’s why you’ re protecting him. You’ re sending the Wolves the message that you’ re a gargoyle.”
      Number 3’s counterattack against Yu Zifeng was extremely powerful. He did n’ t even bother to talk about Number 9. It could be seen that the Yu Zifeng police were attacking him as a gargoyle, completely igniting Number 3’s attention and disgust.
      “Number 2, I’ m your Goldwater. You listen to me and go test player number 6. The police should be 9,11,12,3 wolves,11 gargoyles. The witch poisoned him at night. Don’ t let him talk anymore, or we won’ t be able to hide our identities.”
      When he heard that Number 3 was about to let the witch poison him, Yu Zifeng couldn’ t help but ask,” Second chance, is it so ruthless?”I’m going to poison you to death.”
      Don’t look at Number 3’s mouth saying that she wanted to poison him, but Number 3 was probably a witch. He just wanted to hide his identity.
      Player [4], please speak.
      “Let me first tell you the reason why I abandoned the ticket. I just can’t tell. Plus, these two prophets do n’ t have me in their eyes, so I abandoned the ticket.”
      “I still can’t stand by the side. I think everything you guys said makes sense. I heard number 11 say that number 3 is a gargoyle makes sense, but I heard number 3 say that number 11 is a gargoyle also makes sense. What should I do?”I can’ t tell.”
      Hearing this, Yu Zifeng smiled.
      Player 4 was actually a girl, but what she said was a headache.
      Because you can’t tell whether she’s a good person or a werewolf based on what she said. Even if she’s on the wrong side, you have to make sure she’s a good person on the wrong side.
      Of course, this was only Number 4 in the perspective of a good person. In Yu Zifeng’s view, Number 4 was definitely a wolf.
      She said that she couldn’t distinguish between the Prophets, but she did n’ t have the sense of urgency to distinguish between the Prophets. Instead, she had the feeling of watching a play. At this moment, there was probably only a wolf who could have this kind of leisure and elegance.
      Number 4’s speech was very brief. Her central thought was that she could n’ t distinguish between them. She didn’t order a wolf trap, did n’ t recognize a good person, didn’t say that she was standing by the side, and just frantically paddled.
      Player [5], please speak.
      “No.9 on the side of the station. Tell me the reason for the ticket. I don’t want to recognize No.2 as a prophet. Why?He said #6 was a canvassing, so wouldn’t he just run for the wolves to test me #5?”But I’ m a good person. I think he’s trying to take me as a pushover, so I won’ t give him my vote.”
      This speech was very recent, but it was also very bandit.
      #2 Did say that #6 was a canvassing, so he went to test #5, but maybe 5 or 6 were two good guys, why in his perspective,6 was a good guy and he went into the wolf pit?
      As a result, when he said that, he felt a bit shocked.*

      Chapter 12 What is a wolf stance side?

      Player 5 said confidently,” The police officer heard a round of statements. I don’t think I’ m on the wrong side. I don’t listen to Number 1. She’s not playing Number 11. There’s nothing wrong with the wolf pit. You’ re a bandit. Why don’t you enter the wolf pit?You said #11 shouldn’t have scored you into #2’s team without listening, but didn’t the Prophet #2 you recognized do the same thing?”
      “He didn’t listen to me on number 2, did he?#3 Didn’t listen to me do you?Why should I say I’m a wolf?”If you want to use this point to hit number 11, then use the same point to hit the prophet you recognize.”
      “If you conclude that 11 is a wolf, then you will conclude that Number 2 is also a wolf. Since Number 2 is a wolf, you still have to stand beside him. Aren’ t you a wolf?”
      Yu Zifeng couldn’t help but tut as he listened to player 5’s sophistry.
      However, this #5 wolf was a good person, so it was hard to tell. It was fine to say that he was a wolf, but it was also fine to say that he was a good person.
      Player [6], please speak.
      “I’ m a good person, so I gave him two reasons. First, I was in his first badge stream, so I gave him one vote. Second, I didn’ t listen to Number 3’s speech very well. I didn’ t know who the prophet was, so I forced the focus on 7,11,12 on the police, and said that there must be gargoyles among them. I don’ t think that makes much sense. As a good person, I first found the prophet. As for who the gargoyles are, that’s what happens after two rounds of speech.”
      No.6 didn’t go directly to No.2 player’s attack point. Instead, he aimed at No.3. After all, his police officers had hit 7,11, and 12. If they hit him, they would probably gain the goodwill of these three people.
      However, these words sounded like wolves to Yu Zifeng’s ears, because the way wolves used to stand was through ticket types, teams, and external players, just like Number 6.
      He didn’t go to the point where #2 spoke. Instead, he said that #3 was a wolf and chose not to stand on the side of #2, a typical wolf-like side.
      Of course, there were a lot of good people who liked to use this method to distinguish the Prophets, but the probability would be on the wrong side, because judging the Prophets, the other factors were just reference aids. The most important thing was his independent speech.
      After all, wolves could hit barbs, charge, and fly. Even good people could sometimes be labeled as wolves. Therefore, the number of votes and the size of the team was not the basis for judging whether he was a prophet or not.
      Number 6’s speech soon ended. His central idea was that he believed Number 9 was a prophet, but Number 2 also had a prophet’s face, so he had to listen to Number 9’s return speech before deciding who to vote for.
      To put it bluntly, it was the grass on the wall. It was almost the same as Number 4. However, he chatted a little more and the reason for the ticket was barely acceptable.
      Player [7], please speak.
      “Before I ordered the wolf pit, I discovered an interesting thing. The logic of the 4,5, and 6 players under the police seems to be obviously not as good as the people on the police. The sides are in a mess. The wolf pit is not ordered. The reason for the ticket is far-fetched and there is no hostility between them. I think the three of you should have a big problem.”
      Player 7 said with a faint smile,” I’ m standing by Player 2’s side. The wolf pits are 4,5,6,9,12. Only these five people will have four wolves.”
      “No.3, No.11. I think you two are good people, so stop hammering each other. Let the Wolves watch a joke. If the police release two wolves, they will be No.9 and No.12. The police release the two wolves in the four, five, and six groups.”
      “As for your gargoyles, to be honest, don’ t care too much about it. Just look for a wolf and find a prophet. One sentence #5 is right. Gargoyles are a matter after two rounds of speeches. Today, we’ ll stand aside and find a prophet. That’s the most important thing.”
      The focus of attack number 7 was under the police, but he forgot what he said when he was on the police. He didn’t like to vote under the police. Whether it was the right vote or the wrong vote, he was always marked as a wolf. However, on the contrary, was n’ t he doing something he hated?
      Player [8], please speak.
      “Number 7, how do I feel you are a wolf?You’re playing 4,5, and 6 as wolves, is n’ t that what you’re saying in disguise that number 9 is a wolf?If you don’t want to stand by his side, you can just point at him. What’s the point of talking to someone under the police?Can’t the Wolves just play cushion fly?”What does it have to do with whether Number 9 is a prophet?”
      No.8 was obviously not satisfied with No.7’s speech. He could stand on either side, but you had to explain your logic. To judge the Prophet through the external position, what was this not a wolf?
      “Forget it, I’ d better say my side. I think #9 is a prophet, and the wolf pit is 2,4,6,7. Originally, I didn’ t want to order #7 into the wolf pit, but there’s nothing I can do if you have to drill into it. If you’ re a wolf, then I’ ll choose 12.”
      “Number 9, you should go and test player number 3 in the evening. He’s a good person, and that wolf pit is definitely dead. I think the two wolves under the police are number 4 and number 6. If number 5 is a teammate of number 2, he can give him a vote, but he didn’ t. Instead, he voted for you, so he’s definitely not a teammate of number 2.”
      Number 8 said unhurriedly,” As for Number 2’s 1 on the side of the station and Number 10 who abandoned the ticket, I don’ t think they’ re speaking like wolves, so you have to check Number 3. Can you understand what I mean?”*

      Chapter 13 The tombkeeper found the

      Player [9], please speak.
      “I think everyone can understand the police badge 3 and 4. I think everyone can understand it. I have to define this person. As for why I want to test 4. To be honest, I can’t understand what Number 4 said. I’ m just saying that I can’t tell you clearly. If she’s a wolf, you can’t beat her. If she’s a good person, it’s easy for the wolf team to use her as a defense. That’s why I tested her.”
      “I prefer the 1st,5th and 10th under the police. Although the 1st station is player 2’s side, I want to urge you to turn around. You’ re on the wrong side. I hope you can stand back. If you can’t, just press down. Do n’ t help Wolf rush the ticket.”
      The conversation between player #9 and player #1 was very sincere. Even if she was on the wrong side, player #9 thought she was a good person. This was really confusing player #1. Was she really on the wrong side?
      “Next, I’ll click on the wolf pit in my mind. It might be wrong. If there are good people in there, I hope you guys do n’ t have any hostility towards me,2,4,6,7. The tolerance rate is 3. This is the wolf pit I ordered.”
      “Tell me why player #6 who voted for me is a wolf. First of all, he voted for me because he was in my first police badge stream. I think this reason is too far-fetched. Second, he chose to stand by my side and didn’t talk about what I wanted to hear. He only stood by me because number 3 was like a wolf. This makes me not very approved, so I’ m going to make you a barbarian wolf.”
      “Of course. If I hit you wrong on the 6th, don’t be angry or disgusted. After all, it’s not your turn today. As long as you have a good chat, I believe the good people on the field will definitely recognize you.”
      “As for player number 7, my police officer recognized his preference, but he chose to stand on the Wolf Team and didn’t talk about me. He only said that 4,5, and 6 were bad. Whether they were good or not had anything to do with me being a prophet or not, and what did they have to do with your side?I think you showed your wolf tail a little.”
      “There’s still 10 seconds left. Time is limited. If I can live, I’ ll talk to you guys tomorrow. Today, the Chief is player number 2, badge number 3 and 4.”
      [Vote to begin banishment]
      2.3,7 Choose to vote for player number 9.
      4.5,6,8,9,11,12 Chose to vote for Player 2.
      1.10 Choose to discard your ticket.
      [Player 2 is out, please leave a last word]
      “After looking at the ticket types, I’ve chosen to abandon the tickets for 1 and 10. I really do n’ t understand what the two of you think. A good person who abandons a ticket is not equivalent to sending a werewolf to win?And the guy who put me on the ticket, player #6, at first i thought you were a #9 canvasser, and as a result, you stand by his side and he hits you are a wolf, you can still vote me out with him, what are you not a wolf?”
      “Player 4, don’t you not know who the Prophet is?#9 Points you into the wolf pit, can you vote me out?”You have to be a wolf. The bandits on my side are 4,5,6,9. If there are any good people among them, they will have a wolf at 11,12.”
      “In addition, I want to talk about player number 8. I really don’t want to beat you as a wolf, but when I spoke at the end of the table, I used the Wolves ticket. Player number 7 is a wolf. Do you know who the prophet is after reading this ticket?”
      As he spoke, Player 2 sighed helplessly.” Sigh, there’s really no way. There are too many people drilling the Wolf Team in this game. I think the good guys lost, but if your witch can turn around and poison Number 9, maybe we can still win.”
      The Gargoyle was the guardian of the tomb. On the first day, the Prophet was out. If the Gargoyle had been lucky enough to get to two clerics, the Wolves would have been able to strike a knife.
      In fact, the luck of the good guys was indeed a little bad. Yu Zifeng had already detected Hunter 12 on the first day. As long as he found out the tombkeeper, the Wolves would basically win.
      As for the witches?The next day, the witches would probably come out to report to Silverwater, so they didn’t need to search for it.
      After No.2 sent out his last words, he entered the night.
      [Tian Hei, please close your eyes]
      [Gargoyles please open your eyes, please choose who you want to examine]
      “Number 8.”
      Yu Zifeng said without thinking.
      When he heard Number 8’s speech in the first round, he felt that this person had an identity. Now, he could verify his skills.
      [Identity of TA as tomb keeper]
      “As expected.”
      The corner of Yu Zifeng’s mouth curled, revealing a smug smile.
      Now that the tombkeeper had found it, the hunter had found it, and the prophet was out, he waited for the witch to pop out.
      As for whether Number 2 was his wolf teammate or not, it was absolutely impossible.
      As soon as the banishment ballot type came out,#2 would have to be a prophet,#4 and #6 would have to be wolves, and the others would be good people on the wrong side.
      About a minute later, the night operation finally ended. It was dawn.
      Those who died last night were players #6 and #8.
      6.8 Double Deaths. Needless to say, Voodoo 6,8 was stabbed at night.
      [Sheriff please choose order of speech]
      Player [7], please speak.
      “This order of speech is really bold. Send a check to Number 3, right?Too bad I’m a tombkeeper. The system told me that #2 was a good guy out. Today, all the good guys would n’ t abandon the ticket anymore. Yesterday, that ticket type came out. Can’t you tell me that #2 was a prophet?Can those 4th and 6th still not be wolves?Last night,6 or 8 pairs died. Without a doubt,8 ate knives and 6 ate poison.”*

      Chapter 14 showdown, I’m a Gargoyle

      Number 7 was a little excited. He even wanted to scold Number 8. He didn’t even mention the wrong side of the table. He even hit him as a wolf. It was truly a dish. However, due to the System’s punishment for sticking his face to the side, he managed to hold back.
      “I’ll say it again. No matter what No.9 will say, the good guys do n’ t split the votes and discard the votes. Today, we have to eliminate the No.9 referendum. If the Wolves want to break it, it’s fine, but you have to jump a tombkeeper with me first “.
      Hearing Yu Zifeng’s words, Yu Zifeng smiled. This #7 was indeed playing quite well. He knew that at this moment, he had jumped out to pretend that the tomb guardian was reporting information for the tomb guardian. Unfortunately, the real tomb guardian had already left.
      Player [5], please speak.
      “It’s a little awkward. It seems like I’ m on the wrong side. Then let’s watch the water. I’ m a good person. I’ m going to play player number 9 today. I ordered 4,6,9,12 Wolf Pits. Yesterday, player number 2 ordered me into Wolf Pits. Then I’ ll definitely vote for him. But as soon as the ticket type comes out, I know I’ m on the wrong side. I can’ t help it. Number 2 doesn’ t talk as well as number 9. It’s not right to play Wolf Pits. I really can’ t stand on his side yesterday.”
      Now that player #5 had begun to throw off the pot, it was not his fault to stand on the wrong side, it was the fault of the Prophet. Yu Zifeng had heard too much of this argument.
      But after thinking about it, why could Number 7 stand opposite?Didn’t everyone listen together to speak?At the end of the day, it was still his own dish. His own problems, don’t always push others.
      No matter how bad the Prophet’s speech was or how good the Wolf Warrior’s speech was, they would always be able to stand on the opposite side.
      If the prophet spoke well and the wolf jumped to the ground, would you still need to distinguish the prophet?Then it wasn’t needed because everyone could stand facing each other.
      Player [4], please speak.
      “I’ m the tombkeeper. Last night, the system told me that #2 was a werewolf. If you wear my clothes to report false information, you must be a wolf. I hope that good people can recognize me. I’ m really a tombkeeper.#2 is a wolf. Today,#3 is a check, so do not split the ticket for #3.”
      “There’s player #5, you’ re not on the wrong side. What kind of water are you looking for?#2 is a wolf. Today, you must go out with us to vote #3. Don’ t be bewitched by the wolf #7. How can he be a tombkeeper.”
      Hearing Sister 4’s words, Yu Zifeng was really amused by her. As expected, he stood up and beat her. However, this was no problem.
      Right now, there were only nine people on the field. The Three Wolves were present, and the Wolves still had a police badge in their hands. If there were any good people on the outside who abandoned their tickets or stood on the wrong side, they might be able to get rid of Number 3.
      However, he said it again. The good people on the field weren’t fools. It would be strange for them to believe that No.4 was a tombkeeper.
      Player [3], please speak.
      “I’ ve received a check. Mm, that’s good. I won’ t take any status. Today, the good people must not split the tickets and abandon the tickets. The Three Wolves should be present now. They still have a badge in their hands. If someone else abandons the tickets or stands on the wrong side, causing me to rush out, then the good people will lose.”
      “As for #4, you don’ t have to worry about her. Let’s get rid of #9 today and #4 tomorrow. Besides, you can watch out for the good people standing on the wrong side, but you can’ t take a picture of their identity. This is the Gargoyle’s watchman’s board. The Gargoyle has been checking their identity for two days. If you take another picture, the Wolves will be able to take a picture of their identity. Therefore, you must not take a picture of their identity.”
      “Alright, I’ ll stop talking if it’s unnecessary. The Wolf Pit is already very clear anyway. No.4, No.6, No.9, and No.11. If No.11 is not a wolf, then it’s No.12. My police officer listened to the 4-5 conversation and felt that they didn’ t seem to have a relationship with each other. Moreover, I said that at least two wolves had to be sent out. Now, there’s only one jumping No.9. The other must be in your No.11 and No.12.”
      No.3’s words were absolutely decisive. He had already released the No.5 player who had been on the Bandit List for two consecutive rounds under the police, so 11 and 12 would definitely become the focus.
      Player [1], please speak.
      “Sigh, it’s true that I shouldn’ t have abandoned the ticket, but to be honest, Player 9’s conversation with me was too sincere in the end. I struggled for a long time, but in the end, I chose to suppress him. However, no matter what he said today, even if I chat about a flower, I won’ t show mercy to him.”
      Sister 1 said angrily.
      The #9 wolf’s acting was too good. Originally, she had decided that #2 was a prophet, but because of this guy’s rhetoric, she forcefully pressed her hand down. In the end, she was still not determined.
      Player [12], please speak.
      “Alright, I’ m on the wrong side again, but I’ m fine. It’s not my first time anyway. If you’ re looking for water, let’s go tomorrow. Let’s throw Player 9 out first today.”
      Number 12’s speech was very brief. He was talking about watch water, but he had no intention of watch water. It was obvious that he had a trump card to suppress it.
      This was the advantage of using the Divine Token. Even if he was on the wrong side, no one would dare to beat him once his trump card was displayed.
      Player [11], please speak.
      “You’ re all on the wrong side, but I didn’ t, so I just shot it. I’ m a gargoyle, and I tested 12 on the first day. Hunter, I tested 8 on the second day. Tombkeeper, there’s still a witch hiding.”
      Yu Zifeng smiled and said,” No.7 dares to jump out to block the blade. It must be a civilian. No.3 should be a civilian too. If he was a witch, he would definitely poison No.9, not No.6. As for player No.5, I don’t think he can take up the Divine Token, so the witch must be among those who abandoned the ticket. That’s 1 and 10. No.1 is a sister player, but the police officer spoke very hard. He directly attacked me as a wolf. Do you have a trump card to suppress it?”
      “I don’ t talk much anymore. Number 9, who do you think are 1 and 10 witches? What about you?”*

      Chapter 15 Werewolf killing points big reward game

      Player [10], please speak.
      “Is 11 actually a wolf or a gargoyle?Ok, mistaking the good guys again, i thought 12 was a wolf, never thought he was a hunter, alas, since that’s the case, i do n’ t talk much anymore, just pass directly, as for my identity, you wolf team go sip it, sip it right you win, sip it wrong, you lose.”
      After Yu Zifeng said that he was a gargoyle, his identity on the field was basically clear, whether it was a wolf or a good person.
      Player 9, please speak.
      “11 You are indeed a gargoyle. Last night, I said that you were in 5 and 11. You were like a ghost, and number 4 said that number 8 could be. Otherwise, why would the Iron-Headed Wolf Team? I wonder how player number 8 would feel after hearing this.”
      That’s right, Number 4’s words really made Number 8 feel helpless. He had stood on the wrong side, and he had even hit the wolf. Even the wolf had mistaken him for a gargoyle, so he deserved to be mocked by someone else.
      “Number 11, you’ re right. Number 1 is a witch. Number 10 is our first night’s knife. I didn’ t find the hunter. I thought Number 8 was a hunter, so I went to knife him. I didn’ t expect it to be a tombkeeper. That’s fine. Now that the Prophet and the tombkeeper are dead, the witch and the hunter are naked on the table, let’s chop them.”
      Player 9 smiled and said,” Number 4, is it you or me?”
      As soon as Number 9 finished speaking, Number 4 chose to self-destruct and enter the night.
      About a minute later.
      End of all operations at night.
      Daybreak, killed on the 1st last night.
      [7] Players please speak.
      “I don’ t have much to say to get to this point. Let’s go straight ahead.”
      Player [5], please speak.
      Just like that, the good people chose to shut their mouths until Yu Zifeng spoke.
      “Last night we tested 10, civilians. We won. Number 9, you blow yourself up.”
      Sure enough, after Yu Zifeng finished speaking, Player 9 chose to self-destruct.
      The next day, player 12 died.
      [The game is over and the werewolf wins]
      This bureau game MVP is player #9 and gets 3 points.
      4.6 And 11 gain 2 points each.
      The other eight good people deducted 2 points.
      Yu Zifeng did not have any objections to this. The MVP of No.9 was taken for granted. It was him who jumped at the Prophet and won the trust of most good people, banishing No.2, the True Prophet.
      During the night, he had brought his knife and knife to No.8, and had pressed his identity as Witch No.1. It could be said that he played very well.
      Once again, Yu Zifeng returned to the interface of the personal castle. He found that he had 8 points, and the winning rate was 100%. However, Nanjiang City’s ranking was still 9999+, without any change.
      “Eight points is eight thousand yuan. This money is too easy to earn.”
      Just as Yu Zifeng was secretly pleased, an official message suddenly popped up.
      [Werewolf Killing Points Grand Reward Competition registration begins. Thousand Points will be collected by you]
      Yu Zifeng hurriedly opened the screen. The first thing that caught his eye was the background of the points reward match. It was co-organized by the Werewolf Killing Official, the Shake Fish Live, the Tiger Live, and the National Live.
      Enrolment points required 8 points. The elimination system was adopted in the competition.1 gold was obtained for one win,2 gold was deducted for one loss, and 3 gold was obtained for each MVP game. The initial gold of each player was 2 gold. When the gold was zero, the player would be eliminated automatically.
      At the same time, before each game starts, players can choose to bet, for example,1 gold. If the player’s faction wins, they can get 2 extra gold coins (including 1 gold coin bet). Conversely, if the player’s faction fails, the 1 gold coin bet is gone.
      There were a total of 10 rounds. Each round had a random sub-system, and the matching player system was random. In the end, the player who accumulated the highest gold coins would become the champion, while the champion would receive thousands of points worth millions.
      After the five rounds, the official live broadcast of the Werewolf Killing Game will select some to broadcast.
      “This is not just a chance to become rich overnight, but also a chance to become famous.”Yu Zifeng’s heart was racing.
      The most popular game in the world was Werewolf Kill. As a result, the official live broadcast of the Werewolf Kill game had a total of 50 million fans. Once they stood out and had brilliant speeches and actions during the live broadcast, they would definitely quickly become popular.
      “Sign up. You have to sign up.”
      Although he needed 8 points to register, and he only had 8 points, Yu Zifeng did not hesitate to register.
      [Congratulations to player Yu Zifeng for signing up successfully, the game will start in three days]
      “You have to wait three days?All right.”
      Yu Zifeng shrugged helplessly. However, when he wanted to start the game again, a dialog box popped up.
      [Not enough points to start the game]
      Sure enough, when Yu Zifeng opened his personal information panel, his original 8 points had already become 0, but after 0, there was the word “recharge “.
      “This is the first time I’ ve seen a player who wants kryptonite for a werewolf kill. He knows how to play.”
      Yu Zifeng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. No wonder 1 point was equal to 1,000 RMB. It turned out that the wool was on the sheep.*

      Chapter 16. I’m a witch in this game.

      “This is the first time I’ ve seen a player who wants kryptonite for a werewolf kill. He knows how to play.”
      Yu Zifeng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. No wonder 1 point was equal to 1,000 RMB. It turned out that the wool was on the sheep.
      But Yu Zifeng was wrong. To exchange the game points into RMB, the ratio was 1:1000, but to exchange the RMB into points, the ratio was 10,000:1.
      In other words, there was only one point at the top of 10,000 yuan, but even so, there were still a large number of people who charged money because you could not play the game without charging money.
      Of course, the points worth it would not be counted into the points ranking. Only those points that were actually won would be counted into the points ranking, participating in the city ranking, provincial ranking, and all-suite ranking.
      Therefore, the points list was definitely a list that reflected the level of the individual game. It was extremely valuable, and without real materials, it was impossible to get on the list.
      “Forget it. If you can’ t play, you won’ t.”
      Yu Zifeng shook his head and directly exited the game. Immediately, he returned to the real world.
      “Xiao Feng, we’ re out for dinner.”
      A woman’s voice came from outside. Yu Zifeng learned from his original master’s memory that this was his mother. She was a very virtuous, hardworking, and loving woman.
      “Got it, Mom.”
      As Yu Zifeng responded, he pushed the door open and asked,” How fragrant, what did you do today, Mom?”
      “Your favorite braised pork ribs and fried prawns.”Mother Yu smiled and said.
      “What day is it today, making so many delicious food?”
      Yu Zifeng looked at the table. Not only did he like to eat braised pork ribs, stir-fried prawns, but he also had red oil balls, spicy water boiled fish and three ingredients. Even red wine was on the table, although it was only the cheapest.
      “Today, it’s the 25th wedding anniversary of your father and I. You’ re completely wiped out, right?”Mother Yu smiled and said.
      “Sprinkle dog food, Mom?Too true to be true?’
      Yu Zifeng smiled. He didn’ t expect his parents to be nearly fifty. He could still be so romantic and affectionate, full of anticipation and hope for life. It was really good.
      “I told you to quickly find someone you don’ t want to find. I told you not to go on a blind date. I was already pregnant with you when I was your age.”
      Yu Muse rolled her eyes. Yu Zifeng was already twenty-four this year, and he hadn’t been on the right track all day. She really did n’ t know when she would grow up and build her own family.
      “Mom, you said that again.”Yu Zifeng looked bitter.
      “Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine.”Mother Yu said helplessly.
      Passed away in three days.
      When Yu Zifeng entered the game again, the system reminded him that the game had begun.
      “Join the game now?”
      Yu Zifeng was already impatient.
      “Please match players later. The match is complete. Please prepare.”
      [The game begins, this bureau board for the wolf beauty knight]
      Wolves: They move with the Wolves every night, but they can charm one player alone. When the Wolves are out, the charmed players will also die. Wolves can not kill themselves.
      Knight: When Banishment speaks during the day, you can choose a player to duel at any time. If the opponent is a werewolf, the opponent is out and enters the night immediately. If the opponent is a good person, the knight is out and continues the original process and speech.
      [12 Man Wolf Beauty Knight]
      Dark Card – Tu Bian – Sheriff
      Configuration: Wolf Beauty +3 Wolf +4 Min + Pre-Girl Guard
      Witch: Can’t save yourself all the way
      Pingback: PK one round statement
      Time to speak:120
      Sheriff: Deciding on order of speech,150 seconds to speak, with 1.5 vote
      Self-destruction: Double explosion swallowing police emblem
      [Your identity is a witch]
      Seeing this trump card, Yu Zifeng couldn’ t help but be overjoyed.
      Finally, he got the divine card. He had played two games before, one game for civilians and one game for wolves. This time, he got a witch. He had to show up and lead the good people to victory.
      “God bless you. Don’ t kill me.”
      Yu Zifeng didn’t care if he did n’ t get the witch, but when he got his identity card, he was afraid that he would eat the first slash.
      It was really scary!
      [Tian Hei, please close your eyes]
      Prophecy, please open your eyes, please choose the person you want to examine……
      Werewolves, please open your eyes, please choose who you want to kill……
      Witch please open your eyes, the one who died last night was TA, will you save?Are you going to use poison?
      It was dawn, so the players who wanted to go to the police would light up the indicator before they got up.
      “Good man, there are actually 11 people on the police. Looks like everyone likes to speak.”
      Yu Zifeng looked around for a while, only to find that there was only one person under the police. Fortunately, player 7 did not choose to go on the police. Otherwise, the badge would have been lost, and the good people had yet to speak.
      This bureau’s Yu Zifeng was No.6. It was n’ t him who hit the knife last night, it was No.4 player. As expected, this number was unlucky. Fortunately, he used the antidote to pick up No.4 player.*

      Chapter 17 Giving Goldwater to Silverwater

      In fact, there were quite a few people who didn’t save the witches on the first night. Yu Zifeng only wanted to say that the most annoying player was this kind of player. The Witch Protection Day Eve was a basic operation. Even if the wolf chose to cut his own blade, what if it was a guard, a prophet, or a knight?Don’t good people just collapse?
      Therefore, the witch who didn’t open the antidote for the first night was truly pitty.
      In particular, some people said that since I had obtained this identity card, I would play as much as I wanted. I didn’t need you to tell me. This kind of player was truly retarded.
      Werewolf killing is a team game. Any operation of yours will affect the winning or losing of the entire faction. Especially the person who gets the god card has the heavy responsibility of leading the good people to victory. Therefore, you must not have such selfish thoughts.
      The moment you get the good people card, be it god or people, whatever you do has to go out for the good people, not do whatever you want, play whatever you want.
      [Randomly speaking in order starting with player #2]
      “So many people are on the police, but I didn’ t expect that I would be the first to speak. First of all, I’ m not a prophet. I’ m on the police, and I’ m here to comment on the prophet. My ability to stand on the side is very strong, so the prophet doesn’ t need to come and test me. Just stand on the wrong side and directly beat me up.”
      Number 2 said unhurriedly,” There’s only one person under the police. I think it should be the situation of the Four Wolves on the police. To be honest, this board is not very friendly to werewolves. The wolves that jump out are the ones that come out to die. However, he also carries a mission, which is to steal the badge and then kill the knights. Therefore, I hope that your prophet can speak properly. Do not think that if a knight comes out to give you a proper perspective, you can relax your guard.”
      Number 2 was right. There were knights on this board. When the banishment speech was almost over, the knights would come out to work and would usually poke one of the two prophetic families. So no matter what, the good people would definitely find the true prophetic family on the first day. However, the price they paid was huge and small.
      In a good situation, the badge was in the hands of the prophet, and the knight stabbed the wolf to death. Normally, the badge was in the hands of the wolf, while the knight stabbed the wolf to death. In the worst case, the badge was in the hands of the wolf, and the knight stabbed the true prophet to death.
      If it was the worst case scenario, the good guys would be two rounds behind on the first day and basically lose.
      Player [3], please speak.
      “I’ m not a prophet. Just now, Number 2 has already said what I wanted to say, but I have to add that the Wolves will definitely play the game if they want to win this board. For example, if the Wolves step on the wolf, self-knife or iron-blooded barb.”
      “That’s why I hope all the good people present can listen carefully to the speech. Even if this person stands on the right side, they still have to listen carefully to the logic of him standing on the right side. The logic of hitting people is incorrect. If there is no logic standing on the side, I don’ t know about others, but I’ m sure I’ ll point you.”
      “Sure enough, they’ re all chatters.”
      Hearing Number 2 and Number 3’s words, Yu Zifeng had no choice but to admire them. With these two words, you could hardly find any place where you could hit him as a wolf. Moreover, their mentality was all for good people.
      But can you say 2 and 3 are definitely good guys?That was not necessarily true.
      Player [4], please speak.
      “What are you talking about? The first two people said everything they could, so I won’ t repeat it anymore. Under the police, there’s only a #7 player. The Prophet’s badge will stop leaving him. Just look at his side, vote and speak. I think so many people will help you keep an eye on #7. He’s a wolf, so I think he’ ll have to see his original form on the first day.”
      Player 4 was Yu Zifeng’s Silverwater, but he did n’ t have the silverwater complex. He was just like an external white card, nothing special.
      The only thing to be sure of is that #4 must not be a wolf beauty, because a wolf beauty can’t cut itself.
      Player [5], please speak.
      “Prophet, last night, player number 4, Goldwater, and the police badge were on 8 and 12.”
      “Let me tell you why I’ m playing like this. First of all, I listen to the 2nd and 3rd preferences of the police. They don’ t speak like wolves. As for Number 4, I’ m Jinshui. Number 6 can hear his speech after I speak, so I don’ t need to keep him. Number 7 under the police doesn’ t need to keep him, so Number 8 will be the only player in Number 1.”
      “As for the second police badge, it’s really a random one. I think that player #1, who is in the final position, doesn’ t need to stay. If it’s 11 or 10, then it’s too narrow, so it’s only 8 or 12.”
      Hearing Player 5’s speech, Yu Zifeng’s comment was that he was right in the middle. The so-called right in the middle was that you couldn’t recognize him from his speech. He must be a prophet, but you could n’ t find him too big.
      In such a situation, if you want to know who the prophet is, you must listen to what he said to the prophet who jumped, and then combine the wolf pits from both sides of the police. The police officer can not stand on the side.*

      Chapter 18 was wolf stomping wolf again?

      Player [6], please speak.
      “I can’ t stand on the side for now. Number 5’s speech is just like Bai Kaishui’s. It’s plain and plain. I can’ t stand on the side of Number 4, who has already spoken before, and then I’ ll press on the police with my badge. I’ ll recognize the preferences of Number 2 and Number 3. The Prophets will say this, and the wolves will say it. Therefore, I can’ t stand on the side if I listen to Number 5’s speech alone. Under the police, I’ ll analyze it.”
      “However, if Number 5 were to jump at this position, Number 4 should not be on the same side as him, because the Wolf wouldn’ t focus on his teammates. If that’s the case, it’s easy to collapse, especially in the Wolf Beauty.”
      “That’s why I don’ t think that 4 or 5 have a common relationship. As for the definitions of 2 and 3, I have the same opinion as Number 5. I’ m like a good person, so I’ ll listen to the police.”
      As a witch, Yu Zifeng listened carefully to everyone’s speech because he knew that his burden was heavy. Sometimes, witches decided to win or lose a game.
      Yu Zifeng really couldn’t tell if he was a prophet or not, especially when he sent a golden water to his Silverwater 4 player. He said that he did n’ t have any doubts, which was impossible.
      Player [8], please speak.
      “I don’t feel like a prophet, but I have n’ t found him. It’s just a feeling. I’ m not a world-class prophet in my mind. Of course, I know that feeling isn’t logic, so I need to hear another prophet speak and compare the two of them before I can choose to stand.”
      “I think Number 6 is a good person, because his logic and perspective as a closed-eyed good person are almost exactly the same as mine. For example, I can’ t distinguish the prophet for a while, such as thinking that 4 and 5 are not side by side, and 2 and 3 preferences, etc.”
      “Actually, there’s one more point. I don’ t really want to recognize Number 5 as a prophet. It’s the preference of Number 2 and Number 3, the preference of Number 4 being Goldwater, Number 5 being a prophet, Number 6 being a good person that I listen to. Under the police, I shouldn’ t be a wolf, and I’ m a good person myself. This time, I’ m a good person in the Seven Company. It’s too scary. Can the five people who have yet to speak from outside be four wolves?”
      Yu Zifeng had a feeling of deja vu when he heard Player 8’s words. Before, he had hit a stone like a ghost guarding tombman’s board, and there was a hunter playing position to learn. Now that he was here again, it could be seen that there were quite a few people who liked to use position to learn to play wolf pits.
      To take a step back,2 or 3 were only preferences, and they could not be sure that they were good people. So, where did the seven companies come from?
      Yu Zifeng felt that Number 8 might be a wolf, but he did not kill him. The police would go to his side and listen to him.
      Player 9, please speak.
      “Prophet No.9. Last night, he touched No.10 to kill him. My badge is 4-12.”
      Number 9 paused for a moment before continuing,” First, someone told me that 4 and 5 are not on the same side, but I don’ t think so. I think that this board, many wolves will send gold water to their teammates, and then let him go to the barbs. In the end, the good guys will never be able to board, so no matter if player number 4 is standing on my side, I will definitely test him.”
      “If it’s Double Goldwater, then that’s great. Let him lead the team. If it’s a search, it’s even better. If we find a wolf that’s hard to find, then our chances of winning are even greater.”
      “The second badge pressure 12 is because I think that the badge pressure of #5 is likely to drive his wolf teammate. I’ ve already heard #8’s speech earlier. He doesn’ t look like a wolf. He played #5 and doesn’ t look like a prophet, so my vision naturally shifted to #12, so my second badge pressure #12.”
      Player 9’s voice was very loud and filled with emotion. He sounded like a prophet, and he was still holding a #10 kill, which was much stronger than #5.
      However, Yu Zifeng thought that Number 9 was not a prophet. His logic was wrong.
      First of all, the probability of 4 or 5 being on the same side was extremely small. If Number 5 was a wolf, there was no need to send his wolf teammates into focus. Second, Player 8’s speech was obviously a bit of a strong fight. What was it like to say? It was all pseudo logic. How did Number 9 say that Number 8 did n’ t look like a wolf?
      If he was a prophet, Pan 8 might be a wolf who wanted to hit the barb. After all, his reason for playing No.5 was far-fetched.
      Combined with the above two points, Yu Zifeng thought that 9 was not a prophet, but he was not so sure. After all, everyone had their logic and perspective, and he was so excited to speak. If he was a wolf, his performance would be too heavy.
      “Let’s listen to the watch water that Number 10 received. Let’s see what format the Wolves are playing.”
      Yu Zifeng felt that Number 9 was not a prophet, and that Number 10 could also be a wolf. To put it bluntly, he was more inclined to the format that the Wolves were attacking wolves and stepping on wolves.*

      Chapter 19. I’m a witch. You killed me on the iron plate.

      Player [10], please speak.
      “Hehe,#9, you sent me a quest and kicked me on the iron plate. I’ m a witch and 7 is silver water. You can self-destruct.”
      Number 10 smiled.
      He was in a very relaxed state. The feeling was that a real witch had received a check from the Humming Wolf and was not worried about him being out. He even went to Dialogue 9 to let him self-destruct. In the eyes of the good people outside, he had to be a witch.
      But the problem was that Yu Zifeng was a witch. Number 10 had received Number 9’s check and kill jumping witch. Could it be that he had guessed that it was a wolf stepping on a wolf?
      But this format of wolf stomping on wolves was meaningless?
      If Number 10 didn’t take a picture of her identity or a citizen’s identity, she would have to be poisoned that night.
      “Not self-destruct, right?If I don’t blow myself up, I’ ll give you a chance. If you don’t, then I wo n’ t give a crap. Witch #10, Silverwater is #7, player #7. I scooped you up last night. Now that I’ve picked up #10, I hope you can give the ticket to player #5.”
      “Let’s have a brief chat about the statements of the previous people. Number 8 is the only one I listen to that looks like a wolf. Number 6 should be a good person.2 or 3 is actually like that. The attitude of the two people speaking is indeed like a good person. However, good people like this can say that the werewolves also speak of their identity, so I have to listen to another round of their statements to define their identity.”
      The No.10 Witch chatted for 120 seconds. The Wolves did not choose to self-destruct, but that was normal. Yesterday’s Silverwater was No.4. He said No.7. In the eyes of the Wolves, he must not be a witch. Since he was not a witch, why would he self-destruct.
      Player [11], please speak.
      “I’ m not a witch. Number 10 jumped a witch. I feel like I’ m in a similar state, but there’s something bad about it. I have to point it out, even if you’ re a witch.”
      “The Wolf Beauty Knight’s board, you don’ t need to capture your identity. You just need to watch the water well. When the time comes, there will naturally be a knight’s right view. At most, capturing your identity will allow player #5 to eat the badge, but your identity has been exposed. I don’ t think it’s worth it.”
      “However, everyone has their own way of playing. Perhaps you think it’s more important for player 5 to get the badge. That’s fine.”
      Although player #11 recognized #10 as a witch, he said that the #10 jumping witch was not right. This was something that would be considered by the benevolent.
      Some people liked to hide their identities. They used this board to check and kill their identities or people, and then seriously went to the Water Point Wolf Pit. However, some people thought that my trump card was suppressed. If I checked and killed them, why would I be scared?Just get up and fight the wolf.
      Player [12], please speak.
      “I’ m not a witch here. I’ ve heard Number 10 speak in a similar state to a witch. However, since the Wolves chose not to explode, two witches should appear in this game. No matter whether Number 10 is a wolf or a witch, if he is a wolf, the real witch will come out. If he is a witch, the Wolves will definitely send someone to jump against him.”
      Number 12 said indifferently,” I think this game is very good. For now, I will recognize that Number 10 is a witch. After the police jump, we will play who is real and who is fake. But I also said that Number 10 is very similar to a witch. I will probably trust him.”
      “As for the players who had spoken earlier, I think that 6 and 8 should have one wolf. The approximate rate is 8. He said that his logic is the same as that of player 6. Doesn’t that mean that he recognizes that 6 is a good person?You recognize 6, then you will have to go into the wolf pit.”
      “Player 11 was speaking in front of me. Actually, he didn’t talk about anything. He said that Number 10 was like a witch, but he should n’ t jump out. What’s there to jump out of? Since he has a trump card to suppress him, it’s over to get up and shoot Number 9. What are you scared of?So I don’t think number 11 is good. It could be a wolf.”
      Number 12’s speech was very offensive. He played 6 or 8 to open a wolf. The main point was to play 8. He could n’ t play 11 well. It was probably a wolf, but it was strange that he didn’t distinguish between the Prophets. In his perspective, the two Prophets who jumped 5 and 9 seemed to have disappeared. Neither of them was as important as the outside 6,8 or 11.
      “This #12 trump card should be something. It’s not a god or a wolf. Otherwise, I won’ t be able to say anything like this.”Yu Zifeng thought to himself.
      Player [1], please speak.
      “I’ m the last one, and I’ m not a witch. It looks like Number 10 is a witch, so it’s better to stand on this side. I think the Wolves are breaking down. This is a welfare bureau.”
      “Originally, I wanted to make 9 or 10 wolves step on wolves, but he actually went straight to Dialogue 9 to let him self-destruct. I feel that the two of them will not meet at night. Either 9 is a prophet,10 is a wolf,9 is a wolf,10 is a witch, and I choose to believe the latter,10 is a witch, then you will be eliminated from Number 9.”
      [Sheriff’s campaign finishes speaking, please start voting]
      #7 Chooses the upper ticket to player #5.
      Elected sheriff on the 5th.
      Christmas Eve last night.*

      Chapter 20 Sorry, I’m the witch

      Player [6], please speak.
      “My witch, last night’s Silverwater was player #4, and #10 received the check and killed the jumping witch. I can only ask you to be a wolf, and it might be a wolf beauty. I’ m not afraid that I’ ll eat poison at night, but I’ m afraid that I’ ll be poked by a knight during the day.”
      Yu Zifeng said calmly.
      The Wolf Beauty character’s skill was to take a person away after being banished or poisoned. However, if he was stabbed to death by a knight, he would not be able to take a person with him. Therefore, the Wolf Beauty was especially afraid of the knight stabbing himself.
      Number 10 was especially suited to the Wolf Beauty’s game. First, the Witch would find out the witch. He was n’ t afraid to eat poison anyway. He could even kill a good person, such as a prophet or a witch.
      All in all, as long as it wasn’t poked by a knight, Wolf Beauty was n’ t afraid of anything.
      “Actually, when I sent you a check and kill on the 9th, I thought that it might be a wolf stepping on a wolf, but a wolf stepping on a wolf, you don’ t know how to jump a witch, right? This fight is too fierce, especially when you talk to player 9, let him self-destruct. I think you two can’ t be two wolves.”
      “In my eyes, you’ re a jumping witch. You must be a wolf. Number 9 can only be a prophet. Even though he’s not talking well, I told him that Number 4 and 5 are not in a common relationship. He still has to go and test Number 4. I heard Number 8’s speech and it’s not good. It’s a bit like trying to beat Number 5. It’s either charging or barbs. He told me that Number 8 doesn’ t look like a wolf. It’s very different from my thoughts.”
      “But there’s nothing I can do about it. He’s the prophet who has a bad chat. If you don’ t jump the witch on number 10, I’ ll definitely choose to stand on the side of player number 5. After chatting so much, I’ d better click on the wolf pit.5,8,10,11. There might be forgiveness on the outside.”
      Yu Zifeng had a helpless expression on his face. Fortunately, Number 10 had killed the witch. Otherwise, he would have to stand on the wrong side of the game. Now that he was a witch, the chances of a good person winning were high.
      “Sure enough, Captain 12 said that there would be two witches in this game. I didn’ t expect a single word to come true.”
      The good people on the field frowned. No matter if Player 6 was on the police or off the police, their statements were very correct. He was like a good person. If he was a wolf, there was no need for him to fight with Witch 10. After all, if he hid and hit the barb, it wouldn’t be possible for anyone to get it.
      Even if they had to jump a witch, there were still two wolves on the outside. They could jump out of Number 6. The Wolves’ losses were too great.
      “Who is a witch?”
      The good people frowned. In the state of #10, speaking and logic, and judging from the Wolves’ earnings,#6 was more like a witch.
      Player [7], please speak.
      “I’ m standing at the side of player 5. I think player 6 is a wolf and 10 is a witch. The silver water he sent is too coincidental.4 is gold water of 5. He sent another silver water, feeling like he was lying to player 4.”
      Number 7 said seriously,” And just as he said, player number 9 has the wrong perspective. How can he pick up a prophet?I listened for a round and the wolf pits should be 6,8,9,11,2 and 3 fault tolerance.”
      When the wolf pit appeared, a strange expression appeared on the faces of the good people.
      The Wolf Pit at point 6 was 5,8,10,11, and the Wolf Pit at point 7 was 6,8,9, and 11. Of these,8, and 11 players were actually hit into the Wolf Pit at the same time. It was too strange.
      In reality, if they hadn’t been standing differently, the Wolf Pit would have been the same.
      Player [8], please speak.
      “I might stand on the side of player 5, but I feel that player 7 is a barb. The player in front of player 6 jumps witches, and points me and 11 are wolves. In the end, you also point me and 11 are wolves, but you two are completely different from each other. How can you point me and 11 into the wolf pit at the same time?”
      Player 8 said coldly,” In other words, Player 6 is a wolf. Will he sell two wolf teammates to good people?Can’t you?So you stand side player 5. The wolf pit is wrong. You should be barbarian wolf 7.”
      “The wolf pit I ordered was 6,7,9,11, or 12. I didn’ t want to go into the wolf pit with 11, but the two wolves were frantically fighting 11. I felt that they might be making an identity for 11, so number 5, go and test 11 or 12. I feel that the last wolf is among them.”
      Number 8 looked full of confidence. He felt that his logic was correct. Although Number 6 had a good chat, he even thought that Number 6 was a good person, but he did not believe that Number 6 was a witch.
      And #7. Even though he voted for the badge to #5, half of the wolf pits he ordered were the same as #6. Isn’t that bullshit?How could a person who even stood by a different side point out a similar wolf pit?There was only one possibility. Both of them were wolves.*

      Chapter 21 Knight who shows himself to death

      Player 9, please speak.
      “First click on the wolf pit,5,7,8,10. I didn’ t want to order him into the wolf pit, but he did all the bandit work. The witch is a wolf, get the bandit ticket and stand on the wrong side. I don’ t believe that a good person would help the wolf rush.”
      “The most important thing is, he doesn’t have a disc. Why am I not a prophet? Why is Number 5 a prophet in his mind? He only says that Number 6 is right. Why do n’ t you recognize him as a witch?#6 If he formed a wolf teammate with me, why should he tell me the bad things I talked about?”
      Number 9 said angrily,” So, this only shows one problem. I don’ t meet player number 6. He’s a witch, and I’ m a prophet. Number 10 is a wolf-hopping witch. You, number 7, stand on the side without logic. You should be a charging wolf.”
      “As for player number 8, playing 6 or 7 is double wolves stepping on each other as identities. It’s even more ridiculous. Your brain is too big.6 or 7 is obviously the absolute opposite. From the conversation between number 7 and number 6, they can’ t be double wolves. If you play them double wolves, then aren’ t you a wolf?”
      “I’ ll talk to the Knight again here. Player 10 is likely to be the Wolf Beauty. I think Witch Plate 6 is right. He’s not afraid of poison at night, but he’s obviously afraid that the Knight will poke him, so 80% of him is likely to be the Wolf Beauty. Trust me, you won’ t die if you poke him.”
      Player [10], please speak.
      “Hahaha, this game is really amazing. I don’ t need to talk too much nonsense. I’ ll click Wolf Pit,8,9,11. I’ ll find another external player. Number 7 must be a good person.”
      The good people on the field were stunned when they heard the wolf pit that was pointed out by #10. There was no #6 in his wolf pit?What does that mean?Besides, why must Number 7 be a good person?
      “That’s right. I’ m not a witch. Number 6 is a witch. That’s not the point. Let’s focus on why Number 7 is a good person.First, I sent Silverwater to Player 7. If he was a wolf, he would know that I was not a witch. Because I reported the wrong Silverwater, then he would definitely choose to charge up at this time and never choose to barb.”
      “He chose to vote for Player 5, which means that he is a closed-eye view. He recognized me as a witch, so he went to Pan 6 to be a wolf. This is consistent with the view of a closed-eye player. If it was a wolf, he would not have said that.”
      Hearing Player 10’s words, everyone felt that there was indeed a point, but the question was, why did you jump on the witch?Your logic was built on the fact that you were a good man, what if you were a wolf?
      Then, are we good guys allowed to play 5,7, and 10 as three-headed wolves? What if you send your teammates a random silver water hint that he is charging?
      “Next comes the most exciting part. I’ m on duty to investigate why the Wolves jumped the witches. I’ m afraid that the Wolves will self-destruct. I’ m jumping the witches. Although the Wolves feel tricky, they will still let go and send someone out to jump the witches. Unfortunately, the Wolves didn’ t jump. Instead, the real witches came out.”
      “But it doesn’ t matter. I found three Definitive Wolves 8,9,11, and a player of Iron Goodman 7. The remaining wolf will be left to your Prophet and Witch. I’ m going to soar, brothers.”
      “Take your life, number 8.”
      In the next moment, Number 10 flipped the card. He was actually a knight. Number 8 was actually a good person, and he himself was directly shot to death. This was embarrassing.
      “It’s a bit miserable.”
      Seeing this, Yu Zifeng smiled shamelessly.
      Actually, not only Yu Zifeng, all the players on the field were amused by Number 10, including the Werewolf.
      Although he had stabbed himself to death, he had to admit that Number 10 was playing a show that made his head feel numb.
      Player 10, please leave your last words.
      “Eh, I don’t know what to say. Number 8 is actually a good person?”Then I’ ll have to re-discover the wolf pit.9,11,12, then 1,2,3, and then open a wolf, number 5. Your badge flow was originally 8,12. Now I’ ll change it to 12,3. Since number 8 is a good person, when I’ m done, number 9 will definitely choose to self-destruct. You’ ll follow the badge I changed for you tonight.”
      “If he doesn’ t self-destruct, I think you should still follow the badge I changed for you. Because he doesn’ t self-destruct, it might be his wolf teammate. He wants to change it when you speak, but you must not change it, okay?”
      It has to be said that the knight on the 10th really broke his heart for good people to win.
      However, what he said was very reasonable. Under normal circumstances,10 flips was a knight, so Number 9 would have to self-destruct. There was no need to continue acting, unless there was a wolf in the police badge that was changed by the Prophet.
      Of course, if No.9 didn’t self-destruct, there was another possibility. It was the Wolf Beauty. The Wolf Beauty could n’ t self-destruct, but the Wolf Team would definitely not send the Wolf Beauty out to jump. If the Knight poked him, and he couldn’t even activate his skills, the Wolf Team would lose a lot.
      After leaving his last words on the 10th, the speech process continued during the day.*

      Chapter 22 Werewolf Beauty Dare to Come Out?

      Player [11], please speak.
      Number 9 decisively chose to self-destruct and enter the night.
      Prophecy, please open your eyes, please choose the person you want to examine……
      Witch please open your eyes, are you going to use poison?
      Guard, please open your eyes, please choose the person you want to guard……
      It was dawn.
      Last night 11 or 5 rewinds, no last words.
      Please player #5 choose to hand over or rip off the badge.
      In the next second, Number 5 handed over the badge to Player 4, indicating that Player 12 was a kill.
      Player [3], please speak.
      “The badge is given to player number 4. It doesn’ t have to be a check. If he doesn’ t self-destruct, it’s probably a wolf beauty. Last night,5 or 11 pairs died,5 knives were eaten,11 poison was definitely eaten. The 11 probability is that a wolf left, but I was wondering if it was possible to guard the right person last night. Number 5 was killed by 11?”
      When Number 3 said that, the good people on the field couldn’t help but have their eyes lit up. That’s right. If Number 11 was a Wolves Beauty, last night, the blade was at Witch Number 6, and the guards were on guard. However, because Number 6 poisoned Number 11, and even Number 5 players, it was only because of that that that the pair of 5 and 11 died.
      This is also possible, although the probability is small.
      “Forget it. Why are you thinking so much? Since the 9th and 11th Wolves are gone, the 12th is going to kill them again. The 4th,6th,7th and 8th on the field are good people. Wouldn’t the last wolf be in 1 and 2?Pushed player #12 first today and got up 1 or 2 P tomorrow. Over.”
      Player [2], please speak.
      “1,2PK, I hear you #3 is like a wolf.#12 is in #5’s first badge stream, and #9 chose to self-destruct. Are n’ t you afraid that #12 will be tested?He must be a wolf beauty ok?”What’s more, I think he should have been the No.6 witch last night. If we push 12 off, the witches will have to die together. If the remaining wolf purses to see who is the guard, won’ t the good guys lose?”
      Number 2 said in a deep voice,” That’s why I don’ t push 12 today, push one from 1 and 3. I’ m biased towards 3 being the wolf. I’ m a good person. As long as you can recognize me in 4,6, and 8, the good person will win this game.”
      This was interesting. Only two people spoke and two different opinions appeared.
      One wanted to push 12 today, while the other wanted to push in the wolf pit. In fact, there was a certain reason. You couldn’t say that No.2 would n’ t push 12 to kill him. He was a wolf. You couldn’t say that No.3 would push 12, so he could n’ t be a wolf teammate with No.12.
      True, false, false, who knows what the wolf is thinking at this time?
      Player [1], please speak.
      “There should still be two wolves on the field right now. One of the 12th was killed and the other 2nd and 3rd were killed. In fact, I’m more inclined to lose the 12th today. The more the beauty of the wolf, the more it will suffer. Today, he’s a witch, but if he joins the guard tomorrow, won’t the good guys lose?”That’s why I think the 12 is the safest. The Wolves haven’ t found any guards yet, right?”
      Number 1 pondered for a moment before continuing,” Moreover, if we push outside, and if we push the good guys out, then we’ ll lose completely. So to be on the safe side, I think we’ ll still get number 12.”
      Number 1 was obviously a player seeking stability. He didn’t think it was any good to bring Witch Number 6 with him after 12 out. After all, the wolves had n’ t found a guard yet, but if they pushed in 2 or 3 and the good guy was out, the Wolves would have three strikes. It was hard for the good guys to not lose.
      Player [12], please speak.
      “Since that’s the case, I’ ll have a showdown. That’s right, I’ m Wolf Beauty. All the good people behind me will take my status. If I don’ t take my status, I’ ll send you out. Number 6, I even had you last night. I originally wanted to kill you, but it’s better to think about it. Let’s go ahead and kill the Prophet. As expected, the guards didn’ t go to guard him. We’ ve arrived in a good mood.”
      No.12 knew that he could no longer argue after receiving No.5’s attack, so he started to let himself go. No matter if the good guy pushed him or not, he did n’ t care.
      “I’ m not afraid to tell you that my wolf teammate is very safe right now. I won’ t be pushed back in at least two rounds. You good guys will lose in this game, hahaha. Also, number 11 is a good guy. You poisoned number 6. I said there are three wolves on the field now. Do you believe me?”
      No.12 was very proud, but no one knew if he was pretending or if it was true. This was a psychological battle. He said that No.11 was that the good guys were poisoned wrong. Wasn’ t it just to disturb Yu Zifeng’s perspective or shake the good guys’ confidence?
      In addition, he said that his wolf teammates were safe now. Wasn’t that just pointing at player 7?But the logic of the 10th knight plate was right. The 7th was a wolf. In the event that he reported the wrong silver water, he would definitely not give the ticket to the prophet.
      Of course, this was positive logic. You had to counter logic. Number 7 was a wolf, but he had to do the opposite?Is that possible?Sure has, but the odds are too slim.
      To put it bluntly, werewolf killing was a game of positive and negative logic. No matter how it was played, it would depend on which one you were willing to believe.*

      Chapter 23#4 Are you a guard?

      Player [8], please speak.
      “What do we do?Will it go straight out 12 or will it go out 1,2,3?”If I get out of 1,2, and 3, I think that the last wolf might be out of 1,3, and 2 will be released temporarily, because I think that he’s a wolf. Just follow Feng 3 and say 12. There’s no need to leave things behind.”
      Number 8 had a point, but it wasn’t absolute. What if the Wolves played against the good guys?And the good guy just used that to protect him, wouldn’ t that be right in his heart?
      “Number 6, do you think you want to give out 12?”After all, I’ d like to hear from you. Who do you think is more like a wolf?”
      Player [7], please speak.
      “I’ m a good person. Although I hit you 6 or 8 wrong when I was under the police, my perspective was like this. I recognized Number 5 as a prophet, you didn’ t recognize it, and even jumped the witch with Number 10. That’s why I called you 6 a wolf.”
      “As for player #8, your police use the so-called feeling to fight #5 is not a prophet, and then use position to learn to fight him is not a prophet. I think only wolves use these false logic to fight people, so I want you to be a wolf. I want you to talk about me being a wolf. If you think you can, please recognize me as a good person. If you think you can’ t, I will continue to watch until you recognize me, can you?”
      “As for whether or not player 12 will be released today, I think it’s possible to do so. What if you push it outside and push it to a good person?Therefore, we must not take this risk. Moreover, we all thought better of everything. Wan-112 was not Wolf Beauty. Was he pretending to be Wolf Beauty?Wouldn’t we have fallen for it if we had n’ t pushed him?”
      Player 7’s speech caused the good people on the field to feel hopeful. Yeah, what if Number 12 wasn’ t Wolf Beauty?If he didn’t push him, would n’ t all the good people be fooled by him?
      Player [6], please speak.
      “Do you still have to think about it?”It’s a fool to kill someone, but it’s a fool to not kill someone. Of course, it’s a fool to kill someone. He can’ t even kill me, he can’ t even kill me. Even I’ m better than a guard, right? He can’ t kill me, I’ m out, and good people can still play. If he can’ t kill a guard, he’ ll be completely cold, so Number 12 must be here today.”Yu Zifeng said decisively.
      As long as the Wolf Beauty was caught, he could not stay. The longer he stayed, the more trouble he would have. This was the same as Number 1, so Number 1 should not be a wolf.
      “As for the last wolf, I think that in 2 or 3, number 3 might be a bit bigger than player 2’s bandit face. But to be honest, I really didn’ t tell who was 2 or 3.”
      As he spoke, Yu Zifeng changed the topic,” For Number 7, you guys don’ t move her anymore. I listened to his speech, the logic of the game, his ticket type, and the side of the station. He doesn’ t look like a wolf. If the good guys want to win this game, they can’ t go to the game. Number 7 is a wolf because the rounds aren’ t enough, understand?”
      Yu Zifeng carefully analyzed player 7. There were no problems whether they were speaking, voting or standing on the side. Plus, the logic of Knight Protection 7 was correct, so 99% of player 7 was not a wolf. If so, the good guys could only lose.
      Player [4], please speak.
      “Everyone that should have talked has already talked. Today, it must be player number 12. No matter if he is Wolf Beauty or not, no matter who he is connected to, no one can guarantee that he will be able to fight the Wolf. Therefore, we have no choice.”
      “Let’s do it. Out of 12, we’ ll go back tomorrow to play who is the last wolf. I have the same opinion as Witch 6. I put down Number 7 and look for the last wolf in 1,2, and 3. In fact, everyone is a little optimistic. We haven’ t found the last wolf right now, but they haven’ t found any guards. Let’s see who can hide.”
      Number 4’s speech was very brief. It was only a few dozen seconds before the banishment vote began.
      1.2,3,4,6,7,8 Vote for Player 12.
      12 Vote for Player 4.
      Player 12 is out.
      However, when No.12 was banished, No.4 was also eliminated.
      “It’s Number 4. Why not the witch naked on the table?”Could it be that they’ re guarding #4?”
      This was something that all the good people were worried and worried about, but Number 12 quickly answered them.
      Player 12, please leave your last words.
      “On the first night, you were number six. Originally, I told my teammates to attack you first, but in the end, they had to attack 4. Sigh, if they attacked you first, we would definitely win this game. Unfortunately.”
      That was no wonder. Although the Wolf Beauty could connect people, it could not connect with one person for two consecutive days. On the first night, he connected with number 6, so he naturally could not connect with number 6 last night.
      “Player 4, are you a guard? I’ m sure you’ re a guard. I’ m sure you’ re not a guard, so I didn’ t even have an 8. You’ re not a guard. Wait until your last words tell me if you’ re a guard. Anyway, my wolf teammate will definitely go to Witch Blade 6 at night. No matter if you admit it or not, he will go to Witch Blade 6, so tell me the truth Are you a guard?”
      Player 12 was looking forward to telling him that he was the guard, so the Wolves would win, and he was definitely the MVP.*

      Chapter 24 Guards finally watch out for Christmas Eve

      Player [4], please leave your last words.
      “That really disappointed you, player 12. I’ m not a guard, I’ m just a citizen. However, to be able to help the Witches guard block this death, I feel that my contribution has been achieved. I’ ll see if you witches and guards can capture the last wolf.”
      Number 4 smiled and said,” Number 6, I’ ll give you the badge. Don’ t disappoint me. In the end, I’ ll say that a good person will win. Come on.”
      After saying that, Number 4 handed over the badge to Yu Zifeng before entering the night.
      Dark sky please close your eyes!
      Prophets, please open your eyes……
      Witch, please open your eyes……
      Werewolves, please open your eyes, please choose who you want to kill……
      It was dawn.
      Christmas Eve last night.
      Player [3], please speak.
      “F*ck! As soon as Christmas Eve comes out, willn’t the good guys win?”The guards are here, the witches are here, the Ming Goodman No.8 is here, and the person who has been recognized as a good man No.7 is here. How could the Wolves lose?”
      Number 3 was very happy. He didn’t expect Christmas Eve to happen. Originally, he was still complaining in his heart about why the guards did n’ t go to watch the Prophets, so Number 5 would be able to test another Celestial, but now, he only felt like the Guard Show.
      “Let’s play with our identity in this game. I’ m a citizen here. I think that in 1 or 2, it’s probably that wolf. Yesterday, he actually wanted to go out on the outside. I do n’ t think it’s a good person’s mentality. If there’s a clear wolf on the field, you can go out on the outside and get out on the outside. Where’s the good person?What if the guard is pushed out?”
      Obviously, Number 3 was very dissatisfied with the idea that Player 2 was going to play outside yesterday. This was not a safe way to play. No good person would take such a great risk to play outside. Only the Wolves would bet like this. Once the bet was right, they would win. If the bet was wrong, then there was no way. In any case, the Wolves would have very little chance of winning.
      Player [2], please speak.
      “No.3, you’re a wolf, are n’ t you? I was afraid that No.12 was Wolf Beauty’s No.6 witch yesterday?Is this a good guy mentality, you tell me?If I were a wolf, I wouldn’t say 12?A wolf that was checked and killed, or wolf beauty, do I have to go and protect him again?”Is it bad to just push him off as an identity?”
      Number 2 said in a low voice,” But it doesn’t matter. Yesterday Christmas Eve, the two gods, three people, and one wolf on the field. The good guys should have three rounds left. Why did they win?If I’m unlucky out this round, hopefully get up tomorrow and you guys can get player #3 out.”
      “As for player #1, to be honest, I don’ t want to play him as a wolf anymore, because the player #3 hit me too hard and wanted to push me out. I think he should be the last wolf.”
      “There’s player #6, you’ re a witch. I hope you can think about it a bit more. Before, we didn’ t have enough rounds, and player #7 was a wolf. But now that Christmas Eve is out, we have three rounds. Should you think about whether this player #7 can be released?”
      “Of course, I was originally in the anti-push position, and I still suspected that Number 7 was already recognized. This will definitely cause him to feel disgust. However, I am a good person, not a wolf, so I don’ t need to cringe. I have to explain what I think or what I’ m worried about.”
      Number 3’s speech was very righteous. His current state was really like a good person who could think nonsense, but he did n’ t have any logic in playing Number 7. Why could Number 7 become a wolf?You have to say your reasons ah, you don’t say reasons, just say results, so there is no point.
      Player [1], please speak.
      “I’ m a guard. I’ m a guard on the first day, and I’ m also a guard on the second day. I didn’ t go to the Werewolves last night. If they were Dao Prophets, I would go to the witches at night. If they were Dao witches, I would go to the Prophets. Anyway, I’ ll keep a Christmas Eve for sure. That’s what I always do with guards.”
      Number 1 said unhurriedly,” Right now, there are only 2,3, and 7 left on the field. Right? Number 7 player’s identity preference, then 2, and 3 will follow. If it isn’ t over, then 7 will win against the good guys. I don’ t know what the werewolves are holding on to.”
      Number 1 was right. As soon as Christmas Eve came out, the Wolves wouldn’t have to fight. Even if he could defend against two good people being knocked out, he would n’ t have a chance.
      But werewolves don’t self destruct. What can you do?
      “Alright, I’ ll stop talking nonsense. After that, you can return to number 6.”
      Player [8], please speak.
      “You can return the ticket for number 6. If player number 1 dares to jump the guard at that position, he must be the guard. We good people have three rounds, so let’s follow it. I won’ t analyze who is the wolf and who is the good person.”
      Player [7], please speak.
      “I’m not a guard. Player 2 is stepping on me as a wolf, but he does n’ t look like a wolf when I hear him speak. If he’s a wolf, it’s fine if he hits 3 or 1. If he wants to hit me, isn’t that courting death?So I think the last wolf should be player #3.”
      Player 7 recognized player 2 as not a wolf, not based on logic, but based on his actions. He really did not look like a wolf.
      He felt that the wolf would not come to attack him at this time, let alone say that he would be out in the round yesterday. It would be easy to put him in the defensive position, so why?
      So, that wolf at the end should be #3.
      Player [4], please speak.
      “The last wolf is player #2. Haven’t you guys figured out why he sent someone out yesterday?”
      Yu Zifeng smiled and said,” I didn’ t tell who was the wolf in number 2 or 3 before number 12 was eliminated, but when number 4 was eliminated, I came back to my senses. He knew that number 12 didn’ t even have me, so he wanted to take the risk of stealing a round to say that there was an outside player, so that number 12 would have a chance to even have me number 6. For that, even if he was eliminated, it’s fine, understand?”
      “The reason why he didn’ t play #1 today and instead went to play #7 was because he had a counter mentality. As expected, you followed his train of thought. All you can say is that you still have too little thought. When you went to play #1 and he was a wolf, he wouldn’ t come to kill you, you were already fooled.”
      “This is psychological warfare, I have to say player #2 plays great, although he is the head wolf, ok, the game is over, the sheriff returns to ticket player #2.”
      1.3,6,7 And 8 to vote for player number 2.
      2 Vote for Player 1.
      Player 2 is out.
      [Game over, good guys win ]*

      Chapter 25 12 Man Wolf king magician

      This game MVP is player witch number 6 and can earn 2 gold coins.
      Player of the good camp in this game can receive 1 gold coin.
      This game waswolf camp player deducts 2 gold coins.
      As the System’s voice sounded, everyone turned their gazes to Yu Zifeng, their faces filled with envy.
      However, they were convinced that Yu Zifeng had not only poisoned a wolf, but also killed the Deepwater Wolf #2. The MVP was right.
      However, the four players from the Werewolf camp were miserable. They spent 8 points to participate in the game, but they were eliminated in the first round. They wanted to cry.
      After exiting the game, Yu Zifeng received a message from the system.
      [After two hours, the next inning will begin and absence is considered an automatic waiver of the game, be sure to plan the time]
      “Two hours?”Little meaning.”
      Yu Zifeng smiled disapprovingly. He had just graduated from college this year and had yet to find a job or a girlfriend. He had plenty of free time, so he could afford to wait for four hours, not to mention two.
      “This game is really forcing people to bet. If you play normally, you won’ t even be able to win the MVP.”
      Using this two-hour waiting time, Yu Zifeng carefully studied the rules of the game.
      There were a total of ten rounds. After the ten rounds ended, the player who accumulated the most gold coins was the champion. Normally speaking, if you were to take MVP the next time, you would only have 22 gold coins accumulated.
      And this premise is also based on your winning streak of 10 rounds, secondary MVP situation, but winning streak of 10 rounds is possible?Almost impossible to do.
      This was a team game. Perhaps you played it yourself very well, even four wolves in one round, but the other good people didn’t necessarily recognize you as a good person. Even if they recognized you as a good person, they did n’ t necessarily recognize you as a wolf pit. Therefore, winning ten rounds in a row was even harder than reaching heaven.
      Hence, if he wanted to get more gold coins, he had to place a bet.
      To put it bluntly, it was a gamble.
      Yu Zifeng saw that the rules said that players could choose whether or not to bet and how much to bet on the first night after they got their cards (the maximum bet per game was 3 gold coins). This was a bit better. If they were to bet before opening the cards, they would really look at their faces.
      “Now I have 4 gold coins. If my trump card is suitable, then I’ ll bet.”
      Yu Zifeng thought to himself.
      What is a trump card appropriate?
      In Yu Zifeng’s opinion, as long as they weren’ t civilians, their trump cards were basically suitable.
      However, there were many werewolves that killed people. Some werewolves were strong, and werewolves had little space to survive. It was easy for good people to win, but some werewolves were weak and had little forgiveness. They might lose by pushing the wrong person. If they could get the werewolves, this kind of board would undoubtedly be the best.
      In two hours time.
      [Player Yu Zifeng is invited to prepare and start the second round]
      [This game is the Wolf King Magic Master]
      Yu Zifeng raised his eyebrows. This trump card was definitely the most showy.
      The Magician was a member of the good man camp. His skill was to exchange positions for two people every night. For example, the Prophet first checked that Player 1 was a good person, and you had to exchange Player 1 and Player 2 that night. In fact, the Prophet was not a good person but a good person.
      By the same token, if the Wolves wanted to go to the good guys at night, and you guessed exactly who they wanted the knife to and traded it with the werewolves, it would be the werewolves who died during the day, not the good guys they had stabbed last night.
      Therefore, the magician’s trump card was definitely the best. He could let the werewolves “kill themselves” every day until they killed all of their own people.
      Of course, the magician’s skills had limitations. It was because the two people who had already been manipulated could not be manipulated for the second time.
      [12 Man Wolf King Magic Master]
      Dark Card – Tu Bian – Sheriff
      Configuration: Wolf King +3 wolves +4 min + pre female hunter magician
      Witch: Can’t save yourself all the way
      Pingback: PK one round statement
      Time to speak:120
      Sheriff: Deciding on order of speech,150 seconds to speak, with 1.5 vote
      Self-destruction: Double explosion swallowing police emblem
      “Your identity is a magician.”
      Yu Zifeng grinned when he saw his identity card.
      This system was really too good for him. The first game was given to the witch and this game was given to the magician. He did not know if he had such good luck in the next game.
      [Please all players choose whether to bet]
      “Bet 2 gold coins.”
      This was the upper limit that Yu Zifeng could place a bet on. He only had 4 gold coins, of which 2 gold coins was the bottom point. This could not be moved because the party losing each game would have to deduct 2 gold coins.
      The remaining gold coins were at Yu Zifeng’s disposal, so he said that betting 2 gold coins was his limit.
      [Confirmed the number of gold coins bet by all players in this bureau, the game begins]
      Dark sky please close your eyes!
      Magician, please open your eyes, please select the object you wish to exchange…
      Prophet, please open your eyes. Please choose the target you want to examine. TA’s identity is……
      Witch please open your eyes, the one who died last night was TA, are you going to use the antidote?Are you going to use poison?*

      Chapter 26: Stimulus’s Police Officer

      It was dawn!
      The player who wanted to run for sheriff would have the light on before he got up.
      [There are 2,4,7,8,12]
      “There are so few people on the police?”
      Yu Zifeng was a little surprised. There were a total of 11 people on the board of the beautiful knight of the wolf, almost causing the badge to be lost. In the end, there were only five people on the board this time. The difference was really not ordinary.
      [Randomly speaking in order starting with player #4]
      “Huh?I am actually the first to speak?”
      Yu Zifeng felt very uncomfortable. That’s right, he was player #4. However, he wanted to tell who was the prophet in the final speech. This first speech was also a hammer.
      “No.4’s speech was n’ t a prophet. I took a look at it. There are very few people on the police. There are only five of them. I’m on the police to distinguish the prophet, but I did n’ t expect to be the first to speak. It’s really uncomfortable. Since that’s the case, I won’t chat about anything. No matter how much I talk about it, it’s nonsense. There’s no logical basis. I do n’ t want to make a blind guess. For example, a few wolves on the police, a few wolves on the police. I don’t think such a guess makes any sense.”
      Yu Zifeng happily chatted for a while and then passed. If he had known that, he might as well have stayed under the police to vote.
      Player [7], please speak.
      “8. Check and kill. Under the double pressure of the police badge,11 and 3.”
      Player 7 opened his mouth and threw a check at Number 8, who hadn’t spoken before. There was nothing wrong with the badge stream choosing a double-press police.
      “Touching 8 doesn’t have much of a heart path. It’s just a casual touch by my side. I didn’t expect a wolf’s hair. I think he’s going to jump with me in the same spot. This makes me feel a little uncomfortable. If we kill the wolf and jump with me again, it’s equivalent to my last night’s inspection being crippled. We might as well touch a golden water.”
      Number 7 continued with a regretful tone,” There aren’t many people on the police. There are only five of them. I think the police will have at most two wolves, or even a lone wolf on the police. If there are three wolves or even four wolves on the police, player number 4, who spoke in front of me, will definitely kill me. However, he has n’ t made any moves, so let it go for now. The police will listen to him again and see where he stands.”
      “As for Number 12 and Number 2, I can listen to the comments. If the two of them are players Number 8’s teammates, I think I can definitely hear them. I told you werewolves that if you want to win this game, you can hook me. Especially if your teammates are killed by me and jump in place, the charge will only break your team and the barb will win.”
      Hearing Number 7’s speech, Yu Zifeng smiled.
      It didn’t matter if he was a prophet or not, this kind of speech was very impressive to a good person. The werewolves who were still talking seriously were going to hook him. It was pretty.
      “In addition, I’ll talk to the people under the police. I left the 11th and 3rd badge casually. I’ ll definitely change the badge after the police listen to a round of speeches. I didn’t leave the person with the badge. Whether you’ re a good person or a werewolf, I hope you can give me a vote. I’m a prophet and I really want the badge, especially if I found a wolf on the first night and he wanted to jump with me.”
      “Yes, it really looks like a prophet.”
      Yu Zifeng thought to himself.
      Number 7 was in a very full state. He showed that he had no choice but to jump with him the first night of the investigation and wanted the badge.
      He had no problems with his logic or his dialogue with the police.
      “But I still need to hear more.”
      Yu Zifeng did not dare to believe that Number 7 was that prophet. After all, the people who could participate in the competition were all experts. Naturally, there was no need to mention his acting skills. He believed that a wolf could perform in that state, but it was just a little difficult.
      Player [8], please speak.
      “Prophet No.8, last night’s test was 9. Goldwater, and the police badge was double-pressed by Chief 12 and 2.”
      Number 8 said in a heavy tone,” The sheriff is just a little bit of a person. The person who hasn’t spoken has been killed by Number 7. There’s no doubt that he was thrown at the Prophet’s side. The key is that he’s still accurately thrown and he’s certain that I will jump in place. This means that at least one of his teammates in the 12th and 2nd positions will be fired. Even two of them are wolves. Otherwise, how can he be sure that I will jump in place?”
      Number 8’s point of view was correct. The police officer picked up the investigation and killed him. Naturally, he would suspect that the police officer had set up Duo Lang, who were the players 12 and 2.
      And what he said was also reasonable. He was a prophet. Number 7 had given him a check and was certain that he would jump in place. This meant that Number 7 knew that he must be a prophet, and then Number 12 and Number 2 were all wolves. Otherwise, why would he be so certain?
      However, he said it again. This logic was based on the premise that #8 was a prophet. On the other hand,#7 was a true prophet. Last night, he had touched #8 as a wolf. The wolf would definitely choose to jump in place. How could he sell another wolf teammate out? Wasn’t that crazy?
      Therefore, Number 7 was certain that Number 8 would jump in place, so there was no problem.
      “I want to speak to the good people in the audience. I’m a prophet, and I’ m not jumping in place. I hope you guys can think about it from my perspective. Is there a problem with my perspective? Is Number 7 fighting against a prophet? And I’m judging that Number 7 is still the Wolf King. The next 12 or 2 should all be Little Wolves. You can also listen to what they say. They do n’ t look like wolves.”
      Number 8’s tone was very anxious. It really looked like a prophet who had been killed by a werewolf. He was afraid that because of the so-called jumping in place, no good person would stand by his side.
      He didn’t know how to express it so that the good guys could believe that he was a prophet. He felt that the situation of the good guys was very passive. If the good guys did n’ t turn around and follow the No.7 wolf, the game would be over.*

      Chapter 27 hidden or selling?

      Player [12], please speak.
      “Number 8 really jumped in place. I’m with Player 2 as a teammate of Player 7. Do you think the Wolves will be so obviously selling their teammate just to kill you?The players present weren’t novices. A so-called kill could n’ t allow all good people to stand by his side, but this kill would sell two teammates. Do you think it’s worth it?”
      Number 12’s speech was not without reason. If the three wolves of 7,12, and 2 were on the police, Number 7 would directly kill the Prophet, and he was certain that he would jump on the spot. Wouldn’ t it be obvious that he would sell 12 and 2?
      So, the logic of the #8 set wasn’t right. Although his perspective was no problem, the Wolves would n’ t do such a stupid thing in terms of earnings.
      “Number 8, have you ever thought that the reason Number 7 said that was to create an illusion for the good guys. Twelve or two are his wolf teammates?Why else would he stress over and over again that you would jump in place?”Is he afraid that the perspective he’s selling isn’ t clear enough?”
      “Moreover, player 7 is a wolf. Since he chose to jump, he will put himself into the perspective of the Prophet. In his position, regardless of whether you jump or not, he can only say that. There is no other choice because he doesn’ t say that you jump, he is a wolf. Have you ever thought about that?”
      Player 12 said seriously,” You didn’ t think about it. You only think that players 12 and 2 are going to open players 7’s wolf teammates, either one or two. Don’ t you think you’ re thinking too little?”
      “I’ll tell you the truth. In terms of speaking status, you’ re not as good as Player 7. In terms of logic, you can’t do it either, especially if you’ re still holding on to your hat, but aren’t you a prophet?”That’s hard to say. You have the face of a prophet. Frankly speaking, there’s nothing wrong with your perspective, but you really have too little thought.”
      Hearing Number 12’s speech, Yu Zifeng marked him a good person.
      That’s right. Player 8 did have too little thought. He was a prophet, so he would definitely want Number 7 to send him a check and be sure that he would jump in place. Was it just to sell his Wolf teammates 12 and 2?
      This was definitely impossible. That was another level of logic. Player 7 wanted good people to think that 7,12, and 2 were three wolves. That was why Number 8 would kill them. As the most clear-eyed prophet, Number 8 just followed the logic of the wolves. It was no wonder Number 12 said that he little thought.
      In addition, once No.8 went to the plate and No.12 and No.2 were No.7’s Wolf teammates, they would definitely be disgusted by the two of them. At that time, they would still stand by No.8’s side?In case both of them had made out their identities to prove that they were good people, wouldn’t number 8 be talking about themselves to death?
      “I believe that player number 7 is a prophet. I’ m not satisfied with the number 8, but I won’ t kill you. I hope you can speak properly. Think about what I said.”
      Player [2], please speak.
      “I heard that #12 is a good person, unlike wolves. I can clearly see that my trump card is also a good person, so the logic of #8 is wrong. The players of #12,#2 and #7 do not know each other, and I agree with the point of #12’s game. If #7 was a wolf, he was deliberately selling his views and defacing the two of us. Otherwise, with his logical level of speech, how could he reveal such a big flaw?”
      Number 2 got up and recognized Number 12 as a good person. That was right. After all, his speech was really good, and the logic and logic were all set for you. Even Number 7 was a wolf. Why did he stress that Number 8 would jump in place all over again and again? Was he not a good person?
      However, player #2 would follow player #12’s logic and not be able to recognize him as a good person. Of course, you could n’ t say that he was a werewolf. He could only be an X-identity. He needed the police to listen to him again, looking at his side and ticket type.
      “The police officer chose to stand by the side of player 7. I think that player 7 had a good chat and didn’t explode. Whether it was speaking or logic, it was very similar to the prophet in my mind. Especially when he said that he had been tested for nothing last night, that player 8 would definitely jump with him in place. It was very touching to me, as well as his desire for the badge. I think that the prophet has everything he should have.”
      “As for player #8, I’ ll talk to you again. The reason I’ m standing by #7 isn’ t because you’ re worried about jumping in place. It’s because your logic isn’ t right. Your thinking is too low. If you’ re a true prophet, I hope you can speak properly. Don’ t hit me as a wolf just because I’ m standing by #7. I have logic and reason to stand by. That’s all.”
      [Sheriff’s campaign finishes speaking, please start voting]
      1.5,6 And 11 to vote for player number 7.
      3 Vote for Player 8.
      9.10 Choose to discard your ticket.
      Player [7] was elected as sheriff.
      Christmas Eve last night.*

      Chapter 28 This is a wolf playing mentality

      Player [8], please speak.
      “After looking at the ticket pattern, even I, Jin Shui, abandoned the ticket. There’s only one #3 ticket for me. It doesn’ t matter if you’ re a good person or a wolf barb, or if I’ m out, I hope that the good person can make player #3 enter the final.”
      “To be honest, I’ m very uncomfortable with my Goldwater ticket rejection, but it doesn’ t matter. Perhaps you don’ t think I’ m talking like the prophet in your mind, right? In my position, I didn’ t even listen to the police officer’s speech. I can’ t order the wolf pit, but I, the police officer, should be a good person to listen to No.12’s speech. No.2 is logical to No.12, so he isn’ t necessarily a good person.”
      “Player 12, I think you’ re a good person, so I want to have a conversation with you. If you’ re the one who received the investigation and killed you at my position, do you want to play the police first and then set up the wolves? Or do you want to play Player 7 to intentionally sell your perspective first and want the good people who were placed outside to make the three of you into a common relationship?”
      “I admit, I really didn’ t expect that point of your plan. He emphasized over and over again that I would definitely jump in place. It really made me think that he already knew that I was a prophet, so naturally, I thought that you 12 and 2 were all wolves.”
      Player 8 said in a deep voice,” But I heard what you said. I don’ t look like a wolf. That proves that I really don’ t think enough. I’ ve figured it out now. The reason why Number 7 repeatedly emphasized that I would jump in place was to play with me. He was playing with the good people in the stadium. He brought my thinking into a misunderstanding. His purpose was to let me go to Plate 12 and 2 to be wolves, and then enter the wolf team through my hands.”
      “I have to say that this routine is truly exquisite. If it wasn’ t for the fact that you ordered it on the 12th, I would never have been able to do it. That’s why I said that I recognize you as a good person. If I’ m unlucky enough to be struck out by the werewolf, I hope that you can lead the good person to victory. There’s also player number 9, you’ re my golden water. If others don’ t give me a ticket, I think it’s unbelievable.”
      “I’ m a wolf. I was killed by the police. Will I throw gold water at the police?He must have lost his identity, right?Only way we Wolves would maximize the gains. What I die would be valuable, wouldn’t it?”
      After speaking for 120 seconds, Number 8 was very depressed. He mainly talked to Number 12 and his Goldwater Number 9 players. Although he did not order a wolf trap, it was understandable because there was really no way to order it. There were too many people who had not heard of it before.
      He could only guarantee the #3 player who gave him the ticket, regardless of whether the opponent was a wolf or not.
      Player [9], please speak.
      “I abandoned the ticket because you sent me Goldwater 8. If you don’ t send me Goldwater, I’ ll definitely give Player 7 the ticket. I listen to your statement. The logic isn’ t as good as Number 7, and the status isn’ t as good as others. How do you want me to stand by your side?”
      Player 9 was a girl with a very nice voice. She felt like a goddess. The reason she abandoned the ticket was because she had given him a golden water from Number 8. Otherwise, she would have given him a ticket. This kind of speech was obviously not something that Player 8 knew.
      “Also, at that time, the 12 or 2 you placed behind the police were probably all wolves, but after listening to the 12 or 2 statements, I felt that none of them were wolves. Especially player 12. I think he must be a good person, so your logic is wrong. How do you say I stand by your side?”
      Another soul question!
      Yu Zifeng was thinking that if Number 8 was truly that prophet, he would definitely regret having accepted Number 9.
      “If you don’t order a wolf trap, you’ ll be talking to No.12. Why are you talking to him? It’s not like he’s standing by your side or your golden water. He’s probably a good wolf. Are n’ t you talking to him funny?In your eyes, so many people on the bandit ticket had disappeared?”I can’ t stand by your side.”
      Hearing Player 9’s words, Yu Zifeng was thoroughly amused by her.
      No matter who 7 or 8 were the Prophets, Number 9 must be a good person. Number 8 was the Prophets, she was the Golden Water, and Number 8 was the Wolf. She would definitely not be with Number 8. There was no way she would be so angry with her wolf teammates, and she would not be afraid of ruining his mentality.
      Player [10], please speak.
      “I’ m a good person. I abandoned the ticket because I didn’ t know who was a prophet. Logically speaking, Number 7 spoke better and didn’ t explode. I should recognize him as a prophet. After all, Number 8 did jump in place. However, my intuition told me that Number 8 might be a prophet, although I didn’ t talk much.”
      “But I don’ t dare to give him a ticket. I’ m afraid that a good person will directly beat him into a charging wolf, so I might as well abandon the ticket. Under the police, I’ ll talk about my thoughts. I admire player 3 very much. I dare to give a ticket to player 8, regardless of whether he’s a wolf or a good person.”
      Number 10’s speech made people unable to grasp the point. He said that he could not distinguish between the Prophets and the Prophets. Then, he said that 8 could be the Prophets. If he didn’ t vote, he was afraid of being beaten into a charging wolf. What was there to be afraid of?As long as you’ re talking logically, even if you’ re a bandit, a good person wouldn’ t beat you like a wolf.
      Yu Zifeng felt that Number 10 should be a wolf. From the perspective of Number 7, Number 10 was a wolf that did not dare to charge. From the perspective of Number 8, Number 10 was a wolf that wanted to knock down the hook, but did not want him to take the badge. That was why he made up a reason to abandon the ticket.
      In any case, no matter what, anyone who recognized him as a prophet would have to enter the wolf pit.*

      Chapter 29: Charge or Charge?(Reward plus more)

      While Yu Zifeng was marking player #10 as a wolf, player #10 continued to speak,” Under the police, I listened to #9’s speech. I’ m a bit stronger than player #8, but you’ re his golden water. I won’ t mention you, but I think your requirements for #8 are too harsh. You said that he didn’ t order a wolf pit. He didn’ t even listen to the entire audience’s speech. How can I give you a wolf pit?”
      “His police officer said that the back positions 12 and 2 were wolves. I don’ t think it’s a problem. After all, he received the check and killed accurately. Moreover, Number 7 was certain that he would jump in place. If you were, would you doubt the identity of 12 and 2?”
      “As for the number 12 player on the police, he should be a good person after listening to his speech. His logic is quite correct, but the number 2 player is not certain. The number 2 player on the police can not open two wolves, but a wolf is also possible. You can not recognize number 2 while recognizing 12 as a good person.”
      Hearing Player 10’s words, Yu Zifeng rolled his eyes.” You’ re the head of the logic board. Then you should vote. Why don’ t you want to admit that 8 is a prophet and talk about 9?”
      The more Yu Zifeng heard this, the more he felt that this 10 was a wolf, and it was a Yin Yang inverted hook wolf. In this position, he said that the top 9 was playing number 8. Didn’t he mean to say that 8 or 9 might be two wolves, and that player number 9 was knocking down the hook?
      Player [11], please speak.
      “You guys just think too much. I think #7 must be a prophet.#8 is a wolf that was killed. He jumped on the spot.#9 sounds different from #8, so he should be a good person.#10 doesn’ t dare to stand on the side of #8, so what’s his intuition? I think he’s like a wolf.#12, I think he’s a good person.#2, X, needs to be tested. It’s that simple.”
      Number 11’s chat was clean and simple. It was only a few dozen seconds, but he said his side and pointed out the person who had already spoken in front of him. Which one was better or which one was not. It was much better than Number 10’s wobbly and random people.
      Player [12], please speak.
      “It’s a bit difficult. Number 8, your statement is much better than your statement. At least it makes me feel like your prophet is bigger, but I still believe that Number 7 is a prophet. However, I’ m not a leader. If Number 7 doesn’ t speak well and the wolf pit is wrong, I will naturally cast him out.”
      Number 12 took a deep breath and said,” The person who spoke in front of me, I think the worst is player number 10,9 should be a good person,11 can’ t be defined, but if you’ re a good person, I hope you don’ t have a head iron, there’s no harm in playing a few layers of logic. You said that 7 is definitely a prophet, I don’ t know how you played 7 is definitely a prophet, what if you stand on the wrong side?”
      “As for the #2 player on the police, I haven’ t heard that he’s a wolf yet. I’ ll hear what he’s saying later. If 7 is a prophet in this game, we’ re good guys. If 8 is a prophet, to be honest, the good guys will collapse.”
      “Also, how many wolves are on the police?You Pan 8 jumped in place, then is he the Wolf King?Why did the Wolf King issue Goldwater to the police and not investigate his identity?If he was a little wolf, what about the wolf king?”It’s impossible for the Wolf King to stay under the police. That’s too boring.”
      “Forget it, why do you have so many dishes? If Number 8 is out, let’s see if he can shoot him. If you can’ t shoot him, you can go to the police and find the wolf gun for me. If you can’ t find the 8, you have to be a prophet, because I think the Wolf King will definitely go to the police and do things. It’s impossible to stay under the police. If it’s not the Wolf King, then it’s the Wolf King.”
      Obviously, from Number 12’s speech, he was a little biased towards the Prophet. However, he knew that he could n’ t turn back the good guys, so he could only use this logic to tell the good guys that if he couldn’t fire the gun, he would prove that he was the Prophet and that he was the Wolf King.
      Player [1], please speak.
      “I’m standing at the side of Player 7, and it feels quite strange. Is Chat 7 better than 8?8 Did that jump in place?”No.7 is a wolf, so why don’ t you just call No.7 the Prophet? He killed No.8 player, and if No.8 is killed, he’s forced to jump. Moreover, the logic of the game isn’ t right. If the guard does not call out No.7 player’s Wolf Teammate, then he can only be a wolf.”
      Number 1 said impassionedly,” Number 9 took the 8 Goldwater. Look at her meaning that she is going to turn back the water. When the 8th is out, if you can fire a gun, it may be a barb. If you can not fire a gun, then the 9th will definitely be a good person.”
      “I heard that player 11 is very strange. It might be a barb, so I hope you can leave him with a badge. If you’ re a good person, you’ ll take the badge and lead the team. If you’ re a werewolf, you’ ll be eliminated quickly. There’s also player 12. I heard you speak very well, but you’ re saying that you don’ t stand on the side 8, but you’ re talking outside of the box 8. You’ re a prophet, and you’ re a wolf. I don’ t know what you’ re doing.”
      “If you say that he can’t fire a gun, he must be a prophet, but he must be a wolf king. Why?”I don’ t understand your logic. I think you might be a wolf, a wolf who wants to rush and doesn’ t dare to rush, and the angle of view you sold me is 8 is a little wolf. If you say that the wolf king is on the police, then can the good man make you a wolf king?”
      Number 1 was very aggressive. He clicked 9,11, and 12, but only the player like Bandit Number 10. He didn’t even mention it. He even went to fight 12 as the Wolf King. This speech was too explosive.*

      Chapter 30: Who is the Wolf King?

      First of all, there was nothing wrong with the logic of Plate 12. The Wolf King rarely went unprepared. Even if he didn’t get up and jump, he had to do something because he had skills in his hands.
      However, there were only five people on the police. Yu Zifeng could clearly see his trump card. When he recognized 12 as a good person, there would only be 7,8, and 2 left. If player 8 was out and couldn’t open a gun, would n’ t the Wolf King be in 7 or 2?
      However, Number 2’s speech format could n’ t hold the wolf gun at all. He was a wolf gun, so he wouldn’t say on the police that he would temporarily stand on the side of the 7 and recognize 12 as a good person. He would definitely stand on the side of the dead and beat 12 wildly. That was what the Wolf King should do.
      Since he couldn’t open the Wolf King from the outside, the Wolf King would definitely be in the 7th and 8th places, so Number 12 said that he could n’ t open the gun from the 8th place, so he was a prophet.
      As for player #1 saying that 12 was the Wolf King, this was a bit funny. From the structure of the speech,12 was definitely a high-level player. In the event that his Little Wolf teammate was killed, he would use the Wolf Gunmen to not charge, to not incite, and to give you some explosive points for #8. Dream on?
      Therefore, when Number 1 went to play Number 12, it was the Wolf King. If he could not understand the logic of Number 12, he would only be a Wolf.
      However, Yu Zifeng did not know whether Number 1 was charging or flying. This would not be determined until the Banished Voting Type came out.
      Player [2], please speak.
      “I still choose to stand on the side of Prophet No.7. I think that the police officer might be the No.8 wolf. The format they play at night should be one wolf on the police, three wolves charging under the police or barbs. In addition, I think that the logic of No.12 plate is fine. The Wolf King will definitely choose to go on the police, and the approximate rate of No.8 is the Wolf King. I’ ll wait until he is out and does not open fire.”
      “If Number 8 doesn’ t shoot him, I hope that the witch will poison Number 7 at night. He must be that wolf gun. In my eyes,7 or 8 wolf guns,12 I’ ll recognize him. There’s another player on the police. I don’ t know that he’s a good man, but I’ m certain that he’s not a wolf gun. The wolf gun was the first to speak, and there were only five people on the police and a teammate on the police. Why don’ t he put a position behind the police to kill him?”
      “So, even a wolf on the 4th can only be a small wolf. It can’ t be a wolf spear. The wolf spear must be in 7 or 8. I think that 8 is a wolf spear more likely. If I make a mistake, I’ ll get up tomorrow. I’ ll hand over my identity to a good person.”
      Although Number 2 recognized 12 as a good person, he still preferred 7 as a prophet,8 as the Wolf King who was killed and jumped in place, and 9 as a barbarian. He didn’t say that because it was meaningless to say it now.
      Only when the 8th fired that shot would he be eligible to dish out whether the 9th was a barb or not. Before the 8th fired, he wouldn’t go and talk about whether the 9th was a barb or not. If the 8th was really a prophet and he was a barb now, he would probably be out in a straight line if he got up tomorrow.
      “This 2 should also be a good person.”
      After hearing Number 2’s speech, Yu Zifeng felt that his speech format and logic did not look like a wolf. However, he believed that Number 7 was a prophet, just like most of the good people on the field.
      “If that’s the case, then it’s really a lone wolf.”
      The five on the police team, Yu Zifeng accepted 2 or 12. He was also a good person. One wolf and one prophet in 7 or 8 was the pattern of the police team.
      “Do I need to do a dirty job.”
      Yu Zifeng’s eyes narrowed. He heard that 1,10 were all wolves,9,12, and 2 were good people. Since that was the case, he wanted to show off. If he was right, he would be the MVP. If he was wrong, the good people would lose.
      Big risk, how about taking that risk?
      Just as Yu Zifeng was hesitating, player 3 had already spoken.
      Player [3], please speak.
      “There is only one reason for me to stand by #8. I think that #8 is not the Wolf King. The police officer #12 said that the Wolf King would definitely be on the police. I think exactly what he thought, but I heard that #12 and #2 are all good people. Not to mention the Wolf King, even the Wolf King is not. As for the first player #4 to speak,#2 was already in the game. Why is he not the Wolf King? I won’ t repeat it.”
      “Then the Wolf King will definitely be out of 7 or 8. Number 2 said that he would go out of 8 first. Let’s see if he does n’ t shoot. If he doesn’t shoot, he’s a prophet. I don’t agree with this. What if he’s the Wolf King out of the gun?How do you plate?”We’ ll know who the Wolf King is.”
      Wolf King out press gun?
      This was something that no one who had spoken before had expected. Number 3 had directly pointed it out without any hesitation. This meant that he was definitely not in a shared relationship with Number 8. Otherwise, wouldn’t he have found a good reason for Number 7?
      “Judging from his behavior, Number 8 can’ t be the Wolf King. He’s the Wolf King’s police officer, so it’s impossible for him to throw gold water to the police. This doesn’ t fit the normal logic. Of course, you can also make him think against me. Then I’ ll admit it.”
      What about player 7?What about his code of conduct that doesn’t match Wolf King?Of course, it did. If the upper police were to go back and kill him, wasn’t that the standard Wolf King jump?”If you guys want to go to the side of #7, you still feel like #8 is jumping up and down. There are some people who don’ t care about this, but in reality, a big part of the reason why you’ re standing at #7 is this, right?”*

      Chapter 31 Yu Zifeng’s Flirty Operation

      Faced with player 3’s sarcastic questioning, the good people on the field frowned.
      Putting aside the question of jumping from place to place and listening to the status and speech of 7 and 8 alone,7 was definitely better than 8. There was no doubt about that. Since that was the case, why did they consider Number 8 the prophet who spoke poorly?Not to mention that he did jump in place. This was a fact.
      After pausing for a moment, Number 3 said,” I’ ve already heard most of the people’s speeches. Let me click on the wolf pit.1,7,10,11. The error rate is 4,5,6. In any case, four wolves out of out of these seven people. You can fight for those three good people.”
      Number 1 and 10.
      Hearing player 3 point out that these two were wolves, Yu Zifeng secretly marked him a good person.
      Player [4], please speak.
      “Good guy #4. He accidentally entered the wolf trap, but that’s fine. I have a trump card here, Magician. Last night, I swapped 8 and 10. Player #7, if you’ re a prophet, last night, your kill was #10, not #8.”
      Yu Zifeng smiled and said.
      He had been pondering for a long time before he finally decided to jump out and play with his boss. In fact, he did not do anything last night.
      The reason for this was that he did not want 8 to be eliminated, and player 10 must be a wolf. No matter who was the prophet, Yu Zifeng wanted to get 10 out first.
      If that was the case, not only would they be able to keep one wolf, they would also be able to keep two seers, and they would also be able to tell many problems based on the ticket type.
      The only bad thing is that his magician’s identity was revealed too early, but that’s okay. He doesn’t go to hell. Who goes to hell?
      “Number 7, I don’t think you have to doubt my identity, do you?Since I dared to jump out, it proved that I was a real magician. If I were to side with 8 and jump out now, there would be no gain for the Wolves, right?”What’s more, the 10th Guard’s speech also hit you with false logic. He said that you talked better than 8, but his intuition tells him that 8 is a prophet. Do you think this kind of speech is a wolf?”
      Yu Zifeng said unhurriedly,” The most important thing is that he is a wolf and can only be a little wolf. First of all, the Wolf King will not stay under the police. Even if he stays under the police, he will not abandon the ticket. Therefore, today, we will all be able to defeat player #10. Of course, I don’ t mind the Wolves sending someone out to join me as a magician. When the Banishment votes, you can vote for me and show your identity.”
      Yu Zifeng immediately became excited when he spoke about the magician jumping.
      “I’m talking to witches. As long as someone throws me, you’ ll poison me. Remember, you must be poisoning me. Whether you believe me or not, you must poison me. I can guarantee that I won’t die. That will prove that I’ m a magician. Everyone knows this, right?”Of course. If no one casts me, then you witch don’t come and poison me.”
      “In addition, I heard that the 12 or 2 on the police are good people. The format of this game is that the Wolf King is on the police. The three wolves will take down the hook or charge under the police. If you stand on the side of 7, you will throw 10. If you stand on the side of 8, you will also have to be a wolf. Because he recognizes 8 as a prophet and has abandoned the ticket, the police will fight 9 again. What is he not a wolf?”
      Yu Zifeng’s speech at the magician’s table had completely stunned the good people on the field. Last night, the 8th and 10th exchange was not the 8th, but the 10th player?
      This bend was a bit urgent. The logic of their previous game had been completely wasted, and the Wolf Pit had to be re-taken.
      Player [5], please speak.
      “I believe that 4 is a magician, so I’ ll give 10. Anyway, I’ m giving it to #10. What do you mean by intuition that 8 is a prophet? If you want to stand on the side of 8, then vote. Put out the logic. Like #3, if you don’ t vote and use pseudo logic to stand on the side, then you’ re a wolf.”
      “As for why Xin 4 is a magician, first of all, he can’t be on the same side as player 8. That’s why he’s already done it himself, so I wo n’ t repeat it. Let me explain the reason why he’s not on the same side as player 7. If he’s on the same side as player 7, there’s no point in jumping on a magician. Is he just trying to push a player 10 that does n’ t speak well?And then keep the Prophet #8 on the field to verify the man?”Why don’ t he just charge up and fly number eight?”
      “Then he’s not on the same side as 7 or 8. He’s naturally a magician, so I believe what he said. I’ ll hang my ticket on number 10 today. I still believe that 7 is a prophet.”
      Player 5’s speech was benign. Yu Zifeng only set up a point where he didn’ t agree with the 8th. He added the point where Yu Zifeng didn’ t agree with the 7th. Both of them were good people who came out on their own. As for the good guy, he had to believe it.
      Player [6], please speak.
      “I don’t believe that #4 is a magician. You said that you were not on the same side as #8, but after you jumped out, the rounds became #7 or #10. Did n’ t you still protect #8 in disguise?”No.5 is actually able to recognize you as a magician so quickly. I think he’s a wolf. If you push No.10 players, that No.10 player must be a good person.”
      “That’s why I ordered 3,4,5,8 Wolf Pits. Player 3 of them might be a good person with a bandit ticket. Then 9 will have to go into the pit. Anyway, you can go to 3,9 to test one. I’ ll listen to Captain 12,2.”
      Sure enough, after Yu Zifeng jumped out and said the 8th and 10th exchange, some people’s statements began to change. For example, Number 6, who spoke extremely loudly.*

      Chapter 32 Not afraid of god-like opponents, but afraid of pig-like teammates

      First of all, from the perspective of a good person, if there was a common border relationship between 4 and 8,8 would no longer be able to protect him. Why would Number 4 jump out and protect him?So what if everyone recognized 7 as the Prophet? Wouldn’t it be fine if Number 8 went out and directly shot him?And #4 spoke in that position with a hook, who could plate him to be a wolf?Why jump a magician out and give it away?
      Therefore, those who were on the sides of plate 4 and 8 and those on the sides of plate 4 and 7 must be wolves. Just like this number 6, the wolf tail could not hide.
      “Haha,1,6, and 10 should be the three wolves under the police. Then, open another one in 7,8.”
      Yu Zifeng felt that his wolf pits had been filled up. As long as he did not get away with the wolf gun, the good guys would have great hopes of winning this game.
      “I hope they can come with me for 10.”
      Yu Zifeng had already prepared for the worst.7 was not a prophet, it was a wolf gun. At this time, he would never recognize himself as a magician, and then forcibly returned to 8.
      Once that was the case, Number 7 would be a bandit, but he wasn’t afraid. He was a wolf gun. If he was out, he would take the magician away. In the evening, Number 8 would fall to the sword, and Number 8 did n’ t have a badge. It was equivalent to a wolf king replacing a prophet, a magician, and a werewolf earning blood.
      That was why Yu Zifeng prayed. The good people must have a tacit understanding. They had to throw 10 out with him. No matter how much chat Number 7 had, they would not bother with him.
      Player [7], please speak.
      “Pass the badge 9 and 12. I ordered 2,3,4,8 Wolf Pits. The error rate is 9 and 12.”
      As expected, Number 7 did not recognize Yu Zifeng as a magician. In that case, his perspective instantly became clear. Seven was a wolf and eight was a prophet.
      Moreover, the reason why Number 7 did not recognize him as a magician was definitely because Number 10 was his Little Wolf teammate. He would rather talk a little bit about it himself, and he would definitely not be able to push his Little Wolf teammate out of the game. If Number 8 was to leave the Prophet on the field to announce his acceptance, would he still play a hammer?
      In fact, when Yu Zifeng jumped the magician and said that the 8th and 10th of the night were exchanged, Number 7 had no choice. He had to let himself out.
      That’s right. Even if he could n’ t resist 8 Prophets, the werewolves still couldn’t take the lead.
      Only if he was banished and taken away Yu Zifeng, a magician, could the wolf continue to play.
      However, he couldn’t directly recognize a wolf. If that was the case, the good man would definitely think that he was a wolf gun and wanted to take someone out. Therefore, he could only talk normally and let himself talk a little bit. At that time, the good man and his wolf teammates would charge him out, and then he would be able to shoot as he wished.
      “I don’ t recognize #4 as a magician. I think he’s a wolf, and he knows #10’s identity as a player magician. That’s why he jumped up and said that #8 and #10 would be exchanged. The purpose is to use my hand to fight the real magician out.”
      Number 7 said seriously,” What is the logic of Number 8?It’s based on the premise that 8 is n’ t a wolf gun, you’re kidding me, I’ ve never seen anyone recognize a prophet by this method, aren’t you pseudo-logic?Why would he not be the Wolf King if he sent Goldwater to the police?Why did the Wolf King have to go on the Guard 12 player?So, you might be a wolf as well.’
      “It’s just that some people’s wolf face is higher than yours. That’s why I’ m forgiving you. If you’re a good person, I hope you turn around quickly. We’ ve eliminated 8 players today. Player 9, aren’t you going to stand by my side?Not get a vote for 8 and I’ll hit you’ re a barb wolf.”
      “There are also 1,5, and 6 tickets that were given to me. I want to see your tickets hit 8. Otherwise, you guys will be barbs, and you won’ t be able to release any of them.”
      Hearing Number 7’s speech, Yu Zifeng knew that he was letting go of himself and was deliberately talking about it. Everyone in the arena, whether they were standing by him or not, would play it all over again. This was obviously trying to get him out.
      However, there was nothing he could do. He had no choice but to reject Prophecy 8 at this time.
      “All right, let’s just say that. The Chief of the Bureau will return 8 and the badge will flow 9 and 12.”
      [Start Banishment Vote]
      1.5,7 And 9 to vote for player number 7.
      2.3,4,8,12 Vote for Player 10.
      10 Vote for Player 4.
      6.11 Choose to discard your ticket.
      [Player 10 is banished out]
      After seeing this ticket, Yu Zifeng broke out in cold sweat.
      Just a little short of that, the #7 wolf gun was out. This guy had even given himself a vote for this. In the end, his wolf teammate #10 was too stupid. He didn’t understand #7’s meaning. If he voted for himself, he might not be crazy.
      “Thank you #10 for this wolf. It’s simply a Bodhisattva heart.”
      Yu Zifeng thought happily in his heart.
      He was glad that most of the good guys knew how to play. Only Number 9, who had received Goldwater, was dumbfounded. He had voted 7-1 at this time. Wasn’t he helping Wolf play?
      [Player 10 please leave a last word]
      “I’m a magician. I did n’ t do anything last night. Number 4 said that I had switched between 8 and 10 last night. I don’t know how you guys recognized him. Have you ever seen a few magicians who would do anything on the first night?4 Is a wolf,8 is also a wolf, he doesn’t throw and his 7 against jumping seer, run over and throw me 10, he can still afford a seer?”
      The good people on the field laughed when they heard Number 10’s weak explanation. Although Number 8 did n’ t throw a 7, it was better than throwing himself a 7, right?He could not afford a prophet like this.
      No.10 knew it by heart, but he selectively ignored it.*

      Chapter 33 Tianxiu, Magician

      “That’s really stupid. What trashy teammates are these.”
      Number 7 growled angrily in his heart. Wasn’t what he implied obvious enough?Cast him cast him, and what were all his teammates doing in the end?This was especially true for Number 10. What was he playing? He wanted to hit the barb, but when he opened his mouth, he was caught. He didn’t rush the ticket when it was time to rush the ticket. He cast a special-shaped ticket. There was something wrong with it.
      If his vote hit him, wouldn’t he be able to take the magician away?The werewolves could still play with the 8 and 1 attacks at night, but now, the werewolves had no time to play and could only hand over cards.
      He was really not afraid of a god-like opponent, just a pig-like teammate.
      Player 7 wanted to cry, but he was unlucky to meet such a cheating teammate.
      “I hope that the witches will poison 8 at night.8 should be a wolf gun. Number 4 is a little wolf that came out to find the poison. The other two wolves are probably in 3,5,12. Go ahead and set it yourself. I can only set it here. The magician is out.”
      After player 10’s last words, he entered the night.
      Dark sky please close your eyes!
      Prophet, please open your eyes. Please choose the target you want to examine. TA’s identity is……
      Magician please keep your eyes open. Please select the object you wish to swap.
      “1,8 Swap.”
      Yu Zifeng thought for a moment. The Wolves should not attack him. After all, Number 7’s identity had been completely revealed. If Number 8 was still on the field, what space would they have to survive?
      As for the Wolf King #7, believe the witch will keep him from seeing the sun tomorrow.
      Werewolves, please open your eyes, please choose who you want to kill……
      Witch please open your eyes. Do you use poison?
      It was dawn.
      1 And 7 deaths last night.
      Needless to say, it was definitely Voodoo 7. As for player 1 being able to die, it surprised the good people on the field. Wasn’t he a perfect anti-push position?
      [Ask the sheriff to choose whether to hand over or tear off the badge]
      A moment later.
      [Player 7 chooses to tear off the badge, the badge is lost]
      Now randomly start speaking sequentially from player #2.
      “Player 7 is poisoned?However, player #1 was a bit surprised that he could eat the knife. Did you replace player #1 to death?If not, I really wouldn’t have thought that the Wolves were so crooked in their skill. If they could attack player 1, they would be witches?”That’s right. No.1 is a citizen, and No.12 is a witch, right?”
      It was obvious from Number 2’s speech that he was not surprised by Number 7’s death, but he couldn’t figure it out when Number 1 fell in the night. The only explanation was that Number 1 was replaced by the magician. Last night, Wolf Blade was at 8 or 4, and then Number 4 was replaced by Number 1.
      If that wasn’t the case, he could only say that the Wolves were too good. It was just like Number 10. How could he vote for Number 4? He must have voted for Number 7. He wanted Number 7 to go out and shoot him. In the end, the Wolves did n’ t go out and shoot him. He was poisoned to death by the witch. It was probably that Number 7 was so angry that he almost vomited blood.
      “I don’ t think there’s anything good to talk about. Listen to the 8th Examiner. Number 7 must be a wolf gun,10 must be a wolf. If number 1 was left by a good person, there would be two wolves in that battle. The approximate rate is that number 6,11, and 5 voted for 7, but I don’ t listen to his speech yesterday like a wolf. Anyway, you guys go back. All three of them have bandit face. I don’ t care who comes out.”
      Player [3], please speak.
      “Listen to the 8 reporters. I took a look at the number 9 Golden Water among those who voted 7 yesterday. I’m really convinced. Did n’ t 7 intentionally talk about being out?You really go vote for him, he’s out and takes the magician, can the good guys still play?”Let’s forget about you. After the 8th report, we’ ll return. We’ ll return in 5,6, and 11. The three of you have an identity. If you don’ t have an identity, let’s show it.”
      Number 3 took a deep breath and continued,” As for Number 1, I’ m marking him as a wolf. It’s amazing that he can fall in the night. I think it must be Number 4. He doesn’ t have the right to eat that blade, but let’s not be too optimistic. Let’s just follow the situation of the two wolves on the field.”
      Player [4], please speak.
      “Last night, it was indeed a 1 or 8 swap. The first day, there was no 8 or 10 swap. I don’ t know if the Wolves really believed what I said and went to Knife 8 to not knife me. However, it doesn’ t matter anymore.1 was traded to death, and the probability was that the first wolf left, but Number 3 is right. We will fight according to the situation where there are two wolves on the field. Today, if there is a check and kill, then there will be 6 or 11 PK without a check and kill. If there is Goldwater, the other one will be out. It’s very simple.”
      Yu Zifeng was very happy. The good guys were hoping for victory. When that time came, he would definitely be an MVP. With the 2 gold coins that he had won, he would be able to get 4 gold coins in one go, with a total of 8 gold coins. This result would definitely exceed 90% of the participating players.*

      Chapter 34 Textbook Statement (Reward Plus)

      Player [5], please speak.
      “I’ m a good person. I’ m on the wrong ticket. I’ ll just watch.”
      Number 5 said pitifully,” At that time, I believed that player number 4 was a magician. He said that it was 10. I said that I could, because at that time, I believed that 7 was a prophet. Number 4 said that 8 and 10 were exchanged. That 10 was a check and kill. There was no problem with 10. However, number 7’s speech was too explosive. I directly voted for him. I thought you would vote for 7.”
      Number 5 had never thought that so many people would vote for Number 10. He had reacted when the voting pattern came out. Number 7 was a wolf, but he was a wolf gun. He wanted to take someone out, but he didn’t think too much at that time. He felt that Number 7 was exploding. He was a wolf, so he had to cast him out. He definitely could n’ t let the Prophet get washed away.
      Unfortunately, even though he had cast the right person, not only did he not let the good people recognize him, but he even raised his suspicions. If he had known about it, he would have cast 10. How could he need to watch the water.
      “As for why the final ticket was given to Number 7, I’ ve already finished explaining my heart’s course and reason. I’ ll order Wolf Pit. I think if there are still two wolves on the field, they should be 6 or 11. I don’ t dare to talk about the outsiders. I’ m afraid I’ ll end up talking about myself.”
      In the eyes of player No.5, he couldn’t fight except for 6 or 11. After all, he had the right vote, and the only player No.9 who had the wrong vote like him was Jin Shui. He was helpless.
      “The reason why I ordered player 6 to enter the wolf pit was because he played #4 yesterday and said that #4 wasn’t a magician, it was a wolf. His logic was that #4 would jump out and forcibly return to #10, which was equivalent to keeping #8 in disguise. This logic must have exploded. As a little wolf, he directly sent the wolf gun out and led the Prophet away. Then, could n’ t he iron-blooded barb?”It doesn’ t make sense to sell a wolf just to push a poor 10.”
      “Also, player 6 ordered 3,4,5,8 wolf pits last night. The error rate is 9. This is also the point of the bandits. Can the conversation between police 9 and 8 be the relationship between meeting at night?Her soul three asked, are you not impressed?After all, I had a good memory. If you point 9 to forgiveness, you must not be a good person. I think even a good person can hear that 8 and 9 are not on the same side. Only wolves can blur these things.”
      The reason why player 6 was a wolf was well-arranged and reasonable. He didn’t change the other party’s speech. He sounded like a good person.
      “As for player number 11, his wolf face lies with player number 7 on the side of Ironhead’s station. He even feels like he’s going to die. However, the strange thing is, he actually chose to suppress and abandon the ticket during the intense and exciting process. His words and actions are different, so I think he’s not good, like a wolf.”
      After 120 seconds of speaking, Number 5 was full of conversation. His logic was clear. First, he said why he had voted for 7. Then, he ordered Wolf Pit. Then, he said the reason. His speech was very good.
      Player [6], please speak.
      “I’ m a good person and a commoner. Let’s first say why I’ ve abandoned the ticket. The main reason is that the number seven final seats were too poorly spoken. I can’ t continue to follow him, but I don’ t want to admit that number eight is a prophet. I always feel that my previous position is right.”
      “Yes, this is a very ambivalent mentality. I don’ t know if you guys can understand it. Anyway, it’s not easy to talk about 7 and I can’ t recognize it, so I chose to abandon the ticket.”
      Number 6 was indeed very conflicted. The police had such a good conversation. How could they talk like that? Wasn’t he just a wolf?But subconsciously, he thought that 7 was a prophet, and the result was that he abandoned the ticket.
      “Let’s talk about my wolf trap.11,2. I heard what Number 5 said earlier. I don’ t look like a wolf. Although he used so many reasons to hit me as a wolf, Pan 11 was the reason for the wolf. Actually, it’s similar to Number 5. I won’ t repeat it anymore. I’ ll focus on why I think Number 2 is a wolf.”
      Player 6 changed his tone and suddenly became serious.” First of all, let’s recall the situation on the police. The Prophet of the 7th Jump will throw 8 to kill him. He’s certain that 8 will jump with him. Does it exist in 12 or 2?Is a possibility of that kind, and a possibility of the approximate rate.”
      “No.12’s speech is good. We can eliminate the suspicion, but how did you guys put it down?”What’s going on?”” What’s going on?”
      “I feel that everyone has slightly ignored this #2. His speech is not enough to make him clear the suspicion of being a #7 wolf teammate. I feel that you both accepted #2 while recognizing #12.”
      Number 6 said it bit by bit. He shattered the situation on the first day of the police and began to analyze it for everyone to hear. Not to mention it, it really made some sense.
      But the #2 ticket type couldn’t fool anyone. He was the one who voted for 10. Without him,10 would n’ t be out, but 7 would take away the magician.
      If 2 was a wolf, how ruthless would he be? If 10 wasn’t a wolf king, would the wolves still be able to fight him?
      Yu Zifeng felt that although the logic of Plate 6 was somewhat reasonable, Player 2’s good face was far greater than his bandit face. With a vote of 10, even if he was a half-golden water, it was not an exaggeration.*

      Chapter 35. The voting pattern determines all

      Player [8], please speak.
      “6 Kills. Last night,6 was a wolf. You still haven’ t exploded?”
      After saying that, Number 8 paused for a moment before continuing,” Alright, actually, I tested Number 1 and Goldwater last night, but Number 4 also said that he was switched between Number 1 and Number 8 last night. Then I just tested myself. That’s a bit embarrassing. Now, we don’ t even know that Number 1 is a good person and is a wolf. I didn’ t listen to Number 6’s speech very well, so I sent him a check and blew him up. If the wolf self-destructs, it’ ll be the best, but it doesn’ t respond.”
      Number 8 was thinking too much. If it was in an ordinary game, the wolf might have self-destructed because it couldn’t withstand the pressure. However, in the game, not to mention that you blew up his identity, he would n’ t self-destruct even if he was checked and killed.
      “Who is it?Although Number 6’s speech was not good, I sent him a check to kill him. He didn’ t explode. He might have been a good person, but he was a wolf when he played Number 2. Although his logic had played a bit, it was still far-fetched. No matter what, he was the one who threw Number 10 with us. Even if it was a plate barb, today was not his round.”
      “Today is the 5th,6th,11th round. I can recognize player number 5 as your 6th,11th PK, so I won’ t vote. After all, I haven’ t heard 11th. Everyone, just watch and vote.”
      Number 8 was a very good prophetic person. He didn’t speak well, his logic was chaotic, he could n’ t get his badge, he was able to test himself last night. Now that he didn’t even return his ticket, it really made you not convinced.
      Fortunately, the good people on the field would play, and they could recognize him as a prophet under such a lousy speech. Otherwise, the Wolves would have been able to tie up the tickets.
      Player 9, please speak.
      “Out of 11, I think 6 isn’ t a wolf. If he’s a wolf, he’ ll definitely play 5. No matter if he’s good, he’ ll play No.2. I think only good people dare to play No.2. Werewolves don’ t dare. Just like player No.5, he said it himself. He only dares to talk about 6 or 11. He doesn’ t dare to talk about outside positions. He’s afraid that he’ ll be knocked out. This is like a werewolf mentality.”
      Yu Zifeng rolled his eyes when he heard player number 9’s words. Do you want to take it down? What kind of logic is this? Do wolves dare to fight 2?She didn’t know who gave her the courage to say such words. If it was n’ t for Number 8 testing her as a golden water, she would be the perfect defensive position of a wolf.
      “If there are two wolves left on the field, I think it’s 5 or 11. Although Number 5’s watch water is very good, he’s done everything he can. In the first round of the badge vote, he voted for Number 7. In the police banishment vote, he said he voted for 10, but in the end, he still voted for 7. I think he’s probably the first wolf.”
      “Haha, why don’ t you see if you’ ve done all the things yourself?”
      Yu Zifeng curled his lips. Number 9 received a golden water. When the police badge voted, he chose to abandon the ticket. The police did not stand on the side of Number 8. He said that Number 8 could not be a prophet. The Banishment Ballot was cast on Number 7 again. She had done the same thing as Number 5. She had the nerve to say that he had done all the banditry and was thick-skinned.
      Player [11], please speak.
      “I’ m a commoner.5 or 6 should be two wolves, especially player 6. If you don’ t fight 5, you’ ll fight player 2 instead. I don’ t know where you got the courage to fight 2. The moment that ticket type comes out, it means that 2 or 10 is definitely not a common relationship. If 10 is a wolf, then 2 must be a good person. It’s not possible for a wolf to step on a wolf.”
      Number 11 said seriously,” But Number 6 must make a strong sense of logic. What do you mean by recalling the situation on the police? Didn’t Number 12 give you all the plans?It’s possible that #7 is selling perspective on purpose and trying to pull 12 or 2 off the water. I think you should have heard all these words right?Now that heard, why selectively ignore?”Are you sure you want to go to the police and set up the number 7 player’s wolf teammate?”
      “I’ll just say that, not to mention that Player 2 did n’ t have much to talk about, but it did. When his vote was on Player 10, he couldn’t be a wolf. If you do n’ t play 5, you should focus on Player 2. What’s the point?So I doubt that you 5 or 6 double wolves.”
      “Today, I will play player 6. He’s the worst speaker and the biggest bandit. Whether it’s yesterday or today, he didn’ t let me see a good face.”
      Yu Zifeng remembered that Player 11 was a very clean person. Yesterday, the police only spoke for a few dozen seconds, but he commented on the people who spoke in front of him one by one. Especially when Player 10 wanted to stand on the side of 8 and did not dare to stand on the side of 8. He was a wolf. This was his greatest good person.
      However,11 sets of 5 and 6 pairs of wolves were not quite right. Player 5 had focused on hammering player 6, but 6 had not hammered 5. You could not judge if 5 was a wolf because of Number 6’s actions. That was unreasonable.
      Today, Yu Zifeng would throw 6 out. After all, he had marked this guy a wolf on the first day. If the game did not end, he would throw another 11 tomorrow. He felt that if there were two wolves left on the field, they would be 6 or 11.*

      Chapter 36 Little brother, do you want to group cp?

      Player [12], please speak.
      “In 6 or 11, I’ m definitely more inclined to think that player 6 is a wolf. The reason is, I don’ t want to order anymore. Player 5 ordered his pop point yesterday and player 11 ordered his pop point today. I don’ t think there’s a problem with 6. If the game doesn’ t end, I’ ll make 11 tomorrow. In any case, there are plenty of good people. The Four Gods and Three Peoples are present, so we should be a good person.”
      “In addition, I hope that when you hit someone else who is a wolf, you don’ t just look at their bandit face. In terms of all his actions, for example, player 2, the police officer is indeed from the side 7. So what? At that time, there was no problem with the side 7. I was also from the side 7. You can’ t be hindsight and tell me about the side 7.”
      “Not to mention that #2’s vote was cast on player #10 in the end. This action alone is enough to allow him to expel the wolf pit. Can you understand what I mean?Player #6 was a wolf. He only ordered his bandit face and completely ignored the good that Player #2 had done. Then did you ever wonder why he was a wolf and why he had to throw his own Little Wolf teammates out?”
      “Alright, that’s all I have to say. Since I’ m speaking at the end, I’ ll vote for 6. Of course. If you want to think that 11’s bandit face is bigger than 6, then you can vote for 11. It’s over.”
      [Everyone finished speaking and began banishment voting]
      2.3,4,11 And 12 chose to vote for Player 6.
      5.6,8 And 9 chose to vote for Player 11.
      Player 6 is out.
      [End of game and good guys win]
      “So you won?”
      The good guys on the field felt that it was a bit unbelievable. Four players were out in two days. They didn’t expect that all four players who were out were wolves. This was definitely a classic match.
      As for the reason why the good guys were able to win so quickly, Yu Zifeng was extremely successful, especially the first day of the police. If he hadn’t chosen to jump out and say that No.8 and No.10 were exchanged, the Wolf King would n’ t have been so anxious to get out, and he would have even deliberately talked about it.
      Apart from that, the 1st and 8th exchange in the evening was a stroke of god. In the end, player 6 was thrown out, and he was able to do his best.
      It could be said that the deaths of the four wolves had something to do with Yu Zifeng. Among them,1 and 10 of the two wolves had been eliminated by him. He had also forced Number 7 to explode.
      “Very strong!”
      This was what all the players said about Yu Zifeng, including the Werewolf.
      At that moment, the system’s voice rang again.
      The MVP of this bureau was player number 4. He could get 2 gold coins, bet 2 gold coins and get 4 gold coins.
      Players from the good camp of this bureau could receive 1 gold coin.
      Two gold coins were deducted from the werewolf camp.
      The second game ended with Yu Zifeng’s big win. When he returned to his personal game space, a private message caught his attention.
      “Little brother, do you want to set up CP?”
      The sender was Lin Wanqing. This girl Yu Zifeng had a deep impression of him. At that time, her silver water had been killed and jumped as a guard, and he also jumped as a civilian. In the end, she ruthlessly poisoned her silver water.
      From this point alone, Yu Zifeng knew that this was a very high-level girl player. Otherwise, he would not have dared to poison Silverwater with the Silverwater Jump Guard. Although Silverwater’s speech was not good, it did not reach the point of explosion.
      “What’s the use of this game group CP?”
      Yu Zifeng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he returned the message to Lin Wanqing.
      “It’s fun. Just say that you’ re not in a group. In any case, we won’ t lose much to you. Moreover, we’ re from the same city. If we talk about speculation, we might be able to achieve a good marriage.”
      Lin Wanqing’s reply was extremely tempting, but he did n’ t even know what Lin Wanqing looked like. How could he set up a CP?He admitted that Lin Wanqing’s voice was very nice, but it did n’ t mean that she was beautiful. Blood’s lesson was Her Highness Biluo.
      “I think it’s better to forget about it. We don’ t know what the other party looks like, and I don’ t really like to group CPs. Isn’ t that something that only kids play with?”
      Yu Zifeng thought about it and decided to forget about it. A reasoning game actually had the ability to set up a CP. It was simply hot-eyed. However, one thing to say was that there were definitely no fewer girls playing werewolves than boys. It would make sense to find someone here.
      “This is my photo. There’s no PS or beauty.”
      Soon, Lin Wanqing gave Yu Zifeng a life photo. He clicked on it and saw it. It was very beautiful and had a temperament. There was a bit of cuteness and playfulness in her sexiness. It was the type he liked.
      “Are you sure this is a picture of yourself?No PS, no beauty?”
      Yu Zifeng quickly returned the message to Lin Wanqing, then opened the photo and looked at it.
      “Of course it’s me, and I’ m still a game host. You’ re searching Lin Linlin-Wanqing on Tiger Live. It’s me.”
      After seeing the news, Yu Zifeng left the game space and used his mobile phone to open the live broadcast of Tiger and search for Lin Linlin Wanqing. In the replay of the live broadcast, he saw the same beautiful woman as in the photo.
      8 Million fans out there.
      “Good man, he’s still a big host.”
      Yu Zifeng felt that it was a bit unbelievable. A big host with 8 million fans actually wanted to set up a CP with him. The two of them had never even met each other before, so it was not normal.*

      Chapter 37 12 Wolf King Dreamcatcher

      Returning to the werewolf killing game space, Yu Zifeng received another private message from Lin Wanqing.
      “How is it? The person in the video is me, right?”
      “Yes, but I can’t figure it out. Why did you think that an anchor of your size would form a CP with me?”You don’ t even know what I look like. What if I’ m ugly?”Yu Zifeng replied.
      “Ugly is ugly. I didn’t say I had a relationship with you. It’s just a CP. As for the reason, have you heard of voice control?”I’ m just a voice-controlled person. I especially like your voice, and your logic of playing werewolf kill is not bad. Based on these two points, I want to group CP with you.”
      In fact, the main point was the number one. There were many werewolves that killed high-level players. This was not attractive to Lin Wanqing, but Yu Zifeng’s voice truly made her like it. She was even infatuated with it. People who weren’ t voice-controlled didn’ t understand it or understand it.
      “Alright, in fact, I don’ t think it matters what I look like. The main thing is that I like voice control.”
      Yu Zifeng shamelessly replied.
      Lin Wanqing didn’t care about this. She knew that Yu Zifeng had changed his mind because of his photos. Everything else was nonsense.
      “However, if you want to become a CP, you need ten thousand relatives. Neither of us.”Yu Zifeng said helplessly.
      “Oh, that’s a small point. You can gain intimacy with a gift. I’ ll give you a gift of 100,000 yuan.”
      Lin Wanqing opened her mouth as a gift of 100,000 yuan. She immediately startled Yu Zifeng.
      However, this was the rule. A gift of 1 yuan could gain 0.1 degree of intimacy, while a 10,000 degree of affinity would cost 100,000 yuan.
      That’s right, this game company is crazy for thinking about money. It actually costs a hundred thousand yuan to set up a CP.
      But what surprised Yu Zifeng even more was that Lin Wanqing said that a gift of 100,000 yuan was as ordinary as drinking water. Obviously, this was a little rich woman, no, big rich woman.
      A few minutes later, Yu Zifeng saw that his intimacy with Lin Wanqing was increasing rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it was ten thousand.
      [Player Lin Wanqing requests and you form CP to agree or not]
      Suddenly, a system message popped up.
      Yu Zifeng immediately agreed. Just like that, the two of them finally became CPs.
      The only good thing about being a CP is that they can play team games. Apart from that, players can only match each other, even if they are friends, they can not play together.
      The official set this rule was to create a good game environment. Everyone didn’t know each other, so that they could have good logic.
      If everyone teamed up to play the so-called database and familiarity, what else would it mean?
      As for why CP was able to set up a team game, didn’t they have some privileges?
      “Do you have time now toHow about a game together?”Lin Wanqing sent a message and asked.
      “Time is available, but I have to keep going in the game for two hours.”Yu Zifeng replied.
      “Oh, it’s that point reward match, right? How many gold coins do you have now?”
      Lin Wanqing didn’t participate in the game. Although the reward of a million yuan was very tempting, it was still more difficult to win the championship than to ascend to heaven. With this energy, she might as well start two more live broadcasts.
      “Eight gold coins.”
      Yu Zifeng replied proudly.
      Eight gold coins was definitely the highest number of gold coins among all the contestants. It was impossible for them to be higher.
      After all, he was an MVP in both games, and the amount of gold he could bet had reached the upper limit. Only then did he mix to 8 gold coins. Who could exceed this number?
      “8 Gold coins?”That’s fine.”
      Lin Wanqing was slightly surprised. She thought that Yu Zifeng would be good enough to have a 4 gold coin. She didn’t expect that it would double. This should be the highest value that the current contestant could obtain.
      “That’s enough. Did you not participate?”
      Yu Zifeng thought that Lin Wanqing would be able to participate in the live broadcast.
      “I don’ t have it. It’s not easy to get a million rewards, especially in the late stages of the game. I’ m afraid that I won’ t be able to control my emotions and curse, so I won’ t participate.”
      The reason why Lin Wanqing said this was because she had participated in a big reward competition in the past. At that time, she had managed to reach the finals with great difficulty, but in the end, she had encountered a stupid wolf teammate. They had lost their original good situation, causing her mentality to explode, so that the match in the back was not in their state.
      From now on, Lin Wanqing would no longer participate in similar games. Sometimes, when she met a cheating teammate, it really affected her mood.
      “Oh, I know what you said.”
      Yu Zifeng smiled. He immediately thought of the No.7 Wolf King. His wolf teammates were too pitty. Although he spoke well and grabbed the badge, he was still powerless to return to heaven.
      “However, if you can get 8 gold coins in the second round of the game, it’s really even more powerful than I thought. Looks like I have a good eye.”
      Lin Wanqing wasn’t stingy with his praise. Although Yu Zifeng was n’ t the only player who could get 8 gold coins in the second round, this result was enough to make him proud.
      “That is.”
      Just like that, Yu Zifeng and Lin Wanqing chatted happily. Unknowingly, two hours had passed.
      [Player Yu Zifeng is invited to prepare and start the third round in a minute]
      Seeing this message from the system, Yu Zifeng hurriedly said to Lin Wanqing,” Stop chatting for now. The game will begin soon.”
      “Is the game about to start?”
      Lin Wanqing smiled. She made a temporary decision to broadcast Yu Zifeng’s match from now on. She believed that her fans would definitely like it.
      [The third round of the game is officially started. This Bureau is the Wolf King Dreamcatcher ]*

      Chapter 38 Powerful Dreamcatcher

      Yu Zifeng narrowed his eyes. Dreamcatcher was a member of the good faction. This character’s skills were very strong. She could choose a player to become a sleepwalker every night. The sleepwalker didn’ t know that he was sleepwalking and was immune to damage at night. To put it bluntly, it was equivalent to a guard.
      However, the Dreamcatcher was much more powerful than the guards. She could kill people at night. If the Dreamcatcher chose to be a Sleepwalker two nights in a row, this person would die.
      In addition, if the Dreamcatcher died that night, the Dreamcatcher would also die together, and the effect of death was the same as eating poison. If the Hunter or Wolf King were taken away, you would not even be able to open the gun.
      In other words, Dreamcatcher was a guard with a blade. If you used this blade well, it would help good people to win quickly. If you didn’t use it well, it would become the Werewolf’s help.
      For a simple example, if the Dreamcatcher wanted to protect the Prophet from harm at night, he could only be chosen as the Sleepwalker, but if the wolf did not go to the Saber Prophet and went to the Saber Prophet, it was that the Dreamcatcher and the Prophet died at the same time. Basically, the good people collapsed.
      [12 Wolf King Dreamcatcher]
      Dark Card – Tu Bian – Sheriff
      Configuration: Wolf King +3 Wolf +4 Min + Pre-Girl Hunt Dreamcatcher
      Witch: Can’t save yourself all the way
      Pingback: PK one round statement
      Time to speak:120
      Sheriff: Deciding on order of speech,150 seconds to speak, with 1.5 vote
      Self-destruction: Double explosion swallowing police emblem
      [Your identity is Dreamcatcher]
      “Is this system too good for me?”
      Yu Zifeng was truly flattered. In the three rounds, he was a witch in the first round, a magician in the second round, and a Dreamcatcher in the third round. He himself doubted whether the system was related to him or not. Otherwise, how could he get a good card?
      [All participating players are invited to choose whether or not to bet and how many to bet]
      “Three gold coins.”
      Yu Zifeng did not hesitate at all. When he got the Dreamcatcher’s board, he had to increase the bet to the maximum. If it was n’ t for the limit of 3 gold coins, he would have dared to place 6 gold coins.
      [All participating players place their bets and the game begins]
      Dark sky please close your eyes!
      Prophet, please open your eyes. Please choose the target you want to examine. TA’s identity is……
      Werewolves, please open your eyes, please choose who you want to kill……
      Witch please open your eyes. Last night, the one who died was TA. Do you want to save?Are you going to use poison?
      Dreamcatcher, please open your eyes, please choose the target you want to take……
      At the same time.
      Lin Wanqing’s live broadcast had already gathered tens of thousands of viewers. As a big host with 8 million fans, Lin Wanqing was directly pushed to the front page.
      The gifts keep coming.
      The barrage kept drifting through the live broadcast.
      “Is this someone’s match being broadcast live?”
      “It looks like it should be the Werewolf Killing Points Bonus Game. Spectator’s view.”
      “Wolf King Dreamcatcher, my favorite board, even I’ m afraid of myself.”
      “The bet is over. Good man, someone actually paid three gold coins. Looks like he’s very confident. His trump card is either a god or a wolf.”
      “Those who dare to participate in the game are rich people. After all, it takes 8 points to register, which is equivalent to 8,000 yuan. If you’ re unlucky, you might be eliminated in the first round.”
      “Let’s watch the game with peace of mind. I hope they have a wonderful matchup.”
      It was dawn.
      Please turn on the indicator before the player who wants to get up.
      Randomly speaking in reverse order from player #12.
      Yu Zifeng heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the reverse order of speech. This bureau was number 1. If it was the order of speech, he would be the second, then it would be meaningless for him to be on the police.
      “I’ m a good person. I’ m not a prophet, and there are quite a few people on the police. Please speak properly. Try to make me recognize you. There’s nothing else to talk about. After all, there’s no prophet to comment on, so I won’ t waste my time.”
      Number 12’s speech was only 30 seconds long. It was very brief. This was a person who had no way to determine his identity, so he could only listen to it.
      Player [11], please speak.
      “I’ m not a prophet either. The police are here to talk. After all, staying under the police is too boring. I don’ t even have a chance to speak. I can’ t accept that.”
      It was obvious that Number 11 was an acute child and a person who liked to show himself. He did not know whether his performance was a show of intelligence or a show of operation.
      “In addition, I have an important message here. Last night, I watched the sky, and the hexagrams showed that player 7 would jump to the oracle, and would give 6 an identity definition. The post-positioning speech on the police would be very exciting. This game is very difficult for good people to win. I hope that the good people on the field will listen to the speech. Otherwise, you would be the resistance of the werewolf. As for player 12 who has already spoken before, I can smell a dangerous aura from him. The wolf is very strong.”
      Yu Zifeng’s heart ached when he heard Number 11’s unexplained speech. Even Nightwatch Sky Elephant Number 7 would jump. Even the Werewolf of Mystic Arts had come out. If you didn’t have anything to say, do n’ t talk. If you wanted to chat, you didn’t know what to think.
      At the same time.
      Lin Wanqing’s live broadcast room.
      “I’ m afraid this person isn’ t a fool, right? Or else, it’s Wolf 7, his Wolf teammates.”
      “I don’ t think he and 7 know each other. It’s possible that he and player 6 will know each other.”
      “Brother, stop talking. I feel like I’ m about to commit cancer.”
      “He should have stayed under the police with such a chat. It’s a waste of time to be on the police.”
      “Why are you talking about this brother? I think the conversation is quite good. It’s light and humorous, and it’s a bit of a plan.”

      Chapter 39 Stimulus, anti-water standing police

      Player [7], please speak.
      “Prophet, last night, he touched 6 golden water. The police badge is 11 or 5.”
      When those words were said, everyone frowned. Did they really jump?Furthermore, player 11 had said that he had given Number 6 a definition of his identity, Goldwater.
      This was a bit interesting. If it was a pair of 7 or 11 wolves, this conversation would be too obvious. They didn’t care about good people at all.
      “Tell me why I want to test 11. I don’ t understand what he said. I don’ t know why he said that I would jump up and the prophet would give 6 an identity definition, but I did test 6 last night.”
      “Anyway, I heard 11’s speech very strange. I feel like I’ m opening my eyes at night. I want to test him. If it’s a good person, I’ ll prevent the werewolves from using him as a defense. If it’s a werewolf, I’ ll let him out early.”
      “As for the second police badge, I’ ll just keep it. I’ ll pick a #5 player for the next five. Although I didn’ t keep your badge, I hope you can all give me a ticket. As a prophet, I need this badge very much. It will allow me to report an extra day to check people. It’s equivalent to a good person having one more round. It’s really very important.”
      “For player 12, my definition is X. The police can’ t tell that he’s a good wolf, but number 11 says that he’s a good wolf. I don’ t know what you’ re judging that he’s a good wolf. I hope the police can talk about it and don’ t say anything else that we don’ t understand.”
      “There are seven people on the police. I think we need to drive at least two wolves. I’ m a prophet, six are golden waters,11 and 12 are not on the same side. I might have to drive one wolf. The approximate rate is 11th. One of the three people in 1st,2nd,3rd, and 4th would have to jump. The remaining three people might be good people, or another wolf. Because I haven’ t heard what they said, I’ m not sure what the situation is, but I don’ t think the police will be able to drive four wolves at most.”
      After hearing Player 7’s words, Yu Zifeng felt that it was alright.
      At least there wasn’t much of an explosion. Whether it was the police badge stream, his definition of 11 or 12, or his conjecture about how many wolves might be on the police, all fit the perspective of a prophet.
      In addition, Number 7 threw Goldwater to those who hadn’t spoken before. He was very strong. He was n’ t afraid that Number 6 players would fight against the Water Police. Based on this, most good people would probably recognize Number 7 as a prophet.
      Unless 6 or 7 were double wolves, there would be no problem with strength. However, how good was it for 6 or 7 to set up a double wolf to fight the Prophets in the future? There was no need to throw gold water on his teammates. The benefits were far worse than throwing a check.
      Of course, who knew what the wolf was thinking. Therefore, it was important for the oracle to synthesize all the information. Don’t be impulsive, do n’ t be iron-headed, or there would be a time to slap the face.
      Player [6], please speak.
      “Police Emblem Flow 11,8,5 Gold Water.”
      Number 6 spoke very quickly. It only took less than two seconds to report the badge flow and the inspection.
      This reaction definitely matched the performance of an anti-water alarm prophet. After all, he was afraid of the wolf self-destructing.
      “Player 7 dares to throw me Goldwater at this position. I think the police will not be able to place the wolf. Otherwise, I wouldn’ t pick up Goldwater. Instead, I’ ll pick it up and kill it. In addition, the angle of view he sold me was that 11 or 12 had his wolf teammates. He said that 11 was more like a wolf. I also think so. I don’ t think that he is a good person to play 11 or 11.”
      However, just as Player 6 was chatting about 11, Number 7 suddenly retreated. This action made Number 6 hesitate for a moment.” It’s useless for you to retreat. I really can’ t imagine a good person going back to this position and chatting so full. Can you retreat?”
      “Forget it, I’ m not too lazy to talk about you either. If you’ re on the police, go shoot your identity. If you don’ t have an identity, you’ ll be poisoned. If you want to shoot a hunter, I don’ t believe it. I think you’ re the Wolf King. Bolidubo has come to my prophecy house. There’s no way to retreat.”
      “I don’ t know if there’s going to be any hooters with me, but I think there should be no more. My badge stream will be left 11 or 8 for now. After listening to everyone on the police, I’ ll consider changing it. Let’s go.”
      “Can you still be a unilateral prophet?”
      Yu Zifeng frowned. He felt that Number 6 was having a strange conversation, especially when Number 7 let it go. However, he did not know exactly where it was. It was a feeling.
      Player [4], please speak.
      “He actually set up a police attack against the water. It’s very exciting. I think that #6 is right.#7 is a Wolf King who wants to be powerful. There shouldn’ t be any wolves behind him. His retreat might be a one-sided prophet’s game. If that’s the case,#7 definitely can’ t come out during the day. Even if he says he’s a citizen, he must eat poison.”
      Player 4 looked very happy. He felt that the Wolves format had collapsed and that the Wolf King Bo was so powerful that he could reach the true prophet. So what else could he say?He waited for the poison at night.
      “Right now,6 is the Prophet,5 is the Golden Water,7 dares to be at this position. That police officer can not place the wolves,1,2,3,4 are all good people,7 is the Wolf King,11,12 has a wolf. Other than 5, there are four people under the police, two wolves. I think the wolf pit is like this.”
      That’s right. If No.7 really failed Wolf King Bo’s strength, then he would sell too many good people. There were four at once, and the Wolves had no room to survive.
      But can this game be this easy?
      Perhaps it was true, perhaps the situation was not as optimistic as the good people had expected. Who knew that it was not the last moment?*

      Chapter 40 Complex and eerie coplanar relationship

      Player [3], please speak.
      “2 Goldwater,8,10.”
      Just when everyone thought that there might be a unilateral surprise, Player 3’s speech immediately ended the good man’s dream.
      The high-end game was a one-sided advance.
      “The 6th and 7th should be the two wolves playing the format. The 1st and 4th on the back of the police are probably all good people. If there is another wolf in 1st and 4th, it would not be 7 to 6 Goldwater as an identity. Instead, it would be back to fight against the Prophet.”
      “Let me tell you why my badge flow is 8 or 10. First of all, I think that 6 will give the number 5 player under the police gold water. The approximate rate is canvassing. He will score 11 or 8. I think that the wolf’s badge flow will have his wolf teammate in it.11 was hammered into the earth by 6 or 7 at the same time. Then I want to release 11 and test 8.”
      After a moment of pause, Number 3 continued,” The second badge test 10 is because I think that 11 and 12 are all good people. The first two wolves are 6 and 7, and the second two wolves are 7. If Number 5 is considered as a canvassing, then 8,9 and 10 will go into the pit. If I pass 8 and 9, my vision will be too narrow, so I can only play 8 and 10.”
      “Of course. If I say this, you players 8,9, and 10 should not be hostile towards me. Perhaps my judgment is wrong. The wolf’s badge might all be good people, or there might be only one wolf on the police, and three wolves on the police. I need to listen to everyone’s comments and judge the specific situation. Before that, I think it’s most likely that the two wolves on the police and the two wolves on the police.”
      “Yeah, it’s okay to chat. There’s nothing wrong with the perspective.”
      After hearing Number 3’s speech, Yu Zifeng immediately gave his own assessment.
      First, Number 3 recognized that the 1st and 4th on the police were right. In his eyes, if he were to open another 6th and 7th wolf teammate in 1st and 4th, he wouldn’t be doing an identity jump, but would be directly fighting against the Prophet.
      Secondly, Number 3 said that the two wolves were on the police, and the two wolves were under the police.6 and 7 were two wolves, and the mission was to make him an identity for 6, so that he could become a prophet of the anti-water police. The probability of giving 5 gold water was a canvassing. The two wolves under the police were in 8,9, and 10, which made sense.
      But the words came back again.6 or 7 formed two wolves, so why do you do that?
      7 To 6 golden water,6 to go. There was no need to set up an anti-water alert?As soon as he set up the police, wasn’t the 7th at night determined to take poison?The Wolves didn’t have much to gain from playing like this.
      Unless they weren’t 6 or 7 double wolves,7 was a good person with a fake identity, but it was n’ t like him. He was talking so full and his status was also very high. How could a good person with a fake identity talk about himself to the point where he couldn’t get out of the water?
      6.7 Can’t establish a double wolf. Can 3 or 7 establish a double wolf?
      It didn’t feel like it could be established either. No.6 had already said that No.7 would dare to set back the power of Goldwater. If he set back, he would n’ t be a wolf. Otherwise, the chance of reaching the Prophet would be extremely high.
      In other words, Number 6 had already recognized that the 1,2,3, and 4 on the police were all good people. At this time, it was because the wolf had directly knocked down the hook. There was no need to jump out and deliver it. After all, his identity had already been completed.
      “Listen again.”
      Yu Zifeng couldn’t tell who was the prophet right now. Although Number 6’s anti-water police force was very strong, this anti-water police force was too strange.
      3.7 With the establishment of the Twin Wolves, under the circumstances that No.7 was still the Wolf King, it was difficult to understand that he didn’t choose to kill them in the future. Instead, he threw gold water.
      Player [2], please speak.
      “To be honest, although #3 sent me a golden water, I think #6’s face is bigger. After all,#6’s anti-water alarm has been set up, and I’ ve also talked about what I want to hear. For example, if #7 was poisoned at night, the police might all be good people. This is the perspective of a prophet.”
      Number 2 said slowly,” But there’s one thing I ca n’ t figure out. If we set up 3 or 7 double wolves, why would Number 3 jump out?Save the 7th?No way, Number 7 was already someone who couldn’t live the next day. No matter how he jumped, no matter how he argued, Number 7 would have to take poison at night. Since that was the case, why would he jump out and give it away?”It’s better to hide and fall, so it’s really strange for Number 3 to jump. Unless he’s a prophet and has to jump.”
      “And if it’s a game of 6 or 7, I do n’ t think it’s going to make any difference. Player 7 is jumping pretty well. There’s no problem in speaking and he’s in full shape. Just dry the bowl of golden water and it’ ll be fine. What’s the need to come out and fight the water?Isn’t that selling gamer number 7?’
      “Unless player 7 is not on the same side as player 3 and player 6, he’s a good person with a fraudulent identity. If that’s the case, the logic will go through.6 isn’ t an Anti-Water Alert, and 3 isn’ t a teammate of #7. But the problem is that #7 really doesn’ t look like a fraudulent identity. It’s too difficult. In any case, I want to stand by player 6, so let’s go talk to the other officers.”
      #2 Had a bunch of things on the plate, and in the end, he was completely confused.
      However, it was no wonder that the situation on the police seemed simple, but it was actually very chaotic. Was it a 3 or 7 pair of wolves, a 6 or 7 pair of wolves, or was it simply not a wolf, or was it a good person with a fraudulent identity?
      However, this trick didn’t matter. It completely disrupted the sight of all the good people, turning 6 into an anti-water police seer,3 into a replacement. If 6 was a seer, it would n’ t matter. If 6 was a wolf, this status would be infinitely higher by Number 7.

      Chapter 41. Must take poison on the night of the 7th

      [1] Player please speak.
      “Now think of the 11th speech. It’s a real joke.”
      Yu Zifeng didn’t say who to stand by, but said this first.
      What was said on the 11th?He said the police statement would be very exciting. It was hard for good people to win. Sure enough, that was the case.
      “I think that 3 and 6 have the face of the prophet, and the face of Prophet 6 is larger than that of Prophet 3. Where is it?It is on this anti-water police, and how did the anti-water police come about?Player 7 worked it out.’
      “Just now, player #2 also played the situation of 3,7 side by side and 6,7 side by side. In the end, he thinks that 7 is not side by side with them. Only then is the logic normal. In other words, player #7 has done a bandit thing, but in the end, he has made up his identity. Why?”
      Yu Zifeng didn’t think that player 7 could set up a good person. He could cheat his identity, but it was definitely not the trick. Once he spoke, there was no second possibility.
      “Let’s put it this way, no matter who 7 is on the same side, his police officer’s statement can’ t be a fraud, nor can he retreat to the water. I’ ll make this clear first. No matter who you choose to stand on the side, player 7 must be a wolf, and must be poisoned at night.”
      “In addition, to be honest, I didn’ t tell the Prophet clearly, but I found two good men, two and four. Regardless of who is the Prophet in three or six, the police can’ t set the wolf in their perspective, right?In this way, the wolf-pit is better. Those are the ones back and forth.”
      “You choose the side of player station 6,5 is golden water, the wolf pit is at 3,7,8,9,10,11,12, seven people out of four wolves, of which 3,7 is Dinglang,8,9,10,11,12 five people out of two wolves.”
      “And you have to choose the side of player station 3. The wolf pit is 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. Four wolves are out of eight. Among them,6,7 are Ding Wolves,5,8,9,10,11,12. Six people are out of two wolves.”
      “The wolf pits of the two seers coincide in height, so I believe that when the badge ticket type comes out, some people will become public wolf pits. When the time comes, we can choose to push people in the public wolf pits and leave 3 or 6 for us to apply for inspection on the spot. This kind of play is very suitable for this situation.”
      Hearing Yu Zifeng’s speech, everyone frowned and did not come out of the 3 or 6 pairs of jumping forecasters, to come out of the public wolf pit?What if this was pushed wrong?Werewolf killing is a matter of rounds. Today is the round of 3 or 6. How can we push people outside?
      At the same time.
      Lin Wanqing’s live studio.
      The barrage was already noisy.
      “This #1 dish is good. Who is the prophet in 3 or 6?Apparently it was number 6 ok?As long as 6 is a wolf, why should he throw gold water under the police, and not put the position behind the police to kill?”
      “The wolf pit in the blind spot on the police is a little showy. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him. He didn’t even think about wolves when he heard the speech. That wolf pit is very crowded,”
      “I’ m afraid you’ re not the one who says #1. You’ re the one who can’ t think of the logic that you’ ll have. Otherwise, he won’ t have the confidence to bet 3 gold coins. It’s just that he’s more complicated.”
      “I don’t think it’s appropriate to push the external position. It’s easy to push the good guy, just throw in 3 or 6. There should be the wolf king in it. Once the wolf king shoots, is n’ t the perspective right?”
      “It’s a hammer. In this situation, it’s not necessarily a wolf gun jumping. Maybe it’s a little wolf jumping?Remember, both prophesies sent golden water, and there was no check kill.”
      “In this case, it’s not impossible to push the external position, but it’s a question of who will lead the team. No.1 is unknown. Good people will not believe him.”
      “This also uses disk logic, elementary school students stand side,6 iron fixed prophet, stand the wrong side I live feed Xiang, hot kind.”
      “66666, Take a screenshot and wait for the live broadcast.”
      “I’ ve confirmed that I’ m a werewolf.”
      [All players on the police have finished speaking, start the sheriff vote]
      Ten seconds later, the results came out.
      5.8,10 Choose to vote for Player 6.
      9 Choose to vote for player #3.
      [Player 6 was elected Sheriff]
      Christmas Eve last night.
      [7] Player please speak.
      “I’m a civilian. The police had a wave of operations, but I did n’ t expect the situation to be so messed up. I can accept you beating me as a wolf. After all, you’ve done banditry, but it’s very bad for me to listen to No.1’s speech. What do you mean that you have to eat poison for 7 nights?Haven’t you ever seen a good man throw gold and water into a trap?I’m sure you’ ve seen it before, but you don’t give me any tolerance. You must poison me at night. I think you should be a wolf.”
      “And I think it was 1 or 3 two wolves, why was itBecause what is the logical basis point of not opening the wolf on the rear position alarm?It is based on the fact that I am a wolf in number 7, so that I can not set the wolf on the police, but I can clearly see my trump card, I am a good person, so the logic that you said the police can not set the wolf on the rear is wrong.”
      “But you have repeatedly emphasized this point, even the wolf pit of station 3 and 6 is clear, but you only excluded yourself and 2 and 4, why?2.4 It sounds like a good person to me, but you’re a wolf in number 1. You’ re only using them as a shield when you recognize number 2 or 4.”
      “Besides, why do I recognize 1 or 3 pairs of wolves instead of 1 or 6 pairs of wolves? Because I’ m a good person. If it’s a wolf, I’ ll send him gold water. He must know that I’ m not a prophet, and there are only four people left in the back position. One of them is his wolf teammate. He definitely won’ t send gold water to the police. He must be an anti-water police officer and throw him in the back, right?”
      “Therefore, I can only make 1 or 3 pairs of wolves, not 1 or 6 pairs of wolves. I choose to stand on the side of player 6, and my watch water will come here, and my identity will be given to you. I hope that good people can recognize and understand my logic.”*

      Chapter 42 Strong logic, how could you be a good person?

      Player [8], please speak.
      “Number 7, this is your watch water?Going to play player 1?Shouldn’t you focus on talking about why you’ re cheating?Why did he lose his identity?Do you need to talk about your identity until you can’t escape?I think #1 is right. No matter who’s the prophet, you’ re a wolf and can’t run. The witch will poison 7 at night.”
      No.8 was obviously dissatisfied with player No.7’s watch water. He had n’ t even finished talking about his banditry, so what’s the point of going to Madhammer No.1 as a wolf?
      Also, is 1 a wolf or not, has anything to do with 3 or 6 who are the seers?#7 Said stand side 6 at the end, so what is your logic for stand side 6?What is the reason?No chat, then you can still be a nice guy?
      However, No.7 was standing on the side of No.6, so he didn’t know if he was barbarian or charging.
      “Let me tell you why I voted for #6. First, I don’t like player #3’s comments. What do you mean that wolf’s badge has his wolf teammates in it?6.7 All play 11 and you put 11 down?So I 8 is a wolf?”It’s fine if you want me to be a wolf. If you want to fight, you don’ t dare to fight. You’ re so scared that you feel like a wolf.”
      “The second point is the 6 Anti-Water Alert. It’s incredibly powerful. Moreover, I don’ t think that 6 or 7 can be a double wolf. If it’s a double wolf, there’s no need for that. In combination with the above two points, I voted for Player 6. Before I heard your second round’s speech, I’ m still on the side of 6.”
      “Also, let’s talk about the number one player on the police. You think that player 2 and 4 are good people. You say that you can place them outside. It’s no problem, but you want to take the team as an identity, right?Why would you want to lead a team if you didn’t make an identity?What if you were a wolf?Moreover, Player 7 was right. The premise that the police could not set the wolf back was that 7 was a wolf. If he was really a good person with a fraudulent identity, then what was the situation with the police setting back? It was not certain.”
      After Number 8 finished attacking Number 7, he pointed his spear at Yu Zifeng. Moreover, his hostility was no smaller than Number 7. He felt that Yu Zifeng’s speech at the end of the police station was not good. It was originally a 3 or 6 round, so how could he get out of the external position?
      Yu Zifeng smiled when he heard that Number 8 had hit him as a wolf. He didn’t use Number 8 as a wolf. After all, Number 7 was a player who had been poisoned at night. Moreover, his conversation with Number 7 did n’ t seem to be related to meeting at night.
      In fact, Yu Zifeng could understand where Number 8’s hostility towards him came from. In the eyes of good people, there must be a wolf in Number 3 and Number 6. As long as he listened carefully to their words, it would be fine. If he was outside, would he be able to attack someone?
      What if he accidentally dropped the god hiding his identity?Isn’t the good guy a blood fall yet?The risk is so high that no one wants to play like that.
      Player 9, please speak.
      “Player 3 on the side, I don’t think that 3 or 7 will form a double wolf.3 or 7 will form a double wolf, and your counteroffer 7 will be the Wolf King. Why would you accept the Goldwater?”I’ ve already received the investigation.”
      Player 9 was the only one under the police to give 3 votes. His speech was crucial, so Yu Zifeng listened carefully.
      “I think 3 is the Prophet,6 is the Hummer,7 is the good person who is cheating. Only in this way can the relationship between the three of them be reached. Although the 7 police’s cheating behavior is very bad, the logic tells me that he may be the good person who is in chaos. Moreover, I think that he has no problem playing player 1. If number 1 says to play outside, it will definitely be a bandit.”
      Number 9 didn’t go to talk about why he was a prophet, and why he was n’ t a prophet. After saying that, he directly targeted Yu Zifeng and attacked him for saying that he was an outsider.
      “I think that the reason why 6 didn’ t go back to fight against the Prophet was probably because 6 was Little Wolf. He didn’ t plan to jump, but in the end, Number 7 suddenly sent him a golden water. Number 6 felt that this was a rare opportunity, so he jumped. If it wasn’ t for Number 7’s operation, the one who might have jumped was Number 1. I heard that his speech was a wolf, and it was the Wolf King who didn’ t have time to jump.”
      “Besides, the reason why No.6 didn’ t fight back against the Prophet was because he was Little Wolf. There was another reason why he was trying to kill someone who didn’ t speak from behind with No.5 under the police. His intentions were too obvious and it was easy to expose himself. He might even sell his Wolf teammate No.1, so No.6 might as well lose a golden water for No.5 and cheer up his ticket. I’ ll lie to the badge first.”
      After listening to Number 9’s speech, everyone felt that there was some truth to what he said. Wolf might have some misgivings when he did n’ t go to the back to fight against the Prophet. He couldn’t say that he would n’ t fight against the water anymore. If he didn’t go back to fight against the Prophet, he would be the Prophet. Who knew what he thought?*

      Chapter 43 I am a witch, silver water does not report

      “This 9 probability is a wolf.”
      Yu Zifeng was tolerant of people who beat him. He felt like 8 was a good person, just like 8 was a wolf. However, he couldn’t bear it if Number 9 was a wolf.
      1.6 Double Wolf was established. If the police didn’t follow up, why?What else was there to say? Number 6 didn’t dare to fight back. He was afraid that he would sell his camera. He was already the Wolf King, so what if Number 6 sold his camera?
      Besides, he and player #6 were wolf teammates, so was it necessary to say that he had an external player?Wouldn’t it smell good to stand up and help No.6 with the move ticket?After all, Number 6 had already set up an anti-water police force. Why did he have to give up?
      “A wolf is a wolf. No matter how many things you can count, you’ re a wolf.”
      Yu Zifeng sneered and ignored player 9.
      Player [10], please speak.
      “This 9 is a wolf, isn’t it? It’s actually a wolf king?He could still recognize 7 as a good person. How did you recognize them?Based on your strong logic, can I just play around with it? How could 6 or 7 not be a double wolf?Maybe it’s just that they hit the format at night and jump like that?3.7 How can I not do Double Wolf anymore?”No, I don’ t like to kill you. I like to send gold water to the back. Can’ t I?”
      “You, number 9, have a positive logic, a negative logic, a small probability event, and a guess. Do you tell me that your guess can become logic?”You’ re a roundworm in Number 6’s stomach, and he’s afraid of selling perspective, so he didn’ t fight back against the Prophet. Why are you so good?”
      Number 10 stood up and scolded Number 9. His tone was full of ridicule. Yu Zifeng heard what he said and couldn’t help but smile. He thought to himself,” Well done.”
      “Tell me why I’ m standing on the side of player 6. Anti-Water has set up a police force. I think that 7 is a wolf. No matter who is a prophet, he can’ t be a good person. This round of police will take a civilian status, and then he will go fight 1. It’s a wolf. It’s not a brother. You’ ll talk about yourself first. Why did you lose the identity of Goldwater? What’s the path of your heart? What information did you get after the fraud was done? You won’ t talk about these things. How can you be a good person?”
      “I don’t want to stand on the side of player 3. You said that the approximate rate of 5 gold drops to the police is canvassing. He picked up the 7 gold drops to the police. He did n’ t go to the back to kill the Prophet and just threw a gold drop to the police. What do you think the Wolves will gain?Just to pull this vote #5?Have you ever wondered if 6 was trying to do Wolverine 5 status?”If you can give me a 5% chance of winning the vote, hit me at 8,9, and 10 to open two wolves, and tell us not to dislike you. You think we are soft persimmons.”
      Number 10 was obviously a monster. In fact, it was very normal for Number 3 to not be able to get the badge. He was the only one who was able to get the badge.
      However, what was strange was that 9 gave him a vote. The positive logic board 9 should be a charge, while the negative logic 9 was a barb, and was responsible for flying the Prophet 3.
      Player [11], please speak.
      “It’s time for me to speak again. The situation is very chaotic. Under Police 7, Patron said that he wanted to stand by Prophet 6, because what?If he didn’t talk about it, he would say that 1 was a wolf. Why were you so hostile to Number 1?”I think Number 1 said it very well. He can be sent out from the outside, and he can be sent out from Number 7. He’s not afraid of being a wolf gun, so let him take people with him. In any case, he wouldn’ t dare to take them with the 3 or 6 Prophets, right?”
      Number 11’s tone was very relaxed. It did n’ t feel like the previous speakers were nervous and excited. It felt like they were out of the ordinary.
      However, he also had his own target, player 7.
      “My police officer said that I smelled a very dangerous aura from No.12. It might be a wolf. No.7 said that you couldn’t understand what I said. Let me explain. What’s there to explain?”That’s right. I think he’s a wolf. If he wants to think that I’ m a wolf, he’ ll just fight back. I don’ t care.”
      “On the other hand, Number 7 forced us into a confrontation. What do you mean?11.12 Must I get a wolf?Must not be two good people?No.12 didn’t deserve justice. I was the one who beat him up, and he did n’ t even respond to me. The two of us didn’t have a conversation or interaction, so why did you pull him to the opposite side?Is it that I play random people and I’m the opposite of him?”
      Number 11 paused for a moment, and his tone suddenly became heavier.” Today, don’t move either, player number 7 will be released. Number 8, do you think you need to shoot your identity if you want to lead the team?Alright, I’m a witch. Silverwater does n’ t want to report it. Now I’m qualified to lead the team, right?”If he were the Wolf King on the 7th, he would take me away. I’ m not afraid of witches. What are you afraid of?”
      “Besides, I’m talking to you 3 or 6 Prophets, especially you 6. In your eyes,7 is definitely a wolf, right? You’ re afraid of death. I’m not afraid of death. Now that I’ ve jumped out, even if he shoots, he won’t bring you. So I’ m asking you to go to 7 right?#3, Didn’t you plate 6 or 7 double wolf police on playing format?Now I need you to hit the ticket on player 7, no problem right?”
      The moment 11 said that he was a witch, his dangling state was replaced by cold. His conversation with 3 or 6 did not seem to be a discussion, but rather an order.*

      Chapter 44 This speech can’t be played

      Player [12], please speak.
      “That’s great. There’s no problem with Number 7. Let him take it. The witches aren’t scared, so I’ m not scared anymore. I heard that the top 1 is a good person. The top 7,8,9 are all going to fight. They’re wolves. What do you want?Playing with the wind?”It’s not good for me to listen to 9’s speech. The approximate rate is a wolf. If 9 is a wolf, then maybe #3 is also a wolf. Of course, I know whether 9 is a wolf or not has nothing to do with #3. After all, a wolf can knock a hook and send it flying. I’ m just going to point it out first.#3, do you listen to 9’s speech like a wolf?”
      This sentence #3, do you feel like a wolf in a 9 statement?Truly killing and killing hearts.
      How does #3 answer that question?Say 9 like a wolf?That was the only one under the police to vote for him, saying he didn’t look like a wolf?In all fairness, Number 9 was really quite a bandit, especially when it came to fighting 1 or 6 double wolves and 1 wolf king. Wasn’t that bullshit?
      Player [1], please speak.
      “Finally, a strong god has come out to lead the team. Today’s round of 7 is fine. If he’s the Wolf King, let him bring people with him. It’s even better if he’s the Little Wolf. Anyway, he can’t be a good person. There’s no doubt about that.”Player 7, good people can tolerate you cheating on the police. It’s all up to you to send gold and water to investigate and kill. However, when you jumped the Prophet’s state, you played the police badge, including the police badge’s heart path, and your comments on the police officers, do you think you can still retreat?”
      Yu Zifeng sneered,” You dare to play a civilian card like this?I dont believe that.And what is the watch water under your police?Is to hit me number 1, what is the point of hitting me number 1?Can good people claim you?No!What you should be talking about the most is why you want to cheat your identity, what was the information you blew up, why did you stand on the side of No.6, and why?3 In your eyes, why isn’t he a prophet? Where is his exploding point?”
      “You don’t mention these important things. Tell me you’ re cheating?Do you have the ability to cheat?”That’s right, it’s just that you’ re not going to be able to do anything.”
      It was actually quite common for a good person to jump into the prophecy family’s fraudulent identity. However, there were very few such frauds as Number 7. The key was that he would not give you logic when he finished blowing up. He would not tell you what information he had blown up, nor why he was trying to fake his identity. He would just give you a piece of information. Could this be a good person?
      “Besides, the number 9 player under the police, I’m a wolf against Wind 7 and 8, and I’ m also a wolf king. Isn’t that why you said you got the ticket to number 3?On what is the logic that you set?Not what actually happened on the field, but based on your conjecture.”
      Yu Zifeng curled his lips and said,” You guessed that 6 is a wolf. It feels like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to jump after receiving Goldwater, so he jumped. Why don’t you guess he went to the police to kill the prophet?”I’ m afraid of selling perspective. Brother, I’ m the Wolf King. I’ m afraid that my teammates will sell perspective?”
      “Also, you think that 3 is a prophet. Even the prophet in your mind says that I am a good person. Are you a wolf beating me?Your perspective is clearer than a prophet?Is it bad that I’m the late wolf who set up a position to speak and directly give me the Wolves friendly number ticket?After all, he had set up an alarm against the water, and his strength was limitless. Meanwhile, Prophet No.3 had sent 8,9, and 10 under the police into the wolf pit, and the 5 under the police received the golden water from my wolf teammate. Did I just say a few words, and No.6 took the badge?”
      “But I didn’ t. Instead, I ordered the wolf pits for you and told them to set up the wolf pits before they stood there. Why don’ t you tell me that a wolf will chat with you?”
      Yu Zifeng’s series of questions caused the good people on the field to fall into deep thought.
      Yeah, he was a wolf. Just help his teammates with their numbers. Why was he talking about all this mess? Why did he have to focus on himself?
      “I’ ll point 7 and 9 to two wolves. Player 3, your vote isn’ t clean, but I won’ t call you a wolf just because 9 is a wolf. If he stands by the side and gives you a vote, he’ ll hit you as a wolf. I hope you can have a good chat. I’ ll tell the prophet that he’s barely affected by the outside world. I’ ll only see your own speech, logic, and the wolf pit.”
      Yu Zifeng’s speech was powerful. He pointed at player 7 and player 9, clearly and logically. Then, he used his sincere words to tell the other players on the field why he was a good person and why he wasn’ t a wolf. In the end, he continued to talk to Prophet 3. The 120 seconds of his speech was filled with perfect timing.*

      Chapter 45. Your ticket type is not clean.

      Lin Wanqing’s live broadcast room.
      At this moment, the audience had risen from the initial tens of thousands to nearly 100,000, and the barrage was like a snowflake.
      “Just now, who said that #1’s speech wasn’ t good. When this speech came out, you told me who dared to hit him as a wolf?”
      “Every 7 is a wolf, and I have to go straight out 7. Why do I feel that the good guys have been brought to the wolves?Is 11 a witch?Why did the witch jump out without even reporting Silverwater?”Is it just to give the wolf gun to him?”
      “Listen to Number 1’s voice. It’s very magnetic and deep. I love it.”
      “I still think that 6 is a prophet,3 is a bogeyman, and 7 is a good person with a fraudulent identity. However, he deserves to be eliminated for playing like this.”
      “Number 1, point 7, and point 9 are two wolves, but they didn’ t go to chat about number 8. It’s a bit strange that 8 also hit him.”
      “It’s so exciting. It’s only interesting to play this game like this. If an expert tries too much, it’s deadly.”
      However, just as the audience was happily commenting on the situation, Lin Wanqing suddenly smiled and said,” Everyone, please pay more attention to Player 1. He is my CP.”
      As soon as that was said.
      The barrage instantly exploded.
      “F*ck, what’s going on?”Since when did Sister Qing set up a CP?”
      “Really? I didn’t hear him wrong, was he Sister Qing’s CP?O my goddess, how have you fallen?’
      “Sister Qing, what about not being in love for five years?”
      “I just wanted to know where he came from. I’ m familiar with a few Werewolf Killings. I don’ t have this person.”
      At the same time.
      In the werewolf killing game space, the exciting competition was continuing.
      Player [2], please speak.
      “Since the witches have come out to lead the team, I think we can get players 7,3,6, and so on. Let them continue to apply for the test tomorrow.”
      Player 2 thought about it carefully. Today, this round was 7, which was better than playing in 3 or 6.
      Why do you say that?
      First of all, player 7 must be a wolf. As for the reason, the previous players had already made it clear. He did not repeat it again. The question now was whether the probability of 6 or 7 wolves was higher or that of 3 or 7 wolves.
      If it was six or seven wolves and seven wolves, it was possible for them to give gold water to their Little Wolf Team friends when they set up the Wolf Spear. Moreover, this action appeared to be very powerful in the eyes of a good man.
      Even if he didn’t have a good chat, he could still shoot the Prophet and take him away. Number 6’s identity was perfectly hidden. Of course, the premise was that Number 6 was going to take down the hook.
      However, if it was three or seven wolves, seven were wolf spears, and number six was by his side, there was no reason why he wouldn’t kill him. If he took ten thousand steps back, even if he did n’ t kill him, he wouldn’t be able to kill Goldwater. Was he crazy?If it was sent to the Prophet, wouldn’ t he have killed himself?
      Besides, on the other side of the 7th was the 8th under the police. Wouldn’t it smell good if he gave 8th a golden water to pull his ticket?In any case, when 3 or 7 were double wolves and 7 were wolf spears, no matter what, they wouldn’t be able to receive 6 golden water.
      Therefore, once No.7 fired, the probability of 6 or 7 wolves would be far greater than that of 3 or 7 wolves.
      If No.7 didn’t shoot, the situation would be complicated.
      The players on the field still had to go to the situation where 7 was a good person and 7 was a little wolf.
      “Let’s talk about the good people and target wolves that I recognize. Player 1 must be a good person in my eyes. He sent the police to take care of me and number 4. He ordered 3 and 6 wolf pits respectively, and also said he wanted to push in the public wolf pits. I don’ t think he’s a wolf.”
      “Because if it’s a 1 or 6 double wolf,1’s mission at the end is to help #6, fire up, and cause #3 to explode. If it’s a 1 or 3 double wolf,1’s mission is to hit the barbs. After all, in the eyes of #6’s prophet, the police’s position is to open the young wolf.3 has already jumped out and sent him off. His identity will definitely be completed.”
      Number 2 took a deep breath and continued,” Other than that, the reason why I think that Player 1 must be a good person is because of his speech this round. If you give me a score, I’ ll score a hundred points. I’ m not afraid of him being proud. The wolf pit he ordered is exactly like mine. Player 9 will explode when he opens his mouth. Player 8 has good human face and bandit face. The good human face just gets up and attacks Number 7. Bandit face is followed by Number 7 to fight Number 1, so he might have to eat it.”
      “As for the witch #11, I’ll believe her. I’ ll see if she doesn’t.#12’s speech is relatively brief, but it’s also agreed to 7. I’ d prefer it for now. As for standing on the side, I’m still saying that. Before 3 or 6 did n’ t even speak, I believed that 6 was a prophet, especially the 9 who gave 3 the badge was a wolf. It made me think that 3’s ticket type was n’ t clean. Did you say that he knocked down the hook?Why?”What’s the reason why he’s going to barb?”
      Number 2 still felt that 9 was a charging wolf and 3 was a hoot, but he didn’t say it clearly. After all,3 was giving him gold water. If the last 3 was a prophet, he would n’ t be embarrassed.
      “Number 3, I’ m your Goldwater, and the witches have also come out to lead the team. I hope that your vote will be against Player 7. If it really is 3 or 6 PK, I’ m afraid you’ ll be out today.”
      The phrase #2, while harsh, is again an inarguable fact.
      3.6 The good people of these two Prophets must be more trusting of 6. In the end, it was because of the anti-water police that Number 7 had made the Prophets of 6 infinitely higher.*

      Chapter 46 Prophets #3 who fear death

      Player [3], please speak.
      “I don’ t have a problem with casting 7. He’s a wolf here. If he’s a good man, it can only be said that he broke up the good team, but I don’ t believe that a good man would never play like this. As long as I’ m not out, the Wolves won’ t dare to kill me at night. I can report another test tomorrow. That’s good.”
      Number 3 sounded very happy. Number 2 was right. If it was 3 or 6 PK, he would be out today, but he was a prophet. He did not want to be out. If he was out, the good guys would be at least two rounds behind.
      Therefore, he raised his hands to approve. After all, Seven was a wolf in his eyes. Even if he was a good person and a commoner, being able to stand in the way of the Prophet would be a great help.
      That’s right, Number 3 was so afraid of death. He thought his life was much more important than Number 7’s.
      “Let me click the wolf pit first. I’m three wolves in 6,7, and 8. As for player number 9, to be honest, you all want to hear my definition of him. I really do n’ t want to beat him as a wolf. After all, he’s the only one under the police to give me a badge. I really ca n’ t figure it out. If he’s a wolf, why do n’ t you just give him a ticket to his wolf teammate instead?Could it be that it was to stain me?If that were the case, it would be too showy, really.”
      A wolf under the police had plenty of reasons to charge his wolf teammates. In the end, he didn’t want to. He was going to fly the Prophet. This was too deep. Number 3 thought that 9 could n’ t do this. He was probably just a good person who spoke with a bit of an explosion.
      “In addition, I still think that the police will put the young wolf behind me.1. I’ ll listen to my speech.2. I’ m Goldwater.4. The police’s speech doesn’ t have any bandit face. The last wolf is in 5,10,12. It’s hard to count 9 in. That’s why I’ ll pick the four of them tonight.”
      Player [4], please speak.
      “I’ m still not satisfied with the definition of #6,#3, and #9. In my eyes, he’s a wolf, and all of his statements are very strong. Moreover, I didn’ t hear what reason he gave you the ticket, or what point he recognized you as a prophet. Such a logicless side of the station, and the conversation was so explosive.#3, if I were you, I would definitely have sent the #9 to send me flying.”
      “Maybe you think he gave you a vote. You can’t bear to fight him as a wolf, but it ca n’ t be. A wolf is a wolf in the end. No matter how he stands, you have a purpose. You can’t be confused by appearances.In addition, player #8 followed Feng 7 to play player #1. I think it’s quite bandit. First of all, in your eyes, police 7 are not good. They should be alpha wolves, and 7 and 1 are absolute opposites. There is no possibility that wolves will step on wolves as status. How can you play 1 bad?”
      “You played 7 and went to play 1. It makes me feel like you 7 and 8 are two wolves. You played 7 just to be your identity. In this game, many people said 7. Even the witches jumped out to lead the team. Then I’ ll follow the witches. Let’s play 7 first and keep the two prophets.”
      Player [5], please speak.
      “3 Wasn’t this round of speeches a bandit?The wolf pits you ordered were 6,7, and 8, but 7, and 8 were obviously not on the same side. All right,8 got up and hammered 7 were wolves. The police were cheating. The police did not talk about the reason.7,8 could only open one wolf. If 7 was a wolf,8 would be a good person.”
      Number 5 said decisively,” And the definition of player number 9, everyone told you that he was a wolf, but you said that he didn’t look like him. The reason why he did n’ t look like him was because if he was a wolf, he would definitely give him a ticket for his wolf teammates. That’s not necessarily true. He just came over to dirty the team and fill in your wolf pit, right?”This is an operation that a wolf can completely fight. How could it be Tian Xiu in your eyes?”
      “Also, what do you mean by your definition of number 5? If the police officer said 6 to send me gold water, it should be a canvassing. Before the police officer could speak, I would directly enter the wolf pit from the canvassing. Isn’t your change too fast?”I don’t know why there are so many people in the forward position who are going to come out 7 and the witch is still jumping out, you poison is useless, if the 7 out shooting takes you, how many good people will have to fall behind in rounds?”
      “The most important thing is, after 7 is fired, can you all tell who the prophet is?”I don’ t think so. It’s a round of 3 or 6. If I eat poison, I have to mess around. I don’ t know what you guys think. Anyway, I’ ll make a 3. You guys can do whatever you want. The wolf pits I ordered are 3,7,9,12. The error rate is 8,12. Under the police, number 10 sounds like a good person to me.”
      Player [6], please speak.
      “The police badge is 12 or 10. The wolf pit is 3,7 or 9. I want to let go of the 1,2 or 4 on the police. If I jump a witch, I will not care. If he is not a witch, there will naturally be witches to deal with. So I want to check the 12 on the police. If the 12 is a good person, then the pattern will be clear. If the 12 is a good person, the police will open 3 or 7 two wolves, and the police will open two wolves. The 9 will not be able to run. If the other is in 8 or 10, I will randomly check one 10.”
      “There’s a 7 in this game, but there’s one thing I have to say that I don’ t really agree with this. Because now everyone has to give out number 7 players, whether it’s a wolf or a good person, then there are only two explanations. One is that 7 is a wolf, and it must be a wolf king. His wolf teammates want him out to bring a witch or me. The second is terrifying.7 is a good person, and the Wolves want to fight against 7.”
      “But I can’ t help it. The witches have already jumped out to lead the team. All the good people I recognize in front of me have to pay 7. I’ m afraid I won’ t be able to pay 7 in this position. You guys think it’s the 6 or 7 wolves, so I chose to listen to the witches and pay 7.”*

      Chapter 47 Be thoughtful, spell the knife

      No.6, as the police chief, was not willing to give a 7, but he could not change the situation by himself. If he had to break the ticket, he might have to get poisoned at night. For a 7, it was not worth it, regardless of whether he was a wolf or a good person.
      Since 7 was a wolf gun, he would not bring him if he was out. He could only bring a witch.
      “The police badge stream once again tells us that 12th and 10th will be accepted. The sheriff will return to Player 7.”
      [Everyone finished speaking and began banishment voting]
      1.2,3,4,6,8,9,10,11,12 Chose to vote for Player 7.
      7 Choose to vote for player #3.
      5 Choose to discard your ticket.
      [Player 7 is out, waiting for player to launch skill]
      At this moment, the hearts of all good men were in their throats.
      However, after waiting for ten seconds, Number 7 did not shoot out. This made both the good guys happy and the good guys worried.
      Player 7 had a total of ten votes. Now, it proved that he was not the Wolf King. Why did the Wolves cast him out?
      There seemed to be only one explanation.7 was a good person.
      “I’m really convinced. There are so many good people who voted for me. Is n’ t it all about me being the Wolf King?Did I shoot that?Could it be that I, the Wolf King, have crushed my gun?”I’ ve already told you that I’ m a good person and a commoner with a trump card. I just wanted to try out player 6’s flexibility, and the feedback he gave me was fine, like an anti-water police prophet. That’s why I stood beside him.”
      “I’m a wolf. If I do n’ t shoot, can I only be a little wolf?Day 1 Wolves will pitch their own Little Wolf teammates out?And what to think?As soon as this ticket type comes out, it still doesn’t prove I’ m a good guy?”
      Hearing player 7’s angry voice, the good people on the field were a little shaken. Was he really a good person?But why was he talking like a wolf?
      “Forget it, it’s my fault that I shouldn’ t be on the defensive, but I’ ll say it again. I’ m a good guy out. Although the Wolves won a round, I believe that the good guys still have a chance to win. The witch went to poison the 3rd at night. He must be the Wolf King. Dreamcatcher should go and be honest with the Wolves. If you’ re guarding No.6 or No.11, I suggest you guard the Prophet. This witch can’ t lead the team and can only pull the good guys apart.”
      “In addition, don’ t put the wolf on the back and not open the wolf. This logic is based on the fact that I am a wolf, but I am not a wolf, so this logic doesn’ t hold true.”
      “You guys must pay attention to Number 1. He’s the first one to say that he wants to play outside. If it’s 3 or 6 PK, who will be out?”It must be 3. That’s why he’s protecting #3 players. The odds of 1 and 3 are double wolves. In addition, regardless of whether it’s on or off the police, he’s the only one who repeatedly stresses that the police can’ t set the wolves, and thus, he’s protecting #2 and #4.”
      “I hope the good guys turn around.6 is the prophet. The witch must poison 3 at night.”
      It could be heard that Number 7 was trying to use his last words to get the good guys to recognize him. That sincere force really touched the hearts of many good guys, making them believe that Number 7 was a good guy out.
      However, Yu Zifeng did not believe that Number 7 could not be a good person in his eyes. It must be a wolf. Although this ticket type was strange, it could not change the fact that Number 7 was a wolf.
      At the same time.
      Lin Wanqing’s live broadcast room.
      “Hahaha, after hearing No.7’s last words, I think he’s a good person who’s been eliminated. Now, No.1 and the witches will have to back the pot.”
      “Sister Qing, this CP can’ t do it. The Prophets didn’ t distinguish between them, and they even cast a good person out.”
      “Xiu, the fifth wolf is no 1.”
      “A real dish. He doesn’t throw 7 out if he has any brains. Is he side by side with 6 or 3?”Don’ t you have to be a good person to come out on your own?”
      “At this level, it’s also worthy of being Sister Qing’s CP?”Get lost.”
      Lin Wanqing’s expression immediately sank when she saw that many of the screen shots began to spray Yu Zifeng.” Although you guys are my fans, I don’ t want to hear anything that denigrates him. Housekeeper, give everyone who said dirty things a month.”
      Seeing Lin Wanqing defend Yu Zifeng so much, the fans who admired Lin Wanqing became even more envious and jealous. At this moment, they were all silently praying in their hearts that Number 1 would lose the match and make him lose face in front of more than 100,000 spectators.
      On the other side.
      After Number 7 sent out his last words, he entered the night.
      Dark sky please close your eyes!
      Prophet, please open your eyes. Please choose the target you want to examine. TA’s identity is……
      Witch please open your eyes, are you going to use poison?
      Werewolves, please open your eyes, please choose who you want to kill……
      Dreamcatcher, please open your eyes, please choose the target you want to take……
      “Do you want Dream 11?”
      Yu Zifeng couldn’t make up his mind for a moment. The 12th of his first night’s dream was a random dream because the Dreamcatcher had to have a dreamman every night. If he didn’t dream, the system would randomly pick one. There was no way. Yu Zifeng chose a 12 on the 12th and 2nd.
      But tonight, Yu Zifeng didn’t know whether he wanted Dream 11 or not. He jumped the witch. To be honest, Yu Zifeng was half-believing. At that time, Number 7 was most likely a wolf spear, and the witch did n’ t even have time to hide her identity, let alone jump out.
      Of course, Yu Zifeng didn’t think that 11 was a wolf. He was probably a civilian who blocked the knife. After all, he did n’ t even report Silverwater. Why didn’t he report it because he did n’ t even know where the knife was. Wouldn’t he reveal the truth?
      But what if 11 is really a witch?What was he going to do with the Wolves?
      After hesitating for a few seconds, Yu Zifeng finally decided not to Dream 11. He wanted to fight with the Wolf Blade Technique. Dream 2 player. As for the 3 or 6 Prophets, they did not need to care. They would definitely not eat the blade.*

      Chapter 48 is actually a Silverwater Prophet

      It was dawn!
      The one who died last night was player #9. No last words.
      Player [8], please speak.
      “I remember your badge on number 6 correctly if it’s 12 or 10. This order of speech is to throw a check on number 12.”
      Number 8 said in a low voice,” Last night, it was Number 9’s death. To be honest, it’s incredible. I don’ t think Number 9 is qualified to take this attack. I think it was the witch poison. The Dreamcatcher will defend against the enemy. If you’ re defending against the two seers, I think you can jump out of perspective. The wolf won’ t choose to attack at this time. If not, for example, if you defend against the 11th witch, then don’ t jump. It’s pointless.”
      “I heard player 7’s last words yesterday, and it moved me a bit, including the ticket type. I think that 7 might really be a good person out. If 7 is a good person, the logic of our previous game would be to overturn the heavy game. The police might even have to open up the wolf in the rear position. Player 1 was forced to push the outside position of the main player, which was equivalent to a three-round match. You have a bandit face, although your speech yesterday was very good.”
      Number 8 admitted that after Yu Zifeng finished speaking yesterday, he directly recognized that Yu Zifeng was a good person, but if Number 7 was a good person out, Yu Zifeng’s identity as a good person would need to be discussed.
      “Also, player number 4, your bandit face is bigger than number 1. Yesterday, your police officer said 7 to Feng, and then hit me 7 and 8 as double wolves. The reason is that I hit both 7 and 1. Both of them are opposites. I can’t fight both of them. Why?They all have bad speeches, why can’t I point them out?”
      “The 7th police officer is cheating, the 7th police officer can’t pass. As a good person, I definitely ca n’ t ignore him. The 1st police officer started to say that there is an external position. I think there’s a problem with the round. What’s wrong with him?”If you take this, you’ ll want to hit me with 7 or 8 pairs of wolves. I’ ll hit 7 on a counteroffer to be my identity. I’ m thinking too much. I think my chat is okay, so I don’ t need to get someone to recognize me by hitting or licking someone.”
      After taking a deep breath, Number 8 said in a righteous voice,” Click on the wolf pit,3,9,12, then 1,4 to open another one. This game will be 12. I hope that you will be able to test Number 6 in 1,4. Both of them have bandit face, especially Number 4,7. It should be a good person to go. The logic is heavy, you can not put down the people who are placed behind the police.”
      Player [10], please speak.
      “I don’t think I’ m on the wrong side,6 is the Prophet. Last night,9 died,100% of them were from Voodoo. How could he take this attack?”It’s a wolf. He’s been charging 3 like crazy, and player 3’s attitude towards him is very ambiguous. Even if he’s a barbarian wolf, he doesn’ t dare to challenge him. He’s also said that he’s a good person who speaks and explodes, so let’s fall.”
      #10 Obviously can’t take the point that #3 says 9 is good. If it were good people, good people would have lost most of this game.
      “I can recognize a good person in the last words of No.7 yesterday. That’s why No.3 will cast 7 against Wind. In the eyes of the wolf, it’s one that can resist. Only Prophet No.6 and his Goldwater No.5 did not say 7 well. However, under the pressure of witches and other good people, he still compromised. I don’ t think it’s necessary for No.6 to be the wolf’s words to do that. Why do you say so much?”
      “It’s already the next day. I’ ll listen to everyone’s comments. Click on the wolf pit.3,4,9,12. The error rate is a little different from player 2,2’s comments. I can’ t tell whether it’s good or bad, so I’ ll play forgiveness. I think player 8 is a good person. He can recognize the wolf pit, logic, and the side of the station just like me.”
      “As for player #1, I thought about it for a long time last night. He can’ t be a wolf. From the statements of the police to the statements of the police and the logic of his game, the wolf pit was a closed-eyed good man’s perspective. The elimination of player #7 was not the fault of one person, it was the fault of all of us good people. Don’ t push the problem on one person. To be honest, before the 7th game, I recognized him as Iron Wolf.”
      Number 10 had nothing to say to a player like Number 7. He could clearly talk like a good person, but the police didn’t want to talk. He had to be out to talk. He really deserved to be pushed back. No wonder the good person.
      “Today’s 12th, he was the first to make a speech. It must be Little Wolf. Nighttime Dreamcatcher will go to Dream 3, not Dream 6. Now that we’ ve found the wolves, we’ re missing the rounds. So you have to kill the Wolf King #3 and catch up with the good ones. I hope you can understand this.”
      Player [11], please speak.
      “I don’ t know if the wolf was the blade of me last night, or if the Dreamcatcher was guarding me, but number 9 was indeed poisoned by me, and Silverwater was number 6. That’s why my police officer said that 7 would jump to give 6 the identity definition.”
      Number 11 hesitated for a long time before finally reporting Silverwater. However, he didn’t want to report it because he always felt that Number 6 and Number 7 were doing some dirty tricks. However, if he did n’ t report Silverwater and Number 6 was out of the game, then he would be guilty.
      Therefore, after thinking about it,11 still respected his trump card and reported Silverwater.
      If he didn’t act on his own, that would be the matter of all the good people. In any case, he knew how to act on it and did n’ t have a Silver Water Complex.*

      Chapter 49 Who is the Prophet, depending on if 4 is a wolf

      After reporting the silver water, Number 11 continued,” Today, I’ ve received six checks. I want to hear his watch water. Of course, it’s best to have an identity. There’s also a good person who I’ m talking to outside. It should be a self-made sword. Don’ t worry about silver water. It doesn’ t matter. If it wasn’ t for the 12 checks and kills today, I wouldn’ t have reported it. But I’ m afraid that the Wolves will directly charge up, so I’ ll report it after thinking for a long time.”
      Actually,11 knew that after he announced that player 6 was Silverwater,12 would have to beat God if he wanted to live. If he beat the people, he would definitely die.
      Player [12], please speak.
      “I’ ll take the investigation and kill them. I’ ll take the identity first. I’ m a civilian, but I’ ve already sensed that I’ m going to be eliminated. There were already a lot of people standing on the side of the 6th, but now there’s another silver water protecting me. There’s nothing I can do about it. The wolf jumped the prophet from the sword. Once this format is out, it’ ll be very difficult for a good person to win.”
      Number 12 sighed and continued,” Actually, I wanted to stand by him before I sent him a check. However, once the check was completed, I knew who was the prophet and who was the wolf. I hope that the good people on the field will think a little more. It’s nothing if I’ m out, but you can’ t even get back if I’ m out. That good person will lose.”
      “Click on the wolf pit in my mind, and then one will appear in 6,8,9, and 4, and 5. I heard Number 10’s speech as a good person. Although he is a good person on the side of 6,1 is a good person, and Number 7’s last words are out. I think the approximate rate is a good person,9 wolves eating poison,11 witches. This is all my perspective and the definition of everyone’s identity.”
      Number 12 said with a serious tone,” Speaking of which, I suddenly recalled the statement made by the 11th police officer. He said that it would be very difficult for a good person to fight this game. Perhaps at that time, he thought of the problem of Zijiao. Unfortunately, Number 11, the last thing you would want to happen is still happening.6 is Zijiao Lang’s fierce leap to the forecaster. Alas, it is still that sentence. I can be out, but I can not die for nothing. I hope that the good person will definitely not have a head.3 is the true forecaster.”
      Hearing Number 11’s watch, Yu Zifeng couldn’ t help but fall into deep thought.
      He was in the Coiling Wolf Pit. Everyone in front of him thought that 7 was a good person out. Where was that 6?
      3.9,12. He had to open another external position. Number 2 must not be. Last night, his dream was 2. In the end, he had the right spell, so there were only 4,8 left. As for Number 10, he must be a good person.
      On the other hand,8 out of 4 and 8 were from the side of Iron Station 6, including the badge ticket. This round was still from the side of Station 6. If he wanted to get player 12, he could not be a barb. His barb had no room for survival.
      6 With a police badge in his hand, the Dreamcatcher was still able to defend. No matter how he hooked it, he would have to be caught. He could not win.
      Therefore, Number 8 was definitely not in Number 3’s team. Number 6’s Wolf Pit was Number 3,4,9,12, without any forgiveness.
      However, Number 4’s speech wasn’ t like a wolf. His police officers even directly stood by Number 6’s side. How could he be a wolf if he thought that there might be a single-sided situation?
      If he recognized Number 7 as a wolf, it would be simple. Number 6’s wolf pits were 3,7,9,12.
      However, the problem was that when the sheriff returned, he said that 7 was probably a good person. In this way, he had to kill Number 4, or else his wolf traps would not match.
      Player [1], please speak.
      “I just clicked on Player 6’s Wolf Pit,3,4,9,12, and did n’ t have any forgiveness. Now that I’ve received 12 checks and killed Player 4, are you a wolf?”If you’ re not a wolf, then you’ ll have to be a self-wielding wolf.”
      Yu Zifeng said unhurriedly,” First of all, Number 10 must be a good person. Number 8 must not be in Number 3’s team. If he were a barbed wolf, he would definitely cut six straight at night. That’s because Number 6 has a badge in his hand. If he stays on the field and asks him to test someone, how can Number 8 still knock down the hook? There’s no room for survival, right?”
      “As a result,8 is definitely not on the same side as 3. You all say that 7 is a good person’s departure. Isn’ t that the Wolf Pit of Prophet 6 3,4,9,12?”That’s why I want to ask you if #4 is a wolf. If you’ re not a wolf, please tell me with your statement. If I recognize you, I’ ll stand by the side 3 and throw 6. If I can’ t recognize you, I’ ll stand by the side 6 and throw 12. It’s that simple.”
      “Besides, I’ ll report another message. Last night, it was 2 Saber Eating. I’ m the Dreamcatcher, right?Either three or four or nine or twelve or five or six or eight or nine.”
      “To put it bluntly, Number 4’s trump card determines the side of many good people’s standing. Because I’ ve already clearly marked the wolf trap. As long as you’ re not a wolf, Number 6 won’ t be a prophet. I’ ll talk about it so much. I’ ll hear about Number 3’s last night’s test.”
      Player [2], please speak.
      “I ate a knife last night?Did the Wolves not believe that 11 was a witch?”I don’ t believe it. I thought he came out to block the blade. I didn’ t expect that he would be a witch.”
      Number 2 continued with a smile,” I believe that Number 1 is the Dreamcatcher. There’s nothing wrong with the wolf pit he ordered, especially the logic that points 3 and 8 can not be shared. If it’s a wolf, it can only be shared with 6, not with 3. Otherwise, he won’ t be able to fight with this barb, and there’s no room for survival.”
      “As for No.12’s watch water, I think it’s very ordinary. He ordered 6,8,9 wolf pits, and the tolerance rate is 4,5. I don’ t know how he ordered this wolf pit. If the ratio of 4,5 to 6 can only be 5, not to mention that the station side and ticket type of No.5 have always followed No.6, and No.4 played No.8 wolf yesterday. At this time, there are no wolves stepping on wolves. In other words, if the ratio of 4 to 8 is not the same, you can’ t order No.6’s wolf pit. You can’ t order No.4. You can only order No.5. Can you understand this logic?”
      “After saying so much, I still have to see if 4 is a wolf or not. As for number 3’s man-test information, it’s irrelevant to the situation on the field.”*

      Chapter 50 Hunter, you guys can’t beat me

      Player [3], please speak.
      “8 Goldwater. Last night, players 1 were the Dreamcatcher,11 were the witches, and 12 were the Reverse Goldwater. Then my Wolf Pit would be 5,6,9, and then another one would be opened in 4,10. But to be honest, listening to 4,10 doesn’t look like a wolf, but there’s no room left. Unless I set 6,12 wolves to step on wolves, but when I hit this round, how could there still be wolves stepping on wolves?Wolves have to do is resist pushing good people, so I don’t think 12 is a wolf.”
      After Number 3 found out that Number 8 was Goldwater, he felt helpless. He was running for the wolf, but he didn’t expect that Number 8 could be a good person. This guy had voted wrong from the wrong side since the first round. It could be said that he had done all the banditry.
      “Number 6 is definitely a wolf gun. Let’s go out for five today. Now that everyone’s identities are naked, I’ m afraid that the wolves might choose to slaughter the civilians. Number 7 is a civilian. If we let the wolf gun bring another civilian, if the Dreamcatcher fails to defend at night, they will be able to hack their swords.”
      No.3 could not be a wolf. After all, his last words made the good people recognize him. Only Yu Zifeng still stubbornly thought that 7 was a wolf, but he did not put 7 in during the logic game. The reason was naturally to give 3 or 6 enough pressure.
      Therefore, when Number 3 reported that 8 was Goldwater, Yu Zifeng knew that he must be a prophet. If he were a wolf, he would never give 8 Goldwater. He would definitely kill him. Otherwise, his wolf pits would be out of order. Why not?Because 7 a wolf was recognized as a good man.
      The wolf pits in this game were 5,6,7,9, and 6. They were self-made wolf guns. The top 7 would first make him a wave of anti-water police status. The bottom 7 would wait for the witch to report him to Silverwater. The wolf team had played such a format, which was quite impressive.
      “Fortunately, the witch didn’ t report Silver 6 on the first day.”
      Yu Zifeng secretly rejoiced that if the witch reported 6 Silverwater on the first day, the good man would not throw 7 out. Instead, he would throw 3. After all, at that time,7 was the wolf spear that everyone recognized.
      Player [4], please speak.
      “I’m not a god, I’ m just a commoner, but I can clearly see my trump card. I must be a good person. If I stand by Prophet No.6’s side, the Wolf Pit will be out of place.3,9,10,12?However, player #10 and player #8 had similar behavior. They both stood on the side of 6 and voted for him. One set of logic said that 8 could not be side by side with 3, and player #10 could not be side by side with 3, so please ask where is the wolf pit in 6?”
      From the bottom of his heart, Number 4 wanted to recognize Number 6 as a prophet. After all, it was silver water. However, if the wolf pit was a little bit, he would not be able to stand up. Unless Plate 7 was left by a wolf, but the last words of Plate 7 had already been recognized by the good people in the arena. Now that he was going to Plate 7, he was a wolf, wasn’t he courting death?
      He couldn’t help it. He could only choose to stand on the side of the 3rd. Moreover,3 gave 8 golden water, further raising his Prophet’s face. In this way, the Wolf Pit was 5,6,9,10, and the Wolf Pit was stronger.
      “Just now, I was talking to #1. I said that the quality of my speech determines the standing of many good people. Then I’ll talk about why #3 is a prophet, not a wolf.”First of all, at the time of the police,7 will send 6 Goldwater,6 Anti-Water,7 will have an unlimited number of identities, and 6 will have an unlimited number of identities. If 3 or 4 are two wolves, you can fight a cowardly wolf.”
      “After all, player #6 has already admitted to the police and can’t leave the wolf behind. We have a good identity. As long as the speech does n’ t explode, no one will be able to trap us. Therefore, there’s no need for player #3 to jump out and give it away. Moreover, player #6 is still a Silverwater Prophet.However, Number 3 still jumped. He was a true prophet. No matter what the situation was, he had to jump out, even if he could not.”
      “In any case, I’ ll talk about everything I can. I’ ll play 5 in this game. The wolf pits on my side are 5,6,9,10. Under the police, player number 10 is the player who voted for 6, and both rounds of speeches clearly indicate that he wants to stand on the side of 6. You should be a Stormtrooper, player number 8. I hope you can turn around and stop following the wolves.”
      Player [5], please speak.
      “3,4,9, And 12 Four Wolves are no longer running. I’ m a hunter on my side, and you guys beat me.5 is player 6’s wolf teammate. I can only say that you’ re wrong, and you won’ t be able to fight.”
      Number 5 sneered,” Fortunately, I have a trump card in this game. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to pull the good guys back, especially if 3 had given 8 gold water. Is n’ t that the reason I wanted 8 votes?Even if they could make him lose, the Wolves wouldn’t lose. If you were to fight 5,6,9, and 10 as the Four Wolves, why?No.9 had always followed player No.3. Now that his mouth moved, he wanted to beat him to player No.6’s team?”
      “Also, didn’t you number 3 say that 9 was a nice guy who spoke and exploded?Why did you change your mouth today?I wonder what caused your definition of his identity to change so much in a short time, just because he was drugged?Did you ever plate 9 as a good person who was poisoned wrong?You didn’t, you would n’ t dare, set up a wolf teammate with us on the 9th, what was he doing?Our wolf teammates were all self-defeating, and they were still an anti-water vigilant prophet. Was he crazy?”Are you going to barb you?”

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